Weight Loss Support - Had a very bad Experience With the SBD but i'm geting good results!!!

06-18-2008, 05:53 PM
Recently I've join the south beach diet online and i had a few question. I felt itwas best to give a little background on myself for the maxima help. such as i work two full time jobs and i have a year old son. and i proceeded to ask if there any south beach frozen food intended for Phase 1 and this was the reply i got back .

The SBD is based on a healthy lifestyle and believes that whole foods are always the best answer. Also, sleep is very important. I am not sure how a person has a healthy life, working two full-time jobs and raising a child. That does stump me, seriously. I am not being sarcastic, I just can't imagine it.
There are a very few of the SBD meals which are OK for Phase 1. I think you'll get bored fast. Also, you will have to add some vegetables. They are not complete. They were intended for emergencies.

Best of luck,

where happen to the support
this was the frist and the only post is she saying the way i live is not healthy
do she want quit my jobs i have bills

and i also had another reply
she was very supportive but her result were very bad
she been on the diet since 2004 and only lost 7lb

06-18-2008, 09:29 PM
Hey cilicia,

We have an SBD forum here on 3FC--you may want to post your South Beach questions there instead of on the SBD site.

Here's a link to the 3FC South Beach forum:


Since you're not really asking a question here, I'm going to close your thread. Please feel free to ask specific South Beach questions of the 3FC folks on our SBD forum.