Weight Loss Support - Alternative Group (March 18, 2002)

03-18-2002, 06:33 AM
We are a group of non-traditional lifestyle individuals. We are partnered, single, widowed, Pagan, Atheist, Agnostic, Christian, Muslim, gay, bi-sexual, bi-colored and straight. We bask in our diversity and unite in the same goal of losing weight. If you are relatively open-minded and accepting of ALL walks of life, please join us.

03-18-2002, 06:42 AM
Hey gals! I walked ~10 miles yesterday -- and boy am I sore! I'm calling out sick from work today (I've accumulated >60 sick days over the years I've worked there, and they don't pay me for them when I leave, so I'll be calling out as much I can get away with). I have school work to catch up on already -- isn't that awful? The semester started a week ago!

This is the week #1 school is supposed to notify applicants for 2002 entrance ... yikes, I can't wait ... when I went to take their entrance exam, the assistant director of admissions told us the third week in March, and I hope they stick to that (their catalog says "by April 1"). I got my official letter from #2 school about the $10,000 fellowship, and that has to be returned by March 29. I really never thought I'd get into #1 school, but I guess being accepted to #2 and #3 increases the odds I'll get in, plus being offered the fellowship, plus one of my professors who did recommendations for me told me, "don't worry -- it will turn out fine," and I keep wondering why he would say that so definitively unless he knew something, like he had spoken with someone at #1 school -- oh, also the dean of #2 school told me not to be so sure I wouldn't get into #1. Aarrghh!

I'm obsessing again, aren't I? But this is my whole FUTURE, it really is. I've spent the 23 years since graduating high school bullsh*tting around, and now I'm finally doing what I feel I was meant to do.

If only I was so obsessive over losing weight, huh? No, I shouldn't say that, b/c then I'd be sticking my fingers down my throat every time I ate. Better to be obsessive in a positive way.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, OP week!

03-18-2002, 11:00 AM
Good luck Ruthie. It is so stressful having to wait, with so much riding on this.

I have a crocus in bloom, I planted them last fall. A gift of spring.

Equinox on Wed. Anyone doing anything? I'm going to go to an open ritual with my old group. I didn't re-initiate, but am going to go to the open ones this year...

March Break is over, and everyone is back to school. Yahoo!

Must get Evan dressed, we have to go to the bank. We have to pay for Morgan's $460.00 Quebec trip. Ugh.

Flower, I remember the aching legs I used to have when I worked retail... Hope you have really good shoes.

Bye for now,


03-18-2002, 11:43 AM
Lamorgan-haven't found the perfect pair of shoes yet. I am currently taking 2 pairs to work and switching at lunch. So far that and using the foot spa at home is working. No blisters, and that I am thankful for! Sears has a pair of ked style black leather tennies I might get. We get 20 % off at Sears. (Sears owns us). I was suppose to have yesterday off, w/ the condition that I would get another day off this week. Nope, not gonna happen. So Tuesday will be my one and only. But 9 hours overtime sounds mighty fine!!!!!

Ruthi-today is mail day. You will hear something in time. :)

Well, to the rest of you-have a wonderful Monday. I will peek in tomorrow. I gotta go bathe and tame my afro!!!!! Sleeping with wet hair is a no no for me! ~flower

03-18-2002, 01:01 PM
Hi Everyone
This weekend was OK although I been suffering a MAJOR toothache all weekend ( i lost a filling a while back I thought I would be fine ,HA what a mistake that was) so between taking my tylenol w/ codine for pain and n antibotic , I had to throw my DD her birthday party for which only 2 of her friends showed up .
My friend found out she was pregnant so she is inbetween excited and nervous her youngest just turned 3 (remember I went to a Bday party 2 weeks ago it was for her two children ) She is due Nov 21.. Funny thing is her friend that was at her two daughters party I asked her "Soooo when you having another baby ( her baby is 7 months ) anyway last week she took a home test and she might be pregnant also..I was told I was a jinx when it came to that..LOL.. I cant have anymore children so I guess I have that right to jinx everyone else...LOL
Flower you wasnt being mean about trying not to laugh. If it were me I know I would have laughed heartily especially when someone tries to act like shes "all that and a bag of chips" ( or as you called it premadonna)
I remember the tolls of retail.. I used to work at Sams Club.. I miss the heavy lifting I was so toned back then..
Ruthie... Your not obsessing at all.. Your 20+ years of a haitus wasnt bullsh*tting, it was getting life skills..Having some life skills does make you more marketable once your done school.. So you have the "one up" on those who just go right into school after graduating. ( in other words you know more about the outside world then anyone that jumps right into college)
LaMorgan I have nothing planned for the 20th. Like that is surprise, I never plan nothing I am at home all the time.. Have fun at your Equinox ritual.. (forgive me if I worded that wrong, I am never sure what the proper terms are)
Everyone else ..Hope your day is going good I will check in later
TAke Care

03-18-2002, 02:54 PM
Hello everyone! :wave:

:mad: from now on I'm saving my posts because I just did one and the site ATE it!! :mad:

Anyway... not much of a couch potato weekend. I went for a walk in the snow, installed a new towel rack and tp dispenser in my spare bathroom, took out my old towel rack and did some drywall patchwork. My new futon was delivered Saturday so I played with it for an hour...

2 pound loss for me this week - 3rd week in a row of 2 pound losses!!! :dizzy: I'm only 2.5 from my April 12th goal of being in the 230-somethings!!!

Flower - No, don't feel bad about laughing at the high 'n mighty flower arranger! The Powers that Be have a way of knocking people down a peg when they need it - heck, it happens to me when I need it! Your 10 miles has inspired me to up my measly 1 mile walk too. Thank you!

Wildfire - How scary for you about your daughter and her wild little friend! I'm glad it turned out ok. We have 2 missing girls in Oregon - friends that dissappeared a month or so apart out of the same apt. complex. Very scary...

Lamorgan - Crocus!! I wish I'd had time to pop my bulbs in the ground when I got done moving in October. Oh well, now I have a fall project I guess...

Nothing special planned for Ostara. I have some friends coming over. We never really do a formal ritual, our magick is mostly worked in the kitchen. :p

Have a great week everyone!

Terri :moo:

Venus Envy
03-18-2002, 04:00 PM
Being a parent these days is incredibly hard. My older daughter developed bipolar disorder when she was 13 and spent several VERY rocky years in all kinds of trouble. Once she was gone for three months ... she joined a street gang ... her boyfriend from that time is currently in prison for multiple murders ... Incredibly tough time for all of us.

At age 17, she got a false positive on an HIV test. Within several VERY anxious days, she decided to turn her life around. She knuckled down in her studies and even became a peer tutor in a couple of classes. She took a part-time job and did volunteer work for the Red Cross. And one day she told her dad and me that she regretted having wasted her time in school and wanted to make up for it by joining the navy and learning whatever she could through a four-year stint in the military.

She's in her fourth year in the navy and just reenlisted; she wants to make it her career. She's received a commendation for bravery for helping rescue Marines in a helicopter crash. During the rescue, she was injured -- tendons and ligaments ripped from their anchorings in her legs and ankles -- but she didn't stop what she was doing. (She's since been reassigned to new duties to accommodate what turned out to be a permanent injury.) Her ship's captain says she's "the toughest five feet of sailor the navy has to offer."

Even when things look bleak, don't give up!! What seems like **** on earth now could provide valuable strength to our kids later in life. And possibly to us as well.

Maybe that's good advice for my new healthier lifestyle, huh? Maybe, just maybe, it's possible that the failures I've had in the past are just going to make this new lifestyle all the more resilient.


P.S. Ruthie, best wishes on your college-acceptance wait! Here, check out this story before you make your decision: http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/national/AP-Admission-Deals.html

And I can't wait to walk with you at San Diego! Here's a little tip: Within about half an hour of your endurance walks, put 4 tablets of Alka-Seltzer in a glass of water and drink up! It helps break up the lactic acid that builds up in your muscles and causes soreness. Use 6 tablets if you're doing more than 16 miles.

03-18-2002, 08:31 PM
There are days I just hate being a student and today is one of them. I have a smart *** Psych teacher that had to be rude about a question I asked. I guess I was the blunt of her joke this week instead of the guys. I e-mailed her to aske her what was due and she decided to tell me...." I should look over my notes and my syllabus" the reason I was asking was because of something we talked about in clinical.... GRRRRRRRR let me stop now.

Ruthie - hope you enjoyed your day "off" so to speak.

Venus - All I can say is wow! That is a great story!

I am going back to studying so I can get through and work out!

I have decided I am going to try to get back OP! I have a little over 20 pounds to loose and I would like to do it before summer. Shooting for Mid-June! I have been stuck at this weight for what seems like for ever. I am going back to counting calories! and hopefully to exercise at least 3 to 4 times a week.

Post soon,

03-18-2002, 11:06 PM
Ruthie, hope the mailperson brings you good news and soon! I've been thinking of joining you in your 10lb goal. I've been on again, off again for a while now, especially with IBS getting in the way. I just can't seem to get that push I need to do it, though.

Lamorgan, a crocus! I've been watching for robins, but have yet to find one. Oh, that reminds me...I told you once about a large hawk I see near work. Hubby calls it "my" bird. Well, there are two, mates I believe, and with the help of a wonderful guy at the Peregrine Foundation we think they are Northern Goshawks. Near as I can tell, anyway from the markings, colorings, and size. I have been seeing them more regularly in the last couple of months. Absolutely incredible beings.

Flower, be kind to your feet! Buy good supportive, comfortable shoes. Foot pain/damage accumulates slowly, and reverses even slower if at all. I bought wonderful high heeled black boots for work this winter, and after wearing them for the last six months or so, I've discovered pains in my feet I've never had before. Especially the lower joint of my left big toe. These boots are comfortable...I can run around all day in them, but when I take them off, I get cramps in my feet for a few minutes. I didn't pay it any mind...but now I'm getting other pains even when I'm wearing different shoes.

Punkin, that is scarey about the two girls. They just think that nothing is going to happen to them.....and all too often it does.

Venus, your daughter seems to have really turned her life around. She really had some frightening things in her life...HIV, gangs...you must be very proud of what she's done after all that!

Amyjo, hope tomorrow is better for you!

Time to scoot....Punkin, how much longer 'till Friday? Terrible, but I live for 5pm on Fridays....


03-19-2002, 06:12 AM
Thanks for the link, Kim. It has been suggested to me that if I get accepted to the #1 choice, I should go to them and let them know about the $10K scholarship and ask if they can match or exceed it. If by chance I get accepted, I do plan to do that -- but I'll be working in a tough deadline and I won't be in much of a power position, but it can't hurt to ask. Interesting that that article mentioned schools being more responsive if there's been a drastic change in financial status; I would certainly think me quitting full-time work and my DD starting full-time college is about as drastic as it gets. I've been trying to get my mind right about all this -- I know that even if I don't get into #1 school, I have an absolutely tremendous and wonderful second choice.

I'm too tired to write more...

03-19-2002, 10:43 AM
Ruthie ~ Girl it sounds like you have got it in the bag. Have you thought about call school #1 and seeing if they can tell you anything over the phone? March 29th is just around the corner, literally! You would call if it were regarding a job, so why not call about your application? I will probably go to Grad school at the same school I am getting my BSN from simply because the other Nursing schools in Mobile are not worth my time of day and the next two closest schools are in Mississippi and New Orleans. I might could commute to New Orleans but I am not sure I could manage that, and I am pretty sure I want to go- but I have to work two year before I can apply to grad school.

I would like to send you a contribution to your walk.... I lost a neice to leukemia two day before my daughter turned a year old. Karlee would of been 10 on March 2nd. If you would IM me your mailing address or what ever way I could donate I would appreciate it.

Flower ~ You should invest in some good walking shoes, like some reeboks or nike's if you can wear them to work. Standing on your feet all day is rough but it is even worse if your not "use" to it. Since I am back on my feet for clinicals and work my hips have been killing me. I went to the doctor, he told me I have congenital birth defect in my Right hip that is causing me pain (go figure) and fibro myalgia (again go figure) but what I was getting at is you should also invest in some good support hope to promote good venous return. I hate the things personally but they are great to keep you from getting vericose and spider viens and they help with fatigue. Oh and I agree with the laughing, I couldn't of contolled myself I would of have to of laughed right in her face. The older I get the harder time I have keeping my opinion to myself, it is really cleansing to actually be honest about how I feel and I would of laughed because it was funny not to be mean. I am one of those people who laugh if someone falls or does something stupid though!

Sheila ~ you should get that tooth fixed girlie!!!! Your going to end up with and abcess!

Well I really, really, really need to clean my house it is getting to be disgusting. I have an afternoon clinical. I am doing one day at a day treatment center for the mentally ill and one day at the orphanage here in town. I really think I am going to end up working with kids so I figure I would benefit from working with some "damaged" kids. These kids aren't the damaged ones the parents are. I have a feeling I am going to probably have a problem with this simply because I want to adopt and can't right now and these kids don't have anyone (you get the picture)....

I am up for a challenge guys!!!! I want to loose 20 pounds in the next 10 weeks but I can start with 10! (heck I could start with 1 in the right direction at this point)


03-19-2002, 11:17 AM
Hello everyone!

I did a bit of pre-tax return shopping last night (had some stuff on sale). I bought myself a new vacuum cleaner (a fancy shmancy bagless with all the fun tools - what can I say, I love housework):shrug:, a new bathroom cabinet w/ glass doors, new wood towel rack w/ shelf, 2 sage green shelves for my bedroom, and 5 shelves for my craft room. Time to charge up my cordless drill again!!

Wildfire - Friday would be just a bit more than 65 hours from now... :D

I better get some work done so I can go home and play with all my new stuff!

Terri :moo:

03-19-2002, 12:50 PM
Well I am dealing with my TOM almost a week early... Jeeez sometimes I wish I would go thru menapause already and get it over with..
My 12 year old daughter is driving me crazy, first of all this morning she claimed to be sick she tried her hardest to stay home (no fever plenty of color ) so I sent her to school . She went directly to nurses office at school Nurse called home and I asked the nurse to check to see if she had fever (which she didnt) then I asked the nurse to see what my daughter would say if she asked her to drop off her homework to the teachers..(Daughter claimed she had no homework night before) wellll she didnt do her homework. So I told the nurse she is is suffering from "Ididntdomyhomeworkitis", anyway my daughter is still in school right now. BUT I am SOOOO sick and tired of the lies she has been handing me and the school.. She also claimed that she was harrassed thrown to the ground called a bunch of names had sexual things said to her she said she was threatened.. Now I know it was possible but things didnt add up. Like being thrown to the ground ( she was wearing a WHITE windbreaker and the ground was muddy , not a speck of dirt on the coat or her pants) she said when she was thrown she bumped her head hard on a rock(No redness or swelling anywhere on her head) no dirt in her hair either.. The cops were called just the same and even the police said that she couldnt ID the perpratrator after seeing every boys pic in the school..(according to DD it was a student from her school) The description of the boy was very very very vague..All she could tell me or the cops is that the boy was of Porta Rican ansectry..LETS face it where I live you see more of that ethnic description then you see caucasion people.. (please forgive me if I worded something wrong I am trying to be as Politically correct as possible, I DONT have any racist bones in my body,just for the record) I am really getting ticked and I dont have any idea of how to stop her bullsh*t.. If I do report her lies I am to blame for filing a false report , if I dont report her lies I am a bad mom b/c they may not be lies..She knows about the "boy who called wolf" story..Her father and I have been racking our brains to try to figure out how to solve this.. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr:mad:
***************END OF B*TCHING NOW****************
Sorry to vent off but I just needed to. I dont have anywhere else to go with this ..

PUNKIN: Glad you got something out of your return.. With ours we got our apartment and freezer and fridge and washer plus a few other things.. I still need a new vaccuum and a new scale

As for the challenge I am gonna to get 15 pounds off by Memorial Day.. Although I wouldnt mind getting 60 off by then but I know baby steps

Thanks again for listening .. I hope I worded things correctly and didnt offend anyone , if I did please email me personally click here for addy (sheila061968@hotmail.com)
Take Care

03-19-2002, 01:10 PM
*********yeah!!!!!!!!************ My house is almost clean :)

Sheila ~ I feel your pain, I don't know if you were here last summer when MY DD "fainted" at school for the total of $26,000.00 :mad: and spent the last week and a half of school in the hospital. Still am not over it, but I still had a real problem with the Doctor- say that my child was not "mentally" stable and that she was crying out for help. You can only do- what you can do.... If you beleive her then you have to support her, if you don't then you have to come up with the right approach to handle the situation. (not that you didn't know that already) Hope it all works out, that crying wolf thing.... GRRRR If I hadn't told my DD that she had to be throwing up blood (which she tried to tell the nurse last year she was) or that she had to pass out (which I really doubt at this point she did) then I would not have had to cough up all the cash last year for her doctor bills. :( But I was sick of having to pick her up from school every time someone hurt her feelings. No one ever said raising kids was easy and I firmly believe I am getting paid back 40 fold for everything I ever did as a kid!

Got to go to clinical~

Hugs to you Sheila!!!!

03-19-2002, 09:56 PM
Well, gals, #2 school became #1 school today. I e-mailed #1 to ask which day they would be sending the notification letters, and they responded that no decision has been made, and I will receive a notice the second week of April. Second week of April???? Meanwhile #2 school wants an answer on the scholarship by March 29! So I called #1 and explained, and this woman just about cut me off in mid-sentence, saying yeah this happens every year, they know our deadline, they can wait. :?: So I e-mailed the chair at the #2 school and asked their absolute deadline, and also asked for clarification about the four free credits that are also part of the fellowship. So this guy e-mails me back and says because they think so highly of me, he's giving me an additional four free credits -- so my master's there would cost me a total of a little over $10,000!!!! So I agonized all day over this; even though #1 school has so much prestige and a rich curriculum, #2 obviously really wants me there, plus the financial, so in the end I decided to just give up on #1 school, which is being very cavalier and kind of pissed me off to tell the truth -- I mean, this is my life they're di*king around with, ya know?

So this summer I'll be off to Boston!

I promise to respond to everyone personally later...

03-19-2002, 10:05 PM
Ruthie, congrats! Now the planning begins! I bet it is a huge relief to have that decision made, and I agree....if the #1 school treats you so indifferently, who needs 'em! Go where you're wanted!

Sheila, I see you've got yourself a two-headed gila monster. Yup...around 12 is when mine first appeared. I don't know what to tell you that might get through to her. Those are some serious accusations she's throwing around if they aren't true. Honestly, what is going on with kids these days? I know we were far from perfect...but the things they do at the ages they do them....*sigh*...I'm right there with you.

Punkin, I like the way you think. 65 hours sounds so much better than days! :D

Hey, I actually had an OP day! I'm focusing in on 10lbs. That's all. One day at a time. I'm staying off the scale, too...until at least April 19, one month from now.

03-20-2002, 06:19 AM
Terri, by the way, congrats on your continued losses! :) Sorry it took me so long to say anything! You're doing wonderfully.

Sheila, I agree with Wildfire, 11-12-13 are awful ages. The kids are starting to have the balls to act outrageous, but don't yet have the brains to know when to draw the line. Good for you not giving in to the homeworkitis complaint -- an illness my DD continued to have up till this year. I finally got to the point where I told her -- look, face your own consequences, once you turn 18 I will throw you out if you don't act right and respect me, and if you can't do what you need to to get your butt in college, you're not living with me. Fortunately it worked, but your DD is still too young for that speech. Just stand your ground and keep telling her what she's doing is wrong -- even when you think she's not listening, she is, remember that. Good luck -- and come here to b*tch any time .

Wildfire, good for you on the OP day! I'm looking for just one for myself...let's get busy, girls, spring is here!

Amy, I remember that incident with your DD. Glad you got thru it. I have PM'ed you with info re the marathon -- and thanks for donating! I'm up for a challenge too -- 10 lbs. by June 2. Let's do it!

OK, everyone, LET'S GET BUSY!! Time for a new season, a new motivation, a new plan ... we can do this! ;) :D

03-20-2002, 10:04 AM

For spring I've decided to come out of lurkdom--sorry about that, I haven't meant to be so unsocial!
Ruthie, that's great that you have the info you wanted! That feeling of 'pins and needles' is awful--I know you must feel so much better now.
Wow, so much is happening with everyones teenagers. I have friends who are just seeing the first indications of it and it's not pretty. I'm child-free myself but I had an encounter a few nights ago. I was working late and this teen conflict resolution group meets there sometime. I was in the kitchen and this young thing comes in and when she saw me her face almost slid off her head because she's used to no one being there! She asked if there was a phone she could use [as if she didn't know]. So she stood 6 feet away from me and made 2 calls. The first was obviously to her parents letting them know she'd gotten there okay, and the second to whoever she was meeting. And then she spins around and says to me "I'm out of here!" Why tell me? So I have no experience with this kind of thing but I know that my workplace houses this group and we're more or less responsible so I felt like I had no choice but to alert the leader of the group and he told me that he'd already had problems with her not showing up so he called her parents, etc. I remember so well being that age and thinking that I knew it all and nobody was on to all the stuff I pulled. It's embarrassing now! I wouldn't be that age again for anything even if I did have a skinney little weasel body!
Wildfire, that was quite a story you told the other day about restraining that girl! Yikes!
Punkin, I love that you're so handy and craft-y! [Come stay with me awhile?] How's that bagless vac working out for you? I've thought about getting one. How are they with cat hair?!
Venus, I'm glad you're back.
Lamorgan, let us know how the ritual goes. I don't have anything formal planned. It's raining here and the trees are being really sneaky--when the sun comes out in a few days they'll have leaves! The pear trees and redbuds are already blooming and horrors! the grass is getting greener and very soon I'll have to mow! Now when the hummingbirds make their appearance I'll know that spring is really here!
Flower, Take care of those feet! I recall working retail too--somedays I"d walk to my car in my stocking feet, I just couldn't bear to wear those shoes one more minute! But I was young and stupid then and wore heels all the time. What was I thinking?
I'll check in more regularly from now on. I'm in a good groove now as far as my program goes---it took me a few days to get over the shock of finding that I weigh 10 pounds more than I thought but I'm okay now!


03-20-2002, 10:10 AM
OK, I'll join in too. Luckily I was on program for breakfast, before I checked in here!

My daughter is 12, but a young 12 and so far life is still pretty smooth. We live in a small town, and I think that makes a difference. My friends in Toronto and Mississauga have more commercial issues to deal with with their kids... Here's hoping that things never get too crazy, but hey, I have 4 kids and they're bound to grow up some day!

Ruthie, that offer would be too hard to resist, congrats! What's Boston like anyway?? Never been further than Buffalo, Detroit or Bellingham in the US. I guess I'm just a border-gal...

My menses came around 4 days early, and today I feel very, very bletchy. Just want to crawl back into bed...

Wildfire ~ I love hawks too! We see lots of the red-tailed variety here, I think they look so cool when they are riding the thermals...

My next pay I'm investing in really good quality hiking/walking boots. I've worn out my good ones, wore out the crappy ones I got in November to get me through the season, and I have this fetish for really good footware. Strange, since everything else I purchase is used. I guess it evens out...

Well, must walk (some more) in the rain to the IGA to buy some soy milk and other stuff. We're looking after Evan's fried Kip for 3 days while his mom goes away somewhere warm...

Hello to everyone else I didn't personally say 'hi' to, and have a great


03-20-2002, 11:13 AM
:spin:Happy Spring!!!! :spin:

Amazing how a simple change of season can so dramatically change the weather, seemingly overnight. Last night we never even hit below freezing.... Time to plant soon!

