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06-06-2008, 10:36 PM
Welcome to The Beck DIET solution discussion group, support group, diet coach group relating to the book by Dr. Judith S. Beck:The Beck DIET solution: train your brain to think like a thin person.

The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).

There are no eating plans, calorie counts, recipes or exercises; according to Beck, any healthy diet will work if we learn to think differently about eating and food. Beck's book is like an extended therapy session with a diet coach.

This is a place to discuss the Beck strategies and our daily efforts, to receive and provide support, and, for some of us, is where we serve as on-line diet coach to each other.

If you’ve arrived from a search engine, you’ve landed at the site of 3 fat chicks, a remarkable place for those interested in a healthy life style, including mindful eating, exercise, and weight loss. More about the site, including how to register so that you can post can be found here (

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06-06-2008, 10:54 PM
Thanks for getting us back on track Bill!

06-06-2008, 11:17 PM
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Kudos to Suzanne 3FC for getting us back up and running.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-07-2008, 04:14 AM
I hope the "3 fatchicks" know how much we appreciate this wonderful site. It still amazes me that people from all over the planet can communicate here.

I did a little research on the plan OnebyOne wrote about " Carb Curfew ". Basically you eat no carbs after 5 pm. Please correct if I'm wrong but I believe you can still have fruit/vegetable as snacks. I think I'm going to add that idea into my food plan.

I saw my dietician again today. She said it may take some tweaking before I find a plan that works for me. The card plan didn't work out too well. It is really hard for me to plan detailed meals. For now she wants me to eat 3 meals a day with 1 evening snack. Why is this so hard for us??

I had lunch at the pub today with the girls. It was very difficult to keep track of different conversations at once. I finally had to leave. Too many things happening at once make me anxious. I had ordered fish and salad. I took it home and it was lunch and supper.

Camping was such a sanctuary ... no need to pretend to be ok. Anyways enough about me. How is everyone doing?? I do miss my computer when I'm away. One day at a time...

06-07-2008, 04:30 AM
Wow, elkfordian, you have so much to congratulate yourself on -- kudos for working with a dietician to find a healthy way to lose weight and investigating a new "carb curfew" technique. And great food choices at a pub -- too bad you couldn't enjoy it there, but you turned it into two meals!

I also get overwhelmed in some situations. I'm glad you could make it out to the pub for a bit.

I haven't made much progress on the Beck daily exercises, but I have been staying OP food wise.

But, thanks to Beck, I am trying to plan for a low-calorie Father's Day get-together. The default get-together involves hanging out for hours with an infinite supply of cheeze puffs and KFC. I am going to advocate we all go to Appleby's, which has diet-friendly selections.

06-07-2008, 06:48 AM
:welcome: Clancy :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, in case you didn't get one of these when you joined more than a year ago, :wel3fc:

Your intro post was lost in the crash. Would you mind reposting it?

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations

06-07-2008, 07:03 AM
Diet Coaches – Still need to work on leaving food at a restaurant. Ate at a Mexican restaurant and didn't like the tamales - too dry and the pork was in chunks rather than shredded with its juices saturating the corn meal. Yet I ate most of it anyway. Oh Well. Note to self: Just Leave It On the Plate.

Robin (RobinW) - LOL, you slipped in your post while I was creating the initial pair. You're welcome.

Lori (elkfordian) - Thanks for the reminder that it's possible to burden a person who has a health issue with the extra load of making us feel OK about it. Kudos for making a wise choice at the pub. Ouch that could only stay for part of the time.

yoyoma - Kudos for planning a sane Father's Day celebration. LOL that your post reminds me that our goal is to transition from KFC to 3FC.

Clancy - Hope you find us again.

Readers – [Due to the system crash, the quotes from the Beck Introduction will be repeated for two weeks. ]

"I now know:

• I have to prepare in advance for sabotaging thoughts." From the Introduction, Beck, pg 13.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-07-2008, 12:21 PM
Good Morning :)

Bill~ you could always ask for a take-away box right away, and put 1/2 of your meal in that box?

I got over my very bad day last thursday. I didnt wallow in wine and marshmallows. I went to the market bought what I needed to make my chicken veggie soup. Then came home and made it. By the time I was done, it was close to I just toddled off to bed. Hoped that the next day would be better.

It was. :) I did my workout with my PT friday morning, and came away from there feeling much better.

Im off from the shop this weekend, hubby is going in to hold down the fort. Im not sure what I am going to do today....a bit of laundry, a bit of gardening, maybe even a bit of shopping. Regardless Im going to make sure I get out and enjoy the glorious sunshine :sunny:

Have a great day everyone!

06-08-2008, 06:50 AM
Diet Coaches – Man's worst fear realized: A few days ago I had pondered that I could buy one of those complete closet organizers as a motivator for dealing with my unwieldy closet jammed with some-of-them-wearable clothes. I could - somewhere off in the distant future. Then yesterday POW. I opened my closet to get a shirt and found the 5 foot bar splintered and all my clothes wadded on the floor. Yipes. Visions of never being able to recover. I'm too young to face my closet problem.

The good news: Home Depot sold me a pine bar (I sorted through the bin long enough to find a straight one). Cut it to the exact length. Installed it. Carefully lifted the hangers from the floor to the new bar in minutes. All fixed without addressing which clothes were keepers. Good recovery of the immediate problem even while I avoided the real problem. CREDIT moi.

Except for the neck ties. I own waaaaaaaaaay too many - more than 200. Apparently I'm not prone to parting with them even after I abandon them. Found a motley collection from super narrow to '60's wide. From silk to hand woven out of hand spun wool. They weren't rehung, but are carefully bundled into a large cardboard box to be sorted. Just transferred the problem, but the bundling them makes it possible for me to solve it. How many neck ties does a man need to own?

Robin (RobinW) - Yea for chicken veggie soup. Kudos for your workout and Kudos for getting past a very bad day. Thanks for the reminder about using a "take-away box" immediately. Funny observation: when the food isn't to my liking, I'm driven to keep eating it to get the satisfaction I want. When the food is tasty, my head is available to think about saving half. Another argument for only eating food that I really want.

Readers – "I now know:

• I need to sit down and eat slowly and notice every bite – every time I eat." From the Introduction, Beck, pg 13.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-08-2008, 07:17 AM
Robin -- Wow -- chicken soup therapy for a bad day... what a super way to cope! Heck, it's great to have even for good days!

Bill -- Kudos to you for dealing with your closet emergency so adeptly -- and for recognizing that your solution is only a short-term patch! You might be interested in the book, "Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?" I have to admit I haven't read it yet, but I've had my eye on it. At this point, I think my reading it would be preaching to the choir, as one of the reasons I am busy is that I am desperately offloading carloads of stuff to consignment stores and charities.

Almost forgot to mention -- my plan for Applebee's is a "Go" and I've even already picked out my entree :) .

06-08-2008, 11:21 AM
Good Morning :)

That is an interesting observation about restaurant food Bill. Funny things we have going on in our heads when we are faced with these things eh?! Terrible food in a restaurant I have no issue leaving, but then eat stuff Im not suppose to when I get home because I didnt like my dinner. Food I like alot in a restaurant, I have an extremely difficult time leaving for the take-away box. I want to gobble it all up.

chicken soup therapy for a bad day thats a pretty cool quote yoyoma!! Not only eating it, but making it soothed the soul a bit :) Great going on prepicking your entree before getting to applebees!! Thats a great idea! I love that alot of these restaurants have their menus online and I can make good decisions before I get there. Sometimes I'll tell hubby what Im going to have, and have him order it for me. Saves me from changing my mind and having what I shouldnt.

I had a pretty good day yesterday. Bought some cherries!! They were on sale for $3.99lb (I never thought Id be excited about seeing $3.99lb as a sale price) :lol: I bought 2 lbs, washed them, and put my serving in a bowl! Rather than taking the entire bowl of cherries with me and eating them all. (which is past habits) Yah me!

Lets not talk about the can of boiled peanuts that dissappeared :(

In general tho, food wasnt too shabby yesterday.

Have a great day everyone!!

06-08-2008, 05:32 PM
Hurray!! finally found you all again-

right now taking a short break from the Beck structure-just plain celebrating-my Bro is doing excellent!,I turned 64 yrs yesterday, having a dinner party tonight and house guests for about the next 3-4 days. Feeling I'll maintain but not go crazy overeating but have no plan to lose weight- i agree that smaller amounts of well flavored food is more satisfying than flavorless things. cooking pork loin roast with fig sauce tonight,dessert- fresh strawberries, ect-not that caloric but so good

BillBlueeyes your tie set is an official collectable collection-Bet some young folks would lust after many of them. Purging is one hard activity for me-started going thru old books-then for the heck I google the titles and found on old atlas worth $350-that worth keeping-limiting what goes in my mouth and removing what is stored in my house-both very tough for me. Guess I am prone to storing unused materials from fat cell to uncompleted projects.

elkfordian-glad camping was so relaxing-that is why we live so rural-city and hubbub are great for a very short time-then it is too hectic.

RobinW yummy cherries-summer time has the best fruit. Your business sounds so busy and at time intense-enjoys your breaks

yoyoma-agree that is is nice when you can order at a resturante and know what the cals are are- This choice shows you are making progress on the Beck exercises.

take care

06-08-2008, 11:47 PM
Oh, BillBE, rofl at the thought of you wrestling with 200 squirming neckties...probably due to the copious number of garder snakes I encountered today while gardening...still, too funny...way funnier than my screaching every time I saw a snake.

Hi to happily catching up with my old friends and continue to be so pleased with our growing legions..

Happy summer.

06-09-2008, 04:56 AM
Diet Coaches – Watched the Red Sox play the Mariners at Fenway Park with only a partially formed food plan. Red Sox won; I lost a bit. Had loosely planned to eat a Fenway Frank, an apple, and a softie ice cream for lunch. Did that. But then dug into my kids kettle corn (popcorn fired at high temperature with salt and sugar infused), as well as some of their peanuts (like, aren't you supposed to eat peanuts at a ball game?). Not way out of bounds, but I could feel that I was eating in my old mode - grazing on everything in sight. I lightened up on dinner as a step to balance the calories; that part is easy enough. But, I'm not so pleased that I'm so easily capable of falling into the place where I feel like I'm eating out of control. Oh Well.

Sue (CoastalSue) - LOL at "am prone to storing unused materials from fat cell to uncompleted projects." Happy Birthday. Turning 64 is a good omen per the lyrics of the last verse of that well known song about dieting:Send me a postcard, drop me a line
Stating point of view
Indicate precisely what you mean to say
Yours sincerely, wasting away
Give me your answer, fill in a form
Mine for evermore
Will you still need me, will you still feed me
When I'm sixty-four?

MaryBlu - LOL at your image of my ties as snakes. Now I'll think of myself as Saint Patrick driving the snakes out of my closet. Hope all is going well for you.

Robin (RobinW) - Interesting notes about your reaction to good and terrible food at a restaurant. Kudos for serving yourself cherries rather than dipping into the full 2 pound bowl.

yoyoma - Yeah for your Father's Day plan for Applebee's. Kudos for planning your order in advance. Thanks for the book tip; it drove me to Amazon where I ordered two books on getting organized, and I put "Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat" on my shopping list.

Readers – "I now know:

• If I eat something I shouldn’t, it’s just a mistake. It doesn’t mean I’m hopeless or bad. I don’t have to make it a bigger mistake by continuing to eat whatever I want for the rest of the day." From the Introduction, Beck, pg 13.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-09-2008, 10:29 AM
morning everyone! what a weekend. i took friday off to work on the dayton house (it's in really appalling shape from 18 months of DH using it as a commercial storage site for his antenna work). saturday we had yet another wedding, got back to cincinnati very late and woke up early to the sound of DS coughing. sunday was more work (i moved a whole woodpile by myself. credit moi!) and then to the last 2 innings of a baseball game, then home to clean up the wreckage from discovering that one of our two cats is seriously pissed (both meanings) at me, or us, or something. we don't know which one, which is good for whomever it was, because DH was prepared to wring a kitty neck. had to sleep upstairs in the attic - HOT! i kept waking up. i think i was worried that i wouldn't hear DS in his slightly ill state. so now it's monday morning and i'm absolutely exhausted. i've got some baking to do tonight for a tasting on wednesday. argh. does anyone know how to get a cat to stop peeing? we have no idea why they would be mad, but it's clearly personal.

had an interesting eating experience at the wedding. i ate lightly during the day to make sure i had the calories allowance for cake and appetizers, and i did a good job of paying attention to my hunger (although i did eat standing up during the cocktail hour. i was really hungry, it was time to eat, and there was absolutely nowhere to sit.) for the first time in recent memory (or maybe for the first time since i've been good an honest about keeping a food journal) i found that i was overdid it on alcohol calories. i didn't get drunk, but since i normally don't drink at all i wasn't counting alcohol calories in with my meal. thus i ended up taking in about 600 calories extra. whoo, that's a lot! i'm not going to worry about it too much, since it's something i hardly ever do (can't honestly claim that i got fat on vodka cranberries and champagne!) but it's definitely something to stay aware of. i'm also realizing just how much my body likes to hold on to water weight. i was waay under yesterday (partly due to circumstance, partly to recover from saturday) but some of that food was sushi with soy sauce, and i was up a good 3.5 lbs this morning. wow. it's kind of a bummer because i was just starting to lose the water weight from TOM. oh well! back to the gym. with the heat and humidity i'm doing a lot of sweating. :)

nice to hear from you, maryblu! and bill, good luck with all those ties. i really believe there's a connection between overeating and keeping too much stuff in my house. i'm going to add a third leg - overspending. i find shopping and acquiring has a similar vibe to it. indefinitely postponing buying something i want but don't need (shoes, electronics, whatever) feels like strengthening my "saying no" muscle in a healthy way. sounds like robin and the cherries! wonderful! i'm always happy when cherries come back into season.

happy birthday sue! so glad to hear your brother is doing better. that's fabulous.

take care all - hoping to get some rest soon. cheers!

06-09-2008, 11:41 AM
Good Morning :)

Happy Birthday Sue!!

I have the last of the cherries with me today! Big kudos for making them last 3 days!! :cb:

Im easing into monday. There is lots going on, and a to-do list that needs to get done today. Last week I signed up for a 2 day vehicle wrap seminar that is being held in indianapolis in september. Now Im looking into learning more software this summer so that when I get there, I'll know what everyone is talking about. (bought one of the books this weekend) Several networking events this week to keep my busy on the off hours. ......does anyone have a wife for hire? I really need one!! :lol: The only wifely duties she has to perform is keeping my house in order and get supper started :lol:

Time for more coffee..........have a great day everyone!

06-10-2008, 12:36 AM
*sigh..........yoyoma and BillBE, you've convinced me. I really was trying to avoid Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? the complete review, figured I had the gist of it.....but I still have to say, as far as most of what he says goes, I resemble that remark. Very well. Must read. Packrat must read.

I had noticed this about my life before, and my incredibly shrinking shrink had said sometimes a cluttered house is the sign of a cluttered mind. I told him I have selected spots in the house that are really the way I want them, I look there and don't look at the cluttered spots hidden around. Does that sound like an avoidance trick? Useful at times, believe me. Gets bad, though, when there is nothing left to look at in the mirror, when all the spots are too fat!

The one part of my domain that is not cluttered is my garden(s). They may all be works in progress, but they are really something. will be posted soon..things are a bit late, as you may have guessed from all my complaining about late snowfalls. Guess what I did for exercise tonight? Raked driveway gravel out of my lawn.......yep, that is the exercise gift that keeps on giving.

Happy belated bd, dear Sue, and warm greetings to all.

06-10-2008, 06:13 AM
Diet Coaches – Got asparagus at the Farmer's Market, it's for dinner tonight - can't wait, as well as Romaine Lettuce, salad mix, and a few cherry sized tomatoes. Feels like the good life. Super fresh veggies help me to focus on healthy eating. My view of heaven includes year-round gardens to pick my meals each day. (I feel no need to reconcile contradictions in my different views of heaven - I'm not a paid theologian, LOL.)

MaryBlu - Nice to be reminded of your passion for your gardens. Kudos for the raking exercise. My house has both visible and hidden clutter; for starters, I'm ignoring the hidden - some of it is VERY old. I do like the contradiction of buying books about having too much stuff. There are a quite a few books available about clutter - methinks we are known to be easy targets for buying new books rather than tossing the mounds that we have.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - LOL, it sounds like way-too-busy Jeanie has returned with a vengeance. Yep, for me there's definitely a connection between clutter and eating. Ouch for a coughing DS; hope he's feeling better.

Robin (RobinW) - I got lost: is a "vehicle wrap seminar" about software or is it part of the Indianapolis 500? Kudos for giving yourself credit for the cherries. I like the notion of "easing into Monday."

Readers – "I now know:

• I have to put my need first sometimes. " From the Introduction, Beck, pg 13.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-10-2008, 03:07 PM
Good Afternoon!

Bill~Ive attached a vehicle wrap. This is the stuff Im going to be learning how to do....wrapping a vehicle in vinyl graphics. Ive absolutely got to learn photoshop so I can also do the designing. Which I have been putting off every chance I get :( This is the push I needed to get some photoshop time in....I have all summer. I think Ive also found a graphic designer who has worked on wraps before and will be able to help with the desiging. Im super excited about all this. Just need to sharpen my sales skills to pay for all this :eek:

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty good day. I had leaned on our counter here at the shop, and it reset my pedometer!!!!! I checked it quite a bit later and I only had 355 steps in!?!?!? At some point I was at 4500ish....then nothin! :lol: So Ive learned to NOT lean on the counter! :lol:

All that talk about fresh tomatoes and the farmers market reminded me I need to get my veggies in the garden. Poor things are sitting on the back deck waiting for my attention.

Im having difficulties in the afternoons with sugar cravings. Quite bad too! Coffee, and diet soda isnt satisfying it.....any ideas? I upped my protein today and so far it isnt too bad.

Have a great day everyone!

06-10-2008, 10:51 PM
I'm finally feeling I have a few minutes here to sit down and post to you guys.
I've got the fan on high as the house is still boiling hot from the heat wave that broke only hours ago. The weatherman was right and my Art in the Park was superhot and humid over the weekend. We did reach the hihg nineties with the humidity factored in, all 99% of it one day and 100% the next. We didn't get the major thunder and lightning though and that was good.

Sales at the show were down. Only one of my big paintings sold and that ain't normal. It was just way too hot. People could hardly walk let alone think and shop, And this town is not used to a show like what we now have for Art in the Park. They all looked a little shell-shocked if you ask me. The heat, the humidity, the variety... too much of everything all at once. I still had a good show just not the big windfall I had hoped for. And I ended up at work yesterday morning doing the kilns. I should have been doing nothing after that week and weekend. Today I was supposed to do nothing and instead went to an art show and came home fretting about going in to the school tomorrow morning. I don't feel so good. I feel kind of nauseous. I think the heat and the everything has gotten to me. I may call in sick tomorrow. Well, I will call in sick if I continue to feel like this. Yuck.

Foodwise can't say as I've paid much attention. The carb curfew guidelines do seem to work for me. And yes elkfordian you can have fruit and veggies for snacks after 5. Just not the usual carbs: white stuff you know? My weight was falling but with this humidity it's been up at 258 all week. Seems I suck moisture out of the air as well.:mad: Phooey.

I did get out the bp meds the other day and as I was adding a pill a day to the pill a day dispenser so I don't forget to take one everyday or try to remember if I took it, I looked in the pill bottle and decided to count how many I have left. 4.5 weeks worth. There are no prescription renewals on the bottle. So I have to call the Dr. and will probably have to go in and see him and all I can think is I AM FATTER THAN WHEN I LAST SAW HIM.This, my coaches, makes me want to cry. Why can't I lose this weight? Why is it such a struggle? And of course my mind goes to the radical fish/salad diet I followed for one week where I dropped 11 pounds and I think "11 x 4 = 44lbs off by the time I see the Dr when my pills run out--just do it." And part of me says "you can't do that. You'll be sick." And another part says "You can't do that because you literally cannot do that, can't follow a plan that long, so forget it." And another part says "stay the course and work it through. You're trying to do this slow and just keep trying to do it so you get it right." I am deathly afraid the bp pills will not be shown to hold my bp down and I'll be on something more heavy duty and so the slide from good health to poor health will escalate. I am so afraid of that yet I don't seem to be afraid enough to change my habits and face my weight.

Wow. I must be tired. I am way more hopeful than this. Really I am. Hey you know what? The one plus to this heat? I have zero appetite. And that my coaches is extremely rare for me, extremely rare.

BillBlueEyes: You could sell your "vintage" ties on ebay. Sell them individually or as a "lot" of say "lot of 10 retro ties from the 60's"... go to ebay and do some research. Look up ties, do a search for the brand names of your ties. You may discover some to be very collectible. Imagine someone paying you to clean up! Imagine Oh and and the topic of fresh veggies. I'm still not eating mine. I do love the fruit though. Got some apricots, cherries and pluots (plum & apricot cross) today at the store. Had berries over the course of the show. And mangoes and lots of potassium rich bananas to help my poor body cope with the heat. Kudos moi for that AND for looking the part of an artist when I hoisted my hair into two high pigtails on the sides of my head a la grade 3 girls. I felt ridiculous and funny and quirky and cooler (temperature wise) with my hair away from me... kudos moi for letting myself seek comfort first and not worry over "how fat this might make me look" and therefore not do it. (Why I mention this in my aside to you I am not sure... kudos moi for daring to... haha!)

RobinW I've had bad sugar cravings too and I've given in to them more often than not. What I did do, which I have never done, is as I was sipping sugar free cola this afternoon I really tasted it and I thought "Yuck. I hate this stuff and I don't like the way it tastes and I don't even trust the chemicals that are in here. Why am I drinking it?" And I emptied it out on the grass. Didn't stop me from having some tonight:?: but it may be on the way out for me. Kudos moi for even asking myself the question of what do I truly like to drink and giving myself a choice.

maryblu I have struggled with clutter for my whole adult life. Grew up in a home where clean=tension and arguing and was told I never did it right and saw any work I did re-done with a "this is how you do it" added for effect. I HATE cleaning. But the only thing that can get me to do it is when I see "kitty world" get smaller and smaller. My cat lives at ground level. As the clutter grows, her world shrinks. It's just fact. DH has permission to say to me "Kitty X is much happier when her world is opened up more." This can get me to (minimally) clean up. My garden, as is yours, is clutter free too. And I continue to attack the mystery pile in the basement. 1/3 is now gone. More going this week. Yay. BIG credit moi for this.

kuhljeanie I find myself wanting to drink lately. I never drink alcohol and have recently taken to having a beer at an event like I was at last week, or a glass of wine a week, or the thing I thought was a lite beer in the fridge last night that turned out to be a vodka cooler left here by my s-i-l last year. What I am proud of is tonight a teacher at the school asked me for a special favour to have me fire work by students outside of the school. It's at my discretion and I can't see why not so I said yes and she offered me "wine, chocolates or biscuits" as a thank you. I almost said wine, really wanted to say chocolate and was going to say biscuits as I could share these with DH and then she said "or would you like a plant or flowers?" YES! So I am getting flowers of some sort which are totally unnecessary but will be thrilled to have and NOT GETTING FOOD. Credit moi on this... I would have drank the wine for sure... and I don't need a new calorie source to worry about!

coastalsue Happy Belated Birthdy to you :gift: and what a nice gift that your brother is recovering well! YAY! So happy to hear that.

yoyoma Great job on planning so far in advance for Father's Day and getting everyone on board. Awesome. Good for you for staying OP too.:carrot:

Whoa. Sorry for the essay here and thanks for reading this far if you did. Haven't been here for so long... glad to be back:goodvibes


06-10-2008, 11:50 PM
Onebyone - I have to respond about the bp meds --first some history: I had high bp and my weight continued to yo-yo. When my bp was marginal, I had a stretch of not taking meds, even though I should have. When I was on meds, I went 8 months without seeing my doctor, instead of 4, since I was embarrassed about having gained weight back. When I saw my doctor, she increased my meds.

I started having palpitations....I ended up seeing a cardiologist and being diagnosed with atrial fibrillation...and a slightly enlarged left atrium. That was 4 months the same time as I found out about Beck. Since then, I've been totally diligent about taking my meds and I've done really well with diet and exercise. But, there is a chance that my prior behavior -- unregulated blood pressure, obesity, and inactivity -- is at least part of the cause of my AFibb. For the rest of my life, I will live knowing there is a possibility I did this to myself. I'm putting some energy into making peace with this fact, but it's one of the hardest parts of dealing with my cardiac situation.

So, my advice to you is to do what you can. Continue to work on the weight loss. But, face the reality that you need to be on meds, and you need to see your doctor as often as he/she recommends. Make sure you are on the right dose to keep your BP regulated. Expect the doctor to discuss "lifestyle changes" (i.e. weight loss and exercise) that can make a difference in heart health --- that's their job, and they wouldn't be doing it well if they didn't reinforce the information. But, if you have a doctor who isn't compassionate about weight and food struggles or who treats you as anything less than an intellegent person, then find a new doctor. But please take care of yourself.

BTW....hi everyone. I continue to lurk here some...and spend too much time on my South Beach Diet board. I'm still doing really well w/the weight loss and exercise...I've been a bit looser on some of the Beck strategies, but definitely still working with much of it. Looking forward to the break in the heat I hear we're about to have.

06-11-2008, 04:53 AM
HI guys,

just a short note as just got my internet service back and my computor unfrozen. I so love where I live and the sense of knowing most everyone in the community but at time the lack of services-reliable internet, medical support ect. does get old. anyway we are back on line again. A big hi to all-more tomarrow. I am actually getting tired of eating on this more rich diet. I look forward to soon cutting back and recording all the food.


06-11-2008, 05:30 AM
Hi everyone..


I wish I could pop into your world and sip a cold one with you. Please don't be so harsh with yourself. I know you are a amazing, creative and wonderful person. Your spirit is so obvious in your posts. Perhaps you need a little down time. It is so vital to play a little. What makes you smile? I remember a post (probably from you) that said to treat yourself like you would a dear friend. How would you cheer her up? ...a hug:hug:, a teddy bear, a funny hat or just a simple moment to really hear her?? Now girlfriend take a moment and treat yourself with that same kindness.

I'm sorry I'm not well today so must sign off. Please know that your are precious and is everyone in this group. Find a smile..:D

06-11-2008, 06:04 AM
Diet Coaches – Was hotter in Boston yesterday than the deep South. WOW. Had a golden opportunity for a walk to get some blue cheese for DW's salad using the fresh asparagus from the Farmers' Market. But wasn't ready to walk in 100+ degree heat, so rode my bike. Wasn't the same amount of exercise, but was cooler. I leave today for a two day trip; the hotel advertises free Internet connection, so I hope to stay in contact each morning. Facing six meals and snacks out of my established comfort zone. Hoping that the Beck strategies are portable.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Welcome back from the isolation of intermittent Internet services. Hope you can hang in there through your extended birthday celebration.

Barbara (barbpos) – Kudos for continuing to move forward smoothly using the Beck strategies. Thanks for sharing your bp story with your reminder that we are responsible for our choices.

onebyone – Kudos for all that good fruit. Sending encouraging thoughts for your quest to get into vegetables. Fresh herbs are now available to support yummy vegetable recipes - spinach lightly sauteed with lots of garlic is one of my favorites and fresh spinach appeared at my newly started farmers' market. Thanks for the tip to sell vintage ties on eBay. I do find it easier to get rid of extra stuff if it's going to a place where it's wanted. And BIG Kudos for choosing flowers over chocolate.

Robin (RobinW) - Thanks for the vehicle wrap picture - I had no idea. Would seem to be a good business opportunity. Would you print the vinyl and apply the wrap? Ouch for the sugar cravings; no useful suggestions here - luckily I've not had those. (Except when I put my hand in a bag of kettle corn on Sunday at the ball game and couldn't stop eating until all was gone.)

Readers – "I now know:

• It’s OK to say no to people who offer me food. " From the Introduction, Beck, pg 13.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

My Monthly Anniversary: 33 months on my healthy lifestyle journey, 10 months on 3FC, 9 months on Beck. CREDIT moi.

06-11-2008, 12:15 PM
hi everyone! ditto barb and elkfordian to onebyone. sister, you rock so hard! be gentle with yourself. i'm also keeping an eye on my blood pressure, and watching my weight go up and down and up and down, but mostly just hovering. i've been reading lyn's escape from obesity blog, and she had a wonderful entry about staying with healthy behaviors even when the scale isn't showing you any love.

onebyone, one more thing - weight does not necessary equal fat. weight can also be water, and water retention and some BP meds are not unrelated. are you by any chance on clonidine/catapres? just saying - your emotions are being dictated by a series of assumptions (i'm heavier, therefore fatter, therefore i'm failing and getting sicker) which may or may not be true. might be a little fairer to yourself to hold off on beating yourself up until you know what's going on. :hug:

i'm also struggling with the afternoon sugar cravings. evenings ones too, to be honest. i suspect that fatigue has a lot to do with it, since i get plenty of protein. my wonderful monitor tells me that there are many nights that i get 6 hours of sleep or less, and that's probably a big contributing factor. can't be good for the BP either! how tired are you feeling?

i'm glad for a break in the heat. still too busy - i got home last night, and between cooking dinner for the menfolk, baking a tasting cake, folding laundry, and feeding/bathing/nursing el nino and getting him down, i logged about 8,000 steps just in the evening. was so tired by 11:00 i couldn't get to sleep. got to work on that. i've started taking lunchtime yoga classes at work - hopefully i'll get better at quieting my mind when i need to. bill, good luck on your trip! beck seems imminently portable. robin, have fun with learning something new! there's pleasure in mastering something you've never played with before. i bet once you get into it, you enjoy it. mary and onebyone, for what it's worth, once you get started, clutter-clearing can be intrinsically rewarding and self-propelling. it's also helpful to figure out what's causing the piles in the first place. (dh is bad with the clutter. really bad. would be pathological but is in reality a perfect storm of bad, old habits.)

that's all for's to everyone feeling some peace about being where we are (credit to my yoga instructor/goddess kim.)

06-11-2008, 12:55 PM
Good Morning :sunny:

So far today has been quite nice, easy going, but there is a boat load of work that needs to get done.

Eating isnt the greatest. I need to sit down with my book again and reread it!! My attitude isnt bad, but I need to make healthier choices. Thankyou kuhljeanie for that link! I am going to have a good read, and probably a good cry or 2 over this blog.

Seems I suck moisture out of the air
this is an amazing phenomena!!! Im sure that is what is happening!! Please don't stress over what you think the dr is thinking. Keep at it :hug:

Bill~ I would be designing, printing and applying. We are also a small sign shop, but this will take us to the next level. It will also give me something that I think I will thoroughly enjoy. The goal is to get certified next year, get put on "the list" and be able to travel around the US and Canada doing wraps.

Didnt anyone tell you that kettle corn is just evil!?!?!? They sell it here at the festivals, and they have all the kettles, and fire pits right there. The smell permeates the air! I buy it for my daughter, and tell her she isnt allowed to share it with me :lol:

My exercise mat arrived today!! It is quite thick and made of a dense memory foam type stuff. No more excuses :D Im still seeing my pt every friday, and she emails every couple days to make sure Im behaving :lol:

Its all good!

Have a great day everyone!

06-11-2008, 07:36 PM
Thanks kuljeanie for the blog website,I read some of it and appreciated it.I have been just reading since the site crashed.Afraid I lost my swimming partner.Ever since we opened the pool in the yard and the weather got very warm my son does not want to go to the Y with me.He was supposed to start the swim team next week but he told me he does not want to join in the summer and lose the time with his friends.They will be having the reg swim team in the fall.Some days I can go alone if my husband is home but I have not been going.Funny thing how if I don't stay right on top of things it all falls apart and old habits fit right in.Summer is a busy time,I can get in the pool at home and do some exercises or use the bike or treadmill but I seem to be sitting here!I did walk 20 min at work at lunch and had some salad with the lettuce from my garden at lunch time.Good lunch actually,salad with lowfat jalapeno cheese and lowfat dressing,manhattan clam chowder and blueberries.Drank 64 oz water also.I need to check in more often.

06-12-2008, 02:56 AM
Hi there everyone,
This is a is an INSANE time of year with report cards and certificates and classroom cleanout and having a new dog that gets Major separatiion anxiety (equates to more exercise though..he needs it and his favorite is chasing a soccer ball but not bringing it I run over and kick it the opposite way across my LARGE yard..whew!). Oh yeah and I have my five year old daughter... I should be stressing out about all that needs to be done in the next week and a half but I am not. I am taking it as it comes and trying to enjoy. I am straying from my eating plan in a big way though which does NOT make me feel good. What is up with that??? Maybe that is why I am not FEELING the stress....I am stuffing it down with chocolate.

Happy Birthday Sue! And I love the talk about clutter-interesting idea about being able to see around the clutter and how it can equate to us seeing around body parts that we don't like the looks of right now-I hadn't ever thought of it like that but it rings true for me. Good to see you again Maryblu!

Must go to bed so I can look like a freak in my backyard wtih that blasted soccer ball back and forth in the early morning! This works becasue DD sleeps while we run around back there! HA! Goodnight!

06-12-2008, 05:15 AM
Hi everyone...

My dietician was so excited today. She found a great food pyramid from the Harvard Department of Nutrition. I just noticed that I am unable to post links. So do a search for Harvard Food Pyramid and it comes up.
It is simple and seems perfect for me. The pictures are very helpful. :carrot::carrot:

Lately I've been mixing up my foods. My husband asked me to get a orange for him and I brought a :dizzy:

So my revised (again) plan is to eat using this food pyramid and no carbs after five. My lovely dietician made me little sheets just to check off my foods.

Perhaps this could be helpful for others. I will be away for a couple of weeks. I must get a laptop soon. I will try to check in.. Be well my friends..

06-12-2008, 09:16 AM
Diet Coaches – There's an odd silver lining to the airlines' financial problems. On two flights yesterday that included diversion to a third airport for fuel rather than remain stacked up waiting for thunder storms to pass, when I would normally angst about eating the nutritionally void snacks of fake pretzels, I exercised NO CHOICE with ease ... because none were offered, LOL. Fortunately, I had purchased a Granny Smith Apple before leaving Logan Airport and had a lost-and-forgotten baggie of soy nuts in my brief case to tide me over from lunch until 9 pm when I was able to get a turkey sandwich. So, day one of my trip was eating on plan. CREDIT moi.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Ouch OUCH OUCH for that busy end of school year. LOL at Edgar's contribution to your exercise. My late Australian Shepard had a similar trait; she'd fetch a tennis ball and bring it half way back before losing interest and dropping it.

wendy (wendylan) - Yeah for lunch with home grown lettuce. Ouch that you lost DS as your swimming partner. Sounds like you're doing well anyway.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Kudos for 8000 steps in the evening alone. Ouch that busy busy busy affects your sleep.

Robin (RobinW) - LOL that "kettle corn is just evil!" Kudos for continuing with your personal trainer - never heard of one that checks up on their trainee. Traveling North America to do vehicle wraps sounds like fun. Good luck with the certification process.

Lori (elkfordian) - Thanks for the reminder about the Harvard Healthy Eating Pyramid,
Sending you supportive thoughts for your "couple of weeks." Hope all goes well and that you can have access a computer to stay in touch.

Readers – "I now know:

• I have to watch out for fooling myself. Every single time I put food in my mouth, it matters. " From the Introduction, Beck, pg 13.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-12-2008, 10:31 AM
Good morning coaches. I feel good today, weather is calm, not too hot. A good day.
My food is settling down and I am settling down and getting back into my regular routine. No big shows coming up for a month or so, except another art exhibit at the end of the month but it's all ceramic work and so I just have to er, work... make things... But ceramic sis done ins tages so there's no point fretting over it. It gets done when it gets done. I can't rush it.

Well not to worry folks. (Thanks for all the kind responses to my long post the other day.) I take my bp meds everyday as prescribed, never or rarely miss them. I dom see the doctor when I am supposed to... it's just that that seems to be the only real reminder I have that *surprise* I have not lost any weight. he's good with me, always has been. Encorages me to just lose 10% of my weight and assures me that will be of great benefit to my health like all the new research says it will. 10% = 25lbs for me. It ain't gonna happen in a month.

But I'm okay with it all today and LOVE the Harvard pyramid elkfordian wrote about. Will give that a real look for sure. I too am back to no carbs after 5. If nothing else, I can do that one thing for today. Oh and three meals, 2 snacks if needed, no sugar for me today. Let's give it a go!

Update at 5:16pm-- so far no sugar for today. Very tough. I really craved it around 3pm, especially when getting a coffee on my way home at the local coffee/doughnut place. Told myself "NO CHOICE-you said no sugar and no means no". I won. No sugar. It's after 5 so no white carbs now until tomorrow. I can have fruit and veggies and protein...
And I did get some walking in today. So far so good. I also read a Spark people article that I poo-pooed at first buit am now taking to heart http:// 10% lost for me is 25.6; 5% is 12.8; 1% is 2.56. I lose 1%-3% all the time 5-7lbs. So. Interesting. Time for me to re-focus. How's everyone else doing?

06-13-2008, 02:03 AM
Hello All,

good to back here-been rather busy with company-way too much overeating and yes overdrinking. actually feel rather sluggish. The weather here has been great so have gotten in over 2 hrs in the pool as warm enough for houseguests to join us in the pool. Thanks for all the birthday wishes-plus celebratng my bro's recovery-actually now the mundane-both food and activities art starting to sound attractive.

plan for tomarrow
1. plan for 1700 cal day (get back to 1500 in a couple of days)
2. record all the food eaten
3. Ride the bike for at least 20 minutes

onebyone-I'll be doing that eat no sugar battle for the next couple of days-sugar is one thing that my mouth never gets enough of but my body starts hating and gives me so many symptoms that it is not good for me. You are inspiring that you followed the No Choice path.

elkfordain-that harvard food pyramid made so much sense! Hope your time away will be a pleasure trip. Bet you'll love a new lap top-it is great fun along with the equipment to make our whole house wireless-very enjoyable.

BillBlueEyes-much credit for waiting over 8 hrs to get the right food for dinner versus eating horrible airport or fast food.

Heidi-Oh those end of the school year push!!-reports, reports ect-Can you have the whole summer off? or is it summer school or continuing ed classes? Good for you to take it all in stride. You will back on eating program very soon plus your new pets sounds like an exercise coach.

wendylan-hope something works out for your swimming-is there a set of exercises you can do with a kick board or a "noodle" one of those aquatic exercises tapes with music? For me I do get my pluse up highter with doing laps but how nice not to have to get in the car to swim. sometimes I do the water areobics as can talk while exercising.

robinW-new pad sounds great!t-much credit-for the work the pt.Hope food chocies get easier.

Kulhjeanie-always one busy lady. sugary food are my head's immediate response to being tired. Actually think I can get a 5 minute sugar high and then become overall much more tired-but head only concentrates on the quick high and not the sluggish side effects. Yoga sound so good-hope it is very enjoyable for you.


06-13-2008, 04:17 PM
Diet Coaches – A day of time squeezes, three hours of sleep, and failed Internet connections. Ate within my traveling allocations which got expanded to include half a fried shrimp po-boy sandwich yesterday. But no snacking between meals. CREDIT moi for that much. Will also take credit for long walks from one end of the airport to the other, since no other exercise happened. But the trip is done; I'm home.

Sue (coastalsue) - Kudos for 2 hours in the pool. Your plan looks good; hope your weather continues and the mundane feels good.

onebyone - Kudos for no sugar and for the walking.

Readers – Waving from the road.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-13-2008, 11:22 PM

Billblueeyes-sound like one tough trip!! 3 hrs of sleep along with other annoyances-much credit for remaining on plan.

did my 3 goals today-credit In fact ended up with less than 1600 cals

tomarrow will be a bit harder-leaving early driving 2 hrs then babysit for 9 hrs and then drive back home again for 2 hrs. Little chance to exercise. Just doing this posting is making me plan to pack some low cal foods to I am not snacking on the kids' crackers and cookies all about the place.

saw a bit of Orpah today and there were some inspiring folks who had lost of ton of weight. Really have to maintain that "I can do this" attitude. I hated biking so much today-in my head just complaining on how boring a stationary bike is-knew that was not helpful. Finally just focus on counting my in and out breaths up to 20 and start all over again with one. At least i wasn't listening to all that silly whining in my head.

success to all


06-14-2008, 07:25 AM
Diet Coaches – Plan to get to the gym today to help recover from three days of not exercising due to travel. Was delighted to get home and discover some leftover asparagas salad with walnuts and blue cheese; so appealing when I was tired and hungry. It's a big part of my food plan to have access to healthy food that I really want. When traveling, I frequently face unhealthy food that is VERY appealing when the available healthy-enough food is only tasty-enough. Makes staying on plan possible, but with an effort and a little bit of feeling deprived. Just reminds me of the importance of the Beck strategy of surrounding ourselves with food we love so that on plan is the desired path.

Sue (coastalsue) - Ouch for four hours of driving; eight hours of babysitting grandkids seems worth it though. Good luck with snacks for the drives and when surrounded by the kids' nibbles. Kudos for staying with your plan yesterday. You Budhists are so clever at clearing out your head when it's stuck - I like that breath counting strategy. Big Kudos for being able to step back and look at yourself complaining instead of just wallowing in it.

Readers – "I now know:

• I need to give myself credit everytime I do what I'm supposed to do. " From the Introduction, Beck, pg 13.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-14-2008, 08:01 AM
Morning Coaches

It's an overcast humid morning here. Smells and feels like summer for sure.
I'm about to go out the door for my market day. Just checking in. Stayed 95% on plan yesterday. That was good! Got some walking in too... also good. Have decided to stay focused on losing 10% of my bodyweight by my birthday. This sepcificially is 25.6 lbs by November 4th. !0% is what makes a difference healthwise and that'd be a good present for myself. The best actually.

Anyway better go. I'm having a NO CHOICE NO BUTTERTART market day.
Can't eat it if I don't buy it...

Have a good Saturday folks.

06-14-2008, 11:18 PM
Guys, can't even focus on anything other than how sad I am about Russert. It is the saddest thing; he was such a great guy, and absolutely the best at what he did. Such a loving son and father, friend,, so sad. I am a sad, sad Beckie.

06-15-2008, 08:43 AM
Diet Coaches – Rode my bike to the Farmers' Market. Bought two quarts of local strawberries for the two of us - will just have to sacrafice and overeat fresh strawberries because the local kind only last a few days. Got to the gym. CREDIT moi. Cleaned blocked rain gutter down spouts. CREDIT moi. I hate that job. Makes me want to eliminate all the trees whose leaves cause the problem. LOL, thanks to Beck, instead of thinking of eating my way out of an unpleasant job, I think of wiping out all the trees. Oh Well.

maryblu - Sharing your sadness for the loss of Tim Russert.

onebyone - Kudos for staying on plan. Good luck with "NO BUTTERTART" today.

Readers – "I now know:

• If I regain weight, I can go back to using the skills I used to lose it -- every time." From the Introduction, Beck, pg 13.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-15-2008, 11:17 AM
Hello Diet Coaches,

I am trying to get back on track. I'm afraid that an out of town wedding, followed by 30th wedding anniversary celebration and allowing that old diet devil :devil:to convince me that I don't need to lose more weight have thrown me off the wagon.

Bad sign that I did not weigh last Friday as I was pretty sure it would show a small gain. Credit moi for coming back to the group for support. I might have to go back to Weight Watchers. There is something about paying to be on a diet that makes me more compliant!

So, I am going to keep working on Day 14 until I get it right!

06-15-2008, 11:19 AM
"Overeating" the fresh strawberries doesn't count as a diet sin in my book. It's just one of life's little joys. There's a stawberry and rasberry patch next door to my office building. I'm going to go pick some at lunch time tomorrow!

06-15-2008, 08:58 PM
HI all,

Billblueeyes-happy father's day! Enjoy your strawberrries.

Hey Northwest-congradulation if that was your 30th anniversary.

OnebyOne-hoping for cooler and drier air but much hotter sales.

Maryblu- agree we lost one of the "good guys"

Just lazing around today-much more exhausted than want to admit to after yesterday activities-food planning is also a bit weak as having all of DH favorites-don't plan to over indulge but will not lose on this day's selections.

enjoy your day
I'll be becking more tomarrow.


06-15-2008, 10:01 PM
Feeling just yucky today,ate way too much and my clothes are feeling really tight.Probably due to my lack of exercise,donuts,chicken wings,regular soda and moping.I worked alot of days in a row and worked Fri till 11pm and then Sat back at 8 am.That does a number on me and I felt entitled to eat whatever I wanted.I need a good kick in the butt!I am going to sleep in in the morning and go grocery shopping and will try to get to the Y Mon eve.So hard to stay motivated.I need to be reading my cards,the more I work I slack off.We have a diet doctor in the area and I was thinking about going.He costs $80 for initial evaluation and he uses Phentermine among other meds.He uses the ADA diet and sometimes the fat blockers like prescription Ali.I fel like a different person on Phentermine and can stick to my diet much easier and have more energy.I do not know if he will prescribe it for me though because I have high blood pressure and am on Synthroid because I had my thyroid removed.My blood pressure is controlled on meds however.The Phentermine does give me a nasty short temper but I just can't seem to get a handle on things by myself.With the Phentermine onboard I can follow the Beck principles much easier and I think about food a whole lot less.I am just not getting anywhere and my weight is climbing.

06-16-2008, 07:34 AM
Diet Coaches – We did it. We overate fresh strawberries. Sooooo good. CREDIT moi. Still recovering from trip. Only took a short walk. CREDIT moi. My own computer's Internet connection didn't survive the trip; hope to have it fixed today.

coastalsue - Oh Well - Father's Day only comes once a year. Good luck starting the week strongly Beck.

wendlyn - Ouch for feeling yucky. Good luck on making the med choice. Kudos for being so thoughtful about it.

northwest - Congrats on the 30th wedding anniversary. Ouch that your Diet Devil stays around. Thanks for the pass on overeating strawberries. With your kind permission, I did it again this morning, LOL.

Readers – Waving from a borrowed computer.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-16-2008, 11:51 AM
morning everyone,

mixed weekend. i'm giving myself a big credit for winning the 2-hour argument in my head friday night that i was done eating for the day. i wasn't hungry (in fact overate lunch AND dinner) and was still thinking about salty/sweet. i was tired, tired, tired. i even walked into the kitchen a few times and made myself walk back to the living room. finally went upstairs and took a long hot shower, went to bed. that felt good.

this weekend had many opptys to blow it, and you can't really eat on plan if you don't have a plan. instead, i ate what i wanted, but worked to pay attention and not overdo it. had more success than i thought when i logged my food this morning. i made sure to write everything down in my little notepad so i'd stay accountable, and have some idea of how well/badly it had gone. not as bad as i would have thought, food-wise. go beck and go me! the thing that just gets clearer and clearer is that i need more sleep. too many nights when i'm just barely getting 6 hours (or not even six.) i can't continue to function like this.

so, that's going to be my focus. being overtired makes everything about dieting harder. it's a struggle to exercise, i don't have the energy to plan, shop, or cook the good stuff, and i'm craving sweets. i've got a touch of the stomach bug that seems to be circling with the cicadas this time of year, so my weekend indulgences don't appear to have had an impact on my weight. i may not be so lucky (and i use the term loosely) in the future.

bill, LOVE strawberries! they're ridiculously low in calories for the taste. what a wonderful thing. mary, it was a tough weekend over here too. we lost him far too early. what a shock. sue, i hear you! i love my kid to death but sometimes i feel like he's draining me dry. sometimes i wonder what i'm smoking to be thinking about a second one. hey wendy, let us know how it goes! obviously health is the #1 priority - sometimes figuring out how to get there involves balancing all kinds of conflicting needs. glad to hear you're doing what you need to do to get yourself sorted out. let me know if there's anything i can do to help. hi northwest! funny how this board really does work to keep us accountable to each other, since this is such a supportive group of folks. good luck at your weigh-in! onebyone, sounds like your "no choicing" it is working for you. kudos!

06-16-2008, 09:59 PM
Did my shopping,costs more and more at the store every time I go!Have good foods in the house now,can't say I am eating any.I am going to call off sick for Tues. and I am off Wed.I need to get myself and my house in order.I need to spend some time thinking about all this.I did not get to the Y today but I did pick up a gift card I wanted to give the swim coach for helping my son.Swim team started tonight and my son still does not want to join.I will check in Tuesday.thanks wendy

06-16-2008, 10:18 PM
Hi Coaches.

Well not much to report. Staying on the wagon continues to be slippery... think the seat has been waxed or something. Or maybe it's the heavy downpours of rain lately that's made it hard to hang on to...

I found myself very mopey over the weekend, questioning why it is I do what I do. Hot humid weather punctuated by torrential downpours = low market sales. I'll feel better when sales pick up again. Ever since I went back to work at the end of school it seems we don't have enough $! How'd that happen? Everything feels worse. We've even talked of cancelling our vacation in August. It seems rational and reasonable but it's killing me inside. I have not had a real break for over a year now. Not really. I take half days here and there. It's not enough. I can deal with it, it's just getting to me.

And it's reflected in my food. General mopiness translates into a "who cares" attitude. Doing my best does not seem to be working so why bother?
1) because I am lucky to be able to do what I do.
2) because I have a partner who supports me 100% and really does see me going to art school as an "investment"
3) becasue we/I've made it this far doing what I do
4) because my mood is due to heat and exhaustion and financial stress
5)because this too shall pass

Tomorrow's another day and this one draws to an end. This week I was 65% on plan. I think I need to start adding back the exercise again. I dropped it about 2 months ago when the top of my foot hurt too much. to my credit, I did walk a fair distance today. Credit moi. I had a decent breakfast. Credit moi. I posted here. Credit moi. And I will read my book tonight. Credit moi.

06-16-2008, 11:54 PM
Greetings, all. Great to see all of you who are posting.

Kudos, Kuljeanie, for exercising your resistance muscle. Next time it will be stronger!

onebyone, kudos for making a list of the positives in your world.

Wendylan, will be very interested in your doctor's recommendation.

Coastalsue, hoping your swimming will get you "afloat" so to speak.

Northwest, I agree with your conclusion about strawberries not counting as anything but a heavenly treat.

BillBE, good for you! Enjoy, enjoy.

My shake -your- head -in-wonder-triumph of the season (if you can call what we have had so far a "season" The average high temp. in June has been under a bit!) is that our compost, due entirely to SO's heroic efforts and artful skill at "cooking" said is cooking at 143.5 degrees! Yes! Can't wait to see how hot we can get it if it ever hits 80 degrees here. Will report in for sure! (and yes, I used the instant meat

I dug in there tonight and saw heat vapor coming out! Just shook my head!

Yeah, I know, it doesn't take much for me.......

06-17-2008, 02:35 AM
Hello all,

While not gaining I really need to "tighten my belt" and lose another 50 lbs -can feel the fatigue of carrying so much weight-

OnebyOne can understand the stress of living on a tight budget-every month we scramble to get all the expenses covered-have a hugh monthly increase in medical premium along with the gas and propane increase-I think at times I react to the following a strict food plan that it feels so similiar to following our strict budget-just no money for playing-going out- taking a drive- ect. Thing will not change soon-But so agree with you about looking at our blessings and giving ourselves credit for what we do- I have still have lost weight and have one heck of a great ocean view-along with 4 days of craft sales during July.-alway got to remain hopeful.

kulhjeane-right after being worried of our finances the next biggest diet sabateur is fatigue. That remain one of fiercest old brain behaviors-if tired eat sugar-

love to hear how you folks deal with not using food when overtired and/or stressed.

BillBlueEyes-may your computer annoyance quickly get resolved. I have 3-4 days of perfect internet service-however propane people "forgot" to deliver to us so another day we have not hot water again in the morning. On the up side I can't do the dishes either-such a boring task!

maryblu-hey our compost is just getting harvestable also-going to try doing veggies on containers on our deck-just too many deers, racoons and rabbits to be on ground level.

Wendylan-It sould like you need a well deserved rest and time to figure out the best plan of action for you. enjoy


06-17-2008, 06:33 AM
Diet Coaches – Vitamins are 2 for the price of one at my local CVS this week AND I had a $5 off any $25 purchase coupon. So, I'm restocked at a bargain. CREDIT moi. I am so easily amused.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Need to post this little bit of self awareness on the wall: "if tired eat sugar."

MaryBlu - LOL at using your meat thermometer in the compost; can't wait to tell DW - she'll wonder why I think it's odd. (I'm married to a woman who gets visibly excited when a friend brings her a bag of horse manure.) Are you harvesting anything yet?

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Waving. Keep the faith; the school year will end.

wendy (wendylan) - Kudos for having the good food in the house - that's giving yourself the support you need.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Does this ever describe where it's easy for me to go astray, "you can't really eat on plan if you don't have a plan." Ouch for the stomach bug. Kudos for working to stay focused.

onebyone – Yes, yes, "this too shall pass." Kudos for giving yourself credit and writing out your reasons for staying on plan. Where are you with your bicycle riding?

Readers – "I now know:

• I can do it! I have the skills now. I know how to do it, and I’ll have these skills forever." From the Introduction, Beck, pg 13.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-17-2008, 08:48 PM
Good evening coaches.

I had an okay day today. Ate stuff and stopped. I find myself pulled back, and back again, into the fridge though. It's okay. I'll consider it extra walking as my trips to the fridge will be for browsing only.

Went in to work today. Accomplished several things on the perpetual to-do list. That was good. Even threw two pots: two small bowls with fantastic swirls in their bottoms. My favorite part of a thrown pot is that swirl. I got sad news yesterday. My great ceramic studio boss Penelope is leaving in two weeks for a full time job. So that means new boss and who knows what expectations by the new person. All happening when the studio gets crazy due to children's classes. The new person will have to start on the ground running. Will be interesting to see and somewhat stressful.

I hope I can get back on track foodwise. I don't feel so good and I thought to myself this morning that perhaps all this heavy eating is actually stressing my body out in itself, not just the potential weight gain and all that but the constant digesting of heavy food. Fatty foods. Big carbs. Salty things. I need a plan and I need a goal to motivate me.

BillBlueEyes I have not been able to get my butt onto the bicycle seat yet. I just feel too embarassed. And self-conscious. I do get up at 6am and have thought to go as soon as I am up. Not many folks out at that hour. I have everything I need except the courage to do it. I do, still, literally, feel like I am going to wreck the tires and/or the frame. Feel is the critical word here cause until I actually do it I won't know. Why am I so afraid?

coastalsue You wrote
I think at times I react to the following a strict food plan that it feels so similiar to following our strict budget I am rebelling these days. I can feel it. What is bothering me I am not sure of. (Actually I was re-reading this and I think what's getting to me is not having a day off during the week. I really don't. I just work work think about work and then work some more. I think I use food for 'mini-vacation, time out, and time away... yikes! Need a new strategy...and some acceptance that this is a temporary summer situation...) My food rebellion only hurts me. I sometimes wonder if I am at war with my own body, daring it to gain more weight. Is this nuts? It goes with the bravado of an "I don't care. I can't do this, it isn't working, might as well just gain more weight" attitude. This is a MASSIVE thinking error. A classic case of all or nothing thinking! As if all is ever lost - NO. NEVER. So after I am done the tantrum I try again but meanwhile I have gained 5lbs cause my body is extremely efficient at gaining weight. Really, as far as challenges go, it ain't much. A better one would be to, oh, say, ride the bike. Sheesh.

maryblu Love hearing your gardening adventures and your joy in every stage of it. I would be the same regarding the compost pile. It is incredible.

Thanks for reading. I'm hanging in there, determined to get this...

06-18-2008, 12:18 AM
Dear Beckies,

I am irrationally exuberant tonight, as I had a perfect horseback ride in the park. No cars, no bugs, just jogging along and galloping up hills among the lakes and trees. As we unsaddled, the mosquitoes made a half hearted attempt to annoy, but really were pretty inept; I laughed at their antics.

CoastalSue and all who are feeling the economic struggle: the reality of the situation we are all in evokes all-out terror in me at times; I share your anxiety. I do relate as well to the to the money worry as a diet saboteur. Kudos to you for sucking every minute of pleasure from your great ocean view. Enjoying the moment, squeezing every bit of joy from that is so child-like, yet so wise. Now if we can just convert that to the same sensation as eating dark chocolate.......hmmm...

I was listening to NPR on my short drive home tonight, and the segment was on the famine in ...not even sure..somewhere in Africa, I think, but the discourse was on how to tell how bad it is by what the population is eating...eating grass is the second worst, and that is what is being consumed...the last thing that humans in that region turn to is bark.

Gulp. Bark. The world is just not sure how that situation and many like it can just escape us. No nukes, no oil, no notice, I guess.

Just heard a Loon; I am blessed.

06-18-2008, 06:26 AM
Diet Coaches – Missed my walk - I was stewing because I let it get to me that a contractor left a message that he is arriving on Thursday yet still hasn't submitted his quote for the work. Of course he can't start work without a plan, but it's a pain to have to make a scene to get the obvious. And I don't look forward to making an expensive decision with only hours to review. Need to get my attitude straight here or I'll wallow into the doldrums. MaryBlu's post was just what I needed to get some perspective. OK, I missed my walk, but I didn't stuff my face about it. In fact, I didn't even think about eating my way out of it. So, for that, CREDIT moi.

On the bright side, the Celtics won their 17th NBA Championship in a blowout final game last night. I'm trying to count that as Program-day 40: Enrich Your Life, LOL.

MaryBlu - It just doesn't get better that this: "Just heard a Loon; I am blessed." Reveling in your horse ride. Love the positive spirit. Do figure out a way to let our simple joys give us the dark chocolate pleasure.

onebyone – Sending supportive thoughts for just Doing It and getting on the bike. Kudos for hanging in there when the going is tough.

Readers – "If I’d told these dieters – at our first sessions – that they would one day make these statements, they wouldn’t have believed me. ..." From the Introduction, Beck, pg 13.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-18-2008, 03:53 PM
hi everyone,

maryblu, thank you for some much-needed perspective! it's absolutely appalling that such a scale even exists - and that so many are at the low end of it. glad that you're feeling happy! i love it when i'm just in a good mood for no good reason. bill, sorry to hear that you've got vendor mgmt issues; however, big KUDOS! for getting to the point where eating to ease the stress didn't even occur to you. that's huge! onebyone, i'm of the strong opinion that you should just get on that damned bike, even if it's for three minutes, and even if it does collapse. the odds are excellent that it won't, but so what if it does? :doh:

i'm doing a great job staying with the daily visits to the gym at work. it makes a massive difference to have it as part of the routine! it's also motivation to do my job well, so i'll never get reassigned to a less desirable client who may not be so generous as to provide contractors with free use of the company gym (and that wonderful yoga class twice a week.) if only they didn't provide doughnuts at the meetings and quesadillas at the cafeteria...:^:moving more seems to be a lot easier for me than eating less. i'm averaging about 2000 calories a day, and according to the magic monitor, i should be losing about a pound a week. it's not working out that way but i'm going to stay with it another couple of weeks, and if nothing changes, i'll try tweaking something.

my quest for sleep hasn't met with immediate success. the last two nights i've gotten a lot closer to 7 hours, but still haven't quite made it. last night one of the cats peed on my bed again right before i was planning on getting in it, so instead of resting in the sweet arms of morpheus, i was doing YET ANOTHER f%&^*ing load of laundry and cursing both the cats' names. DH would kill the pee-er, but lucky for her, we're not sure which cat is doing it. we are running out of ideas, though. if any of the brilliant beckies has some thoughts, i'd love to hear them because nature's miracle and baking soda doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

cheers everyone!

06-19-2008, 06:46 AM
Diet Coaches – Replaced my stewing about not having an estimate from the contractor to stewing about how much the estimate is. I need a course in facing what it costs to have professionals do work. Reality 101, LOL. But, we need to have the driveway repaved with the proper slope so that it doesn't collect puddles of ice in the winter. Oh Well. There is, however, that strong feeling of moving forward on an important issue. CREDIT moi. Did my walk and my gym. CREDIT moi.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Ouch for cat pee. No suggestions from here - not a cat person - but much sympathy. Midnight laundry of sheets should be reserved for projectile vomiting by smiling children, LOL. Kudos for daily gym - that's really good.

Readers – "… You, too, might not believe it at first, but one day soon you will. …" From the Introduction, Beck, pg 13.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-19-2008, 11:53 AM
Hi coaches.

Wow we're quiet here aren't we? Hello to all who are reading and not posting! You must be out there.

On the agenda today is a walk. :running: It's still cool and overcast. I've been caught in every downpour we have had since Sunday. It's true! I figure, what's one more?

I haven't had any willingness to curb my food and any ability to say no to myself this past week. Today, my new skirt feels the result of my actions. I'm all puffed up again and at the high end of my regular 10lb travels across the scale: 261 this morning. Down from 263 two days ago. I really feel lousy at 260+. I feel ill, hence the motivation to take a walk today.
Have salad for lunch. Try.

And that's where I am as I write this at 10:52am.

06-19-2008, 07:38 PM
I am still keeping up reading the posts but not a whole lot to report.I had my 3 days off and got alot of work done around the house,takes some stress and pressure off.I am torn between working more and getting nothing done or having less work = less money and more time to get things done.We go to Virginia in Aug and we have to get some money saved.I cut back to 4 days a week to have more time at home but then I pick time up because we don't have enough money.My husband works alot as well.Prices just keep rising and it is hard to keep up even with two incomes especially with children.All that adds alot of stress and emotional eating.I asked the kids to swim tonight at Y and they don't want to go.Eating has been so-so.Like my friend told me at work,I eat a healthy diet for the most part,I just need to stop the sweets.I always eat lots of fruit and veggies,yogurt and chicken and drink my water.Trouble is the candy in the afternoon and icecream ect... after work.Our new schedule just came out and I should be able to make an appt in about 2 weeks at the diet doctor.Hate to waste money if he won't give me the Phentermine,there are some posts about it on this website.

06-20-2008, 12:29 AM
I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!
Hello everyone again. I'm so unhappy with my weight but even more unhappy about my out of control eating. HELP!!!!
I've been hanging around the Overeaters Anonymous forums but they depress me. It's one thing to call myself an emotional eater but another to call myself powerless over food.
Do you think the Beck Diet can help a serious binge eater??????
I know it's all about my thinking and I guess that's why I like the Beck Diet.

It's very inspiring to see most of you still here and very lovely to see some newcomers too.
Nice to be back
Luv Spirit- (Sue #2)

06-20-2008, 06:46 AM
Diet Coaches – Rode my bike to pick up a container of soy nuts - roasted, salt free, soybeans. CREDIT moi. I just love them for my morning snack - 1/4 cup (30 grams), 130 calories, 11 g protein, 0 g sugar, 0 mg sodium. It works for me to leave the 21 ounce container (595 grams), $2.99 USD, in my office so it only costs about 15 cents per serving. Hope I stay hooked on them because when I have them as a snack around 9:30am I'm not in a panic to have lunch so I'm free to take a good walk before lunch.

wendy (wendylan) - Kudos for getting so much work done - a great way to get the brain on track for staying on eating and exercising plans. That seems like a good foundation for you however you decide about the prescription stuff.

onebyone – LOL that your post reminded me of:The Truth is Out There FBI agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), The X Files.Congrats for the down two. Kudos for the plan to take a walk and have a salad. You've been good in the past at shaking yourself out of a slump; you can do it again.

Sue #2 (SPIRITANGEL) - Nice to see you back again. Yes, the Beck Diet Solution can help a serious binge eater. The strategies attack that by a series of small steps. Each step can clearly be accomplished. Do you have the book? Have you written your Advantages Card? That's a great first step. Would you share some of your most important Advantages here?

Readers – "… Slowly, step-by-step, the Beck Diet Solution will build your confidence. …" From the Introduction, Beck, pg 13.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-20-2008, 08:17 AM
Hi everyone,

It has been quiet around here lately....I wonder why? Thought I'd do a little something about that and say hi.

I'm still going strong, though a some extra veggies have found their way into my afternoons...gotta stop's the snacking behavior beyond planned snacks, not the calories that concern me. Also, I'm continuing to walk and go to Curves for most of my exercise. I want to get swimming and biking more, and there seems to be a little resistance going on that I don't understand. But overall, things are good...actually very good. It's great to be lighter and more comfortable in my body at the start of summer.

Thought I'd share my cholesterol results from my visit to the doctor last week. The first test was after I'd dropped a few pounds from my highest, but right before I started Beck and back on South Beach:

2/14/08: LDL 146, HDL 28, trigs 290, total 232, total/HDL ratio 8.2

6/4/08: LDL 109, HDL 28, trigs 100, total 157, total/HDL ratio 5.6

So, the good news is a pretty dramatic decrease in bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. The bad news is my good cholesterol (HDL) is still too low. It's hereditary - my brother has the same situation - and very hard to move. But more weight loss, exericise, and some diet adjustments can help. So, I have 4 months to see what happens, and if there isn't enough improvement, I'll have to go on either a statin or high dose niacin.

The amazing thing is that I'm already eating all of the recommended foods for improving cholesterol results, and nothing that they say to absolutely avoid. I just have to do some tweaking (a little more good fats, almonds and walnuts for my nuts, a little more red wine, a little less egg white, a little more soy, a little more oats, a little less animal protein). It's also amazing that I'm so aware of what I'm eating and in what quantities, from journaling everything I eat for the past 4 months, that I can make these kinds of conscious adjustments.

I'm still working, but their looking for my replacement, and I've cut back to 21 hours a week, going in to the office 3 days a week, from 24 hours, in the office 4 days a week. I'm looking forward to the summer, with a couple of long weekends away and a two week road trip in August.

Someone asked here a while ago why this all has clicked for me. If I knew, I'd bottle it, or write a book about it, and be very rich. I don't frustration with the weight gain, reaction to the cardiac diagnosis, and starting Beck all came together at the same time. I've also been doing some work with a therapist who uses a model that looks at your different parts in a way that has helped me have more awareness and understanding of the part of me that overeats/binges, without having that part be in charge. It hasn't been totally easy...but it hasn't been all that difficult either. As I'm continuing to work on, I certainly hope this will continue, and it's possible that it will. One thing that's helped in that regard is to look at some of the before and after pictures, here and elsewhere, of people who've made it all the way to goal and maintained.

06-20-2008, 10:35 AM
morning everyone! i'm dragging today...a chance encounter at a craft shop yesterday to buy edible marker has led to scheduling a tasting with a bride who may book me for her august wedding. i was so excited last night i couldn't sleep get to sleep. i'm hoping that the more business i do, the less worked up i get over every cake and design. otherwise, this new side business is going to be much more tiring than just doing the work! :) i find myself thinking about the design when i should be sleeping. onebyone, does this ever happen to you and how do you stop?

barb, so good to hear from you! and how FABULOUS??? i'm still batting the same 4 lbs around that i have been for months. not gaining, though, and my exercise has been much more consistent in the last few weeks. the improvements in your numbers are astonishing. mazel tov!

spiritangel, welcome back! ditto on what bill said. i understand what you're saying. i can't imagine that anyone is truly powerless over their own actions; we may experience urges that feel strong and uncontrollable, and we may not understand what's driving our actions, but that doesn't make us powerless. the oa program has been a lifesaver for many people, but i personally believe that everything i do is a choice, whether conscious or not. hey wendy! the world does feel like a tougher place to be sometimes. i was listening to a story on NPR last night where they interviewed a lot of people on how they were adjusting to the increases in fuel and food costs, and some of them had some great ideas. things like biking instead of driving, and eating less meat and more beans, growing their own vegetables. i was thinking to myself, how funny that being more cost-conscious seems like it would make you healthier. :)

it's a short day at work, then home for the afternoon to bake a sheet cake and make a fondant crawfish for a cajun party tomorrow night. if it comes out nicely i'll post a picture...

have a great weekend, everyone!

06-20-2008, 08:05 PM
Hello All,

Have been having a lot of company and lots of cleaning, laundry and cooking. this too will soon pass.

Beck wise just relying on what I have already internalized-just eating less and cooking less caloric foods-certainly not losing more weight but love not having that gotta go crazy because not dieting. I have spend years being hooked in the all or nothing mode-painful dieting or gluttony.

I must say both Dh and I are feeling our age-it is not just company but the accompanying hubbub. Now I am even too tried to getup and eat anything,-Dh went to doc today who felt he needed more "down" time. Sound like a great idea right now. We still have 3 more very days with company then back to birdhouses-July and August been accepted into a number fairs.

Barpos -congradulation on your improved health score-Such good news

The rest of all Big HI-company has returned from their ride later to you all


06-21-2008, 07:02 AM
Diet Coaches – Small things: just noticed recently that I no longer pop the last bite of banana into my mouth - it's become a habit. CREDIT moi. Beck seems to drive us to toward serving a planned meal and avoiding even the little moments of emotional eating. However small, it does seem like a good idea to me to get away from my constantly looking for something to stuff in my mouth. My goal is to walk though the world without every sighting of food triggering my Desire to eat. Because there's a lot of sightings of food in my daily life.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Kudos for "just eating less and cooking less caloric foods" - sounds pretty good to me. Alas, this aging thing does seem to reduce our productivity. Wouldn't be so bad if I could just remember to plan like my current age rather than planning as if I were in my 20's.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Congrats on finding new customers wherever you go. LOL at the thought that you can't afford new customers because you'll die from the lack of sleep. Continued Kudos for the continued exercise. Looking forward to seeing the fondant crayfish, that'll certainly be a new one for me.

Barbara (barbpos) – Congrats on those blood test numbers. BIG Kudos for the eating and exercise that caused the improvements. Keep the faith for continued improvement; for me, it took two years to bring my HDL from 27 to 45 - just doing the same stuff you're doing. That's been one of the most satisfying results of my journey. I also share your concern about expanding my eating beyond the planned - even when the calories are negligible. Seems like unnecessary flirting with failure.

Readers – "… When you finish the program, six weeks from now, revisit this page and look at this list of bulleted statements. …" From the Introduction, Beck, pg 13.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-22-2008, 08:34 AM
Hi everyone,
it has been a looooong while since I posted here. Great to see so many of you still working the Beck program and keeping the lines of communication open.

As for me, it's been a bit of a rough spring food wise, bouncing around from diet to diet and feeling overwhelmed by end-of-school-year stress. One thing that helped me was reading Eckhart Tolle. I know it's kind of buddhism-lite, but he does have some great practical suggestions for maintaining contact with the greater energy within.

Having practiced those suggestions for a couple of weeks I felt strong enough to come back to Beck and start over. Yesterday was day 6 and i am thrilled to be back with the best diet coaches on the internet.

I have also started the Body-for-Life program which is very different than anything else I've ever tried. I must say that I love the way of eating ... for the first time I am not starving or really craving fatty carbs. OTOH it's a very slow process at the beginning and doesn't give you the immediate gratification of something like Sonoma Phase I or the first part of South Beach. So this is where Beck comes in ... enhancing my stick-to-itiveness.

So much for my novel!! Looking forward to taking part in the threads and following your progress.


06-22-2008, 09:52 AM
Diet Coaches – Small things: was about to have my standard afternoon snack when I realized that dinner was VERY soon since we were going out. So, I skipped the snack. CREDIT moi. My attack-on-clutter trashed another half container of papers this week and organized about twice that. Solving my clutter matters in my life because it's a barrier to other changes. As well, of course, as preventing me from finding the insurance bill and tax stuff. CREDIT moi. Bought too many strawberries at the Farmers' Market again. Local strawberries are so beyond good. DW's lettuce is arriving faster than I can consume it. The bountiful season is such bliss.

Erika (eusebius) – Ouch for the rough spring and year-end stress. BIG Kudos for getting back on track. A number of posters have restarted their Beck program, so you're right on schedule. (You might find the thread hard to follow; the last week in May and first week in June were lost to a 3FC system crash.) Perhaps you could restart our discussing Beck days, starting with the one you're working on.

How did your spring concert go? Did you find a satisfying dress? Was the world premier of the piece well received? I think of you every time I read my response card,It's the shenpa calling, I don't have to scratch.

Readers – "… You’ll realize that you agree with every one of them. …" From the Introduction, Beck, pg 13.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-22-2008, 10:34 AM
Morning all! I just purchased the Beck book on amazon last night and am anxiously waiting for it's arrival which I hope is early this week :) But it's not a diet plan right? you use it in conjunction with a diet plan? Because I was planning on doing it with the No S diet I just discovered yesterday, along with my own little tweeks like I plan on using a childs plate as my one plate of food 3 x's a day and of course at least 20 min of exercise per day etc. My brothers wedding is july 4th so I'm hoping to be at least 5 lbs lighter by then, that is my first mini goal :) But once I get the book I plan on joining you all if you don't mind! :) What is your beginners advice?

06-22-2008, 09:44 PM
Good evening Beckies!

Bill - Thank you so much for remembering the concerto and asking about it! It went very well and I ended up buying the dress on Canada Customs charged me way too much duty though!
I am so happy that you have the "shenpa" concept on your advantages response card. So cool!
Great idea to restart the discussion of each Beck day. Today for me is Day 7 - Rearrange Your Environment. I am very fortunate that this is not a huge challenge for me. We rarely buy junk food during a normal grocery run, and any snacks for my daughter (5) get put into a high cupboard so that she can't devour them whenever she feels like it! The main thing in my environment that I would like to rearrange is the location of the convenience store - a 30 second walk from my front door. I think this is more an issue of conquering cravings, however.
What are your greatest challenges in your home or work environment? (I mostly work from home, so it's all the same to me.)

Today was a clean eating day. I resisted the juicy beef burgers at our church BBQ and went for a veggie burger and a green salad. CREDIT moi. Today was a rest day exercise-wise - tomorrow brings a lower body workout.

Bill - (again) great job with your eating and with your attack on clutter. That is very personally inspiring to me.

Spryng - welcome and congrats on getting started with the Beck program! When you get the book just start reading and all will become very clear. Judith Beck explains everything in a no-nonsense, logical manner. The first task she assigns is making a list of all the advantages of losing weight - in other words, all the reasons you are doing this -- and ranking them in order of importance to you. So maybe you could start with something like that and even consider sharing your list with us!

Have a great night, all! I'm excited for my week #2 tomorrow.

06-22-2008, 11:56 PM
Dear All,

Welcome back, Erika. Great to see you.

Welcome, Spryng, I recognize you from somewhere! Glad you came here.

Wish Heidi were I had said to her, we were going to lose our dear Bear, the world's best dawg, sometime this summer; I just knew it. It happened yesterday, weird, it happened the first day of summer. He was almost 13, had beaten cancer last summer; we don't even know what got him..he got sick and started vomiting slime non-stop; we thought he just got into something in the compost pile that didn't agree with him.

We got him to the vet, and left him for an IV and rehab, and he went quickly. Typical Bear; just died without any fuss. So, I am a sad Beckie. He had been here with us only 4 months less time than we have been here at our home. He always, always came running down the driveway and met us at the same spot each weird to come into the yard without him.

I am also a very satisified Beckie, though, as the last two days have been the most extraordinary, perfect gardening days ever! I am (at last) caught up. I just got to weed the shade gardens today, which is a nice "to do", but not a "must do" right now. I know I am caught up when I can do that.

We played a lot of fetch with Karen, our newly adopted, newly spayed Black Lab/ Beaver cross from the Humane Society. Yes, she is a part Beaver..the logs (!) she has dragged around the yard, chewed and all, prove it. She is quite the retriever, too. She loves fetch. We didn't realize she couldn't swim, because she had come up from the lake wet several times. She learned today, though. When we threw the tennis ball in, she sorta lunged at it and then dog-paddled quickly. She is going to be a lot of fun in the lake..assuming it ever gets warm enough for me to want to get in there!

Have a great Beck week, all.

06-23-2008, 05:28 AM
:welcome: spryng :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, in case you didn't get one of these when you joined six and a half years ago, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about Beck and how did you find this thread on 3FC?

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations

06-23-2008, 06:35 AM
Diet Coaches – It was a weekend of eating giant lettuce salads in a vain attempt to keep up with DW's garden, LOL. The good life. Unusual amount of kitchen time for a non-cook: a double batch of white bean and tomato salad with rosemary vinaigrette, my standard two week supply of granola (with walnuts this time), 5 ears of corn for my weeks lunches, as well as my giant salads. CREDIT moi. Today's challenge is a lunch celebrating the Celtics win of the NBA Championship - sports food brought right into my work place and FREE. FREE potato chips. FREE hot dogs. FREE flat cake. FREE pretzels. FREE soda. FREE vegetarian chili (Bingo!!) It continues to boggle my mind that I am so drawn to FREE food. Makes me grateful that there isn't any FREE cocaine, LOL.

MaryBlu - My condolences for your loss of Bear. Thirteen happy years is a long life for a dog. I know that strange feeling of not being greeted after so many years. Kudos for being caught up with your gardens (several and large if I remember from previous posts) - I've never heard of a gardener being caught up. Must have been a stretch of good weather. What's this with a cross between a Lab and a Beaver. You're joshing us, right?

Erika (eusebius) – Kudos for choosing the "veggie burger and a green salad" with other options lurking. Glad to hear that the concerto went very well. Raspberries to Canadian customs, LOL.

Neat that you've solved the issue of snacks for your DD as part of Day 7 - Rearrange Your Environment. The biggest challenges for me were getting rid of the stuff that I used to eat, like the cookies and cheese and crackers. Since it was beyond consideration that I toss out food, I had to find takers for my stash of cheeses. I still manage to accumulate more good cheeses than I can reasonably eat. For example, yesterday I brought two chunks of nice cheese and three boxes of crackers to my potluck so i wouldn't even think of just wading into them. The challenge remains for me to only bring the home small chunks of cheese. I don't have a solution for a small amount of good crackers. Maybe the potluck donation could become my standard way to have a few good crackers.

spryng - Yep, you use Beck with your chosen diet plan. I like the simplicity of your No S diet:There are just three rules and one exception:

* No Snacks
* No Sweets
* No Seconds

Except (sometimes) on days that start with "S"We certainly don't mind you joining us, you're most welcome. The best advice for beginning Beck was posted by Nessa (ladybugnessa) from an email she received from Judith Beck herself: the first 14 days are the most important part of the program. That and sharing your Advantages Card as Erika (eusebius) suggested. Those first 14 days, like your No S diet, are very simple. You're on your way!!!

Readers – "… And you’ll also realize that – this time – your weight loss will be permanent." From the Introduction, Beck, pg 13.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-23-2008, 12:49 PM
happy monday everyone!

glad to hear from you again, Erika! missed you! and welcome spryng. this is a wonderful group, on many different plans, but with the most wonderfully supportive approach to each other i've ever encountered on a board. looking forward to hearing how things go for you! i'm one of the re-starters, and the last week or two i've been wandering all over the place with the plan and eating. still not getting enough sleep. this weekend DH and i went to a phenomenal annual blowout called the cajun occasion and stayed out way too late. my body appears to be programmed to wake up at 6:00 whether or not the kid is up, so i got in a measly 3-4 hours of sleep on saturday, and sunday was more running around, bouncing from the in-laws' place to our friend in dayton who will be undergoing a quad bypass tomorrow. he's only 42, with a massive blockage in his heart - probably a result of decades of morbid obesity, drinking and smoking. he's scared to death, and frankly it's a little contagious. one of the things i've come to realize through beck is that for me, sleep=taking care of myself, and without enough sleep, all the other behaviors are very hard to resist. it has to be my first priority. i certainly don't feel like running or doing yoga today. what's really crazy is that three different people have commented to me in the last 3 days that i look thinner. haven't lost a pound - what's up with that??? maybe it's the cumulative effect of all the exercise, because i haven't been very conscientious with the food. i do though want to give myself a little kudo for finally "getting" it with eating leftovers off el nino's tray. food that's no longer fit for serving is garbage, and there's a big difference between eating it and throwing it away. the difference is that i'm not a garbage can. i shouldn't treat myself as though i were a garbage can. yuck. garbage should just be thrown away, the end.

bill, i also just wanted to thank you again for being our moderator and for being such a rock of consistency. it's comforting to log in and read how your day went. sounds like the clutter-clearing is clearing your head as well as your office! we're also having trouble keeping up with the lettuce; our CSA has been steadily ramping up with romaine, red leaf, green leaf, and mesclun. it's more salad than we can eat in a week. we're starting to become leaf pushers with our neighbors and friends. :)

maryblu, so saddened to hear about your puppy moving on. it's wonderful that you were able to welcome a new dog into your life! my DH lost his lab almost 10 years ago, and he's just now ready to start thinking about getting another dog.

may have booked yet another cake...back to figuring out how to get everything done again!!! it's all good, though. where's that baking icon? :) attached is a picture of my crayfish cake. cheers!

06-23-2008, 05:19 PM
thank you all for the warm welcome!! right now I'll just read the posts because I want to read that book cover to cover before I get too involved but I'm excited!! this sounds like a wonderful group!!
yeah I've been on 3fc for a LONG time, lol.. but then I've had 4 kids and needed to lose lots of weight after each one and if you ever search for me you'll see I was part of many diet threads, lol.. ww, core, atkins, etc etc my last one being SBD but it really messed my cycles up so I had to go off of it too. I think my body is starting to work against me now on weightloss which means I have to do it slowly but surely because anything that drops the weight on me too fast sends TOM into overdrive, the last one being 4 1/2 weeks long so I DON'T want to do that again, lol!!! But any hoo! I'm so excited to get to know you all better! And I'm looking forward to a program that helps with the mind as well as the physical on weightloss. Where did I hear about it? Well from here actually! I was surfing forums and looking for something that would work for me and started reading this thread! I then went straight to and read the info on the book and all the reviews there, which were awesome and I ordered it right then and there, lol... So now I'm hoping it here by the weekend so I can devour it :)

06-23-2008, 11:29 PM
Hi everyone,
Day 8 for me: Create Time and Energy for Dieting. It has taken me years and years to realize this one but I do think I have managed to make good eating and exercise part of my daily routine. The trouble for me comes when I scratch the itch (shenpa) of a craving or listen to the voice in my head telling me to sleep in instead of working out. Having a plan for each day ... as Body-for-Life suggests ... does make this much easier ... then I can say NO CHOICE and do exactly as I've planned.

Pretty good day today. I did have some challenges with DD and her propensity to do anything and everything except what she's just been asked to do, but I didn't take the bait in terms of soothing the jangled nerves w/food. A good lower body w/o today as well.

maryblu - so sad to hear about Bear. Such a loss for you & your family ... good thoughts to you. I am glad you have Karen's company to enjoy - she sounds wonderful.

Bill - sounds to me like you no longer qualify as a non-cook ;) Talk about making time and energy for dieting! Kudos to you! LOL on the cheese and crackers. A major trigger here as well. I would suggest 100-calorie packs but I hate all the extra packaging. Maybe we should invent a cracker-dispensing machine. Only 3 per day and it scans your retina to make sure you're not overindulging :P

kuhljeanie - wtg with the realization about the little one's plate ... that is a tough one for many parents including moi. Hugs also to you in a chaotic point in your journey, and good thoughts to you and your friend. I hear you on the sleep ... that is so hard when you are bound to wake up @ a certain time always. How old is your little one now?

spryng - v. cool that you found out about beck from this thread. Hmm, perhaps the good doctor owes us some royalties ;) Just kidding, Dr. Beck!! 4 kids ... wow! Major respect from me. Are the older ones finishing school this week? Do you have summer plans with your family?

Hi coastalsue *big wave*

OK, speaking of sleep I'm about to fall over. Have a great night, all.

06-24-2008, 01:43 AM
It has been a warmer summer for some than others. Interesting weather, wierd weather patterns...

I am almost feeling "survivor guilt" because we have not had the stifling heat of that bout in New England, nor the floods of Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and that whole disaster,nor the tornado disasters that killed people in other parts of MN and Iowa..nor the other really wierd had March until the middle of what am I apologizing for??? We have yet to reach 82 for heaven's sake...but that is waaaaaay OK with me. Perfect gardening weather.

Thanks to all for the thoughts about Bear; it is beyond the scope of this thread to do him full justice, but suffice it to say: a dawg who "belongs" to the whole neighborhood on the lake is a cool dawg. We were at the resort one night, and the grandkids from the neighbors on the point came walking up with a leash asking if Bear could come for dinner. "Grandma had a roast that she thought was too old, so she cooked it for Bear," they said. So, off they went with Bear on a leash....they could have just asked him, and he would have gone! I pictured him at the picnic table with a bib on, eating a roast. After a time, they brought him back, again on the leash, and, again, they could have said, "Go home", and he would have done so. Other neighbors commented over the years on how good Bear looked, if he had lost weight, etc..(He was NEVER FAT!!..after all..he was an outside dawg..and lived as dawgs are meant to live..)

When he disappeared for 11 days with his neighborhood girlfriend on Oct. 1 of 2001, neighbors helped look for him, and ultimately helped find him and Chelsea (not Chelsea Clinton.... Chelsea, his girl friend). We will never know what their adventure was, but it did involve distance, and probably human any rate, it was a neighborhood party that broke out upon their return. The story of how he "got lucky" and we ended up with Silky is another whole story in itself...another sad ending after a year of great joy with his son, Silky...another story, *sigh.

This had nothing to do with Beck strategies, obviously, but this is the one place I can remenisce and no matter how hard I am crying, I can still get the words out; even if one is an adult, thirteen years is a long time to have a dawg so front and center in one's life.

I look forward to our group discussions, as I had a stimulating day today with someone who is waaaaay into Neurolinguistic Programming, and I am working that into Beck's Cognative Behavioral Therapy as part of a new training we are doing..that is a sales training, but if you think about it...the "just do it" strategy works. Do this, and if this unexpected thing comes up,do this..I can see this working in all aspects of life..and, of course, we know, CBT was first laid out as a way of coping with pyschological disorders of all kinds..

Anyway, our first training session is August 5, so I will keep you posted!

06-24-2008, 03:58 AM

Maryblu love your stories about Bear-you have lost a dear friend of thirteen years. Sorry

Eusebius-great fun to have you back here again!! Have you master the process of looking at the Shenpa, experiencing the discomfort and then having the cravings pass? One friend does this with success-I am still working on this-any tips?

BiilBlueEyes -what are your steps to not scratch the shenpa? ever read Pema Chodron?

spryng-welcome to this site-it is a great one!!The information in the Beck book is wise but the practicing it can get tough-that is where this group is so helpful.

Kulhjeanie-you have always been a neat gal and after babysitting our grand daughter (19 months ) for a couple of days I am even more WOWed how you get so much done after being with el nino for a 16 hr day. Our gd is a complete delight but most have contineous supervision. Understand the complusion to snack on the pathic remain of unflavored food made of the baby. ick-cold, bland, minced eggs-

I guess my mood now is that of subdued exhaustion-lots and lots of company-so much meal prepping that sort of lost my appetite. Did make a killer pasta primavera tonight-great but had hours of prep of dicing, cuttting making the sauce, ect.

Friday night we were watching lightening strikes all around us-did have about 1 minutes of rain then more strikes- this has caused literally hundreds and hundred of fire in Northern Ca. In our rural county there are over 100 fires going and 40 are completely unattended as trying to save structures and more populated areas first. the air is filled with smoke and they think the burning will last 20-30 more days. The weather changes are creating such havoc for so many places. Hard to listen to the news and see what some folks are going thru.

Right now I am looking for the magic jump start button to get back to losing again which always requires I preplan and record everything. Got the paper and pencil -just starting at my empty journal. any suggestions?

take care all


06-24-2008, 06:37 AM
Diet Coaches – Skipped my gym and walk yesterday a bit distracted by severe thunderstorms as well as assessing the results of major machinery at my place removing a HUGE Norway Maple. The tree, however dearly loved, was beyond salvation due to a deteriorated root that meant that the next big wind would topple it onto MY house. Adult DS wryly noted that he was glad we hadn't disposed of him when we were done, LOL. The tree is gone, but I'll work to get back on track with some exercise today. Oh Well.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Nope, I've not yet read Pema Chödrön, except the one article I'll post a link to below. I don't have a plan for resisting the itch, it's still such a new idea for me to try to experience a discomfort instead of fighting it or denying it. Sending you mental lighting bolts to get an eating plan and an exercise plan onto that blank journal page. Sounds like you're ready to get seriously on track. You are SO CLOSE to twoderland. You could still make it by the fourth of July.

For anyone who missed the post by Erika (eusebius) a few months ago, here's a link to a description of shenpa by the ordained Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön.

MaryBlu - Thanks for the stories about Bear - quite the dawg there. I like your phrase waaaaay into Neurolinguistic Programming. The only one I met definitely fit your category of waaaay. Hope your veggies produce despite the cool start of the season.

Heidi (hbuchwald) - Waving toward the west. Hope you are thriving despite the busy end of year.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Kudos for "finally getting it" about eating yucky leftovers from el nino's feedings. I so remember those days when I'd shovel in some unspeakable food rather than toss it into the garbage. I shudder even now thinking about the possibility of a YouTube video of me stuffing half a warm hot dog. Now that's an image to stop such compulsive behavior. Love the wild dancing crayfish - thanks for posting the picture. And thank you for the kind words.

Erika (eusebius) – We'll be rich selling the Eusebius cracker-dispensing machine. Three quality crackers per day using retina scan to stop those low life cheaters, LOL. Always fresh. Different varieties available, including Rosemary infused tea crackers that recently caught my fancy and had to go to the pot luck. Takes up no more space in your kitchen than a large ATM. We can sell a sister machine to install right next to it with quality dark chocolates.

spryng - Ouch that a diet caused your body to work against you. Seems like your new plan will allow you to manage that.

Readers – "Any reasonable diet will work for you if you have the right mindset." Beck, pg 19.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-24-2008, 09:24 AM
Good Morning Coaches

Oh my goodness! I have never heard of the Shenpa. Or, even better,
scratching the Shenpa. Wow. I can totally visualize this and that's powerful stuff for me.
A shenpa to me is like the abomnible snowman. Fuzzy, furry, shaggy, you want to touch it cause it looks so soft, meet with it cause it's so strange and different... very compelling... but look out! Big teeth, big mits to catch you with and hold onto you with. But you can just notice the Shenpa and sit with it, share the same space, breath the same air, and either you, or it, will wander off eventually. Peace in the Valley and all that.
Wow. This may really help me refrain from food. I may need to paint onto canvas the shenpa in my life. If I do I'll introduce you all to my shenpa.

I'm having a good run of busyness of late. I've pretty much ignored the food thing and as a result the scale is dropping. 258 this morning. No sign of TOM for me for months now. I am 44. Is this a thing you go to the Dr with? A friend suggested I was pregnant. No. More likely the physiology I was born with that brings the women in the family The Change at an early age. OR that I have been changing up my food, jumping around from this to that and back again, and my weight goes up and down and back again along that 10lb track over and over. Add to that the mountains of stress and busyness and worry that have ebbed and flowed and, well, this stuff does affect the body, not just the mind.
Guess it is time for a checkup. I'll call today.

Currently I am working on ceramic moose heads for a new exhibit of my work in a fantastic display case. I wanted an exhibit just to be in that display case! (I put a favorite up as my avatar: The Twins)
The show is called SPECIMENS and along with the 24 moose there will be a fictional index card, telling when the specimen was gathered and all known characteristics of the animal: age, height weight, age at death cause of death. I did a mini version of this show for my final ceramics class last year and dug them out and was told I'd need twice as many for that luscious space so I just completed the clay figures yesterday. I'm firing them this week and glaze firing them this week too. Exciting! AND I made a "bonus moose muse" for a poet friend as her birthday dovetails with DH's next week (he's turning the Big 4-0 she, 47 I believe) and now this muse figure has me wanting to make more of them. And suggestions for muses you'd like to see? Any kind of muse you'd want to have?
I sure hope it survives the first firing and then the glazing. I should make a "muse of successful ceramics" or some such thing. I may be onto something here...

Sales are still rough. It's just not a good season so far. And it rains every Sunday I am out selling! I'm getting used to it. My friend is on the hunt for a discarded bike for me to ride that I won't care if I wreck. I sat on mine and yes, it did go very low on the skinny racing tires. I will wait to ride it when I weigh less. I know there is a bike in my future. It's coming.

Will check in later for personals... have to dash and meet my shenpa on the public transit system ;)
Have a good Tuesday Becksters!

06-24-2008, 05:28 PM
Hello again! :) just popping in to say hey!
yes 4 kids, lol.. they have been out of school since may 23 and the summer is going great! :) i work full time from home so I see them all day long :)
well as you know I'm doing that No S diet plan and it's going well! not even feeling hungry between meals and the one plate (child size for me) fills me right up so I'm happy with that :)
well I'm gonna go check and see if my book has shipped yet! :)

06-24-2008, 11:00 PM
Good evening all.
Today was Day 9 - Choose an Exercise Plan. For me this was easy as the Body-for-Life plan is just as detailed with regard to exercise as it is for food. I am now lifting weights 3x a week and doing high-intensity interval cardio 3x a week, with 1 rest day. It is bracing but feels great!
How did all of you choose your plans? How are they working out for you?

Cardio today and a clean eating day. I am doing a lot of near-repetition of meals which makes everything easy and no-brainer-ish. It's fun when a Grand Slam tennis tournament is on that I can follow while exercising! Go Roger, make it 6 in a row!!

maryblu - what wonderful memories you have of Bear. Your new training sounds extremely interesting, lots of potential there ... CBT definitely has multiple applications!

coastalsue - it is great to be back hearing from all of you!! I am far from mastering the shenpa, but I do find that Eckhart Tolle's very practical techniques for sensing divine energy within oneself help me. I guess the ideal for me might be to realize that the craving is the shenpa and not my realized self ... so can I be the witness to the shenpa and not identify myself with it??

Bill - sorry to hear about your tree. Whenever I hear about giant trees with big personalities I am always reminded of Tolkien's Ents. Talk about doing things slowly and mindfully! LOL on the Eusebius Cracker-Dispensing Machine!

onebyone - I just love your description of the shenpa! It sounds like a particularly malignant kind of yeti! Maybe he's really cuddly once you get to know him, LOL!

Spryng - wow, you can work from home with 4 kids around??? that is incredible! What is your secret for keeping them out of your hair? LOL!! Glad to hear that your diet is going so well!

heidi - waving to you as well!!

OK all ... it's a VERY early morning for me tomorrow ... accompanying voice exams in the big city. So I will try to sleep, though a bit wired for some reason. OH WELL!

06-24-2008, 11:10 PM
I am totally going to buy this book!!!

06-25-2008, 05:59 AM
:welcome: JennyG :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, in case you didn't get one of these when you joined earlier this month, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about Beck and how did you find this thread on 3FC?

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations

06-25-2008, 06:22 AM
Diet Coaches – Did make it to the gym even with walking home in the rain. CREDIT moi. All this shenpa talk is helping me. I became more aware of the number of distractions that I yield to while trying to get something done. Today I'll try to focus on experiencing the desire to wander off and see if I can stand it down and then get back on track. A good goal for the day.

onebyone – LOL at your image of the shenpa - why am I not surprised that you own an idea by visualizing it. Congrats on the dropping weight. Ouch for the slow start on sales this season, but the rains have to slow down. We had a cloud burst yesterday that must have dumped a full inch in 20 minutes. The clouds were just done and let go.

Erika (eusebius) – Kudos for your rigorous exercise routine. Good luck on your voice exams today.

spryng - Kudos for barreling right along on your No S diet plan. I like your child plate strategy.

JennyG - Do buy the book so you can start out right away with making your Advantages Card. Are you already under way with a diet plan and an exercise plan?

Readers – "Cognitive Therapy helps you identify your sabotaging thinking and effectively respond to it, so you feel better and can behave in helpful." Beck, pg 20.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-25-2008, 09:41 AM
Yes, I am already eating healthy and going to the gym for cardio and strength training 4-6 days a week. I actually never heard of the Beck program before, I just happened to stumble across it last nite, I am stuck, I am slumping and I think I need a change, I have been with my dietition for 2 1/2 years and I think I just need something new to get my last 36lbs off of me!!! HELP! lol. I am going to go buy this book today!

06-25-2008, 10:13 AM
morning all!

once again, (yes - be SHOCKED...) i'm really, really tired. DH got in very late last night from a business trip, and i couldn't fall asleep until he was home. DS, however, didn't get the memo, and was up crying to be fed at 5:45. sigh.

hi sue, i wish i could spend 16 hours a day with el nino! i work full time, so the mornings and evenings are about it for now (except for the weekends, but those are usually so crazy busy i'm only half enjoying them.) we try very hard to make sure that for the most part he eats exactly what we eat, and we've been really surprised by what he likes. one night he ate an entire pile of pickled ginger, and he's been known to mow through grapefruit, asparagus, and spicy black bean soup. the only thing we really have to watch is the texture, since he's only got two teeth. once he can grind, there'll be no stopping him. so fortunately his food is more or less like my food, except that it's the full fat version (hoo boy can that kid eat cheese!) and usually sort of gummed up and slimy by the time he's worked his way through it. :drool:

onebyone, love that picturing a shenpa as a woolly mammoth! mine look more like an animate little collection of surgical staples, tightening up all my insides and sort of threading up my body to my mouth; which will either open for food, or to say something i'll feel stupid about later. for some reason that happens a lot when i'm with my husband's friends. they're really nice, but they've been a group since college and it brings up a bunch of old "not fitting in" stuff for me (although they couldn't be lovelier.) i always feel like a dork when i'm with them, like everything that comes out of my mouth makes me seem really uncool. i haven't felt uncool in almost 25 years...interesting, huh? that particular shenpa doesn't make me want to eat. it makes me want to get away - leave the party or dinner or whatever. much easier to identify than the ones that make me want to eat. i like bill's word to describe them - distractions. it makes so much sense!

erika, go on with your bad self! it feels so good to get in an exercise groove. there's something to be said for momentum...and hope you got to sleep at a decent hour! :coffee: welcome jenny! and spryng, that's so nice that you get to stay home with your kids. how old are they? we're thinking about #2 - was it a huge transition from one?

DH's birthday today, so after work i'm picking up el nino and heading up to dayton to meet him for a dragon's game. hope it's not too late a night...tomorrow after work i've got groceries and need to start baking for a tasting next tuesday. wish me luck! this might be my first paying wedding gig. very exciting!


06-25-2008, 07:02 PM
afternoon all! :)

I was so excited when I checked the mail today, there was a book!! opened it up, tearing it open with my teeth! LOL!! but it wasn't the Beck one, darn it!! maybe it will be here tomorrow. No it was the book FATA$$ no more, how I ate cheeseburgers and fries and still lost weight. Real name of the book btw,lol.. well it's a good read but I think I'll stick with the No S diet, I'm loving it so far :)
But my day is going great! Work went by fast. I listen to audio books as I work and I've been totally engrossed in my new one. So that makes the day go by faster :) my two youngest go to daycare while I work, they are a handful, the other two (8,7) have plenty aroound the house to keep them busy so they don't distract me much. I just take breaks to check on them, make lunch etc but they mostly play outside which I can see from my home office window which is really nice :)
and kuhljeanie, yes it was a big difference from 1 baby to 2, but my two oldest are only 11 months apart so that makes a big difference,lol.. it was like having two infants. Moving from 2-3 was a breeze but 3-4 was a trial!!! didn't realize how hard it would be. but now that my baby is 2 it's much easier :)
Jenny, I hope you like it here! I just joined as well. I ordered my book off of amazon but am still waiting for it to get here :) in the mean time I'm doing my diet plan and getting to know these lovely ladies :)
Erika, so you just started the Beck plan 9 days ago? how are you liking it so far? I did body for life last year and it was really hard for me, I ended up selling it. It was too low carby and as I've said in previous posts those really mess my body up but I've seen great sucess in others!!

what weightloss plans is everyone else doing in accordance with beck and I saw she encourages us to have a backup weightloss plan as well, what is it if I may inquire?

06-25-2008, 07:34 PM
Hi everyone,just checking in,Welcome JennyG and spryng!! Been busy with work and kids and everything.Tonight my son agreed to go to the Y with me for the first time since summer began so I will be getting my workout in.Good food day today and no sweets this afternoon at work,first time in a long time.Some co-workers work on crossword puzzles in our down time and I never liked them but about a week ago I started working on some.Today I worked on the puzzle in the afternoon when we were not busy instead of thinking about afternoon sweets.I am not so great at the puzzles yet but it kept my mind occupied.I get alot of fitness type magazines in the mail and I usually have one of those with me also.I read the magazines and cut out recipes or articles that interest me and then I have two binders.I put recipes I want to try in one and fitness tips,workouts,motivational pieces in the other binder to refer to.
I am searching now for a good set of overall exercises to do at home with 3-5 lb weights,fitness ball and ab roller.Need some strength training to do at home since I am never getting to the Y this summer.I have the bike and treadmill at home for cardio and the very cold pool in the yard.

kuhljeanie-I really is difficult to organize everything when working and having a family but it sounds like you are doing a GREAT JOB.I too am working 4-5 days a week and try to get some healthy foods into the kids and it is not easy.

eusebius-Sounds like you have this step[exercise plan] down.I was doing well with 3-4 day swimming laps before school got out and things got jumbled up.My son is my swim partner and he was practicing for the swim team and always wanted to go.Once we opened the pool at home he announced he was not joining the summer swim team because he wanted to stay home and play with his friends and swim team is a 5 day commitment.I would not force it on him but I still want to get there a few times a week.I have options at home too but I have been lazy.

coastalsue-Just Do It,get writing that journal and don't give yourself a choice.I mean that for myself too,I have not been journaling either.

BillBlue Eyes- "Any reasonable diet will work for you if you have the right mindset." Beck, pg 19. thanks for the reminder.I was thinking of an article I saved to figure the number of calories to maintain your current weight and then to lose weight.My calculations came to 3300 cal to maintain my weight.Do I really eat that many calories in a day? Bet I do due to the sweets.So even if I ate 2000 calories the formula says I will lose.Any resonable diet can be followed for 1500-2000 cal a day.

maryblu-Enjoy your nice weather,I remember you posting about so much ice and snow not long ago.

06-25-2008, 10:32 PM
Hi everyone - just a quickie tonight as I was up at 5 and am melting away.

Today was Day 10 - Set a short-term weightloss goal. This one I like very much and still have my 5-lb weight tracker in my sig from last time. I know there is still part of my mind that isn't fully giving myself credit for these 5-pound increments but that's all part of the shenpa. ... those staple like creatures, Jean! Love it!

I was exhausted by the time I got home this afternoon but still pushed on and did an upper body workout. Now I'm dead and cranky but my arms are stronger LOL!

spryng, I have done Beck before at least in part but I decided to start up again along with BFL. I do include all my complex carbs though. If I start plateauing I may cut them back a bit, but so far I am having a whole grain with most meals. that is great that you have everythiing so well worked out with your kids!

hi wendy!! good to see you again!!

Welcome Jenny, my hometown is Saint John NB and I'm a Mount Allison grad. I love PEI!! I haven't been back there in so long that I have yet to drive on the Confederation Bridge! I am sure you're going to love the Beck program and all the fantastic people in this group. Congrats on your fantastic weight loss so far!

Bill - great job getting to the gym despite the rain! Facing down the shenpa is really such a great practice. But I'm not sure if I want to wave a red cloak at it, LOL! We are the yeti matadors of 3FC!!

OK, as you can see I've totally lost it now. Night all!

06-26-2008, 03:37 AM
Evening All,

onebyone-i loved the moose-mooses and flamingos-long legged and awkward-just love them. wish I could see your show-great pic of the twins.

Sprying- you are amazing to work with 4 children. My diet of choice is counting cals-gives me the most flexibilty, really learning alot about different cals of the foods and more about portions as have been weighing/measuring my servings.

Eusebius-your exercise plan sounds great. I swim 3-5 days a week and keep meaning to add weight lifting-lent the DVD and need to get it back. I also use alot of repeat meals-especially breakfast and lunch and dinner is generally protein. a high fiber carbo and 2 veggies.(plus occassional yummy wine)

Welcome JennyG-you have a great weight loss-Bet Beck will be the tool to help get the rest off-lots of good ideas in the book-plus this site is great.

Kulhjeanie-Much good luck on your wedding order-. Heard the cost of baking has really gone up recently-keep the pics coming.

Wendylan-Well I finally starting writing food plans down and counting the cals-not fun but really not that hard. Have you and could you use a "noodle and those foam weights in the pool at home?-understand not wanting to drive as much (each trip to the pool runs me over $2.25 a trip in gas. Our gas in town is $4.75 a gal and has been that for over a month. know there are books and tapes for water areobics-good luck.

BillBlueEyes-thanks for the link to Pema-notice your fine computer skills in that you can put those two dots (umlouts-sp?) as needed in her last name. I'm still working at just getting pics up here. Sorry about the loss of the tree-it will take awhile to get adjusted to it's absent.

Well I have started making a daily menu and recording all that I eat. I have a sense of dread that soon I'll feel deprived and less sponataneous about food. That irrational force to overeat (harm my health) along with a mindless moments of eating followed by self anger at overeating. Been pondering the info in shenpa-It is very difficult for me to acknowledge/ to feel my internal tension-Often mis eating is driving by a sense of panic with a complusion to eat more or switch planned foods for caloric snacks. I did fine today but this reoccuring pattern does slow my loss down so much-just a matter of time when I start that crazed mind wrestling over food again.

take care all

06-26-2008, 07:01 AM
Diet Coaches – Removing a large tree from a city lot changes the shading dramatically, as DW says, "alters the eco-system of the neighborhood." Just noting the places with direct sunlight that were previously shady. A period of mourning to process.

At a meeting of only four people, two boxes of Dunkin Donuts munchkins were prominently in the center of the table, brought by the leader with expectations of making us all more comfortable. I had one - the first in a looooong time. Oh Well. I regularly avoid pastries at meetings as I initially did these. But I guess some combination of the small setting, few people, or leader's expectations tipped me. Afterwards I concentrated on not having more, and didn't. CREDIT moi.

Did a long walk after work, stopping for 2 pints of blueberries at 2 for $3 - a super price. CREDIT moi. DW had earlier bought 2 pints, so we face 4 pints of blueberries for two people. Life is sweet.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Ouch for that "sense of dread." That's the kind of stuff that I hope to use the Beck strategies to fight. Kudos for getting that thought out in the open so it can be dealt with.

wendy (wendylan) - Big Kudos for substituting cross word puzzles for snacking; that's right on Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - LOL at el nino gummy up the cheese. Good luck with you wedding cake prospect.

Erika (eusebius) – Now that's a great image, "We are the yeti matadors of 3FC!!" Will work today at waving my red cape at the shenpa disguised as a charging woolly mammoth. [Looking for my LARGE red cape, LOL.]

spryng - My eating plan is my own simple design of what I figured I would like to eat for the rest of my life. I let my body choose the weight that matched that intake. Since I lost my weight before I discovered Beck, I had to add a second plan, so I chose calorie counting.

JennyG - Kudos for already eating healthy and seriously regular exercise. Beck should be a big help in getting unstuck.

Readers – ”Cognitive Therapy teaches people how to solve problems, and dieters can have lots of problems. For example, have you ever strayed from a diet for any of the following reasons:

• You finished all of the food on your plate but didn’t feel satisfied."
Beck, pg 21.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-26-2008, 09:22 AM
What is the advantages cards? Should I start them right away? I bought the book but I am just starting into it....I think it may be the help I needed!!!!

06-26-2008, 10:52 AM
morning all,

still tired...but wanted to briefly check in and say hello. dh, ds and i went to a dayton dragon's game last night, and were asked to participate in the between-inning toddler race on the field. what fun! my guys are on the right, kid in blue. also managed to get my butt to the gym yesterday, against all odds. what an internal debate that was...yeti matador wins battle against shenpa staple monster! hiii-yaaa! i know i said it earlier this week, but man, i love you guys. what a great conversation!:goodvibes:

hi jenny, an advantage card is just a card where you've written the advantages of losing weight. it's a basic beck thing to do and to have, and you develop all kinds of cards to help remind yourself of what you need to do and why you want to do it. bill, wonderful work with the doughnuts! the first one is always the tastiest. the second and third ones, not so much. good luck with the berries. have you considered making a syrup or sauce with them? spryng, i'm calorie-counting with the dr. oz diet as backup. years ago i did the michael thurmond six week body makeover, which worked beautifully but turned me into a cranky, compulsive Dieter with a capital D. onebyone, can't wait to see all the mooses! your work is really fun. sue, i know where you're coming from. even though my eating is 85% on track, i haven't been doing the planning and checking off what i eat, and i'm not being honest about it with myself. i have this sort of rationale that says that i've been dieting so long, i don't need to do it anymore, i already know how to eat to lose weight. which is partially true - but i'm not losing weight, so really i just know how to maintain without a written plan. erika, fabulous kudo on the strength training. i'm going to exercise today with the idea that i'm training to battle my shenpa through not resisting the discomfort. nice!

have a great day - i'm taking tomorrow off for a me day. need to nap and get a pedicure and eat sushi. ahhhh. cheers!

06-26-2008, 12:46 PM
Good morning coaches

That attractive badboy of a shenpa was luring me last night to eat. But since I could see what was going on, I turned my back on him and ignored him and he went away. Specifically, I had had my supper, was trying the No S plan on for size yesterday (thank you spryng for bringing that simple to follow plan to my attention) and since it was 9pm, and the day did not begin with an S I could not have a snack as that is what that would have been.
I decided I was very tired and went up to bed instead. Had a long good night's sleep.

I'm not sure where I am at in my weightloss plans. I'm sort of floating about, not committing to anything and certainly not writing down my food which helped me out immensely when I did do that. You see, I filled up all the pages of my Beck book and when it was full I stopped.

OMG. You know what? I am going to deal with this artistically. DUH. The shenpa worked cause I can see it; I can visualize the idea. I need to make myself a weightloss focusing book of some sort. Yes. Wow. I have never even thought of creating my own journal for this. Wow. Gee you guys. Don't let me off the hook on this! Please ask me how that journal's coming along okay? I need the gentle reminders to do it.

And so. I found out that the ceramic room floor, studio and kiln room, will be completely redone at any time. Hmmm. All loose materials on all shelves must be dealt with and moved out. YIKES! My 10hr a week job will double in hours. Oh yikes. Talk about your shenpas. Once the July 1st holiday passes I have to start tossing the stuff out of the room, major cleaning and re-orgainzing and with the loss of Penelope my boss and the only ceramic teacher in the school gone by then (she's officially at her new job July 1st) that makes me, a veteran of only THREE ceramic classes ever(!) head of the studio until the new hire shows up whenever they hire them. Possibly September. I don't try to think about this. I will just do what needs to be done. the tough part is balancing all of that with getting stuff ready for the weekend markets, for trying to figure out what the heck will sell this year, and for continuing posting to my blog, and my etsy shop and getting ready for special local art shows like the two or three arts in the park coming up in July and August...and now this small job may take up a few weeks of my making-things time. it means I have to, yet again, DO MORE (I feel the shenpa awaken here). I'm really not a born multitasker. I actually need three days off in a row to feel good. I enjoy lots of downtime where I do nothing for days and days. I am very far away from that schedule. Very far. OH WELL. NO CHOICE. Not scratching that shenpa. I've chosen all these things. I can back out too, but choose not to.

Sorry to gripe. Didn't mean to. I'm ready to make a plan for myself again though. And that my friends is progress.

Have to get back to it.

Enjoy your day...

PS. Welcome new Becksters! Love reading your posts!
PPS. I am going to add another S to the plan for me: No standing while eating...or Sit and eat always... Becksters we get this one eh? very important.

06-26-2008, 04:55 PM
Quick question? When it says under your post Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!..... does that mean you all met your goal in 42 days? lol, maybe thats dumb but just wondering! (

06-26-2008, 05:10 PM
Hello it's me again :)
just a quick post from me as I'm about to head out to do a TON of errands now that I am off work.. no book yet :( was really hoping it would be here today, but maybe tomorrow. And yes what are those cards you encouraged us to fill out while we are waiting for our books??
well, sorry to post and run but I'm late! :)

06-27-2008, 12:18 AM
Good evening yeti matadors! Olé!

Today was Day 11 - Distinguish Between Hunger & Cravings. I am actually finding this much easier than I used to. And I find now that the higher protein levels in my diet mean that I no longer have the drastic low-blood-sugar spikes I used to experience, which made me feel hungrier than I actually was. So things are stabilizing quite a bit in that department. Thank goodness!

Also high-intensity interval cardio again today ... I ratcheted up the speeds just a tiny bit, by .1 mph for each interval ... baby steps ...

I think perhaps I have not been eating enough for my activity level, particularly in the protein department, so that my body is in a bit of a starvation mode. I am going to try and tweak things a bit that way.

coastalsue - your exercise and diet sound great! I do highly recommend weight training. I have noticed immediate improvements in my energy level and also in everyday tasks, like lifting groceries and opening stubborn pickle jars. WTG on recording your daily menu ... I completely know what you mean about the sense of panic and the mind wrestling. It can be so overwhelming and it's hard ... but possible! ... to separate from those feelings and witness them.

Bill - good job eating only one munchkin (or, as they are universally known this side of the border, Timbit). I think they have about 30 calories in them so I wouldn't worry too much! May I have some blueberries please? Thanks very much (burp).

Jean - Now I am visualizing you as a proud matador wielding a giant staple remover! LOL!! Enjoy your lovely day off! You definitely have earned it!!

onebyone - awesome tactics. Turning your back might not work on a bull but it definitely defeats the yeti. I think the visualizing book is an absolutely brilliant idea and even something you could publish later on!! As a freelance musician I totally feel the crazy uncertainty of your work situation. Last term I was loaded with extra responsibilities at the university when my full-time, now tenured colleague went on maternity leave (something i wouldn't even be entitled to!) I got all her students and her masterclass, and a bunch of her other duties fell on me as well, still on one-fifth of her salary, this at the same time as premiering a concerto. Doh! The shenpa got me! you are much more aware now and can use this wisdom to your benefit.

Jenny - I think Bill made a sort of tracker for his progress on the 42-day Beck program, which he completed a while ago ... but this was actually already after he'd lost all his weight and was working on maintenance ... am I on the right planet there Bill? :)

spryng - the advantages response card is basically a list of all the reasons you want/need to lose weight. you write out the list on a 3x5 card (mine is a memo on my phone) and read it several times a day to remind yourself of your goals and how important they are to you. It really helps!! Also many of us have posted our lists to this group as a sort of accountability tool and a prompt for discussion.

Hugs to all and to maryblu, wendy, heidi and anyone I've missed!

06-27-2008, 06:53 AM
Yeti Matadors – The big deal for me in Program-day 11: Differentiate Between Hunger, Desire, and Cravings was becoming aware that Desire wasn't hunger. In particular, not only was Desire for seconds not hunger and that it was rather easy to avoid by not having the serving dish on the table.

Did my weight session at the gym. CREDIT moi. Small things: deliberately thought about the spoonful of granola and fruit I was eating to avoid thinking about the next spoonful. CREDIT moi.

Really enjoying the matador variations here. Perhaps we need to extend the Beck program to include Program-day 43: Mix Your Metaphors, LOL.

Jean (kuhljeanie) - Kudos to your yeti matador for defeating the shenpa staple monster, LOL. And Kudos to you also for getting to the gym even though tired. Thanks for the picture of el nino. And thanks for reminding me that the second munchkin wouldn't taste as good as the first anyway.

onebyone – Alright already, go buy yourself a notebook for recording your food log, LOL. I keep mine in a Microsoft Word document, but pencil and paper should suffice. Ouch for the extra work in the ceramics lab. Kudos for standing down the Desire to eat after 9 PM.

Erika (eusebius) – Kudos for increasing the exercise speed. Neat that you adjusted your diet with protein to level off the sugar spikes. Thanks for the word Timbit, that's new to me. As kids we called them donut holes, which I prefer since there must be negative calories for consuming a hole. [e-mailing blueberries]

spryng - I suggest that you wait until you get to the program days in the book before creating your Advantages Card. It's not a rush thing. For me, I created my list of advantages once, and have subsequently revamped it at least a dozen times as I come to realize what's most important for me. The book gives a list of examples, most of which were appropriate for me in my first list. Keep the faith; Amazon will deliver, LOL.

JennyG - Nope, not right away. After you finish the first four chapters which, for me, were some of the most important of the book, you'll get to the 42 days of the program. Program-day 1: Record the Advantages of Losing Weight is first. That's when you create your Advantages Card. As Jean (kuhljeanie) said, reading it daily keeps us reminded why we want to stay on our eating plan and exercise plan. I keep mine in an Excel spreadsheet where I also keep my checklist. I've read my Advantages Card daily and checked off the checklist daily for the eight+ months I've been doing Beck.

As Erika (eusebius) noted, I created my "program days completed" tracker when I first started, to encourage me to complete the whole thing. I couldn't figure out how to convert one of the standard trackers into counting from 1 to 42, so I just rigged this one. Even though I was working the program every day, it took me 74 calendar days to complete the 42 Program-days, taking more than a week to do the one day exercise, Program day 12: practice Hunger Tolerance, and several days on others such as Program day 27: Master the Seven Question Technique.

Readers – " … have you ever strayed from a diet for any of the following reasons:

• You felt upset and thought that eating would make you feel better. …" Beck, pg 21.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-27-2008, 02:21 PM
Afternoon all! :)
ok so today I'm off work early, got on at 4 am so I could finish by noon, I don't do that very often, lol..
ok, so today is going great OP.. but last night was not the case. Did great all day but after my errands I was ravenous! I didn't binge or anything but I defintely ate more than one plates worth, lol.. but today it's going well and I'm proud that I've done this well this week :)
erika sounds like you are doing great! yeah I have hard time determining craving vs desire too. like last night I was satisfied at one plate but it just tasted so good I kept eating, lol.. not good!
billblueeyes yeah I'm trying to exert some patience, lol.. not easy for me ;) but maybe it will be in the mail today!!! (keeping fingers crossed) I'd love to spend the rest of today reading :)

06-28-2008, 12:20 AM
Well, I am on day 4, and I love this book!! I also joined weight watchers today, so I think I will be back on track in no time!! I am so excited, I have some advantage cards wrote out, they are great, it really goes to show how many times u don't eat sitting down, which is now my new goal for this week!!
hope you all have an excellent weekend, I'm going to Celebrate Canada day from now til sometime Tuesday nite!!

06-28-2008, 06:53 AM
Diet Coaches – My walk was to Whole Foods to buy bananas. CREDIT moi. Small things: bought smallish bananas rather than the largest I could find, just because that's the size that made sense for me. Previously, I always bought the biggest driven by that same feeling that wanted more of everything. CREDIT moi.

Read an article in Gourmet Magazine on how to make marshmallows. I now know how. Consist of sugar syrup blended into cold water with a little gelatin to hold the air, with some vanilla extract for flavor. Nothing more. I really want to make them just to watch the transformation. But I don't particularly want to eat them. I haven't bought marshmallows since my kids needed them to burn over a fire. I could add then to hot chocolate but I don't drink hot chocolate in the summer. Actually, I don't drink hot chocolate in the winter either. I could keep them, "separated by parchment paper, in a sealed tin container for up to two weeks." And then throw them away. Oh Well.

spryng - Kudos for "doing well this week." Amazon will deliver your Beck. [Sending patience.]

JennyG - Boy oh boy, isn't it a surprise how often we eat when not sitting down. I'm still working to remember to not pop the last spoonful of whatever I'm serving into my mouth. Or, blush, to eat from my plate while carrying it a few feet to the table. Kudos that you're already on Program day 4: Give Yourself Credit, and Kudos that you've joined Weight Watchers. You're moving on.

Readers – " … have you ever strayed from a diet for any of the following reasons:

• You were too tempted by the sight of food when shopping at the supermarket. …" Beck, pg 21.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-28-2008, 12:35 PM
morning all!!!
It came yesterday!!!!! yay!!!! I was headed out the door to run errands for the afternoon so I took it with me and read while dh drove. I am so psyked!!! I'm still in the beginning of the books so I haven't got to any of the daily things to do or think about so hopefully I can start on that tomorrow.
But anyway, today has gone well so far. I'll be away from home the rest of the day so hopefully there is no straying involved. Chat with you all later!

06-28-2008, 03:03 PM
Hi everyone,

Big wave to all-Our internet service has been very erratic, but there is alot going on in our area-many, many forest fires on coastal mountains-burning for over a week now-most all homes so far have been spared. The fire have resulted in horrible air quality in many part of Northern cal. Being coastal we are better than most and the town has many vistors escaping poor air in the valleys. Basic game plan is for people to remain indoors and don't exercise outdoors to avoid irrating the the lungs-so it is bye, bye swiming for the next 2-3 weeks(this is how long they think the fires will lasts.)

Check in as our server will allow
take care

06-28-2008, 10:13 PM
Hello Diet Coaches,

Haven't checked in for a while. Have been drowning in work. One person on my team on medical leave and a position vacant for the last month. Replacement starting on Monday. Worked til midnight 3 days in a row, then had to cook at a company picnic. Went home and crashed and slept 11 hours.

I am having trouble seeing the advantages of losing the additional 10 pounds or so that I need to lose outweighing my desire not to be on a diet. In fact, I think I was doing better when I was just focusing on the skills of the 14 days and not considering myself to be on a diet.

There is something about trying to follow all of the different rules, especially reading the advantages cards every day, that I think is tipping me into all or nothing thinking. If I don't follow all the rules I feel like I'm failing.

I tend to go off track when I become exhausted, and this last week at work has taken it out of me. Maybe I'll go back and read the "Get Back On Track" chapter.

06-29-2008, 06:38 AM
Diet Coaches – Small things: At 5:30 pm on Saturday, DW gave me the challenge to procure 2 (and only 2) 100% whole wheat hamburger buns for Boca burgers. Seems that the nearest supermarket sells them in packages of 8 or 12, which of course we could freeze and then toss when the freezer burn and ice crystals make them inedible. The two local bakeries both close at 5, so the obvious choices are eliminated. Using trusty bike, I made it to three places still open. Only rolls being sold as singles were dinner type rolls with nuts and raisins- not Boca burger compatible. Last place had ciabatta bread rolls that are deadly good, but no whole wheat at all. Settled on a whole wheat baguette. Problem solved. CREDIT moi. Life must be good if this constitutes my report to my Diet Coaches, LOL.

Sue (CoastalSue) - Ouch for no swimming due to the environmental problems in Northern California. Hope it clears soon.

northwest - Ouch for the workload; perhaps they should give you the salary of the unhired person until she comes on board. Kudos for identifying the "all or nothing thinking." Can't fix it until you recognize it. My sympathy for feeling that the list of things to do on the Beck plan are onerous. I feel that Beck understates the time it takes to: record today's food, plan tomorrow's meals, read Advantages Card, and check the checklist. After the 42 day program is complete, she suggests that they don't need to be performed daily, which should help. Although I have one standard meal plan, I still do the food recording, check list, and Advantages Card daily. But, I admit to suffering from the fear of sliding off the mountain with any small slip. Sending you warm support for finding your balance that gives you the support you need without undue burden.

spryng - Glad you got your book. Interesting thought, "I'll be away from home the rest of the day so hopefully there is no straying involved." Are you saying that you find it easier to stick to your food plan away from home than when you're at home? Just wondering if that's true for others. For me, it's easier to stay on plan at home - I think because there are no surprises.

Readers – " … have you ever strayed from a diet for any of the following reasons:

• You were too tired to cook, so you opted for fast food instead …" Beck, pg 21.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-29-2008, 07:46 AM
I had temporarily put Beck on hold because I had to return my library book even after I'd renewed it. I just bought a copy, and I also picked up another book called The Thin Commandments Diet.

The author, like Beck, is a therapist. He's also got a proven track record of success with his patients (about 50% maintain their weight loss for years). Anyway, I really enjoyed reading it. The body of the book is very compatible with the Beck approach -- all about mindset and behavior. I think it really helped me to look at the problem of weight management differently.

The book is not in any way a substitute for Beck. It does not contain a behavior modification program. It does contain a separate diet plan, which I am ignoring. But I would highly recommend reading it. It reached me in a way which Beck did not, with the same basic message.

06-29-2008, 09:14 AM
Good morning Beckies - I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Mine's going pretty well. I weighed and measured this morning. Scale weight is the same but bodyfat % has gone down 1.4% and I lost another inch off my waist. So this plan is working!! Now the challenge is to stay off the %^&* scale until next Sunday ;)

I've also been doing Days 12 and 13, dealing with hunger tolerance and cravings. I did the skipping lunch exercise back in January and it taught me a lot so I didn't feel the need to do it again. I do recommend it though. As for cravings I've been finding that our talk about shenpa and awareness has been helping me immensely. My cravings lately are lasting about 20 seconds, if that. Go Yeti Matadors!!!

Spryng - WTG getting back on track with your eating!! Glad your book is finally here ... have fun reading!

Jenny - Happy Canada Day *waving flag* Glad you are enjoying the book! I know you will get so much out of it.

Bill - your creative powers are being tested with the hamburger bun episode ;) Good job!!

coastalsue - That is a major bummer about the swimming. are there any indoor pools around? or do you not use those?

northwest - I totally understand your dilemma. it has happened to me all sorts of times! The all-or-nothing and perfectionist demons have so often controlled my brain. I find it helpful to write down EVERYTHING I have to do, w/o exception, or get a service like vitalist or to send me e-mail reminders, and then (easier said than done) think only about the task at hand. It is so easy to get overwhelmed thinking of all one must do and as a depression sufferer I know that sometimes I just have to go one inch at a time, one weight rep at a time, one Beck task at a time. Keep in touch with us and let us know how you are feeling.

yoyoma - Thanks for the book recommendation! Sounds like it's really worth checking out. BTW you're not a cellist by any chance? ;)

jean, wendy, heidi, onebyone and anyone else I've missed - big smiles & waves!

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

06-29-2008, 09:31 AM
No, no, I'm not plugged into music at all. I'm just a yoyo dieter and part of my motivation for trying to stick with this for the long run is to be a better role model as a parent. Actually, I'm looking forward to the day in the far future that I can ask the moderators to change my user name (to something like MaintainenceMom)!

06-29-2008, 07:30 PM
Evening all! :)
ok so I have been submersed in the Beck Book, it's so informative and interesting! i've already written out my response cards, etc.. I'm far into the book but of course I'll do a day by day of Beck as I go on here so I can spend 24 hrs on each day :)
Erika, 1.4% is awesome!! you are doing great!! Yeah I've been staying off the scale too, I'll probably weigh this thursday since I'll be out of town all this next weekend for my brother's wedding and such.
yoyoma, what is the basic concept of the Thin Comandments? is it low cal? low carb? etc? I just love hearing about different plans :)
Billblueeyes, no I find it easier to stay on plan at home. When I go anywhere else and I have no control over making the food or what it's served on is a challenge for me. But this weekend has been ok since the NO S diet allows you to eat more and have desserts on the weekends(days that start with S) so it's been good :)
Well I can't believe the weekend is almost over! dreading another long work week :( but at least it's only 4 days.

06-29-2008, 09:21 PM
Spryng (and anyone else curious), the diet he outlines is low-carb, I guess, but frankly I'm not paying attention to the diet itself. He does say at some point to use whatever diet works for you and provides references to several including WW, Jenny Craig, etc.

The body of the book is about 10 "thin commandments". That's just a gimmicky way to organize the content, but there's a lot substance behind each of them...

1-Strategy is stronger than willpower.
2-Think historically, not calorically (eg trigger foods).
3-The problem may be the food, not you.
4-Structure gives control
5-Separate mood from food.
6-Take control of your favorite foods.
7-Slips should teach you, not defeat you (my favorite).
8-Stop feeling deprived.
9-Treat your calories like dollars.
10-Losing weight is half the job (maintenance).

If any of those intrigue you, I can flesh out more detail.

06-30-2008, 05:47 AM
Diet Coaches – Had the opportunity to practice patience without using food. I stuck my neck out and did a good deed, only to get trapped for about an hour longer than I expected before I could extract myself. The whole hour was spend in the presence of attractive cookies while I was stewing about my predicament, feeling helpless, feeling like a victim. Lesson learned: when feeling sorry for myself, cookies feel like the solution. I had a huge Desire for cookies. I deserved them. They would make me feel better. A handful would be a good start. Cookies are my friend.

My response: I choose to have exactly one - per my plan. It tasted like a cookie. I had to deal with my feelings otherwise. For not eating the cookies, CREDIT moi. For being such a novice at dealing with a situation I created without wallowing in the feelings of a victim, Oh Well.

Erika (eusebius) – BIG Kudos for 20 second cravings - now that can be dealt with. (Up with that one can put?) Reminds me that the worst part of being a new father was when I was trying to walk my fussy son to sleep. Doing that for an hour or so wasn't so bad, but doing it without knowing when, of if, it would end was just miserable. I agree, Program day 12: Practice Hunger Tolerance was one of the greatest exercises ever. It really surprised me how easy it was to skip a meal and how quickly the hunger just went away.

yoyoma - Neat that you've found another source to help develop your Cognitive Behavior Therapy strategies. I particularly like "1-Strategy is stronger than willpower." It reminds me that I eat on plan when I have made a plan in advance and have made a commitment to it. Then, eating on plan is rather automatic. When I make food choices on the spot according to my mood, it's easy for me to just wander into the food forgetting about bounds.

spryng - Kudos for getting your Advantages Card done. Care to share with us your big ones?

Readers – " … have you ever strayed from a diet for any of the following reasons:

• You were too polite to turn down the dessert that your friend baked. …" Beck, pg 21.

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations!

06-30-2008, 07:18 AM
Matadors olé! I can't believe we start a new thread tomorrow already. I guess I'm getting older because time is speeding by. Si jeunesse savait, as they say ...
OK I'll stop being pretentious. :P

Anyway, yesterday was free day (on BFL you get one free day a week to eat whatever you want). It wasn't quite the depth of debauchery of last week's free day, but it was pretty bad by any normal diet standards. Which is OK! It's part of the plan. But I think they will gradually be normalized as the weeks go on. Maybe just a couple of treats and some wine.

Yesterday was Day 14: Plan for Tomorrow. That was easy as I'm already supposed to do that with BFL, but I still think it's a powerful tool. Being able to say NO CHOICE, as Bill did when faced with dozens of cookies, is like a laser beam that focuses your brain and keeps you on target. Just another Yeti Matador Weapon!

Bill - Now I'm starting to wonder if the shenpa's fur is blue and he says stuff like "Me no can stand it, me want COOKIE!" You were awesome, major kudos to you. And also good karma for your good deed, though you didn't feel terrific at the time. But it is great that you didn't stuff the feelings with cookies!

yoyoma - that's a clever name then :) We have something in common for sure - the desire to present positive role modeling for our kids!! That's on my Advantages Card. Here's to the future Maintenance Moms! I went and checked out The Thin Commandments on and there was quite an extensive preview. Good stuff! I will definitely consider picking that up in the future. A lot of it intersects nicely with Beck.

spryng - the book is fab isn't it! I always want to do all the days at once so I can use all the cool techniques.

Ok ... back to eating clean and upper body workout today. Day 15 here we come! Here's to a great week everyone!

06-30-2008, 09:56 AM
Good Morning Beck Coaches One and All

O Glorious Day Off!

The ceramic room cleaning I was dreading happened unexpectedly after my last post. All of a sudden the flooring guys decided they were doing the ceramic room, not the print room and could we empty it all out please. In one day. And the short day at school too: Friday. I was told Thursday afternoon. I had my doubts but efficient workers that we are, they gave me two helpers and we finished 1.5 hours ahead of time. And I did not get distracted and also completed my moose in the kiln for my exhibit that begins the afternoon of the 2nd. I have all the framing and support materials to make for the exhibit today and tomorrow but that's nothing compared to making the things themselves. And along the way I got inspired to do a whole line of "moose muses" (see my avatar! I'm so excited by this! I made it a birthday gift for a poet friend who shares her birthday with my DH on the 3rd. The right antler broke off because of my own carelessness and the left leg broke off casue something beside it in the kiln blew off and knocked it off. But it just adds character to it and gives it a feeling of being ancient. I love it. I want to make more!)

I also finally got my TOM on the moving day. It's been absent for 4 months. Thought I was pregnant there for a bit *phew!* but no, just The Change. it really messed with me. All the feelings of TOM and nothing else. O well. Yet another reason to make that Dr appt I still haven't made... okay just tried and they are off today (day before Canada Day holiday here--I got the day off too--they closed the school today :carrot:YAY :carrot: or I'd be there by now). Will call on Wednesday for sure.

Now today I am buying my food journal. I realized I'd better come back here and ground myself and post because I found myself going to the Flat Belly Diet on the net and considering doing it! FAD. FAD. FAD. Egads. I can't afford another fad diet much as I desire a flat belly! I need to do what works for someone with over 100lbs to lose. Right now I am confused by that for sure. I am hoping my journal will help me get right with this, and like you BillBlueEyes, I want a plan that is right for me that I can just follow and not have to drastically change as time goes on. I refuse to call it a lifestyle as this word is meaningless to me, but a food plan that I can live with and feel good about following. I'm going to really try to figure this out for myself without the distraction of "losing 30lbs in 6 weeks" or going for that "flat belly". It's going to be very un-sexy whatever it is. The Sensible Shoe Diet not the Red Stilhetto 6" Heels Diet.... though, I must confess:rolleyes: ... I hope one leads to the other!;)

While at the bookstore today I am going to look for the book form of the BDS. See if I can find it and bring that home with me. Newbies, you really only need the workbook so don't panic if you don't have the book book. I just want to add more fuel to my fire so to speak.

Better go. It is so nice to be off work today!

Everyone enjoy your day too!
Will check in again later...

06-30-2008, 11:57 AM
happy monday all!

i may have written earlier about how i'm sort of half on/half off the wagon these days (which i've come to recognize as an accomplishment in and of itself.) might sound crazy, but maintaining my exercise routine and paying attention to what i eat (but not actually doing meal planning or calorie counting) has been really interesting. i haven't gained, haven't lost, and since i've been religious about tracking my food, i found out something. the last few weeks i've felt not quite out of control, but not "controlling" my diet. just watching (observing actually) what i eat when i don't have a plan laid out, and working on eating to satisfaction but not beyond (met with some success, but not always.) based on my calorie burn (thank you, sensewear monitor!) over the course of the last 3 weeks, my calories in vs. out has been, get this, almost exactly the same number. obviously the food journal isn't 100% accurate since i don't weigh everything, and the monitor can be off 8% in either direction, but i'm the same weight, so apparently - my body is smarter than i thought. kind of amazing. and kind of cool that i'm able to stop actively working to lose, without being on a frantic binge or falling into the abyss of the couch. craziness! thank you, doc beck. :)

i do still have 50 lbs to lose, though, so i probably ought to take a few minutes from self-congratulating to get back on track and start getting somewhere with them. my current weight has been my stopping/plateau weight for about 7 years now. i get above it and can work hard to reach it, but then i lose steam. dh and i are now actively discussing when we want to start trying for nino or nina #2, and part of me thinks "why bother trying to lose weight now, when i'm just going to get huge again?" thinking mistake!!! onebyone i know what you mean about the fad diet mentality. if i want to lose weight before i get pregnant again, i should do it really really fast, or not bother at all. sigh. :)

just some things rattling around today...hope everyone is doing well!

06-30-2008, 02:21 PM
Hi Everyone!! A start to hopefully another great week! I have finally learnt to credit myself, I am proud - Yesterday, I passed up ketchup chips (my fav) and twizzlers, at different times of course, AND I sat down to eat every meal I have had since Saturday morning!! Credit Moi!!! Kuhljeanie stay on track chicky, you have come so far with your weightloss, you can reach your goal!!! Hears to another great week for us all!!

06-30-2008, 07:18 PM
Afternoon all! :)
ok, so today is going well. I have dinner in the oven and I'm starving which I should not let myself get, but none the less my mind is saying when it's done to eat eat and eat some more, lol.. but I know once I have my one plate and a large glass of something to drink it will pass and I'll be fine :)
Well I'll try to get back on tonight and get more personal, and yes Billblueyes I will share with you all some of my reasons for losing weight that are on my cards :)

07-01-2008, 02:24 AM
Hello all...would you mind if I join your group..I am doing the BDS and am on chapter 2. Thank you.

07-01-2008, 05:49 AM
:welcome: angelmomma210 :welcome:

Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Discussion Group, Support Group, Diet Coach Group.

And, in honor of your first post, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about The Beck Diet Solution and how did you find this forum on 3FC?

Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve met your goal. Congratulations

07-01-2008, 05:51 AM
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Completed Beck Program-day 42. You’ve Met your goal. Congratulations!