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06-24-2008, 07:51 AM
Morning all...hopefully today will be better. Another day, hopefully a better day.

Alicia....i definately swear by the chiro. She has made my life much better. Little things that i thought couldn't improve are woderful after a visit. Just try to find a good one who does the test to really help determine where to adjust etc. good luck!!!!!!

Alirhgt all...off to walk the dog.

06-24-2008, 08:53 AM
Morning All,
Hope everyone has a great day today! Looks like it is suppose to be a nice day here. So I am hoping to get to mow a little bit of the yard today. I have to go take the a/c's back to Wal-Mart this morning, since they are making goofy noises on us. I have TOPS tonight and I am hoping for a good weigh in. Keep your fingers crossed!
Patricia I hope today goes better for you. Enjoy your walk with your dh and your dog!
Hi everyone else! Have a wonderful day!
Take care,

06-24-2008, 09:45 AM
Mornin' All! :coffee:

It's gorgeous out right now, but we're supposed to get rain sometime today. With my luck, it will be around 5ish, or whenever I get out of work. :lol:

GG, sorry you had a bad day at work. Hope you're able to find competent staff and things get better.

Have a great day all!

06-24-2008, 10:11 AM
Hey Chicks!

I've been having some trouble lately with my legs, I think I'm gonna have to give up the running for a few days and stick to riding my bike. My eating is not bad the problem is its sporadic, I get busy working outside or running around with the kids and just plain forget about eating. It hasn't been a recipe for weight loss. I'm trying to fix it but its crazy around here.

Glad to see new people, miss keeping up with everyone, maybe it'll slow down before long.

We did have some flooding here but nothing near my house, the bugs are horrible though and we're all dealing with that as a by product.

Check back soon, hopefully.


06-24-2008, 11:12 AM
GG ~ Fingers crossed that today is a better day for you. So sorry to hear that a third doctor won't be joining you. Hang in there and simply take things one day at a time...

Kerry ~ good luck tonight at your meeting! Also, great to read that you're donating your Avon profits for the walk for breast cancer ~ very cool.

Lauren ~ when does Peter start school? We start so early here (August 13).

Trish ~ forget to eat... never, ever has that happened to me. One of my sisters is like that. She's always running around and then realize at 8:00 p.m. that she hasn't eaten all day. You need to slow down and take better care of yourself SuperMom or those big bugs will carry you off LOL.

Things are good here. The kids are happy and we are having an excellent summer. I've been doing really well with diet/exercise. My goal right now is to make some of my new habits stick! I'm tired of yo-yoing and "dieting." I had Book Club last night but I went beforehand and walked the track. Unfortunately, there was food at my neighbor's house and it was all sitting right in front of me! I ate a whole lot of fruit but also ate too much cheese and sausage. I should have moved the food or pushed myself back from the table. For some reason though I was just really, really hungry last night. I just wish that I hadn't eaten as much as I did but it's over and done with. It never ends!!!!!!!! Hope that everyone is having a good day ~ Joan

06-24-2008, 02:19 PM
Good Afternoon everyone,
Trish you need to take better care of yourself. So you can be around longer to do all those wonderful things that you are doing for your children. Glad that the flooding wasn't close to you at all. Hope you start to feeling better soon.
Joan, don't beat yourself up over eating at the neighbor's house. Atleast it was healthy stuff. Now if you went and ate a whole pizza, pie etc. Then I could see why you were beating yourself up for. I am hoping that I can sell some of the puppies so I can donate to my sister's fundraising efforts. She has to raise $2,200. I think she is currently at $1,715. So she is getting there.
Hi to everyone else. Off to mow the yard. Hope you all have a wonderful day!
Take care,

06-24-2008, 02:28 PM
Joan, he starts Sept. 3rd. We always start 2 days after Labor Day here. :)

06-24-2008, 02:29 PM
Good Morning everyone!

DD was up a lot last night again :( It rained all night last night, we have aluminum roofing and I love the way the rain sounds on it, so at least it sounded nice when I was awake so often:). I went for a run last night before the rain started so I feel good about myself. I feel like I have made the leap back onto the weight-loss wagon after my vacation. I was 199 before I left and I want to get back to that point. I have been weighing in every morning and writing my weight on the calendar, then at the end of the day, if I have exercised I put a sticker on that day...kinda childish, but I hope it works. I think the visual reminder of exercising will help.

Trish, I am so glad to hear that the floods missed you! It is good to meet you as well. I know what you mean about the sporadic eating, I used to not eat very often and found as I started eating smaller amounts more frequently I actually lost weight. I had read that this would happen, just didn't believe it. :) Good luck with those bugs.

