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06-25-2008, 11:04 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! We got up to fog this morning, the sun was in and out most of the day, late in the afternoon I thought it looked like the clouds were here to stay with possible rain, but the sun came out and finished the day. :flow1: It was so humid I finally shut the house up and turned on the air. It isn't that hot but the humidity is something else.

I called to get an appt. with the dermatologist since my thumbs look like raw hamburger. :stress: She only works 2 days a week and the receptionist offered me a date in August. I told her I couldn't wait that long and she "just happened" to have an opening for next Thursday. I was really hoping for today or tomorrow but will take what I can get. I'm sick of wearing bandaides! I made a grocery run after putting that off for as long as possible; the prices are going up for sure.

MIL is pulling shenanigans with the head nurse; she asked for 10 days worth of meds because she is going to the lake. Yes, she is going for a 3 day weekend with Bob's brother and then the 4th with us. We have an offer on the AZ house with $$ down so hope that will come through. In our last conversation she mentioned going back down there this winter . . . Bob looked at me and I could tell his blood pressure was going up by leaps and bounds! Maybe she is why my eczema is giving me fits. :hyper:

"Gma" -- I'm sorry about the tire and Jack's knee. The tire can be replaced and I hope that there was minimal damage to Jack's knee, and he is feeling better. There have been times when I have used the Sunday comics for wrapping paper. I have an assortment of different paper but sometimes not enough for what I want to wrap. I'm sure T won't mind as it is what's inside that counts. ;)

Gail -- I'd much rather walk in the morning than in the evening. I get up so early during the school year it will never happen. I get used to sleeping later during the summer months that I just enjoy being lazy while I read the paper and have my morning coffee. I don't think I would ever forget to eat! :lol: Bob sometimes will skip lunch because he gets busy or a client will catch him in the office. I am starving when I get home from school and I ALWAYS eat lunch!

Susan -- I hope the smoke is getting better. I have a drawer full of recipes that I have cut out of magazines or newspapers. The pictures always look so yummy, but mine never seem to look the same. :dunno: It would be nice to have a store with WW bread selections close by. I didn't know there was such a thing. We used to have a "day old" bread store but it closed several years ago. We would get bread to feed the ducks when our kids were little.

Maggie -- I had to read your "cat back" sentence twice as I thought you were getting a feline back. :lol: I must lead a sheltered life because I've never heard of a cat back. Where did you order your new outfit from? I'll bet you will look pretty spiffy in it. What color is it? One time we did a mystery dinner and I had to be the bag lady. I went to the Good Will store looking for something that looked like a bag lady would wear. I was surprised/appalled at the missing buttons, stains, tears, etc., on the clothing. I've never taken anything that I wouldn't wear or put on my kids; all were washed, mended, some even pressed.

Not much else is newsy from my corner of the world. Hope you all have a terrific Thursday tomorrow! July will be here before we know it!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-26-2008, 08:00 AM
We had a horrible morning. The UPS guy left the gate unlatched and though we locked it, we thought it was latched. Fortune went out this morning, bumped it, it came open and he took off. We looked for him for 45 minutes and he was just gone. A wonderful lady and her son found him around 6:10 and brought him home. I thought he was gone forever. He did get out on the busy street though so we are going to have to make sure and walk out to the gate before letting him out from now on and make sure it is latched tight. I locked it this morning, but I will have to go back out and unlock it as I have a delivery today again. Jack is taking me to the dang Lowes tonight and I am buying one of those wireless door bells and putting it outside the gate and keeping the gate locked when I am home from now on and make them buzz to be let in. I am literally sick from worry and shaking so bad I can hardly type. Thank goodness he had something on his collar that had his name and address on it.

Please forgive me for not doing individuals today, but I am overcome with emotion with this right now.

06-26-2008, 09:43 AM
Good morning! It's going to be a very muggy day in Delaware. Wayne is outside as I type, sanding the deck! He rented an industrial sander from Home Depot early this morning. The sander will have to be back at the store by 7pm tonight. We have a very large deck--just about the whole width of the house (I live in a ranch-style home). But the gazebo is finished--all cleaned up, new coat of water-proof sealant on the rails and floor (the sides didn't need it), the screens are back in (those are taken off late fall and stored inside the garage), the door is back on, blinds are up on the sides, hot tub is cleaned, furniture is put back inside. Nice. Both of us have been known to fall asleep in the gazebo on a summer afternoon. I think I will buy some hanging ferns this weekend--they love the steam coming up from the hot tub.

I stayed on program another day. And THAT was an accomplishment for a Wednesday because on Wednesday evenings I go to bible study. And at bible study not only do we get fed the word but we get fed with F.O.O.D. I had to be polite last night and take a very small scoop of shepherd's pie and a very thin slice of pound cake. I ended up modifying my daily food-journal yesterday so I wouldn't be so over board with points. I'm glad Wayne and I walked yesterday (45 mins.) and earned activity points. I went over by two points yesterday but that's okay because we're supposed to use the extra 35 weekly points when needed. Again, I stepped on the scale and the number is going down. I still haven't made up my mind which day to rejoin again. I did find my weigh-in card so the top number will be recorded and I will get credit for that weight lost.

Today's Food Journal:

1 cup Cheerios (2)
8 oz. 1% low-fat milk (2)
2 slices high-fiber whole wheat toast (1)
2 tsp. lite margarine (1)
2 coffees w/Splenda & 2 T. fat-free creamer in each (2)

Live Active 2% low-fat cottage cheese (1)
peach cup (1)

Leftover Parmesan chicken breast (3)
garden salad (0)
2 tsp. lite salad dressing (2)
WW Cheddar Twists (2)

grapes (1)
WW string cheese (1)

Have not got a clue right now. At this point I'll have 8 points for dinner.

