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05-13-2008, 12:44 AM
I'm suprised it's Monday night and no weekly chat. Guess everyone is really busy.

I had a good weekend, went to the downtown hoe down. It was fun but very crowded and I drank too much on Friday night. I also ended up splitting an order of potato chip nachos with my sister on friday (which was good because it probable saved me from the drinking causing me to pass out) and on Saturday I had had half an elephant ear which ws also really bad. But I did make a point both on Saturday and Sunday to hit the gym and bike. Which is a good work out.

Otherwise another week more work, I'm getting excited about going to NYC on Sunday, I bought a bunch of snacks to take in my luggage to help me stay on track plus I also plan on getting extra fruit in the morning to snack on.

How is everyone else? Any exciting weekends?

05-13-2008, 01:20 AM
OK- you had me googling elephant ears!! I had no idea what you were talking about!! It sounds very good though...hehehe. Guess I don't get out much. I haven't been to a fair in a long time.

05-13-2008, 01:48 AM
Hey Remember, I was thinking about going to the downtown hoe down, too, but ended up not doing it because of my DD. I didn't have anyone to watch her and I didn't really want to take her down there to a crowd.

Nothing special over the weekend, other than buying ticket to visit my family in Korea in October, which I cannot wait..as it's been over 4 years! =D

I went out to eat with my friend on Saturday..and we were able to talk about weight loss..She's 5 ft and used to weight 190lbs and lost weight, even got eating disorder and ended up at 80lbs. She worked out at least 2 hrs daily, ate big breakfast, little lunch, and no dinner. Then when she hit her goal of 100, she kept going because she was addicted to it now. By then, she said, she ate small breakfast and nothing for the rest of the day...and ended up at eating disorder. She then got better and now doesn't have eating disorder. Her husband got her upto 120lbs, which is still normal weight for her, and she lost by walking again and currently is at 100 lbs. Although I want to lose weight, I don't want to be like that...and it was very nice seeing her eating veggie pizza and fries, knowing what she went through. She did have very small portion, though.

Anyways... I got some eggplants on Saturday to cook eggplant lasagna. We will see how that goes...especially since it's my very first time making lasagna. ;)

05-13-2008, 03:13 AM
I had a good weekend too....
the weekends are always better than the working week for me....
i spent the friday night and saturday at my boyfriends house....
with his mum n lil brother and sister....
was nice as i dont do it very often....
came home, exercised like crazy and lazed around for a good while....

i have another interview today....
touch wood!....

05-13-2008, 07:51 AM
good luck loopy!!!

I am down 0.4 today... cant moan! Ive been for physio this morning. i swear the woman is a genius... my back is now pain free... she gave me some new exercises which work my glutes and hips but they get rid of the back pain... how odd!

Im writing papers for uni today.. i have 2 to do today.. thats my goal!

05-13-2008, 11:05 AM
Today is my second day of "Fresh Fruits and Veggies Week". I decided to do it because it helps me stay on track for the long term. I sorta feel like I'm cleansing my body from the months and months of Taco Bell and McD's. I'd like to do it every 2 months or so. I dunno, it helps me though!

...That is, if I can stay with it! I feel really good, but I have a mild allergy to many fruits and veggies and so my throat and ears have been so irritated! Blah. Sometimes I notice the allergies lessen a little when I get into better shape. Does this happen to anyone else?

Also, I ordered the Pink Patch yesterday. I saw it in the UK forum thread and thought I should just give the free trial a wirl. I don't really believe in diet drugs, but, meh, who cares? Even if it's a placebo effect, that's ok with me!

Only been at work an hour and I'm already super bored....haha.

Good luck PrettyPaula on your papers!

05-13-2008, 11:34 AM
thankyou... its not going so well... the first one i am still researching for and it is half 3 in the afternoon here!!

its taking much more work than i thought.. i could just fudge it a bit and get a pass but the research is invaluable for my exams.


nutrition junkie
05-13-2008, 01:00 PM
Hey everyone! I haven't really been posting the past few weeks because i'm a slacker. But, i'm down to 157.6, only 3 lbs away from the normal weight range!! I've never been in the normal weight range in my entire adult life...lowest i got was 155.5 before i started gaining again, so i'm super excited.
It was a crazy weekend. My ex-boyfriend told me that he's totally in love with me. I live pretty far from him rihgt now but i'll be moving ten minutes away from him in july for medical school. I have a lot of decisions to make.
My trip in july to vegas and california is totally planned with my weight loss buddy to celebrate. That means by June 30th i have to be at or under my goal of 146. 11 lbs to go.

05-13-2008, 03:18 PM
Hey ladies....I'm really needing some support here....

I weighed in at the gym today....and I'm up 6 POUNDS from last week. WHAT??!? I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THAT WAS PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE!! I don't know what to do, I'm so so so upset. I've been trying to be good but have been a little bingey in the past week, but I can't imagine that I've been 6 POUNDS WORTH OF BINGEY!!!

What is going on?!?!?!!? I've gained back almost HALF the weight I've lost!! I feel so helpless and like such a failure.......

05-13-2008, 03:26 PM
dont feel like a failure....
just work hard....
stay positive....
act positive...
n ul do positively....

on a side note i was ill half way thru ,my exercise today....
i dunt knoow if ive been silly or not, but i waited til i felt a lil better and finished it off....
a nite of rest for me now i thinks....

nutrition junkie
05-13-2008, 03:47 PM
Hey ladies....I'm really needing some support here....

I weighed in at the gym today....and I'm up 6 POUNDS from last week. WHAT??!? I DIDNT EVEN KNOW THAT WAS PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE!! I don't know what to do, I'm so so so upset. I've been trying to be good but have been a little bingey in the past week, but I can't imagine that I've been 6 POUNDS WORTH OF BINGEY!!!

What is going on?!?!?!!? I've gained back almost HALF the weight I've lost!! I feel so helpless and like such a failure.......

i'm sure a lot of it is water weight, that always happens after a binge. try to drink a lot of water and eat mostly whole, natural foods for the next few days and i think a lot of it will melt off.

05-13-2008, 08:45 PM
Normal day today. I donated blood today which was good, my iron was just above the minimum which is good because I’m always afraid it is below. I’ve been a little light headed since then so I’m just going to relax for the rest of the night, I have a new book I’m looking to start.

Anyone reading anything good? I have free time now and am looking for good books.

Gurl – They are not as good as I remembered them but still very good and very bad for you. At least I only had half of one.

Tara – Probable a good decision to skip with your kids because it is crowded and you have a ton of dumb drunk people. We talked about it when we were there and all said it was a bad place to take kids. Let me know how the eggplant lasagna turns out I have been thinking about making it.

Loopy – Good luck at the interview.

Paula – Good job on being down and good luck with the papers, that is a pain when you have more then one at a time.

Bellyup – I’ve never heard of allergies getting better with weight loss. You should get tested for what you are allergic to because repeated exposure can cause allergies to get worse.

NutritionJunkie – I would love to be at a normal weight even if it is the high end of it.

Arts – It’s probable not all weight, is TOM here? Did you have a salty meal like Chinese? Have you been getting enough water? Did you weight in with the same amount of clothing as last time. I can be up like 5 pounds one day because of what is going on.

05-13-2008, 09:47 PM
thanks for the help, ladies...now that I think of it, I was on a movie set yesterday for WAY over 12 hours, and definitely didn't drink enough water. And the food they provided the actors was RIDICULOUSLY salty, so hopefully that's a large part of it...but I'm still a little nervous.

Thanks for calming me down :-)

05-13-2008, 10:04 PM
The eggplant lasagna turned out very good. You really couldn't tell that there were no noodles. Even my 2.5 year old daughter was eating it...At one moment, she picked eggplnt with just sauce... and I was like "Please eat it, eat it, eat it.." and she "studied" it for little bit and put it in her mouth. No problemo. :D

I did my first C25K today. I took my i-can't-remember-the-last-time-i-charged iPod and downloaded podcast for C25K so I won't have to try to time while walking/running... Time went by rather quick. The weather was BEAUTIFUL here in Detroit area with little bit of wind. So that was great. It really made me feel good because I hate, hate, I mean I HATE running. Treadmill is the LAST machine I would get on at a gym if I had ABSOLUTELY NO CHOICE...Today, the time went by rather quick and I am already looking forward to the next time.

My thighs are quite sore, though..because after the run, I cooked, and then decided to do Cardio Overdrive DVD workout, instead of letting the legs rest and do some strength. I didn't think much of it because I have workout calendar and today was Cardio Overdrive according to the calendar. Well...I will be doing some strength workout tomorrow and try to let them rest, I guess. So when you work out, how do you do it? i mean... cardio, strength, stretching(yoga, pilates..).. any specific order you mix them with? (Hope I am making sense here. ;) )

just keep swimming
05-13-2008, 10:26 PM
Hey, I gave blood today, too, Remember. The woman who was filling out my info told me she knew I wouldn't be eligible to donate double red cells, because she was sure I wasn't 175 pounds. That was nice to hear, although you also have to be 5'5", which I am not. It felt pretty good telling them my weight, instead of awkward, like it used to be. :)

Tara, I had no idea there was a C25K podcast! That's so great, I'm downloading it right now. I was just thinking I should make a mix like that so that I knew when to switch between running and walking, but now I don't have to! Thanks :D

05-13-2008, 10:33 PM
Hey Just keep swimming, Robert Ullrey is the one I got and it was GREAT. The music is great and he tells you when to run and when to walk. :D

05-13-2008, 10:56 PM
Tara - Can I get the recipe? I know I am so happy the weather is turning around. :) I tried doing the C25K and it was going good for a like two months (I was doing it two weeks for each step instead of one week) but running isn't good for me, I don't run well and I was getting pain in my right side so I bike now.

Just Keep Swimming - I had the same experience today, we were talking about double red and I said I would except I was too short, and the nurse said and you need to weight 175 which you don't. I agree it was nice. Also I love now they don't have to find the big cuff for me instead they can use the normal cuff and it has extra space. :cb:

05-13-2008, 11:37 PM
Remember, I used the recipe on this website: http://www.recipezaar.com/83464. Hopefully it will turn out good for you, too. :) I'll see how the running goes for me. When I was in high school, my knee was hurting so bad and my mom took me to the doctor. Well, after all the x-ray and stuff, he said.."There's nothing wrong with the knee. The only thing is that she will need to lose weight and it should be okay then." Blah... Well, I would never try bike. I can go straight but for me to turn, I have to Stop, move the bike, and then go back to going straight... I just suck at anything that has to do with balance. :P

05-14-2008, 12:14 AM
Isn't being hungry the worst?


05-14-2008, 03:04 AM
Isn't being hungry the worst?


What about craving SOMETHING although you are NOT hungry? And you can't figure out what it is that you are craving no matter how hard you are trying without actually trying...:mad:

05-14-2008, 09:37 AM
I finally am back down to my ticker weight today :cb: I gained after my last two trips and was determined not to change my ticker because it was a motivating fact to get me back down. Well I am down to 166 just in time to go on another trip. But with this one being so long I am really stragatizing, bring my own snacks, planning on going to the gym (I'll have the free time), and thinking about potential meals ahead of time.

Tara - I had to laugh ... I can't ride a real bike, I never have been able too, I always crash. I use a stationary bike with a full seat. I really enjoy that and I feel I get a much better work out then running.

LiLi Gettin Thin
05-14-2008, 10:17 AM
Tara and Just Keep Swimming, I downloaded the Robert Ullrey podcast a week ago, but haven't been able to start it yet! It's been on thing or another, so I'm disappointed. Everyone loves those podcasts and I'm starting to get jealous! ;)

05-14-2008, 12:15 PM
I totally just turned down a chocolate-peanut butter-marshmallow-gooey-brownie of death.

Can I hear a "woot woot"?


05-14-2008, 12:17 PM
over halway thru the week....
WoOp WoOp....
i have the week after next off....
my bessie mates coming to the ford....
not sin him since i was 11 stone 8....
cant wait to see if he spots a difference....
i havent told him ive lost!....

05-14-2008, 12:46 PM
l00py, I am sure he will notice it for sure!!! You have lost 20 lbs since you've seen him last! =)

BellyUp, Woot Woot!

Lili, Sorry to hear that you haven't been able to try it...I'm also trying to figure out how I will be able to with the crazy weather in MI here...It was sooo nice yesterday and raining today... and have no treadmill at home or access to one. But I'm sure you will get to it soon. :)

05-14-2008, 12:49 PM
So I wake up this morning to go to Curves...and my whole body is sore... I'm thinking it's from C25K...I can barely walk. I think I'm going to take it easy today and just try to do workout dvd from home. It would've been so very nice if I already got my pilates dvd... I would've done that. :( Well, I'm still glad, though. Because my sore body means I've done something right lol... and I told my bf that it's good that I started walking/running now because when I get to Korea in October, I will be walking a lot and I would've been very tired all the time... ;)

BTW, I understand why my thighs are hurting, but why are my side/waist hurting? :?:

05-14-2008, 02:12 PM
I apologize for not making the May Challenge thread stick on top.... My computer was in the shop the past week! :( Thanks to all the girls that let me know. And thank you to whatever moderator that made it stick.


05-14-2008, 08:36 PM
Well today is going ok except i am absolutly exhaused. I don't know what it was but at like 4 today I hit a brick wall and became exhaused. I'm going to try and call it an early night because I have to be at my intership at like 6:30 am so that I can travel across state for an intake day. Blah at least I can sleep in the van.

I'm starting to get excited about New York I am getting annoyed because they haven't sent me my ticket information yet but I guess I just sit and wait. I'll get it eventually.

Trns - I hate when computers break, that is the absolute worst. Glad you got it back.

05-14-2008, 09:28 PM
I'm going to a house full of temptation tonight to watch the NBA finals. Pizza, chips, drinks, wings...all the goods of sports watchin'...and all the bads for my fruits and veggies week! It is going to sure be tough! Wish me luck!

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

05-14-2008, 10:15 PM
Good luck BellyUp! I know how hard big plans with yummy food can be. I have a bunch of big dinners this weekend that I'm a bit worried about, and I have a wedding next weekend which I know is going to be a big drinking/eating fest.

So I have been making some recipes from the new Hungry Girl recipe book. I tried the Turkey Taco Meatload and it was amazing!!! I have been trying to get into cooking. I feel like if I make my own meals I can trust what is actually in the food. I found an interesting chicken caccitore and chicken scalopinni recipe.

05-15-2008, 10:21 AM
Ta da! It was a success! My team lost...but at least I didn't give in to chips, candy, soda, pizza or wings! YAY!

05-15-2008, 11:01 PM
Today I went on a day trip which I believe was another pointless waste of time. But oh well what can I do. I also did really well today even though I was faced with the McDonald temptation twice, first time I just got a fruit and yogurt parfait and then I got a grilled sandwich, only at the chicken because I think the bun is gross, and had apple dippers without the caramel. I think all around good choices.

Bellyup – Sorry your team lost but at least you can get the temptations out of the house

05-16-2008, 09:12 AM
hey remeber, wow you have lost a huge amount of weight, its reallly impressive. not far to go now, is it scary??
well done for not giving in mc d's.
im having a weird week, started off really low and a bit down on myself and how much i have to do/going on. then i finally slept well last night and i feel 100% better. I also just booked me and my boyfs holiday to rhodes, and were gonna island hop around to turkey ect also....eee! its gonna be amazing.
got work for 2 days now, then 4 days untill my exams, and my boyf has an inportant interview, so this time next week i will probably be celebrating. It would be good if i could loose some more weight, i cant stop looking at the scales when i promised i wouldent, bad bad!

05-16-2008, 02:39 PM

I just got back from the gym......AND IVE GAINED ANOTHER POUND.

I'm very very quickly moving into crisis mode.... HELP!

05-16-2008, 04:22 PM
I made a series of goals today, to leave my intership by noon (done), eat a decent lunch (done), go to the gym (done and I worked out for 45 minutes rather then 35 did 10 minutes on the eclipital), shower (done) pack to go to my sisters (done), and fill out her FAFSA (done). I wanted all of that done by 4 and it is 3:17 and I am done. WOO HOO! I'm going to shop today I'm hoping to finally fit into a size 12. I'll let everyone know how it goes.

Gracey - thank you it's been a lot of work but worth every minute of it. It is kindof scary but I'm also anxious to get to the end, I've been sitting kindof the same weight for like 6 months but now I'm kicking my but into high gear to lose those last pounds. But all in all I think it was a good thing I slowed down because it has given me some time to adjust to my weight and I no longer think of myself as the fat girl and I don't get freaked out when I look into the mirror.

Arts - Don't freak out. Calm down, weight always flucates I'm 4 pounds heavier in the evening then the morning, and more with clothing and shoes. Drink lots of water, squeeze some lemon in it to flush out the toxins and the weight will drop back down.

05-16-2008, 04:55 PM
i guess in a way were in a similar boat (obviously your loss has been much bigger then mine) but i have had 6 months of coller (plateau) lkoss, and now im getting the last bit i want off for my holiday in about 5 weeks now. i hope to loose another 9lbs in that time, im not sure its doable, but im gonna try really hard. if i dont when i get back i will keep perseveering on untill im 12stone and a size 14 all over.

05-16-2008, 09:08 PM
I just got out of work a lot earlier than expected, so I'm heading BACK to the gym for the second time today. I'm DETERMINED to get this stupid gained weight off!!! I think this is the first time I've ever worked out twice in a day, or at least in a long long time.

AND this is the first time in a bit I've worked out two days in a row -- with finals and rehearsals and work and everything it just wasn't matching up, but after seeing how quickly that weight can come back on I'm DEFINITELY keeping myself on a MUCH shorter leash!

05-16-2008, 11:54 PM
alright i've been lazing around too long tomorrow i start doing the striptease workout again

i want my body back!

05-17-2008, 12:04 PM
Lissa -- way to re-motivate!! I'm sure you'll be back to where you were pretty quickly :)

05-17-2008, 12:09 PM
i contemplated the dvd this am but since i slept horribly so i went to bed for a while lol tomorrow is a new day

05-17-2008, 02:51 PM
Remember -- thanks for the support. I'm definitely upping my water intake, and I love lemon, so I think I'm going to go out and buy a few because the taste of fresh citrus will DEFINITELY help me drink more water. I hope you're into a size 12!! I have a pair of 12 jeans that I LOVE, but I think they're actually a little not true-to-size...but I still feel great when I wear them!!

I just spent an HOUR on the floor of my bathroom with a toothbrush cleaning nasty stuff off the floor behind the toilet (LOVE LIVING WITH THE BF), near the shower, and just all over. It's definitely a workout!! I usually can't go to the gym on Saturdays (I have a weird membership that's cheaper because I'm a student, but it means my times that I can go are restricted. Normally not a problem, except on Saturdays since I usually work, so I just consider Saturdays my day to rest :)), but I feel good that I got some activity in today. Though, now that I think of it, I am a waitress, so that's a lot of walking, so I really don't know what I'm complaining about.

It's so quiet around here lately!!

05-17-2008, 05:18 PM
Just got home from the zoo, the field trip from my DD's day care. The last time we went was last August and I was so tired from walking back then and my back hurt bad too. Today, I'm tired because my DD decided to wake up at 3'ish AM and not fall back asleep for about an hour and then wake back up around 630. But walking? I'm fine. My back? Doesn't hurt. I'm so glad my physical state is so much better!!

Well, not only that, I'm glad I got to walk 3 hours pushing huge stroller full of water, snacks, and diapers. :P

just keep swimming
05-17-2008, 08:25 PM
A day care field trip to the zoo does sound like it would be quite the workout! As does cleaning the bathroom with a toothbrush. Yuck. :)

I walked to and from Walgreens (about 3 miles round trip) today to pick up a prescription because it was 80 degrees and breezy and too lovely to stay inside! Good workout, too. :)

05-17-2008, 09:11 PM
i signed up to get a free week at Curves and entered to win a free month and i'm thinking of signing up for the $30 for 30 days as well.

just keep swimming
05-17-2008, 09:26 PM
lissa, let us know if you like Curves! I've always wondered if it would be fun.

I went to the doctor today, and when the nurse measured me as 62.25" I got really excited that I was slightly over 5'2" and she thought I was kinda weird. :lol: I know, great story... ;)

05-18-2008, 09:46 AM
I started Curves in March and so far, so good. As long as you make sure not to chat too much with ladies and do your workout good... I did nothing but Curves in the first month and it sure helped my back, which used to hurt a lot from sitting at desk for a long time. =)

Walking to Walgreen sure sounds like a good workout. When the weather is beautiful, it doesn't even feel like workout, does it? =)

05-18-2008, 08:07 PM
I haven't been around too terribly much the past month. Just have been busy. Not falling off the wagon... just unfortunately maintaining. :(

I do have a victory... that i went on vacation this past week and didn't gain any weight! I exercised just about every day in the gym at the resort, and went hiking one day and for a long horseback ride one day (which was a workout!)

For how much i ate, and how much beer i consumed (i went to Oregon/Washington TONS of microbrews everywhere)... breaking even was all i was looking for!

05-19-2008, 02:49 AM
Does anyone ever feel really really hungry but you just can't think of anything you want to eat??

That's how I'm feeling right now......I don't like it.

05-19-2008, 02:51 AM
arts, I had that couple days ago and I didn't like that either. :( Sorry you feel that way..I hope you will be able to figure something out soon.

05-19-2008, 11:19 AM
Ugh, horrible weekend with food :(

I fell about 100 feet down off the wagon, haha. Oooooh dear. I think the first day back to healthy food and working out is the worst. I'm soooo hungry! I just have to keep telling myself it was only 3 days and remember how sick I felt when I got too full this weekend. The unhealthy stuff wasn't actually THAT good, right?

I need to handle weekends better. I love to celebrate! But, most of the time my celebrations want to involve fatty and sugary foods. Does anyone else have this problem? When I'm happy and things are good, I want to eat. When things are bad and sad I am in the best shape of my life! Ha.

Anyway, I can't weigh myself yet...I'm too scared to see the numbers! I worked really hard all week and I hope I didn't blow it on my little weekend food fest! Any "kick my butt" motivation is welcome :)

05-19-2008, 12:56 PM
i start curves tomorrow afternoon (then have to rush home get changed for a training meeting for MK) should be interesting
i'm gonna ask about the 30 days /$30 thing then too