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06-20-2008, 04:32 PM
HI & :welcome2: to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

Home of the BIG A$$ Walking Challenge!

Come join us as we walk away the pounds this summer :)

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

You are welcome to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey! So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke or whatever your drink of choice is, and pull up a chair and join us! :cofdate:

06-20-2008, 04:46 PM
Some of the last few post from thread #47

popping back in to see how every one is doing....

we had some rain earlier but that was it. now that the weekend is coming the weather is suppose to get a little warmer. tommy has to work on Saturday, and money is tight, so who knows what we will be doing!

tommy's cousin's son, who was diagnosed with cancer last August, is the honorary hero for a Harley Davidson Good Friday

Morning All!!!

I got some sleep and feel better. I think it was lack of sleep making me feel that way............

So I haven't gotten much accomplished. Aw well. There is always today and tomorrow!!! Not much to Can ya believe that one? lol.

Hi Jules........ Bye

Suzy Q -- Ya that Thursday Girl is WAY too darn happy! lol. Don't ya just love my kitty cat for Friday? lol. So if I get huffy will you buy me subway? Sorry........had too. Your too nice cuz my mom would be like, "get over it and get in the kitchen." lol!!! Ok see your other post now. ha ha......Adkins eh? I dunno but something about bacon that I just cannot resist. lol. I know its WAY bad for me but I still want it! lol. Kinda like that bad boy in leather that rides that motorcycle.........oh wait......thats my hubby! lmao!!! OMG!! Its MC Hammer! "Can't Touch This...." lol. Okay.......sorry.......guess too MUCH sleep!!! lmao!!! I love cottage cheese. Only the way I like it is fattening so I may as well not even eat it! I like it with some ranch dressing and bacon bits. I know there is the bacon again! lol. I think I need to go to bacon anonymous or something! lmao! UGH a 3rd post?! What r ya turning into me now? lmao! Just kiddin'!

Mindee -- hope you had a good time with the in-laws.........That is nice about them honoring Tommy's cousin.........

Cristina -- We didn't get anymore storms, yet anyways. They called for them on Wed. but we never got anything. Its been nice here lately. The highest its been is in the low 70's and at night it is in the 60's and sometimes in the high 50's! I so wish it'd stay this way! I love having the windows open! Even though DH insists on having the air on when he sleeps! I just close the vents out in the living room and open the windows up. lol. Hope the yard sale goes well!

Hi Sue! Glad your alive! Big

Have a Great Day all, remember its Friday!

Man re-reading this post sounds like I have a very bad case of ADHD!!! lol. (No offense to anybody who has it though, honest!!!)

Okay I went to this website and took a quiz, just seeing if I could possibly have Adult ADHD and here are my results:

Results of your
Attention Deficit Disorder Quiz

You scored a total of 91

It is highly likely that you are presently suffering from adult attention deficit disorder, according to your responses on this self-report questionnaire. You should not take this as a diagnosis of any sort, or a recommendation for treatment. However, it would be advisable and likely beneficial for you to seek further diagnosis from a trained mental health professional immediately. < --- I always knew that part. lol.

If you scored...
You may have...
70 & up
50 - 69
35 - 49
25 - 34
0 - 24 Adult ADHD

My DH always has said he thinks I have something like this.........hmmmmmmm...... Okay just wanted to say that I am only making fun of myself here and nobody else.

Good morning!

Sassy- I've been entertaining myself on that Psychcentral site you shared..very interesting stuff. I scored 21 on the adhd one...then I took the Dr. Phil Personality Quiz and this is what it said:

The Lively Center of Attention

Others see you as fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical, and always interesting; someone who's constantly in the center of attention, but sufficiently well-balanced not to let it go to their head. They also see you as kind, considerate, and understanding; someone who'll always cheer them up and help them out.

Isn't that sweet? I skipped by the "Do you need therapy" quiz, lol! i also bypassed the "Lust, Love, or Loser" quiz...I just don't wanna know! Let me live in ignorance!

Sue - Hope everything is okay...sounded like you were having some health issues, know that you are being thought of and hang in there!

Mindee -hope you get to see the bikes. We are doing lots on the cheap this summer, so I hear you about the money being tight. Today we go to the zoo, 'cause we renewed the membership there. We may be going there quite a bit! 'Course there's nothing wrong with a day at the park either and that will be happening alot for us this summer as well.

Well, my DD is whining about wanting breakfast or something like I'll have to continue the indies later. I made it to step aerobics this morning and it showed up as 1.20 miles on my pedometer which was about 4500 steps. I'm still getting the hang of the new gizmo. Today's mile should be pretty good as we are going to the zoo.

Francie –

THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week went by fast..yay!! Still in the double digits though. (Whenever I say the word always makes me think of Clueless "Aw Cher he's getting her digits")

I'm having a major allergy attack and theres no meds so I'm suffering horribly bad right now. I'm gonna have to search the suitcases right now. I always keep meds in my suitcase (for when I travel, lol).

Last night I dreamed about werewolves and vampires, lol. I think I'm spending too much time reading those books, LOL!!!

Okay ya..Hope you all have a good friday!!!

Katy-If 4500 steps equal 1.2 miles I have been seriously mis-counting my steps. I thought 2000= 1 mile, therefore 4000= 2 miles, etc. Now I am confused. Thanks for the well wishes. I am still awaiting a call about my biopsy and I will keep you posted.

Be back later...

06-20-2008, 04:51 PM
*sigh, I hope that helps. I hope I didn't screw up trying to seperate the post and all. I am exhausted and in need of a Payday candy bar from all the stress!

I woke up and did 2 loads of laundry and started weeding. It is basically done now. I do need to go and pick up a pile of branches and do some fine tuning but it looks so much cleaner.

Be back later to chat I have some kids who are not amused w/ my yard work and want to do something that involves $$$$. lol

06-20-2008, 08:01 PM
Just back for a second, this day is crazy. I am glad tomorrow is Saturday! Had a chicken salad for lunch for a change, along w/ some lowfat cottage cheese. Managed to get 2 miles in, it was suppose to be 80 today but doesn't feel like it.
anyway - what are your plans for the weekend?? Chat later when I have more time.
Hope you ladies are having a great Friday!

06-20-2008, 08:28 PM
Howdy! Back for a bit...
Sue- I thought the same thing, but I double-checked my calibrations. Right now it says 10,811 steps and 2.90 miles. I put in a 17" the math works out. I'll play around with it some more, I may need to put in a longer stride. It does seem like it should be more miles. ETA: duh - a longer stride would mean fewer steps in a mile...silly me. I guess that everyone's stride is going to be a different length, so it stands to reason that 10000 steps will mean different mileage.

Susan- Hey I worked in my yard, too. I like to get out there and mess's very satisfying work. So far I am resisting the call to spend $$. DS really wants to go to Hollywood Video and rent some games, but I said NO.

Francie - sorry about the allergy attack, hope you find your meds soon. Our weather here is gorgeous also..finally! The zoo was packed.

HI Cristina, Sassy, Mindee, Clara, Tammy, Jules....hope I'm not forgetting anyone...


06-20-2008, 09:54 PM
Hiya Girlies!

SUSAN...I too love working in the yard! It's good exercise and I hate being couped up all day...sometimes I just gotta get out of the house. 80 degrees hot..WHAT?! Without the humidity here 80's is perfect! It was 84 today and really nice, nice day for the yard sale. Hanging baskets are a great way to dress up the place. I wish I could do some here but with this wind...who knows where they would end up.

FRANCIE...hoping you are feeling better. :hug: Hey, it's a day closer to Fonzo coming home! :cheer:

SASSY...the 70's would be so nice...I'm just glad we finally had a day without any rain. :crossed:


Yard sale went well today and going to do it again tomorrow for a few hours. Not sure how long...I don't want to do it another day but V does.

Chase is here for the weekend so going to be a pretty boring usual, lol. Nothing special planned. Will try to take him to the pool and fishing at the pond over here, oh and to see a movie tomorrow. Try to keep him occupied for a little while. His momma let him bring the video games but I don't want hime sitting in front of the tv the whole weekend.

Thank you Susan...I am aiming for 100 miles this month. Not sure if I will make it but I am trying. WTG on your walk(s)! You are doing great as well! Sounds like everyone is. :hug: :carrot:

Well, I better get going, left V upstairs with Chase...he's watching the Bee Movie for the 100th time...not sure why he likes it so much. Once or twice is more than enough for me!

Chat tomorrow...take care ladies, have a great evening!

06-20-2008, 10:07 PM
like usual, I am popping in here......

I am about to sit down and cuddle with Brandon whenever he comes inside with daddy.

I just wanted to jump in and say that I got a pedometer in the mail, and on it, it says that 875 steps = 1/4 mile, 1750 steps = 1/2 mile, and 3500 steps = 1 mile. But I think it also depends on your stride as well.

06-21-2008, 12:33 AM
Katy- I am not trying to confuse you...I am already confused, but after checking online (several walking sites) I still find most say 10,000 steps is approx. 5 miles. They also say most strides are between 2 ft. and 3 ft. I would hate for you to be under counting your mileage. My ped. only counts steps and I have been converting to miles using the 5 mile figure. But, I also have the added benefit of markers every 1/3 mile in our area. So I do use those markers when I walk the neighborhood and the ped. for other steps. Confused yet? haha...
Anyway, all this is just to say, you might want to check your stride setting again. 17 seems low. Mine is 26 and I am 5'5".

06-21-2008, 02:15 AM
my stride is 30 inches, an I am 5'4

06-21-2008, 10:07 AM
Hola Chicks! :wave:

OMG!!! "When the Children Cry" by White Lion is on Totally 80's!!! Awesome!!! I love this song!!! :D (


06-21-2008, 10:49 AM
Good Saturday morning. I took a bike ride this morning and managed 2 miles before I needed my coffee. Hope to do more this evening when it cools off.
I have to re-boot my efforts here for weight loss and good health. My blood pressure has gone way up the past month or so. Not hard to understand, but I need to get a grip on it quickly.
Checking in here every day will help, so "Honey's, I'm home!"

bbl...... :)

06-21-2008, 11:15 AM
Hi gals.

Ok - the math geek has been turned on...(get your mind out of the gutter!)

I checked the number's that came with Mindee's pedo against mine and they are pretty close. With my stride, 3500 steps is about .93 mile, so it's close. I'm going to go for my 3 mile loop sometime this week with it on and see what it says. If it's wonky, I'll change to a longer stride and just look at miles.

Here's my calcs: ( Math phobics shut your eyes now)

17" stride= 17x10000/63360 ( inches in a mile) = 2.68 miles
20" stride= 3.15 miles
26"Stride= 4.10 miles

I'm surprised by how much it varies!

I think that when we walk for exercise on a fairly flat surface, our strides are naturally longer, but they are shorter for everyday walking, so I think the stride I'm using is sadly pretty accurate if I am counting for the whole day, which usually includes a trip to the gym and lots of walking around the house. The good news is I reach 10000 steps alot faster than I thought and my goal was to get in 10000 steps a day. The bad news is that 300 miles by Labor day will be even more of a challenge...but maybe I can do it, I have a great neighborhood to walk around in. It's all good, right?

( math geek turned off) Thank you for indulging me in my little fit of mathness.

06-21-2008, 11:52 AM
Just an aside..hope the math stuff doesn't offend, I was crunching numbers for my own amusement more than anything else..not trying to monitor anyone else's miles or imply anyone needs to change anything at all. We're all kicking a$$...just the way it should be! I think everyone is doing great!

06-21-2008, 12:41 PM
Wow...I am also surprised at how much the numbers vary. I am also going to check my ped. against our markers in the neighborhood. And I do agree that the steps while just around the house would not be the stride one uses while on a walk. much to consider, my head might explode. LOL...
Now, here is another thing...the ped. I bought is a step only and it says it "has an automatic Sensitivity Adjuster that compensates for the different walking and jogging styles." (their quote) So...I think I am safe even when I switch from around the house to actually taking a walk.

I found some neat sites to read about walking...I just googled "10,000 steps"

And Katy...Takes one heck of a lot to offend me. And that was not offensive at all. I like new knowledge!! Thanks.

06-21-2008, 03:49 PM

I hate math, I feel extreme anxiety reading post this morning. lol jk.
My stride was/is 2.5. I guess, I still haven't used the pedometer. Seems easier to just walk and afterwards get in the car and measure the distance. :dizzy: lol

I do have a question though Katy! Do you think a loop around the park is 1/4 miles?? Not including the woods area , just from the playground over to the dog park and on the back meadow part? Someone in the community center told me it was 1/4 mile - just curious if you used the pedometer on it.

Cristina - I think hanging baskets are out, unless I make em up myself, I saw they were $25 each at the store and I want at least 3 or 4 in front. Usually things die on me anyway. So, I think for color I will put up a clothes line and hang my undies out there. lol ...jk. You KNOW I have had coffee.....enjoy yoru time w/ Chase. VERY sweet of you to take the kids and give Char a break. 80 is hot to me. I remember stepping outside in Little Rock last Oct and it was terrible, humid. I could have

Sue - Sorry about the high blood pressure!

Katy - No is a thought. lol Even Gab has picked up the whining to get her way. It is my own fault. Today Beck wants to do something and my idea is to tinker outside but she won't want to do that.

Mindee- Hey missy, what are you and the kids doing today??

Sassy - Cute avatar of the dog!

Francie - Thought of you last night as I gave my cat a bath. He was dang lazy and wasn't cleaning himself and he was a walking dust ball so I went out and bought shampoo for him. As soon as Gab was asleep I tossed him in the sink and he had a fit. Good thing his front paws are declawed, poor thing. He has forgiven me this morning and he looks so nice and fluffy! lol

:wave: to Jules, Clara, and Tammy!!

I better get. Gab is gone til tomorrow w/ her father and I have to go entertain a 15 year old now. I am having full swing TOM and I just want to go hide and do something for myself!!!!! * later .

06-21-2008, 08:32 PM
just checking in while I have a chance....I am in the middle of feeding Marissa some pasta pick ups.......

we did some grocery shopping last night and then went to a different store today to get some meat and frozen foods. all in all, we did really well.....and the kids behaved too.

nothing else going on....the kids didn't take a nap, so off to bed early tonight and then who knows what me and Tommy will do. he owes me a game of monopoly.

06-21-2008, 10:17 PM
I haven't played Monopoly in years Mindee! Good for you guys on the grocery shopping. I have to be rested to take even 1 child out in public :)

I did good on my eating so far today. Becky and I went to the zoo and walked around. She speed walked through all the exhibits. I am going to have to go just by myself some time. We went through the Dino exhibit and some kids were like ....scared silly. I think Gaby would be too, lol. Poor kids.

I am missing Gaby and feeling anxious, I guess that is another word for depressed w/ me. Weekends are always hard......ugh. Myabe I will go get My Big Greek Fat Wedding?? That might be fun to watch.

I saw Gab's summer school schedule and I thought it was 8:30 to 1pm but it is 8:30 to 3pm M thru Th.....I am going to miss her so much.

k- R's want to go see Get Smart....good, maybe I will go to Home Depot and look around??? Decisions, decisions..... ;)

06-21-2008, 10:41 PM
Hello all!!! I couldnt find you guys!! Lmao!! I'm slow.

Katy~My head hurt just reading all that math stuff. I suck at math. It's kinda windy here right now..BUT its very very warm inside. Which means, I'm sweating..which also means, I'm not happy. I just got out of the shower and started sweating. That isnt good. I miss the carefree days of sitting in a nicely air conditioned home. The windows are all open right now. It's not helping much, lol.

Susan~We give our kitties baths all the time. Well..I should say, Fonzo gives them a bath. I usually greet the cats after the bath and make them love me more than him, lol. It usually works. I loved the math icon!! Too funny!!

So nothing much is new with me. We're down to single digits now. YAY!!!

I gotta clean tomorrow..and I really really dont want to. I wish it would rain and cool down a little bit so I can clean, lol. I really really really hate the warm weather!!! I'm chugging down ice water every couple of mins. The ice melts fast too!! I'm almost out of Popsicles too. I ran out of frozen yogurt a couple days ago. :mad: I wish I had like some sort of mold or whatever. So I could pour kool aid into it and make my own popsicles.

Anyways..I'm gonna go back to being bored. I'm waiting for the Olympic Trials to come on again. They're doing women's gymnastics tonight. I watched diving, and men's gymnastics earlier today.

06-22-2008, 03:44 AM (

Good Morning, :coffee:

I thought I would start everybody off right this morning with some fresh fruit! lol.
I am currently doing clothes so I have some pants to wear to work tonight. :p I did get ALL of my other clothes ALL put away, that is the hardest part of laundry!!! lol. I slept yesterday from 11 am until 9:30 PM, 10 1/2 hrs!!! :faint: I guess I was making up for the lack of sleep from earlier in the week! lol. And I had the craziest dream!!!! I was back in HS again *insert horror film music here* and had a dream about my ex! :yikes: But it was totally strange! We were both so nice to each other! It was sickening! lol. (IN HS this ex of mine and I fought constantly, were the ones who were always breaking up and getting back together) anyways in my dream, like I said we were nice to each other and in the dream I dreamt that we were breaking up, only it was very nice. He gave me this big 8X10 picture of him with a note inside that said, "I will always love you." Which is weird because that was the song that was playing when we actually DID break up! lol. I dunno why in the heck I dreamt about him, I haven't thought about him in a LONG time! lol. I thought maybe it represented a couple things: first that I miss that girl that I "Used" to be and secondly that maybe I have finally moved on from the past, even though I thought I already had??? lol. Oh yeah and I also kissed his mom goodbye on the cheek, only it wasn't his mom, it was my 2nd exes mom, who I actually, then my 1st exes brother came running outside and gave me a big wet kiss! YUCK!!!! :barf: What do you all think? Have I completely lost my mind??? lol. :crazy:

Well I hope you all get your rest.

I am hoping that this week at work is a good one. I am gonna try to keep up the positive attitude. Oh and DH said they changed out PTO time (that is Paid Time Off) right now we accrew so much a month and you can keep it until the next year if you still have some left and at a certain point it stops acrewing. But anyways, starting in October they are going to do the give it to you all at once then if you don't use it by the next October, you lose it! Now the people who have tons of PTO time acrewed will be well SOL. And if you don't know what that means ummmmmm sorry I can't say it here. its $hit out of luck. lol. Basically they will lose all their time unless they use it up before October. So I see some vacations coming up soon. lol.

It is good for us that do not acrew PTO time, like me. lol. But its bad because its like putting a million dollar check in front of a gambling person because I just "Have to" use it. But I have had jobs before that they give the time to you all at once and I just had to learn to ration it out. So that is what I will have to do I guess. lol.

Anywho. That is that. I am so tired :tired: and I shouldn't be I slept so long! Maybe that is it. lol.

Anyways, you go girls, you all are doing great and I am well, not. :o lol.


06-22-2008, 04:13 AM
Sassy~LMAO!!! Your dream was so funny!!! I'm sorry..I was just cracking up while reading it, lol. Especially the 8x10 pic of him!! LMAO!!!!!!!! Omg..that was funny. I've been having a lot of high school dreams too. Mostly about classes that I need to go to. But I can never find the flippin class, and I get all stressed out going from school to school looking for my stupid class, lol. (I went to like 3 high schools).

06-22-2008, 10:48 AM
Sassy~LMAO!!! Your dream was so funny!!! I'm sorry..I was just cracking up while reading it, lol. Especially the 8x10 pic of him!! LMAO!!!!!!!! Omg..that was funny. I've been having a lot of high school dreams too. Mostly about classes that I need to go to. But I can never find the flippin class, and I get all stressed out going from school to school looking for my stupid class, lol. (I went to like 3 high schools).

Yeah it was totally weird I have no idea why I dreamt that! I even saw my old car that I drove in HS!!! Nuts! lol. :dizzy:

06-22-2008, 02:57 PM
Good Morning -

The fruit looks so good Sassy!! I am sure you are doing good , I think we all are as a group. :)

Francie - My cat went back outside and came in dusty again. I guess it is hopeless trying to keep him clean. After his bath I wrapped a towel around him and held him. His little heart was beating fast, it was cute and I felt bad. Took him 2 hours to get dry and when he was stil damp he jumped on my lap, smelled like mildew. lol

anyway,,,,busy morning and thank goodness I survived the night. Up and out early, did 2 loads of laundry and picked up. Kind of misty rain this morning, hope the sun cames out soon.

Banana and slim fast for breakfast and I am already thinking of lunch. :)

quickie, just wanted to say Good Morning!

06-22-2008, 03:39 PM
Sooooooooo I'm supposed to be cleaning right now. And I have the tv on in the background, I was listening to motocross. Then all of a sudden, the tv changed to Vh1, and I Love the New Millenium was on. At first I didnt wanna watch it, I was gonna save it for later..but I gave in. I sat down for an hour watching it, lol. It was pretty funny. They so need to release all of those I Love the whatevers on dvd!!! I already have the I Love the 80s game, lol. Anyways...I should go back to cleaning..but I feel all relaxed and lazy...Oh well..I'll just do everything real quick, and save the other stuff for another day.

06-22-2008, 11:12 PM
You can ignore me because I am just venting. My 16 year old is being a problem. She has a horrid temper if she doesn't get her way.....and I tell her no and world war 3 has broken out. lol
Whatever......I need to get my 6 year old to bed for school in the morning!
How exciting.
I had chicken stew for dinner, it was so good, my ex husband made it. I walked 2 miles and water intake was on track.

Rah rah me!

Night all........lets hope tomorrow is a better day :)

06-23-2008, 12:54 AM
just popping in while I have a chance!

we ended up being too tired on Friday night, but we got in a card game on Saturday night. so, I will make sure that we do that more often!

we took the kids to the pool on Sunday after we got back from doing laundry. It was a lot of fun! I will have to take the camera next time. the weather was nice, but the water took some getting used to. Logan wanted nothing to do with it at first, but then he was the one that we had to drag out of the pool and I had to carry him home just so he wouldn't go back into the pool!

SuzieQ~ You look great!! Those pictures are great! You have done a great job with all the hard work that you have done and it shows!

06-23-2008, 03:07 AM
Susan & both of your pics!!!

06-23-2008, 06:15 AM

06-23-2008, 06:17 AM
Ya..I was pretty shocked to hear about George Carlin. My mom loved him!!! It's so sad :( He was really funny.

06-23-2008, 06:22 AM
Okay...I have some exciting news. I dunno if you saw my thread in general. But I'm gonna go to my first ever homecoming!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the past, Fonzo has either come home early, or I waited for him at home or somplace else..but this time, I'm actually gonna get to see the ship pull into home port!!! YAY!!!! I'm soooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also get to buy a new outfit!!! I'm thinking of buying a dress. It's been awhile since I've worn one..and I really really want one. So right now I'm looking for a navy blue dress to go with my navy blue wedges. So far..not finding anything. I found a pretty black dress that had skulls and anchors all over it..But eh...I want a blue dress. And something that doesnt make me look too fat. I'll probably invest in some Spanx, then take it off when I get This is the only navy blue dress I've found so far.. It would be cute to find a red dress too. Does red go with blue?? I cant remember, lol. Anyhoo..I dont really like that dress. I dont like the sleeves or the bottom of it. Grrr..I dont have that much time to go lookin for a flippin dress. So I gotta hurry.