We'll walk this evening. I'll come back sweaty (I do not "glow") in need of a shower. I'll be drinking lots of water. No snacking tonight unless it's raw veggies and salsa for zero points.

Maggie, Wayne and I used to own a Jeep Wrangler. We had so much fun in that vehicle! It pulled great in the snow in the winter. And in the summer, we would take the cover off and cruise to the beach. I do not like skin-tight clothes!! I like comfortable, roomy clothes no matter what I weigh.

Faye, you've already had quite a morning of it--hunting down Fortune! Glad you found the little critter! I keep going back and forth about getting a dog for Wayne's birthday. We don't have a fence in our yard and I have the fear that it will get out or off the leash and take off across the golf course. I can see me now...running after it, dodging golf balls! I'm glad you found Fortune. I have a friend who taught her dog to ring a bell on the door knob when it's needs to go out and do it's business. Isn't that a hoot?!

Jean, did I miss something? Why are your thumbs looking like they are hamburger?! I know why my grandson's right thumb is looking like that--he sucks his thumb...but I can't believe that is what is wrong with both of your thumbs!!! In my area, it takes at least two months to get an appt with a dermatologist. Three months to schedule a yearly checkup with a gynecologist!!

Susan, I know that smoke must be awful for you--I've experienced it!! I hope your doctor can help you out. I'll be so glad when the fires are finally put out. Again, I hear nothing on the tv news about it.

Well. I need to do some chores. I feel guilty typing sitting at the computer while Wayne is outside working...

06-26-2008, 04:33 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! We woke up to the rumble of thunder this morning and it was pitch black outside even though it is normally light. The TV said we were in a tornado warning for the next half hour and then it changed to severe thunderstorms until 1:00 this afternoon. According to our rain gauge we got almost an inch and 3/4. I haven't checked the basement so don't know if it's wet again or not. It is cool with a breeze so that's nice.

"Gma" -- I am so glad Fortune is home once again. :hug: I know the panicky feeling you must have felt! :yes: I'm glad he had his collar on!

Gail -- For whatever reason, I have eczema on my thumbs. It started a year ago during the winter and my family doctor sent me to a dermatologist. She gave me a prescription cream as well as suggesting an OTC cream, both of which were a waste of money. The gal who is the high school chorus accompanist has the same problem with her hands so we spent the school year comparing notes and trying different creams. She goes to a doctor in Sioux Falls while I go to one 20 miles away. Anyhow, it flared up again in May and has gotten steadily worse as time goes on. It has spread to where the middle joint area is so that anything I pick up or try to hold rubs against the sore area which eventually cracks open. Before we left on vacation I was moping water in the basement for a week and I'm sure that aggravated the condition. I wear band-aides if I'm going out in public and now the tape is beginning to make me itch. I'm hoping maybe she will have a Plan B for me to try. Congrats on yesterday being an OP day! :cheer: It's hard to stay OP and be polite when out in a group setting.

The dryer is buzzing so I need to fold towels. I hope you all are having a good day! Tomorrow is Fantastic Friday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-26-2008, 07:02 PM

YIPEKIO I am down another 2.2#. I am such a slow looser that anything over a bit of a pound really jazzes me. I am happy for every ounce I lose but when it comes of in a pound or more I get jazzed. Before we left for WW today I placed in the crock pot to cook on slow the ingredients for Carolina BBQ which I will serve on onion buns which are nice and 4 points. Each half cup of my BBQ is 3 points so voilla ~ a 7 point wonderful tasty and filling sandwich. I also got the shredded cabbage, carrot, broccoli mix to make a slaw which is only 1 point per serving of that. The BBQ isn't the red sauce kind but the vinegar type and made with lean pork. This is a high point day for me but I still count every morsel that goes between these lips.;)

GAIL Your hanging plants to go in the gazebo sound lovely. I always loved having them in the bathroom also. I like those WW cheddar twists too. I picked up a fresh box of them today along with a couple boxes of their French Vanilla Smoothie Mix (I like to use it as a base for some of my smoothies). They were on sale ~ usually here they are $7.50 a box but are on sale for $5.00. I like a good sale. This is our 4th Jeep, actually, and can you tell we like them? Since you can buy anything now to fix them (or build one from scratch, for that matter) there is no reason why we couldn't just keep this one going.

JEAN I certainly hope they can find some meds that work better on your thumbs than you have been trying. Surely there is something on the market for that. I imagine that can be quite uncomfortable. I know how some of the folks just dump old dirty and torn stuff in the places for Goodwill pickup. It's a shame. OK here is a short version of what a Cat Back is. It is a system that goes behind the cataletic converter ~ including a new muffler and bigger tail pipes so it can breathe better so it enhances the performance to get better mileage and performance. Nick name = Cat Back ~ because it can't go in front of that stinkin' converter but in the back of it. My outfit is avacado green in several shades kinda motley ~ not exactly camoflage but on that order ~ hard to explain. :dizzy: I am so pleased with it for I got the 4 pieces from Romans for less than one piece cost when it first came out in the catalogue.

DONNA I feel so very sorry for you having to go through what you did to find your pooch. :hug: Girlfriend those little dogs can scoot away fast can't they and how great you had your address on that collar. It all worked out now didn't it. You got him back and have a plan for that gate.

Everyone have a lovely evening (it's afternoon here) ;)

06-27-2008, 11:26 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! I am surprised to see that I am the first one to visit today! :) It's a cloudy morning in my neighborhood. The prediction is for scattered thunderstorms. Bob just left for the lake, with his mother. His brother was in Mpls. for a business meeting and drove down last night. He'll be there until Monday so she will be a happy camper regardless of what the weather is doing. I think rain is predicted for the 4th -- hope that is wrong.

I need to get back to my shoe sorting. I've hung onto a few thinking I could wear them again, but they hurt so out they go. Other than to keep working on the clutter not much is going on today. I should make a grocery run for the things I forgot the last time. We may go back up to the lake on Sunday so will have to take food of some sort. It was more fun when we were the "kids" and the food was served to us! ;)

Maggie -- CONGRATULATIONS on the GREAT loss! :cheer: :cp: :cb: You are doing great! Slow and easy wins the goal for sure. I like my idea of a "cat back" better! :D Thank you for the explanation however. There are quite a few Jeeps around here; lots of kids are driving them. Your menu for the day always sound so yummy. :T Your outfit sounds pretty and I know you will enjoy wearing it.

Have a great day, Flowers! I need to get busy!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-27-2008, 11:44 AM
Good morning to you all! It is very hot and very humid here this morning. One of those days when you just want to stay at the pool or indoors, which is better. Poor Jack has been working out in it the last week and comes home dead tired.

Jean: I have a closet full of shoes, many of which I don't wear for one reason or another. I imagine that I will be sorting and pitching before long. It is nice living here as I can wear sandals for so much of the year, usually at least March-October or November even sometimes. I prefer sandals to close toed shoes if I can get away with it. Hope the rain passes through without dumping too much on you guys. You sure don't need it. I don't know if I told you, but Kelly has a version of a skin disease that she does lazer treatments for. It is the only way she can keep from having the cracked bleeding skin. She also has to watch what she eats and how she cleans, etc. It narrows her life quite a bit if she does what she is supposed to.

Maggie: Yep, Carolina is the vinegar based pork bbq, Texas is beef with sauce, Kansas is beef, pork and poultry with sauce and Memphis is pork with rub and/or sauce. I guess it depends on what you grew up on as to what you prefer. Growing up in Indiana, some people call sloppy joes bbq. I don't like just rub as it is way too strong. I actually like red sauce bbq with a nice kick to it. I don't care for the bbq sauces of Memphis though I do like the sandwiches with their cole slaw on top of the meat, where they don't do that most places. I watched a show not long ago that says our Memphis in May BBQ contest is the biggest and most well known in the world. I guess there can be thousands and thousands that enter the contest and it costs thousands of $$$$ to be in it. Most have big name sponsors that cover the cost, but a few little guys manage on their own. Your dinner sounds yummy.

I guess we will be going out tonight and get the doorbells so I can feel safe for him again. He is none worse for wear. I think he just thinks he had a grand adventure. Usually when he gets out, he doesn't go far and we call and he comes right back, but I was upstairs asleep and I guess Jack had left him outside for awhile so he had time to scoot off far from home.

Tomorrow is grooming day, Jack gets a haircut, I get my nails and feet done and Fortune gets the whole treatment! lol We leave for Indiana on Thursday so I am surely looking forward to that.

Have a great weekend everyone!

06-27-2008, 11:46 AM
Good morning, ladies! Overcast from the smoke so I have to stay in today.

The doctor changed my asthma med from Advair to Symbacort since the Advair wasn't improving my breathing. I think the Symbacort is giving me an upset stomach. Next step is Prednisone which I try to avoid because it makes me gain weight. It's also hard on the other organs in the body.

I really have a great boss. Wednesday afternoon he hands me a brochure from the Colonial Williamsburg Spa and says let me know what you'd like to do and I'll make it happen. The prices are pretty high - $75 for a pedicure, $45 for manicure, etc. So yesterday he came straight to my office when he came in and said "what did you decide on. I'm going to call them right now and get it set up and then I'll put you on to arrange the time." I didn't want to be greedy so I told him I'd like a pedicure. "You must want something else, what is it?" A manicure. "Come on, is there nothing else?" A facial. "You got it!" Two minutes later he is on the phone telling me to pick up line 5 and tell the girl when I want to come. How nice is that! I'm going to have it done July 25 in the morning so I look good for my trip with the girls. We're leaving that afternoon.

I'm having dinner with one of my quilting friends tonight. She is also a widow and her daughter doesn't live near so we are doing more together since we have many similar interests.

Looks like Faye and Jean posted just a minute before me!

Faye, glad Fortune's adventure is over and he is safely back with you.

Jean, your MIL will just not give up will she? Maybe if you get the house sold she'll get the message. I hope the doctor has a new medication that will cure your eczema. What an awful place to have it!

Gail, I love to have plants all around. Your ferns will be lovely. Use those weekly points! The more you can eat while losing, the more you can eat to maintain. Exercise is certainly one of the keys.

Maggie, Carolina BBQ is my favorite.

Hello to NanaX3 and Gloria!

Have a great day!

06-27-2008, 08:43 PM

There are hundreds (top count was 900 and something started by lightening}of fires burning in this sate. Some they just have to let burn because they can't get to them. Fires make such horrific winds that it makes it real dangerous for the helicopters. We have firemen from Nevada, Oregon, Montana, The Dakotas and other states. The air is gray with smoke and stagnant. Nothing burning in this immediate area but we get the smoke. Yesterday when we were in town at the "mall" there were upwards of 25 of the big fire rigs thee. Guess the fire folks were eating at Applebees. I am so glad that the state foots the meal deal for these folks. I love the fire folks. My brother was one and I have a nephew that is an active one as I type and so is his girlfriend. They both head up their own crews so they don't see each other "out there." The golden state is on fire.:flame:

JEAN Rain on the 4th ~ is that usual for there? I know we always get rain on the Memorial Day weekend. I think that is the law or something.;) I used to have lots of shoes. Now I don't have that many. I wear all I have and have room for. It sure is nice living in a small space for I don't save stuff I don't use.

DONNA I am so glad you are feeling better. And I am so glad we don't have the humidity you do. With all this smoke it would be just awful.:p I feel so sorry for Kelly having to be so restricted. But she does know what to do to have the best quality of life for her. I like most kinds of BBQ. Texas brisket ~ yum. Sauce with a kick ~ is there any other kind? Not in my house anyway.

SUSAN I am hoping for you that your new meds work for your asthma. You do have a great boss. If more were like him there would be happier work places. It is so nice for you that you have a gal pal to hang out with and do things. Sure makes life easier to have good friends.

GAIL I hope this day is going well with you and you didn't suffer from doing too much work on that deck.

It is so hot ~ UGH. Almost dinner time and I am going to have a low point turkey sandwich and a smoothie. This is an 18 point day for me and I have done great so far. So glad it isn't a "hungry" day.;)

Have a lovely evening Magnolias and I'll type at ya'all later.

06-28-2008, 07:43 AM
Good morning to you lovely ladies! Hope your Saturday is starting out well. I saw this morning they have refunded my floormate so I did online chat and she said she was sorry for the misunderstanding, but yes, they did refund to my QVC card. Only problem is I made a payment before I received the floormate and so now, the refund will put my card past its credit limit. I don't want to reorder because of going out of town so I will just have to deal with it when we come back I guess.

Susan: You have a superb boss! Actually, the prices are about normal for spa places. My little asian nail place I go to charges $25 for a manicure and $35 for a pedicure. I get to go today and get a pedicure and get my nails done. I am too short legged for the pedicure seats so I have to sit forward. It isn't very comfortable for me so I rarely get pedicures. I wanted my toesies done for my trip next week so I will endure it. I don't remember, where are you going with the girls and how long will you be gone? I know you will have a great time.

Maggie: You are doing great and congrats on the wonderful loss! Are most of the fires up north or is S CA burning too? I remember living out there and the Santa Anas seemed to always start something. We lived in a little apartment that behind the complex was a lot of brush. Seemed like every time we had a Santa Ana it would start on fire. It is going to take a long time to get everything under control out your way. You need all of Jean's rain.

We got the doorbells last night and Jack said he would install them today. Not much installation, just some screws into the wood. We went with a one ding, for the back gate and a ding dong for the front door. It has a Westminster, but that drives Jack nuts so we went with the dings instead. Hopefully, this will prevent the gate from ever being left open again.

My little scruffy is going to the groomers this morning so he will be all spiffy again. He is pretty scroungy looking today.

Have a great Saturday everyone and try and keep cool. It is going to be a hot summer all over I think.

06-28-2008, 09:28 AM
Good morning ladies! Air quality alert for today but no smoke, only pollution. However, I am going to Moon (VA that is) with my friend to spend the day quilting with our friend that lives there. We used to do this at least once a month but I haven't been able to go since last September so I am excited.

Had a nice dinner with Glory last night at Anna's. I had MeatTortellini with Ham, Mushroom and Peas in alfredo sauce. I had the waitress have the kitchen pack half of it up and never put it on my plate.

Faye, I get manicure and pedicure at WalMart for a total of $30 (senior discount). Half the time I can't come up with the extra money for it (it cuts into my quilting money) so I do it at home. So a trip to the spa for services is like a day in paradise for me.

Well, time to hit the road for moon - have a good day.

06-28-2008, 02:38 PM

GOOD MORNING MAGNOLIAS Saturday is it? Time sure does fly when you are having a good time. Or getting oder as they say ~ whoever "they" are. Anyway not much on the docket this day of what we will do. To put a hole in the day we will go into town and check our mail. Someone may have sent us something.;) The coyotes were out in droves last night. Every time I woke up to turn over I could hear them singing. We can see drag marks where they have been playing in the yard pulling something around. They play just like puppies only they are the wild bunch.

DONNA That is good to get the bells put up for your peace of mind. Fires. :flame:They are all over the state. California always burns :flame: when the Santa Ana's come and that is usually in October. So we will burn again then if there is any more of that brush to go. What is burning now is a lot of that 100 year old under brush that has gotten so thick. The fire moves through so fast it isn't burning the trees. The terrain is so steep is why they can't get to it. We have lots of that steep country out here. I have no idea at this typing what the count is now. Lots of fires. Lots. :flame: :flame: :flame: I was born in this state and I can't remember when we ever had so many fires or the state was so dry. The pasture lands are parched. But the almond trees love it. I just hope the pasture land we are parked next to doesn't get torched. Enjoy your pampering today. What fun to get your nails done it must be. Mine just grow naturally and I have always just done my own. LOL mine are so healthy I even have to cut them when they get too long. Not braging ~ just stating the facts mam.;)

SUSAN I know you will be having fun with your gal pals. I can imagine all that yackety yack that you get to do with them as you quilt. What a glorious time. I do that too in restaurants when Will and I don't share a meal. Get a to go box all packed up before I eat. All you have to do is ask and they are very accommodating in restaurants. They don't even look at me like I am strange anymore. Ask me if I care if they do anyway.;)

JEAN Still cleaning up?

