30-Somethings - 30 Somethings Daily Chat, Mon. June 23rd

06-23-2008, 09:45 AM
Good Morning Everyone,
I am surprised that I am the first one starting the post this morning at this late time. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was nice. I think today my sdd and I are going to go to Fashion Bug to see if they have any summer clothes on sale. I need a couple pairs of shorts and a few tank tops. Plus I would like to get some workout clothes. Then I might tackle push mowing the yard. Other than that no real big plans for today.
Hope you all have a wonderful start to a new week! Check back in with you all later.
Take care,

06-23-2008, 11:22 AM
Mornin'! :coffee:

Alicia, The Chicks merged Misc. Clubs & Support Groups. Since Marti & Ellis were mods in Misc. Clubs, they just inherited us, because we fell under Support Groups. They are not mods on 30-Something's, but because it's under one big umbrella, kinda, their names are there. :D Get it?

Have a great day all!

06-23-2008, 01:54 PM
good morning all...:coffee2:

I am exhausted this morning. DD is NOT sleeping well. She is almost over her cold so no more coughing and puking, but just isn't settling. I am still nursing her, mainly because she has NEVER taken a bottle or pacifier. She is a stubborn little lady. :D Anyway, she kept me up all night, back hurts, I just feel kind of bitter and surly with her. I think it is time to try night weaning. I just hope it doesn't end up making me MORE tired.

No real plans today, gonna make some break, may bike with the kids to the park.

Kerry, have fun clothes shopping with your dsd, it is always fun to get something new. My DH has broken the last 2 lawn mowers we've gotten by mowing a path in the WOODS! :dizzy: I need to buy a new one as our lawn is getting ridiculously long. A freshly cut lawn always looks so nice, enjoy!

Lauren, how are moderators picked?

06-23-2008, 03:24 PM
Just got back from Fashion Bug. I got some tank tops, 3 work out outfits, and three pj sets. So I think I did pretty good. Now I came home to it storming so I guess I won't be mowing any of the yard today. DH did start it while I was gone. So guess I might have to break down and do a workout dvd this afternoon or evening.

06-23-2008, 09:30 PM
evening all. Things here are ok. I'm a bit in a bummer mood. Work today was ok...however, having issues with an employee...we're short staffed. I was told the 3rd dr won't be coming, and to top it off, my office manager said she would probably quit in August. Ughhh. ..i'm short staff as it is...we're trying to hire quality people...but having trouble finding that. I really can't go back to where i was 3 months ago. And then to make it even worse...have to deal with a surgery of mine that went crappy. Even though i know i did everything right...i still hate that it makes me look like a bad vet. Most people don't understand that even the best vets have bad surgeries....can't predict how the animal is going to react. Oh well. Its been a crappy day. But on a good note....i stuck to my food plan....and didn't have a single coke or grab a beer when i got home. So that's a t least a start. Ughhh tomorrow is a new day.

06-23-2008, 09:46 PM
gator gal- congrats...if you can make it thru a day like that and still stick to your plan...that is awesome. i hope that tomorrow is a better day for you...

evening all...hope all is well. I did pretty well today but we will see. weigh in is on thursday. i am hoping for at least two pounds...erin

lois lane
06-23-2008, 10:52 PM
Evening all!

Gg, sorry about work. Be proud of yourself and pat yourself on your back! You are a great Vet and unfortunately things like that happen.

Toni, sleepless nights can ruin a whole day. Hope the little girl gives you a good night rest tonight.

Kerry, glad you got a break on cutting the grass.

Erin and Lauren, hey ladies! Hope all else are well.

I had a Drs appt today. Just to establish a Primary. I talked to her about my back which is *ugh*. I think I will look into the Chiro and see if that helps any. She was very nice. She actually tried to get to know me, asked me alot of questions about myself. I've had drs who could care less. Found out I've shrunk an inch and my weight is just stuck.

I'm back to work tomorrow. I'll talk to ya all on Friday!

Later, Alicia

06-23-2008, 11:04 PM
Evening All,
Patricia, sorry your first day back to work was a bummer! Congrats on not giving into your bad mood and comforting it with a pop or beer. Hope your day goes better tomorrow.
Erin, congrats on staying on plan and having a good day! I hope that your weigh in on Thursday is a good one. I am keeping my fingers crossed for my weigh in tomorrow evening.
Toni, hope you are feeling a little bit better tonight. I am sending you good vibes that your dd lets you sleep tonight. I am hoping to work on the yard tomorrow. It is not suppose to rain. So I should have a good workout mowing the rest of the yard while my dh weed eats. I use to hate mowing the yard, but now I view it as a great workout. Go figure!
Hi to everyone else. Hope you all had a wonderful start to the week.
I think I am going to get off of here and work on my Avon books for my next campiagn. Plus I have to stuff my little flyer in them about my fundraiser that I am doing. I am selling Sparky the Puppy stuffed animal all of my profit will go to my sister who is walking in the 3 day Avon Breast Cancer walk in August in Cleveland, Ohio in honor of her best friend who had breast cancer but now has bone cancer. Then the puppies will be donated to the Children's Hospital in Columbus. So it is a win win situation. Chat with you all later. Have a wonderful evening!
Take care,