Atkins - Starting Atkins Loking For Menus/Ideas

05-18-2008, 08:41 PM
Good evening all. At the behest of a good friend who has had amazing success with Atkins I am starting it in full force tomorrow a.m. By this i mean I have purged my home of all non-atkins foods except those required by my oldest daughter's dietary needs, which I don't eat anyways. I have stopped my addiction foods cold turkey and while I've had cravings about drive me nuts the last few days I've resisted. Tomorrow marks the first day of my first full week in this lifestyle change, and also my first appointment with my personal trainer at the gym. So alot of changes.

anyways, I am full of questions I guess. I have searched used book stores and walmarts alike and can't find an edition of Atkins produced earlier than 2005.:( And alot of the 'atkins friendly' recipies I have found on the web have upwards of 17 carbs in them, and alot have upwards of 14 net carbs for one meal ITEM let alone the whole meal. :( So I'm in need of as much advice and as many meal plans/ideas as I can get my hands on. I will be reading every thread I can tonight and into the coming weeks as I push on toward my goal, but would appreciate any and all help I can get on this thread as well.

Thanks in advance. This is the first time in my life I've felt like I had a real, valid chance at making a lifestyle change work. I started clean eating back in January, so things like cereals and sugary snacks are already a thing of the past. So I'm hoping the transition into eating clean AND sticking to the Atkins plan won't be too super painful but i'm going to put everything I have into it regardless

05-18-2008, 10:20 PM
:welcome: to Atkins!

You should be able to find a copy of Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution on Ebay, Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Reading the book to understand how & why this plan works is essential.

For some of the best low carb recipes on the net, check out this site: The Induction friendly recipes are marked with an * And there are menu's on that site as well.

Atkins really works when done correctly. You CAN do this!!

All the best to you!!:hug: