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just keep swimming
05-19-2008, 12:25 PM
Ooh, I've never started the weekly chat before! :D

Just wanted to say I hope everyone has a great week! It's a rainy Monday here, which is never a good thing. Oh well, at least it's spring! :)

Off to my painting class (I am such a disaster at almost all things art-related, so thank goodness I only have 4 classes left).

Happy Monday!

05-19-2008, 12:45 PM
Hey everybody! Very excited that Memorial Weekend is coming up because at my office we get the Friday before and obviously Monday off. I have a big wedding this weekend, which I am very excited about. I have been working out like crazy and eating extra healthy to prepare for this big event. You know what I find ironic though? You work so hard to fit into a dress, and the second you put on the dress for the big event is when you eat and drink like there's no tomorrow so by the end of the night you feel like if you bend over the dress is just going to rip in half.

05-19-2008, 12:57 PM
im excited by the thought of friday at 3.30....
i get a week off....
will b the first time ive had off since christmas....

a new set of scales irritated me saturday, big time....
but i guess if the readings show to be decreasing on it weekly ill be happy....

05-19-2008, 01:09 PM
i start curves tomorrow, hopefully can use my pj pants as workout gear lol

05-19-2008, 01:10 PM
hey everyone, i had a weird week, lots fo stress, no loss on scales, but im trying hard not to weigh obsessivly, im addicted its annoying!
my big weigh in date is the 27th i hope to see some difference then.
i just did my first workout of the week, was good, but i think my iron levels are a bit low today so i was not able to jog for as long without walking a bit imbetween, normally i can go for a long time. :-(
oh well at least i did it, now i can relax.

05-19-2008, 04:22 PM
hey everyone!!

yay for time off!

american people - explain memorial day weekend to me :)

we went to a wedding last night which was wonderful, UK people i shall let you know when it will be on BBC 3! its a show called dont tell the bride!

anyway, the happy couple were great and the reception was themed in the style of las vegas, there was a rat pack singer, casino girls and a dice, roulette and black jack table and everyone got chips to use.. was a bit odd being filmed by huge cameras and those fluffy mics everywhere!

my scale is staying at 202.2 right now but im having plenty of nsv's which is fabulous!

happy exercising everyone!

05-19-2008, 04:33 PM
Hey Everyone, Happy Monday! I’m doing good today. I had a family bbq this weekend. Everyone raved how good I look (I don’t see them very often so it was a shocker to them.) I did pretty good at the bbq even though I did have a piece of cake but I tried to go for the healthy options, low fat cheese and fruit. I also stayed away from the food table.

Other then that relaxing weekend, got some shopping done. I’m going to New York on Thursday. I’m really excited but I know there is a lot of bad food options so I really have to stay on my game plan. I’m thinking fruit and yogurt for breakfast, something healthy for lunch like a salad without a ton of additives and lean protein, and then trying not to go overboard for dinner (which is what always throws me off).

Just keep swimming – I know what you mean I can’t do anything art – y at all. I could not even paint my apartment. Oh well such is life. I hope you enjoyed your painting class.

Cookie – that is funny I never thought about it that way but it is true I am getting ready for a wedding this summer and then yep going to drink and eat heavily.

Lissa – good luck at curves tomorrow my mom use to do it and loved it.

Jamie – Sorry about no loss. I’m sure next week will be better.

Paula – Memorial Day is to celebrate the US troops that have died for our country. It is a way of remember them and their sacrifice.

05-19-2008, 04:37 PM
ahhh i see, we have rememberance day here, its always the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day of the eleventh month.

there is a country wide 2 minute silence and huge wreaths laid at all of the monuments.

everyone wears a red poppy to symbolise it.

05-19-2008, 05:49 PM
Hey everyone! I wrote another post introducing myself (called motivation). Well, hello again!

A little summary. I am currently at 150lbs and my goal is to be down 10 pounds by July...I'm still trying to figure out if that is really a realistic goal. I might shoot for 5 and then another 5 by the second fitting. Oh yeah, that is another thing...I'm getting married in october. I'm SOOO excited! We are getting married here in Iowa, and we are going on a small weekend honeymoon to a local resort. In January though, we are going to Disney World. Not sure what I'm mostly excited about lol.

Diet wise...I'm just really trying to watch my calories. I am doing slimfast in the morning (just seems to help get me going) and then eating some fruit and a sandwhich for lunch. I normally shoot for a couple of snacks during the day and an appropriate dinner. Some days are hard though lol. I try to aim for about 1300-1400 calories.

I am also pretty loyal to the gym...well, at least I was lol. I was going at least four times a week for the last few months (got my first 5 pounds off!), but these last couple of weeks just got crazy (I had to do some wedding planning things and organize and get my hosue ready for another friend's bachelorette party...lasted the entire weekend). I am ready to start afresh. I want to get these last 10 pounds off!

So, anyway...day 1 back on track is goinig ... o.k. so far. Actually, not very good this morning. Insteed of slimfast I had a Smoore Poptart...opps (left over from the weekend party). I also ate some chips (Cool Ranch) and chocolate...also left over. I felt HORRIBLE! Luckily, I threw the rest of the chips away, brought the rest of the chocolate to school...in the teacher's lounge...they are all gone now lol... and gave the rest of the poptarts to my roommate. I really want to start fresh.

My lunch was good, and I had a 100 calorie snack after school. My plan was to go workout after school. I did not sleep very well lastnight, and we went for a LONG walk yesterday and my lower legs are really sore. I know I should just GO and get the week started. I really don't think I'm going to make it nonight though. That's ok though...if I go every day for the rest of the week I will make my goal of going four times before the weekend :)

Hey Swimming, are you an Harry Potter fan? Mentioning AD in your signature. I am too! Can't wait for the 6th movie this summer. I'm sad that the books are all finished though :(

It rained here all morning too! Luckily, it warmed up in the afternoon so we got to play outside (elemetnary school substitute teacher).

Cookie, I had to laugh so hard at your post. That is soo true! It sounds like you deserve a splurge this weekend :) lol. Are you in this wedding? Maybe just going to a good friend/family member's wedding.

100py, sounds like you deserve a nice break. Do you have special plans during your break?

Lissa, lol...that is a great idea! I bet they won't turn you away at least. I checked out curves once, but it didn't seem quite right to me. I really enjoy running/fast jogging on a treadmil...a great stress reliever. Curves did look like a lot of fun though. I think I would have joined if they would have access to a couple of treadmils/ellipitcals. That is just me though :)

Freethetoys, Mondays are always rough on me too...lol, I normally take the weekend off. I hope you get your iron count back up. Eat some bran flakes or something (I think that is a pretty high iron count). Maybe a couple of eggs...

Paula, what don't they tell the bride??? This sounds like a show I would really appreciate ;) lol. What is nsv? I'm sorry you didn't see any weightloss, but keep your spirits up. Keep working hard.

Remember how to smile, you going to New York? How fun! Any special occasion? I've never been. Dinner always messes me up too. I normally stay busy enough for breakfast and lunch...by evening I have some time and have a tendency to snack all night.

05-19-2008, 06:59 PM
welcome tessa and congratulations!! dont be hard on yourself about not going to the gym, if your body is sore you should let it rest anyway... rest days are as important for muscle growth as working out ya know!

are you measuring yourself? only weight loss will be slower if your working out that much but inches should drop !

dont tell the bride,,, how shall i say this, the bride doesnt know shes getting married on a certain day... she doesnt pick ANYTHING the groom does it all, dress, flowers, food everything!! NSV is a non scale victory... i got into some combat pants today that i couldnt fit into last week, and my progress pics show significant reductions!

05-19-2008, 07:11 PM
Paula, how exciting! That is a great milestone!

I know what you are saying about measuring...I've tried that. I have so much trouble though. How do you girls measure? How do you know you are measuring the same way you did the week before (the exact same spot on tummy...legs...

Ummmm, well..I know what show I do NOT want to be part of...LOL! That would be so unnerving...but fun to watch.

05-19-2008, 08:41 PM
I don't measure and I don't weigh. I used to every single day, but then I got obsessed by the numbers and had to stop. Now I track my progress by how my clothes fit.

I've really been into cooking lately. The way I see it, I can eat exactly what I want with out worrying about the calories. For example, I decided to stay in on Saturday and watch a movie. Normally I order a high calorie Italian feast, but this time I decided to make exactly what I wanted. I heated up Progresso Minestroni Soup (ok I didn't cook that, but still you get the point) and cooked a Chicken Caccitore with lots of yummy vegetables. It was the perfect Italian food for very low calories.

just keep swimming
05-19-2008, 08:59 PM
Paula - Your Remembrance Day is our Veterans' Day. Love the new picture, by the way!

Tessa - Yes, I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I'm sad the books are over too, but still looking forward to the last two movies, and listening to all the books on tape!

Remember - My painting class was OK. At least it stopped raining so we could paint outside.

I noticed I put Saturday instead of Sunday as the ending date for the chat, but I asked a mod to fix it, so hopefully it will be changed. :)

OK, guess I should go run now...

05-19-2008, 09:53 PM
i start curves tomorrow, hopefully can use my pj pants as workout gear lol

Oh, I've seen some ladies in something I swear they looked like their pj's at my Curves! =)

Good luck! I hope you will like it. ;)

05-19-2008, 10:02 PM
Tessa – Welcome to the forum, it looks like you have been doing well so far. To answer your first question, I’m going for my internship. I’m entering my third year of law school and have been interning at a veteran law clinic since January. I really enjoy the work and it is fleet week in New York so we have some programs and stuff going on out there. I’m excited because I will be there for 6 days and I’ve never been there either so it will be nice to get to see the city and stuff, plus they are putting us up in the Sherton down town, how nice is that. As for the measuring question I have never really measured myself, maybe once every three or four months I will but not consistently so I’m no help.

Just Keep Swimming – that is ok it happens to the best of us when we start threads like that. Even if it doesn’t get changed we will live and know what you mean.

05-19-2008, 10:12 PM
I bought new weights yesterday as my weight for TransFirmation was getting too light for me. Today was the first time trying them and I sure felt the difference while working out. I wonder if my body will feel different tomorrow morning. I also finally got my Pilates dvd today! I checked mail on the way to work so haven't had a chance to try it but I can't wait till tomorrow to try it!!! I'm so excited.

So.. today while eating dinner, there was so much noise going on outside by kids...but as I was busy feeding my DD and getting ready for work, I couldn't step outside to see what was going on. Then as I'm leaving, I see whole bunch of kids around this one chubby boy. The boy is on the ground, held by another big boy and the boy on the ground was yelling at him that he's going to break his arm. And the rest of the kids were shooting water at him with water gun. When one of the kids saw me and my BF, she said something to that big boy and everyone started walking away from the boy on the ground. As he got up, a little girl pointed at him and said "You peed on yourself, hahaha." She looked like she was not even 5 years old! The poor boy said that it was water from other kids, and the girl kept going, it's okay that you peed...and the boy is walking away yelling IT WAS THE WATER FROM OTHER KIDS, I DID NOT PEE, SHUT UP. Then the big boy tells him yeah yeah you peed.
I felt so bad for the boy and it was sad to see that kids are so cruel like that. They should be innocent, have fun, and not get hurt like that...but I think kids can be more cruel than adults sometimes, which is very sad...

05-20-2008, 09:12 AM
Good morning everyone!

Well...I didn't work out yesterday, but I stuck ok to my eating (other then the morning when I had a pop tart and chocolate for breakfast...eh). Ummm this morning I had another pop tart. Grrrr! Luckily now, they are all gone. No more pop tarts for me. I think I have just been so stressed otu, and I crave sweets so bad when I'm stressed. I even have those chocolate 100 calorie packs for times like that...I don't know exactly why I'm having sch a rough time now.

Well, I'm pretty excited here. THere are only 12 days of school left or something like that. That will keep me busy until June...and hten I am going to spend June packing up the house (I'm moving to Dubuque in July...which is where my Fiance' is), looking for summer work, and looking for a place. I am so excited to get out of Iowa City. It was fun this year, but my Fiance' Steve is about an hour and a half. It's been hard.

LOL, it is going to be the first time we've lived in the same State lol. He is from Wisconsin. He will still techniqually live in WI until we get married in October, but he works in Dubuque, so I should see him every day insteed of just a few times a week. Yeah!

Ok...I need to go get ready for school.

Cookie, cooking for yourself is a great thing to get into! I started cooking two meals a week with my roommate ...each meal made four meals, so we would each get two meals from each meal. It is much healthier, and nice to have control of what you are eating (if you don't want to eat green onions...don't put in green onions :) ).

Tara, omg! That is just horrible! What is it with some kids these days? I would have been just steaming! Too bad you didn't know the kids so you could contact parents. I know some parents wouldn't care, but I think most would. Grrr! I'm a teacher, and you would be shocked with what goes on in the elementary, middle, and high school.

Swimming, I've got all of the HP audio books too! I love listening to them in the car during long trips. I thought that the next movie should be coming out this summer, but I havn't seen anything...hmmmm.

Smile, well that sounds wonderful then! I hope you really enjoy yourself at New York. I've never been. That is so cool that you get to be there during your internship.

05-20-2008, 09:28 AM
tessa... itll be awesome to move nearer to fture hubby... i cant imagine being away from my fiance we live together and its heavenly!

i was 203 this morning... but TOM arrived today to! so hopefully thats just water weight...

im eating on plan.. and doing some more exercise in a min!

went to see the doctor today... to get a lump on my leg checked out. apparently its nothing, its very common and is the result of an infected hair follicle from long ago that has left fibrous tissue beneath the surface... phew! what a relief.. i was imagining allsorts!

she also recorded my weight and said well done, she told me to keep up the good work and very much approved of my eating and exercise plans.

im happy with that, and she was a lovely doctor.

hope everyone is having a good tuesday!

05-20-2008, 10:33 AM
well done pretty and colaz, looks like your doing a great job. im currently feeling a bit odd, like my brain has so much info init its a bit confussed. im gonna take a few hours off and just try and not over do it. im gonna try test myself later and see if i can remeber all i have tried to revise this morning. I had a NSV today, i was looking through old clothes thinking some i got christmas time will still fit. But im gonna have to sell more clothes on ebay, a dress i bought and had to adjust to fit into now does not fit :-s its too big on the back and bust area :-(
also had a smiilar thing with a gorgeous jacket i have which i have worn once but i put it on and its drowning me now, which is such a shame. but i may start uploading bits onto ebay to start making some money off my weightloss lol
i suppose then im being productive with the time im not revising at least!.
im having a rest day today so i can exercise again tommorow, the run did not hurt me as much as i thought it would, i guess my body is getting used to the shock of high pulse rates.

05-20-2008, 11:14 AM
So I have this weird gym membership that has restricted times when I can go (but it's super cheap and a GREAT gym!!!) and I'm always been kinda sad because there have never been any pilates classes when I can go, and only ONE Yoga class early on Sundays when I'm frequently working....


I really love this gym. They're so friendly, it's clean and looks like a spa, and it's all women, so it's just a really supportive environment and it makes me really happy! I'm feeling really re-motivated right now, and it's great!

Also, we just got notification from the theatre dept. at my school that we have a CRAZY FAMOUS person coming to work with us next year. None of you would know who she is, but she's a big deal in the theatre world...a very famous music director. She's directing a show in the spring (a year from now) that has 2 female parts, one of which I AM PERFECT for. Being in a show with this director would be AMAZING on a resume and would also make a great contact in NYC. So I'm really feeling like I have to lose the weight before this time next year. Is 30-40 lbs in a year a too-ambitious goal??

05-20-2008, 12:00 PM
Good Tuesday morning everyone!

Can I just start off by saying that I really think there are some amazing ladies on here. You guys that have lost 20, 30, 50, 100+lbs! That's amazing! It really helps me believe that I can do it too. So...thanks for the inspiration :)

Nextly, I really need to go to the store! If I don't have food in my house I go straight to carry-out. Why I don't just go down the street to the store to get healthy food is beyond me! So, I'm going to the store first thing after work. Gettin' me some new workout clothes too. Mine are soooo old...and, well, that's just gross, people!

I am going to San Diego in about a month and a week-ish with the boyfriend for a wedding. Two bad things about this: Frist, bathing suits...'nuf said. Second, the girls in his family are all beautiful thin women so it's QUITE intimidating to be around them (even fully clothed!) when I'm out of shape. I think I need to post reminders for myself about that on my fridge and pantry. That's super good motivation.

Do any of you have, hmm...don't really know what their called, maybe "dream boards"? I've seen them around sometimes. They are posters that people make with all the things they want in life. Health, vacations, wealth, love etc. and they hang them in their houses. It's like if you look at your dream enough you'll make it happen? Anyone do this? I'm thinking about it, but my roommates might think I'm stupid. Haha. I need not to care about things like that!

05-20-2008, 12:18 PM
BellyUp -- Getting new workout clothes TOTALLY motivates me to go to the gym!! I know that sounds silly, but for some reason I feel the need to be "put-together" all the time. Not that I'm a super glam person at all, I just like looking put-together, so I LOVE having workout clothes that I feel are put-together and comfy and what I want. I just got some GREAT new seamless workout pants from Target. I liked them so much I ordered 2 more pairs!!

Also, buying food for yourself instead of ordering saves A LOT of money!! Aaaand then you can put that money toward your new workout attired, haha! :)

05-20-2008, 12:27 PM
gracey: its a shame to say goodbye to nice clothes because theyre too big but its also ace to get new ones with the proceeds huh! i hear ya on the revision thing, i cant seem to get my head down at all... im doing year 1 exams and i think i just dont feel like theyre important? what year are you in? did u see my natalie cassidy review?

arts: WOW thats an awesome opportunity!! i say 30-40 pounds in a year is definately doable!! go for it!

Bellyup:i dont have one of those boards, but i LOVE the idea of it!! i may just do one myself!

05-20-2008, 12:55 PM
Bellyup - I don't have one of those "dream boards" yet, but I've been collecting pics from magazines and other supplies for a couple weeks now to put one together. Mine's just going to be a weight-loss theme to inspire me to get to my goal. I'm going to put it on the wall downstairs right by the elliptical so I can stare at it while I'm working out and push myself harder! :)

05-20-2008, 01:58 PM
Hey everybody! I am getting VERY excited about the big wedding I have this weekend. I have been really good with working out and eating healthy since January 9th. I've lost pretty much all of the weight I was hoping to lose (as I've said before I don't weigh myself). The question is, should I just let myself enjoy this big weekend? I've pretty much given up alcohol and have counted calories every single day for the past 4 months. I'm scare though if I do that I will completely fall off the wagon and come Tuesday I will start gaining all of my weight back...

05-20-2008, 02:20 PM
one weekend wont ruin everything!! eat in moderation... choose wisely (drinks etc)

05-20-2008, 02:55 PM
cookiemonster -- let yourself enjoy this weekend!! Don't over-stuff yourself by any means, and try to control your portions at least moderately, but by all means, celebrate!

I just had a HUGE NSV for me -- I just went to the grocery store without purchasing a SINGLE item that isn't good for me!! Everything I got was either high in fiber, portion-controlled (100 calorie packs!), or just a generally good thing to eat (milk, haha). I find it really helps me if I go to the grocery store RIGHT AFTER the gym, that way I'm still on my exercise high and feeling motivated to do things well!!

Also, I'm down either 2 or 3 lbs! (I can't remember what my last weigh-in was, I think I blocked it out) That's great because I've had several gains recently and now I'm feeling better!

05-20-2008, 05:37 PM
Hi everyone. I haven't been on here in a REALLY long time, but I wanted to re-introduce myself and get back into the weekly thread. My name's Becca and I live in Naples Italy working as a civilian for the US Navy. I love it here, and I love my job taking care of the children of the military members, but it's hard being away from my family and even harder being away from my boyfriend who lives in Georgia. Can't wait til we can get back together again!
Anyway, I have been losing weight during my time away, and am down to 189 pounds, my lowes weight since HIGH SCHOOL! Yay! I hope to get lots of advice and share some of my tips here too. Am looking forward to getting to know you all and sharing stories on this journey!

05-20-2008, 07:27 PM
went to curves....gonna feel it til tomorrow when i go back for more. that is one total workout and i know i'm gonna sign up for the fitness study but not sure if i can do $40 a month to actually do it for 12 months straight lol

just keep swimming
05-20-2008, 07:41 PM
Welcome back, Becca! Congrats on all your success! I must say, I'm a little jealous that you live in Italy. I studied abroad in Milan my junior year and can't wait to go back! :)

05-20-2008, 09:53 PM
Hi everyone. I haven't been on here in a REALLY long time, but I wanted to re-introduce myself and get back into the weekly thread. My name's Becca and I live in Naples Italy working as a civilian for the US Navy. I love it here, and I love my job taking care of the children of the military members, but it's hard being away from my family and even harder being away from my boyfriend who lives in Georgia. Can't wait til we can get back together again!
Anyway, I have been losing weight during my time away, and am down to 189 pounds, my lowes weight since HIGH SCHOOL! Yay! I hope to get lots of advice and share some of my tips here too. Am looking forward to getting to know you all and sharing stories on this journey!

Hi Becca,
I have been to Naples once or twice when I lived in Vicenza... I lived not that far from Caserma Ederle and went to school there. :) Have you ever been to Vicenza? I miss that place like crazy...it's been 9 years since I left Italy. They just had a reunion last year for everyone who went to school there but I'm still "too young" to have that much $$$ to go there for a reunion. Oh well...I also miss Camp Darby, which I went for a youth group camp during summer.

Well, congrats on your loss and looking forward to getting to know you, too! =)

05-20-2008, 10:22 PM
Paula, I bet you feel great from that doctor visit (at least the compliments). I really hope you are right in saying that the lump is nothing. You are probably right though. I wouldn't be quite settled though until I knew for sure if it was me though lol. I get worked up pretty easily though.

Gracey...poor girl. You lost too much weight and now your clothes won't fit. LOL No...jk. I understand what you are saying. Losing weight IS expensive, but so worth it. The in between stages are especially frustrating, because you don't want to buy too much because you want to go down more.

Arts, that is so great that the gym is really working out for you :) That theatre part sounds great! 30 pounds in a year is NOT an unrealistic weight to loose...but just please look at it in more short term goals. Try for 10 in three months first... :) lol Maybe the large goal works for you though. WTG on the weight loss!

Becca, hello and welcome back! I am new to this thread this week. It does seem like a wonderful place doesn't it? WTG on the weight loss! What weight were you at before (may I ask). WHOHOO! :)

lissa, nice just going to curves. What is this study all about? Hmmm...mabye i missed something from before.

Belly, I have more of a motivational quote board now :) When I see that I am about to cheat, I look at an index cards (I have them in my work bag, so they are accessable all the time). I like the idea of putting up a picture though. Maybe even just a cute small dress or swim suit ? Hmmm thanks for the idea.

Cookie...my thing is if this weekend is the weekend that you have been working so hard for (sense January 9th). YOu need a weekend break. At the most, you might gain a couple of pounds, but they will come off very easily. If you think though, that it is going to make you feel horrible...try not to go overboard (maybe pick one or the other...alchol indulgance or dessert). WTG making your goal though! :)

Hi Swimming and sun! :)

How is everyone else doing so far this week?

Well, I have as of yet to actually start doing anything. I just keep pushing everything one more day or one more week. I keep making excuses. I thought coming on here would make me commited. I did something about it this evening though.

No...I didn't actually go to the gym to work out, but I WILL start tomorrow...I promise. My eating was just pretty horrible again today too (so many goodies in the teacher's loungue!). I was really depressed when I got on the scale and saw that my 150lbs was up to at least 154/153 pounds. I worked so hard to get down. Now, I know because these are fairly new they come off pretty fast. I need to start doing something about it...NOW!

It's funny that someone on here mentioned creating a dream board...I did something kind of like that today. I wrote messages to myself (one for the morning and one for the afternoon). I also put up a paper with the numbers of pounds that I want to lose, and I am going to cross off each pound as it comes off. I am also going to meaure myself tonight...well, I'll try.

The last thing I did look for a handful of inspirational quotes that would help motivate me...I wrote these down and I'll keep them handy when I am about to cheat. :)

My morning message to myself is

"Good Morning Tessa! Today you will eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and have a positive attitude...starting NOW!"

I am going to have that on my mirror when I get up in the morning. After I am finished getting ready I'm going to change it to my afternoon message.

"Afternoon now? You will continue to make good eating choices...stick to your plan. Tessa, you will exercise now every day.

Ok...starting now I am going to start. No more excuses...

05-20-2008, 10:28 PM
Cookie, as other ladies already mentioned, enjoy your weekend! Remember moderation, though. Eat what you want and then stop when you feel satisfied...then you should have no problem with eating too much. And at the reception, DANCE it away! =)

05-20-2008, 11:12 PM
the curves/avon fitness study i guess its to see how the workouts are(i'm gonna sign up for it and see if maybe 5 weeks will make a difference and i still plan to the strip tease workout

05-20-2008, 11:38 PM
colaz -- that's a really good idea to try and do it in smaller chunks. I DO have a tendency to get overwhelmed with big goals, so I'll definitely try and look at it like that!! At this point, though, I'm just trying to get BACK down to 200, which was before my little slip-up (slip-up = finals week. blech.) You're so cute with the self-messages!! I always feel weird when I try to do stuff like that....but then again, I'm crazy so.....yeah....

05-21-2008, 08:39 AM
lol arts...thanks. Yeah, the self messages are a bit unique, and I'll let you know if they work. LOL...I was just so frustrated and down yesterday, and I needed to do something. I'm glad that you are going to look at your weight loss in smaller chunks. Each milestone is a great accompishment!

Good morning ladies!

Well, so far so good this morning. I had a 3/4 cup of Life cereal this morning. I've decided not to worry about the slimfast for awhile, unless I really want it. I wasn't too hungry this morning, so the cereal did it for me. If I wake up super hungry one morning...that is when I will go for the slimfast granola bar (or if I crave chocolate lol).

I don't have a substituting job yet this morning. I really hope something becomes available.

ohhh coffee is done! :)

05-21-2008, 11:13 AM
Good mornin' gals (and guys!)

I think I've decided that I'm ADD with diets or eating changes. Last week was fruits and veggies week and I did really good...that is until I went out to dinner 3 times during the weekend and ruined everything. Haha. But, you know, one weekend isn't going to kill me so Monday I wanted to get back to the fruits and veggies thing. Problem was I was waaaay too bored with it. I wanted a little spice in my food life. I've seen that pattern with myself. If there are only SOME foods I can eat, I'm a champ for about a week and then I'm much more interested in other things to eat. It's not so much that I crave what I can't have, it's that I love trying new things...and there are only so many new fruits and veggies at my store.

So, I decided to come up with a plan to keep myself entertained with my diet, haha. I'm going to have a new thing I do every week. And I'm going to start in the middle of the week so I'm not tempted to go all out on a weekend.

This week: soups. Sorta like a lazy cabbage soup diet. Although I adore cooking, I don't really have time to make loads of soup, so I just bought a whole bunch last night. Plus, I'll have a little variety. Each serving is between 70-200 calories. They are all reduced sodium kind because I know thats what gets ya with soup. By Sunday with "Belly's Soup Week of Awesome Soupness" I'll add some whole multi-grain things in moderation.

I picked soup first because I like big kick starts. There are also so many kinds! And, if we go out to eat this weekend, everywhere has soup! So I'm good! Next week is TBA, I have time to think about it, but I think it's going to be all organic in portion control. Nothing processed or with tons of preservatives.

ALSO. I got my free trial of the Pink Patch. Now now, I know what you're thinking. "Oooooh, Belly, what are you doing? It's not going to work!" Have no fear my chick-a-dees, I am ok with that! I ordered it because...well, it's free. Secondly, the UK post about it was interesting to me. And thirdly, the way I see it, even if it has a placebo effect but still makes me feel more confident (or thinner or whatever positive weight-lossy word you put in there) then it's worth a try, right?

So here is my day thus far is the Pink Patch:
6:05am - Woke Up.
Feeling: Tired and groggley

6:40am - Put on the patch and I'm off to work.
Feeling: Tired and not so groggley (thank you showers!) but kinda hungry-ish. I didn't have time to grab breakfast...grumble...

8:05am - At work, typing this message in the forum.
Feeling: Not hungry in the slightest and fine overall - no complaints!

I'll continue to post about how I feel with this Pink Patch (which isn't actually pink I'll have you know! It's more peach/salmon like...the nerve! hehe). I didn't weigh myself because I'm scared of the scale right now, so we'll go off of what I feel mentally and physically. I think I weigh about 138ish right now though. Remember to take all I'm saying about it with a grain of salt...is that even the expresssion? Haha. What I'm saying is don't think it doesn't work or works only because of what I say. We'll see how it goes!

Hopefully it will help me go from this: :dance: to this: :carrot:

Tessa - I know you posted a different thread topic about it...but I really love the little notes you have for yourself! I think that is an excellent idea! I'm going to do it! Also...big props for not eating a pop tart this morning!! :dancer:

Becca - I've never been to Italy...but I want to and I'm totally jealous you live there ;)

05-21-2008, 05:31 PM
Hey all sorry for no personal responses right now I'm exhausd. But I wanted to check in, I leave for New York tomorrow super earlier :( I have had a bunch of errors to run today, get perscriptions, do laundry, pack, ect. I'm slowly making my way though everything, I did manage to resist the temptations of going to CVS something about there makes me want to get junk food plus to get there I pass Au Bon Pain which has half off bakery items after 3. Blah but I survived and didn't buy any junk food.

I am debating going to the gym, I tripped over my own two feet on the walk home from school and skinned my knee so I don't know if I'm going to go.

05-21-2008, 07:37 PM
i skipped the gym today having issues with my oldest being whiney and crabby and my body is hating me for the workout yesterday lol.
i'll go tomorrow and get my 30 min when hubby gets in from work

05-22-2008, 02:23 AM
Remember and Lissa -- sorry about the off-days. Those tend to be when I start feeling crappy and get really down on myself. Sometimes life just happens and catches you off guard and ruins your plans for the day...but back on tomorrow :)

I'm excited to have pilates tomorrow at the gym. It's great because they have distinctions for "Pilates" and "Pilates with props". Though I don't really care which one I go to...so I don't know why that really matters!! But anyway, I guess I just like to know what to expect when I get there. I'm going to try really really hard to motivate myself to get to the gym and do my cardio BEFORE I go to the Pilates class, because I know I won't want to do it after.

I gave myself a day off today because I had a pretty painful pulled muscle happen in the middle of a split in ballet class yesterday, so I wanted to give it a day to rest. I've been doing really well this week with doing cardio at least once a day, and also doing dance classes at night. It actually feels really good to work out twice. Hopefully it'll also help the bod start to look more toned and nice and help the weight drop off as well.

05-22-2008, 03:09 AM
I did my first pilates "session" today at home with the DVD I got the other day. I tried to do it yesterday but my DD wanted to lay on me and hang on my legs so I ended up stopping it. I managed to do about 30 minutes of it out of 50 minutes before my DD woke up from her nap..and she saw me laying down, doing stuff with my leg, and ran to me, put her face right on my chest and closed her eyes giggling. Then she sat on my fit asking me for "plane"... Well, i got to do some leg work there, as she's 30 lbs! :P

On the way to work, I could already feel my ab muscle... Some of the workouts were too difficult for me, as I'm a big time beginner...but I did what I could and I so can tell it's still working. I can't wait to see how it will affect my body after some time..

Good luck, arts, i'm sure you will make it to the gym and when walking out of gym, you will be glad and pat yourself on the back for going! =)

05-22-2008, 11:55 AM
Well, day 2 of the Pink Patch!

It's only just before 9:00am so I don't have much to say about the 2nd day of the Pink Patch except that I feel just fine.

Yesterday was quite interesting. I felt really antsy at work, the day was going by soooo slooooow. I had a lot of energy, but I sit at a desk all day so I don't think that was a good combination. Haha. I noticed myself talking a lot, I was probably driving my co-workers crazy.

I also thought about food A LOT. I couldn't stop thinking about it. My soup just wasn't satisfying me. I wasn't really THAT hungry, but because I was thinking about food I thought I was hungry. All my co-workers decided to torture me by getting McDonalds. Ugh. I really love McDonalds but I stayed strong (I knew they were just jealous of my soup ;) hehe). By the end of the work day I decided to break my soup cycle (already! haha!) and went to Subway. I got a footlong to spite myself for being so weak. Grrr. I started on the first half...got halfway through and was STUFFED. I forced myself to finish. The other half wasn't even appealing! I was more than satisfyed! It seems like once I was occupied with something interesting I didn't think about food. So, I think work will be hard again today, but I have a long weekend ahead of me (no work tomorrow or Monday...woot!).

I wasn't really hungry the rest of the night, but I hate when food goes to waste and I knew the other side of the sandwhich wasn't going to last, so I ate it 5-6 hours after the first half. My energy level seemed pretty good all day especially since I didn't get prime sleep the night before.

I thought "day one ala pink patch" was quite interesting. We will see if there is a pattern. I'll keep you updated!

Tara - What pilates dvd do you have? Would you recommend it?

Also...WiiFit? Anyone try it? My birthday is coming up and I'm thinking about getting it for myself :)

05-22-2008, 10:42 PM
My DD's daycare just got Wi Fit and they LOVE it. :)
Also, I got the 10 minute solution one...rapid result or something like that. Some of the movement is really NOT for beginners but I can so tell that it's doing its job because I feel my core all the time now and my thigh and arms... :)

05-23-2008, 01:11 AM
I was a little disappointed in myself that I didn't get in to do my cardio before pilates this morning, but I made up for it going to an extra dance class this evening. I wasn't expecting to be able to do that because of work, but I was supposed to be working outside and it rained, so I was free for the evening :)

tara -- I've been really curious about Wii Fit. How do the kids use it?? I don't have a Wii, so I know VERY little....but wouldn't you have to be holding a controller or something?? How do all the little ones do it??

05-23-2008, 01:33 AM
It's actually home day care, and the caregiver has it. When she watches the older kids (like when school is out for spring break or something), she let the older ones play on it.
As far as Wii Fit, they just received it, as they pre-ordered it. The teachers are the only ones who have been able to do it so far...and the "owner" is pregnant right now and said she likes it because she can still do some exercise but not too hard on her body. One thing the husband did NOT like was that based on the information it receives in the system, it "creates" a graphic or something like that, I guess....and he said it made him look like some fat monster. He is not that tall, but has lots of muscle and is a big guy...so he weighs a lot. He said he didn't like that. :P