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06-15-2008, 08:15 PM
My periods are usually very light due to the birth control I take. After my last pill on Saturday, I get my cramps, and usually start bleeding thursday or friday night... very heavy and stops near the end of the day sunday.

Well this last period was lighter than usual.

Now it's been a couple of weeks since then. My breasts are still tender tender, they feel more swollen than usual and last night there was some clear yellowish discharge.

I've been cramping a bit lately, but more in my back (sore lower back). I haven't had the run to the bathroom nautious every day... but the last week Ive felt a little off in the mornings.

I've been EXHAUSTED the last two weeks.

So I took a pregnancy test... and it was negative. I bought the two pregnancy test kit... how long should I wait before trying again?

I know it says to take up to 4 days before your expected period... but I've already kind of had one... it won't be for another couple of weeks yet.

Could I be? I told hubby and he was a little panicky at first, but he seemed a little dissapointed when it came out negative :(

06-15-2008, 09:55 PM
I'd wait a couple of weeks and not stress about it :)

You did have a period, right?
Did you miss any of your pills last month? Taken any antibiotics?
How long have you been on the pill?
If you haven't missed a pill, and have been on them for quite a while, I'd say it's highly unlikely. There is always that tiniest of a possibility though.
I know it's hard to wait, but I'd wait another week at least before another test.
If you just can't wait, do one in the morning with your first morning urine. It's the most concentrated.

Best wishes :)

Sweet Sissy
06-15-2008, 10:22 PM
What BC are you on? I know that the kind I'm on (Tri-Sprintec) lists sore breasts as a common side effect.

And just FYI, morning sickness is a misnomer. It's morning/noon/night sickness depending on the woman. I have a pregnant friend who didn't have a touch of "morning sickness" in her first pregnancy, and now with her second pregnancy, gets ridiculously ill an hour after dinner every night. Point is, don't count on morning sickness as a sign. Go see your OB/midwife or even your general practitioner and get a blood test. Won't it feel better to know definatively?

06-16-2008, 12:59 AM
I've been a perfect user of hormonal birth control for 9 years now (as in, forgot one pill, once EVER), and I've actually skipped a couple of periods without being pregnant. In fact, my last period just lasted a day (and came the day before I started my active pack) and I'm due again this week. I'll admit that I'm nervous, but given my history, I'm trying to not freak out until I see how this week goes.

That said, I haven't had any signs -- but then again, my mother told me she didn't even get any clues that she was pregnant until a missed period. Never had morning sickness, ever. Good luck to me and you!

06-16-2008, 08:37 AM

If you think that you could be pregnant, just be aware that it might have happened/been conceived right before your period was due (your light one). When you are on the pill, your ovulation time is not going to be like that of a woman not on the pill.

It is very possible that if you are, that you could have conceived at that time, or honestly, even right after your light period, if you were sexually active then. If the test is negative, then if you ARE pregnant, it means that you do not yet have enough of the hormones in place to show a positive test.

This happened to me with my youngest. I KNEW I was pregnant from the time of conception...but I had to take a test every few days, for about 3 weeks, before it came up positive.

Did you take the test over the weekend? If you did, then wait about 2-3 days from now, and take another one. Take it first thing in the morning, with your first morning's urine. It contains the strongest amount of hormones, since it usually sits in your body longer while you are sleeping. If the hormone is there, and it is going to show up-morning urine will be the first place. After that, if it still comes up negative, wait another 2-3 days.

I also wanted you to be aware that I "spotted" with two of my children in the first trimester, around the time that my period would have normally been there. It wasn't a was a couple days of spotting. This can be pretty common, and some women think that they are not pregnant because of it.

So long this is going to take to figure out, is going to depend on the conception date (if you are).

I would try a test every 2-3 days...until you get a positive, or until about 2 weeks from now. If there isn't a positive by then, then you are probably not. :) To save money on tests, they have cheaper ones at Dollar General, Family Dollar, and other dollar type stores. (They are all the same-you don't need an expensive one.)

06-16-2008, 09:10 AM
You sound just like me when I was pregnant with my daughter. Only I had missed my period and was waiting for the next month's cycle when someone walked by me with a cup of coffee and I nearly vomited from the smell of it. I'm a one pot a day coffee drinker, so this was alarming to say the least. I was exhausted and starving all the time, but then I'd eat and want to vomit. I thought I had a fatal disease. I went to the doctor, waiting to hear I had leukemia or something and he said, "Well, you're pregnant!" I made him give me a blood test to prove and...and he was right. I couldn't believe it. My daughter's father and I had only 'been together' once in a month and a half. And now, almost 15 years later, I have my lovely 14-year-old ray of sunshine :sunny:

Keep taking the tests. And keep us up to date!!

06-16-2008, 09:21 AM
Thanks guys!!

With both my kids, I was always sick in the morning (and rarely after supper). Usually when I brushed my teeth or if I hadn't had anything to eat yet in the morning.

I haven't felt ill brushing my teeth, but if I don't eat breakfast right away I feel icky which isn't normal for me other then when I was pregnant.

There have been times when I skipped periods altogether... but after I started my next batch of pills, the crampy bloaty and achy breasts would dissappear.

This time, I'm still getting the cramps (some in the front but mostly in my lower back) with the aches, tiredness and funky tummy. I'm also getting a lot of headaches recently - but that could be because of the funky weather in Calgary.

06-29-2008, 02:14 AM
It's been a couple of weeks---any update???

06-29-2008, 05:18 PM
still negative :) I'll try again if I do't start my girly thing at the end of the week.

No pukey feeligs... boobs are sore that's about it.

DH and I are thinking of NOT wanting another one. Only for the fact that we want to travel, there will be a 10 year age difference between my daughter and baby, extra money can be saved towards kids college - not being spent on baby stuff. I can focus on my health - and stop birth control (see below).

If it happens, all well - if not. DH and I have been talking in depth of getting a vasectomy.

My BIL is getting married soon - and we'll be having nephews/nieces :D

The only thing that Dh and I liked about my pregnancy is how my body changes and holding the baby... that it! Otherwise we both agree that we've had enough bottle feeding, dirty diapers, baby food, spitup, toilet training etc etc.

Like I said though - if I am... that's wonderful too :) But DH will DEFFINATLEY go to the vet to get tootered right after.

06-30-2008, 01:16 PM
Hmmm. Seems like it would show positive by now, but the sore boobs could be a sign.
My hubby's had a vasectomy. He really griped about it-said it was the most painful thing he's ever done-blah,blah,blah. He's never had babies ! Really it's been great to not have to worry about birth control. If you're sure that you're through, I highly suggest it :) I knew that I didn't want to go through the diapers and sleepless nights anymore, plus both of my kids were premature and I wasn't gonna go through that again either.

Take care,

06-30-2008, 07:53 PM
Another reason why we are leaning towards not having kids is because both of my children have a some form of disability. Son has ADHD, daughter is having some dislexia problems. Both can cope with it quite well... but two kids in a row with some problems... I don't want to think about what could happen with a third.

Both DH and i have agreed to wait for a few months to let the idea sit. He tells me the more he thinks about it, the more he likes the idea. I keep telling him to wait to be sure :)

Yeah I can see Todd whining about the pain lol. He'll probably hate it me until he heals up better haha.

But he does have a friend who did it - and they are happy with the results.

One thing I heard was that it's best for a man to wear supportive undies (skin forming breifs) instead of boxers or loose undies... the support allow the privates to not "hang" so much causing discomfort in the incision areas.

07-01-2008, 09:50 AM
yup ..Id just wait it out and keep testing .. or maybe go get a blood test from doc if you are impatient like I would be :lol:

I don't think there is any concrete signs .. because with both of my kids ... I didn't even miss a period ! ( untill the 3rd or 4th month in ) and no morning sickness at ALL

the only time I had morning sickness was after tqaking the test and looking at it a second time in disbelief and the morning after that. and then it was gone ... ( and I'm pretty sure it was just because I was so freaked out..I was 18 and living with my mom still! ) (