Kerry, I will be thinking light thoughts for you at your meeting tonight, good luck!

GG, good luck with your quest for competent replacements and I'm sure today will be a better one for you. :hug:

Joan, I hear you on being sick of yo-yo dieting and what-not. I want to lose this weight and keep it off! congrats on going early to walk, maybe that is why you were more hungry? What book are you reading for book club?

Lauren, keeping my fingers crossed that it rains BEFORE you get off and has cleared up again by 5pm. :D It is gloomy and overcast here after the rain last night. I kind of like these days (as long as it isn't EVERY day like this). Gives me an excuse to sit inside and read books and watch movies.

Hope everyone has a great tuesday.

06-24-2008, 02:31 PM
Joan, when does school get out where you are? We also start early, but get out really early too.

06-24-2008, 05:13 PM
Well I got my good sweaty workout in for the day. I push mowed our yard. The part I did took me 1 1/2 hours. So I think I am good to go for yesterday and toworrow on my excerise. I might have a slight gain tonight at TOPS because I just finished mowing about 20 minutes ago. I totally forgot that my muscles will be big when I go to weigh in. Oh well, maybe this will make for a good loss next week. Have to think on the positive side! :)
Joan my school starts back on Sept. 2nd this year because of our last elementary school being built. But now the following years after this one, we will start around the 20th of the Aug.
Lauren I hope the rain has come and gone before you get off work. We had some nasty rain yesterday with hail and lighting. Hope you don't get that today.
Toni thanks for the lighter thoughts. That is very sweet of you! I think that your motivation strategy is a good one! What every works for you. Keep up the good work.
Hi to everyone else. I hope that your day is going great for you. I need to go and jump in the shower. My leader for TOPS called while I was out mowing and told my dh that she was going to be a little late. So I have to be there to set up. Chat with you all later. Have a wonderful evening!

Christina S
06-24-2008, 06:09 PM
good afternoon!...im sorry i havent checked yesterdays posts...busy busy here...getting dominic ready for school and football...little mario is just busy as a little bee himself... we would be having great weather if our northern part of the state (where im at) wasnt under all these fires...apparently there are over 800 fires right now in california and most are in northern california (this is according to the news) so the air outside is horrible and all you can smell and see is smoke!

gg: im sorry things werent great at work...i hope they are better today

kerry: great job on the workout..i have never a day in my life mowed a lawn...i think i need to get out there and give it a go!...good luck at tops tonight!

joan: you guys start school EARLY....thats like arizona where my brother lives..his kids all start early like you guys do..great thinking ahead to walk the track prior to the book club!...dont worry about last nights eating...it doesnt sounds too bad!

trish: glad to here you all are ok and no flooding at your house!..take care of those legs...i hope they feel better soon

toni: im so sorry your little one is still not better...i sure hope she gets better soon...she must be miserably tired!...like your system of weighing and accounting for your exercise...i think anything that motivates you is a good thing!

lauren: hope you have a wonderful day...i sure hope it doesnt rain when you get off!!!!

ok...gotta go...have a great evening

06-24-2008, 06:41 PM
Hello all....

Well the daughter was off to California on Saturday and yes I cried like a big baby at the airport. She was telling me to stop and that I promised that I would not cry. But you can't help it.

I am switching my membership to the gym to the one closer to my house. I think that will help me get there more often. The one I go to now is like 20 miles away. The one over here is 5 miles away. So that will be better. I am striving for going at least 5 times a week. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I changed my hours at work so there won't be alot of people there. Plus I am going to start doing my Core ball workout. I bought the ball and the dvd's about a year ago. So I will do that twice a week. Let me tell you it works. I am more sore from doing that then going to the gym.

I just need to get the eating under control. I am a person that likes to eat when she has nothing to do. But that comes with the smoking factor. It was so easy to go outside and smoke a cigarette when I did not have anything to do. Now I eat.

My husband is no help at all. We went grocery shopping last night and what does he do he starts putting chips an dip in the basket and a bunch of other crap. So no help at all. I don't think I will be taking him again.

Well yall have a good evening.


06-24-2008, 08:09 PM
evening all...
fergi- my husband is skinny and no matter what can't break 180...and he is 6ft 4...so lucky him...he refuses to eat vegetables and always wants a bunch of junk...it just isn't fair.

kerry- i hope TOPS goes well tonight...

toni- i hope you little one feels better...Allicen, my 3 month old, is beginning a runny nose and eye...I hate that! There is only so much you can do for them. my son had continous ear infections and he had to have tubes...luckily, they have fallen out and we are still ear infection free!! I like your motivation strategy...I saw an Oprah once where they were talking about having a vision board...lots of pictures and quotes, etc...of where you want to be and then you'll get there...I watched alot of TV on my bedrest :)

Joan- I read about your book club...don't worry about it...I have those times where I am just really hungry too and I just eat...I figure if I deprive myself it is only going to be worse in the end.

Gator gal- I hope today was better...I will be thinking of you.

Trish- glad to meet you but sorry to hear about the flooding and bugs...glad you are okay though...

Lauren- did the rain stay away? I hope so! Our kids always come in the Tuesday after Labor day and with spring break and christmas break and teacher workdays we don't get out until mid June...we do have modified schools in our county (select ones) that go year round with intermittent three week breaks...sometimes I think I may like that...

Christina- I can't imagine being around all those fires...I suppose there are advisories against going outside and spending too much time inhaling all that? Are any of them threatening your neighborhood or home?

Well, take care all. My daugher is giving my husband a hard time falling asleep and my son is trying to be quiet but he gets too excited playing trains! -Erin

06-24-2008, 08:15 PM
fergi, just lots of :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: for saying good by to your DD, I would have cried too. Sometimes it helps me to get on 3FC (looking at the goal albums is a great way to stay motivated) when I am bored and want to eat, it helps remind me why I'm not choosing to eat. I am also a huge boredom eater, and boredom cooker too. :lol: Fortunately when I cook I don't eat as much, too busy cooking. :)

Christina, I know what you mean about the smoke, usually the second half of our summer is "smoke season" it is ridiculous, they even issue health advisories when it gets too bad. Can't really get outside and exercise either. I hope the fires die down or at least the wind switches and someone else gets to be smoky for a while. :D

I did 40 minutes of pilates while the kids napped, I am proud of myself and am going to go downstairs and put a sticker on my calendar. (am I in kindergarten again or what?!?! :lol: )

06-24-2008, 08:21 PM
Erin, we posted at the same time. :)

Thinking of your DS getting excited playing trains made me smile. :) Hope your DD feels better, it's so hard having them sick, especially when they are so little. Your husband sounds like mine, DH isn't super skinny, but can sit down and eat an entire batch of cookies with whole milk and not gain a pound!!! :dizzy: Hope our kids inherit his metabolism!

Christina S
06-24-2008, 09:45 PM
mcmommy and toni: no they arent near my house...we are good, but the air from the smoke blowing is horrible...its funny cause they have warnings about the young, the elderly and anyone with lung problems...yet today was the first day of football practice for dominic!..he has asthma, he is doing well and wasnt going to miss it for the world...but hopefully the air will get better soon

06-24-2008, 09:53 PM
Well I was right I gained a pound. But it was my own stupid fault for mowing the lawn from 2 until 3:30 today. Then I went and weighed in at 5:30. So I might have actually had a loss or stayed the same. Oh well, I will learn from my mistake.
Sounds like everyone had a good day today! I am going to go finish my book that I have been reading for the last three weeks and start a new one. Then go to bed early. So I will chat with you all later.
Have a wonderful evening!
Take care,

06-25-2008, 12:17 AM
Hi guys! DH had the end of last week off and we kept him busy, busy, busy!! I didn't even have the energy to open up the laptop. We went to Six Flags, went bike riding, went camping (I hate sleeping on the ground, BTW) and just kept things hopping in general. It was the kids first time camping and Alex was so excited it was funny to watch. We also took them to Wild West City (exactly what it sounds like, an old west looking town complete with shootouts, stage coach rides and bank/train/stage coach robberies. Alex had an absolute blast. We got both kids toy guns to take part in the action and OMGoodness, they were hilarious. Even Cass was out running in the street with the big kids to catch the bad guys. I will have to post some pics.

It took me all day yesterday to catch up on the laundry, unload the van and spread out all the tents/ground cloths to dry. Then the wall mount for the new TV came in and we hung it up last night. It took us HOURS!! I had no idea drilling 5 holes and screwing the mount on the wall would take so long. It didn't help that two of the bolts broke and had to be pried out of the wall. LOL.

Anyhow, things are getting back to normal again!!

06-25-2008, 08:18 PM
Hey all...well no ear infections...i had both my kids to the doc today just to make sure. We are headed to NY to visit the inlaws on Friday so no posting over the weekend...what will I do! I am addicted to this now..I weigh in tomorrow...I will let you know. I am nervous b/c I have not been superstrict...it is hard to go cold turkey like that...my goal for this next week is to do even better....talk to you all soon! Erin