Ruthie - Congrats on making the tough choice... The #1 school treated you like that on the phone, I wonder what they're like when you're actually there? They should care for their students (future or current) - not just give you the brush-off. Have a wonderful time in Baaahston and you'd better keep in touch!

Wildfire - :cool: Yes! One day under your belt makes the rest come a bit easier (you don't want to mess up "perfection"). Here's to a bunch more OP days! :strong:

Eydie - Yup, I'm a crafty girl. Actually I have an entire spare bedroom dedicated to it with 2 big tables and now my shelving (I scrapbook, stamp, crochet, paint, make cards...). I bought some blackboard spray paint for a 3x3 clip board a friend gave me. Did you all know you can spray your own blackboard????? Now gimme' some chalk! hehehehehe :devil:

The bagless vac is impressive - I got the Eureka Whirlwind. I just vacuumed on Sunday and last night to test out the vac after assembly I just zoomed around my dining room (not a used room) and the walkway from the kitchen into the den. I had a puff of "stuff" in the canister about the size of a golf ball!!!:eek: I was amazed that it pulled that much out of the carpet since I'd just vacuumed 2 days earlier! It was mostly cat hair and new carpet fuzz.

Last night I finished my house "tax return shopping". I went to WalMart and found 4 huge planter containers for my front and side decks and a huge jug of wildflower seeds. My stepfather's going to tractor over some "fertilizer" (aka horse poop) and dirt and this weekend I think I'll do some planting (and hammering, and installing and painting....) and possibly have my friends over for a late Ostara dinner. Crap, I'm becoming the Pagan Martha Stewart...

Back to work!

Terri :moo:

03-20-2002, 01:57 PM
Hi my very bestest online fiends!!!! :)

Happy Spring Equinox. My b-day is Friday! I am in a chipper mood! I do wish I had 2 days off this week. I only had yesterday and my days are 9-10 hours each. My check will be wonderful.

I went shopping to Sears and not a single thing came home with me. Funny, the places I can get a discount at, there is nothing I want!!! I did buy a gothic dining room set. Second hand at Salvation Army. The chair backs are 4.5 feet tall!!!! Glass rectangular top. The chairs look like the Munsters met the Adams family. Iron w/ leather seats. Faux finished w/ a black base, gold and verdigree copper details. The seat backs are 4 thick wires. Completely comfortable but they look like something in an early electric chair model. I love it!!!!!!! It came with 2 bar stools too. We don't have a bar, so we are going to make a bar table for them for playing chess/card games at. We have the piece of glass already.

Well, I have to get my butt to work. I will be doing a solo ritual each night till my birthday. I need to get centered and reborn. (spring child that I am)

I got on the scale and realized I need a new scale. Just putting my feet 2 inches difference it varies by 25 pounds!!!!!! But I am in no hurry! :) ~flower

03-20-2002, 03:05 PM
HI Everyone and Happy S P R I N G To youall!!
Well I am in a somewhat better mood although we are going to have snow for two days
I admit I been in a bit of a selfpiting funk.. I really havent been thinking to highly of myself (although I didnt run to any bad snacking) I decided to take the weight bull by the horns and fight it,since trying to be doing things the way I been doing them hasnt been productive..I have checked out a store online that is close to where I live (barnes&Noble bookstore) and they have the Leslile Sampson walking vidoe tapes I want for 20.99. Also I have to get my rear in gear on this house.. My ongoing saga with my daughter is on hiatus although I have to get tough on her.. I realized I was not a sweet innocent angel at her age, but one thing I didnt flub with was going to school.. ( I didnt start flubbing up school till I started high school at the age of 13.. ) But I need to reconnect to my inner teen so that I can remember how to be one step ahead of anything she does..Being married(among other things) at 16.5 made me grow up a little faster then most so that teen inside me hid a longggg time ago..
THANK YOU EVERYONE for letting me unload .Dealing with my heavy bouts with depression and having a two headed gila monster for a daughter ( My son I think is taking notes on how to push my buttons for futue referance) really made me want to hide away till it all blew over..
Spring is a new season so I have a better momentum.. Almost feels like a new year even though it started almost 3 months ago..Gotta end here DH is thinking I am rewriting the new testament
Take Care

03-20-2002, 03:14 PM
Flower ~ The table and chairs sound absolutely awesome!!! I love stuff like that. We collect some strange things (i.e. swords, battle axes, crests, dragons, wizards) one kids into it and the other kid is like flowers and kittens...Daylight and dark! It is a wonder that this household doesn't implode on itself...:)

I wish it would decide if it would rain or not :( I need to wash the pollen off of my truck... the yellow on the blue makes it this pukey shade of green!

I hate I have to work this weekend, I really need to work in the yard. We still have Christmas lights up outside :dizzy: I think that is why we never put them up because we know we never have time to get them down! I need to cut the dead off my heather it is sprigging out and the dead up top looks funny.

Gee! I just need to get off of this computer and go do something!

Flower I was going to tell you, I picked up some black slide on flats today at Wal-mart... They are made by earth shoes don't honestly know what they cost because I just needed some black shoes and picked them up but my point it I have been on my feet all day and didn't know I had on shoes. They have about a 1 1/2 heel and they are real cusshhy... As far as shoes goes most Wal-marts carry they same things you might want to check it out I know they were probably around $20.00... Just a thought~!

Hugs, It is 80 degrees out I have got to change into some shorts and go outside for awhile!

03-20-2002, 11:02 PM
:lol: :lol: Pagan Martha Stewart :lol: :lol: Punkin, one of the requirements for when we finally buy a house is that I have a room all to myself for sewing and crafting. I'm restricted space-wise here and it's killing me.

Ruthie, you're on! 10lbs by June 2nd. I'm taking inspiration from you (and in turn, Venus, who inspired you) and setting my alarm for an hour earlier tomorrow. Now that it's light out earlier I'm going to try to form the habit of walking before I have to shower and get out for work. The downtown is very quiet here in the early early morning, and the lakefront is peaceful. I may not come back for work!

Eydie, glad you're back!

Lamorgan, someday I want to own some kind of hawk/falcon/BIG BIRD...many of them are protected, but I would adopt one that had been injured. I've always been in awe of them. We had many eagles near our bungalow (cottage in Ontarian) and I would sit in complete amazement watching them come into the nests nearby.

Flower, your table set sounds way cool!

Sheila, I keep telling mself that one thing I can count on is the passage of time. Eventually they HAVE to grow up! :D

Amyjo, you'd be right at home in my place....candles everywhere, dragons, swords, gargoyles, and some great Oriental pieces hubby picked up in Thailand, Du Bhai (sp?), Hong Kong, etc., while he was there with the Navy...samuri swords, statues, etc.

Another good day! 21 days to form a habit....19 more to go. I actually drank water instead of the diet coke I had on my desk this afternoon. I shocked myself!

Blessed Ostara! Happy Spring!

03-21-2002, 06:21 AM
Wow, looks like a bunch of us are set for a 10-lb. loss goal. Unfortunately, yesterday I was still a sloth. You're all motivating me, though. Wildfire, I take it you're doing the 21 day challenge? I was debating it.

I'm jealous of all of you (except Sheila) talking about it feeling like spring -- it was coooooold here yesterday -- but at least it rained. NJ is having a severe to extreme drought (severe in the northern part and extreme in the southern). A good time to move, huh? There's that and the governor cutting the budget severely to extremely...

Yes, teenagers are a strange lot ... if they were adults and behaved like that, we would call them psychotic. My DD is staying at her friend's house for a couple days while the friend's parents and brother go on a short vacation (doesn't make much sense to me why they took the son out of school, but whatever). When DD asked me about it, I was kind of shocked the friend's parents would allow it, so I said DD couldn't stay there unless I talked directly to the parents, which I did and they were fine about it, although the mom said could they both stay here if they wanted, so I don't know if that was what they were angling for in the first place... At any rate, DD and friend are both 18, so if they cause mayhem no one can take me to court (that's been a huge source of anxiety for me for years, that I was liable for DD's boneheaded actions, and I am SO glad she's 18 now and responsible for her own self, and ironically enough I think for the most part it's made her more responsible).

Time to go walk. I've been a slug this week.

03-21-2002, 09:48 AM
The wind is picking up here and I think we're going to get some snow... March is like that; pretty fickle.

I was out last night 'til 11pm and then couldn't get to sleep. That's hard when 5am rolls around.
I think I'm going to lie on the couch this morning and get a couple of hours of sleep.

First breakfast, though!

Have a good day to you all ~


03-21-2002, 03:26 PM
Hey everybody!!!!!
I am in a great mood despite the fact my kids are total monsters.. The sun is shining and I have an idea I too can and WILL do 10 pounds by June2nd. I have to start taking Charge of this sch*tt !!!!! It doesnt come off by wishing it away..
I have done a bit of research.
Eat 3 light meals a day with 2 light snacks
I am gonna keep my sodium to under 2400
limit my caffiene instead of drinking pots and pots a day.
Keep my fats to 30 grams a day tops.
kep myself between 1500 to 2000 calories a day
Eat LOTS and LOTS of fruits and veggies
And dont eat or buy anything that has 6 grams of sugar per serving..
Keep control of portion size.
And drink water till my kidneys float!!!!!!!

To most of you that sounds easy but to me I hate eating breakfast lunch is just a passing thought but I eat at dinner time.
Basically the above mentioned is a diabetic diet. I had to go on that when I was pregnant with my last child . ( I was gestational diabetic) but I stayed on it after he was born . After he was born I weighed 317.5 (he only weigh a mere 10.4) by following that I got down to 286 within two months after my up and down Csection healed ( tranverse c-section I think it was called for which I wasnt healed for 2.5 months ) I didnt continue with that type diet only because those around me told me it wasnt good for me.. I have consulted a few nurses and a dietician at my doctors office and they all gave me the go-ahead telling me that it is perfectly safe to go by the guidelines of a diabetic diet..(One nurse asked me have I been checked for diabetes since the birth of my son, when I told her no she told me to REMIND my doc to check for that since I am in the high risk area since I am overweight and had history of gestational diabetes as well as my grandmom on my moms side was diabetic)
Also I checked out Barnes and Noble online and found out they have the walking videos from Leslie Sampson for 20.99 and I will be getting those since my hubby did put in overtime last night . I have a Barnes and Noble less then a mile away . The weather here today is GORGEOUS and BRIGHT and I am full of energy and I am in a really WONDERFUL state of mind today ..
:D :love: :spin: :spin: I have NO idea why I am in such a great mood but dang it I am gonna get my @$$ in gear TODAY and get moving with this new beginning !!!!! Also I am QUITTING SMOKING once again !!!!! I start that Journey Tomorrow!!! Wish me luck .. I want to be Healthy as a horse and Light as a feather and I know I CAN And WILL do this .. Cause all you ladies are great and motivational whether you gals know it or not!!!!
Will write more later .. And I promise to say something to each of you ...
Take Care

03-21-2002, 05:41 PM
Hello all...

Well, the pissy bug bit me this morning and I've been in a mood all day. Could it have something to do with the fact that it was 60 yesterday and maybe 30 today???? Maybe... all I know is that I threatened my Mom to leave me alone or I was going to cry... sounds like a hot bath night with a cup of tea with brandy.
We also have freezing fog and ice all over everything. My 60 year old stepfather, who's not in the best of health to begin with (emphysema) decided to take a header at Home Depot this morning, so he's in bed trying not to hurt like ****. I'm going to go home and just go to bed, start again tomarrow...

Sheila - I think your plan sounds excellent. It's very similar to what my best friend's doing and she's down 8 pounds so far and loving her freedom to choose what she wants to eat.

I have to tell you that I did walk my 2 miles yesterday! I doubled my normal route. It was a little harder - but the worst part was the wind! I actually have wind burn on my cheeks and forehead. Sheesh... I am having a hard week I guess. :shrug:

Spring had BETTER be here tomarrow!


