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06-12-2008, 12:56 PM
HI & :welcome: to the Back In Kindergarten thread! :wave:

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

You are welcome to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey! So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke or whatever your drink of choice is, and pull up a chair and join us! :coffee2: :cofdate: :coffee:

06-12-2008, 01:02 PM
Hi girls. Tis me, again.

Just feeling sad again. Can't help it. :cry:

Have a Good Day.


06-12-2008, 01:18 PM
SASSY...lots and lots of hug to you missy. I am sorry you are feeling sad again. :hug: :hug: Wish I was there in person to give you those hugs.

06-12-2008, 01:54 PM
Hello ladies...

Well, thinking the car light is nothing, not sure yet. This guy that works on V's truck said it probably came on because some of the fluid levels were low, and they were, oops! So that's taken care of and he said that something would need to be reset...try that and if the light still comes on then take it in...but he's pretty sure that's all it is. :crossed: Of course I don't know what V said about resetting whatever, lol...I'll let him do it, he's the man, lol.

SUE...I've had that happen before...tried 3 different pedometers so this time I am going to spend a little more money and hopefully get a better one. I say hopefully because I have no clue what a "good" one is. I did have one that was pretty accurate...I went by what the park said their miles were to walk it, and what I drove around...but it broke and can't find it to see what kind it was...but yeah, if anyone knows a good one I want to know too! Good job on the walking and biking miles! :carrot: And THANK YOU for the public service announcement, lol...I keep forgetting my sunscreen and it's bad especially in the car. I even have a bottle I keep in there, now that's bad!

SASSY...I agree with what both Francie & Sue need to eat missy no matter what. And you are right in that some people never grow up. It's sad but would think that once out of school all the drama and crap would be left behind but continues with people of all ages and sex. It kills me too that people feel the need to be mean. I know it's easier said than done, but try not to be sad :hug: :hug:

FRANCIE...if you don't have a taker on the movie I'll be happy to take it off your hands, of course I have to give you something in return, lol. How about a trade, a book for the movie? Ha, I am having Subway again, for lunch today, or may save it for dinner. I bought 2 ft longs for the four of us and thought since me and DD shared the one that DH would take the other to work today and he didn't so...subway it is for today. About your cousin...I am with Sue on this. I can't tell you how many times I've had rifts with the fam, and while they hold grudges I don't. To me my family is all I have and the only one I have no matter what and I miss the realtionship so they can hold onto the past if they want I've moved on. Of course as Sue said too if totally depends on what happened, for us I don't think it was worth not ever talking to my family again but that's me. And maybe this is your cousin's way of saying sorry. I know some people really have a hard time with apologies because they don't think they've done anything wrong and it's hard for them to admit that they were wrong. Maybe give it a go and see what happens but be cautious. What the heck do I know, lol. Hugs to you :hug:

SUSAN...thinking of you today as you go to court. You are a sweetie for doing that for your ex...and I agree, I think a parent has a right to see their kids. :hug: You are NOT a computer are better at it than me for sure...I couldn't figure out how to put your cute pic back up in the new thread, lol. Working on the link thing but already to the right click and save, lol. I need to go back and take some more computer classes for sure...learn all the new stuff. WTG on the 2 miles! :carrot:

MINDEE...sorry for laughing, oh my goodness. :lol: You think the boys were trying to tell you they wanted some pancakes mom? :lol: Too cute! Don't cha just love being a momma? I wouldn't trade moments like that for nuthin'!

HIYA KATY, JULES, TAMMY & CLARA...hoping you ladies are having a great day!

I'm a little goofy today! :dizzy: I always, well usually, do my grocery shopping on Thursday but did it yesterday and so I am mixed up today. Kept thinking yesterday was Thurs and today is Friday, lol.

Did my exercise, or the walking part of it anyway...4 miles, being lazy, sort of. Have to do the strength part now...about 50 minutes. Then have some laundry to get done and hopefully a game to go to later. Supposed to get storms later...we'll see.

Have a terrific Thursday everyone!

P.S. Was still on but came back to see if anyone had posted before I sgin off. Also, forgot to add my miles for the day and to mention how frustrated I was yesterday. I was trying to find something to wear and clothes I haven't worn since last summer are too big for me! How about that? It's frustrating because everything looks horrible, too baggy and I really don't want to go spend money on clothes when I have another 20 to lose. That's if I decide that's where I want to be. I may decide to lose 10 more after that-not sure...will know once I ge there. But then I felt GREAT because I put a bracelet on and was in awe at how lose it was. This losing weight is really amazing to me because I think in my head I kept telling myself I wasn't as big as I was. So now putting on these clothes and the bracelet are just cracking me up...just never thought that that little bit of weight could make such a big difference. And by the way...the bracelet I put on was a beaded bracelet that had something to do with staying focused...thought if I wore it all the time it would remind me of what the specific beads meant. I specifically bought it for it's meaning and to help me stay focused on being healthy and losing weight. I'll have to post a pic later and find the paper that says what it means. Just thought I would share.

06-12-2008, 02:50 PM
Hi All

Well I feel much better. I heard some news from someone and made me feel much better. :D :D :D :D Basically they (girls and I infasize GIRLS at work -- :lol3:) aren't gonna break me. I have too many people who love and care about me, I don't need people like that to get me down. I have much better things to do with my time than bother worrying about any of those losers. People who hate others usually are intimated by them -- see my quote, I LOVE IT! HA HA! :cool: So SASSY CHICA is BACK YA'ALL!!!! :devil:

Oh and I found this and I thought it was so cute: (

Thought we all could use Calgon to "Take us away" right girls? ;) And the kitty cat looks like mine, only mine is a whole lot FATTER!!! lol. But I still wuvs him, he's my baby. :bb: lol.

Have a Great Day, You all are WONDERFUL!!! :grouphug:

06-12-2008, 03:43 PM
Hey guys, been so busy haven't had a chance to chat. I went to the dr today. He said I could start walking again. I don't have much time right now. I need to get ready for class. (weight training- 2:30-4:30) then yoga 5;30-7:30.) I'll try to get back to you later tonight. Bye Hang in there Sassy.

06-12-2008, 04:43 PM
Hey all..I'm having a crappy day. AF kicked into high gear and has totally drained me of all energy. BUT its such a pretty day today that I went out and walked around the circle. It was just a mile, but it felt like forever. LoL!! It felt nice to feel the sun again. Now I'm gonna lay on the heating pad for the rest of the day and watch movies until my show comes on tonight.

Sue & Cristina~I wrote her back and said it would be cool to talk again. Fonzo says that I dont have to see them if I dont want to. Which isnt a bad idea since airline prices are getting higher by the day..and we'll be living way out in MD. I'm just gonna see how this all goes. Maybe over time..and lower airline prices, lol..we'll all hang out again.

Cristina~You are killing me with the Subway!!! I want one sooooooooo bad!!!!!!!! I dunno why, but I really want a meatball sub, lol.

Sassy~Glad you are feeling better..and love the Calgon pic. It makes me wanna put on that body spray, LoL!!! I love your siggy too!!! I hope you dont mind..but I'm gonna totally snag your "I Am Who I Am" tag.

Clara~You sound like one busy girl!!!! LoL!!!

Oh ya..I read that United airlines will charge people now on just checking in one bag. Wtf!! How much longer till they all start do that?? I'm never flying again.

06-12-2008, 04:54 PM
Oh ya..Cristina..if you want the dvd its yours.

06-12-2008, 05:04 PM
well, today was Brandon's last day of school for this school year. he got off the bus today with a shovel and pail in his hand and his bus driver told me that he had some other stuff in his backpack that goes with it.

I was cleaning up a mess that Logan had just made so I didn't know what all was in his backpack. To go along with his shovel and pail, he got a fish sand toy and a spiderman beach ball. all that was from his teacher, his speech therapist, the two classroom helpers, and the bus driver.

oh yeah, he also got lemon scented bubbles. a couple weeks ago he got pineapple scented bubbles.

he also got his progress report that the school started doing this year for his well as his progress report to go along with his IEP. he got a class completion certificate from the school. and a book that has pictures that were taken of him during school, and the teacher wrote some comments under some of the pictures.

now the madness begins with all three of them home during the day! but I am going to keep up with my schedule and get up early so I can get my work out in, and then get them up accordingly as they wake up. I was going to get my work out in this morning, but Logan some how got the bedroom door open and met me at the front door.

I will come back later on when I have more time.....right now all three of them are up and they are watching Thomas & Friends......but I have to run to the office here once Tommy gets home.

SusieQ~ I hope things go well at court today! I meant to tell you yesterday that we do get Super WHY here, and Brandon was watching it yesterday morning. I have it set to record the episodes if they aren't up yet to watch them.

06-12-2008, 05:06 PM
I tried to search photobucket for some name things like SusieQ and Cristina did......and I got nothing! I tried Mindy and it shot me some answers......but I guess I am the odd man out.....

06-12-2008, 07:43 PM
A quickie!:o

Mindee- I will go search for you if you want on your name. I love that site. I am glad you found SuperWhy, Gaby's loves that show and I know she has learned a lot from it! Yay, Brandon, you must be proud of him!

Cristina - Yay, on the bracelet fitting loose. My suggestion would be to go to a second hand store and find some smaller shorts, capri's and t-shirt's for summer time for while you are still losing - that is what I am going to do.

Clara - Yay (a lot of yay's today:D) for getting cleared for walking!

Sassy - :hug: I am glad you are feeling better!

Franice -:hug: Hope you are resting and feeling better. What movie did you decide to watch???

Sue - Don't be discouraged about the walking. I can't walk as far as some of the ladies but I figure 1 or 2 miles is a start - considering I wasn't doing anything before. lol :hug:

:wave: to Jules, Tammy, and Katy!!

I am on the run....sorry. Court was long, the judge took the other case first and that lasted 1.5 hours. He kept the order in place but basically will drop it in 3 months. He said the Ex wife or (or Gab's father can do too) needs to go and file a mod order to visitation if that is what wants to do but she can't keep using restraining orders for that. The only reason it has lasted this long was because Gab's dad has focused on Gaby and let it go last year when it came up for renewal. The ex said she was scared of him and *gasp* he sent a card signed by Gaby on the other daughters birthday and she knew it came from him. She also had a friend say he drives by the house all the time but when Gab's dad asked her what color car he drove she said white and he drives a blue car. anyway, Gab's father knows he needs to ask for a modification to visitation, including counseling and probably no overnights. I mean, 2 years have gone by now. Course the ex wife has always wanted the daughter to be adopted by her now husband. Blah - blah..........anyway, that was my morning. As the world churns.....

Rach took some pictures of me and Gab so if I can get them on computer I will put on myspace. I made 154 this morning!!! So, happy with that.

Chat later!

06-12-2008, 11:26 PM
Hey girls, just got home from yoga. I'm watching the basketball game. Kind of boring. I like them a little more competitive. Maybe the second half will be better.
I am so tired. Yoga is a real workout. But it is a good kind of tired. Tomorrow I only have water aerobics. Yoga and weight training are M-Th.

Sassy - That's it. Feel great about yourself and don't worry about people who have nothing better to do than be mean. Guess they don't have a life.

Francie - Sorry you don't feel well. Enjoy the beautiful days ahead. I need to learn what all your abbreviations mean.

Mindee - As I recall summer vacation is fun. My boys are long grown up and have kids of their own and my daughter will be 21 in August and still lives at home. What is photobucket?

Well, I just love all the graphics you guys use in your posts. I would love to learn how to use them. Maybe my daughter will teach me. I am exhausted. I am going to relax a while and then go to bed. Talk to you all tomorrow.

06-13-2008, 01:03 AM
just popping back in here before heading to bed......

SusieQ~ If you can find anything.....more power to you! I did a quick search, or I was just not looking in the right area. Brandon has been trying to say more words....he was even trying to say some Spanish words while watching Dora and Diego.

Clara~ Photobucket is a place to upload your pictures in order to share them with other people.

06-13-2008, 01:11 AM
I am going to get my butt to bed, so I can really work on getting back on schedule so I can get my workouts back in....but I do have to add that I wore a size LARGE shirt today! and for me, that is amazing....since this time last year I was wearing 3x shirts!

06-13-2008, 03:18 AM
Susan~I was feeling better until tonight. I feel like total crap again. I ended up watching Ocean's 11, lol. I needed to see a Brad/George/Matt movie, lol.

Clara~It was a pretty day..but it was a little chilly outside. Like Mindee should try Photobucket. Its pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it.

Mindee~WTG on the Large shirt!!! I was just coming in here to share the same news, lol. I grabbed a shirt out of the closet w/o even looking and it was a large one..and I didnt even realize it until I remembered that it was always a little too tight on me. Now it fits just nicely. LoL!!

With that being said..I'm all for losing weight and having smaller clothes. But boobs hurt so much cuz I cant fill out these bras anymore. Its like boob, then space, then bra!! I'm thinking I might be a B cup now, but I cant find my B sized bras. OH..and I'm so very sad. My fave jeans ever are starting to fall off. I had to pull them all the way up to my belly button..which wasnt comfortable, since they're low rise jeans, lol. I wonder if I can wear one of Fonzo's belts. I doubt it though, his waist is smaller than mine, lol.

Anyways..I shall go now. Nighty nite!!

06-13-2008, 05:52 AM (

Basic Abbreviations ( I shared this in another forum, figured it might be helpful to anybody who is new or just not too familiar with the forum abbreviations. ;)

Morning All. :coffee:

Well I didn't end up going to bed until like 3 pm yesterday! :yikes: (To those who are new: I work nights and on my nights off I stick to my schedule, otherwise it messes me all up. :dizzy:) Anywho, I didn't wake up until almost midnight!!! :yikes: :faint: DH let me sleep cuz he knew I went to bed late. lol. (he gets off work at 9:30 PM) Aw well I am off so no biggie, right? ;)

I watched a wonderful Oprah Show, all about that you get what you put out there. Ex: if you put out negative, miserable vibes, then that is what you get back. If you are positive and happy, then that is what you get in return. So that makes complete sense to me. So I am going to try to make a better effort. They also said to have a "Vision Board" Where you put pictures of what you want out of your life. So I want to try it. I already have a start, I found a houseplan of a house that DH and myself want to buy and have my mom move in with us. So I printed out the plan and framed it. I thought I was being silly for doing it, but it is something my step dad always believed in. I guess he was exactly right. Because he found a picture of a truck he wanted at the time and guess what? He got one eventually! ;) I am not saying its all for material objects. Like the house plan I have, yes it would be nice, but we would be happy to just be all together. (my mom and us) That is what is important to us. We don't want my mom to be alone anymore. (To the newbies: My stepdad passed way from cancer in 03') So that is where that comes from. My step dad wanted that truck so he could do the things in life he was passionate about. He always helped everybody and with that truck, he did so. So please don't misunderstand what I am trying to say here. You can go to ( if you want more info, the ladies on the show have books out and I want to buy at least one of them.

Just makes sense to me. Same thing as they say if you are always negative and miserable, that is the kind of people you attract. If your the opposite, then that is what you attract.

Also FYI: Oprah is having Bob Greene (her Personal Trainer) on the show today, and they are going to talk about weight loss, etc.

Anywho. That is that. Today my goal is to get the clothes put away.......:rolleyes: They are all clean and everything, just need to be put away.........I am gonna work on our closet so it is easier to get clothes in there..........(has to wait until DH gets up and goes to work though, he gets up around 7:30 am and leaves a little after 8 am) ;)

Francie -- No I don't mind at all, snag away! lol.

Anyways, have a good one!

06-13-2008, 06:35 AM
Sassy~I turned the tv on while that episode was on today, lol. But hen I turned it off, cuz I wasnt in a Oprah mood. But was it about that book The Secret? I've seen that book around for awhile now. I think they even did a story on it on 20/20 once. I should check it out. I need postive energy in my life. Especially at this moment.

06-13-2008, 12:41 PM
Sassy~I turned the tv on while that episode was on today, lol. But hen I turned it off, cuz I wasnt in a Oprah mood. But was it about that book The Secret? I've seen that book around for awhile now. I think they even did a story on it on 20/20 once. I should check it out. I need postive energy in my life. Especially at this moment.


06-13-2008, 02:43 PM
A quick Hi from me right now...will be back later to catch up, probably tonight sometime. Charlotte & the kids are coming over to go to the pool and then we'll have some pizza for dinner.

Got in my 6 miles for the day...did my three miles around the subdivision and am happy to say I may finally start jogging. Will say more about that later. Sorry for the quickie...spent too much time on myspace and woke up late...had quite the night last night with sever storms and tornadoes, ugh! Chat later...

Have a GREAT FRIDAY ladies!

06-13-2008, 03:19 PM
Afternoon all.

I am in lots of pain for some reason, not the "normal" back pain, its strange......its in my neck and my ear??? and sometimes I get a twinge of pain that goes up my spine? UGH I hope its nothing and that it will go away once I go and lie down for a bit. I took some pain medicine........If not guess I'll have to go to the dr or whatever........

Lets just hope its stress or the weather or something..........

I need that vision board so I can put "Pain-Free" on it! lol.

Cristina -- You go girl!!! Wow 6 miles!!! :cp: Can I pay you to come up here and whip my butt into shape? lol.........

Have a good one all!


06-13-2008, 03:42 PM
It is 11:40am here so Good Morning!
Cristina - 6 miles is insane lady!! haha, just jealous, amazing. Your legs and butt must be toned and buff by now?? That was one thing I liked about walking back in 2000. I was faithful w/ my 3 miles and after 3 or 4 months everything was toned and I looked so much better in shorts and such. anyway - you are very inspiring and keep me motivated, so thanks!!

Clara- My 15 is doing yoga w/ her friend, she likes it a lot. Hope you were able to get some good rest! I love photobucket, if you click on the picture you like it will give you several codes and you click the forum one if you want to cut and paste onto the BIK site. Does that make sense?? :?::dizzy: ..:)

Sassy - I love the clip art you have been posting, very cute! Sorry about the pain, hope it has eased and you are feeling better! :) :hug:

Francie - I have never seen Ocean 11, how was it? See, I can wear my underwear from way back when but I have had to downsize my bra size w/ the weight loss. I think I was wearing like a, now I don't know for sure what I am wearing but it is a lot smaller! Anyway, hope you are having a good day, is it sunny up north?

Mindee- Dang, I couldn't find any Mindee graphics. I was surprised, maybe I will go search some more, I am kind of addicted to the site now. lol :bravo: on the size large shirt!! Proud of you :)

:hug: to Jules, Katy, Sue....and Tammy! Hope you ladies are having a good day.

k- off I go again. Rach took Gab to the zoo to free me up to get grocery shopping , hair trim and house cleaning done. Busy, busy....oh, laundry too!! later!

06-13-2008, 04:14 PM
Hi Suzy Q! :wave:

I found one that was so cute, had to post it...........:) (

And for Ms Mindee: (

And Ms. Suzy Q: (

And Cristina: (

If you don't like those, you can go and make one yourself: (

06-13-2008, 04:26 PM
Cristina~Damn woman..6 miles!!! WTG!!!!

Sassy~Hope you start to feel better soon.

Susan~Ocean's 11 is pretty good!! Kinda slow, with some funny parts. It gets really interesting towards the end when it all comes together. I love it!!! We own all 3. I still wanna see the original one though. The one with Sinatra. Umm..wearing my old underwear would be out of the question. It would be wearing kid underwear, lol. Plus, I tossed them all out when I started wearing thongs. So that is basically all I own now. I found my smaller bra in the back of the I feel comfy now. I stuff it w/the silicone inserts though. LoL!! I miss my bigger boobs. It feels weird to be a little smaller, lol. I wonder what Fonzo will think, lol.

Anyways..I had a pretty bad night. I had a panic attack..but I talked it through with my friend. Then I went to sleep until 8am. And ugh..I'm still tired, but I'm waiting for my groceries to arrive, lol. I fell asleep on the couch watching Law & Order, and now my back is killing me!!! When I talked to Fonzo yesterday, he said he'd give me a back rub when he got home. And I'm like..yyyyeeessssss!!!!!!!!! LoL!!

Okay..gonna go back to sleeping on the couch, lol.

06-13-2008, 05:22 PM
just popping in here while I have a quick second to do so.......

all three kids are awake, and Tommy is on his way home from work with dinner. we usually take the kids to see the bike night but since it is sprinkling a little bit who knows what we will be doing. I will ask Tommy when he gets home.

I have a slight cramp in my leg.....which I have been working on getting rid of all day, but I guess I will just have to keep working on it!

Cristina~ thanks for that cute name thingy!

06-13-2008, 10:47 PM
Thankfully my groceries came a couple mins after I wrote that. Then I watched tv in the bedroom until I fell asleep. I woke up not too long ago. I'm excited though...I got another book in the mail. This one is "Married to the Military: A survival Guide for Military Wives, Girlfriends, and Women in Uniform" They even sent me a free bookmark, lol. I'm gonna skip everything and just read about the relocating part first, lol.

Anyways..thats pretty much all I have to say for today. Hope everyone else had a good day!!

06-14-2008, 02:00 AM
just stopping back in before heading to bed.....

we are suppose to go to a college graduation party tomorrow, but we are not sure. with the price of gas the way it is, we would be better off just staying close to home.

the local flea market place is having their Pow Wow again, and then they are having Truck Warz. honestly, I would prefer to take them to those because I know that we can keep the kids in line....where as if we go all the way out to the other side of the state, they are out of their comfort zone, so there fore they would be little hellions.

I have the camera ready to take tons of pictures where ever we go!

06-14-2008, 10:58 AM
Just a quick ticker change for me this morning. We have had a death in the family, a family dinner yesterday, rain and heat. All my reasons for only doing 4.5 miles walking and 2 miles on the bike the last few days. Hopefully in the midst of today's activities I can get another mile or two walked. Haven't gotten to 10,000 on the steps any day....barely 8000 and I thought I was walking a lot. Unless my ped. lies I am not doing well. haha.
Sad times here and some worry about a biopsy on my end, but I will get through and be back ASAP.

06-14-2008, 02:10 PM
I have checked in but don't get to stay long enough to get a post typed out between hubby & the baby--both of which are napping right now (I took the morning nap with the boy!!--so I am not tired enough to nap again)Teri spent the night at the apartment with some friends, they had a pizza and video night. She would have kept the baby but I said we would so she could actually stay up late and sleep in this morning (which she did)

Sue--hugs to you--lots going on there. we are here if you need us!!

Mindee--we were suppossed to go to a big craft fait they hold twice a year but I put tires on the car on Thursday, the tread was starting to look bad according to hubby. Now that I don't have the extra $, I really don't want to go.

Francie--in one of my breeze through reads, I saw you were thinking about talking to the cousin again. WHat did you end up doing?? Fonzo will be home before you know it!!

Suzyq--is Rach the fifteen year old taking yoga?? If so she needs it to mellow her out for you. It was sweet that she took Gab to the zoo. Is she working? Whats Beck been up to, is she still in "love"!!

Sassy--I am wondering if you need to go to the chiro, to get some of those stress muscles relaxed. I get so tight sometimes I just want to sit and cry. Woohoo for you and the positive attitude, keep it up!!

Cristina--woohoo on the 6 miles, I don't think anyone is taking the exercise queen crown from you!! Hope you had fun with the kids!!

Katy & Clare-hi to you both!! Hope all is well!!

Well, I have a few more sites to hit while I have the chance!!

06-14-2008, 03:11 PM
Hello ladies....

Well, I lied, wasn't intentional. I meant to get on the puter and catch up but I was pooped! Those kids wear me out...between that and getting up early. I was ready for bed about 8'ish, lol. Didn't go but by 10:30 I was sawing some logs. I don't think I have ever seen two kids that NEED so much attention! You have to stay on top of them because they will get into anything and everything. But we did have a nice visit and they LOVED the pool!

JULES...remember to take some me time missy. Of course if I had a cute little grandbaby like little Nick I would have him all the time! I am definitely no exercise queen...far from it. Just doing what I gotta do for me right now.

SUE...hugs to you and yours. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. And 8000 steps is awesome! Keep up the good work! :carrot:

MINDEE...:yay: to getting in a large! That is quite a feeling isn't it?

FRANCIE...I wouldn't mind having smaller boobies...mine aren't real big but too big for me. I think they make me look sloppy in a lot of clothes. There's not a lot of tight fitting clothes I care to wear otherwise I don't think it would look so bad. What's cracking me up is the baggy booty is gone! It's a good thing to work on the stomach! Hope you have a great day today.

CLARA...did I read that right? You were going to go workout for 4 hours? Yikes, now talk about an exercise queen! Keep up the good work and glad the doc gave you the okay to start walking again!

SASSY...thanks for the cute little name! I like your ideas lady...I've heard that before and it has worked for some...kind of a goal to work towards and keep ya focused!

SUSAN...that was sweet of DD to take Gaby to the Zoo. Chase was supposed to stay with us this past week but Char forgot about some tutoring he had to go to. So he's coming this week and wants to go to this lazertag place...don't know anything about it and most likely won't go. Like DD said, she thought you had to have teams, meaning more that 2 people...not my cup of tea anyway. Anyway, not sure what we will do since we have a yardsale slated for Friday and Saturday...a neighborhood yardsale. But anyway...did you get all your chores done?

KATY...a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you tomorrow, and a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY too! Hope your day is a special one whatever you do!
:hat: :cheers: :bday2you: :balloons: :bday2you: :celebrate: :cheers: :hat:

I've not gotten much of anything done today, well, except a load of laundry. I did go thru my closet and pull some things out that don't fit. Going to work on it some more. I hold onto things and not sure why. Haven't done any exercise yet but do plan too. Will record those totals Monday. Most likely won't be on the computer tomorrow. Charlotte & the kids are coming over for an early BBQ at noon. V has to go do a job for a friend...she kind of invited herself, lol. I said I guess I can cook, lol. Just going to bbq some burgers and dogs. I'll make a cake later this evening and some potato salad, nothing special. I've got some laundry to get done and exercise and will try to check back a little later, if not...

Have a great weekend ladies!

06-14-2008, 03:46 PM
Happy Birthday to Katy!!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
You are a wonderful knitter, compost pile remover and mother!!!!
Happy Birthday to you!!!


06-14-2008, 04:07 PM
It is Saturday!! :dance:

Wish you all a great weekend, it is beautiful here with sunny skies! I have a family function later this afternoon, so I only have a second.
My nephew would have been 17 today if he was alive, he passed away last Sept, the day before school was to start up again. So, it is a kind of sad weekend, plus fathers day tomorrow and my step dad is busy getting his affairs in order because his heart is failing and he refuses surgery from past surgeries...... he is scared to do that.

Cheerful , huh?? Anyway, lets just pray for a miracle!! My step dad is the sweetest and a buffer to my mother. He is a saint. :)

Gaby left at 11am with her father. She was busy painting cards for all the men in her life. She did (4) 1/2 size poster boards. She was rather pleased and I love homemade gifts from the kids and her father made a big deal of it so that made her happy.

Cristina - I want to come to your BBQ!!! Sounds like fun. I have clothes from years ago, I never throw away. I had sizes from 6 to 14 in my closet. I think I will take the blunge and throw out the bigger size clothes. I won't need them again, right?? :?: I did get the hair trimmed, apt. cleaned and laundry. No groceries yet in the house.......maybe today, and I really want to finish the weeding.

Jules - That is sweet you give Teri and much needed break, I am sure she needs to have the opportunity to hang out w/ friends. It is Becky (15) who is doing yoga w/ her girlfriend. Rach (16.5) is into, makes sense , huh? Rach came home all emotional last night because of her boyfriend and her girlfriend sneaking behind her back and talking/texting. Now Rach is an emotional wreak and I was up until 2am listening to the drama. Ugh.

Sue - :hug::hug: Thinking of you :)

Mindee- Whatever you and the family end up doing I am sure it will be fun. I have only gone to a few pow wow's. I hear you about the kids being hellions, you don't want to be too far from home in case you need to retreat. lol When we lived in Astoria we never got across the 2 mile bridge without the 2 R's fighting, we would just turn around and go home. I don't think we went anywhere far for years. lol

Francie - How is your back?? I have never shopped groceries on line, how does that work?:?: How is your housing search coming along??

Sassy - Cute avatars!! How is the pain you were having?? Hope better :hug:

Katy - Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversay!! I am sure you have something fun planned.

Hi to Clara and Tammy!! :wave:

I better get, the time goes by soooooooo fast. You all have a great Saturday!

06-14-2008, 05:00 PM
Thank you for the birthday wishes, everyone! Tomorrow is the official day and we really don't have anything special planned. My son wants to buy me Zuma for my Nano....what a sweetie. We are having my FIL over for Father's, that's it.

Cristina- got the card - thank you! It's lovely...

Susan- hope your family event goes well. I'm sure it will be a lovely celebration of your nephew's life and I'm glad your family is helping each other every day....

Sorry to keep this so short, but in addition to all the birthday/anniversary hoopla, we are also getting ready to go camping so the house looks like it exploded.... Hope everyone is having a great weekend and I'll see you on the flip side, as it were.

ETA - didn't want you to think we were total losers in the anniversary department. We went out to see Ironman and eat some Thai food on Thursday. Since we'll be busy on Monday, we decided to celebrate a little early. Ironman was fun! RD Jr is pretty cute and there are fantastic special effects. As far as a comic book adaptation goes, it's pretty standard, but it look like the sequels will be the really good movies. If you so see it, make sure you stay through the credits...

06-14-2008, 06:12 PM
Happy Birthday Katy!!!!!

I cant chat long, so I'll come back later. I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I'm cleaning out my comp right now..and its making things run kinda slow, lol. Which is the reason why I'm cleaning out my comp, lol. So ya..I'll be back laters.

I'm gonna go back to reading my new addiction. Which would be Twilight. Seriously..I get lost in that book, I'm so obsessed.

06-14-2008, 11:55 PM
just popping in for a second while I have the chance......I am in the middle of watching Yours, Mine and Ours on tv.

we ended up just staying close to home today. we went to the pow wow and the truck warz at the local flew market place. it was a lot of fun and we met up with my in-law's there.

I have some pictures from the day that I will be uploading onto my myspace page later......or even tomorrow....when I get the chance.

06-15-2008, 12:19 AM
Just popping back in again. I went on a long @$$ walk to the park today. Technically..its kinda like across the street from my place..but walking towards it takes awhile, lol. I ended up walking 2 miles back and forth. I did get in some reading time at the park though. It was pretty nice..I even fed the ducks. :)

Omg..and the scariest thing happened today. I was on the couch reading and I looked up just in time to see a blue jay fly into the balcony. I'm like staring at this beautiful blue jay..when a CROW flies into the balcony!!!!!!!!!!!! It scared the crap out of me!!!!!!!! It was HUGE!!! The cats went wild!!! They were attacking the window!! LoL!! The poor little blue jay flew away as soon as the crow came flying in. But omg..I've never seen a crow that close up before. My heart was beating so hard..and the only thing that flew through my mind was Hyde on that 70's Show saying.."thats somebody's soul man" LOL!!! ya..that was my weird day, lol. I'm still reading Twilight..but right now I'm gonna watch the actor who plays Edward (in the movie version of Twilight) in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, he plays Cedric in it. I told my friend Elyse to read Twilight and she loved now we're like obessed with Edward Cullen and the book, lol. (Hence my new avator, lol) We're all like.."I cant believe a vampire can be so sexy!!!" LoL!! Ya, we're a little nuts, but whatever. to watch the movie.

06-15-2008, 10:02 AM
Found ya. Now I have to fix my ticker before I come back. Busy today so I will see you when I can.

Can't hide from me girls....

06-15-2008, 10:07 AM
Hey Ya'all. :wave: I found you too, took me a while, but I found ya! lol.

So far anyways (knocking on wood) my back and neck are better, lets hope they stay that way! lol. But my tummy is another issue! But I am pretty positive that in about 24 1/2 hrs from now it will feel better! lol. (back to work tonight)

Katy I hope you had a Very Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! I hope they both were wonderful!

I am off to bed, ttyl!

06-15-2008, 04:27 PM
Happy Sunday Ladies!

Happy Birthday again Katy, have fun camping!!

I am on the run but wanted to check in. Ate way too much yesterday, I had a reduced fat turket sandwish from Starbucks and my usual chicken steamed veggies for lunch and Rach and I went to Shari's for dinner. I got the Cuban some munching during the day, so I felt like I overate , got off track and blah blah.
I crawled in bed at 10 and went right to sleep.
Sad for my nephew, especially feel for my sister. She said a prayer and started to cry. Ugh, breaks my heart but there was 40 teens that came to his gravesite so that was sweet, we released balloons and it was so pretty as they flew away, colorful and all. Course I am not sure how earth friendly that is......:?:

anyway - Franice :bravo: on the walking!! :)

Sassy - Glad you are feeling better!! :)

Sue - I know , took awhile to find us!! Hope you are having a good day! :)

Mindee- Happy Fathers Day to Tommy!! I love Yours Mine and Ours...and Cheaper by the Dozen is good.

Hi to Cristina, Tammy and Clara!!

Chat more tomorrow!

06-15-2008, 05:36 PM
Back for a sec.....

I had some chicken tenderloin for lunch along w/ some mustard. That was all.....trying to drink lots of water too.
Walked 2 miles this morning and my goal this week is 153. I went to a second hand store and bought a mini demin skirt, I think Gap, size 8. Also some Gloria Vanderbilt jean capri's -size 8, kind of loose but I think that is just the brand. Eddie Brauer runs big too.
Just have some weeding to do and I am caught up on my *to do* list.
My kicker check is suppose to come this week so think I will head to the coast for a day or 2 while the weather is still nice out.

Chat more tomorrow.......have to go get Gabster!! :)

06-15-2008, 09:37 PM
I am so freakin bored right now. There is nothing to watch on tv, and I dont feel like putting on a dvd, because I've seen them all a million times. Army Wives doesnt come on until 10. :mad: I'm starving, but I dont know what to eat. I thought about buying a movie On Demand, but eh..nothing seems interesting enough. I hate moments like this where there is nothing to do.

06-15-2008, 09:45 PM
la la la la de da..........

I am back for another second, am I the only one without a life?? I am so bored, so ready for Monday to get here. I have lowed myself to be eating Fritos, have not had a Frito in ages, so salty, so good!I like to suck the sat off and get it soggy with my saliva. We already know I am weird so no harn in telling ya'll that.
I have been tinkering around looking for motels to stay at on the coast. I like to be in Seaside because it has a nice beach and it is the place where everyone heads for Spring break, so lots of things for the kids to do. I also want a place with a pool for Gaby. So, looking and narrowing down.

Francie - When I was growing up we had a big enclosed backporch and a few times birds would fly in and had a heck of a time trying to get back outside.....banging against the window....poor things.

Mindee - What kind of digital do you have??

* I the only one out of my mind bored?????

06-15-2008, 09:48 PM
oops, spoke too soon......I am glad you are bored too Francie!!! lol I have 2 dvd 4th season SATC to watch after Gab gets to bed and I have to read the Sunday paper still for employment crap. So, I have a full evening!! :)
Hang in there, Monday is almst here!!
oh ya....who is Edward Cullen??

06-16-2008, 01:07 AM
just popping in here briefly....we had a great Sunday! we got up first and let Tommy sleep in. I made him eggs and toast for breakfast while the boys decorated cards for him. then he got up, we lounged around for a while and then went to a car show.......and back to the pow wow again. then we came home and our neighbor across the road from us, came over with a TON of food that Tommy BBQ'd. We have steak, hot dogs, and chicken left over!

It was a lot of fun, and I am so tired and my neck is burnt from standing out in the sun on Saturday while watching the Truck Warz!

I hope you ladies aren't bored anymore!

SuzieQ~ We have a Kodak Easy Share C533. It was the bundle pack, so we have the printer that goes along with it.

06-16-2008, 01:48 AM
Susan~I ended up watching Where The Heart Is & Crazy/Beautiful. LoL!! Army Wives is gonna start soon. Thank God tomorrow is monday!! Then we can finally see The Bachelorette!!! Woohoo!! Oh...Edward Cullen is a character in this book me & my friend are obsessed with, lol. We wish he was a real guy, he's like so dreamy and perfect. Except, he's a vampire, lol. But that makes him sexier. We're a little too obsessed maybe. The movie comes out in Dec!!!

Anyways..Fonzo is emailing me. G2G!!

06-16-2008, 10:31 AM
I woke up too early!!! I fell asleep around 2, and woke up at 5:40. Why does that always happen to me? I was paranoid all night too. I thought I heard footsteps on the roof earlier last night. So I was freaked out for awhile.

Anyways..I'm gonna go clean before going to the store.

06-16-2008, 10:41 AM
Hullo...checking in briefly b4 we take off.
Dang - I'm going to miss the Dumping Of Twilley...that should be entertaining!

Thanks again for all the good wishes..I had a nice birthday ...talked to all my family members on the phone; had a piece of chocolate cake from Baker and Spice ---a great day!

Oops - kids are up ..time to go get ready. Have a great week everyone!

06-16-2008, 12:20 PM
Hola Chickareenos. :wave:

Just stopping by to say that work for me was extremely quiet.........



06-16-2008, 02:31 PM

mmm, gained over the weekend, like that shouldn't be a surprise. I blame stress and boredom and basically 3fc for changing their format so I couldn't post as fast. I wonder if I can sue?? haha....

Katy - I only drool at the window of Baker & Spice, the cakes and treats are awesome....or at least they look that way through the glass. I did go in once but the prices pushed me back outside. You think it is Twilley's turn to go?? I hope!!!! Let us all pray real hard, one more week of him and I will lose it.

Mindee- ouch to the sun burn! Sounds like Tommy had a nice FDay!! I am still waiting for Rach to download the pictures of me from last week, she doesn't realize how important it is.....right behind world peace. :D

Francie - I watched SATC until 2am and went to bed. Gaby kept waking up so I really didn't have alone time. She wanted to watch with me and promised to close her eyes during naughty things on the screen.....ya, right. So, I took her back to bed.

Sassy -:hug::hug: Wishing you a good Monday!

:wave: to Cristina, Jules, Sue, Tammy and Carla!!

Check back in later after I get some things done!

06-16-2008, 03:30 PM you think I drank too much coffee, I thought this was so funny....haha..*cough, *cough. I was watching Good Morning America and they had a thing on nylons and how the trend is to go bare legged now??? I guess I have been out of the loop.....:?:

06-16-2008, 05:48 PM
Susan~Love the pics!! Too funny!!! I havent worn nylons since I was 10 years old!!! fishnets count?? Cuz I wore those from time to time, lol. Oh okay..and I wore stockings on my wedding day. My mom made me. But I peeled those suckers off as soon as the ceremony was over, lol.

I never went on my walk. Instead, I read until I fell asleep. Oh Theres always tomorrow.

06-16-2008, 06:23 PM
Just a quick HI ladies...busy two days and the rat girl just left so I am free but tired! Who would have thought being a nana was so tiring, lol. I don't think these kids are normal, lol. Kidding of course...they are just really hyper and need constant the freakin energizer bunny...keep going and going and going...Father's Day BBQ was nice. It rained, then stopped, then rained and stopped long enough to go cook the food and let the kids play then started again and then stopped. Of course it started up later in the night and continued most of the day today. Baby girl spent the night...she gave nana the puppy dog eyes, lol.

I did manage to get my exercise in today, thanks to DD. Had to resort to the WATP & the treadmill but it was something so, not complaining, or am I? Just too pooped. If I didn't have laundry to get done and dinner to cook I would just got to bed right now. Anywho...going to go add my miles and the washer is calling me. Chat more tomorrow :wave:

06-16-2008, 07:46 PM
Cristina - What is a rat girl?? When Becky was 7 or 8 she had an imaginary friend named Bat Dog. I aways thought it looked like a bat dog((no, I never saw it, I am in reality *snicker*) but she said no,.....Bat Dog was a boy. Weird....
Good for you on getting the exercise done :bravo:

Francie - I wore nylons last year at work, I feel naked without them. I did go nyloness (is that a word??) at the court thing with the ex the other day. I just have knobby knees....need something to smooth them out and the nylons do that....blah ,blah. I was thinking of spraying on some tan color to make my legs look,la....I want a nap!

I am doing some terrible emtional eating today. I think it is getting use to a new routine w/ Gaby home from school, feel stress w/ her around all least next Monday she will go back to summer school, thank goodness!
Might take Beck, her friend Olivia and Gab up to the zoo in the morning.

anyway - trying to drink lots of water and get that *full* feeling.

06-16-2008, 11:13 PM
wow, I feel like the only one here today!! lol

I managed to walk 3 miles, and I must admit it felt good to get out and move the old body.
Had some stir fry w/ shrimp, it was sooooo good.
Going to get my Gabster to bed and watch The Bachelorette. I hope Twilley goes but I would be happy w/ Jeremy too....

k- that was my dribble for the day, hope you all are having a great evening :)

06-17-2008, 12:48 AM
just popping in here before heading off to bed.....

nothing really new on this end.....just same stuff different day.......

suzieQ~ I hope you guys have fun at the zoo if you guys make it there!

06-17-2008, 02:00 AM
Katy - Have a great trip. Hope you can check in and tell us all about.

Suzie Q Hope u got to go to the zoo. Good job on walking 3 miles.

Mindee I hope you have a restful night.

Cristina - What is a rat girl?

Sorry I haven't been around. Just can't seem to get to the computer. Saturday I went to a wedding with my dd. It was fun. I was dancing with her and when I got home my foot was swollen. I guess I still need to take it easy. My dd says I shouldn't take the power walking class next month. So I guess I am going to wait until the fall semester. I am going to water aerobics, yoga. and weight training. But I like walking. I need to start slowly. It's midnight and I need to get to bed. I'll be back tomorrow.

06-17-2008, 03:06 AM
Well I'm so glad Twilly & Sean are gone. For a second, I thought she might send Jesse home..but she didnt, thank God!! LoL!! I have a feeling he might be gone next week though. We shall see.

Anyways..not much is going on with me. I just read all day long, lol. Gotta go to the store tomorrow for sure though.

Okay..I'm out. Byee

06-17-2008, 08:46 AM
Boy...I didn't realize we were playing hide and seek. I finally found everyone!!

I am sitting here at work and need to get started trying to find the actual top of my desk that is under a mountain of paperwork, but I wanted to do a quick hi to all!!

BBL for indys!!

06-17-2008, 12:54 PM
Morning/Afternoon All :wave:

Just wanted to say lastnight/this morning at work was quiet once again. :woohoo: I did have a meeting with my boss, but it was nothing that I wasn't already aware of..........and he said I am a good worker, just have to work on one thing.......

So thats all for now. Going to bed......Have a Good Day Ya'All........


06-17-2008, 01:26 PM
I'm gonna be quick here too. Fonzo is in SD. He called me all day yesterday, and I miss him so much it hurts. But he'll be home soon and then it'll all be over for a really long time!!!

I stayed up late reading (I read until 4am!!), and I'm still not done with the book, lol. But ya..I really need to go to the store. I gotta get off my butt right now and get ready to go.

Ughh...why must the store be so far away? I'm sleepy!!!! Freakin cats woke me up before the alarm was to go off..and now they're all passed out. I should wake them up, see how they like it!!

06-17-2008, 02:42 PM

Francie - Cats just do that don't they?? Play all night and keep us up and look so peaceful sleeping during the day. My cat just moves from one spot to another and tries to fool me but I know he is a slacker. lol Have fun shopping!

Sassy - How is the neck pain??

Jules- Come back and chat!! How is Ry and Teri?? How Baby D?? How are you?? I have boxes I need to go through, I have so much junk. I need to dive in and look for Gaby's birth cert and social sec card, I don't even have those handy.

Clara - Great that you and Jules found our new location! Hope your foot is feeling better. Hope to get to the zoo this afternoon after I get a few errands done.

Mindee- How is your day?? Do you feel out of a routine w/ Tommy out of school?? I do w/ Gaby, I hate the feeling.

:wave: to Cristina and Katy!!

anyway - way too much to do but I wanted to check in. I am soooooo glad Twilley went home last night. Course he was kind of cute when he was saying good bye. lol.....and I was surprised Sean left before Jesse but I like Jesse. Though weird he wouldn't kiss DeAnna, I is he a final 4 without even kissing her?? I think Jason will be the guy in the end, son and all.....even though she makes out in the hammock w/ Graham....that doesn't mean anything. :dizzy:

And does anyone else think DeAnna is hormonal?? She cries allllll the time.


06-17-2008, 03:27 PM

Isn't that rather cheerful?? :D I was watching Today Show this morning and they had 10 foods that flatten your stomache. Gaby only let me watch a few - watermelon, popcorn.....I guess those 2 are the only ones that I can remember, did anyone else watch it??
I think my days of drinking coffee are coming to an end, the last few days I have been having horrible heartburn after I drink my grande. I was thinking it was tension but it is the coffee.

k- off to do some errands!

06-17-2008, 03:32 PM
pssssst, found the list!:carrot:

Cucumbers are loaded with water and naturally low in sodium (salt). Bonus: They’re incredibly low in calories; one whole cucumber provides only 45 calories.

Grilled veggies
Load your grill with mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, zucchini, eggplant and asparagus — you’ll fill up and be more apt to pass on the heavier sides like macaroni and potato salad. For an easy, low-cal prep, spray your veggies with nonstick cooking oil and lightly toss with preferred seasonings.

Frozen red/purple grapes
At only 80 calories per cup, frozen grapes are the perfect way to satisfy a sweet tooth without packing on the pounds. Plus, the red and purple varieties are brimming with antioxidants.

Loaded with water (which help fills you up, and flushes out extra water and salt), this vitamin C-rich summer fruit provides only 80 calories per cup or wedge.

For about 105 calories, bananas provide a hearty dose of potassium, which helps rid your body of extra sodium.

‘Nude’ air-popped popcorn
The perfect guilt-free munch food at only 30 calories and two grams of fiber per popped cup. But be sure to pass on the salt — use salt substitute if you need an alternative.

Nonfat, flavored yogurt
Gas is a common cause of a bloated belly, but adding one cup of yogurt a day to your diet can help keep your digestive system working efficiently. Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria called probiotics that may help reduce stomach bloating and gas.

Egg whites
One egg white provides only 17 calories and four grams protein — prepare an egg-white omelet for breakfast and you’ve got 12 grams of protein for less than 60 calories! What’s more, studies show that people who eat a protein-rich breakfast every day are better able to maintain a healthy weight, and healthy weight can mean a flatter stomach. By starting your day off right, you’re less likely to feel starved by lunchtime and may actually consume fewer calories throughout the day.

Unsweetened iced tea and coffee
Calorie free and full of antioxidants, these refreshing, cool beverages fill you up and help flush out extra sodium. Add a shot of natural sweetness to cold tea by slicing in fresh fruit and refrigerating overnight. And stick with skim, one percent reduced-fat or soy milk for the coffee.

06-17-2008, 03:52 PM
Susan~I couldnt stand Sean. Ugh, he was fugly. And I disliked him even more when they showed him at home. I cant stand mama's boys!!!!!!!! I sorta felt bad for Twilly at the end, lol. Why does DeAnna always repeat the same things over and over? She must not have much else to say.

Anyways..I had a sucky time shopping. I couldnt find anything for Fonzo!!!! :mad: I couldnt find shoes, I couldnt find the candy I wanted. And I couldnt find effin milk!!!!!!!!! I did however buy these super cute flip flops, a Navy baseball shirt (I look hot in it, lol) and these cute Navy short, and some Bath & Body works hand soap. I also FINALLY got my Subway!!!!!!! I was so happy..but then the chick totally ignored me. I told her 50 times that I wanted my meatball sub toasted and she just kept helping everyone else around me. So then the manager came out to help and finally did it herself. Stupid subway bimbo.

Anyways..back to eating and waiting for Fonzo to wake his sleepy butt up to call me, lol.

06-17-2008, 03:53 PM
Mmmm..I love frozen grapes!!

06-17-2008, 04:34 PM
Hi ladies, and Happy Tuesday!

I have to agree with the others and say...took me a little bit to find this place. Forgot about the changes and I was lost, lol. Looking all over the place.

SUSAN...I did catch the today most mornings for the first 1-2 hours. I wake up to it. The list are all foods I like so very doable to me. I even made a list for the grocery when I go this week. Thanks again for all the cute them all! I called Cambrie the rat girl...she was being very bratty! Good job on the 3 miles! :carrot:

FRANCIE...I pm'ed you my address, hope you got it before heading to town, lol. Can't wait for it! I've not see JCS in a while. Are you still on the Twilight series? Hey, are you still doing the challenge on GoodReads? Glad you finally got your's sounding good to me now, lol. I've not had one of their meatball subs, sounds really good right now!

KATY...hoping you guys are enjoying your trip!

SASSY...glad you had a good day/night at work!

JULES...glad you finally found us! Hope you get thru that mountain of work!

CLARA...sorry to hear about your foot but glad you and DD had fun at the wedding. You are one busy lady with all the exercise! Hoping your foot feels better. I was just calling my granddaughter rat girl...she was being bratty. I must say though it's weird saying granddaughter. My son married a girl with two children making me an instant Nana.

MINDEE...hoping all is well with you and the fam.

Everything is back to normal...normal for me. Not sure there is such a thing as normal. Rat girl/baby girl/granddaughter is back home driving her momma nuts, lol. Of course Chase comes over Friday...he's not so bad. Just I don't know what to do with a nine-year-old boy. It's a little different with girls I think. Charlotte changed the schedule so it means he won't get to do much of anything because we have had a yard sale planned for a couple of weeks now. Maybe I'll take him to the Zoo on Sunday. Anyway, the neighborhood is having a sale...last year not many people did it so we will see how many do this year.

Got my exercise/walk in. Have 10 minutes of weights to do and that's it for the day. Have a load of laundry to get done and I am hoping to get some reading in this evening. :crossed:

Hope everyone is having a great day! Lots of hugs :hug:

06-17-2008, 05:07 PM
just popping in here while the hellions, I mean kids are behaving for the second!

SuzieQ~ I don't really feel that out of routine, except that I haven't gotten my work out dvd done since Brandon got out of school. But I need to get back into the habit of doing it I need to work on that one big time!

I am with SuzieQ~ my days with my form of coffee are coming to an end......I am getting bored with pop again. And I have been looking for other things to drink, but I will get back to drinking my water again as well!

I will have to write that list down for future reference!

06-17-2008, 06:24 PM
I think your avatar is way intense Cristina. I just want to sit here and stare at it. It is probably hypnotizing us ...."don't walk, don't walk......let Cristina kick your a$$".....haha....I think I am warped.

I bought me some pepto bismol, my pain is horrid, I can't even walk,,,,,and I feel so, so bad about that. :)
See if it helps, otherwise I might just go lay dawn and read. Every time the kids argue the pain increases and when I got my mail I almost died because I had another phone bill w/ collect calls on it!
We did this last month at $128 ((from Racel's BF callin collect from pay phones))and this month was $188.:yikes: I told Qwest last month to block collect calls and they didn't so they waived the $188, thank goodness. And I made a mistake on my state taxes so instead of getting back $197 , I owe $129. Not bad....I guess, just stressful.

So ,needless to say we have not made the zoo today, maybe Thursday when the weather gets better.

Francie - I thought Sean looked cute sitting in his little sauna. When he said he called his mom 3 times a day though I said Bye bye......ick. Someone forgot to cut the umbilical cord, no wonder he only lives the street over, the cord only went that far. lmao....

Cristina - I don't know what to do w/ a 9 year old boy - they like those game things. My nephew is doing that all day long and he is 11. I am not going to walk today, maybe tomorrow. You are always inspiring w/ your exercise routine! I was watching Today to see Kathie Lee but never do.....where is she??

Mindee - I am all out of sorts w/ kids 24/7. I so could not be a SAHM, bless you -lol

k- I haven't even eaten today because of the pain. *wah, *wah.....I think I will go rest and see if the pepto bismol works.


06-17-2008, 07:15 PM
SuzieQ~ I hope your pain has gone away!

06-17-2008, 07:25 PM
Frozen grapes?!?! I've never had them! But you can best be sure that I will be sticking some in my freezer the next time I make a trip the grocery store..yum! (

06-17-2008, 09:13 PM
Hola :wave: on my way into work -- have a great night!

06-17-2008, 11:14 PM
:welcome2: Mango683 to our little corner ..... You are welcome to join us in our weight loss chat and we are doing a walking challenge this summer if you want to join in! on your 26 weight loss!! Ya, I think the red grapes would be great frozen.

Mindee- Thank you I feel better now.I had another dose of pepto and ate a 7% hamburger patty and some steamed veggies. The pain finally went away. I guess I will skip the coffee and see how I am tomorrow.

Sassy - wow, girl.......stay awhile!! lol Wishing you a good night at work.

k - wanted to say good night,.....did my laundry at the ex's house, took Becky some $$$ for a movie,she wanted me to actually take her but I told her I wasn't feeling good. I think I have to be in the hospital in ICU for my kids to stop asking me to taxi drive them around.

Chat tomorrow......Night Ladies!!:wave:

06-17-2008, 11:52 PM
Cristina~So sorry, I had gone to the store when you wrote me. But I gotta go back tomorrow to get some cat food. So I'll send it out then, okay? Yes, I'm still reading the Twilight series. I'm on the 3rd book now. It took me a day and a half to read the 2nd one, it was so long, lol. Yes, I'm still doing the challenge on goodreads, are you? You actually reminded me to update it, lol. I'm only on number 39. Before the Twilight books, I hadn't read anything in awhile. I dunno why, but I couldnt find a good book to read. The new Janet Evanovich book is out I think. I didnt see it at the store today, so I might just have to order it online. Or maybe I'll just wait until Fonzo gets home so we can go to the bookstore together.

Mindee~You could always try Crystal Lite or whatever it is. Just add it to your water. I heard its good, but I've never tried it myself.

Susan~You should tell her boyfriend to invest in a phone card!!! It would save a bunch on collect calls!!! I couldnt believe Sean lived to close to his mommy, lol. I shouldnt talk though, I was a mama's girl, lol. I dunno..maybe its different for girls though. My relationship with my mom wouldnt have ever effected my relationship with guys, lol. For guys its sorta the opposite. For them, no woman can compare to their mom, LOL!! Watch me get stuck with like 5 boys, lol. And I ruin all of them for their future wives, lol.

Sassy~Have a good day at work!!!

Well..nothing much is new with me. My shoulders are killing me!!! Only 2 more weeks and Fonzo can give me a massage, lol.

I'm going to start book 3 of the Twilight series tonight. It's longer than the other 2, so I'll probably take 2 days or so to read it.

Okay well..I should go now. Moment of Truth is about to start.

06-18-2008, 12:43 AM
I just had yet another ah-ha moment. I was watching the movie "To Be Fat Like Me" on Lifetime, and boy did it really sink in! It made me realize a lot of stuff that I just let people do to me and say to me when I was younger......and then it took high school, to pull myself up by the boot straps, and to defend myself.

It made me realize that I have to take a stand for myself, to show my kids what I want them to do with their lives, and I can't just keep telling them, I have to show them!

Mango~ Welcome to the group!

SuzieQ~ I am glad to hear that you were able to feel better. I had two cokes today, and I switched over to iced tea while I was eating dinner and after dinner.

Francie~ I actually got a Crystal Light Sample in the mail today, and I am going to drink it. A while back I got a Dexatrim H20 sample, that I will have to find. I love the Crystal Light Energy, but I just can't seem to find it when we go grocery shopping. But the next time we go and do our BIG shopping trip, I will buy a ton of it so I can make sure that I have it along with some bottled water!

06-18-2008, 12:42 PM
Hello All,

Well this morning was not a quiet morning at work and that is all I will say......

Have a Great Day!

06-18-2008, 12:55 PM
Just another quickie!!! Hubby kicked me off the internet last night after I sent Ry a myspace message!!! He needed to leave some Ebay feedback andthen was looking for some parts he needed. It should be my turn again tonight--It's hard from Thurs-Sunday with Dominic there.

Love you all!!

Mindee--I need to get back drinking my water. I am trying and I am making the switch from Coke to unsweetened tea again. I do like the Crystal Light. My fave is the peach tea. I read somewhere that you can use it in water for two of your water servings per day. The rest should be plain water.

Franice--I hope I haven't ruined my son!! We are very close...I am going into withdrawal with him not being around. You are going to have to be my DC museum buddy when you get to Annapolis!!

SuzyQ--try charcoal tablets for your tummy--they usually help. Hope you get to feeling better!!

Welcome to MANGO!!!!

Sassy--hope you had a great shift at work!!

Cristina--I have to agree with SuzyQ--your avatar is a little hypnotizing!! I am still trying to make it through "Girls Like Us" It a 500 pager--autobiographical info on Carly Simon, Carole King & Joni Mitchell. The author does go into a little TOO much detail about the who's who list of people going on around the three, but it's interesting info about the three singers.

Hi to Katy & Sue and anyone else I missed!!

06-18-2008, 02:48 PM

Back in a second, I wanted to go check out some progress pictures from another thread. I still have some pictures to get on myspace. Rachel's boyfriend was going to do for me but with his hanging in phone booths so much that might not happen for a few more days. haha......
Omg- I did find the Rose Parade photo of me like 3 years ago?? It is as horrid as I thought so I will snail mail to you Cristina.....and anyone else who needs a laugh.

k- bbl

06-18-2008, 03:32 PM
It is another wonderful day in the 3fc neighborhood!!

Jules - Yay, always good to see you post! What will the charcoal do?? I couldn't resist the coffee this morning so maybe I will go buy me some charcoal and pepto bismol. How is Ry doing?? Does he like the Pacific NW so far?

Sassy - Almost your Friday?? I think it is tomorrow, always a day ahead of the rest of us , right?? :hug: hope your neck is feeling better!

Mindee- Good for you on limiting your soda intake, and for your ah-ha moment. I still have a hard time standing up for myself, I use humor a lot to deflate how dumb I feel most of the time. But it is getting better, staying away from certain people helps and trying to treat myself with respect instead of looking for others to do that for me. Ya, taking responsibility for our own journey in life!! :)

Francie - Rachel's boyfriend needs to get a job. The problem with everyone having cell phones is no one has land lines anymore. So, when the family is gone for the dayworking he is without a phone in the house. I can't believe they ran up the bill again though after I lectured her no more collect calls. Qwest goofed to in not blocking, thank goodness.....I couldn't afford $188 in calls.
I don't mind the one street over with Sean. I don't know why he has to call home 3 times a day. I think what got me was when *mom* opened the door and was teary eyed and he asked what was wrong and she said "I miss you"....omg. It isn't like he was in Iraq....he was off trying to find a wife....I guess that made her cry?? I would have liked to see a home date date w/ Sean and DeAnna.

:wave: to Miss Cristina, Sue (where are you?? ), Carla, Tammy, Katy,and Mango! And a welcome to all the passing by chicks, you are welcome to join us!

I have to get some groceries in the house and Gabsters father will be here in the afternoon to take her for an hour or 2. Thinking of going to the coast Friday. Cross fingers!!

I like looking at before and after pictures, don't you? I think that motivates me the most. It is fun to see what a 10, or 50 pounds loss on someone else looks like...because it is hard for me to see a change in myself,,,,course a smaller clothes size helps but still.....I think my self image is warped after so many years of being overweight.

Spent 3 1/2 hours cleaning out my boxes of papers and pictures....omg, what a bunch of crap I was storing year after year. I filled 3 black garbage bags full of paper....and I sat there as a human shredder, which was soooooooo boring. lol

06-18-2008, 05:05 PM
SuzyQ--I just talked to Ry. He's loving Washington after having a couple of bad days. He made friends with an old hippie guy who is going to teach him to play the guitar (he knows some from lessons years ago) the scary part according to Ry is this guy is his future--they are so much alike Ry says he knows what he will be like when he's 60!! He doesn't mind the misty rain and the cool temps at all. The downpours are what gets to him. He is beginning to find his little group..a bunch from work went a sang karaoke on Sunday night...he said he rocked the 40 something crowd with The Cars (You're Just what I needed) complete with gyrations...he's too funny. He has been called into work the past three days..he was suppossed to go watch movies with a girl he met over the internet but it hasn't worked out.

Teri broke up with Dave, she loves him but is not in love with him. He did way to much while she was pregnant--he has cheated and lied and is just way too controlling and doesn't ever compromise. She wants to stay on good terms for Dominic's sake. She has met somebody else that became a really great friend and she seems to be falling for him. I think she would have broke up with Dave a long time ago, but she got pregnant so fast. She is happier with Patrick than she ever was with Dave. In fact I don't remember her being happy with him, but she sure did cry alot. She feels really bad, but I told her she can't stay with someone cause she feels bad for them, she has to be happy too.

Dominic has four teeth know. The bottom two have grown in nicely and now two on the top came in, but not the front two, one on either side of where the front top two will be. he looks like he has fangs...he has mastered the walker. Teri's apartment has wood floors and she says now he has joined the cat and the dog running from one end of the place to the other.


06-18-2008, 05:33 PM
Hiya ladies...

Funny about the avatar...I was thinking the same thing, lol.

SUSAN...sorry to hear about the taxes and the phone bill! Glad though that QWEST was it?? took the charges off. Glad your pain has subsided. Love the dieting graphic...too funny...decorate it :lol: They're all cute ones!

JULES...glad Ry is finding his way on the west coast. And I wish him and Teri the best...I hope this one is the one for Teri...she deserves to be happy finally. Dominic is already getting so big!

:welcome: MANGO! Hope you drop back in so we can get to know ya! :wave: don't have to make a special trip for me missy, just do it when you get to it. Bet you are counting the days until Fonzo gets home for that massage. ;) Yeah, I am still doing the challenge on GoodREads...just need to get caught up on some reading...been a busy month and haven't gotten much done.


Sorry this is sort of a quickie...a busy day today and not much time for posting. Will try to come back later and say Hi again...kind of tired so not sure, but I WILL try.

Have a GREAT day everyone!

06-18-2008, 06:14 PM
hello is every one doing?

popping in while I have a chance......early bedtime for every one tonight. the boys didn't take a nap, and I think Marissa is teething again. so, it has been a fun day here in my neck of the woods!

well, I haven't had any pop today. I have been drinking ice tea! although with the way the boys have been behaving, I might be reaching for a drink!

Jules~ I am happy to hear that Teri has found happiness. Marissa seems to be teething again. She has the bottom two front ones and the top two front ones. so, who knows which ones she will be getting in next!

Cristina~ I like your avatar!

SuzieQ~ What ever are you going to do with your time while Gabster is with her dad?

06-18-2008, 07:54 PM
Mindee - In my free time I come on line and post! Hopeless, huh?? lol An early bed night sounds great! Gab woke up last night and stayed up for an hour while I went through boxes, so she is dragging. Her father took her to the park for her Wednesday play date w/ her schoolmates, so I have 45 minutes til I pick her back up. Sorry about Marissa teething:hug:

Cristina - Oh, come back and chat more! I think I will go by Kinko's and get a copy of that pic for you and get it in the mail before I lose it again. I have been trying to find Gaby's birth cert but no luck. My mom reminded me though I am also suppose to have her baby book somewhere so am thinking there is a lost box at the ex's because I stored some things there last year. Hope so.....
I like your new avatar!! Now I can relax and not get all hyped up. haha. No pain today, so maybe it wasn't the coffee:?: Ya, I think that one pic if you can't lose it decorate it is cute :D

Jules - I am glad Ry likes it so far! Now he will have the summer to dry out from the storms.... and get more settled, would love for you to come out! Sorry about Teri :hug:, I am glad she has you though and Baby Dominic sounds so sweet. I want a baby :o.....I told my mom that was the only way I could get state medical ((by being pregnant))and she always takes me so serious "now Susan, do you really want to do that?? Shouldn't you be getting a job???"

Francie - You having a good day??

k- Aloha to all the fine BIK ladies!! Come and chat!! :) Better scoot and get some things done, days go by so fast.

06-18-2008, 09:54 PM
Hey all. Nope I am off tonight. :carrot: This was my short week. I know its confusing. :dizzy: I work every other Wed. So next week is my Loooonnnngggg Week.......

Have a Great One, I'm off to go and pick up my DH from work!!!


06-19-2008, 01:17 AM
Sassy - I love your avatar, how pretty!

Heading to get a 6 year old to bed. She played at the park for an hour and after we both got our second wind we went to the pool for an hour. Course I don't go in the water, I sit on the side and read. I reall need to get the nerve up and get a suit on and take the plunge, so to speak.

Had some beef stew for dinner, tried to load up on the carrots and other veggies, it was good. Also had some french bread so I was happy. I also bought some red grapes at the store even though they were $2.49 a pound, sounded good after talking about it here the other day.

Didn't walk today but eating and water were good. I will get in some walking tomorrow. Rach is trying to talk me into kickboxing, she needs a partner. It probably would do us good to do something together. So, that is a thought!

K- later.

06-19-2008, 01:53 AM
I am envious of those that are able to go swimming right now! we are in the 60's here!

suzieQ~ nope, that is not hopeless at all! if I had time to myself, that is what I would do!

well, my in-law's are coming over on Thursday. they wanted some updated pictures of the kids, and so I just quickly printed them off for we are out of printer paper.

06-19-2008, 03:03 AM (

Hola! Well here I am, chillin' out, alone. lol. Picked up dh from work, stopped by wally world for a few things, ate dinner, watched some tv, he went to bed (he works days) and I figured I'd chill out on the 'puter for a bit since I've been neglecting it. lol.

I haven't been eating my "lunch" at work. Just have not been hungry. :shrug: So I've been eating these new Pringles Stix ( They are all under 100 Calories a Pack! :carrot: I love the Pizza, I swear to you it tastes exactly like a slice of pizza! So okay its not a carrot stick or celery stick :p (hate celery) lol but better than some things. ;)

I also picked up some of the Pringles Select Cheddar Crisps. They have about 130 Calories for 22 crisps. They are just a tad higher in calories than the baked lays. So oh well. I guess I need to just stick to the produce but now a days that isn't even safe! lol. (tomatoes) So I dunno do I wanna be fat or get extremely ill and possibly die? I guess there is risk in that for both...........:p

Anywho................well DH did end up receiving a call with some good news......Can't say too much here......If ya want more details, just email me. ;) If you don't have my email, I guess um PM me and I can give it to ya. lol.

Sorry don't mean to be "secretive" but you all I think understand since what happened last week and all...............I just don't feel right talking about certain things in a public forum.

Oh and I talked to my mom last week too and she passed her CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) Test that she had to take for her work. They aren't gonna make her do that kind of work (she was a CNA for 23 yrs and does not want to do that anymore) but they all have to be certified in order for the place to be able to accept Medicade from the residents there. (My works in an Assisted Living place as a Resident Assistant, she assists them with their meds, brings them their meals, cleans their apts (they have apts and even houses there).

Well I hope you all are well! Hope you are having a great sleep!!!!


Just had to add this that I found: (

06-19-2008, 03:46 AM
Jules~I cant wait to be your museum buddy!!! I love museums!!

Susan~I think my self image is a bit warped. I cannot see a change in myself at all. Even in pictures!!!! I dunno..I guess it comes from years and years of bad self esteem. I called my mom a lot. It was a really hard habit to break too. Even Fonzo would call up my mom to talk, LOL!! But mom was hella cool!! LoL!! I tried to get her to move up here. I told her that there was some teaching jobs available. But she wouldnt have none of it. She had to be close to her mommy and she hated the cold weather, lol. So apparently I wasnt the only mama's girl, it ran in the fam, lol.

Cristina~I didnt go to today :( Sorry. I slept in until Fonzo called me, and it was sooooo cold outside. I still really need to go to the store though. Fonzo is back on the ship I'm free to roam about the place without worrying about when he'll call me.

Mindee~You should try drinking juice too!! Fonzo hates drinking water (he thinks its boring, lol)..and I hate him drinking we compromise about the juice. Just as long as its the healthy kind and not the overly sweet kind. Although..I do love to buy this overly sweet blueberry juice and put tequila in it, LOL!! It tastes sooooooooooooooo good!!! Oh ya..I cant go swimming either. Too cold. I could go to the indoor pool at the gym..but I dont feel like it, lol.

Sassy~That cat sorta looks like my April, lol. Except April is black & white. But she has beautiful green eyes. Did your mom like being a CNA?? My friend does that and she loves it so much.

Anyways..nothing new to report. I slept most of the day. Fonzo kept waking me up though, lol. But thats okay, I like being woken up by him. I did have a nightmare though. I dreamt that someone broke into the apartment and stole our big tv and took some other stuff in here. I was so scared in my dream that it woke me up, but I ended up falling back asleep. When I woke up for good, I was so scared to go out into the living room. I told Fonzo about it, and he just doesnt get why I've been so paranoid lately. It's really strange.

Ugh..only XX more days until he's home. (Sorry for the X's..cant really discuss ship movement. But I will say when he's coming home the day before!!) Double digets are better than triple..but single is always the best!! ;) I swear, being this anxious is making the days go by so slow!! :dizzy: LoL!! I WANT HIM HOME!!!!!!!!! Okay..whiny moment over, lol.

I shall go now and read. I didnt make it very far in my book last night. I ended up going to bed sooner than I expected. Hopefully with all my naps today, I'll be able to stay up longer to read more.

06-19-2008, 08:19 AM
Morning :coffee:

Fixing hubby breakfast. I am making french toast.......I had to use the electric knife....power uh uh uh (from Home Improvement if you didn't pick up on it) He bought some Italian bread, so we shall see how that does.........I know not the most healthiest, but its something we haven't had in a long time.

Also making bacon. I know, bad me.......:( but we haven't had it in a long time either. lol. I know stupid excuses but its what we wanted............We need to head to the farm up the road from the in-laws and get some fruit and what not to eat..........

Anyways.....enough about bad bad I know I'm not really supposed to say that, I know some people on the forum have a pet peeve against that sort of thing, saying your "bad" for eating something you really shouldn't........I guess its a bad habit for me.......

Francie -- My Puddy was a Tuxedo kitty, he was so handsome.........I sure do miss him. :( My mom I guess she was ok with being a CNA, I mean its very hard work and she did it for 23 yrs, I think what she liked best was the people. The senior citizens and the people she worked with.

I also worked at the same nursing home she did, only I was everything BUT a CNA. lol. I started in housekeeping, laundry, then went to Dietary (the kitchen)....Where you think I would have learned how to eat better because it was all about who was on what diet. One poor lady only got a 1/2 a grapefruit and a 1/2 a slice of toast every single morning and its not cuz its what she liked. Her husband was a rather um "dictator". lol. I enjoyed working there for the people and the experience as I said its very hard work, no matter what you do and it really helped me "grow-up" as it was my first "real" job. (you know not baby-sitting, cleaning houses for people, etc) Anyways. enough about my nursing homes days. lol.

Anyways here I go blabbering on and on.....:blah:

Gotta go!


Adding on: Breakfast sucked. :p The Italian Bread was no good for French Toast, at least the way I cooked it, maybe it was just me.......but I usually do kick-you know what french toast. ;) Aw well probably for the best anyways.....

Something happened this morning and now I am down in the dumps. :( I won't go on with the details, but lets just say I am rather disappointed. :cry:

Anyways, I hope you all have a great day! I have the kitchen to clean up and laundry to do. Yippee for me! lol.

06-19-2008, 02:08 PM
Quick HI!!! I really have to get back to work, left for a doctor's appt and to get birthday balloons for a coworker--then left for lunch---I need to get some stuff done!!

06-19-2008, 02:37 PM
Kind of an obnoxious little girl isn't she.....has no right to be THAT

Quickie because Rach is huffy when I refused her sushi or something from subway,she really needs to make friends with a pan and a can opener. I can't afford her and she always has friends tagging along and I feel *itchy if I don't buy them something too.
So, she is huffy now and watching Gaby....and I really have tons to do! I looked over my state tax form and I see where they get their figure from but they are wrong.
The instructions say to get the figure from 1040A line 35 and they get it from line 34...clearly wrong *snicker*,so now I have to write a request for a review AND they are charging me .3 (cents) interest per day!! Ding bats,,,,

Sassy & Francie - I need a Sassy/Francie decoder to read your post. haha. I like the clip art Sassy!

Mindee- So, you get a digital (ya, I am STILL talking about this) camera and it comes with a copier that prints pictures out on photo paper??? How much was that? Kind of like Kinko?? :dizzy:

Jules - I have to get some stuff done too!!! :) Hey chickie.....:hug: have a wonderful day!

k- need to go make sure gab is alive still....hi to everyone!

06-19-2008, 04:53 PM
just popping in while I have a second.....

Francie~ I drink juice as well......but usually there isn't any cold in the fridge.

SuzieQ~ We bought the bundle pack. It came with the camera and the photo printer, and then we had to buy the paper and ink cartridge that goes with it. You put the camera on the printer, and it goes through your pictures and you get to pick which ones you want to print out.

my in-law's came over with one of our nieces. they were here for a little bit, and then they left to go get something to eat. my MIL said that she was going to take us with them but she didn't have the room in her truck.....which was fine since the kids needed to take a name anyways.

06-19-2008, 04:55 PM
Okay...just posting this before I actually start a post to let you know it is thundering and I know I shouldn't be on the computer during a storm but oh well, lol. So, if I don't finish my post and you don't hear from me later you'll know why...:wave:

Okay ladies...I better get off this is getting UGLY out! I don't like the looks of it at all and sure don't want to lose the computer. I PROMISE I WILL be back later to catch up!

Hoping everyone is having a good day!

06-19-2008, 05:23 PM
Well...I'm back!

I'm a little bummed but I'll get over it. We made it to our campground on Monday and we had been there for about 2 hours when my son fell out of a tree. I took him to the ER, who said he might have fractured his wrist. They put him in a splint and sent him off. I got him into an orthopedist here in PDX this morning, so we decided to come back early. The good news is that he does not have a fracture, but does have to wear a brace for a few weeks and call the doc if his pain increases. The beach was glorious and I do wish we could have stayed longer, but oh well. I did get several long walks in while there which helped me cope with the stress. I may try to get the kids away for some tent camping later in the summer. We are so glad the DS does not have to wear a cast all summer - that would have really sucked.

Good news for me..I got my pedometer! It is definitely better than the other one I had and I am not resetting it all the time. It is also supposed to tell me how many calories I am burning - yay - bonus :p Bad weight is up. I am going to wait out TOM and give it a week and if it doesn't go back down, I will change the ticker. I am on some serious detox right now. I've been drinking too much coffee and I even ate a bacon cheese burger and had pie ala mode yesterday. The day before I drank some chocolate beer :yikes: (actually it was really good..if you like stouts)I had been eating really well and I just messed up. We were at the beach, I was stressing out about my son's wrist, so I just said F- it. Now I am home and it's time to get back on track. I have a high school reunion coming up! Now is not the time to mess up!

Our neighborhood farmer's market is today, so I'm going to walk the kids over there later on and buy some veggies. Since tomorrow is free, I'm pushing for a family trip to the Zoo to see the new dinosaur exhibit...heard it was impressive. Or we might help tie-dye some tshirts at church. That sounded like fun, too.

I hope to catch up on indys over the next few days...Cristina - stay safe, ok?

06-19-2008, 06:45 PM
Cristina~ I hope the storm lets up soon! stay safe!

Katy~ I am so sorry to hear about your son's injury. I hope he heals soon! we have talked about taking the kids camping, but we need to buy a tent that will fit us all first.

06-19-2008, 07:28 PM
Yay, our Katy is back :dance:! Which beach did you guys go vacation at?? We have been doing Neskowin because of the free lodging but now that it is summer he is charging so I am going to go to Seaside and the northern coast because of the girls , that is where they want to go and see where we use to live.
Anyway - sorry about son falling out of the tree!! Ouch, I would have freaked....glad he won't have to wear a cast for the whole summer. And you ARE doing great on the weight loss, don't get down on a little indulging, everyone does that. I do it every week. :D I love the coast for Mo's...yum, clam chowder. I hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather!?

Cristina - Hope you are ok, been seeing horrible weather back east on the news. :hug::hug: Hope you are having a good day too.

Mindee- It would be nice to have that set up - especially w/ little ones, makes taking pictures of the milestone so much easier. You are doing awesome on your walking!!:carrot:

Sassy - :hug::hug::hug: I skimmed earlier, I hope you are feeling better! When I eat bacon I just say I am on Atkins. lol

Francie - What are you reading?? I picked up "If I can eat anything I want" by Elizabeth Berg, I think that is the title. I only read 2 chapters so far and it is pretty good. Hope you are having a good day.

Sue - We MISS you!! Hope all is well.

Hi to Tammy, Carla, and Jules!!

I took Rach and Gab to the park. I have to run to the store now. I weeded and pruned some bushes and the property looks sooooo much better. I need to borrow a rake from the ex tonight and rake. Ate a good lunch - chicken, veggies and lowfat cottage cheese, my favorite. I use to never drink water but I am addicted now to ice water and I like to munch on ice. So, aside from the coffee in the morning , water is all I drink. Ok, I lied,,,,I have wine. I drank a glass of wine last night and I had some wheat honey twisted pretzels dipped in mustard. Soooo, good. lol

k- back to the grind!!

06-19-2008, 08:28 PM
Hello ladies, I'm baaaack! :)

Storm went thru fast thank goodness. And yes, Susan...we have had out share of crappy weather, lots and lots of tornadoes. But not as bad as the poor people in Iowa, so I guess it could be worse. Just tired of this rain/storms. Talked to Charlotte and her and the kids were at the pool and had to leave because of was a little bigger than a golfball. We didn't get that or the winds that blew trees over among other things, just the rain, thunder and lightning.

SUSAN...can't wait for the pic! I've been dying to see it. Oh, I forgot yesterday and have been thinking about it all day for some reason. Kathie Lee is on the second part of The Today Show at 11 a.m. not sure why they did that but it's after Regis & Kelly for some odd reason. And I like your avatar too! Going to have to steal that one from ya. Bet your yard is looking good!

KATY...sorry to hear about DS and that you guys had to cut the trip short. Glad he doesn't have to wear a cast all summer, that would definitely be a bummer. And listen to Ms's okay to indulge sometimes, were on vacation! Of course I'm not and I've been indulging too! And you have done so well with your weight loss and exercise so you deserve it! WTG on the pedometer!

MINDEE...thank you-had to get rid of the hypnotizing avatar that Susan & Jules loved so much :lol: I was looking at it for a few minutes and it did get to ya. I don't need to be more dizzy than I already am :lol: The printer/camera sounds great! Hope you guys enjoy that.

FRANCIE...totally relate to the dream. I've had a dream like that and wondered if it happened or if it was indeed a dream. I am always a little scared to go check things out but at the same time I HAVE to know. If I hear a noise I have to know where it came from. Don't usually get paranoid but when there were a couple of breakins it was a little unsettling to me. Anyway...I know you are counting the days until Fonzo gets home and it will be here before you know it!

SASSY...hugs to you, sorry you are feeling down. :hug:

JULES... hoping all went well with the doctors visit.

HIYA CLARA, SUE, & TAMMY...hoping all is well with you ladies.

Nothing new going on with me. We were supposed to go watch Chase's last game but I canceled. The weather is iffy and I have so much to get ready for the yard sale tomorrow. Haven't done a thing other than get a stupid permit. The city has to have a part of everything you do I guess. V borrowed some tables from a friend so it's just a matter of bringing everything from the basement and getting it organized on the tables. I don't think we really have much to sale, not sure now. Just looks like a lot sitting in the boxes in the basement. Going to try and get my walk in early and then get back and open up shop, lol. V will be home to help so...probably only do it until about 1-2'ish. Not even sure I will do it Saturday...gonna wait and see how tomorrow goes. That's about all I least I will get some reading done tomorrow, lol.

Take care ladies, and have a great evening! I'll see ya tomorrow sometime. :hug:

06-19-2008, 09:53 PM
Wow, you are doing great on your walking too Cristina!! I just noticed :bravo:

Just came back for a second, otherwise I would feel a need to be working. :D

It really is just bark dust Cristina, I wish it was grass. It was a jungle and I refused to do anything because the landlord can afford to hire a crew but after Gaby got lost in *the outback* I figured I better do something. lol
And really I LOVE yard work, I always have so it has been fun. I think one more day and I will be done. Not tomorrow though because it will be close to 80 and I don't want to be out in the heat.
Now we need some color out front of the place! I was thinking of some hanging plants, something easy.
And my poor Momo (the kitty) came in from being outside and he was filthy, he must have been rolling around in the dirt.

anyway, glad to see you back on line and safe from the storms in your area!

you all have a good night!

06-20-2008, 12:16 AM
Hey all..I'm sorry but I'm not very chatty today. I'm not really feeling too well right now. I dunno whats going on. I think its cuz its so warm in here. I'll probably have a panic attack tonight. Although, I'm gonna try really hard to keep the negative thoughts out. Anyways..thats about it. Hope you all have a good day. TTYL!!

06-20-2008, 12:34 AM
Evening ladies....Just to let you know I am alive and relatively well. Just lots going on right now.

I will try to get back here tomorrow.

06-20-2008, 01:09 AM
popping back in to see how every one is doing....

we had some rain earlier but that was it. now that the weekend is coming the weather is suppose to get a little warmer. tommy has to work on Saturday, and money is tight, so who knows what we will be doing!

tommy's cousin's son, who was diagnosed with cancer last August, is the honorary hero for a Harley Davidson bike run this coming we might end up at the ending place to see all the bikes.

06-20-2008, 07:01 AM (

Good Friday Morning All!!!

I got some sleep and feel better. I think it was lack of sleep making me feel that way............

So I haven't gotten much accomplished. Aw well. There is always today and tomorrow!!! :carrot: Not much to Can ya believe that one? lol. :fr:

Hi Jules........:wave: Bye

Suzy Q -- Ya that Thursday Girl is WAY too darn happy! lol. Don't ya just love my kitty cat for Friday? lol. So if I get huffy will you buy me subway? :lol: Sorry........had too. Your too nice cuz my mom would be like, "get over it and get in the kitchen." lol!!! :hug: Ok see your other post now. ha ha......Adkins eh? I dunno but something about bacon that I just cannot resist. lol. I know its WAY bad for me but I still want it! lol. Kinda like that bad boy in leather that rides that motorcycle.........oh wait......thats my hubby! lmao!!! :rofl: OMG!! Its MC Hammer! "Can't Touch This...." :dance: lol. Okay.......sorry.......guess too MUCH sleep!!! lmao!!! I love cottage cheese. Only the way I like it is fattening so I may as well not even eat it! I like it with some ranch dressing and bacon bits. I know there is the bacon again! lol. I think I need to go to bacon anonymous or something! lmao! UGH a 3rd post?! What r ya turning into me now? lmao! Just kiddin'!

Mindee -- hope you had a good time with the in-laws.........That is nice about them honoring Tommy's cousin.........;)

Cristina -- We didn't get anymore storms, yet anyways. They called for them on Wed. but we never got anything. Its been nice here lately. The highest its been is in the low 70's and at night it is in the 60's and sometimes in the high 50's! :yikes: I so wish it'd stay this way! I love having the windows open! Even though DH insists on having the air on when he sleeps! :rolleyes: I just close the vents out in the living room and open the windows up. lol. Hope the yard sale goes well!

Hi Sue! Glad your alive! :lol: Big :hug:

Have a Great Day all, remember its Friday! :carrot:

Man re-reading this post sounds like I have a very bad case of ADHD!!! :hyper: lol. (No offense to anybody who has it though, honest!!!)

Okay I went to this website ( and took a quiz, just seeing if I could possibly have Adult ADHD and here are my results:

Results of your
Attention Deficit Disorder Quiz

You scored a total of 91

It is highly likely that you are presently suffering from adult attention deficit disorder, according to your responses on this self-report questionnaire. You should not take this as a diagnosis of any sort, or a recommendation for treatment. However, it would be advisable and likely beneficial for you to seek further diagnosis from a trained mental health professional immediately. < --- I always knew that part. lol.

If you scored...
You may have...
70 & up
50 - 69
35 - 49
25 - 34
0 - 24 Adult ADHD

My DH always has said he thinks I have something like this.........hmmmmmmm......:chin: Okay just wanted to say that I am only making fun of myself here and nobody else. ;)

06-20-2008, 11:58 AM
Good morning!

Sassy- I've been entertaining myself on that Psychcentral site you shared..very interesting stuff. I scored 21 on the adhd one...then I took the Dr. Phil Personality Quiz and this is what it said:

The Lively Center of Attention

Others see you as fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical, and always interesting; someone who's constantly in the center of attention, but sufficiently well-balanced not to let it go to their head. They also see you as kind, considerate, and understanding; someone who'll always cheer them up and help them out.

Isn't that sweet? I skipped by the "Do you need therapy" quiz, lol! i also bypassed the "Lust, Love, or Loser" quiz...I just don't wanna know! Let me live in ignorance!

Sue - Hope everything is okay...sounded like you were having some health issues, know that you are being thought of and hang in there!

Mindee -hope you get to see the bikes. We are doing lots on the cheap this summer, so I hear you about the money being tight. Today we go to the zoo, 'cause we renewed the membership there. We may be going there quite a bit! 'Course there's nothing wrong with a day at the park either and that will be happening alot for us this summer as well.

Well, my DD is whining about wanting breakfast or something like I'll have to continue the indies later. I made it to step aerobics this morning and it showed up as 1.20 miles on my pedometer which was about 4500 steps. I'm still getting the hang of the new gizmo. Today's mile should be pretty good as we are going to the zoo.

06-20-2008, 03:09 PM
THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week went by fast..yay!! Still in the double digits though. (Whenever I say the word always makes me think of Clueless "Aw Cher he's getting her digits")

I'm having a major allergy attack and theres no meds so I'm suffering horribly bad right now. I'm gonna have to search the suitcases right now. I always keep meds in my suitcase (for when I travel, lol).

Last night I dreamed about werewolves and vampires, lol. I think I'm spending too much time reading those books, LOL!!!

Okay ya..Hope you all have a good friday!!!

06-20-2008, 03:57 PM
Katy-If 4500 steps equal 1.2 miles I have been seriously mis-counting my steps. I thought 2000= 1 mile, therefore 4000= 2 miles, etc. Now I am confused. Thanks for the well wishes. I am still awaiting a call about my biopsy and I will keep you posted.

Be back later...

06-20-2008, 04:28 PM
Over 100 post!! Stop and Post at Thread Back In Kindergarten #48 :carrot:

06-20-2008, 07:06 PM
Kindergarten #48 is here! :
(I hope... :lol: )