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Hershey's Kiss
03-17-2002, 10:57 PM
Hello everyone. I am new at this and looking for something to help get my motivation back. I try not to bore you but I will let you know a little about my weight loss journey and where I am at. I joined WW in Jan.2001 and sucessfully lost 35 pounds by August 2001. i achieved lifetime and thought I would be so happy. Well I was at least for a while. Now I found I have lost my motivation and have gained five pounds back. The warning lights are on but I am struggling to shut them off. I liked what I saw in the mirror at first and I know I am in smaller sizes but when I look in the mirror I see the old fat me YUCK. I guess I am hoping that by reading how others deal with their sucesses and failures I can learn from you or help someone else.

03-18-2002, 12:32 AM
Everyday is a struggle to keep from falling into our old habits. When I was pg I lost weight. And it makes me so mad at myself to know I have gained it all back! Now I have to start over again. I think we fool ourself into thinking that now that we have lost it we can eat what we want that is where the word DIET come in. It is another word for short term eating change. What we really have to do in LIFESTYLE change! I am saying this because I need to be reminded myself. It is so hard to keep motivation when we let ourselfs down. And everytime we start again it is harder. I find that posting here helps because we all have the same struggles. And we understand it is so much more than not eating the wrong things. Keep coming back and posting it does help.


Hershey's Kiss
03-18-2002, 09:28 AM
Hello Sami, Thank you for posting a reply. Your right everyday does seem like a struggle. You think once you achieved your goals that it is going to be easy. But you soon realized or for me anyways the struggle to get theweight off was the easy part. You soon realize it is a lifetime struggle your always going to have to deal with. But I hope with this new found support it will help keep me on track. Knowing your talking with others who have the same problems and feelings really is comforting. You realize your not alone. I hope this helps me and I hope I can help someone else.