Support Groups - Changes :)

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Suzanne 3FC
06-11-2008, 12:59 PM
Hey ladies!

Did any of you catch our post about the Misc clubs moving on down to Support Groups? We've been asked many times what the difference was between the Misc Clubs forum and the main Support Groups area. No difference at all, they both house miscellaneous support groups :) So to clear up the confusion, particularly for the newbies, we're transferring all of the threads in Misc Clubs to the main Support Groups area with the other misc groups.

And that brings us to the Jaded Ladies. As you know, you are the last remaining "Club" that isn't specifically for an age group or diet. Technically, you are a Miscellaneous Club. Out of overall fairness to the other groups that don't have dedicated forums, we think it's best to shift you over a spot into the Support Groups main area. You'll still have your regular thread, that won't change. You won't lose anything, you'll just click a different link to get to your destination.

Marti and Ellis will be your mods in Support Groups. Jane will still mod WW, so if any of you are WW members then you'll be lucky enough to keep her :)

The change will occur this weekend.