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06-16-2008, 09:04 AM
Hi everyone! I thought I would take the liberty of starting a new thread since we were on the second page. I've been away. From here and from home. I've been down in Virginia Beach visiting family. All is well down there--just thought I would go for a visit.

Jean, you have been in my thoughts as I've watched television and seeing the damage of all that flooding of your state! Iowa has been hit hard! Not only with terrible flooding but the tornado that took the lives of those scouts. And now this morning as I sit here typing, the Today show is telling us about the crop damage in your state! It sounds like you and your husband are safe.

It seems lately the weather has gone absolutely berserk all over the world. It really does give one a moment of pause and wonder what is going on and what will come next. May we all stay safe.

While down in Virginia Beach, my mother and I (along with other family members) walked the boardwalk and saw wonderful art from the annual boardwalk art show. I saw some beautiful pieces of jewelry; however, most of it is very very expensive. I saw a lot of people LOOKING at things but didn't see many people BUYING anything. Which is no wonder considering today's economy. I buy this lovely bracelet/pottery/painting or do I buy groceries or...gasoline? This is a no-brainer!

Anyway, the weather cooperated with the art show. However, Virginia Beach and Norfolk (and other areas) have been full of smoke! Fires from the Dismal Swamp and a fire in North Carolina did blow our way and made seeing and breathing almost impossible (especially last Tuesday...I think it was if I'm remembering correctly). The wind shifted and cleared up but came back on Saturday. Anyway...just smelled awful.

I've been doing a little knitting, reading, visiting with family, running errands with my mother, sitting with my father, and checking up on my father-in-law. I'm going back down on Friday but this will be a short visit as I will be back home on Sunday.

Today...this morning, I plan on taking a nice walk in my neighborhood, catching up on household chores, and cooking my husband a nice dinner.

I hope everyone has a great day....oh! BTW, I have been on program and have been eating healthier. I'm back on track and the scale shows it. :carrot:

06-16-2008, 01:15 PM
Good morning, ladies! Nice day today but we still have the Air Quality Alert on today.

Gail, you weren't far from me - I'm on the Peninsula in York County! My friend's sister was selling her art work at the show you went to. She comes from Alabama every year for it (also does other shows). I told the ladies in the other thread about the smoke on Saturday. I have severe asthma and it bothers me dreadfully. Even when you stay in the house, the smell comes in and that is enough to set me off.

Faye, I hope you get your computer back the way you want it. Men!

Maggie, is that oven small like a toaster oven? I'd sure get one. I hate to heat the big oven for 1 serving. I like what I've done with the downstairs so far, but now the family room needs more done.

I have scheduled a large item pick up for today and last night I got everything out on the curb. My dh was a packrat and now I have to get rid of it. The picnic table in the back yard was starting to get rotten so I put that out, that hot water heater I had replace, an old lawn mower, and 5 chairs in various stags of disrepair or not matching anything. This morning I get up and the picnic table and 2 chairs - including one that only had 3 legs - are gone! Just goes to prove one man's trash is another man's treasure.

06-17-2008, 08:26 AM
One of these trips down south, Susan, we're going to have to meet!

However...I. Am. Such. A. Klutz! Yesterday evening I slipped going down the carpeted stairs, fell on my butt, bumped my way down the steps, ending up on my left side. I hurt myself. I hurt. I'm on a heating pad as I type. I'm waiting for my doctor's office to open.

Retirement has not been healthy for me. I seriously considering going back to work. No kidding.

Needless to say I'm not going back to Virginia Beach this weekend.

Susan, my Mom and I thought this was one of the best artshows on the boardwalk in a very long time.

06-17-2008, 11:41 AM
Good morning, ladies! A balmy 74 degrees this morning. We had some rain last night. It cleared the smoke again. By last night you could see and smell the smoke!

Gail, sorry to hear about your fall. I hope the doctor can give you some relief. I am 66 but still work 20 hours a week. I figure since most accidents happen in the home, the more I get out the better! :lol:

Faye, I guess you still haven't solved your computer woes. I miss your posts.

06-17-2008, 01:48 PM

It is gonna be another hot one this day. The breezes are nice. I have been doing little of nothing. Absolute zip accomplished.

GAIL :getwell: I sure hope you just got bruises and didn't break your tailbone or anything else that is. OH but bruises can be bad too so do get to that doctor when he opens. That must have been one terrible feeling falling and bouncing your way down those stairs.

