South Beach Diet - Cheated last night AND got the wrong kind of chicken...

Fat Melanie
06-20-2008, 09:13 PM
I'm this close to quitting this diet, I am about to starve.

Last night I ate this delicious 'enchiladini' recipe someone posted in the recipe forum, topped with FULL FAT sour cream, and was still hungry, so ate another serving. I tore up a bunch of lettuce with both servings and ate it like that.

Then later, I had a sugar attack and ate a boston creme roll (little debbies.) It was way too sugary and didn't even taste good... but the craving just overwhelmed me.

Right now BF keeps asking me "do you want a sub from Subway? Do you??"

I was gonna cook crockpot chili today but forgot. Sigh.

Now I am this close to going into fat sub-****.

He asked me if I wanted one of those nasty hardee's low-carb thickburgers, but ew, we just ate home-made burgers the other night. It was good wrapped up in lettuce but I threw it all up later on, and I have no desire for anything like that.

I'm about to cave.

If I do cave tonight ... I swear tommorow I'll be right back on the wagon. And for every day I cave, I'll add a day to phase one. As it stands, I've got 2 extra days.

06-20-2008, 09:23 PM
Try to stay strong! I know it can be very hard. Also, sometimes I have a really tough time if I have stuff like full fat sour cream and boston cream pies - that would probably tempt me to cave too. Try to get all that stuff out of the house, so the temptation will be gone (or minimized). Hang in there!!!

And, remember WHY you want to do this in the first place!!!!

06-20-2008, 09:27 PM
I'm this close to quitting this diet, I am about to starve.

Last night I ate this delicious 'enchiladini' recipe someone posted in the recipe forum, topped with FULL FAT sour cream, and was still hungry, so ate another serving. I tore up a bunch of lettuce with both servings and ate it like that.

Then later, I had a sugar attack and ate a boston creme roll (little debbies.) It was way too sugary and didn't even taste good... but the craving just overwhelmed me.

Right now BF keeps asking me "do you want a sub from Subway? Do you??"

I was gonna cook crockpot chili today but forgot. Sigh.

Now I am this close to going into fat sub-****.

He asked me if I wanted one of those nasty hardee's low-carb thickburgers, but ew, we just ate home-made burgers the other night. It was good wrapped up in lettuce but I threw it all up later on, and I have no desire for anything like that.

Any successful weight loss program is centered around planning ahead and SBD is no different. With proper planning, you wont feel like you are "starving", because having plenty of on plan foods will take care of that.

When you speak of the burger you ate and that you "threw it all up", I hope it was from being ill and not from an eating disorder.

If you DO have an eating disorder, please make sure you seek care and guidance from a doctor and a counselor/therapist who specializes in the care and treatment of eating disorders. Also, check out the "Chicks in Control" section on 3FC.

If you just had the flu, I hope you feel better. :)

06-20-2008, 11:09 PM
Heh? I'm confused...
What's "the wrong kind of chicken"?
Why did you use the full fat sour cream? If no other choices, you can leave the sour cream off.
It's okay to have another serving of dinner if you are still hungry. Try eating more veggies first and see if that will do it.
It's hard at first to resist the sugar, but tough it out and those cravings will go away like magic. You'll be amazed.
Tell BF to shut up.
If you forgot to put your chili on, you can still make chili quick-like on the stove top with canned beans and tomatoes. Is there anything else you can whip up quickly? I keep cans of tuna, beans, Rotel tomatoes, and I can usually come up with something just from cans if I need to. Or eggs, cheese omelets and salad maybe?
Why did you throw up the burger?
What is going on here? Sounds like lack of support, lack of planning, and having a rough first few days on Ph1.
Once a week I plan the week's menus, before I go to the store. I include some quick and easy things for the days I know will be busy. Sometimes dinner is just deli turkey breast, cheese, and chopped eggs over a veggie salad.

06-20-2008, 11:20 PM
Melanie, I agree completely with what Soulbliss and Schmoodle told you and would have said the same thing. Try to plan out your weekly menus before going to the store, so you will have everything you need. Freeze any leftovers for those emergencies when you need something fast. With planning and perseverance, you can do it. The only one responsible for what you put into your mouth is you.

06-20-2008, 11:24 PM
You've got to keep things in perspective...why are you doing this? WHAT is your motivation? If BF isn't on board - tell him to be quiet and go eat in a corner, all by himself! Pay attention to yourself. Why do you have Full Fat Sour Cream in the house? It just shouldn't be there... Eat veggies, have seconds, but don't use condiments that will sabotage you. If you truly want to do this - you CAN! If you're not ready...(and I can respect that too) - then don't torture yourself..... :hug:

06-21-2008, 01:13 AM
You can do it! I know it's tough, and I think all the time about how great it would be to eat something naughty (and occasionally I do, but just a little), but Claire is right -- remember why you're doing it, why you want it, and think of this as the start of learning to maintain a healthy weight.

For me, every diet I've ever failed on (which is all of them) tanked on the day I decided to give it up just for the day and resume dieting tomorrow. It's too easy to give it up again for just one more day.

And tell BF he's not helping!

Fat Melanie
06-21-2008, 04:27 AM
Hi guys, thank you for all of your posts & concern.

NOOO, no, no, I didn't deliberately throw up my burger. I have been feeling incredibly sick from the South Beach diet... and feeling more and more nauseous as the days go by. That night I had the burgers, I ate one and was starving, so ate another. Felt somewhat full, but still not really full (I don't understand that, normally I can't eat 2 burgers.) Anyway- I soon started becoming more and more nauseous and a headache which had been building up soon became insanely intense and I threw up EVERYTHING. Needless to say, I won't be eating burgers for awhile. I think that was a migraine because it started getting worse and worse and worse, and I was very nauseous. I thought I was going to blow a blood vessel in my head, or something.

I forgot to mention the chicken, the chicken was a value pack of chicken tenderloins, they were little pieces all frozen, but frozen in a way that you could take as many as you wanted out and then defrost without them being all stuck together. Well, defrosted a few for the chicken enchilada dish, and started cooking them in the chicken broth as the recipe instructed.

I noticed this weird white gummy mess coming off of them, so I looked on the bag and it said they were 'lightly dusted in wheat flour" and a bunch of other weird stuff. Tried to rinse it off as best as I could. I don't understand why it was 'lightly dusted' with anything, because it didn't say anything about it being chicken for frying on the bag. It didn't even LOOk as if it had coating on it in the bag.

Okay, I fess up. Soon after the original post, I went momentarily insane and said "**** yes!" to my bf when he again asked about the Subway sub, and then devoured a Little Debbie's Boston creme roll, then a Little Debbie's brownie. With my oh-so-supportive (not) bf cheering me on. The roll was yum but the brownie was ick, and I didn't even want to finish all of it... but...

I did. :(

Then, my bf and his bro went to Subway. I decided that I had already screwed up, so why not get the sub. I didn't know what to make for dinner anyway, hadn't planned ahead, (well I had, but I forgot to make the chili, glad to see that I can make it quickly, thank you poster who told me that! I appreciate it, so I know for the future when I'm in such a predicament.) Anyway I did at least get whole wheat bread (after saying I wanted that bread with the cheese baked on).

But it was a whole sub. I ate a whole Subway sub with turkey and provolone, mayo, oil and vinegar, lettuce, tomato, onions, green peppers, olives, banana peppers...

Also, I ran out of diet cola and I didn't want water, I was still craving sugar, so I drank a few glasses of mountain dew, which I don't even LIKE.

I did so horrible today. I am glad I got the whole wheat sub roll and veggies though. Subway here really sucks. They put like the most incredibly thin layer of meat and cheese, and you can hardly taste it.

There's this place called Aggies where the subs are delicious, crusty french loaf, thick meat and cheese, thick veggies too, and this delicious special sauce. They won't tell us what's in it. But I'm sure it's fattening. And also horrible for the SBD. I bet the Subway sub is probably okay for phase 2, if I had eaten just half. Sigh.

But- even while I was waiting for my huge sub, I had already been soaking some dry chickpeas I bought from the store yesterday. I 'quick-soaked' 'em, let 'em sit, cooked 'em, then roasted them like a poster here suggested. What I did was drain off the water, mix in some of that smart balance margarine (with the olive oil, canola oil, fish oil, etc etc) and then roast it until brown. Then I shook it up in a tupperware with spices, yummm. I've been snacking on it now that I'm still up and have the late night munchies. That and fat free milk.

So tomorrow, I am very much so getting back on the wagon. I am not giving up. It used to be in the past, if I cheated on a diet, I would feel so guilty and stupid and incompetent that I wouldn't even continue on with the diet. I figured all was lost, but I know now that it's not really the case. I can still do this thing. Penalize myself, add an extra 3 days to the horrible phase one. I know that Phase 2 will be a breeze. I'm gonna start getting sugar free jello pudding..

(Oh the sour cream, well this is what happened. I do have reduced fat sour cream but got some whole fat sour cream for bf, then ended up using it myself. I am horrible!)

Tomorrow, chili in the crockpot, salads with veggies and chicken pieces, roasted chickpeas for snacks, etc. I want to be rid of this sugar addiction (I never really knew that I had one!)

06-21-2008, 08:21 AM
Melanie, i'm sorry you have way bigger issues then not understanding the diet. you have a non-supportive partner. did he really cheer you on while you indulged in that horrible junk food?: IF so is this really a good man for a woman who really wants to lose weight?

I ask because MY DH loves fat chicks.... he married me at 300 pounds thinking me the sexiest thing around and has had to learn to deal with my shrinking body.... he continues to gain and I continue to lose and he's supportive of what I eat at home, and while out and also of my going to the gym to work out. It's hard enough to eat healthy and exercise with a supportive partner. It's near impossible with one that's deliberately sabotaging you...

In addition, your eating reminds me totally of binge eating. I am a binge eater. I never purged but I used to lay on the floor and pray to be sick because i was in so much pain from eating so much food...
BTDT never again. I still over eat but now it's beachy food.

you keep saying your starving... well if lettuce was my only veggie I'd be hungry too.

my suggestions

1. plan ahead write down your menus and the list of stuff you will need and shop and cook and prepare in advance

2. make up your mind that you really want to do this and tell the BF to accept it and deal. (if you can't do that then for your own sanity walk away from the food plan now.... no sense in setting yourself up for failure)

3. eat more veggies OTHER than lettuce... roasted cauliflower is very yummy and very filling

4. change your mindset about what's full.... eat slowly, savor each bite, put down your fork between bites, drink your calorie free caffeine free beverage (I recommend crystal light) between bites. enjoy your food. eat the 2 cups of veggies the 3 oz of protein the good fat and then sit and rest. wait a bit and see if you are really hungry.... learn to define what your hunger means. for me there is mouth hunger... and tough i deal with that or body hunger, my stomach growls, I feel lightheaded and I've not eaten for 3 or more hours... HUNGER is NOT an emergency you won't die from being a little hungry... learn to feel it.... and not be afraid of it... (sorry that's my BECK SOLUTION WORK talking)

South Beach is a great plan for foodies but you have to learn to change your mindset.... you have to grow past your upbringing, your past and your experiences and learn a totally new way.

we are not your mother confessors and you have to be proactive in your gaining your health

that means
reading the book
reading the stickies
reading labels before you buy stuff
taking responsibility for your actions (while BF can encourage you to eat he does not put the food in your mouth and even if he does you can spit it out)

as for being hungry days 2-4 in phase 1 can be uncomfortable. drink your skim milk, eat your veggies and your beans. for me hard boiled eggs and string cheese were a godsend..

I wish you the best on your journey. I've loved my ride so far and I hate to see folks struggle so. when I see folks struggle so I tend to think the plan is not a good fit for them.... and maybe SBD is not a good fit for you and you should investigate other plans that might be a better fit... WW points or calorie counting....

06-21-2008, 04:12 PM
I agree with Nessa about this post. Me in particular, I am on the Fat Smash Diet. I chose this bc I liked the meal scheduling, the work out scheduling, and the fact that phase I is vegetarian, and I am trying to reduce meat in my diet (which is probably really opposite from SBD). I too am wondering why you chose South Beach? Sounds like you're more of a carb/sweets lover and that all this protein might no be for you. I don't think packing on the protein is gonna be a good way for you to go, especially if you're not working out. Or are you?

I should apologize right now to anyone else who is reading this post and thinks I am bashing SBD. I am definitely not trying to, but for Melanie situation it seems kind of inappropriate for her needs.

Melanie I agree with much of what Nessa says, but this is what I want to add. First, after reading this whole thread I thought popped into my mind- you would really benefit from going to Paul McKenna's site. It's about conscious eating, and here it is...

It sounds like you have to slow down you're eating and realize a few things

Why am I eating?
Is this what I want to eat?
Is this healthy for me?
How many bites of this will really make me full?
Is my plate balanced?
Are there more veggies, some good complex carbs, and some lean protein?
Did I eat a variety of colors today? ( A variety of colors in your food means you're getting a lot of different vitamins and minerals, and that you are probably reaching your fiber quota)
Also let the BF buy his own food. i know this might not stick to the arrangement you might have with him, but allowing yourself to give in to his foods is not good for dieting. First off, you are more aware of the bad stuff he has, and secondly I kind of feel like you are subconsciously setting yourself up for the temptation on purpose. You know its in the house, so therefore you can eat it if you want it.

I think you just need to recognize what kind of foods you like the most, and crave the most. This way you can understand better what you probably need more of, and what kind of diet will work for you. Start a food journal and see what kind of foods you always gravitate to. What is your foe? Is it dairy? Meat? Cookies? Sweets? If so you will be more aware of red flags and temptations. You will also be able to see what you're not getting enough of. I suggest you calorie count for awhile and balance your plate more. Once you get used to this discipline, then you should do one of these diets that is tailored to your needs for an extra weight loss boost.

06-21-2008, 04:39 PM
Nicky, FWIW I know plenty of vegetarians on South Beach. South Beach is all about the veggies truly....

Fat Melanie
06-21-2008, 05:25 PM
Hi Ladybugnessa,

I do understand the diet. Honestly, I do. Just because I haven't read the book doesn't mean that I don't understand it. But I do agree I need to get the book, but I just wish everyone would stop reminding me, lol. I sometimes think of a lot of people here as the south beach diet police... Though I'm not trying to be mean when I say it. I'm probably not following the diet exactly as it's supposed to be done, but I understand the principles behind it, that it's not really a 'low carb' diet, just a diet that wants you to focus on healthy, filling carbs with a low glycemic index. And the phase 1 part is helping you to rid yourself of your cravings for bad carbs, while replacing them with good carbs with a low GI like legumes, veggies, and lower-fat dairy products. I understand the principality behind it, and agree with it, which is why I chose this diet.

HOWEVER- that said, I think maybe doing an altered version of this diet might be better for me. I should maybe just do "phase 2" and call that my own personal SBD. But, I am still going to finish with phase one. I owe to myself (and anyone else that thinks that I can't do it) to try and succeed. I am not giving up because I have always given up stuff before. Not this time.

About my boyfriend, I agree he's being unsupportive but he really does mean well. He thinks that I am sexy, ever since going on this diet he has been telling me 24/7. See, I am pretty tall and my weight is pretty well distributed, so I come off looking big boned. Not that I am saying "ooh I'm so fine" or anything, but a lot of dudes would be surprised to know my actual weight. When he cheered me on, he was doing it because he thinks that I shouldn't think I'm fat and wants me to believe I'm sexy. He doesn't have a fat chick fetish or anything... his as-of-yesterday-ex-wife is like 5'1 and probably 100 pounds. His other girlfriends were thin, too. I think he would love the way I will look when I lose the weight, but doesn't mind the way I look now either, I think his efforts are just misguided, he wants to be 'supportive' by telling me I'm sexy and not fat and stuff. I understand that he's not coming off like a prince to anybody right now, though, lol. Your husband sounds like a wonderful man, judging people on the inside rather than for their weight. With a society so focused on thin-ness, it's nice to have people like that in this world. It's great that he is supportive though. But hey- in my opinion, you look great! So of course he thinks you're the sexiest thing around. :)

I have like, always been a binge eater. You are so right. That's a habit I have to break. I've done better at breaking it recently... but when faced with the possibilty of something really delicious (say I was hungry and went to our local chinese restaurant)... well, I would binge, binge, binge.

I gotta try this roasted cauliflower, you're the one who mentioned the roasted chickpeas, btw, BRILLIANT suggestion, those things are so delicious. Oh my god, they are awesome! Snacking on them right now.

Thanks for your tips, believe me, I'm going to refer to them from now on. I am not giving up, I am going to keep up with this. I am going to do this! If I keep screwing up, well then, I guess I'll just have to do the calorie counting or something. I know Bf isn't responsible for what I ate, I took full accountability, I was only saying that he wasn't very supportive is all. I know you guys are not my 'mother confessors' but I look to this forum for support and advice, that's what I thought the forum was for, so I like to know that when I'm screwing up, I can come here for support. Without it, I would probably fail. I just don't want to come here and be discouraged. I can do it just as well as any of you can... it's just a big adjustment, but I know I can do it.

But thanks for the straight-up talk, I do appreciate it. :) But have some faith, I'll show you, I can do it! :D Again, thanks a lot for the roasted chickpea idea, they are a lifesaver for when I get the snack munchies. I put mine in a tupperware and shook them up with garlic powder, mrs dash table blend seasoning, cayenne pepper powder, and soul seasoning. MMMMM!!!!!!

Fat Melanie
06-21-2008, 05:56 PM
Hi Nickyzeecat, I was interested in the Fat Smash diet as well, because Dr Ian is um, hot, and more importantly, I used to watch Celebrity Fat Club (that's what I call it) and was amazed at how much they lost. Of course, they had heavy duty trainers available to them... but Dr Ian always gave some really good advice. I couldn't find enough info on it though, to do it. I might pick up a copy of the book and test it out, but for now I'm gonna keep on with the SBD until I really, truly believe that I am incapable of doing it. How is the Fat Smash diet going for you???

Not working out, but I plan to next week. I used to work out, although I am very lazy, a complete sloth, and it's hard for me. But I used to do a lot of toning/strengthening exercises and some walking, but then I would do it religiously for like a few days, then screw up and fall off it for like a week. Next week I plan on finding a routine that's easier (like walking the stroller up and down the road for 30 mins), plus am going to look at interval training or something, with bursts of strengthening moves followed by cardio. Or is that called circuit training? Can't remember, will Google later to get the appropriate info.

Even if I let BF buy his own food, it's still gonna be in the house! (we live together). And all he wants to eat are A) greasy cheeseburgers B) Sugary snacks, candy bars, little debbies, cookies C) sugary sodas.

And he is skinny, he is 160 lbs at 6'2! I just don't understand it.

That's why I started buying stuff to make that he will eat too, like for example, tonight I'm making chili with ground beef, red beans, veggies. He will eat that because he likes stuff like that. But he refuses to even try the roasted chickpeas, "I'm not eating that diet crap!" he says. When I made stuffed peppers from the recipe forum, he refused to believe it was South Beach Diet food, he said there was no way it was 'diet' food, but he doesn't understand the principles behind it. So anyway, there will always be junk around, I just have to make the conscious decision to not let my impulse carry me away and devour it. It's easier with good snacks around like the roasted chickpeas I made last night.

I will try to slow down and think of those things when I'm eating, that is a good idea.

I went to the Paul Mckenna link, waiting for it to load! I've got slow dial up. Thanks for the link, I'll post back in a few mins to discuss what I found.

06-21-2008, 06:00 PM
Melanie just because he's thin doesn't mean he's healthy... my ex husband was thin, didn't drink, didn't smoke, and had a very severe heart attack... it was because he ate poorly.... a lot of fatty red meat and refined carbs....

Fat Melanie
06-21-2008, 06:30 PM
Very true. My boyfriend can't possibly be healthy, he's been smoking cigs since he was 11, he's 27 now, and he eats a bunch of junk. Even his mother never cooked healthy for him, she, her husband, her daughter and her other son are all overweight. She cooks stuff like hamburger helper, fried chicken, ham, and stuff like that all of the time. They've taught his 5 year old daughter to eat reeses peanut butter cups all day long, she doesn't know what a vegetable is. I have NO clue how or why he's skinny, but you're right, just because he's thin doesn't mean he's healthy. He should see a doctor.

Fat Melanie
06-21-2008, 06:37 PM
Nickyzeekat, I am going to use my mom's computer sometime this week to check out that site. She's got high speed DSL, my internet won't even open it all of the way, it's taking like FOREVER. I am very interested in seeing what's on it though. Thanks again. :D

06-21-2008, 07:10 PM
Hey Mel, I think it just sounds like you're ready for weight loss, and I think that the only magic trick here is that you just need to believe in yourself. I may be wrong on this one, but don't worry so much about pleasing others, and just concentrate on yourself. Let your willpower and desire to shed the pounds guide you to your goal. There is a super motivation thread on here in the success stories section written by a member named Glory. I think if you gave her thread a peep you would really feel inspired by it.

You can do it girl! We are here to help. I think you have it in you, you just gotta stay dedicated and strong.

The Fat Smash is going well! And yeah hahaha Dr. Ian is cute! It works well for me bc I feel absolutely no guilt after I eat. I know I have not put any weight loss inhibiting foods into my system so when I am done for the day I dont freak out about what I ate. I like feeling accomplished, so in some kind of way it's like hitting your goal every day. If i eat only whole foods and treat myself to fruit then I dont feel bad at all. On the days where I work out (4-5 times a week) I feel like SuperWoman! Woooo! So far I have lost 10 lbs, but I am also on my Time Of The Month, so when it's done I will see what the final end result of Phase I is.


06-21-2008, 07:12 PM
No Problem Mel! Anytime :)