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05-20-2008, 12:58 AM
Ani - stop lusting after the unavailable? Nahhhh, that's too hard!

So one of my patient's family members asked me today if I am dating my boss!! Apparently he said something to them about me out of the blue, so they started getting ideas. Heh. It's funny... the nurse in our program keeps telling me he likes me (and she's almost 50, although it sounds so high school!). It's odd - we are good mates, but I don't understand why everyone always thinks we are together!! Between my married coworker (who I do lust after) and my attached boss (who I do not lust after although everyone apparently thinks I do)... how well am I doing!

I am sick at the moment. Well, not really, but have been nauseous all day and wish I could just chuck already and feel better!

I have an appointment June 10th with an orthopedic doc who is a friend of my boss - he specializes in achilles stuff. He may say he can't do anything, but fingers crossed, because it's pissing me off so much and gives me and excuse not to go to the gym, since it cripples me for a few days afterwards.

05-20-2008, 01:22 AM
Hope the orthopod appointment goes well for you Gen. Is there some form of light exercise you can do just to get back into a routine? Perhaps swimming would be something you could try?

Apart from your injury and the various men at your work, how are things going over there? You enjoying it?

It's 40 minutes till home time for me and I'll be going to the gym for 40 minutes of something tonight. It helps that my heat pump is programmed to turn on at 6pm so if I go to the gym and have a good session, my flat will be nice and toasty when I get home :)

Have a great night everyone!

05-20-2008, 02:25 AM
ani wrote
By the way Amy I am horrified at that story about your 'friend' and her level of cleanliness. Surely there's something not quite right about her… The most scary thing of all is that she has children :eek:. The second most scary thing is that someone married her! Gen Maybe you and I need to mess up our lounge rooms, throw our dirty washing under the bed and leave it there, and put all our food scraps on the floor

Good grief!

Lmao sure did you make me laugh Ani
I think stop going for unavailable people might be a better choice or just find someone with only half a brain.. thats who married her .. lol ..

the thing is her hubby is about 5 sausages short of a bbq... she is probably 3 and a half short... lol.. She met him through a friend she met when she trained ant minda and she felt sorry for him.. she spent a year trying to set him up with a load of different girls... then gave up and dated him herself... lol ... We went to a party for one of her kids once at the bowling alley .. both there families came .. and it was so embarrasing they were all really weird and deffianatly not the full quid.. They all minda acted like children.. and were yelling and running around.. Those two are the most normal in there families..

I cant believe they closed our thread.. just when we had made our butt groves in the sofas at aussie chicks no1 lol...

Vonni congrats on your loss this week :)

05-20-2008, 09:06 AM
everyone is just too too funny
amy - i hate how there are people out there with nothing better to do than worry about everyone else and make everyone else's life messy... it is funny how they usually meet and marry people with the same mind track... which is crap coz they fuel each other on

i am going to weigh in tomorrow - will be nice to have lost a couple of grams - not worried if it is not 500grams anything will do (i dont really deserve as i had maccas for dinner - totally crazy afternoon with Jemima and then Benji got a message that he had a haircut tonight so i just was too exhausted to cook tea - i have been heaps exhausted and unmotivated a lot lately)

someone asked why i dont just cook healthy meals for myself.... i would and do but at the moment have no routine and no idea what is going on day to day and have so much unorganised stuff in the house and my life i even find it hard to shop i have no idea when i'll be home and for how long and stuff - until i get a job i dont know if the next day i will be working all day have an interview or whatever........ and i have still the problem of picking at the food i am cooking
amy - you said your kids only eat good food - so what are you eating that is meaning you are not losing as much weight as you want to?? i know jemima wouldnt miss bad food and she eats better than i do - i have been cooking her up awesome little dinners lately - the only 'bad' thing she eats is cheerios everything else good ok maybe jatz have too much salt but they are just a snack for her before dinner is ready - i am going to try lite and easy at least a week or two and it will i think help to reinforce portion sizes for me five dinners will cost about fifty bucks but then benji and i went shopping last night and bought stuff for jem's lunches mainly and god knows what else and spent $130!! no dinner foods and no fruit and veges (got that from the fruiter next to the grocery store) i ordered a couple of meals that benji would like so i think the first couple of nights he will be eating liteandeasy as well (and prob pasta if he is stillhungry)

tomorrow night is state of origin - we are going to benji's brothers place his brothers plan for dinner "lets deep fry some stuff at our place" hmmm i think NOT gross!!! so i will bring something for everyone!

05-20-2008, 09:10 AM
ps - amy is all the blue stuff in your signature relating to state of origin??
pps - amy love your new profile pic

05-20-2008, 09:33 AM
ps - amy is all the blue stuff in your signature relating to state of origin??
pps - amy love your new profile pic

05-20-2008, 10:51 AM
lol the blue stuff is becuase im in the Biggest loser blue team over on the exercise forum.. I thought it wouls help me out a bit.. as far as my weight loss.. who knows .. lol my body jusy sucks.. it doesnt matter what i eat im stuck.. i go up and down on the same 5 pounds and go now further.. IM like you i get hungry in the afternoon .. and im busy.. i know what i do wrong.. and here it is ...... confession time lol ..

I dont eat breakfast .. i feel sick in the morning...

I eat lunch maybe at 2 pm.. and usually have had a coffee and if not nothing since i got up.. at 7 -8 am.. I dont eat fruit..
at 3-4 pm im starving .. and i grab anything and everything, I cook dinner at about 6 and im still hungry while im do g it and mindlessly eat parts of it as im cooking it.. and then i eat late at night... lol... and i dont drink enough i have maybe 1-2 glasses of water during the day and then 3-4 glasses at night..
Im so focused on the kids and house during the day its not till they are in bed i realise im very thirsty.. I find it hard to think about my self and just keep the kids busy.. lol .. Leah with drawing ,writing and puzzles during the day in between washing ( Leah is a smart little 3 year old she can read and write her name and read about 10 other small words, she can count to 20 knows all her alphabet except q w t and x. and knows her colors.). . changing her bed ( i have to change her bed every other day becuase of her allergies ).. the dishes.. shopping.. talking on the phone.. exercising and then preparing dinner.. I dont stop.. and i dont eat or derink 90% of the time till about 2 pm ... and from then until bed .. i can blow my calories for ther day very easily becuase im starving hungry and to tired care...

I look after myself for so long i can be really good for ages.. then i get insomnia once again.. and i go back to feeling sick in the morning and not eating till ,late and the whole cycle of ****ty eating starts again.. atm im in the ****ty eating stage.. I ahvent eaten anything .. really bad.. but not much really good either... too much salt not enough water.. too low in nutrients.. and im forgetting to take my multi.. I know im low on both iron and zinc atm.. just to name a few i bet im deficent on alot more then that .. but i know those two. because have those white spots on my nails.. im very tired im getting slow wound healing and have skin sores.. lol

My calories have been well withing my limits but this week i have gained weight ansd i know it .. maybe its fluid from TOM.. but i think its becuase once again .. mum is lookign after everyone else but herself..

I find it hard to stick to a schedule for myself.. but i revolve my kids lives around schedules.. lol I know its sounds stupid .. But i feel like writing a roster for my self... something really stupid like you do for kids... lol

8 am breakfast..... decent breakfast .. a coffee doesnt count...
9 am take multi with some juice...
10 am have a peice of fruit ( you like fruit it live int his house eat it.. )
12.30 make lunch for yourself ( your already in the kitchen making leahs lunch) take a break (30 minutes) and eat lunch.. enjoy it ...
3.30 pm have a yogurt or some fruit or veg... ( your in the kitchen agina the kids are hungry so are you why not lol)
6 dinner ...
8 have a cup of chamamile tea .. and do nothing else.. this is no longer a time to fold washing .. do dishes clean up toys .. wash the floors .. hang out more washing with a torch in the dark ( yes im mad lol) yous been doing this stuff all day .its will still have to be done again tommorrow anyway.. let it wait.. lol ...

Am i the only mad women that does trhis stuff.. get so wound up in the house and the kids you forget about yourself?? and then do more work once there in bed.. becuase you spent to much time playing with the kids and not doing.. all the chores?? Me and Leah could spend 2 or 3 hours drawing sticking and making pictures and things together.. she love it so much.. I draw pitures for her to stick thngs into or colour in or i cut up things for her to stick down.. or i do a dot line word for her to trace.. lol .. I know she is leaving me soon and she will do all this with the teacher instead of me .. which will mean the washing floors and other jobs she hates me doign can be done then.. Some days i just put a dvd on and do my chores.. but i dont like her watching tv all day ..

Thinking about it .. i dont eat becuase i make her lunch so i can hang out the washing.. i make her breakfast so i can get the washing on.. i give her a snack so i can take a shower.. and i walk her to the parks so i can get some exercise.( my ellipical is playing up but to use it i would put a kids tv show on in the family room and lock her in there with me ). I use meals times as a time to get things done .. and i eat at 2 becuase that is usually the time i have most things sorted.. lol I spend the morning playing with her and taking her to the park ect .. She takes a good 20 minutes to eat luch which is why the washing goes out then ..

The reason i eat so badly is my very high maintance daughter lol .. If i leave her to her own devices she raids the kitchen .. for anythign and everything she can find.. Last week .. i left her for 15 minutes with a movie on to hang out some washing and she ate an entire packet of scotch finger biscuits .. she has always taken food .. she even hides it under the couch .. if she hears me coming.. since she was really small we had to lock the kitchen .. and she still does it .. She eats all the time she is always hungry.. but i know she will eat when she is bored and not hungry .. which is why i do so many activities with her.. and im so bloody busy... ok as much as im dreading hr going to kindy.. bring it on.. lol.. I might sleep better if im not doing house work till 10pm at night ... i eat better whan i sleep better.. and for now .., im going to write the above roster and mark on the calender with a big x everyday i follow it ..

Hey kel i bet your sorry you asked now.. you know i dont shut up lol ..
and ty for the comment on the picture .. I spose im not so scary looking lol..

05-20-2008, 11:01 AM
i am glad i asked coz you just identified things in my life i didnt even realise i did!!!
my solutions to these feelings has been to go back to work and get liteandeasy
liteand easy means i wont have to cook and worry about eating enough of right food it is going to be right there and i am going to put in microwave and presto eating dinner! benji doesnt mind eating different or even cooking himself but i hate that part of it

that schedule you wrote sounds perfect! i do the same thing though do stuff when jem goes to bed just easier.... and i do same when she is having brekky (and i am awake ehehehe benji usually does her brekky) but when she is having a meal i am racing to the laundry or worse at the moment on facebook etc doing highschool reunion stuff... my housework slides all the time hence the cleaner BUT i just fired her! (but have another one ready to go... but may tell her not to start and see how i go)
when i start working believe it or not i expect to be way more organised and get mroe done around the house

amy - you do have to start looking after you - all the vitamins and stuff yousay you are lacking is not cool
you have such good intentions but no brekky is you BIGGEST mistake ever even a banana is better than no brekky!
i got to go i have one minute before i turn into a pumpkin
will write more later!

05-20-2008, 11:30 AM
lol yeah i know .. but still vicous little cycle i have myself in lol .. see pumpkin hour and im not even tired.. which mean more insomina which means i will feel sick in the morning.. and the whole things starts again... lmao.. please just shoot me.. LOL ... I will loose weight... lol. after july.. when leah is in kindy 1 morning a week lol .. and more in october when she is full time kindy.. I need someone to come in and organise my life so i can eat.. or maybe just someone to entertain my daughter.. lol ... hey i got it .. im gonna keep Cameron home from now on so he can look after Leah and i can behave myself.. Weekends i have no problem he is home and he will keep her busy .. its when he's at school I have all this trouble..

o in all this im assuming i ahve a shot metabolism that starves from 8-9pm one night till 2 pm the next day... so when i do it my body say.. hey .. calories.. lets store them for later.. .. Im gonna use the above roster thing and maybe tie leah up.. lol If i eat properly i might not flake out from 4 till 6 then drag my butt to cook dinner .. i might get that house work done from 4-6 becuase Cameron is home sorting leah out.. .. so im gonna give all this a try.. lol .. simply staying under calories isnt enough and i do know that .. but old habits are hard to break lol.. I WILL EAT BREAKFAST... feel free to kick my butt if i dont.. please...

im going to bed no my butt is not just big but orange too ... lol the green hair is not such a good look on me though.... note to self.. turn of computer b4 11 to avoid pumkin hour.. and go the bed lol

05-20-2008, 05:46 PM
Amy I like the look of the schedule you wrote. Why don't you try it and see if it works?

I'm doing well this week - diet good and exercise good. Had a session with my trainer this morning and he killed me. 30 minutes of weights circuit followed by 40 minutes cardio. I'm gonna be starving by lunchtime!


05-20-2008, 07:51 PM
Amy I have been writing myself a 'schedule' for the last 660 days. I don't always follow it - but it really helps me plan my meals, and is the only thing that enables me to control my calories.

And the most important change I have made to my life is to eat breakfast. I can't eat for the first hour or so after I get up, but I now can't start my day without breakfast. The second most important thing is that I now eat to provide fuel for my body - depending on what I am doing on a particular day. For example, we are going to be moving a whole section of BBQs and patio heaters at work today - and that's a massive amount of work. So last night I made sure to have a good mix of protein and carbs for dinner.

The old me would have just eaten what I felt like.

Today I will eat two meals high in protein, because I know my muscles will need feeding after moving thousands of kilos. And I'll double my water intake because otherwise I'll end up with a lactose build-up in my muscles.

I've always said, and I still believe it, that the biggest part of the battle to lose weight is the one that goes on in our heads.

Oops - just realised I start at 8am, not 9! I must fly…


05-20-2008, 08:07 PM
amy - did u have breakfast yet?? well did ya did ya?

i dont want to alarm anyone but the scales today said 88.7kg
now unfortanately my weigh in at the chemist will be after pub lunch so wont be as nice i am sure but i am sure i have lost at least a kilo
problem is when i first got the scales out they kept automatically jumping to 2kg or 2.2kg without anything on them... so i cleaned them opened the back and looked at it (not normal batteries so i decided not to play in there) and then put it down same thing happened. so i weighed myself and including the bonus 2.2kg i was 90.9kg, so i was like have i lost weight, gained weight are these scales completly fuc*ked or what? and then i looked at a funny email from someone and then thought i'd try again (i never give up heheh) so then it stayed on zero and i thought yippe they are fixed and i weighed myself and i was 88.7kg - which if you add 2.2kg to is 90.9 so i think they were working before as well just having a blonde moment (no offence amy)
so i think i can say i lost 1.6kg this week - i will try scales again.... hang on....
still went to zero first and STILL says 88.7kg
thank goodness that little guest appearance above 90kg did not last long
carrott carrot carrot
i dont know if i want to weigh in at the chemist but i will and see what it says
tomorrow i get my liteandeasy but after the 'success' this week do i really need it? we shall see

ani - you go girl hope you were not late today and water water water water water
i think that is one thing i noticed on monday was the amount i went to the toilet coz of extra water i was having
i truely think you flush fat away (whateva works in my quirky head i say)

happy wednesday - i have jem home today so we can go swimming lessons and pub lunch..... hard coz totally different routine than they do at daycare so she is confused but i am sure she wont mind when we get to swimming.... splash splash paddle paddle

amy - can leah help you cook?? like saucepan and wooden spoon on the floor get her own plastic kitchen with food in it?? (i am going to set up little house for jem) maybe??

julia - how did u go at the gym??? did you sweat properly?? i love that exhausted i did so good feeling, getting back to the gym week of the 16th which is the week i think my 'new life' will start whateva job i end up with i think will start then as i have commitments the 2 weeks prior to that so as of 16th i will be part time mummy part time something full time weightloss addict blah!

05-21-2008, 12:09 AM
I was busy.. lol.. but i didnt skip it completely .. lol I fell asleep last night or should i say this morning at 3 am.. woke a 8.20 and realised it school photo day .. hooray for me . Cameron came home sick yesterday and is still unwell but the photos are important to him .. so i jumped in the shower took him to the hairdressers that opened at 9 am ( i garbbed a banana on my way out the door ) and got his hair cut, while i was in there a mum from school came in her duaghter butchered her sons hair last night.. lol they had rescheduked the pictures fomr 10 am to 9 . 20 am.. lol OMG... mad rush. I dropped him at school and ran back home to get the moeny and form for it.. he is also src so i had to wait for that .. leah played on the school eqiupmant from 9 30 till 11 30.. i got her a juice from the canteen .

So i had a banana for breakfast ... small steps... lol i also remembered my multi.. and i had a glass of water to take it .
and ive just finished my lunch and its only 12.30 so im doing ok .. :) chicken avocado and cucumber roll with a triangle of luaghing cow .. yummo
2 i had some almonds and a glass of milk
4 i had some cottage cheese
and dinner is lean beef jacket potatos and cauli brocolli and carrot
Cameron is home from school so .. my day is easier lol ...

Leah always helps me cook kel.. one for the pot one for leahs mouth.. lol I chop it she puts it in she will eat all vegetable raw as im cutting it up.. even potato.. yuk.. lol . If im making sndwiches she puts the things in.. if home mad pizza she puts the stuff on (not that we have had thosee for a few months .. ) She loves being busy and gets into mischief wehn not.. lol

So yes im getting a pink piece of paper and a big marker and im writing it down and gonna put it on the clipboard in the kitchen.. lol ..

oh and dont worry kel.. my whole life is a blonde moment... lol

05-21-2008, 07:11 PM
A friend of mine dropped in last night to give me his compost bins - yay! Now I can make my own compost and potting mix.

We're having a big storm here at the moment, and are getting some beautiful rain. As I write the 'destructive winds and storm' haven't hit, but I'm sure they're planning to arrive just as I'm about to leave for work :dizzy:.

All OK on the weight loss front, except I let myself down with water yesterday and only drank 0.5L. I ate 1850 calories - but I did a lot of lifting, and walked 10.4km in heavy work boots, so I figure I burned it all off ;).

Amy this is how I "schedule" my day in terms of food:

Breakfast: high fibre/protein Uncle Tobys cereal with raw almonds and prunes & HiLo milk - around 370 cals;

Morning tea: banana - around 80 cals;

Lunch: Sandwich - soy & linseed bread and whatever I want to throw on it (I don't add margarine or butter) - around 340 cals;

Dinner: (I made this and froze it on the weekend) low fat mince, kidney beans, chick peas, mushrooms, tomatoes, onion, capsicum, with steamed broccoli and cauliflower - around 350 cals;

Snack: a little bit of something sweet - around 150 cals.

If I stick to that I will be fine for the day. I also drink around 4 cups of coffee and a milo or cup of tea.

05-21-2008, 11:16 PM
Well I was pretty good last night. Didn't snack too much and stuck to my points for the day.

Tonight I'm going to the gym and will do 40 minutes of some sort of cardio. Probably a walk.

The weather here is very wintery today. There's a heavy snow warning for parts of the south island so I expect it'll get very cold in the coming days.



05-22-2008, 01:26 AM
oh so i have some stormy weather heading my way huh?? lol We usually get your weather a day or 2 later. :)

I have been misbehaving for about a week .. i have had TOM and that affects my mood sleep and appetite.. so day two back eating properly and I'm hoping the wight i have gained will go soon.. lol .. ill give it another couple of days since TOM is still hanging on .. lol But breakfast is something even without TOM i skip alot .. so i am now sticking to that schedule and i feel better because I'm not so tired and hungry in the afternoon ..

Cameron is back at school today .. and Leah is being good . I went and bought a convection heater for my family room.. So she can play it Laminate floors on a concrete slab are very cold Not like the real floor boards i have it the rest of the house .. the kids have the laminate in there rooms too but they have floor boards underneath.. their rooms don't get no where near as cold as the family room and our bedroom . Plus their rooms are nearer the lounge and the lounge has a gas furnace heater on the wall the type that goes across the wall . Its puts out the heat so well .. but if you want to warm the whole house with it the lounge becomes to hot to go into lol ..

The new heater i got from the warehouse fro 29 and it works really well . My whole house was warm in about 20 minutes of putting them both on . except my bedroom. i shut my door i love being able to snuggle under the thick quilt at night :) lol no hubby so the quilt is all mine i wrap myself in it lol... toasty warmmm mmmmmm lol

Snow already julia that is amazing .. i have never seen snow :( lol but i dont know if i would wont too lol..... far too cold for me

05-22-2008, 05:50 PM
Amy I hear you about snuggling up in your quilt. I think that it's one of the happiest feelings to be snuggled up under a warm blanket when it's miserable outside.

Yay for me, I went to the gym last night even though it was the last thing I felt like doing. I did weights followed by 20 minutes hard running and a 10 minute walk.

I've weighed in 3 times this week and my weight has fluctuated by about 1kg which is rather confusing. Again, I snacked last night and I know that if I stop doing that I would probably start losing again. Next week!!

Tonight I'm catching up with a friend for some drinks and we're going to have pizza for dinner so today will be my off plan day for this week.

This morning I've got an appointment with a plastic surgeon to see about getting a lump of scar tissue removed from my ear. It's from when I had an industrial style piercing and it healed wonky so I've got a big lump on my ear. Hopefully he will remove it today as if I have to go back for a second appointment it will be even more expensive than what it already is!

Have a great day ladies


05-22-2008, 06:51 PM
Another good day for me too, except for my water. I ate 1465 calories and only drank 0.8L of water. But I have the weekend off, and I am pretty good at drinking water when I am home all day.

Gen! That woman at work is definitely flirting with me - and she's doing my head in. It's very nice, but is something I need to be careful about. Even though I don't want to be sensible or cautious… it just makes my days at work that little bit more entertaining.

I'm really excited because my first story for a book is being published in September - little old me FINALLY has a book with my name in it. The BEST news is the publisher likes my work so much that I have been offered a three-book deal. WOO HOO!!! How good is that?

I was so scared about closing my business and making such big changes to my life - but I could never have imagined the fantastic opportunities that are coming my way. I'm really happy about that side of my life :dizzy:.

I love my job, I love the freedom I have to write whatever I want, and I'm really enjoying settling into my new home.


Even though this is a VERY frightening thing for me to think about, I am getting very close to the point where I would like someone to share it with. Don't panic girls, I'm not yet ready to shed this protective layer of "I want to be alone", but I can feel it shifting.

Anyway, must get ready and go and develop these Bunnings biceps a little more. Have a great day everyone.