GAIL So glad to put a smile on your face!

GLORIA Got any plans for the weekend?

NANNA3 Are you working at home even on Saturday? Take a break.

ALL OTHERS Have yourself a great day.

Type at y'all later.:wave:

06-28-2008, 08:35 PM
Happy Saturday! It's been windier than windy here today. We've had clouds, sprinkles, and sunshine . . . seems more like April weather than moving into July! It was 58 degrees when I got up this morning and is only 63 now. BRRRR!

I've done laundry, made a potato salad, and went to WM with Bob this afternoon. I think he is going to the lake tomorrow, but if it's cold and windy I am staying home. Jason probably won't come if it isn't swimming weather for the kids. Amanda is working this weekend so he is in charge of the kids.

"Gma" -- Yes, you have mentioned that Kelly has a problem with her skin and has to be careful. Is her's in particular place or all over. I never realized how much I used my thumbs until they have been so sore. :( I'm glad you got the gate bells; I know they will give you peace of mind. :yes: Your whole family will be spiffy looking. I forget . . . does Fortune get to go to Inidana with you this time?

Susan -- Wow! What a nice boss you have! I've never had a pedicure and am thinking of treating myself to one for a wedding in August. I know you will enjoy yourself! I hope the new asthma med will work for you. An upset stomach is not fun. :no: I had to laugh at you going to Moon! That will be an enjoyable time of quilting and visiting. :D

Maggie -- I didn't realize there were so many different fires going on in CA. :eek: I remember when Yellowstone had the big fire years ago and we got the smoke from that. I wish I had your nails! Mine are weird in that I have 6 that are hard and grow quite fast, 2 that split, peel, and never seem to grow, and 2 that are in between. :crazy:

Not much is newsy from here today. Hope you all are having a good day doing whatever you are doing, and a relaxing Sunday tomorrow.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-29-2008, 10:10 AM
Good morning to everyone! Hope your day has started out well. It is hot and very humid today. Looks like we got a bit of rain overnight too, which makes it even worse. It will be cooler a bit being in Indiana.

Susan: Have fun with your friends. I know you look forward to going. My acryllics and pedicure cost me $50 including tip and that was with a 20% discount for the holiday. One of the main reasons I keep going there instead of anywhere else is they really keep your health in mind. You have your own "kit" that holds your files and such and brush to wash your nails, they also keep their pedi chairs scrupulously cleaned so you have no worry of catching any bacterial disease. The Vietnamese lady that owns the place is a tyrant and runs a tight ship, but the clients know it is safe there.

Maggie: I have used every nail strengthening thing I have ever heard of and my nails just won't stand up to every day abuse. I have never had anyone look askance at me for asking for boxes early. Once in awhile someone will ask if the food is ok, but other than that everyone is very accomodating. I would think it would be a little scary with Ragg Mopp with coyotes in your back yard, especially is fires could possibly be driving them into none fire areas.

Jean: No Fortune is going to his hotel again. Since we will be running around a lot, we decided to let him stay at the hotel. Besides, they called yesterday and canceled his grooming so now they can't groom him until the day we leave so they will have to take him out of the hotel to do it. Kelly has her stuff on her hands and feet only. Like you though, when they are all peeled an cracked she can barely walk or use her hands and she uses the computer all day.

I got an email saying they are out of stock of my floormate so they can't replace it...{{{SIGH}}} I guess I will have to hunt for one somewhere else.

Have a good Sunday everyone!

06-29-2008, 12:05 PM
Good morning, ladies! Another Orange Air Quality Alert Day here.

Faye, does your daughter use speach recognition software with her computer? My boss uses Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional version 9 and loves it. It works with most software so you don't need to keyboard much at all and is very reliable. It was pricey - $900 but they have other versions from $100. I'll bet Fortune is looking forward to being spoiled again at his hotel!

Hi, Jean and Maggie - always nice to read your posts.

MIAs hurry back we miss you!

I went to church this morning. It sure makes me feel good. The rest of the day is going to be lazy - going up to my sewing room after lunch and start getting it reorganized. This will take weeks. I have tons of fabric and want to get it sorted by color. The fabrics I no longer love and wonder why I ever bought them are going to the Quilts of Valor project. Then I have a million patterns that I need to decide what I still want to make and what can go to the donation pile at the guild meeting. The same with the books and magazines. I have enough quilting stuff to open a small shop. Unfortunately, the amount I can stand to give way will be small.

Had a great day with my friends yesterday and got a lot of quilting done.

Have a good day!

06-29-2008, 05:43 PM
Happy Sunday...evening...yeah, it's evening. I tried posting Friday...or maybe it was yesterday...I forget...and something happened to my post...whether it was me or the computer or whatever...anyway, no post from me for a few days. Here I am! :)

I am happy to report that I lost 4.2 pounds my first week back on program. I stayed right on target with my points, plus using the extra 35 points. I only got in a couple of days walking though. I want to do better this week in the exercising department. I am happy.

What have I been up to? Well...Friday was my errand day. Went to the grocery store, Walmart, and I had to stop in at WW for some products. Yesterday, Wayne and I went to Canal Day in Chesapeake City, MD. I BOUGHT YARN. Home-grown yarn! That came from a Maryland sheep!! Hand-dyed. I love buying yarn that I can't find in a store. I just love buying yarn! There I was fondling (yeah...I was stroking the stuff like it was a mink coat or something) the yarn, and Wayne whispers in my ear, "If you like it that much why don't you buy it?" :D So...I bought yarn.

Jean, bless your heart. Eczema on your thumbs! I used to have eczema badly in the bend of my arms and legs. My breakouts usually were brought on by anxiety. I happily to say I haven't had a breakout of eczema in years. I know it must drive you crazy.

Maggie, you're such a sweetie! I plan on putting that new and improved smoothie booklet into very good use. I was so pleasantly surprised to see it in my mailbox! I still haven't joined WW yet but I did stop in to a center to buy product. The smoothies and mini bars are on sale here in Delaware also. $5.00 a box. I, too, bought, cheddar twists (not on sale), vanilla smoothie (I was looking for the orange creme but they were out of it), and some mini bars (chocolate caramel...on sale...yummo). I have to be really careful eating the mini bars. If I eat more than two at a time I'll have intestinal problems (too much information!). Wayne would not allow me to do too much work on the deck (he's out there now staining the floorboards of the steps) because he is afraid I'll hurt my back.

Faye, guess what I can do now?! I can knit mittens! YES! I knit my first mitten this weekend. I am so jazzed (as Maggie likes to say! know the best part?! THEY FIT! :carrot:

Susan, that is soooo sweet of your boss! You're going to enjoy your spa day. I love a professional pedicure! I'm so thrilled for you! Wayne and I keep talking how we're going to Williamsburg soon. But I told him I wanted to wait until the fall because I know how humid it can be in the summer time. We have a friend that moved there years ago and we haven't seen him in years and we want to look him up. Yorktown is just a hop away from Williamsburg.

Well, I know this has been a short "visit" in here but I need to get going. Tomorrow, I have a doctor's appt (ears, nose, and throat). It's a consultation I discuss that allergy testing I had done. So far, no sinus headaches/infections. Then I'm going to babysit Tyler for the afternoon. I'll try to go on-line from my sil's computer...if Tyler will let me! He's into everything these days. He's teething like crazy...workin' on his 7th tooth. Wayne says he will have dinner ready for me tomorrow evening. Tuesday, we're going to Chestertown, MD for the day.

Everyone have a great OP Day! OH! Maggie, congratulations on losing this week! :carrot: Wonderful! You've lost a lot of weight! Good job!

06-29-2008, 06:28 PM
Hi, Gail, just had to answer your post.

:carrot::carrot::bravo::bravo::cp::cp: What a great week for you! Keep up the good work. It would be good if you can walk more. When you are losing weight, if you don't get enough exercise you lose muscle as well as fat. And that is bad. I get weighed and measured tomorrow so we'll see how I did. I don't expect much weight wise but I do expect my body fat to be down which means more muscle and less fat.

Williamsburg is lovely in the fall and usually there are some September and October specials since school is back in. There used to be a deal for seniors but I don't know if that is still in effect. I work in Williamsburg by the way, just 2 miles from historic Jamestown. So y'all come and see us sometime!

06-29-2008, 10:11 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's been a beautiful day in my corner of the world. We did go up to the lake and spent quite a bit of time out in the boat. Zowie and Ian finally gave up and fell asleep as we putzed along looking at the fancy homes. We wanted to put gas in before the 4th and it was $4.85 a gallon -- we stopped at $100. Yikes! The boat has a 30 gallon tank and it wasn't empty, but we didn't want to take a chance of needing gas on a holiday. The stations were at $3.91 when we left town this morning. Needless to say I didn't accomplish anything around the house today and it's too late to start on any projects now. :p

"Gma" -- How much do you tip the girl who does your pedicures? When I used to do acrylics, I went to a school so the usual tip was $1. The prices were very low because it was students practicing on us. I'm sorry about the floormate. :( Is there anything else that will work?

Susan -- When we were on vacation we went into a quilt shop. My "sister" is a quilter and I enjoy looking at all of the fabric and things used to do the quilting. I have a hard time looking at different fabric and visualizing how it will look put together. Good luck on your reorganization project! :yes:

Gail -- Congratulations on losing 4.2#s! :cheer: You are doing great! It sounds like you have been busy. What color yarn did you buy? Years ago there was a lady in our church that raised sheep and then would spin their wool into yarn. I've kidded Bob that his mother is causing my major eczema outbreak. It started in May and that's when she came back to live here.

I guess I will go read the Sunday paper and see what's new, if anything. Have a marvelous Monday tomorrow! June is almost history :dz: .

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-30-2008, 09:22 AM
Good morning to all you lovely ladies! Only three days then we get to head off to Indiana. I am sure looking forward to getting away for just a couple days at least. We just puttered around the house yesterday and we both took naps. I am going to install the doorbells today that Jack didn't do over the weekend and start getting my clothes together to pack to go to Indiana.

Jean: They are saying gas for cars will be up to $7 a gallon by 2010. Unfortunately, Jack can't carpool nor ride public transportation so we just have to put out the $$$. Luckily, we don't do a lot of driving during the week for the most part, just him back and forth to work. Sounds like you and the kids had fun. Speaking of fancy houses, I had gone to Walmart about a week ago and drove past a gated community that just finished this gargantuan house. The balcony off one of the upper rooms was the size of a room itself. I didn't get to see the whole house because it was behind a brick wall, but brother, who wants to live in a house with an echo! :D I tip the girl or guy (they have a couple men) 20%, which was $8 for my acryllics and pedicure. QVC doesn't have anything else comparible to what the floormate is so I will just have to look here in town I guess if I want anything. I sure did like it though as it not only cleans the floor, it dries it and vacuums hard floors too.

Gail: Congrats on the losses! :carrot::carrot: That's great! Keep up the good work. We knitters do tend to be fondlers when it comes to yarn. I am kind of a stickler on the softness since most of what I make goes to other people. Hand dyed yarn is so beautiful, but it is so expensive that I don't buy it for anything. What colors did you get and what are you going to make with it. Oh and congrats on mittens too!

Susan: I doubt Kelly's company invested in speech recognition. She originally worked for International Paper, but they sold off a big chunk of their company so she now works for a Canadian company called Western Frazier. They are struggling too so they probably didn't invest in anything like that. I always loved historic Williamsburg. I remember when I got pregnant with Jay we went to visit and I bought this adorable lace baby cap in one of the shops. It was one of those cotton caps that used to be worn during the day and to sleep in with lace all around the bottom. My boy never did get to wear it :D and it came up missing by the time Kelly was born.:( I would have liked the Va Beach, Yorktown, etc area so much more if we had been making the income we are now. Back then you barely survived being in the Navy and living there as it was so expensive.

I better go and get started on chores. As soon as it is reasonable I am going to get out and screw in those doorbells.

Have a great start to your week!

06-30-2008, 09:26 AM
Happy Monday! :) Thought I would get in here before my day started. I have to jump in the shower in a few minutes to go to my appointment and then to Tyler's house. :) I haven't seen him in over a week. I'm talking about Tyler; not the doctor! ;)

Susan, I love Williamsburg. Growing up in Virginia Beach, the first field trip I took in elementary school was to Jamestown and then the following year I went with my class to the third grade I think. Anyway, ever since then I fell in love with Williamsburg. I went there often as a child and a lot with friends once we were driving. I could live in Williamsburg. Easily. It's been awhile since I've been there so I'm well over due for a trip there. Wayne and I would probably come during the week so when we do perhaps you and I could have lunch together. I'll let you know. Today, I'll be getting some upper body exercising done from picking up Tyler all the, I get down on the floor and play with him. He likes to push his little cars around and he just laughs and laughs when I get down on the floor with him and help him push all his cars too.

Jean, gasoline is outrageous for cars but for boats there are no words. Wayne would love to buy a boat (26ft. Sea Ray) but right now is not a good time. He would love just being a "dock duck" I think. I bought Christmas Red. It's in fingering weight so it will have to be something light. Maybe a lacey scarf for Christmas. The yarn called to me. Now, I have to listen for the project to match the yarn!! :D

Everyone have a great morning. I'll try to go on-line this afternoon. :)

06-30-2008, 09:30 AM
Faye, I heard on tv this past weekend, that gas prices are due to be $6.00 by the end of this year. I hope that is not true. Because if it is, it will be a treat just to see my grandson that is only 45 minutes away. I was posting while you were posting but I don't mind repeating myself...when it comes to yarn-buying! I bought Christmas Red. 450 yards of fingering weight. Perhaps a lacey scarf?! Not sure yet. I didn't think it was too bad...I paid $19.95 for the hank. I've seen home-grown and hand-dyed yarn for a lot more money than that. I think the most I've paid for a skein of yarn is $28.00 but it had over 500 yards in the hank. And that was for superwash merino yarn. I have to really really really love the yarn to pay the high prices...but silk yarn...oh my.

06-30-2008, 02:32 PM

I just finished ordering the charms for my weight loss adventure bracelet. They are the replacements for the ones that were stolen awhile back. I have a few gold ones that fit with the theme and boy are they spendy if I were to buy them today. The whistle ~ that actually works, shrill that it is ~ sells for $500 now and I think I paid $15 for it back years ago when I was going to the gold market at 7th and Hill in LA to spend my overtime checks:o. Anyway the 4 gold ones that I am putting on the bracelet would sell for $919. if I had to buy them today. It is totally outrageous how the price has jumped for gold and gas. I am going to put all the charms on the bracelet and wear my journey. Can you tell I like visuals? Will is down having the oil changed and when he gets back we will be taking Ragg Mopp into the groomer to have his hair cut and bath. BTW the work we had on the Jeep the other day is working great ~ It is saving us 2.6 gallons per mile. Now we will be looking at less agressive tires to also improve the mileage and a new breather system. We don't really need the agressive tires for rock climbing that came on the Jeep so will get a set that will do off road and highway but no rock climbing.

SUSAN I would like to visit your area one day. I can imagine how beautiful and historic that area around Williamsburg is. Dripping in history.

DONNA So you end up with the job of installing the doorbells. I am so glad you are now feeling better and up to doing "stuff." Got your sights on Indiana for a good time ~ be safe and do enjoy every minute of it. I think that gas may be up to $7 a gallon before 2010 if it keeps leaping up like it has this year. They just located a huge ~ bigest ever ~ pool of oil in Saudi so maybe we will get some releif. HA.

JEAN Could be that you let your mom in law get to you ~ stress does cause that condition on your thumbs, they say. Stress manifests itself in a miraid of ways. Your projects will be there after you have your fun. It is that way ~ no little brownies to come in and clean up for us while we sleep.

GAIL Your yarn sounds scrumptous. Makes me want to knit again. Well, almost.;) CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss. Keep that smile down this road to thin girlfriend. Glad you like the smoothie booklet. What fun to play cars with the kid. They sure make some neat cars these days ~ such detail.

Have a wonderful Monday afternoon ~ still morning here ~ Flowers. I see July just around the corner.

06-30-2008, 03:18 PM
Good afternoon! I'm over at Tyler's house--he's watching a brainy baby video which will only keep his attention for about 10 minutes...if I'm lucky. I'm on Jim's laptop. I'm not used to not using a mouse. I use a mouse with my laptop at home. So this is quite the experience for me!

Maggie, gold has gone up! Right along with everything else. Wayne is waiting for gold to hit $1,000 an ounce and then we're selling our gold and putting it somewhere else. Some people have told Wayne to hold off selling because they think it will go up to $1,600! Of course, the down-side to all of this is our US Dollar falls. You say you're taking Ragg Mopp to the groomer's. Well, I need to go too! My hair is in bad shape! I need my hair to be shaped up again...and probably some blonde streaks put in too.

I went to the ears, nose, and throat doctor this morning. He wants me to consider going on allergy shots. Honestly, I don't know. I have hayfever in the fall and I take medicine for that and it works wonderfully. But he says the underlying problem (his words) are my allergies and he says the shots will eventually help my sinuses HOWEVER he says it will take at least 6 months to a year before I see a difference. I asked him if I don't go with the allergy shots what will happen when I have another sinun infection? He told me to call him and he will prescribe something for me but he says my sinus infections will get worse. He also told me not to think about getting a dog. The top things I'm allergic to is ragweed, cats and dogs, and dust....and just about every tree out there. I'm going to talk with Wayne this evening--I wished he went with me. He would have but I told him not to worry...well, he should've gone and I know he'll say that this evening. Right now I feel fine. I can breathe. I have no headaches. My sinuses are just fine...but the doctor says he bets my sinuses even now are still inflamed. My body has turned on me. After all I've done for it!!!! I feed it. I even exercise it some. Traitor!!!

Well, Tyler is getting annoyed with the tv. He's talking to it. Actually, he's getting mad at it. he's singing. Gotta go...time to play with Tyler. :)


06-30-2008, 03:48 PM
BTW it is HOT just in case you were wondering

GAIL:hug: You definitely have a decision to make and talking to Wayine will help. I have known folks who opted for the shots and love it. But everyone is different and you need to find the answer for yourself. I am sad that you cannot get a dog but keeping yourself feeling good is more important.

06-30-2008, 03:51 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a beautiful day in my corner of the world today. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, it's a cool 75 degrees, and NO wind for a change. This morning I finally took the time to wipe the grime off my 25' white phone cord in the kitchen. I've looked for a 10' cord but so far haven't found one. Ernie likes to play with it so have to keep it doubled up and over the phone itself. He is like having a 2 year old around the house, :dizzy: but I love him anyway. I've been working on another closet and need to have Bob try on some sports coats that he never wears any more.

"Gma" -- I hope you were able to install the doorbell without any problem. :yes: The gas prices wouldn't be quite so bad if pay raises went along with the increase. We don't spend a lot of money on extras so guess we'll roll with whatever happens. I just hope we have a "warm" winter!

Gail -- Good luck with making the allergy shot decision. One of our teachers went that route because she was constantly getting bronchitis. She still gets it but not as often. The yarn sounds beautiful! :D Red is my most favorite color.

Maggie -- I had to :lol: at your rock climbing tires. I've watched a little bit of the rock climbers on TV when Bob is channel surfing; I don't think I would ever try that. I'm not very adventuresome. :no: I was just in the jewelry store to get a watch battery and always look around while I wait. I think the price of nice jewelry has really gone up all inclusive. I'm glad I have what I have although I'm always ready for more.

I have a load of towels to fold and another load to dry. I brought towels home from the lake as it's easier to do them here than taking the time to use the washer and dryer up there.

Hope you all have a good day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-30-2008, 07:39 PM
Good evening ladies - hot and humid today!

Gail, I did the allergy shots. It took 5 years for me to be completely desentisized and it is the best thing I ever did. Allergies worsen many conditions and medication isn't always the best answer. Whenever my allergies do flair anymore medication quickly makes them subside. They were causing me many asthma attacks, including having to be hospitalized and intubated. Never want to do that again! They do have good shots for cats but dogs is still away a way. You yarn sound sumptuous. I dye fabrics for quilting and have done some yarn for embellishments as well. It's fun!

Faye, how do you like the doorbells? I'd like one for the back door if I knew they worked good.

Jean, the spa I am going to for my treatments automatically adds 18% to the bill for gratuity. Americans have been spoiled for years driving gas guzling cars with the gas not priced to compete with the rest of the world. Part of the problem that is causing the price to rise is the emergence of third world countries like China where people are now able to have a car for the first time. More people to need gas. I have a feeling the price will not be coming back down as the demand continues to increase but we'll be seeing smaller, more efficient cars. Just my 2 cents!

Maggie, what a wonderful way to remember your weight loss journey - and a good investment besides!

Got weighed and measured at Curves. I was anxious because its the end of my first month with Curves Smart machines - I lost 2 pounds (can't say I tried that hard) but I lost a total of 6.25 inches and 3% body fat!. I knew I was working a lot harder. I'll be keeping that up.

07-01-2008, 08:29 AM
Here's the link to your new thread! :wave: