Fitness Videos - Walk Away the Pounds/Leslie Sansone - June Talk (All Walkers Welcome!)

06-06-2008, 11:47 PM
OK, so re-starting a June chat thread.

This thread is for all of us who enjoy Leslie Sansone and her walk workouts (or anyone who likes to walk a lot too).

Shy, I missed your response to my question about what Leslie Sansone workouts might help me the most with my flabby arms. Thanks if you can repost your response!!

Keep on walkin' sweatin' sisters and brothers. :carrot:

06-07-2008, 12:05 AM
I am trying to walk an hour a day. I am working towards getting through 4 fast miles from start to finish.

06-07-2008, 01:00 AM
I love her workout videos. I have the 2 mile one.Also i have On Demand with my cable network, its free (Comcast) and in the "Sports and Fitness" section she has a few workouts. I did one from there 2 days ago. OP. to answer your question. I really do think it will help your arms since she incorporates arm movent and exercise while your walking. as for specific ones. I have no idea since I dont know all of them. Im sure someone would know though!

Shy Moment
06-07-2008, 01:40 AM
I love her videos. I have a couple dozen of them. Have to love yard sales lol. The videos that use dumbbells, stretchy cords and the walk way the waistline belt are great for the arms. She has a toning workout for the abs called Walk Away The Pounds With Leslie Sansone For The Abs 10 Minutes Ab Buster. I love it, has done a great job for my abs and for my waistline. I really have gotten the a lot of help for my arms with just plain old dumbbell workouts.

60 Min resistance training ( scrubbing ceilings ), there is a ton of resistance for the arms, legs, back, everywhere pushing a swiffer back and forth across ceilings.

Walk The Walk With Leslie Sansone 2 Mile Christian Inspired Workout ( 35 Min )

Walk Away The Pounds With Leslie Sansone Walk And Kick 2 Mile ( 32 Min )

06-07-2008, 11:08 AM
Hello ladies...

I'm still hanging in there and doing my walking and WATP...just forget to post here.

Happy Walking All!

Michele L
06-07-2008, 09:03 PM
Good evening, walkers! I've been busy finishing up the final days of another school year, so walking has been happening, but not formal fitness. Thursday evening hubby invited me to go for a walk in the neighborhood. He NEVER does that, so I gladly took him up on it! My Omron pedometer said we walked 38 minutes! It was a good 2 miles, too!

This morning, I popped in an older WATP (Express 2 mile) and did it! I probably should have done more than 2 miles, but you gotta start somewhere! I'll get back to my 3-5 mile pace soon. I LOVE SUMMER!!!!!

Have a great weekend!

06-08-2008, 11:54 AM
Here are some good ones by Leslie for strength training:

*Shortcuts (upper body, lower body, and abs workouts)

*Firm Up Fast Walk (an older one, but total body strength workout)

*The Strength Walk (put out by Jenny Craig for a short time, you might find it on eBay.)

They all have lots of strength exercises with weights...they firm shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, back, etc.


Just wanted to say hello! I do a lot of dance/teaching dance, walking, yoga, etc. but I also enjoy Leslie as a change of pace, too. I have a lot of her dvds, and I especially enjoy the strength training ones. :)

Shy Moment
06-09-2008, 09:39 PM
Walk Away The Pounds ( Toning ) With Leslie Sansone For The Abs 10 Minutes Ab Buster ( 20 Min )

Walk Away The Pounds With Leslie Sansone Walk And Kick ( 2 Mile ) 32 Min

Walk Away The Pounds With Leslie Sansone 2 Mile High Calorie Burn ( 32 Min )

Michele L
06-09-2008, 10:39 PM
Yesterday I did the Original WATP with 2 pound weights. Tonight I did the 2 mile Abs workout with double bands!

Michele L
06-10-2008, 01:54 PM
This morning it was the 3 mile Weight Loss Walk with 2 pound weights! I am on a ROLL!!!!!

Shy Moment
06-15-2008, 09:34 PM
I haven't really been around the last few days. I have been in a lot of pain and I don't really feel like chit chat when this kind of pain hits. I am doing much better. Today I am just taking it easy and trying to get house work done. I have been doing my exercising but I am not counting it to wards any goals because I have because I haven't been putting my all into it. Figured moving the body was better than not moving at all. Hopefully I will be all caught up tonight with housework and laundry and start the week fresh tomorrow with exercise. Haven't had to worry about eating to much because I don't feel like eating at all lol. Good news is the lungs are doing pretty good so I am off the dreaded Prednisone. Haven't taken the pain mead Percoset all day so hopefully tomorrow my head will be clear lol.

Michele L
06-16-2008, 05:30 PM
I was interrupted by MASSIVE flooding in my small town last week! We lost power Wed morning as my entire family went to help sandbag that day (9 hours!). Thursday, with things seeming to settle down, I took my kids to a nearby town to visit my parents and hang out where there was power. Little did I know that all H*** was going to break loose there and I almost didn't get back home! Spent Friday just hanging out (the weather cooperated for some drying out). We got temporary power back at about 8pm Friday night.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, hubby and I went for a walk each evening (mostly to see the aftermath of the flooding). It was a nice chance to get some exercise and talk.

Hubby had to work from home today because EVERY road to his office was closed. Good thing he has the kind of job that allows for that (and he's a part-owner)! I was trying to stay out of his way, which meant out of the office where my computer is. So, this morning I did the 4 mile Super Challenge and this afternoon I did the 3 mile Express with the stretchie.

Rennie, I hope you are feeling better soon! There is nothing worse than feeling sick!

Shy Moment
06-17-2008, 01:31 AM
Walk Away the Pounds Express With Leslie Sansone 3 Mile Advanced Walk ( Min )

Walk Away The Pounds With Leslie Sansone 3 Mile Super Fat Burning ( 48 Min )

Walk At Home Walk Slim ( Toning ) With Leslie Sansone Fast Start Fast Firming ( 26 Min )

You Can Do ( Toning ) With Leslie Sansone Pilate's ( 26 min )

Shy Moment
06-17-2008, 11:23 PM
Total 43 Resistance Training 284

Walk Away the Pounds Express With Leslie Sansone 3 Mile Advanced Walk ( 50 Min )

Walk At Home With Leslie Sansone Walk Away Your Waistline ( 3 Miles ) ( 47 min )

Walk Away The Pounds ( Toning ) With Leslie Sansone For The Abs 10 Minutes Ab Buster ( 20 Min )

06-21-2008, 06:36 PM
Helllo fellow watpers, I hope you don't mind if I join in :)
I love Leslie - and I added her to my YBB regime I'm hoping to lose weight while tone/lean out at the same time, sort of kick two birds with one stone. Last week i did really well - I did a walk every day except wednesday and today (both off days). and for the first time since last year, I did a three mile walk!! (go figure I do it with a splitting headache and a really sore leg). I try to do two work outs a day - but two days are hard for me to do so because I have to be up by 5 - and i babysit till six don't get home till 6:30, 7, but I get my workout in =) Soon YBB will have me doing a hour workout, so to addd watp to that LOL it might be a bit crazy. but i'm gonna see if I can balance it out :)

did i mention i love Leslie?! hehe I lost 62 pounds with her (then stupidly thought I could just eat properly and not exercise anymore, got super sick an then gained 30 of it back!), hence the frantic pace. I just have to get the food issues situtated. last week I walked about 20 miles so hurrah, hurrah for me. :)

Rennie - I hope you feel better; Michelle, i hope you were't too affected by the floods

06-30-2008, 11:55 AM
hey gang :wave:

my life has been absolutely nuts, which seems to be the norm for me, and I am ashamed to say that I haven't walked in almost 7 weeks - and boy can I feel it!!!

but I got myself up at 5 am this morning and did 2 miles. I used the Heart Healthy Walk video.

hope everybody has a great :running: day!

07-01-2008, 12:43 AM
good for you cath :)
i've gotten now the entire Walk Strong Series Walk Express (except for Wak Strong with the strechie), walk slim WATP abs WATP normal, the job and the five mile and You can Do! Now :) i'm gonna walk those miles!! :)

07-01-2008, 10:03 AM
good morning gang :wave:

thanks princesspeach! you've got a great collection of Leslie's stuff. don't ya just love her stuff?!?!

I got up at 5 and did 2 miles. I used the 4 mile super challenge.

hope everybody has a great :running: day!

Michele L
07-01-2008, 01:25 PM
Good morning! I'm SO glad June is over! It was an AWFUL month, in so many ways.....

I'm starting over (again). so I'm here to report:

I did the 1 mile Express with the stretchie this morning while waiting for my new fridge and freezer to be delivered. This afternoon I will do 3 Fast Miles (per the calendar).

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Michele :wave:

07-02-2008, 03:46 PM
hey gang :wave:

I did 3 miles this morning. :running: I used the 5 mile dvd and used 2 lb handweights during the 3rd mile.

what is everybody else doing?

hope everybody has a great :running: day!

07-04-2008, 06:39 PM
hey gang :wave:

happy 4th of July! don't we need to start a July walking thread ???

I woke up with a sore throat yesterday. I think dh gave me his cold :( so I didn't get up and walk.....

but today I did 4 miles. I used the 4 Really Big Miles.

where is everybody at???

hope all is well