05-22-2008, 07:09 PM
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooo oo ani
that is so so so cool - the book, the chick, where u r at EVERYTHING
the freedom to write what you want when you want to must be a dream come true!!!

julia - weighing in more than once a week has pros and cons: if you weigh more on a certain day you are more likely to kick your butt back into gear and work a little harder for rest of week... if you weigh less you have the chance of getting smug and laying off a little therefore increasing chance of putting on weight or staying the same..... a pro is also that you can see that even though your weight goes up and down all week USUALY HOPEFULLY by the end of the week it is down ready to start another up and down week...... having the will power to weigh in once and and only once a week is so hard when you are trying to get motivated

amy - have you had brekky yet?? well have ya have ya?? it is big time the easiest way to help the rest of the days eating...... if i didnt have brekky i would pick at things all morning then have a stupid lunch which would maybe get me through to danger zone where i pick again and then have stupid dinner

liteandeasy came yesterday so benji and i had it for dinner - hugemungus dinners and yummy i had braised lambshanks and potato and veges, i will be VERY interested to see if i lose weight eating that kind of thing! and since i did the lunch and dinner pack i have POTATO bolganaise for lunch and i think a tub of fruit and maybe a sultana cookie or something, i will most likely go to just dinners but the lunches look awesome too, i think seeing different healthy (potato bolanaise?? healthy??) (tomorrow is satay pizza, and i know there isa sheppardspie in there too) options has been good, it is one thing to read about them on a menu but another to actually see the food in your fridge and see the size of the bread rolls and stuff (like entree /soup bread rolls? tiny!) (but most likely 'enough')
my weigh in at the chemist reflected my pub lunch it was 89.6 and my weigh in at home (consistantly and again yesterday) is 88.7 so i am going with MY weigh in heheheeh but will still go to chemist for that added bit of 'pressure'

i am totally pissed off i chipped some nailpolish off my thumbnail! i am not usually prissy enough to care BUT i have mega important job interview this afternoon - 3 days a week permanent part time/job share office coordiantor/admin/PA type role for engineering firm THREE MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE ie perfect - so i have to fix my nail as if i was an employer i would look at chipped nail polish and go tacky, she dont care, attention to detail etc etc GRRRR thing is i got my nails done at a salon so i dont have the colour so i have to do them ALL again like i have time for that!

have a funshine day everyone! and an awesome weekend

06-06-2008, 08:58 PM
wow we lost alot of posts in the forum crash lol .. im glad the cpr worked and we are back online though .. lol

06-06-2008, 09:05 PM
How weird! Looks like 3FC has had a major crash, and the last few weeks of our rants and ramblings have gone to cyber-heaven.

I just changed my ticker again. I decided yesterday that I am going to go back to where I began and aim for 70kg as my big goal. It may turn out that when I get there I might want to lose some more - or it may not - but I'm not going to make that decision until I am closer to my goal.

When I embarked on this weight loss thing, almost 97 weeks ago, I never really believed I could drop 35kg; it just felt like too much. But I am closer than I ever thought I could be, and I don't want to give myself unrealistic expectations at this stage of the game.

I had a massive reality check yesterday, which made me understand that I don't have a "real" perception of how I look now. There's this woman at work who I have noticed (not in THAT way), and thought I would be very happy if I get could my body to look something like hers. She's the same height as me, a very similar build, and has a curvy shape. I happened to have lunch with her yesterday and she was telling me she has lost 30kg and then put 14kg back on. And then she said she currently weighed 78kg!

WOW! It hit me like a ton of bricks that I am already smaller than her and yet I see myself as being a lot bigger. Hmmm… got some work to do there with my self-perception!

Got a day off today. Going to the chiropractor, supermarket - and then home to do a million domestics. Blurk!

How is everyone else going?


06-07-2008, 09:47 AM
ani - to be honest i ihave always kinda wondered if you were really really really short, coz at your weight you couldnt be THAT fat...... i thought you may have been a ooompa looompa (i mean in the nice way) i am glad you have come to the realisation, that will help you heaps with your goals.... less pressure will help, aiming for shape and health rather than a number will help heaps i'm sure

amy - we got our dishwasher today! fit in our boot, it was more out than in but luckily just 2 min drive down the road hehehe benji wil install it in the morning then mum is helpin me make curtains so i will take a photo of finished kitchen

i am having a kitchen warming tupperware party to help me get started being a tupperchick (just like a tupperware lady but WAY cooler) if you are in brissy next saturday 2pm let me know and i will tell you where i live

doc diagnosed me the other night with an anxiety disorder did i tell u?? he thinks that it may have an affect on my weight as some of my habits when i am worrying involve food.......... so that could be interesting

i am hoping though i am just NOT looking for something to blame and palm off responsiblity for what goes in my mouth and the amount of exercise i do

just got back from my cousin's wedding it was lovely cupcake wedding cake - love cupcakes!!! not really eating them but love the look of them, benji and i had cupcakes too and everyone gives me cupcake books - love it

anyway benji in bed so i best go join him............. when i get on the meds the doctor gave me more apparently i am going to get a better sleeping pattern and perhaps even enjoy things more (things i had not even noticed i was not enjoying anymore_)

06-08-2008, 01:15 AM
Hello all. Just quick cause I need to return this borrowed monitor. I will be getting my mattress this week. woohoooo. Centrelink has realised they made a mistake recovering a debt the said I had in 2001 on my family allowance so they are paying it back to me.

No more aching back. I had a bath today because my back was absolutely killing me.

Another good thing ---- I talked to my daughters dad on the phone for 3 hours the other night. He is coming up in a month or so to live back near Brissy so will be good for her to have him close by. Was great talking to him.... couldnt shut him up but think that may have been more nerves really lol.

Bad thing - my weight loss crap. I've been eating heaps and chips and chocolate are NOT my friends. I weighed this morn so I can post but I will NOT lol. gonna not even touch the scales now for TWO WEEKS, and see how I go.

Everyone take care, not sure when I will be on next. Maybe get my office clean and get laptop up n running. Bought it a year ago and used it 3 times gee.


06-08-2008, 04:11 AM
Ani sounds like you have a warped sense of your skinny body :) lol .. dont be so hard on yourself..

Kel you suck.. lol .. my dishwasher isnt here yet . :P

lol nah its good your doc has given you some answers .. i would worry about blaming the anxiety on the food too .. i think we all comfort eat anxiety or not .. and we need to controll it ..

there is this girl at playgroup that is as skinny as a palm tree .. she complained friday.. that she has a baby roll.. lol.. its more of a tiny bump .. like if you knock yourself and bruise.. lol .. so another mum said you look great dont worry about it.. so the girl complaining goes..

Oh i stay thin just running after josh.. .. umm why complain then?? ..
i run after 2 kids and a hubby... and she stays thin running after a 4 year old??? she bites.. every week she id feeding the kid lollies ans cakes and things she eats them too and after playgroup they go over to macdonalds every week to eat lunch.. and she is .. super skinny.. she does no exercise and eats crap .. i hate people like that lol..

yup i know im just jealous lol.. the world is a creul and uncaring place.. where one can do waht they like and other cant.. it sucks..

Im cold today .. i have spent all day running around the house finding things to clean so i could stay defrosted lol .. the kids have been good so im going to get them fish and chips for dinner .. i have a small piece of steak out and im gonna have a jacket potato :) and veg.

Vonni im glad you are finally getting off the couch :)

06-08-2008, 08:50 PM
I had to take my cat to the vet again yesterday. This time I took him to the one I trusted - which just happens to be in the northern suburbs, a fair way away. They admitted him to hospital :(. Hopefully I can pick him up today - all my other cats are quiet and depressed, because they don't understand why Luka hasn't come home.

We're in the middle of a huge rainstorm! It's awesome.

Body image is a funny thing. When I have spent so many years looking, feeling and being obese, it's hard to shift your thinking. I'm getting there, but it's something that takes time and practice. I have started to notice, in the last few weeks, that my Size 16 clothes are getting really loose - and that is making me understand that I actually am changing my body shape.

This month I am going to continue to chip away and try to get to 76kg, or even a little below that. If I can lose 1kg/month from here until December I will be a very happy camper indeed.

I have changed my weigh-in day to Tuesdays.

Anyway, here comes the thunder and lightning - better get off the computer.

06-09-2008, 01:31 AM
wow amy i wouldnt worry bout her. Just because someone is skinny doesnt mean they r healthy. Prob has cholesterol really high lol. Its people like that that have the REAL prob. And not a very nice person to say i in front of overweight people.

Ani hope Luka (what a great name) comes home soon and yr other kittys r happier. How many u got? R u our resident cat lady :b ? JK.

I'd love another, but snoopy just won't deal with one. We tried a while ago bringing a new kitty home but he just went nuts. Snoopy is my himylayan persian

06-09-2008, 07:15 AM
I gave my foster kitties back over the weekend *Sniff*. We're getting my fave back in a few days though as my housemate is adopting him, she also has a friend that is possibly adopting one of the other babies, so that's good. The third one is a fluffy little grey critter, he's really cute so he'll be adopted right away. I keep moving things off the coffee table thinking they'll get knocked off, then remembering I don't have any kittens at the moment haha! Ani hope your kitty is better soon!

Huge inspection next couple of days, been really busy at work. I'll be back to chat more after that's done.

Hope everyone is okay.

06-09-2008, 08:44 PM
Vonni I have five cats, and they're my little family. They tend to have their own living arrangements, and they invite me into their little colony at mealtimes (only because they can't open the cans themselves) :D.

Going through a phase of not really enjoying work. I know it's just a phase, and it will all be better when The Statue leaves (which is allegedly happening in the next month or so). Or at least I hope it will improve.

I also have to find a housemate, and I have a couple of people coming around this week for interviews. I just can't afford to live on my own any longer - life has gotten too expensive.

Had a really bad day with food yesterday. I think it was the stress of having a sick cat, the fact that his hospital stay consumed my wage, and having to work with the statue - plus the storm that was battering Perth, and which matched my mood. I just couldn't be bothered.

Weighed in today and I am the same as last week - surprisingly. So hopefully I can put in a bit more effort this week and actually drop some weight by next Tuesday.

Hope you're all well.


06-09-2008, 09:53 PM
cant wait to see what i weigh tomorrow - will see how i have been going by myself.... yes i have been eating liteandeasy for dinner but it is not any smaller than i would have eaten by myself in fact most likely more
had shocking food for lunch all week last week, except maybe wednesday
oh and tuesday but monday, thursday and friday JUNK

went to doc today so i could get my stiches out from when i got mole cut out and asked for something to give benji on anxiety so he would understand -but this doctor harsh man (in a helpful way) (i guess) and has now totally fu*cked my head up more

06-09-2008, 11:40 PM
Kel what did the doctor say that could have you so confused??

Ani im sorry the cats have forced you to get a room mate.. those vet trips are so expensive.. makes it hard to be a pet owner doesnt it?

gen im glad your getting your favorite little fur friend back :) must be sad when they leave .

Im doing ok still waiting for my dishwasher.. i have been on my elliptical every night and walking during the day .. so im hoping for good things this week .. i put weight back on when everyone was sick.. lol so now i have to loose the same damn 2 pounds and get back down to 270 again.. lol . oh well back to it .. im not cahnging my ticker lol .. i am leaving it as a reminder that in stuffed up lol

I dont care that i gained back im not disapointed or upset its just one of those things.. sit on your butt for a week and a half sick and eat the wrong thing becuase you cant be bothered cooking .. it happens .. lol

we had way too much bread.. and then things like tinned spaghetti , bbq chicken .. cheese on toast .. lol . hardly any fruit or veg.. lol.. so i gained .. gee wonder why?? my calories migt not have gone over but the fat salt and sugar content of my diet certainly did and for me that is enough to gain .. plus eating the same calories when sitting around as i did active.. all makes sense to me .. lol next time im sick.. i will reduce my calories.. becuase I hardly move when im sick.. .

anyway .. im off to go and wash the stupid dishes in the wrotten sink.. lol .. i love doing dishes cant you tell?? lol.
cya later

06-09-2008, 11:54 PM
he pointed out some 'issues' i have
my issues are from the way i was brought up
he pointed out that i shouldnt need a computer to lose weight (ie support from you guys) he said i should be able to do it by myself, putting weight back on is my fault and no body elses

06-10-2008, 07:20 AM
What a lot of rubbish. There is any number of proven clinical data that people who attend support groups (ie. weight watchers) lose more weight and keep it off better than those who do it themselves. Tell him to try reading some journals some time. Or ask him what the **** bariatric medicine is all about (weight loss surgery) if it's meant to be easy to do alone. What a dick. Telling someone who's overweight that they "should" be able to just lose it is so counter productive, because that just makes you feel bad and makes you eat more!! OR maybe that's just me.. hehe.

06-10-2008, 09:21 AM
Yeah but Amy thats all good when said but is it easy to do? I know when I am sick I am ravenous. It's unbelievable.

Speaking of ravenous. I have eaten crap all bloomin week and now George has arrived yahoooo. (not) I feel and look like a bloated blimp. My skin has broken out badly (thought I was past that age). And I'm sinking into a bloody depressed state. One thing exciting happening in my life does not make the lot all good. My BF or X BF is playing mind games with me. Like pulling off rose petals he loves me he loves me not. One minute is saying love stuff n misses me blah blah blah and the next breath if he gets ****ty about something he is sending texts abusing me. I keep telling him if he wants there to be any chanmce of us he needs to STOP with the mood swings and the jealousy and insecurity.

Anyhow you guys don't need to hear my garbage we all have it, just different smells lol.

Kel that doctor does sound like a dick as Gen so politely put it. I wouldn't even be going back to him ever. If he can't support you or at least give advice thats practical tell him to buzz off. You need a supportive Dr.

Ani how cool 5 cats. I would if I could but.... as I said Snoop would NOT approve hahaha. I need to get a pick of him on my bebo page so ya can all look. He's so flyffy but has a real attitude lol.

Gotta fly (speaking of flying wonder how Julia fared???)


Oh PS.... My ex ex ex (daughters father) reckons I look alright for a grandma -- haha reckon I should show BF that comment so he works harder for me. hehehe

06-10-2008, 09:22 AM
Hmmmm I think that word was meant to be fluffy

06-10-2008, 10:06 AM
my NORMAL doc is on 3 weeks holiday and i LOVE my normal doctor
although my NORMAL doctor doesnt know about weightloss support forum, he just knows i am addicted to the internet
gotta go and not be on the internet

vonni - you look AWESOME not just for a grandma!

06-10-2008, 07:46 PM
Haha thanks Kel:dizzy:

06-10-2008, 07:50 PM
88.5kg woo
loss of 400grams
slow and steady wins the race - GREAT so i am a freakin tortoise - although considering the take away food places that i got to fill out comment cards for (i think everyone wants to know what i think) then ANY loss is awesome this week

06-10-2008, 07:51 PM
Kel I'm sorry, but that doctor is an ignorant tool! I could stand here and say that I've lost 28kg on my own - but the fact is I have been part of Aussie Chicks for almost 2 years, and the information, support, and friendship has been invaluable.

It makes me furious that some superior-acting w@nker would say that to a vulnerable woman. I would have refused to pay for the consult… but that's the sort of person I am :D.

All is OK here. Got someone coming to see the house tonight, and someone else tomorrow night - so I will see if anything comes of that. I certainly need someone to move in so I can ease the financial pressure, but as usual I am not looking forward to it.

Anyway - must get ready for work. I'll try and see if there is any danger of me drinking some water today… that would be novel :D.

06-10-2008, 08:57 PM
Kel i agree what a dick... lol i agree with vonni gen was very polite i would called him an F***ing*sshole lol has he ever had a weright probelm.... i bet he hasn't.. support is what keeps us going.. where are we when we are struggling.. generally on our own not asking for support.. so yup.. stupid dick he is ..
Internet addictions are a little counter weightloss becuase we spend alot of time sitting down.. reading and typing.. but with our busy lives mot of us do it when like me.. im waiting for my load of washing to finish.. or between tasks at work.. or at night when we could be sitting in front of the tv snacking.. so the way i see it .. not really a problem.. cant snack while typing :D lol. it just depends on how much time you spend on the net . and if you spend time intead of doing things that nheed to be done..
I get on before the kids get up in the morning and leave the comp on all day .. lol and come back an check things out every now and then.. like now between washing.. or having a lunch break from everything i work all day long in this house .. lol i get a break too lol :) .

Vonni Im sorry hes being such an *******.. and hey i know what you mean about saying and doing.. lol very good point .. i suppose i just gotta forgive myself for that gain and not worry about it ..

06-10-2008, 08:59 PM
well done kel great loss :):carrot::carrot::carrot:

06-10-2008, 10:48 PM
Speaking of internet... I'm going to try walking for 30 mins when I get up instead of sitting here watching the news for half an hour while I wake up and have a coffee. I'll take a cup of coffee in the car instead on the way to work.

06-11-2008, 01:49 AM
thats a great idea gen - if i went for a walk for 30mins instead of doing crap on the internet that would be super beneficial

yes the doc was a dick - i didnt think of it in the way of him saying those things to me in the state i was/am in...... it is a bulk billing medical centre and he was 'first available' i was going to go back tohim for some blood test results until my normal doc came back - as his different HARSH tack i thought might have been good for me and that perhaps i deserve it and havee been just being a big baby about everything

06-11-2008, 08:02 PM
Kel it's important that you are in charge of your own future - use doctors as tools (like scales, tape measures and everything else we use to measure our progress) - but don't put them in charge of your choices.

Barb are you lurking? We miss you!

Lindor what are you up to? I averaged out my pedometer readings for last week, and I'm close to 70,000 steps for the week. This week is weird for me, because I am working 11.30am - 9pm most days, and that cuts across two meal times. I'm finding it hard to get a balance, and must admit I've been eating whatever I can grab in my breaks. Gonna have to figure this one out…

The woman who was coming to see the house last night didn't show up. I have someone supposedly coming around today - a French chef - but who knows what will happen there.

In spite of my weird routine I feel like I am on track to have a decent week. How is everyone else travelling?

06-11-2008, 08:25 PM
ani - i think my exhubby used to find it hard not being home at normal meal times, he is a shift worker... i used to try and get him to have a meal before he left for work and take something with him for dinner, usually a microwave meal ccoz i was such a crap housewife even then

i am starting to realise i have to take more responsibility for everything and that i blame alot, i cant blame the weather, baby, time, money for what i put in MY mouth or the exercise i DONT do

06-12-2008, 06:32 AM
my hubby is coming home in 2 and a half hours... yippee..

lol no im not counting the hours at all... lol

Leah is so excited she is running around with Daddys hat on.. They have agame where Leah runs off with Johns hat.. she thinks its hilarious.. anyway last time he flew with out it and all month she has been laughing and saying to John she has his hat.. He has been playing along saying mine.. gibve me that hat.... and then pulling a puppy dog face .. when she says no.. its been really getting her giggling so tonight she wants to take the hat to the airport to tease daddy some more.. lol She says she gonna give it back but i can garuntee she will just tease him with it.. lol .. anyway i wont be online much the next week .. i want to spend time with John. he has been very down this trip so i want him to be relaxed and happy at home :)

im 100% on plan so im very happy at the momesnt breakfast everyday lots of water.. lot of exercise.. over 600 minutes of exercise this week alone.. so im very happy hopefully when i come back in a week i will be showing a decent loss :) keep everything crossed for me ..
ok cyas later ..
hey i may be on at some sateg .. he goes to bed hours before i do .. so.. we'll see.. just thoyught id prepare you for the worst/best.. lol... night

06-12-2008, 07:37 AM
heard a rumor that sex burns heaps of calories!

06-12-2008, 07:37 AM
so go to bed with john....

06-12-2008, 04:59 PM
Hello to you all from New York City!!

It's been freakin hot here - from Saturday when we arrived until Tuesday the city was under an extreme heat warning with temperatures way up in the 30's and for me coming from winter, that's damn hot!

I absolutely love this city and am so happy to be here. The sightseeing has been great, went to Coney Island, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Jewish History Museum, Strawberry Fields, Times Square ... the list goes on.

You guys would all be so proud of me ...... I've walked so much that the soles of my feet actually feel bruised! Diet has been pretty good all things considered. No vegetables to be seen in anything I've eaten so I've been having fruit salads in the mornings.

We fly out to Las Vegas on Saturday and the challenge will be to keep exercising while I'm there.

Sorry I haven't had time to read all about what you've been up to. Hope all is well with everyone!

06-13-2008, 02:10 AM

06-13-2008, 06:49 PM
qld kicks arse!
(i am too big for my shirt tat says that, but jem looks cute as)

06-13-2008, 08:51 PM
Good news - the Statue handed in her notice yesterday. Two more weeks of putting up with that and it's all over. Mind you - our Manager hasn't replaced the last two people in our department yet, so we will be rather short-staffed for a little while.

I have the weekend off and have the usual round of domestics to do. I am also starting work on my new book next week, and that's exciting.

Julia it's great to hear from you. Sounds like you're having an awesome time.

All is well here in terms of my weight loss. I don't know how I will go with weigh-in on Tuesday, but at this stage I am confident of not gaining any weight - and that has to be a good thing!

Hope you all have a great weekend.


06-14-2008, 06:59 PM
I just learnt that my old primary school is celebrating 50 yr anniversay and they are having a past and present reunion. In Spetember. Think thats incentive enough to lose some weight???? lol. Hmm 3 mths how much can I lose?

06-15-2008, 12:11 PM
heard a rumor that sex burns heaps of calories!

Maybe that's why I'm gaining weight... I left my boy in Melbourne!

06-15-2008, 09:33 PM
kel i think you must be right there :) lmao

becuase this morning im 269.9 .. woohoo bye bye 270.. i know only just but it works for me lol .. im really happy :)

Ani im glad the statue is leaving.. did she get a permanant postition standing in some one garden??? or on a grave?? lol

Vonni those sound like fabulous incentives to me to loose weight .. you just dont know how many hot men might be there :) lol..

John was an azz on the way home from the airport.. he flew into adelaide nighttime in winter.. in shorts and tshirt.. and yelled at me all the way home to turn the heater on.. I get travel sick if a ride in ma hot car and i had the kids bundled up in vest, long sleeve tshirts, socks ,slippers,jumpers, and dressing gowns, Leah also had a nappy on. they were dressed for cold.. no way was i turning the heat on..
He got himself drunk on the plane and called me every name under the sun on the way home , told me i was selfish and he wanted a divorce becuase he hasn't loved me in years .. lol.. on and on.. more and more .. 40 f*&ing minutes home...

John has had a problem with drinkiong forever.. lol he cant handle alchol and will try to pick fights with blokes for looking at him.. and turns from slimey to nasty in under 10 seconds and then back to slimey again.. fun huh??
So we have a rule that John doesnt drink at home he can drink to his hearts content when he is working away.. but not at home.. me and the kids dont need it..
he tells me off for always being on his back about drinking but i explained to him im like that becuase i have been hurt by his drinking many times.. and i think he understands where im coming from.. he said he wont drink on the plane next time .. so ill keep my fingers crossed .

I think everything is getting a bit much for him really .. my husband has never cryed.. even when his grand dad died.. never in the 14 years ive known him

Last night he was crying his eyes out .. and he just couldn't stop .. we watched titanic and he was balling.. and then all this stuff that was bothereing him just blurted out .. he has been grumpy since he got home.. last night he cryed and today he is happy .. so maybe we should watch titanic more often .. so he can release his feelings.. why do blokes hold in there feelings?? i dont get it.. we women do it alll the time.. men are funny .. they trying to be tough or something?? i dont know.. anyway.. i gotta go .. have a great day girls :)

06-15-2008, 09:44 PM
woah! there are so many things wrong there amy!!! that is not fair that you look forward to him coming home and the kids do too and he is like that!

06-15-2008, 10:18 PM
yeah i know .. dont worry he is still apologising lol.. its all the drink.. and he has always been bad on it.. we dont have it in the house at all.. Im a complete nondrinker so its very easy for me not to have it around.. I dont nedd drink to be happy i just am happy.. I dont worry about having fun i just do it.. lol
So yeah Johns drinking has to stop .. if hes coming home he has to be 100% dry.. 2 drinks for him is the limit before my azzhole appears.. Cameroj told him last night that he doent like him when he drinks.. and that hes scared of daddy when he drinks .. that was before we watched the movie so i hope he was thinking about that when he was crying.. becuase its not just me he is an azz too .. though he likes to think it is .. I told him too when he comes home for good he has to give up drinking for good or he will loose us for good .. i said we have no future is he cant give up drinking when he is finally home.

06-16-2008, 01:04 AM
I grew up with an alcoholic step father and brother. Not a good way to grow up. Hope John can see there is a prob and gets help. But you can't hope those who won't help themselves. It's HIM that has to do it. G'luck Amy. And we're here if u need a sounding board.

06-16-2008, 06:44 PM
i guess the crying means he knows he has a problem, and the fact that cameron also told him has got to have him thinking but WHY just when he is at home, if he can not handle his grog then he should fix it everywhere why be a scary azz anywhere?? no one can do two different things or should want to be pretending or whateva around family.... doesnt even matter if he doesnt physically hurt you as mentally he is hurting you and the kids, what is your girl going to think when she gets to marrying age?? is she going to marry the same kind of guy coz that is what she thinks is normal??
kinda funny that he cried at titantic though, kinda prooves there is a sweety in there trying to get out, needs your help....
milk his apologiseing for all it is worth!

got your dishwasher yet??

my eating is all over the place, i am not over eating i am just eating the ''wrong'' things

dont you love it ani when the idiot quits! that hardly ever happens, i usually quit first!

06-16-2008, 06:49 PM
gen - your boy is in melb?? you have someone waiting for you?? are you coming back??

see photo <------ can you see kitchen in background? that was on saturday at my kitchen warming party - i am wearing shirt saying "tupperchick" and jemima is wearing shirt saying "tupperbub" benji declined the "tupperhubby" shirt heheheheeh
i will try and upload better kitchen photos in a second and do the facebook link thing that works good

06-16-2008, 07:20 PM

old kitchen
am working on cleaning kitchen today to take pics of new one
but it is in back ground of these pics
notice curtains, dishwasher and glass doors - all took ages - the whole thing took ages but those took even longer for different reasons ho hum

06-16-2008, 10:07 PM

FINALLY new kitchen

06-16-2008, 10:08 PM
i just ate half a packet of pizza rice crackers and a quarter of a packet of coles brand choc cream wafers
basically it didnt matter what i was eating i just felt like snacking
it is not logical

06-16-2008, 11:28 PM
Ooh.. pizza rice crackers, that sounds good!

Kel, no boy waiting for me exactly. Just a good friend I ended up with while I was living in Melbourne recently... not sure what will happen (if anything) in the future...we're keeping in touch.

Just saw my niece on skype.. I miss her!!

06-17-2008, 06:47 PM
Wow Kel. New kitchen looks great. worth the wait I say.

Gen how long are you staying in USA? Do they have EENs that go over? Or only Rns??

06-17-2008, 06:50 PM
New updated profile pic of all my kids together and smiling AT THE SAME TIME OMG

06-17-2008, 08:22 PM
your new photos rock vonni, all your kids are gorgous, look like a handful though...

loving new kitchen finally, think that has been part of what was getting me down the so close but not yet finished feeling everytime i went in there and coz it is so small without the dishwasher it got cluttered very quickly, but now i finally made the curtains it has kinda brought it all together

you will never guess what i did last night.... two completly different things
first i went and told this moderator church guy what would make more young families go to our church - special request that i go coz we are basically the only young family that tries
my cleaner had a 'rainbow warehouse' party which is party plan for gaypride stuff, all so cool, the party plan lady was a bit boring so i took notes in a "what not to do" way but bought jemima a rainbow umbrella, bought a 3way dog lead for my dogs (how cool that they actually make one) some rainbow socks and some rainbow bath crayons - too cool and such a different thing to do on a tuesday night
good to get in good with my cleaner as well she seems really nice and doesnt live far away.... and is going to be buying heaps of tupperware

gotta go do stuff while jemima is asleep before swimming (my only ful mummy day this week so i better not blow it)

06-17-2008, 08:25 PM
oh sh*t, thats right i weighed in this morning and have put on a kilo
lets not talk about it

06-17-2008, 09:41 PM
Vonni, only RNs can immigrate to the US... even then, it's a hard and long process. I am actually here as a specialist in artificial heart with a bachelor degree (and also have my RN license) but not employed as a nurse (although I can do nursing shifts if I want). My visa is for 2 years, then I can renew it as many times as I want. My boss will probably apply for a greencard as he doesn't want me to leave when my visa ends!!

06-17-2008, 10:11 PM
hey guys im doing great only 0.2 from my short term goal.. and im pretty pleased about that.. this is the longest i have managed to stay under 270.. and this time im still losing :) . i had my Mother in law tell me yesterday i have lost heaps of weight and look good.. .. she said "hello skinny how are you.. youve lost heaps of weight .. .. Steven has even said to her how much weight i had lost ".. lol . we went to he candy store she has just moved shops and reopened the new one.. and its bigger and better then ever .
Steven is johns brother .. we went round to his parents on sunday for lunch.. and steven and Nan were there.. .
anyway john is home so i better go cyall later

06-18-2008, 05:30 PM
Amy that's awesome - good on you for sticking to it and for coming so far. I'm really proud of you :carrot:.

I've dropped another 0.4kg and am 76.5kg this week. I'm happy with that, but still hoping to get close to 76kg by the end of the month.

At the moment I am working on the following goals:

• Eat around 1500 calories/day;

• Drink a litre of water/day;

• Walk 12,000 steps/day;

It's currently 4ºC and I start work soon - just delightful!

Vonni your family are very cute, and I like your new pic as well.

Kel why are you gaining weight? What's going on with your food choices and the Lite n Easy stuff?

Anyway - must get ready for work. It's 4.30am and freezing…


06-21-2008, 12:49 AM
dont know

06-21-2008, 04:11 AM
ok yesterday i finally got my dishwasher installed it looks so much better then the old one .. and im really happy with it . i can get alot more in this one :) always a good thing..
heres the old ugly one:barf:

My kitchen cupboards are shallow so the new one sticks out too but not as far and it looks alot nicer

so im very happy with it.. and hope its lasts a good long time lol ..

im doing ok.. not feeling 100% today i have tom .. and my kidneys are hurting and im bloated .. which i think is why they hurt.. and being cold is making them feel worse.. i have to keep a jumper on the minute i take it off they hurt.. .
so no good workout today just a 40 minute walk so far .

Kel im glad your getting your house sorted your kitchen looks amazing.. :) mine is a 1970's original. that i apainted myself . but its in good condition so i cant justify taking it out .. .. now kel... :hug: please start looking after yourself your are an amazing person and you deserve to be looked after too .. i know your busy with jem and the house but.. please.. take time for you too.. get good healthy food some exercise.. even a walk everyday is better then nothing .. and DONT BUY THE CRAP FOOD...

Ani woohoo. another bit closer to your goal well done...

:shocksn: brrrrrrr its so cold... lol:shocksn::snow4::coolsnow:

06-21-2008, 08:08 PM
I have just six more weigh-ins to go until my 2nd anniversary of starting my weight loss, and I have set myself a challenge of trying to reach 75kg by then. It's abundantly clear that I am really slow at this, but at the same time I wouldn't change it for anything.

Over the last (almost) two years I have learned a lot, and changed several things about my life. Committing to a weight-loss journey has been really similar to a new relationship - and in many ways it runs parallel to that.

I've been through the honeymoon period where it all feels new and exciting, and where I felt almost obsessed with it. Then gone through a lot of "I'm not sure this is what I want", and sometimes been quite happy to coast along. At other times I have felt confident enough to plan for the future, and there have been times when I've been thoroughly bored :D.

Over the last three months I have been taking it for granted, and even "taking it out on my food" when I've been p!ssed off with the world.

But since anniversaries are a good time for reflection, I have to say that overall it has been a good relationship so far. What has worked for me, and what hasn't?

• Eating breakfast is the biggest, most important change I made to my relationship with food. Not only is it physically important, but it sets my momentum for the whole day - starts every day by reminding me that this is the "new me", and often gives me the inspiration to have a good day with food.

• I rarely eat takeaway food any more. And when I do I don't enjoy it the way I used to.

• It's really true what they say about how 'failing to plan is planning to fail'. When I plan my meals I am fine; I have kept an Excel spreadsheet of my weekly weigh-ins since Day One, and it tells an interesting story. It also helps to keep me motivated because I don't want to see that graph going in the wrong direction. I also count calories (although I haven't been so good with that over the last month), and it keeps me right on track.

• I have learned to identify my "danger times". I now understand my emotional relationship with food, and how I use it to protect myself, hide, comfort, punish… and I have come up with other ways of looking after myself.

• I now appreciate the value of exercise. I believe that it is over-rated as a way of losing weight, because it only contributes around 20% of the calories we burn. But it is so important for better health, stronger bodies, muscle tone, stamina and motivation. More important than structured exercise is being able to get to a point where I am physically active throughout the day.

• I have also learned that the biggest rewards have nothing to do with external promises. What I mean by that is when we say "when I lose 5kg I'm going to get a massage/buy clothes etc"… For me the biggest rewards are that I now fit into chairs without bruising my thighs, I wear a Size 14-16 in clothes, I am not obese anymore, people don't look at me and silently judge me, I don't feel ashamed of myself - and many other benefits.

• The hardest thing I have learned is that the smaller I get the less invisible I become. And because I'm not hiding my emotions with food, I am a lot more emotional than I used to be - and I'm also a lot more real.

• I can do things now that I never dreamed would be possible. Who would have thought, when I was 105kg, that I could work for eight hours a day in a physically demanding job, then come home and do gardening for two hours? Who would have thought I could do it and get real satisfaction from it?

More importantly who would have ever thought I would get to a point where I would demand something different for myself! When I threw in my business earlier this year, then went to work at Bunnings, who would have predicted I would be signing a contract for my SECOND book by mid-year?

When my second anniversary comes around I want to be able to tell you all that I have lost 30kg/66 pounds/28.5% of my body weight.

The other day at work I carried a 25kg bag of potting mix out to a car for a woman. It was no more than a 50 metre walk, but I was hurting by the time I got there. It occurred to me that I used to carry that amount - and more - on my body every single day, and it made me really sad. I was actually overwhelmed by thinking: "What the **** did I do to myself?". And it was such a relief to let it go…

06-22-2008, 12:08 AM
im below my goal weight yeah......268.2 baby....

06-22-2008, 12:57 AM

06-22-2008, 01:59 AM
Ani that is a great post what a journey you have come on in many ways.. and its great that you feel more.. now then you did.. EXCELLENT

06-22-2008, 06:41 AM

Thats my BEBO that my daughter created for me lol. It's more a teenager thing, but if it wasnt for this site we wouldnt have found her dad.

06-23-2008, 08:43 PM
Where is everyone? Have you all gone into winter hibernation or something?

I am going to need to be a little more disciplined if I am to lose any more weight. So I'm going right back to the basics, and I'll try to get myself in the right head space to drop the next few kilos.

I realised this morning that I don't have a routine anymore. Ever since I started shift work I have been really struggling to find a routine, and that needs to change. I also don't drink anywhere near enough water (it is 3.3ºC here at the moment - not very inspiring weather for water consumption). And I eat too many carbs since I have been working, and more processed food than ever… all bad habits that have crept back in to my life.

So it's back to the drawing board for me, and the first thing I need to challenge is my mindset. I need to STOP taking this stuff for granted, and get my head around the fact that I still need discipline, planning and routine in order to be successful.

Grrr! I annoy myself sometimes…

06-24-2008, 06:40 AM
i have set a new goal weight buit decided to make it a small one lol 20 pounds took so damn long so.. 2.4 sounds alot easier lol.. yeah i know mini mini goal lol but that will bring me down to 265.8 so .. im happy with that after that i will go for 270.8 and so on.. 5 pounds at a time from here on out.. at least that way it wont feel so huge.. i have been 100% op for about 3 weeks now i think so im doing great and feeling great .. working out most days and ive also joined a 100 push up challenge on the boards lol.. what a laugh that is im on the weakest level doing pushups on my knees but.. i am working hard so i dont mind.. its good fun ..

Ok time to watch big brother cya girls later..

06-24-2008, 06:53 AM
I'm here. Put on a few hundred grams. Too scared to look properly. Will do a better weigh in next week. And starting tomorrow I am going back to counting my calories. I am not going to do anything different, just watch whats happening for a couple of weeks. Then streamline everything.

06-24-2008, 06:57 PM
Amy I'm a big believer in small, reachable goals - and I think five pounds is an excellent idea!

Vonni how is everything going with you? Are you coping?

I had an OK day yesterday - some things were good, some not so good, but today is a new day and hopefully I will reach all my goals. If I can just learn to drink enough water…

06-24-2008, 07:53 PM
hey hey
hey ani - lack of routine i think is screwing with my weightloss world also, monday night i had to ditch two things just to have a night at home the first one in a week or so
i keep telling myself that will change in a couple of weeks but i have been getting more on my plate not less

my brother said that the pills i am taking would increase my appetite but they seem to be doing the oppposite - i am just not interested in food or hungry at strange times -

this week i think i lost the kilo i put on last week i am 88.4ish whateva it was it was less than 89 - jemima is 10.6kg, her helping is what meant i dont remember what i weighed and am not tortoring myself with an after brekky weigh in

amy - u go girl - goal weight :carrot: carrot carrot woo hoo and your kitchen looks awesome all white - looks like u have a fancy smancy stove too!

vonni - you got to get facebook! how is your granddaughter??

06-25-2008, 09:42 PM
It's my last day of working with the statue - yay! I was going to ring in sick, just to give myself the pleasure of never having to see her again, but I decided that would be poor form. So I will suck it up for the last few hours…

I'm really struggling with my weight loss at the moment. I don't know why, I just can't get my head right though - so I have made myself a promise that even if I can't lose anything I will NOT let myself go back over 78kg. That is the upper limit I have set myself, because if I can't lose anything I do not want to gain weight either.

My challenge here is to be patient with myself. I know I am gaining some muscle, and that I am adjusting to a completely different way of life. And I will find the answers - I just need some time.

But this is my firm promise to you girls, and to myself: while I'm sorting this stuff out, and learning to adapt to my new way of life I will NOT go back to old habits, I will NOT gain more than a kilo or so, and I will NOT quit.

One of the side-effects of losing all this weight is that I am freezing cold. I never used to feel the winter too much, and I don't even OWN enough jumpers and warm clothes… but without my extra layers of fat I am really feeling it. Maybe my body wants to hang on to some of this fat for winter - I just don't know :dizzy:.

06-26-2008, 04:37 AM
hey i killed my elliptical.. it was a cheapy off of ebay with a max weight of 110 and i have been using it for a long time now and i aint no 110 lol .. so i have murdered it.. and at my top weight i must have been about 25 kilos above the top limit i reckon.. see before i got my scales i had already done 6-8 weeks of exercise so i had already lost weight .. and i di it all on that poor machine .. lol.. i have used it nearly every day for the last 6 months.. and they strain has well and truely got ot it now..

It was playing up a week ago the chain was slipping and i would just drop like a sack of spuds half way through the motion on the right leg.. So Joh pulled it apart and tightens the chain and it was ok.. for a week.. it was still making awful noises and clunking a bit.. but i stayed on it .. not much else i can do really.. so as the week has gone on it has got worse and worse.. now the flywheel is loose and is scraping againest the body of the machine and something else is sticking and the grindign and clunking.. well anyway.. last night there was an all mighty bang about 40 minutes into my ride .. and i looked down.. it was carrying on the whole time and very stiff.. .. There was metal shavings all over the floor and grease and grime.. and the elliptical can hardly move now.. the chain is still on.. but the wheel is flopping around as it turns and it looks as if it has snapped off its mount at the end.. so yeah no more elliptical .

I spent hours last night lookin on the net for another cheap one.. NO LUCK.. so then i decided to look at other machines like treadmills and bikes.. thereis even one of those strider things on there for $15 but since its 15 im guessing maybe its no good ..
I remembered that last time i went into kmart they had a fitness section.. and since i dont have 1000 to buy something in a sports shop i thought id go have a look..
and guess what.. they have a treadmill in there that supports 120kg (close enough im 121.. i can loose that before i get it) goes upto 13 kms an hour and was 399 minus 30% off this week.. $280... woohoo.. ( the lady said when they first got them they were 799) so if any of you guys want a treadmill go to kmart .. cant get them any cheaper then that.. im very happy and they let me put it on layby.. so even better .. I dont have the money till next week so im gonna pick it up then..

meanwhile i will have to get my aerobics and pilates out ..

Ani im glad statue is going i bet you held your head high knowing she was going :) lol I would have.. i would have got up thinking it was a victory not want to call in sick.. lol

Kel i hope you get some me time soon.. cant be easy running around so much .. i hope everything settles down and you can get back on track again.. you know you can do it you already lost 14.5 kg .. so there is your proof :) thats more then 30 pounds.. nothing wrong with that..

Vonni how you going? have you still got all 7 kids with you or did his kids move with him?

06-26-2008, 05:57 PM
Amy what a bargain - how often were you using the elliptical? Last year I seriously looked into getting a treadmill, but realised I am one of those people who would madly use it for a month and then let it sit in a corner for years gathering dust.

I've had a shocker of a week, but I have a plan to get back on track tomorrow. I've just been feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything, and frustrated.

I've come to realise that my life is way out of balance; work is good, finances are tight, socially I'm as much a hermit as ever, and intellectually I am starved of challenges. Emotionally I haven't let myself feel or take risks for a long time… so it might be time to try and find a better balance.

Anyway, I start work at 6am so I had better start to get ready.

Hope everyone is OK.


06-26-2008, 07:37 PM
The elliptical i used most days.. on averrage 4-6 times a week .. for 20 40 or 60 minutes sometimes longer . i started out with 20-30 minutes and worked my way up to 60 minutes fairly quickly .. then i got stupid and tried to go further in that hour then i was .. and pissed myself off stopped using it for a week .. and then got back on and have used it pretty much for 40 minutes a day most days of the week ever since. I loved that machine and it loved me back it took away 20 pounds lol .. so heres hoping the treadmill will have the same loving relationship with me.. lol

06-26-2008, 09:02 PM
Amy I got my elliptical from Kmart it cost me $160 on a hlaf price clearnace. No trouble with it -But then, it's been keeping Ani's past equip company colelcting the dust :-b

06-26-2008, 09:03 PM
Crap its so cold my fingers are going everywhere trying to type. My daughters dad says its arthritis and old age lol

06-27-2008, 07:36 AM
they elluiptical i saw in kmart was a good price too but max weight was 100 .. and im about 122 so i didnt want to risk it again .. We have just got home from Camerons school disco.. it waas great i spent most of the time dancing.. lol chicken dance, bus stop, macarana ,chicken dance again.. limbo.. and then leah wanted me to dance with her .. so .. 1 hour 30 minutes dance exercise for me today lol.. i was one of the only fools to get up and dance with the kids.. and when i left one of the mums called out cya party animal.. lol .. stuff them i had fun.. my friends got up and danced but my friends got up to so i wasnt alone..

its was great ..

anywa im off to go and watch bigbrother friday night.. cya later

06-27-2008, 10:45 AM
My boss sent me home sick today (I'd already been there seven hours), but she got to work at 1.30pm, took one look at me and said: Go home - NOW! I was feeling pretty awful, and I got home and flopped on the lounge at 2pm. I woke up six hours later :eek:.

I never sleep during the day, so I must have been sick. But I think I may have overdone it a bit, because I lifted and shifted a lot of heavy bags of fertiliser and potting mix - more than 4000kg - by myself. I've only been awake an hour and I'm ready to go to bed again.

Tomorrow morning I start my newest food plan. After a shocker of a week it's time for me to pull my head in and get back to doing the things that I know will work.

06-27-2008, 09:55 PM
Ani i hope you feel better today..

That was alot of work to do , i bet you are sore today.

I am on top of the world this morning.. my plan is working well after being stuck between 270 - 275 for what feels like forever.. i dropped my calories from 1900 to 1700 and that has done the trick.. :)
as of this morning im 267.0 pounds.. woohoo.. so that is a loss of 4.3 pounds this fortnight .. my weigh in days are saturday and last week i had tom and was 271.3.. the week before i was 271.3 on weigh in day to but somewhere between offical weigh in i was 268.2 .. so from my offical weigh in for my biggest loser challenge i have lost 4.3 pounds this week lol which in reality is a fortnight becuase tom put me back up.. lol

but im happy with 4.3 pounds in a fortnight that certainly sounds great to me.. anyway time toi ruistle the kids up for soccer.. cya girls later

06-27-2008, 11:00 PM
Amy that's awesome :carrot:, and I'm really happy that you're on plan. I think it was a great idea to drop down to 1700 calories/day, and it's obviously working.

I'm feeling OK - still really tired, but I have a day off so I can take it a bit easy.

Right back on plan for me too. I'm aiming for 1600 calories/day and I'm working hard to try and hydrate myself as well. I'm spending today pottering around and trying to clean the house, do my washing, and clean out the cat enclosure.

I'm working tomorrow (we are really short-staffed), so it's a six-day week for me. Hope I recover from whatever this bug is by then, otherwise it will be a loooooong week!


06-28-2008, 09:48 PM
Ani i rhought you had just over done it i didnt realise you were sick..

Get well soon :):hug:

Im getting really antsy. I cant believe how much i miss my elliptical i did aerobics yesterday and it took a full 20 minutes to even break a sweat .. where on the elliptical i have one after 10 and have such a great feeling when im finished.. ( i run on it) the aerobics didnt give me that feeling after i was done.. i did a full 50 minutes of it and i felt like i could do it again.. not the great workout im used to.. i do 40 minutes usually on the elliptical and im buggered for a good 20 minutes after im down .. still sweating and feeling great.. So im gonna go down to Kmsrt and pick up the treadmill on wednesday .. or i might just go nutz waiting .. lol

I think its gonna be alot harder then the elliptical.. though so i wont be complaining and i plan to work my speed up slowly.. so i dont over do it than not want to go near it lol ..

anyway i have a party to go to today so i better go and get us all ready

06-29-2008, 12:42 AM
Ani I hope you get better real soon. Nothing worse tha feeling like crap. Do u eta when yr sick? I do. I overeat lol. Most people don't wanna touch food.

Amy well done on the realising to drop calories as you drop weight. Sounds like its a goer for you.

As of tomorrow (to late today) I am going to start counting my calories again. Havent done it in months and I havcent lost weight really in months. I think though that 1200 is what calorie king tells me. That seems probably to little. Oh well we shall see.

06-29-2008, 08:07 AM
Well I decided to check into calorie ind today and guess what. I'm negative 380 calories for the day. And I didnt think I was that bad today. Just goes to show no matter how much we thinkj we are educated we still dont really know about food. I am going to be quite strict with myself from tomorrows weigh in. I want to see results. I will not weigh in next moinday as I have george due to visit and I dont want to be disheartened. But in saying that. It has been since I STOPPED weighing myself daily that my weight has gained again.

Lets see what 2 weeks will bring

06-29-2008, 06:50 PM
I gained 0.2kg since my last weigh-in - no real surprise there as I have been very undisciplined for the last few weeks.

Over the weekend I worked really hard to get my weight loss back on plan, and I am pretty sure it's why I ONLY gained a little bit.

Vonni I normally 'comfort eat' when I'm sick, but I tried to load up on vegetables this weekend to help me recover more quickly - and it seems to be working.

Thanks Amy - I am feeling a bit better. Still fairly weak physically, but as long as I don't overdo it at work this week I should be OK.

This week's goal is to plan my meals every day and to stick to that plan. A weight loss guru told me that this is the best way to work out your maintenance calories:

• You will burn ONE calorie per hour for every kilo that you weigh. On that basis I burn 76.7 cals/hour, which equals 1840.8 cals/day. Whatever I eat below that will contribute to me losing weight.

I'm going to try that for July and see how accurate it is.

Anyway, work calls - hope everyone has a good week.

PS: Vonni I think 1200 sounds a little bit low for you.

06-29-2008, 10:46 PM
Hello everyone

Well I had a great holiday. New York was amazing, a fantastic city that I'd definitely like to return to someday. New York had a heatwave the week I was there and Las Vegas was just their typical summer weather so for the first 2 weeks of my holiday the temperature was around 35 - 38 degrees which I loved.

San Francisco was cold in comparison at around 15 degrees but Christchurch is truly FREEZING and has been rainy and under 5 degrees since I arrived back on Saturday morning.

My diet wasn't wonderful while I was away but wan't too too bad either. Did masses of walking in New York but wasn't particularly active for the second half of the trip so I expect tonight's gym session to be a hard one.

Have started back on weight watchers today and will weigh and measure tonight to assess what damage has been done and see where I'm starting fresh from.

Hope you're all well.


06-30-2008, 01:01 AM
Hey julia great to have you back with us im glad your trip was a great time and you enjoyed it so much you would like to return there .

I bet the weather is certainly freezing when you have had 35 degree days .. but great to hear you are already getting back on track ..

My track is wavering today.. i really wanted to go to kmart and get my treadmill but i cant collect it till next monday it seems becuase they sent it out of store because of there toy sale :( so im feeling bummed and and hit deflated .. and i dont really like aerobics , its raining outside and im a bit pissed lol .. stupid elliptical :( how dare it break on me .. so for now my food is on track but my body isnt.. all i have left now is stupid aerobics and the pushup challenge lol .. grrr growl bum fart complain.. lol STUPID ME FOR LAYBYING I SHOULD HAVE JUST BOUGHT IT>>> IS TOO IMPATIENT <<< ( ok i didnt buy it becuase it would have drained the bank account to nearly nothing but john now gets paid tomorrow and the same money is still sitting in the bank )

Ani i wonder is that equation is for waking hours or all 24 hours in a day if it 24 mine seems way to high ..

06-30-2008, 05:19 PM
Well the damage is ... I've gained about 4kg over the past few months and my weight as of last night is 86.9kg.

Had a good day yesterday and stuck to my points :D and had a great workout at the gym. Did my weights and was pleasantly surprised that I hadn't lost much strength then did an aerobics class and kept up well with that.

Goals today are to stick to my points and to have another good session at the gym.

Anyway. Where has everyone disappeared to? It seems very quiet here these days.


06-30-2008, 07:22 PM
JULIA!!! Welcome home :D. Really pleased that you had a great holiday.

I wouldn't get too concerned about gaining 4kg - it's something we have all done, and the positive thing is that you've done something about it before it got too much. I have faith that you'll be able to work through it.

It is a bit quiet in here. We haven't heard from Lindor or Barb for at least three weeks, and Gen has disappeared too :(. Hope they come back soon.

Amy I'm not sure how that equation works but like every weight loss tool it is a general guide. It is meant to be over 24 hours, but I agree - it seems high for you. Go with what you know will work.

This month's goal for me is to get below 76kg. I am quietly determined to have a good month, and have been on plan for three days now - my body feels better for it too.

Hope everyone has a good day.


06-30-2008, 08:49 PM
Hi all. Welcome back Julia. Glad yr holiday went well. One problem with it.... you didn't take me:p

I've been up n down with my calories. grrr. dunno what the heck is going on. But Ani you are right. 1200 seems to pile up real quick even if I do eat healthy all day. By dinner time I am only left with like 200 cal and what the heck can we eat for a main meal for that?

Starting today over the 2 weeks school holidays I am going to make lunch time our main meal. When I am not working. I figure the old days used to do it and there wasnt as much of a problem with obesity then either. Just that I will seem to be doing dishes and in the kitchen all day bleerrrrrk. After the holidays I am going to try having main meal straight after school, as it is still early, but kids are always starving and wanting crap to eat (not that I have much crap in cupboard) and by the time dinner rolls around they aren't that hungry. Also the little one wakes up bout then and is startving. As a matter of fact so am I. Must be that 3.30itis I hear people talk about.

Amy I've been on a treadmill, I reckon the elliptical is way harder. I can only manage 5 mintues before I am feeling buggered. And after 15 my body is buzzing. Which is all them feel good endorphins I guess :D

Ok looks like my 18yr olds father is coming next week. Woohoo. she is so excited. He is coming here first to shower and freshen up before we suprise her. He will have been in car for about 24hrs so will be feeling pretty crap.

Today my goal is to drink a litre of water and cut down my coffee (I've been drinking 6 a day).

06-30-2008, 09:53 PM
Vonni I really think 1200 is too low, and it's setting you up to find it all too hard. Maybe if you aim for around 1400/day, and be happy to drop around 0.3kg a week, you'll be better able to manage it for the longer term. It's never a good thing to be hungry while losing weight - because we have to find something we can manage for the rest of our lives.

07-01-2008, 05:05 PM
Vonni I like the sound of your plan to eat your main meal early in the day. When I lived in England and worked looking after elderly people I lived like that - main meal at midday and a smaller meal in the evening. I really got to like doing that and it makes sense to eat your main meal during the day when you're using that fuel for energy.

Good luck with it!

Ani, how's work now that the statue is gone? Much better I hope!

As for me, I had a great day yesterday. Stuck to my points and achieved a new personal best at the gym by running on the treadmill for 40 minutes!!


So proud of myself for that :D:D:D

Goal for today same as yesterday - stick to my points and have a good session at the gym.

The biggest thing for me is to stop snacking in the evenings and so far this week I've done that. I've been sitting down after dinner with a big drink of soda water and that's been working well so far.

Hope everyone is good and if any of our other regular ladies are lurking, please post!! I miss you all!


07-02-2008, 05:48 AM
vonni i agree with ani 1400-1500 would be a good start .. then you have some wiggle room..

Julia i knw it wouldnt take you long to get back in yoru groove :)

Me this week i have lost nothing.. i have lost my main source of exercise and it shows.. the scale has not moved an ounce.. i thought i would cahnge that today in getting my tread mill but..

I picked up my treadmill and it was broken. the box was stuffed and parts of the treadmill were sticking out of the box.. It had been opened before and been taped back up with brown tape.. when we opened i sawit had been used beofe the power cord was missing.. the book was missing and all the bits and pieces were unpacked.. the entire bottom of the treadmill was completley snapped off. and broken.. I was annoyed.. we opened the tready on the trailer tok 1 look at it and returned it to the store.. I rang thrm and they said just bring it back..

So i did and i got nothing but flack at the delivery door .. The lady said if i had a problem i had to ring the warrenty people.. i told i had just bought she didnt care ./. she said she would go find the repair lady .. i was pissed i started yelling.. told her i had just bought it once again. and she said i had to take it around in the store to the front desk .. the thing was 120 pounds.. you think im gonna be able to carry that through the mall up to kmart i dont think so.. ..

so we sat in theloading bay until there was a truck waiting to come in .. then she had no choice.. she got it off the trailer and gave me a note to go get my refund.. *******s.. its not fair nothing ever goes right does it ..

So i have nothing once again.. but i did get my money back .. Dad pulled apart the elliptical to see if he can fix it but its worn though its bearings and the axle is grinding up too.. the axle was a mess its had big grooves in it.. so there is nothing i can do about that one..

so im back at nothig not losing weight no decent cardio to do and feeling bummed.. i hate it :(

07-02-2008, 07:30 AM
hey hey hey hey purple people!
i maybe put on 300grams or maybe not coz i cant remember what i weighed last week
i dont feel like counting calories
i dont feel like writing it all down
i am just in limbo
BUT i am not overeating
so there is a good thing
but i am not interested at all in exercising
i am about to quit the gym coz i have not been since i went to new zealand i also have not walked the dogs since then
i quit my job at the fruit and vege place
i am just all over the place
right now i am into tupperware - i did awesome on the weekend even though i got no new party bookings but that gave me a little motivation to get better at getting party bookings coz i do alright with sales (oh if anyone wants any tupperware private message me and i will post you a catalouge and then post you your tupperware)

we just bought jemima the MOST over the top MOST awesome xmas pressie ever!!!!!!!!!!! JEM-007

i am now going to perth august 12 to august 17 so i will have to call in and visit you ani sometime! i am staying with a friend i met online a baby buddy

anyways footy is on GO QLD and house is a mess so must be off

amy - i dont understand either why EVERYTHING HAS TO BE SO HARD! and why people have to be so annoying i am so so so glad you got your money back

07-02-2008, 07:59 AM
Damn I duno what the heck?.... I tallied EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING i ate today. No cheating and I have only had 731 calories. Go figure... I even had 2 bikkies and a huge silverside meal. lmao.

07-02-2008, 05:11 PM
God Amy what a pain! At least you got your money back I guess. I certainly wouldn't be buying with them again. Hope you can find something somewhere else.

Good to see you back Kel!

I had another good day yesterday. Was right on track with my diet and had a good session at the gym.

Goals for today: stick to my points and do 60 minutes light cardio tonight.


07-02-2008, 08:07 PM
vonni - go eat some m&ms that will fix the calorie count
julia - 60 mins light cardio.... how about 30 mins hard core cardio and 30 mins light cardio? i should be a personal trainer......
i should get my arse into gear and figure out what my plan is with regards to weight loss and exercise - it is like i am waiting for something to change... but what??

07-02-2008, 08:34 PM
Vonni DON'T go and eat M&Ms - Kel's being outrageous :p

Amy I would have lodged a complaint about that woman - what a pig!

Julia - you go girl!

Now Kel what are you doing, aside from trying to lead Vonni astray? Take a deep breath because you KNOW you can lose weight and eat more healthy - you know it! I get the feeling that idiot doctor has thrown you for a loop. Are you OK?

We have a bit of a problem in our section at work. Five of us have a kind of stomach flu thingy - one has been off work for three weeks, two are in hospital, and the other two of us are battling through. But work is a bit worried about it. I've had it since Friday and haven't felt too good all week - but I am still going to work.

Then yesterday morning my cat got sick again. I found a new vet who has opened just around the corner, and she was lovely - but I have to take him back this morning.

I am on track with my weight loss this week though. Trying to eat really well and drink heaps of water so my body can stay strong while I'm fighting off this bug.

07-03-2008, 03:05 AM
KEL>>>>>>> M&M"S really ....... dont even go there lol you are soooo bad.. lol

that gave me a good laugh though thank you for that.. ..

oh yeah i need to take back a earlier comment ( way up there ^^^) or maybe just change it a little.. if you want a treadmill dont go to kmart.. if you want a broken treadmill.. go to kmart lol.. .

So i have bitten the bullet and put that money onto a new you bute expensive elliptical .. lol its on layby so it is gonna take me a while before i get it .. but at least im going to get it .. im considering ringing befit hire and hiring a bike or something in the mean time.. the bikes are the cheapest.. i think they are 40 a month.. what do you think? better then doing aerobics or should i just do the boring ols aerobic?? .. my problem is my good workout i was doing watching big brother.. and the biggest loser.. and i cant do aerobics while watching tv.. .. so im missing a good 30-40 minutes a cardio a day now .. when i would do aerobics in the day and then the elliptical at night .. and i was losing, now im stalled no weightloss at all ..

so i dont knoe if i wait or find a cheap bike on ebay or hire one.. what do you think?

07-03-2008, 04:29 AM
cheap bike
m&ms rock
idiot doctor is a dick
my doctor is wonderful - went and saw him today and we have started me on a mental health plan that means i can go to shrink and get medicare rebate and sort out the anxiety that is affecting me (got to sort it out coz i sometimes feel so out of control i am terrified i'll hurt jemima which is the main reason she is in daycare lots to get her away from me and that makes me sad)
but it also affects my eating
i now binge eat
i am not hungry but i eat if we are at the table for a meal
i am not hungry so if noone else about i wont eat and then i am starving and then i eat whateva
so i guess i should take some control of that.......... still dont know what i am waiting for - i cleaned my kitchen just then though it looks awesome, i think when i clean the whole house i will be ready to do one thing at a time and plan lunches and dinner and stuff like i used to
i am taking control of lots of things but finding lots of normal day to day things really hard
and it is really hard to admit it

got a new shirt and wore it for the first time today - it is so funny

"If a fat girl falls in the woods - do the trees laugh?"

too funny


amy - coz of your kmart problem i did not go there for toy sale i am going to big w
buy a bike it will cost you the same in the long run as hiring one and not as mujch as a pain in the butt

vonni - ignore the other girls - m&ms rock - but honestly if you have a calorie deficienty you should have a banana they are heaps cheap and will fill you up and are so so good for you they are a super food

ani - do you take vitamins to help ward off the sickness that is at your work?? and what is wrong with your cat??? i hope he/she is going to be ok

07-03-2008, 05:36 AM
Ok problem solved for the time being.. i went to cash converters and bought a mini tramp.. so i can do my afternoon cardio.. $10 and i have a solution till i can get the elliptical off layby..

07-03-2008, 05:53 AM
and your kids will love it too
what a great solution!
i am going to line up at big w tomorrow (i kinda did today but was with friend with baby so couldnt keep waiting) and buy jemima a tramp 13foot! with net! cant wait - the 3 dogs and her will love it

07-03-2008, 07:12 AM
yeah tramps are fun :) we have a small one atm the kinder tramp that is about 2 ft off the ground and has a small rectancle mat.. its max weight is 40kg.. so im considering getting the kids a bigger one for xmas this year .. i have to talk to hubby about it first though .. he's the one that needs to move it to mow the lawn .. lol .

I have just done 20 minutes on the mini tramp and my butt is on fire.. my calves are tight and i feel like i have had a decent workout.. lol its alot harder work then i thought it would be.. i spent and hour or so searching through you tube for workout moves you can do on it and did those.. it was good.. and im happy.. :) ..

If you go though the catalouges big w's prices are slightly cheaper then kmart anyway.. :) the tramps are alot cheaper in big w .. the 13ft is 399 in kmart and 334 in big w the one in bigw is better to.. it has a 110kg rating and is round where the one in kmart is 100kg and is oval. so bigw is the way to go . :)

07-03-2008, 07:22 AM
I'm still around, and reading everything. I just can't seem to get the whatever I need to get started again. I have not been taking my antidep medication religiously, so maybe I'm out of whack. I just have no motivation for anything and am finding it hard to get out of bed, even though it's 25-30 deg and gorgeous most days here atm. I keep thinking something will happen to get me started too, Kel.. but I don't think it will haha!

07-03-2008, 09:05 AM
Gen welcome back here luvvy :D

Kel yr baaad M & Ms'!!!! Really!!!! hehe but sounds like a plan.

nope I just let it slide. I went to bed early and had a cup of tea and a little piece of carrot cake. It was lovely and took my calories up a bit without going over the top.

Today I havent worked out yet. But I did eat a boost bar at work and I felt totally ill.


Thanks Kel for supporting my work you support my job lol. No matter where ya live.

And Amy I am sorry things didnt happen at Kmart. In what happened with it..... We have had simialr. I S & D stuff and send out back for either clearance or trashy and sometimes it ends up back on the floor. Depends on the mnanagers of those departtments at the time whether they could be bothered or not on doing the paperwork to write something off.

Looks like everyone had a blast on here today. took forever to read it.

Ani hope yr cat is better and you to. Sounds like a rotten bug going around yr work. Prob with big places is once it gets around everyone the germ has mutated so the 1st person gets it back in a different way. Sux hey/

Gotta go.
Reading a good book at the moment called SOLD by a lady called Tess something. True story and very good but sad to.

Vonni xxx

07-03-2008, 05:14 PM
Oh I've read Sold. Heartbreaking story :(

Amy great idea to get a mini tramp! I know what you mean about having a sore butt and calves - those things give you a killer workout!

Kel I'm glad that your regular doctor is going to be able to help you. I hope things get better for you soon.

Gen! Great to see you back :hug: please remember we're all here if you need to let off steam. Don't be a stranger!

Ani I hope the dreaded lurgie is on its way out. Nothing worse than a crook tummy :(

I had a good day again yesterday. Stuck to my points and had a great workout at the gym - did my circuit type weights session followed by 30 minutes of 2 minute walk/1 minute run intervals.

Goal for today is to stick to my points.

Bring on the weekend! I'm working tomorrow then visiting a friend and her new baby. In the evening I'm going to a friend's place for dinner and she's going to cook me a special low fat meal before we go to the pub for a couple of quiet drinks.

Sunday I'm thinking of going to a Bikram Yoga class but will play it by ear. Hope you all have a great weekend.


07-04-2008, 06:12 AM
Bikram yoga... Isn't that the one where the room is heated pretty warm? And yr supposed to release yr toxins as well as get peaceful? Damn I hate living in a country hick town sometimes.

I have a new goal.

Clear my debts (not that I have many or huge amounts) then move to a city where I can DO these things.

07-04-2008, 06:28 AM
i was thinking the same thing vonni - but i live in the city where you can do whateva you want!!!
i was thinking sigh yoga sigh i USED to do that....
so what is stopping me now??? same answer for everything
i dont know

07-04-2008, 06:34 PM
Yep, Bikram Yoga is a 90 minute class where the room is heated to 38 degrees. The only thing I don't like about it is the price - $15 a class. However, it's a nice thing to do when it's freezing outside and I really enjoyed it when I used to do it last year.

Had a day off the gym yesterday :) and ate a little over my points allowance but nothing too drastic. Goal for today is to stick to my usual mealtimes (I always struggle with that on the weekends), write down everything I eat and stick to my points.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

07-04-2008, 08:39 PM
all yoga here is between 10 and 20 dollars a class, i have been meaning to get back into it.... i was going to cancel my gym membership but maybe i'll warm back into the yoga thing by doing some body balance classes and get my 'moneys worth' out of the gym membership again kinda....

gotta go and fix my hair, i have a red bit that fades all the time and i have 2 tupperware parties this weekend and tupperchick really should try and look her best....... or at least not have a weird orangey fadey bit in her hair.....
but it is freezing here so the last thing i want to do is get all cold again as i have just gotten back from jem's swimming lessons where the water is nice and hot and then the place is nice and muggy (nice?) and then you walk outside and it is freezing......

ok my aim for today..................... sell lots of tupperware.............. dont eat too much dinner............................ that'll do........... maybe drink more water..................... i just had a good breakfast that will last me til way after lunch time so i wont eat too much for lunch........................

07-05-2008, 08:41 PM
Gen I'm worried about you. You're sounding to me as though you need to take those meds more than ever - just to get you back on an even keel. Don't underestimate the impact of making such a big lifestyle change; it's going to affect the balance of every element of your life.

Is being in the US what you really want, and what you really need right now? My suggestion is that you take those meds every day for a month, and see if it helps with how you're feeling.

Come on… you deserve to live the dream, not sleep through it :hug:.

I've had a reasonably good week. I was well on track until yesterday when I ate everything that wasn't nailed down - so I have probably blown any chance of losing weight this week. It was one of those days where I ate breakfast at 5.30am, and then from 6.30 - 8.30am did the hardest physical work imaginable. I dragged several heavy pallets out to the front of the store, and set up the nursery. By 9am I was starving. And all my food choices were wrong and excessive! Oh well - I'll put it down to a bad day and just move on.

I'm off to help a friend mulch her garden today, so hopefully I will work off some of the excess.

07-06-2008, 12:46 AM
hey hey
i was actually thinking the same thing about you gen..... but i dont understand the med thing and am 'struggling' with that at the moment myself, i am not taking mine everyday and this is the most important time i guess the beginning of treatment..... and when i forget to take them i worry about how it will affect everything......

me yesterday - i kinda stuck to my goals......... i sold HEAPS of tupperware (1200!!! which is about 350 in MY pocket) and then i ate a good lunch BUT then i had pizza for dinner benji wanted pizza to 'celebrate' my earnings yesterday and so i thought why not and had my usual which was probably not what i needed........... tonight WILL be better and i am doing some temp work the next couple of days so wont be able to blow it during the day at work so we will see what wednesday weigh in brings

07-06-2008, 05:57 PM
I agree with the others Gen, not a good idea to stop taking your medication and especially without your doctor knowing about it.

Congrats on your tupperware sales Kel, sounds like it's going well.

I had a good weekend. Went over my daily allowance by 6 points on Saturday :( At least I managed to write everything I ate down all weekend which is something I often forget to do in the weekend.

Yesterday I was right on track and was under my daily allowance by 2 points. Went to hot yoga in the morning and absolutely loved it. It was so nice to be in 38 degree heat for a while!

Saturday we had sleet, rain, wind and snow and I heard this morning that with the wind chill it got down to -12 degrees. Brrrrr. Not much better today either.

Goals for today: 1) stick to my points 2) do my weights and aerobics class at the gym.



07-06-2008, 06:26 PM
MINUS 12 degrees? Julia I would be moving to Bali… in fact it was 1ºC here when I woke up and I was seriously unimpressed about that.

I should have weighed in this morning, but there's no way I'm getting out of my warm pyjamas a minute before I have to when it's this cold - so I will do it tomorrow.

07-06-2008, 10:37 PM
Im seriously having trouble getting out of bed in the morning .. My bedroom is in our extension and though it is brick it isnt double brick like the rest of the house .. and its a concrete slab where they rest is pine floorboards.. so its freezing .. it there .. We have floating floors in there but they are cold too . lol.. Leah is allergic to carpet so its a no go .

When i say trouble getting out of bed its becuase i enjoying the warmth not becuase im depressed lol.. the kids are coming in and climbing all over me in bed and playing in there with me.. lol there little hands and feet are like ice on my warm skin they thinks its great to make me scream.. lol..

Cameron turns the heater in the lounge room on when he gets up .. so they are not too cold.. and there part of the house is double brick.. too bad the heater is in the other end of the house to my room... but at least its near theres.

This week i have lost 0.0 pounds.. and im not happy JAN. i have been op and workign out .. but without my elliptical i have lost nothing.. im down 1 good crdio workout a day .. and its showing.. i usually do walking or aerobics in the morning , and the elliptical at night .. now i have the trampoline but its not as good as the elliptical.. im on it for less then half the time .. becuase my boobs can only bounce so much before they start hurting .. and then im doing weights , pushups and situps .. the tramp is great for those .. i can do the sit ups without hurting my back ..

So i spoke to hubby this morning and he told me to not pay the morgage this week and go and get the new elliptical instead.. :) im happy with that ..
Gen you have to look after your self :( please get you meds out and start taking them again..

Kel 1200 in sales for a party OMG .. that is alot ..

Ani im glad you are feeling better ..

07-07-2008, 12:21 AM
amy you lost 0.0pounds - but did you also put on 0.0pounds??? if the answer is yes than :carrot: party is needed!
had work today but they stuffed around all morning so i went home! told them to call me when they get a computer for me - they were getting more and more stressed with me there so i decided to save them $20 per hour and come home - so now i am going to step away from the computer (and international ebay - i have bought some stupid things in the last 12 hours and paid ALOT in shipping) and go and finish something!!!!!
thinking i will surprise the family with some new fish, we have an evil snail that ate our other fish (the fish were bigger than this evil creature) and it also ate our other snail but i am going to clean out the tank and really take some responsibility for the fish and make sure everything in there has enough to eat so they dont go eating eachother!!! big step for me coz usually i have nothing to do with the fish in our life coz they die and i am sad but this time they wont die and jemima will love them.... this is the plan anyway

yes 1200 is HEAPS in sales so i am very happy and content when it comes to tupperware - if i get more parties that is great if i dont that is also great coz i need a break from everything - and every party i do now is a bonus and profit for me i dont owe tupperware anything so it is in MY control which is when i am most comfortable

gen can i pm you about the meds you are on??

07-07-2008, 05:14 PM
Good luck with the fish Kel!

I weighed in last night and have lost a grand total of 200g in the last week. Certainly nowhere near what I had hoped to lose but at least it's 200g down, not up ;) and I'm sure that if I keep at it something fabulous will happen eventually.

Stuck to my points and had a great session at the gym yesterday so that was cool. Goals for today are to do the same.


07-07-2008, 05:42 PM
Same for me Julia - lost 0.2kg and I'm happy to take that. I think it's harder to lose weight in winter; I have a theory that our bodies are more reluctant to let go of our fat stores in winter - could be completely wrong though :D.

In the last couple of weeks a few friends have commented on how much weight I have lost in the last few months. It's odd because since starting at Bunnings I've only lost about 2kg. But I have definitely gained muscle, so maybe my body shape has changed a little bit in the last few months.

Something embarrassing: I asked my best friend on Sunday to look at some strange lumps on my legs. She cracked up when she saw them, and said "That's muscle you idiot!" :o. Well - how was I to know? I'm used to shapeless fat, but it would seem the daily wearing of heavy steel caps, and the constant walking, lifting and moving is working its magic.

And I just need to say that getting up at 4am every morning to go to work in the cold and dark is disgusting!

AND… I don't want to mention this, but I must because I am starting to sabotage my weight loss. The other day I was shovelling mulch for my ex. When we finished she said she wanted to ask me something and said I might not like it, but that she really wanted my support. She then went on to say that she and her girlfriend are having a commitment ceremony and "I would really, really like you to come".


As If!!!

07-07-2008, 08:51 PM
I wasn't NOT taking my meds, just being slack as with everything else. I put them right on the coffee table where I can't miss them in the morning. Thanks for your concern, everyone :hug:

07-07-2008, 11:24 PM
I know how easy that is to do Gen! Good to hear that you've got them in a place you're less likely to forget them.

Ani that's so funny about your "strange lumps". Imagine if you'd gone to the doctor to see what it was!

That's a bit rough that your ex has asked you to go to her commitment ceremony. Eek!


07-08-2008, 05:44 PM
Got home from work yesterday to find a package on my doorstep - it was an author's copy of the book I have contributed to. Who would have ever thought? Me a published writer :dizzy:? The book will be out next month, and it's a bit exciting.

I'm not eating as well as I could be or should be at the moment. It's really hard with this shift (6.30am - 2.30pm) because I have breakfast at 5.30, lunch at 10.30am and then I'm starving by mid-afternoon. I don't expect to lose weight this week because I'm eating too much, even though I am physically working pretty hard.

But we'll see! As long as I don't gain weight I'll be reasonably happy.

07-08-2008, 06:04 PM
Congrats on being a published writer Ani :cp: that's very exciting news!

I can sympathise with your current battle with food. I was so hungry yesterday that I just couldn't stop eating! Admittedly not all of my food choices were great (I ate 2 chocolate bars but they're Fling bars which are only worth 1/2 a point each) but in general, I was just bloody hungry.

All up I was over my points allowance by about 7 points. I don't ever take into account any points that I earn by exercising so technically I'm within my week's allowance but still, I should be sticking to 20 points a day and I'm disappointed that I didn't do that yesterday.

Anyhoo, onwards and upwards. I did have a good session at the gym last night, ran for 30 minutes and walked for 10 minutes.

Goals for today: 1) STICK TO MY POINTS!!!!! 2) Do weights and 40 minutes cardio at the gym tonight.


07-08-2008, 09:28 PM
Congrats Ani, that is very impressive!! How nice to see your name in print in book form :)

Today, I:
- ate breakfast (yay)
- took my tablets (yay)
- had 2 coffees and lots of water (yay)
- ate a "bad lunch" (boo)
- had my achilles MRI (yay)
- WENT TO THE GYM!!! (triple yay - first time in months!)
- ate a nice big salad, yoghurt and peach for dinner (yay me!)

Thanks for the kick up the bum, girls. It's only one day, but I have made the start, that was the hardest thing.

07-09-2008, 09:49 AM
hey hey gen look at all your yays... that is too cool!!!
i should do a yay list, i am sure if i saw that i was doing a lot of yays i would not focus so much on the boos..... hmmmmmmmmmm
me - not happy jan - up 700grams to a VERY VERY bad place 89.9 yes NINE not cool - but weightloss not important to me right now.... but weight gain although not 'worrying' me is something i am going to HAVE to care about......

julia you are doing so so you and ani maybe think you are both putting on muscle??? which is why ONLY 200gram loss??

amy how u doin?

07-09-2008, 09:53 AM
woohoo go Gen .. im so pleased you are back on th wagon ith us :)

Ani.. it must be amazing to be published congratulations as for the ceremony.. hmmm not sure about that one ..

Julia losing weight already your such a great inspiration .. you had some time off didnt do to bad came back and got straight back with the programme.. your a machine :)

Kel your fish wil be fine :)

As for me .. i have been a bit off plan but not too bad food has been okish and exercise i havent done enough.(by this i mean good sweaty exercise... i did loads of walking). and not losing weight last week has put me in a place i dont want to be in.. i can see the scale moving in the wrong direction.. and i got pissed .. whined to my hubby who gave me permission to take the money and buy the elliptical.... so i did.. i paid for it this morning got the shop to assemble it and deliver it straight into my family room ready to use :) and took it for a test run..

Yes i know i bought the mini tramp but its just not the same my boobs cant handle all that bouncing .. lol not to say i wont use it i will.. but now i have and elliptical again..

My old elliptical was alot easier then this one .. i did 30 minutes and i think i left my butt cheeks on it ... as well as my calves.. they are burning .. Its a great new toy.. it has programmes on it that change the intesity as you go along ... one minutes im going reall easy the next im killing it hoping it will go back to easy and it does .. and then again.. lol .. very cool .. great workout ..

Im hoping im not too sore to get back on it tommorow..

07-09-2008, 10:04 AM
hi kel.. posting at the same time there :) so why are you not caring about weightloss atm?? are you going into a maintance stage or you just dont give a S^*t??

I can understand about moving a bit back from the pressure disapointment etc .. but do you think its the best time to do this? when i stop trying i always gain weight.. this just proves to me im not ready to stop trying.. i havent figured the whole thing out enough to just maintain.. and alot of the time my weight los effort results in me just maintaining and not losing at all .. so .. i need to get more intune withme..

what i have learnt..
* Sugar is my enemy.. start eating it again.. and i want it more and more..
*salt makes me bloated..
*just becuase i have the calories left for a bad choice that bad choice will make me gain within cals or not.. lol ( yeah i suck)
* if i dont drink enough i eat more
* if i dont sleep enough i eat more
* if i dont sleep enough i feel like crap and dont care what i eat.. whatever is easiest ..
* i cant have crap in the house im a crap food binger i dont even have to like it ( if its bad and im ijn a mood ill eat it )
* i have to not eat after dinner or i put weight on, my night foods are usually from the above list ( crap in the house)
* if i dont workout i dont feel as good and my house gets messy too
* i cant sleep if my house is messy..
* if i dont look after myself i cant look after my kids they need to learn healthy habits healthy food and how to clean , cook and stay active. so they dont end up like me .

07-09-2008, 05:35 PM
Amy that's great that you've learned so much about what does and doesn't work for you. It's hard to stick to all the time but being aware is a huge part of the battle.

Kel this may sound hokey, but when I'm feeling down I think of 10 things in my day that I'm thankful for before I go to bed. Sometimes it might be things like getting a good parking space, having the sun shine all day or things like that. I find that it's a good way of forcing myself to appreciate the little things and that makes me feel a little better.

As for me, I was right on track yesterday :carrot: stuck to my points and did my weights followed by another 40 minute run at the gym :cb:

Goals for today: 1) Stick to my points 2) go to the gym tonight and do my weights circuit followed by 20 minutes run.


07-09-2008, 05:37 PM
Onya Gen :carrot:. I work on the premise that if I can reach 80% of my daily goals consistently I will lose weight - and it generally works.

Amy I bet you're relieved you have that elliptical. It might help you to feel like you are back on track.

Speaking of on-track, Kel do you have a set of goals in your head? The only thing that is going to work is if you decide it is YOUR responsibility to make healthy choices - and work to a plan. You don't suck - and I don't think it's useful to be so negative about yourself all the time.

Julia I second what Amy said about your motivation and consistency!

I'm suffering from lack of sleep. Every day this week I have been up at 4am, and the earliest I've managed to get to sleep at night is 10.30pm. There's not much chance of weight loss when I can't adequately rest my body, but one more day and I can get back to a normal sleeping pattern (sort of) for a week at least.

Today's goals are:

• Eat no more than 1600 calories;

• DRINK some water;

• Get plenty of exercise at work!

07-10-2008, 05:57 PM
Hope you get some good sleep time in this weekend Ani.

I had an okay day yesterday. Was 5 points over my allowance but again, when I factor in all the exercise I've been doing I'm okay. Went to the gym and did my weights circuit followed by 20 minutes of walk/run intervals and a 20 minute walk.

Going out for dinner with work tonight to a Chinese restaurant so will try to keep my points low during the day to cover what I intend to eat tonight!

Goals for the weekend are to write down everything I eat and stick as close as possible to my normal eating patterns.

Have a great weekend everyone :D


07-10-2008, 06:23 PM
Eight more hours to work and then it's the weekend - woo hoo! This week has been difficult for eating - weird work hours will do that. I haven't even looked at next week's roster yet, but I'm fairly sure I have more civilised hours to work.

My body is protesting my poor food choices, so I need to get it back on track. Tomorrow I'm going to do a big 'cook up' and freeze my meals for next week, so that way I can make life easier for myself.

I really can't wait for the weekend!

07-10-2008, 06:59 PM
yo yo
will you all stop being so right!!! hehehehe
thanks heaps
it is not that i dont care or it is not that i dont give a shi**t i think it is that i have other things on my mind at the moment i guess......

i got my fish finally, jemima had conjunctivitis and had to come home on the day i was going to get the fish....... but i got them and thier names are Cybill and Moose which reminds me i best go feed them
i bought some cream/cottage cheese (i cant remember which one i bought) and plan to have that and avocado and tomato on toast for brekky, that was my fave weight watchers brekky years ago.... but they had grainyer bread which i must buy

the fruit and vege place sent me a group certificate which says they paid me for the day i worked but i never went back to get the pay SO i am going to ring them and ask if i can go and get the cash..... that is NOT going to be fun but if i do it then i have at least a hundred extra bucks in my pocket which would pay for a manicure and pedicure or something nice like that so i will keep thinking that when i am awkwardly talking to the guy.... ho hum

today is my first counselling appointment with someone the awesome doc referred me to - gosh i like awesome doc he knows me so well it is scary so HOPEFULLY he has finely selected this counseller knowing me and her will click.....

am up and down and have troubles getting out of bed somedays but other days no troubles at all - today is a no troubles at all day and i will eat something healthy for lunch, yesterday i was almost determined not too... for no real reason at all

today i am buying jemima (and maybe me) a hoola hoop and a colouring book for jem and i also plan to tidy more of the house - amy you and me are a like that cluttered house makes everything worse.....

07-10-2008, 07:50 PM
ok this morning i am offically pissed.. i have been good all god damn week and for what... to gain 5 ****ing pounds.. OMG i could scream.. fine i had 2 weeks without a decent workout. i was still doing aerobics and the trampoline though and walking i did about 900 minutes of exercise last week . i stuck to my calories.. why the **** am i now 272 again.. is this the stupid number my body wants to be.??? i just dont know.. why i bother.. I track my food i exercise and for what to gain weight.. what the **** is wrong with my stupid body.. arrghh .. i tell you what this better be some freak water weight or something or im just gonna quit... why bother if im gonna gain and loose the same 5 pounds.. i have done this since febuary.. i have dropped my cals i do heaps of exercise and i drop to 267 for a week then go back up to the same ****ed up weight.. i am so angry right now..

07-10-2008, 09:59 PM
I was talking to a nurse at work about weight loss, and she gave me details of the study run at my center that she's in. It compares a low-sodium, restricted-calorie diet with a normal sodium, restricted-calorie diet. Sounds like you have to attend a weekly meeting and get weighed in like weight watchers (and they give you a hard time if you don't lose weight, because it screws up their data!!). You also have to get some BP and blood tests, I think a CT scan at some point and some urine sodium tests.

Whadda y'all think? I think if I went to all that trouble to enrol in the study, I might make m ore of an effort. But then again, the low sodium, measuring calories thing sounds like a pain in the arse...???????????????

07-11-2008, 12:24 AM
gen yes yes yes do it!
i think it is just what you need - something different to kickstart you on the way to weightloss success

i know exactly how you feel - DONT stop doing what you are doing - next week the result will be different i almost promise you!

counsellor was ok but i dont love her - i kinda wanted to really like the person but not to be, she wants to see me next week - we shall see - she also said she reckons i have depression and not anxiety or a bit of both - delightful.

07-11-2008, 09:19 AM
im over it.. im done that is it no more for me.

07-11-2008, 09:37 AM
hehe did i trick ya.. i have got over my tantrum.. i put myself in the corner facing the wall and thought about what i had done wrong .. lol

so i decided part of the problem had to be becuase i have been constipated for aout a week .. so I ate fruit and veg all day .. to shift it..
strawberries and and large apple for breaky , banana carrot and homemade burger ( whish is a small amount of lean beef mince with loads of cabbage, carrot and sweet potota grated then combined with egg and wheat germ i made them for dinner last night) for lunch for tea i had salmon and more raw veg, broccoli ,cauliflower, carrot,tomato, cucumber.. so i have pooped more today then i had the entire week previous and im actually feeling pretty good now.. .. my cals were 1630.. today

and i have done 120minutes walking 10 minuites pushups 30 minutes elliptical and cleared out cleaned and restacked my kitchen cupboards and taking th kids ten pin bowling.. lol .

i have had a big whine on the calorie counters forum and they sugeested trying 40-30-30 for carbs, fat and protien so that is what im gonna try next to see if i can get this fat off my body..

im willing to try everything within healthy regions to loose this weight

07-11-2008, 06:47 PM
You had me worried there Amy! Glad to hear that you're determined to stick with it.

Kel I must admit that I have been thinking that it sounds more like you have depression than anxiety. Don't be too scared of a correct diagnosis. Once you know what is wrong then you can fix it!

I can't begin to tell you how much better my life is since I was diagnosed with depression last year.

Keep fighting mate. Keep seeing the doctor and the counsellor and you will get through this :hug:

I had a lovely dinner out with my workmates last night and then went to see the movie Hancock which was okay but nowhere near as good as I thought it would be.

Unfortunatley I went over my points sooo badly I rekon maybe by about 10 to 15 points :eek: not good! Had popcorn at the movies which tipped me over the edge as far as bad food for the night is concerned.

So to atone for my sins, I will go to the gym either this afternoon or tomorrow and try to burn off a few calories.

Goal for today and tomorrow: 1)stick to my points. 2)stick to my normal eating times. 3) write down everything that I eat.


07-11-2008, 08:19 PM
I've just had NINE luxurious hours of sleep, and now have two days off work - woo hoo!!! Next week will be all 9.30-5.30pm, so I might be able to have a decent routine by then as well.

Amy I'm glad to see you determined. I've had times like that, where I've jumped on the scale and had a tantrum afterwards, but it's really important to not allow the scale to become our master. Every decision we make, whether it's about food, exercise or anything related to a healthier way of life will influence the eventual outcome of our weight loss journey.

Kel it's important that you get the right diagnosis so you can work on fixing it. I've had the feeling that things have been out of balance for you ever since you came back from holidays, and it's great that you're seeing a counsellor and heading in the right direction.

Julia I'm inspired by your determination - you go girl :carrot:

Gen I reckon you should have a go - you just never know if it might be the momentum for you to get things back on track, and that's something I would really love to see happen.

This week has been a shocker for me - both with food and water - but I'm going to make a plan today, and I'm getting straight back to counting my calories… starting NOW!

07-11-2008, 10:20 PM
yeah im not quiting.. lol.. and im 268 this morning.. its a terrible thought but i think .. i had 4 lbs worth of poop in my system.. no wonder i was feeling crappy.. so im gonna stick to this fruit thing.. from now on.. fruit only in the morning.. to help clear out the works.. i felt so good yesterday afternoon and this morning.. you know how i always fely sick in the morning.. not today.. so i really think the fruit.. which i normally lack.. has made a big difference for me..

I eat alot more veg then fruit normally.. i have tomato most days the occasional banana maybe one apple a week.. and that is usally it.. the rest is veg.. so im eating alot more now.. hopefully that will do me the world of good. breakfast yesterday and today was an apple and half a punnet of strawberries.. yum.. . John hates it when i buy strawberries becuase they are expensive.. but too bad.. lol.. im gonna buy them..

I got up and did 30 minutes on the elliptical doing the hiit programme so im feeling fantastic..

ani enjoy your days off .. and next weeks schedule looks alot kinda for you..

Kel i agree with julia and ani.. and you know what.. the best thig you can do for your mood is get some exercise.. just a walk.. would do.. you'll feel better.. get into the habit of some sort of exercise ( whatsever you enjoy and can do most days) nand you'll soon be feeling better about everything..

07-12-2008, 11:11 AM
Kel, I have to agree on exercise. When I was really depressed, the psychologist said to just aim to get out for 5 mins once or twice a day. Once you get out, you usually decide to keep going for 5 more minutes.... and it does make you feel better.

07-12-2008, 09:53 PM
i was about to hop on here and tell amy what for!!! coz all i got on my email (yes i got an email update!!) was amy - thats it i am quitting so i didnt have time to hop on the last couple of days but had been thinking about it big time for when i did and there you go tricking us
pretty inspirational though the way you keep going and get yourself out of trouble, i just KNEW that the way you'd been going lately there had to be a reason for putting on weight - you've been doing really well

thanks heaps for all the support with the doctor stuff everyone
you are all right
correct diagnosis yes will help BUT this chick i saw was too excited that SHE had diagosed that or that SHE could save me money or that SHE had these great ideas - i really wasnt that excited for HER - do you know what i mean??
example - i mentioned how the other night i got so so so so so frustrated and upset coz jem was disturbing me watching law and order and woke up in "my time" at about 10.30 i honestly didnt want to go into her room for two reasons - one coz i would miss the show and two coz i would shake her to shut her up (i didnt) anyway this chick was like 'you should tape it' ok so i WAS taping it but the point wasnt that i was going to miss my show it was that i honestly couldnt cope with jem making noise right then..... know what i mean?
anyway awesome doc today gave me referral to someone else so we will see how that goes but inthe mean time i am making heaps of progress kicking myself in the butt - just a pity i have put weightloss on the low priority list while i get my head and my house up to scratch BUT the dumbchick shrink said that she starts with the physical side of things coz if u are not eating or sleeping or exercising well then nothing will be good - and that a good point!

have an awesome sunday everyone

07-12-2008, 11:02 PM
lmao kel i cant believe it sent you that email and none of the others... that is great... im killing myself laughing here..

Im going fine now back down to 267 and very happy to be here..

I have been doing my elliptical first thing in the morning.. and that has been good up untill this morning anyway.. Its the third early morning workout for me and i was stuggling.. I ignored it and kept going.. thinking the first morning i did it was a little hard too.. but yesterday moniong was easy.. But th mornig i got to 15 minutes .. and had to stop.. i got all light headed and dizzy.. so i got off it had a glass of oj and some water.. rested for 20 minutes then did the other 15 minutes.. but at a slower pace..

I think i had a few things working againest me this am..
1 i worked out for 30 minutes last night after tea so had depleted my stores of nutrients.. so too low blood sugar level
2 im getting a cold and have alot of chest congestion.. so less oxygen
3 i think i might have been a bit dehydarted becuase of all this mucous.

I checked my heart rate and to get it where i want it 135 bpm .. i had to go 4 k/h slower then i usually do.. so thats what i did .. so instead of my usually 9.5 kms in 30 minutes.. i think i got maybe 7 kms...

Im finding it interesting how much my heart rate can change when sick ( not that i feel bad at all really just a little stuffy).. so i now know to take it easier when im not 100% .

kel i like the quacks opinion on food sleeo and exercise.. even though her other stuff is crap.. lol.. as far as getting annoyed at distrubed me time... umm thats normal.. all us parents gets annoyed with that.. i would let my horrors cry till the add break.. we shouldnt have to tape everything we watch.. lol.. honestly rhough if your getting angry enough you feel like you could shake her.. just leave her to make her noise and hopefully she will go back off on her.. own.. maybe its time.. to let her cry it out and learn how to self settle? she defiantly old enough.. and that will make it easier on you.. what do you think?

07-13-2008, 09:31 AM
I had a terrible day.
i was dizzy with my workout..
Then i got tired at midday and went and lyed down to watch tv and fell asleep.
Then Leah woke me up screaming her head off. she was in pain but couldnt tell me where.. i gave her some panadol.. and she fell asleep
when she woke she was hot as **** and in agony.. she was yelling crying and screaming all at once..
I took her to the doctor.. she has an ear infection.. so they gave me antibiotics to give her..
so now im worries aout her having them since she is allergic to so many chemicals.. and john inst here if anything goes wrong..
when we got home i had a call from john on of his work colleges.. hung himself at the refinary last night he jumped off the jetty with a rope around his neck. he was upset..
We tryed to chat on the net but his connection was hitty and we both got very frustrated becuase it wasn't working.. The kids got upset becuase they wanted to talk to daddy and couldn't
after they went to bed.. ( cameron was crying becuase gladiators wasn't on tonight .. omg someone please shoot me) JOhn rang me on the mobile.. his boss has said he cant come home one week earlier in september for his kids birthdays.. Leahs is the 14th and Cameron is the 23rd.. we were planning having the party on the 20th for the both of them like we always do JOhn would come home on the 18th.. and we planned to do Leahs birthday on the 19th.. ( she doesnt understand dates yet so could be done easily.. ) and hen Cameron birthday on his day the 23rd and john would leave again on the 26th.. Cameron understands dates.. and as a kid i couldnt think of anything more heart breaking then not having your daddy home for your 8th birthday..

They say they are a family freindly company.. surely they have kids or remember being kids ... and ralise how important this is.. to my son.. We will not let them break Camerons heart.. John will be hoe one way or another.. but.. He had said he doesnt want to go back to town money.. Im so sick of living the life of a single mother.. and my relationship with my husband is faiding away.. he has told me he feels like a single man.. up there.. and he wants to go somewhere else and do this.. he is now talkign about roxby downs.. which is only 1 hour flight from aedliade but.. he will stiull be away .. ill still be alone.. the kids will still miss him..

We have all had enough but John just wants the money.. Im so upset.. i just want my life back.. i want a hubby at my side.. what good is money if your not happy?.. I wantnhim to work here.. after septmeber i plan on wroming too.. while leah is in kindy.. so it will be easier then before.. our morgage is now below 100k im sure we can manage.. now ..

so yeah i have spent most of the night crying.. i even got out the damn nutella and had a drink of baileys even though my calories are done for the day.. ok i had one heaped tesppon before making myself cry again
putting it away and scrubbing my floors on my hands and knees instead.. i have almost replaced emotinal eating with emotional cleaning... lol almost... lol.. in the past that jar would be gone.. so one spoon as heaped as it was is ok i suppose.. ..

ok i have vented.. i sick.. of being such a pain in the butt to you guys.. i hope things get better for all of us i really do.. and yes feel good know i have typed it all out.. thanks for listening

07-13-2008, 09:42 AM
dudette!!!!!!!! that is full on!!!!!!
it is so hard when it comes to money... there is no easy answer
could john take a break for a year or so and then go back to the big money away from home when the kids are older??

and jemima had to learn to self settle about 7 months ago when i could no longer take cuddling her to sleep.... she does wait til the ad break - kinda - but the point is i get so so so so so so frustrated , stupidly so..... but yes i am starting to realise how normal it is and that the unrealistic expectations i put on myself and stuff is just that UNREALISTIC so i am feeling heaps better about the stuff i am getting done and therefore getting more done.... so feeling great
today was a really good day - yesterday morning not so good but today rocked

amy - how often does john come home??? it is so good that no matter what you are there for him, it must be so hard for them when one of their mates takes their own life, they would live so closely it would be like losing a family member....

07-13-2008, 10:12 AM
Yeah i think thats why i got so emotional.. on top of everything else hi losing someone one he is so alone is awful.. as for how often he goes away he started this job in febuary .. and he works 4 weeks comes home for a week and then works 4 week again.. the one week off. so i have seen my hubby for a toatl of 5 weeks in the last 6 months.. Im alone.. and when he is home it takes him 3 days to get used to being with poeple again.. without getting to edgy.. ( he is alone in a room the size of a bathroom drinking alone from 4 pm til bed most nights the odd night he goes out and gets drunk instead.. he has his laptop that the connectio has been crap and he can harldy use right now and beer and movies that is it..) then we have 2 good days and the last 2 days he is anxious about getting back to work.. and then he leaves.. again.. so we get a total of 2 good days with him... a month..
last visit he was miserable the whole visit.. but all he can see is the $$$

I want me life back.. i want my hubby in bed with me.. i want to no longer se alone and lonely .. i want Cameron school work to go back up to how well he was doing before daddy left.. i wont the sparkle to be back in his eye becuase he is happy.. Cameron now has this sad withdrawn puppy dog face most of the time.. we are not happy.. isnt that enough for him to come home?.. arrgh

07-13-2008, 07:40 PM
Gosh Amy it sounds like you're going through a pretty rough time at the moment. I hope that you can work everything out and that John can come home for the kids birthdays. Hang in there mate :hug:

Kel you're sounding a bit brighter mate. Keep plugging away and don't feel bad for knowing that you need your own time and space.

I had a ***** of a weekend. Parked illegally on Saturday afternoon for a whole 3 minutes (literally, walked across the street, picked something up from a shop, walked back) and had to pay some scumbag $80 not to clamp my car :mad: That was the majority of the money I had set aside to go visit my sister in Wellington next weekend so I was really upset. Went home and cried and cried. Felt so sorry for myself that I had fish n chips for dinner and then felt fat and sick for doing that :(

Last night I went to do my laundry and locked myself out of my house. Had to knock on doors till I found someone with a phone so I could ring mum to bring me my spare key. I'd just come from her house having eaten a stodgy roast meal that would have put me way over my daily points allowance :(

Whacked my elbow really hard on the wall while I waited. My tv is on the blink, keeps going really loud and I have to thump it to get it working right again so I expect it’s going to go kaput soon. This morning I had to go to family planning for a smear and apparently my cervix was hiding so they had to bring in a search party to find the damn thing.


I’m glad it’s Monday and I’m (hopefully) safe at work now.

So between dinner with work on Friday night, fish n chips on Saturday night and roast dinner at mum's last night I had a spectacularly unsuccessful weekend in terms of my diet.

I did go to the gym on Sunday and weighed in down 1.8kg at 84.9kg but that was on an empty stomach and it'll take a lot to make that stick until next week's weigh in given the crap I ate over the past few days.

Goals for today: 1) Stick to my points. 2) Do weights and aerobics class at the gym tonight.


07-13-2008, 08:06 PM
Amy is there some way you can sit John down and tell him that money is nothing compared to what it's costing you and the kids? Every time he goes away it's just going to get worse, and you deserve much better than that.

Julia your weekend was SO bad it was almost funny. The main reason I say that is it sounds a lot like mine - my washing machine spectacularly died (it's only 18 months old) - in the middle of a load. So I think I ate the equivalent of a load of washing in junk :o.

Now there are no excuses - I either want to lose this weight or I don't. So it's right back on plan today and I'm going to start tracking calories and write everything down. The one good thing I did on the weekend was cook up a big healthy concoction and freeze it, so I have no excuses there… I have something healthy to eat when I come home from work all week.

I'll weigh in tomorrow and hopefully be in the right mindset to keep losing weight by then.

07-13-2008, 08:50 PM
LMao.. omg it was the weekend of spectacular crapola.. huh.. ani your machine should still be under warrenty most machine have a 2 year.. my last one died .. at 26 months.. i was screwed lol but 18 your good to go..

Julia im sorry but it kinda is funny i agree with ani.. its the sort of thing i would do.. the parking meter wasnt funny but the keys.. OMG i cant tell you how many times me and the kids have sat on the front step waiting for my knight in shining armour to eith iopen of breakin to my house.. lol .. John will climb through the roof man hole if we did it together.. I have had the neighbours son .. slighty open our sliding door ( about and inch).. it had a bad lock.. and get a fishing rod and fish my keys off the bench.. lol thenof course ive locked then in the car and had to ring the raa.. my hubby says i should wear then round my neck so i dont loose them.. im hopeless.

as for me.. im ok.. just had to have cry after a super crap day.. its actually th first time i have cryed since he started this in feb .. so it was just the combination of spectacular crap.. im actully feeling good this morning.. becuase im down 800grams from friday :) despite my crap attack last night ..

07-13-2008, 09:13 PM
Hey Amy - I just checked and my washing machine is TWO years and ONE week old!

07-13-2008, 09:18 PM

07-13-2008, 11:11 PM
Oh Ani that sucks! Murphy's Law eh. I agree, my weekend was so awful all you can do is laugh really. Being told that my cervix was hiding just topped it off really!

Onwards and upwards :D

07-14-2008, 02:31 AM
holy dooly what a weekend for everyone
i have totally wasted today
i had such plans but didnt get out of bed til 11 then have stuffed around between the computer and the tv for the whole day
i just had a shower and have to go to tupperware tonight to pick up my order otherwise i would not bother going - i have it sussed out now though i am going to pay the eleven dollar delivery fee and get next weeks order delivered to me and take benji and jem out to a steak night somewhere with some other people NOT tupperware related.

there is a family of mice in my house/study/laundry/kitchen/livingroom and i am not happy jan! one of them had the nerve to run over my foot when i was washing up last night so i am so totally ready to catch it in my hands and ring its neck
every so often we catch one in a trap but other than that they just run around annoying us

anyway i best go and try and get something done before i have to leave - jemima is at daycare so i have no excuses at all

oh and it seems i binge eat a lot - i am hating finding out the terms for the things i thought was 'normal' if i had to write down what i have eaten today it would be embarrsing and weird

amy - what are you going to do? is there any way you can move closer to where john works so he can come home more?

ani - i can not believe you are one week out of warranty!
julia - sorry but i had to laugh at your weekend too - everything that can go wrong does and after the first couple you are not phased by it at all you are expecting it?? i know exactly how you feel! (my car got run into i sprained both ankles and i got sick in the same couple of days) (etc)

07-14-2008, 08:18 AM
No if they dont change ther mind John will come home and work in roxby which is only 1 hour flight away ( as apposed to 9 hours)and 3 weeks on 1 week off .. he is in east arnham land in a tiny town called Nhulumbuy ther are no road oing in or out the only way to get there is fly or boat .. so not a place i would take my kids too even for a visit.. not with leahs allergies no way ..

Kel.. as much as you dont like it maybe you could write down what you eat in the day.. do add it up or anythig just write it down.. then you can see where you are going with it.. what do you think? it might help you.. get over the binging thing.. im like you a binger and i have to find myself something insteda of.. i cant just say im not gonna do it i need a replacement.. for me its usually cleaning, reading watching tv or getting on the net.. anything to get me away from the kitchen.. also only keep you food in the kitchen.. dont leave anything anywhere else.. its all just an excuse to binge.. . I hope you kind find your funky weightloss happy place again..

07-14-2008, 08:33 AM
fingers crossed he does get the job in the closer town with the better shifts!! my dad worked away and shift work when i was younger and with everything going on right now i have been trying to remember how i was brought up... but i honestly cant remember him being home...

yes i want to get back to my funky happy weightloss place! i maybe will start going to the gym after jemima goes to bed, maybe, as it is too cold to go outside onto my cross trainer, i will find a gym buddy and just do it! (my old gym buddy joined another gym closer to her house :( )
and i will get stuck into the belly dancing classes with my neighbour
and i will take my baby on a walk once a day
and i will drink more water
and stop buying chocolate when i know i will eat it inappropriantly - jemima doesnt like it anyway so i am only buying it for me - benji has some as a treat but i eat it all throughout the day - i need healthy snack options or have to learn to have none
getting out of the kitchen wont help coz i go back in anyway if i tell myself i want/need to eat something lets see if i can remember what i ate today....
got up, went into kitchen, ate a choc chip cookie back in bed, got up got a pepsi i think and a cheese stick sat in front of computer, went back to kitchen got 1/3 pack twisties (benji's stash i already raided the other day) and went back to bed with the paper, then read some of my book (that was good of me - trying to relax) went back to computer with another cheese stick, whilst in the kitchen ate a mint slice biscuit and got half a block of choc sat back at computer, then it is lunch time so while cooking my lunch i am eating snakes then i cooked some potato wedges and some rice and some chicken tenders, drowned them in soy sauce and had a pepsi max and watched the rest of that weird movie with robin williams in it when he worked in a photo shop and then watched all saints until the mail man came about 3pm coz i had to go and take a photo of him with my neighbours new mailbox, and then came back in side and had a shower and i think i posted on here and then i tried to do some tupperware stuff on line and then i wasted more time and MONEY on ebay and then i went to try and accomplish something and ate more snakes and chocolate and then i got some water out of the fridge and started to washup and then i wanted to get dinner ready but we have no meat so i went and got jemima from daycare (brought my water with me) and went to the shop to get meat ($80 later) came home and benji was watching a tv thing on frozen pizza so we decided to have frozen pizza and frenchstick covered in butter and crisped up in the oven instead and apple crumble and light whipped cream i had bought from the shop - i was meant to go to meeting but couldnt be bothered
today was a cant be bothered day, i get annoyed at myself for those days
tomorrow i am going to town to meet mum for lunch with jemima and then i HAVE to go to tupperware to get my order!! and i dont think i will eat anything else today so i will brush my teeth so i dont
or i would
i dont eat coz i am hungry

07-14-2008, 09:00 AM
OMG kel. how did you eat all that?

07-14-2008, 09:07 AM
its not really a lot of food
it is just a lot of bad choices
if i had had a proper breakfast i would not had picked all through the "morning" when i wasnt snoozing or ebay ing
but a block of choc, a couple of cookies and some rice and chicken and about 5 wedges is not a lot of food - it is just crap (oh and i had almost forgotten about the pizza for dinner)

tomorrow -
brekky will be cereal and lite milk and a juice
lunch probably a kebab or sushi
water all around town
dinner - spag bol

lets see how we go

07-14-2008, 09:37 AM
picking is not good huh .its very easy to loose track of what your at for the day but hey im glad you getting ready to get going again.. :) tommorrow will be a better day im sure .. but hey kel at least your day wasn't as bad a julias weekend :) lol ..planning looke like your best friend.. plan it and try to stick to it..

and ani washer.. omg id be so so mad about that..

07-14-2008, 05:32 PM
Kel, I second Amy's suggestion that you try to write down everything that you eat. It's something I've been doing for months now and honestly, it does stop me from bingeing quite often.

Yesterday was a great day for me. I stuck within my points allowance and had a great workout at the gym.

Unfortunately I'm getting shin splints so will have to lay off the running for a bit which is annoying :mad: so rather than go to the gym today I got up early and went for a 50 minute walk.

Goal for today: stick to my points.


07-15-2008, 09:32 AM
okey pokey
cereal (fruity bix i think) with slim milk (aka white water)
and a piece of whole grain toast and vegemite and butter and some tropical juice
then a kebab (could be a good choice but i always have tahini sauce to make the hot chilli sauce and the jalepenos not so over the top and i have cheese and pineapple most times as well - like today) and a energy drink I NEVER HAVE THESE it was called mother and was nothing exciting so i wont bother doing that again
pepsi max on the way to the doctor (went and talked to awesome doctor about meltdown i had in town today apparently i got upset at the lady at the bookshop enough to be asked to leave) (sigh)
then didnt get home for ages and then benji got home and decided he wanted pizza again coz that is what was on his meal plan for today as we were not meant to have it last night, he never REALLY wants anything so i encouraged it but tomorrow DEFINATELY spag bol
and i have had a handful of lollies tonight
and a glass of water

but am planning to go to the gym either friday or monday morning
and planning to walk the dogs in the morning

07-15-2008, 09:34 AM
julia didnt you freeze your arse off on your walk this morning! you go girl!!!!!!

oh and i maybe wont weigh myself in the morning
i wont be able to cope if i am over 90 and i have done NOTHING to encourage maintenance this week......
but maybe i will
will see how i am feeling in the morning....

07-15-2008, 08:31 PM
Weighed in yesterday - still 76.5kg, and for some reason I feel really annoyed with myself about that. In the last six weeks I have dropped less than a kilo and I'm frustrated because I don't feel like I have my head in the right space for losing weight.

I know I can put a positive spin on it and pat myself on the back for being able to maintain, and not put it back on. But I really want to lose weight, and I just feel like I'm treading water.

What am I doing wrong? This is what I'm aware of:

1. I'm not drinking enough water.

2. I'm eating too much - it isn't that I'm bingeing, I'm just eating a little too much every day.

3. I've lost sight of my goals.

4. I don't do any structured exercise because my job is physically demanding, and I have convinced myself that I don't need to do anything extra. It's probably true - but exercise used to give me a focus and remind me of what I was working towards.

5. There is part of me that seems to think I have already done enough. I haven't explained that very well, because that's not entirely true - but when you balance things out I am less motivated to be disciplined now, and I struggle with the 'small choices'.

I really need to work through this, because I am NOT willing to stop now. I'm still a long way from reaching my ultimate goal, and would be very disappointed with myself if I quit now!

Maybe I need to switch the scale back to pounds for a couple of months. Maybe the thought of reaching 75kg is more scary to me than I realise.

I just don't know!

07-16-2008, 06:50 AM
I have to say that some of these weight loss websites are a joke. I was surfing today and came across one that calculates 'normal' body weight. I put all my height/weight/age stats into their calculator, and they came back with the amazing info that I should weigh between 49-58kg to be healthy.

49 kilos? I'd be a bloody STICK!

I emailed them and told them my biceps are probably 49kgs (yes, it's a lie :D), and that they are promoting unhealthy, impossible and overwhelmingly stupid advice, and that they were making themselves look like top-shelf d!ckheads.

Yes, I'm still the quiet, shy, retiring woman I've always been ;)

07-16-2008, 07:40 AM
haha Ani you made me laugh at the shy retiring type :p

My scales are broken. Dunno what happened to them. One day they worked fine, the next I find the battery cover on the floor and when I replaced it they didn't work. And yes I did make sure batteries were in there and the correct way. Nothing zippo zilch.

I am back to mechanical things but I am not touching them for a couple of weeks. Some medication the Dr put me on this week may cause weight gain and I am not to impressed about that.

Everyone else seems to be plodding along ok (with a few hiccups and woes)and also seem to be real chatterboxes lately. good to see.


07-16-2008, 08:39 AM
I had a fabulous day.. i had a bit of a cold and didnt get a good workout till today.. i got up early and did 30 minutes on the elliptical .. i vaccumed the whole house today (80 minutes i have hard floors and leather couch so fairly quick) and then i got back on the elliptical tonight did 30 minutes again then did 20 minutes weights and 10 on the mini tramp.. i am positivly buzzing.. i feel fantastic.. :) woohoo.. what a great day

07-16-2008, 09:50 PM
Ani, you're very good at knowing your weaknesses and setting goals to overcome them and I for one am SURE that you'll achieve whatever goals you set your mind to :D

I had a duvet day yesterday. Slept in until lunchtime then watched rubbish on tv during the afternoon. In the evening I went to a friend's for dinner as it was her 30th birthday celebration. Diet not good and no gym but hey, that's life and I'm back on track today.

Goals for today: 1)stick to my points 2)do weights and at least 20 minutes cardio.

Looking forward to spending this weekend up in Wellington with my sister and her mob. As of this morning, my nephew is able to roll over so that's exciting!

Also, I'm booked in for another new tattoo on Friday next week so am excited about that. It's some lyrics from the song Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix. It's a song that's always reminded me of my sister so it's really quite special.


07-16-2008, 10:54 PM
Did you guys watch the Jamie oliver special on ten last night eat to save your life?

The programme was very confronting. i had no ideas that would be chopping up bits of poeple to show the affects and at times it left me quite queesy but still very interesting..
there amount seems higher then what we aim for fat salt ect.. but all in all.. the recomendations were far better then the diets the group on it were on .. and small steps i suppose..
The mri was an eye opener for me .. i like always presumed skinny poeple were healthy even with apoor diet . i had decided there body must just work better then ours so they can process crap better but its not the case .. The skinny man with the poor diets had more fat in and around his organs then the obese man that lead an active life and played rugby.. they both had poor diets .. the rugby player was a bad Vegaterain ( as Jamie put it) and the only real difference was one exercised one didnt . the skinny guy was worse off the the obese one . since the obese guy had alot of good muscle and only carried fat under the skin.. the skinny guy had it in his liver and around everything else too .. and he was barely even 20 year old .
It was great and it made me feel great .. my diet is 90% home cooked and prepared so it makes me feel like im doing everything right .. i eat loads of fruit and veg and lean protien and a small amount of wholegrain.. and im feeling fantastic.. the show has hit home to me the impotance of exercise and though i do plenty now.. i was gonna skip the early one this morning since i did so much yesterday.. but watched the show got up and did my 30 minutes HIIT again.. im on a roll oh and though its not my weigh in day i had a peak on the scale.. i weighed last week on saturday mroning ( but put it on friday so the check in thing would be happy and i could keep my graph .. lol.. and i was 121.7 then .. i have lost 700g since then and im 121.. straight.. lol
.. ill weigh on saturday again........... i am really hoping next week to be below 120............. come on 119.. i will love to meet you.. i met your friend 118 an few year ago but he didnt stay for long and i got back together with 125 . and then 125 intorduced me to 132.. . so im hoping me and 118 can sort out our differences and he will introduce me to his other friend 117...

Julia i cant believe he is already rolling over he only little . lol.. that was fast ..
Vonni broken scales.. that mysteriosly have a broken battery back.. hmm gee i wonder if there were children involved in thier demise??? hmmmm gee .. mmmm .. lol... wonder how long it will be till one of them confess...

Ani wasnt your original goal 75?? i mean you have a very labour intesive job ad all .. have you thought about get a body fat measured?? you might be at the weight you need to be.. i would say you have alot of muscle doing what you do . maybe your not losing becuase your body doesnt need to? i dont agree for as second your should be that skinny 49-58.. calories king says i should be between 56 and 71.. to be in my healthy range.. but you would have a few kilos of muscle im sure .. so.. 75 sounds very reasonable to me.. and we are almost th same hieght so.. it cant be too wrong can it?

07-17-2008, 12:34 AM
Wow Amy I missed that show. I did see the shorts once and thought wow that'd be good, but neglected to find out when it was on. Is there another one showing? Or was it a one off special program?

Yes I think the 2yr old had something to do with the scales, but the other kids never saw a thing. Hmmm. They were all playing together at the time. Oh well, I have given scales a rest. They are NOT my friend at the moment. I will just see how my clothes go, and maybe then jump on if they feel looser.

My ideal weigh for height should be 46 - 58kg. I am aiming eventually for somewhere in the middle. Which means I have about 20kg to go. Oh boy it looks like a long hard road ahead. How depressing. Maybe I can set a goal for a year? God I hate this sometimes.

The Dr was right, my appetite has increased with the tablets, but I am making ok choices when I want something. I've been eating fruit and yoghurt and small meals. And if I ignore my body saying feed me, I just get nauseous. So I gotta eat. Oh, and since starting them one good thing is I get reflux and heartburn now if I eat crisps. Whoohoo. so thats one thing I know I will be laying off.


07-17-2008, 12:53 AM
hey if you like since you missed it .. i actually taped in do if you have a vcr i can make you a cop and send it to you.. .. just send me a pm with your postage details.. and i can dot it easily we ahev 2 vcrs so i can just tape from one tho the other .. if your interested.. that goes for the rest of your guys too if you want a copy send me a pm.. and ill copy and send

07-17-2008, 07:23 AM
Amy I do have a fair bit of muscle, but I also have more fat around my tummy and thighs than I am happy to live with. I really think that 5kg will make a decent difference to me, and I definitely take your point about body fat.

I'm going to keep chipping away until I get to around 70kg, and I just don't care how long it takes - it's just one of the goals I have for my health, and I understand that a lot better these days. Even though I get frustrated, I am surprised by how much muscle I have built in less than four months.


Amy we are all cheering for you to get to 119 :carrot:.

Hey Vonni - ONE kilo at a time matey, and I don't know that you need to lose another 20kg. That seems vaguely ridiculous to me.

Anyway, best get off the computer. We've got a massive thunderstorm that's coming in, and it's only about 30km away.

07-17-2008, 10:04 AM
vonni what kind of medciation are you on?

i was 91.7kg when i weighed in yesterday not cool
but i had a good brekky and dinner and no snacking today - dont ask about lunch - long story but special treat for lady at opshop and was not healthy AT ALL but she talked about the jamie oliver special the whole time we were eating it so we wont be doing that next time i work there again hehehehe

my medication seems to be working heaps good, i am having heaps more good days/times than bad... i did have a meltdown at the bookshop the other day which was so embarrising but hey these things happen and i am learning from every day and treasuring every moment i have with jemima things are looking up
starting to eat real food and going to the effort to make healthy choices so long term i will be awesome

07-17-2008, 05:58 PM
Sorry to hear you've broken the 90kg mark Kel. Hopefully you can nip this in the bud now though and start going down again!

I had a great day yesterday. Stuck to my points and did weights followed by 10 minute run, 10 minute walk, 10 minute bike so I exceeded my goal by 10 minutes of exercise :D

Today after work I'm flying up to Wellington to spend the weekend with my sister and her family. I won't be exercising while I'm up there so will have to try to focus on my diet.

Goals for the weekend: 1) most importantly, write down everything that I eat. 2) don't eat rubbish!

Have a great weekend ladies.


07-17-2008, 08:30 PM
basically i WONT wear tracksuit pants to the shops and my jeans are getting too tight so i HAVE to lose weight in order to keep that promise to myself

i AM going to the gym on monday morning, at the moment all i have on monday is appointment with another counsellor at 1pm so there should not be ANY reason why i can not go and do at least 30 mins on something - i am going to take it easy as dont want to freak my body out but i am going to get there

i am going to tidy my study more today - i got a heap done on wednesday night and all i have to do today is get to ikea to get jemima a new bed and then be home to get money for tupperware to take to bank and then be organise dog washer and then be home to get jemima and get her ready to go to my parents for a sleep over so i can take my husband out for his birthday! i have got tickets to go and see the new batman movie - goldclass was sold out but he wont mind i dont think...

07-17-2008, 08:49 PM
It's great to see that everyone is thinking about our weight loss, and plans are being made. Let's make ourselves proud :carrot:!

For me I have decided to focus all my energy on losing five pounds. I've switched my scale over to pounds, accepted that I have been out of focus, and challenged myself to reach this next goal.

I'm stripping things right back to basics and am going to set my sights on things that I KNOW will work. Today:

• No more than 1550 calories;

• Two litres of water and NO excuses;

• Two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetable; and

• Find every excuse to work as hard as possible.

Next week I am working 6.30am-2.30pm every day, so I need to plan for that as well.

But this next five pounds is coming off. I mean it!!!

07-17-2008, 10:53 PM
Ani, just as soon as I get new batteries for my scale, I'll join you in the 5lb challenge.

07-18-2008, 05:01 AM
what is five pounds?? 2.5kg???
if so bring it on!

07-18-2008, 08:23 PM
We had a tornado yesterday - it was a bit scary. It smashed the front foyer at work, took the roof off about five buildings, and trees and power lines went down everywhere. Then when I got home from work there was a huge gum tree laying in my front yard (and it's still there).

It's calm, cold and fine today and I'm going to have to spent today cleaning up after the storm. And hand-washing my clothes of course because I can't afford a washing machine yet.

Gen get those batteries! Let's see if we can get ourselves in the right frame of mind and drop a little bit more weight.

Kel five pounds = about 2.3kg, so you were close.

OK - off to clean up the storm damage…

07-18-2008, 11:15 PM
Ani im glad thewre wasnt any damage at your home other then the tree.. it must have been scary.. that is very uncommon in prth isnt it?? i dont think i have heard them have one of them before?

Im still on plan and going strong.. and feeling great depite tom.. last night i was feeling really hungry though my cals were done for the day .. and i ignored it and went to bed.. :) hehe.. i like victories no matter how small. its all the little snacks and things are what creeps on the pounds for me .. so im trying not to snack at all just 3 meals a day .. i wont to break the habit.. i know they say to have 5 -6 small meals a day but i eat crap that way .. im eating more at my meals instead .. and that has lost me the 700g this week... i dont know if this link will work but this is my food diary.. (
i weigh and measure everything that goes in.. so i can have 100% control of my calories.. while im at home.. i have a snack if im really hungry but i want hunger to be the only reason i eat..

anyway John is home and whinging becuase im on the computer.. he is here till friday morning so im gonna be busy hope you guys have agreat week

07-19-2008, 01:04 AM
hey hey hey
ani i am glad you are ok, i will have to message my other friend that lives in perth and make sure everything in her world is ok too..... hand washing must feel so weird! i have to hand wash a couple of things in my world and i always feel so domestic doing it, but i can not imagine having to do all my clothes... i keep telling benji i want to have real money and real savings for just in case things like the washing machine die on us

we have so many mice in the house it is driving me crazy they walked on my feet again, creepy! and now make it clear they hang out in our bedroom as well!! so i am going to take matters into my own hands and buy some "humane" mousetraps and see how i go catching the mice.... what i am going to do with them once i have caught them i am not sure.....

amy - how is john this time??? did he get to come home early or something ?? and you go girl not eating for any other reason but hunger is so simple it will work!!! we all overthink it so much but making it that simple is awesome!

2.3kg - 5 pounds - bring it on - i told benji, i am going to lose 5 pounds and he thought that was a great idea...

and I AM GOING TO THE GYM ON MONDAY MORNING (sadly though i dont think i have a shirt that fits me for the gym.... so that sucks but i will sort that out before monday so there are no excuses)

last night we went and saw the dark knight, heath ledger was AWESOME in it, i always loved him anyway but he really really really was good - and benji enjoyed it which was the main thing and we got to sleep in this morning as jemima stayed at my parents house

just about to put her toddler bed together and then figure out how to rearrange the house to fit everything in!

07-19-2008, 05:18 AM
Hey Girls!

I'm so glad to see you all again. I know I haven't been around for soooo long - sorry 'bout that.

I'm living in the city now, right in Adelaide itself. I'm so lucky to have found a place here. I'm sharing with 2 girls. I am unemployed (had a job as a union rep but quit - long story). So I'm living off VISA and my mum's good graces. Anyone need an admin asst? lol

I'm just under 100kg these days. 2 minute noodles and pasta does not a diet make.

I don't know if I have the energy to focus on losing weight right now, but maybe it's time I started thinking about it at least.

love to you all.


07-19-2008, 05:19 AM
And oh my gosh hasn't Smylie's little girl grown!

07-19-2008, 08:10 AM
OMG Kylie welcome back. Haven't seenu around in forever lol. Besides the no work thing, hows everything else going?

Ani glad yr ok. Pretty scary stuff a tornado.

Kel I am on Lovan - An anti depressant, Now most of those can have a side effect of gaining weight, however when I looked in my MIMS it doesnt say anything about weight gain or increased appetie, it DOES however say that an undesirable side effect can be weight loss (but usually in those already underweight). But one can only dream lol. My appetite has increased, however I am making good choices. And eating brekky every morning helps. If I dnt eat brekky with them, I end up feeling ill.

I was diagnosed depression in 2005 but have battled through. Though with everything going on in my life and household right now I just felt I couldn't cope.

I was feeling nauseous all the time, getting numbness and painful pins and needles in my arms and hands, and chest pain. Dr thinks is stress related and trying anti depressants for a couple of months and if it doesnt settle will be having other tests. Was funny cause it was the Dr I did my prac with, and he sat back after me describing and he says "What do you think it is?" LMAO. I asked him if he is asking me my (learning) professional or patient opinion lol. He said quite seriously "Both".

So anyways, enough about me. Hows everyone else faring?

07-19-2008, 08:19 PM
KYLIE!!! :carrot:. I've missed you, and often wondered how you're travelling.

Even if you're not in the mood for losing any weight, don't be a stranger. Everyone has our ups and downs - and we've all been there where we put weight back on and can't be bothered.

Are you studying? What are you up to?

One of my neighbours (who I had never met before) came over with his chainsaw yesterday morning, and we chopped up the gum tree - it saved the State Emergency Service volunteers a job. Apparently my suburb was the worst hit from the tornado - out of 200 emergency calls to the SES from all over Perth, 136 were from where I live.

In terms of weight loss, nothing much to report. I stuck reasonably well to my goals and managed to avoid drinking water as per usual :D. But it's 1.2ºC here at the moment, absolutely freezing! Water is the last thing I want.

07-19-2008, 08:23 PM
By the way Vonni - what is your opinion of what's going on with you? It does sound stress-related, and you've had a lot going on. But you keep a close eye on things - and if you need someone to talk to you know I am here :hug:.

07-19-2008, 09:40 PM
Wow Ani , that is so nice of your neighbour poeple that still care make me all soppy .. lol i have a tear in my eye just thinking about it.. we live in such a cold and uncaring world.. its nice to hear there are still real people with real compasion out there that will help a stranger in need.

Hi Kylie nice to meet you. :) im just down the road from you in the southern suburbs. I hope you can get back into the swing of things and get on here more .. they all talk about you so i know you must be a great person :)

Kel woohooo go to the gym.. go without a shirt if you need to.. lmao .. Im sure you can find something that you can sweat in . :)

Vonni your doctor sounds funny .. like your still studying with him lol.. i suppose its good to figure things out for yourself in a way ..

As for me im great i weighed myself again this morning.. despite having tom.. i just had a funny feeling .. and guess what im down to 120.1. this morning .. :)

the weight i put on here before was thursday and i was 121 but it was th day tom started so im guessing there was some fluid involved in that weigh in.. so now i cant wait for tom to finish so i can finally find out if i got under 120.. if i did im gonna go wild.. lol

07-20-2008, 02:07 AM
:D Thanks for the warm welcome back, girls!

I've deferred uni, because a. I want to find full time work and b. I'm still the president of that student org (remember?). If I added uni to that I'd screw up all three.

Life got extrodinarily difficult a few months ago, family stuff happened, plus being broke, plus depression = scars that aren't going to fade for a while. But chin up - I'm ok and safe now. Been travelling well since then.

My shopping reciept from the other day totalled $14 exactly. 4 packets pasta, 2 tins tomatoes, frozen spinach, frozen veg, onions. Trying to be healthy lol.

Amy, it's lovely to meet you too. I've been reading the previous posts, the saga that was the Elliptical must have tested your patience.

In fact, it sounds like everyone's been facing challenges lately. I hope we all stay strong. I'll be around more often now, so you can rely on me for a big cuddly shoulder if you need to.



07-20-2008, 02:59 AM
Hi girls, I'm new. Can I join?

I'm in Brisbane, and have just started WW Online (crappy work hours involving rotating days/nights and 12 hour shifts mean regular appointments are out for me). I'm married with 4 teenage boys (and a cat).

I weighed myself a couple of weeks ago - first time in ages - and I've reached 98 kg. Thats' about 10kg heavier than I was when I was 39 weeks pregnant!

WW has set me a goal of 69kg, and at first I thought that was a little optimistic, but then my pre-preg weight was 64kg, so it's probably not that far off.

Is 17 years a record to retain baby weight? Just realised my last sentence makes it sound like I have small children. I don't, I have just been slack for the last decade or so. But now it's me time!

Look forward to hanging out here and giving and receiving much needed support.



07-20-2008, 05:32 AM
Welcome to Aussie Chicks, Ruth - glad you found us. We're a small bunch, really supportive of each other and always happy for new members to join in.

I think Julia is doing WW - and others on here have dabbled with it too.

I have been losing weight for almost two years. I'm the tortoise around here, and still chipping away.

Looking forward to getting to know you and sharing the highs and lows of your weight loss with you :).


07-20-2008, 06:19 AM
Hey ruth its great to have you here with us .. :) . as you can see these girls are a grteat bunch and are very supportive in the good the bad and the ugly...

you will soon get to know i cant spell to save my life but i dont shut up either lol .. 17 years is by no means a record my friends mum is still claiming that one and her only daughter my friend is 33.. lol ..


07-20-2008, 06:49 AM
Hi Ruth

I'm about an hour and a half away from you. Looked on yr profile and says yr occupation is RN. Gen on here is currently working in the states (she's an RN) and I am currently studying toward my diploma to become an EEN. 6 months to go. YAYYY:book2:

I have 4 kids ages - 2 (g), 7(g), 13(b) and 18(g). And a new grandbaby (well not so new anymore she's 3 months).

Everyone here is so great. They're like my bestest friends and if I don't get a fix regularly I go nuts :crazy:

I love the saying . "I love my computer because my friends are in it"

Look forward to seeing yr posts and sharing yr ups n downs (hope theres not many of them for you).


07-20-2008, 06:05 PM
I wish it was cold here - I was away for the weekend in Kentucky, and it was about 100 deg F... I was DYING of heat!!! I even braved the hotel swimming pool, because it was so bloody unbearable. Driving home today through the heat of the day was great fun.. not. Well, at least I was in the backseat being cooked under the sunroof while my friend drove.

Ani, glad the storm didn't do too much damage to you. Nice to meet a neighbour who came out to help - you can't have too many friends with chainsaws, I always say... haha.

Ruth, welcome! I am sporadically here now, and not doing too well on the weight loss front, but still read most days and check in here and there. I think I'm going to rejoin WW too.

Did I tell anyone that *I think* me and the hot guy at work are going to Toronto for a conference in about 6 weeks? Heh.

07-20-2008, 06:10 PM
Welcome Ruth and welcome back Kylie!

Great to see you back Kylie. Don't worry about not being ready to focus on losing weight just yet. Just being here is a great first step :hug:

Ruth I'm sure you'll enjoy it here with us :D I'm doing weight watchers points but I don't go to the meetings, I just have all the literature from years ago and I follow it by myself.

Ani I'm pleased to hear you're okay after having a tornado. That's very dramatic!

As for me, I had a nice weekend with my sister and the kids but didn't write down anything that I ate and basically ate crap all weekend :mad:

No point dwelling on it though so I'm back on the horse today. Goals for today:

1) Stick to my points
2) Go to the gym after work and do weights followed by an aerobics class


07-20-2008, 09:58 PM
hello everyone
hey hey hey hey kylie!!! i was worried about you! so glad you are back
hi ruth - i am in brisbane too! brisvegas rocks

i am still in my pjs and only just out of bed.... so didnt make it to the gym YET the day is not over (but i had planned to go in the morning) so next plan is to go this afternoon
think we are going out with friends for pub steak dinner but i have decided this can also be a healthy choice... will get chicken if available if not the smallest piece of steak and give benji and jemima all of my chips and get NO sauce rather than saying will start more hardcore "diet" choices tomorrow etc perhaps i will even book jemima into kidsclub in the morning too so i have to go to the gym otherwise they charge me 3 bucks hmmmm

vonni - does depression ever go away totally?

07-21-2008, 12:00 AM
Dunno Kel. I think in my PERSONAL opinion is that some people are more susceptable than others and also life circumstances can be a major factor. I have bi-polar disorder in my family (my brother is severe) so I am always very aware of my moods etc and if at the first sign of anything untoward I will be seeking help.

A good point to start getting back to normalcy (what really is normal?) is to learn to recognise the signs of depression coming on and try to divert it by getting on track with things. Not easy to do when a lot of the time it's not being able to keep on top of things that brings on yr depression. I think it is a nasty vicious cycle that needs a kick up the rear (if it had one). One day and one step at a time.

Gen? Do you have much to do with mental health? Ruth?

07-21-2008, 12:02 AM
Then to some people suffer due to deficiencies of certain hormones or even excess so........ go figure. Wish there were simple tests to see what factors in everyones depression. Physical, chemical or just life.

07-21-2008, 12:26 AM
Nope, not me. I did 6 weeks of MH prac during my training eleventy million years ago and that was enough for me! Hubby suffers from depression though. He's fine at the moment, drug-free, but I'm always alert for the warning signs that he's lapsing again. I think it's a lifetime thing, I don't know of too many people who've suffered from moderate/severe depression who aren't still at risk.

Thanks for the welcomes, girls, I think I'm going to like it here!

First weigh in today. I know the first week is water etc, but ... wait for it ... -2.7kg! Go me!

07-21-2008, 05:55 PM
Congrats on your big loss Ruth, a loss like that is really encouraging!

I weighed in last night and am up 1kg to 85.9. Very up and down at the moment! Stuck to my points yesterday and had a good session at the gym although I really had to force myself.

Goals for today are to stick to my points and go to the gym tonight.

Kel, depression is a really tricky thing to understand. Some people just need the help of medication for a short time, others need it for life. It's a very personal thing and everyone is different.

Hope you're doing okay :hug:


07-21-2008, 07:49 PM
Well no professional experience, but personally I have come to realize when I'm winding down and finding it hard to get out of bed. I definitely want to get back to taking SAMe (herbal mood stabilizer) which gave good results and seems to have the clinical evidence to back it up.

07-22-2008, 06:15 AM
I'm doing my own head in with this weight loss thing. You would think I'd get it after two years, but no… still trying to make it work.

The problem I have is this: it was easier to be motivated when I was obese, because it was so easy to see how far I had to go. Now I wear a loose Size 16 and I'm physically strong - it's hard to "deprive" myself of those extra treats when I have accomplished so much.

It's easy to make excuses, to just eat a little bit more - and easy to be complacent and say: "I'll just eat what I like this week because I've proven that I know how to lose weight, and if I gain a couple of kilos I will just lose them again".

Oh yes, super dangerous thinking.

It was my aim, when I started this, to learn how to CHANGE my lifestyle and make regular healthy choices. NOT to lose all this weight so I could eat bad food again! Bad, naughty me!!!

So… I need a big slap :frypan:!

07-22-2008, 07:10 AM

07-22-2008, 08:07 AM
Ani first of all:hug: and then :club::frypan::kickbutt:
you didnt come all this way just to go back to bad habits and gain it all back.. a few doesnt matter turns into a few more and before you know it your packing back on the pounds.. sure ive never got as close as you to my goal but i know where you are at i have been there too many times before.. and look where i ended up... :( the smallest i have manged to get down to in the last 8 years is somewhere in the 90's and the highest i got before this time was 118 i think.

you can do it ani you just have to bleieve in yourself and you will be fine .. go ani go:coach::cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer:

Im kicking my own butt and im hoping for a good weight loss this week did 18ks in an hour on the elliptical yesterday and 9ks in 30 today .. i have done similar Everyday since i got it bar one .. and im sticking to my calories pretty well too.. apart from yesterday when some kettle chips got the better of me pinned me down and jumped down my throat all on there own.. lol .. but other then that i have stuck to 1500-1700 cals everyday and im feeling great :) .. finger xed on a good result for the week

Kel did you get to the gym?????? if not i hope you went for a walk??? anything eat better ,???feel better???? i hope you feel better soon :) :hug:

07-22-2008, 01:25 PM
Hey girls!

Kel, I have depression too (must be the in thing). I am usually aware of when an episode is coming on, and it wasn't until recently that my counsellor gave me some practical advice about what to do.

Instead of letting it go, and falling off the wagon completely (which is usually pretty spectacular in my case), I divert my attention to something else. I really have to be aware of things, because once I'm gone, I'm gone. So I take a walk, or ride the tram, or anything that will break the pattern. (Disclaimer: I am taking medication for this as well).

*shrug* helps for me. :)

Welcome Ruth! I'm not the most reliable poster, but when I'm here I'm friendly! It's nice to meet you. The things the other girls said above are true - we're always here for support.

Thanks for all the welcome backs, too. It's nice to see! Started thinking about exercise again recently. With the Tour de France on at the moment, I'd love to buy a bike. I used to ride all the time back home.

Ok, enough from me for now. Will pop by tomorrow.


07-22-2008, 05:55 PM
Thanks girls - I feel bruised now :D.

Today's goals:

1. Eat no more than 1600 calories.

2. Drink at least a litre of water.

3. Get at least six hours' sleep.

Amy I set myself an "upper limit" to try and prevent myself from gaining all the weight (in the past I've lost weight and gained it all back again). At this point in time my limit is 78kg - I am banned from going above that :dizzy:. I weighed myself this morning and I am 76.7kg, so not as bad as I was expecting.

OK, need to get ready for work.

Kylie I am so glad you're back. All we need is for Lindor and Barb to come back too…

07-22-2008, 06:01 PM
:nono::nono::nono: no no no Ani, don't allow yourself to stray off track! Sounds to me like you need to start setting some different goals. Do you keep a diary of everything? That's probably the one tool that helps me more than anything. I write down literally everything that goes in my mouth and I write down every bit of exercise that I do.

I really do find that I will think twice about eating certain things when I know I have to write it down and I push myself harder at the gym knowing that I'm going to write down what I do for my workout.

A star chart is also something that worked well for me. Just like parents do to reward a child's good behaviour, I kept a chart on my wall and gave myself a star for each day that I went to the gym. I actually got a real kick out of seeing the weeks that were filled with stars!

I had a great day yesterday, stuck to my points and did a 20 minute run followed by 20 minutes of 75 second walk/45 second sprint intervals.

Went to cook macaroni cheese for dinner and buggered up the cheese sauce so spectacularly that I had to bin the whole lot so ended up having a much healthier meal of plain pasta and veggies. Tonight I'll buy a packet of cheese sauce to pour over the rest. Much safer. It's funny, no matter how much I try, cheese sauce is the one thing I just can not cook!

This morning I took my car to the panelbeater and I won't get it back till tomorrow afternoon so that means no gym for me tonight as it would be too late and dark (and a pain in the a**!) to bus home afterward.

Goal for today: Stick to my points.

Have a great day ladies :D


07-22-2008, 06:13 PM
A star chart? That's an excellent idea - I'm going to do it.

And I'm going to try your idea of a food diary as well - I'll just do it for a week and see how that goes.

Thank you :)

07-22-2008, 08:27 PM
twinkle twinkle little star!! that is actually kinda cool.....

hey hey
guess what
today weigh in 90.1kg!!! last week was 91.7kg so i think that is more than a kilo lost - i dont do numbers i just cant be bothered.

i went to the gym!
i went monday afternoon! and then picked jemima up on the way home and then took the dogs for a walk! (i got a new lead it is a three way rainbow one!)
yesterday i went to the gym AGAIN
did 149 cal on monday and 194 cal yesterday according the treadmill, which is ok for how long it has been since i've done ANY exercise (but i used to do more than 300 cal in the same amount of time)
have totally been thinking about what i've been eating.

doc has doubled my medication and i am feeling awesome - still find it hard to get out of bed but that is just me - FINALLY have an awesome shrink too and had a fab session on monday where she is helping me understand it all - she says i have a long way to go but it feels like i am on the right track, simple things like important and unimportant things you can and can not control and the balance of this seems to be where i get in trouble so those thoughts are helping already

thanks heaps for all your help girls, i know it is a personal thing to discuss

oh and maybe TMI but i dont care - for the first time in 27 months i am having a visit from george! it is that time of the month and it is weird, more than 2 years feels like forever! its funny though jemima watched me go and get a pad from my drawer and i swear she thought it was so normal that mummy was getting a nappy..... she is so cute!

07-22-2008, 11:07 PM
Love your work Kel that's all awesome news!


Fruit and Veg party for you!!

I'm so pleased that the meds are working and that you have a good counsellor to talk to. You may have a long way to go but you're on the right path and that's awesome.

I was talking with a friend last night and complaining that I'm sick of being single but I never meet any interesting men and that until Tattoo Boy, I hadn't had a proper crush on anyone in 8 years.

Then, it occurred to me .... I've been chronically depressed, self medicating with drugs and alcohol and food. I've been fat, unfit, unhealthy and I've hated myself for all of those 8 years. It's no wonder I haven't liked anyone and haven't had a relationship! I wasn't capable of loving myself, let alone anyone else.

Wow, what an epiphany!

I feel so positive after realising that. It makes me think of just how far I've come in the past year. I've stopped binge drinking, stopped smoking, started looking after myself and started to value myself.

I'm so proud of myself :D

07-23-2008, 05:14 AM
wow julia that is cool - i guess if you cant see a reason to love yourself you would never allow the possibility of someone else loving you - that's huge

ani - i dont want to give you an out - but - i was thinking - perhaps when you first set your end goal you did not think you would look so awesome and feel so amazing like you do now - so maybe you are done?? at least for a while??? or do you see yourself in 6.5kg time and REALLY want to be there??

07-23-2008, 10:58 PM
What an exciting lunch break I just had. Went to see Tattoo Boy about the next project and he bent me over and pulled down my skirt :D:eek:;)

Sadly it wasn't in the manner in which I would have liked, he was taking a photo of the lizard I have on my lower back so that he can design something for me :lol:

The great news is that he thinks he'll be able to cover the lizard (it's an ugly, plain black thing I got when I was 15) with a beautiful bird. So he's going to do some research today and tonight and we'll get started tomorrow.


I must say that I'm finding it such a pain being car-less. Thank goodness I should be able to get it back this afternoon. No gym yesterday and I can't go today either as I've got a hair appointment after work. Almost fell over in the bus this morning and practically ended up in somebody's lap as the bus driver took off before I was able to grab something to hold.

I did really well with my diet yesterday and plan on doing the same today.

How's everyone else travelling?

Hope you're all great.


07-24-2008, 01:56 AM
too funny! i would have loved to see you bent over tattoo boy! so what is the deal with tattoo boy?? you and him just friends?? or are you secretly hoping he gets rid of apparent girlfriend???

guess where i went today
209cal - bring it on! (still not working out to my peak but baby steps people!)

and been awesome with my diet

go everyone

07-24-2008, 03:47 AM
wow everyone sounds like they are having a great couple of days. I havent been to bad, prob not ENOUGH calories which can be just as damaging but....

Went to Twba hospital with my 7yr old y/day. She may have a disease in her hip called perthes disease. She has been for numerous xrays and ultrasounds since thursday last week. Has been a bit of a whirlwind. Dr Thursday xrays n ultrasounds that afternoon have to keep her from running jumping riding bike. Man how do you keep an active 7 yr old down?

Orthopeadic surgeon again after her MRI in a couple of weeks and taking it from there.

apart from that everything going great guns. Studying hard assignment due already lmao.


07-24-2008, 05:35 PM
Yes, just friends with Tattoo Boy and more than happy with that.

I had my hair done last night, was there for 3 hours and it cost $150 but I'm so pleased with it. It's a lot lighter than I've ever gone before and it looks awesome.

Kel you're sounding so positive, it's really awesome to see :D

Vonni I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. Fingers crossed that everything will be okay :hug:

I had a good food day yesterday and am planning on doing the same today. Only working a half day then spending the afternoon getting inked. Woohoo!


07-25-2008, 07:37 AM
Julia bent over huh?? you ot us all excited then talk about some lizard... wish you had talked about a snake instead.... lmao....

yeah i know im bad..

Kel i feel like having a party on so happy you are ghetting that groove of your back..

Vonni im sorry about your daughter and hope they find very little with there tests.. and just put it down to growing :) :hug: you cant keep a 7 yo down.. not for a minute..

As for me.. well leah had her first ever day at kindy yesterday and i felt empty alone and lost.. :( .. lmao.. i came home with Cameron and John ( Cameron had an extra week off becuase he has had a cold.. John has been home and the school was doing swimming.. in the middle of damn winter).. anyway i came home fiddled around for 20 minutes .. felt lost and like i needed to go out.. so we went up to the target toy sale.. decided which trampoline the kids were getting for xmas.. go some groceries and wasted all the time until pick up.. the whole time i saw other mums with there daughters and felt sad and jealous of them.. omg.. im terrible i know ..

We picked leah up and she had a rash from her backside down to her ankles.. little terror went in the sandpit i think.. and she whined all afternoon.. so i gave her claratine and smothered her in cream.. and after lunch we went ten pin bowling.. it was great .. ..wednesday night we went out for dinner.. and John bought me a lemon ruski and two glasses of wine... and i was drunk.. lmao .. ( i dont drink at all so!!) we had more wine and some baileys when we got home.. and i annoyed him the rest of the night.. . i drank over a 1.5 litres of water .. in the night becuase i was feeling sick.. and managed to wake up with out chucking or a head ache..

so yeah i have gained a bit of weight since earlier in the week .. i was down 700 grams more but this week i am down ther 119.9 kilos.. .. yeah under 120.. woohoo.. "just" lol.. i was 121 last week so im happy with that considering my big bender pub meal and lasngna last night .. just to name a few off plan things this week including .. not enough exercise.. ( the right kind anyway.. lol). BUt John left this morning .. so im back op.. and back to normal today ..

07-25-2008, 07:46 AM
wooo hoooooooo under 120kg!!!!! you GO GO GO girl
that really is cool
and dont be silly about feeling silly about feeling jealous in the shops when you see other mums and their kids.... i feel EXACTLY the same way!
i see them (and think their kids are gawky looking) and wish i had my jemima with me she is amazing.....
what tramp are you getting your kids?? i ended up preordering the target one the 14ft oval with net

vonni - that is scary about your daughter! is she going to be ok?? is it scary treatment?? is it ongoing for ages??

i had something to tell ani too but i think i have forgotten - something like how things change..... oh thats right i was thinking how the first time i went on optifast i remember i was doing really well and then i had a malteaser yes you read right ONE malteaser and i thought that i had failed big time there was no way i would lose weight that week it was all over
and i was thinking today that if i have ONE malteaser and just ONE then that is not that bad at all....
so i was thinking that that is maybe how ani you are thinking about your weightloss now and how different you must be thinking every day from when you first started... do you know what i mean??
the amount you eat and why you eat and everything has changed so much you have done what we all are trying to do which is make a healthy lifestyle change, now your everyday is different so then your mind track has to be different too
your ONE malteaser is most likely something else that in your new 70odd kilo world will be something you only did in 120odd kilo world - do you know what i mean???

life is like a box of chocolates - if you read the little card you WILL know what you are going to get!
mwah mwah mwah

07-25-2008, 08:42 AM
lmao..kel.. glad to know im not the only crazy jealous mum who wants to stick my gorgeous kids in front of others and wave them like.. a flag.. cause there sooo cute and polite and good.. lmao..

we actually wen and stood next to the tramps.. the 14 ft as a great shape but was skinny and we decided with our 2 looneys on it the circle being wide all around would be a better choice.. we got the 12 ft circle.. it is huge.. lol.. especially since Cameron has motor skill problems ( gross and fine motor skills and muscle weakness and low muscle tone) and falls over all the time.. Leah is more co-ordinated then Cam and half his age.. . but he has improved a **** of a lot.. so im dont worry aboiut him so much.. now.. he does swimming lessons an soccer .. to help his body ..

so the 12 ft being a large mat all around was better for cameron.. even though the oval was so much better for our back yard.. its on xmas layby .. and the circle was 299 the oval was 399 ( i have to say the oval looked better made becuase the legs had more support on them ) .. so the price helped with the decision too ..

07-25-2008, 08:52 AM
hee hee i got the oval one so my six foot four hubby can play on it with my three border collies! and yard space as well and jemima likes to walk so she can walk 14 foot and then run into the side and then turn around (after laughing histaricaly) and walk back again - hours of fun! that girl just wanders around from activity to activity drives me bonkers how she doesnt stay still but that is 17 month old i guess!

today i did awesome with food - didnt make it to the gym i wanted to but honestly not enough hours in the day when you dont get out of bed until 11!!! so slack of me!!! but jem woke us and kept us awake a bit last night so i think i was lucky i could recover then i had an facial and nail appointment - pamper and relaxing woo hoo go me - and then i had to get some groceries and then i had to pick jemima up and benji was home and we made tea and i did some tupperware stuff so damn it no time for gym.... but eating went ok i only blew it with some lollies later tonight but was proud of myself that on the way home from the grocery store i snacked on mushrooms and not the party mix lollies!!!

i figure basically any loss this week will get me under 90kg again - and then baby the ONLY WAY IS DOWN!!!!

oh and BIG thought process here which may put some kilos on..... am thinking about asking the doc if i should go on the pill.... am pretty sure i dont want another baby right now.... and if i am not careful now.... i probably will get pregnant again..... and then that could be interesting BUT i dont know if i could handle the weight gain that sometimes comes with the pill etc..... have a feeling i never thought long and hard about wanting another baby but got caught up with what all all all all allall all of my other buddies were doing..... even one buddy who didnt want another baby for ages is thinking about it at the moment.........

07-25-2008, 08:51 PM
WARNING: Another Ani speech!

Kel that's a very interesting insight, and I think you could be on the mark. My attitude had completely changed to food, and it makes my 'sins' seem bigger than they are when I overindulge.

In the past I would think nothing of pigging out and eating who-knows-how-many-calories a day (in fact I would hate to add it up). I never ate breakfast, I had crap food every day, and I had a much more sedentary lifestyle. When I first got my pedometer there were days when I would barely register 2,000 steps.

How things have changed!

Now I NEVER miss breakfast. Not only that, but I insist on a big, filling healthy breakfast that ALWAYS includes fruit and nuts.

Now I hardly ever eat takeaway. I always used to get something like Chicken Treat, fish and chips or italian takeaway at least once a week. I used to eat hot chips at least three times a week - now I have takeaway about once every three months, and it's the ONLY time I eat hot chips!

Now I notice EVERY treat I eat. In the past I could eat all manner of crap and barely notice I had consumed it.

Now I am physically active, doing things on a daily basis that I would never have thought I was capable of. These days it is a very rare thing for me to spend a day sitting around.

And now I can listen to my body's signals and know what they are saying. I know when I am hungry, thirsty, tired… and I often know exactly what kind of fuel my body needs. For example the other day at work I spent about three hours lifting a heap of heavy stuff - and I knew I needed protein, not carbs for lunch. It's funny.

I'm not there yet - I still consider myself a "work in progress". I know I still have at least 6kg left to lose before I can do an honest assessment of where I am at. Will it be enough or will I need to drop a little more? I won't know until I am closer to that point.

I still battle with water. It's a daily challenge for me to hydrate myself, and it's a challenge I often resist.

But you know what? In just two days from now it will be my SECOND ANNIVERSARY of starting this journey. By anyone else's measure I have been the slowest person in the world to lose 30kg, but I simply don't care. Because in two years I have completely changed who I am and how I live my life - it's the biggest ever gift I have given myself.

I was thinking this morning about a reward for that. Not for losing weight, but for sticking to it for two years - and there's a part of me that would really love to go and buy something to symbolise that, and to pamper myself for having done something so big. And there's another part of me that knows that if I walk into the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror, there's the reward staring straight back at me.

I'm especially gratified because I DON'T have anyone at home to encourage me, lift me up when it's hard, tell me off for eating crap… or to inspire me to lose weight. I don't have any external reason - no wedding/birthday/holiday/graduation to look good for, no woman to impress, or anything else that might keep me motivated. It's just me, and it has just been me for the last two years.

And my friends here at Aussie Chicks - you ALL ROCK, and you know it. I cannot begin to tell you how much I value the way we share this journey: its battles and victories, the stories we tell each other, and the support we give and get.

Somehow I found it: that inner strength, the place where the desire to become the best person I can be outweighed the poor self-esteem, the lack of care about myself, the belief that I wasn't good enough. And in many places along this journey I have surprised myself - I'm stronger than I thought, more patient than I imagined, and I like myself more than I realised.

And I owe myself a big apology. I just looked at a photo of the "old Ani" from two years ago and felt incredibly sad. What I saw was a big, fat woman who was wearing track pants and a loose shirt (because nothing else would fit), standing on the verandah and simply taking up too much space. What the **** did I do to myself? I can kind of see me in that photo (the 'me' I know) but I'm wrapped in so many layers of fat that the real me is trapped. And the real me is hiding from the world. I am really, really sorry I did that to myself.

I've finally decided to put up some photos. The first was taken two years ago, and the other one was a couple of months ago, when I was 79kg (and didn't have Bunnings biceps :D). As I said before - still a work in progress ;).

When I first joined 3 Fat Chicks I noticed that one of the women on another thread has an avatar which goes something like: "I saw an angel in the marble and I chipped away until I set her free". That has been my mantra ever since…

07-25-2008, 09:02 PM
you are awesome!
holy dooly people would not recognise you!!!!!
too cool
dont let yourself down - i failed the last time i lost weight with 6kg to go.... i even wrote notes all around the house 6kg to go.... but to be fair to myself i was pregnant and didnt know it.... still i went for the milo and cookies gun ho and put on 30kg in my pregnancy

so ani mate YOU CAN DO IT
you have come too far to stop now

water water water
or for you special treat.... go to a salon and get a body wrap, they do take a couple of centimeters off and make you feel awesome, get a facial while you are there

07-25-2008, 10:01 PM
ps - i watched the family have bacon and eggs for brekky and hashbrowns....

07-26-2008, 07:50 AM
oh and my fish are still alive Go moose and cybill!

07-27-2008, 06:39 PM
Well said Ani. All of these realisations that happen along the way are so important when it comes to maintaining a lifestyle change long term.

Myself, I had a terrible weekend in terms of my diet. I overate and what I did eat was rubbish. BUT. I learned an important lesson: if I don't plan to succeed then I will fail.

Learning these sorts of things about yourself is so important. Good on you for finally putting some photos up. You look FANTASTIC!!! Anyone can see what a huge difference there is and most of all, you look happier and more alive.

So this week for me will be all about getting back on track. I'd done such a fantastic job with diet and exercise over the past couple of weeks I really want to get back to that and I'm determined not to let a few bad days derail me.

Goal for today: 1) Stick to my points. 2) Go to the gym after work and do weights followed by aerobics class. 3) Go to the supermarket and stock up on lovely fresh veggies so that I can cook something delicious for my dinner tonight.

Here's to us all having a great week :hat: Happy Monday ladies :cheer:

07-27-2008, 07:00 PM
Morning morning morning all. Going to have a weigh today I think. Holding my breath cause I haven't been that good. Haven't been that bad either so will be happy to have at least held my own and not moved the scales (at least not moved em up)

07-27-2008, 09:03 PM
Finally! I dropped 0.6kg this week :carrot:.

Julia I'm with you - aiming for a really good week, and to help it along I planned all my meals on Saturday, then went shopping and bought what I need to cook etc.

I'm working 11am-7pm all week. This cuts across two meal times for me, so I have to be really disciplined.

Kel I decided that I will reward myself when I get to 75kg, and my reward will be to buy a three-month pass to the local aquatic centre. I really want to go swimming, but it's a little out of my budget - so this will be a bit of a luxury for me.

OK - today's goals:

• Eat no more than 1600 calories

• Drink 2L of water

• Increase my work intensity by 10% (the physical stuff).

Have a good day everyone!


07-28-2008, 12:09 AM
see my ticker see my ticker see my ticker :carrot:

07-28-2008, 12:12 AM
was 73 at last weigh in. woohoo. Hopefully is the beginning of a new chapter.

Ani way to go. You've lost again and in doing so you're winning woohoo :carrot:

07-28-2008, 05:41 PM
Congrats Vonni and Ani :carrot::cb::carrot::cb:

I wish I could join you but according to last night's weigh in, I'm up 900g.


But hey, life's full of ups and downs and I can't really expect to have lost anything when I've been eating such crap all weekend and only went to the gym twice last week.

So onwards and upwards. Goals for today: 1) Stick to my points 2) go to the gym and do at least 40 minutes cardio tonight.


07-28-2008, 09:16 PM
Woo hoo Vonni! It's always a good thing when you see something positive on the scales :).

Julia I have faith - I think some of your gain would be from water retention. And I know you have the focus and determination to move forward from this.

I'm on track at the moment too. It makes all the difference in the world if I plan ahead and have the right food in the house. I know it sounds obvious, but it's the single biggest thing that helps me stay on track.

I think I've got my head in the right place now to get to work on losing the next 5kg, and it's full steam ahead for me. I've set myself a goal of trying to get to 74.5kg by the end of August - so I'd better get to work :D.

07-29-2008, 12:40 AM
ani oi ani oi ani ani ani oi oi oi
julia oi julia oi julia julia julia oi oi oi
vonni oi vonni oi vonni vonni vonni oi oi oi
amy oi amy oi amy amy amy oi oi oi!
tomorrow morning weigh in for me!
i cant wait
i hope hope hope all this trying will have meant a loss which will get me back under 90 and back on track
focus focus i can do it
sick baby means no childcare or kidzclub which means dog walking only and today not sure if even going to do that but doing housework NOW so that will be something - maybe i should 'give in' and shag my hubby and get rid of some calories that way......

mwah mwah mwah
i am off to treat myself to a diet coke gold, no nothing but weird **** in that - but no calories and no sugar and no caffiene and i have about 6 in the fridge i want to get rid of - i have been drinking water - not enough but choosing it over soft drink
oh oh oh and i bought jarrah 99% free hot choc to replace WAIT FOR IT my milo! omigosh it is way yummier than i thought it would be!

07-29-2008, 05:29 PM
LMAO go Kel.

Thats too funny.

Milo yerk

the mint one is really nice

07-29-2008, 06:06 PM
Mmmmm I used to drink Jarrah choc n toffee and that was delicious!

I had a great day yesterday. Stuck to my points and had an awesome session at the gym - ran for 30 minutes including 20 minutes of run/sprint intervals and then walked really fast for the last 10 minutes.

An old friend is in town so I'm going out for lunch today. I've no idea where we're going so the challenge will be to find something healthy!

Goals for today: 1) Stick to my points 2) Go to the gym tonight and do weights followed by at least 30 minutes cardio.


07-29-2008, 06:27 PM
Well, saw the orthopedic guy today for MRI results - bottom line is, either suck it up and live with it, or get surgery with about a 3 month recovery (8-12 weeks in a cast/boot). Bugger.

07-29-2008, 08:58 PM
if it hurts you should think LONG term and get it fixed??? if it stops you doing what YOU want then you should get it fixed??

not happy jan - i know i said i'd be happy with any loss but the cruel cruel world we live in.... i lost 100grams.... which means..... yes i am 90kg on the dot..... oh well down is down...... if i give up it will go up so bring on another 100grams next week.... ani how long will it take me to lose 20kg if i lose 100grams each week??

07-29-2008, 09:51 PM
Kel for the last two years I have averaged 0.3kg/week - and you can do that too! You know you will lose more than 100g/week if you make better food choices and drink enough water. Have you tried counting calories for just one day to see how much you actually eat?

Gen how much pain do you have with your achilles? Can you live with it? And is there a 'rehab' time after you get out of the plaster? I've considered surgery for mine, but I tend to live with it for now… but if it is at the point where the pain is relentless and the chance of a full rupture is getting higher, maybe surgery is your best long-term option.

My big plan for today is to try and drink enough water. I've been pretty good this week, but yesterday I let myself down. So I'm concentrating on doing better today.

07-29-2008, 10:31 PM
Eh, it depends what I do as to what pain I have. Usually it aches most of the time, but it's only "sore" in the mornings or if I walk uphill (hard to avoid in Pittsburgh!!) or run/stress with exercise (how convenient!).

I would prefer to get it fixed, he said about 80% of people get a good improvement, and he's a foot specialist who was highly recommended.

But I just started this job - having me out of action for up to 3 months would be very hard to do with work - we walk around the hospital, up and downstairs, pulling heavy consoles etc every day. It's a huge part of my job.

07-29-2008, 11:04 PM
OMG Kel that sucks so damn bad .. but at the same pount its a little funny especially since you said any loss would get you under 90..... its like karma came and bitt you on the bum...

But i do agree a loss is a loss :) and for that i give you a high five..

Ani your pictures are amazing what a difference .... unreal

Vonni well done on your loss this week glad to see both you and ani have broken your plateaus :)

As for me not alot happening on the scales .. ( not weigh in day yet.)
But there is plenty going on in my wardrobe.. ive turned into a tart....
That cant keep her pants on.. lol..

I put on my favorite pair of jeans yesterday .. did the up only to have them fall to the ground along with my undies... .... i was shocked.. i picked up my jeans thinking the zipper had gone or the button.. but nope they were firmly done up... pulled them up again just to be sure.. and they dropped again...... lol....

What a shame hubby wasnt home since i couldnt keep my pants on... lol..

I got me another pair of undies out thinking it must just be a bad pair.. put on another pair of jeans.. that have had a dart sewn into the waist.. and spent all day pulling my jeans and undies up.. lol..

When i went to pick up Cameron my undies had crept down as far as they could under my jeans just walking from the car to the classroom.. and i had to go in the ladies an pull them up.. lol..

So tomorrow when Leah is in kindy.. in taking my fav jeans to the salvos.. and im gonna see if i can find me a cheap replacement pair in there .. since now i have only 2 pairs that fit me . I dont want to buy new becuase i dont intend on staying this size for too long :) .. the undies ill go to target for.. lol im not that desperate to save money... lol

07-30-2008, 10:07 AM
You girls are awesome!

Ani - you are beautiful.

It sounds like everyone is really on the up-and-up. I'm taking a course this week around how to get a job. Sounds rediculous, but that's the simplest way to describe it.

I'm also taking a course in MYOB, the accounting software - makes me more employable.

Drinking a shedload of water every day, 2L min. That's a start.


07-30-2008, 05:17 PM
Love your baggy pants story Amy! That's so funny :D

Hope you're enjoying your course Kylie and hope that it's useful for you.

I had a great day yesterday, stuck to my points and did my weights followed by a 30 minute run.

I've got a big quiz evening with work tonight so no gym and my goal for today will be to not overindulge in the drinks and nibbles this evening.


07-30-2008, 05:34 PM
You girls are so motivated in terms of ellipticals and runs and gym (julia yr a gym junkie hehe) and water. How do you all do it? I don' even THINK about it.

Though I got a phone call from Curves (a friend dobbed me in) to have a free turn and an analysis done. If I like it, it's $90 to join and $50 a month. I figure I got my tax back so there's my joining fee, and if I give up Austar theres my monthly fee. Now if I do it, I just gotta find the time to go and find a sitter for the kids lol. It's only half an hour each session and I think they open at 6am and close at 6pm. Wednesdays are no worries, but I would like to go at least two other days so gotta figure it out. Maybe Mon Wed and Fri. with a 2 day break between, and I work on my feet all day Sat so thats gotta count for some exercise.

Has anyone else been to curves?

half hour apparently is all it takes

07-30-2008, 06:16 PM
i know people that have been to curves and i think they liked it just make sure not to slack off between machines, you go for half an hour on the different machines but if you slack off inbetween that would not be half an hour. that is a good price though my gym costs more than that at the moment i think.
maybe i'll go to the gym before i go to work at the opshop
i thought the other day when i looked down and i looked at some photos that my fat is moving... its almost 'moving in' it is like i am turning into a fatty not into just someone with some excess weight.... not cool.... i will fix it.... no worries..... ho hum....... i showed myself last week i could do it i just have to remember that exercise is an important bit and water
bring it on

07-30-2008, 08:53 PM
VOnni, I would not do it - for $50/month you can join a gym which has a lot more equipment and broader opening hours.