SUSAN What month is your birthday? Mine is in October and I am your age. My stove is electric ~ a toaster oven extraordinaire ;)

Inside dementions: 12W x 12D x 8H
Outside dementions: 16W + handles x 11T x 17D + door handle
Stone tiles on inside sides and one on rack at the bottom which can be moved. Settings: Toast ~ Bake ~ Broil ~ Covection

I ordered mine from Chef's Catalogue ~ There are two different models and the one down town in a shop didn't have the convection feature and I just had to have that feature.;) It does cut down on cooking time.

I think I need to get off here and make some breakfast...

06-17-2008, 01:54 PM
Good morning ladies, at least here in my world it still is. I posted twice yesterday and it dumped the first one and didn't post the second one I see. Who knows? Now I can't get into our bank website...{{{sigh}}}

I have been out and about this morning shopping a bit. I decided I needed to get to the commissary this afternoon and I still can't do that alone so I am picking up Jack and we are running out there and get it done. Guess it will be sandwiches for dinner tonight.

I bought a cute white cotton and lace patterned shirt for $5and a pair of beautiful blue capris for $10. I also received my mother's day shirts that I ordered with my gift card. The one is a white cotton tshirt tunic and thin so I decided to wear it over my swimsuit at the hotel when we go to Indiana and the other is a cute linen tunic with peach and aqua embroidery on it and the edges of the sleeves and bottom are a taupe color and matches perfectly a pair of crinkle pants I have. I also ordered 3 bras since the store had their "big girl" bras all in a mess. I gave up and came home and got on jms and ordered some goddess bras. I am waiting for the two pantsuits, the crocheted sweater and a new handbag then I am set to go to Indiana and then to Houston in Sept.

Gail: Hope your bum gets better. I know you have to be feeling it after falling down the stairs.

Susan: I enjoyed working at the law firm, but not so much at the other place here in Memphis so I don't miss not working. I have my books, my knitting and my dog to keep me company. I imagine I will start wandering over to the pool soon since my incision is about totally healed. It is nice to swim all alone or at least when you don't have brats jumping into the pool splashing water in your face and not even caring. They aren't supposed to jump off the edge but the kids around here feel they don't have to obey orders.

I wasn't sure if I would make it back home to make lunch today so I bought a premade tuna sandwich at Walmart's of all places and it turned out to be really good. Nothing fancy, but it was tasty with a diet pepsi.

I am so excited. When we get back from Indiana we are going to start on the floors in the condo finally. We are tiling the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room first then when we get back from Houston in Sept doing the living room, dining room and entranceway in wood or pergo something like that. The upstairs will have to wait until next year, but the carpet isn't too bad upstairs.

Well, I have chores to get done before I go out again so I better get to them.

Have a super Tuesday and stay cool and dry and for heaven's sake watch the stairs! lol

06-18-2008, 08:35 AM
Good morning all! We almost got shoved to the second page!

We got all the shopping finished thank goodness, now I get to clean the downstairs today. I bought a new Hoover Floormate power scrubber for our hard floors and it should be here today so I am going to clean the downstairs except for the mopping part then do it tomorrow with the new machine. I like my steam mop, but it will leave streaks from fuzz from the dryer even when I have swept then Swiffered the floor so I am hoping this won't do that it is supposed to be able to clean down into the dimpling, which I have to do on my hands and knees with a scrubber and ammonia to get clean. It also has a vacumm capability for the hard floors, which will be nice if it works.

My newest great nephew was born on Father's Day and she just sent pictures and he is so cute. He has a little brother who is 2 1/2 and adorably cute. The new baby is named Kyle and has a whole head of black hair. I told my sister I was jealous because she now has 5 grandchildren and I have 2, but then with 2 you can spend a whole lot more than if you have to divide among five children.

I have been trying to grow out my own nails and then get a manicure before going to Indiana. They are growing pretty well, but sure look scraggly. I want to wait until next week or even the beginning of the following week before I go in so they are longer. My nails do tend to crack or chip so I am hoping they hang in there until I can get them done.

I said a whole lot of "nothin'" but no one has posted so haven't a thing to talk about. Have a good Wednesday everyone!

06-18-2008, 09:40 AM
Happy Wednesday morning. It's going to be gorgeous outside today--low humidity, in the high 70's. Perfect summer day in my opinion. I am walking better...meaning upright instead of hunched over like a little ol' lady.

I did not break anything! But I am bruised. My doctor told me to keep my heating pad near by and take Advil. He said I'm going to have to be careful in what I lift for the next three weeks or so. I'll not be babysitting the cutie pie of a grandson. What an inconvenience this fall has created.

Yesterday, I mentioned I was seriously considering going back to work. Bottom (no pun intended here) line is I really do like being home. I'm a homebody at heart. Like Faye, I have my books, my knitting, and while I do not have a dog, we are considering adopting one this summer. DH wants a dog so bad. His birthday is next month and I've been thinking that perhaps a puppy would be a wonderful present for him. He would love to have another golden retreiver but I'm afraid of getting that breed for a couple (or more) reasons: (1) Our last dog was a golden, he was much loved, and we still morn his passing from 10 years ago; and (2) since I'm allergic to dogs and this dog would be more of a house dog, I need to find one that is hypoallergenic. So I need to do some research. But I thought a big blue bow on his collar for hubby's birthday would really make his day special. Stay tuned.

Anyway, I really do not want to go back to work. I don't miss the working part of work; however, I do miss the socialization part of work. Which reminds me I have a luncheon to go to tomorrow. I love this group of women I've been having lunch with once a month for the last 18 years. We are all retired now. Each one of us have such different backgrounds but we enjoy each other's company so much. Plus, I get to dress up which is a great departure from how I usually dress in my ultra-casual clothes.

Susan, if I ever do go back to work it will be part-time. Twenty hours a week is plenty--gets you out of the house and among people and supplements the ss check/pension/etc.

Maggie, I love browsing through that catalogue! A convection oven will be great in that awfully hot weather you're experiencing. Do you still make a lot of smoothies? I found an old...and I do mean OLD...recipe for a milkshake in an old WW cookbook I now make: Combine 1 cup of skim milk (I use 1% low fat), 1/8 tsp. vanilla extract, a few packets of artficial sweetener (I use Splenda), and 1 cup of fresh or frozen fruit (I use frozen strawberries) and blend. While blending, add 3 ice cubes one at a time. 3 points for a very large glass of creamy bliss! Yum. Stay cool.

Faye, I love to read about that on-line shopping you do! My oldest daughter gets the best prices on things through her on-line shopping. My DH is so old-fashioned, he actually turns white if I mention I want to buy something on-line. Your clothes sound so pretty. I was just reading in my newspaper this morning, that the mall closest to me, will be starting a teenage restriction in July. If a teenager is under the age of 18, they will need to be accompanied by an adult (21 yrs or older) after 5pm on Friday and Saturday evenings. Teenagers travel in large packs and last summer our mall had to close early due to food fights in the food court and brawls. Adults stopping shopping in the evenings on the weekends last year and have not returned since all that has happened. The mall is trying to get adults, especially senior citizens back. Have you started knitting again? Right now, I'm knitting a very thin scarf in pure silk for my oldest daughter (part of a birthday present for her in July). Simple, mindless knitting.

Where is Jean? Did she go away on vacation? Is she okay from all that flooding in her state?

Well, even though I'm slow, I need to do some things around the house. I need to water the flowers on the front porch, wash the few breakfast dishes, and see if I can vacuum. Not sure about that last chore--depends on my backside.

Everyone, have a great day. Stay on program. Stay cool. Do not fall down!

06-18-2008, 11:57 AM
Good morning, ladies! A beautiful day today - no smoke (yet) - and only 72 degrees.

Maggie - My birthday is October 9. Thanks for the info on the oven. I'm going to start looking for one.

Faye - Your new clothes sound beautiful. I hate to shop. I'm growing my nails too but can't ever seem to get them all a decent length for a manicure at the same time. I'm going to get a manicure and a pedicure before my trip next month.

Gail - Glad you didn't break anything in the fall. Bruising can sure be painful. Jean is on vacation this week.

Tonight I have one of my quilting bees and am having dinner with one of my friends who is also in the bee before hand.

I sold Stan's car yesterday. My friend's husband bought it. They have 2 gas guzzlers and live in a remote area so lots of driving to get anywhere. The Neon has good gas mileage. I was sorry to see it go.

Well, must get to work!

06-18-2008, 09:10 PM

Good afternoon Magnolias.  We went into town this day and ate at Subway, picked up our mail and looked high and low for one of those plastic deviled egg carriers then got some ice and back home again.  We could not find one of those egg carriers anywhere.  Ended up getting a glass one that is not conducive for outdoor parties for which I needed one for.  Since it was requested that I bring those eggs because of the fact that the elderly lady who always makes them is out of the state and won't be at the BBQ.  I'll carry the eggs in a plastic thingie then transfer them to the "proper" plate.;) That will work for me.

DONNA I can imagine just how cute that little guy is with all that dark hair.  Do you wear gloves when you do all that cleaning that you do?  Hope your nails do get a nice manicure.  You are the Queen of Clean.:)

GAIL I am so glad you didn't break anything and are up and at 'em.  Take care of yourself now and heal.  Yeppers Chefs Catalogue is one of my very most favorites.  I have spent a lot of money their way.  A puppy would be a great gift.  Isn't it the short haired varieties that are more alergy friendly ~ like the Labs for instance?  We were told that the ones that don't shed much at all are the alergy friendly ones.  Actually we were told that Ragg Mopp is in that category even though he could grow long hair if we didn't keep it cut short.  But he doesn't shed much.  Ilove that smoothie recipe.  A while back I compiled a neat little Smoothin booklet and I do believe I encluded that one in it for it was one of the basics from WW.  I also like making it with blackberries when they are in season.

SUSAN Well let me tell you ~ you are 3 days older than me for I was born on the 12th of October.  I was a Columbus Day baby.  What fun you will have tonight having dinner with a friend.  Nice to get that car sold to someone you know.

Everyone have a lovely evening. I can imagine JEAN is enjoying her self in MN . . . 

06-19-2008, 08:32 AM
Good morning to you all! Well I pooped out on my online shopping. The two outfits were horrible so they are going back. The green one the top gapped in the front and at the neck in back so it looked ridiculous and the other one was the most disgusting color. It looked a pretty tan color online but it was, forgive me, this baby poop color and was not flattering on me either. On top of that, I got my floor mate, which I was all excited about, unpacked it and it had no handle!!! I called Hoover and the little snot who answered my call simply said, "I'm sorry, we don't have that as a part listing." I told her I couldn't believe that the stupid manufacturer didn't have a handle for heaven's sake and she was snippy and said I would just have to return it to wherever I got it from and get my money back and that was as much help as she was going to provide. I was livid and emailed a complaint to them, then called QVC where I bought it and she was a doll and tried to see if they could just get a part, but couldn't and was all very apologetic about me having to send it back. She gave me a $10 credit for my "distress" and I was very angry having to try and repack it, not at QVC as they were great, but at Hoover. I swear I will never buy another thing from them no matter what. I did the best I could packing it, but truthfully, they can't resell it with no handle so I got the darn thing in the box so it wouldn't moved and just piled everything else in on top of it and taped it close. Good thing I have that moving type of packing tape all the time. UPS is supposed to pick it up in the next three days. I did buy a new handbag so I hope that it and the new bras I bought online will make me happy at least! :D

Gail: Occasionally you can get burned shopping online, but I probably do 80% of my shopping online. I have gotten so I hate going into stores and shop. People are rude, they let their kids just run wherever they want and you end up not finding what you want or need. Hope your back and bum are feeling better. I know you probably are getting some doozy of a bruise. Just take it easy and you will be ok in a few days. I still have my sweater to finish and have started on one of the boy's Christmas presents, but have laid it aside for now as I am just not in the mood to knit.

Susan: I don't know if my own nails are going to make it. I cracked my index finger and had to cut it then the pinky chipped too. Maybe I will just go and get my nails done with acryllics like I used to. It must be hard everytime you have to get rid of something that belonged to Stan. I know it would tear me up getting rid of stuff of Jack's if it would come to that. Hope you had a great time last night!

Maggie: My niece's baby is a cutey for sure as is her old son. Her husband is Hispanic and both boys look like their dad for sure. Little Luke looks just like his dad and he is just cute as he can be at 2 1/2. If we lived close to you, I would let you borrow my egg carrier. I have a Tupperware one. No, I am not a glove wearer. I have gloves that I can wear, but I find I end up getting water down in them anyway so I just go ahead and get it done then clean my hands up right away and lotion up.

I left the mopping until today so I could use my new machine, but guess I will have to do it old school today so I better get started before it gets hot today!

Everyone have a good Thursday!

06-19-2008, 10:49 AM
Good morning! Beautiful day outside. Low humidity. Another day in the high 70's. Sun is bright! I wish all the people in Iowa and other states battling floods had this day and many more to come so all that water would dry up.

Well. I drove to bible study last night. I shouldn't have done that. I should have allowed my youngest daughter to come pick me up and drive me there. I probably shouldn't have gone out because by the time I got home, I was not only tired but more sore than usual. It was two Advil and the heating pad for me before I finally went to bed. Today, I'll be staying home and moving very carefully.

Susan, on one hand I'm glad to sold the Neon but on the other hand I know it must've been difficult to see it go. You have great strength. I have not talked with my mother and dad since Monday so I haven't heard anything about those fires that is causing all that smoke. Are those fires out yet? I know the smell from that smoke is horrendous.

Faye, I hate returning things especially through the mail. I get very frustrated with the repacking of things. I don't mind going to the mall to shop because now that I'm retired I shop early in the morning on week days. Of course, with school out for the summer, I imagine it's a little more crowded. Adults can be just as rude as kids but I guess that's where kids learn their bad behaviour--from their rude parents! I go through periods of time when I do not knit.

Maggie, I still have that smoothie booklet you sent me years ago! I need to look at it again--thanks for that gentle reminder! Pampered Chef sells a wonderful container for deviled eggs. The deviled egg compartment flips over into a full compartment. It all sits in a container that can be put in the freezer first and it will keep everything cool when taken outside. It's a little pricey (if I'm remembering correctly) though. I'm sure you can buy one on-line at their webside.

I need to start doing my morning chores. I'm going to try and push that light weight Swifter vac on my hardwood floors (w/o hurting my back). I need to water my flowers on the front porch.

06-19-2008, 11:35 AM
Good morning, ladies! Another nice day.

Gail, the paper says the fires are 25% out. We desperately need rain to put them out. The Great Dismal Swamp fire could burn for years because the peat is on fire. I just pray for winds from the west to blow the stuff east and out into the ocean. Don't overdo it until you get healed.

Maggie, I love deviled eggs. I only have the glass dishes, too.

Faye, sorry your "shopping trip" was such a disappointment. I haven't been to a mall in 4 years. I can't stand the hoards shopping there and the traffic around ours is horrible. I can't imagine you without your knitting needles.

Had a nice dinner with my friend and a good time at my quilting bee.

Well, better get some work done!

06-19-2008, 08:30 PM

Another hot one in the neighborhood. I long for those nice sea breezes that we had down south. Lost a tad at WW this day. Slow but sure goes the race. I am such a slow loser.:( This is a high point day so we are going to grill a tri tip and some great sourdough bread and I'll make a zuchinni dish.

GAIL Isn't it just like us to try to do more than our bodies can stand after a injury. We do bash on regardless and then have to put the brakes on and coast a bit to let our bodies heal. I love swiffer products. I use the duster and the mop on these floors and they work great. Will has a nice small sized shop vac that does those type jobs and I have a hand held one also that sure does come in handy. I have updated my Smoothies Booklet I bet since I sent you that one. ;) This version is up to 44 pages.:dizzy: Also when I want to make one a meal I add a scoop of Slim-Fast optima french vanilla shake mix which adds 2 points but makes the smoothie last 4 hours or more for it boosts the fiber and protein up ergo a meal. Anyway I love my smoothies and never make just one serving because my main squeeze loves them too.

DONNA I am so sorry your vac came without a handle. Wonder how many they packed for shipment that way since they ran out of handles. What a shoddy way to do business. Also the colors need to be more accurate on the clothing because we do need to wear what looks best with our complections. My nephew married a Hispanic and their 4 boys are so very handsome and neat young men. Cindy, the mom is a beautiful gal herself and my nephew is no slouch either.

SUSAN Peat fires are interesting. I have seen reports and pictures of them and glad we don't have them out here on the left coast. This place has enough troubles of it's own which I won't go into here.:) Hope your air is clean by now ~ hard to brethe with smoke in it.

Have a wonderful evening friends. Type at you later. :wave:

06-20-2008, 08:45 AM
Good morning lovely ladies. It looks a bit overcast from where I am sitting, but I can't really tell. It was a bit cooler yesterday though than it has been.

The UPS man came and picked up the floor cleaner and said, "Didn't I just deliver this yesterday?" I told him about it and how I got an email from Hoover after I complained saying I should take it back to one of the Hoover repair places here in town since it was under warranty. I told him that I thought that it was likely the repair place would get a handle from Hoover so why in the heck wouldn't they just send me one? Anyway, I sent it back and QVC will send me another one. I really do want another one now that we are finally going to get rid of the carpeting downstairs and put in laminate flooring.

Susan: I would imagine that unless they can put out the fire from helicopters, it would be pretty difficult to put out the swamp fires. I know we didn't live all that far from the swamp area and it goes on forever and for a fire it would have a pretty large source. I have my knitting sitting next to my chair so I imagine I will go back to it soon. I get in these spells where I just don't feel like knitting for some reason then I will knit constantly. lol Well, I chipped two more nails yesterday so I gave up on trying to get my own nails to grow out and stand up to abuse so to speak. I have tried all the strengthening stuff on my nails and such but haven't found anything to really work. Ahh, well.

Maggie: Good for you losing a bit more. Anything is good when it comes to weight loss. I am a smoothie lover too, though I prefer straight fruit type smoothies over those that have any kind of milk product. We have a place her called "Smooth Moves" that makes a mango and peach smoothie that is to die for. Jack is not a smoothy drinker so I don't have them very often. I kind of chuckle with Jackson as his mom is half hispanic and he is my little fair haired blue eyed boy. Her family is all dark haired and such and like I said before, my grandsons dug deep to get their coloring genetics with the redhead and then Jackson having blond hair and blue eyes. On my mother's side of the family, I was the only blond. My mom, and her two brothers had very dark either brown or black hair, my siblings were all dark haired, then one uncle had 8 children and one 9 and all of them were dark haired. On the rare occasion when I was little when we were all together, I stuck out like a sore thumb as I was a real white blond when I was small.

Gail: You need to take care of yourself for awhile until you are totally pain free. You don't want to injure yourself worse than you are. Just take it easy and pamper yourself for a couple days.

You gals have a great weekend. I imagine we will be hearing from Jean soon. Hope she had a nice time up at the lake visiting with family.


06-20-2008, 10:03 AM
Good morning, ladies! We had more rain last night and the ground is a little damp today. Not enough to put out the fires, though. 2,700 acres are burning. They anticipate having a firewall dug to contain the fire by July 1.

We have Tropical Smoothie store around here. I stay out of them - the calories are horrible even for a small one. I do like to make them at home.

Faye, hope you get your floor cleaner straightened out. They are probably made in China or some other far away place where they wouldn't even use them.

Gloria, hope you are mending. Don't overdo it.

Today I'm starting in the family room. Got to get everything out so I can scrub the carpet.

06-20-2008, 03:27 PM

It is around 11 am and the temp outside is 95 and climbing. The tri tip Will BBQed yesterday was so tough that I put it into the crock pot with a can of mushroom soup and it will be good and tender today. We haven't had good sucess buying them from Costco so will get them elsewhere from henceforth.

DONNA I do hope the next Hoover you receive does have a handle. That would be horrible if they dumped a load of them without handles for QVC to sell. I don't make all of my smoothies with milk products. Juice and frozen fruit are great. We have a smoothine place out here called Jamba Juice that does make program friendly ones for 2 to 3 points depending on what size you order. They call them Enlightened Smoothies. Then they have some that cost lots of points which I stay away from. My favorite one when I buy one there is called Berry Fulfilling. Isn't it fun when a recessive gene pops up in a family ~ like you were a spot of light hair in the middle of all those dark haired ones. In my family half were light haired and the other dark hair. Most folks called me "Blondie" when I was a kid. My daughter is a red head and the boys are both blond.

SUSAN If places aren't on fire then it seems like they are flooding. Weather has always been a facination to me. I think if I had it all to do over maybe ~ just maybe ~ I would have been a storm chaser. I loved that class in college. Is your carpeting the hypoalergenic (sp?) kind? When we yanked the carpet out of this rig and put down flooring my sneezing quit on the most part. There was a lot of stuff under that carpet that the greatest vacuum with the most suction couldn't pull out and the cleaners wouldn't get them out from under there. Scarey stuff.

Anyone have any special plans for the weekend? We have that BBQ to go to tomorrow evening which I have been requested to bring ~ of all things ~ deviled eggs. So I will be boiling eggs in my egg cooker today to get them in the fridge to cool and put the stuff together tomorrow. I got parsley, chives, carrots and radishes waiting to be prepared. I make tiny slices and spears to stick in the top of each egg half. Makes them look like a party.;) And no one has a clue that they are "program friendly."

06-20-2008, 04:12 PM
Good afternoon! Another great day in Delaware!! I count my blessings for nice weather in my area.

Susan, just got off the phone with my Mom (Va. Beach) and I forgot to ask about any smoke/fumes and she didn't mention it. I don't understand why I have not seen/heard anything in the newspaper here or on television about the fires and smoke down south. I hear all about the flooding in the midwest but nothing about the fires/smoke.

Faye, I'm like that as well. I'll knit and knit and knit and then...stop. For a week or two. Then take up the needles again and go at it again. I need to start knitting a baby blanket for a baby that due in October. I went out to the grocery store this morning...big mistake. Came back and had to be still for awhile. I am so annoyed with myself for falling.

Maggie, 44 pages of smoothies! Wow. Hmmm...plans for this weekend? I'm staying home except for church on Sunday. Wayne is driving down to Va. Beach to his Dad's house to get his power washer. I would go with him but sitting in his truck for four hours down there and then another four hours back just don't sound too excitin'. Since I was down that way last weekend and I did see him, I don't feel guilty for not going down. Wayne will only be gone for one night. I'm going to stay home. I'm going to get my DD#2 to come pick me up and drive me to church on Sunday. I'm okay on the passenger's side getting in and out but on the driver's side has me squealing from pain.

Well hubby will be home in an hour. He's grilling hamburgers for dinner. I found one-point hamburger buns by Natural Ovens this morning.

Everyone have a great evening...

06-21-2008, 07:10 AM
Good early morning to you all. My back is bothering me from sleeping on my stomach so I decided to just come downstairs and sit in the recliner.

Susan: Sounds like the firemen have a real job ahead of them. You are right about smoothie places, I think a lot of them use powdered sugar to sweeten them. I used to get them when I would go with my dd during the daytime when she worked nights for Hilton.

Maggie: Have fun at your picnic! Don't you just hate it when you buy meat and it turns out to be awful? We seem to always buy steaks that way at the commissary and I always seem to end up with the one with the gristle in it. We had steak last night and I was cutting it from the bone and I kept having to throw away meat because it had gristle right down its center. Unfortunately, it didn't show up on the outside. Braising anything can make it tender, so I am sure the tri tip will be tasty for you after cooking in the soup. Soup used to be something you could buy really cheap but even that is over $1 a can. It is ridiculous.

Gail: I think you are smart to stay home. You would be in agony by the time you got back home being in the truck for 8 hours. Enjoy your time at home and your church day.

We are just going to hang out at home, maybe go out for lunch today. I have those outfits to take to a UPS store to ship out so maybe Jack will go with me and we can go get lunch somewhere. We wanted to watch the Cubs game, but Fox has exclusive rights to broadcast on Saturday afternoon so unless it is on Fox we will have to listen on the radio.

Everyone have a great Saturday and enjoy yourselves this weekend!

06-21-2008, 09:51 AM
Happy Saturday!

I went to bed at 9pm last night and woke up at 6:00pm. My bottom/lower back were aching so badly last night. This morning I feel better.

The assembly line at the plant Wayne works at will be down for the next six weeks due to "inventory adjustment" (due to sorry economy). Wayne will be off work for four of those weeks. He'll return two weeks before the line starts up again. We have a LOT of projects at home for him to do. I will help him as much as I can. One of the projects is to give our bedroom and bathroom a make-over. We'll be painting. Replacing the flooring. New curtains and bedding. We MIGHT buy new bedroom furniture. Not sure of that last one; not sure if we want to spend any of the money we have saved for this. We do need a new mattress set but again, not sure if now is the time--may hold off on this a little while longer. But this first week, is to clean off our deck and gazebo. Last night he discovered that the heater on our spa is not working so we'll need a repairman to come out and take a look/repair that. And we need to buy a new umbrella for the table. We're spending our vacation money on the house this year.

Confession time: I have not been able to stay on program. I'll start, stay on program for a few days and then...I fall off. I'll lose a few pounds and then regain and add a pound to that. I need to get back on program and STAY there. Since Tim Russert has passed away I hear on tv a lot about how a woman's waist line should not be more than 35 inches. For the first time in DECADES I measured my waistline. I'm 10 inches over!!! Not good. Scarey.

I need to start the laundry. I promised Wayne I would have his clothes ready to take with him to Va. Beach this evening. Just one night away. Just a change of clothes.

Everyone have a great Saturday!

06-21-2008, 10:14 AM
Good morning, ladies! Another nice day starting.

I've got laundry going and need to finish the family room today so I can do nothing tomorrow after Mass. We do have a reception at church in the afternoon for one of our priests who is being transferred to George Mason University as the chaplin.

Maggie, my carpeting is the regular kind. I have no carpeting, drapes or blinds in my bedroom and wash every bite of bedding every week because of my asthma and allergies. That has helped a lot. The doctor told me to get all the "dust catchers" out of my bedroom and the rest of the house just need to be kept clean. I do have hepa air purifiers upstairs and down and that also helps.

Gail, I'm kind of in the same boat - I just can't get under 155 and stay there. I go under and in a few days I'm right back there. A good book is YOU on a Diet by Dr. Oz. Not a diet per se but insight into your body and how it handles food and why your waist should be less than 35, etc. Is an easy read and written in a humous vein. I guess there is nothing on the news about the fires because no houses have been burned up and no one has died...too tame!

Faye, enjoy the Cubs game.

06-21-2008, 01:44 PM

Instead of an outside BBQ our friend will move it indoors for the guests. Her poor husband will have to be out in the heat doing the cooking.:^: I am sure Will will be right out there helping him. He is that kind of guy.:D Got my eggs cooked and in the fridge cooling. The fun part is decorating them up after they are assebled. I do love recreating the food. Could have been a :chef: I am told. I am eating lite for breakfast and lunch to save some points for tonight. I have been busy making a smoothie booklet for a friend and will get it spiral bound next trip to town. I like to stay busy and that is one thing I really like to do ~ and that is make things. Right now after I get off here I am going to make a meal replacement smoothie. I think I am finally awake. Had a cup of coffee and looked at the thermometer and it is 93 at 9:30 am. Did you ever get the idea that I don't do well in the heat? I have been doing better the last couple days gettin in my fiber. Gotta get that fiber in. It's like drinking wood shavings.:p

DONNA Can you sleep on your side? I know I can't sleep on my tummy because of my back problems. Actually I can't sleep flat on my back either ~ one side then get up to the bathroom come back and the other side as the night goes on. We do have to find what works best for us don't we. There is a meat market in town we are going to try. It is ridiculous to pay money for good cuts you can't bite. After being in the crock pot that tri tip made good open faced sandwiches. Love that crock pot for tough cuts. Do you have cable ~ WGN has the games or you can check out the cubbies on the internet. Go to Fox News, click on sports then on baseball and you can see from there where to go to find the information on your team. Will loves that site since we don't have TV.

GAIL We all go through the doldrums with our weight program. Anyway I do so I know how you feel. I have to really keep my FOCUS or I do a yo yo program. Do get that book Susan mentioned. It is The Owner's Manuel for Waist Managment. I know you will like it. I keep my copy handy.

SUSAN I have that book and love those drawings and I have read it through. At first I didn't know where I wanted to start reading because there was so much good information I wanted to know. I'll kick up my heels when I reach 155 ~ if I can jump that is. Maybe you are at your supposed to be weight. After losing so much, as you have, that may be your set weight that your body wants. Just a thought.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends.

06-22-2008, 06:51 AM
I have that book on my shelf! Have I read it? Obviously. But I own it and I'll start reading it today. Wayne may not be home until very late tonight and all the kids are busy elsewhere. It's supposed to rain this afternoon. It will be a good Sunday afternoon for reading. Thank you Susan for the recommendation and also to you Maggie for the encouragement and second recommendation of the book as well. I see it right now on my bookshelf. I'm always buying books to read later. Later has come!

I didn't sleep well last night. I never do when hubby is not home. Right now I'm waiting for the newspaper to be delivered. I'll go make some coffee. Think about breakfast. Too early to eat breakfast yet.

06-23-2008, 08:39 AM

That's the link to your next thread, everyone! :grouphug: