General chatter - IDEAS....What to do while in a leg cast???

06-14-2008, 01:51 PM
OK, I am having surgery on Monday and I will be in a cast/on crutches for 3-4 months!!!!!

So any ideas of what to do? I am going to seaworld and universal studios in July (I will be renting the wheel chair)

But while I am HOME.....what, besides surf the net, watch movies and color with my DD can I do?????

06-14-2008, 01:57 PM
Oh man, poor thing!!!

Buy lots of bubbles. I love bubbles. It doesn't really help stave off the boredom BUT I saw this episode of Dharma and Greg once (only episode i've ever seen) where they did 'Bubble Therapy'. You put whatever your frustration is into a bubble and you blow them away - visualizing your problems in the bubbles.

Might be good for when you go CRAZY from frustration!!

Hang in there, and good luck!

06-14-2008, 02:21 PM
Play doh. Dont know how old your DD is but who doesnt love play doh? How about getting a good book or 2. Just finished Memoirs of a Geisha and it was a great read. Do you sew? Knitting or cross stitch? maybe get some water colors and paper?

06-14-2008, 02:35 PM
I didn't have a cast, but I surgery on my femur last December, and I was bed bound for 2 months and then on a walker/crutches for another 6 weeks after that. I actually slept 14-16 hours a day (but I was very sick with a blood infection), but when I got better and didn't have to sleep as much, I watched a lot of tv and I read a lot. I talked on the phone with my mom a lot too. I didn't have the motivation, but I always thought about starting a new hobby, like knitting or painting.

Good luck with your surgery! :)

06-14-2008, 03:51 PM
How about starting a legacy journal for your child? You know just funny tidbits from your life and any thoughts/advice that have been important to you. Maybe include some moments from childhood that were especailly fun or especially difficult for you. I find they especially enjoy dating misshaps(the older ones kids love these).

Also great is info about yourself such as favorite foods,colors,presents you like(you get the drift).

You don't have to give it now but once written it can be put away until you fell he child is old enough.

Good luck

Hat Trick
06-14-2008, 05:33 PM
Books, crafts of all kinds (dollhouses, jewelry making, painting, mosaics -- anything from and arts and crafts store), crocheting, knitting, jigsaw puzzles, yahzee (handheld), cards, photography, brush the dog! :). Hope your surgery goes well and the time goes quickly for you!

06-14-2008, 05:41 PM
An aside, but a tip nonetheless...make sure you have a hairdryer with a cool setting.

When it starts itching in your cast, and you can't scratch it, you can set your hairdryer to "cool" and blow on it...keeps your cast dry inside AND relieves the itching.

06-14-2008, 07:38 PM
Thanks for the ideas!!!! I see a few (hairdryer, play doh, and puzzles) that I REALLY like. I will be working still also, but while I am at home I want to have SOMETHING to do. I may have to stop by WalMart tomorrow before I check into the hotel to see what I can find!

My DD is 3 BTW, so she likes to play with Play Doh, Color, Watch Movies, and just hang with mom!


Hat Trick
06-15-2008, 12:16 AM
I just thought of crossword puzzles, suduko (sp?), word search, word scrambles. Also on the net, check out these links if you like 'point and click' escape type games.

If you get stuck just open a new window, type in the name of the game followed by the word 'walkthrough' and you'll get lots of hints and anwers. Also check out Yahoo's games -- I love graffiti and gin.

06-15-2008, 12:27 AM
Maybe you could look in to age appropriate cooking stuff??

You can put measuring cups in a place she could reach them, and make her own little "cabinent" of really fun foods you can show her how to make. Like... I don't know... snack mixes. She can run and go get the stuff, and sit down with mommy and you can make it together.

Just a fun bonding idea. Might get messy........ maybe not a great idea.... Just brain storming!

06-15-2008, 02:04 AM
This is a good sight for little ones. mainly craft stuff to do with them.

For you, maybe scrapbooking? Reading? arm exercises? watching your favorite tv shows on DVD?
Good luck!

06-15-2008, 08:10 AM
Eskino-that is a GREAT Idea!!! I will have to move things today for her.

Chicky, I will check out the link thanks!

Apple Cheeks
06-15-2008, 08:41 AM
Every once in a while I will make some jewelry. A bracelet, a necklace, or some earrings. It's not too hard. Just buy some beads you like from a craft store, with some jewelry making stuff (wire, clasps, earring hooks, etc) & some basic tools, and you're set.

I have loads of jewelry I've made and like to wear. If I especially like how something has turned out, I will often make an extra one or two and give them to a friend.

They have jewelry making kits for kids, too. So you can make more sophisticated stuff as your DD makes more kid-friendly jewelry. :)

P.s. One warning, though: it can get a little costly between buying lots of different beads, the few tools, and the other stuff you'll need. Mostly, though, it's the beads that will do you in if you're not careful! If cost is a concern, there are kits out there that contain the basics, along with some beads and other stuff.

Edited to add:
P.p.s I just saw the post where you mention your daughter is three. I don't know if any of the kits are for kids that age, but I'm sure I've seen ones that have big beads and plastic strings to make necklaces (with Mommy's help!).

06-15-2008, 11:00 AM
STILL ~ I pray all goes well with your surgery tomorrow :hug:

I had ACL surgery in '90....was out of work for almost a was brutal! I spent most of my days, when the kids were in school, sorting out thousands of my son's baseball probably don't have that problem ;)

Again....prayers...the weather here has been awesome :)