03-21-2002, 06:54 PM
Guys ~ The fact that obesity is up like close to 60% from 20 years ago tells us alot. I think that computer, television, processed foods and fast food has contributed to the increase. The scary thing is the fact that Type II (2) diabetes is so prevelant in obese people (raising at epidemic rates in kids) it ups the risk 10 fold. Births of children over 8 pounds and a history of GD increases your risk. An increase fasting blood glucose level and a 2 hour postprandial blood glucose increase in a good indication that you will eventually develop diabetes...

Fortunately like my blood pressure my blood glucose levels are usually LOW~ but the more overweight you are the higher the incident of diabetes. I am within the target range of my "height/weight" ratio... I am not a the weight that I want to be but I am below 25 on my BMI and compared to last year this time I am much more comfortable with my weight. Unfortunately I am having a really hard time controlling my bulimia at this weight than I did at my higher weight, because I just can't get these last 20 pounds off.

I talked to the director of Psychology at the school today, I am considering talking to my GP and getting him to prescribe the Medicine that I was on while I was in therapy and see if it will help at least until I reach goal weight or until I finish nursing school which will greatly reduce my stress levels~!~ I am so much more healthy now but I just want this layer of subcutaneous fat gone off of my butt, stomach and thigh :( which is where every woman has fat but I really don't like it very much! Well I have got to run~~~


I just reread this post if it doesn't make sense I have been at school since 8AM so forgive me~

03-22-2002, 06:57 AM
Amy, if your BMI is below 25, are you sure you need to lose 20 lbs??? Maybe you should just focus on toning exercises for the areas you think are "fat." That will also take your focus away from food intake. I like the idea of consulting with your doc, though.

Terri, good for you doing your walk! Hope you're over your pissiness :dizzy: .

Sheila, I'm proud of your resolve to work on both your weight and quitting smoking. Good luck!

Lamorgan, that wind you described rolled in here last night -- it was incredible! All of a sudden around 8:30 the wind and the rain started. Now it's freezing -- and I didn't go out to walk b/c I'm a wuss about the cold.

My landlady died a couple of days ago. It's really incredible that she's gone. Although she had a chronic illness for years and years, she had a very sudden decline and was hospitalized like a week and a half ago, then came home to die a few days later. I feel so badly for her husband, and so helpless -- he lives downstairs from me, yet I don't know what I can do for him. They are having a "celebration of life" for her Saturday night, and of course DD and I will go.

I'm very tired today. I have a lot to do this weekend; I'm trying to put together a benefit concert for the marathon at one local bar and get a fundraising effort going at another, so apparently I have to stop in these two places to talk to the managers, which I'm not looking forward to b/c I don't go to bars anymore. But it's for a good cause...

03-22-2002, 10:35 AM
Happy Birthday to me, I am now thirty three!!!!! Can't talk at all, gotta get to work. Just wanted to tell someone it was my birthday! I have no idea my next day off. Crazy. I do think I would be great mgmt material! I live at this place!!!! :) ~flower

PS/happy birthday to the other 17 of you who share my bithday on this site!!!!!

03-22-2002, 10:42 AM
Ruthie ~ Sorry to hear about your landlady. It is sad to watch the grieving process even from the outside!

Well, as my BMI goes I am at a 23 and right in the middle of my healthy weight range. I would really like to get down to at least 140 which is what I look like I weigh right now to be honest. I carry my weight pretty well. The diet program I was on "eDiets" said I should weigh about 146/147 and according to my scales I am at 150.... which is actually 156 by the doctors scales at the hospital.. so another 10 pounds would hurt, and anothere 20 would put me in about a size 6 :) but I realize that may not happen (obsessive thinking) I am working to tone up the kids and I work out about 2 hours three nights a week. I guess really what bugs me the most is my legs I have huge legs muscular but huge.... and in turn I can't wear what I want. I have lost 2 inches in both thighs since I started my "healthy" life but I would like to loose 2 more and all I seem to be doing is bulking them up instead of slimming them down. :?: The top of my body doesn't match the bottom of my body if you get my drift.

These are my current measurement (March 2002)
Weight 150
Waist 29
Hips 39
Chest 31
Thighs left 22 right 22
Calves left 15 right 14
Biceps left 11 right 10
Size 8

These are my original measurement (March 2001)
Waist 31 1/2
Hips 42 1/2
Chest 36
Thighs 25 1/2
Biceps 11 1/2
Calves 15 3/4
Size 12/14

I guess I could just accept myself like I am but are any of us really satisfied with how we are? I am not. I am happy with the change and would really like to not gain any of the weight back. So far just a fluctuation up and down like 4 pounds, which I attribute to water.

Well that is it for todays diatribe...

I have to get ready to go to a blood drive.

Have You ALL Donated Lately?????? [COLOR=red]

Todays goal: Drink 64 ounces of water..... Stay under 1500 calories....


03-22-2002, 10:47 AM

:wave: Happy Birthday Flower !!!!!!!! :wave:

Hope you have a super super day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03-22-2002, 10:57 AM
Happy, Happy Birthday Flower!! 33 is great!

It is so dratted cold out there this morning, I felt like I was going to get frost-bite on my cheeks. Minus 10 celcius. Yuck. But it's March, and I don't trust March weather. Soon I'll be sitting on my porch in my bare feet...

I'm going to hide inside until it warms up.

I think that weight loss and finding that ideal weight is a very personal issue. My weight is still good, I've for the most part maintained since my loss last year, but my need for this site is part of my maintenance. A loss of 10 pounds for me would put me back at my low of last summer, where I felt really great.

I find that the WW mindset of 10% is a good one. It's hard to think of losing many pounds in a chunk, 10% is less daunting.

Sheila ~ I'm sending you good 'quitting smoking' energy!!! It's a tough addiction to beat. I've just passed my 4th anniversary.

I donate blood every 2 months, and I think the first Monday of April is my date.... :) Sometimes my blood iron level is too low, here in Canada your iron levels have to be at 120 to be able to donate. Sometimes I'm around 119... Have to eat lots of meat over the next week!



03-22-2002, 11:36 AM
Good morning and Happy Friday!!!

Yes, I'm over the pissy's - I went home last night and moved/stacked rocks lining my driveway for 30 minutes in 25 degree temps. Nothing like throwing rocks around to get out your aggresions!

:hb:Happy Birthday Flower!:hb:
I hope you have a wonderful day!

Ruthie - I love that he's having a celebration of life. That's what both my Mom and stepfather want (thank the Gods) and NOT a funeral. I think it's a beautiful idea... I'm sure your just being there is enough comfort for your landlord's husband right now. Feeling totally alone is the worst.

Amyjo - Do you know what the waiting time is for donating blood after a piercing? I had my tragus pierced about 6 months ago...

I better get some work done! Happy Friday again!

Terri :moo:

03-22-2002, 01:48 PM
The Canadian Blood Services makes you wait 1 year after a piercing or tatoo..... Must be similar in the States..


03-22-2002, 03:38 PM
Hi Everyone
I just got back from Barnes and Noble they didnt have the whole Leslie Sansone tape set I just got the 2mile Walk away the Pounds (High Calorie Burn) and I also picked up a "pilates" all in one workout..
Then I went to walmart and bought a scale and a set of three pound weights to use with the walking tape.. It recommends 2 pound ones but they didnt have them and due to my size I guess 3 pounds wont kill me..
I stepped on my new scale I weigh 265.5 That is the start at weight I am going to start with now..

:hb: Happy Birthday to you Flower :hb:

It is FREEEEEEZING here so I am glad I was able to find one of the tapes I was looking for .. Pilates (which for the longest time I thought had to do with blood) has things based on TaiChi Yoga classical and aerobic danceand precision sculpting.. Who knows I might have wasted 12.99 on that on I am not THAT Fit yet but I guess I can do walking one day and then try the Piltes the next..

No I havent given blood yet reason being I am scared ..Two my iron is a bit low due to not eating right so I am trying to fix that (ferrous sulfate pills make me sick as a dog when I take them)
Well I havent eaten yet today I been busy since my eyes opened it is now 2:30 and since I SHOULD be eating 3 times a day I really messed up today..

Now the smoking thing I will start THAT quit on Sunday night.. Hubby works sunday - thurs and when he is around 24 hours a day he smokes like a chimney.. It is easier for me to have a few nights of no DH when I quit since I tend to blow a gasket at him I promise to try to keep my smoking withdrawls off here

Congrats LAMORGAN on your 4th anniversary quit!!!!!!!!
Well gotta go and try out my tapes Talk soon

Take Care

03-22-2002, 07:05 PM
Have a great weekend everyone!

I'm off on my walk in about 3 seconds...

Sheila - Congrats on quitting smoking this weekend. I quit when I was 21 - so that's what.... 11 years now?? Wow, time flies... I was one of the lucky ones though that could just put them down and never want to smoke again. I wish I was like that with food!

See ya all on Monday!!


03-22-2002, 09:27 PM
Hope you had a great day, Flower!

03-22-2002, 09:45 PM
I got a sun burn at lunch today. It is warm in southern NV!!! :)

Today was okay. A guy offered to give me b-day spankings. Lucky me huh? :) Work was fine. Tiring but fine. I am off to go eat at my favorite restaurant. Mexican. I love fish tacos!!!!! Thank you for the b-day wishes!!!! ~flower

03-23-2002, 08:45 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FLOWER! As I say to all my friends on their birthdays, "thanks for incarnating!'

Spring seems to have brought in some fresh inspiration here! I don't think that I've mentioned that my latest 'project' is counting calories--yep, just like our mothers did--and I've got to say there's something to be said for the classics! I'm averaging about 1650 calories per day and my clothes are fitting MUCH better, and I don't have that constant 'full' feeling. I've always kept a food journal and I can see how entries like 'a handful of crackers', etc., something very non-specific, could add up quick, calorie wise!
I haven't dared to weigh myself yet; it'll be a while. Anyway, this is my 11th day doing this and I'm feeling good about it.

Anybody else trying something new?:)

03-24-2002, 01:25 PM
Hi Everyone
Hope your weekend has been going good. I tried out my walking tape and let me tell you something I SHOULD have gotten the 1 mile tape first!!! The 2 mile High Calorie Burn tape I have really kicked my butt..My legs still hurt from using muscles I didnt know I had.. And my arms kinda hurt (yup after 15 minutes that extra pound per handweight you can really feel) My DD was making fun of me when I did that tape. And she said to me " What you think doing a little video will help you get thin??" Then she said "Mom you will always be fat you just wasted money that SHOULD have gone to buy us kids our Nintendo 64" Well I have NEWS for her.. She has MY genes, I told her that she will have weight problems when she gets older if she doesnt exercise more and stop eating all junk food in sight.. She told me she is like her father and she is going to be like her father Tall and thin.. Her doc even said she could use the exercise .. Anyway enuf about that .. I will prove her wrong
Eydie. I am also counting calories I need to keep betwen 1500-2000 daily .. To me thats is alot of food.. I been having to eat in the morning which I never did in the last 10 years (unless I was pregnant) Eating lunch , which has always been a passing thought.. I am also keeping my sugar down and my sodium down and keeping Fats to 30. I can DO this I KNOW I CAN

So Flower did you take the guy up on the offer of the spankings??? Sorry about the sunburn, but in a way I am envious since its too COLD to go out for long periods of time to even get a wind burn.. I know SPRING is coming but it is taking its sweet time getting up into my little corner of the US

Well I gotta do good food shopping.. (My kids LOVE the good food after they BEGGED me for the other stuff) Now I need to buy more..Hope all is having a great day and Talk to you all Monday
Take Care

03-25-2002, 01:21 PM
Hello everyone! :wave:

Busy weekend, I put up my bathroom cabinet, towel rack and chrome-y tp thingy... it rained cats and dogs so I didn't get to paint. Oh well, next weekend's supposed to be beeeeautiful. :cool:

Had an awsome week weight wise - 3 pounds!!!!! :strong:
I guess 128 oz of water a day and upping my walks from 1 to 2 miles really did something. So I reached my April 12th goal and can now officially say "buh-BYE 240's"!!! WoooHoooo! :spin: I also now have less than 100 pounds to loose (ok, 99.5 it's still NOT 100!!!!)

