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05-14-2008, 11:22 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's been a beautiful day in my neighborhood except a bit too cool yet. Everyone is covering flowers at night just in case; mine are still in the garage. :)

I've been having major problems with my email and internet connection. I spent a half hour on the phone with a tech Tuesday night. After listening to awful music forever he finally said I had some huge emails with attachments that were plugging up the system. He could delete them with my permission, so I said, "have at it!" Last night I not only had the old email trying to come in but another new 30+ junk/spam mail. I called once again and this time spent close to an hour with a tech; he finally admitted that they had been having trouble there so it wasn't just me. He said he could delete emails for me and I said that that was what the last guy said and it didn't happen. Today there are only 12 new ones so he must have been able to dump the rest. If any of you have sent me an email in the last 3/4 days I never got to read them.

I "get to" :rolleyes: drive to the alternative classroom for the last 7 days of classes and spend an hour working with a kid who is failing everything because he has low skills. I hope the weather holds because parking is at a premium and I will most likely lose my spot when I leave and will have to walk a ways.

Susan -- You have been in my thoughts a lot lately. :hug: I hope you are sleeping better.

"Gma" -- I'm glad you are feeling better and off the meds. Jackson is a cutie for sure! :D

Maggie -- It sounds like you are keeping busy. I know some of the dumped emails were from you because the tech told me some of the personal names not knowing if they were spam or not. :dizzy:

Gail -- Long time no see! Welcome back! Retirement is looking better and better; however everyone tells me that the paychecks stop coming. :lol:

Nannax3 -- I hope that Jake's xrays show that nothing is seriously wrong. Grandchildren are fun, no doubt about it! We have 4 between the ages of 5 and 3, so it is busy and noisy when they are together. :hyper:

Gloria -- It's nice to see your post! MIL has good days and bad days; the bad seem to be really bad while the good are great! Yesterday was a bad day for her and when I stopped after school this afternoon, she had had a good night's sleep and a good day today. One just never knows. She says to skip age 87 because it is a bummer. ;)

I hope you all have a terrific Thursday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

05-15-2008, 06:52 AM
Good morning to everyone. I had to go to the bathroom so just decided to come on downstairs. I was hot so I sat in the chair with my fan for a couple minutes, but decided to go ahead and post.

Gail: Hey it is great to see you!!! Since we last talked I have made a bazillion things. I knit all the time. I haven't since coming home from the hospital, but I imagine any day now I will pick up my project and get back to normal. I have started a sock, but put it aside for now. Oh and I had undiagnosed diverticulitis and in Oct of last year had an abcess that burst, had to have emergency surgery so had a temp colostomy too. They just went back in the 21st and re-connected me and sewed the stoma shut.

Maggie: Yep, Jackson is a keeper. He is the happiest little thing so much like his dad when his dad was a baby. He is at the stage where he stands in his crib and rattles the bars!

Nanna: Thomas, my older grandson was in a musical at school while I was in the hospital. I had to miss it and just laid and cried the night of the performance. At least Jack videotaped a bit for me and took some still shots. I hated missing it, but not much I could do.

Jean: Glad MIL is settling in. Oooh, I hate having a situation where I have to leave and come back knowing I am going to lose the parking spot and have to mark miles away.

Susan: Hope you can get your sleep routine figured out. Nothing worse than not being able to sleep. Everything seems to go downhill from there. I am feeling so much better since getting off the meds. Hopefully, whatever was causing the fever doesn't come back. Now, I am itching all the time from the dang tape. When we change out my dressing I wash the area with alcohol wipes to clean off tape residue, but new tape makes me itch again and we have tried every kind. It isn't the tape but adhesive and you have to have adhesive so.....:)

Hope everyone have a wonderful Thursday!


05-15-2008, 11:11 AM
Good morning! Happy Thursday y'all. It's a beautiful in Delaware this morning. Hubby has this week off and he's now outside mowing the lawn before the next rain storm comes our way. He says the grass grows too fast right now!

Maggie, I believe I read somewhere in one of your posts that you weigh in on Thursdays. Good luck to you! I weigh in on Tuesday mornings. We've pm'd each other so we're up to date on our email addresses once again.

