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06-18-2008, 08:01 PM
I bought some agave nectar today, realizing I can't hide from sugar forever! It's been 7 weeks, and I haven't had anything sweet! But I've been thinking about it the past couple days.

What's your favorite recipe/use for agave? I was thinking of making a smoothie with it....yogurt, berries, touch of agave. Any recommendations?

Also, I'm afraid if I eat sweet things, like agave, I'll get sweet cravings. Do you find this to be true?

06-18-2008, 08:07 PM
I find that agave nectar, in reasonable amounts, doesn't give me cravings. I use it anywhere that I would use honey. One of my favorite ways is drizzled over Greek yogurt, with some slivered almonds on top. It's good in tea, and I have used it to make Nessa Bars, apple crisp, and sweet potato souffle and pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving.

06-18-2008, 09:45 PM
What is agave necter and where do I buy it??? I have never heard of it before....does it have any of those sweeteners like aspertame etc in it? I am trying to find a more natural sweetener than the "fake" ones (I tend to react to the "fake" ones)....but for phase 2 I would like find an alternative....any info on agave would be great :)...thanks

06-18-2008, 10:13 PM
Agave nectar is a natural sweetener, made from the agave plant. There are no artificial sweeteners in it, but it has a lower glycemic load than sugar or honey. It is not on the allowed list of SBD foods, but quite a few of us here have used it without any adverse effects. It's a nice alternative to artificial sweeteners. It kind of looks like honey, and has a mild flavor. I buy it at health food stores, Trader Joes, and I have seen it in some grocery stores.

ETA: Of course different things affect different people. If you try it, I would use it sparingly, and watch carefully to see if you think it sets off any cravings for you.

06-19-2008, 02:24 PM
I like it on steel cut oats. I use Kara's crockpot recipe. My favorite dried fruit added during cooking so far has been dried pears. After cooking, I add a bit of toasted pecan pieces and a drizzle of agave nectar right before serving.

I also occasionally enjoy a toasted piece of ezekial bread w/nat'l peanut butter and a drizzle of agave nectar. (I love pb & honey this is my substitute to get that flavor)

06-19-2008, 11:01 PM

I had sauteed acorn squash, with a drizzle of agave nectar on it...delish!!

06-21-2008, 07:53 PM
I like to take a bit of unsweetened coco powder, a squirt of agave and add a little water. When you warm it up it makes kind of a runny choc. syrup, then I add some LF milk to it and chocolate.

06-23-2008, 11:17 PM
Mmmm...sounds yummy heidelitos!!

Tonight, I experimented....yogurt, cocoa, agave, and strawberries. It was pretty good! I put in a bit too much cocoa. Next time, I honestly think it would be fantastic without the strawberries (or blend them in...).