LA Weight Loss - Friends and Losers Thread June 23-June 29

Mama Nicole
06-23-2008, 12:06 PM
What? Has summer gone to all of your heads? Where is everyone? I know it is Monday, but really......noone has posted yet? Man....I remember a time when there were already 3 pages by this time of the day! WAKE UP everyone......the day is getting away!!!!

06-23-2008, 12:32 PM
No kidding.. But then again, I've been quieter than normal lately too...

We've had fires all over the state in the last week and while I'm not having to go to any of them, they are keeping me busy while I wrangle around getting the "fire info" to the statewide media... We've had tons of lightning lately and when you get lightning and little to no rain, you get fires..

Hope y'all did well over the weekend.. Liz and I have been on and off, to be honest... But I'm bound and determined to be good this week.. My highschool reunion is this coming weekend so I need to look my best..

Ok - that's it.. The weekend's over.. get out there and be one with your POP!!!

Mama Nicole
06-23-2008, 01:05 PM
I have my 20 year reunion this year...........but I don't think I will be going..........we have a lot of travel planned already, and with the price of gas........well......need I say more :) Is this your 20 year also, Dan?

06-23-2008, 01:09 PM
Morning everyone!

It has been quiet around here huh?

Well i had a totally off plan weekend. Why are weekends so darn hard? I think i need to do a weekend challenge every weekend and post here that i'm going to do it so there is no question. Anyway no stress. I'm hanging in there.

I think i may be coming to a stand still, atleast until i wean from BF. I dont know if my body will cooperate anymore but i'm not giving up, i'm going to stick with it and even if i dont lose anymore for now atleast i'll be healthy and i wont gain (hopefully, :lol:). If i wasnt breastfeeding i would be on the gold plan and there is a ton of food difference from gold to red1 so thats why i think i wont be losing as much especially with being so close. Hopefully i'm wrong.

I'm a bit confused. I may be introducing whole milk to my baby for during the day time and still nursing at night but i dont know what i should do about the plan. I will still need extra food because i still need to keep up my supply but since i wont be his sole source of nutrients i'm not sure if i should be on a different plan. I'm not starting this week or anything but i've been thinking about it. Any ideas?

Anyway hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Any plans for the 4th? Time is going so fast!

Have a wonderful day everyone.

06-23-2008, 01:35 PM
Good morning everyone...and it is a beautiful day! Weekend went well and I'm down another pound. Now if I could just *go to the bathroom* I'm sure I'd be down a bit more LOL.

Have a good one all!


06-23-2008, 02:36 PM
peggy - ever tried the "nature's reply" tea that they sell at LAWL? They gave me a sample to try and nature replied all day long!!! :) sorry - couldn't resist that one!

I posted in last weeks thread by accident!

06-23-2008, 03:05 PM's not serious enough to spend that kind of's nothing two prunes before bed wouldn't cure...I just wish I could get my system to work with me and coincide with the days I weigh in is all LOLOLOL.

I just looked at your you're doing GOOD!!! Keep it up!

06-23-2008, 03:06 PM
<-------------hates being tickerless

06-23-2008, 03:07 PM
Debbie, Well, you might just want to go towards the lighter side of selections as you start to wean and stick with the same plan until you've made a significant cut in nursing. That baby is growing and needing more and more calories as he starts getting more mobile and bigger, so I think it is likely when you are still nursing that you still may see a loss even if you are not cutting calories further (in a way you are as you are not increasing calories as he gets bigger).

Nicole, that baby is just precious.

Peggy, Down a pound over the weekend is always good. It keeps teasing us with sort of good weather here. Right now it is overcast, but very well could clear out and be a bit sunny this afternoon.

I had an almost POP weekend for once! I have been trying to do better as far as nutrition of the foods I'm serving, so we've had more beans and fish and whole grains and less sugar and red meat.

06-23-2008, 03:08 PM
Debbie – I moved down a plan as soon as I wasn’t the sole source of food for my little one. I starting weaning the feedings when she was about 10 months, but I don’t think I told my COD until she was about 11 months or so. I wanted to get the new schedule established before I had to give up any food.

06-23-2008, 03:16 PM
Hay all! I had another tough weekend. Ugh. And next weekend will be the same. But at least when I am munching at the lake it's on healthier options right? Ha! This weekend was awesome! The weather was great! Hope you all have a great day!

Mama Nicole
06-23-2008, 03:48 PM
Some days I really hate being the mother of a teenage daughter.........

06-23-2008, 03:55 PM
Barbara - Thank for the advice. I hope you are right and that i continue to lose.

Dawn - Were you told to move down a plan by your COD? Red wouldnt be too bad, its what my DH is on.

Nicole - :lol: i'm guessing there is a story behind that...

06-23-2008, 05:05 PM
Debbie - i would have been moved down to the gold plan with lites or purple w/o lites, but my COD switched to the numbered plan so I was moved to plan three without lites. Recently I switched myself to plan 2 w/ lites without telling my COD because plan 3 wasn't working. (I don't want to tell them that I'm doing the lites because I want to make sure this is going to make a difference and I don't plan on buying their bars.) I know, it's confusing!

06-23-2008, 05:10 PM
Yes tell us your teenager story!

06-23-2008, 05:12 PM
Alright I have lurked long enough on this thread .Time for action.

I am Tanner. I have been with LAWL since April 16th. I am on plan 2 but hopefully will move to plan 1 in the next week or so (3 lbs away). Though I am a bit freaked about plan 1 because I will still have 25 lbs to lose on plan 1 and if I plateau they can't move me anywhere..

Anyway I can't figure out the ticker thing= I am daft. So I originally wanted to lose 42 lbs but now I have (in my head anyway) revised so that I lose 42 lbs. My original weight was the highest I would be happy with therefore if I shoot low then I have a bit of room to grow, KWIM! Right now I have lost 14 lbs with tonnes of hard work. It's not easy by any means.

My story is that the 4 kids I have ravaged my body. I gained 50 lbs with each pregnancy and after the 3rd child kept on 20 lbs or so then did the same with the 4th. After working out for 2 yrs without much change I started LA because it worked for a friend and my Aunt.

06-23-2008, 05:43 PM
hey everyone. just checking in for the day. not much to report really..well, there is a long work story that started late last week and has drastically changed my life, but i'll leave that for another time.

hope everyone has had a good start to the week.

and're not making me very optimistic for when my DD gets to be a teenager. she'll be 5yrs old next month, but somedays it feels like she's already 15yrs old! :)

06-23-2008, 06:57 PM
I have my 20 year reunion this year...........but I don't think I will be going..........we have a lot of travel planned already, and with the price of gas........well......need I say more :) Is this your 20 year also, Dan?

Yup.. The big 20... Luckily I still live in the same town as the school, so travel won't be bad...

Lots of liquid starches, however, so that might make it interesting...

06-23-2008, 10:12 PM
Hi Tanner! Welcome

06-23-2008, 11:41 PM
Welcome Tanner!

06-24-2008, 10:12 AM
Morning everyone,

Nicole you are killing us all by not telling us your Daughter Story.

Welcome Tanner ... this is a great group of people.

Hope everyone is doing well, I had a 50-50 weekend. Good on Saturday and VERY bad on Sunday night (Chinese - I only have it about once a quarter).

I have though worked out consistently for the last 3 days and plan on continuing it regularly. I am not going to look past the week though. I will plan for next week on Sunday morning (this is when I change weeks for my C25K and my 100 pushups)

Hope everyone is doing well, I can't seems to get past this weight area, but I know that is my inconsistent eating, not anything else. I have been bad about journaling and that ends today. I will be journaling EVERYTHING!

Hope everyone else is doing ok.

Congrats to Nicole and Dan on you 20th Reunion (whether you are going or not).

06-24-2008, 11:55 AM
Morning everyone!

Dawn - Are you liking the new plan you started? Is it working out for you? You said you weaned, did you see much of a loss after you stopped? I did see that your ticker moved down so i'm guessing something is working.

I'm finding it so hard lately to get all my foods in, i dont know whats going on with me. I know if i try harder i can do it so i guess i just need to try harder. I just been so busy and then if i miss a meal i dont want to over eat at the next just to get everything in. I really need to get with it tho if i want the darn scale to move down.

Anyway enough of that.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Mama Nicole
06-24-2008, 12:51 PM
Good morning:)

Debbie........might I suggest eating most of your foods before noon? I know mornings are sooooo busy when you are a stay at home mom...............but I have found that if I sit down with the kids in the morning for a well rounded breakfast......we ALL have a better day. It is kind of a reminder that rushing around trying to, "get everything done," is far less important than enjoying the kids gathered around the table. I know when they are little, it is not exactly relaxing, but it is a lifelong gift you can give them.........teaching them the importance of taking the time to be together, even if it is only for 10 minutes. My kids also seem to eat better if I eat with them.....and I know you are making food all the live long day for those make them things you can eat too and join them :)

Kelly.......WTG posting an avatar look fabulous.......why did you wait so long??????

So..........I will try really hard to make the DD story short........we just fought all day long about her DBF and his laziness........and I should have known to keep my mouth shut......but things just kept flying out of my mouth. It was like I was standing outside of my body in amazement of the cold hard truth that was escaping me. It wasn't toooo bad, but one should really never say anything negative about their child's signifigant other. ended with her informing me that she was going to, "go get away for a few days," and I was like, yeah, over my dead body. She expressed that maybe she should move out......and I was like, where? She went on to tell me that she would move in with one of her friend's houses.....and I was like, noooooooo. She said, "you can't stop me......." and I lovingly said, "I will sit on you!!!!" So mature I am at times. I told her it was a natural progession to want to move out at her age.......especially now that she is a mom.....and I told her that if she was serious, that I would help her take the responsible steps to move out on her own.........well....then she said she really didn't want to live by herself.....she just needed to get away..........and I told her that that wasn't how life went..........that when things get hard you can't just escape it. I told that that was not moving out........that was running away. The girl has a ton of freedom...........but doesn't think she should have to be home at a decent hour......and DH and I like sleeping at she gets irritated. She was better by last night......and I told her that I was sorry for some of the things I had said......that my intention was not to hurt her feelings.........and I could see from her face that was what had happened earlier. I also told her that is was her misfortune that she was my first teenager.....that I am learning how to have this kind of a relationship just as well as she is........and that we would get through it......and that we both had a lot to learn. The night ended up ok. I told her she had to stay home for the night and no DBF cuz we needed a tiny break from that. What I wanted to say was I was sick of watching him lay on our sofa all day long while I worked circles around him.......but I bit my tongue. It is still bleeding.

Hi Barbara, Jillian, and Katie........where the heck are you?

Welcome Tanner!!!

Anyway......I have to is a disaster and I have to take 12 yo DD to the mall to try and find a dress for her confirmation........

Have a great day everyone :)

06-24-2008, 01:18 PM
Jillian! Now I want to know the work story! I will be looking for an update on that one!

Hi everyone else. So I decided not to pay for anymore Weightloss weeks and since mine are up I guess I am starting stabilization this week. I am kinda bummed because I really wanted to meet my goal. And I know I can continue to work on Weightloss but then I won't know what I am doing and won't have any help when I actually do Stabilize. So I was thinking I could stabilize with COD's help and then after I have stablized and maintained I could go back to weightloss when they aren't keeping such close tabs on me. Ugh! They are really starting to iritate me. Anyway what do you guys think?
I don't know how to approach it without paying for more weightloss weeks?

Hope everyone has a POP day!

06-24-2008, 02:04 PM
Hi Everyone!
Not much going on. I'm doing Take Off - it makes me cranky!!!! I ran 5 miles this morning. That is the furthest I've ever been able to go! Yeah me! The scale better move after this!
Hope everyone is having a great day!

06-24-2008, 04:20 PM
gonnabe, Wow, 5 miles is awesome.

Cecilia, Go ahead and go to stabilization and maintenance, if you feel you are ready to do that. Really, it is not like you are deciding to stay that weight for forever, just for now.

Nicole, She will get better, it has to be pretty bad to have post partum hormone upheaval with teenage hormonal upheaval, so she might not be in her best frame of mind right now. My dad says its 3 bad years for being the parent of a teen... and then after that a slow return to reason. My daughter is orders of magnitude easier to be around at 19 than she was at 17

06-24-2008, 04:39 PM
Kelly.......WTG posting an avatar look fabulous.......why did you wait so long??????

Nicole - I am usually either on the other end of the camera, or the picture is not good to be cropped when I am in it. this picture actuall has my son and my mother in it and was taken in front of our house right after my DS's First Communion. It was an OK picture so I bit the bullet and posted it.

Thanks for the complement on it though. I still don't like to have my picture taken, but I am getting better about not making so many faces at them:D

Don't worry about oldest DD. She is old enough to learn some of the not so fun facts of life. You will make sure she gets through it .... we all did;)

06-24-2008, 04:51 PM
Debbie – Yes, I think the scale is finally starting to move again. I’ve been bouncing back and forth a pound or two for about 6 weeks. I hope this plan 2 works for me because so far the numbered plans have yet to fulfill any promises. I think with the numbered plans there are just too many starches for me so by moving down to plan 2 w/ the bars I’m getting rid of 1 starch. Some days I’m so tempted to go back to the original gold plan because I had success with that my first time, but for now I’ll keep with plan 2. Maybe it will work. I hope so because I’ve been doing this for far too long. After I stopped nursing, no, I didn’t see much of a loss and I was really hoping that was the answer, but unfortunately it wasn’t. I think another reason for my weight loss stalling is that I’m having problems w/ my cycle lately. I have it like every 1 ½ to 2 weeks. I know TMI, but it really sucks. I really need to make an appointment w/ my doctor.

06-24-2008, 05:05 PM
Thanks every body for the warm welcome.

Today is a blah day around here .I have a sinus infection so it is making eating difficult.And i slept through my alarm for boot camp. SIGH.

Nicole, while a bit different, life is hard right now with our 17 year old dd also. She hasn't had a baby but she had ISSUES like you wouldn't believe. We thought we were decent parents but the last little while has made us wonder... There is a huge doubt that she will graduate in time. The police have been at our door 3 times in the last 2 yrs, 2 of those times in the last 4 months. She has rules and regulations, we are strict rather than lax and yet.... We are at the end of our rope ...

06-24-2008, 06:44 PM
You guys are really scaring me with the teenager talk... 11 is sounding REALLY good right now!

06-24-2008, 08:15 PM
Dawn - OMG you do need to see a doc. I'm so happy to not have AF but i'm thinking its going to catch up with me sooner or later. I cant imagine her visiting 1.5-2w, I would go crazy. It sounds like that could be affecting your weightloss tho because who can see a loss with all that going on? Anyway i hope it gets straightened out soon. I dont know squat about the # plans and i'm glad when i'm done bf i can go back to my old familiar gold plan which worked so why change it. I hope plan 2 works out for you. I know how you feel tho about doing this far too long, i'm there with you. I'm really starting to get tired of it all, i'm hanging in there tho because in the end its all for me so why give up.

06-24-2008, 10:34 PM
At the moment I am thankful I have a boy ... not that I won't have my own set of problems, but when you all start talking about those, I will be doing :blah: :blah: :blah:

06-25-2008, 11:31 AM
Hope everyone is off to a good start today! I was only able to run 3 miles today. I got tired fast today. I woke up with a little bit of a headache and I was a little lightheaded. I felt better after my coffee and a bar. I did TO yesterday and now I am hungry and tired and CRANKY!!!! I think I might skip it today and just go back on plan but do a shake today and keep my other choices light. I don't know what to do. :?: Days like this I really miss having a center.
If anyone has any advice, I'd love to hear it.
I'm going to take a shower, maybe I'll feel better.
Have a nice morning!

06-25-2008, 12:01 PM
g'morning everyone :) I just heard my parents are going to come to pick up my kids on July 4th... I'm always excited for them to go have fun, and for me and DH to have a little freedom, but I know it will be hard once they are gone. I just love that they will always have these memories with my parents! My dad is such an outgoing, adventurous, person! And my mom is the typical Betty Crocker wife/mom... I try try try to fill her shoes, but know I will never be able to be like her while trying to balance work as well.

Now the race is on to make sure they have everything they need for their trip! and to make sure we get the most use out of our Six Flags passes!

One note about weightloss - I think it was Debbie that mentioned that sometimes the weightloss slows so that your skin can re-adjust... I've been kinda frustrated lately because it seems to be slowing down, but this morning I looked at myself and I was really excited to see a semi-slender ME! I am now comfortably fitting into more size 8's and LOVING it! My husband even told me I look "HOT" the other day, and NO, I wasn't sweating!

Anyway - have a great morning everyone!

06-25-2008, 12:09 PM
Have fun without the kiddos Julie.. Of course you're going to miss them, but it's nice to be able to recharge the batteries once in a while.. Ours recently returned from a week at camp.. While it was nice to have the peace and quiet, it was also great to have them back...

I used to work at a summer camp in Maine where many of the kids were with us for the entire 8 weeks while their parents spent the summer galavanting around, I'm sure... I couldn't imagine not having my kids around for 8 weeks..

I've never heard about weightloss slowing down to allow skin to readjust.. Interesting theory... But you gotta love that victorious moment when one day you look in the mirror and realize that all your hard work is totally paying off.. Such a great feeling!!!!

But don't get complacent, or the weightloss will really slow down as your subconcious tries to convince you that you've done enough...

Eyes on the prize, ladies.. Finish the game....

Mama Nicole
06-25-2008, 12:11 PM
good morning :) crack me up....."and no, I wasn't sweating." I miss those kind of comments from my DH.......they are still said from time to time......but it is different now.

Yesterday I had a rude awakening. I took 12 yo DD to the mall to find her a confimation dress.......and I have never been much of a mall shopper.........but I had to go into EVERY single store that sold clothes to see if they had a dress for her........and I saw all of these adorable femine just plain pretty clothes..........and I couldn't wear any of them. I left the mall feeling kind of empty (secretly of course..........didn't want to take anything away from DD's trip to the mall).........and it just sucked. I am a very happy and satisfied person in most ways.......but I miss feeling feminine and pretty. It's so weird.......cuz I know there are plenty of clothes out there that are plus size and pretty.......but I always feel like an old lady in big a$$ clothes. So.........I am not going to let it bring me down any further today.......I am just going to try to use it to my advantage. And then I was thinking that if I do..........uhhhemmm, I mean WHEN I do get back into regular sizes again..........I will probably have to get a part time job just to buy all of the clothes I want.....:lol:. DH has no idea how my being fat is saving us money in the fashion department.:lol:.

Gonnabe......if you are not feeling should definitely stop doing TO. Your body is telling you something........please listen to it. TO is NOT for everyone, everytime :)

Ok, I am trying to post some videos on I am going to run.......not to mention the fact that I REALLY need to get some housework done while it is mellow here:) Have a great day everyone.........and be one with your POP :)


06-25-2008, 12:45 PM
hey everyone. i have the day off today, so i'm just lounging around the house and not doing much at all today. :)

i'll be back later..and i'll tell my work story then. :)

06-25-2008, 03:10 PM
Nicole...I see your avatar. For what it's worth, you look very pretty and feminine!

06-25-2008, 03:35 PM
Gonnabe, I can't tolerate exercising really hard on a day that I'm doing TO. It is just too much (and I've tried it several times). I'm sure 5 miles of running and a TO are just more than your body can handle. Not that you can't exercise at all, you just need to take it down a knotch.

Tanner, My DD was definitely difficult at 17. I knew parents who were really much laxer than I, and their kids just took the freedom to make choices and made every bad one there was.... and parents who were so strict that the kids couldn't take it and just left home never to talk to thier parents again, and it has been 2-3 years now, so I don't know if that is a broken relationship that is likely to be mended. I think the best thing is to just talk to your kids a lot, and let them know that every rule that you have is because you love them and are concerned for their safety and their future. They are so hard to talk to at that age, but it is more important than ever that you do. Also actually getting a job is really great for teenagers... Nothing spurs a desire for furthering your education or career goals than a summer of serving fries.

06-25-2008, 07:10 PM
What I wouldn't give for a piece of cake that has no starches. You'd think if we can put a man on the moon.....

06-25-2008, 11:12 PM
Hi Guys - would you be willing to welcome back an "oldie" ? ;)

I have GOT to do something NOW - I have got to be swimsuit "ready" by Aug 2 :o

Repo girl
06-26-2008, 01:46 AM
Oh, hey Norissa, great to see you!!

Mama Nicole
06-26-2008, 11:33 AM
Katie..........what are you doing up so late? Is everything ok? I have been worrying about you :hug:

Thanks for your kind words's Peggy, isn't it?

Norissa........welcome back. Just so you don't feel too bad.......there are a few of us oldbies here who just can't seem to stick with it......and there are a few who made goal who keep us inspired!!!! Today is a new can do this :) highshcool photo, I assume :lol:.

Jillian......still waiting on that work story......

Hey Julie, Kelly, Gonnabe, and Debbie :) I hope you are all having a good day :)

Barbara.........keep reminding us of the light at the end of the tunnel. It is soooo difficult to find that balance between teaching and attempting to control our teens. I so want my kids to have the opportunity to make some decisions and make some mistakes...........but it is sooooo difficult to let go.......I just keep trying to remember what my dear neighbor keeps reminding me of.....she says, "just keep loving her........."

Ok, I have much to do today, including some errands, but I am going to take the time to start a menu thread. I need some accountability. I have never participated in a menu thread, cuz I always manipulate my please don't use my menus as an example ;) I am goign to try to get better though :)

Have a great day everyone :)

Repo girl
06-26-2008, 12:48 PM
Morning all!

Nicole- Yeah, everything is okay. I have just been really busy. Well, sort of okay, I guess. My DH is getting laid off. His employer is going broke. Tomorrow is his last day. However, he interviewed for a job in the same field yesterday, which went really well. He really thinks that he will start the new job on Monday, with no stall in between, so that is good. Looks like your ticker just keeps on moving!!!

06-26-2008, 12:55 PM
Good Morning!!

Thanks for the welcome back girls. I promise to give this my all (again) I need to stop this yo-yo-ing :^:

Not much to report from me. KIds are growing like weeds - I am off work until July 16th when I go back to work summer school.

Nicole congrats on becoming a grammy!! SHe is a beautiful little girl. How are your Little Ones doing with a new baby in the house? STill looking forward to that possible cup of coffee! ;) Maybe some day - huh

Katie - I will say a prayer for y'all that this works out with your DH's job situation!!!! How are the kids?

and to the rest of you chicks - I hope I get to know you better!

06-26-2008, 12:57 PM
Nicole - I actually went through the recipe section and made 2 weeks worth of new suppers to try - I have my lists ready to go!! I have never planned so much!!! Heck, most of the time I don't plan :dizzy:

06-26-2008, 01:58 PM
Yesterday I ran into an old friend, she asked about my weightloss and I told her that I had joined LAWL and she had the dreaded response... "I did that and gained it all back". This was the 2nd time I have heard that this week! And I've talked to about 6 people that had done the program before and they all say they gained it back...

Also, there is a new counselor at the center, she was looking in my diary and I had not filled anything in for the weekend. This was my first time doing this... I always fill out my diary, but the weekends are really hard and I end up not eating everything so I know to expect a frown on Monday when I weigh in... this last weekend was the worst! I had only eaten once on Saturday and once on Sunday, so I didn't even fill it out! Anyway, I told the new counselor that was what happened and that I always complete my diary and she gave me this "sure you do..." answer... then she looked at my history and saw that I follow all the rules and am losing at a consistent rate of 2lbs per week and she was surprised... why are the counselors surprised? Isn't this what they sell??? Anyway, sometimes I worry that it's too good to be true and that eventually I will gain it all back and thensome... Can I get some motivational words from Barbara, Kim, Dan? Are there others that are maintaining???

06-26-2008, 02:02 PM
Dan - Nicole - looks like we are about the same age! I graduated in '89 though because of my December birthday... My DH graduated in '88, but his class did not do a reunion this year, I was a little relieved, at the 10yr reunion some girl (single girl at that!) followed him around all night talking about how she had a huge crush on him in high school... we were already married with a child by then and I was in my post pregnancy body and she was all petite... it was not fun!

06-26-2008, 02:07 PM
hey everyone.

so here's the deal with my work story. well, to make a looooong story short i have pretty much quit. there was management changes going on since april and this past month i have just had enough. i walked out of work last thursday because it's gotten so ridiculous that i don't get paid enough to put up with the BS that's been going on there..
and.. i have been talking with my former dh for a while now about this (whom i'm super great friends with!) and we are going to stop taking the kids to daycare in august when DD starts kindergarten. i'm going to take care of my DS (at former DH's house--since that's where they live) during the day and then pick up DD in the afternoon..all the while doing some light cleaning at his house and getting dinner started for them since he gets home around 530pm. and he will pay me weekly (instead of paying the daycare) for the cleaning/ basically (i know this sounds bad..but i'm gonna be a my own kids!) i will get to spend tons of time with my DS during the day (and hopefully get him potty trained!) and then have a bit of afternoon time with my DD---every day! :)

and then i'll only work on fridays (just so i can keep my discount and "perks" for being a partner there)..and that works well, because former DH works from home on fridays, so he can be there with the kids.

so i was going to start just working fridays in august (because i wanted to take a month off and spend time with DH since he's been gone since november) but i'm so fed up that i decided to start it next week! and i'm just going to take the month of july for myself and get the house ready and myself ready for his return.

so yeah..that's my work story. i'm kinda scared about the whole thing..i've really never not worked before, so it'll be different. but i'm excited. and to have tons of time for myself this coming month..well, even better! :)

06-26-2008, 02:09 PM
wow, i guess i told the long version of that story with the book that i typed! ha.
anyways..i wanted to wish everyone a good rest of the day!

oh and i decided to change my ticker and lower it to 170. hopefully i'll get close before the end of next month. but as of right now i'm pretty dang satisfied with what i've accomplished already.

Mama Nicole
06-26-2008, 02:14 PM
jillian.......that is sooooo great!!!! you will not regret your decision!!! you just can't get this time back with your kids......and since you have the opportunity..........i think you are wise to go for it ;) before you know it, Jagger will be in school full time, and you will have tons of memories, which are priceless :)

06-26-2008, 02:37 PM
nicole--i am excited because i've never gotten the chance for it to be just me and Jag. when i moved to NC he was 8 months i've missed quite a bit. and we've definitely gotten our bond back, but this will be a great time for us to get even closer. Julia and i did tons of mommy/daughter time during the day when i used to work at night before Jag was born, and we do lots of stuff together just her and i, so this will be a great time for some mommy/son bonding. :)

Repo girl
06-26-2008, 02:49 PM
That is great Jillian!

06-26-2008, 03:11 PM
Oh Jillian, You most certainly should be satisfied, you've done great. That arrangement with your ex sounds like a real win-win situation. You guys are being great co parents to your kids. Kids need tons and tons of time from adults who care, and I know you will care more for those kids than any day care provider.

JulieZ, You know, if you just treat LAWL like a diet that you go off as soon as you hit goal, of course you will gain the weight back. You have to make permanent lifestyle changes to see permanent results. I do know several people who have maintained their weight loss for exended periods of time using LAWL. I found I can live within the guidelines of the plan, most of the time. Eventually you make it your own, in your own way. For me I have discovered that my procedure is to pretty much always eat weight loss portions during the week, but allow myself more during the weekends, and I maintain. If I find my weight has gotten a bit up, then I have to stick with the weight loss portions during a weekend or two, and I'm back down to where I'm supposed to be. Not that this is an ideal scenario, I'm sure and not what they recommend at the COD, but it is what works for me. It took me a whole year on maintenance to realize that is what I do though.

06-26-2008, 03:13 PM
JulieZ - I think that the problem with most people is that they tend to treat this as a "DIET". If you treat it as a diet, then IMHO what happens is that once you get to weight, you quit and go back (possibly slowly, but you do go back) to your old habits.

I have done this with other programs. If you listen to all the old timers (and I use that term with love and respect regarding you LAWL longevity, not your age) they will all tell you the same thing. This is a life change. This is to teach you eat better to maintain your weight. It will work, but you can't just do it then quit and go back to what you were doing before. Because if that is what happens, then ... it is the people that failed, NOT the program.

So my advice ... for what it is worth ... learn to eat to live, not just do a diet.

06-26-2008, 03:16 PM
Jillian! I am soo jealous! Congrats! It will be awesome to be with the kids! Congrats! I am sure it will be great!

06-26-2008, 05:18 PM
Nicole----------> Yup, it's Peggy

"Learn to eat to live, not just do a diet."---->more perfect words were never spoken!

We are going camping for 4 days this weekend...we've been busy making all this stuff that we can eat so we aren't missing the steak, baked potatoes, bacon, chips and HOT DOGS lol. Wish us luck!

Hey to everyone...not really one to post to each person individually...mind is too forgetful for that, but wanted to wish you all good luck!


06-26-2008, 05:18 PM
Jillian - That is great that you and the ex are such good friends and are doing what is best for the kids!! I have to 2nd what Nicole said, that you will not regret this decision!! Your kids are going to benefit big time!!! SO happy for you!

06-26-2008, 05:49 PM
thanks for all the great feedback and support! :) makes me feel great!
and yes, it is wonderful to have such a great former dh. :) that's really the only reason we decided to part, because we were just friends and that's it. but the kids are benefitting from that..seeing their parents be such great friends and they have a step-daddy that they love so much too!

julia said to me out of the blue a while back that she was sooooo special. and i said yes you are..and she goes, you know why i'm sooooo special? because i have two daddies. a step-daddy and a daddy-daddy! :) it was too cute!

06-26-2008, 06:42 PM
Jillian - that is too sweet!!! :hug:

06-26-2008, 07:58 PM
Hay Peggy! Question what's on the Menu for the weekend I have been stuggling with Lake food and camping food. I need help!

06-26-2008, 08:21 PM
Ok, my dd is 9 and you're scaring me! (Picture hands over eyes!) I can hear my own mom laughing...paybacks and all.

Welcome Tanner! I'm a newbie too and just catching on. There's tons of support here and lots of nice people.

My center is closing in July, so yesterday I asked for all the literature I needed, all the way through maintenance. Surprisingly, she gave it to me! She said we'd be able to get to LA on the go as well, but that's not starting up until July 25th, the day the doors closed. Has anyone heard of this new site?

The smoke from Dan's fires (if you're in CA, Dan) has got us in a stage 2 pollution alert. Everyone's to stay indoors; particularly hard on the kids because they haven't been out in days. They say we have at least another few days of this! Headaches and sore throats, people having a hard time's not a good thing.

Gonnabe, 5 miles is rockin'!

06-26-2008, 09:05 PM
Cecilia...lots of fruit, raw veggies, chicken pecs, carrot salad and coleslaw, herbal teas (will miss my Fireball in my Chai tea),'s about it. Normal cereal for breakfast.

Also...chicken burgers...marinated tofu (ick...but I'll try anything)

06-26-2008, 10:57 PM
Nicole, Your neighbor is totally right. Just love them, and let them know that your reasons for almost everything is due to love and concern. As parents so little is truly under our control. God gives us the children that he designed, and not the ones that we dreamed of having. The paths their lives take are really between them and the Lord. We start out at the center of our children's lives, and if we do a very good job of being a mom, we move on to being just a supporting cast member in the drama of their lives. Hopefully one that is a regular member of the cast and not just a bit part with no lines after they become adults. As my daughter becomes more of an adult, I find her becoming more of a friend.

Gotsa, Don't be afraid! I know it is terrifying, but it has some really great moments too. You made it through the terrible twos... You can survive
the teen angst too. My mom says that they become awful so we can bear to let them go, because if they didn't, we'd never let go.

Katie, Good luck for the DH on the new job. How scary! Did you have a nice birthday? Are you the just busy making cheese now?

Repo girl
06-27-2008, 11:38 AM
Haha, no, not making cheese. Bread, actually. I am trying really hard to make most things from scratch at my house. I am getting more and more concerned about all of the chemicals that we ingest along with our food and other stuff. So far here is my mastered list: Food: Bread, pasta, well, anything that can be baked, actually. Also cheese, mayo, barbeque sauce, butter, most sauces, ice cream, etc. Non Food: Dishwasher soap, toilet bowl and sink scrub, laundry soap, dryer sheets, kitchen and bathroom spray, glass cleaner, toothpaste, deoderant, shampoo, lotion, and lip gloss. I know it seems crazy, but both of my parents have cancer. All I can think is that living in such a toxic world is doing this to us. I am determined to do better by my kids and myself and husband. Okay, so down off of my soap box, LOL.

06-27-2008, 04:27 PM
hello everyone.
not too terrible of a day for me. i start my new, fantastic work schedule next week..which now i only work fridays from 5am-11am. :) but i have a feeling that they will try to call me next week and ask me to work. i'm sorry to say, but i don't think i will be answering my phone! ha. they all know that i'm the queen of screening my calls, but i'm sure they will still try. oh well. not my problem anymore.'s been overcast pretty much all day, rainy off and on too. it looked like it was going to clear up there for a little bit, and i thought i was going to take the kids for a swim, but no such luck. oh well. i went and tanned after work (still bad, i know!) and then got in a great workout. made me feel a bit better after my not-so great week of eating.
and i already have a plan in place for my mon-thurs now that i'm not working and the kids are going to continue their normal routine until i plan on waking up early (7ish or before..since normally i'm up at 4am everyday for work) and then getting my workout in right away as soon as i wake up. otherwise i will get too busy or procrastinate it all day long and not do it.
and then i have plans to box up all the old, too big clothes and stuff i don't wear anymore and will never wear anymore and take it to the goodwill. :)
so that's my plan at least for the next week. (well the workout plan will stay in place) but i need to get my closets organized and would love to get the last remaining boxes (mostly my books!) that got shoved into a closet in december when we moved in and get them out and unpacked.
so yeah.. lots to do.
i just hope i don't procrastinate my time away and lounge around and drink coffee all day and do nothing! :) ha!

anyways..i hope everyone is having a good end to the week.

06-27-2008, 04:35 PM
wow..another long rambling post from me.
can you tell that my dh has been gone for way tooooooo long and i don't have much adult interaction? ha!

Mama Nicole
06-27-2008, 05:07 PM
Hey guys.......sorry I have been a bit scarce........I have been a tad bit off plan the last couple of days.......and you know how that goes.....

anyway, I have been busy sprucing up my flower beds the last two days, and they look so pretty :) I replaced my mulch with jet black mulch, and wow, what a difference it makes.

so, I have to run again......but wanted to send out a big fat :hug: to Katie and to say heeeeyyyy to everyone :) I will check back later when I find my table and counters again :)

06-27-2008, 10:41 PM
Happy Friday!!

I did pretty well today diet wise - until - well we just had chinese food :o I have been craving it for the past week - I mean CRAVING it! I will start chugging the water now! :p

Hope you all ended your day better than I did ;)

Happy Weekend!!!!!!!!

06-28-2008, 12:30 AM
Been MIA. Trying to redo my kitchen.
Then it gets HOT here, cant paint . ..............
I gained almost 2 pounds ,so really getting on the wagon this week.
Other than that everything is so so here.