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06-18-2008, 04:09 PM
Hey, all new to this but having read the forums I think you guys may be able to help. I have over 100lbs to lose. This has been at the back of my mind for such a long time for health issues but I always thought I looked Ok, that is until I saw photos that my friends took at the weekend and had the realisation that I am the size of a small elephant(they are posted all over facebook and I am mortified:o). I feel like I have such a long road to go down- I just don't know where to start ...

06-18-2008, 04:25 PM
Hey annanes! Welcome to 3FC! I am new to this too! The first thing I did was found a plan I could stick too. I kinda count calories.
I thought I looked fine too until my husband was video-taping our dogs and caught me on the camera! OMG! I knew I had to start doing something!

GOOD LUCK! You can do this!

06-18-2008, 04:32 PM
You can do it. My mom has lost 90lbs in the past couple years. She was motivated because she has Diabetes. She has a fused ankle and bad knees so if she can do it you can do it. Just start off with small goals and little lifestyle changes. Like say I'm going to lose 10lbs by August 1st. Then switch out bad foods for healthier foods and smaller portions. Start going for walks even if it's only for 10 minutes just get up and do what you can. then as you get used to that increase it. If you slip up one day and eat something bad just eat better the next day. Allow yourself occasional treats in moderation. Give up soda if you drink it. it's basically liquid candy. You know the difference between obese people and thin people is usually only an additional 100calories a day? Just start with small attainable goals, keep a journal of what you eat and how much you exercised and above all never give up!

06-18-2008, 04:37 PM
Sorry you guys had to have such ouchie wake up calls, but sometimes that's what it takes to get us started right?
You will find lots of support and helpful suggestions here at 3fc. You can just get started and figure out the details along the way. You don't need to know everything right now, there's a lot you will learn along the journey. Today, start moving a little, start looking around for a plan you feel you can live with, stop eating any junk or calorie-dense but not nutritional food, eat a lot of veggies. Eat some lean protein, whole grains, lowfat dairy products, fruit. Start drinking water. If you are drinking anything with a lot of sugar, try giving it up or cutting back on it. Or maybe you want to journal your food for a few days so you can see any patterns or bad habits you can focus on changing. good luck to you both!

06-18-2008, 04:40 PM
Thanks guys, I know I will do it. Going to see this as a new start and stop dwelling on the past!

06-18-2008, 04:42 PM
It is such a mental game. You have to be proud of yourself for every single little accomplishment to stay at it. From losing half a pound to choosing to eat something healthy over giving into your cravings. To do this, you have to absolutely love yourself. For you are RIGHT NOW with a 100 lbs to lose. You have to do this because you think you deserve this not for ANYONE else including for the people who are making you embarrassed by posting your photos all over facebook! Those 100lbs are NOT you, they are a part of your body that effects you. So give yourself a great big hug. You can totally do this!!! Oh, and welcome!

06-18-2008, 05:07 PM
Where to start? I would say start by figuring out what you hate about dieting and losing weight, what has made you give up in the past, and decide that you're not going to do those things this time around. If counting calories makes you crazy, find or make a plan that doesn't require it. If you give up because you can't have any food that you really want, decide that nothing will be forbidden and find a plan that lets you have that stuff in moderation.

There's no way any of us can stick with a plan that makes up feel miserable or deprived or hungry all the time, so find something that you can stick with and be happy with for the rest of your life. After a while, you won't feel like you're eating this way to try to lose weight - it will just be your normal way of eating. I didn't believe that until it happened to me, but it's true.

Good luck, and visit 3FC often!


06-18-2008, 05:20 PM
Yeah, those photo wake up calls are awful, aren't they?? :hug:

You have certainly come to the right place. What you might want to do rather than dive head first into things, is to take a week and write down everything you eat. That way you will understand where most of your calories are coming from, and where you can start to make changes. Doing one change at a time is much easier than trying to rework yourself overnight. And it is sustainable change for a lifetime.