06-23-2008, 02:11 PM
aww, thanks Mindee & Francie. I never think I take a good picture, probably all the years taking them instead. I joke that if you see pictures of the R's growing up it is like they have no mom, just a dad.
Just popping in ... have to go do some other things first while on the computer. Like job stuff *sigh....ya, I have 3 weeks of unemployment left so crunch time!! lol My mom is freaking...maybe I get a hidden pleasure in that??:devil:
Love your pic too Mindee!!
Exciting about the ship homecoming thing Francie! You will look lovely no matter what you wear :D
Sorry about George Carlin!!
k- better get busy!!!

06-23-2008, 05:43 PM
popping in is rainy here, and the famous Detroit riverfront fireworks are tonight.....and the only one that seems to have taken a nap today was Marissa. so she will get to watch the fireworks if she is still awake!

SuzieQ~ that picture of you and Gaby is very cute!

Francie~ That is so exciting about the homecoming! And that dress is very pretty! I have that site saved on my computer and I keep forgetting to look at it, so when I have more time later, I will go and look at it.

06-23-2008, 08:08 PM
Hello ladies...

Just a quickie for now...will be back tomorrow morning to catch up. I've had Chase here since Friday evening trying to keep him entertained, that and had the yard sale. He just went home at 5'ish so I am free! Lol

Hoping everyone is having a great day! See ya tomorrow :wave: the avatar!

06-23-2008, 10:25 PM
Glory Be....I was starting to wonder what Chase did to you Cristina. You were gone so long! lol

I bought Gaby some water guns, BIG mistake!! I don't even like guns but Beck was buying one to play w/ her teen girlfriends. Anyway, now we are all wet. I guess by the weekend and the 90 degree weather we are suppose to get ..........wet will be a good thing :dizzy:. blah - blah....

I am glad you survived Chase! :)

Mindee- Enjoy the fireworks!! :)

Gaby had a great day of school and now I need to dry her off and wind her down. Looking forward to The Bachelorette tonight! Go Jesse!:carrot:
Dinner was chicken stew again, it is good but honest I am TIRED of veggies. I bought some 0 calorie water (raspberry flavor) and it is a nice change, I didn't see much sugar in it either.

Sue - You ok?? Miss hearing from you.

Night everyone!:wave:

06-24-2008, 01:11 AM
we had a great time watching the fireworks here at home.......I was right.....the only one that was still awake to watch them was Marissa. She had more fun playing with me and her favorite ball, then the fireworks. But if somebody would clap on tv, she would clap.

06-24-2008, 04:48 AM
Well..I didnt buy that dress. I just bought a top and some shoes. We're gonna be standing pretty close to the water..and its usually cold in that area. So better to be safe than sorry.

About the Bachelorette. I cant believe DeAnna didnt know what the Space Needle was. Omg..I get more and more disappointed in her after each episode. That was so sad when Jason said goodbye to his son, that just broke my heart. And when Jeremy read out of his journal..omg, I was bawling!!! Jesse's dad was pretty cool. Grahm had some nice parents too. And a really pretty house!! I kinda figured he'd be going home. He needs to work on his issues before he gets into a serious relantionship. I wonder what the letter said.

Anyways..Fonzo kept calling me all day, lol. It was nice being able to talk to him a lot. But pretty soon..he'll be back in my arms. Yay! LoL!! I hurt my back pretty bad tonight. Just everything went totally numb..ugh, I was dying on the couch. Then my effin bladder kicked in and I had to force myself to get up. But doesnt hurt so much right now. But I'm gonna gonna go lay down in bed right now. I am so tired.

Nighty nite all!!!

06-24-2008, 02:52 PM

The Bachelorette- I agree Francie. How can DeAnna not know the space needle?? Of course if you noticed she didn't know Graham's last name either when he gave her a basketball jersey to wear w/ his last name on it.
I don't know how she thinks he was the one she was falling in love with out of the 4 remaining, when he doesn't "open up". I think she was in lust and not in love.:o ((I watch Dr.Phil)).

I am glad Graham was sent packing! Cut and pasting his "letter" that he gave to DeAnna, I thought it was funny.

I don't know where to start. I wish I could have expressed myself more with you, but as you know I can't help but internalize things. I think you are a very special woman and if I am not given a rose tonight I will always regret not letting you know how I feel. I wore a red sweater tonight to symbolize how I feel for you. I know I am still not telling you how I feel but it is very hard for me to do (because I internalize things). I just want you to know that I will show up at the rose ceremony with a big smile on my face because I am happy with what I feel for you, even though I cannot express what that is. Even as I write this letter I am having second thoughts about what I am writing. I know that after knowing you for more than 4 weeks which is a really, really long time that I still have feelings for you and wish you knew how I felt. But I shouldn't really have to explain because I internalize things. I hope this clears up any questions you have about me.
Good luck and take care,
p.s. Thanks for the "SMOKIN' HOT!" comment! That is one thing I am sure about.

Jesse had a very nice family. People say he is immature for his age but actually he seems the most mature in wanting a friendship first w/ DeAnna. When he kissed her though I couldn't look, it looked sloppy and it was like watching my brother make out. ewwww.

Jeremy was wierd((ok, I just don't like him!!-lol)). I wanted to reach out and tear off those notes off his wall in his living room. Why are they still up there?? It must mean he is a perv. lol
His brothers were jerky. Sweet that he shared his note w/ Deanna though.

Jesse - (edited for correction,)Jason- What is w/ the leap frog thing?? I never have seen a family do that and his father was odd in his affection for DeAnna. I like Jesse though and it was kind of cute he jumped up and down when he saw DeAnna....he really needs to get out more and not hang out w/ a 3 year old so much.

anyway - I have no idea who she is going to pick. I think Jesse has the least hang ups and baggage. I also like his family the best, I cried when his parents where telling DeAnna about him.

k- my review, like anyone cares. lol


06-24-2008, 03:51 PM
First of all..where did you find that letter at?? LoL!! Graham sorta repeats himself a few times. We get the effin point. Him & DeAnna would've been perfect for each other. And ya..why didnt she know his last name?? Maybe they dont do last names?? And I think you ment Jason for the last one..not Jesse. Oh ya..Jeremy's brothers were jerky. God, I'm lucky I have nice BILS..of course, I have evil SILS, so I guess it evens out, lol.

What are the chances that she'll actually marry the dude she picks? I mean come on..I bet they'll be broken up within weeks after the show is over. Just like everyone else (except for Trista. She knew what she wanted).

Oh ya..and DeAnna mentions Brad way too many times. Maybe she's not over getting dumped!!

06-24-2008, 05:16 PM
Oh, sure. We can share bodily fluid but I can't know your last name. :o I just think DeAnna was too busy kissing Graham to bother with minor details like that Francie. lol
And, really I think she liked Graham best because it helped keep the J's (Jesse, Jason, and Jeremy) straight in her little *let me know how you feel mind and oh ya.....I don't wanna lead you on like Brad led me on....rambles.
I am glad you thought Jeremy's brothers were jerky, the "we are here for one side and it ain't you..."...something like that. It is like....... whatever.
I thought Jesse's father was the coolest. Oh, the letter came from the abc board for the Bachelorette.

So, did you find a dress???

something is wrong with my back, mid way. It started hurting last night when I breathe. *wah. I took tylenol so hope that helps!

Had lunch of chicken and yellow squash, yum, yum. Doing laundry and waiting to go get my Gaby. That is my day!:carrot:

06-24-2008, 05:16 PM
Hi Gals...just stopping by for a quick's vbs week and life is crazy! The more I watch Bachelorette, the less impressed I am with DeAnna. I mean, does she not watch Grey's Anatomy? She seemed to have seen Sleepless in Needle? What a dingbat. I think the thing with Graham was to show him who was boss...she needs it to be all about her and Graham is a person who opens up over time. Bad fit for the show however. So as it stands now, I'm rooting for Jesse...he's loaded, he has a direction, great values, great family, not whoring himself out to get ahead with Deanna. Jeremy's brothers just sunk him I'm afraid, but Deanna could pick him and never have to lift a finger again in her life. I think she'll dump Jason because she will view the kid as competition after awhile. She definitely wants it to be all about her. She will be in for a rude awakening when she has 3 kids by the time she's 30,lol!

Susan- LOVED the letter! Sounded just like him, lol!

Ok- I'm getting booted. My DD gets these cards from VBS with computer game codes and I promised her a chance to play before we go to pick up DS from the afternoon session.


06-24-2008, 05:24 PM
Katy - VBS sounds like fun! I am sure Deanna while driving up to meet Jason would have seen the dang needle hovering in the sky. She could have asked someone else in the car what it was, I mean it isn't like it is hiding. She just sounded dumb.
And didn't Deanna give Ty a golfball for a gift?? Can't a 3 year old swallow that?? Come on me out here. :cool:
anyway - it was fun to watch, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Rach was even asking if I had been drinking. haha.

k- clothes due for the dryer.

toodles. :D

06-24-2008, 05:29 PM
Hello ladies...

Sorry for yet another quickie. Spent too much time elsewhere and then remembered I was supposed to pick up a couple of things from the store...almost forgot. Went upstairs and saw something that reminded me, lol. Took forever in the store...geez, some people are so freakin slow! Not that I was in a hurry but come on.

SUSAN...yeppers, i survived the Chase, barely. Char asked me if I thought he had ADD and I said DEFINITELY! I have never seen a kid who cannot be still for 2 minutes and I really do mean that. And he has to be doing something constantly...every minute of every day. She asked if we hooked up his xbox and I told her yes but I limited the time because I don't think a kid should sit in front of those stupid fighting games for hours upons hours...I think she uses it as a babysitter.:dunno: Anyway...received your card yesterday...:thanks: I LOVED the pictures! Especially the pooper scooper one, lol...too cute! Anywho...

Hello to everyone else. I will be back later to post some more. Don't miss me while I am gone, lol!

06-24-2008, 05:35 PM
Wait...thats what she gave Ty?? A golfball????? I thought she said a gobstopper. You know those candy things. I was all thinking.."why would you give that to a little kid?!?!" LOL!!! But I do agree..she wont pick Jason, cuz it has to be all about her. She's a little too self centered. Jeremy's life is too perfect. I dunno..I couldnt stand all that perfection. Especially his home. I'd be all paranoid I'd get something dirty. Did anyone notice that he kinda looks like his dog?? Lmao!! She should've kept Sean around..then they could all be about each other and nobody else. I love Jesse..but I dont want him with DeAnna. He's too sweet for her. And she's just...not good enough for him. If that makes any sense.

Susan~I didnt buy a dress..just a top with some cute shoes. I'm gonna wear them with pants.

06-24-2008, 05:43 PM
just popping in while I have a chance.......

oops! chance lost, the boys are beating each other up

06-24-2008, 05:43 PM
Hey Cristina!!! Stop and smell the roses every now & then!!

06-24-2008, 06:13 PM
Francie - I had to go check the bible of the Bachelorette and it says golf ball in a thread...cut & pasted below.......

Jason is a big golfer, and he did say that the first time Ty crawled was on the golf course. And maybe Jason has told her that Ty's favorite color is blue. Who knows.

Odd gift. I liked the star thing better but even Ty was confused about that...."where is the star??".....up in the sky, you can't actually play w/ it. lol

Cristina!! We miss you!

Mindee- Tell the kids you are on the computer doing important stuff. :D

I better go. I am all confused when I am suppose to pick up Gaby....sheesh.

06-24-2008, 06:38 PM
DeAnna should've just got him a nerf football...lmao. I liked the star thing too..I wonder how much it costs to do that..

06-24-2008, 08:00 PM
I'm back! I picked up DS and a couple of his friends and they are playing their Nintendo DS thingies in the playroom. I have a moment of quiet and here I am!

Cristina- so...are you napping yet...sounds like Chase wore you out! My son had tons of energy at a very young age...never saw anything like it, but he could focus on projects and things like that when he wanted to.

Susan-.. you reminded me to go check out the thread over on Survivor Sucks...that's always good for a laugh. They are probably having a field day over the Space Needle brain fart. Hey - I like your are so close to your goal! WTG!

Francie - you know, your right. DeAnna can't have Jesse - he's too good...I want him all for myself bwahaha ;) 'course I'm old enough to be his mother, I'm sure. oh, and I'm married. details, details.

Mindee - did the boys get pulled apart ok? It's gonna be a looooong summer, lol!


06-24-2008, 09:19 PM
Katy~I want Jesse for myself!!!!! He's only 3 years older than me..and I love guys who are into extreme Of course, I'm married too..but he can be my side lover, lol.

06-25-2008, 12:14 AM
Hi ladies- I missed the show this week...anyone know if they will re-run it? I remember some reality shows were re-run on a cable station, but don't know when that was...just bummed that I missed it and didn't tape it. Grrr.

Nothing much going on here right now, finally. I have been resting quite a bit. Also trying to ride the bike and walk every day. Not much, but the ticker is moving. Eating has been going well.

I haven't had the call from the Dr. yet about my biopsy. Talk about "pins and needles."
Mom got her call and will have her procedure on the 10th of July. She goes to her heart Dr. before that, so we can discuss.....

Did laundry, bathrooms and grocery shopping yesterday. Cleaned the kitchen and dining room plus all the floors today.

We have our windows open and the house is getting a good airing. I love not having to use the A/C and wish we could get by all summer like this. I think we are getting a heat wave in the next few the A/C will be in use.

You all seem to be busy, with the kiddies or the kitties....have fun and keep walking. Doing good !

06-25-2008, 01:09 AM's the back? You be careful girly! The dress was cute! But hear ya about the weather...never know what it will do. But I bet it doesn't matter what you wear...Fonzo is going to be happy to see you as much as you are to see him! and The Bachlorette, lol. Getting dizzy trying to keep up but at the same time feeling a little left out :( :lol: Just can't get into the show after I saw the one Bachelor and part of another. Love all the pictures you've posted! Your avatar is GREAT and especially like the one with you and the Gabster.

KATY...I think that is one of Chase's matter what, he can't stay focused on one thing. He has to have something to do every minute :dizzy: I can't tell you how many times we played Trouble :lol: Have fun at VBS!

SUE...guess I missed something, will have to go check out the other posts...didn't know about the biopsy. Hope you hear something soon...waiting is the pits! You are doing GREAt with your biking and walking! :carrot:

MINDEE...geez too are doing GREAt with the walking! I think you are the walking queen. :queen: Keep up the good work!

HIYA JULES, TAMMY, CLARA, & SASSY...hoping I didn't exclude anyone, my mind is gone I believe. :wave:

Been a busy few days and still trying to catch my breath. Going to have to check my calendar and add the miles because I can't remember if I added some. I didn't get anything done Sat. thought I would just take it as my free day. Did some Sunday but only 1/2 mile yesterday because I had Chase still. Didn't want to leave him alone. The 1/2 mile was at the park when we went to feed the ducks. Today though, I am back on track and it feels good. My back was feeling a little stiff but seems to be okay since I worked out...crazy.

Was trying to catch up on laundry as well. Geez, who would have thought it could pile up from missing a day. Got it all washed but didn't have a chance to get it folded. So that it what I am doing tomorrow after my walk and some straightening of the house.

Take care ladies and I will see ya tomorrow. Nighty, night :wave:

06-25-2008, 01:38 AM
well, for good things Tommy still has a job......but on a down side, his hours got cut. he is now working from 7am to 3pm. he says that he foresees the shop pushing layoffs soon. So, I mentioned to him to talk to the lady that called him from the other staff agency about a job closer to home.

I just got a headache all of a sudden.

The boys got separated.......for that fight. It is definitely going to be a loooooong summer with those two being together!

but we took them for a walk after dinner and they got to play with the office managers grandson for a little bit. we left for the walk at 7:30pm and got home at 9:30pm! needless to say, they all went to bed when we got home!

06-25-2008, 01:38 AM
KATY...the math didn't offend. Made me laugh when I saw it because V was doing the math too! I told him of your pedometer and wondering about the ones I had in the past. Can't find the one I had...I think I killed it! Need to get a new one...but I'm like Susan...I got in the car and measured that way, lol...just hoping the car is right!

SUSAN...that seems to be a long day of summer school for a 5-year-old, geez! I wouldn't even want to go for that long. But I guess it keeps her busy for the summer eh? Hey, did you go see Get Smart? When we went to the show Saturday we couldn't decide. Everyone wanted to see something different so Chase & V went to see Kung Fu Panda and me and daughter went to see The Happening. The times worked out perfect. V actually liked it, lol. You are doing great with your walking...keep up the good work missy!

Again, hi to everyone else. Tried to do some catching up but guess I have to go back to the last thread.

Nighty, night again! :D

06-25-2008, 01:41 AM
Hiya Mindee :wave:

Geez louise a two hour walk! :yikes: Tiring me out just thinking about you guys had a nice walk out though. Wish it wasn't so humid here now, yuck! Sorry to hear about Tommy's hours being cut but glad he still has a job. Maybe the lady will have a job closer to home for him :crossed:

06-25-2008, 08:55 AM
Good Wednesday, Chickies!

Up bright & early today, well...early anyway. Couldn't get to sleep last night and I think I only got about 3 1/5 hours if that, ugh! Someone will be napping later for sure!

Got my walk in, well part of it. Did 1.5 miles...there was some nasty looking clouds and lightning off in the distance and didn't want to take the chance of it getting me. Actually, did a little over the 1.5 but not sure how much more. Heading to Target in a little while and I think I will pick up a pedometer. All this talk of distance/steps/miles has me curious. I am wondering if I am actually walking a full 3 miles around the subdivision...we'll see. Anyway, have to pick up something for little Miss Cambrie's BD Sunday.

Going to go finish my walk on the treadmill, get the rest of my laundry done and hopefully get some reading in. I am slacking in the reading dept. this month for sure!

I'll be back later and record my miles then when I am done. Later gators! :wave:

06-25-2008, 02:28 PM
Good Morning -

Sue -:hug:, nice to have you check in , will keep you in my prayers!

Just a quckie, I need to do a toilet paper run and get restocked....too much info?? haha.

Cristina - Thanks about the pictures. I think I will delete the photo's I posted here though now that everyone has had a chance to see them. Gab is in training for 1st grade, she will be going those hours in the Fall, she is tired in the morning though and I have to be more strict in getting her to bed. She has Friday's off so that will give her a breather. And - omg- she will be 7 in Feb!! Can you believe that???
I never saw Get Smart. I was taking the R's that night and when we get there I hand Rach the money and she goes "aren't you coming???" and I didn't want to go, I never said I was , I just wanted to slink off for ME TIME. lol - Anyway, Rach wouldn't go with her sister and said "it would be like you going w/ M (Gab's dad)...." of course that started a fight between the R's and that was our wonderful Saturday night.

Mindee- :hug: sorry about the boys fighting, tell em to behave!! lol Like that'll work.

Katy - The whole math conversation upset me! I don't know if I am talking to you. lol -jk. As long as I have my 10 toes and 10 fingers to count on, I am fine.
Today is junglemania at Gabriel. I might take Gab, her class is suppose to meet there today for the playdate.

Francie - If you find out about the Star thing let me know! It can't be that much if D bought it. lol

anyway - I want Jesse's father! I thought he was dreamy. lol

ok, so much for a quickie. I better get to the store. BBL :D

06-25-2008, 02:34 PM
Cristina~I couldn't sleep either. My body was just hurting so much. But I was too out of it to take something. Then Fonzo called and officially woke me up, lol. And doesnt matter what I wear when I go see Fonzo. He wont even be looking at my clothes, lol.

Okay ya..I have to vent a little bit right now. Last week Fonzo bought ankle weights..and within 2 days, he had lost 10 pounds!!!!!!!!!! How in the heck is that possible?!?!?! It took me forever to lose 10 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!! I can work my butt off non stop and only lose 2 pounds. PLUS..he still eats junk food!!!!!!!!!!! He eats junk food, and works out, and loses 10 pounds. He said he can start to see the outline of his 6 pack (he really let him go after we got married, lol). The only thing I can see on myself, is the outline of my jaw line. It's not fair. :( :mad:

Anyways...nothing much else is going on with me right now. I dunno why..but I'm listening to super loud rock music, lol. My eardrums are hurting!!!!!!!! "You kids and your loud music" lmao. I'm too young to be feeling this old.

Okay..I'm gonna go play a game.

06-25-2008, 02:44 PM
OMG!! I wanted to share my dream!!! LOL!!!

So 3 of my friends and I were at this weird looking mall..and we bumped into the singer Rhianna. We were talking to her like it was no big deal, lol. Then Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie walked by we said bye to Rhianna, and met up with Brad & Angie, lol. They took us to this really nice restaurant. And we were just laughing and having a really good time with we were all old friends or something. Well..they invited us back to their house, because they were going to film this toothpaste commercial, and they wanted us to be in it, but then my cat started meowing at me, so I woke up, lol.

06-25-2008, 04:33 PM
I'm baaaack! And pooped! are too cute! Old, HA! You are too young to be saying you are old or are feeling old. Wait when you get my age! Hey, wait a minute...I feel pretty good for my age, lol. Love your dream, lol...darn cats! Yeah, don't get me started on men and eating what they want and losing so freaking much so fast, ugh! It's not fair, it's not I tell ya! :tantrum: :tantrum: When me and the hubby joined WW a while back he lost 10 pounds the first week and I lost 3! 3 freaking pounds and I swear it seemed like he was eating waaaaaay to much. There's a diet pill commercial that talks about's cartoonish and show the hubby getting skinny and the wife's cute! Just saw a new one not too long ago., I can't believe Gaby is going to be 7, wow! Where the heck has the time gone? It definitely flies by the older we get, or it does for me. Of course I forgot she will be a big girl now in th First grade! Sorry the girls were being a pain...what the heck is wrong with them? Do they not understand that momma needs her 'me' time, geez?! They sound like mine though, lol and they are in their 20's :lol:

SASSY...check your box, I am sending you a p.m. with my new e-mail address. I just checked my old AOL address and saw the thing from you. I swear I gave everyone my new one a while back.

MINDEE...did you get the boys coralled (sp? don't feel like looking it up to see if it's spelled correct)? Lol Sometimes I don't know where my head is and don't care.

HI to everyone else :wave:

Hoping everyone is having a nice day. It is a HOT one here, ugh! I think I want the rain back, lol...okay, no, I don't. Just not ready for the heat...don't want to do anything. Went for my walk early this morning and only did a little more than half and you would not believe how sticky it was out...hate this humidity.

Went to Target and picked up a few things. And...I did get a pedometer...hoping this is a good one, we'll see. Found Cambrie a couple of things for her BD, barbie stuff and a cute little Dora skirt that was on sale...she LOVES Dora! Didn't want to spend much since she already got her BD present a while back, lol. Daughter told me I should take a picture of it and glue it on the card, lol. Now just trying to stay cool and get some laundry done. Not feeling sleepy yet but I am sure it will catch up with me when I sit down to play Jeopardy.

Going to go record my walk for today. Take care ladies, and I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!

06-25-2008, 05:47 PM
Cristina~Oh ya..that commercial was for Slim quick, right?? Where the wife's boobs shrunk..and she's all.."now we're both unhappy" lmao!! I love that one.

Susan~I dunno where to look for the star thing. My friend had some part of the ocean named after her husband, lol.

Anyways..I'm bored right now. I just finished watched Chain Gang Girls on the WE channel, lol. It was about the only female chain gain in America. Guess where it is?? ARIZONA!! I knew it as soon as I heard the title of the show. The sheriff in Phx was a major A-hole. My cousin had to do time in tent city..and man, did he stink!! LoL!! But ya..the show was interesting. I dont think Sheriff Joe is the sheriff there anymore. Never get arrested in Arizona. You dont wanna get stuck out in tent city, or on the chain gang in 120 degree heat!! LoL!! Watching it made me so homesick though. I was seriously craving the dry heat, lol.

Speaking of being homesick..Fonzo was saying something about one of the malls in Az. And in my mind, I could picture myself shopping there..and ughhhh I just got so sad, lol. I wanna move back to Arizona now. It's changed so much since I've been gone. But I wanna go home. It sucks that we won't have the time go down there for a visit before we move. I need to buy another cactus. Mine looks like its dying, lol. I stuck it out in the hopefully that will help. I hope it survives the trip to MD.

Anyways..I'm gonna make some lunch then watch some more tv.

06-25-2008, 06:13 PM
Back for a second!

Trying not to ignore any subjects, I just have limited time. I will try and get over to the ex's tonight and respond more.

JULES!! Where are you???

Francie- You know the scary dreams is when years later you live them. Like you are in a room and everything is like a dream, like you have been there before and people say and do things that were dreamed previously. Does that make sense :?: I did like the dress too but I am sure you will look lovely no matter what. Don't forget pictures!!

Cristina - Gab has a really cute Dora pillow, she loves that thing. How did Chase & V like Panda?? M took Gaby to see that, she didn't say a peep about it to me, it looks cute though.

Mindee- How are you???

Sorry...making a quickie, my back hurts to sit long. I took Rach to a second hand store so she could pick up some t-shirts, she always dresses in black. UGH, can't stand it. I picked up a cute brown skirt, it really had shorts underneath, which I like. Now I can still be unladylike when I get out of my car and be safe no undies show. lol...and a cute green t-shirt. AND I super glued my brown sketchers sandals from years ago and yippeeee, have an outfit for $11!!! lol

k- bbl......

06-26-2008, 12:15 AM
Quickie, as I am on my way to bed. Had to turn on the A/C tonight. It was breezy all day, then got hot. Oh well, good sleeping.
I got in a short bike ride and a walk. Food was real good today even though we ate out. I had a veggie melt and a baked potato. Had only had fruit the rest of the day, but finally had a small helping of cereal too.

Sorry to not talk to all of you individually. Just in a hurry.
Have a good Thurs.

06-26-2008, 12:55 AM
man it has gotten so hot and humid all of a sudden! I went from being nice and comfortable to now being sweaty and sticky.

as for our walk, it wasn't a full two hour walk, we actually sat down and talked with the office manager and her daughter, but the kids were playing and one of us was up going after Logan mainly for trying to climb the monkey bars.

oh yeah, they are FINALLY sending someone over to fix the bathroom floor! I talked to the office manager on Wednesday and told her that the floor was getting softer. she called one of the guys and he said that he will come over in the morning to look at it, but more then likely he will have to rip up the old flooring and put down new flooring and tiling!

and on top of that, once they are done with the other remodels, we were given the go ahead to rip up the carpet in the dining room and to put down tile. which, I have to see if the guy coming over in the morning would be willing to help since the office manager said to ask him. but it would probably take me making him lunch for a week. but at the earliest that we would be able to do that is in August.

06-26-2008, 03:24 PM
Good Morning

:wave: to everyone!!

Good about the bathroom floor Mindee. I have a lot of water behind my toilet that sprays out from the shower, been worried about dry rot but it seems to be ok. Weird though because there is always a puddle there.

Sue - Slow down and come chat!:cofdate: Veggie melt actually sounds good. I have been eating chicken so long I might try those veggie burgers. I know.....random thought. :dizzy: :hug: to you and keeping you in my prayers.

Cristina - I am glad you got the summer schedule, your reply though went to my spam box, good thing I checked. So, what did you end up buying Cambrie for her birthday?? She will be 4 years old?? How cute. Only 3 more weeks of the Bachelorette,so it is almost over! lol It helps to focus on other things otherwise I would be overwhelmed.

Francie - How was Chain Gang Girls?? lol I use to watch this show on public tv called Cell Block was English. I use to watch it in the dark, my mom would have had a cow if she knew I was watching it.

k- I have to do a quckie post too. My back is feeling better, must have just strained it. Doing laundry and Rach is all mine this weekend, oh joy. She was suppose to go camping but decided not to.

:wave:Hi to Jules, Katy, Sassy (where are you???) Tammy, Clara and ??? is that everyone??? I think.


06-26-2008, 03:32 PM
just popping in here before I go and check on Tommy's work laundry.

the guy came over and looked at the bathroom floor. he said that he had to talk to the head maintenance guy to see what he says. he came back and told me that the head maintenance guy says that they have to ask the owner what he wants to do with it. the guy that came here, who is our friend, said that they will either just pull up the part that is damaged, put a fan on it to dry and then repatch it.....or they will tear it all up. he knew immediately where it was when he walked into the bathroom.

so, right now, none of the kiddos are napping, so it looks like an early bedtime with a possible no-show at the fireworks here in town tonight. it is hot and humid here, and I have managed to go this far without having to put the air on. but Brandon has already been bugging me to go swimming, so I told him that we would see what daddy wants to do when he gets home from work.

06-26-2008, 03:38 PM
Bad news..good news situation. The biopsy found cancer, but not melanoma like before. This is the lesser basal cell. I don't have to be cut on anymore, just burned. Not an attractive thought. Better than the alternative. So there it is...thanks for caring. :)

06-26-2008, 03:43 PM
Susan- This sandwich is just lots of veggies on a wonderful toasted bun. They then melt cheese on it. I ask for lo fat and you can't tell..... Has all kinds of peppers, onions, mushrooms, just yummy. I am going to attempt it at home.

Mindee- Good luck on getting the floor fixed. I hope they repair it instead of patching.

BTW do you have dry rot if there is a puddle of water. Isn't that an oxymoron?

Okay...sorry about that. I think I am rather in a fog today....:)

06-26-2008, 03:50 PM
for Sue.... a hug!

Sue - Not sure why they call it dry rot when it comes from water, standing puddles and such. I am just amazed my floor is still standing. :dizzy: I probably should get another shower curtain because it never shuts all the way.
I guess I was thinking the meat was veggie. See, you aren't the only one in a fog :) ...
Many warm thoughts for you today!

06-26-2008, 05:11 PM
Hiya ladies...

SUSAN...I get a lot of mail that comes as spam too so always check it before I empty. Thanks for the schedule...poor Gaby. It is good for her in that she is learning but sure seems like a LOT of work for someone her age, just a very long day for her. V & Chase liked the movie (Kung Fu Panda) didn't think V would but he said it was actually good. He probably went to sleep in there and didn't see any of it, lol. I bought Cambrie a Barbie's too cute and then the beach barbie that goes with it and an outfit for Barbie only about $18. Was going to get something else but remembered we already gave her something, lol so this is good enough. She is always wanting to put my brushes and combs in her bag when she comes over so was looking for a kids brush & comb but couldn't find one in either Target or Wal-Mart. May go to the Dollar General tomorrow and see if they have one. Actually, Target had a Belle brush with mirror that was supposed to talk but it was broke. Was going to give her the skirt too but decided I would just keep that over here for those times they come over and she wants to stay but has no clothes like the last time. And yes, she will be 4. Hey, WTG on the $11 outfit! Sounds cute and bet it looks good on you! Are you sure you don't possibly have a slow leak under the toilet? Might want to check that...maybe one of the pipes is leaking.

SUE...lots of hugs to you. :hug: The sandwich sounds delicious and I wish we could go without the air. I did turn it up to 77 and thinking about 78. It's nice sleeping with the windows open though...can't remember the last time we did that.

MINDEE...I don't know why anyone puts carpet in a dining room/area. Of course I wanted wood flooring in our last house instead of carpet and now that we have it...I prefer the carpet, go figure. Of course I don't have little ones but now I do have a almost 4 yr old & a 9 year-old coming over and they are messy. Wood floors are a pain to keep clean!

FRANCIE...I always miss CA...lived there most of my life so for me it is home so I know how you are feeling about missing AZ. How many more days until Fonzo gets home? Yeah, it was/is the Slim Quick commercials...just saw a big aisle of that at Wal-Mart this morning and it reminded me of it and I those commercials.

Hiya to everyone else, JULES, KATY, SASSY, TAMMY, CLARA and, and, and...always feel like I am missing someone.

Nothing much going on today...another hot one here in Oz. Went and bought groceries this morning after my exercise. I feel so sleepy now...might take a 15 minute nap after Jeopardy. Getting a load of laundry done right now and that's about it for my day.

Still working on book #3 for the month...sad. Just been too busy to get much reading done and when I have time I can't stay awake long enough to get more than a Chapter done. But I am going to really try to get the majority of this book done and read at least one more before the month is over.

Take care and have a great day ladies!

06-26-2008, 05:27 PM
well, the owner wasn't in today, so hopefully they can talk to him either tomorrow or on Monday about it.

Sue~ I am going to keep you in my thoughts and prayers during this time.......and I am sending you some (((((((((((((sue)))))))))))))))))) too

06-26-2008, 10:07 PM
I feel fat, I ate too much today. Ugh. I am just sitting here trying to wait until the "fullness" passes.
I ate some honey wheat pretzels w/ mustard and I had too much chicken stew. The ex seems to be making that dish a lot this week. It is good and I do focus on the carrots, celery and chicken. I avoid the potatoes, but I still feel like I overate.
I don't know why I did that, boredom?? Anxiety?? And what is the difference between anxiety & depression?

anyway -

Cristina - haha, on Dollar General. We don't have that back here in the west, I remember going in a DG when I was in Arkansas. I wouldn't mind living back there or at least visiting again. I think Gaby's favorite toy at 4 yrs was her tricycle. It was hard to get her interested in dolls, she has always loved her animals. Becky still wants to see Get Smart, w/ the weather in the 90's this weekend movies might be a cool activity!
I check my bulk box more often. When I dated McD his emails from work would go in there and he always thought I was ignoring him. lol
What are you reading?? I am not reading anything, I might just go and get Certain Girls, to get lost in over the weekend.
You are a wonderful Nana!! I am sure Cambrie will love all the gifts.

Mindee- How was your afternoon???

Francie - Did a sailor come in?

:wave: hi to everyone. I think I will go lay on the couch and pretend I am 3 months pregnant, that is how bloated I feel. lol

Night :)

06-26-2008, 10:10 PM
So how does this work? I have been walking 5 miles everyday. Its so much fun.

06-26-2008, 11:10 PM
Susan~I used to watch a lot of things I didnt want my mom to know about, lol. That the great thing about the last button the remote. If I heard her coming..I'd flip it back to like MTV or something that wouldnt get me in trouble, lol.

Cristina~I love the Slim Quick commericals too. It almost makes me wanna try them out, lol. I cant really say when Fonzo will be home on here, cuz its public..and I cant talk about ship's movement. But if you wanna know..just PM me.

Sue~Many many many :hugs: for you!!!!

Anyways..sorry if been MIA for the whole day. I've just been sitting on the couch watching tv for most of today, lol. My stuff from Torrid came in. The shirt is pretty cute..and the shoes.. Well..I love the shoes, they're espadrilles. The only problem is. They're a little bit bigger than I thought. If I wear them, I'll be 3 inches taller than Fonzo. So I think I'll save them to wear another time..and wear the other wedges that I have. I did wear the espadrilles around the house for awhile, lol. I just love them so much.

Anyways..I'm starving, so I'm gonna have some cereal for dinner, lol.


06-27-2008, 12:17 AM
I took the boys to the pool while Tommy stayed here with Marissa since she was sleeping.

they got to play in the water for maybe about ten minutes when I noticed some dark clouds rolling in...and quickly! I managed to get them out of the pool with promises of going back there tomorrow.

and when I was getting them to the gate, it started to sprinkle. by the time I got to the curb close to our apartment, the wind was trying to blow me backwards! and no sooner did we get inside, it started to down pour!

we passed on taking them to fireworks tonight since none of them took a nap, but we will take them to the fireworks tomorrow permitting that is!

I am waiting to hear what the owner says, and if it isn't in favor of fixing the floor, then I will tell him that if one of us gets injured because of his negligence, then I will have my lawyer bring him our hospital bills.

06-27-2008, 01:52 AM
Francie -- Found this for ya, not sure if you already have it or even want it....... (

Hey Ya'all! :wave:

Sorry I've been MIA but I've been working and this week was my LONG week (46 hrs) so basically all I did was get up, go to work, come home, sleep, and do that all week long until now that I'm finally OFF for 3 days!!! :carrot: Next week is my short week (TG!!!) So that will be nice. It was SO HOT and MUGGY yesterday UGH!!!! I felt so ICKY when I came home from work and all I do is sit in an air conditioned office and I was just ICK! :yikes: So came home jumped in the shower, watched some Lucy and went to sleep!!! I am. I plan on tackling the bathroom this weekend and the bedroom. Those are my two "focal points" this weekend. ;) I have decided to have "focal points" on my nights off and it has so far, been working! Last weekend I got ALL my laundry put away (and there was A LOT) and got the kitchen cleaned up. :) So now its on to the bathroom and the budwaw (bedroom lol)............Then I suppose next weekend will be *horror flick music* the office!!! :faint: I have tried and tried to get DH to get in there but its a no go. He did pick up the apt and kept up on the dishes and did vacuum on his days off, so at least he did do some cleaning! ;)

Oh and let me just do a quick "update" on the work "situation" It is going good, so far at least!!! The woman I had an issue with actually communicated with me INSTEAD of just complaining out loud about it!!! So that my friends is progress! ;) I guess my positive attitude IS paying off! :D

Oh and there is some film all over the windshield of our car and my DH's motorcycle. We figure it has to be from the apt. complex because DH has not rode his motorcycle since last week. So we don't know if its from them stripping and re-staining the decks here or if its from the landscaping people. A coworker of mine is a professional landscaper and said its a possibility of it being from their weedeaters/leaf blowers since they use a combo of gas and oil in them and there is ALWAYS grass all over my car after they come. I plan on complaining to the apt. complex manager. I just didn't feel like dealing with her yesterday morning, I was just TOO exhausted.

Anyways, that is about all for me.

Have a Great Friday!!!! I thought this was cute: (


Sue -- A SUPER BIG HUG for you girl!!!! I'm glad its not melanoma but still very scary!! Email me, PM or IM me if you wanna chat!!!We are here for ya!!! We will definitely keep ya in our prayers!!!! ([/SIZE]

06-27-2008, 02:03 AM
sassy~ it is good to hear from you! I would definitely complain to the office manager if your car got some crud on it.

06-27-2008, 02:49 AM
sassy~ it is good to hear from you! I would definitely complain to the office manager if your car got some crud on it.

Hi Mindee

Yes I I plan too. Like I said to DH, "We did not spend all that money on our car and his BRAND NEW motorcycle for them to get crap all over it!" Plus pay rent here for them to do that sort of thing!!! I know things happen, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt, but I am definitely bringing it to their attention! I have also been thinking about checking into car covers. I know they can be a pain but it may be worth it, at least to put on here at home!!!! DH already has a cover for his motorcycle, he just has to remember to put it on!!! lol.

So hows everything on your end? :hug:

06-27-2008, 04:36 AM
OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT THE BEST NEWS EVER TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you wanna know what it is..then PM me!!!!

06-27-2008, 03:35 PM
Good Morning -
Just a quckie. I have been recruited to bleach streaks in Rachel's hair this morning. We stayed up until 2am watching Bridezilla, is that how you spell it?? This one couple spent $250,000 on their wedding and the cake was this orange blob with seashells on it, and it wasn't even very big. I could have eaten the cake all by myself. lol
Nice to see you here Sassy!

So how does this work? I have been walking 5 miles everyday. Its so much fun.

Welcome :wave: Wildthing! Great on your 5 miles a day. I will attempt to answer your question. Personally for me it is a challenge just to do any type of execise so the challenge is mainly for me to do something ((exercise))every day. I set my summer miles at 300, figure a 100 a month was doable. Anyone can join by making a ticker and keeping track of their miles walked. Some use pedometers to measure there steps/ miles. I just measure w/ my car. lol
Anyway - I hope someone jumps in and answers more indepth for you. You are welcome to join us, we would love to hear more about you!

k- better get, chat more later. :D

06-27-2008, 03:48 PM
Back for a second....
Jules - hope you are doing ok! Thinking of you :D

Katy- Is VBS over now? Just wanted to say stay cool :cool: in this heat! I think I will go buy me a fan, I don't have one.

Just misc thoughts!! :wave: back later after the hair job 4 Rach. Of course I won't get it right and Rach will yell at me. lol

k- adios amigo's and Happy Friday!

06-27-2008, 04:00 PM
Just stopping by to say a quick hello!!

06-27-2008, 04:51 PM
just stopping by....while I have a second.

things have been chaotic here since early this morning, and well, in all honesty, I don't see them getting any easier any time soon! but enough about that, I stepped on the scale this morning and I am back down to 230.8 so that was a nice thing to see! now, if I can just get out of the 230's and into the 220's that would be even better!

06-27-2008, 05:07 PM
Hello chickies...

HELLO WILDTHING! Ditto what Susan said...and feel free to join us! WTG on the 5 miles!

FRANCIE...I forgot, duh! I remember when people would ask me about Josh coming home. Of course they never gave them the "real" date because of security reasons they changed it every other day. I will pm you because I am dying to know your good news! Did you show us what you were buying? I remember the dress but you changed your mind on that didn't you? I love those kind of shoes too! Hey, you can wear them when Fonzo isn't home and you go out.

SUSAN...the book is The Doctor's Wife by Elizabeth Brundage. It is actually good so that's not the reason I can't seem to finish it...I am dying to. Just couldn't get any reading done when Cambrie & Chase were over and they kid of threw me off my little routine. How did R's hair turn out? Bet it looks nice! Well, I didn't find anything at the Dollar store. Funny though, I saw the Barbie car I bought at Target for a few cents more, lol. Isn't the dollar store supposed to be cheaper? I did find a Dora checkers game for $2, lol. It will stay here though...trying to get some things for them to do while they are here.

MINDEE...well at least you guys got a few minutes in the pool! Hoping they fix the floor for you guys. Couldn't imagine they would want a lawsuit on their hands but who knows. are going to have to send me the name of the place and how to find it...didn't get an e-mail and have no clue where to look for the group. Sorry to hear about your car and hubby's motorcycle...that totally sux! Maybe it will wash off :crossed:'s our favorite grandma? Hoping all is well with you. was/is VBS? It just last a week, right? Bet you guys had a fun time!

SUE...thinking of you today! :hug: Hoping all is well with you.

HIYA CLARA & TAMMY...did you ladies get lost? Are we going to have to come find ya? :)

I am glad it is Friday! Why? I have no idea, lol. Just always seems so good...the end of the week that is. Had lots of errands to run this morning and I overslept. Feeling sleepy and I think it is because of the weather...the rain always makes me sleepy. It's not raining now, but we had quite the storm early this morning. I did not want to get up. Had planned a walk at 6 but it was raining so went back to sleep and never did get any exercise in. Decided to just take my free day today. If I don't have anything done by noon I don't feel like doing it so...

Take care ladies and I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! :hug:

06-27-2008, 05:11 PM
MINDEE...WTG on the 230! :woohoo: And you are doing an awesome job with your walking! :bravo:

I made my 100 miles for the month thank goodness and even have a few days of the month left so doing good.

Not so good with the weightloss. Just have been eating like a pig lately...craving choc/sweets lately and I need to quit giving into the cravings...never going to lost weight. I guess I can live with that for a little while as long as I don't gain. But darn it...I want to be a loser! :lol:

Have a GREAT day and sorry things are so chaotic for ya...hoping it will settle down soon for ya. :hug:

06-27-2008, 06:21 PM
:bravo: Mindee & Cristina on the 100 mile mark!! I am impressed and inspired....(and totally pissed and totally jealous - lol - jk). I am ok with my 40 something, right?? At least I am doing something, right?? We have to think positive....:dizzy:

The hair turned out like a botch job. lol I mean she made me so nervous with her demanding questions like "it's going to look good isn't it??" *sigh.........I don't know, I never had done it before. It looks ok, I guess.....kind of a 2 tone light brown/ blonde thing happening on her head. lol She seems happy and now she is thinking of something else for me to do.

Mindee - Congrats on the 230!! :hug: hope it calms down for you!

Francie - busy little bee aren't you?? lol Hope you are having a super day!

Cristina - I have to run to the store for groceries, Gab would only go if I promised a toy. I said no so she is stuck watching a dvd. We got Little Miss Sunshine and Knocked Up too so I will watch those tonight. What is The Doctors Wife about??

k- I am STARVING. I only had breakfast. I was up all night using the bathroom, celery must have a lot of water in it?? I drank a big glass of water too last night late. anyway..........have to get back off my butt and get busy!

06-27-2008, 07:52 PM
Thanks guys. I wanted so bad to go back to bed because I had to wake up a six. But The skinny person inside of me reminded me how unhappy I am. So I hopped up and got to it. It paid off. I have lost 3 pounds since Sunday. YAY!! Tomarrow will be the hardest. I am having a bible study with some girls tonight then we are gonna paint our nails and watch movies. I wont go to bed until late and I am supposed to get 7 hours of sleep a night. I will have to wake up real early to go walk and go back to bed. Here in Texas it is so so hot during the days. Tomarrow is my cheat day. I am have ice cream!!!

06-27-2008, 08:27 PM
Hello again ladies...

I am trying to stay awake, geez! Not sure why I am so sleepy. Almost time to start dinner so that should wake me up, just moving around. Got a few chapters in the book read.

SUSAN...I've seen the two tone colors before and like it on others but not sure I would for myself and I bet you did a fabulous job! LOVED Little Miss Sunshine...that movie had me and dd cracking up at the show. I like Knocked Up was cute too! The Doctor's Wife is a psychological thriller and not sure why it's called the Doctor's Wife when it's mostly about him, sort of. To make it short I will take this fromt he back of the book..."A fine debut, full of psychological suspense, plot twists & turns, malice disgused as religion, the taint of incest and cheating spouses" I think that covers it all, lol. Oh and murder. It actually is good. And yes...40 something miles is AWESOME! :bravo: So you keep on truckin' missy! It means you are moving and that's all that matters.

WILDTHING...good to see you posting and looking forward to getting to know you. I hear ya about the weather. I am in KS and the humidity lately has been horrid, even at 6 in the morning! Going to try and get a walk in in the morning at 5:30 ish...hoping it's not raining like it was today. Have a fun 'girls night'...sounds like loads of fun for sure! And enjoy your ice cream tomorrow. WTG on the loss! :woohoo: :yay:

HIYA everyone else :wave:

Any special plans for the weekend?

I believe I will be exercising and reading. Sunday BD party and more reading and exercising.

Have a good evening ladies! Time to go start dinner!