NannaX3 and Susan, it would be nice to meet one day--perhaps sometime this summer.

Susan, one of these days I'm going to learn how to quilt. I've always wanted to learn how but have never got started.

NannaX3, I heard about that tornado(es) that went through Suffolk a couple of weeks ago. You know the whole time growing up at the Beach I never heard of tornadoes except for those funnel clouds out over the ocean that never hit land. And of course, the hurricanes. I assume your home was safe?

Faye, bless your heart! I had to have a temp colostomy for different reasons but I sure do know what you put up with while having the "pleasure" of having one of those. I had problems with the tape also--I was told that I washed it too much because I changed the bag too often. I had a terrible rash all along my waist--that is where my stoma was located--right in the middle of my waist. I was soooo glad to get "hooked back up" again!! I had problems healing and I had to stay in the hospital for three weeks but that was during the days when insurance companies didn't fight you to stay in and didn't question your doctor. Now, because of the insurance companies the hospital just pushes people out the door as soon as possible. Take care--don't do a whole lot for awhile. Take up that knitting again. I still have not knitted a sweater! I did buy a book to show me how to knit a sweater all in one piece from the top down. I have not attempted that yet. I think I'm the reigning scarf queen. I also knit wraps and shawls in lace (if it's a simple enough pattern)...and of course the socks. I think I knit more for the process than what I knit. My next project is a baby blanket for a young woman at my church--her baby is due in October.

Hey Jean! I hate phoning the techs. The last time I had to call Dell (and Verizon) I was on the phone the whole morning. Wore me out! Well, it's true your paychecks do stop coming but thankfully I do receive a pension. Not as much as my paycheck mind you but it is something. I can't remember...but do you work in the summer also or do you get time off just like the kids?

Tonight, hubby is cooking dinner. Hamburgers on the grill. Tossed salad on the side.

Everyone have a lovely day! :)

05-15-2008, 08:22 PM

I had a wonderful loss this day of 4.6 which makes me smile. I don't take to much stock in my ups and downs during the weeks but am more concerned with what I have lost for the month. I just stick to my program and it will come off eventually. Will is going to BBQ a couple Schwans boneless pork chops for dinner and I am doing a baked potato which we will split with a nice green salad and grilled rolls. This is my high point day and we love a good dinner like that on Thursdays. Also we stopped at the green grocers stand and got some beautiful strawberries which I have sliced with splenda sprinkled on them and in the fridge. We had lunch at Applebees and mine was 7 points so I am in good shape this day.

JEAN Sounds like they need a bigger parking lot. Hope you don't have a real long treck. I am sure some of those e-mail were from me but nothing earth shaking. Hope they get their act together since the problem seems to be coming from their end.

DONNA Have you tried that strong non alergy tape which I call paper tape. I have a reaction also and the doc always use that on me for whatever. Worth a try to ask about it.

GAIL How are your girls doing? I haven't knitted in years. I made some more glass houses, etc and am now learning how to do dolls. I have the 4 books on Creative Doll Making by Patti Medaris Culea and am in the process of gathering up supplies. I keep busy.

Well Flowers, I am going to say audios for awhile and cool down. It is 95 as I type and I think I'll go get in the shower.

05-15-2008, 10:27 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! The sun has disappeared and it looks like it could rain. Otherwise, it's been another beautiful day in my corner of the world; there was no wind which is unusual. Kids and teachers are anxious to be out of school and some are getting very testy. Bob is at church for practice so I'm home alone for awhile. MIL had another good day; her doctor made a home visit which REALLY surprised us. He is trying to get her off of the narcotic pain killer she is on and is trying something different. He had an intern (?) (student doctor ?) with him and he was very interested in all of her different surgeries. Of course she ate that up. :lol:

"Gma" -- You 'sound' pretty perky today! I hope your recovery continues to go well. It's too bad you had to miss T's program but you were where you needed to be. I'm sure he understood. :yes:

Gail -- Our last day of school is the 29th and our workshop days begin on Aug. 14th. The school board :dizzy: had enough complaints that we are starting classes on a Wed. rather than on Monday like we have been doing in years past. We don't have air conditioning at the high school so it is pretty miserable when it is hot.

Maggie -- Congratulations on your 4.6# loss! :cheer: The problem with our parking lot is that the community college students try to park in it ignoring the sign saying it is for high school staff only. Wow! We had 43 degrees this morning when I left for school! I'm not ready for 95 yet. :no:

Bob just drove in so guess it must be time to think about something for supper. Have a fantastic Friday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

05-16-2008, 08:32 AM
Good morning to you all. We had rain here yesterday, but it seemed to have moved out so maybe we will have a nice day today. I am so looking forward to a bit of time away from home tomorrow. Jack is taking me to get my haircut and we are going to try and go out to lunch. I told him I must sit in a booth though as my back wouldn't be able to stand chair sitting yet. I had the same trouble with the first operation. I had backaches for quite awhile until everything "adjusted" itself I guess. I have been sleeping well now and eating properly and finally I am feeling I am really on the road to recovery.

Jean: Looks like maybe you got your computer thing sorted out. I know you have to be itching to get away from the school for the summer. How is your kitty doing? Did you name him Sam? I can't remember. I still have trouble seeing cat commercials when they use orange tabbies. Kind of still chokes me up.

Gail: I am mostly a sweater knitter. I am working on a lace patterned one for myself, which I have the back done and about half the front, I have yarn to make a deep purple one for my sister for her birthday in Dec and some gorgeous bright white, red and navy to make both my grandsons matching sweaters for Christmas. I think the older one will get a kick out of the baby having a matching sweater to his. I love making sweaters and purses. Like to do felted handbags. I had a convex stoma that was pretty deep and we had a horrible time in the beginning getting the bags to stay on. I had red raw skin for probably 4-5 weeks before we finally figured out what to do then it wasn't so bad. We took the humor approach with the thing.

Maggie: :carrot::carrot: congrats on the loss. I am down another 2 lbs so I am happy about that. It came off the hard way, but I am trying to start eating well, but still stay within my eating program. I would love to be in twoterville by the end of summer. Believe it or not, we are using the paper tape. I just have to go with the flow on it and itch when I need to scratch! :lol:

Looks like they are finally getting off their duffs and doing something about the situation here at the condos. We got a letter from the management company and they are finally requiring registration of your vehicles and making people keep their garage doors closed at all times unless pulling in or out or when you are working on the car. We have scum that sit inside their empty garage and sell drugs out of it so they are trying to clamp down on that finally. Looks like we are getting residence passes for the pool this year so that will be interesting. I imagine my early morning swims may be going out the window, but that's ok. I will just have to walk like I always have.

Better skeddadle. Have a great weekend ladies.

05-16-2008, 10:28 AM
Good morning, ladies! Another rainy day, but already 70 degrees so warm.

Faye -2
Maggie - 4.6


Good going, I know you can do it (me too).

Jean, the countdown is almost finished then a nice long vacation - hang in there. The little :devil::devil: will be conquered at last!

Gail and Nannax3, good to hear from you.

I'm going to take Stan's wheelchair and leftover supplies to the dialysis center today. He wanted them to have the wheelchair. They have several needy patients who will be glad for the other stuff. Stopping by Curves :strong: on the way back. Then I'll do laundry and some housekeeping. Have to get my menu together for the next week to make sure I have everything I need. I do fine when I have a printed menu to follow, but go overboard when I'm planning as I go.

Have a good day!

05-16-2008, 03:29 PM
Good afternoon everyone! It's been raining all day long and it looks like it will continue. I did go out this morning to do the weekly grocery shopping anyway.

Congratulations Maggie on that wonderful loss! WOW! :D I love eating at Applebee's as there is no stress involved in trying to stay on program--love that Weight Watcher's menu! I wish more restaurants had that. A few years ago Ruby Tuesday's used to list nutritional information for a lot of their menu but they stopped doing that. Your dinner sounds yummy. I thought of you this morning when I was on my way home from the grocery store--saw a Schwan's delivery truck. I remembered you ordered your food from them. Do you sell your glass houses at craft's show or have you tried selling them on ebay?

Jean, my fil (who is 83 yrs.) does not like any of his doctors. He has quite a few things ailing him (which does not slow him down)--chronic pancreatitis, heart problem, knees, etc. He says none of his doctors sympathize with him and he feels like they are talking down to him. The main problem is he's outlived all his doctors he used to have and the young doctors don't understand him. air-conditioning at the high school?!

Faye, two pounds gone forever! Congratulations! I completely understand about using humor!! I chose that path also because I certainly didn't want to make myself anymore miserable! But was so glad to get rid of that bag!!! DO NOT SCRATCH!!! I'm glad you're getting out of the house. You'll probably come back tired but it's good for you to get out! I've thought my first sweater would be for a baby. I have the yarn...some light blue baby cashmerino (not really cashmere) by Debbie Bliss. I thought something simple. I knitted and felted a large tote bag a couple of years ago--it was fun. My oldest daughter is now in possession of it.

Susan, I do better on program when I have a menu planned. I also do better by not keeping a lot of snacks in the house. I thought when I retired and being home more I would eat a lot more. Thankfully, I do not. There is a Curves that opened up in town and I've thought about joining that. I love to walk but I know I need to do some exercises involving resistance machines. How long have you been going to Curves?

Hubby is calling my name--we need to go out and buy a few things for the aquarium (fresh water--nothing fancy) for him to clean it tonight.

Everyone have a great evening! :)

05-16-2008, 06:25 PM

It is going to be a hot :flame:one here this day. at 2 as I type it is 96 degrees and climbing. Those of you who are having rain ~ please send some my way if you will. Went into town to mail some stuff and then to Subway for lunch. I had the roast beef sand for 5 points ~ had a 5 point smoothie for breakfast that contained fiber and Slim Fast so it definitely was a meal replacement drink. Now for dinner I can eat a meal. This is an 18 point day and I have to watch it closely. I also do better when I have a menu planned out ~ I do have one 90% of the time. The other percent is when we are at someones home and at their mercy. I do have it figured mostly how many points to allot to a meal away.

JEAN How nice for you that the workshop got moved from Monday to Wednesday. Gives you a bit of a breather from the hub bub. Could be if the powers to be would initate a "tow away" zone in that parking lot it would cut down on those students parking where they aren't supposed to. How is Sam?

DONNA Don't you just love getting your hair cut? I love a trim on a regular basis. I go to a gal that is a WW chum and she is good. Enjoy your meal out and do sit where it is most comfortable for you. :celebrate: Congratulations on that hard earned 2 pounds. Good thing that the powers that be are going to start a clean up of the neighborhood and cut down on the drug traffic.

SUSANThat is a good thing to donate to those who can use the things. You are such an inspiration with that exercise that you do. Busy lady you are. Do you plan you menu to eat the same amount of points each day? My days range from 18 to 35 making an average of 24 for each day. I am one of those people that can't eat at the range that is alloted for my weight.

GAIL Don't do much glass anymore. I sold a village I made to a coffee roasting company here and never did want to sell on the internet. I couldn't make the things fast enough to have a success at that. I mostly took orders from folks I know and family and then went to work on them. I am so limited for space in this MH and really need more room in which to work. I kept 5 houses to use as a Christmas decoration. Have lights in them and then tiny light strings strung around the roofs on little hooks I soldered to the edge. I still have all my tools and may get back into it one day ~ Making dolls doesn't take up nearly the space. :p

NANNA X How goes it with you this day?

05-17-2008, 12:23 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! Bob was farming this afternoon and I had a retirement party to go to after school. We got home about the same time and I spent the evening sleeping in the recliner. :o Now I'm ready to go to bed. :yawn:

"Gma" -- We tossed around several names for the cat. The clinic had named him Samuel for the computer input and we shortened it to Sam for a few days. Bob started calling him Ernie :lol: one night and when the kids were home last weekend they all thought he looked more like an Ernie than a Sam. I don't think he knows what his name is! It's good that your condo management is going to do some managing!

Susan -- You had a busy day! It's nice of you to donate Stan's wheelchair and supplies to someone who can appreciate and use them. :yes:

Gail -- Our high school was built in 1962 with a couple of additions over the years. The windows are the "old" huge kind and the electrical panels are such that it is impossible to install air without it being very costly. We only really need it for a couple of weeks in the fall. If we didn't start school so blasted early we wouldn't have to worry about the heat! :no: Our middle school is 11 years old and we are building a new elementary school; both have/will have air. What kind of fish do you have in your acquariuim?

Maggie -- There is a sign in the parking lot about being towed if you don't have the parking permit in a visible spot. It takes an administrator to enforce it and call the tow truck! He's too busy breaking up fights and making deals with kids who don't want to stay for detention. :mad: It is time for school to be out!

I'm heading for bed! I hope you all have a great weekend!

Jean -- :yawn: in Iowa!

05-17-2008, 07:45 AM
Good morning, ladies! Looks like a pretty day today. I woke up at 5 and couldn't get back to sleep.

I got a lot done yesterday. After I took the donations to the dialysis center, I took Stan's prosthesis and supplies and donated them to a group that remakes them for poor people. Then I went to Social Security Office and got that taken care of and still had a little time so I went to DMV and got his name taken off the car title.

Think I'll clean out the kitchen cabinets today and go to Lowes and get paint for the downstairs.

Time to go read the paper and have breakfast. More later.

05-17-2008, 08:08 AM
Good morning to everyone. This is the big weekend here for the famous BBQ cookoff so downtown will be swamped all day and evening through Sunday. They used to not let you sample because of health laws, but I guess you can now buy food tickets to sample bbq. We don't go down there because of the crowds. We took the kids back when we were stationed here and had to park miles away and walk then not enough potties and such so I said never again.

Gail: I think baby or children's sweaters are a good start. They are faster and usually easier and that's how I started. Debbie Bliss has some beautiful yarn, though I have never bought any. Because I give so many gifts, for the grandkids I always buy yarn that is washable and dryable but have bought some beautiful silk yarn a couple times.

Susan: You are so thoughtful to give Stan's things to people who can use them. I know my bil's wheelchair cost them something like $10,000!!! He has ms and is now to the point where he has to have the tall ones that are electric.

Maggie: We have had way too much rain and are supposed to get a bit more some time this weekend then sunny skies for the whole week. It will be nice to be out in the sun today for awhile at least.

Jean: Hope Ernie is fitting well into your home. I know it has to be nice to have a cat in the house again. Fortune has been driving me nuts since I have been home, but I try to be patient with him.

Well I expect Jack will be down anytime to make some breakfast so I better go.


05-17-2008, 11:27 AM
Good mornin' everyone! :) The sun is out! Everything is so green here--love it!

Maggie, I see you're still doing the Wendie plan. It's good to find something that works. A lot of days I just divide my points between three meals and if I don't eat them all then I have those left over for snacks...or a larger dinner. Most of the time that works for me. I don't get upset with gains at the scale anymore. I figure sooner or later the weight will come off. I'm just not giving up (stop going to WW) this time. I love my Tuesday morning meetings. I imagine making those glass houses do take up a lot of space. I'm glad you have a hobby though. Now...I have a LOT of yarn! :dizzy: But I am donating some of it to the cancer federation of de on Tuesday when they come for a pick-up. Love Subway! But then again there aren't too many restaurants I don't like! :D

Jean, we don't dare have expensive fish in our aquarium! Mostly, we have some different colored mollies and we have some catfish trolling the bottom. Wayne would love to have a salt water tank but he feels intimidated by the cost of the fish. I always fall asleep in the chair at night! Sometimes with knitting needles still in my hands.

Susan, I was up early this morning also--I was downstairs knitting and thought of going on-line. The next time you're up early post here and let us know...and I'll do the same--perhaps we'll be awake at the same time and we can "talk". :)

Faye, bbq! My hubby looooooves bbq! We can't find good bbq in DE. A lot of times when I've at my parents' house down in Va. Beach I buy some there and bring it back up to freeze. I bet that town smells great today! Yummo! I agree with you--baby clothes and blankets should be knitted in acrylic so it can be washed...and I do use the acrylic for baby blankets. That Debbie Bliss yarn is quite pricey...but I've had it for so long. The yarn shop I go to have huge sales on any month with a fifth Saturday so it makes buying yarn a little, we don't pay sales tax in DE.

I need to go to the cleaner's and a few other places. Everyone have a great Saturday.

05-17-2008, 05:51 PM

I am sitting here with the air and fans going and think I have some sence. With Credance playing on my computer as I type. Sure makes me want to be in Texas growing a container garden, a calf to grow up and butcher and of course some chickens.;) We can do just that ~ when the time is right. Don't ya think? Going to BBQ a tri tip later this day.

JEAN Did the crops get in before the rain? That beautiful dark soil there sure can grow just about anything. The gophers are so bad out here on this little ranch that we only can grow things in pots. All my beautiful flowers have been destroyed but the tomatoes we put in pots survive. So it is to be Ernie and not Sam.

FAYE I have been calling you by your first name but if you prefer Faye I'll use it.:D I love those BBQ cook offs. However, only in small towns. I would shudder to go to one in Memphas. TN does have the best BBQ! Been there and had it. Went to a burried BBQ there ~ YUM.

GAIL Yes it is the Wendie way for me. A gal has to find what works and I am glad that we have freedom of choice in this WW program. I like buying from Schwans because they have the meat frozen in serving sizes and it is such good quality and they have a nutrition booklet which makes it so easy to figure points. Also on the net they have the information that shows the nutrition of all their products.

SUSAN You are busy as usual. Hope your day is going well with you and you get what you set out to do accomplished.

GLORIA & NANNA X A Howdy to you and hope your day is going well with you.Later `

05-17-2008, 07:31 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I had planned a lazy morning at home just taking my sweet time getting a few things done. Bob had other plans for me and I misunderstood when he mentioned it last night. He wanted me to follow him out to the farm where he would leave his pick-up. Then I would take him to the other side of the county where his tractor and plow were. He was going to take the plow back to the north farm and his tractor back to the farm where his pick-up was and then home again. I didn't realize he meant first thing this morning, and needless to say my thoughts of a lazy start didn't happen. :spin: I've just putzed and done laundry since I got home. We did make a grocery run together. I had our list and a basket and Bob had his mother's list and a separate basket. We both ended up with $64 and $66 worth of stuff. It is a nice sunny day here, but it's so windy that I hate to open the windows because everything will have a layer of grit on it. :(

Susan -- You did have a busy day yesterday! What color paint did you pick out? I hope to get at least two bedrooms painted and can't decide what color. Right now they are blue and pink . . . Jason graduated in '92 and Beth in '96 so you know how long it's been since they were painted. :o I also want to replace carpet upstairs and can see the $$$$$ signs now. :eek:

"Gma" -- I don't like crowds much any more either. I have no patience with rude people and that seems to be what we have most of around here. Ernie has made himself at home since day 1! Bob said he thought maybe we should think about getting a king sized bed since Ernie likes to stretch out between us. :D "Mom" used to curl up in a ball and she was short so didn't take up much room. We aren't sure if Ernie is done growing or not; he is long and tall with a long tail and big paws. There is nothing dainty about him when he is galloping around on the bare floors.

Gail -- I would love to have an acquarium again. :yes: They are supposed to have a calming effect and lower one's blood pressure. When we were in Maui and on the whale watching boat, we were in the line of spray from big waves. I was surprised at how salty the water tasted. I would like to take a knitting class. I can knit and purl but have no clue how to add or subtract stitches to make anything other than something square or rectangular shaped.

Maggie -- Some of the farmers are having to replant because they got rained out. Bob would love to live in the country where he could do his own small farm operation. He promised I could have all the animals I wanted but then said that wouldn't work because I would make pets out of them. :lol:

Hope you all are having a nice weekend! The small schools around us are having graduations this weekend and the town is full of out-of-county cars.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

05-18-2008, 07:29 AM
Good morning to you all! I had a strange day. Lots of dizziness and light headedness. I was shaky all day too and couldn't figure out why. The dizziness had started the evening before, but I thought maybe I was just tired. Anyway, long story short, my bp had dropped to 92/46 and since I had taken my bp meds yesterday, it made it worse so I am not taking today's and possibly tomorrows and keeping an eye on it. I took it this morning because I haven't felt dizzy (it was so bad I had to sleep in the chair last night) and it is back to normal so I will just monitor it all day long.

My lovely salon person told me I should have called her and she would have come and cut my hair at home!!! Now this is Supercuts and for someone to be that nice I was totally shocked. I told her it was ok, that I am doing well except getting tired still. I just couldn't believe the offer though.

I will post replies later, but wanted to check in. Oh and Maggie, call me either. The Faye thing started years ago when I was being harrassed by someone here at the site so I had Suzanne give me a new account and everything and used my middle name. For a very long time I didn't use avatars or anything until everything settled down so feel free to use either now.

Everyone have a very good Sunday. I am going back to my chair for awhile I think.

05-18-2008, 05:53 PM
Good afternoon, ladies. 77 degrees but getting ready for a storm - again!

Had a nice day today - went to 11 o'clock Mass then to a going away luncheon for a member of Curves who is moving to Miami (husband is in the Coast Guard). Lunch was at Cheeseburger in Paradise. I had 2 mini cheeseburgers (about 2 bites each) and the house salad so I could indulge in a piece of Key Lime Pie - it was small - my big splurge. Having a crab cake, corn, and salad for dinner later.

Just saw some lightening so have to get the computer turned off!

Have a good Monday tomorrow!

05-18-2008, 06:12 PM
Not a whole lot going on here at Chez Gail. We'll be grilling steaks in about an hour. I'm just sitting here watching tv and surfing the internet. Earlier this afternoon, DH and I drove down to Chestertown, MD. It's a small town along the Chester River. It's a old little town--saw a house built in the mid-1770's. We fell in love with this little town a few months ago. We like walking the streets and around the marinas of historic towns. Very relaxing.

Maggie, how long have we known each other? Would you say 1999?

Jean, you did quite a lot of traveling this morning. DH loves the aquarium. He says the same thing--its calming. Me? I just knit! I bet it wouldn't take much for you to learn how to knit something other than squared or rectangular.

Faye, be careful! Your bp sounds scarey. Should you phone your doctor? Isn't it refreshing to find someone that is willing to do things beyone the norm?! I think that was really sweet of your hair dresser volunteering to come to you.

Susan, a Cheeseburger in Paradise has opened up near the mall here in DE. I haven't been there yet.

Well, I need to do some laundry. Tomorrow I will be babysitting my little grandson. I'll be at his house; not mine.

Everyone have a good evening!

05-18-2008, 10:22 PM
I'm sad! Ernie is gone! :cry: Bob had the garage door open and I was going into the house. He must have heard us talking and bolted out the door as I was going in. I tried to shut the big door which really scared him and he took off. He hasn't been outside here and I'm not sure he knows his name. I've walked through yards calling him, but of course he didn't come. I'm hoping that once he calms down he might hear us calling and come.

I picked up MIL for church this morning. She's feeling pretty good today. We went back this afternoon and hung some pictures for her. I left the Sunday paper and some magazines for her to read. They were showing an "old" movie this afternoon so she was planning on going to that.

We made a flying trip to SAM's Club this afternoon. Beth called and said our membership had expired when she tried to check out. She couldn't renew until we did. So Bob called and tried to do it over the phone . . . no luck. The lady said to do it online. Again no luck. There was an 800# on the website to call if one was having problems. He called and the recording said, "office closed until Monday!" :tantrum: Now I know why I hate WM/SAM's so much!

"Gma" -- I hope your bp settles down and you aren't feeling dizzy. That is scary! :yes:

Susan -- Key Lime Pie . . . yum! :T I'm glad you enjoyed the going away luncheon even though it means your Curves friend is moving away.

Gail -- Chestertown sounds like an interesting place to visit. I'd much rather babysit at the kids' house than here. There is more "stuff" for them to do and they're in their own territory. :lol:

My last load of laundry is going, and I need to make another trip around the block before it gets too dark. Have a marvelous Monday and keep your fingers crossed that Ernie comes home.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

05-19-2008, 01:07 AM

Temp as I type is 84 at 9pm. It did get up to 102 here in this little valley this day. I did get my hair cut this afternoon ~ trim I should say.

DONNA Please do tell your doc about your BP. Sounds like your system is getting over a shock. Operations are a shock to the system. What a nice hair lady you have ~ a real keeper for sure.

JEAN I certainly hope you find Ernie or he comes home. I don't think you have coyotes where you are. Around here folks call their kittys inside at night. I can here them yodeling and then Ragg Mopp has to tell them to be quiet. I guess that is what he is telling them.:dizzy: We don't have a SAMs here but a nice Costco is in town and a Smart and Final.

SUSAN Still storming there? I guess I will turn mine off during a storm even though I have satelite. A bolt could come and hit the dish. I got a chuckle out of Cheeseburger in Paradise ~ now the song sung by Jimmy Buffett is going through my head.

GAIL I think maybe late 97 early 98 because I think I was in Idaho then because I met you before we went to Texas back then. At least we were in Texas for the millennium. Love grilled steaks. Ate the last of the Tri Tip we grilled yesterday. Sure made good sandwiches today. I enfy your little treck through that old town, what fun. OH how I love going through small old towns. History.

Type at ya'll later

05-19-2008, 07:36 AM
Good morning. Today I babysit the little guy. I go to my oldest daughter's house. I like babysitting but I don't like sitting all day at her house and we live too far apart for her to bring him to me or for me to go get him and drive back home and then take him in the evening. This will be a looooong day for me. I won't be home until about 7pm tonight. When gasoline reaches a certain $$$ for a gallon I won't be babysitting because I will not be going many places. I agree with you Jean about babysitting over there rather than here at my home because let me tell you (and I know you know this) a one-year-old-fast-crawling-almost-walking-very-curious baby gets into EVERYTHING. However, all I do over there is play with the baby, knit, read, and watch tv. It's b-o-r-i-n-g. Don't get me wrong, I love to read and knit but I don't like sitting all day long.

Last night Wayne grilled steaks outside. I boiled some corn on the cob go with it. And I fixed a tossed garden salad. Healthy meal...right? Yes, I weighed the steak and it was lean. However, everytime I eat beef the scale is up the next morning. Frustrating. But I will not give up what I like to eat and I know the weight will come back off.

Jean, I hope Ernie has found his way home. Even though he has not been outside (until now) I'm sure he will find his way back. Sam's Club has bbq that Wayne loves.

Maggie, ohmygosh...10 years?! Yes--you were in Idaho! Both Wayne and I love historic old towns. We do a lot of walking reading the plaques on the homes. Chestertown will be celebrating the town's history this weekend--they will be having a "tea party" out on the Chester River, and a lot of colonial events will be going on. We plan on going back on Saturday.

Well...I need to get going. Gather up my stuff and head on out. It will take me 45-60 minutes to get there. I may be able to go on-line later at their house if he takes a nap--he's not always in a napping kind of mood. Love that little guy. If I don't get back in here, everyone have a great day! Stay on your program. Later this week I'm going to post a macaroni salad recipe--it's a WW recipe and I always get compliments every time I make it.

05-19-2008, 01:40 PM

The magnolia trees are blooming and they are absolutely georgous. We have friends that live on Magnolia Ave and both sides of the street are huge magnolia trees. No brainer why the road is called that.:dizzy: We need to make a trip into town and make a bank run. Maybe eat a Subway sandwich while there for lunch. This is a low point day for me and I need to watch it close. It isn't supposed to get as hot today as it did yesterday. This is unseasonalo weather we are having here for this month of May.

GAIL Time sure does fly by doesn't it. I first met you, my friend, when your girls were not yet married and now look at them. All grown up with families of their own and you going over to babysit. I understand how it is not being in your own home ~ what are you paying for a gallon of regular there? We are up to $3.98 here. It is $3.40 in Texas. CA has some extra taxes to make it higher I do believe. AH, I am old enough to remember when gas was 25 cents for a gallon and to cruise was a couple bucks for quite a few hours up and down the street.:) Your mention of Macaroin Salad made me think of a recipe I have. I chaged a WW one to make it better for us and have taken it to pot-luck and like yours, everyone loved it. What I changed was instead of the Mayo we use Miracle Whip and instead of the sweet relish I use dill and some other changes. I also cut the recipe in half to make here for just the two of us. Life is good.