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06-06-2008, 07:45 PM

Well here we are with another #18 ~ but it is good that they were able to retireve as many postings etc as they did with the big server crash. I really don't have much to say but HOWDY to all you Magnolias this day. It is an 18 point day for me and I am doing great so far and I will finish out this day on target. I will have a WW dinner for 4 points and a bowl of fresh berries for dinner and that will close out the day for me.;)

Everyone have a lovely evening. Type at you later.

06-06-2008, 09:35 PM
Good evening, ladies! Another hot day here in VA.

My laryingitis is hanging on so I just took it easy today and did nothing so I could rest my voice. I called the doctor but she said just take it easy and rest my voice since I didn't feel bad or have a fever.

I actually feel more tired doing nothing than when I have a busy day...go figure.

Thanks for starting the thread again, Maggie.

06-06-2008, 10:37 PM
Just a quick Hi this evening. I wondered why were were around #21 and all of a sudden we are back to 18.

Susan: Hope you get to feeling a bit better.

Maggie: Thanks for starting somewhere anyway! lol

Looking forward to having Thomas here tomorrow and trying to get the rest of the house cleaned.

I will try and get in here tomorrow inbetween cleaning and planning for Thomas.


06-07-2008, 12:03 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! We got up to more rain, but the sun came out later in the morning. We had 55 mph winds last night with 70 mph gusts according to the TV weatherman. There are lots of tree limbs and jillions of leaves along side the curbs around town. I don't know if the city will pick them up or not. We had a couple of smaller limbs fall and lots of leaves.

Maggie -- Thanks for resurrecting #18. :yes: Did you have strawberries? :T

Susan -- I wonder where your voice disappeared to? As the TV newscasters and newspaper would say . . . it has gone missing! :lol: I hope it is back soon!

"Gma" -- Enjoy your time with T tomorrow! I know you will have fun! :cb:

I'm heading to bed and read for awhile. Have a nice weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-07-2008, 08:37 AM
Good morning all! Looks like another real hot one here today. I still have the kitchen and living room to finish up this morning so am going to have to pounce on that after I post. Thomas is supposed to be here late afternoon, but the Cubs play around 1 so I want to be done so I can watch them.

Jean: I just finished a great book by Steve Martini. He has a series with a lawyer named, Paul Madriani and this book, Shadow of Powerwas really good. It was about a man who wrote a bestseller about the wording of slavery in the constitution that enflames the country and starts riots. He claims to have a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote that would make the country explode racially and says he is going to put it in his next book. He gets murdered and Madriani has to get off a skinhead type whose evidence was left all over the room (he delivered breakfast to the man in his hotel.) Very, very interesting book and the historical stuff was interesting too.

I see a little bug on one of my throw rugs in front of the recliner and Fortune is just sitting there watching it and there is another one on the other throw rug and it is funny he is swiveling his head between the two. They aren't big, one is the size of an ant and the other is what they call rolly polly bugs down here, they roll into a ball when you touch them. Now he is sniffing around because he lost visual with the littler one and it is right in front of him! :lol: This would make one of those great short films that the film students make. He kept looking at me to help him get out of the situation as they were both coming at him so I got a paper towel and went and picked them
up. Don't want him to be scarred for life!

I guess I better get to work. I need to get stuff done and of course, Jack had a snack of crackers and cheese last night and didn't put them away so I have that stuff to clean up too.

Have a wonderful Saturday.

06-07-2008, 08:49 PM
Good evening, ladies, from one hot place in VA. It was 101 degrees today and the humidity is high. Advisory for those with breathing problems to stay inside.

Went to the grocery store early this morning. Got peaches, grapes and nectarines for 98 cents a pound and bananas for 44 cents a pound! I love fresh fruit!

Spent the afternoon going through all the stuff that has accumulated under the sink. I can't find stuff when I want it than I buy more - like 9 boxes of dishwashing tabs!

My voice has improved some but still not 100%. I'm resting it as much as I can.

Donna - hope you are enjoying your time with Thomas.

Jean - Please send rain!

Maggie - hope you had a nice day!

06-07-2008, 09:13 PM
Good evening all. I'm really glad the we're back up. I have been a little out of touch because Andy (my husband) and I have been at a camping rally in Richmond (Va). we were set up in one of the parking lots at Richmond International Raceway. They set up temporary power for us so we didn't have to run our generators the whole time but only gave us 30 amp service so could only run one AC unit and even with that running we couldn't cool the motorhome down below 88 so we finally decided about 1this afternoon to turn on the generator anyway. We were planning to go to a flea market we had seen on the way in and were afraid of loosing power, again! and since we have our dog (Ruby, a 9 year old Cocker Spaniel) with us we were worried about it getting too hot for her. It was too hot for most of the vendors at the flea market evidently because they had mostly all left by the time we got there at 2.he rally isn't over until tomorrow around noon but since there wasn't really much going on we decided to head home tonight. Since Richmond is only about 90 minutes from our house we should be home by 9. BTW someone measured the temp of the asphalt int he parking lot---- a whopping 124!!!!
The kids and gkids are doing well, our daughter turned 25 last Monday and the son will turn 29 on Tuesday. He inally got a job, he's only been out of work since October, shouldn't have allowed to be such a procrastinator wen he was young. Anyway, not a great paying job, but at least it's something!
Hope you are all feeling well.

06-08-2008, 08:01 AM
Good morning to you all! We are hot and humid here too. We got home about 10 last night and it was so sticky. We rarely go out at night and boy when we got out of the movies, seemed like all the "trash" was out and about. We hurried to the car and got in and locked ourselves down and got out of there quickly. We got back to home and down the street are a bazillion police vehicles so who knows what went on down there. It looked like it was at the scummy apartments right next to our vets. There were some creepy characters roaming around the condos too, though we are supposed to have night time security now. I told Jack to hurry and get out and close us into the garage, which we did and got into the house. Guess I am just paranoid.

Nanna: Good to see you back in here. We usually get to about 20 posts then start a new thread, just to let you know so you don't lose us again. Sounds like your weekend wasn't as much fun as it was supposed to be.

Susan: I love fresh fruit too, but it has gotten so expensive that I usually buy frozen. Nine boxes of dw soap? Wow, that should keep you in clean dishes for awhile! :)

We are having a grand time with Thomas. We took him out to eat then to the movies, got home and he went up to bed and is sound asleep. I let him turn on the tv in his room, but I checked on him about 15 minutes later and he had turned it off and was sound asleep. His mom is going to chew me out though, we forgot to have him brush his teeth last night. The movie was a bit adult in places and the beginning there was a "bed" scene. Jack tapped my leg and I told him, "I know but what do you want me to do, put my hands over his eyes?" Thank goodness, no naked bodies at least and it wasn't graphic at all. Boy is he a smart kid. We were coming home and he started talking about the moon and how it was at its first phase. I asked him if kept up with that and he said no that he just knew that the first phase of the moon started on the right and over the month would move to the left. I asked him why that was and he explained the whole earth moving thing to me. Sheesh, the kid isn't even 8 yet! He told us all about his trip to Disneyworld and showed us all the pictures he took with his new camera. They bought him a laptop for Christmas so he showed me all the pictures he had loaded onto his computer and explained what they all were. In some ways he is about 13 and others, he is still a 7 year old. He is such a good kid and last night when the parking lot was zooming with idiots after the movie let out, Jack took his hand to get around the cars and he didn't buck about it, just took his hand and walked with him.

I am back to knitting and have started Jackson's sweater for Christmas. They are going to be so cute.

Well, I am still sleepy and I just came down to let out the dog so I may go back to bed for a bit. Jack promised to get Thomas up at 9 and they are going to get donuts as Thomas loves to go get donuts with his Dad on Sundays so I suggested Jack get donuts today.

Have a good one and see you tomorrow.

06-08-2008, 02:36 PM
Good afternoon, ladies - 98 degrees already. Way to hot to be outside so I decided not to go to the church's picnic.

My voice is getting better. Actually, I'm trying not to use it again today then it should be okay for tomorrow. Had tea instead of coffee this morning and that helped.

Did laundry this morning and this afternoon I'm doing cooking for the upcoming week.

NannaX3 - I am so glad you found us! Good to hear from you. Living in the same area, I know you are tired of the heat and humidity, too.

Donna - I'm glad Thomas' visit went well. Don't mention the teeth brushing to your daughter, maybe Thomas won't either. I'm glad you have started knitting again.

Keep cool, ladies, have have a good day!

06-09-2008, 12:33 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! The crazy weather continues! We've had rain, blue sky, clouds, more rain, and the sun was shining as the day ended. We got up early and headed to the lake with the boat. If the wind is strong and from the south we can't get the boat into the boat hoist, but the wind was supposed to be from the north so took a chance. Jason and Ian met us there; we have to put the boat in the lake at a public access which means someone has to drive the boat to the cabin and someone (usually me!) has to bring the trailer to the cabin. With the water project the yard is mud and I don't do "back up" with the trailer. We just had a new water line run for the cabin so the guys had some work to do on that, they put the top canvas on the boat hoist, washed windows, trimmed around the cabin although the grass didn't need mowing, and then we ate a late breakfast/lunch at Perkins. I rounded up all the towels that were left laying around and in the bathrooms, washed the few dishes left from last fall when MIL and Bob's brother left early in the morning for MT, plus went through the cupboards and threw away spice containers that had the price stickers on them -- they have been chunked together for years. Hopefully MIL won't miss them! We stopped at Menard's on the way home; we are looking for a couple of lawn chairs but evidently the "new" thing this year is not the webbed kind which is what we've been looking for. All they had were chairs that match or go with table sets so didn't buy any.

NannaX3 -- I'm glad to see you found us again! When you go on a camping rally, how does that work? When I was a kid my parents belonged to a sports car club and they would have rallies once a month. The hosts would lay out a route using a "certain amount of miles to travel, turn east at the round barn, drive the speed limit for 10 minutes," type of instructions. They would time the cars as they went through check points and hopefully everyone would end up at the same restaurant to eat that evening. It didn't seem like much fun at the time, but now I realize how much work went into the planning and how much fun the participants had doing the driving and navigating. :D It is definitely hot in your corner of the world! I'm glad your son found a job! Our son's job was eliminated 2 weeks before their first child was due. He had been driving back and forth from one town to another and they had just bought a lot to build a house. It was not a fun time! :no:

"Gma" -- Ernie doesn't like any of the bugs that land on the screens -- inside or out! :mad: I do believe the creepy people come out after dark! Are you tired tonight after spending time with Thomas? I wish I had half their energy! :hyper:

Susan -- I had to chuckle at your 9 boxes of dw soap tabs! :lol: I've done the very same thing with staples in the cupboard -- I forget to check and can't remember when I get to the store so throw in another can or bottle of whatever! I've been known to have lots of mustard and no ketchup! :o I am sending rain your way! We were supposed to have rain every day this coming week, but I see that we will have tomorrow and Tuesday without. I'll believe it when I see it! Many of the fields are partially flooded and probably will have to be replanted if it is not too late once they dry out. The farmers are getting a little nervous around here.

I am heading to bed! :yawn: Have a marvelous Monday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-09-2008, 12:41 AM
Good evening Magnonias.:wave:

It is 78 as I type and did get up to a whopping 89 this day. That is fine with me because we were in good air most of the day. At church, in the Jeep and inside this box. Had a fun pot-luck after services and, of course, I ate too much but am back OP now and promised myself to pay close attention and FOCUS tomorrow which is a low point day.

GAIL Where are you my friend? I hope you are not ill. I just gotta tell ya that your Black Eyed Pea Salad was a big hit today. I am so glad that I saved back some (that wouldn't fit into the bowl that I was using) ;) so we had some for dinner awhile ago. I had made it last night and we tasted it and it was so much better today after it had married. I only made one substitution to your recipe and that was I used Splenda instead of sugar. It is a definite do again. Thanks for that recipe.

SUSAN I am so glad for you that your voice is coming back Your fruit isn't priced as high thre as it is here. I love fresh fruit and season it seems to be so much better. We got some corn on the cob from a local stand where they do grow their own, and it was the best ever. Absolutely the best ever. He was selling it 3 ears for a dollar. Worth it though.

JEAN Wind is my most unfavorite weather. I just plain don't like the wind. Nope it wasn't strawberries but boisenberries. And next week the black berries will be ripe. Get them from the same stand I was telling Susan about. It is a Mong family that grows for our enjoyment.

DONNA Your dog and the bugs sounds like Ragg Mopp ~ but Raggs catches flies. Yep he is quick. Your little T is a joy to read about. The lights are home there for sure ~ what a bright child. Good genes you must have. He will be a leader in our country one day.

NANNA Thought you had really lost us there for awhile. Glad you found your way here. Sounds like your latest jaunt wasn't what was expected and that can be a drag. 124 will sure give bare feet some blisters and melt rubber soled shoes. At least make 'em sticky. Hope you made it home safe and sound.

Have a wonderful night my friends. :wave:

06-09-2008, 08:35 AM
Good morning friends. It is already hot and sticky. Well, truthfully, it just plain doesn't cool off at night now. It is near 80 already and supposed to be upper 90's today and pretty much all week. It has to be warming up the pool nicely. I am aching to get over there. I don't know whether my key still works with the new set up so I will have to go some day after it opens at noon and check it out.

Jean: Sounds like a huge amount of work! My niece and her husband live on the St Joe river and he has a boat that they are in all summer long. I am not a boat person mainly because it is too hard to get this fat body into and out of a boat. We have a lot of summer bugs and they drive me nuts, but not much I can do because I can't have them come in and spray with the dog.

Maggie: Thomas was a joy and I hope he wants to come and stay with us more often. I think now that he is comfortable, he might. His mom is smart, but his dad is pure genius. His dad is a big wig with Fed Ex in their IT department. He is involved in sort of computer spy stuff, corporate espionage etc. He tells us if he tells us his job he would have to kill us! lol Ooooh, blackberries. I grew up eating all kinds of fruit, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cherries, peaches and pears and I sure do miss it. The junk you get in the stores is awful. We have one place down by the commissary that grows peaches and they have a stand, but when I went there, I wasn't impressed with the quality. I am willing to pay if the quality is good. I miss getting fruit you can buy, wash off and eat on the way home. Nothing is sold ripe anymore.

Susan: I imagine unless Kelly asks, Thomas won't spill the beans about the toothbrushing because he would get into trouble. He will be 8 years old and has only lost 2 baby teeth! Two bottom front ones. I asked him if the dentist was worried about the fact he hadn't lost his teeth and he said no. He said he has a lot of loose ones right now so I imagine they will be coming out soon enough. Poor kid may end up with a mouth full of gums! :)

Here is a sneak peak at the pattern for the boys' sweaters. I didn't like the yarn and was going to send it back, but they only allow 30 days and I ordered it right after I got out of the hospital so it was about 36 days so I was stuck. I started knitting it up and it is ok, I guess. It is 99 per cent cotton and 1 per cent elastic so it does stretch. It is a long sleeved sweater with a collar and placket and 2 little buttons. I bought 2 red and 2 blue buttons and I will decide whether to put one of each on each sweater or a set of one color on one sweater and then the other on the other.

Guess I better get me some breakfast. Have a great Monday and start to the week!

06-09-2008, 12:49 PM
Good morning, ladies - 91 degrees already and its only 11 am! We have both a heat advisory and an ozone alert going. You can bet I'm staying in.

My voice has returned so the resting helped.

Faye, I like the sweater colors - it's going to be cute! Glad you had fun with Thomas.

Jean - I haven't seen those webbed lawn chairs around here now that you mention it. All there seems to be is the canvas kind that folds up like an umbrella or those resin ones. Sounds like you had a very busy weekend as far as work.

Maggie - Potlucks are made for overating - mine is tomorrow - but you have to let go once in awhile and just enjoy.

Gloria and Nannax3 - Hi, let us hear from you soon!

Keep cool ladies!

06-09-2008, 04:54 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a beautiful day in my corner of the world! The sun is shining with a breeze and the birds are singing like crazy. They must be tired of rain too! I've been doing laundry (on each trip downstairs I sweep water towards the drain to hurry it along) and also made a loaf of banana bread this morning. My oven will not hold a constant temperature so I have no clue what it will taste like. It looks kind of crunchy on the outside. :( I may be stove shopping when we get home from MN. After two service calls and an $80 sensor, I don't want to listen to the repair guy tell me it's all in my head! We have a funeral home visit later this afternoon. The guy was a retired biology teacher that both of our kids had in high school. His daughter is a teacher there now and his other daughter is married to a guy that used to be an agent with Bob. Bob didn't think he would have time for a funeral in the morning and I don't really want to go alone.

Maggie -- It sounds like you had a delightful day yesterday! I've heard several people comment that we seem to have more wind than in years gone by. Perhaps that is why the windmills are popping up all over; :dunno: I'm guessing there are over 500 in the close surrounding area. I know we get more of a breeze because we are close to the lake but enough is enough when it comes to wind. :yes:

"Gma" -- I think I could "do" a summer on a cabin cruiser type boat. :D I love the water but am not one to be out by myself. I suppose if I had grown up living on a lake and driving/parking boats I would be more comfortable doing that. I know that the boats are getting bigger on the lakes; I always wonder how the average person could afford one of those fancy boats and justify using it for maybe 3 months out of the year. Our boat is pretty plain in comparison, but it still took $100+ to fill the tank with gas. :eek: The lake was not busy yesterday at all and I suppose the weather forecast had a lot to do with that. The sweaters will look really cute (handsome?) NICE! I like the colors!

Susan -- I can almost taste your fresh fruit. :T Fresh, locally grown fruit is what I miss the most about living in Ohio. I don't think I've heard of the ozone alert; we used to get smog alerts in Cleveland but we didn't pay much attention to them because we lived closer to the turnpike and not to Cleveland itself. I'm glad your voice is better! :)

I hope the rest of you are having a good day today! Have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

06-09-2008, 08:20 PM

It is 92 degres as I type at 4:04 in the afternoon. However our humidity is practically non existant so it isn't as hot as it would be in the southern states. Here if we get in the shade it is cooler where when we lived in TN the humidity was so thick it was as hot in the shade as it was in the sun. I am sipping ice water along with aslo drinking my tall spill proof metal container of Toasted Almond coffee roasted locally here in the valley. UMMMMM. I love it. After I get off this computer we are going for an ice run. Buy the bags of it and it is so convenient that way.

DONNA That will be such a treat if you do get to keep T more often. Good for you and him aslo. I love the fruit at the stands. We don't buy it at the market ~ only get the greens there.

SUSAN Yes ~ that is the pot-luck rule. My good intentions of staying OP went south once there. I am so glad you are feeling better.

JEAN Our birds are twitterpating also. They love the watering thingie we erected for them. I am not a bird watcher ~ meaning I don't know all their names or follow them but it is so fun to see the vast variety of them that come for drinks. Looks like pretty soon you will have all new appliances in your house. Did you bake a points friendly loaf of banana bread? I love that stuff. With the price of gas jumping each day your second fill up on that boat will be much more than that $100 one.:o

HOWDY Gloria, Gail & Nanna3 ~ hope you are all well and happy.

Have a wonderful evening folks.

06-10-2008, 08:35 AM
Good morning to everyone. Same old story, hot, hazy and humid here. We had a thunder boomer last night with some heavy rain but it didn't last long.

Susan: Glad you can now make sounds again. When you taught yourself to make socks, what did you use initially to learn, just a pattern or a tutorial? I would really like to get one pair done for Thomas's birthday, but I am struggling a bit with the tutorial as it isn't really a pattern. I keep having to take the sock out (top down) because I have lost a stitch or something. Guess I am just going to have to keep going until I get it right.

Jean: I love to make homemade banana bread but Jack won't eat it so I rarely make it. Many a time I have thrown away too ripe bananas that would have been perfect for bread. The yarn I bought for the sweaters was the only thing I could find in a sport weight that wasn't pastel colors. It knits up unusual with it having elastic in it and you have to really look to see the stockinette stitch so it will be something different for them both. Hope you have fun when you go to Minnesota this weekend. Jack wants to go up there next summer for a Cubs game then go to Mall of America again, but I don't know. I think we have kaboshed a big vacation for next year again as I have things I want to do like buy a new car for one and I want to put a big down payment on it. We shall see what little trips we plan for next year. For this year, I am looking forward to going to see the baby over the fourth and then going to the Cubs game in Houston in September. Our trips for this year, I guess.

Maggie: The kids sent me a little video of Jackson and his birthday cake from his party over the weekend. She made him a little cake shaped like a baseball and he had on his little party hat and was eating with his hands. Someone in the background said he was doing really well with the cake and about that time, he leaned over and put his face in it and you heard all the adults laugh. Well, it scared him and he started crying. His mom and dad could be heard telling him it was ok they were just laughing, but he would have none of it. Don't know what happened after that as the video ended. I can't believe he is one already. I remember last year all nervous on Sunday when they called at 5 then getting half way there and they called and said she had the baby while we were going through the Wendy's drive through. Are you a hot coffee drinker or iced coffee? I dispise coffee and coffee flavor in anything. I do like the smell of it being made though and I like the coffee spice cookies my grandma used to make.

Well, the laundry is calling me. I am doing sheets today as well as a regular load and the first load is finished washing so I better hop to it.

Have a wonderful Tuesday and keep cool!

06-10-2008, 10:27 PM
Good evening, ladies. Another hot humid day. Supposed to be only in the high 80s tomorrow.

Faye, wonder where everyone is? I started knitting on a sock (top down) and had to restart several times before I got the right number of stitches consistently. Do you know how to back knit? I was reading "Embroidered Truths" and she gives tips in with the story (set in a craft store). She talked about doing back knitting instead of knit 2 pearl 2 (or whatever) for ribbing. It sounded like it would work but I'm not sure I understand. I'll have to experiment a little over the weekend. I'll bet you are counting the days until you get to see baby Jack.

I went to quilt guild tonight. We had our covered dish and I really ate too much. I feel stuffed. Good thing I went to work out before going. I've been invited to join 2 more quilting bees and I accepted both. So I'll have 2 quild meetings and 3 bees every month. That should keep me busy!

Have good night - I'm off to bed.

06-11-2008, 01:18 AM
Good Evening! Just popping in to say "good night" and it's been a he** of a day around here. I don't even want to go into it, but just lots of little irritants that rolled into one big pain. Tomorrow will be better!

See you tomorrow! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Jean -- :( in Iowa!

06-11-2008, 08:40 AM
Good morning to you all! Hope your Wednesday is starting out fine. We have another electrical issue with the same light that caused the upstairs to go dark before. It has those 5 years bulbs in it, but when I turned on the light it popped, but then I turned it off and back on and it is popping each time so there is another electrical issue somewhere. I told Jack I am going to put tape over the switch to remind us not to turn it on until we get someone in here as I don't want to cause a possible fire. We have another light in the bedroom we can use until then.

Susan: Sounds like you are going to be having lots of fun with the quilting. Good for you. I am waiting for lots of pictures of Jackson at Wrigley field last night in his little outfit. We watched the game, but of course they only panned the pretty women with their boobs hanging half out and not my grandson! lol Oh and I forgot, they kept focusing on some stupid woman in the front behind home plate that has bright bubblegum pink hair she had pulled up and it looked like she has a head full of feathers. I told Jack I thought I would look cute with pink hair and he said to go ahead! :lol: Nothing I do will shock him, I guess. I just hope they all had fun. I am sure they did as the Cubs won 10-5.

Jean: Hope the "poopy" day is behind you and today is much better. I am supposed to get my dil's UPS package today that has her birthday stuff in it. Kohl's was having this big sale and I didn't know what to get her this year so I bought her three sets of really nice towels in poppy, pumpkin, and a rust color, two bottles of some fancy pants fabric and air freshner and then a bath set with body wash and stuff like that. They sent one bottle of the air stuff by itself and it arrived yesterday in this huge box. It is about the size of a flask size whiskey bottle. I am pulling out tons of plastic bags trying to find the darn thing in this huge box. I see this morning all the rest of the stuff is going to be delivered today. Wonder why they just didn't wait the one stupid day and send it all together. Her birthday isn't until July 21, but I couldn't resist getting $29 bath towels for $3.15 apiece!!!! If they get here and I don't feel they are up to my dil's standard, I will just keep them and go and get her some here in town.

I am going to try and tackle the tub upstairs today. It sure gets grubby fast with Jack's work "dirt." Time's a wastin' so better get to chores.

Hope to see everyone in here today!

06-11-2008, 02:18 PM
Good afternoon! A cool 83 degrees at 1 pm. I sure was ready for the heat to stop for awhile.

Jean, hope your day is going better than yesterday! Unfortunately some days are like that. We had a hard drive crash in one of our computers so that was waiting for me and it's been all down hill since. Can't wait for Friday the 13th!

Faye, you always get the best bargains! If you make your hair bubblegum pink, I'll do mine lime green. Is it a deal?