Support Groups - "Every-Day" 21-Day Challenge -- Counting the Days!!

05-16-2008, 11:38 PM
Okay, everyone, as is the tradition, I start a new thread when I personally start a new challenge.

Below is a short explanation of how this challenge works so all you newcomers can take a look and decide if you're game or not! I hope you are! Hop aboard and enjoy the ride. We've got a great bunch of supportive people, so I hope you'll give us a try. A lot of people try for a while and then disappear.. I hope some of you will keep trying. There is NO shame in starting over. Remember, it's not over till you give up. And our motto around here is:

NEVER GIVE UP!!...Just start OVER!!


It works like this: you decide you'll do something for 21 days straight, every single day, so keep it doable. Then you count through 21.....and if you flub it, you MUST go back to zero and start over again. Everyone will be on different days. You can start anytime. At the beginning of the challenge you declare what level it is -- Level 1, 2, or 3. Level 1 means you feel it's a relatively easy challenge for you and means you only give yourself ONE pause day (see explanation of pause days below). Level 2 would give you two pause days and so on...
And taking NO pause days is what I'm going to call "aceing a challenge," as in "I'm aiming on aceing this one!" Yowzah!! :cb:

With a pause day you pause in your counting and continue the next day with the number you left off with. Pause days are NOT substitutes for days, i.e. Day 12 -- Day 13 -- Pause Day -- Day 14..... I suggest taking a pause day late in the game (better to go back to Day 1 early on) if you need a break or screw up when you're well into the challenge, meaning, when you're on Day 15 or something like that.

In any case, the trick is to keep going. The momentum builds and it's great incentive to stick to your guns, cause if you don't.........back to START you go. :( And the really great thing about this challenge is that you are forming new habits that will wipe out the old! AND, you get to do it with a great bunch of really supportive people to whom you are accountable! :grouphug:


In the interest of maintaining structure, a sense of solidarity and facilitating support I ask anyone who wishes to join this thread to please strive to follow the following guidelines while participating in this challenge and in posting.

1. Although this is a fabulous support group, the focus is to be on your CHALLENGE/S and/or other people's challenge/s AND weight loss, whether your challenge is about it or not. Please keep the challenge a priority, although we welcome chattiness! :lol: This means tell us what day you're on when you post and it's a good idea to make regular mention of just what your challenge is. This is an action-based thread. Our members are ON a challenge, RESTARTING a challenge, or just in between and looking to start up again REAL SOON. ;) We also welcome posts from admirers, encouragers, and old friends!

2. Please refrain from posting food logs or recipes, except where you are really looking for help and advice on your eating. If journaling is your challenge, please keep the journaling off the thread and in a notebook or blog and just tell us if you've done what you set out to do. We have ALL types of dieters here, low-carb, high-carb, low-fat, high-fat, vegetarians, meat-lovers...please use simple mentions if you have something you want to share and then links and/or private messages to do so.

3. Please do NOT go into glowing accounts of any slipups, food indulgences or binges, what we here call "food porn." Simple mentions are fine, but use of smilies :censored: :tape: etc. as substitutes where possible is encouraged.

4. Please keep this a secular thread. Of course, passing references to your beliefs, a bit of introduction about your beliefs, brief faith-related words of encouragement are fine. :angel:

5. Please show support, support, support! This is key. :grouphug: You can waffle on about yourself but please, at least occasionally,come up and look around at others and what they are doing and MENTION it with words of encouragement and/or praise or sympathy. We understand "busy," poor computer connections, and bouts of self-pity and life problems where the focus turns to "me" and dealing with those problems, but these should be temporary, not a habit! ('cept in the computer case.)

In conclusion, let me say, the above are just that, GUIDELINES. Please realize that these guidelines have been added in an attempt to keep this a supportive and beneficial thread, at the LEAST, to those who need it MOST, those for whom weight loss is the hardest and, more often than not, the most crucial as well as for those who still, perhaps despite great success, know all too well that the road they walk will always be a slippery one. :^:

The guidelines are also meant to cultivate an atmosphere of consideration and concern for ALL, not individually, but AS A GROUP.

Well, all's said. Please join us!! :wave:

05-16-2008, 11:49 PM
My diet system challenge -- fell after 16 days and 3 pauses!
No booze -- fell after 17 days and 3 pauses!
No cigs -- Day 21 completed/3 pauses left FINISHED!!! :cp: :cp:
NO sugar -- fell after 11 days and 3 pauses!

Veg juice -- fell after 12 days and 3 pauses!
Day 6 completed/1 pause left

Journal -- fell after 18 days and 3 pauses...
Fruit challenge -- fell after 19 days and 3 pauses
Crunches challenge -- fell after 10 days and 3 pauses

05-17-2008, 12:38 AM
ok, so thi is it
2lt of watr daily and 0 pauses

05-17-2008, 12:51 AM
Let's go people! We can do it! :carrot:

My Every Day 21-Day Challenge:

NO SNACKING AFTER 8 P.M., Level 3 (but I will sincerely try for no pauses)

This will truly be a challenge as I keep dealing with emotional situations by eating un-needed largish snacks in the evening. :o


Congrats all on your progress so far! :cp:

05-17-2008, 01:00 AM
Ok, everyone. As you can see if you've found your way here from the old thread, I've started the new one. :cp: And as you can see, my challenges didn't make it 'cept for smoking. It's OK and yet not. I still have the veg juice one going though I should probably start over or risk missing this one too, but I think I'm going to carry on...15 days, one pause, it's doable.

Going to be announcing some new challenges...well, more of the old, but going to try to be a bit more serious about them. I mean, come on, you're telling me (I'm telling me) you can't do something for three measly weeks without goofing off MORE than once a week?!?! :dunno: :shrug: :?: That's pretty pathetic redballoon. :( Just how low do you want to fly? Sigh. I am going to get my act together!!!! :strong: I am. I am. I am.........


olguitha -- Welcome!! :welcome3: So you're a vet. Cool! I have four cats and a horse. Just got back from the vet with one of the cats... :)

jolly -- I totally understand your dismay/disgust at ruining a workout. Yeah, it sucks. But, I and the others I think were just worried that this would send you into a downward spiral of self-hate. You sounded awful down on yourself. Good if it hasn't and just kick on. Don't do an all-or-nothing, perfectionist bit of silliness and pseudo righteousness like I would. ;)

Apple -- Laughing at the "can't get it over my fat arms." :lol: I know how that feels. I live in the land of little people and armholes here often won't get past my wrists! Upper body weight by the way, comes off fast! Best of luck. I like the challenge with your husband. Good luck!

lupin -- How are you? Thanks for the congrats. You WILL be hot next year if you stick to your guns. You can do this! Yeah, exercise makes you feel great. Do it and get through to the other side! :strong:

Fish -- Thanks! And good going for you too! How are you feeling these days with the pregnancy? I hope things quiet down. It must be such an ordeal until your body adjusts. As for the juice thing, yeah, I think the juice may be having an affect on calories but it's mainly because I haven't been making much effort to reduce overall calories that my weight is stalled. All my fault. The reason for juice in the first place is because it's like a tranfusion of nutrients, ultra high power stuff that your body can never assimilate in non-juice form. I was being driven crazy by eczema for nearly a year. I was looking 80 years old and it was making me near suicidal. The juice has it nearly healed now. It's truly miraculous.

Shy -- How are you doing out there? Very quiet these days. Hope all is well.

05-17-2008, 01:02 AM
libbymarie -- Caught me typing as you posted. Welcome aboard! :welcome: Sounds like a good challenge. Cut out those "un-needed largish snacks!!" :lol: Best of luck! :goodluck:

Shy Moment
05-17-2008, 01:50 AM
Congrats. We knew you could do it and you had some reason hard challenges for yourself.

Day 5

05-17-2008, 09:56 AM
Good morning. Welcome Olguitha and Libbymarie. Good luck with your challenges :cheer:

Red, thanks for the concern, but I am not spiraling into self hate. I was wanting the butt kicks because I was more worried about slipping into the "I blew it so screw it" mode. I don't want to do that. I am just frustrated. The scale wasn't moving this week even before the :censored: I just need to stick to the game plan. Even if the scale never moves again, I sure feel better when I don't eat that way.

But the scale better move! :rollpin:

Day 7 daily core and daily stretching - both challenges met, with both pauses left.

Will try to check in later, but I have to go in to work for two trainings, do my tri training,then help baby sister move some more stuff. Have a great day all :wave:

05-17-2008, 10:51 AM
Just a quick drop-by, pigged out this morning so I'm gonna do some extra exercise to feel a bit better bout it :)
Shall return later, well done everyone

05-17-2008, 06:11 PM
Helloooo I'm back
Well this time I WILL make 21 days, I didn't really put the most effort in before as I quite liked day 1's because its the most empowering day, at least till you get to 20 :) (I'm also a VERY fickle person)
So here they are:
exercise 45 min each day - 3 pause
eat 5 fruit a day - 2 pause
Write everything I eat/exercise down - 0 pauses
no JUNK (I know what I mean)- 3 pauses

I decided to add the no junk because I don't think I'm taking myself/loosing weight seriously enough and not been putting the most effort into changing bad habits and replace them with good. So here it goes I WILL MAKE 21 :lol:

red- you make me laugh so much the way you talk about yourself :)

grrr I unsubscribed from the old thread when I saw this one so I can't find what everyone else had written :( so I'll be proper original and say Well done and Keep going :D
Hello libbymarie and olguitha :)

05-17-2008, 10:35 PM
Too funny Lupin. Good luck with your new challenges.

Good day. Running went much better (imagine that). Off to make some food for my sisters volunteer movers.

Have a good night all. :wave:

05-18-2008, 10:59 AM
Count me in -

My 21 day challenge: no skipping breakfast. (and then binging for the rest of the day...) Must eat something before 10:00.

So Day 1 - finished !

Shy Moment
05-18-2008, 11:56 AM
Yesterday was day 6
All challenges complete

It can be difficult. I know this time you have the right frame of mind to do it.


Nice going on the running


05-18-2008, 03:27 PM
well I've decided I was being unrealistic by banning junk, if I know the calories etc an it doesn't lead to binging whats the harm :) ( I did say I was fickle)

I just realised it's about 7.00 and I hadn't had ANY fruit yet, so I've got a big bowl of my 5 all cut up and its delish, except for the kiwi, that tastes grose :(
Other than that an excellent day 1 so far :D just need to include fruit into the day from now on
ooo and I have 20 mins of exercise left to do fun fun fun

Jolly- I nearly started enjoying running before, now I'm back to where I started grrrr .... keep at it :D

Good luck Miriam Ann

Shy- Thankyou, I'm thinking/hoping that weekends are the hardest for me so if I just last the week I at least get to day 6 yay but then its the weekend again and that means pig city lol

Apple Blossom
05-18-2008, 04:51 PM
Just a quickie 'cause my son needs to finish a report on the computer and the we are going to the BEACH where it is totally fogged in and 57 degrees right now. That sounds SOOO nice. I am already sick of hot weather and its not even June.
1 hour of exercise, Day 2 completed, 2 pauses left

Great to see we picked up a few new chicks!:welcome3:
good luck to all of you!

05-18-2008, 05:35 PM
I'm adding a piece of fruit a day to my goal. So now I have 2 - no skipping breakfast, and eat a piece of fruit. Maybe I can combine them, hehe ;)

05-18-2008, 05:49 PM
Day 1 = good! I was at a birthday party until late -- and avoided all temptations on the way home and when I got in the door.

Good Luck All!

Libbie Marie

My Every Day 21-Day Challenge:

NO SNACKING AFTER 8 P.M., Level 3 (but I will sincerely try for no pauses)

05-18-2008, 09:23 PM
Hi all. Welcome Libby and Miriam. Thanks Shy, and good job on day 6. I hear you lupin. it is a daily battle to not hate running. I am trying. It's ok to modify challenges. Sometimes you have to start out small, and develop the habit of SUCCESS. Apple, good to hear from you.

Day 8 complete.

Have a good one all. :wave:

05-18-2008, 10:31 PM
Heh all. Still haven't really started any challenges. Will today. Juice is still going though. I was really, really good the past two days. Could have easily not made it, but did! :cp: This is where it all stands at the start of Monday..

My diet system challenge -- fell after 16 days and 3 pauses!
No booze -- fell after 17 days and 3 pauses!
No cigs -- Day 21 completed/3 pauses left FINISHED!!! :cp: :cp:
NO sugar -- fell after 11 days and 3 pauses!

Veg juice -- fell after 12 days and 3 pauses!
Day 8 completed/1 pause left

Journal -- fell after 18 days and 3 pauses...
Fruit challenge -- fell after 19 days and 3 pauses
Crunches challenge -- fell after 10 days and 3 pauses

More later! :wave:

Shy Moment
05-19-2008, 02:22 AM
Day 7
All challenges met

You didn't do so bad. Just pick up where you left off and keep going. CONGRATS on the cig challenge.

Keep lots of fruit in the house that you like. Sure you might be over on the carbs that you should have BUT they are good carbs and maybe that will help you get thru the weekends.

Day 8
All challenges met

05-19-2008, 05:50 AM
You guys are doing great!
Red - you pick hard challenges!Giving up smoking, alcohol, and sugar all at once?! Good luck! Do I understand correctly that you finished 21 days no cigs and used no pauses?

WTG - Shy, Jolly, Libby!

Day 2 - food in morning
Day 1 - eat fruit

It is so hard for me to eat anything in the morning I am just NOT HUNGRY. I think though that if I stop eating late at night and let's say, cut off by like 8:00 - then I should be HUNGRY in the morning. I finished eating last night at 9:00 PM. I have my dietitian appt tomorrow - and should be getting a food plan. She doesn't like to be very specific though - doesn't say times of day etc. I will ask her to be.

I ate an apple today - yea for me! I am a vegetarian, but I like vegetables, and not really fruit at all. And here in Israel we get fruit by season so I don't have a great selection.

05-19-2008, 07:42 AM
No booze --
No cigs --
NO sugar --
Veg juice -- Day 9 completed/1 pause left
Journal --
Fruit challenge --
Crunches challenge --


Miriam -- Welcome aboard! :welcome2: Now, we're really getting international! Yes, I pick hard challenges, but that's only because I STILL have to after many years, or rather, since I've been doing this for many years, I have worked my way up to being able to...almost ;) Best of luck on your challenges. We're about the same in weight and height. Your goal is a lot lower than mine though....hmmm. I've just GOT to get this weight off. It's ridiculous... :^: And yes, you understood right. I ACED the cig challenge. I'm good at cold turkey...

Shy -- Hi there. You're moving right along as usual I see. :cp: Yeah, maybe I didn't do THAT bad, but it wasn't that good either. The cigs were beautiful though. I almost gave in last night, but didn't. Hurrah!

jolly -- Congrats! :cp:

libby -- A big hand to you for a successful liftoff! :trampo:

Apple -- Excellent work on the exercise! Boy, do I ever need to follow suit! Hope you enjoyed the beach! :beach:

lupin -- Good work on the late fruit! :bravo: You don't like kiwi? I think it's a slightly acquired taste. Make sure they're ripe enough. Glad I'm making you laugh. Don't know what it was exactly that tickled you but I'm glad! :yes:

05-19-2008, 12:45 PM
Yep Red - we are around the same height - you are 2 cm taller, and 3 kg lighter :)
But I will do this! I will shake this weight! I can do it!

We ALL can! :)
You see how optimistic I am? Only day 2, LOL

05-19-2008, 05:40 PM
OOPS -- Didn't make it through Day 2 -- but I'm strengthening my procedures by informing all household members, and adopting an affirmation about not feeling that I have to eat wonderful food other people have prepared for me -- I need to eat if I am hungry and need fuel -- I will become immune to "why won't you try it" guilt!

SO -- I am starting the 21 days over and tonight will be night one.

Good Luck All!

Libbie Marie

My Every Day 21-Day Challenge:

NO SNACKING AFTER 8 P.M., Level 3 (but I will sincerely try for no pauses)

05-19-2008, 06:46 PM

Well I officially decided my mother definitely wants me to stay fat and get fatter.
Reasons: I went to the market to get some fruit cos she moaned about the fruit when we went shopping that it was too expensive etc. She stole my mango and ate ALL of it. MANGO is the most AMAZING fruit in the world and I think I may even prefer it to choccie. I had planned when I get back from band I finish my exercise then have some mango and pineapple and collapse on the sofa watching the wedding planner. Oh no can't do that because she STOLE my MANGO then said don't worry about it we have plenty of pears. Theres plenty because there GROSE so no-one will eat them...UGH....I swear she's just trying to keep me fat like her, and all of a sudden theres yummy junk everywhere and its all my faves, she ain't ruining my plan the easy so ha

Anywho today was quite good really, did loadsa exercise and have had nearly all my fruit and drank looooadsa water and generally have been very upbeat aboot it all :D

Apple- its not fair we had about 10 days of AMAZING weather and now its back to cold and rain :( stupid english weather doesn't make its mind up. Keep at it :)

Miriam- I wish I wasn't hungry in the morning, chinease from the night before is the ULTIMATE breakfast grrrr bad habits. Good luck :D

Libby- The amount of times I've re-stared in the last month is unbelievable, and so is the amount of day 1's, but this time its day 3 tomorrow YAY I don't think I've got there before. Restarting is a trazillion times better than giving up :) And I've still got problems with household members understanding that I'm trying to be healthy and loose weight and get fit, I blame 17 yrs of a household of pigs grrr

Jolly- Hellooo I nearly enjoyed running today, it took me an hour of laying in bed and listening to the radio to get me to the treadmill though, but it was sooooo much better than yesterday where I couldn't even jog 2 mins without looking at the clock counting seconds.

Red- Well done with getting through the two hard days. I do like kiwi but the one I was eating at the time was MANKY tasting...ugh...keep going :)

Shy- ye thats what I need to do more of, plan what days and what fruit instead of getting to a day and realising I have non, although that does make me walk to the shop to get more, either that or stay in bed being lazy :dizzy: Well done on day 7 :)

Theres quite a lot of people in here nowadays eh, sorry if I missed anyone :)

P.s day 2 done :D YAY

05-19-2008, 09:42 PM
I'm still not declaring my challenges, but I am doing them. They are likely to be the following. Somehow, I just need to get some days behind me before I post them. I am feeling very, very down and can't stand to see the low numbers just yet. I've been doing these challenges for so many years, I'm sick of them really. Yes, I admit it. And the reason I'm sick of them is because my weight stays high.
We all have so many obstacles to getting our best self out there, don't we?

No booze --
No cigs --
NO sugar --
Veg juice -- Day 9 completed/1 pause left
Journal --
Fruit challenge --
Crunches challenge --


lupin -- You are in a hard position too but it looks like it may be what you need. A bit of a dare, a bit of rivalry often brings out the best in us. So, it's you against your mother. And, yes, it's very likely she does want you to stay fat, not consciously, but very much so probably subconsciously. If she's heavy, then for sure, but stealing your mango may mean she wants to work with you too. It's just it didn't work out for you this time. Perhaps you should try to team up and make some deals with her. She may not be motivated or ready to go all-out yet, but she may be ready to make some changes, as long as she feels she doesn't have to give up everything she loves doing. In any case, you stay strong. You are doing GREAT. Remember looking hot next year. The food stuff and being fat you already know, right? Go for new pastures! I'm going to tell myself the same. I've been hanging out in bars too much, getting drunk with buddies. I'm sick of it. I know where it goes. I've been strong and pretty lean before too and felt great, but those days are getting far behind me and I think I want to feel them again. And thinking about it, I will be better because I have done both and can reach new heights of health and good feelings! Yeah!

libby -- Back on the horse with you! Yeah, food pushers are persistent. It's one thing I never deal with here. I don't know, the Japanese never push food on. Oh, there is one guy who constantly pushes beer on me and I get quite angry. He is super persistent. But he is an exception. The food finds its way to my mouth on its own...or rather on my own.... :dunno: In any case, libby, up and at 'em again! :spin:

Miriam -- Of course you can do it. It's just a matter of sticking to your guns. The weight comes off slower the closer you get to goal, but it's also more noticeable. Congrats on Day 2!! :cp:

05-19-2008, 10:40 PM
Hey all. Today was a really bad day. It was a Monday. I was tired from training and helping with my sister's move. And, though I didn't think of it at the time, tired from the antihistamine I had to take this morning. I am stressed out at work. Major staffing issues. I am worried about some family health issues.

So, I solved all of my problems by eating. Lots. Of bad stuff.

This is not how I choose to live my life. I don't like how I feel. The stuff didn't even taste as good as I thought it did or would or should. I will not appreciate the acid reflux I will now get tonight, or how tired I will feel from the lack of sleep THAT causes me. All I did was add a healthy dose of guilt and self loathing to the mix of tired, stressed, and worried. Not a great side dish to life, let me tell you.

The only positives are 1) after reading what you all posted today, I did go out and complete my two challenges for the day, so at least those were done. Originally, I was going to say to heck with it all. 2) I did throw out about 3/4 of one of the bad things I bought. Not saved for another day. Threw out!

I realize I need to add some food challenges to the mix. Normally, I like them all to start on the same date, but I don't think i can afford to wait. So, starting tomorrow, I will add the following:

1) NO soda (yup, slipped here) - level 1
2) Follow menu - level 2. I can substitute any meal with a lettuce salad. And I can move items around, as long as they are on the same menu.
3) Breakfast foods for breakfast - level 2. This one hasn't been a huge issue yet, but since I am slipping, I want to put it in.

I am trying to set up an appointment with a dietician, but they are not real abundant out here. I do know what I should be doing, but will take any help I can get. Miriam, you will have to let me know how your appointment goes. Wish me luck all:crossed: And good luck with your challenges!

05-20-2008, 03:00 AM
Day 3 - eat before 10:00
Day 2 - eat at least 1 fruit a day - today I had a pear. Ugh.

Going to the dietitian this afternoon, was at the doctor this morning and I asked him if he could send me to a fat farm. He thought I was being funny....

Jollygirl - today is a new day! And good for you for not throwing everything out the window! I'll let you know what the dietitian says!

Red - your'e still trying and at least being proactive and calling things "challenges" instead of obstacles or something negative. Challenges makes it sound so much more exciting and doable. And thanks to you - I've been taking care of my challenges!

Libby - when someone is pushing food on me, I find it helpful to say "Thank you so much for thinking of me!" <which is probably what they wanted to hear anyway> and if they are persistant - I may add "I'm sure it tastes great" or if they are already on the point of being rude "No thank you."-firmly and with a smile

Lupin - hard when the people who love you the most make things the most difficult for you! My husband, lovingly, is always sabotaging my good intentions, with good intentions of his own. He'll like go and buy a box of after eights knowing that I love them and think I can eat one. Hah.

05-20-2008, 08:24 AM
Ok, did well today. Reporting soon. Just telling you the juice now. As of Tuesday night, this is all I'm revealing...

Veg juice -- Day 10 completed/1 pause left


Miriam -- Oh, yeah, I hate negativity. I mean, sure, I get down a lot but what's the point of piling it on? I'm learning to give myself credit for what I DO do and then, when I DON'T do something, I say, "Yo, you, looky up there. You see what you're doing here and there, and over there too? Do ya? Well, if you can do that, then you can pretty much certainly do thisun here. So, come on, let's do it!" And I hear the roar of the crowd! Great stuff! :spin: As for the fat farm, 166 ain't that bad. But, if you want people NOT to look at you funny when you say something like that, then come to Tokyo! Oh, and those things your food-pushing hubbie is trying to force on you, DESPITE your surely monumental resistance....well, of course, you're not supposed to stop at ONE of those things, Miriam. :nono: That's why they're called what they are, no? :?: Did I miss something....? :shrug:

jolly -- I don't know what you're upset about. You did say you "solved all (your) problems," right? :lol3: Ah, OK, just had to have a little fun there...don't mind me. OK, listen up, you started with a couple positives. I want you to now list 10 things good about what happened. Do it. TEN! I mean, come on, you threw out most of "one of the bad things (you) bought," right? Good for you! You went out and did the other two challenges, right? Excellent! Now, can you come up with 8 more, even if they're silly and a stretch. Please. Try it. Oh, look, there's three right there, THREE more challenges! Yowzah! :cb: Best of luck, you! :goodluck:

05-20-2008, 09:25 AM
I will try to come up with 7 more Red. Right now I am just praying for some guidance - both with the work situations, and with my eating issues. It is tough. I feel like I am not supporting my staff enough, but not sure what else I could do. They are frustrated that work intrudes on personal life, and I do understand that. Unfortunately, in human services there aren't a lot of ways to alleviate that! So I worry about losing more good people.

4. I have family and friends that love me. 5. My dogs are always there for a snuggle - even if I do step all over them trying to multitask. 6. I can run a little faster. 7. I now can tell I feel better when I eat healthy, and crap doesn't taste as good to me as it used to. 8. I am still going to run in a triathlon :fr: 9. I have recommitted to my healthy lifestyle. 10. I have people like you to help me find my way back.

does that work?

I have to work a shift tonight, so not sure if I will have time to post later today. If not, have a great day all, and thanks for the good vibes :wave:

05-20-2008, 09:50 AM
Sounds GOOD to me, jolly!! :yes: And here's sending power vibes that things get better at work. ((((vibes)))) Hang in there!

05-20-2008, 11:15 AM
Day 1 = good! I did wander over to the fridge and eat a few grapes while having a stressful phone conversation -- but I'm not counting that cuz it totaled about the same calories as chewing gum.

Good Luck All!

Libbie Marie

My Every Day 21-Day Challenge:

NO SNACKING AFTER 8 P.M., Level 3 (but I will sincerely try for no pauses)

05-20-2008, 04:15 PM
WTG Libby! And Jolly - here's some more good vibes.

Thank G-d for support.

I ate another pear today = 2 fruits. And although I'm keeping okay with the food, and feeling a little better, (I'm going to go back to work tomorrow after bring home and week), I'm posting something I wrote on another thread..
It's self explanatory.

...and VERY unhappy with the dietitian - we have socialized medicine here so it's not a service I pay for - and believe me - you get what you pay for -!!
The appt before me was running late I guess because my appt was for 4:30 and I got there 4:25 and they were just going in then, and so I only got in at 4:45, and she started with weighing me etc. and my BMI is MORBIDLY OBESE (that sounds awful!) and I got the results of the blood test I took this morning and I'm worried I've crossed over the line from pre-diabetic to diabetic - fasting glucose was 128... And cholesterol 212... I'm a mess! Anyway - she started making a diet - breakfast, snack, lunch, and then "That's all we have time for today" - YES! She stopped right in the middle of making a daily food plan and I was so flabbergasted that I didn't say a word!

So I'm a little not happy right now becuase I have NO PLAN and I know you guys understand how important the PLAN is!!!!!!!


When are you going to let us know what your doing, Red? You've got my curiousity going!

Apple Blossom
05-20-2008, 05:15 PM
Hello. I have to start over. Well, I can take my pauses, but I'm pretty darn sure that I can't get the whole hour in on Thursday, I'll be really busy. So I'll start up again on Friday. I think I'll start no beer though. Speaking of diet sabotage, my husband came home with a case of beer the other night. Fortunately I don't care for one of the brands he bought.

Miriam-bummer about the dietitian. You would think she'd have a sort of generic plan already prepared, to give to you until she had time to personalize it for you.

Jolly, hang in there! You are still doing great in the big pcture!

Red, you hang in there too! I know what you mean about being tired of the challenges. I often think of leaving 3 fat chicks. But I really want to leave because I've reached my goal, so I'll stick to it.

Hi, everyone else!!

05-20-2008, 06:17 PM
Morning all. Feeling still awful, but I am going to drag myself to the gym and then to the dreaded office. God, I hate this feeling, hating going in to the office. But it has really gotten bad. Guess I'll just try to keep thinking of it as a learning experience. :^:
In any case, I am going to try to gain back some of my lost self, the self that was actually quite disciplined and athletic and which has now fallen into quite a mire of lethargy.


Miriam -- There's nothing interesting about my challenges. They are just the same as last time, that's all. Just don't feel like counting them on here for a couple more days. When you have as many as I do and have been doing it all so long, it gets really tedious. I'm giving myself a break, that's all. That sucks with the dietician. But, can't you figure out a plan on your own at least for now? There must be something you can use as a guideline, no. And, Miriam, I'm sorry, but there is NO way in the world that you are "morbidly obese" at 166 lbs. No way. And 212 is not bad for cholesterol either. 200 used to be the goal. I don't know about fasting glucose though. Sounds like you need to get yourself a real doctor, even if you have to pay for it. Those people you went to are obviously useless.

libby -- Good for you! :cp: A handful of grapes is nothing. Hope the stressful conversation worked out.

05-20-2008, 06:34 PM
Apple -- You were posting as I was. OK, starting over, are you? I think you should change your challenge if it's becoming next to impossible to do. Otherwise, what's the point? Drop the time a bit and then aim for more when you do it.

As for being tired of challenges, it's just because I'm getting to the point where I'm actually starting to get it all together I think and that is a pain. I mean I am and I'm not because as you can see, my weight is higher than ever! :( But, oddly as it seems from the outside, I do feel I'm closer than ever. You know what I mean? Inside, I can feel I'm ready to get it all right and then outside things will start showing.

...pause for a scale check...

Then again, I don't know. I was SO good yesterday and the scale is way up again. Yeah, yeah, I know it means nothing but I am SO sick of not seeing results. Oh well, I'm going to give it ONE MORE when I come in here with my morning weight on Wednesday, May 28, I am going to decide if I throw all efforts to the four corners of the earth and blow up to triple my size. Yup, one week.....

05-20-2008, 07:15 PM
Just a quick drop 3 done YAY and all meals and snacks prepared for day 4 up till tea time :D

red- I hope you get hopeful about your situation soon :) and not just throw it in because of little things you want to happen and their not, by little things I mean weight loss, just a teeny tiny part of why your here lol

Shy Moment
05-21-2008, 12:24 AM
Day 9
All challenges completed, barely, was a rough day

05-21-2008, 02:16 AM
Apple - you can withstand the beer temptation. Make yourself some nice drink that you like - some herbal tea or something, and have it ready when hubby starts to drink. I tried herbal tea in seltzer as a "soft drink" - celestial seasonings makes these little packets of "on the go" flavored green tea. Check it out.

Red - what is it that you hate about the office? Out of all things in my life, my job is my lifeline, me escape, my sanity... I feel sorry to hear that yours isn't the same. Ain't life to short to be stuck doing something you don't like? I want to buy a beanbag for my office - lol, helps me think out of the box. I know you know this - but you're a worthy person, no matter how much you weigh and what size clothes you wear. And regarding the stupid dietitian - I'm considering going private (my sister has a great one - but pricey) but my husband is in between jobs and I don't know if we can manage the extra money now. Especially because summer is coming and I have 6 kids to send to camp!!!

Lupin - wtg! What kind of snacks are you doing?

Shy - sorry it was a hard day and good for you for keeping to it. Every time I see all those cheering smilies of yours it keeps me focused and thinkning - I want that too!! :)

As I'm sitting here I can say day#4 - breakfast - done
day #3 - fruit - in a minute :)
have a good day

05-21-2008, 11:04 AM
Ugh - this is hard! between allergies and the weather giving me horrid headaches, I have not been doing well at all:(

But! I am back in the saddle:moo: (I couldn't find a pony, so a cow will have to do:D)

Yesterday was actually a very healthy eating day. A little more fat than I would like, but over all pretty good.

Journal all food eaten - Day 1 complete (start 4/20) 2 pauses
Eat at least three servings of fruit/veg - Day 1 complete (start (4/20) 2 pauses

Today is my anniversary! DH and I have been married 8 years. He slipped a card in my purse this morning that was so sweet I practically started crying at work.

Welcome to Miriam Anne and LibbyMarie!! You are starting off strong!

Hello to Shy, Fish, Lupin, Jolly, Apple, and everyone else I have missed. I should have more time to post later!

05-22-2008, 05:33 AM
i just wrote a long message then went to open a new tab to check my e-mails and pressed the wrong button and my message went from this lil box :( grrr silly fingers

anywho general jist was:
Day 4 - DONE
Day 5 - today and will be DONE

Ugh skiving first lesson today to finish writing my 15 min speech ahhhh I don't wanna do a stupid speech :( grrr, however I'm also nearly finished making a well cool speaker, the joys of college :)

Fish - awww thats so nice of him, well done with getting back on the cow, better sooner than later :)

Miriam ann- Mainly I have fruit as my snacks, but yummy ones not apples and pears uck, I get all the fruit and my sandwich for lunch ready the night before cos I'm rubbish at waking up and would never have time to sort it all out and I'm out all day everyday. But other than fruit I have a twix which I look foward to to get rid of all my choccie needs with not the most calories yay. Well done on day 4, took me a month to get there lol

Shy- well done on completing day 9 even on a tough day :)

Red - When I first joined here I attempted to get my mum motivated etc and have only managed to get her on the treadmill once since buying it, shes now on slimming world yet moaned yesterday at me having a twix, shes just jealous because I had planned it and could enjoy the choccie lol where as she had to have rubbishy red day food. You know you can do whatever you put your mind to , maybe you should read some past posts of advice you've given other people :) You have good advice

Keep at it apple and libby and jolly :)

05-22-2008, 06:51 AM
Hi Everyone!
Day 5 - food for breakfast
Day 4 - fruit every day

I went to the gym this morning after not having gone for a while (I was sick) and yesterday I got new exercise pants and I like them but i think the elastic on the top is too stretchy and they kept falling down under my ample tummy, LOL
It annoys me that all me weight is in my middle - I am so round!! And I know that even when I reach my weight goal I STILL won't have a waist because I never did. Grr.

Happy anniversary Fish! Do I understand from your ticker that you are expecting?

Lupin - love your ticker!Can't wait to get mine! Let's see that lightening bolt RUN!!! :) :) I also prepare my food the night before and this morning I had to take everything with me on the bus (my ride didn't go today) and I don't like people looking at me with my bags and seeing what's inside... So I packed everything into a schoolbag - BRIGHT RED - LOL and I felt like a schoolgirl again :)

Red - where are you?

05-22-2008, 07:21 AM
OK. Real quick post. Have an emergency shift to cover - a staff's apartment building caught fire!!! Now I have to worry about what we can do for them. Always something.

Day 11 daily core and daily stretching, and day 2 of no soda, follow menu, and breakfast for breakfast met. Will have to take my one soda pause today, due to the early coverage. I couldn't sleep after they called me.

There is lots more I wanted to say, but time is tight, and my brain cells are not all firing :( Sorry! Have a good day all :wave:

05-22-2008, 12:54 PM
Journal all food eaten - Day 2 complete (start 4/20) 2 pauses
Eat at least three servings of fruit/veg - Day 2 complete (start (4/20) 2 pauses

I am feeling better today - still congested, but the vice around my head is loosening:) I just need to hang on until the three-day weekend!

Lupin has a ticker! Hooray! 15 minute speech? Just. Talk. Really. Slowly.:D

Miriam - you are doing great! Yep, after 8 years of wedded bliss, we decided to throw a baby in the mix.:dizzy: (I think we will stick to one - you have six children? My hat is off to you!) So my ticker is going up right now (or it will be if I ever get round to updating), but the thought is to keep it from doubling:p

Jolly - oh my gosh! I hope everyone is alright and that you are able to help. You are halfway there with your stretching!

Red - hang in there sweetie:hug: You are so supportive and positive for us. Just beam some of those good thoughts into a mirror for yourself.

05-22-2008, 04:38 PM
exercise 45 min each day - 3 pause
eat 5 fruit a day - 3 pause FAILED - 2 LEFT
Write everything I eat/exercise down - 0 pauses

I only failed cos I had packed all my fruit up last night but went to eat it today and it tasted RANK cos mum keeps getting me cheap n nasty stuff that is tasteless, serves me right really for thinking I could rely on the stuff she bought me, so I'm going shopping tomos.

Ugh I can't be bothered to have them staggered so I'm still doing everything else but making tomorrow day 5 instead of today, if that makes sense, so everything else will be done for 22 days but I'll call them 21 so their all even. :)

05-22-2008, 09:30 PM
Hi people. Yeah, I am here, but then not. Had a very late out last night....ugh. Gotta get in to work. Wish me luck. I am doing OK on stealth challenges but lost my last pause on the juice yesterday. Last night did NOT help. Just when I'm doing well, I blow it and undo all the good I've done. Sigh. See you soon. Thanks for the kind words. :hug:

Shy Moment
06-06-2008, 08:09 PM
Looks like we lost a lot of posts. Today is day 5 will check back in later.

Day 5
All challenges complete

06-06-2008, 08:14 PM
Wow did we ever. Day 4 - both challenges done. I really want to EAT tonihgt. Will try to make good choices after I shower. Just got done doing 3 miles in the humidity, and I am slimy!!

Hope to hear from you all soon :wave:

Apple Blossom
06-06-2008, 09:37 PM
Hello. Am I going crazy or are a whole bunch of posts MISSING? It goes from May 22 to today. I've been lurking, so I kind of know whats going on...
Jolly, congrats on the Tri!!! It looks like a lot of fun. And I agree with Red..I remember the post when you were referring to yourself as NOT true. You have inspired me to do a triathlon too, there's one in July, but I'm thinking next year for that one. Maybe I can find something in early fall, I might be ready then. I have started a training program which should have me running a 10 mile run by the end of the summer. I'd like this to be my challenge, but I'm not sure that will work, since there are days I'll need to juggle around due to some short trips we are taking. So I'll leave it at 30 min of exercise.
Anyway, made my first swimsuit appearance of the summer and it was not pretty. I actually thought about NOT going to the pool party because of my fatness. That is so unfair to my kids, so of course I went, but I was sure hoping some excuse would come up. Ughh.
Well, my brother's on his way over for dinner. Chat with you soon!

06-07-2008, 08:09 AM
Heh there all! Wow, what happened? :dunno: :?: :shrug: That was weird. :crazy: Oh, well, I guess they needed the memory space or something....oh, let's get rid of this thread, the one with that balloon person who hasn't made any progress despite 5 YEARS of challenges! :lol3: Heh!!! Gimme those posts back! They's my buddies! :mad:

Anyhow, where is everyone, besides me? Where did that English girl go? ....Sigh. Ya see, jolly! Apple agrees with me! So there! But, Apple, whaddya mean, "Am I crazy OR are a whole bunch of posts missing".....those are TWO different UNRELATED questions. You gotta split them up, so we can answer both of them separately....:rofl: JUST kidding!!!
And, Shy, you look like a different person! Wow! Great going!!

Ah...sigh...I've been pigging again AND gaining weight. I don't know why. I really don't Probably the work. Today was the FIRST day in a week I could really come up for air. It felt wonderful! Think I can get my head around some challenges....the body should be no problem, got enough fat around my gut to just fold it over a couple big ones.... :^: Ok, nuff clowning....I'm off to make me some carrot juice!

Later, gators! :wave:

06-07-2008, 08:16 AM
Oh, heh, here's the notice.

Just lost about 2 million posts....oh well...heh, you know, I think I finished a challenge in there or something...don't you remember..I vaguely remember doing a couple, or maybe it was three or, no one else remembers? Oh well.....guess I'll just have to start over...


06-07-2008, 05:02 PM
Red - you crack me up!!!!

".oh, let's get rid of this thread, the one with that balloon person who hasn't made any progress despite 5 YEARS of challenges!"


I'm up for a new challenge!
21 days of food before 10:00 - completed! Wooooohoooo
day 20 - fruit <heck - I did 2 today - melon and dates>
i messed up on the writing food down one, but i did it now for tomorrow, so day 1 - write food down the night BEFORE

I'm keeping eating before 10 as a challenge - there were many a time these past 3 weeks that I did it knowing that I had a challenge to meet, so I'm up for it again.

Also - the writing food one is sooooo hard, so I'm making it a level 3, and I'll keep it at that for now!

So hello everyone and great to see you again!

Apple Blossom
06-07-2008, 07:34 PM
I've been on my training program for 4 days, so...
30 min exercise, Day 4, 2 pauses left.

Congrats Miriam, on completing your challenge!!!:cheer2::cheer3::cheer2::cheer3:
Way to keep at it!

I just found out today that my gym is having a "transformation" contest. If I went there more than once a month, maybe I could have entered it!!:^: The grand prize is $600!! That's a lot of motivation. They are about halfway through it, so maybe next time. Although I'm hoping to have done some transforming before then, enough to not have to enter the contest. There! More motivation!
Ok, we are off to a party tonight. Have a great week-end everyone!:hat:

06-08-2008, 07:18 AM
Hey all. I just couldn't post last night. I was really craving :censored: I was just going to take the pause, and go nuts. But, due to the weather yesterday, we are going to try to run today instead. I knew how I would feel if I didn't eat healthy, so went to bed instead. I have to work from 6a-noon, so got up at 2:30a so I could get my gym workout in first. Kept me away from the food.

Thank goodness, only 4-5 more years until a more M-F job!

I made myself come post this morning. When I start slipping away, that is when my healthy choices start slipping too. Not a good idea.

So :wave: Day 5 of my challenges was met yesterday. Here's to day 6 today. Will try to check in tonight. Have a great day all.

Oh yeah - I do need to change my thinking about eating. I think the total number of calories I have set for myself is appropriate. But I find myself kind of "banking" them during the day, so more for nighttime (I do love me some carbs for dinner). Problem is that this leaves me not properly fueled for my nighttime runs. And if I try to grab a snack at the last minute. . .. well, let's just say the run becomes a "moving experience." Yes, I wish I could take a pill, and lose all the weight overnight. However, the long term goal is to be healthy, strong, and athletic. I can't do that if I don't eat right. Things to think about.

06-08-2008, 09:53 AM
I ate a square of chocolate! That certainly wasn't OP, but a victory nonetheless, because I don't remember the last time I ate a SQURE and not a WHOLE BAR!! lol

Anyway -
Day 1 - food before 10
Day 1 - plan the night before

good for you Jolly for going to the bed and not to the food!

Apple - the gym thingie sounds cool - wish mine had some more motivation! The only motivation I have there is a TV (which I don't have at home) and showers with better water pressure than what I have at home :)

Red - are you a calorie counter? how do you count the juice? Do you ever add beets to your carrot juice? I eat shredded raw beets for my iron, as I am constantly anemic (yaya vegetarianism :P)

Apple Blossom
06-08-2008, 04:27 PM
30 min exercise, Day 6, 2 pauses left.
I had forgotten to check off one day on my training calendar, so I'm done with day 6! Yea!

06-08-2008, 06:46 PM
Hi people. Glad to see you in here doing your challenges. Apple, jolly, Miriam, good luck! Miriam, I don't count calories, but need to. But for juice I would only count some of the ingredients, such as carrot juice or banana or soymilk, higher things, all of which I at times add. Other times, with it just being green vegetable juice, I don't bother. I wish I could add beets, but I can't find them here. Japanese just don't eat them. I could probably find them at an import shop but they'd be too expensive. I wish I did have them as I hear they are excellent for juicing and for their nutritional and blood-cleansing benefits.

Well, the work continues. It never stops, actually, but that's because I do so much in addition to the main job. No problem. I will just try to cut out or cut down on the swings to the other extreme, with all-night drinking sessions etc. I am going to get back in shape. This is absurd. :mad: At the racetrack yesterday, I was looking at the jockeys and thinking how great their muscled arms and totally fatless midsections looked. Gosh, I would love to have that. Haven't ever really had it but I've been close. Going to try to get close again.

Horrible the slashing killings here yesterday. Seven people dead. But, I've come to not be surprised. When the Japanese lose it, they really lose it. I get so tired of hearing on the TV about how "quiet and well-mannered" people always say the killers were. Don't they get it? The quiet ones are almost always the total wackos. I, by the way, am NOT quiet! :nono: It's one reason my boss doesn't like me. Sigh. :shrug:

Later! :wave:

06-08-2008, 07:47 PM
Hey all. My technological challenges strike again! I bought a new MP3 player, so I could have tunes with my workout. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be going from my computer to the player the way it is supposed to :mad: I have issues.

Tomorrow is my makeover. Woo hoo. See what i look like after. Apple, Red - I just don't see cute when I look in the mirror. Most days, I see Chris Farley. In Beverly Hills Ninja. Rarely do I look in the mirror and say 'Not bad chica!' I have never felt attractive. I don't expect to turn into Jessica Simpson, just want to be fit, and proud of what i can do.

I really need to go run tonight. Many excuses though - a) weather is bad. b) no tunes. c) Don't think I can stay up until my sister might get here - I was up at 2:30 so I could get my gym workout in before work at 6a. I'm beat!

So, we will see if I have to take a pause on following my workout schedule. I have to say Red, that I am slowly becoming a weight training junkie. I am really noticing the changes this time.

Well, if I lose 1 pound next week, I will earn my facial. I decided to go splurge on a pair of Tommy jeans when I get to 215. They make even my big butt look good, and I need the mental lift, even though I don't want to spend a huge amount of money on clothes as I downsize. But a few awesome pieces here and there are worth it.

That's about all for now. Wish me luck with the tunes.

Shy Moment
06-09-2008, 01:38 AM
Day 7
All challenges complete

Sorry, no time to chat today. Just got home a bit ago from our wonderful weekend away from everyone lol. The kids did a pretty good job keeping the house tidy. I went room to room and did a few things but that was about it. I still have a trunk full of food to bring in the house and put away and 3 loads of laundry to do before I hit the bed. Chat with everyone tomorrow.


Thanks. I am finally starting to see some real difference. The weight is coming off very slowly now. Guess that is pretty usual when you get close to goal. Now is the time for me to really stick with it. All this was pretty easy when I was seeing a drop in the scale every weigh in. Now I might go a couple of weeks before I see one if I even see one then.

06-09-2008, 09:13 AM
Shy, just don't lose sight of the fact you have lost 50 pounds! That is amazing!!!

I had to take pauses yesterday. I did not get out and run - storm kicked in again, and I didn't think I wanted to be rnning in it for some reason. Then, started eating. Now, my house is fairly low on binge items, and I didn't go out for any, so it didn't get totally out of control. Just enough that my stomach was upset, I had a sugar headache, and felt guilty as you know what. I finally stopped myself, brushed my teeth, and when the storm kicked out my cable, did my yoga tape. Here's to a better day. I know I was eating because I was bored and overtired too, but just did not choose to do better.

Here's to a better day.

06-09-2008, 04:12 PM
Hi Everyone!

Had a holiday and now I can't figure out what day I'm up to! I'm all mixed up! Fairly sure Day 3 breakfast & writing food.

Red - scary to have people snap- eh? What kind of green juice are you drinking? That's sounds scary too!!! Hehe. How;s the no-smokin?

Jolly - I like your rewards! I should think about some for myself, as I am really near my first 10 lbs! One of my goals - later on - I want to take a driving lesson.... on a 2-ton truck! I always wanted a truck license for some inexplicable reason.

Apple - you're doing great! I'm happy though I haven't chosen an exercise challenge yet, as I wuld surely have failed miserably by now.

Rennie - how many kids do you have? Mine tried to win the gold medal for noisiest kids in the neighborhood today. Urg.

06-09-2008, 10:12 PM
Miriam, I've really found the rewards helpful. More celebrations really than rewards. I set them for hitting major milestones, as well as giving myself little ones to choose from for a 2 or more pound loss per week, and for every 10 pound loss. I combined a couple today :) My makeover got rescheduled for the end of next week, so I went and got a mani/pedi today.

I did better today with everything, but have to admit, it was hard reconnecting with "why am Ieating?" "Am I really hungry?" today. I really was leaning towards mindless eating. Ah well. this too shall pass. I will get my 225 facial next week. I will I will I will. :tantrum:

Day 6 follow workout schedule (1 pause left) and count calories ( 2 pauses left, and Day 7 no soda (1 pause left)

Have a great night all :wave:

Shy Moment
06-10-2008, 01:44 AM
I think all of us go thru that from time to time. Hits me sometimes when I am to tired to cook, am not really hungry and yet know one of the problems I have is not eating enough. I know I am going in the right direction. Even when I am not seeing the losses I want to see I can see my clothes fit differently. I stopped at good will this weekend. Was looking for some shorts. I still have a problem with how big I think I am. I got a couple of 14's and 12's and a couple of 10's. As I started to pull them on my brain said to me, why bother you know they aren't going to fit and they slid right up my legs. The 12's were a bit big but were great for workout shorts, the 14's I could have put Bella in with me lol. Wish I could get over this thinking I am at least 2 sizes bigger than I am.

As far as I know I have only birthed 2 children. I am not real sure why, because I am the worst and meanest mother in the world lol but I find children at my dinner table, in my shower and sitting watching my tv that I am pretty sure I didn't birth lol. My kids have always been loud. It was when it was quiet in the house that I really worried and wondered what they were up to lol.

Day 8
All challenges complete. I did kind of cheat today. I ate enough celery to fill all three veggies I had to eat today. I just am not hungry it is to hot.

06-10-2008, 06:33 AM
Jolly- here's to hoping you'll get the 225 facial this week!

Rennie - LOL with more kids around. Mine are also so darn loud!! I can't stand it - especially because I'm not particularly loud myself. My DH makes up for both of us... I hear ya on being the neighborhood hangout - I think that we have the best toys around (yea for british car boot sales!! :)

Day 4 - food before 10
Day 3 - write food day before

I still toy with actually eating all the food I write down... not yet...

PS - check out my ticker! Woohoo! I can cluck now!! :)

06-10-2008, 07:13 AM
No, the green stuff isn't scary. It was at first, but I have it down now and know what to expect. Banana and fresh lemon are key! They both sweeten it, the lemon takes away the bitterness and the banana gives it a great smooth thickness, like a smoothie or shake.
Here's what I had this morning and you can see if you click on the photo that it wasn't even scary to have before 6 a.m., which is when I had to leave my place by. Took a picture just for you! It was soymilk, banana, bit of vanilla extract, fresh lemon and the green was from: a type of lettuce called sunny lettuce that's similar to Romaine but not bitter and is very light, then a vegetable called komatsuna which is similar to spinach but bitter, and then spinach. It was good!

Photos: my juice, sunny lettuce, komatsuna

06-10-2008, 10:47 AM
Hmm, this is what I get for not posting over the weekend.

I believe I am up to day 17 on at least 3 servings of fruits and/vegetables. Yesterday was, unfortunately, a pause day. Although it was the first pause I used, so that isn't too bad.
That puts me at day 18 for journaling all food eaten.

I am in a grumpy mood today because I have been eating too much and gaining weight like crazy. As of today I will try again to eat healthy and cut out the junk. We are going on a five-day holiday to the beach this Friday, so I don't know how well this will last:(. At least we do a ton of walking at the beach.

Everyone seems to be doing well! I will post more later.

06-10-2008, 02:53 PM
Thanks for the pics, Red! TBH - I would prefer eating that nice lettuce in a salad than drinking it. Which brings me to a question: why DO you drink it? I guess it's kind of a power drink - lots of chlorophyll, heehee.

Fish - you ARE pregnant - right??

Okay - I wrote my food down, so now I'm on day 4 for both challenges.

06-10-2008, 07:34 PM
Miriam, two words...concentration and assimilation. Here's a nice article on juicing.
Fish, you hang in there. Like Miriam points out, you're supposed to feel all sorts of things at a time like this. :^:

06-10-2008, 10:20 PM
HEy all. Red, I have to agree with Miriam - I would much prefer that in salad form. But whatever works, yes.

I did meet my challenges for the day, but it was rough. I was craving :censored: today. But as I had just convinced myself pretty much to take the pause, and make the most of it, a runner crossed the intersection in front of me. Reminded me of all I am working for, AND the fact I was running tonight with my sis. Kept seeing runners out every time I started thinking about self medicating. So my eating was good.

Darn runners :tantrum: Just kidding!

Have a good night all :wave:

06-11-2008, 11:32 AM
Good morning all,

Fruits and vegetables - Day 18 completed (1 pause left at level 2)
Journaling food - Day 19 completed (level 2)

Yes, Miriam, I *am* pregnant:p

I am still upset about the weight gain though. I was already about 25 pounds overweight, and I am just viewing each additional pound as this insurmountable obstacle to overcome:(
I'm really trying to eat healthy food, but I keep adding not-healthy choices on top of that. I did make better choices overall yesterday.

To top it all off, I have not been sleeping, and am consequently too tired to get up at 6 am to hit the gym. And after 3 hours of sleep and 12 hours at work (including commute) I am too tired to go after work. Grr!!!!

But Jolly is doing great with the running:carrot: Are you finally getting decent weather? We've been in the mid-90s for the last 4 or 5 days! Sunday was spent at our friend's pool! Oh - I attached a picture of my doggies - this is from winter before last.

Red - your smoothie actually looks pretty tasty! I just put dairy, fruits, and ground flax seeds in mine, but I should try the greens as well.

06-11-2008, 11:49 AM
Jolly - whatever keeps you focused! I wish I had a better motivator than scare tactics - I sure as heck don't want to spend my life pricking myself with needles and testing my blood sugar... I did take a good look at the swimsuits in a store window today and wondered what I'd look like in one if I lost 10 more pounds. I bet I'd look GOOD!! :)

Red - interesting article. I contemplate buying a juicer every now and then, but so far haven't done it.

Fish - I don't know but pregnancy <for me> is a hard time to control weight gain. I try to eat sensibly.... doesn't always work! :)

Day 5 - food b4 10
Day 4 - write food day before

Shy Moment
06-11-2008, 12:21 PM
Yard sales have kept this family going for years and years lol. I have no idea why the kids are around here. There is nothing special here. They bring their different game stations here to play lol. Think it has something to do with their parents are so worried about having everything. They work to have pools, and boats and fancy vacations. What their children want is someone to yell at them lol and tell them what they can and can not do. I am the one that does that for them. We had one little girl ( probably age 15 I guess, lol little girl ) that stayed at our house while her mom and dad went on vacation. It was more fun to be here than to be left at a hotel room or at a pool while her mom and dad went and had fun. They have no idea who their child even is. I am surprised they even know her name. Nice going, you can cluck with the big chicks now lol.

If I had to eat that I would stay fat lol.

It is tough but it can be done. I didn't gain much with my kids. They were both early but even then I wasn't going to gain much My son. was 8 weeks early and I gained 11 pounds. My daughter was 4 weeks early and I gained 8 pounds. You just have to remember you aren't eating for two lol. Make sure you get those required amounts of the four basic food groups in. The body really needs them at this time. With all the hours you work I am sure you get some walking in there. That is great exercise. The pool is wonderful exercise. You should do that more often. It is relaxing and great for the body. You are going to be feeling all kinds of things and you should lol. Down days, up days, tired days. Take care of that body of yours it is holding very special cargo.

06-11-2008, 08:11 PM
Hey all. Pretty good day, overall. Mainly worried that we are all going to survive the weather. We have floodings and roads closed everywhere, and I took the afternoon off of work to help my coworker evacuate. YIKES.

Miriam, frequent rewards definitely help keep me focused. I need immediate gratification. I set up my own rewards, to try and give myself that. The weight loss takes so long, sometimes without that reward it is easy to feel like there is not point, why not give up? Besides, I'm worth it.

Thanks Fish. I wish I felt like the running was going great. It is still a huge struggle. I keep telling myself that I have never started running as heavy as I was this time. Usually I am starting right around this weight. But. . . it is hard to give up the standards I have that are harder on myself than anyone else would be. Thanks for sharing your "kids" picture. They are awesome.

I have to laugh. I am talking food here, so :censored: FOOD PORN ALERT! FOOD PORN ALERT! :censored: I was all excited, as a SuperWalmart was opening up in my little town, and they said the deli was going to have sushi. I have come to love sushi, and it is healthy for you, but it is hard to get out here in the boonies. I braved the grand opening today, only to find that who they had subcontracted with to provide it backed out. No sushi. I was so bummed and frustrated with not getting what I was all psyched for that I . . . decided to heck with trying to learn to like brown rice, I was going to pick up white rice to eat with the stir fry I made :lol: It is just funny how my choices have changed. There have been a few bumps in the road, but I am definitely in the right direction.

All right. Early to bed for me, as I have to be to work at 6 to train at one of my programs, and want to get my workout in first. Take care all :wave:

06-12-2008, 03:45 AM
Jolly - I really need to think of some rewards for me. I want to go and buy new clothers, on the other hand - hopefully - my shape will change and so I should wait, but on the other hand I want to dress nicely - I feel better about me and I see that my hard work is beginning to pay off! It's one thing to see it on the scale or on a tape measure, on the other hand - It's great to feel my stomach muscles tightening, and I actually got a compliment at work! But still - I'm nearing 30 dyas no binging and almost 10 lbs down... Any suggestions?

Also - I'm a vegetarian so I don't eat fishy sushi, but I occasionally make my own, and it comes out darn good. All the wacky ingredients are at my local health food store. It's really called "norimaki" or something like that.

Rennie - Kids are funny. Mine would JUMP at the chance to go to a hotel. Maybe I could sell them at a yard sale? LOL I was in London during my last pregnancy and I was waltzing around a car boot sale sporting my generous tummy and a lady said to me - "Aww, how sweet - is this your first?" And I said, "No - my sixth!" And she looked at me in horror and said, "Goodness, love, buy a television!" :P

Fish - I see your pregnancy ticker and it makes my broody. I actually ditched my IUD a few months ago, so I'm waiting-!! Apprehensive now though because I started this journey to better health. Hmm. So it's wait and see for me.I keep having ambivalent thoughts in that department, and wonder if I should put the IUD back in. I don't know. I guess I'll have it all figured out in a couple of weeks!! :)

Anyway - regarding challenges:
Day 6 - food b4 10
Day 5 - write food day before

06-12-2008, 11:29 AM
Fruits and vegetables - Day 19 completed (1 pause left at level 2)
Journaling food - Day 20 completed (level 2)

Good morning! I am in a little better mood today.:) I actually got about 5 hours straight sleep last night - still not enough, but better than interrupted sleep all night long.

Shy - you aren't helping! ;) I've already gained ten pounds and I'm only halfway through!! Eight weeks early? That must have been so scary - I certainly hope both your children are doing well now.

The advice is quite helpful though:). I am definitely not eating for two, but maybe 1 1/2 sometimes:o Probably taking in anywhere between 300-600 more calories daily, but not getting to the gym 6 days a week like normal - more like 2 or 3 days:(.

Jolly - I hope all is well with the flooding - didn't your building just catch on fire? You and your co-workers need a break! You are totally worth the rewards - and they are a great motivator.

Miriam - you are going strong! 30 days with no binges is fantastic:carrot: And you are coming right along with your challenges! Hmm, I might have to agree with the boot sale lady:D But I have only one sister, and my dad was an only child - so I am used to small families. It took me a while to get used to the closeness and physical affection shown by DH's family with the 20 jillion aunts and cousins!

Red - hope all is well with you - are you keeping up with the smoothies?

I am leaving on holiday to the beach tomorrow morning, so will probably not be back on until next Wednesday - by which time I will have finished this challenge and *hopefully* started another set!

Best to all!

06-12-2008, 05:24 PM
Hey Fish - look at the bright - you and I weight the same now, but you're 5 months pregnant! Hehehe BTW- I also come from a small family - one brother and one sister, but my husband's one of 10, so....! Hope you have a great holiday! Looking forward to hearing back from you and what your new challenges are.

06-13-2008, 09:12 AM
Hey all. Made bad choices yesterday, and took pauses on the counting calories and follow workout schedule challenges :( But, earlier this week a friend, after congratulating me on the weight loss, said "But I know you. When school starts, you are going to get stressed, start eating, and put it all back on." My response was that I don't choose to live that way anymore. I stick by that response, despite a bad day. I will not go down that path again.

and the funny thing is, each time i have been "bad," it doesn't taste like it used to. :shrug: Good!

WEather still stinks up here, but we may get a dry spell. Let's hope. Have a good day all.

06-13-2008, 09:40 AM
Hey Jolly! good for you for staying positive and not knocking your friend out cold! It's interesting how those who are close to us can be so ":insightful" and hurtful all the same. Hmph. Well - here's some encouragement for you: you're doing a great job staying focused and on track!

Well I hope to update my ticker on sunday, my official weigh in day, and I'll be darn frustrated if I haven't lost anything this week after all my hard work!

Dietitian on tuesday - wow - that's 4 weeks and 3 days!!

Take care, pals!

06-13-2008, 04:13 PM
Hi all. Having a better day so far. Still ok to drive to work - I don't have to take a real scenic route . . .yet :crossed:

Miriam - you have to find things that work for you, and in timelines that work for you. Every week I lose at least 2 pounds, I allow myself to choose from things like flowers, a magazine, a "splurge" meal, etc. For each 10 pounds I lose I choose from a manicure, a movie, an item of clothing. I planned bigger things if I hit milestones by timelines that meant I lost at least 2 pounds per week. Mani/pedi for 250, facial for 225, massage for 200, $100 spa or shopping splurge for 175. I do think it is important to have at least an outfit or two that fit nice all the time. There will be days when that makes or breaks you. But I do understand not wanting to have an entire new wardrobe for each size you lose. That's nuts!

Off to clean, run, then nap before working 3rd tonight. Have a good one all :wave:

Apple Blossom
06-13-2008, 04:15 PM
30 min exercise, Day 10, 1 pause left.
Hi all, we went camping earlier this week. It was fun, although 2 of the kids had stomach problems. Helpful advice: If a child throws up in the car, turn around and go home!! They weren't feeling too sick though, we were still able to go on bike rides and play on the beach. I have it now:barf:but my body rarely lets me barf. Sometime I wish I could, since it would provide some relief. I think. I've just been feeling nauseous the last few days. I didn't think I would be able to run today, but I put on the shoes, threw the little one in the stroller, leashed up the dog and ventured off into the 80 degree heat. It went OK, the dog and the kid were more of a pain then the nausea. Feeling crappier now that I've stopped, actually. I definately have to get up early for my longer runs, to escape the heat. That way I won't have to bring any kids either.

Fish, you really shouldn't be worried about weight gain, it's gonna happen. Just eat healthy and exercise. Are you planning on breast feeding? If you do, you will be amazed at how quickly all of your weight will come off. I lost all of my baby weight gain in about 3 months, with out really trying, except the last 5 pounds. That is still there.;) And I've had 3 babies, thats 15. And 5 for the husband. Thats 20.
And yes, they are loud. We had a birthday party for my oldest yesterday, and it is reassuring to know that my kids are not THE loudest. But they can hold their own.:dizzy:

Jolly, that was not nice of your friend to say that. Not exactly positive. But it sounds like you are really wrapped around your new healthier attitude and you will be fine! When I was in college, I found I did better in class when I was athletically involved.

Miriam, good luck with your weigh in!:goodscale

Hi Red, Shy, and everyone else! Keep it going!

06-14-2008, 03:30 PM
Welcome back Apple -
Your point of "if a kid barfs in the car.." cracked me up!! :hyper:
Sorry to hear you're not feeling well though - I had a really nasty virus for a month a few years ago and it too 10 pounds off me. Fringe benefits, hehe
How old are your kids?

I took a pause for one of my challenges, so here we are now:
Day 8 - food b4 10
Day 7 - write food night b4 (1 pause taken, 2 left)

I find eating fruit not a challenge anymore as I stick to my eating plan, and I have 2 fruits on it every day. 2!!! ME!!

Red - what's the time difference between the states and Tokyo? how long are you planning on living there?

Fish - here's some simple math: the average baby is about 7 pounds (many are more though - ouch - been there, done that, lol) and aside form baby weight, you have water weight, higher blood volume, placenta, and other icky things. Probably the least you will lose when you give birth is 10 pounds. So think that you haven't gained any yet ;)

Tomorrow - weigh in!
Tuesday - dietitian!

I can't wait till tomorrow anyway, love going back to work!

Happy weekend!

Apple Blossom
06-14-2008, 06:08 PM
30 min exercise, Day 11, 1 pause left.

I ended up in bed at 5:00 yesterday. Bleh. I'm feeling better today, so I went to the gym and got a short cross-training session in. So I'm still on schedule with my "training". No fringe benifits, I weighed myself and I'm down 3 pounds but the last time I weighed in was just before TOM, so maybe 1 pound is real, but it's probably ALL water.
Miriam, I have an 11 year boy, an 8 year girl and a 4 year old boy.
Hope everyone has a nice week end!

06-14-2008, 08:52 PM
Hey all. Did my first 4 mile run - went pretty good. Actually felt better and recovered faster than I did after the 3miles.

Did take a pause on soda today. We went to see "The Happening" and I was pretty tired after my 3rd shift last night, so . . .

Have a good night all :wave:

06-15-2008, 12:23 PM
Hey all. Feeling a bit bummed this morning, as i only lost a pound this week. Training was a little less, and eating was a bit more. I guess I just don't want my friends words to come true :( Did get a nice bike ride in this morning. Won't be able to get to my gym for a few days, so . . .

I feel like I am on the verge of something - a change, or clarification or something. If only I have the courage to explore what is brewing in my mind and heart, and then go for it. I don't know how to explain better than that. Just lots of thoughts boiling up, that I need time to work through. I wish I were more one for meditation. I guess I just want to get down to who I am, and who I want to be.

Will check in later. Waiting for the Father's Day guest of honor. . .

06-15-2008, 04:47 PM
day 9 - food b4 10
day 8 - write food day before

sorry to hear you're feeling down jolly. <not like your name at all!! :>
unfortunately - so am I and I don't know how to get out of it and it's beginning to make me feel really strange. i wonder if it's organic? i've been used to eating so much so often maybe my body is wondering what's with me.

I was also only 1 pound down this week - yes, i know that i should be happy i went down and not up but still. working sooo hard with so few results. :(

what's going on in your head? sounds mighty interesting!!

apple - i have ss 15, sd 13, s 10, s 7, d 5, and s 3 (almost 4)
as i said - motley crew ;)

Shy Moment
06-16-2008, 02:02 AM
They are doing well. My son has a lot of problems because of the meads they gave me to try to keep me out of labor. Other than that they are doing great.

I have had a terrible week. I have stayed on plan but it has been horrible trying to get myself to eat. I have eaten the basics and that is it. Pain meads just make me not hungry at all. Hoping for a much better week this week. Hope everyone is doing well. If you have had a hard week just remember. Tomorrow is a brand new day and anything is possible.

Day 13
All Challenges met

Apple Blossom
06-16-2008, 04:28 PM
30 min exercise, Day 13, 1 pause left.
I actually got up early to get my run in today!!! I need to run early anyway to escape the heat, but today I knew that if I didn't get my run in early, I wouldn't have time to later. I really like having a program to stick to, it seems to be working. And it helps that the program only has me running 3 days a week, cross training or strength training the others. I think if I make it through this novice one, I'll repeat it as an intermediate, which has a bit more running. But that is still 8 weeks away.
Jolly, congrats on your 4 miler. I have to do one I think on Friday. It's been years since I've run that far...I am sure that you are on the verge of something GOOD. You really seem to have figured your self out and you are traveling down the right path...
Shy, I hope you are felling better soon.
Miriam, OK, I thought I had my hands least you have a built in babysitter! One pound a week is great, by the way. If you are losing nice and slow you will probably keep it off easier.

Shy Moment
06-17-2008, 01:14 AM
Day 14
Today has been a great day. The majority of the pain is gone and I feel terrific. Bit tired now but terrific. I got 6 miles of walking/aerobics done today and 62 min of resistance training. It felt great. Eating is going fine. Hope everyone is doing good.

Thanks, I am pretty much back to normal.

Apple Blossom
06-17-2008, 04:46 PM
30 min exercise, Day 14, 1 pause left.
Ughh. Having an "ughh" day. My scale at home doesn't work, so I weigh myself at the gym. I've been going twice a week. And no change today. Grr. At least I went to the gym.:^:
Wow shy, I'm impressed at how much exercise you are getting in in spite of not being pain free. Way to tough it out! Glad you are almost recovered!

06-17-2008, 06:27 PM
I'm here, Apple. Trying to get back. Achieved liftoff yesterday!! :cp: Will report in shortly. :bravo:

06-17-2008, 09:32 PM
Hey all. Work has been very crazy, to say the least. Trying not to have a melt down. Haven't turned to food. Though, have had to repeat to myself, out loud "I do not choose to eat that way anymore" I do this in my office, in my car, in the middle of the grocery store . . .

06-18-2008, 09:12 AM
OK, people. This is IT! I am back and going to be burning up these challenge days with a vengeance. You bet! I am SO sick of my current debauchery, sloth and general indolence. This is NOT me...well, not the me I want to have in the lineup. 'Cause I've got to be hitting some homeruns pretty soon to turn this game around and make me a WINNER!

Ok, so I am finishing up Day 2 on the following challenges:


And I'm finishing Day 1 on


06-18-2008, 05:22 PM
Good for you, Red! I botched everything for a couple of days - but today I was okay, so:

Day 1 - food b4 10
Day 1 - write food day b4

06-18-2008, 05:35 PM
Hi miriam, good for you for starting right back over. I've been doing things on and off, on and off and finally came around to deciding to go steady again. Drinking my juice now, 5:30 a.m. Today's a late day so I know if I didn't make it now it wouldn't get done. Coming home at 11 p.m. and making and drinking vegetable juice is, to put it mildly, difficult.
Hello to everyone and thanks for sticking with the thread in yet another of my absences. :wave:

Apple Blossom
06-18-2008, 06:35 PM
30 min exercise, Day 15, 1 pause left.
I got up early again. I am amazing myself. Tomorrow is a rest day on my program, but I think I'll still get up early and take the dog for a walk. (still have to get in 30 min!) Next week is going to be harder, I'm going to have to get up earlier, since my son has a sport camp and I'll have to be on my way almost a whole hour earlier than this week.
Red, good to see you back and determined as ever! You're on your way!:high:
Miriam, get right back in there!!:cheer2:

Apple Blossom
06-19-2008, 05:02 PM
30 min exercise, Day 16, 1 pause left.
Got up early and walked the dog. That doesn't really feel like exercise after all the running and biking I've been doing, but it is. Especially good for the arms, he likes to pull, especially when he sees another dog.
I really have to cut back on eating, but it just doesn't feel right at the moment. :shrug: Had a picture taken and upon viewing it, one of those holy-cow-how-did-I-get-so-fat? moments. Ughh.

06-19-2008, 10:29 PM
OK, I blew it yesterday with drinking. I didn't really want to drink per se but I wanted to talk with my boss and to actually get him doing that drinking is the best way. Ah, but heck, it wasn't necessary, but it was unusual. Let's see if I can stop finding "unusual" circumstances to justify a bad habit. I'm not starting over though. That defeats the purpose, which is to cut WAY back. The rest was good. I got the veg juice and crunches out very early in the day. The booze is always dangerous until the very end.

No SUGAR Day 3 done 3 pauses left
No BOOZE Day 2 done 2 pauses left
VEG JUICE Day 3 done 3 pauses left
CRUNCHES Day 2 done 3 pauses left

Apple -- I had one of those moments (how did I get so fat?!) yesterday as well. What a bummer. And then what do I do? I ate to feel better. Did I? **** no! Go figure.

06-20-2008, 07:48 AM
Hello all. Sorry been lurking. Work schedule has been insane. Early morning shift one day, late training the next, then 3rd shifts. My dogs are having a little seperation anxiety, as they never know when I'll be home!!

I am going to have to restart my challenges. I haven't exactly fallen off the wagon, but I have lost track of where I am at. Had a few eating issues, but overall, I have been able to beat the demons - even if it involves saying to myself, out loud, in my office, car, or middle of the store "I don't choose to eat this way anymore!!!" Exercise has been a bit more challenging than usual. Work schedule has left me exhausted. I can't get to the gym, due to the flooding. I have been working out at home, but not to the level I should be. Hopefully the waters receed soon, so I can get back to business.

I will check in later and get my challenges restarted :wave: TAke care all!

06-20-2008, 11:25 AM
I'm flying by here -
Day 3 - food b4 10
writing food day b4 isn't happening, although planning is. I prepare morning, lunch and snack every night to take with me in the morning, so I'm at least doing it... I'll restart that challenge again next week.

Red - every time I see your name I think of the Nena song - 99 luftballoons:balloons:

Apple Blossom
06-20-2008, 05:11 PM
30 min exercise, Day 17, 1 pause left.

WoW! I went running this morning and I went 4 MILES!!!! I was really nervous about it for some reason. 4 miles used to be my regular running distance back in my running days. Before kids.:dizzy: So it took me 10 minutes less than I thought. I really thought it would take me an hour. That was a pleasant surprise. I've never been very fast, 10 minute miles back then. I'm hoping to get close to that again. Next week turns out to be a recovery week on my program, so only 2 milers. I'll try to work on speed then. Unfortunately, after all that exercise, I feel like I can eat anything, so I really have to rein myself in.
Hi Jolly! Sounds like even off challenge you are doing well. Hope the craziness settles down.
Red, I know what you mean about unusual circumstances. They can actually be pretty common, like various celebrations that come close together. All of May was an unusual circumstance for me. End of school, birthdays etc...We need to be strong and not use them as excuses!
Hi Miriam!

06-20-2008, 06:15 PM
Very proud of myself for doing the crunches when I got home fairly late in the evening AND for making green vegetable juice (which takes longer and is not as tasty as carrot) also late after getting in.

No SUGAR Day 4 done 3 pauses left
No BOOZE Day 3 done 2 pauses left
VEG JUICE Day 4 done 3 pauses left
CRUNCHES Day 3 done 3 pauses left


Apple -- Great work on the running! I hear you on the feeling like you can eat anything because you've exercised. But DO eat something more, otherwise your body will scream later and you know what screaming leads to -- mini binges! Just don't allow the exercise to give you free reign. I would figure the calories and then think of what you want to subtract from the fat stores and allow yourself a max of the rest, if need be. I see guys at the gym doing a bit of cardio and then they say they spend a night with pints. Sure, it's better than nothing but it really cancels out the work they put in. Yeah, gotta stop making excuses. I think I am getting better at checking myself.

jolly, miriam, :wave: Sorry, gotta run!!!

06-20-2008, 07:32 PM
May I join you? I have never been able to stick to drinking all my water. I just love sodas! Luckily they are diet soda's...but they are not water. I go...8glasses a day...all in...every day for 21 days!

If you see me around the boards...Holla!!! I'm gonna need all the encouragement I can get for this one!


06-20-2008, 10:05 PM
Djay, welcome! Good luck with your challenge. Staying off the soda is a hard one for me too. Miriam, now I have that song in my head. Thanks! Hey Apple, are you training for anything? I do 4 miles again tomorrow. I told my sis not to tell me how far I am running, but I keep asking her anyway. I am enjoying running more and more.

and . . . Red, this is for you, I am enjoying weight training as well. I miss not being able to do my normal workout, with not being able to reach my gym. I am trying to do what I can at home. But, I have finally realized how much it helps my weight loss. And I am dropping sizes faster than pounds. So, weights it is!

I tried on 2 pairs of size 16 pants I have, and was able to get them up and fastened. About 10 pounds away from being able to wear them in public, but it's a start. I was at Kohl's tonight, and they had a sale. There was this gorgeous Vera Wang dress, and I was so tempted to buy it in the size I hope to be for the cruise. keep it as motivation. However, I don't have a lot of occasions to wear dressy dresses, and it would be my luck (with money) that it would be too big :D for the cruise.

Off to see about some food. We ran 3 miles tonight, then went and played a bit of tennis. Have a good night all :wave:

Shy Moment
06-21-2008, 01:35 AM
that is terrific. No time at all those pants will fit just how you want them to fit.

Welcome aboard

4 miles is a long way to run. Way to go

Sounds like you are getting it together. Take things in steps. Planning is great even if you don't get it all written down.

We all know you can do it. Now you have to know you can.

Day 20
All challenges complete
Glad I got my exercise in early. We were laying flooring and I flipped a piece of flooring over my shoulder to take it upstairs and pulled my back. Spent a great deal of today in bed. Don't have to exercise tomorrow so things are great lol. We are going to spend the weekend at the camp grounds so things are good. I am even breathing now lol. Not very quickly but I am breathing. I have found breathing isn't an option but it sure doesn't feel to good with my back right now lol. I have gotten the entire downstairs done so next week I start on the upstairs. I have about 3 weeks before company comes.

06-21-2008, 03:42 PM
Hi everyone! Successfully aced another Saturday!! Yippee!!

My baby <okay he's almost 4 but he's still a baby> was crying and knocking ont he door at 5:30 AM this morning and I'm like in lala land and WTH? I opened the door and the poor little bugger got a stomach virus and the was <literally> diarrhea ALL OVER MY HOUSE!! AARGH!!!! The only plus I guess is that in Israel we don't have carpeting - we have stone floors, so the cleanup was definitely easier.. Anyway - I didn't even bother waking my husband up (vomit is his responsibilty, hahaha) so my day kicked off... less than great!!

But I kept to my food plan today and thus completed day 4 of food B4 10.

Jolly & Apple - how fast do you run? I'm looking into that now, and maybe starting some sort of running program (2 suggestions I got we couch to 5K and 13 weeks to 10k) but I Don't know how fast running is!

Jolly - And WTG on the pants - I'm sure that your hard work will show you results faster than you expect! BTW - you could buy the dress and always get it TAKEN IN if necessary - now wouldn't that feel awesome? ;) ...and that silly song is stuck in my head, too. Even worse - I still remember the MTV video and we got rid of the boob tube when I was 8, so how sad am I? haha

Red - WTG on keeping your challenges - ESPECIALLY when you don't feel like it! I feel so proud of myself when I di the things that I REALLY DON"T WANT TO.

Rennie - sorry to hear about your back! What a bummer! Hey - tomorrow is your last day of your challenge! What's next?

Welcome Djay - good luck on your 8 glasses of water!

06-21-2008, 08:23 PM
Yay! One day down...20 to go! I drank all my water today! I feel much fuller and satsfied also. I don't know why it is so hard for me to do things that make me feel so mush better in the end!

Jolly congrats on the size 16! I can't wait to get there!
Shy hope your back feels better!
miriam you made me lol. I'm glad that part of motherhood is over...but sure miss having a sweet 4 y.o. around to love. Treasured times!
Thank you all for the warm welcome!

06-21-2008, 10:56 PM
Here's where I stand at the start of Sunday...though I'm well into Sunday now.

No SUGAR Day 5 done 3 pauses left
No BOOZE Day 4 done 2 pauses left
VEG JUICE Day 5 done 3 pauses left
CRUNCHES Day 4 done 3 pauses left


djay -- First of all, welcome!! :welcome3: and secondly, congratulations on a successful liftoff! You're flying already! :dancer:

jolly -- Yeah, the weight training is like nothing else. I learned that years ago when I lost a lot of weight but just looked like a smaller version of the shapeless blob I was bigger. Recently, I haven't been getting to the gym and my clothes are feeling horrible. It's back for me. Even over the past week I've been hitting the weights again, feeling good and seeing a difference already. They say once you've had the muscle it comes back very quickly and I see that. Lucky me. On the pants, :bravo: bravo! On the "10 lbs away from being able to wear them in public" I know exactly what you mean! :lol: There's getting them on and there's getting out in them, eh? Yeah, and that Vera Wang dress (who is she?) you no doubt will be too small by then, going as you are with the weights and running. When is the cruise, by the way and how small is the dress? Good luck! :goodluck:

Shy -- Glad to see you coming in regularly again. One day away! Hurrah!! Ouch on the back! Hope you're feeling better soon!

miriam -- How's the little fella? Poor guy and poor you. Not pleasant. It's a very good thing your house has stone floors, is all I can say! :eek: I've done well on the challenges recently but have doubts when things go well. Sigh. Things are SO bad at work. It may come to a lawsuit if I have the energy. Good for you for sticking to your plan despite the problems at home. :strong:

06-22-2008, 08:13 AM
Hey all. Been reading up, but not posting so much. I plan on restarting challenges tomorrow. Like I said, I haven't really fallen off the wagon (had a 4 pound loss this week), just not as careful about tracking things.

It has been hard to keep exercising without being able to get to the gym. Especially since I don't really want to be outside in the mornings, as all the water has resulted in a boom in the mosquito population.

Red, I am officially a weight training convert. I definitely see the difference in my weight loss when I do weights and when I don't. I never thought I would cross over, but . . .there you have it :shrug: Vera Wang is a designer. She is known most I think for her wedding gowns (and ice skating costumes - Kristi Yamaguchi used her a lot), but has designed a line for Kohls department stores, and is even designing mattresses. Who knew? I could pick whatever size I wanted. I think the thought of the dress could be enough for now. Even though I do not want to buy a new wardrobe for every size I lose, I am going to splurge a bit before the cruise, and buy outfits that rock, for whatever size I end up then.

I will try to post tonight, and set up my new challenges. Have a great day all :wave:

06-22-2008, 11:13 AM
4 pounds this week? I'd also be a jolly girl :)

okay friends - why weights?

06-22-2008, 01:51 PM
Thanks Miriam.

Muscle burns more calories than fat. Fat kind of just sits there. Doesn't take a lot to keep it in place. So, the calories you take in go to more fat. Muscle burns calories. You need more to keep muscle cells living. So, you need more calories = less goes to fat.

06-22-2008, 06:52 PM
Here we are at the start of Monday. Booze almost didn't make it yesterday but in the end it did. I didn't go out, just stayed home. That's just the way it's going to have to be, I'm afraid.

No SUGAR Day 6 done 3 pauses left
No BOOZE Day 5 done 2 pauses left
VEG JUICE Day 6 done 3 pauses left
CRUNCHES Day 5 done 3 pauses left

06-23-2008, 09:06 AM
Morning all. I went to bed early last night, to try and catch up on some much needed sleep. I still haven't figured out exactly how I want to restart my challenges. Hope to get that sorted out today. I do know that I need to embrace the changes, and fight for what I want.

I am feeling a bit down, and I know it is completely unreasonable. But the friend that I have the bet with is 5 pounds less than me. It is unreasonable for me to be down, because I started out 30 pounds heavier than her, and I am 5 inches taller. So I have lost 25 pounds more than she has. And, I probably look better because I am taller. But, I feel like I haven't worked hard enough. I need to get over it. And continue to fight, because I am not even half way there. I can do this. I will do this. I will keep on track working out, even with the issues getting to the gym. I will focus on how much better I feel. I will remember that food is fuel, not medication. I will reach a healthy weight.

So, will try to find challenges to start today.

Have a good day all :wave:

Apple Blossom
06-23-2008, 01:18 PM
30 min exercise, Day 19, 0 pauses left.
I didn't exercise yesterday. Did a bit of yard work, but not much. I was supposed to "stretch & strengthen" on my training program, but I was not inspired. I went 2 miles this morning, and I 'm going to work on speed. Miriam, I'm a slow runner! People walk faster than I "run"! Back in my running days I ran about a 10 minute mile. I was able to do that today, so I am encouraged. I want to get my 4 mile time down to 40 min. Anyway, Jolly, I am not training for any event in particular. I'd love to try a half marathon, I just haven't found a local one that fits my calendar yet. The program I'm using is for a 15K, which is not a common race distance. I chose it because it fit my current ability and seemed to be reasonable. For example, jumping from 3 miles to 4 in one week is probably too much, but then the program steps back with a week of short runs before another increase. The half marathon training program had longer runs in the first weeks that I was not ready for. I think after I finish this one, I'll do the half one. I'm feeling frustrated though, because as I start on my fourth week, I am seeing no results. Except that I can do it of course, thats nice, but having even a tiny bit of looseness in my shorts would be nice!! I know I need to got on a diet. Grrr. I can never get the 2 going at once.
Now that I think of it, when I was lifting weights regularly last year, I didn't get much in the way of visible results, but I definitely got stronger. So I can be stong, and lug out some mileage, but I'm still a:censored:... oh I won't say it.
Well, Jolly, good luck getting started, Red, you've almost got a full week under your belt!
Shy, your are almost there! :cheer2::cheer3::cheer2::cheer2::cheer3:
Welcome Djay!:welcome3:
Hi Miriam and everyone else out there!

06-23-2008, 10:49 PM
I am having a day. I am kind of standing on the edge of the abyss right now. I am in a funk - it is all revolving around me feeling like i am not good enough, never going to be good enough, etc, etc. So I start self sabotaging. i want to catch this now, and stay on track. I choose a healthy lifestyle.


06-24-2008, 12:36 AM
Not doing too well here... :( Drinking again last night. Things are too rough, too emotional at work and I carry it over and out of the office, naturally, where else am I going to take it?!? :dunno: Still, besides drinking yesterday I DID accomplish everything else. So gotta give myself a pat on the back for that. Drinking carrot juice now. Going to do the crunches and get out to the office. Wish me luck, please. :^:

No SUGAR Day 6 done 3 pauses left
No BOOZE Day 4 done 1 pause left
VEG JUICE Day 6 done 3 pauses left
CRUNCHES Day 5 done 3 pauses left


jolly -- What's wrong, kiddo? :hug: You just stop beating yourself up right NOW!!! I won't have it. You can scold yourself and berate yourself but just STOP!!! I don't care if you don't feel it, just say the words -- I HAVE DONE EXTREMELY WELL. I AM DOING WELL. I AM DOING MY BEST. MY BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH. I AM GOOD ENOUGH. I AM MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH. I AM DAMN MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH!!!!

Shy Moment
06-24-2008, 01:03 AM
I am so sorry you are going through such a hard time. You are worth a million times more than you think you are right now. Sometimes this journey we are all on gets tough. We have so many things going on and this is just one more thing to add to all the confusion. Sit and make a list for yourself. All the things that are important to you. Why they are important. How you eat and how you exercise I am sure will be on that list. Why are you doing this? You sit and think about it and you will see if nothing else, this is one thing you can control.

I found the same thing. The amount of exercise I do doesn't really effect how much weight I lose but it sure does show in how tone my body is getting. When I have to go down to just a couple of miles a day or even none when I do my back in really takes my stamina way quickly. Trying to go from a couple of miles to 10 is hard. Even trying to go from 2 miles a day to 4 can be tough. Take it slowly start at a mile and work yourself up slowly. All of it is good for us.

Good luck on those challenges.

I have been so busy haven't been posting much. Our Internet has only been on and off because of work they are doing on the lines. I am ready to start a new challenge.

1. Stay within my calories, fats and carbs that I have set for myself.
2. Exercise 5 days a week
3. Log everything I eat on fit day
4. Do something each day that makes me feel good

06-24-2008, 07:27 AM
Thanks guys. This is always "where the rubber meets the road." I have always had issues with not feeling good enough. i have always felt like if I was not perfect, I was nothing. This is an old "demon" caused by a careless statement a parent made 30 years ago. i have been traveling with it ever since. How do you define "perfect" in your weight loss efforts, right? The problem is, something triggers these feelings of inferiority, inadequacy. And then, because I feel like I will never be good enough, I self sabotage all my efforts.

This is all in my head folks. Seriously. I am happy though, that I realized where I was heading, ON DAY ONE. i have the opportunity to tackle this NOW, instead of 6 months from now, when i decided to get serious about my weight loss again, and try to lose all the weight I gained back.

Usually the first thing that happens is that I isolate myself. I will not allow that to happen. I am forcing myself to come on here and talk to you great people. I told my sister what was going on. I asked for last night to recharge my batteries, but then told her to not let me hide out. I need to keep my inner "Sporty Spice" going. I talked to a friend last night. She challenged me to figure out how I really feel about myself, and why? If I feel so bad about myself, what have I done to deserve it? I guess that is the next step I need to take.

I have always known that my weight, and my self concept issues were all intertwined. I have made great steps in developing a healthy lifestyle, I guess now is the time to tackle the self esteem/self concept issues, so that I can make it stick!

Thanks all for being here. Have a wonderful day!

06-24-2008, 06:56 PM
In and out here. Forgot to do the crunches yesterday. :( Oh well, clear on everything else. Was VERY tempted to take a pause on sugar but then didn't. I used to do challenges with NO pauses and I must say they were easier and probably made more sense, but having pauses does train you to GET BACK ON THE WAGON instead of allowing a slipup (not an intentional pause) to throw you. Later, all! :wave:

No SUGAR Day 7 done 3 pauses left
No BOOZE Day 5 done 1 pause left
VEG JUICE Day 6 done 3 pauses left
CRUNCHES Day 5 done 2 pauses left

06-24-2008, 06:59 PM
Hey all. Boy, do I know how to stop conversation or what?? I have to say, mentally I am doing better today. I really thought about what my friend said, and thought about WHY I feel so badly about myself. My mood is better. My eating today, alas, was not. But, tomorrow is another day. And I run tomorrow, and I don't want to feel like crap when I run. I don't feel good now, so my choices will be better.

Hope I didn't scare everyone off. Have a great night :wave:

06-24-2008, 07:55 PM
Ummm... I hope it's not too late to join... I shall...

Ride at least 5 miles on the bike every day--- 2 pauses
Stick to the Atkins Induction Rules--- 3 pauses
Drink 64+ Oz of Water Every Day--- 3 pauses

So, there they are! I'm just hoping I can stick with all of them... lol. I did ride 15 miles on the bike today, so 5 should be a breeze! Peace!

06-25-2008, 02:07 AM
Day 8 - food b4 10

I think maybe I should add another challenge, and then I started laughing to myself - my whole damn life is a series of challenges - wish I could cross some of THEM off after 21 days!!!!!!

Jolly- I can only speak for myself but I think a lot of people with weight issues suffer from self esteem issues, and it's interesting how you say that you go into hiding - I do that too, actually - I am doing that NOW - where I don't call anyone or talk to anyone, I just go to work and come home and go to work and come home.... Bad patches usually blow over at some point. Hope yours goes by quickly and your running improves your mood.

Welcome back Rennie, and welcome Rissa! Good luck on all of your challenges.

Red - I see those numbers coming along. WTG! Personally - I'm DYING for a drink - wish I had someone I could go hang out and drink with... Too bad you're in Tokyo! Wait - too bad you're off booze, LOL

06-25-2008, 09:01 AM
Good morning all. Miriam, that is exactly what I have done in the past. I am not allowing myself to go there again, as that lead to not working out, not caring what I ate, etc. I forced myself past it, and am already feeling better.

Apple, I am a slow runner too. Right now I am at a 13 minute mile. I dream about one day being a 10 min mile. I love John Bingham's articles in Runner's World, because it validates me as a slow runner. I even bought penguin gear from his website :lol:

I am ready to restart my challenges today. All are level 3's ( with the shifts I have been picking up, I realize I may need more soda/caffeine to get through).

1. No soda
2. Follow workout plan, including new core and some stretching.
3. Calorie counts. I know what I need to reach, too long to explain here.

Glad to see everyone else, and welcome Rissa. Have a good day all :wave:

06-25-2008, 12:51 PM
Day 1... completed on all tasks! No pauses used.

Apple Blossom
06-25-2008, 06:49 PM
30 min exercise, Day 21, 0 pauses left.!
Wow! I guess I didn't post yesterday. Looks like I finished a challenge!
I'm starting the same one over.
No time right now...keep on you guys!

06-25-2008, 07:51 PM
Hey all. Day 1 completed. Definitely feeling better about things today. Off to do our run soon. A little humid out, but I am sure we'll be fine.

Have a good one all. :wave:

06-26-2008, 01:32 AM
Yea Apple!! WTG!!!

I was in the gym yesterday - eager to start one of these jogging/running programs...

and I started to jog and I had this horrible stabbing pain in my gluteus maximus, and I'm like ? WTH??

And then I remembered what is was! Darnit - I'm getting a series of 12 B12 shots in the butt, and that's what was hurting me. Hmph. I got really irritated that I couldn't start the jogging program - an won't be able to at least for another 6 weeks, so I took it out on a 7% incline, hehe. Boy was I red afterwards!!! :)

06-26-2008, 08:58 PM
Hi all. Sorry to hear about your sore bum Miriam. Hope you can start soon.

I actually got a gym workout in tonight, as there is a branch of my gym near my friend's, where I had to pick up dog food. Weight is up today though, durn it.

Day 2, done.

Have a good one all :wave:

Shy Moment
06-26-2008, 09:51 PM
Hello everyone
Day 2 all challenges met

I am sure glad I don't let my parents effect me. I was told from the day I was born I was about worthless. Funny, I am the one in the family with the nice house and they all live in slop lol. It took a long time to finally realize they were the ones that aren't worth much.

The first step is to look at those that help you not feel good about yourself. Consider the source, they probably aren't worth much. I now stay away from my family. After years of them coming to me for help all the time I am done. You are a wonderful person. You come and and are full of encouragement for everyone. Sometimes, we need to get the people out of our lives that aren't good for us. People like food can make us sick.


You are so right about life being full of challenges. We need to pick the things and people in our lives that help us along the journey to a more healthy thinner person and that includes mental health. Hope the bum feels better.


06-26-2008, 10:31 PM
Sorry... runnin' a little behind... but day 2 completed, no pauses used!

06-27-2008, 04:32 AM
Hi everyone,

Thanks for your posterior wishes ;)

Rennie - you are so right that there are people who make us sick - literally.. That's what's going on with me today - my surroundings are giving me so much aggro that Iv;e got the mother of all migraines... <sigh>

Life is ONE BIG challenge, and unfortunately - today I don't feel like I'm rising to this particular one. :(

Hope y'all are doing better than me-!!!!

06-27-2008, 07:34 PM
Hi all. Rennie, unfortunately the person that makes me feel bad is . .. ME. I do it to myself. MOst of the people in my life are uber-supportive. I am meaner to myself than anyone else can be, and I need to change that.

Miriam, hope your challenge lightens soon.

Have a good night all. Off to pick up the trainer for my bike, so morning workouts are easier. :wave:

Shy Moment
06-28-2008, 12:03 AM
Day 3
All challenges complete.

I think we all, from time to time, need to make a list about our selfs. There are so many ways we touch peoples lives. Even the person in the hall at work that we made smile. It all counts.

Apple Blossom
06-28-2008, 12:13 AM
30 min exercise, Day 2 done, 2 pauses left.
Hey everyone. I am 1 day away from 4 weeks on this running program and it has not made one HOOT of difference in my weight. And my eating habits have not changed. You would think that a 300-400 calorie deficit would make a difference, but not with my stubborn metabolism. Well, I read somewhere that the magic time block is 6 MONTHS. So I just have to keep on keeping on I guess. I have to admit I felt GREAT after my run today. I was too lazy in the morning to get up, so later in the day I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill. As much as I hate running in place, it is nice to be able to control the pace, so I definitely ran a 10 minute mile for 2 miles. In case you haven't heard, half of California is on fire, or so it seems, and the smoke all settles into the Sacramento Valley. It's kind of a bowl, there are mountains on all sides so unless there is a lot of wind, the smoke is going nowhere. It's really gross. It's unhealthy to exercise outdoors. I'm dying to go to the beach, to see blue sky to breathe fresh air! Unfortunately, my mother-in-law broke her leg and my dedicated husband won't leave town. And then I feel selfish...Ughh. Sorry for the vent.
Sounds like everyone is doing well...Miriam, maybe moving your butt will help relax it and help with the pain....keep trying some walking...
Shy, I'm glad you can shut out the bad influences...
HI to everyone else!

06-28-2008, 03:34 PM
Hi all

Day 11 - food b4 10

Jolly - SO with you on that one - being meaner to myself than anyone else, although teenage step-kids fight vigorously for the title, haha...

Rennie - You're right, start the list :)

Apple - WTG for you perseverance in exercise. I'm trying to talk myself into doing something in the field of exercise tonight - I can't do the treadmill due to my aching posterior and pounding headache.. Always a good reason not to go to the gym, eh? :) But I think I'll go tomorrow anyway and work on strength training. I love watching the biggest loser - would love if we had boxing stuff at our gym. Looks like so much fun!!

Also And what's up with the fires in California??
I'm a native Californian, and was back a couple years ago for the first time in 18 years...

Apple Blossom
06-28-2008, 06:53 PM
30 min exercise, Day 3 done, 2 pauses left.
Looks like today might be a pause day, I had something to do this morning and the gym closes at noon. It's the first time I've missed a day on the running program. (I'm supposed to cross train today) Off to a BBQ now, so it doesn't look good. On a more positive note, my shorts feel maybe a tiny tiny bet better today....
We didn't get enough rain this winter, so it's really dry out here. There was a whole lot of dry lightning last week, which set off most of the fires. There are about 800 of them state wide! It's actually looking a bit better today, although I haven't checked the news or anything.
Hope everyone is having a great week-end!

Shy Moment
06-29-2008, 12:28 PM
yesterday was day 4
Good day just went on forever. I didn't stop around here till about 1 am I think. I am getting my basic requirements in but I am not eating enough. Am lucky to get in the 1200 calories. Can't wait until I have everything done and am back on schedule lol. As you know, I thrive on schedules lol. Today is an easy day

Straighten basement
Clean spare room
Clean over head fans( 8 of them )
Clean oven ( self cleaning but you still need to clean it out )
Do laundry
Get grass from between concrete sections in drive
Clean all trash cans inside and outside cans
Weed eat yard

I am finally getting to the bottom of my list of things to do. After this, the house gets a good cleaning top to bottom and I should be done lol. Not so bad, I will have Monday and Tuesday to do this. Plus I want to mow the yard again one of those days. That will give me Wednesday to take the dog to the groomer and take myself to the groomer lol. Then Thursday is the vet and do my nails. Then do anything that might need done around the house. Friday morning I am out of here until Sunday night. Thursday night I will get the food together for the camp grounds. The camp grounds is the easiest place to stay on track as far as eating goes. We only eat what I take so there is nothing to tempt me lol.

we have rain rain rain. I went forever that I was doing 10 miles two times a week of walking/aerobic videos and 8 miles three times a week of walking/aerobic videos along with 40 min of some kind of resistance training and it didn't make any difference in my weight loss. I was losing at the same rate I did when I didn't exercise at all. Now mind you, the toning that is going on with my exercise makes it well worth the time I put into it. I burned myself out and since I wasn't seeing an increase in weight loss and it was killing my knees. I have cut back to 6 to 8 miles 5 days a week and about 40 min Resistance training 3 times a week. I still stay within some general ranges for myself, 1200 to 1400 calories, 30 to 35 grams fat and 180 to 210 grams carbs or general ranges of no more than 25% fat, 60% carbs the rest protein. Seems I am generally 22% fat, 55% carbs and 23% protein. Just seems to be how things come out to get the required amounts of the four basic food groups eaten each day. I haven't seen any weight loss for awhile but that was expected since I was back on the meads for awhile. I am just happy to be maintaining the weight loss.

I think I beat myself up far more than anyone else does too.

Any given day my kids think I am the worst mother in the world. GOOD, means I am doing something right. They aren't suppose to like me at their age. Did the step kids ( teenagers ) before I had children. Teenage step kids can be killers lol.

06-29-2008, 09:48 PM
Hey all. Real quick post. I officially reached 50 pounds lost today. despite myself :o I am very proud of what I have accomplished so far. And very excited about what the future holds. I am trying to decide if I want to sign up for one of the online dating thingies. I am finally realizing that I am not boring, and I have something to offer.

Well, I need to think about doing yoga, and gettin some sleep. More later all :wave: Have a great night!

06-29-2008, 11:54 PM
Hey all. Am going to be restarting everything and going WITHOUT pauses till my birthday Aug. 8. One of my cats died yesterday. She's been with me nearly 20 years. It was hard, really hard and I still have to deal with her body, not easy in this city of concrete...that and the mess and that on top of a ton of work to do at home and staying home from the office. I am NOT in good shape. I was eating junk food, drinking tons, smoking tons. It's going to stop and today and then July 1 as an official start is what I plan on doing. I miss my cat. :(

06-30-2008, 04:04 AM
Awww Red!!! So sorry to hear about your cat :hug:

I bet she was a good friend all these years. :(

Good for you for cleaning yourself up and making new resolutions.

We're rooting for you!!!

Jolly - WTG - 50 pounds!! Woohoo!!!!! And why on earth would you think you're boring?! Because you carry more weight than other people??

06-30-2008, 04:29 AM
Thanks, Miriam. That's sweet of you. I really miss her. She was a friend for all these years. Unlike the others, it was always Mu who was there for me to hold as I cried, often into her fur. Nozomi and Momo don't like to be held, and Mu's brother Shachi ALWAYS wants to be held. Also, the others weren't there as long as she was. The first two are younger and Shachi preferred to live next door until that person moved into an old folks' home. Of course, I knew Mu was failing. She was, after all, 19 and recently especially she wanted to be near me, which she didn't used to. Sigh. Ah well, I'm going to clean up her favorite spot and buy some flowers to put where she died. I buried her outside this morning, clandestinely and right outside the door. Though I'm not religious in the go-to-church sense, I try to make the burying easier by thinking, "from dust we come, from dust we shall return." Never really understood about the "from dust" part, but the words are comforting nonetheless. It beats the garbage and I'm not big on the Japanese way of cremation. I did consider it this time, but somehow having the ashes around don't comfort me or I don't think they would. Of course, the Japanese bury the ashes after a period. Still, I have my memories and it's not about the body as far as I'm concerned. Ok, enough. Sorry for the outpouring. I am thus far being good, trying to get myself together, feel like totally falling apart but where would it get me, for whom? :^:

06-30-2008, 06:37 AM
Red, so sorry to hear about the poor little cat. You've certainly done her proud - 19 years is a very long time for a cat. She must have loved you plenty to stay around that long.

Long time no talk but I have been extremely busy, I have however been lurking about. I'm working between home and Jakarta. It's kinda stressful, but okay at the same time.

Catch up with you later.

06-30-2008, 07:55 AM
Oh Red, I am so sorry to hear about your cat. Even when they have lived a long lovely life, it is never easy to say goodbye. Pets, our "fur children", bring so much to our lives. My thoughts are with you, and good luck with your restarts. Here's to July 1!

06-30-2008, 09:09 AM
Shad! You sweetie! Lurking but coming in for your kind words. Thank you! And yes, 19 is long for a cat. I hoped she loved me as much as I loved her. Oh, darn, there I go crying again....
And jolly, thank you so much. Yes, they are our "fur children." I guess it is kind of amazing that she had such a long life, with no real problems or accidents. She was a very smart cat. Her brother is still with me. He is mentally not as strong, takes to howling a lot lately with what I suppose is some sort of senility but as soon as I call his name his howl changes to a sweet little meow. Thanks for the encouragement too. Maybe I'll do these challenges in memory of Mu.

Photo of Mu taken late last year...

06-30-2008, 01:20 PM
Oooo - I love black cats! So sleek and sexy looking :)
RIP, little Mu!!! Red loved ya, look after her from cat-heaven!!

Apple Blossom
06-30-2008, 06:34 PM
30 min exercise, start over I guess....:shrug:I missed a cross training work out and the I loafed around yesterday too. I did go running today, another 4 miler. I improved my time by 5 minutes! I think just knowing that I CAN do it, made me able to relax and enjoy. Friday is a 5 miler....
Starting to think again about a no beer challenge, but I might be just thinking about it for a while....
Shy, after my run today, hot hot hot I was thinking about how I can't wait until the fall to go running in the rain again. Every since I moved to California it seems weird to me that it rains else where in the summer. Your calorie limit and carb/fat/protein breakdown is about the same as what I shoot for when I diet. I find it difficult to diet when my husband is around though. (He travels a lot, so I have periods of time when I can at least try.) Anyway, I should be more disciplined.
Red, sorry to hear about your cat. Having recently lost my old dog, I know how you feel. A part of your family has left, and it's hard. Find comfort in your memories! Good idea to dedicate your new challenge to her. The MU Challenge!
Jolly, you go girl! Watch out all you guys out there! a friend of mine actaully met her husband through an on line dating thing. I'm so proud of your new out look, and congrats on the 50! Thats AWESOME!!!!:cheer3::cheer2:

06-30-2008, 10:31 PM
Hey all. Red, that is a gorgeous picture of Mu. RIP, Mu. Apple, how are you doing with the fires out by you? Hope all is ok. Thanks for the encouragement.

I think I am making some slow progress in the area of self esteem and body image. I had all these oversized sweats for working out. I hacked them off shorter. and now, I am almost wanting to buy spandex, or something that at least fits a tad closer to the body, as I am liking how my legs are starting to look. It is ironic, I was telling a friend of mine that she can look great no matter what size she is, but have such a hard time accepting that in myself. Baby steps.

I went out for a bike ride to check out the flood areas, then we played tennis for a while (note: how you pack your tennis rackets in your backpack is VERY important, if you don't want to get whacked in the head!). It felt great. I am enjoying being active. I only wish I had discovered my inner "Sporty Spice" when I was like 8!

all righty then. I have a 6a shift tomorrow, so must grab some sleep. Have a super night all!

07-01-2008, 08:48 AM
Wow Jolly - You're almost halfway to your goal! WTG!!
I see you on the spandex - I have started coming to the gym in shirts every now and then and I actually feel good about showing off some skin. Not my stomach though. That's serious plastic surgeon material only :)

07-01-2008, 10:37 AM
Good morning, all.

New month - fresh start! I did finish my last challenge while I was on holiday. Then I just sort of slacked. I haven't been on the scale in almost two weeks, but have my monthly checkup this Thursday, which now has me concerned:o. I will just wait until Thursday morning to weigh myself.

New challenges are:
At least 3 servings daily of fruits/vegetables - day 1 completed (start 6/30) 2 pauses
No fast food - day 1 completed (start 6/30) 3 pauses (I shouldn't give myself any pauses for this, but I want to make it doable)
Calories under 1800 - day 1 completed (start 6/30) 3 pauses - As Rennie said, I am NOT eating for two! I just need about 300 more calories daily!

Red - I am so sorry to hear about Kitty Mu. I am glad you were able to inter her near you.

Jolly - congratulations on 50 pounds lost! That is fantastic!

I will chat more later. Great to see how everyone is doing!

Apple Blossom
07-01-2008, 06:08 PM
30 min exercise, Day 1, 2 pauses left
Just a fly by! Hi everyone!

07-01-2008, 08:54 PM
Hey all. Good luck with your checkup Fish. hope all is going well with you and the little Junior Mint.

I am feeling pretty discouraged right now. Had a really bad run. Did a 4 mile route we have been doing. Just felt like I had elephant legs, and that every stride was just slamming into the ground. My get up and go had got up and went. Then, to top it off, my knee went. I know it is just temporary, and just because I was striding so hard. But sheesh! Sunday's 4 mile run was fabulous. Yesterday morning's 2 mile run was great. Then I backslide. I am trying not to listen to the tapes in my head. The ones that say I will never do this, am crazy to even try. But it is hard.

Good news is that one of hte bridges is open in town, so i can get to the gym in the morning again finally. Hurray!

Here's to a better day tomorrow folks. hope your days are all going well :wave:

07-01-2008, 09:05 PM
Hi all. Don't feel like talking. More things happening yesterday and the outlook is bleak. More later.
Getting back to the work at hand, at least for this thread, just want to say for the record that I did start my In Memory of Mu Challenge dedicated to change and transition.
It is the usual with me but harsher this time in that I am tolerating NO pauses and actually it will be an extended 21-dayer as it must go through to my birthday Aug. 8.
The simplicity of it is what I like. No need to think. No need to DO, just bear with it and carry on. With heavy heart...
No sugar, no cigarettes, no booze, no processed foods.
Simple, if not sweet. Day 1 (July 1) is already done.

Shy Moment
07-02-2008, 01:26 AM
Sometimes, for some people the simplistic approach is the only way to go. Red, I am sorry about your cat. I do understand the loss. Our pets are our friends and I think we talk to them more than we do to other people about our problems sometimes.

Sometimes things get rough for everyone. You aren't alone. The exercise we do everyday seems so easy then all of a sudden it is the hardest thing we have ever had to do. Not sure why that happens. Take care of that knee. They know it isn't funny but the kids laugh and laugh when I am doing a walking/aerobic video, I am going away at it, really into it and out goes the knee and I am on the floor. So happy to give them free entertainment lol. Ok, when they are done laughing they do come and help me get up.


Hope things are going well.

Even after what I have lost, I want to dress in black trash bags if anyone sees me working out lol.

Day 6 All challenges complete

07-02-2008, 11:13 AM
At least 3 servings daily of fruits/vegetables - day 2 completed (start 6/30) 2 pauses
No fast food - day 2 completed (start 6/30) 3 pauses
Calories under 1800 - day 2 completed (start 6/30) 3 pauses


Apple - hope all is going well. Keep up with the exercise! I finally dragged my bottom into the gym yesterday after a week:o I like going, but when I haven't gone in a day or two it is so easy to just not go again.

Jolly - watch out for your knees! It sucks when you have a bad run. Just remember, everyone has bad workout days, even Alberto Salazar. Try to not let it get you down.

Red - best wishes. We are here for you:hug:

Shy - You are doing great on the challenges. I am sure your children appreciate the "entertainment."

Miriam - Hi there! Hope you are doing well.

07-02-2008, 05:01 PM
Heh all, Apple, Fish, Shy, jolly, thanks for all the kind words. I am still hit down. Have another cat to bury now. 5 a.m. and I have to get ready to leave but I have to bury a kitten I found and tried to save but couldn't. She died at the vet's yesterday's all a bit much for me, what with work a huge question mark and changes about to take place there. I wonder why my life seems to be so horrid....

In any case, Day 2 is done on the challenge.

Mu's brother, Shachi, isn't eating and I'm wondering if he is going too or if he's mourning. Sigh. Wish me luck, people. I really, really need some bright moments in my life.

07-02-2008, 05:16 PM
Awwww Red........... :hug: :hug:

So sorry to hear about your further feline misfortunes! Let's hope that your furry friends are giving you the rest of their 9 lives to help you deal with your own challenges.

And good for you - day #2!!! You're still holding strong despite the adversity.

Hoping things will pick up for you soon, and you'll see some clear sparkles of happiness really really soon!

07-02-2008, 05:46 PM
Thanks, Miriam. I just buried the kitten. I feel like a gravedigger these days.... :^:
Thanks for the encouragement too. You hang in there too.

Apple Blossom
07-02-2008, 06:10 PM
30 min exercise, Day 2, 2 pauses left.
Jolly, I felt EXACTLY the same way today. I had a 3 miler, and I had no energy, and I had to walk quite a bit. My knee bugged me a bit too. So I'm wondering if I'm ever going to be able to get an 8 mile run in, and should I even bother since all of this running is not making a difference anyway???
EXCEPT, I love running, I just don't like running first thing in the morning, and I don't like running in the heat. Don't like doing anything in the heat, actually, except this:beach: Ughh. The fall will be better for this. But I'm not going to quit.

Red, I am sorry to hear about your kitties. That's a lot to go through all at once. I hope Shachi is OK. :hug:
Shy, almost a week for you! Keep it up!
Fish, you are out of the starting gate!
Hope all is well with the baby! Did you have your 20 wk ultra sound?

07-02-2008, 09:40 PM
Fish - thanks for the Salazar reference :D Apple, yes, you can do it! So what if you need to walk some of it. You are still better than most of the people out there. Shy, so nice of your kids to be "entertained."

Red, I am so sorry. Just know that Shachi is enjoying a long loved life like Mu did. And you gave that poor lost kitty love in the short time you had - probably more than it ever had. You are a wonderful animal lover. I hope things get better soon.

Shy Moment
07-03-2008, 12:52 AM
Day 7
I am dead dog tired. Heavy Sighhhhh. My sons room is done, the house is ready for a good cleaning Monday. Tomorrow is a pretty easy day. Go to the vet, go to the groomer. Mow and trim the yard. Finish my daughters room and then scrub the carpets in my son and my daughters room, straighten the house, do laundry. Get everything packed so I can be out of here by 9 on Friday morning. Oh, do my nails before I go to bed. The only thing I am going to be doing for my three day weekend is tubbing, swimming and reading a good book lol. Ok, I might sweep the camp area. Those darn leaves and grass clippings can be a real pain :)

I hope you start to feel better soon. Real sad around here too. My daughters dwarf hamsters are all around 2 to 3 years old and they are all dieting. Feel so bad for her.

My children hated me today lol, thats ok they shouldn't like me at their ages :). I made them do things over and over until they were done right all day long.

One day seems like another to me anymore lol.

07-03-2008, 01:15 AM
Good morning all

Rennie - hope you have a great vacation - heck, you deserve one after all that cleaning! I have 2 kids on vacation already - here in Israel my girls have 8 weeks, and the boys only have 3. Love it, haha. Be careful with that knee though - might be a good idea to consult a physiotherapist or doctor about the types of exercise you should be doing now.

Fish - you're so far along! Are you showing yet? Isn't it cool to feel the baby moving? My first child is made of Ben and Jerry's white russian ice cream and chocolate milk - I gained 50 lbs with my first pregnancy - and I thought I'd have this big baby, LOL. He was average at birth - but you should see him now - he's a scrawny skinny little thing. Sooooskinny. I have no idea where he gets that bukld from, but I wish it was contagious!!

Apple - what time of day do you like to run? Personally - if I don't get it in first thing in the morning - that's it for me. I'm knackered the rest of the day and generally can't move at all at night. Very rarely I go out and get some walking at night.

Jolly - how goes it? You know the saying "love thy neighbor like thine self" - you can't truly love other people if you don't love yourself. Ponder that one... And meanwhile - watch out for those knees. What's going on with everone's knees?

Red - how are you doing? Don't think of yourself as a gravedigger, but as an emissary to put the cat at final peace. You were instrumental during their lives, and you've completed their circle. Hang in there..

07-03-2008, 11:35 AM
At least 3 servings daily of fruits/vegetables - day 3 completed (start 6/30) 2 pauses
No fast food - day 3 completed (start 6/30) 3 pauses
Calories under 1800 - day 3 completed (start 6/30) 3 pauses


I made it to the gym again yesterday!:carrot: I won't make it today because I have a doctor's appointment, but have exercise written into my schedule every day for the three-day weekend!

Red - oh my gosh - that is is lot of sadness for just a few days. :hug: I hope Shachi is doing better. I hope you are doing better as well.

Apple - running is great, isn't it? I cannot wait until after Magnus is born and I can hit the road again. Plus, by November, we have cool, crisp mornings! Walking is just not the same! You will get to 8 miles eventually - it just takes some time. Or, you could do what I did, and sign up for a ten-mile race, having only run 10Ks previously:D
We did an ultrasound at 16 weeks - and my doctor says I don't need another one until after they do a diabetes test/bloodwork at 28 weeks. DH wants one of those 3D scans, but i think they look creepy.

Jolly - take it easy today, and get some running in tomorrow. I have been watching the track and field olympic trials and feel inspired. Is 38 too old to become a decathelete?:p

Shy - I'm tired from reading everything you did yesterday:dizzy: And *Monday* will be the *heavy* cleaning day?!? Enjoy your weekend - and try relaxing!:) Leave the cleaning supplies at home!

Miriam - I am definitely showing! It is cool to feel him wiggling around, plus I know he is alive in there:D But it can get very distracting. Last weekend my mom told sissy and me that she gained 63 pounds with each of us! And my mom was pretty skinny back in the 70s. I actually braved the scale this morning, and it really wasn't bad. Only 15 pounds so far, which I think just a little above what my book says is healthy.

I will talk to everyone later!

Apple Blossom
07-03-2008, 07:06 PM
30 min exercise, Day 3, 2 pauses left.
I just realized that even though today is a rest day on my running schedule, I still have to come up with 30 min, walking or something. Might be going to a baseball game tonight so it doesn't look good. I'll alk the dog before I go to bed. Maybe/;)
Glad you are doing well, Fish! I'm so excited for you! Be careful exercising right after the birth. I felt great so I started walking and easy jogging only a few days after my first was born, and ended up spraining my ankle, because my ligaments were still all lose from giving birth. :p
Shy, I feel kind of like a lazy slob after reading about all of your cleaning! You deserve your days off, thats for sure!
Hello Red! I hope your are well!
Hi Jolly & Miriam!

07-03-2008, 09:25 PM
Hello all. Was going to reply and then just got one reply done (to jolly) and not mine yet and time has run out. I am again late for work. I am feeling better, even though all your kind words brought on the tears again. Really, you are most kind.
For the record, Day 3 is done and behind me.
It's Friday. Happy Fourth of July to all you Americans out there!
I said yesterday at the office that we should at least have some fireworks in the office today. I can provide them.... :lol3: No wonder upper management loves me. I always say, "I'm NOT trying to be difficult.....It just comes naturally!"

jolly -- Yeah, it was a lot in a short time, and I still cry thinking about the both of them and I do wonder why I was meant to find that kitten. To me, giving love when I don't see it as "helping" seems kind of meaningless. But, perhaps no, and this is something I need to learn. I already DO it, but it always seemed so for nought, just that it was something, stupid me, couldn't help but do. I have a feeling there's a lot of things I don't know about love still. And jolly, you obviously are quite an animal lover yourself. Thank you. And for you, gentle athlete, what do you mean, "not making a difference anyway???" It cannot possibly NOT make a difference. You just can't see what's going on, perhaps. But it is surely changing all sorts of things inside you, including your attitude. You "love running?" Well, look at that, how wonderful to hear the passion in your words. Now, THAT"S a difference if I ever saw one. So, if you have to walk or even crawl, do it with a laugh, because you're DOING it. It's not the times or the winning form, it's the SPIRIT that counts, always! jolly, remember these words....

"There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still." 
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Shy Moment
07-04-2008, 02:21 AM
When I was about 20 I was in an accident. I was told I would never walk again. They just don't understand how God looks out for us lol. I walked. In my early 30's I was told I would be in a wheel chair by 40 never to walk again. Well I am going on 46 and still walking lol. I am not suppose to do any exercise at all lol, it is hard on the joints. I say we all live with things. A little pain is nothing. Getting this body in shape so I have as healthy a body in my old age I can have is important. I pretty much gave up on what doctors say ages ago. They seem to always be full of doom and gloom. There are signs my body gives me and I sure do listen to them and slow down or not exercise at all for awhile. I have that worked into my challenge. I feel better now than I have felt in years.

lol I will do a good cleaning of the camper while we are at the camp grounds. Great place to do it because there is lots of room. Monday is an easy day lol. I will do normal cleaning. No scrubbing walls and such. Probably take about 4 hours to do the house from top to bottom. Nice easy day. I didn't get the kids carpets scrubbed today because I spend most of the morning getting a used car since our other one the kids drove was totaled. Scrubbing carpets was moved to Monday along with normal house cleaning. Monday night will be spent in a nice hot tub with a good book :)

lol. I clean like this, usually takes a couple of weeks once a year. Rest of the year is generally just normal day to day cleaning. So nice to have everything done at least one time a year lol. I keep wanting to go back to work so I can have a rest lol.

Giving a person or an animal affection and attention is never for naught. For a little while affection is felt and the recipient doesn't feel alone and uncared for. Thank you for careing for those little animals.

Day 8
All done

07-04-2008, 12:13 PM
Wow Rennie - what a trooper! Amazing what people go through and come out on their feet - literally :) I have my own doctor horror stories too...
How long are you going camping for?

Apple - I had SPD during my last 2 pregnancies - what a bummer.

Fish - I gained TONS with almost all of my pregnancies, except for 1 - when I was sick the whole time. But I was really young for the first couple and it all the pounds just poured off. The ones with the GD have stuck with me though - and I'm trying real hard to shift them!

Red - what fireworks are you setting off in work now, pray tell.... LOL

I've had a ROTTEN day! Life will pick up though, I'm sure!

Apple Blossom
07-04-2008, 05:02 PM
30 min exercise, Day 3, 1 pauses left.
I don't know if I should take that pause or start over, but I guess I'll give it a shot...I slept late today and was not motivated to run the 5 miles I was supposed to today, so I ran 2.5, felt good too. Once I got started I might have been able to get it done, but I didn't want to suck up all that time. I guess if I had gotten up early I would have done it.:shrug: I'll run the other 2.5 tomorrow. I'm not sure I'm ready for it anyway. I'm definitely going to repeat this week instead of moving on.
Good to hear from you Red! Giving love ALWAYS helps, even if it doesn't end happily, or doesn't seem to make a difference. Sometimes it gets hard to give give give, we can't all be Mother Teresa, but don't ever stop.
Anyway, your sense of humor is alive and kicking, that's great!
Shy, you are one amazing woman!
Hi Miriam, Jolly & Fish!

07-04-2008, 07:11 PM
Day 4 is done on my In Memory of Mu Challenge. It feels good.
Will try to get in here sometime later today and write more. Later. :wave:

07-04-2008, 10:16 PM
Hey all. Haven't written - didn't want to admit I was losing focus. Luckily, you are sent helpers when you need them - if you are willing to recognize them. I ate very poorly at the holiday picnic. Was home, and my sister was using the computer to register for our races. I was thinking of what I could make for dinner, and she was saying she didn't think she would need to eat again. Made me realize that my stomach was not hungry. My brain was. So, was able to not eat anything more. I need to focus on my eating My exercise is getting back on track as I can reach the gym, but the eating is definitely off. This is not looking to be a good week, and it is all my own doing. I need to recommit, refocus, restart my challenges, and kick some @$%.

Hope everyone is having a good day. :wave:

Apple Blossom
07-05-2008, 02:46 PM
30 min exercise, Day 4, 1 pauses left.
Today is not shaping up as an exercise day, I had an obligation this morning and now I have the kids so I can't run or go to the gym. Hopefully going to the beach soon.
Jolly, don't worry about it too much. Just do like you said, refocus, recommit. You can do it!
I got this quote from a fortune cookie, I really like it:
You can obtain your goal if you maintain your course.
Have a great week end everyone!

07-05-2008, 05:23 PM
Day 5 is done.

07-06-2008, 01:13 AM
Wow Red - almost a week!Keep it up!

I feel rotten - darn headaches and lack of sleep. Hmph.
Didn't go to the gym today 'cause my ride flaked out on me and i can bear the walk form the bus stop to the gym - I get all sweaty first thing in the morning. Grr.

07-06-2008, 04:26 AM
Heh Miriam, but it's not a week yet and I am losing momentum already. The first few days were easy, but things are getting harder, especially because I feel fatter than ever. Still, I have to remember this is not about health and fitness and weight loss. I'm doing it in memory of Mu. It's the least I can do for a friend of 19 years. I will consider it a type of tribute, hardship on my part. Do hope you feel better!

07-06-2008, 10:26 AM
Hey all. Restarting all of my challenges today. I will remain focused on them, and I will reach my goals. I will not be afraid of success.

All are level 3's
1) Follow workout plan - inlcuding daily stretching/core work
2) Count calories and stay on plan for all but one meal (under 1200 M-F, and under 1100 Sa-Su). Just to explain, counting calories is where I usually fall off. So, to get myself in the groove, I give myself one meal I don't have to count. Then, I can add it back in, without feeling hugely deprived.
3) No soda.

Have a great day all :wave:

P.S. I did my first 5 mile run yesterday, and don't feel half bad!!

07-06-2008, 05:33 PM
Well, I got through Day 6. Even got to the gym, though that's not part of my challenge. Now Monday morning and I'm sore but up and preparing to head to the gym once again, this time for jogging. I have noticed, gulp, how much fat has accumulated on my posterior. Gads. I figure the best way to get rid of that is through jogging and lower body weights, two things I've been avoiding.


jolly -- Good luck on your interesting challenges! And congrats on that run! :yes:

07-07-2008, 01:41 AM
As I searched for 21 day challenge thread, my first outbirst was "great to see that everyone is here: Red, Apple, Jolly, others.", moments later pressing the "POST" button I realized that this may not come accross as desired.
Actually I am very happy to see everyone. How have you all been???

I need to get myself back in here.
I am a bit jealous (in a good way), initially I started out as many of you, lost 20lb. I am so glad to see that you've all kept it off and doing well. I've gained it all back, all because I stop.
If I only knew a way not to find a lame set of excuses and stop.

A year ago around July 18th, I started. Well, I was smaller than I am now, and I did gain some during last year. This the time to start all over again, or perhaps continue things that were working!

Perhaps you may be interested to find out how my life changed during this year, so read on:

Few years ago, I lost a really good boyfrined as he married his wife, and felt that it would cause too much damage if he kept in contact. So we stopped talking, which was quite sad as we really understood each other well.
I did try to date many, but never liked anyone. Last August a guy wrote to me online, we talked, we met, and after 4 days he disappeared. It was so sad, so devestating. Interestingly for the first time in my life I could not eat when I was nervous and sad! So I went after him, found him, and talked. Turned out, he really liked me, but with much of prior bagage was certain that eventually we will break each others hearts. As the older one, he decided he will cut out at the begging. I was against it, and well long story short - we've been living togethre since September.
Have had our ups and downs, even now we are down, as we just argued.
Our major arguements are around my eating and lack of motion. Even he gained one size. His usual manifests are "you are already so beatiful, you do not really need this piece of cake", or " I don't want to watch you die".
I have had several problems with my knees, and as I turned 30 last December, I had found that more "bad" gest stuck easily.
Not for him, but for myself, or perhaps for both of us, I should be doing something.

It may be harder in some ways this time around, as I must have regard for "together" time, meals, and etc. I should say that he cooks well, and usually enjoys it. Luckuly he is not into pasta, and bread. He does not demand sweets, and such. He is big on meat, and if not trimmed, it can bear more calories than I should have. Portion control was easier to control back then, as I cooked only 'diet' things, so this may become a new challenge for me, who knows.

07-07-2008, 01:53 AM
Simple Start for 7/7/08

A: H2O (Level 1)- drink 4 bottles of water per day
B: Time (Level 3)- do not eat past 7:30pm

07-07-2008, 08:37 AM
Good morning all. Red, good luck with the running and weights. I can't believe the person who preached weight training to me needs to pick it back up ;) Cbeta, glad you came back if you need the support. We're here for ya! Good luck with your challenges, and best wishes on your new relationship.

Here's to day one. I can do this. I will do this.

Have a great day all :wave:

07-07-2008, 12:19 PM
At least 3 servings daily of fruits/vegetables - day 6 completed (start 6/30) 1 of 2 pauses used
No fast food - day 7 completed (start 6/30) 3 pauses
Calories under 1800 - day 6 completed (start 6/30) 1 of 3 pauses used


This is just a quick post - I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I made it to the gym Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I am taking today off! Maybe I will take a walk around the block during lunch, but am really fatigued today.

Apple Blossom
07-07-2008, 05:39 PM
30 min exercise, Day 6, 1 pauses left.
Well, we did make it to the beach, and it was a beach that you have to hike in to, so I got my exercise in too! Oh it was soooo nice at the beach. Perfect temp, no fog. Ahhhh. Yesterday I made it to the gym, and this morning I walked. I think my running might need to be side lined this week, it's really hot even early in the morning, and we are also suffering air quality wise from all the fires. I felt :barf: after my walk this morning, I don't know why exactly, but I'm taking it easy this week to be safe. I also think I'll stick to the 4 mile week for another week or so before moving along. Don't think I'm ready for a 5'er yet, especially under these conditions.
Speaking of 5 milers JOLLY! Congrats on your run. That's great! You WILL do it, I have no doubts.
Hi CBeta, welcome back. I was thinking of you just the other day, I saw a guy wearing a Bay to Breakers T-shirt. You had mentioned that you might want to try it. I've always wanted to also. Maybe next year! Are you still in the Bay Area?
Hi Fish! Don't forget to rest if you are feeling fatigued!
Hi Red, you are moving right along. Keep it up. Get over the hump!!
Hi to everyone else!!

07-07-2008, 05:39 PM
OK. Seven days are done!! Hurrah. It hasn't been easy. But I did it. I have a whole month ahead of me. Birthday is Aug. 8 and that's my goal, to make it through clean until then. You bet.

Welcome back, CB.
jolly, best of luck on your new challenge. Fish, good work!

07-07-2008, 05:41 PM
Apple! :wave: Typing as I was posting, you were. The beach sounds nice, hope you're feeling better.

07-07-2008, 05:49 PM
It is so good to be back.
So far so good.
1.5 bottles - done, 2.5 to go. Salad for lunch, and a run up the stairs (I've not taken them to the 3rd floor in the last 8mo for sure).
It felt great. I feel energy.
Gosh how to keep this feeling throgh the day?

Fish congrats on your pregnacy, hoping you are doing well.

Apple, yes, I am still in the Bay Area (I love it out here), but yes the fires and smog have been wearing all of us down.
Upper California is not much better, hence we went to Oregon for the long weekend.
Not sure if I ever will run Bay to Breakers, but perhaps walk it sometimes?

Red great to see you, 1 month - You CAN do it!

07-07-2008, 09:01 PM
Hey all. Hmmm. How long is Bay to Breakers? Maybe I will have to plan a vacation out by you all.

Well, day one done. Not well done, but done. I started out the day by not going to the gym, then had dinner for breakfast. I was craving :censored: at lunch time, but luckily forgot my wallet when I left the office. Someone was watching out for me! I did go and get a Weight Watchers brand sweet treat, but feel ok about that. I did make it to the gym after work. I would have felt ok about the day, except I had a salad for dinner instead of my breakfast cereal. Not the worst though, and tweaked it so I still met my goal. Tasted good though :drool: I do love me a good salad.

I will conquer this. I will reach my goals, and not shy away.

Hope everyone is having a good day. :wave:

07-07-2008, 11:34 PM
A: H2O (Level 1)- drink 4 bottles of water per day --> Day 1
B: Time (Level 3)- do not eat past 7:30pm --> Day 1

All challenges are done.

07-08-2008, 08:07 PM
Day 8 is behind me...successfully!! I am feeling very good about myself and depressed enough that I don't get giddy and feel it's time for a celebration. Also, I think I'm finally realizing that losing weight and getting the body I want is not going to automatically change things (and perhaps the recent animal losses and problems at work have highlighted this fact), so I may as well just do things without linking them to things too much. Anyhow, 30 days in the hole, that's what awaits me! Rockin' on.... :^:


jolly -- Good save and yes, you CAN do it! :yes:

CBETA -- You have liftoff! :cb:

07-08-2008, 08:30 PM
Hey all. Day 2 done.

Red, I had the same epiphany this morning. Realized, to be succesful and shed this weight, I had to accept that all losing weight was going to change was my clothing size. Life isn't like a beer commercial - drink the right beer, or reach a magic weight, and life is perfect, popular, loved by all, etc. I need to do some serious soul searching in other areas of my life to make those changes too. I put so much emphasis on my weight, and use that as an excuse. I can't do that anymore.

I have to share a funny. last night, my favorite channel wasn't coming in, and there was nothing on anyway, so I threw in one of my yoga tapes. Yoga is not a puppy/person bonding experience folks! My pup decided that Downward Facing Dog meant "use your human as weave poles." And Cobra? Well, when I was trying to concentrate on my breathing and stretching, and finding that Zen moment, she decided to grab her stuffed monkey, and shake her head with it so that she smacked me in the bum several times with it.

Got the visual?

Have a good night all:wave:

Apple Blossom
07-08-2008, 10:03 PM
Jolly-before I lose my train of thought...Bay to Breakers is 12 K, 7.46 miles. It is crazy SF at it's best. Lots of people dress up in costume. I've never run or even witnessed it in any way, but it just sounds like total goofiness and a penguin's paradise, if you know what I mean. It's in late May.
30 min exercise, Day 7, 1 pause left.
I walked again this morning, and swam a few laps at the pool while my kids were taking swimming lessons. I am a terrible swimmer. I can't even get half way across the pool doing the crawl. I can breast stroke till the cows come home, but no crawl. Have to work on that for my did you approach that Jolly?
Hey Red, 1 week!!
CBeta and Jolly out of the starting gate!
Hello to everyone else!

07-09-2008, 07:45 AM
When are you doing a tri Apple? You can use any stroke in a triathlon, unless yours has particular rules I am unaware of. Breast stroke is fine - though I didn't find it particularly effective during my open water swim. If you have never been a strong swimmer, find a group, or an instructor, or someone who is good to give you pointers. that was the biggest butt kicker part of the race for me. Good luck!

12k. hmmmm. And my spring semester finals will be done May 6th. Maybe I need to plan a California vacation for next spring :D

My sister did a speed workout for us last night - did that ever kick my arse!!! My core hurts! :faint: I will trust that it helps the results!

Have a good day all :wave:

Apple Blossom
07-09-2008, 04:54 PM
30 min exercise, Day 8, 1 pause left.
Ughh. That's about all I have to say.
I tried on my 2-piece last night.:barf:
I'll look great in it if I lose 20 pounds.:rofl:
I don't want to bring everyone down with my down-ness. Sorry.
Jolly, I can't find a tri that fits right now. My goal is the Donner Lake Tri which is a year from now!!! If I can find one in Jan or Feb I'd love it, but that's not really the season for it. I think my more immediate goal should be a 10K.
Good idea about finding a trainer. There are lots of marathon training groups, there's probably some for triathlons too. I 'd bet the swim is the hardest part for most. By the way, I made it across the pool today. It wasn't pretty, but I did it. I need to get myself a pair of goggles.

07-09-2008, 05:46 PM
Day 9 is done!!! Even spent a couple hours in the bar last night. I had two tomato juices while my friend sat in front of me smoking and downing three pints. I stuck to my guns. Great stuff, eh?

Good going jolly, Apple! You sound like quite the two athletes! :running:

07-10-2008, 08:56 AM
Morning all. Yes, Apple - goggles will help a lot. I am sure there are tri training groups by you. And you might be surprised about when some are offered - you are in California after all :)

Good for you Red, sticking to your plan while out. I know how tough that is. We had an informal cocktail hour for new students last night. I did pretty good, but I did eat some. More wanted something to do with my hands, while faced with a huge crowd of people I didn't know, and was supposed to somehow meet :fr: But I did actually use some moderation. Amazing that.

I did meet my goals for yesterday, even though that meant squeezing some core work in when I got back. Except, and I just realized this, I did take a pause on the soda :( Sorry!

Have a good day all. :wave:

07-10-2008, 11:39 AM
Day 10 is finished!! :woohoo: Bravo to me! Another night in a bar for a meeting but passed on the cigs and the beer...more tomato juice. ;) Going to get some shut-eye now.
Good for you jolly, for weathering the cocktail hour in style!

07-10-2008, 02:34 PM
A: H2O (Level 1)- drink 4 bottles of water per day --> Day 3 done
B: Time (Level 3)- do not eat past 7:30pm --> Day 1 (taken two pauses)

Apple Blossom
07-10-2008, 04:56 PM
30 min exercise, Day 9, 1 pause left.
Yesterday was just swimming, today I went to the gym and also did the swimming. Weighed myself at the gym, and that was a bad idea. I had been taking off my shoes, but feeling lazy, kept them on. 4 pounds up!!! :eek:My shoes can't weigh THAT much, can they? I suppose a normal person would take them off right then & there and try again. But i've decided to only weigh myself with the shoes on.
Jolly, I still have lots of questions about triathlons. I found a group in the next town, but I'm intimidated by their group photo of incredibly fit super-jocks. Some of them have raced the Iron Man in Hawaii. Even though they welcome beginners... There is a race in Feb, so I guess I can shoot for that. Even a web site for beginners is full of pictures of fit pepole wearing all the gear...apparently triathletes tend to be gear heads....I am not planning to purchase any stuff, even though I have the totally wrong bike....OK don't mean to bore you. I'll figure it out eventually. What was the name of the race you did, Jolly? Your cocktail hour sounded nice. What a good idea to get together with everyone before classes start. My husband is toying with the idea of law school, but I'm not so sure I'm keen on it. My SIL is a lawyer and she works ALOT.
Red, way to go! 10 days already. How'd that happen? Time flies. Great job on going out but still resisting. I don't know if I can be that strong...
Hi CBETA and those of you who have been MIA for a few days....:wave:

07-10-2008, 10:50 PM
Hi all. Apple, we did the Lake Mills triathlon. I wouldn't worry about size. There were people of all ages and sizes. You may want to check out specialty running stores to see if they have training classes. Or local gyms. WE have both of those options here, and it is a little more geared towards newbies. You might also want to check out Danskin, i think. I think they have trainings for tri women. As far as the bike, if you have a mountain bike, at least take it in and get slimmer tires for it. It won't be the same as a road bike, but better. Saves you some effort.

You have motivated me. I think my sister and I are taking a trip to San Francisco next spring. Even though I HATE hills!!!

We had to cut our run short tonight, due to a fast moving storm. We went to her friend's house for a ride home. We didn't realize how bad it actually was, until we drove the route to see what our distance was, and saw a ton of downed trees. :fr: I guess God does watch out for little children, the foolish, and runners :lol:

I did take a pause on the calorie count today. I made a bad snack choice this morning. It did put me off plan for the day. However, considering the mood i was in, I was very lucky I had a friend i could "e" to long enough until I kept it at a bad choice, vs a bad day, or worse - to heck with the whole thing.

Red, way to go on the tomato juice. Great job! Cbeta, keep on keeping on. You can do it!

Need some sleep. Have a good one all :wave:

07-11-2008, 07:29 AM
Hi Everyone

I've been so out of it
Started teaching summer school for 3 weeks (4 days a week) for kids who failed their entrance exams on the EFL exam to get into this high school. It's nice on the one hand - I DO love teaching, but I sure as heck hate teaching EFL! Math is my passion. And I keep getting roped into teaching English and each time I swear - Never again!!! But they rely on my marshmellow fluff brain, haha. It's actually an interresting oppotunity for me to meet the kids in the classes because my daughter starts school there in September, and these will be her classmates.

But because of teaching - they have no fridge so I don't bring normal food (read: salad) and then I have to haul @$$ to get to my regular job and restart my day at 1:30!! It;s only for 12 days but I can't keep OP, and I can't go to the gym either because I'm worried I'll be late to school (I have the flexibility of being able to come late to the office) and now I'm just not doing anything...

Whatever. Life is a little askew right now - to say the least - in all areas.

I went to get my B12 shot today and I really HATE it - I have no pain tolerance whatsoever (says the lady who had 2 babies with zero painkillers, haha) and I decided to bail - went into the doctor and told him I want pills - no more shots (i already had 5 - 5 too many!) and that's that. Now I have pills. Yea.

It's so darn hot here I just want to cry. Where is the winter? Where?? I just want to crawl into a hole. I haveb't been watching the biggest loser either because my life is so uninspiring and glum right now that I can't even bear the opening song (What have to done today to make you feel proud) because it makes me miserable.... :(

Sorry for the vent.

07-11-2008, 10:00 AM
11 days down! I REALLY wanted to drink tonight, but did NOT. Is that amazing or what?!?!?!


CB -- Good on the water but what's happening with the evening eating? I see you're using your pauses... :?: Come on now, you can do this!

Apple -- Thanks for the congrats. You're looking mighty good yourself, 9 days down on exercise! Hurrah! Ok, non-normal person, weigh with your shoes on. I have learned to forego the scale. I am NOT weighing, just watching my clothes. Well, actually, I'm just sticking to my plan and that is helping, I can feel it. I have a jawline again! :trampo:

jolly -- Thanks. Yeah, juice, expensive stuff in a bar! and no buzz! Oh well, no calories to speak of either! :sunny: Great plan on that race. And I sure am glad you got home before the storm hit!

miriam -- Oh, I hear you on the heat. Hot, hot, hot here too, again from tomorrow and I am worried about my horse more than me. Your situation sounds really tough with staying on plan, but the job does sound like a great opportunity to get to know your daughter's classmates. That should help when she's talking about them later, instead of having eyes glaze over, which is what mine would do if I can't put a face to the name. Hang in there. Winter will be back. I've never seen The Biggest Loser, so I'm glad I don't have to feel miserable about it. Chin up, kiddo!

07-11-2008, 11:28 AM
Red, you are just a rock. Great job. And actually, we didn't make it home before it hit. we were about 2 miles from home when it hit, and we had to go about a mile to get a ride. my shoes are soaked.

Miriam, that is why we are here. I had to vent to a friend for an hour or so yesterday, before I could get my mindset away from just saying to heck with this whole thing. It is too hard. You need to be able to vent, so you can move on.

I still got up early this morning, but am enjoying being lazy. Since this is the first weekend since I did the triathlon that I have not had to work, I took a 3 day weekend. Still answering emails, but it is better than being in the office. i realized I needed some time to recharge my batteries :)

Will chat more later. Have a great day all :wave:

07-11-2008, 12:04 PM
Hey Guys, (or rather Gals, whatever)

Just very frustrated. I'm sure I'm staying within my calorie range, but I'm not eating at set times like usual, and here comes Saturday - hardest day of the week. Holy Moly - I don't know how I'm going to get through it! My husband is being SUCH a jerk and I just am not handling things well. I need to learn to be more assertive.... Grrrrr..... I'd like to get plastered. Wonder how many calories are in vodka!?

Apple Blossom
07-11-2008, 02:57 PM
30 min exercise, Day 10, 1 pause left.
Not really in the mood to post but I have to jump in to cheer up Miriam! Chin up kiddo! It sounds like you have a lot to juggle right now, but don't worry, things will settle down. :) Anyway, move over in that hole of yours, I'm having a day like that too.

07-12-2008, 04:56 AM
Oh, hurrah, hurrah!! My iPod, which I washed, is working again!! This was the SECOND iPod I have washed. Can we say STUPID??! :rolleyes: I put it in my pocket at the gym while I'm working at and forget to take it out of my pocket, then throw everything in the washer. The first one only worked when plugged in but this one is going OK now. Yippee!!! I really need my music.

Have also discovered the world of free podcasts and my current favorite is learning Cantonese from a Norwegian woman in Hong Kong. There's a girl at work from Hong Kong and a Japanese guy married to a Hong Konger. I practice my "phrase of the day" and wow them. Of course, the Hong Kong woman comes back with stuff I have NO clue about, but I'm just so tickled that she actually understood me. It's like, wow, it worked, it worked!! OK. I am drinking coffee and the caffeine is kicking in. You see, I now can get really cheap buzzes going clean like I am. It is now two weeks without a drop of alcohol (I actually started before I started the challenge) and nearly two weeks without sugar!

My skin looks great, I can't believe it. Back in the early part of the year I was looking absolutely horrible, but the daily vegetable juice (yes, keeping that one up without a challenge! :yes: ) is working absolute wonders. :broc:

OK, the bad news. I am weakening. I can feel it. I am getting so high on my success that I want to celebrate :celebrate: and with me that means looooong nights out on the town (a town that never sleeps!) with barrels of booze. And I've got people emailing me and calling me on the phone wondering why I won't come out and play. God, what do they think I am? Some sort of constant partyer or what? ;) Sigh. So, what do I do? My birthday is still a loooong way off (8/8). Guess I'm just gonna have to knock those cravings down! :frypan:


Apple -- You're moving ahead anyhow. Great work!

Miriam -- You poor thing. How's it going now? Can you go out, get some time to yourself? Well, I sure know the "want to get plastered" feeling but I'm holding strong. There are better ways. Exercise can be great. Can you do something? A boxing video? Great stress reliever. Just put your husband's face before you! :lol: No, seriously, hang in there. You've been doing so well. Remember your signature...."Doing this for ME!"

jolly -- yeah, a rock, that's me. :yes: BUT, it's getting HARD....oh, right, rocks are hard... :shrug: No, really, I'm starting to crave sugar and fantasize about pint glasses (and their contents). Course, that said, I use a pint glass for my vegetable juice as well....fantasy is different though... sigh. Well, glad you didn't get hit by a falling tree or debris. I bet you did that last mile in record time, no? Ah, a three-day weekend sounds great. Enjoy!


Heh, where are some of our other people?!?!? :listen: Come on back!! Fish, where are you? CBETA?

Shy Moment
07-12-2008, 10:55 AM
Yesterday was day 15
Wow how time flies. Sorry I haven't been around. Have 5 extra people in my house for the next month and it took everyone a little bit to get use to the routine of the house. Things are going good now.

All of us have times we don't do all the things we should be doing. You keep with it. You will get back on track and things will be great.

We all just need to keep on keeping on. We will get where we want to be. All of us, I am sure, would look better if we lost another 20 pounds lol. Even then, we will find a reason why we need to do something to look better in our bathing suits lol.

Nice going sticking with this. You are tough. I am so glad I don't go to bars. Seems like it is pretty hard to not drink when others are drinking. I don't drink much anymore so that might help.

We had a real nice weekend. Going for the week the first week in August.

Apple Blossom
07-12-2008, 03:04 PM
30 min exercise, Day 10, 0 pauses left.
Well, I screwed up yesterday, and today is not looking any better. I guess if I'm going to get through this challenge I'm going to have to bear down. All the smoke in the air has been scaring me from running. At least it has cooled down again. I'll try to run tomorrow.
Love your new balloon, Red!
Shy, good luck with your crowd!

07-12-2008, 03:44 PM
Hiya all you peeps

I had a weird SaturdAY - but I usually do... Family makes me eerie - I can only handle them in small doses. Like vodka - but without the high - haha,,,,,,

I have to reevalute my program - I kinda feel on hold because of this teaching, which mucks up my whole exercise and eating program, I know I'm not eating enough, and certainly not regularly - and I feel weak when people around me are eating FELAFEL - aargh!!!

And I sure remember why I left teaching - too much preparation! I have no time to myself at all and I am in serious need of some ME-time.

DH is taking DSS and DSD overseas to see their mom for a week in August - maybe I'll get some ME-time then. Or actually - the 4 little ones will get some THEM-time. Never a dull moment.

Honestly - sometimes I don't know what I'm thinking, read: WHY THE **** DID I TAKE OUT MY IUD?! If the stork doesn't visit this month - I'm putting it back in!!!

Red - hang in there! You cracked me up about your Ipod - like me dropping my cellphones in the toilet - I think I've don'e that twice and 3 times with the cordless phone in the house. You'd think I've given them some "death-by-water" wish..

Apple - still smoke in the air there? UGH! What exercise are you doing for your challengE?

Jolly - good for you for taking some time off for yourself. 3 day weekend sounds great. come to think of it - so dies a 2-day weekend, haha..

Wishing everyone some sanity! I think I'll meditate on the serenity prayer.....

07-12-2008, 05:51 PM
Day 12 is done! Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I'll try my hardest to keep at it. :^:

07-13-2008, 03:18 PM
Hey all. exercise has been going good, food - not so much. But, I am down to 215 as of today's weigh in. I am going to try very hard to get out of the teens in two weeks. Wish me luck.

Off to do my core work, then hopefully go play some tennis. Catch you later :wave:

07-13-2008, 06:47 PM
Day 13 is done. I am getting so sick of the heat and the hardship. I want to eat sweets and drink beer and I am more aggravated by the fact that I want to do those things because they are so trivial and because they don't get me anywhere. So why do I want to do them? It's so lame.
Also, I can't believe that it's only two weeks, not even, and that I feel so deprived. That's even more pathetic.
Sigh. I'm just feeling bummed. Wish I had some motivation.

Jolly, that's great that you're down in weight. You'll make your goal or get very close if you keep at it. Work that muscle, burn that fat!!

07-13-2008, 08:04 PM
I am trying to work the muscle and lose the fat, Red. I just need to get the eating under control. In the past, that has what has started a back slide. Fortunately, right now I am in training. That gives me some external motivation, when the internal doesn't kick in. However . .. I need to figure out the best way to structure things, to keep me moving in the right direction. I am toying with whether or not I want to put my calorie counts on my menus, keep one day "free", and have the challenge be to follow the menu? I just don't know.

So I hear you. I too feel like it is too hard, "being good." And I also feel frustrated that I still want to do these behaviors, even knowing that I don't feel good when I do. i really do enjoy the taste of fresh stuff, healthy stuff, better. But then the cravings hit . . .

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why don't the cravings and urges go away?

Oh, and I meant to ask - which of you all are from the California area?? I was looking into the Bay to Breakers race for next year, and had my sister interested. Realized that if I do decide to try a marathon next year, timing would be off for doing the local one, and I may try to convince her to do the San Francisco one instead. Anyone want to join, or come cheer???

Shy Moment
07-13-2008, 10:19 PM
Day 17
All is well :). Well at least for food and exercise lol. Loss is going very slowly right now. Sure hope it picks back up. This is the pits to lose a pound every few weeks.

Many cravings do go away. There are a couple of things that I just don't eat. If I eat them I crave them. If I don't eat them for a couple of weeks I don't want them.

Sometimes we need to find things to replace the things we no longer let into our body's. There are things out there that give us pleasure and are good for us. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee peanut butter cookies. I crave the darn things when I make them and only eat two. I found the south beach peanut butter cookies. 2 in a pack with 5 grams of fat. They are terrific and I don't crave more after I eat them. Sometimes, it just takes time to find substitutions.

Sorry things aren't going well for you. You need to MAKE some me time. It comes to each of us at different times in our lives that ME is the most important person in the world. Others will get use to it.

I stick to my normal routine and let everyone else take care of them selfs lol.

07-14-2008, 09:35 AM
Day 14 is done....

07-14-2008, 10:33 PM
Hey all. Restarted my challenges today. First two are the same - follow workout plan and no soda. I have made some changes to my eating plan, so the challenge is just to follow the menu. i am going to try, for 2 weeks, giving myself a free day. Make a list if I have to of cravings, and try and save it for Sunday. See if that helps control them during the week.

Day one complete.

have a good one all. :wave:

Shy Moment
07-14-2008, 10:37 PM
Good for you not giving up. Start at the beginning and make small changes. You are thinking the right thoughts. Good luck.

Day 18
All challenges complete

07-15-2008, 07:43 AM
Good morning all, and thanks Shy. You are just rocketing along on your challenges, eh? Good for you! :cheer:

I have to laugh. I got up this morning. Had my usual internal battle over whether or not I wanted to go to the gym. Got to the gym only to find . . . the door keys aren't working and I couldn't get in :dizzy: Ah well, at least I do have time to go after work tonight. Just kind of funny on me :lol:

I am a little more stiff, but doing pretty good today, as my sister had us do a 4 mile speed workout. I got my pace down to a 12:35 mile. Not bad. Progress is good. We are having a blast trying to figure out what marathon/vacation we want to plan for next year. Right now, the Vegas Extraterrestrial Midnight Marathon is kind of winning out. When you get to eat after race breakfast at the Little A'le Inn??? And can you imagine the t-shirts??

Have a great day all :wave:

07-15-2008, 07:55 PM
Day 15 is behind me...successfully.
Hope everyone is doing OK!
jolly, you're a trooper! :dancer:

07-15-2008, 09:09 PM
Hurray for day 15 Red. I did get to the gym this afternoon and do my workout. Yeah! Then came home to make dinner. I was frustrated about a work situation, and I guess I hadn't sweated out enough GRRRRR, so went to make dinner and almost had an oops. Instead of carefully measuring out the meal, I was tempted to just eat as much as I could pile on the plate. Better judgement prevailed though, and i had my portion. And it was enough D)

So, day 2: no soda, follow fitness plan and follow menu - met! Here's to 19 more.

Have a great night all :wave:

Shy Moment
07-15-2008, 11:03 PM
I am going to do something today I have never done in all the challenges I have done to date. I am going to take a pause on exercise. I am physically and emotionally exhausted. Poor Bella had 104 fever and she won't leave my side. After a trip to the vet her fever is down to 103. She is either right under my feet or on my lap so there will be no exercise today.

Day 19
All challenges met except exercise taking a pause for today.

07-15-2008, 11:29 PM
Update, progress, and sole search

so I've not been here for the last 5 days, and I appologize for that, but with a few things going on at home, I was either too tired to login or to busy.

Jolly commented about blaming all on the weight - I am here with you. I've been asking myself stupid questoin "well if I loose the weight, then I won't have that one bad thing about me"...let me tell you - if you ask be prepared for the answer. The answer I got from my mom and friends aligned AND suprised me. This lead to further sole search, questions, and doubts.
Me and my boyfriend (not even sue I should continue calling him that) still barely talk. It is already 11 days as he sleeps on the couch, and I hate it - why? Though I got mad at him too, I do not need a roommate, I either need a man, or I can afford my appartment on my own. I do hope we reconcile, hence I do not say anything. Both acting as friends, helping, watching a movie, but no connection (honestly I miss how he used to wake up, and kiss goodbye before work, etc.)
But I must admit, if not for his silence in the first place, I'd not be back to 3fc in god knows how much longer, I would not be stiking to drinking water or avoiding eating late!

Here is my update for the 7 days since I started the challenge


A: H2O (Level 1)- drink 4 bottles of water per day --> Day 8 done
B: Time (Level 3)- do not eat past 7:30pm --> Day 6 (taken two pauses)
C: Excercise(L3)- gym daily --> Day 6 is done

My ticker does not reflect my current weight, last week when I began excercise I was 263, today scale said 255, once it moves just a little bit further I will fix it.

I am also from the Bay Area, and it would be great jolly to see you here!

07-16-2008, 08:22 PM
Day 16 is in the bag! More later.... :bravo:


07-16-2008, 10:57 PM
Day 3 done. Had some cravings, but dealt with them. Late night at work, so off to bed.


07-17-2008, 05:42 AM
Good for you, jolly!!!! :cheer:

Apple Blossom
07-17-2008, 03:06 PM
Hi everyone! Been gone for a few days, we went camping. No one threw up, so it was great!:p We were in a very uncrowded spot, which was nice. I don't know if people were staying away because of the fires, but they weren't anywhere near there, only some haze and limited views. Still spectacular though. I'd really like to get back up there in the fall. Probably not to camp though. Brrrr.
I guess I'm restarting my exercise challenge, we went hiking one day but nothing really aerobic. Went for a walk/jog this morning. I need to get back to my work out schedule. I kind of stopped last week with the heat and the smoke. Problem is DH is going out of town soon, and I can't really get out for long runs anyway. Maybe I'll make them ride their bikes along. And then I'll start some kind of diet challenge.
Red, you are doing GREAT!! Even though you are obviously having a hard time with it, you are sticking to it and that is great!!
Jolly, that LV midnight marathon sounds fun. I'm going to google it when I'm done here. Back when I was running a lot I was hoping to run a marathon in every state. I have 3 down, 47 to go. Don't have Nevada yet....
Can't wait for you to break into the 100's. It will be soon!!!! Way to go!
I have to run, the kids are starting to nag. Hi to everyone else!!

07-17-2008, 03:14 PM
Hey all. Needed to do a lunch time post today. It's a day. Last night got even later. Stress this morning. I am tired. I just checked the calorie count on the sub I had for lunch. I knew it wasn't as healthy as Jared's choice, but didn't think it was THAT bad :fr: I am sticking with Subway!

Plus, I am stressing about 20th high school reunion notice. I have a real negative attitude about it. I know it is because I still am not proud of myself, and what I have accomplished with my life. I still feel like I am not good enough. Plus, I just don't have the social skills to make small talk with people I don't remember. I am sitting here looking at all of my flab and floppies, and wondering if I even want to go. I avoided the first 3.

So, in case you haven't been able to figure it out already :o, between work stress, reunion stress, and lack of sleep, I am in a bugger of a mood today.

Apple, that is cool that you wanted to run a marathon in every state! You rock. What 3 did you do already? I am jealous! I don't even know if I can do one, but I am pretty sure I want to try. You should join us at the ET Midnight Marathon! Breakfast at the Little A'le Inn. I love that name.

Anyway. Best get back to work, so that I don't stress out about that too. I will be taking pauses on the soda and meal challenges. Soda, as I needed some caffeine to kickstart my day, and the meal because the sub was way more than I expected :(

Catch you all tonight. :wave:

07-17-2008, 06:32 PM
Day 17 is done.... :) Yeah, it's not easy and I want sweets every day. But I'm learning to get sweet fruit instead. The, a lot of them recently, but I have held strong, unbelievably, with tomato juice and oolong tea. Mu must be helping me. And I don't feel thinner, but I don't feel fatter. I do feel the fat is starting to shift around. Been to the gym as well. The weather is gross, so hard to sleep from the heat, but I am sticking to it! :strong: Thanks all, for your encouragement! :yes:

jolly, Apple! :wave: shy, CB? And Fish, where are you?!??! :?:

07-17-2008, 09:18 PM
Hey all. First, kudos to you Red, for doing such a great job. How are you feeling getting to the gym again? I was inspired by a women's fitness magazine all abs edition. Oh to have that belly!

I am still in a funk, and down on myself, etc etc yadda yadda yadda. As earlier noted, I am taking a pause on the soda and calorie challenges. I did get to the gym.

It was real tempting to throw in the towel for the day, since I knew I was already taking a pause. However, I did keep from going completely out of control, so that is something anyway. When I found myself thinking about more food, I brushed my teeth. That helps. Now, I just need to find the motivation to go get a second workout in. But after last night, sleep is sounding a whole lot better :yawn:

My pup is now playing hide and seek with her ball. She leaves it on the bookshelf, then barks at me for not finding it and throwing it for her :dizzy:

hope everyone else is having a good day :wave:

Shy Moment
07-17-2008, 09:33 PM
Sounds like some of us are having a hard time. It does happen. Jolly, there isn't anyone more important in the world than you are. I wish you could see in yourself what all of us see. Don't I wish all days were easy. With a house full of company and Bella sick I have been very busy. I have been doing what needs to be done but everything seems like work. Not been much fun. I miss having time to chat with everyone. This challenge has been the most difficult for me. Every day seems like pulling teeth to get enough eaten, to get my exercise done. I can't remember the last time I slept enough. Even though I have a large house with 5 extra people in it 4 of them under the age of 11 I seem to be stepping over around or on someone all the time. I hate confusion and chaos. This too shall pass and things will be back to normal. Can't wait until the first week of August when we go to the camp grounds. When things get rough remember a real tough time in your life. What is happening right now isn't as bad as that time.

Day 20
All challenges complete

07-18-2008, 02:27 AM
Hi Everyone,

WTG Red - you are holding sooo strong! I bet Mu would be right honored!

I can't wait until I'm finished teaching summer school - I think then I' will have regained some kind of control of myself and schedule. Going to 2 jobs is just too hectic. I have until Thursday.... 4 more day AND COUNTING!!!!!!! Ugh. Reming me when they ask me next year to say NO! What can I do though? Finances are terrible, DH's been out of a job for over a year, we're not eligible for unemployment, I'm the sole breadwinner (and not making much of it) and we have 6 kids. Hmm - something ain't good with that equation - huh? I took the summer school job for that extra bit of income but it's just not worth killing myself for it. I'm having a really rough time juggling everything and I'm never home and when I am I have no energy for anything. Fortunately for me, at my regular job, my boss has become very keen on being health concious (welcome to the high cholesterol club...) and so even thought I've not had time to bring food from home etc. - because he, too i seating healthy - we send someone out to buy salads, or a sandwich, etc. I guess I need to look for small things to be happy with right now.

I think I should make a challenge of doing one small nice thing for myself everyday - call a friend, read a book, watch a movie, or something. Right now I'm at the very, very, very end of my priority list, and that leads me to hanging out in the bathroom with my laptop for some peace and quiet, like I am now......

07-18-2008, 02:59 AM
Hello everyone.
Wow, it was not just me, I think everyone had a rough few days.
Similar simptoms: lack of sleep, unhappyness over thyself, struggle.

Apple, I am curious to find out where you went camping. Back befoe my bf and I were together, we went almost every weekend. It was awesome, and we were in search of a quiet spot on the weekend. I miss those times now, especially that there are only a few people I would go camping with and not be affraid for my safety.

Red, I am amazed at how strong you are! It's been sometime since I met you and a few others. Loosing at that time was easier, as I rarely drank. But now, I hear you sister. I definitely have upped my level of drinking over the last year. But with some serious things where my bf (or shall I start calling him ex soon) needed lots of my help and support, we've consumed lots of boose to drown the frustration, anger and such. I realize it is bad, but at times I enjoyed sharing drinks with him. Even now, I am hoping we make up, and the only time I see it possible is if we drink together... (sad, very sad)
Jolly, I must admit, for the longest time, really since you joined this thread I've been mentally comparing myself, and setting you as an example to myself. Please forgive me, if that makes you feel uncomfortable. But I totally understand what you are saying. I feel like I am running around (you've done way more than me, especially loosing whopping 55 pounds), but the self satisfaction of achievement is no settling in. For me it is an acceptance factor. I need others to briefly comment on it, but not dwell about! Determine what is your success criteria in life, don't think about what is theirs! I would also recommend measuring agains "old self" vs now, and not against the crowd! You should be proud of yourself, enough to get excited - there are just days till you enter a new era of one-derland and you've discovered a new athlete in yourself (running, maraphon, triaphlon!) Now about small talk - I am a talker, but in a group of people I barely know/remember it is tough. YET my recomendation is that you should go! You never know who you might meet!!!

Now, self, I am sitting now on the couch, but cannot mope anymore.
I've just been way to excited for you guys, and it gives me hopes in my own success. I will try to find piece within myself. I feel like I lost someone I loved, though we are still friends and joke, and talk. I don't know how to break up in a fight, so he will go just like all other ones - as friends.
Weight loss was very important for him, but I played with the idea, found excuses, and he just admitted that he could not deal with it anymore. I feel sad that I am loosing him over FAT, but fact is a fact, he is entitled to his feelings.

07-18-2008, 03:03 AM
Here is my update for the 2 days since my last post


A: H2O (Level 1)- drink 4 bottles of water per day --> Day 10 done
B: Time (Level 3)- do not eat past 7:30pm --> Day 8 (taken two pauses)
C: Excercise(L3)- gym daily --> Day 8 is done

Scale said 252 in the morning, so just 3 moe till it matches the ticker.
I did show it to bf :-( and he said it is still 100lb away from his weight :-(

07-18-2008, 02:31 PM
Afternoon all. Taking a quick lunch break to check in. Needed to today.

Dealing with major cravings today. Have kept to healthy choices though, thank goodness. Just wish they would quit! Ah well. We all have days.

Shy - why do you have 5 extra folks again? I forget, sorry. And this may be a difficult challenge time for you, but you have almost finished. Way to go! Perseverance is HUGE! :cb: :cb:

Miriam - I hope the next 4 days goes quick. I like your challenge idea. We all need to take better care of ourselves first, so we have the energy we need to be there for others. It is hard to do though.

Cbeta - where to start? First, I don't feel uncomfortable that you say you use me as an example. Glad I can since most days I feel like such a mess myself. As for the rest? You have to care about yourself for any of it to fall in place. And a friend's momma told me "You can be miserable by yourself. If you are with someone, it damned well better feel good." Why do you think you deserve to be with someone who puts you down, or doesn't love you for who you are? That's not helpful, and you don't deserve it. You have to love yourself enough to see that. :hug:

Well, back to work. Til later all :wave:

07-18-2008, 02:48 PM
Jolly, may be I am wrong, but I think he loved me for who I am, he just could not bear to watch me on the couch, accumulating pounds. And then I started having problems with my knees (twice had seen me in a cast and on crutches). He expressed his feelings of being scared that I "go" before him many times, I just ignored them. Even now he says, I don't want to be the one who sees you at 400lbs, and the one who will have to put you to rest...He does feel it is all his fault over the last year, because he was the one who cooked. But he cooked protein. Portion control would have been helpful, but really I was the culprit as I snuck in pasta, sweets, etc through out the day, sometime in big quantities :-(
He is in a hard financial bind, and I don't want him to move just till he gets back on his feet (he does pay 1/2 rent and food, regardless, he always insisted on it). I think August will either make or break us.
(scale said 251 this morning)

p.s. I am scared that he is just keeping himself away till I get in the groove or perhaps looking for the proof whether I can do it... I really wish he would stop, I hate it that he is in a way able to manipulate me (even though I am the one who needs this weight loss the most)

Apple Blossom
07-18-2008, 03:45 PM
30 min exercise, Day 1, 2 pauses left
I'm trying to come up with an eating challenge. I was thinking no bread/pasta/rice. But then DH toasted for breakfast. I guess I could have said no, but I hate wasting food. I guess if I TELL him, he will help out. So that's what I'll do I guess. 2 pauses allowed.
Looked at photos from the last 2 months, oh yuck. Sometimes I convince myself that I look OK and then I see photos and I just want to cry. Most of my weight is in my lower abdomen and I almost look pregnant!! My legs should not be exposed to the public...I can go on and on. :( Sorry, I'll stop complaining now. We might get that Hawaii trip again in Jan, and I really don't want to experience that horrible feeling I did last time, of being really body conscious and uncomfortable in any thing I might choose to wear.
CBETA, I think if your BF SEES you making an effort, he should understand and be patient. It takes a long time to lose weight, but a positive attitude and commitment to a plan has to be recognized as forward progress. We were camping in Alpine county, south of Lake Tahoe. Near Kirkwood Ski Resort. I'm guessing it's a good 3 1/2 hours from SF.
Jolly, I have the same fear of reunions. Although it sounds like you HAVE accomplished quite a bit, since you are off to law school and the emerging athlete in you sounds pretty interesting too.
Miriam, I hope your financial situation improves. I agree, sometimes earning extra money isn't really worth the time. Do try to get that time for your self in, but try and find a better place to hide than the bathroom, OK?;)
Hi to everyone else! Have a great day!

07-18-2008, 05:39 PM
Day 18 is behind was really tough, but I came home and had watermelon and popcorn instead of other. I am so depressed though over work and the absence of my usual pacifiers is making it all so hard. Still, eating or drinking is NOT going to change things. They are NOT related. I have to remember that.
Glad to hear from you all. I'm sorry some of you are having a hard time.
I have to run now. It is so hard to get up in the morning.
I'll try to write later.

07-19-2008, 09:11 AM
Red, what else can work to pacify you? What else "treats" yourself, so you can say "If I only get through X I can get Y"? i was having a more stressful work week myself. I scheduled a manicure with this trainee, so it was only $8. Worked for me to get me through the last little bit, and then unwind. Do you still have your horse? It is so hard NOT to turn to the usual pacifiers, that you have to actively search for replacements. You can do it. I know you are smart enough and strong enough.

Wow - Hawaii Apple? I am so jealous. But why are we so awful and nit pick ourselves over how we look? i am just as guilty here, I know. But I watch "What Not to Wear." I have seen Oprah through her ups and downs. I know women can look fabulous not matter what size, if they find the right outfits. You should just be enjoying the fact that you are in beautiful Hawaii, not worrying that people are looking at you instead of the scenery. And yes, I need to take my own :censored: advice :D

Cbeta, I just hope things work out for the best for you, and you find what you need to succeed. YOu can do it, and you deserve it!

I will try to check back in later. I have a get together with two friends tonight, but we are going somewhere with healthy choices. It will be a good day :wave: Have a great one all.

07-19-2008, 03:27 PM
Hi everyone,

Another Saturday down. Whew.... family is SO stressful! I know I'm rotten but I'm counting the days that my DH goes abroad with mt stepkids to see their mom. Aren't I terrible?? I just can't wait for some real peace and quiet. I always feel like people are looking over my shoulder. I'ts not like that with my little ones.

CBETA - hi - don't know you yet, bet getting there LOL. I love the fact of being candid and cutting straight to the chase :) I love what Jolly quoted - "You can be miserable by yourself. If you are with someone, it damned well better feel good." Certainly food for thought - a no calories, too!!

Jolly - I was stuck with some funny cravings yesterday, too, and I am not really used to them being around anymore! Maybe it's just TOM peeking from around the corner, but I was all antsy. Hmph. You've lost so much already, you must have some good survival tactics!

Red - totally can relate to lack of pacifiers. I was sooo down in the dumps recently, and I was at a counselor and I was complaining that at least in the past I had food to comfort me! Now I have nothing! I hope things have picked up for you and that you're doing better.

Apple - I know people say this all the time - that when you're away - the only person who cares what you look like is you, because no one there's weighing you are measuring your fat or cellulites or anything else :) I know what you mean about the pregnant tummy - people ask me all the time when I'm due, especially in the society that I live in where people really ARE pregnant all the time! At first I was mortified, but not anymore. This is my reality, and I'm working on it. Anyone who doesn't like it can stuff it :)

07-19-2008, 05:42 PM
Day 19 is done. Sooo busy. I'm sorry I can't write, but thank you for your help. I will try to think of things I can do other than eat and drink. It's just that those are immediate and can always be done right then, right there. Other things take time and preparation. But maybe, I can learn to wait like jolly and do them instead. Still, it's not the same. Maybe I can learn to titillate my brain cells like I do my taste buds though and just read or study or write or something. :book2: Don't know. jolly, I got that abs magazine. Those abs are NOT possible, are they? Must be airbrushed..... ;) Later all!


Oh, I am ticked now. I told myself I wouldn't weigh myself more than once every two weeks, but I did after a week and the weight is the SAME! :mad: This really sucks. And tonight I am in BIG danger of throwing everything to the wind and drinking because I'm going out to a burlesque show with a very cute 19-year-old! Yup! :lol: How am I going to stick to it when IT doesn't seem to be doing anything. :devil: My skin is bad again. It seems nothing I do makes things better, just worse or the same. Rant, rant. :rollpin: But, no, this really gets to me because I have been GOLDEN with a capital G!! OK, OK, the fat roll around my waist has gotten smaller, I was able to wear a blouse I haven't worn in months because it revealed my gut. That felt great. :cloud9: I have been working out and no doubt gaining muscle. I AM stronger, so that Is a NO doubt, but, but, but, I WANT the numbers on the scale to go down, get it?!?! :tantrum: No, it doesn't get it....sigh...


07-19-2008, 11:51 PM
Hey Red,

How did it go? You know that muscle weighs more than fat! And nothing is a better proof that you're losing fat than being able to fit into clothes that were previously too small! Hang in there babe - you sound soooo frustrated!

07-20-2008, 10:34 AM
Good morning all. Miriam, I love the attitude :D I too get asked "When are you expecting?" Expecting to what? Knock you on your butt for being rude? I have a running shirt that says "I'm slow, I know. Get over it." Same concept.

Red, I hear you loud and clear. The scale had moved down nicely this week, then this morning for official weigh in, it had crept back up a bit. How the heck did that happen :?: Especially as I had been pretty responsible yesterday with my choices, even when out with friends. :tantrum: I have to wonder if it is all worth it. I should have just had the delicious :censored: while I was out last night. But I know it is just some water retention, probably because I did have a soda.

But it is worth it. You and I both know it is worth it. Getting into smaller clothes is awesome. And I know you are committed to making it work. You can do it. We both can. :hug:

I am a bit stressy again today. I got home last night, and had mail from school re book lists, and homework assignments for the first day. THE FIRST DAY!!! There is this voice inside my head screaming "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???" Ah well, temporary freak out. This too shall pass.

I do have to laugh. Today is my "anything" day. I had the one thing I was thinking about earlier this week, and now, really don't want anything. This is a good sign. It is just nice to know that I have this day for whatever if i want it. If I don't, even better.

Have a great day all. Will check in later :wave:

07-20-2008, 03:12 PM
I am totally and utterly zombifiyed - I've been at work for 14 hours and my eyeballs are spinning. i was so hungry i ate the peanut butter i have in my desk with my fingers - aargh!! I think TOM is coming because all i want to do it eat eat eat and I haven't felt like this for a while


Tough day!!! tomorrow i have teaching again - aargh,,,,,, 4 more days left!@#$#@@#@!!

07-20-2008, 06:55 PM
I'm intrigued about the 21-Day Challenge concept. I know how tough this is to do and so I'd like to start my Challenge on something very basic. I'm a regular soda drinker (usually one a day unless I'm extra stressed) and I know that it is not a good thing for me to do. My challenge will be to stop drinking regular soda and substitute water or diet soda instead with three pauses. I'm giving myself three pauses because I know that I'll not follow through with the challenge if I think I can't have any.

To introduce myself, I'm from the Midwest and am struggling to motivate myself to get in better shape. I've put on an extra 24 pounds in the last 5 months, on top of an extra 20 that I didn't need. I'm over 50 and haven't figured out what's happening to my metabolism. But I'm working on it.

07-20-2008, 07:01 PM
Hey all. Welcome USLeftie. Good luck with your challenge. That is always a huge one for me too.

I am just in a crabby mood today. We did our run today. 6 miles. My knees were aching, and I had to walk about 1 1/2 miles of it :( Seriously not happy. Then, on top of that little voice screaming "What were you thinking??" after getting the school lists and assignments, I found out that due to airline budget cuts, my flights for the cruise in a month and a half were cancelled. Now i have to find new ones, and prices have gone up, and it will be hard to make it back in time for class :tantrum: I know, poor me.

Fish, any words of wisdom for a new law student?

Everyone, hope you are surviving your day, or better yet, having a fantastic day! :wave:

07-20-2008, 09:45 PM
Ok, I got through it, Day 20!! :bravo: I was helped I think because my friend decided not to go to the show, so there was less reason to get smashed (I was, I admit, toying with the idea...I've never drank with him, he's leaving Japan etc. etc....). So, I went to this show and actually had a decent, though very tired :tired: , time without a drop of alcohol.

I must say, though I keep saying I'm going to stay off booze til my birthday, I'm actually toying with the idea of making more of a break from it. I think I will go out sometimes but I may not let people know that I'm "back drinking" so to speak. These past three weeks (and unofficially it's about 24 days without a drink, have been interesting. They are not the reason I am looking at alcohol and wondering if it's worth it, no, that started way back, even while I was drinking and finding out there more often than not I was NOT having a good time, but ended up wasting money, wasting time, not being able to go see my horse, gaining weight, getting a reputation I did NOT deserve :gossip: , etc. etc. They are not the reason but the ability to stay away from drinking, whether it means going to a bar and having tomato juice or tea or whether it means staying away from the bar totally, has really, really, helped me realize I have options. And that realization is starting to extend beyond the parameters of my challenge, in other words, I am thinking about options for my LIFE!

I'm thinking that these past few weeks are showing me I just need to say, Am I really having fun? Because, if I'm not, then just leave it alone. This is not just about booze, but sugar and cigarettes as well. It's more about awareness, am I just using these things as a means of ignoring the fact that I am NOT happy with my life, but not willing to face that and truly change things? I am hearing a little voice shouting "YES!!!!!" Hmmmm.....interesting.


jolly -- I'm in a crabby mood too and can't attribute it to running 6 miles or PMS or anything but just, I suppose, ME and the tendency I have to act like a whiny 2-year-old. That sucks about your cruise. Sure hope you can find a flight to get there. Just be sure you DO it though, no excuses. You are worth it! Love the running shirt saying! :yes: Heh, thanks for the encouragement. Never thought, no offense, YOU would be saying such great have come a LONG way, kiddo! I am right proud of you!! :encore: Yeah, it IS friggin' worth it. It is, it is, it is. It felt GOOD to not have this most disgusting hunk of fat around my middle, and that's front AND back! :barf: Yeah, the scale not going down pisses me just pretty, BUT I am going to get through this. Last night's show, burlesque dancers, belly dancer, a cool instrumental band was just that, cool and the skinny, lean, people made me feel like a dork, especially with my too-short haircut (yuck!). I am sick, sick, sick of being dumpy, frumpy. Back to my lean ways. I was there once before. I can do it again! You bet.

miriam -- Or should I say "zombie?" How goes it? Peanut butter with your fingers???? Well, how else are you supposed to eat it? :dunno: Oh...maybe I'm missing something there... You are definitely PMSing from the sounds of it. Bite the bullet and get through! :strong: Thanks for your concern. As you can see above, I DID get through the dangerous evening. Hurrah, hurrah!!! :bravo:

Apple, how's it going? Did you decide on a challenge? Are you still on the exercise one? And stop focusing on your bad points, well, what you say are your bad points, the things you don't like about your look. Feel great and you'll start looking it. There was a girl playing the baritone sax in last night's band. She was a bit hefty but looked SO cool playing that it didn't matter at ALL. Later, though, when they all came on stage at the end, without their instruments and she didn't have the big feather boas to hide behind (I think that's why she was wearing them) she looked self-conscious and totally different. It is SO much about attitude, really! :dancer:

USLeftie -- Welcome to our thread. :welcome: Glad you find the concept "intriguing!" I know a lot of us do too, especially when we wonder just what the heck we were thinking when we proclaimed that we were setting out on a new challenge! No, just kidding. I've been doing these challenges for years now and they are definitely helping. I would NEVER have been able to do some of these things without the thought of having to be accountable to the people here. Soda is a problem for lots of people. I am so glad I hated the stuff from Day 1! There are lots of great herbal teas out there that taste wonderful chilled and are perfect for the season. I would urge you to develop a taste for them (yes, you can if I can with all the weird teas I encountered in Japan.) Just switching to diet soda may seem like a good start, but with the doubts about the dangers of artificial sweeteners, I wonder if it is worth it. Then again, it will cut the calories. Well, best of luck! :goodluck:


Fish!!! Where are you!?!?! :listen: CB, how are getting on with things?

Apple Blossom
07-21-2008, 02:52 PM
Hey Red!! I am so proud of you!!!! One thing that gets me is that your drinking is such a social thing and mine is stress relief. Or thats my excuse for it. :shrug: I should be able to just say no, I'm not really getting anything out of it except guilt and fat. I will try a no drinking challenge soon....
Hi USLeftie, welcome. I am still not sure if I am experiencing middle age metabolism adjustment. (I'm 43) It could be. I'm taking meds for a thyroid prob, that could be it too. But even though it might be a bit harder to lose weight for us at this point in our lives, we can still do it!!! Just buckle down.
Kids are nagging, gotta go. Hi everyone!
By the way, I had a lazy week-end and no challenges are currently under way. Well, I'm starting up the exercise one again. See you tomorrow!

07-21-2008, 05:31 PM
Ok, the 21 days are up! I am through without a pause!! :dance: BUT, I am continuing through with this and may add another challenge.
I'm going to start a new thread soon. Gotta run now! :wave: Thanks, Apple! :love:

07-21-2008, 09:40 PM
Hey all. Day 8 - follow workout plan, Day 7 - Healthy food choices, Day 6 - no soda. I just can't keep them all together :lol:

Stressing a bit today, and wanting to eat, but I held it together. Off to read the academic regulations, do my core, and hopefully do my yoga.

Have a good night all :wave: and way to go Red :cb: :cb:

07-22-2008, 08:42 AM
I've survived the first 2 days of my soda challenge. Had a diet soda on Sunday but didn't care for the taste or after-taste. Don't know what they put in that stuff. I've been focusing on water instead.

I am inspired by the reports of everyone. Its nice to know that we don't have to face these issues alone if we chose to reach out.

07-22-2008, 10:20 AM
WTG Red!!!Please let us know here when you start the new thread as I always wind up posting to an old one and then wonder - why isn't anyone posting? Duh....

07-22-2008, 11:40 AM
Do NOT post here! The new thread is up!! Please click the link below and we'll see you there!! :sunny:

:dancer: :crazy: :dancer: :crazy: :dancer: