Support Groups - Back In Kindergarten #46 (starting over)

06-06-2008, 09:20 PM
:welcome2:to the Back In Kindergarten thread!

"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

You are welcome to join us in our chatter about life and our weight loss journey! So please grab your coffee/water/diet coke or whatever your drink of choice is, and pull up a chair and join us! :cofdate:

06-06-2008, 09:31 PM
Ok, I think I have been watching way too much SATC dvd's.....I so want a cosmo right now,.,,,,and I miss my McD.
I walked 3.5 miles today and as soon as I get another ticker up I will reflect that.
I need to go get Gaby a toy from Freddies and I am going to pick up a People mag. My hot Friday night. *snicker*
Rach went camping out in central 2 1/2 hours away. She will be back Sunday. we hope. lol And tomorrow is the big parade here in Portland.
Oh, I think I wrote in a lost post that I rode on a pooper scooper a few years ago, that was fun. Maybe that is why the server crashed?? lol

anyway - new thread, new tickers...we are kicking a$$!!!

06-06-2008, 09:35 PM
Some inspiration ladies..

Btw..I put on my jeans today, and they were feeling a little lose. Not so loose that they could fall off though. And my underwear is feeling a little loose too. The sides keep trying to slide down, lol. I've been a size 13 (jeans) and wore a L (undies) ever since freshman year. I'll probably have to go down to a size 11 pretty soon huh?? This sucks though..I own a billion pairs of undies and they're all the same size, lol. Omg, I can just see Fonzo's face when I tell him that I'm gonna need smaller underwear. And what do you do with all the underwear that doesnt fit anymore?? Do you give it to Goodwill or throw them away?? Omg, that would be just a waste to throw them away. They're all from Victoria's Secret & Fredricks of Hollywood!!! I spent a good amount of time & money buying my underwear. LOL!!! I'm feeling a little sad about my underwear now, lol. I cant wait to buy new pants though!!!!

06-06-2008, 09:41 PM
Francie -
Let's go to the gym!! :)
I don't think you give undies to I have seen bra's but never undies. I suppose while losing weight we just buy 1 pair at a time?? lol.........jk. I have a flat butt,what do I know....:carrot:
Since we are chatting clothes my 8 Levi's are loose now and I can wear my 6's until lunch, after lunch I am full and have to take them off. lol
anyway, I promised gab a toy, better get going to the store!

06-06-2008, 10:41 PM
Wow...I tried to get in here all day. I am laughing because it took me so long to do my I have to do it again. :)
I only got 2 miles in again today due to this bad weather.

It is starting to storm again, so I am off the computer. See you all tomorrow.

06-07-2008, 12:34 AM
Hello ladies...

Missed you all! Glad we (3fc) are back online...what would I do without you all? and all your underwear, lol! I am the opposite...I have a drawer full of smaller ones, lol. Not sure when I bought them all and why they are smaller, lol. But ya...unfortunately I don't think anyone wants used panties, lol. Hope you have lots of books to read for tomorrow!

SUSAN...I remember you riding the pooper scooper, lol! Sorry you are missing McD :hug: WTG on the loose jeans...size 6 eh? I can only dream of wearing a 6 and you will be at 145 in no time flat!

SUE...same here...took forever to do a ticker yesterday and went and did another. Hope the storms aren't so bad. I know we have had our share of them and I have had enough, lol. I suppose it will stop soon enough. :crossed:

I think my weight ticker is wrong but I am too lazy to go look at the calendar and see what my weight is, lol. I have to weigh in tomorrow anyway so...I'll change it tomorrow. Hoping I don't show a gain. Kind of watched the food this week but thinking for some reason I still didn't do so well. We'll see...did get my exercise done today, and then some, lol. tomorrow. NIghty, night ladies!

06-07-2008, 03:53 AM
Well it sucks that you cant give away underwear. Mine is so nice..but I can totally understand why, lmao. It just would be a shame to throw it away, lol. You know..I still have my very first bra. Its a AAA!! LMAO!! I cant believe I was ever that small. I remember being in the first grade, and I just couldnt wait until the day I could wear a bra and have boobs, lol.

Okay well..I think I might finish my book I'm not sure yet. I'm dying to know what happens..but if I read it now then I wont have anything to do tomorrow besides clean. Ew, lol.

But ya..the power outage is between 7am to 3pm..and I'll be on as soon as the power comes back on, lol. I have an addiction to the net, lol.

06-07-2008, 03:54 AM
Where the heck is Sassy?????????

06-07-2008, 10:10 AM
Okay..I woke up at 6am because my cats are little demons disguised with cute faces. I wasnt actually gonna get up..but I figured I might as well eat some breakfast before the power went out today. So thats what I'm doing right now. I'm eating a really big bowl of cheerios, which should hold me off for a couple of hours (I hope). And I took out some jelly for a PB&J sandwich later, lol.

So ya..I dunno what else to do right now. So I think I'm just gonna hang out with electricity until 6:57am, lol.


06-07-2008, 10:44 AM
Good morning, ladies!

I too am up bright and early. Had it planned to get up at about 6'ish and be out the door for my walk at 6:30 but Ernie dog had other plans. He needed to go potty and I could hear the clinking of his tags at 5:30'ish, ugh! Needed my extra 30 minutes, lol. He did a quick lift of the leg last night around 9 p.m. because he was spooked...some dummy had some big fireworks going off...too freakin early for that! I've been up since then, did 3.5 miles this morning and will do my weights later, had breakfast, and have been on the computer for a little over a hour...ha, maybe I will get something done today! The plan is to read, read and read!

Today is my WI and not sure if I messed up but forgot to weigh until after I had an energy drink...doesn't matter...I don't have to change the ticker, lol. I am up a pound from two weeks ago...guess it could be worse. But forgot to WI last Saturday because of being busy with Cambrie, so don't know what I was at then.

On the agenda for today, like I said above, I plan to get lots of reading done. finally finished Under The Banner of Heaven...freaky people I swear. DS gave me a book he got in the mail, Inspriational Romance, lol...some place wanting him to sign up and get more...he didn't want it of course so gave it to me and I started it, it's actually not so bad. I'll finish it today and start another...thinking, The Doctors Wife, we'll see. Also have a couple of loads of laundry to do and that's about it. Pretty relaxing, lazy day. Everyone is at work so it's just me and the doggy.

FRANCIE...enjoy your electricity free day, lol. Hope it's not a hot one so you don't burn up. I too have an addiction to the net, lol! I have to force myself to stay away from the basement...that is one reason the computer is down there. You still have your first bra? I can't even remember that far back, lol.

HIYA EVERYONE else! :wave:

I'll be back later to chat when everyone else wakes up, lol. I always forget about the different time zones we are all in.

06-07-2008, 11:37 AM
Good morning..

My pedometer kept resetting on me, so I have to guess at steps for now. Too bad about the least they were able to save most of the data; what an awful thing to have to deal with on a Friday. I made it to 6 am step aerobics yesterday! I haven't done that in awhile and my body seems to be holding up ok. I am going to aerobics again this morning...I estimated 3 miles for classes. I really need to get a good quality pedometer so I can work on getting my total daily steps up to 10000.

Cristina - mornin'! I'm up, but not early enough to make it to off to aerobics I go. Your miles are awesome...I'll never keep up with you and Mindee. I read Under the Banner...and I agree with you. I felt just icky and needed a shower after reading that book. I have to say I thought it was extremely well written and I read that Jon Krakauer the author takes in the "lost boys" from FLDS and helps them get on their feet after they have been shunned by the group. I have alot of admiration for that.

Francie - why is your power off? I am addicted to the net too, so I would be hopeless in a major power outage. I do keep an old style touch tone phone around "just in case" at least I could yak on the phone. If your undies are well-laundered, they might be welcome at a women's shelter...just a thought. They probably want donations of new undies, but never hurts to ask imo...I give all my dd's old clothes to a cousin who is a bit younger and her mom doesn't care if there are undies or swimsuits in the bag. She knows everything's getting washed thoroughly. I can't believe you have your first bra!

Susan- yay for the smaller sizes! I haven't seen a size 8 since I was in high school! Sorry about missing McD...I think a night with SATC and People magazine is just the ticket. Make sure there's some wine around :) Keep watching SATC, sooner or later all the men act like a$$es, so maybe then you won't miss him so much, ha (jk)

Hi Sue - wtg on the miles!

Hi Jules, Sassy, Mindee and Tammy! Hope you all are doing well...

I finished up my project yesterday, today I send it off and wait for my check - yippee. My nano also arrived yesterday so today I will play around with that a bit, and set up some music on my shuffle so I can give that to my daughter. fun stuff. Other than that the day is filled with errands - bleh, but better get them done. Things will calm down when school is out...then I'll be bored -so go figure.

06-07-2008, 12:31 PM
Hi all...I kept popping back on yesterday to read and post...i am glad we are all back. When I went to the local gym there was nothing working out that looked liked that (or maybe I would still be going....)
I need to go get my ticker done for the 300 miles but I don't have time right now--this will be just a quickie...

It's my 20 year anniversary today (we lived in sin for two years before that--both kids and my mom went with us to the courthouse) Hubby says we should play the lottery 6-7-8 since we got married in 1988 and this is 2008. Nothing special planned...just playing with the baby.

BBL for indys!! Love, Me

06-07-2008, 01:38 PM
Okay...I am never going to catch up or keep up with you ladies and the walking. I HAVE to get a pedometer NOW.
We keep getting these darn storms that keep me in the house...and off the computer.
Today is just plan nasty. LAst night we went to the local (new) casino for dinner and to play a bit. They called a tornado warning and got us off the machines. DH and I just hied it home. I won $65. woohoo..

Another darn storm.....grrr.

06-07-2008, 02:57 PM
Cristina~Its a cold day here..yet again. But I couldnt get back to sleep. I really did try though. I put my ipod on, and put it kinda low, and had the window open all the way..But it just wasnt working. I need it seriously cold in the bedroom with both fans & the tv on to fall asleep properly. Yes..I still have my first bra, LMAO!!! You gotta know something though..when I moved, I brought all my bedroom furniture with me. I've had it since I was 10. And last year I got really bored and cleaned out the drawers finally..and found my 1st bra in the bottom drawer, lol. Its only been like 13 years since I first wore it, lol.

Katy~Twice a year, they have a scheduled power outage. Its to make sure everything is still working properly. Its a bunch of BS, and I hate it, lol. I've donated swimsuits before..I dunno about the underwear. I was them with this stuff they sell at VS, so they're pretty nice still and in very good shape. Maybe I can make my butt bigger and lose everything else. I mean, JLO can do it, why cant I?? lmao. Oh..and my 1st could be an eye mask

Jules~Happy Anniversary!!!!!! LOL about living in sin for 2 years. Fonzo used to stay at my house whenever he was in town (this was when he was stationed in SD). I wanted to move to WA with him w/o being married..but my mom wouldnt allow it, lol. She suddenly turned all religious on me and wanted us to get married so we wouldnt "live in sin". LOL!! What is the 20th anniversary?? Like silver or something?

Sue~That is so scary about the tornadoes. I'm glad you're okay!!!

OKay you can already tell..the power is back on, lol. Omg..I was having the worst morning too. Like I told Cristina, I couldnt get back to sleep. Last night, I was feeling really shaky and panicky..but I just read through my panic, trying to keep it from getting worse. Well..because I got so little sleep..all the shakiness and the panic came back when I woke up. I couldnt relax for awhile. So I put my ipod on super loud (seriously, my ears are still ringing, lol)..and I cleaned the entire kitchen. It only took a half an hour!! WTF!! LoL!! So I threw away some junk mail and walked around from room to room for a little bit. Then I finally just opened the window in the living room..sat down on the couch and forced myself to get lost in the book I'm reading. It really worked..but whenever I stopped..I started shaking and started to panic too. I laid down on the couch once to see if I could fall asleep..but I just ended up panicking more and when I started to tear up, I forced myself to read again. I got lost in the book for awhile until I realized I read like 10 pages in 15 mins. That was the first time ever I really hated being a speed reader. So I started playing with my cat and reading at the same time, lol. And hey it worked. LoL!!! But like..after sometime my cat got all sleepy on me and fell Then as I was reading, I dozed off too. I only woke up when I heard the power come back on. neck is so stiff right now. I'm gonna go to bed in a little bit. I wanna keep reading my book..I'm almost done. But why push it?? I dont wanna make myself get worse right now.

I'm kinda glad I didnt have to walk to the store in this cold weather. I started feeling sick yesterday. It was probably allergies, but who knows really. Honestly though...I havent felt this alone in 2 years. It sucked so bad. I hate being alone with my thoughts. They are not good at all. Its what causes me to panic. I need noise to distract me. Plus I was all paranoid from watching Dateline last night, lol. Why did they have to do a story on kidnapped females last night?!?!?! Ughhh..thats all I need to think about before I sit in my room alone at night, lol.

Anyways..I'm sooooooooooooooooooo sleepy, so I'm going to bed. TTYL!!

06-07-2008, 04:04 PM
Happy Saturday!

My new McDreamy!!! His name is John and in my research he is dating Bo Derek, but that is dated information because he is mine now. I can sooooo be a stalker -lol. He plays Aidan in SATC and I might go pick up My big fat greek wedding because he is in that too and Northern Exposure. Isn't he dreamy??

Sue - I need to get a pedometer too. If I spread what I want over a few days it makes me feel like I am not spending a lot of money. So, I will go today and pick one up. It would make it easier just to go out and walk and not have to guess at the distance.......btw -I walked 84 miles yesterday, I am guessing, of course. lol ...jk. Lame joking around.

Jules - Happy Anniversary!

Cristina - I have some pic's of me in the pooper scooper, wearing this frilly dress and hat. It was rainy that day and my hair PUFFED up and I looked like a poodle, can't believe I went out in public like that. lol You're so good on your walking!

Katy - I was drinking wine last night, that was how Gaby snagged a $14 dollar toy at Freddies. I said "suuuuuuure, anyding you vant babeeee".....I bought some Sleep max and went right to bed. Woke up at 1am to noise next door and decided to clean the apt. Went back to bed at 4am and here I am! lol Doing laundry and Gabster goes w/ her father at 2pm. Want to go to Powells and browse around.

Francie -:hug::hug: have you tried writing a journal? That might help when you are alone....course I just come here and chatter and that helps when I feel alone. My kitty decided 2am was a good time to get frisky, he kept racing around the apt and playing with hair ties. lol

anyway - I better get off my arse and get productive!!! Chat at you all later....

:wave: to Mindee, Tammy and Sassy!!

06-07-2008, 04:16 PM
fricker fracker!

I just updated my ticker and now it isn't showing up! even my avatar isn't showing up!

I will have to go and fix that quickly....we have a graduation party to go to so I have to get the kids and myself ready for that while Tommy is in the shower.

06-07-2008, 04:17 PM

06-07-2008, 04:19 PM
LMAO! that cracked me up!

06-07-2008, 04:23 PM

06-07-2008, 04:25 PM
Susan~He's still dating Bo Derek and he made a country album. I loved him so much on Sex & The City (the green hornet, lol.) and in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Omg..he was so sweet in that movie!!! "What do you mean he dont eat no meat?!?!? Thats okay, I make lamb" lmao!! That is my fave line from the movie!!! Oh no wait..I like it when she tells his parents about her twin, and the horrified look on their faces, lmao!!! I'm gonna have to watch that movie right now.

06-07-2008, 06:27 PM
OMG Susan, where do you find these? I LOVE that one...if I had had a gun a couple of weeks ago that would have been me :lol:

I'll be right back...have some potatoes that should be done, making potato salad for dinner with some BBQ ribs in the crock pot. Took longer to read the posts than I thought. BB in a few.

06-07-2008, 07:33 PM
Okay, potato salad is done, and pretty good, or I am just hungry!

MINDEE...such the cute avatar...the boys are getting so big! Have a nice time at the graduation.

SUSAN...yeah, it is quite the hottie! Loved him in Northern Exposure! Have to see the pooper scooper pic, lol! You are a cute pooper scooper for sure, lol! And WTG on the 84 miles :lol: That would be quite the walk wouldn't it? Couldn't even imagine that many miles in a day, ugh, my feet are hurting thinking about it.

FRANCIE...glad you survived the power outage! Hope you are feeling better. I agree with Susan, when you start feeling like that jump online, there's always someone to chat with somewhere.

KATY...yeah, that book made me feel icky...I got lost trying to figure out the freaking family tree! I just couldn't imagine living like that. WTG on the exercise/miles! Well, I have to confess about the miles & ladies have such busy lives with kids and all and I don't so that gives me lots of free time with nothing to do. I figure I might as well do something good for myself. Or at least I think I am doing good...keeps me busy for sure. But I do get tired of it...just think it's in my head and now I don't know how to slow down, lol.

JULES...:celebrate: HAPPY 20th ANNIVERSARY to YOU! :celebrate: Enjoy that baby! Saw Ry's newest pic on your myspace...he is looking does he like the haircut? Looks so grown up!

SUE...we are supposed to get more storms tomorrow and Monday, ugh! I think we have had double the rain/storms this year. Got some crazy stuff the other night...and then the elephants running thru town, lol. Hey, you're doing GREAT with your walking! And WTG on the $65!!

HIYA SASSY & TAMMY :wave: Hoping all is well with you two!

Well, I didn't get much reading done, lol. Did get some...spent too much time on the computer earlier and then went upstairs to boil some eggs and fold some clothes and got interested in a movie...watched Soul Food, love that movie. Makes me miss our big family dinners growing up.

Have a good evening ladies! :hug:

06-07-2008, 09:08 PM

06-07-2008, 09:20 PM
Back for a second!

Mindee- I am sure you will have a blast at the graduation, can't wait to see the pictures. Agree w/ Cristina the avatar w/ Logan and Brandon is adorable!

Cristina - Oh, no I didn't look cute((but you are sweet to say so...)). I will rummage around in my picture boxes and see if I can find the pic, I can copy it and send you snail mail, I don't want that thing on the net. :yikes:
My wonderful idea of 10 miles on the weekend went down the drain. Who wants to walk 10 miles in a day?? Not me.....I did 2 and felt fine w/ that. lol
Potato salad sounds yummy!

Clips are photobucket,,,,,I know I sent you this one but it still cracks me up...

Francie - I like Bo Derek, I guess I will share him with her. What are you doing today???

Sassy - Where ARE you??

I am going to pick up Beck and we are going to Powells , I think I will get the book that SATC is based on (????) there a book?? I think there is...anyway, that or Certain Girls.....
I bought a New Balance pedometer, I need to figure out how to work the darn thing. I forgot what Katy a cheap one or don't buy a cheap one?? So, I bought a 12.99 one, couldn't bring myself to buy a $19 one that had a cover.....and I have to measure my stride?? :?: Why is everything so dang complicated??? lol

better get, chat tomorrow!

06-07-2008, 09:41 PM
Hola! I know, I know........I have been MIA. I just honestly have not felt like posting....................Just been just feelin I dunno blah. Not sad or nothing, just blah. lol. I haven't done nothing! Well I did clean the fans (ick) and vacuum and did some laundry but that is about it..............Just not much energy......I think its the heat. Just ZAPS the energy right out of ya! So I have been bein' lazy and watchin my Little House On the Prarie DVD's. lol. Real Productive, eh? lol.

UGH I dread going back to work tomorrow night. Next week is my long week.........:p (4 nights - 46 hrs) Oh and the wonderful dayshift girls on my team have been talkin' trash about the nightshift. (which includes um me) I was very very close to walking out one morning last week, but I didn't because I need that stupid job. But I was very very close. If we didn't have the car and motorcycle payment, I think I would have!!!! Oh well, hopefully it won't be for long. DH had his test for that out-of-state job on Thursday (the 5th), we should hopefully know if he got it in about 2 weeks. So lets keep our :crossed: If he doesn't get it, I am seriously looking and getting the you know what out of the he$$hole. lol.

Anywho. I haven't had much of an appetite lately, I suppose it is from the heat. If that is the case, then maybe I should move to Miami or something! lol. That is their secret down there! Its just too dang hot to eat! lol. I did eat an icecream cone, in a waffle cone I may add. :drool: It was soo good! It was just plain vanilla soft-serve, but it was good! I don't eat much icecream, so I think it was ok! lol.

DH has been doing good, a lot better than me! He has been eating a lot of fruit and not drinking pop. I am the "bad girl" lol.

My in-laws just had their 37th Anniversary! :yikes: I hope dh and I can last that long without killing one another! lol.

Anywho, I guess I have rambled on long enough. Guess I had to make up for lost time, eh? lol. :blah: Don't ya just love my Signature? I just love it! lol. Isn't the cat so me? :lol:

Take Care!!!


06-07-2008, 10:27 PM
Cristina~I ONLY felt like that during this effin power I couldnt get online :( LoL!!! What book are you reading?? I ended up finishing mine today. Now I just have to wait for the 2nd book to arrive. Grrr..I hate slow mail. I should've ordered it days ago.

Susan~I love that one!! Omg..its too funny. Where do you find these at?? I finished my book, and then slept for awhile. I woke up once to check my email, lol. And then I went back to sleep, lol. I think I'll order a movie On Demand tonight. What about you? Oh ya..Sex and the City is a book..I've read it (of course, lol) I didnt really care much for it though. Thought the show was way better. I still wanna read Lipstick Jungle. I love that show too. Cant wait for it to come back this fall.

Sassy~WB!!! :hug: I love Marie in your sig. She's so cute. "Because I'm a lady, thats why" LoL!! I agree with you about the heat. When I lived in Az..I was always tired from the heat. Of course, theres no heat here, so I dunno why I'm always asleep, lol. Maybe it makes the time go by faster. I used to love watching Little House on the Prarie. But then Mary went blind and it just got corny, lol. I will totally keep my fingers crossed that your dh gets the job!! Ya..I want a waffle cone now. And a corn dog too. LoL!!! Congrats to your in laws!! 37 Me & Fonzo are barely gonna be celebrating our 4 year anniversary in December, lol. We're like rookies compared to them, lol.

So ya..I finished my book, took my nap, emailed Fonzo, read the gossip on Perez, checked myspace, checked 3FC..and now I'm out of things to do. I guess I could go check the outside mail. Or maybe make something for dinner. Except I'm not really hungry. My stomach hurts for some reason. I'm gonna order a movie to watch at 8 or 9. So I have time to kill. Its moments like this where I wish Fonzo was home to keep me busy. Of course, I just wish he was home in general, lol. This month is going by super slow.

Oh I just remembered...I bought this picture frame that says.."Proud of my Sailor" So now I have to find pics of Fonzo to put in it. Its really cute too..I'll post a pic of it when I've filled it up. Ohhh..and there was this display case at the NEX that I really wanted to get for Fonzo. Its where you can display all the Navy coins that you have. And Fonzo has several I really wanted to get it for him. But it was like $70!!! And I really wanna get him another one to display all his medals too. Oh ya..have I ever shown you guys my shadow box?? Its sooooooooo beautiful. I havent hung it up, because it needs screws or something strong to hold it up. And I cant be putting put holes in these walls. But I'm totally gonna hang it up in our new place.

Anyways..I shall go now.

06-07-2008, 10:49 PM
Heres my shadow box!!

My wedding bouquet was cut in half, and freeze dried. The extra roses are the ones she cut off from it and freeze dried as well. Plus, it has my pretty wedding invitation. I LOVE it so much. This is probably something that I will not be packing when we move. Its going to go in the trunk of the car because its fragile, and I dont wanna risk it getting broken.

06-08-2008, 12:06 AM
Hello...I walked a mile in between the raindrops. Was lucky to get that.

I didn't do much today as I felt pretty well worn out for some reason. I did make potato salad Cristina. Great minds think alike. :)

Talk more tomorrow. Ciao..

06-08-2008, 01:21 AM
Hey guys, I am new. Just joined today. I was reading your thread and you all sound like a great group. Do you mind if I join you all. Clara

06-08-2008, 01:26 AM
I just had to say good night!

Sue - :hug: Hope you are able to get some rest tonight!

Sassy - My fingers are crossed that your DH gets some postive results on the out-of -state job. It is nice to see you back posting! Take care of yourself :) - we missed you.

Francie - I love your shadow box, how beautiful. I saw Lipstick Jungle at Powells but went w/ Babyville by Jane Green. Certain Girls is still hardback and I couldn't bring myself to buy a book that cost $15.00.I get everything off of Photobucket. I search for *diet* or *weight loss* and get those pictures.....I love the site. Take it easy tonight, remember we are here for you :)

Cristina & Jules - If you guys make it to Portland we HAVE to go to Powells, it is such an awesome place for books.

I am going to go home. I think I will read for a bit and go to sleep. I miss my Gaby so much. She was able to wear jeans today for the 1st time. It has always been so hard to dress her in pants because of her tummy. My mom bought some Unionbay jeans and Gaby was so excited that they fit this morning. I will get here back tomorrow at 2pm and I am guessing Rach will be coming home from camping. Last day of school is Tuesday, let the fun begin!!

k- night all :)

06-08-2008, 01:31 AM
Welcome Clara :wave: we would love to have you post here! Look forward to getting to know you, have a good night and chat more tomorrow!

06-08-2008, 01:53 AM
first off, welcome Clara! It is nice to see some new people in here!

just popping back in here.....

we had a great time at the graduation party! if you are on myspace, I put up the pictures from the party on there now.

06-08-2008, 01:55 AM
It's almost midnight here in Texas. I would like to know how I can post a ticker. I'll be back tomorrow to continue getting to know you.

06-08-2008, 03:03 AM
Grrrr :mad: I was typing and I lost the effin page!!! Then I had to restart my comp. :mad:

Welcome Clare :wave: Looking forward to getting to know you!!! :grouphug:

Susan~I didnt care much for Babyville. It sorta made me angry, lol. I still cant read Certain Girls. The way the daughter thinks makes me angry, lol. If you want, I can lend you my copy. I took your advice and got out my journal that I started last year. The last time I wrote it in was in October 2007, lol. I put a post it to mark my new entries. I probably should just buy a new one..but this one is still brand new, lol. And I've started so many journals and never finished writing in them, lol. I havent filled out an entire journal since high school. I guess my life isnt very interesting anymore, lol. I have my whole dating history with Fonzo written down in 2 journals.

Mindee~I love your avator..too cute!!

Well..I did something bad tonight. I ordered a pizza, breadsticks and a diet pepsi. The diet Pepsi is GROSS!!! Ugh..I've never ever had a diet soda before, and I dont think I ever will again. I watched Elizabeth: The Golden Age tonight. It was really good. Clive Owen is yummy!!! I love his voice!!!

I found this pic of Fonzo..and I'm so jealous. I want his collar bone!!! I hate that he's so naturally skinny. He's so yummy..I cant wait till he's home...

I'm gonna watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding after the news..YAY!! LoL!!! Plus..I'm gonna work on my picture frame too.

06-08-2008, 04:00 AM
Okay..heres the picture frame I was talking about earlier. I realize that the eagle's head is cut off..but by the time I noticed it, I had put all the ends back on And it took me forever to get the pics straight, and I'm cranky now cuz I kept messing up, lol. So I'll fix it before Fonzo gets home. But it is..

I think Fonzo will be kinda annoyed by it though, lol. He doesnt really like all the Navy stuff I keep around here. I have his pic in a Navy snow globe and it plays Anchor's Away. He thinks its kinda corny (not the song, just the snow globe). He puts up with it though, cuz he knows I like all the Navy stuff. I'm sorta kinda hoping to put the frame in our baby's room. If we ever have a baby..

06-08-2008, 12:47 PM
Hey all,

Since I saw Francie shared hers (very pretty), here are mine, my mil did them for me shortly after we were married:

The Top one is a shadowbox, it has my DH's boutonnière, our wedding invitation, our party favors and a piece from my bridal bouquet. the bottom one is a special frame that my mil found a year or so before our wedding, it is really cool, it is the size of a regular frame, only the plastic bubbles out so you can put stuff inside, so it has my bridal bouquet, which is made out of silk flowers, (my mil made mine and my girls flowers too), our wedding invitation and my wedding veil in there.

Speaking of weddings, what was you and your DH's wedding song? Or if you are un"hitched", what is you and your significant others song? How did you come up with that song? Or if unattached: what is your favorite love song and Why? Just for fun!!! :D

Ours is "Its Your Love" Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. It was the very first song we ever danced too.....:love:

I guess I need to go to bed, but I am not tired and don't wanna go back to work tonight. :p (I know you are shocked about that one. :fr: lol.) It wouldn't be so bad if I left at 7 am like I used too before they changed my hours, but being there until 9:30 am is torture for me because I have to hear those nasty dayshift girls. I swear it is like being high school all over again! lol. Anybody got some good ways to drive people insane at work (without getting fired)??? Please pass them on!!! I work in a callcenter, just FYI.....Maybe since we got a new manager (was announced Thursday), our hours will change again and hopefully I can leave earlier again and/or maybe he will move the dayshift girls back upstairs, even I can keep my fingers :crossed: anyways. Please give me strength to get through this week, its my long one......:p Thanks and have a great week.


06-08-2008, 02:52 PM
popping in here since it is extremely hot outside! yahoo says that it is 91 we are staying inside in the cool air conditioner!

Now, I wish I had done a shadowbox with all my stuff. But I did put some of my special things in a dark tote. I put my dress in the tote as well. My aunt made it for me so I want to keep it. Plus, if we ever renew our vows, I want to be able to wear it again! (hopefully being a lot smaller in body size this time)

Our wedding song is "Amazed" by Lonestar. It was the first song that we ever slow danced to. Plus, it came out around the time that we started dating.

Francie~ That is a very cute picture frame! And, I think that would look great in a baby's room!

We watched parts of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" the other day.

06-08-2008, 03:16 PM you have to post some of your wedding pics..because I wanna see them :p I love your shadow boxes!!! You have a very pretty bouquet. I should put my veil in mine. Its just sitting in this bag I had with me when I got married, lol.

Mindee~I love that song "Amazed" and thats saying alot because I dont listen to much country, lol. I wish I had my wedding dress with me. Its still at my cousin's house..although, she probably sold it or ripped it to shreds by now.

Our wedding song was "Come What May" from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. I thought the lyrics were fitting for us. Who knew they would actually ring very true later on, lol. Our actual song is "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King. Actually...we have a ton of "our songs" but that one is #1. Our other songs are Come What May..So Happy Together~The Turtles..PS I Love You~The Beatles (most of the Beatles' love songs our "our song" lol) and I Got You Babe~Sonny & Cher (even though they broke up..its still a great song). Hmm..I just noticed that most of our songs are

2 of my all time fave love songs are "Something" by the Beatles & "Time of the Season" by the Zombies. Omg..whenever I hear either of them, I have to turn it up so loud. I just go crazy for those songs!!!!! "Something" is beautiful and "Time of the Season" is just plain out sexy, lol. They do not make good songs like that anymore.

Oh ya..Fonzo really liked the picture frame. I was worried he wouldnt, lol. But he thinks it would be cute to put in a baby's room.

06-08-2008, 03:38 PM
Good afternoon gals...It is a hot one here too, and the humidity is awful. I am staying indoors like Mindee. It is only 86* here though. I just can't be in the sun at all, and the shade isn't too comforting. We usually sit outside in the morning or evening.

Mindee- Love the boys' picture. Glad you all had a good time at the graduation party. We didn't have any to go to this year since my darn GS who should have graduated quit school. Thankfully he is talking about going back.

Sassy- Don't you hate how some people can't grow up and leave the high school drama behind? Believe me I know women MY age, which is a darn sight older than you girls, and they still act like drama queens and gossips. It's almost funny in a sad way. Something lacking in their lives to have to do that.

Francie- Cute picture frame. And the shadowbox is such a neat idea too. Hope your Sailor boy gets to come home soon. Hey, don't stress out about the drive. We've gone cross-country at least 3 times and it was fun. There is so much to see. And if you are not on a strict schedule you can take your time. The first time my DH had everything planned out and we zipped right along. Only stopped one night and that was not good. After that I told him I would fly and he could drive unless we took our time. I won and we had pleasant trips after that. We found reasonable lodging and my best tip is to find motels with breakfast included. It is so much easier to eat before you get on the road for the day. One less meal you have to worry about. Plus, if they have fruit you can stick an apple or banana in your bag for a later snack. Make sure you have plenty of water in a cooler and you will be fine.

Susan- Thanks, yes, I did get a good night sleep. Feel much better today, but this darn heat is keeping me indoors. I should be getting lots of housework done, but I'm not. :) Hope your girls get back home to keep you company.

Cristina- I don't have kids to worry about, but I still don't get as much exercise as you do. I think you have to be dedicated, and I clearly am not. LOL. I was upset that we lost the last few days of 3fc since I was going to look back to the 1st and see how much I had walked. I know DH and I walked 2 miles twice, but I started my ticker on the 5th...sadly, I am doing poorly. I can always find an excuse. "Oh, I have a hangnail...I can't walk today." :dizzy:

Katy- I never did get my profile at Goodreads up or any info about my books on there. You do such a good job! Hope you have fun with the kiddos this summer.

Jules- How is your week-end going with the baby? My "baby" GS who is 8 will be here over the 4th of July. I'm gonna get me lots of hugging.

Clara- Welcome to you. You have come to the right place for laughs and support.

I feel like a complete slug today...staying in the cool and reading. I finished another Fern Michael's book, 2 this week. I think that is all the ones I have about the Sisterhood, and just missing one from that series. I need to get my behind to the book store and find the missing escapade. Then I have 2 shelves full of books to keep me busy for awhile. I can't pass up paperbacks at garage sales or the library sale.

I have a beef stew in the crock-pot and told DH I would bake him a cake and biscuits. I guess I better get my rear in gear.

06-08-2008, 04:25 PM
Just a quickie for now....I have to go claim my unemployment for the week!!lol

Clara -
Some Ticker information: Weight tickers you click on the User CP to that is located to the left of the screen and go down to Settings & Options and click on Edit Signature. It will open a window to how to make a weight ticker.

Hope that helps. I think there might be a so called *trail period* before you can do a signature though, not waiting 30 days or your first born child in return for a ticker....haha, jk.

Welcome again!

06-08-2008, 04:34 PM
Clara - Just some more info ((cut and pasting from Suzanne on another thread)), looks like you do have a 30 day you have to do 30 post (??).....anyway,sorry about that! :)

Signatures are restricted for 30 days / 30 posts due to a massive problem with spammers that sign up and abuse the signature feature. So we had to restrict it.

But time flies and we hope you'll stick around :)

06-08-2008, 04:57 PM
Thanks for the welcome. The walking challenge looks like fun. Can I join in? I will keep track on

06-08-2008, 05:09 PM
Happy Sunday!

I can't wait for Monday to come, get back into a routine and all.
I did not have a good morning, Starbuck chick was so rude I could have gone ballestic on her but I have self control. haha.
I went in there minding my own business to get my morning java and pick up a Sunday paper. She asked me how I was doing and I said I would like a grande coffee. She replies "that is not what I asked"...
OMG- am I required to tell her how I am doing?? I want my coffee, I don't wanna be her buddy. :mad:
I said through gritted teeth "I am fine, I would like a grande."
I must have looked pissed because she said "relax, it isn't personal"...

Ok, whatever. I just wanted my coffee and not in the mood for anal small talk.

Next I went to Noah's to get my bagel with mustard and turkey and the lady at the cashier read it back to me and said mayonaise. I said no, it was mustard. She said.."ya, mustard"..and rang me up. I asked "does it say mayonaise, because I want mustard" ....and Noah Chick is so bloody rude and said like the true bagel snot she is...."I wouldn't let them get your order wrong ((tsk,tsk)) it was my mistake, it says mustard."

Ugh....maybe it was me. ......I can't imagine. :?:

Clara - Sure join us in the walking challenge!

Mindee- Love the pictures! You guys always look like you are having fun and Marissa is a cutie sitting in her stroller.

Sue - Beef stew sounds good. I always miss Gaby, I miss Rach too. It will be nice to get them back today. I was meeting Gaby's father at the pool so she can swim for a bit.

Francie -

06-08-2008, 05:20 PM
popping in again!

I took some things to the dumpster with Brandon, and the humidity seems to have died down some.....BUT it is still flippen hot out there!

Francie~ That is good that Fonzo likes the picture frame! It always seems to happen like that......that you get something that you think that they won't like and then they turn around and like it on you.

Sue~ We have a college graduation party next Saturday and then we are done....for now. It is a lot of fun to take the kids to places that we haven't been in a while, and it is a nice change of scenery for them and us.

SuzieQ~ I hate people like that! They urk the heck out of me!!! Did you see the one picture of Marissa with her toes in her mouth?

Every time I type a message on here, and get to Francie, for some reason my fingers go bizerk and post what I have written so far!

06-08-2008, 05:46 PM
part 2.............

Mindee- I know, me too. lol Actually I was kicked off the computer and there was a 20 min wait period for the next computer. Anal Library.....maybe it isn't a Happy Sunday after all??? lol I didn't see the one of the foot in the mouth of Marissa, I will go back and see! :) How hot is it there?? Sun is out here, thank goodness.

It is Sunday, deal with it!:carrot:

Francie - Awesome picture frames of Fonzo! I read a little bit of Babyville so far. I just went right to be at 10pm and slept all night. Kitty Momo kept jumping up and down on the bed. Sweet to offer Certain Girls but if it is hardback it might cost a fortune in mailing, and I am so anal is spending money , I can wait for the soft back , I guess. I really wish Sophia Kinsella would write a new book.

Sassy - You have a beautiful Shadow Box too! I never did anything like that stuff with my weddings. Ya, I was married twice. :dizzy: Never had a song either except w/ Gaby's father, who I was not married to.
He was hopeless romantic (or just hopeless?? lol) and after we saw Sweet November he decided the Cranberries song in the movie was *our* song. After we split and he wanted me back (of course....*snicker*) and he would call and just play the song as his message.
What a nut.....the R's would just laugh but I found it annoying....course I find everything annoying. lol

oops better get my butt in gear, have to get to the pool!!

:wave: to Crsitina , Jules , Tammy and Katy!!

06-08-2008, 06:21 PM
Sue~Fonzo is coming home in 3 weeks..but time is going by sooooooooo slow!!! Where have you driven cross country to? I've only driven from Az to New Mexico..then from Az to Washington. I've never really been cross country in a car before. I do know that we wanna stop at Yellowstone and The Mall of America. But I dont know what else there is. To be honest..I would love to see something totally corny, like the largest ball of yarn or whatever, lol. Driving from Az to NM..they have these funny hotels that are Tee-pees (spl?). I've ALWAYS wanted to stay in one of those, lol. I just wish Fonzo could come home now so we could plan our trip. I've been waiting to buy maps and all that stuff until he comes home. I should probably renew our membership to AAA right now. Omg, I dunno why I didnt think of that before.

Susan~Omfg..what is up with the Starbucks chick and the Bagel chick?!?! Seriously..what crawled up their butts and died!!! You should check out Madiline Wickman (ya, I totally spelled that all wrong, lol)..look up "Cocktails for Three" Its another name Sophie Kinsella writes under. I have that one in soft back if you wanna borrow it, lol.

Okay..I have to ask a question now. Is it possible to rent an apartment or a house without meeting w/the building manager (or whatever they're called) or owners?? Because thats what we're trying to do now. I'm just freaking out about not having a place to live once we get out there. I'm having nightmares about it now!!! I'm so freakin angry that Fonzo has to be away right now. This whole move and underway period couldnt have come at a worse time!!!!!!!!!! I'm angry at the stupid loser who messed up Fonzo's papers!!!!!!!!!! :mad: I found this really nice apartment within our price has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms..and the application fee is $250. But how can we apply if we're not there in person? I'm so confused. I hate being all the way over here in Washington. We couldn't have gotten San Diego!!

On a side note..Fonzo has been in the Navy for 5 years on June 6th, lol. I didnt even realize it until now.

06-09-2008, 12:52 AM
well, we had some wicked weather come through our way today! we were just about to cook chicken on the grill and the dark clouds moved in and then it just downpoured! I came inside with the chicken and Tommy went to open the basement doors with the office manager. Come to find out, even though it hasn't been confirmed yet with the National Weather Service people, a tornado touched down two miles away from us! The temp reached 91 degrees today, so the storm came through without warning. They were saying on the news that we can expect strong storms again we shall see how things go tomorrow!

SuzieQ~ I will have to switch my avatar on here to the one with her foot in her mouth! She was being a goof ball, and I just wanted to get a picture of her. And wouldn't you know it.....just when I lifted the camera she stuck her big toe in her mouth. What I wouldn't give to be that flexible!

Francie~ Have you tried contacting the people about the property and then explaining to them your situation?

06-09-2008, 03:25 AM
Mindee~No..that thought never even crossed my mind, lmao!! I feel like a dork now.

Okay so...I talked to Fonzo today (yay!!) and he said that he'll be offically off the ship Aug. 12!!!!! So I'll have him home with me for awhile. We have until Sept. 21st to get to MD. We're going to talk more about our moving plans once he gets home. He told me to renew our AAA membership (for maps and travel books)..and I'm reading my Navy Spouse's Guide book about moving. This move is a lot different than our first move. Mostly because we have more stuff now, we'll be living off base, and he wont be connected to the ship anymore. Plus, when we moved the first was right after we got married, so all of our stuff was still in their own boxes. And we didnt even own a couch or!! Omg..this is gonna be very interesting. Fonzo is very excited. I'm excited, sad, and nervous. I dont wanna leave Seattle!! But Fonzo pointed out that I'll be closer to DC & NYC!!! And I LOVE Nyc!!! Okay ya..I'm rambling now.

Did anyone watch Army Wives tonight?? I bawled my eyes out!!! My head hurts from crying so much. was so sad.

06-09-2008, 04:04 AM

06-09-2008, 06:01 AM
Morning all. :coffee:

Well guess what? I emailled my boss about switching my hrs. The girl who works during the day has to work from 6 pm (when dayshift leaves) until 9 pm when I come in by herself. Well she is new and there is another team here, but they are busy and really don't have time to help her. So I emailled him about it asking if I can come in at 7 pm and leave at 7:30 am from now instead of the 9 pm - 9:30 am, I listed why, to help the new girl out, and we are getting busier with the new accounts we got, and I feel that I would be more of a valuable asset working earlier in the evening than staying later in the mornings when there are several agents here vs. one agent at night by herself, who is new. So we shall see what comes of it. Probably nothing, but at least I tried, right? :)

Also I filled out my employee survey. We get them once a year and its completely anonymous so you can say whatever you want and boy did I! lol. DH did as well. So hopefully something will come of that.

I so wanted to stay in bed well....don't get paid for sleeping, but boy wouldn't that be nice? lol. Then my luck I'd get insomnia. lol.

Anywho, thanks all for the nice comments on my shadow boxes, that is my mil's handy work, she is very crafty and I am very thankful too, she saved us a ton of money by doing a lot of things herself! And it meant a lot more by her doing it than just hiring someone to do it or something.

Sue -- Boy your so right. The girls that are the worst on days are the two oldest, who are both older than me! I guess its like you said, they have something wrong in their lives so they have to take it out on something.

Thanks for sharing all your songs. DH & I have a few other songs too:

"Groovy Kind of Love" - Phil Collins
"The Broken Road" - Rascal Flatts

I know there are more but my mind is blank. lol.

Oh ya and remember my coworker who went to Disneyworld for Vacation that our boss tried to screw out of? Well my DH has been working for him and came into work with me lastnight and is working his shift for him, well guess who shows up? Yup my coworker. He cut his vacation short and lost money on it all because our boss did NOT call him and tell him that my DH was working for him! :yikes: Needless to say his wife was not very happy.

OH yeah and DH told me that he talked to our new manager, who stated one of the very first things they are going to address is our schedules, so hopefully we will all change back to where we were to begin with! :carrot: But I am not getting my hopes up! lol. I would be happy with working the same nights, just working 7 p - 7:30 am instead of 9 p - 9:30 a. So keep your fingers :crossed: for me!!!! Better add your toes, legs and eyes just to be safe! hee hee. Then be sure to have someone take a picture and share it with us! :lol:

Take Care!!!

06-09-2008, 01:55 PM
Good morning

been up since 4 :devil: however, I went to step aerobics and I've had 2 cups of coffee so all is good with my world this morning :D Good news! I ordered a new pedometer form my visa rewards website. It has a cover (yay) and counts calories burned as well as steps. When I get that i can get a better idea of how I'm doing everyday. I want to get up to 10000 steps/day, but I need to wear the pedo to know that.

My DS "graduates" from 5th grade today...and DD from kindy tomorrow. Will be a busy couple of days.

Susan- Hey you are so close to goal! Way to go! All your hard work is paying off. I've been meaning to mention that I really like the photo you found for the first's so sweet and perfect for our little group.

Clara - Welcome! We are a fun bunch...but you probably noticed that already ;) I look forward to getting to know you better.

Sassy - I hope your new manager helps you out with your schedule. It sounds like you have a well thought out proposal, so he'd better listen, right? Your shadow box is so pretty... I never did anything like that with my wedding stuff.. the dress is floating around this house somewhere...I alwyas kept it because my mom made it for me.

Mindee - hope you and your family are staying safe through the storms...are things calming down at all?

Francie - I like the Navy picture... and your shadow box.. very nice. I am sure that you will have a nursery to hang it in one day. I had my kids at ages 31 and 36 - so it ain't over 'til it's over! Sounds like you won't have to stress the move for a bit yet - that has to feel good.

Sue - I hope you can get to Goodreads soon..I love seeing what other people read and what they think of the books they read. I could spend hours on that website, lol! Beef stew and biscuits sounds really good - I'll have to make that soon. It keeps raining here and that sounds like a perfect meal for a rainy day.

Cristina - wow - you have clocked lot of miles --I'm gonna have to run to keep up with you!

Jules - Happy Anniversary! DH and I have been living together for 20 years, married for 18. Our anny is one week from today. Here's to "living in sin" haha....and they said it would never last:dizzy:

Well, in addition to the school events, I offered to sew up 80 beanbags for VBS. I fired up the serger and it is going pretty quickly, but I am going to need way more beans than I thought I would. I finished up the knit and sent it off, so I am glad that is done. That's about it for me --- how's everyone else doing?

Don't forget...The Bachelorette is tonight - and the boys SING!

06-09-2008, 02:15 PM
Happy Monday!!
Just in case you missed this post! I have to do some quick emails before I can play around. I have to be responsible.....*eyes roll* bbl.

Post from Suzanne

We frequently get asked what the difference is between the Misc Clubs forum and the main Support Groups forum. Well.. nothing, just location We're not sure how or when this happened, but it really doesn't make any sense to keep confusing the newbies. Both are miscellaneous support groups and none of the groups are defined by specifics such as age groups.

So to simplify things, we're moving the threads from Misc Clubs into the main Support Groups area. We're just merging two forums. Nothing is lost, but you're one click closer

We'll start moving the threads in a few days after you've had a chance to see this notice.


06-09-2008, 02:24 PM
Sassy~Okay, I had to laugh at the employee surveys. I love that you & your dh were totally honest. You should write something like.."working here is like sticking a spork in your eye over and over and over" lmao. I'm keeping everything crossed for you. If my eyes get stuck this way, I'm blaming you, lol.

Katy~How exactly does your DS "graduate" from 5th grade?? I dont remember doing something like that. Can you make me a beanbag??? Do you use real beans?? LoL!! Omg..I had a dream that I was on the Bachelorette!!! Only, I was just a friend of the girl..and it was totally weird. Like they had a garter ceremony. If a guy caught the garter, he was safe, lol. And then there was this other ceremony..where the guy had to follow a trail of popcorn in order to get a daisy, lol. Totally weird!! LoL!!!

OKay..nothing new with me right now. I just woke up not too long ago. I dont understand how a tiny cat can hog an entire side of the bed, lol.

06-09-2008, 02:34 PM
Happy Monday Again!:dancer:

Francie - Does the Navy have a dept that helps w/ relocation? I am sure the landlords are use to Navy families having to find housing from out of state.:?: Is the Navy's spouse guild helpful? Cute cartoon clip! :)

Mindee- I will go search the pictures at myspace in a sec as soon as I am done here! Scary about the tornado, I am glad you and the family were safe.

Sassy - Proud of you for speaking up to the weasel supervisor!! Hope you get some positive results from it.

Katy- Thanks, I will probably change the goal whenever I get to 150, I was thinking 145. I just don't want to do it now because I really want to reach the goal. lol Gaby has her last day tomorrow, I am going to try real hard not to get too misty eyed. I love that picture too of the little girls...if anyone does a new thread and wants to use the photo I will mail the code thingie to you.

:wave: to Cristina, Sue, Clara, Tammy and Miss Jules!!

EDITED: I forgot to say anything about myself... :yikes:....I am fine, had my slim fast and banana for breakfast. I went to a different Starbucks....because I didn't want to get pissed off so early in the week. haha.....I went to the Village and the people seem more down to earth and not as snobby......they are almost organic. lol
Oh Francie - Just to answer you to the 5th graduation.....the school goes from k to 5th and middle school is 6th to 8th...and after that is high school, so Katy's son is leaving his school and will go to a new school next year. *sigh , ok I had to really answer that just call me bossy ....or
What else?? I guess nothing...need to get my hair trimmed and get all these split ends cut off, I am addicted to my hot iron, I couldn't stop even if I wanted to....

k- adios!!! Chat later...

06-09-2008, 03:01 PM
well, it is hot now, but they are saying that we could have storms like we did yesterday. so, we shall see how they are going to play out today! hopefully they won't be as bad today.

they said that it wasn't a tornado, but a derecho. which just means a fast moving storm, and this one had plenty of wind and they were straight winds at that! so now we just get to sit and wait it out see what this one brings. Tommy had to run out and get some milk yesterday......he had to go about a half hour away to find a store that was open and that had power!

06-09-2008, 04:22 PM
Hello ladies and a HAPPY MONDAY to ALL!

HI & :welcome: CLARA! Looking forward to getting to know you.

SASSY & the shadow boxes...they are pretty! I have two...had them out for a while but they are sitting in the closet now. One is from our wedding and then on our renewal ceremony. We renewed our vows on our second because the first wasn't a happy one and we didn't do anything.

SASSY...our song is Now That I Found You by Teri Clark which fit us perfect. Our wedding song is Give Me Forever (I Do) by John Tesh w/James Ingram singing. Love them both, of course now I think DH has made Amazed our new song! Keeping my fingers :crossed: that the hubby gets the job. I know you've had your share of the dummies where you are now.

SUSAN...what the heck was wrong with those women? Geez...most of the time I can't even get a good morning out of people, lol. I definitely don't think it was you are all.

MINDEE...will have to go check out the pics. Was on there (myspace) this morning but for just a couple of minutes. We have had some crazy weather lately haven't we...the midwest is being hit hard. the frame! Fonzo sounds like Josh...I think deep down he is proud but doesn't want to make a big deal of it so I do, lol. I am like you...have to buy all this stuff, he thinks I am silly. Just a proud momma of a soldier that's all. are doing great with your walking! And glad you were able to get a walk in between raindrops. I was loving the rain a while back, now...not so much. Beef stew sounds delicious and I bet it was!

KATY...CONGRAT'S to both kids! :carrot: They are growing up aren't they? Speaking of running, lol...I have tried to jog in the past, kind of funny but anyway...when I did I felt like I had a body suit on and everytime I did EVERYTHING moved up and down it was weird. Now...I am toning things and it's funny because now it doesn't...feels good.

Nothing much going on today. I actually was lazy yesterday and spent 3/4 of it in bed. Yes I did! Of course I slept in this morning as well and even though it felt good mentally, body was hurting, not a good thing for me to lie in bed for that long. Anyway...had to run to the store and get a couple of things. Was out of bananas and salad...can't live without those two things. Got some gas, ugh! And mailed some letters. Didn't walk until I got back. It was cloudy and really cool so it was actually nice. Really sick of all this rain and humidity...hate feeling sticky.

Hoping everyone is having a wonderful day!

06-09-2008, 04:36 PM
FRANCIE...almost forgot, I've seen the teepees, so cute. Have pictures of the kids in front of them, lol. There's a crater, Meteor Crater just before Winslow can't remember what it is called. We passed the sign to it on our way from CA to AR once and the kids wanted to go see it. I told them on the way back, ugh. I had seen it before and on the way back I told them it's just a freakin hole in the ground. They were sad so I had to take them. What do you think they said when they saw it? "It's just a hole" :lol: But there is a gift shop and a couple of other things there now. Of course the Grand Canyon is yet a bigger hole, lol...but a pretty one. Of course, you guys probably wouldn't go that far down south to go to MD. There's always the Black Hills in South Dakota. MT. Rushmore is kinda cool as is Crazy Horse. Oh, something really corny, no pun intended, lol...The Corn Palace, Mitchell, SD. Of course it all depends on the route you guys take. Once you guys figure that out you can find all kinds of little stuff on your drive...might as well enjoy it right?

06-09-2008, 05:21 PM
Susan~I cannot remember how the Navy helps with relocation..other than moving our stuff to a new place. My guide book is helping. I sorta skipped a bunch of stuff and moved right to the relocating part. Right now its just talking about what the movers have to do, lol. As for the 5th grade graduation thing..that is kinda weird to me. I went to a Catholic school, and it was K-8. But I switched to public school for junior high. And that was 7-8. But the school changed after we graduated from 8th grade. It became a middle school from 6-8. Everyone who went to that school thought it was weird, lol. The schools my mom taught at were also K-8.

Mindee~Omg, such scary weather. I hope we wont have bad weather while driving to MD. Otherwise, I'll be begging Fonzo to drop me off in Az where nothing happens, lol.

Cristina~Oh ya..Fonzo is totally like that. He complains about the Navy all the freakin time..but I know he's proud of himself. You should've seen him when he had to buy new medals. Omg, he turned into such a snob, lol. I'm a proud wifey, so I have to keep buying this stuff, lol. Before we move, I wanna buy a Bangor, WA sweatshirt and a Stennis hat. Fonzo probably doesnt ever want to think about the ship again. But I've been a Stennis wife for 3 1/2 years. And I was a Stennis girlfriend a year before that, lol. Oh..and thank you for the suggestions!!! I really wanna see Mt. Rushmore now!!!! And the Corn Palace, lol. I wanna see corny things like that!!!! And ya..I've seen that Meter crater before, lol. It is just a big hole. No big deal. The Grand Canyon is a giant hole, but it is beautiful. Omg, I'm so homesick right now, lol. I used to beg my mom to stop and stay at the Teepee motel..but she said they were dirty, lol. I guess that was her way of saying no, lol. Is there a way to find out about all those weird places, so we can mark them on the map? I remember somewhere between AZ & New Mexico..there was a lizard farm. And everytime we passed it, my grandpa said he wanted to see it. So one year we stopped..and a lizard jumped on me..and I screamed like non other. It was a tiny lizard too, LOL!!! That was the last time we ever did something like that, LOL!!! Oh..and on our honeymoon. We stopped at this rest stop in Gila Bend, and there was Native Americans selling jewelry..and Fonzo bought me these really pretty purple earrings. I lost one of them at 6 Flags though, so that sucked. I love buying roadside stuff, lol. Have you ever been to the cavernes before??? Totally awesome!!

I'm gonna bring back a tradition. See, my mom used to buy a spoon from every state that she visited. She even put it in this cool display case (but it was stolen when we were robbed). Anyways..I'm going to do that too. thing was to buy a shot glass & magnet from every place that I've been. But I want to honor my mom..and collect spoons too. I'm only gonna do it if we stop at that state though, lol. Driving through it doesnt really count.

Anyways..I finally got my saint statue today. It was made in Italy, pretty!! I'm pretty sure I've seen the same statue in my grandparents house. I know I've seen it before. And the comfort cross is made from of olive wood from Bethlehem. I also have my little worry coin too. Now I'm just waiting for my necklace and prayer card. I cant wait until we get seattle in MD. Then we can start going to church again. Well..then I can start going to church again. Fonzo isnt very religious, but he's gonna be going for me. And he knows I want to raise our kids in the Church.

Well..I was supposed to clean, and I didnt. So I think I'll go through the rooms fast and pick up trash. I dont feel like vacuuming right now. I just wanna lay in bed reading my Navy spouse book.


06-09-2008, 08:31 PM
It's HOT, someone at work said it was 102 plus the humidity is terrible...when we were leaving I was talking to a coworker and I said I thought I was wilting...

It's raining again in Tacoma and Ry is beginning to think he should have went to Portland...He is making alot of friends so maybe that will help. He loves the scenery and actually Tacoma itself when it's not raining which hasn't been very often.

Teri met a guy....I think she may be starting to like him as more than friends....he's not the most attractive guy she has ever dated but, she says he has a really great personality and he pays for both of them...(she has a tendency to pick guys she has to fix and she usually pays in more ways than one) I am keeping my mouth shut....I have never really liked Dave and I don't think he has changed as much as she wishes he would while he's in jail. The other guy has his own place and though he's not as ocd as her when it comes to cleaning..his place is clean. She's starting to remember that Dave is a big slob. She went to use the grill this weekend and he had never cleaned it after using it in December. She's also remembering how she never had any extra money because Dave was always needing something and when he had his 2 month long job he blew his money on him. Is it bad that I am really hoping that she decides to have Dave move back home with his parents until he gets his license back and a job....instead of moving him right back into the apartment and hoping that he has actually changed???

gotta go...hubby wants to go work on the garden fence and I have to pull weeds...

06-10-2008, 12:59 AM
Just real quick about the Bachelorette. Does anyone else think that Fred looks like Jason Bateman?? LoL!!

06-10-2008, 01:24 AM
we have power...our power only went out a couple of times, but was quick to come back on. the businesses around us....those are a different story! I can look out our doorwall/front door and it is completely pitch black out there! occasionally you will see a the headlights of a car or truck go by but that is it!

all we got Monday night was just rain as oppose to Sunday night. so that was nice. we even played outside with the boys while Marissa was sleeping. we were playing with Logan's t-ball set that he got for Christmas.....and I was having a ball!

I also tried my hand, for the first time, at making sugar cookies from scratch on Sunday. they were good.....except they tasted more like flour cookies then sugar cookies!

I gotta cut this short......I have to keep trying the transportation department to let them know that Brandon doesn't need the bus to pick him up......but I am thinking that the phone might be out.

06-10-2008, 02:58 AM
Well Thanks Ladies, but you can now uncross everything. lol. It was a big fat NO. :no: Not a little no, but a big NO. lol. He basically said no schedule changes are allowed at this time and that the new girl will just need to learn and if she has any questions she can ask the other dept that we work closely with.

I copied the new girl on the email so he replied to both of us, the new girl is like, "Boy he is really nice, isn't he?". I was like "Yeah can't you tell how much he cares?" lol. So anyways, that is that. But I still can hope for our new manager to change our schedules like I've heard. So lets hope........

But I am proud of me for at least asking. It doesn't hurt to ask. I am used to hearing no, esp from him. I have a feeling he will come by my desk in the AM about it and if he does I will just say, I just thought I would ask is all. :shrug: Either that or he'll duck and hide when he sees me trying to avoid me. lol.

So lets see what happens......Oh and yesterday morning, all the Dayshift Witches :witch2: (that is my new nick-name for them) were very very quiet. Very strange. So if they remain this way all week while I am here, then I pretty much know that my counter-part who works opposite me on nights blabbed. But I told her she could tell them or show them the email I sent her. I am not hiding anything. lol.

Katy -- Thanks. I guess I am gonna have to hope for my new manager now to change our schedules back to the way they were or at least off of this goofy one we are on now. :dizzy: I have been wanting to take my wedding dress and have it cleaned and put into a box that displays it, but I never did. :( Good Luck on the 10,000 steps!

Francie -- Yeah well, the surveys are our only ways to "Voice" our opinions without getting fired. lol. Yes we both were brutally honest and I am sure the rest of our teams were as well. Last year, our dept. got the worst rating and so the manager at that time had a meeting with us all. lol. The problem: was him and still is our supervisor (the Weasel) and also that we keep getting moved around under different managers.

Suzy Q -- thanks. I felt like I had to at least try and that is what I did....

Cristina -- Thanks. It was a nice thing for my mil to do for dh & I. (shadow boxes) We want renew our vows this year, we'll be married 10 yrs. this September, well I should say I want to renew our vows, I don't think DH wants too, so I pretty much dropped the whole thing. I WILL be taking off work though, I don't care where I am, I'm gonna take off even if I have to sit home all alone. lol. You know now DH is second guessing the out-of-state job. UGH after everything we've gone through for him to even apply for that stupid thing! He is afraid he won't be able to do it, with his health and all. I said, well lets wait and see if you got the job first. After that, if he gets an interview, then they will most likely tell him exactly what he'd be doing. But either way by the end of this month I am job hunting. Either for a job out-of-state if he gets and takes the job, or another job up here. I'm through with this place once and for all. If I go somewhere else and I don't like it, well I can either live with it or move on! But I am really tired of being unhappy. :( I know that work is work and you don't go skipping into work everyday (well most people don't) but I have given this job a fair amount of time (2 1/2 yrs) and its not getting any better, if anything its getting worse. Anyways, sorry to talk your ear off about my stupid job. :blah: I bet you all will be happy if DH does get/take the other job or if I finally get out of here so I can finally shut up about it. lol.

Jules -- Hoping everything works out for Teri. I know I have a well I guess technically is still my "step sister" but anyways, she has been with this loser guy for yrs and he hasn't worked the whole time and is just plain lazy. But if she wouldn't listen to her dying father, then she is not gonna listen to anybody else. :no: I know I went through it myself in HS. I kept going back to the same Idiot over and over again. Even though everybody around me could see straight through him. UGH all the time and tears I wasted on him! lol.

Mindee -- Mmm sugar cookies. :drool: I haven't had any of those in yrs. DH doesn't like them so I usually end up making Chocolate Chip when I do make them, which isn't often. lol.

Well have a great day!


06-10-2008, 03:22 AM
Jules~We got a little bit of rain here in Silverdale this afternoon..but it wasnt so bad. It was horribly windy though. The trees out back were scaring me. I thought for sure one of them was gonna come crashing down on the roof. The lights kept flickering, but the power didnt go out. Thank God. I hate being here in bad weather alone.

Mindee~When I make any cookie from scratch (except for peanut butter) it always tastes like flour. I dunno why that is. I follow the directions carefully and everything..but it always tastes like flour. Sometimes, I'll throw some cinnamon in it and that blocks out the flour taste. Mmmm..I've been craving cookies for so long, I think I might bake some tomorrow. LoL!!

Sassy~Do you think your manager can see what you're typing?? I mean..are you sure he's not monitoring your comp?? I'm not trying to freak you out or anything..but just be careful. Clearly, your dept has had some pretty bad management. They need to bring in someone with good people skills, listening skills, etc. LoL!!!!

Well..nothing new to report. I'm about to go look at all the apartments I found today. I found this one place, and its totally perfect. The utilities are included, it has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, its in our price range. looks pretty crappy on the outside. I makes me think it could be in a bad neighborhood or something. Ya know? Here's the link for it: ..and please be honest with me because I'm really torn right now. If you know the area, then please let me know how it is. Its near the AF base, so I'm not sure how close (or far) it would be to the Naval Academy.

06-10-2008, 04:01 AM
Jules~We got a little bit of rain here in Silverdale this afternoon..but it wasnt so bad. It was horribly windy though. The trees out back were scaring me. I thought for sure one of them was gonna come crashing down on the roof. The lights kept flickering, but the power didnt go out. Thank God. I hate being here in bad weather alone.

Mindee~When I make any cookie from scratch (except for peanut butter) it always tastes like flour. I dunno why that is. I follow the directions carefully and everything..but it always tastes like flour. Sometimes, I'll throw some cinnamon in it and that blocks out the flour taste. Mmmm..I've been craving cookies for so long, I think I might bake some tomorrow. LoL!!

Sassy~Do you think your manager can see what you're typing?? I mean..are you sure he's not monitoring your comp?? I'm not trying to freak you out or anything..but just be careful. Clearly, your dept has had some pretty bad management. They need to bring in someone with good people skills, listening skills, etc. LoL!!!!

Well..nothing new to report. I'm about to go look at all the apartments I found today. I found this one place, and its totally perfect. The utilities are included, it has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, its in our price range. looks pretty crappy on the outside. I makes me think it could be in a bad neighborhood or something. Ya know? Here's the link for it: ..and please be honest with me because I'm really torn right now. If you know the area, then please let me know how it is. Its near the AF base, so I'm not sure how close (or far) it would be to the Naval Academy.

Yeah he could be, and btw its my supervisor I am talking about, not my manager, they are two different people, just as an FYI......;) but that would take an awful lot of effort on his behalf and frankly, I doubt he has that. lol. Plus I don't think I've said anything too bad, except the Weasel part. lol. Yeah I know I am taking a risk of posting from work. So anyways if he is reading this, oh well. :shrug: I do my job and I work hours that nobody wants is all I can say. If I vent a bit about my job and my boss, then I think that is the least of his worries. lol.

06-10-2008, 02:41 PM
Good Morning

I guess I will do a quickie this morning. I had a horrid night w/ Rach and just not in the mood to be chatty, I guess.
Disgusted w/ DeAnna for sending Brian home and keeping a man named Twilley. Wassup w/ that??
Jason, Sean and Jesse are the only ones I like that are left. Jeremy still is creepy to me. And Graham is a big baby, send him home or give him a pacifer to suck on.

Yes, I am pmsing!! lol anyway....I don't want to laugh, I want to enjoy my misery for a bit and feel sorry for myself. Thank you very much.

Had the usual banana. slim fast for breakfast. My goal is 145 by Friday, we'll see, seem to be stalled. I walked 3 miles yesterday so I feel good about that and I got a membership to the gym so I need to get enough nerve to actually go and work out. haha.

k- I will come back when I am more talkive!

You all have a good day!

06-10-2008, 02:57 PM
Hiya Ladies...

Today is game day, :yay: I enjoy going to watch Chase...although at times it seems we end up chatting a lot, lol. They canceled last Thursday's, not sure when it will be made up and it is supposed to rain tomorrow...their last game, or was their last game. We'll see what happens. Chase will come home with us tomorrow should there be a game...guess the momma will bring him over if there isn't. His turn with Nana. Of course he was looking forward to his turn at the zoo and it is supposed to rain Thursday as well. We'll figure it out once we see.

Got in my exercise, feeling good about that. Getting ready to go mow the backyard. Will do the front Friday I think...unless it doesn't rain tomorrow. With all this rain I have been having to mow every 4-5 days instead of 7...oh well, more exercise for me.

FRANCIE...I don't know anything about the area but I think the apartments look great! About all the little stuff to do on your trip...get a state map or atlas and look on it for things...make a list of them and then look them up on the computer...that's what I always did. Or, we just did whatever and if we saw something on the way and decided to stop we did. But sometimes it was just too far off track and I was anal about time, lol. I always had a schedule and liked to stick with it. I hated that about myself back then. I think the spoons is a great idea...a great tribute to your mom.

SASSY...don't get tired of you talking about your's not good to keep things in. It's not just you and your either...I think a lot of people have to deal with stupid people on the job, or I know DH, DIL & the sons do...just stupid stuff all the time.

MINDEE....mmmmm, sugar cookies! I never could make them, mine always taste like they have too much flour and I always cut back on the flour and add a little more sugar. So I just buy store ones, lol. But I can make a mean peanut butter cookie and choc. chip too! Glad I don't make them often. My mother can make some good sugar cookies.

JULES...I don't think it bad for wanting someone good for your daughter. We all just want whats best for our kids and she deserves to be treated like a queen! And hey, looks aren't everything. I think a persons personality and the way they treat others tops looks anyday! Hope you are able to cool off...I saw the weather for the east coast, ugh! Too hot, and I thought it was hot and humid here!

HIYA SUSAN, KATY, SUE, CLARA & TAMMY...hoping all is well with you ladies!

Well, gotta get going...about time to mow the backyard. Take care and have a wonderful day ladies!:hug:

06-10-2008, 02:59 PM
HIYA SUSAN...sorry about the pms'ing. :hug: WTG on the 3 miles walked, and the gym membership! Now get your booty in there, you heard me, lol. Feel better girly.

Chat later :wave:

06-10-2008, 03:14 PM
Cristina - argh, I am getting there. Have fun w/ Chase, how old is he?? You are always awesome on the exercise! :)

I keep promising Gaby the zoo but I don't want to go when it rains, suppose to start getting warmer tomorrow, I, cross fingers.
My pms is my back and hips hurting, just drains me. *wah, *wah.....big baby, huh??
Maybe Graham and I should both be sucking on our
Gaby made a card for her teacher and wrote Miss H on the front and You are the best, I love you Gaby the inside, plus I bought a cute angel and it says something about being in her (Gab's) heart forever. Awwww.
k- think I will go back to, didn't get much sleep.


06-10-2008, 03:23 PM
Sassy - Sorry to hear that your supervisor didn't cooperate. Maybe it's a good idea to get a new job. It's not worth suffering over a lousy job and a supervisor who doesn't appreciate you. I'm new so I don't know where you work. Good luck.

Francie - I know it's stressful moving. Just take a deep breath and relax. Stressing yourself out will only make it more difficult. I bet talking to Fonzo helped alot. It'll get better once he gets home. Just take everything one step at a time. Good luck.

Mindie - I hope you are not anywhere near all the floods. I'm not very good at geography. I would like to check out your pictures on My Space, but I have no idea how to do it.

Cristina - Great work with your walking. I want to start walking but I need to wait until I get an okay from my doctor. I injured my foot in March.

I don't know all of you and I hope I can get all of you straight. I will join in the walking challenge if my doctor okays it. I injured my foot in March while walking for Cure for Diabetes. My daughter is a type I diabetic so we try walking every year. The doctor said that my ankle or foot weren't broke but that it had to do a little with age. Just a little, lol. I am taking yoga and man is it hard. It's harder than my weight training class. But I am going to stick with it. I also take water aerobics. I need more cardio so I hope I can start walking. I need to lose weight for my son's wedding in March. I wear a size 18-20 and I would like to get down to at least a 14. Well, I have to get ready for my weight training class at 2:30 and then my yoga at 4:30. Talk to you all tomorrow.

06-10-2008, 03:25 PM
About the Bachelorette: I was shocked to see Fred go home. That was a little sad. I was glad Robert went home. He was fugly. I couldnt stand him since day 1. He just ended up getting too cocky towards the end. I loved it when she avoided his kiss. Graham is one hot dude..but omg..he needs to grow the heck up and get over himself. Jeremy is trying too hard and its annoying me big time!!! I agree with you Susan, I cant believe she kept Twilly instead of Brian. Twilly is just way too dorky for words. He's not even attractive. Can anyone see themselves married to a man named Twilly?!?!?!?! Seriously!!! LOL!!! Jason & Jesse are my faves still. I loved the song Natasha Bedingfield (spl?) sang. I love her songs, she has a lovely voice.

Susan~Sorry that your pmsing :hug: Maybe some chocolate would help?

Cristina~I'm gonna take your advice and look up some stuff online. I figured we'd probably just see a lot from the road anyway. But Mt. Rushmore is now on our list, lol. I looked at a lot of apartments last night..and that one is still my fave. Probably because it has 3 bedrooms, lol. In my mind theres a room for us, the baby, and the computers. LoL!! My friend didnt understand why I would want that place for that price..and I'm just like.."we're planning for our family here. So we have to think of the future" Ya, I'm a dork..but whatever, lol.

Well..I went to bed feeling like crap..and I woke up feeling like crap. I'm having some pretty bad cramps right now. And I'm craving a cheeseburger big time. Last night, I could actually taste french fries, lol. It was weird. But ya..AF is in town right now, but so far its just bad cramps and a little bit of spotting. I hate this time of the month.

oooooooookkkkkkkkkk something weird just happened to my comp. It clicked off then back on..and I didnt lose this page. Wtf..I better go before it shuts down. I hate this weather!!!!!!

06-10-2008, 05:18 PM
well, I was going to try my hand at making sugar cookies again......but I am not in the right mood to make them now. I just have a lot going on right now, so I just didn't want to do it.

Brandon ended up not going to school today because the district was closed again today! so, I have no idea when his last day of school will be or if they will just send the stuff to him in the mail.

Tommy got a call from a temp agency today about a job that is closer to home and that is actually in the area of work that he knows. When he finally got around to calling about it, the position had already been filled. But the lady said that she would keep him in mind for it because she doesn't think this other person will last that long. The pay is $11 an hour.....which would be great! So, I am kind of hoping that things don't work out with the other person and that Tommy gets the job instead. Am I wrong to think that?

The recipe calls for 3 cups of flour, which I thought was a bit much when I was making them. So, I might try using maybe a 2 1/2 cups next time.....or just putting in more sugar instead.

Francie~ I had to take a second look when I saw the name of the apartments you posted. There is an apartment complex here in MI, with the same name, that Tommy's ex girlfriend used to live in. Those look great!

Cristina~ have fun at Chase's game! I am going to try the cutting back on the flour to see if that helps.....and if it doesn't I just might add in some cinnamon!

Clara~ Nope, we are not near the floods. But there are some members of this board that are. I hope your foot heals soon!

06-10-2008, 05:33 PM
Hi... I finally got a pedometer. I opted to not get the crazy ones that give you calories and all that. I had one and it was so complicated I didn't use it. I bought one at Target that just counts steps. And it didn't have to be set up with your stride and all that jazz. It is self adjusting. AND Katy, it has a cover so I won't mess it up. It is very small also, so I think I can wear it all day with no problem. I guess I will post my distance every night after I take the durn thing off. I will never catch up with the rest of you, but I am going to give it a good shot.

Took Mom to the Dr. today and then we went to eat at Lonestar for lunch. I would much rather go out at lunch time and then have my lightest meal later. Although today I might just fix a fruit salad or have cantaloupe later. I splurged and had a cheeseburger...sorry Francie. I am bad and I will pay for it on the scale I'm sure.

Nothing else to report here as we have been plenty lazy. Lots of storms and winds.

DeAnna should have sent Twilly packing. I bet he goes next. I am also ready for her to get rid of Jeremy. Jason FTW! I love Graham, but what is his problem? He knew he wouldn't be her one and only on this show. Get a grip man! Jesse is sweet...needs a good barber (I'm old and old fashioned) I'm just not sure he is the one for her.
I also watched Nashville Star last night. Kind of OK...had a few faves. Billy Ray Cyrus needs a good barber too.
(You think I am bad, you should have seen me when I went to CA and my "baby boy" had a ponytail. YIKES!) I got over it though, then he cut it off. I was spoiled because he always wanted his hair short when he was at home. I mean short!

God, I don't know why I get on here for a quickie and ramble so much....Sorry ladies! :) LOL!

06-10-2008, 05:36 PM
My ticker stats are totally pitiful....I need a swift kick in the ***.
I am feeling more like maybe I can give it a good whirl.

06-10-2008, 08:14 PM
well- got everyone all graduated -yippee! I took the kids to a used sports equipment store and bought my son some inline skates and bought my daughter a skateboard. They were a steal, but then I had to get elbow pads, knee pads, wrist pads...yeesh. Used to skateboard with nuthin'...I would go the the top of the hill and just go for it - what a little thrill seeker I was! I tried the skateboard a little today and I have totally lost my center of gravity and have no coordination on it at all.

No miles to add today - I'm wiped :( told the kids I would make them breakfast for dinner and they are acting like it's Christmas or something...who would have thought it would take so little to get them excited?

B/ette- I'm liking Jason more...definitely see him as a final two or three now. WTF...she kept Twilley?! I don't get it...he must be comic relief or something, but he's not all that articulate and he's bonded more with the guys than with her. I have say that as the show has gone on, I am less than impressed with DeAnna. She doesn't appear to be very intelligent or capable of more than one sentence...she's all " he needs to open up" ALL THE TIME...she was driving me crazy. One would think that Graham's difficulties could be perceived as an attractive quality..I mean, he wanted her all to himself...that's sweet! How perverted that this show makes that seem like a liability....Guess that's why I like this's kind of sick and twisted.

I'm off to drink a beer and go through my children's son has one with work in it all the way from kindergarten...I'm gonna need some kleenex.

06-10-2008, 09:44 PM
Katie--I remember doing all kinds of stuff with out all the pads and helmets....and with growing up in a neighborhood made up of mainly boys I had to keep up..I doubt I can still outclimb a boy to a tree top..actually I doubt I could still climb a tree. I have a huge rubbermaid tub of momentos of the kids school years I go through now and then. I have a framed picture that Ry painted in 5th grade that was put in an art show. It's a big orange dog that matches NOTHING else in the room, but I will never take it down.

Sue--my stats aren't great either. I gave blood today and have been feeling a little lightheaded ever since. I did find my pedometer today. I prefer lunch to be heavier and dinner to be just some fruits or veggies too.

Mindee--good luck with the sugar cookies and Tommy's job. What happenned with the summer babysitting? Teri is babysitting her coworkers firend one evening a week, Ava is 4 and the boy who's name I am forgetting is 8. They went to the park tonight. Their mom (and Ava) babysit Dominic on Thursdays. Teri jokes that Dominic has all the "older" women falling for him.

Francie--the apartment is nice. The playground will be good for your future babies. Teri had a terrible time finding an aprtment she liked that was "pet" friendly. A big thunderstorm went through here right before I got on the pc. Lots of thunder booming going on. I love thunder and lightning, always have. Hubby and I drove to Sioux Falls SD to pick up his V8 bike he bought on Ebay in the middle of February--got caught in a snowstorm coming back and couldn't stop at all due to the hotels/motels being full due to nasty snow & ice. We finally had to stop for awhile at a rest stop and he slept enough to make it the rest of the way home. Was definitely not a fun trip.

Clara--sounds like you are doing great on the exercise!! Welcome!!

SuzyQ--that Gaby is the bad Rach can't get out of her teenage angst and take a few lessons from her. Sending good vibes for your goal.....Hope you get to go to the zoo soon.

Cristina--I agree with looks not being everything. Teri's doesn't think her friend Geneva boyfriend is cute but she loves the way he treats Geneva. I haven't seen this guy in person yet but she has been happier than I have ever seen her with Dave. Teri is a walking contradiction, she can be very selfish and self centered one minute and then be the most giving and loving person the next. With Dave she gives and gives and gets nothing back beacuse he always wants more. His mom is still nutso too!!

Sassy-sorry about the job--why do bad bosses have to lack common sense. Your plan to be there working when there is only one person covering phones makes much more sense than being there when everything is covered. The man needs to be transferred somewhere--he definitely doesn't sound like he has any management skills!! Teri feels guilty about leaving Dave while he's in jail...he keeps telling her she's all he has. I just worry that he's not going to change and she will just keep trying to make it work.

TAMMY---where are you!!! come back!!!!

Well I gotta go...

06-10-2008, 10:54 PM
Clara~Ya, things will be better once Fonzo gets home. I'm just thinking about it way too much, lol. I'm excited :D I loved taking water aerobics, but omg..the next day I'd be so sore!! LoL!! Its weird feeling muscles you havent felt in years.

Mindee~Did you try the cookies again?? I layed in bed for awhile thinking about cookies..and I decided that I'm just gonna buy some cookie dough, lol. I dont feel like making some from scratch.

Katy~Wow..I remember my cousin pushing me around on his skateboard when I was 6, lol. I used to have a major thing for skater boys back in the day!! LoL!! Many many many of my ex boyfriends were skaters. I dunno how I ended up with Fonzo..he's into BMX. I was such a girlie girl that I never did that stuff myself. I just sat on the side and would drool over the hot guys. Especially the shirtless guys. Omg..memories, LOL!! I miss being 15!!. Oh ya..If DeAnna marries Twilly..then their first kid will be named Swirly, lol.

Jules~I remember this one time..we were driving through New Mexico and got caught in a snow storm. My mom had to pull into a gas station and call for help because she couldnt drive in it anymore. Then years later I told my mom about that, and she was shocked I could remember that because I was 2 years old, lol. I hate bad weather though. In Az, it would get pretty bad there during Monsoon season. Hot rain is never fun!!! And when the power goes out in the middle of one of those..omg, it gets soooooo hot inside. Its not even worth opening the windows because it will be even hotter outside. I remember one year, a tree fell on my friend's roof. It was on the news and everything. Ya..I hate bad storms. But at the same time, I kinda miss it. It doesnt really storm here. Just like once or twice a year, lol. 2 years ago there was a horrible power outage in town. All of Silverdale, Poulsbo, Bremerton & other areas were blacked out. It was insane. Thank God we lived on base, because we werent affected by it.

Anyways...I wish it was Wed. I wanna watch So You Think You Can Dance!!!!!

Oh..Fonzo called me today. He's having a seriously bad day today. He thinks its because of the bad dream about his mom. I think some of his repressed memories were coming back into light again. He said he woke up all depressed and angry. And you know whats weird? I've been thinking about his mom a lot too. Whenever I see this commerical for Intervention, I think of his mom. Theres this little boy crying that he doesnt want his mom to die...and it makes me think of Fonzo :( Me & Fonzo both have mother issues, lol.

Anyways..I'm starving so I'm gonna go see what pathetic food I should eat for tonight. I want a flippin burger, so whatever I eat wont compare to it, lol. Oh ya..I'm going walking tomorrow (if the weather is nice). I wanna buy my friend a Navy magnet, lol.

06-10-2008, 11:28 PM
Evening ladies- I got a good start with the pedometer. I walked 4 miles and then biked for 3 miles. Need I say it cooled off here tonight? It felt wonderful being outside and I didn't want to come I just kept moving. I found out the ped. doesn't work well with biking, so I had to do that by our mile markers. That's okay and simple. I was paranoid and wrote down my steps a couple times during the day...just in case they got erased..LOL. They didn't and it worked great.

Ate cottage cheese and melon for a light dinner, so actually didn't end up too poorly for the day. Onward and downward! (Wishful thinking here)

I will do individuals tomorrow. Glad to see you all here and so perky. :)

06-11-2008, 12:38 AM
just popping in here before heading off to bed!

I checked on the school districts website, and it appears that they are doing the schedules for Monday and Tuesday on Wednesday and, if that is true, then Brandon's last day of school is Thursday! I feel bad because Tommy can't take another day off of work to go into school with him, so he won't have a parent in there with him. I just don't want him to feel left out because he doesn't have someone there with him.

well, I feel like a department store.....I got another pedometer in the mail today! so, I have the one that I originally bought, my replacement one that has the radio on it, and two small ones (too small for my fingers). I was going to see if the office manager wanted one to see how many steps she does in a day.

Nope, I didn't try the cookies again.......Tommy made chocolate chip cookies instead! I was going to, but when I had gotten in the shower he said that he was going to make them.

As for the babysitting, I haven't heard anything more about it, and I haven't talked to them. I mean I took them a couple of winter jackets and such for their youngest daughter earlier today, but I didn't get a chance to talk about the babysitting.

06-11-2008, 01:22 AM
Hiya ladies...

Was on the computer looking up something and thought I would stop by and see what's up...lost of chatting thats what, lol. Too pooped to do individuals but will be in here tomorrow to catch up.

Went to the game onlye to find out that there wasn't one. Someone messed up somewhere and didn't notify Chase's team...the other team wasn't there so apparently they knew. But some guys were there saying they had the field tonight...they did. Since we drove so far we decided to stay and watch their game. Actually, watched two games before leaving. Chase's coach went to another diamond and they practiced so we watched while they did that. Besides we had picked up some pizzas for everyone...everyone being Charlotte and the kids. his last game was supposed to be tomorrow but with this mess up tonight and a cancelled game last week due to the weather the last one will be next Thursday. Unless of course it rains tomorrow and Thursday, lol. Anyway...we enjoyed the evening.

Nighty, night ladies

06-11-2008, 01:52 AM
Hi Chicks. :wave:

Well DH did not get the out-of-state job. They were to call yesterday if he got the job and he did not get a call and they only were doing calls yesterday at a certain time and they told him at the test if he didn't get a call, then "thanks for applying".

So he's kinda bummed, but then I pointed out that he was worried about doing the job anyhow. So he is going to continue to job search up here and so am I, now that I know the results of his out-of-state job. I didn't want to look until I knew where I'd be looking. So yes, fear not I am gonna look.

I have also came to a conclusion or a few actually:

1) I am no longer gonna post about my job, at least negative things
2) I am no longer gonna talk/post bad things about anybody from now on. Basically if I wouldn't want it said about me, then I am not gonna say it about another person.
3) Just going to try to be more positive and focus on moving forward instead of "treading water".

Why did I come decide this? Well it was Francie's post yesterday asking about "Do you think your manager/boss could be monitoring you?" Not that, that was the exact reason. I know that everything is monitored here, I am not stupid. But it just made me think that maybe I should try to not be so negative. We all have our bad days and all, but here lately I think everyday for me is a bad one. lol.

So those are my goals...and I appologize for being a "Negative Nelly"

Jules -- You hit the nail on the head on everything you said. But all I can say is "What comes around goes around" and that is all I will say. I wish Teri well in whatever she decides.

Have a good one.

06-11-2008, 01:52 AM
Katy~I forgot to say that I agree with you about DeAnna. She does keep saying the same things over and over. So maybe Twilly will be totally perfect for her, lol.

Mindee~Mmmm..chocolate chip cookies!!! :drool:

Cristina~That sucks about the game..but I hope it doesnt rain on thursday!!

06-11-2008, 02:01 AM
Omg Sassy..I seriously didnt mean anything like that at all. I'm sorry if I made you think that they could be monitaring your computer. I feel horrible now. I am so sorry. You should feel free to vent anytime. I mean, its really good for you. Its better than keeping it all inside. Being postive is good too, of course. But dont stop venting. I talk so much crap too. I always worry that the navy could be spying on me. I am so sorry!!!

06-11-2008, 02:10 AM
Omg Sassy..I seriously didnt mean anything like that at all. I'm sorry if I made you think that they could be monitaring your computer. I feel horrible now. I am so sorry. You should feel free to vent anytime. I mean, its really good for you. Its better than keeping it all inside. Being postive is good too, of course. But dont stop venting. I talk so much crap too. I always worry that the navy could be spying on me. I am so sorry!!!

No I didn't mean it that way! :hug: It was just your post that inspired me, it wasn't really exactly what you said, I dunno its hard to explain. They do monitor everything here of course, our calls, our computer, etc. So that isn't it, I already am aware of that.....It was just something about your post that kinda "woke me up" about how I have been acting lately and I decided (by myself) on this decision because I felt it was the right thing to do. I just feel like I have been "Treading Water" with the job thing. You can ask any of the others who have been here awhile, this is definitely not a new issue for me. lol. I just have been "stuck" because I have been afraid of change. I complain about my job but its also a "Safety Net" too because yes these people here drive me insane at times, but I already know them. lol.

But I want to move forward, truly, you didn't say anything wrong. Its just like I said after I read your post it made me start thinking. I hope that makes sense? lol.


06-11-2008, 05:16 AM
Why is it that Myspace is the only website that isnt working for me right now?!?!??!?! All I wanna do is look for a new layout, thats it. But no it has to go and be difficult and give me a flippin headache.

And love songs should be banned to anyone who is alone. I cannot stop listening to them right now, :cry: And not only that...but I feel like watching The Notebook & Titanic. You know things are going bad for me, when I start watching sad movies, lol.

Ya..I should go to bed now before I put one of those movies in, lol.

06-11-2008, 08:53 AM
I am sooooooooo depressed. :cry: I was at work. I left early because I got sick (sorry for TMI) but it was aggravated by me getting upset at something one of the Daywitches said. They must be totally stupid because I can hear everything they say, even if they whisper. I have very good hearing. Well The "Head Witch" I will call her said to a fellow witch, "OMG I F---ing hate her, she is SO f---ing fat!!!" And the Fellow Witch responds with, "She is sitting right over there." I was the only one besides those two that was a female period, but there are only 2 heavy women on our team, me and one other woman and she wasn't even there yet, I passed her on the way out. So who in the heck else would they be talking about? Nobody else was sitting around them!!! I am sure they would not say that to one another!! So needless to say I started bawling :cry: and went to the bathroom and got sick. After that I was like F-it. I'm going home. So I went back out to ask my coworker if he could call my boss and ask him if I could go home, I'm sick. Then I had to run back to the bathroom (sorry again if TMI) and came back, well the boss didn't call back and I didn't really feel like hanging around, so I left. I told the kinda sorta "2nd in Command" guy and he said, "If your sick, your sick."

But honestly?? I do not even want to go back. I know I have too, but I honestly don't. I feel like that fat little girl who got made fun of all through school. :cry: It NEVER stops. NEVER. :cry: I am now thinking about talking to my dr about the WLS. I have considered it before, but just never went through with it. I know its not a "miracle" thing or anything, it is a tool. I know that. But I am just tired of being fat. :cry: So either I get that or I just wanna die. :cry: I told DH when I got home and all he said was, "Sorry your sick and that he couldn't beleive that the chick at work said that." (he knows her) Then that was it! :yikes: I dunno guess I expected some compassion or something............I mean my mom always comforted me when I came home from school crying. :cry: And I know I am not a little girl anymore but dammit I need comforting. :cry: Well that is about it.

Oh and I need one of the Moderators to answer me a question, can they tell who has logged on the forum and when?


06-11-2008, 09:26 AM
Sassy, to answer your question... we can see if someone has logged on if we look at their profile. And yes, it tells us when they last logged on.
If you need anything, perhaps you could send me a PM. We don't always read every post, and I wouldn't want to miss a request.

Also, I just wanted to send you a big hug. :hug: I'm so sorry you have to put up with that from your co-workers. They must be real winners. :rolleyes: Remember your worth. It is much greater than that of someone who would stoop to name-calling.
And your husband... sometime even the best of husbands/friends don't say what we want to hear. I have a wonderful husband (and he's a social worker, so shouldn't he be perfect?), but sometimes I have to say, "I need you to say/do this for me right now."
You are worth great things, and you're capable of anything. Hang in there, girl. :hug:

06-11-2008, 11:57 AM
just stopping by while I have a quick second. all three kids are awake, but it is sounding like it will be nap time here shortly!

06-11-2008, 01:05 PM
Sassy :hug:..I'm so sorry about what those evil *****es said. Omg, do I have to go down there and kick some ***, because I totally will. They are worthless pieces of crap, and they shouldn't have made you feel like that. :hug: doesnt probably ever stop. People will never grow up and learn how to be decent. You should've said something to them, like.."I can hear you, ya know!!!!!!!!!!!" You are so much better than they are..and they know it too.

God..I cant believe the nerve of some people. That just makes me so angry. :hug: We are here for you :grouphug:

06-11-2008, 02:15 PM
I couldn't have said it better myself, Francie...I shall not repeat the string of expletives that came out of my mouth when I read Sassy's post

((((Sassy)))) we are here for you..don't let those beyotches call the shots! You are so much better than them!

Twirly..haha I used to think that the winners of these shows were really the people who were sent home, lol! I had forgotten about with DeAnna who is a bit of a princess (imo) I am beginning to remember! I watched the Bachelor with Bob and he was so sleazy I felt sorry for the ladies who made it to the overnights - ewww

I went to aerobics - yay! I hope my pedometer gets here soon so I can see how close to 10000 I am getting. I am going to work on my sewing project this morning, then take the kids to the park this afternoon so they can use the new gear. Have a great day, everyone!

06-11-2008, 02:38 PM
Hello ladies...

Decided to do my grocery shopping today...had to get a gift card and send to my dad for Father's Day. I never know what he wants or mom says he needs nothing, nor wants anything but I know they just say that. This way he can get what he wants or needs...he is happy whatever he gets my walk in early this morning before it go too hot. Wasn't so bad because the wind was blowing about 45 a good workout trying to walk in was strong. Other than that not a lot going on today. Will do a load of laundry and I hope to get some reading done. Then later on we will be heading to Chase's game, if it doesn't rain. Supposed to some time today, or this evening. The gas is killing me driving to them, lol. He has one Thursday as of the makeup games. first, lots and lots of hugs to you! :hug: :hug: I am so sorry that you are having to deal with idiots on the job, and that is the last straw! What is wrong with those people? :mad: :devil: Don't let the stupids of the world get to you, I know that is easier said than done but like Francie said, you are better than that. And I am sorry too that dh didn't get the job. first marriage one of my friends asked me if I dated much, and how I ended up with DH...she thought he was ugly, lol. One of my brothers, when I was dating said she can do better than that, and same with V. Just cracks me up that they put so much into looks rather the person. Teri is young so she has plenty of time and I wish her the best in whatever she decides. Who knows, maybe this guy will be the one. How are you doing today? Feeling better after giving blood? I NEED to go give blood! I keep meaning to and keep forgetting.

SUE...WTG on getting the pedometer! I should have checked in here before going to buy groceries because I forgot to get one, ugh! And...WTG on the 4 mile walk & 3 mile bike ride! :woohoo: How is your mom feeling? Glad you guys had a nice lunch together.

KATY...funny that DD wanted the skateboard and DS wanted the inline skates. The kids always loved the inline skates...I never could stand up with them on. But loved, loved skatboarding in CA! Don't think I would attempt one now...would probably break my hip. You sound like my oldest sis...when she was about 9 I think, maybe a little older. Her and some friends decided to go skatboarding off the side of the freeway...there was a hill and it wasn't too close to it. She watched a few people go and thought, that looked cool. So when she went she hit a rock and went tumbling down...they had to shave the side of her head and I can' remember how many stitches she got but she never did that again!

MINDEE...we did have a nice time at the game even though we didn't see Chase play. They went off to practice and we stayed and visited and watched the big guys was a nice time. So nice and cool out too! I think next time I make sugar cookies I will try some cinnamon too! Of course that won't be until Christmas time, lol. Bummer about Tommy not getting that job. And while it may seem wrong to wish the job doesn't work out for the other guy, I think we only want whats best for "our" family and Tommy getting that job would be good for you guys.

SUSAN...Chase just turned 9 this past April. For some reason I thought he turned 10...still can't get it right, lol. He's a sneaky little one he is, there's something about him I don't that wrong, lol? But I am working on it because I have to...can't have any favortism. He picks on his little sis a lot too, A LOT! Char lets him get away with a lot...maybe that's what it is. But it's not my place to say anything, unless he is in my house, lol. Hey...where do you find all your name avatars? I have been trying to find one with mine, and my spelling but can't, or haven't yet. Anyway, I like them! Did you guys make it to the Zoo? I wouldn't want to go in the rain's no fun in the it messes up your hair, lol. The teacher card was sweet, Gaby is a cutie for sure! Sorry about Miss Rach :hug:

CLARA...take care of the foot! I need to go have my right one looked at, keep having this pain on the side. If I skip a day or two of walking/exercise it sometimes is okay but I think it is getting worse. Just don't want to go to the doc...I think I am afraid she will tell me NO walking! Then...I would die, lol. Sounds like you are doing great with your working out! :carrot:

FRANCIE...I like your thinking missy! I think I too would go for the 3 bedroom too! Nothing like having tons of space and WTG on looking and planning ahead. This way unless they (the military) send you elsehwere you won't have to move when you get preggers. And lots of hugs to Fonzo! :hug: Hope he is having a better day today! And go get your cheeseburger! Lol

Okay, I believe I am all caught up now. That's about all I have...I think I have blabbed enough, lol. Take care everyone, and have a good day! :hug:

06-11-2008, 02:51 PM
It is hump day!! Happy Wednesday to us all.

:hug::hug: Sassy - I guess we all just have to come on down to your work place and kick some a$$es?? We can walk there and multi task at the same time! So, frustrating, I am sorry you have to go through all the crap on a daily basis :)

Katy Depending on the park I might see you there today! The incoming 1st graders are meeting Wednesdays at C park at 3:30. btw - how many 1st grade classes is your school going to have next year?? Mine is set at 3 right now.
Deanna is no wonderful catch and I am kind of liking Brad now...ha. I hear Jesse is actually pretty wealthy and ya....Bob was gross, I couldn't even watch that series.

Clara- yay, nice to see you posting.:D Hope the doctor clears you for walking.

Jules - I think I will go to the zoo tomorrow. It is suppose to start getting into the mid 70's. I also picked up some hand tools from my sister so I want to get out in the yard and weed, it feels like a jungle out there :D

Mindee- I can make some great peanut butter and oatmeal raisin cookies, never tried sugar cookie. Sorry about the mix up on the last day of school , am I reading that right? Yesterday I gave the teacher a hug and it was me that teared up, Gaby was fine. The night before she was saying " I am going to miss Miss.H,I can't stand it!!!"

Sue- I am glad you got your pedometer working! I am still trying to figure out What kind did you get??

Francie - I finished the Babyville book, it was ok, readable. I didn't understand the Jill and Dan couple, that was mean. Any luck on the moving??

Cristina - Sorry about the game mix up! Sounds like you had fun though.

Tammy - Come and chat w/ us!!

ok my feeble attempt at indi's :) I tried. Feel like I am behind now.
My pms is better, no aches this morning and I think I was jut really tired because I slept from 8pm and didn't wake up til 6am, maybe all the added walking??
My nephew that passed away would have had his 17th birthday this Saturday, so I am trying to help my sister put together something for his friends ((from high school)), they all still come over to visit with her, which is awfully sweet of them.
What else?? Oh, sent rach to her friends last night so I could have some peace, I get such anxiety from her, she really needs to get on and stay on some meds for her mood swings, driving me batty.

k- chat at you all later!!

06-11-2008, 02:56 PM
Cristina -
You sneaked in while I was trying to write. Gab keeps bugging me.....

Try photobucket and plug in *name of Cristina*....I like the Susan ((the one w/ the lady in the dress))one that I had but that was a different site and now I can't get it back for some reason.
It isn't wrong to have a kid rub you the wrong way. There is a lot of kids I don't like and some even call me *mom*.....haha

Hugs to you!!

06-11-2008, 03:24 PM
Hiya MS Susan! Forgot I was still logged on here, lol. Took a break and took the doggie out to potty and was farting around upstairs while he was out. Yeah, I don't know what it is about him, but I am trying...I would never be mean to him though, couldn't do that. But he makes it hard, very hard. Thanks, I will try that. You are a sweetie for helping your sis...I know how hard this has to be for her...but remembering him and celebrating his life in that way will be good for everyone. Hope you have a great day! Hugs!

06-11-2008, 04:23 PM
Sassy--Hugs to you. I don't understand how some people can be so rude. It makes my blood boil when I hear things like that. Unfortunately I am usually so shocked when I hear things like that, I don't come back with one of the 1001 things I think of later, my kids on the other hand don't have the same problem. They both are very vocal and speak up and get involved. Ry is really bad when it comes to a guy abusing a girl. Teri is very sensitive when it comes to weight even though she has never been big--probably cause I am not small.

Suzyq--Teri has some wicked mood swings but she usually calls back and apologizes. Sorry, Rach has to be such a brat.

Cristina--I think Teri is coming to a place where she wants to be the one taken care of or at least in a relationship where it is 50/50. She has never dated coverboys...well she did a few times but she says shes is not high maitenance enough to have a guy that is more beautiful than she is--she doesn't want to have to keep herself up--if she wants to wear sweats she will wear sweats and put her hair in a ponytail--her words!! She really loves Dave, but she is remembering all the bad things. SHe made the comment to me in December before she had the baby that she was going to stay with Dave for the six weeks she couldn't work so he could help Ry with the bills and then she was done. They argued alot. Then he went to jail and she feels sorry for him and dooesn't want to hurt him. He is being sweet for the most part but the only people that write or go see him are his parents and her. He says he's done with his friends that cause alot of drama between him & Teri, but I am sure they will be back when he gets out.

Katy--I brought my pedometer to use when I took my walks at break time and forgot to put it on!!

Francie--I was listening to the XM station on Direct TV that plays nothing but LOVE SONGS last Friday....I just get in a sappy mood sometimes!!

Back to work--hi to everyone else!!

06-11-2008, 06:02 PM
Back again for a few minutes...

JULES...Dave is going to say everything Teri wants to hear while he's in that place of course. I just hope what he is saying he sticks with, should she decide to stay with him. And I agree with her...I do wear my hair in a ponytail most days, lol. But yeah, she definitely deserves to be taken care of.

FRANCIE...I LOVE the oldies too! You should hear my iPod...daughter said shouldn't you have fast songs on there. I told her yeah, but for me if I have stuff that I love it's even better. So I have quite the mix. are you doing missy? :hug: Don't stay away from here/us when feeling down...we are here for you!

I swear everytime I open my mouth I stick my foot in it. I never can quite get out on paper/in a post what I am trying to say and I think it always comes out wrong. My intentions are good, but I don't think it comes across as such, ugh.

Okay, better get going. Gotta be getting ready for the big game, woohoo! GO COLTS!!! :cheer:

06-11-2008, 06:03 PM
Sassy~:hug: again. Are you feeling any better?? Please dont let those dumb butts get you down.

Katy~What are the chances that DeAnna and the dude actually get married?? Given the shows history with the relantionships. Theres only been one marriage that I can think of. And they have a baby now, so they're pretty happy.

Cristina~I sent the info about the apartment to Fonzo, I dunno he got it or not. He hasnt mentioned anything to me about it yet. Ahhh..I wish I was moving right now!!! I wanna be out of this state forever.

Susan~For a good Jane Green should read Mr. Maybe (have you read that yet??) or Bookends. Straight Talking was pretty good too. Babyville..not so good, lol.

Jules~I think theres some channels on Wave that just plays music. I should totally check them out sometime. Believe it or not..we have like 900+ channels..and I've only gone as far as 790, lol. Which is the end of the Starz channels, lol.

Mindee~I found a recipe online for sugar cookies..and as soon as I'm done here, I'll be making some, lol. Of course, I always add a little cinnamon in my cookies, cuz I love all things cinnamon, lol. I want a box of Hot Tamales. WTF is up with my cravings lately?!?!?! LOL!!!

OKay well...I had a weird day, lol. I woke up too early, and then went back to bed after I emailed everyone that emailed me. I woke up about an hour ago, lol. My tiny little kitty was sleeping right next to me..and it felt like sleeping next to Fonzo. She gave off so much body heat that I woke up covered in sweat. Ughh, I hate that.

Oh ya..does anyone here like the movie..Jesus Christ Superstar? Because Amazon just sent me my order..and they sent me 2 dvds of that one by mistake. So I'm gonna give it away to anyone who wants it. And how come they can send me dvds asap..but when I want my books, it takes weeks and weeks. Its annoying. to bake some cookies!!!! YAY!!! :carrot:

06-11-2008, 06:04 PM
Cristina~I love oldies so much, lol. Some of my friends find that weird..but whatever. I grew up listening to it, lol. I have a bunch on my ipod too, lol. Have fun at the game!!!

06-11-2008, 06:09 PM
Cristina - How bout these?? I like the one I sent to your myspace but there are a lot of cute ones once you get into the higher pages like after 30....on photobucket and I found them all under Cristina.....hope that helps!! Hugs to you.

06-11-2008, 06:18 PM
Hi to Jules and Francie too!!

oh, ya Francie I did read Mr Maybe. What about To have and to hold??

:hug: to Sassy - hope you are having a good day...and a :hug: to Cristina - you are the sweetest person!

Better get my hair cut and my weeds pulled. lol

:wave: hugs for everyone!

06-11-2008, 06:47 PM
I didnt like To Have and To Hold either, lol. It was okay, but not one of my faves.

My friend just informed me that what I'm baking are snickerdoodles, lol. So tastes good either way, lol. Of course, I'm eating more of the dough than the actual first batch is still in the oven.

06-11-2008, 07:26 PM
Omg..these cookies are to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna gobble them all up right now, lol. I've decided to bake Fonzo some peanut butter cookies (his fave) when he gets home. He'll probably eat them all in 2 mins, lol.

06-11-2008, 09:22 PM
Howdy ladies...

SUSAN..those are great! Now to see if I can copy them and use as an avatar. THANK YOU! :hug: Did you get your hair cut? Just a trim or a new style?

FRANCIE...I am surprised at DD...she is your age and LOVES the oldies! Of course all three of the kids have my taste & love of music. We all love all kinds and I always had music playing so they've loved it since they were little. We always watched MTV together too, lol. Of course that was when MTV actually played music. Yeah, snickerdoodles are the best cookies ever! Too similar to the one, or two for me.

Well ended up not going to the game, geez, if it's not one thing it's another. So I was on my way, stopped at Subway and picked up sandwiches for all of us (me, DD, Char & Chase), went to Sonic next door to get a drink because for some odd reason their diet cokes are to die for! Then I noticed my check engine light on, ugh! Didn't know what to do...whether I should chance going and it not being anything serious or just head back hope. We hoped for home. The road to where the game is and where they live in country all the way...paved, but country. No side road should someone break down...I would be stuck in the middle of the street. I got home and checked under the hood and saw I needed some anti-freeze...thing was dry. So put some in but the light was still on. Hoping that since the vehicle was hot, that it will cool down and be okay. So yeah, that's how my evening has gone so far. Oh, and V left his cell at home so no way to get in touch with him if I broke down. And the bad part...could it get worse, lol...yeah it could. But they are out where you can't get a signal on the cell so not a place I want to break down. Anyway...going to go do some much needed reading...I am laggin behind in my reading for sure.

I will start a new thread tomorrow morning if no one else does. Have a good night all!

06-11-2008, 09:45 PM
Cristina~My mom used to watch Mtv with me too. We'd always watch the shows together and the music videos (when they actually played the videos, lol). My grandma was like that too. She'd always listen to her kid's music. That sucks about the car..but better safe than sorry. Man, you have me wanting Subway & Sonic right now, lol. I hope theres a Sonic in MD, lol.

06-11-2008, 09:52 PM
Hey ya'll.....

Cristina - How I did the avatar is click on the picture and save as to my desk top and after that go to 3fc and download. I noticed it couldn't be a gif (?) or bmp (??) it had to be the ones that start with a jpg (?) :dizzy: I know, I am computer ******ed, I don't know how I do what I do as it is........trial and error....there you go. Couple week ago I had my gas light on (it is always on these day) door light, oil light and brake light I thought my car was going to explode.
As far as my hair I haven't had a chance yet to do that - I want to just take 1 or 2 inches off.
I started working in the yard and JUST made a dent. I swear the landlord must pull in something for the 8 plexes there but no yard maintenance. UGH about the games getting postponed!

Francie - The thing w/ Jane Greene is she writes pages on *nothing*....very detailed writer. Snookerdoodles are wonderful, I think PB is my fave though. I will try Straight Talk next, thanks.

Jules - Thanks about the Rach thing, she is a challenge. I can't believe the anxiety w/ her.....

I just wanted to say hi again. I breezed through before this morning. I walked 2 miles and that was it.....I will try and get better. Eating to good and water is no problem....
Gaby goes to my mothers in the morning and I am going to court w/ her father. Regarding a restraining order on former wife. Long story....the order has been active for 2 years and he hasn't seen his daughter. I know he is annoying as **** at times but he deserves to see his children, even if it is suervised. And I know for a fact some of what is in the order is nothing but lies because I was there with the ex wife reagrding the night in question. Blah is hard trying to write this done and make sense!! lol

Night :)

06-11-2008, 11:04 PM
OMG I can't keep up with you ladies on the walking. I got up and walked early today, 2 miles. Luckily I went by the mile markers because me ped. only registered 800 steps. Ha... I don't know if it was wrong the rest of the day or not...said I got another 1.5 miles, so I took 3.5 for the day and a 1 mile bike ride. I will check it when I walk in the morning and if it doesn't count right it is going back to the store. SO, I can't catch you chicks on a good day...then the ped. screws me out of steps. geeze... Too bad I don't move a lot when I iron 'cause that is what I did this afternoon. ugh...

Will do indies tomorrow... Have a good night ladies.

06-11-2008, 11:41 PM
I need some advice please.

I dunno if I mentioned this or not..but awhile ago, I wrote to my cousin and apologized to her. All I got in response was a "thank you". It kinda made me mad, but whatever..I just figured she wasnt ready to say it back to me..and I moved on. I checked my hotmail, and she sent me a email. This is what it said:

Dear Frances,

I want us all to get along so we can start having fun again together!!!!

what do you think??


I'm not sure what to do. I know things will be different between all of us again. But it would be nice to be back on friendly terms again. I honestly, do not want to see them for awhile though. I'm so confused right now..I dunno what to say to her...

06-12-2008, 12:20 AM
just popping back in here.........but you ladies were very chatty while I was gone!

Francie~ I love snickerdoodles! If I am thinking right, that is the movie with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, isn't it? I saw pieces of it a long time ago.

not too much going on here really.......I think Wood Chuck, I mean Marissa, was the only one that took a nap today. So, it was an early bedtime for the boys. Which was nice anyways since they turned into devil spawn by the time they were ready for bed.

I think I forgot to mention......but earlier they decided to make pancakes.....together, but in separate rooms. Brandon was in the kitchen with the syrup on the floor! and Logan was in the living room sitting on the couch with the dumped box of pancake mix! You could of made some pancakes when I put them into the bath tub!

06-12-2008, 01:11 AM
Hi Ladies and Many many Thanks. :hug:

I was feeling really low again before logging on here........but thanks you all, you truly touched me by your kind comments. I feel like the biggest baby though, weeping away. :cry: lol. Can't help it. I feel like I've been pulled back in time about *gulp*20 yrs or so.......I dunno I always thought that this sort of thing would stop when you were an adult, but I guess some people never grow up.

I am still sick, I can't help it, its just how my body reacts I guess when I get really really upset. So I called off sick tonight at work, I just didn't feel like going in when I am sick and everything. :barf:

I am seriously thinking though about doing some serious, serious major job hunting this weekend and seeing if anything at all can pans out. I am even thinking about going back to work for Wally World. I know I can't stand all day long anymore being a cashier, but maybe they would find me something I could do? I am just so so so *literally* sick of work right now I can't even fathom going back but you know how it is, we got bills to be paid, so I can't just quit without having something else, even if I don't get paid as much as I do now, anything is better than nothing at all............

DH goes into work in the morning, so at least I will have someone to see if anything goes on or if anything is said.

Now maybe this was the huge gigantic kick in the @$$ I needed, yes it was a painful one, but I am gonna be doing some research and I am gonna change. It may not be right away, but it will happen and I'm doing it for me, not for anybody else. I am also thinking about going into counseling. This whole thing has brought up a whole of bunch of emotions that I have buried deep down and I think I need to work those out.

Or maybe just keep things the way they are and with how my body reacts to stress, I'll lose weight that way! lol. That is honestly how I lost weight in HS. I got so stressed that I could not eat hardly at all. My mom would have to beg me to eat something. I know that isn't the healthy way though and as you all are very aware, it didn't last either.

My DH did come out afterwards and apologized for not saying more, he was half-asleep.......So we did talk about it.

Anyways. I surely do appreciate all your kind and wonderful comments.

I sure wish we could all work somewhere together, wouldn't that be cool?!!


06-12-2008, 03:15 AM
Mindee~Yes..the music is by Andrew Loyd Webber. Its this dvd.. Its a pretty good movie. That is so funny about the kids trying to make pancakes, LOL!!! Even though, I probably would've barfed at the smell of syrup, lol.

Sassy~You should totally look for another job. You deserve to work someplace that doesnt make you all stressed out. I wish I could stop eating when I got stressed out, lol. You should at least eat a salad or some fruit or something light.

Sooooo...I talked to Fonzo again tonight. He called me during So You Think You Can Dance..but that was okay, lol. He's feeling better from yesterday. He even gave me a homecoming date thats been floating around. So I hope it sticks and they'll come home on that day.

So ya..nothing else to say really...TTYL!!

06-12-2008, 06:24 AM
Francie.......I plan on looking for another job asap. Its ridiculous to have to go through this for a stupid job when there are other jobs out there. I have stomach problems to begin with, I really don't need this extra stress to make me feel worse.

I am thinking about doing the Raw Food Diet? At least until my tummy is feeling better.........I dunno I need to do something. Its not only for my weight and health, but my stomach can't take the bad foods anymore, I think is officially "on strike" right now.

I also need to give up *gulp* pop completely, diet and otherwise. Its just not good for my tummy. So water and maybe just suck it up and drink the Crystal Lite. My DH loves the stuff, I can't stand it........But you gotta do what you gotta do.........Too bad I don't like Cold Cereal, I could do the Special K diet......:p


06-12-2008, 12:12 PM
Sassy- Again, hugs to you for what you are going through. I think you are coming up with some good plans out of this mess however. The first being to find another job. Also, like Francie says, you have to eat, so just make it something light that you like. Too bad you don't like cereal...that is my salvation at times when I am hungry/stressed. I reach for a bowl of cereal and skim milk. Or even a piece of toast with light topping. My comfort foods. :) You will find the right path for yourself, I have confidence in you. (Listen to me Missy, I am old enough to be your Mother!!)

Francie- Yay for having a date for Fonzo to return. How did the cookies turn out?

Mindee- Laughing here about the boys making pancakes. Just think another year and Marissa will be right in there with them. Maybe she will get the jelly or the eggs. LMAO. Okay, okay, maybe it ISN"T funny if you are the one to have to clean it up. Sure is humorous from where I am sitting though. :)

Susan- Good luck in court with the ex. Sounds like a fun morning...not. :) I have been to court once in my life, to get a divorce, and that was enough for me. So ugly! I bet Gaby is so excited about summer and being with Mommy. The zoo sounds like a fun day. My DH hates zoos, so since my grands are grown I don't go at all.

Cristina- Another thing I miss, Little League. Those were some fun days. I'm like you, I would not have taken a chance with the car. Hope it is fixed and good to go. My back window messed up yesterday...went down and won't go all the way up. It is power and it made a terrible noise. The other back one did that 2 years ago and cost $400. for a new motor. Yikes. We are trading this car in sometime soon, so might not fix it...let the dealer.

Katy- Did you all have fun at the park? You are sure getting the exercise in. I would like to find an aerobics or exercise class, but don't want to pay for a gym. What type pedometer do you have coming? I am not thrilled with the cheapy I bought. I still think it robbed me...but this morning I walked and it seems to have done okay. Got 2 miles in before coffee. If I got steps for time on the computer I would be one skinny chick. :)

Jules- I also don't think you are bad for wanting your daughter to be with a guy who treats her right. She needs a partner to be there for her. Someone who will help instead of needing her help 24/7. If her heart is with Dave then I certainly hope he has changed. (and who needs a nut job for a MIL?) ha

Tammy, Clara, where did you girls run off too? I hope if you DID run off it involves sun, sand and margaritas. Hurry back.....

Being lazy after a walk and picking up around the house. I have to go to the Dr. this afternoon, so yuck! I hate getting the full body "look over" by the dermatologist. Just creepy. But I am 5 years cancer free, so I will put up with the check-ups. Some days I do wish I could bask in the sun...but I never did do that, so guess it just sounds appealing since I can't. Ha. Sunscreen should be your best friend ladies, for you and your little ones. (my public service announcement.) Now...Mother Sue is going to get some work done. :)

06-12-2008, 12:15 PM
Francie- I forgot to put my 2 cents in on the advice you requested. I am all for forgiving and moving on to spend time with family. Especially if this is someone who was very close with you in the past. Now, I don't know the situation that caused the problems, so you have to be the judge on the severity of the actions. I do know there are some things that can not be forgiven, but it is worth a try if you are missing the closeness of the family. Just my point of view...and by no means the right one for everyone.

06-12-2008, 12:52 PM
Okay ladies, we're passed the 100 posts and you know what that means? Time to move on...

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See ya there :wave: