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06-12-2008, 09:18 PM
Hey everyone,

I have decided to do a takeoff/fast forward. I bought the juice today and plan on doing t/o tomorrow and Saturday. I have been doing the lites but my center doesn't know it because I bought them off ebay.

My center gave me the information to do just the fast forward that you do at the very beginning. She told me that since I had been on the plan and doing the lites. I was supposed to do 2 lites, 6oz protein and two green vegetables. Does anyone know how much of the two green vegetables you are supposed to do? She told me that it was a lot stricter since I had been on plan for a while. However, she told me that I could try it with the unlimited greens and proteins since I was not doing the lites. I do have lites here granted they are the Kiwi/Strawberry drink mix and lunas.

Will someone please tell me if it is better to do the more strict version or unlimited? I want to get the most out of this takeoff.

06-12-2008, 11:40 PM
in the book it says 6 oz of protein a day suggesting you split it 2/2/2 over your three meals, Unlimited fresh green veggies (only green) unlimited diet cola, coffee or tea, 3 condiments each day and 2 LA lites 6 to 8 glasses of water and 4 oz of takeoff diluted with 4 oz of water 4 times a day

Hope this helps!

06-14-2008, 12:36 AM
I was glad to see a take off question. My COD told me that for a jumpstart I should do takeoff 2 which is the limited 6 oz protein that can be done every 14 days. I have been told by other CODs that I should do the umlimted amounts of proteins because I weigh over 200lbs. Can anyone give me some advice?????

06-14-2008, 01:12 PM
I have figured out from different conversations at the center that depending on "how much you weigh" is what plan you are on. I wrote the TO out of the plan 2 book. I asked at the center if I could try a different plan and they said no not until I hit a certain weight because if they put me on a different plan I would stop loosing I wouldn't be eating enough. I have a client who is a dietician so I picked her brain and she said protiens NOT FILLED WITH FATS, fruits, berries and veggies will get you going...pretty well the TO. She also said limit the amount of starches and make sure they are whole grains as well stay away from all procesed food (LA lites would count as this) and you will jump start your body's weight loss...hmmm worth the challenge!

06-14-2008, 06:34 PM
Thanks bananalana for the info from the book. I decided to do the thing the center gave me and just stay off the lites for two days. They also told me to get the most out of the takeoff that on Sun through Tues no beef, pork, tuna, cottage cheese, or frozen meals. I hope this take off works. It has been harder to do this one than when I try to do it with the oranges. I guess that has to do with I told the center I was doing it and I actually spent the money for the juice so I haven't cheated.

Jodi- I am sorry that I can't answer your question. My COD told me that I was suppose to do the 6oz protein because I had been on the plan for a while. I will let ya'll know how the results are from this TO.

06-15-2008, 05:15 PM
Dionne Thanks for you help. I am doing a restart because I have been off plan so I think I will do the umlimited and see how that goes.