100 lb. Club - Accountability/menu/planning - week of June 23 - 29...

06-23-2008, 06:52 AM
Do you need accountability? Support? A place to post your menu or your workout plan? Or, do you just need to chat? Please join us on this weightloss journey

06-23-2008, 06:59 AM
Oh boy do I need accountability!! I have no idea where to start.

06-23-2008, 08:05 AM
Hi Chicks.... yesterday didn't end well. Everything about yesterday changed...we went out for lunch and then were invited to the neighbor's for a dinner or pep. pizza as a thank you for taking care of their dog while they were on vacation. Six monthes ago, I could eat one piece of pizza and it would be OK. But, I just don't have that same umph in me now. I know that part of it is not feeling real well. I go to the doctor today. Hopefully, he'll have some answers. I still need to lose 50 pounds and I want long term sanity with food. I am not belittling what I have accomplished so far - but, I need to get my "I can do this" attitude back. I am not sure how - but, I'll give it my best. Last week was three days of healthy eating and four days of overeating (and binges). I just can't go back there.

Plans for today:

breakfast- egg white scramble, pnb toast, 1/2 banana
lunch - cottage cheese, canteloup, crackers, green beans
snack - cheese, blueberries
dinner - pancake, boca bacon, sf syrup
snack - yogurt, flax, fruit

Have a good day friends.

06-23-2008, 10:27 AM
Good morning, Friends!

The scales did not smile for me this morning, and they shouldn't have. I've been off-plan and eating anything and everything. I can't continue down this road, so I've changed directions. Today is day 1 of being back on-plan. Hubby and I went grocery shopping last night and I have all of my on-plan foods. My calorie tracking spreadsheet is up on my desktop and I've begun tracking today's intake. Hubby and I are dedicated to start walking again...beginning today. It feels good to have a plan and to feel the committment again. I haven't felt committed for a long time. I'm looking forward to seeing the weight start coming off again.

Beverly - this is a constant struggle, isn't it? I have to believe that, if we keep trying, we'll eventually find our answers. I hope the doctor is able to help you with the pain today.

:welcome2: Katie. Getting started can be tough. I recommend looking around this site and getting a good idea of what others are doing. I follow Southbeach and calorie count as well. Many others are following Weight Watchers, Calorie counting, etc. Until you decide how you're going to do this, you can make some basic changes to the way your eating....ie, eating lots of veggies, no sugary foods, no fried foods, etc. Also, exercise is a vital component of losing a large amount of weight and maintaining that loss. I recommend walking as it's inexpensive and most people can do it.

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

06-23-2008, 12:13 PM
Good Morning! I am looking forward to my endocrinologist appt on Thursday, hopefully he can shed some light on things. I'll feel better for a day or two, then back to feeling icky...I don't like it! So, that is going to change!!!

So far I am on plan for today. I am going to the gym right after work tonight. Even if it's hot. I have let myself slack a bit there and I really want to get back on track.


Beverlyjoy--Oh, I so hear you!!! I do really well, then slide back. It's always a struggle for me. I know we can do this together. Good luck at the doctor today!

Rhonda--Good for you for recommitting!

06-23-2008, 01:45 PM
Gah, I'm so frustrated with this right now! I hear you ladies, believe me. I stepped on the scales this morning and it said another half a pound GAIN. I can feel it in the waistline of the capris I have on, too. DH swears he doesn't understand, keeps saying "but you're not eating anything! How can you be gaining weight???" I'd like to know that too. I'm eating around 1600 calories a day, walking every night, doing my weights every other day, and I'm constantly hungry. I simply can't be putting on pounds of muscle! I'm not eating anything salty, it's not a weird TOM or anything...what's going on???

06-23-2008, 02:26 PM
MJ - I hope the endocrinologist has helpful news for you. I know the anxiety is rough.:hug:

Darkblue - have you ever been diagnosed with insulin resistance? Before I started losing weight, I was diagnosed with IR which is often the forerunner of type 2 diabetes. The only way I could lose weight was to follow the Southbeach plan... lean meats and protein, healthy fats in moderation, lots of veggies, up to 3 fruits a day, and 3 whole grains a day...no corn, no white potatos and no white pasta,white bread or white rice. For me, my weight loss stalled or I gained if I ate more than 1 fruit a day and two grains. It used to drive me nuts when I kept hearing that weight loss was based solely on calories consumed versus calories expended. That may be true for the majority, but, for some of us, the types of foods are important, also.

Now, I still follow Southbeach plus counting calories. I can easily overeat on the healthy foods, so counting calories keeps me in-check.

I hope you find your answers soon. Don't give up.

06-23-2008, 08:00 PM

Darkblue--I am sorry you are so frustrated. I hope you can figure out what is stalling you. Like Rhonda said--Don't give up!

I am very proud of myself tonight. I went to the gym (as planned) and did my planned workout. YIPPEE!

Have a great night!

06-23-2008, 09:52 PM
Grimly on-plan again today, ~1550 calories, water, did my exercises.


Rhonda--I don't know about the insulin-resistance. As far as I know, I'm completely "normal." Though my family *might* dispute that! ;)

Katie--welcome! I started out here by just posting my daily diet--what I ate, how much exercise I did, how much water I drank. It's a great spot for help and assistance!

mj5--hope you get some answers soon from the doctor. Great job at the gym! That's so hard for me, to force myself to exercise, so you rock!

Beverly--hang in there! Eating out twice in one day would be really difficult for me to cope with.

06-24-2008, 08:34 AM
Hi chicks....Yesterday I stayed on my plan. I am so, so grateful.

I saw my doctor & he is sending me for a consult with another doctor about my foot. He gave me the OK to do chair aerobics...but, said to start slow and expect things to hurt at first. So today I did only the warm up.

For today:

lots of water
log food
journal feelings
PMA - I'll try!

breakfast - kashi waffle, pnb, 1/2 banana
lunch - ff cottage cheese, canteloupe, sweet potato, zuccini
snack - yogurt, strawberries
dinner - turkey polish sausage, onions & red peppers, brown rice
snack - oatmeal, flax, raisins, milk

Katie - :wel3fc: So glad you posted. Please feel free to start posting your plans.

Rhonda - so glad that you and DH are in this together. :D I think we can never stop 'starting again'. I am glad you are feeling a commitment.

Mj5- I hope the endocrinologiest can help. We want you to feel good, friend.:)

Darkblue - It IS strange that you'd be gaining weight by eating that few calories. :hug:Hmmm...could it just be water weight? Or...have you ever had your thyroid checked? Hang in there!!!!

Shout out to Schmoodle - hi to you. Hey where are Ginger, BigTexMamma and all the rest of the accountability gang.

Have a great day.

06-24-2008, 12:31 PM
Good morning, Friends!

Yesterday was a good on-plan day #1. My calories totaled 1470 and I walked for 3.9 miles and began the pushup program in the exercise forum. I'm a bit headachey from sugar/carb withdrawal and achey from the pushups and the walk, but I'm liking the feeling. This is a physical confirmation that I'm making some changes in my body.

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day.

06-24-2008, 07:27 PM
Hi everyone! Tonight at the gym I did legs/back weights, so now my whole body is sore! LOL! It's ok, though, at least I am 'even' now! It feels good and I know that for me, eating well AND exercise need to be hand in hand--when I slip up in one area, the scale reflects it.

Have a great night everyone!

06-24-2008, 09:30 PM
Hi chicks, just a quick flyby to let you know I'm alive. I had a hectic weekend and ended up throwing a BBQ birthday party for 20 on short notice for my parents birthdays. Long story short, we had a very nice time and I was happy to do it, but it ate up most of my weekend. I am in training all week and have to commute 60 miles each way, so I'm leaving the house at 5:45 and getting back home around 7, hungry and exhausted, but I have been packing my food and snacks and so far staying on plan. When I get home for Friday, we'll head for the beach for the weekend, so I won't be around much until next week. DH leaves for Japan for 4 mos next Thursday, so lots to do to be ready!

Hang in there chicks, I hope the week treats you well.

math puppy
06-25-2008, 04:14 AM
hey everyone!
i stayed on plan with my cals today!! yayy! the last two days were kinda crappy, and very in line with what BEVJOY was saying, i just didnt have the umph i needed to say no to food.

hopefully wensday will be just as good for me. its my day off so i better plan plan plan my day out!

good luck all, sorry no time for personlas now, but i read all your post :)

see you later

06-25-2008, 06:52 AM
Hi chicks...stayed with my plan yesterday - I am grateful. (Am not feeling so well today...tummy.) This morning I did an extra long meditation...WOW - it makes a difference in how I feel. I'll have to remember this.

for today:


stretches- chair aerobics
log food

breakfast - kashi waffle, pnb, watermelon
lunch - tuna sandwich, open face, green beans
snack - applesauce, cheese
dinner - Bob Evans lite senior breakfast (going out with Mom)
snack - oatmeal, flax, raisins, milk

Hi Mathpuppy!! YAY...I am so, so glad to hear you've had those good days. :D Go girl!!

Schmoodle - sounds like you've been so, so busy! :dizzy: Good for you ... packing food and snack for your training sessions. :) Have fun at the beach. Enjoy your time with DH before he leaves for his long business trip.

MJ5 - wonderful! So glad you're OP and got your exercise in. I know it feels great. :D:):D

Rhonda - so glad you were OP, did your exercise and are feeling positive. That's a wonderful first day. :D:D I know you can build on it, friend!

Have a GREAT day. Treat yourself as well as you'd treat a good friend.

06-25-2008, 11:20 AM
Good morning, Friends!

Yesterday was a great on-plan day #2. Stayed at 1500 calories and did another 3.9 mile walk. My energy level wasn't as great yesterday, so the walk was more of a struggle. I'm proud of myself for pushing through. Today is another headachey day. I'll have to check the pollen counts. Maybe, I'm encountering a blooming something that's hurting my sinuses. This doesn't feel like the typical sugar withdrawal headache.

Beverly - I hope your tummy settles down quickly for you.
Math - Glad to hear that you're back on plan, too!
Schmoodle - So glad to hear from you. I was thinking of you yesterday. Hope you find a few minutes in your day for some quiet time.

Have a great on-plan day!

06-25-2008, 05:08 PM
Hi everyone! I am super busy today and I have to work late too (ick!), but I wanted to pop in and say hi! Still op (yea).

Have a great day!

06-25-2008, 09:38 PM
Hi everyone!

Just wanted to pop in really quickly to stay I am still around. A bunch of activity going on (good and bad), plus I got worse after I started feeling better. Waiting for some more results to come in and the one medicine seems to be helping but it makes me sick for a while after I take it - today I was hurting bad enough that I took a pain pill after I came home and I am starting to get really sleepy. The other med has really diminished my appetite - so I am definitely staying on plan.

Just wanted to send out a virtual hug :hug: to everyone and say hi....

Has anyone heard anything about bp meds causing you to gain weight? I caught part of show on DHC (I think)and heard that...... It really irritated me :mad: and I was just wondering if anyone else had heard that....

Take care everyone!!

06-26-2008, 07:24 AM
Hi chickies...I had an on plan day yesterday, I am grateful. I have managed to string 3 good days in a row. :)

My tummy is feeling better today. :) Yesterday I found some new stretches for my middle back. They feel wonderful. I added them to my daily stretches. I did the warm up and part of my chair aerobics. I am starting real slow. Glad I did them. :)

storytelling in am

lots of water
log food
journal feelings

breakfast - pnb toast with boca bacon, applesauce
lunch - egg white salad on toast, brocolli
snack - yogurt, blueberries
dinner - grilled salmon, sweet potato, green beans
snack - cereal, 1/2 banana, skim milk

Hi Penney - glad you popped in. :) Sorry you are in pain. :((I understand totally - I have pain too.) Hugs back to you! :hug:

Mj5- hi...so glad you stop in. :D Hope you had a GREAT day.

Rhonda - yay! :carrot: So glad to hear you've had a couple of on plan days. I hope you headache is gone! Good for you...pushing thru when you don't feel well! :D

Everyone - have a healthy day.

06-26-2008, 10:25 AM
Good Morning! Hope everyone is doing well. I am feeling pretty good today. I see my endocrinologist in a few hours, so I am hoping I get some news. Work is still busy, but in a way that is a good thing...it helps keep me focused. I did very well yesterday, until dinner. I didn't totally blow it, but I certainly could have made better choices. Today is a new day and I am already drinking lots of water to help flush out some of the sodium.
Penney--I'm glad you are still around! I hope you can get feeling better soon. I haven't heard about bp meds causing weight gain, but then I really don't know much about them.

Beverlyjoy--So glad you are feeling better!

Hi to everyone else!

06-26-2008, 03:12 PM
Hi again! I am back from my appt. Can I just say, it is SO nice to have a doctor who actually sits and not only talks to you (rather than at you), but listens and makes sure all questions are answered before you leave?! I love that!!!! All b/w looks good. Dr. explained that the anxiety is because I am just not producing enough seratonin. We actually talked at great length about my anxiety, possible other causes, weight loss (very happy w/ that), etc. All in all, a good appt. Ok, I REALLY need to get some work done now, but wanted to pop in quick to let everyone know how it went.

Have a great day!

math puppy
06-27-2008, 02:42 AM
hey gang. very active day today, wow is it friday tomorrow? gee that was fast!

have a good day!

06-27-2008, 07:40 AM
Hi everyone...I had a good on plan day yesterday - I am so grateful. :D (that makes 4 days - yippee). One thing I am doing differently is I am going back to a long meditation in the morning. I don't know if it's relevent - but, I had gone to listening to my various cd's when I was sleeping. But, I am finding it's much more effective to do it when I am not sleeping. I don't know if that's what has helped me...but, it's a start. At least it's one thing. :)


working this morning

log food
log feelings
lots of water
stretches and movement

breakfast - egg white salad, toast, peach
lunch - cottage cheese and banana, broccoli, sweet potato
snack - lite cheese, blueberries
dinner - creamed tuna and peas, green beans
snack - cereal, fruit, milk

Hi Math Puppy - glad you checked in...hope all is going well. :)

MJ5 - I am so, so glad the doctor listened to you and you had a good discussion :D about what's going on. I hope you'll get what you need. And...yay - that the doctor noticed your weight loss. :D

Have a good day folks!!

06-27-2008, 11:09 AM
Good morning, Friends and TGIF!

Any big plans for the weekend? This is mine and Hubby's last weekend together before we pick up the girls next week. We might catch a movie or two and just enjoy the quiet for a little longer.:)

Penney - It's so good to hear from you. I'm sorry that I know nothing about BP medication's impact on weight. I hope you can find some answers.
Beverly - I'm so glad you have found something that works wonderfully for you! I've never tried meditation, but I do pray. I think they are somewhat similar. I know that I feel much more peaceful when I pray.
MJ - I'm glad your doctor was able to help you. I understand about the anxiety as my depression often leads to anxiety when I let it continue for too long. Did he prescribe anything for you? I'm loving Wellbutrin. I've only been on it for about a week, but I alreay can tell a huge difference.

Yesterday, I made it through day on-plan day 4. Although I didn't track my calories, I ate on-plan foods only and stayed on the same eating schedule and amounts as the previous 3 days. I'm confident that my calories were not out of line. I only had 16 ounces of water. I really don't like drinking the stuff! But, my big news........*drum roll, please*.......I did day 1 of week 1 of my 13 week modified C25K program! I actually did more than the required 30 minutes of 30 second runs interspersed 4 1/2 minute walks. I decided to do 50minutes with a 10 minute walking warm-up at the beginning. I was sweaty and exhausted and exhilirated all at the same time!

Hope everyone has a great on-plan day!

06-27-2008, 11:48 AM
Greetings, all!

Sounds as if everyone is having a pretty good week! I've been more-or-less on plan, and think I've battled those two weird pounds back into oblivion. I'm trying not to weigh myself obsessively every day, so I won't know until Sunday if I've been successful.

06-27-2008, 01:50 PM
So far this week so good. I hope to have a weight loss tomorrow. Have been doing my eating plan very well. Have not been walking like I should, but hope to improve that next week.

06-27-2008, 04:00 PM
Hi everyone! I had an exhausting day at work today, so glad dh and I can just relax tonight!

math puppy--So glad to hear from you! I am super glad tomorrow is Friday!

Beverlyjoy--4 days in a row, that's fantastic! Thanks, I really like this doctor and I know I am lucky to have one who is so great about listening and paying attention to my weight loss.

Rhonda--Enjoy your last weekend of quiet! I am taking zoloft (actually prescribed by my regular dr), but I wanted to talk to my endocrin. about it too. I am seeing a slight difference, but it can take several weeks for it to really kick in. I f/up w/ my reg. dr. next week. Good news is, things are moving in the right direction. YEA for on plan day 4! I am so proud of you for starting the modified c25k program!!! Great job!

darkblue--Keep at it, I know you can do it!!!!

CatholicCajun--Sounds like you are doing well!

Last night I tried on the dresses I ordered for the fancy wedding dh is in--it's the same dress, in two different sizes. Both dh and my mom agreed that I should wear the smaller one and take the larger one back. So, that's what I am going to do! I think the smaller one clings to my butt a little bit, but then again I'm not used to wearing dresses. Both of them kept telling me how awesome it looked. So, I may run over to Old Navy this weekend to return the bigger one. Now I really only need to buy a necklace and I am all set! I plan to wear this same dress to my class reunion and another wedding (if we decide to go to it). The best part is, the dress only cost $35!!!!

Have a great on plan day!

06-28-2008, 07:42 AM
Hi Chickies - I stayed on my plan yesterday :) - I am so grateful. I hopped on the scale today and, finally, my body has let go of some weight. I am down 2 pounds.....YAY! :carrot: Thanks for you support, everyone.

I was very vigorous with my stretches, tried some new ones and have pulled a muscle on the other side of my back. :( The stretches felt good at the time. I just can't seem to win with this stuff. I'll use ice and heat and carry on. I am so mad at myself. :mad:

Today I am going to lunch or dinner with my mom and aunt. We haven't decided which meal. Whichever one it is...I'll have baked fish, salad, baked potato or something.

Mj5-- it's wonderful that you can wear the smaller size dress!!! :D:D That's a huge nsv. Doesn't it feel good???!!!!

Hi Cajun Catholic - glad you checked in and have been staying with your plan. :) That's wonderful.

Darkblue - I have to keep myself off the scales too - it plays HUGE tricks with my head. I only weigh every now and then because of it. :dizzy: Hang it there!!! :)

Rhonda - wow - time has gone by quickly and the kids are coming back soon. Enjoy your last 'alone' weekend with DH. GREAT job on staying OP and doing all your exercises and the rest. It's wonderful. :D:D As for the meditation. Ya know, I pray and I meditate...and, to me, they are very different. Meditation kind of takes you to a place that calms you because of how you do it. It's wonderfully calming and soothing - in a very different way than prayer. (to me)

Everyone...have a GREAT day.

06-28-2008, 10:44 AM
Great News, as of this morning I have a 2.5 lb. loss for the week and hubby has a 1.75lb loss! Thank You God!!! Hope eveyone has a blessed day. Now off to work.

06-28-2008, 10:55 AM
Hi everyone!

Sorry to have been absent all week! The bridge tournament was fun, and we won a few masterpoints, but we didn't play as well as we hoped. There is a local tournament next week, so we'll have another go at it soon.

Since being away last weekend, I haven't been journaling my foods, and also I haven't been walking. I don't have any particularly good excuse . . . my friend is staying with me and I just didn't make it enough of a priority. Sometimes I feel like weight loss takes so much time and energy, especially when traveling or eating out, that I have to choose between enjoying my life and losing weight. I know that is a silly attitude, and despite my frustration with the time required and my difficulty staying on plan when away from home, I really DO want to lose this weight, so . . . I'm going to do some serious advance planning and make sure that no matter what else is going on, I journal every day and walk at least 5 times next week.

mj -- congratulations on the smaller dress size - what a great NSV!

Bev -- congratulations on your loss, and on your advance planning for your lunch/dinner out. That is what I need to start doing.

Darkblue -- hooray for the victory over the weird two pounds!

Rhonda -- so glad to hear you had a good week . . . enjoy your last weekend w/o the kids!

06-29-2008, 06:59 AM
Hi folks...yesterday I stayed on my plan. :) I am so grateful for the willingness to try.

Today DH is coming home. :) He's been gone for a week...it will be so good to see him! Next week is a big birthday party for my mom and aunt on July 4. My sister is in Paris and will fly in from there...isn't that exciting?! I will try to keep my string of healthy sane days with food going. I've had six days OP and I am so, so grateful. My pieces and parts were very very sore yesterday, so I kept it quiet. I think it' s paid off.

ice and heat
lots of water
meditation (done!)
log food

breakfast - cottage cheese, 1/2 banana, pnb toast
lunch - open face turkey pastrami with lite cheese, beets and ff sour cream
snack - all bran, skim milk watermelon
dinner - grilled pork chop, brocili, noodles
snack - oatmeal, skim milk, raisins

Cajun Catholic - great job on your weight loss!!! :carrot::carrot: Wonderful.

Merksie- I wondered where you were. I am so glad you've got your walking in. :D I agree...WL does take so much time and energy. Who'd think it was take so much energy to NOT eat...but, it does. :dizzy: Enjoy your visit with your friend.

Have a great day!

06-29-2008, 02:17 PM
Hi everyone! So far so good today. I need to increase my water, though--shouldn't be too hard since it is really hot and humid!

CatholicCajun--Great job!

Merksie--Glad you had fun. Good for you for re-focusing and planning for next week.

Beverlyjoy--Yea for 6 days OP! Have fun w/ dh coming home! Take care of those pieces and parts. The party sounds like a lot of fun!!

I am really happy about the dress situation! When I was trying it on, dh commented about the muscles in my legs--guess the weight lifting is paying off!

Not much planned for today. Dh has to work (booh!). Just finishing up some laundry. I am going to spend some time reading and trying to relax. Hope everyone has a great on plan day!