Eydie - :lol: Thanks for incarnating... I'll have to remember that!

Gotta run - work's a' callin...

Terri :moo:

03-25-2002, 01:24 PM
:wave: Hi All
My weekend went pretty good. I have only done my walking video twice since Friday though.. That one is intense and I guess I need to get my body adjusted to the new way of working it.. I am talking the outside muscle on my legs ache big time as well as the under muscle of the upper arms ( I didnt know there was a real muscle there.:lol: )
I am a bit leery of the Pilates Video since I have a spare tire I want to get rid of before I can keep pace of the tape..But I will do it ( I havent even watched it yet) I think thats what I will do after I am done on the computer..
I went shopping last night and I think I made good food buys.. I bought bananas and apples and oranges rice cakes and bagels and even bought some WW soda ( chocolate fudge and root beer , Both are sugar and calorie free) and I bought some pop corn kernals that I have to pop in a pan (Not the microwave kind) That way I can put my own salt or butter if I want ( although I wont used either) I have tuna and light mayo and a few other things I cant think of right now.. Oh yes, cant forget the salad fixings.. and light itlaian dressing..I THINK I did pretty good.
I decided to just blow off my daughters remarks..She has been "kinda" edging on my wrong side lately.. In fact when I told her I was gonna quit smoking she had some wisegal remark like " What attempt is this?? Why bother afterall you will just fail again.. So I have decided I wanna make her eat those words Let her find out her remarks wont get to me.. (Although I feel kinda weird if I get caught working out to my tape in front of my DH.. ) This morning I started my workout and got to the .50 mile point when he came home I hurriedly shut off the tape so he wouldnt see me.. I have yet to be able to keep up with the pace of the instructor . But I am trying as hard as I can.. PLus I cant do the weights as long as the tape can (they use 2 pounds I use 3 pound weight)
Anyway Hope your day is going well I am still having this feeling I need to step on the scale no matter that I promised myself that I would weigh in once a week.. It is hard the temptation is there and I know that if I did lose any weight it would all be the water retention from dealing with my TOM..
Well HAve a great day I will check in later
Take Care

So far I drank 24 ounces of water today just need to put in 48 ounces to make up for the water dyhydration I get for the 3 cups of coffee I had this morning.. (hmmm does WW soda count as water??? or not??) BYEeeeeeee

03-25-2002, 06:40 PM
Sheila - others may disagree with me but I was told by a nutritionist that anything with no calories and no caffeine counted as water.... I don't know how much that I agree with that philosophy. I personally don't think anything substitutes for water but if you have to get it down in the form of flavored or carbonated it is better than not getting it down at all because the major percentage of it is H2O... Just my 2 cents for what they are worth.


03-26-2002, 11:11 AM
Hello all :wave:

I agree with you Amyjo, I was taught the same thing in nutrition (college) that if it had no caffeine, sodium or sugar it was essentially treated the same in your body as water.

A little news for me.... yesterday I decided to make a furry addition to my family!
My best friend's cat had kittens again and I told her from the day they were born "no, I have 2 from Demeter already, I don't want another" - my Luna and Stella are 5 months apart, both from this momma cat. Wellllll.... I saw these babies at 3 days old, then at 1 1/2 weeks old and my friend kept showing me one little calico with extra toes (momma cat throws polys) and well, she called to me, but I didn't say anything... until I realized that if she went to another home I'd be heartbroken. So I called my friend last night and told her that if no one has spoken for her that I want her. My friend didn't sound shocked or surprised - she just said "of course, she's yours". Sometimes I hate us witchy people for these extra talents to foresee things!

So now I have a baby to name.... any ideas?


03-26-2002, 11:28 AM
Ohhhhhhh! A baby kitten.... Lucky, lucky, lucky!

When John and I were first married we had a kitten (Calico-tabby) we named Chelsea-Bun, since she was the colours of .... A Chelsea Bun! (We were young and cute-sy then.)

When do you get to bring her home?

The weather sucks. I'm not going out until spring comes. I'm on strike.

Off to bake some goodies for the kids ~ I'll pop back in later!


03-26-2002, 12:01 PM
LAM ~ I agree it is pouring cats and dogs here, normally I love the rain but today it is just making me really gray.

Punkin ~ Well, you have a moon, and a star(right?) what about the sun? or an another astological name? She is a pisces right? I have the same ole names for my animals - Salem (our cat from Heck), Smokie (sweetie cat), Precious (spastic dog), Pretty Girl (old, old collie) and then our multitudes of fish which are named but I will not bore you!

Got to get back to the school work!


03-26-2002, 12:36 PM
LOL! Lamorgan, this will be my 3rd kitty in a year!!!! Luna will be 1 in May, Stella was born in October of last year and this little one was born in March.
My ex forbid me to have cats when we were together - I guess this is my letting loose my new-found freedom?? :lol:

She's almost 2 weeks old, so I'll probably bring her home around the end of April or so??

I have looked for sun names - so far the only thing I've found that I kinda like is Atum (pronounced autumn?) a sun god. The kitty is a "she" but I donno'. The name that's been playing in my head is Mia (like my-uh), latin for 'mine'.

I'll keep you posted on "name that kitty!"


03-26-2002, 02:35 PM
Well I decided that I wouldnt count the little bit of WW soda as anything I can say I had a total of 96 ounces of water yesterday.!!!!!!!
A new kitty huh?? Congrats on the new family mamber Punkin.. Sorry I cant help with names since Sun goddesses I have no knowledge on . I usually spend a little time with animals before I name them since to me the name has to fit the personality. I love cats but I cant have one right now.. I still have visitation rights to Bootsy ( that is the cat that adopted me at my moms house) I live in the city now so I am afraid to have to keep a cat from its instints like going outside ..
I did a good job staying on my so called diet yesterday.. I feel GREAT . Weird thing though I slept like a coma patient and I still cant fully wake up..
On the smoking thing I vowed to quit for my health yet This morning once again I lit up (like a daily routine thing ) Geez why cant I just stop and get on with it.. ??
Punkin have you talked to your friend about maybe having the Momma neutered?? Please dont think I am preaching but I see too many homeless kittys around , and I know that the shelters are full of adorable little fur balls.. Some have to be put to sleep due to the over population.. I am not saying this to be mean and cruel but cats are my weakness IF I could take them all in I would ..But cats do cost $$ to take care of and that is something that I am in short supply of so adopting every furball in the Northeast is not an option for me..
Well just three days till I can weigh myself.. Gosh the temptation is killing me.. I know I lost ,my slacks feel better on , but it could be just muscle forming.. I will see on Friday..
Talk to you soon Hope you all is having a good day
TAke Care

03-26-2002, 02:46 PM
Punkinseed, lucky you with having kitten energy in your home soon! [Lucky kitty too!]
We have 4 old geriatric cats here and they're serene and dignified but they don't play much. I just love that little sideways dance that kittens do! And their little needle teeth and claws, and their fat little bellies---I better stop, I could talk myself into a kitten too easily! :)

03-26-2002, 04:14 PM
Sheila, no you're not preachy. Believe me, I had been on my friend's case about getting Demeter fixed since this is her 3rd litter in 1 year. The main problem is money... the vet told her because of the numerous pregnancies that to spay Demeter it would be a bit over $100. My friend's husband has been out of work for the better part of 6 months, and she has to stay home with their handicapped son (they have a young daughter too). So, needless to say, spaying the cat is low on the list... Because almost all the babies come out poly they've ALL been able to find homes. She's even had people call her back months after adopting to find out if Demeter's going to have babies again soon. So for that she's blessed - not one of those babies have been unadoptable.
If I knew my friend would take the money I would give her the $100 to spay Demeter - but I know for a fact that her pride would stand in the way and she wouldn't accept the gift, even for her cat...

As for the kitty energy in the house... you bet. It's a bit like having children though. Stella, my baby, won't let me sleep once she's heard the alarm go off. She's like "ok, I heard the music - get up and pet me NOW!". They're all goofy cats. Stella also plays fetch and has learned how to reach up with her huge paws and catch her toys in mid-air. Does David Letterman still do stupid pet tricks??


03-26-2002, 04:28 PM
My wild mama cat is in heat again... early spring (spring??) she goes into heat every 2 weeks or so, but last year she gave us at least 7 months with no howling... So we're hoping for the same this year. We don't know how old she is. Since we moved to this town nearly 4 years ago she has been an inside cat, although her babies (now all grown up and neutered) go out. It is nearly impossible to place kittens in the country, too many folks drop off their cats in town, to forage on their own. We have the cost of spaying mama cat working against us as well ~ over $200.00 since she won't be caught twice in a row I'm sure! We'd have to board her til her stitches could be taken out.

We have Smokey, Morris, Tipsy and B.J. all from wild mama, and old Buttons who is still a bit pissed about all these interlopers....

Kids were home half the day, due to the freezing rain this morning. The buses (my kids walk to school) couldn't make it so they dismissed the rest of the kids at lunchtime.

I am sipping sherry, listening to the rain whack against the window...

bye for now!


03-27-2002, 08:30 AM
Cant stay opn long just hope you have a great day and I will be thinking of yall today .. I will check in later today
Take Care

03-28-2002, 09:16 AM
I'm going out for lunch today with my library co-workers! Maybe some french fries!! Yum.

(Bad Lois)

I hope everyone has a great long weekend.

03-28-2002, 10:59 AM
Good morning all....

No three day weekend here. ****, I didn't even know Friday was a holiday until one of our clients mentioned it... Guess I'll bring a book to work tomarrow!

Going to town tomarrow to check out a sale on KitchenAid standing mixers... the last thing on my taxes wish list since I do a lot of baking and my hands and wrists are shot from years as a massage therapist.

Nothing else much going on... tired and headachey today. I love the full moon but it does keep my cats active all night long...

Have a good day all!

Terri :)

03-28-2002, 11:15 AM
I bought a home gym w/ my tax return. Chris is in the process of putting it together. We can get serious about getting in shape now!!!!!! ~flower

03-28-2002, 02:21 PM
I bought a Kitchen-aid standing mixer 4 years ago and I love it. I use it all the time for mixing absolutely everything.

The sun is shining here and winter seems to be on the decline... Here's hoping.


The cats are sleeping on my kitchen porch in the sun...


03-28-2002, 05:48 PM
Lamorgan - Can I ask how big your mixer is? My Dad's trying to talk me into the 6 qt monster mixer (like $330), but I don't see the point in spending the extra $130 if I don't need the size...

I wanted to let you guys know about a web site I found today.
www.usda.gov/cnpp - it's SO incredible.
You put in your food intake for the day and quantity and the site calculates everything - fat, calories, all the vitamins, fiber - everything! It also tells you how you did against the food pyramid and overall. You can store 20 days worth of food and compare from day to day. My stepfather even got into it!


03-28-2002, 07:40 PM
Hi all
Punkin I will have to bookmark that site.. I am always trying to guess some of the things that I eat in ways of the pyramid..

I dont have a stand up mixer yet.. It is something I want but dont actually NEED.. I have an electric mixer that I have had for a while but even that is getting dusty I dont use that much..
LaMorgan I love how th full moon just lights up the night.. I was wondering what you meant by long weekend I forgot about good friday (I know I am a bad bad Catholic :nono:) I HOPE the bank is open Friday.. I need to deposit DH paycheck
FLOWER What kind of gym is it?? I have a Welder Total Gym 2000 resistance gym.. It is great I love it !! best Christamas gift I have ever gotten..
Today I bought an outfit to workout in.. Nothing I would get caught dead wearing in front of real people but my kids will have to deal with it..I also bought 12 20oz bottles of strawberry banana water at walmart..:T Hopefully my kids wont get there grubby little hands on it..Got stay cool while perspiring to my tapes right?? Tomorrow is Friday I get to weigh myself!! seems like a lobng time between weigh ins..I will pray to the scale gods for a good scale reading..LOL
Take Care talk soon

03-29-2002, 09:10 AM
Finally, a day off to catch up!

My daughter's recent progress reports from school showed she was having some real problems with math, so I've enrolled her in the Kumon Math & Reading program. They don't teach by grade, they assess the kid's ability and start with what they know, then work from there. She goes Tuesdays and Fridays, but not tonight because of the holiday. I also checked out Sylvan Learning Centers and Oxford Learning Centres....to the tune of $385 a month! Kumon charges $40 registration, then $75.00 a month. I know a few kids who've done Kumon and the results were incredible, so I'm hoping my daughter will succeed with math. I could teach her, but I can't take the huffing and puffing and attitude.

Punkin...congrats on your new baby! Any decision on a name?

Sheila, sounds like you're doing wonderful staying OP. Wish I could say the same.

Ruthie, what's up? You've been missing as long as I have! Have you gone out for a walk and just kept walking?

Flower, congrats on the new gym!

Lamorgan, Amyjo, Eydie, Venus (still out there?)...hello!

Well, today I have a mountain of laundry to conquer and some financial forecasting (ours) to work on.

03-29-2002, 11:59 AM
The gym is a Welder also. Don't know the model offhand. Has everything but the stepper on it. I only did the leg press yesterday, because I didn't get home till 7:30 and then had pork chops. So I didn't want to get sick. My thighs already are sore!!!!! Crazy. Chris is going to be my trainer for a few weeks as there are 30 different excersices and I don't exactly know how to do them all.

We are going to the petting zoo today and then to my work so family can understand my stories. I got a 60 day review yesterday. Not too shabby. No raise with this one. It is at 6 month time I think. I won't be the florist long. I am going to be molded into management. Hopefully hourly management! :)

The lady who colapsed at work...She was my pt florist. She was 57 and had 2 heart attacks at work. 4 more on the way to the hospital. Her blood pressure was 440/something. She woke up yesterday. They do think she'll have some brain damage from being without air for so long...but life signs look good. She will have a job waiting when she comes back, of some sort. Kinda of an eye opener!

I will join you on the food thread tomorrow. Gotta get honest! :) Well, hope all is good with everyone! ~flower

03-29-2002, 01:12 PM
Hi everyone
Hope you friday is as good as mine is so far.. I nervously stepped on the scale this morning.....259.0 !!! I am DOWN 6.5 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!! I know it is mostly water from dealing with TOM last week but I know I didnt have 6.5 pounds of water build up.. :spin: :jig: :spin:

FLOWER If you did leg presses it must be a weight type gym.. Mine is just a bungee cord like thing but I still think its great.. I been so busy doing the Walking tape I really havent used my gym.. In fact right now I couldnt get to my gym if I wanted to.I moved some stuff around in my bedroom and cant pull it out right now..

WILDFIRE I been wondering where you been.. A day off FINALLY?? you must be loving that.. I have never heard of Kumon. But sounds good if the results were good.. My Daughter has math problems as well. Thing is she has never had to figure out math til now. The teachers used to issue multiplication table "cheat sheets " for the kids to use while they did homework.. I never used a math sheet like that I had to actually study.. Now that she is in this new school they dont issue them, there fore she is lagging behind BIG TIME.. I have always tried to drill math questions at her to try to help out and it didnt work.. I am admitting I dont have patience with teaching her she learns a whole different way then I can explain.. She cant learn by my way of demonstrating so it is hard for us both..(good thing that homeschooling idea was a passing thought..LOL)

The weather is actually GORGEOUS out today!!!I want to get out so bad.. Yesterday I did get out but it wasnt like REALLY getting out I just bought some stuff .So today I want to get my inside stuff done so I can finish cleaning up the back yard..I need to find something to put the leaves and junk in.. I used all the yard waste barrels the city gives out . The city only picks up yard waste stuff twice in early spring and twice in late fall.I also need to cut up a big peice of tree that fell when we had extra strong winds.. This tree limb is about a good 9-10 inches around and about 8 feet long..I cant snap it in peices so I will have to axe it up.. That will be fun I like swinging an axe..Takes out alot of built up frustration

For Easter I am going to my moms..Her Bday is also the 30th so I am kinda combining the Holiday and her birthday into one.. I also get to FINALLY pick up my car.. I miss not having my own transportation. Ya DH has a car and it is both ours but it isnt the same.. He has his for work and it stinks of axle grease and oil since that is all his company handles ( he is a supervisor of a remanufaturing car/truck axles..) My car needs to be cleaned badly it has been sitting since I moved almost two months ago..WOW i cant believe I been here two months already..My bedroom is still in boxes since the shift DH works is night time after the neighbor / landlord goes to bed and during the day DH sleeps,so doing anything that late at night woiuld be isrupting to them.. (they are both ill so I try to keep things quiet so they can rest ) .. In a few weeks all that will change, he is going to be changing shifts. Working in th daytime and sleeping at night.. So I will FINALLY be able to work in that room!!!
Well all I have alot of stuff to get doing Laundry is one and dishes is the other.. Just to prove to DH I havent touched the dishes since it is actually DD chore.. No matter how much I ask plead beg and yell she wont do them.. I proved FINALLY that DD doesnt do squat like she is supposed to
Take care I am off to get this stuff done and enjoy the outside afterwards . Talk soon
Take Care

03-29-2002, 05:46 PM
Spring's here! Saw the first violets and the first butterfly of the year today--so the hummingbirds can't be far behind!
Went for a nice long walk today with my husband and my dog--any body have any healthy plans for this weekend?
Still counting calories and have gotten into a nice rhythm with it--no weight loss as yet but as always, I'm hopeful!
Sheila, I'm glad to hear your efforts are paying off--I know you've been putting your heart and soul into it.
Flower, the new gym sounds cool! I'm ashamed to say it but we have a gym down in our basement but I continue to use my dumbells! How crazy is that? I really think that I'd use it if our basement wasn't so crowded, dark and dirty. Not good for morale to work out in that kind of environment--so I know it's time for a decluttering and a feng shui makeover!:)

03-30-2002, 12:32 AM
I showed my family off to work. I went to the petting zoo. Got my first sunburn of 2002. We bbq'ed steaks for dinner. We worked out together and watched a movie. Pretty good day! ~flower

03-30-2002, 07:38 AM
I think spring has come. It smells like spring and there is a definate layer of mud all around...
It rained all night, but thankfully it has stopped for my papers this morning.

My energy is pretty low, I think it's going to bound back as soon as the season settles into a real warmth. The Robins are really loud this morning, maybe they are sure of the season.

My Morris cat had a spat with a stray yesterday morning and I see that today he is limping. This really is not a good time for a cat to need medical attention with us having to do the Dratted Easter Bunny thing this weekend! Vets are so expensive here. But a cat bite can be very, very bad news if left untreated.

Good work Sheila! That must feel fantastic!

And Punkin, I have the smaller counter-top mixer but I think if you do a lot of bread kneading the larger one might be better. The motor on my mixer sounds as though it is labouring when I knead bread.

I think it needs a tune-up.

Hello to everyone else, I must go. Papers are a-waiting for me.

03-30-2002, 03:50 PM
Hi! Went for a 6 mile hike in the mountains today--saw the first snake of the year today. He was moving slow-but definitely awake.

Hey, somebody join me on the food thread--[Ruthie, where are you?]--I'm so alone there!

Have a good weekend, everybody!:)

03-31-2002, 08:17 AM
Sheila, 6.5lbs!!! WOW! Isn't that first week loss a great motivator? Keep up the good work!

Flower, sounds like you're doing well at work! Wouldn't a management position be great?

Eydie, I went to that USDA site, it's neat to see how you measure up to the guidelines. And they have quite a selection in their food lists.

Lamorgan, how is Morris today? Yep, cat bites abcess quickly and need attention.

Ruthie, everything okay? We miss you!

Not much going on here. Friday hubby and I went to see Blade 2. Typical vamp movie, but worth seeing Wesley Snipes in black leather. :D We went out for dinner afterwards and the waitress was actually shocked when we ordered steaks, Good Friday and all. :lol: I guess they served a lot of fish. Yesterday we did ALL the laundry and cleaned the entire apartment....and it feels great to have it all done. Today, who knows? Complete denial of having to go back to work tomorrow is a definite possibility.

03-31-2002, 08:24 AM
Well to those of you who Celebrate "Happy Easter" to those who don't "Happy Sunday" !!!!!

Bought the kids 4 types of candy a piece and 2 pairs of spring shorts, Tame for me very tame I usually go all out and none for me or DH...

I am so tired. This is the end of 2 weeks without a rest day... and I have another week 2 weeks before I get a day off... :( Grrr I am such a sucker this is suppose to be my weekend off and I was conned into work. My own fault!

Something has to give.... I am edging my scale up, up, up!!! I am going to have to crack down or none of my clothes are going to fit. Can't think of a better day to go full blast OP! Wish me luck.

Hugs to all,

03-31-2002, 11:19 AM
I know I keep chiming in with these daily spring updates but I'm just so excited that the signs are adding up. It was warm-ish last night so we slept with the window open a bit and we woke to the sound of birdsong! Haven't heard that in a while!

Amyjo, take care of yourself. It'd be a shame for someone as dedicated as you to burn out too fast! We're all pulling for you, and think how great it'll be to have a few OP days behind you.

Lamorgan, How's the brave warrior kitty this morning? One of our ancient fat cats surprised us last night by catching a mouse--didn't know she could move that fast anymore!

I'm pretty wiped out from the hike yesterday--lots of up and downhill action; it was fun though. Gotta build up my stamina for the summer!

04-01-2002, 09:08 AM
Good morning!

I'm coming off an eating binge this past weekend. So I'm back on program this week. If I keep it up my clothes won't fit me by summer.

Morris is eating, and purring, eyes are clear but is limping. He is pissed off that he isn't allowed to go outside. Right now he's sleeping in the middle of the kitchen table in a tupperware container, a big orange centerpiece. John thinks he wrenched his leg. Tomorrow I'll call the vet if he changes for the worse.

So glad Easter is over with. We kept it pretty reasonable, commercially it's almost as bad as the dreaded commercial christmas.

Have a good day,

04-01-2002, 10:48 AM
I ate more calories than needed yesterday but not a single piece of chocolate. I have the sniffles and a sore throat from sleeping with the window wide open. Spring allergies are here! Yuck!!!!! But our home was so hot last night. It was over 85 yesterday. Hope all is well with you all. I am going to go shower and pretend I am in the mood for work. It is fine once I get there, but it is so nice out!!!! ~flower

04-01-2002, 12:29 PM
Good morning everyone!

2 more pounds gone! :lol:
I'm getting pretty close to my 1st 10% Woohooooo!
I spent the weekend painting, yard work and started to put up some shelves then decided it would be in my walls best interest if I waited until I had a stud finder!

Lamorgan - Thanks for the info on your mixer. I have a bread machine for kneeding. My main things are a little more soft doughy. I need a couple trees removed from my property (read: other place to spend my $ first) then I'm going to start looking for my mixer!

Flower - Wow, I hope your co-worker is going to be ok. That must've been shocking to see.

Sheila - Congratulations!!!!! Who CARES if some of it was water weight???? Take it and RUN!!!! :cool:

Amyjo - 4 weeks and no break?? Take care of yourself! That's a good way to make yourself sick... Then someone would have to step up!

Well, I better run... got work to do!

Terri :moo:

04-01-2002, 07:28 PM
Yes Wildfire, I think I have come up with a name but I need to hang out with the little one a bit to see if it "fits".

I was falling asleep just letting names come to me a few nights ago (this is how I named Luna) and started to think of celestial names; comet, star, etc... and all the sudden "Halley's comet" came to mind. So, I think the little one will be called Halley. We'll try it on for size tomarrow when I see her (and take her first picture!).

Terri :)

04-01-2002, 11:50 PM
Hi girls. Just a quick note before bed.

Punkin, I like Comet! Although, Haley is cute too. Congrats on the loss!

For those of you with four legged pets, I want to tell you about the new gadget we bought for our cats. It's a Petmate Fresh Flow...basically a water fountain for your pet. The base is a bowl, and in the middle of the bowl is a ramp down which fresh water flows constantly into the bowl, then is recirculated through a carbon filter by a submersible pump like the ones used in aquariums. My cats LOVE it. We paid $40 for it at Super Pet, and it is worth every penny. There is a water resevoir that I fill each morning, and the cats have fresh, cool water all day long. They are big water drinkers, so it's perfect! Okay, so after typing all this out I found a link... http://www.petsmart.com/cat/shopping/products/product_27291.shtml Definite thumbs up from me and the furbabies. We also have a LeBistro dry food feeder that holds a large bag of dry food. (We buy Science Diet Hairball Control Light)

Okay, I'm rambling...time for bed.

Ruthie? You out there, pal? How about just a hello to let us know you're okay?


04-02-2002, 12:46 AM
Well today was my yearly docs appointment. THANK G it is over!! I had him also do a diabetes screening and I mentioned that my mom took DES while carrying me so he did a screening for that as well..
Easter went well I didnt buy junk at all instead the kids wanted a Ninetendo64 so thats what they got..I went to my moms for Easter dinner and had alot of salad but had to have a sandwhich and I also guzzled 5 16 ounces glasses of water..
I picked up my "baby" .. My 1987 Plymouth Horizon.. I missed my car.. Outta habit when I got home sunday night I stepped on the scale I thought I was gonna get sick .. I THOUGHT i gained all I lost just by eating.. Luckily this morning I reweighed myself and I am still 259.5 although my docs scale said 259.0 / Whooo cares I didnt gain thats all I worry about..
I had a lot of thinking to do this weekend as well.. Almost thought myself of staying offline forever.. But I didnt.. (as you can tell) I would miss my online "family" too much..
Wildfire I will have to suggest that Petsmart water system to my mom . She has 4 cats it would be good for them.. Yes that first big drop feels REAL GOOD now my focus is to keep that and gett more off..
Speaking about those cats the one that adopted me all that time when I lived with her pretty much gave me the cold shoulder all Sunday.. I felt so guilty for leaving him there ( even though the cat was NEVER my cat) I think I will have to visit him more often..
Punkin I like Haley too. But I am glad your gonna spend some time with her to see if she is a "Haley" .. I think you might have a "Comet" on your hands though.. You will know I am sure of it..Way to go on the 2 poiund loss!!!!
Flower I hope you get over that "bug" soon.. Here I been dealing with DH and DS and DD all have the flu I am trying to be helping and kind and still remain sane and healthy..I cant afford to get sick plus everyone is too sick to cater to me ( which NEVER happens)
Well my moms Croakasis (sp?) are bloomed and it was nice out for a few days in a row.. I am hoping it to continue until at least tomorrow.. I have a big limb to saw up in the back yard plus a whole lotta stuff to clear up (leaves and debris and over all JUNK) I have remenants of what I think is a shed to gt rid of....Fun fun fun.. But I want to get it done and over with so I can fix it up to enjoy..I want a BBQ grill and outdoor furniture.. ( I used to grill year round .. Even in snow)
Well it is late and I gotta end here talk to yall manyana
Take Care

Venus Envy
04-02-2002, 01:40 PM
Hey there, everyone! I do still pop in from time to time ... Doing some new job interviews, helping friends with their Leukemia & Lymphoma Society fundraising, daily weight training at the gym, marathon training every day as well.



WASHINGTON (AP) -- The cost of weight-loss programs that are part of the treatment for obesity are tax deductible, the Internal Revenue Service ruled Tuesday.

``Obesity is medically accepted to be a disease in its own right,'' the IRS said.

Taxpayers who participate in these programs for medically valid reasons will now be able to deduct amounts above 7.5 percent of their adjusted gross income, similar to any other medical expense not covered by insurance or other reimbursement. A taxpayer's spouse and dependents would also be covered.

Still not deductible, however, are the costs of weight control programs intended ``to improve the taxpayer's appearance, general health and sense of well-being.''

Diet foods also are not be deductible, even though they are often an integral part of a weight control program under a physician's supervision. The IRS reasons that people have to pay for food whether or not they are trying to lose weight.

Fees, diet menus and literature and other costs would be deductible.

The IRS has previously permitted deductions for weight-loss programs recommended by a physician for treatment of a disease such as high blood pressure. But the agency has never specifically cited obesity itself as a disease.

The American Obesity Association estimates that 39 million Americans are obese, causing 300,000 unnecessary deaths in the United States each year.

The ruling applies not only to 2001 income tax returns -- which are due April 15 in most of the country -- but as far back as 1998. Taxpayers who want to take the deduction need only file an amended return for the tax year in question.

The IRS also recently included smoking cessation programs as deductible medical expenses, as are treatment and other costs for alcoholism.


On the Net:


04-02-2002, 02:29 PM
Hello, hello! What a nasty day outside. Snow, sleet, freezing rain, rain. All of the above, ever changing.

Eating on track today.

Feel empty of words though.

Have a great day,



04-02-2002, 04:55 PM
Ok I had a long winded post earlier and before I could submit my PC was unplugged.Grrrrr :mad:
.LaMorganSorry for the bad weather.. The Northeast section of the US is in need of rain since we didnt get much in the way of snow this year..It was GREAT outside earlier now its beginning to cold up and cool off.. :( But it is needed..I hate having a drought in the summer so I dont mind..
VenusThank you so much for the info you provided.. I will have to read more on it later
Punkin So whats the verdict?? Do you have a Haley or a Comet??
Ruthie??? WHERE are you just drop a line to let us know how you are doing OK??
Wildfire Hope all is well with you too. I sent my mom the site she hasnt gotten back to me yet..
I went to the store today and bought some good stuff BUT I also bought some bad stuff.. Some how a bag of Easter Peanut Butter eggs and York easter peppermint patties and some easter Reeses minis got in my cart..And I also bought the kids some Easter Cookie dough , you know the kind you cut and bake.. It was on sale 3 tubes for $1
But I did buy 2 bags of golden delishous apples and salad fixings and a nice grilling steak and some fresh mushrooms and yogurt and bagels as well.
Dh and DD and DS are all home with stomach bug.. I am trying to stay healthy and sane while I tend to them.
Well all I got to go all this tending to everyone is really tiring me out..
Take Care and I will write soon

04-02-2002, 05:01 PM
Yea, I'm here too... just being quiet.

I'm so freakin' tired I could scream (or cry, or both) - one of the neighbor's dogs woke me up at 1:15am and at 2:15 I called animal control (a nice lady, around my age, who gave me her personal cell number and told me to call *any time* day or night to let me know what the 2 neighbor's, 13 total, dogs are up to). She's warned the one dip $h!t that if she gets more phone calls about his dogs he's going to be fined $250 per call/complaint. Finally at 3:30am, the dogs shut up - I fell asleep at 4:15 and the alarm goes off at 5:05.... (and the one neighbor wonders why someone shot one of his dogs?????)

After work I have to go to town (45 min. away) to pick up my candle party stuff. WHY they made such a huge deal about my mailing address then turned around and shipped it to the host is beyond me... I'm also going to see the kitten and take a picture. Then I'm going home, taking a Benadryl (they knock me out) and going to bed. If I hear 13 dogs barking again at 1am I'm going the the idots house myself...

Oooohh....It's gonna be a looooooong day. :(


04-03-2002, 06:12 AM
Hey guys. Sorry for the absence. I guess I had a mini-meltdown. Sometimes I just can't juggle all the balls and I have to drop something, and this time around it was this board -- and walking, unfortunately. I have been so much more focused on fundraising for the marathon I haven't been walking, ironically! I am putting together a benefit concert at a local tavern, and although I have two musician friends helping me, it's still 90% my project, and taking up a lot of time along with the other crap I've been doing. Well, not all crap ... I did find an apartment in Boston :D . It's a tiny studio with 2 rooms, one very small that could probably only be used as a study, and one that will be the living room/bedroom. Then it has a tiny tiny kitchen and a tiny tiny bathroom, and one disproportionately big closet. I drove up to Boston to see it on Sunday, put in an application on Monday, and got approved yesterday. They're sending my lease in the mail. I'm also beginning to transition myself from admin assistant to journalist, getting involved little by little with the professional organizations and so forth. I have four weeks left on my full-time job, and I am beginning finally, thank God, to see the fruit of all my hard work both in school and in all the hours of part-time work I put in to save money toward the future.

Things I'm not doing so well: school is lagging behind. I have senior slump, and I just keep reminding myself I only have to pass to graduate -- in fact, I only have to pass to graduate with honors. Also, good eating and exercise are right out the window. Hopefully if I return to posting I will be more aware? I'm not sure.

So that's what's going on with me. Sounds like people are generally doing well -- congrats to those who lost! Hopefully I'll be chiming in more often. Thanks for asking about me. Take care everyone.

04-03-2002, 11:06 AM
Good morning all...

I finally got some sleep last night... however, I still feel icky. If I'm catching my Mom's cold I'm going to be SO mad! :mad: I have friends coming from California next Friday!!

Sheila - I'm not sure still. I got to visit my little one yesterday and hold her for the first time. She's a little butterball and so much more cute than she was at 1 week. I'll keep looking for names, and probably won't settle until she's home with me May 1st.

Gonna go read my newspaper now... I this this week at work is just gonna be a wash.

Terri :moo:

04-03-2002, 02:33 PM
Punkin if you think you are showing signs of a cold try Vitamin C and Zinc (if you cant find zinc try echinathia (sp?) with goldenseal. Ask a pharmasist they can tell you exactly what I mean.. ) I know it takes time to learn the personality of kitties..
OK I am in another thread and they are trying to guess hair eye colr length of hair and height.. So far they have guessed I am a blondie.. ( for those who know me by pic please dont say anything YET) never know they may try to find other ways of inside info LOL ..I really stink at guessing so I think I am off on all..Afterall is said and done I will post my pic so they can see if they are right..I usually dont like my pic posted since I hate being photographed but I will there
Anyway today is gonna be a LONGGGGG day .. everyone still sick ( so far I am not *knock on wood*) I am exhausted due to little sleep so I havent done my tape yet this week I feel a gain in the works if I cant get the energy up by friday..
I am gonna sneak a nap to try to get this nappy feeling lessen and I will check back later tonight
Take Care

04-03-2002, 05:15 PM
My stepfather just came home with some Laci Le Beau dieter's tea. He's planning on taking it to loose weight.... Have I mentioned he's got colitis???? I think he's trying to kill himself....

I even printed out the article that contained the lawsuit involving one of the *4* women who died drinking that tea... I'm sure he'll decided I'm on crack and drink it and be sick as a dog...

So be it.

Just thought I'd share my frustration d'jour

Terri :rolleyes:

04-03-2002, 05:19 PM
Punkin - I used that when I was actively bulimic... it is a grand cathartic..... I use it now on occasion when I am having retrograde constipation.. which is a left over affect of laxative abuse your bowels "get lazy" as my Dr. says but they end up loosing muscle tone due to the abuse. I can't imagine using now for losing weight, I would never be able to leave home because making to the bathroom isn't too easy when that stuff acts!


04-04-2002, 09:57 AM
Good morning to you all. Sounds like we're all dealing with that slump that happens around a season change...

I got called in to work tomorrow, and had to juggle ideas to find a place for Evan to stay for the day. He goes to school every 2 days, and Friday was his home day. I think he'll have fun with his school-mate Sarah. Ironically, Sarah is the youngest sibling of a nasty grade nine boy who has been teasing Mat, but I'm not going to say anything to his mother yet hoping the school can straighten it out.

Morris had a trip to the vet yesterday and is on Amoxcil, already he can put a little weight on his sore leg but isn't happy about being an inside cat. He think the medicine tastes great which is really silly. It was a $100.00 visit to the vet, and he has to go back on Monday night for a check-up.

Today I'm going to hang out here, do some baking and make some low-point chili. Eating has been better but still not completely on track.

I'm tired too and may sneak a nap today...



04-04-2002, 11:01 AM
Yesterday my best girlfriend decides she and her boyfriend of 3.5 years are gonna get married on Saturday. Mind you, a simple dress, say a left over from Easter perhaps would not do. She had to go get a real wedding gown! So we spent my day off at the mall. We first hit Davids bridal. Mind you I look like CRAP! I had just gotton back from Costco. I hadn't showered. It is 80 at 10 am. I have racoon eyes from left over mascara. And we go into a place that has mirrors and florescent lighting everywhere. If you ever want a wakeup call, that is the place to go. I could not have looked worse if I had too. I was in a pair of black sweat shorts and a ratty "whatever" t w/ holes in it. She is trying on size 4 gowns. Strapless and spagethhi. She ended up w/ a 6 size in a white satin tank style. Her back is wider than her waist, so the zipper was not gonna budge on a 4. Very simple but she looks like a princess. I realized that I would be trying on size 24's in gowns and I wasn't the one getting married. But I was a trooper and did my best for my friend. We then went to the mall and looked at rings. I think she will be getting a 1/2 car set in platnium. (Her boyfriend made 60 k last year) Then we had to find thigh high stockings, and rhinestone jewelry, a wedding gift for hubby, purse, shoes, a dress for her daughter and shoes. She still has to pay for the rings, book a chapel (we have hundreds in Vegas), rent a tux and tell me what color to make her bouquet. She origionally wanted all red roses but her daughter got a yellow dress. Lets add the expenses up, 500(dress and alteration charge for bustling it, slip, corset), ring 2000, costume jewelry 30, thigh highs 13, wedding gift 30, purse 14, manicure/pedicure 40, hairdersser 75, tux rental 50, daughter dress and shoes 40, chapel ? between 300-1000 depending on extras.... I can not believe how expensive this is for a 15 minute ta do. Then taking everyone out to drink, dance and eat afterwards. Anyways, I am feeling o so frumpy today. I worked out before bed, my upper arms are sore today. I am going out w/ a work friend to her husbands Irish bar for fish and chips tonight.

Sping/or summer is definately here. We really only have 2 seasons in Vegas. The bugs are coming in to see me. I am not squeemish about creepy crawelers, but there is something unsettleing about a very large black widow sitting in my bathtub as I am about to start a bath! Yes, it got squished. I will live with the consequences! :) ~flower

04-04-2002, 11:10 AM
Hello everyone! :wave:

I finally feel like my sleep reserves are full again. I went home yesterday, slept for an hour, made dinner and went to bed at 8:30pm.
I'm going to finish putting up my craft room shelves today (now that I have a stud finder). I'm getting SO excited about my friends from CA coming to visit next weekend!!!! :dizzy:

Lamorgan - I hope Morris is feeling better soon. I have 2 different low point chili recipes... one is Wendy's chili from 'top secret recipes.com' and the other is an old WW taco soup that is soooo good. Let me know if you want that one.... Good winter food actually.

Flower - Wow, talk about a split second wedding! I always thought part of the fun (ok, most of the fun) of weddings was the planning! I hope it's a beautiful wedding...
As for the black widow - I always tell them "sorry, but it's you or me". I squish 'em too - I feel bad, but if I'm in danger or my pets are - they've got to go...

Talk to ya all later!

Terri :moo:

04-04-2002, 11:38 AM
Hi everyone
I am less tired today which is good DD is better and in school but DH and DS are still sick . DH has an appt to go to taday which I have to go with him..
Last night I could only get thru 15 minutes of my walking tape I was completed dragged out all day but I tried to finish One major asthma attack made me realize I pushed a bit hard. So I will do the tape twice today I guess to make up for the slacking I did all week..
Flower : Your friend sounds like she will have one **** of a wedding!! 500 on a gown ? I spent $66 on my wedding dress (in 1985 actually a prom dress tea length ivory lace victoria neckline with silk liner) 30 for both rings ( no diamonds , I am not a stone wearer) the hall was free the JP was 30 and the veil was hand made maybe 25 tops and floral arragnments were also home made another 25 the bought was 75 for both the real and the fake ones .. I guess I just like simple things.. The band was our real regret, friends of my moms and the guy who gave me away ( not my dad he passed away in 1983) they were 70 years old and they were a coutry western band..(I am taking OLD country like Ernest Tubbs type..Yeeeeeech. I shudder to remember) I had a whole 2 weeks to plan this out..LOL . ( I was 16 I guess I was in a hurry) And about that spider dont feel bad he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time..
Punkin Glad to see your refreshed.. And found a stud finder.. I dont have one of those I just usually look for the old drywall nails and measure out 18 inches (unless your house is older then it is every 15-16) Forunately I havent missed YET using this concept ..(knock on wood)
La Morgan Hope Morris is feeling better soon He likes the taste of the vet?? Okkkk whatever twitchs his whiskers I guess.$100 on a vet visit?? My doctors visits are cheaper then that!!!! I guess you get paid less if the pateint talks..
Well I am off to do some stuff while DH is sleeping and DS is playing Nintendo.. It is sooo nice out finally I plan to get outside and take in some clean air ( as I air out the germ infested house.) I am think of buying / Renting a steam cleaner to clean all the rugs and mattresses and couches and stuff so I will be calling all over the place
Take Care

04-04-2002, 01:32 PM
:o Well, Morris didn't taste the vet, he likes his meds. :lol: Morris is a very dominate male pussy-cat, but at the vet he was completely docile. At home he wouldn't let us get near his leg but the vet could manipulate it and press and not a twitch out of the cat. And he had his temp taken; not a twitch, and same for the antibiotic shop to jump-start the infection. Yet the big, gentle Smokey (at home) does not tolerate the vet at all. Go figure. This is Canada, and a visit to the vet is $34.00 to look at the doctor. If the animal needs anything else, the costs rapidly accumulate. Immunization is at least $60.00, and an x-ray is $80.00. I was so relieved it wasn't a broken leg or fracture, my bill would've been $200.00 minimum.

I'd love the Wendy's chili recipe, I think I have the old Taco soup one if it's the one from the Homestyle Cookbook published in the early 90's.

Haven't done anything today but did snooze on the couch for 2 hours. Felt so lovely. This afternoon I will bustle, get my errands done and help out in the Kindergarten class at 2pm.
Survivor tonight, who will go this week?? We are hoping Sean or Rob, or soon I'll kick the television in frustration. John didn't watch the other ones, but is quite hooked this time.

My wedding dress (in 1984) cost around $250.00, we had a traditional wedding with the flowers and tux's for the guys... If I could do it all over I'd have a simple ceremony in the woods, a pot-luck after and a Celtic band... I'd wear anything but white!!! I hate white. I'd be in bare feet with rings on my fingers and bells on my toes....


04-04-2002, 03:05 PM
Hello, all!
This is my 22nd day of counting calories and I hated it at first but now I'm really getting into the rhythm of having a budget, so to speak. Well, I weighed myself this past Monday and I've lost 4 pounds! :D Apparently, something goes off in my brain when things are going well because that afternoon I came home and made muffins and peach crisp--I know how to make them low-fat but oh, the calories! The self-sabotage kicked in but the difference is this time I recognized it, so most of those muffins found their way to my co-workers the next day! Gotta stay vigilant!

Ah weddings...16 years ago we had a nice hippy, witchy wedding with a pot luck reception. The only thing I'd change would be our wedding cake--it was a 3 tier organic carrot cake; it seemed like a good idea at the time but it tasted like a huge bran muffin. Ick!:lol:

04-04-2002, 04:14 PM
Hello again!

Sheila - Ya know... the whole 16" thing is pretty normal *except* when living in a manufactured home. My house is brand new (well, 6 months old) and there are no visible drywall nails and apparently you can put a stud anywhere between 16-24" apart. I'm learning that building codes are different when the house can be moved before it becomes permanently on the ground. :rolleyes:

Eydie - Congrats on the loss!!!

Lamorgan - I'm with you on the "next time" wedding idea. My wedding was everything I'm NOT because my ex wanted it that way (although we did have a cool justice of the peace). Actually, it cost me more to get divorced than it did to get married.
Next time (if there is a next time) I want to do something more natural, less overly "done" and no white. Although to be honest with you, I'm 4th generation divorced... I think I'll do what my Great-grandmother and grandmother did - just stay single, ta' **** with the "norm" and date for the rest of my life...

chili recipe!


04-04-2002, 11:20 PM
Well, since we're all reminiscing about weddings....We planned ours in five days. We knew we were gonna do it, it was just a question of when because of the immigration application. We were married by an "all faiths" female minister with part of the ceremony having everyone hold a piece of rose quartz until they could feel the heat from the crystal, then making a wish for our wedding. It was at the minister's house, I wore a silver lace evening gown that was lined with black and had dark red Belgium roses. We got married on Hallowe'en, and I was tempted to wear a pointy black hat... :D Our total cost was around $500.00, including my dress, flowers, minister, and dinner for four (us and our witnesses.)

First time around I had the white dress, bridal party of 8, dinner, dance, the whole nine yards....and I was too tired to enjoy it. It was a production for everyone else and I was miserable....all I could think was all that money and I'm too tired for this.

Ruthie, thanks for popping in! I was worried! That's great that you have your new apartment sorted out...one less thing to do now! Hope your benefit is a huge success, and don't be a total stranger...although I understand how busy life can be.

04-05-2002, 01:37 AM
DH and I got engaged 4 years before we finally got married so, I had initially bought a 1000 dollar wedding dress that sat in the closet and discolored... I got married at my sisters house, she bought my 2nd wedding dress it was like 200 dollars and much nicer than the 1st in my opinion.... spent about 2000 dollars total and that included the honey moon, it was great but it was hot... June in the Sunny south :) We got married on my sister and her husband's 23 wedding anniversary... I was her flower girl when I was 5 and she was my maid of honor... :)



04-05-2002, 06:27 AM
Wildfire , thanks for acknowledging my post. Hope all is well with you.

See you guys later.

04-05-2002, 10:02 AM
:lol: Laughing at the giant carrot muffin image.

Off to work today, Evan is spending the day with a friend, and I have to make Brownies for him to take as a Thank you.

Pinched a nerve in my arm or something, and my right hand is all pins and needles. Very irritating.

Super about your apartment, Ruthie! Must be a big relief.

Morris is really bouncing back now, bearing weight on his back leg.

Thanks for the recipe Terri!

Must fly off to my kitchen and bake now.


04-05-2002, 11:15 AM
Hi Ruthie! Wasn't ignoring you. Just been too busy to acknowledge anyone personally. My attention span is way short these days.

My wedding was at the justice of the peace downtown vegas. It was 35 plus 20 for the licence. I wore a hippy dress of my moms. She bought me a presentation bouquet of wildflowers for 40$. She gave us money to go eat at Toma Romas afterwards. I was 4 monthes pregnant and I really wanted ribs! My engagement ring was a 1.5 c amathyist and the band was an anniversary band of amatyists and diamonds. 300 for both. Very budget!!!! My girlfriend bought me a sexy nighty.....

Hope all is well w/ everyone. Will someone start a new thread??? ~flower

04-05-2002, 12:28 PM
Sheila and I started a new thread at the same time.... See everyone at Alternative April 5...