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06-23-2008, 07:31 AM
Happy Monday!

I'm not sure what kind of a day we'll have today. The weather calls for storms all day, but they said the same for yesterday, and it turned out to be a gorgeous day. The kids were all here to hang out around the pool, and I succumbed to temptation and had a couple of Mojitos. My eating was on track, but I"m sure those drinks didn't help. :o

I have to be at the girls' early today, so I'll be skipping Curves yet again. This summer schedule is really screwing up my exercise routine! Maybe I'll just take one of my WATP workouts with me, the girls might enjoy doing it with me. :)

Two more weeks until vacation! :carrot:

06-23-2008, 07:44 AM
Good morning :coffee2:

I'm drinking hotel coffee, not as good as mine but it will do in a pinch. at least until I can get to a coffee shop.

Cottage - I love good mojitos. I would have succumbed too. :carrot: for keping your eating on track with food. I know a child care provider whose kids ask for the WATP videos sometimes so the girls might like them once in awhile.

Ruth - I know you're out there! Hope you had a good, mellow weekend :)

Well the weather here has been a downer but we're still having fun. We saw the really, really rare in NE birds we were looking for yesterday. Our boat trip was canceled so we're heading back out to Plum Island while the rain holds off to get a few hours birding in then heading home. I don't really mind leaving early, there are definitely things to take care of at home.

Have a good day all!

06-23-2008, 07:45 AM
Good morning. Cottage, after your busy weeks, I'm sure you deserved those Mojitos!

It's raining and very gloomy here. I am getting pretty sick of all the rain and hoping July shows more sunshine. Even Hershey the Portuguese Water Dog is tired of being toweled off when she comes in. On the other hand, Disney hates being wet and wants to be dried off before she eats breakfast!

My car should be ready later today (fingers crossed) and I'm hoping the timing is right to get a lift to Athens. 15 miles is a bit of a walk for this old lady with the bum knee! We really need a cab company in Delta. :lol: I could rent a limo but that's be a bit ostentatious to pick up a Ford Focus!

Today will be an indoors "hanging out" day with some laundry, cooking and quilting happening. There will also be a lot of reading, coffee drinking and dog petting.

What does your Monday look like? :cofdate:

06-23-2008, 07:47 AM
:wave: at CyndiM. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself! Not sure what rare birds you spotted but I can contribute about nine turkey vultures who have decided to roost in my back forest! Ugly and noisy critters but a good clean-up crew.

06-23-2008, 08:52 AM
Good morning Ruth, Cyndi and Cottage!! Happy Monday!

Well, the scale was good to me this morning...and I lost three this week! I am going to have to lose three again this week if I am going to make my june goal and 50 pounds down (from my pre-delivery weight).

We lost my FIL very suddenly and unexpectedly in Feb -- he was only 62. Well, today is their anniversary. :( So, we are taking my MIL to dinner tonight. It is a sad day.

06-23-2008, 08:59 AM
Hi all!

It's definitely Monday here, but the sun is shining. :D I had a cheat this weekend at the family reunion, but I'm right back on track today! My official weigh-ins are Sunday and I was down another pound. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Baby girl was sick this weekend. I had to leave her with my mom this morning. I hate the "Is she sick enough to go to the DR or should I wait it out" game. I know my mom is going to have an interesting day. Although she is is sick, she is still very active.

Well, I better clock in. I want to change my ticker while I am in here. :D

06-23-2008, 09:20 AM
Does anyone know of a site that sells the South Beach Diet Supercharged for like $13 including shipping? Around here the book sells for $18-$19 and I find that rediculous for a book (call me cheap, lol). I looked on ebay for it but people are bidding on them like crazy and whenever I get a bid in I get outbid and the people win it for like $16-$19 which doesn't make sense to me they can just buy it in a store for that..

06-23-2008, 10:15 AM
See if you can get it from the Library. Even the "old" book will do as the newer one just adds exercise and a revised food list which we already have posted in the FAQ Section. It's important to read the book to understand this lifestyle.

06-23-2008, 10:18 AM
Good morning, all! It's bright and sunny here with thunderstorms expected in the afternoon. Today it is off to work, which makes following plan so much easier.

Weighed in and have lost 5.4 pounds during the first week and a day of phase one, even with the day off in there. Yay! 200.6. Onederland is in sight.

Good going, djett and Natalie's mom!

Ruth, my sammies only don't like being wet when I'm giving them a bath. They are quite happy to stay outside all night long in thunder and hail storms. Winter's pretty funny - he'll stick just his head in his dog house when it hails - like if it doesn't touch his face, he's okay. I know he has a lot of fur, but still. Summer goes and sits under the patio table or actually goes in the dog house. Summer will come in if I call her, Winter won't.

06-23-2008, 10:24 AM
Hey everyone. Sorry for being MIA this weekend. DH and I were a little wrapped up in ourselves - it was nice. Last night was awful, though. I had a nightmare and decided to read the Bible to clear my mind. What do I choose to read? Revelation. I read the entire book and that left my mind really stimulated - so no sleep for me. So, it will be a slow, tired day for me. Ah, Mondays.

06-23-2008, 10:33 AM
Well I am now on day 2 of Phase 1 :).....and I think I did okay yesturday but struggled..this morning I am eating 2 hard boiled eggs with a little trans free margerine and 3 slices turkey bacon from breakfast and I am pretty full right here's hopeing phase 1 goes quickly :).......

06-23-2008, 10:39 AM
hi just breezing thru...but answer to book is try all their books are new and at $9.99 includes shipping. Have the newest South Beach book.....Karen3

06-23-2008, 10:41 AM
Well, I haven't been to the library in years, don't even have a card.. but I do have the OLD south beach diet book, i may just have to stick to that

06-23-2008, 10:41 AM
Greeneyes, I hope it goes quickly for you too. You should probably include some veggies with that breakfast - even V8 will count. Are you anywhere near the Parkdale or Byward MArket? There will soon be lots of great veggies and fruits there.

Just had an "incident" with Disney. My smoke detector went off because I had the oven on self clean and the poor little thing was absolutely terrified. Strange because the vacuum cleaner, motorcycles, etc. don't bother her. She must have some bad memories from shelter living - or before. I've been cuddling her a lot.

06-23-2008, 11:17 AM
Just popping in to say Hello! I had a great weekend with my family...except DH - he was out of town, but he'll be home tonight. For the most part, eating was on track. It could've been much worse! We celebrated my Mom's birthday with burgers and cake, etc. Couple of glasses of wine was my biggest downfall. But, this is a lifestyle change and wine will remain in my life. :D

I'm supposedly down 2.5# this week, but I'm curious to see what the scale says tomorrow. I think I prefer Tuesdays for weigh-ins .... get all that weekend water weight taken care of first! Hehe.

Natalie'smom - we lost my stepdad suddenly at 58 three years ago. I can relate to your pain. It's very hard and I'm sorry for your loss. :(

06-23-2008, 11:55 AM
Morning Ladies! Happy Monday!

Cottage - Good luck trying to get a work out in today. I know on my exercise tv on demand they have a "walk with your kids" program. I'm sure the girls would love to WATP with you.

Cyndi - Sorry the weather hasn't cooperated with you, but I'm glad you got to see some rare birds. Have a safe trip home.

Ruth - I hope Disney's feeling better. Poor thing has been through so much. Bkut I knowyou are giving her so much love and affection that she'll make it through just fine. I hope you get your car today, too...

Nat's mom - Great job last week! Keep it up and you'll get there in no time! I hope your dinner tonight is full of joy and remembrance today.

Djett - Yes, slow and steady is the way to go. Keep it up!!!

Jellybean - Welcome! FYI I'm still just working from the first book. Everything new that I might need to know I find out here. So get too it!!!

breizee - Great job on your first week!!! Keep it up! You'll be at your goal in no time!

Kim - What possessed you to read Revelation to calm down??? I get all worked up reading that book. I've got to say that my favorite book for comfort and peace is Philippians. Paul's letter is so loving and refreshing. I hope you make it through the day and are productive.

Greeneyes - Welcome! I'm glad Ruth mentioned getting in more veggies. I was going to say the same thing. You're doing good! Just keep it up!

michmich - Hooray for wine!!! You've got a great mindset about this WOE, keep it up and work on staying focused!

Me - It is SO HOT this morning! I did my WATP and ended up a sweaty mess! Today is the first day of my week off. I go back for summer school, but for this week I'm off. Hence, I'm a little off the routine. But I'm down 2.5 pounds this week, which makes me really happy!!! I had been stuck for quite a while, it's nice to see the scale move. So today I'm grocery shopping then headed up to see my mom and help her get a scrapbook together for a friend of hers. Should be a nice day. And tonight Rich and I might go see a preview movie, which will be nice since it'll be air conditioned. Have a great Monday ladies!!!

06-23-2008, 12:16 PM
Kim - What possessed you to read Revelation to calm down??? I get all worked up reading that book. I've got to say that my favorite book for comfort and peace is Philippians. Paul's letter is so loving and refreshing. I hope you make it through the day and are productive.

:lol: Heck if I know! I started out with some of my fav Psalms and then read the story of the birth of Jesus in both Matthew and Luke and then, bam! I'm in Revelation, reading from the first to the last words. Once I got started I knew I was in trouble, but I just couldn't put it down. I'll have to try Philippians next time. Thanks!

06-23-2008, 01:24 PM
Greeneyes, I hope it goes quickly for you too. You should probably include some veggies with that breakfast - even V8 will count. Are you anywhere near the Parkdale or Byward MArket? There will soon be lots of great veggies and fruits there.

I am not to far from there (I leave near st.laurent mall) and was actually thinking of going to a farmers market.....there is an organic market on bank street on saturdays from 10-2pm and one in carp......I actually forgot about adding veggies this morning...i am not use to eating breakfast let alone covering my bases for SB :).....

06-23-2008, 03:29 PM
Hi, ladies! I hope everyone is doing well!

I'm finally feeling better! No more morning sickness, and since I've started taking a B-complex vitamin my energy has started coming back as well. DH and I have been walking close to 4 miles daily. I didn't gain that much with DS1 and I intend to do the same with DC2. I've been eating healthy and much more regularly than before I got pg. I feel myself getting rather sick from low blood sugar if I don't eat regularly. My new favorite snack is apples with cinnamon sprinkled on top. Sometimes I add some peanut butter as well. I've gained about a pound and a half, and doc says I'm right on track. I'm glad that I can't tolerate even the smell of fried greasy food :)

We still don't know what we're having, it seems to be a bit too early still. My OB is hopeful that we should know within a few weeks.

DH finally found out that he DID get the job, so it looks like we'll be looking for a house closer to the new campus. We found a cute little house that is a 3 bedroom instead of a 2 about a block off of campus. I think we're going to meet with a realtor later in the week to take a look at it. It would be so much more convenient, and we need the extra space with the new baby. The house is also on a double lot, which means I could triple the size of my garden and still have room for a shed and the kids to play. The house is a little older than we're used to, although it was renovated a few years back so it looks modern. With the market being what it is, I'm not sure about having our house now sit on the we thought about renting it out and buying the new house (we have just enough for a down payment in our savings) outright. I'm not sure about all the particulars yet, but I hope it ends well :)

Well, I hope everyone is doing well and having a great summer!


06-23-2008, 04:04 PM
I'm finally back, ladies! Twilight Camp was absolutely wonderful! And more work than I remembered from last year. A lot of that was that I was helping out with our new computerized registration this year but it IS more accurate.

We ended up with 441 boys and 262 adults (plus 30 adult staff and 38 junior staff most of whom were about 12). The most stressful day was Tuesday. Our camp starts at 4PM. Around noon a storm went through with over 70mph straight line winds. Four trees in the park were knocked down. My program director was sitting in her car and metal trash cans were flying and hitting the car. The city came out and finished cutting down the trees and dragged them to one area so we only had to move two groups of kids. All of our covered awnings were destroyed. The metal was like pretzels. I'm just glad we were able to recover and camp went on with no one hurt. At least 100 people called to see if camp was cancelled but we didn't have to cancel. There was one point where we were watching the next band of storms on a Blackberry and it broke up just before reaching camp. I've never had to make such an important decision for over 800 people before.

Brian was at summer camp during the same week. He came back tired but had a wonderful time. The new scout overnighter was interrupted at 4:30AM by the storms but they moved them back to the dining hall and everything was okay. I know I worried after the 4 Boy Scouts being killed recently but I also knew this would be good for him and he has come back so grown up.

Eating has been whatever we could grab to eat. I just finished a grocery list and will head to the store now to get some healthy food back in the house. Tomorrow I am back at work but I still have to get stuff back to the warehouse and finish closing out my budget and lots of other little stuff. Plus Brian has two weeks of swim lessons starting tonight. :)

06-23-2008, 04:06 PM
Zeffryn - Don't know how available it is where you are but if you can get it Emergen-C might really help. I drink 1-2 per day usually after working out or when really tired. We started using them in our office over the winter (lots of kids, moms with kids, and child care providers in and out of our office all day - lots of germs!) but I actually find them more useful now. They are fructose sweetened, just a tiny bit, and have loads of Vt. C and B vitamins. FWIW :)

hmac - :cp::cb: on getting that scale to move! Enjoy your week off!

Kim - Sounds like a lovely weekend ;) Sorry to hear the week is starting off without enough sleep though (too bad these two things aren't more connected....)

Natalie'sMom - Wow great progress with the scale :carrot: Sorry to hear about the anniversary. Hope dinner is filled with pleasant memories.

Now to clean up and look over my pics :)

:wave: everyone I missed!

06-23-2008, 04:13 PM
Cyndi - I do drink Emergen-C when I feel myself getting sick, that in addition to Shaklee's Defend and Resist has kept my family healthy (with the exception of minor colds that were gone within a day or two) for the past two years. Our health insurance has gone down substantially because we hardly ever use the doctor. It's amazing what a good diet and good supplements will do for ones health. Anyway, I think the B-complex in addition to me moving into the second trimester has really helped with fatique. I only need to take one nap a day instead of five :).

06-23-2008, 04:16 PM
Also, I wanted to let everyone know that DS is potty trained....during the day at least, he's still in diapers at night...but we're working on that!

Here is a link to a picture of him in his cute undies. I'm not sure if it's safe to post if you're interested...take a look. Nothing is as irresistible as a baby booty in fresh undies!

He's so proud of his new big boy undies!

06-23-2008, 07:17 PM
Zeff - Too cute!!! And the house sounds perfect, I hope all goes well. Good to see you back!