06-27-2008, 09:59 PM
Are we all tired?? I feel sleepy too today, hard to get going and with the day almost over why bother now??? haha

wildthing - Enjoy your evening! What movie's are you gals going to watch? Nice to have you here :) And keep up the good wrok on the walking!

Cristina - I have no special plans this weekend. GAb will go w/ her father in the morning. If I can get to the bookstore I would be happy. The weather is in the 90's til Tuesday so stay cool is a top priority, anything above 75 and I am a baby! Have fun at Cambrie's party! Oh, what was for dinner?? lol ....lets chat food.

And I don't mean to drag the Bachelorette conversation out but did anyone else notice Graham's family didn't have a dinner w/ DeAnna?? I kept saying that to Rach and she says I am obsessed w/ food. lol

Dinner was chicken, chicken, chicken....ugh. I am starting to grow feathers and scratch the dirt with me feet. ha......anyway, just need to drink some water and I am done for the day.

Night to everyone!

06-27-2008, 11:22 PM
Mindee~WTG!!!! Congrats!!! :carrot:

Cristina~No, I couldnt find the clothes after I bought them. They were in the clearance section, so when I went back, they werent there anymore. I did take pics of the shoes. But I dunno how to resize the pic. Oh and you know..I'm happy its Friday too. :D

Wildthing~Welcome!! :wave: WTG on losing 3 pounds!!! Have fun with your girls night.

Cristina (again)~My plans for this weekend..hmm..I'm gonna bake some cookies for Fonzo tomorrow. And vacuum. Then just chill out. There really isnt much else for me to do.

Susan~I did notice that Graham's fam didnt have dinner with DeAnna. I wonder why that was. Or maybe they did, and they just didnt show it? I dunno.

So I was bored today and got on the scale. My weight is still the same. LoL!! So thats good. Once Fonzo gets back home, I'll get off my lazy bum and start working out again. Lets see if I can make it to 179 before we move, lol. I doubt it though.

Okay..time for dinner.

06-27-2008, 11:56 PM
Evening ladies- I am on my way to bed and just stopped to say hi. Sounds like you are all doing well. I didn't ride today, but did walk a little. Not much.

We are under a severe storm watch and earlier had a windy, rainy one blow through here. But earlier today it was way too hot. We went to run errands and also to look at cars at a tent sale. I drove a new Buick and we are "thinking" about it. Have to trade my car in, but have also been thinking about a "fun" car, an HHR. So tomorrow we are off to that dealer and will then decide.

That answers the question of what I am doing this week-end. Well, then Sun. we are delivering a table to our niece.

DH grilled burgers and hot dogs and Mom made potato salad for dinner. I didn't have to cook..yay! On the flip side wasn't the least bit OP for me today. to bed. Thank you all for your concern. My appt. is Thurs. and I am not unduly worried. Been through worse with the melanoma. I do appreciate your good wishes!

06-28-2008, 03:09 AM
just popping in here while I have a second.....

things are a lot smoother around here, so I am happy about that!

I took the boys to the pool again on Friday and then Tommy brought Marissa over to get us so that we could eat dinner. we then took them to bike night, and then off to find a spot for us to sit for the fireworks! a lot of walking was done....including both up and down in a parking structure, using NO elevators, just the ramps!

wildthing~ welcome to the group!!!!

06-28-2008, 03:10 PM
Good Morning -

A fly by because I have limited time at the moment but I wanted to say good morning and wish you all a great Saturday. Suppose to be 96 here today :cool:

Francie - what kind of cookies??

I know. I am food obsessed. I think I will take the R's to Home Town Buffet for lunch. I am craving fish and they have fish and veggies...lets see if I can stay away from the mac and cheese and all the other goodies!

Back up to 155 so I better go change my numbers. I am annoyed w/ that but can't beat myself up too bad. Roll w/ the numbers, I guess.

bbl when I have more time


06-28-2008, 05:02 PM
Sue~Mmm..grilled burgers and hot dogs sound soooooooo good. I think me & Fonzo will have a little cookout before the 4th of July. We have to watch Independence Day of course. It's a yearly tradition, lol.

Mindee~I really wanna go swimming right now. I would just like to jump in the pool and feel the nice cool water. It's so hot in here right now.

Susan~I'm baking Fonzo's fave cookies..peanut butter. They're yummy. I had you know, make sure it didnt taste bad, lol.

Alrighty...nothing new with me today. I cleaned up a little bit. And of course made the cookies. I'm waiting for the eggs to finish boiling so I can make my egg sandwich. Then I'm gonna chill out while watching SATC. Tonight, I'll be watching a movie on Lifetime, lol. So ya..thats pretty much my day.

It's so hot right now. It like 85* outside and 84 inside. I opened all the windows and the back door..but its not helping. Right now I have 3 fans pointing at me. That helps a little bit, but not much. My cats are all hot too. I had to refill their water bowl twice this morning. I think I'm gonna put some extra water bowls out for them. They're all trying to keep cool right now.

Anyhoo..I shall go now. Hope you're all having a nice saturday!!!

06-28-2008, 06:31 PM
mmmmm, of course Francie, you HAVE to taste the cookie to make sure it isn't....ummm, too peanut buttery and such. haha
It is hot here too. My apt is staying cool though and the dang cat keeps sneaking outside. If he wants to be in the heat, fine w/ me.
My lunch was fish, veggies, itty bitty mac and cheese and itty bitty slice of carrot cake and itty bitty lemon cake......mmm, what else?? That is the problem w/ a buffett, so many choices. I did have a spinach salad too, tried to fill up on bulk *snicker*....anyway - figure the rest of the weekend is for fasting and detoxing. lol

:wave: to everyone!! chat later.

06-28-2008, 07:16 PM
Well, I had another cookie. I just wasnt convinced enough that Fonzo would like them, so I had to try another, lol.

06-28-2008, 07:22 PM
Hiya ladies...

SUSAN..stay away from the mac and cheese and the buffets! Funny, since it was just me and DD I fixed hot dogs & mac & of our favorite meals and one we hadn't had in ages! Chicken is on the menu for dinner but not really feeling like cooking now, lol. Got lazy from taking too long a nap!

FRANCIE...peanut butter cookies had never been a fav of mine but the last time I made them specifically for the hubby me and dd ate most of them, lol! And of course you have to taste them, lol. I was watching lifetime earlier...The Pilots Wife just happened to be on and later I want to watch the new movie, can't think of what it is called...with Kelly Preston in it.

MINDEE...good for you for using the stairs! Glad things have calmed down at the homestead.

SUE...I test drove a HHR, an orange one and OMG! I loved it! Figured we didn't need a new vehicle and wasn't sure why we were there, lol. Good luck whatever you guys decide on. Will keep you in my thoughts.

Well, I couldn't do it. I broke down and did 3 miles yesterday, lol. It was killing me not having any kind of exercise done, killing me! Got up early this morning and went for my walk and man, got home just in time...right before the storm hit. It was kind of dark when I left so couldn't really tell the weather...but man, I didn't think I was going to make it home dry.

Couldn't sleep last night because of a dilema, sort of. Some idiot got a hold of V's debit card numbers and decided to spend about $900...made me crazy! What's stupid is they paid their bills...Cox Cable and some utility how stupid is that? He went and took care of that this morning...I swear if it's not one thing it's another.

Trying to get laundry done but not getting too far with it...been a crappy day, sort of. Just went to bed too late and was up too early. I did finish my book and started another, finally! Woohoo!

As far as the weight, I am up 2 pounds :( Of course the way I have been eating it's a wonder it wasn't more, and it was expected. So going to go change the old tickers...add the exercise as well.

Take care ladies, and I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

06-28-2008, 07:22 PM
Have a cookie for me Francie! :)

06-28-2008, 07:50 PM
just popping in while I have a chance to do so.

tommy and the boys are outside while Tommy is grilling. Marissa is sleeping, and I am making the side to go with dinner.

we are going to play monopoly tonight after the kids all go to bed.

gotta run, Brandon touched the grill while it was still on....and plus dinner is done.

06-28-2008, 07:54 PM
Hello Everyone!!

Wow, I really have been gone long....I almost didn't find the thread!! I know that I've only posted on here a few times but was invited by Christina a few months back. They really condensed the groups here. I've had an extremely busy few months with a step-d grad school graduation in NC. Then traveling back and forth to NC for a very sick FIL. We thought he was a gonner a few weeks back but he's mighty strong for 85 yrs. Now trying to concentrate on two weddings (ds in Nov, dd next June) preparing for Myrtle Beach trip in two weeks and trying to make the right food choices. The baseball size crabcake that I just devoured surely wasn't a good choice but it was delicious :D I've recovered nicely from all my plastic surgery. My eyes look great and I look 10 lbs lighter just having the fat sucked out of my chin and neck (notice I said "look" not that I am 10 lbs lighter) but I still need to exercise and firm up the areas where I had the bra fat lipoed. No more surgery for me......I just really need to lose these last lbs and exercise. Easily said than done.

Christina--I friend of mine had her card stolen once and they caught them when the fool tried to pay his taxes when getting them done at a Sears' H & R Block!

Francie--When are you coming to Annapolis? I hope you like seafood! You'll never find any better than what we have to offer.

Sue--So sorry to hear about your melanoma. You'll be in my T & P's. You've talked me into upping my SPF when we go to the beach.

Mindee--How are the kiddo's?

Anyhoo girls....I'll try to stay a little more in touch. I've got so much more reading to do to catch up. Take care and ya'll have a wonderful weekend!!

06-28-2008, 11:10 PM
It is great that you found us again Tammy! Look forward to getting to know you like the other ladies do :)

Mindee- Ouch, I hope Brandon is ok w/ touching the grill.

Francie - So, how many sample cookies have you had?? lol I LOVE peanut butter cookies, my favorite. In my first marriage (when I was 25 to 27) I use to bake a lot, I really liked it.

Cristina - I can almost hear you say "back away from the buffet Susan"...haha. I know, buffet's are a killer but I soooooo wanted fish. I will just watch it for the next few days w/ my eating. I seem to eat after 6pm now and I have tried not to do that. I figure it has been a 1,500 tp 1,700 calorie day. Ugh. I aim for 1,200. Yikes about the debit card, that is scary. I am glad it all worked out though. It is the bank that paid, right??
Wonderful on your walking!!

It is just too hot here, I think it has reached 100, miserable and just waiting for the sun to go down and hope it cools off. Gab came home at 6pm because I wanted her rested and she sleeps best at home. Next 4th of Jult weekend she will go w/ her dad. Anyway just drinking ice water and dreaming of mac and cheese and peanut butter cookies. lol

omg - hi to Sue , Katy , Jules , Sassy, Carla and wildthing!! You all are missed, come and chat w/ us!

06-28-2008, 11:28 PM
Cristina~OoO..I would've loved to seen the Pilots Wife..I loved that book!!! The movie you're thinking about is..The 10th Circle..or something like that. Thats the one I'm gonna watch tonight. I just gotta find something to watch before then. I have like an hour and a half left. I'm so bored, lol.

Mindee~I hope Brandon is okay!!

Tammy~Good to finally hear from you. I think we'll be moving sometime between Aug 12 to Sept 21st. I'll let you know the official date once Fonzo tells me, lol. Me & Him have a lot to talk about...I love seafood, but Fonzo doesnt.

Susan~I've only had 2 cookies..but since Cristina asked me to have one for her, I gotta be nice and do that for her, lol. ;) It's pretty hot here too. I think its hotter now than it was this afternoon.

06-29-2008, 01:00 AM
So last night I went to a slumber party. It was with my church. I gave the devotion on the last chapter of Proverbs. I realized when I gave that devotion I was loosing weight for the wrong reasons. I am so excited now that I have my mind in the right focus. There were several girls there that wanted to get in shape too. They were ever wight like me. So I told I was going walking and that they could join me. We ended up walking 6 miles!!! We just got carried away and didnt realize how far we made it. It was awesome!! I am so ready.

06-29-2008, 03:27 AM
I have good and bad news.

The good..Fonzo will be home tomorrow. The wont be until the evening. It takes everyone awhile to get off the ship. So ya..this sucks.

06-29-2008, 10:09 AM
Francie - hooray! enjoy your reunion...preferably someplace with air conditioning! those cookies sounded so good...we don't have them anymore sue to DS peanut allergy.

Cristina - what a pain; glad you two caught it early...guess it wasn't too hard to figure out who did it, huh? stupid criminals. I get so spooked about id theft, I hardly pay for anything with my debit anymore..only where I absolutely have to.

Susan- hot enough for ya - bleh. We have the kiddie pool set up, but may head over to the community center today - to hot for me, I'll say!

wildthing- great job on the miles! I like how you convinced your friends to join you...makes it easier to walk farther, doesn't it?

Sue - ((((big hugs))))) I have had many many biopsies (all benign) and I'm so glad they found yours early. tg it wasn't melanoma! hope they get it off soon and you can get on with your life.

Hi Tammy, Jules, Sassy, Mindee

Well, VBS kept me very busy last week...100 kids a day! I was pretty tired. yesterday I spent just trying to get the house under control, because it was really messy. I still need to dust and clean bathrooms and mop..ugh it never ends. Upside to VBS is that I walked alot...racked up some miles on the pedometer which is a good thing as I didn't make it to the gym until yesterday.

I did get those camping pounds off - thank goodness. However, I'm still fluctuating abit. The good news is that the scale said 172.5 this morning. If it stays stable over the next few days..I'm changing the ticker. Wahoo! I'm back down to what i weighed when I was married 18 years ago, and where I was at when I got pregnant with DD.

I've been skimming You: On a Diet....anyone else read that? It has some interesting information and it certainly makes healthy eating and weight management sound like a reasonable goal. After working on this for so many years, I often feel like I will never reach this goal of mine; it is just taking so long. This book did make me feel better about my approach I have to say.

Have a great Sunday everyone! Stay Cool!

06-29-2008, 04:32 PM
Happy Sunday!

Katy - MISERABLE, I say. I couldn't get to sleep til 3am and I evern took 2 herbal sleep aid pills to help but no go. So, I was in that half asleep half awake state. Kind of a slow death. lol I never have heard of You: On a diet. I did see one mentioned in Women's World that I was going to look up. When I check the title again I will let you know. I am glad VBS went well, they had the volleyball net set up this morning when I drove by, is that for the teens? Yay, on the 172.5!! I have been going up and down too, I need to go add another pound (up) as soon as I am done here. I guess there is no such thing as itty bitty slices of cake. lol

Franice - Good gawd girl, did you tell the people in charge you have homemade peanut butter cookies??? Ugh, on having to wait all day, I hope it is cooling off down there!!! Don't forget pictures :)

wildthing- awesome on the 6 miles, how long did that take you all??

Mindee- How is Brandon??

:wave: to everyone else. I might get back on later, just need to go spend time with the girls before it gets too hot. Also, I need to go change the weight. I am frustrated w/ the up and down...I kind of stepped on the scale wrong and it showed 145, it kind of got me excited til it went up to 155 ((this was the other day, before it went to 156 - lol))........I haven't been in the 140's for years now. I need to get some motivation and just get this over with, driving me bonkers. :dizzy:

k- adios....bbl

06-29-2008, 05:52 PM
I'm hot and miserable. I'm gonna take a nap and hopefully that will pass a lot of time!!!!!!!

06-29-2008, 07:04 PM
Happy Sunday! Whats left of it :D

SUSAN...I'm like you , just want to get with it and get this weight off! I just love food too much darn it...but then I guess we all do huh? I need to re-focus for sure and get back on track...but I think you are doing great and it shows! It's actually Visa that pays it since that is what our debit card is...basically a credit card thru Visa but not, lol if that makes since. The guy told V he didn't know what they would do with the people but he's going to stay on top of it. He did have to file a report with the Police Dept too so between the two someone should do something. I mean I am pretty sure they know who it is, lol.

Apparently somewhere he used it the person had it long enough to write down the info on the card and used it that way. DIL told me some girls where she worked a while back was stealing someones info by taking a picture of the cards. What is wrong with people?! Anywho, I told him to be careful and pay attention or quit using it so much...I hardly ever use mine...just too leery.

FRANCIE...thinking of you today! Won't be long now when Fonzo is home! Enjoy each other! :love: Hey, I missed that movie last night. I started doing something and forgot about it, ugh! I don't like to watch a movie if I don't see it from the beginning so...hoping it comes on again. Hope you cooled off!

MINDEE...guess I missed that Brandon got burned, ouch...hoping he is okay. Did you guys play Monopoly? I haven't played that game in ages...everyone cheats and we have some sore losers so we don't play, lol.

WILDTHING...good job on getting the ladies to walk with you and...walking 6 miles! :carrot: That is GREAT!

KATY...WTG on 172.5! :carrot: Good job on racking up the miles/steps! I've seen the You on a Diet but not read it...was tempted to get it once.

TAMMY...glad you found us again! So how is the wedding planning going? J & C postponed theirs until July 18 but they are still screwing with him so she (Char) is thinking about just setting it for May 2, 2009...they day they married in Hawaii. I told her that was a good least we know he will behome for sure! Glad the healing is done and you are feeling better and looking lighter!


Didn't get much exercise done, just 2's better than nothing I supposed. Was going to do some this evening but decided to call it good, lol.

The BD party was fun, even if half the people didn't show up! Just me and daughter, and Char's mom & sis. Not sure who else was supposed to show up but they didn't. Since they didn't they moved us from a big table to two booths and not sure why because no one was coming that needed the table, lol.

Other than that not much else going on. Trying to finish my book and boiling some chicken for chicken and rice for dinner.

Have a GREAT Sunday!

06-29-2008, 07:21 PM
Cristina - I would have showed up for Cambrie's party!! Sending the sweetie birthday wishes.

06-29-2008, 07:23 PM
Can you believe it is raining here?? Ugh, at 85, maybe we will get thunderstorms next.

bbl - just popped on while I had a free moment. Nice to see a Sunday post from you Cristina!! Made my day :)

06-29-2008, 09:02 PM
Cristina~Love the comment. I wish I had cupcakes now, lol. The movie was really good. Too many commercials though. I'm sure they'll show it again. I'm with you..I dont like to come in on the middle of a movie either. The beginnings are always important.

Susan~Is it a hot rain??? I miss those! We'd get a lot of hot rain in Az, lol. Right now..I'm wishing for a super cold day!! I hate being so hot. I just can't cool off. The fans are blowing hot air..and the cats are miserable too.

Only 1 more hour until the ship pulls in..and 4 more hours until Fonzo will be home with me!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna take a shower right now.

06-29-2008, 09:38 PM
It is kind of like a humid rain Francie, it is nice day actually, yesterday was way too hot. I like the smell of rain or water, whatever you want to call it. lol
Happy Fonzo will be home w/ you tonight!!

The book mentioned in Women's World was The truth about beauty - Transform your looks and your life from the inside out by Kat James. Long title , huh?? The lady in the article lost 73 pounds. Have any of you heard of it or read it?? I was going to pick it up. At the moment I am reading Before I Wake.

Cristina - I think the only fun part of losing weight is I get to chat with you all. lol Wearing cute clothes and feeling better about myself are also there. But it does get frustrating at times, and I try to be postive , it is a drag at times. Now back in 2000 when I lost weight it was more exciting because I had been overweight for 10 years and it was so nice to give up my 22 size jeans and wear mini skirts. Now at 44 years , I don't want to wear mini', I just want the scale to go down and stay down.
So, ya. I need a major attitude change and refocus asap.....I really want to do a beach trip by myself and regroup. It is hard to do when kids are screaming for my attention.

k- guess that is about indepth as I a going to get. :)

Night all......

06-29-2008, 10:07 PM
I was looking for a new game to try out..and I came across this one:

It seems fun. You can download it and play it for 60 mins, if you like it..then you can buy it.

06-30-2008, 12:03 AM
Hello ladies..Had a busy day as we went out of town to deliver niece's table. Didn't get back until after 5 p.m.

I did manage to ride 2 miles today and 1 yesterday, plus walk 2.5 miles yesterday. I didn't walk today. Hope to re-group tomorrow and get my rear in gear for better eating.

Looking at another busy week. We might get the new car Mon. or Tues. *fingers crossed* Then Mom and I both have Dr. visits. Ugh! DH has no project going now that the table is finished, so I might get him to go to the casino. I need a mindless get-away SOON. :) DD and DGS will be here Friday night for a week. That's exciting!

Hi to you all and I am sorry for no indies...will catch up soon. I am doing pretty good and so is Mom. Thanks for all your concern. You gals are the best!

06-30-2008, 12:07 AM
Forgot to say..I had the book You, on a Diet. By Dr. Oz. I found it very interesting. My DD wanted to try to get healthier, so I sent him the book.

06-30-2008, 12:34 AM
hello every body!

Brandon is doing great! I think he only touched it for a second, but cried forever! so, he sat with some ice on his hand until Logan decided to keep stealing it from him!

we ended up going to the pool last night. I got into the pool with them....then went over to the deeper part of the pool and swam some laps while Tommy watched the boys. Brandon got away from the pole by the steps, and ended up in the middle of the pool. he didn't freak out as much as I would have thought he would have. so, I got a hold of him and told him that if it happens again, to push the water away and I was showing him how to do it.

today we just hung around the house......then went to my in-law's house to pick up the kids laundry. came home, hung out for a little bit with some of the neighbors, and then Tommy made dinner.

06-30-2008, 02:13 AM
RosieKate- It was incredibly easy to walk. I told my mom how much fun it was and she wants to walk at night with me now. I am really excited because I know she is unhappy with here weight and health. I cant wait.

Mom2Gabby- It took us about an hour and a half. With the five I walk every morning it usually takes me a hour to and ten min. to a hour and fifteen min. So I was pleased with our time. It was a really good time of fellowship too.

To everybody-
Today was Sunday and that is the day I dont have to go walk. Let me tell you I wish I did. After church I was so tired because I didnt do anything. Next week will be different. I did eat ok. My breakfast was good. My lunch was ok. It wasnt bad but it was great. We had chinese but I had steamed rice with some different kinds of meat. At least it was healthy. Just too high in calories. For dinner I went with friends to Zoo-kinis and had salad and a bake potato. More calories than usual today but everything was still healthy. Today I will be on regular schedule. I will walk.

06-30-2008, 03:13 AM
wildthing~ that is great that you are walking every day! you are doing great!

we haven't eaten out in over a week, possibly two weeks now! and when we go grocery shopping this coming weekend, hopefully, I am going to get some foods that I can eat during phase one of South Beach Diet. Tommy has been talking about losing some weight, so I sent him an email earlier about him being my back bone and doing this with me.

06-30-2008, 04:55 AM
Hey all..I have some free time right now. Fonzo is busy at the moment, lol. We've been glued together since he got home.

Anyhoo..he came home at 7!!!!! I was really surprised, and very happy. It was weird having him home again at first, lol. Even he thought it was weird being back at home, lol. But things are back to normal now. The cats acted like he was gone for a day, lol. We watched National Treasure 2 was pretty good. Tomorrow we're gonna chill out in front of the fans until we get paid.

Oh ya..Fonzo bought me Fearless now I have a new book to read!!! Yay!!

Okay..time for bed..nighty nite!!

06-30-2008, 09:54 AM

Do NOT post here! Head on over to Back In Kindergarten #49! Please & Thank you! See ya there :wave: