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03-14-2002, 08:31 AM
Welcome to a great group of people. Who pray and encourage each other. Everyone is welcome!!!

03-14-2002, 08:55 AM
Blessing this morning,
I really need some prayer right now. Yesterday My MIL had a stroke! Now I have both my MIL and FIL in the same hospital with a stroke! My MIL's appears to be mild but she does have blockage. I went for my test tue and I am so upset. I had an EMG (and one other test) I knew the min the Dr walked in it wasn't going to go well. He rushed in didn't even intro himself. zapped me 3 times in each leg and then took 1 needle and stuck me 3 times in each leg (didn't even touch the place I don't have feeling) I tried to tell him where the place was that I have no feeling but he acted like he couldn't hear me. He then jump up and said your fine and RAN out the door. He spent a total of 3 mins with me! And when I left they handed me a copy of the bill He charged me 1147.00 for that 3 mins!!!!!!! I was so mad I told the nurse 3 min of his time was not worth 1147.00. I called two other friends who had the same tests and both of them said it took over an hour to do there tests. So I am filing a complaint. If any of you have advice what steps or where to turn I would treasure your support.

Patricia-Wow this has been a fast 6 weeks. Way to go on 2 more lbs.

Ginny-God will help you through the changes that your life is about to take.

Wilma-How are you feeling today? I pray that you are feeling fine and thankful you didn't break anything.

Pravda-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! Just do like I do if turning older bums you pick an age and stick to it. My DH got me two cakes one that said 25 and one that said the lost years LOL

Bethanne-Hang in there! Satan wants you to have bad days and give up. Just take it one meal at a time!!!!! And we are here for you!

Gary-How are you feeling after working out in your new home gym?

Chick4christ-Thank you for your prayers it means so much to me.

Zoe-How are you?

To all the others I am missing (sorry I am so stressed I can't remember names) I am praying and lifting you up in prayer.

This is the day that the LORD has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.

03-14-2002, 10:10 AM
I just wanted to say hi! :)
I think this group is a great idea, I don't know a single person where I live that's Christian. I know a lot of atheists though.Some times it feels like I'm alone in Christianity.I'm also trying to shed some pounds. I'm not sure how many, I figured I'd figure it out as a go and mostly just try to consintrate on each pound so i don't feel overwhelmed.

God bless!

03-14-2002, 10:28 AM
I said some Prayers for you Sami.
I hope your MIL and FIL heal up fine with no further problems.
I've had problems with doctors before too, that's a huge bill!
I had to pay over $350 for a 2 mins with a doctor and all he gave me for a severe allergic reaction to injested food is a 1 single sleeping pill and he sent me home. I was having problems breathing and was afraid if I fell asleep i'd die. so I stayed up and went to anouther hospital and was given some medicine to help me and not just put me to sleep. I'm not sure what to do legally, but you probably need some sort of proof proving how long your test is supposed to take to submit to a lawyer. Maybe anouther doctors written statement?

I pray for the best for you *HUGS*

03-14-2002, 10:33 AM
Hi All, its thursday.. tomorrow is FRIDAY!! Whooppeee!!
Well I'm down another 1 lb. I think its because I drank 128 oz of water yesterday. Boy was I in the bathroom a lot!! My goal is 160 oz today, but I'm already behind. Gotta start drinkin like crazy!! I still can't believe I drank a whole gallon of water yesterday! Pretty insane.

Had our bible study last night, which was so great and uplifting (as always). Our group is doing special music at the end of April in Church.. so we practiced.. it was so fun to praise the Lord together... we were singing for over an hour!! It was so much fun though, well worth the late night.

Sami- I will DEFINATELY be praying for you. Do you have health insurance? Or are you paying out of pocket?? If so, I would refuse to pay the bill until the test is redone, and done properly. If you have health insurance, call and file a complaint about it, and see what they will do. Check out websites for information about "what to expect" with that test. Print the info (I suggest webmd.com). If it is drastically different than what you experienced, you can use that as "ammo". Call the supervisor of the clinic/lab you went to and complain. Patients have rights too ya know!! I will also be praying for your in-laws!!

AngelCat - welcome!! I hope we can encourage you on your journey. It's really hard to be alone in a "sea of non-believers". I hope you can try and find a good church to go to.. with people your age you can interact with. Christian fellowship is SO important!!!

to everyone else - I hope you have a WONDERFUL day. Celebrate Him!!

03-14-2002, 11:22 AM
Good Morning! It's a beautiful clear day here and I'd rather be walking than working!! I hope I can get out there after work. I don't have anyone to feed by myself tonight and I have a big pot of soup waiting. I didn't get my walk in yesterday. I find it really hard to get out right after work. It is getting lighter out in the evening so I can start walking in the evening soon!

Chick: Sorry about that! WOE means way of eating - whatever you are doing to eat healthy.

Sami: When it rains it pours! I am praying for you and your family during this stressful time. I can't advise you on what to do about your bill but it does seem unfair. In Canada, we have a system that pays the medical expenses for us. We end up paying for it through our taxes but it is nice not to have up front costs.

AngelCat: Welcome!! This is a super place to come for encouragement. Tell us more about yourself. What are you doing to lose the weight and how much are you wanting to lose?

Dee: You're just dropping those pounds! Thanks for being such an inspiration for me.

Zoe: Just eat healthy and allow yourself little treats along the way and you'll do fine. I also tell myself that if I want that treat I need to get moving to get rid of it. How did you enjoy "Amazing Race"? I enjoy watching it.

Ginny: I hope you're getting the rest you need. I think being a mom is one of the most stressful jobs there is!! My visit with the accountant wasn't too bad. We're even getting money back which will be really nice. We're still looking for a place to buy and the lower our debt the better things will look for us.

Hello to all I haven't addressed. Thank you all for "Being there" for me.

03-14-2002, 08:49 PM
Good day ladies-- Thought I would say hi before I headed off to my son's softball game. Wilma, our dinner went well--we made a whopping $6.00. Oh well, it isn't really a fundraiser but a way to help people get to church on a busy Wed. night for Lent services. We only had 57 people I think--hoped for 80. Those that came had good food and plenty of it and great fellowship!!!
Sami, sorry about your M/FIL--I will say prayers for them--as far as the Dr. bill is concerned, I"d call the COPS!!! that is grand theft for sure!!!!
Welcome Angel Cat. Hey Zoe why don't you give that journal a good home in the closet for awhile and just write down WHATEVER comes to mind in your journal-- a thank-you to someone, letter to an old friend or realitive you have been meaning to contact-- a list of your blessings or just make a wish list. Those calories can count themselves--you klnow what-when-why and how by now--take a break. Didn't get to see the Amazing Race yesterday but I sure enjoyed the first one.
Well I am outta here before you guys throw me out---In Our Lord's Love--Gary

03-14-2002, 11:48 PM
Huge major giant accomplishment of the day... I ONLY ATE 29 POINTS TODAY!!!!! I've had a rough week really, at the top or above my points EVERY day.. the only saving grace has been the water!!! I'll see what my official loss is for this week, but as of this morning it looked like it was 2.5 lbs for this week, bringing me to 14 total. ;)

I had a busy day today... Only got in 100 oz of water, but hey, that's better than none!! I actually met every requirement today. I went for a walk at lunch, ate 29 points, got all my fruit and veggie servings, avoided carbs at lunch, drank all my water, and got my milk requirement filled too!! And managed to save enough points to have one of my choclate chip cookies.. So all in all a great day, but we'll see what the scale says tomorrow!

I'm so excited you all like Amazing Race as well!! My H and I are very addicted!! :)

have a great night!

03-15-2002, 02:44 PM
I am offically 30 today. I was not looking forward to it, but, it has not been too bad yet!
Then again, it is only the 1st few hours into my 30's. I will let you know more later! hahahahaha!

Congrats Beth anne on keeping to your points! That is great!!!! Keep it up. Does nt make you feel so good about your self when you see the scale go down!

Angel Cat- Welcome! This is a great place to get support! Come back and visit soon!

Zoe- Keep your chin up! I like Gary's suggestion. That might help a little. Try it and see, I know that I start to feel guilty when I do not follow the "rules" that I have set for myself, but convince yourself that it is ok, and it will not hurt you far a few days.

Gary-glad that your potato dinner went ok, sorry that you didn't raise that much money, but if it was for another reason. Atleast you got some people to come to church. That is always a good out come.
Hope you have a good time at your sons game, and good luck for him!

Sami- I hope your inlaws are doing better. I have been praying for you and them. Hang in there, there is a silver lining out there somewhere!

Well-if I have missed anyone, I am sorry!

Have a great weekend.


03-15-2002, 06:24 PM
Hi! I just had to come here and let you know that I made it out for a walk today. As you know I've been struggling with getting out there and today I made myself go. I feel so much better about it. I know what I need to do to get this weight to disappear. I've taken my measurements and hopefully by the time the first wedding comes around I'll be down a few lbs. (The first wedding is last weekend in April.) I bought a really nice dress that was 1/2 price while in the city. It's just a little snug so I know it'll fit well for the wedding.

I am committing to going walking or some form of exercise 3 times a week. I will increase the times as the weather warms up and the days stay lighter longer.

Pravda: Happy birthday to you!!! Remember, 30 is just a number. My DH's grandmother at 90 years said that she still felt 18 inside and that's what counts!!
Have a wonderful day!

BethAnn: WTG on the points. I know how difficult it is. Are you doing any exercising at all? That'll help a lot too.

Gary: Did your son's team win? I really miss those days of watching ball. My ds was a really good player but doesn't play anymore. I love the atmosphere and being able to relax (?) and watch the game.

Sami: How are your inlaws doing? You are all in my prayers!!

Have a great day and do something special for yourselves this weekend!!

03-15-2002, 10:35 PM
I don't know what I should weigh, different charts give conflicting numbers from other charts. Some charts say I'm small boned, some say I'm medium boned. My BMI finally says I'm in a "normal" range(barely). In past years it said I was borderlne obese.I guess I just want to loose fat and have good muscle tone with some definition to it. I have to drop body fat % to see any of the muscle i'm working hard to build. I'm not sure how much body fat I have.The scale can be misleading because muscle weighs more than fat does. I've never found a weight range for those who do a lot of weight training. My starting weight this time around is 150.60 I'm 5 ft 4 and a size 12. I started reducing my calories in early Jan. I didn't hit the gym till mid Jan. I'd like to loose 2 clothing sizes. I'm not sure if that is possible because last time it took me loosing 20 pounds before I dropped a size. I don't think dropping 40 pounds is possible for me. :(

As far as church goes, I do go to church every week.My congregation is mostly elderly people. My church has many different service times, so any new faces are figured to just be people from a different service. I'm a very shy person untill i am around people for quite awhile. I'm not married and I don't have kids so that seems to outcast me to some extent away from other people my age.

Eeyore's Sun
03-16-2002, 08:43 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!!!!!

Boy, have I missed ya'll. I haven't had the time to post and now don't have time to go back and read everyone's posts but I will soon. I've been working a lot of overtime and my only time off was spent with the oldest DD since she is on spring break. Today I have 6 patients and have to go about an hour drive to the "big city" to order my contacts and I hope to sneak over to the arts and crafts fair they are having there. :smug: I absolutely adore crafts!

Well, I was down 0.5 lbs this week. :moo: Not much but I will take it just the same. Haven't been doing the treadmill like I should cause the belt has messed up and we had to order another one. DH is going to put it on today. Can you believe it? We bought this treadmill the first week in February!!!! So........hopefully he will get it fixed so I can start the walking again. :jig:

Well, I gotta go get ready for work. Everyone take care, good luck with WI's, Welcome to all the newcomers, and I will check back in when I can. Miss you all!!!!!

03-16-2002, 08:57 AM
Good Saturday Morning everyone :wave:

Well, here it is, another Saturday. I LOVE Saturdays....no work to get up to, no work the next day so I can just have a peaceful mind. :lol: I have an appt at 8am for a manicure and while I do that, my car will get inspected.

I found out yesterday that we have a black tie affair to attend next Sunday, the 24th. Now, there I was, in my car yesterday, driving and talking out loud...."I'm being punished. Ok, maybe just being taught a lesson. If I had been sticking to my eating plan and not going on these 'binges', I wouldn't be feeling like I was going to have to sausage into some long gown and look like a ball. :(:(" <sigh>.....so I'll be shopping for a dress this weekend and all of next week, getting depressed.....hey, ok Lord, I know, I know ~ You are trying to show me that I really do need to get rid of this 40 or so pounds....ok, I really do want to and I really do understand. I'll suffer through this event and then, I'll be looking great by the tme the company Christmas party comes around in the beginning of December..........Hey, thanks for listening to that my friends :)

Ginny ~ Hope you're feeling energized now and not so tired. I get like that too sometimes and I hate the feeling. Walking will tend to make you feel better.

Gary ~ thanks so much for your advise. I had already decided to put the journal (for eating) away and your idea about the writing of anything else is a good one. I had been feeling like I was trapped in this DIET thing and it was getting me down. I want to be able to eat when I'm hungry and not just because I WANT it. I am so bad that way so I'm praying about that. Oh, and the Amazing Race was good. I saw the first one too and that was great.....this one looks to be a good one too. Hope you can catch it.

Sami ~ I am praying for your MIL and FIL. I pray for you too, that God will keep you strong through all this. As for the doctor, I would report him to wherever you report doctors. That sounds a little 'fishy' to me.

AngelCat ~ Welcome to a wonderful group. Even though being around other Christians is a blessing, you can now come in here and fellowship with us. :) I have friends that are Christians but I do not live with any. :( So I know how you feel. Where do you live? Rural or city? Maybe a change in church to a younger crowd, may be good for you.

Beth Anne ~ Congrats on staying within your points!! I know that can be difficult at times. 14 lbs!!! Woo Hoo....keep up the good work girl!

Wilma ~ good going on your walking. I've been using my treadmill about 4 times a week. I am now thinking about roller skating with a friend. I hear that it's great exercise and I think I'll love it.

Pravda ~ Hope you had a great B'day yesterday. I fell apart when I turned 30 but I made it through and to be honest, I wish I was 30 again .....:lol:

Hope I didn't miss anyone. Gotta run and get ready to go. Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone.

Zoe <><

Doin It Right
03-17-2002, 08:22 PM
Hi Christian Chicks,
I havent been on the computer much this week. Real busy and tired, also my eating has been way off program which is probably why I'm not feeling alot better. I had doctor's appointments 2 times after work this week and my daughter was also sick. This combined with work had me stuffing my face and falling into bed.
Definitely feeling the sugar blues. Weighed down with the yuks.

On a more positive note, I did walk the track,3 times this week. I am now trying to get back in the groove with my program and I will try to walk 4 times this week. Oh yeah , I did make it to church today although I wasn't feeling much better.

Love in Christ,De

03-18-2002, 12:43 AM
Blessing this evening,
I am feeling really stressed today. It has caused my head to pound all day. My FIL isn't doing well. I think he is filling up with fluids again and is becoming very depressed. My MIL got the bad news that she has a 99% blockage in her neck and will have to have surgery. They are worried that she will have another stroke if they don't do it soon. And my nephew who had the bad infection and had surgery to remove it the infection has come back and may need surgery again. And this morning I did a blood stick and my fasting was 149 so my blood sugars are up again. The plus is my scales say I have lost another 2 lbs! I need your prayers to help me through this stress.

Sorry to not address all of you will post more Mon.
Thank you for being such a blessing!

Doin It Right
03-18-2002, 07:39 AM
Holding up your hands in prayer Sami. The stress causes your blood sugar to go up. Not that knowing that will help.

Love in Christ,DE

03-18-2002, 11:54 AM
Hello all! Good Monday morning to you! I'm sorry I'm not checking in more often, but time really does get away from me as I'm chasing these kids all day! HEY!! That counts for exercise, right? ;)

Beth Anne... all those trips to the bathroom count for exercise too!!!!

I lost one more pound last week... and I know it's purely God's grace! My eating has been a terrible struggle. Do any of you, especially those doing WW, plan out your day's meals? I think I really need to do this! You'd think it wouldn't be too hard to do, but for some reason, I'm really having a tough time getting that done.

Another question... are all proteins created equal??? I was told proteins are good for "stickin with you". If the protein in sharp cheese is the same as the protein in a slice of American... then I'd be wise to use the slice of American and save a couple points... but if they aren't equal... gives me a reason to eat my yummy sharp cheddar!! Can I go strictly on the protein count, or their more to it?

Thanks for all your help.

Sami - sorry to hear you're going through such a tough time right now. Remember to take time for yourself to be with God...let him refresh you in all this!

Ginny and others.... I hope all is going well with you! This is a NEW day in the Lord!!!!


173/159/156 (first mini)/105ish

03-18-2002, 12:50 PM
Hey all, its monday again.. can you believe it??? I can hardly believe that this friday marks 4 weeks I've been doing this... Time is just FLYING by.. its unbelieveable!!!

Sami- I am DEFNIATELY praying for you. Health is such a struggle sometimes, because to a certain extent you have no control over it!! And obviously there is nothing you can do for those around you... its very hard!!

Zoe-- find something you feel you look good in!! I know you can. Don't feel guilty for where you are at now, work with it!! I have yet to find a time where I couldn't look alright when going out.... There is ALWAYS something to find that flatters you. Have the girls at the store help you... look for things on the net.. My fave new "black tie" dress is a nice stretchy black sheath with white detail around the collar that I wear with mid-thigh length top! Hides everything!

Pravada- happy bday late!! hope it was great!!!

wilma - great job walking!! I have been SO bad about getting out.. but the weather has NOT been cooperating!!!!! I'll try to get motivated- not today though, its SNOWING!

Angel- glad you have a church to go to!!! Hopefully you can find some support from us too!

Sherry- Welcome back!! missed you!! Good job on the loss... I count ANYTHING that is not a gain as success!!!

So at least I have been walking around.. not completely sedentary... did some cooking, laundry, walked to the bathroom a zillion times... Took Jocelyn to see Ice Age yesterday, it was hysterical!!! Definately enjoyed that one.
Colored my hair this weekend... my blonde highlights were turning a funky orange-ish color. I was depressed on saturday, so it was either change my hair or eat 27 cadbury cream eggs... I chose the hair. So now its a nice deep brown with red highlights. I'm excited, I like it a lot!!! Most of my friends have also given tremendously positive responses... especially DH who LOVES it. He says its close to the color it was when I met him.

Hadn't seen my mom in a week... she said I definately look thinner. My jeans I just bought (3 days before I started trying to lose) are already getting too big!! (I'm not complaining!!!!!!!)

Still weigh the same.. but I did eat a little over this weekend. I'm just praying the weather changes so I Can get OUTSIDE!!!

03-18-2002, 02:59 PM
Good Day!! It's finally quit snowing here so I may be able to get out for a walk after work. I thought about it yesterday afternoon but then I heard the wind howling and wimped out. We also had KFC for lunch which hasn't helped any. Today, though, I had a healthy breakfast and a great lunch so I feel like I'm on my way. I have to get groceries after work so I'm stocking up on things I should be eating - not what I want to be eating.

Beth Anne: It looks like we're both waiting for the weather to smarten up! Doesn't it feel good to have someone notice your loss? Keep it up!!

Ginny: Let's get through this together. Meal planning is such a great idea. I know I need to do it. Want to try posting what we eat here and help each other with ways to improve?

Sami: You and your family are still in my prayers. Give God your stress. He can handle it!!

De: I hope this week goes better for you. Check in with us when you can!

Zoe: I know exactly how you feel about having to squeeze back into some clothes that were once loose. Keep up with the walking and they'll loosen again.

Eeyore's Son: Check in when you can! We need you! I hope you got your treadmill fixed.

Have a great day! Talk to you again later!!

03-19-2002, 12:46 AM
Good evening dear CE'ers,
Praise and thanks to each of you who have been so thoughtful and encouraging.
I had a very busy weekend- (Ds's birthday) and now a stomach bug seems to be running thru the house. So, I will not be able to leave much of a post tonite.
Sami- I will keep your inlaws in prayer (and you too!)
I had better get some sleep.

03-19-2002, 09:00 AM
Good Morning my friends ~

Well, I made it through another Monday and am happy to say that today, I feel good. I am ready for the challenge of losing 10% by the end of spring, starting tomorrow (first day of spring) made with another thread I am on. I am SO ready for this. I am also happy to note that I have found a dress to wear to the black tie affair I am attending this weekend so that is out of the way. Not a size 12 but hey, I found something. :)

De ~ I pray you are feeling better now.

Sami ~ Stress can really get to you, believe me, I know first hand. I am praying for your relaxation.

Patricia ~ PTL on losing another pound. I was doing WW but felt so trapped in the diet thing....the journal, the counting, the don't eat this and don't eat that, the weighing.....etc, etc, etc. So I decided to put the food journal away and go with God's guidance to eat only when I'm hungry and to make better choices. But when I WAS doing it, yes, I planned out my day as often as I could.

Beth Anne ~ praise God, you are doing so great!! This will show you a reward, the reward of a new you ~ healthier and thinner. Keep up the good work!!

Wilma ~ glad you could finally get a walk in and the snow has stopped. I am walking on the treadmill, trying for 4 days a week, 20 minutes. I'm not worried so much about the distance as I am doing the 20 minutes. Hopefully, I can increase to 30 minutes soon. I even got some treadmill in this morning, before work!! Woo Hoo!! Only 10 minutes but hey, I did get on it. :)

Ginny I pray that this bug going through your house leaves as fast as it came. Prayers for you and your family for wellness.

to everyone else....hi and have a great day!

03-19-2002, 12:28 PM
Good morning!
Zoe- congrats on finding a dress. Forget about the size- clothes are cut differently by each manufacturer. The important thing is that it fits well and looks good on you! Glad that you are feeling good too!
I am at work today......so this will be a busy day for me.
I think that Dh and I are fighting off the stomach bug- neither of us feel good- but we are not getting sick as Dd did.
Gotta go- cast your burdens on Jesus. ( still praying for you Sami).

03-19-2002, 03:14 PM
Hey there!

Ginny - sorry to hear you guys aren't feeling good :(

Zoe - I'm trying to do both right now... using WW as a guide for how much I'm eating is helping me to listen to God more closely, if that makes sense! :D Knowing that I'll write down what I'm eating helps me to play closer attention to God's signals... am I REALLY hungry??? I don't play the good food/bad food thing... I still eat *real* sharp cheddar cheese, and *real* Helman's.... I never could get a taste for those dietary versions! :^: I am trying to make better choices though, like you said. I may have *REAL* cheese, but I try to listen to my hunger... and now only eat a snack of it, instead of half the block! :smug: LOL



03-19-2002, 03:50 PM
Hi All!I havent been feeling well this past week,so was not up to posting. I am off this week for spring break although you wouldnt know it was spring here. It snowed all day yesterday.It looks like Christmas.I started out on my journey of weight loss on Slim-fast but found it too expensive. So right now just watching what I eat and walking the neighborhood. I'm not a die-hard excercise fan so it takes a lot of oomp just to get me out the door. But I timed the walk around and it only takes 10 minutes. We use to walk the dogs on the dykes a few years back. I liked that,but everyone says I walk too slow. I like to walk slow. I'm not in a hurry.:dizzy:I have a wedding to go to on the23rd,a friend's daughter is getting married.I'm looking forward to this. They have been dating 5 years and have vowed to stay pure till their wedding night. How exciting eh? :love:
You are all in my prayers.:wave: :angel: