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05-22-2008, 12:04 PM
:I know this is completely off weight topic so that's why I am talking about it here (I hope it's okay)...since Monday I've had a very tender scalp...mainly just the top portion and around the "soft spot" (of a baby's head) area. I do not know what it is and I'm having trouble finding anything on the internet that sounds like what it is. The majority of everything I find has all these symptoms which I'm not experiencing anything except the head tenderness. I have not bumped it and I have not gotten sun just happened out of nowhere and it hurts when I brush it or touch it, and even walking hurts it. :(

Anyone know anything about this or ever experienced this? :?:

Thanks a lot!

Marathon Mom
05-22-2008, 12:26 PM
Has it always been tender? Or is this recent?

I know my brother and my son have very sensitive scalps. Brushing their hair or pulling their hair seems to hurt more than normal...


05-22-2008, 12:31 PM
Nope it has never been like this unless I've had a cold or something...when I get a cold I sometimes have a tender scalp but I feel absolutely fine other than the head thing. Just started Monday and it seems worse but I don't know. I suppose I should just go to the doctor, huh? :)

05-22-2008, 12:47 PM
I have had this happen to me--with all the exact same symptoms. It turned out to be a sebaceous cyst. Is the pain localized--like in a spot about the size of a quarter or more? Try using warm, wet compresses on it 3 times a day (the easiest way to do this is with two wash cloths and a ziplock bag--wet both cloths, wring out one and place on your head. Warm the second in the microwave inside the open baggie, and then zip lock it inside the baggie and place on top of the moist one on your head). If it doesn't clear up, you may need an antibiotic. Mine was extremely painful--I couldn't even put my head down on a pillow (it was on the top of my head, toward the back).

05-22-2008, 12:51 PM
Yes it is large...when I put my hand on top of my head, it hurts the entire spot...I will try that - it sounds soothing. Putting my head on a pillow hurts, too. I'm glad someone knows what I'm talking about, I felt weird! :) Thanks a lot!