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03-10-2002, 01:48 PM
Everyone got quiet today!!!Must have been some party last night!!!!;)

Backfor 2002
03-10-2002, 01:53 PM
Hola Amigas!

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday.

Vick, Where are you going on the cruise? Have you been on one before?

Rabbit, I am glad you like the floor. It is always so nice to have projects like that done. I am very lucky to have so many good friends. We all met the first day of our freshman year in college. It is hard to believe that was almost 20 years ago.

Jul, No dreams last night.


03-10-2002, 03:43 PM

It is quiet here today.

Jul - some of the things I already do, but I'd like a better am and pm routine. I can see how the emails could get to be a bit much!

Nanci - wow. That's great that you've all been friends since the first day of college. I think I'm jealous!:)

Dh & I worked out this am. We skipped yesterday & just had a fun day, went to a movie, did a little shopping. Glad that we went today though. I'm looking forward to warmer weather and outdoor activities.

156.584 miles
require more.:D

03-10-2002, 08:26 PM
Hi all! I have had a busy few days. Got my house mostly clean (that's a miracle). Had a birthday for Cassi & Chris (now 5 & 4) with all of the parents, (wished I had that Valium!). No kids could come because of the threat of pink eye(possibly a false alarm, but better safe than sorry). Now I am pooped!!! Glad it's over.

I made cnc (that's our code for Cassi & Chris) each thier own birthday cake in a Teddy Bear pan, but when I went to get it out, it fell apart. Before I changed my attitude about food, I would have eaten a large portion of my mistake, and then eaten the cake dh bought from the store. But as I looked at the pile of rubble, I really had no desire. I didn't care one way or the other about eating it. For me, I don't want to blow it at all; and for now, it is working. I have read about letting yourself have junk food occasionally, and I will if I really feel a need for it, but right now, loosing my weight and getting my cholesterol and heart healthy is more important than tasting junkfood.

Hope you all had a great Sunday, and that you have a great Monday (not manic!!!)

03-11-2002, 12:19 AM
Hi All,

Just checking in...it was a lazy day today. Just got done watching the 9/11 special on CBS...was that a national thing, or just around here? It was awesome to see it soo up close. I thought it was very well done. There were a lot of people on the radio begging everyone not to watch it, and saying we (americans) weren't ready for it, but that's not true, it was really wonderful. DH, being a firefighter, was moved by it also. I'm glad they aired it.

DH & I are both off tomorrow. I have to go to court for that speeding ticket I got back in November, or whenever it was! My BIL got me out of the points, but I have to go to court and plead not guilty. I still have to pay the ticket, but I won't get the points. I'm also gonna go to Social Security and change my name...I figured it's about time!! :lol: While I'm there, I'm going to talk to this guy at Coldwell Banker about real estate. They happen to be in the same building. So it'll be a pretty full day.

Have a great evening all!

03-11-2002, 10:33 AM
Hi everyone!!
I don't have much time to write but just wanted to stop and check in. I finally did it!!!! I broke thru the 160's to see 159 on the scale this morning. I got on and off three times cuz I didn't believe it!! Needless to say I'm in a great mood today. Our people are here from the home office today to conduct our interviews for the mgmt position and also perform and ISO audit which I have to sit in on. I wore a nice dress and heels today and also did my hair really cute. I normally wear jeans and t-shirt to work everyday so everyone's jaw is dropping. It's pretty funny to see all the reactions I'm getting! Do I normally look that bad?!?!?! :D

03-11-2002, 02:14 PM
Hello all!

A new week. I've been having the hungries - pms I think. Got to get through it.

Lyssa - Hooray for doing so well & staying away from the cake.!!

Lauren - I watched the show also & thought it was well done.

Liz - Hooray for reaching 159!!:D :D

later all!


03-11-2002, 06:47 PM
Hi all :wave:

Just got back from spending the weekend at mum's, plus it was Mothering Sunday yesterday, so thought a visit was due (haven't seen her for about 3 weeks - but call daily).

Anyway she had a lovely day, especially because my brother who stormed out in a strop last year because he couldn't bully my mum into doing something (long story) turned up with his wife and the grandchildren. My mum was on cloud nine. Why is that when children have issues with the parents, they use the grandchildren as "pawns"?

Anyway he came round - didn't have the decency to apologise - but mum doesn't care (mum's are sooooo forgiving).

Hopefully I haven't put a downer on you guys.

C U later :D

03-11-2002, 11:26 PM
Well, skipping the cake yesterday was a breeze, but after I posted we decided to eat pizza for dinner. We ordered vegitarian pizza with no cheese. That is one way for us to reduce the fat and calories with pizza, but I ate 4 pieces. Yes they were small (the equivalent of 2 1/2 normal slices), but I wasn't that hungry. It was consolation eating. I guess I am glad I stopped myself there but I saw that will power is still something I will have to work on.

Now back to another normal day. I didn't exercise, because I had to catch up the house work from having the party. Hopefully I will exercise tomorrow.

Dh said tonight at dinner that my face looked thinner. It was nice for him to notice. He is looking thinner too.

BPB - So, I guess your day wasn't as good as your mother's. I am glad that she had a good day, and it is good that you went to go see her. Sounds like you are a good daughter.

Rabbit - Baked Tostitos (the ones that are just corn and salt) and hot sauce is a great low fat food for munchies, and so is rice cakes.

Liz - CONGRATULATIONS on breaking into the 150's. I can't wait to get there. I bet you looked smashing in your fancy duds. It always feels nice to dress up even if you prefer to be in jeans and a tee shirt.

LBH - We saw the last half of the 9/11 special. It seems like a life time ago. It radically changed my view of life and what is important. But at the same time, I can't believe 6 mos. has already passed by. May we never see disaster like that again.

03-12-2002, 09:20 AM
Well I'm still here and I'm still struggling for the 140's. I get soooo close and then gain back a pound or two - so frustrating. Part of the time it really bothers me when I think about how long it's taken me to go from 150 to 140 but I know that it's better than where I was 6 months ago and at least I'm not gaining. Maybe my body likes it here but I don't!!

LBH - I was so sorry I missed that 9/11 special on CBS. I knew it was on and then forgot and my husband made me watch X Files! Yeesh. Oh well I heard it was really interesting so if anyone ever hears of it airing again let me know!

Rabbit/Jul - I do the flylady thing and while the emails can be really annoying I delete all of the reminders and whatever else I don't have time for. If you don't keep on top of the emails it's overwhelming but you can always just delete everything. There's some good stuff there. I pick and chose but can see how it could be helpful if I had children.

Liz - congrats on the 159 - soon you'll pass me all the way into the 140's and if you do just wave as you go by!!

BPB - sounds like a nice weekend with your mother and as for family - who couldn't tell all kinds of stories!

Liz - the pizza sounds like a great compromise don't feel too bad.

Have a great day,

03-12-2002, 09:58 AM
Ugghhh, what a day yesterday. The audit was totally stressful. We did okay but of course the auditor managed to find one small screw up I did. All the other paperwork was perfect and he manages to get his hands on the one that isn't. Murphy's Law I guess!! Oh well, it wasn't anything that bad so he wasn't writing it up. Then I had two interviews. One was with a guy who will probably never be able to see me as anything more than a secretary. He made a few comments that made it clear he didn't think I was qualified. Of course I wanted to tell him I thought he was an egotistical, arrogant, chauvinistic a$$ but I didn't. :D The other interview was with a woman who knows me very well and knows all that I'm capable of. She's been in my shoes and knows the struggle of climbing the corp ladder. I know if she had her way I'd get the promotion but I seriously doubt she'll be able to convince the others on the panel. After the audit yesterday I'll be happy not to get the job!!! :) Anyway...I'll be okay with whatever decision they make (I think!!).

I've been way off track the past week but I finally feel like I'm focused again. AF has arrived and it always helps me to get re-energized. Go figure?? I managed to drag my butt outta bed this morning and to the gym. It was the first good workout I've had in over a week. I'm probably gonna be sore tomorrow.

Elisa, you're doing good. Just think about how far you've come and how bad someone like me wants to be where you are!! I go thru phases where I'll juggle a pound or two for a little while. I usually go buy a Fitness magazine or go to the library to find something to help me get back on track.

Lys, Wow you guys are good!! How do you eat a pizza with no cheese? That's not a pizza -- that's bread with tomato sauce.:lol: Pizza is one of my fav's and I have trouble stopping when I should. I think I could eat a large by myself!!

BFB, No downer here. You are a thoughtful daughter!! It's amazing how mum's love us no matter what we do. By the way, what's a strop??? :D

Rabbit, good luck controlling your munchies. I was like that all last week. After journaling I've noticed that the week before AF I have no control. I'm an eating machine!!

Thanks to everyone for the congrats!! 140's Here I Come!!!!

03-12-2002, 10:10 AM
I'm getting ready to leave. Going to take the boys to my parents for a couple days. I have some deliveries to make along the way and back so its a business trip (nothing like saying "mom, I can't come visit till I can charge the gas to business and pick up some checks along the way"). I have 4 deliveries to make so its worthwhile. We'll be back thurs p.m. or fri a.m.

We eat pizza without cheese too!!! I like the toppings better than all the cheese anyway. Mushroom, green pepper, onion, and pineapple. In fact we had that last night for dinner. I had salad and one piece of pizza. Bus alas, AF is here in a killer way and I'm puffy and gained 3 lbs (water weight I'm sure).

I'll check in later and hopefully I'll feel better!!, jul

03-12-2002, 10:59 AM
Hi All,

Wow, yesterday was a really busy day! Got a lot done though. Went and found out about the real estate business in the AM, then to SS to change my name, then home to clean a little, then to court to take care of the darn ticket! DH went to the dentist, then he finished sheet rocking around the new fan in the bathroom. Just has to spackle and paint now.

I checked out the Flylady site and signed up. Yes, the emails are annoying, God help me if I can't check it every few hours!! But I scan them and keep whatever ones I want to read later. I have managed to shine my sink all weekend and this AM. I told DH that's our goal for the week, keep the sink shining! :D Usually that's not too hard to do though, we're pretty good about rinsing and putting in the dishwasher, now that we have one! I think I'm gonna designate my kitchen as a hot spot though...more specifically the kitchen table. We can't eat at it because there's junk on it!! I don't know if this whole flybaby thing will work for me, but I'm gonna try...I think the emails will keep me going.

I'm just gonna keep track of my food log on paper this week. I don't feel like posting it...it's not doing me any good, I"m still always over!! :( I am anxious to get back to exercising tomorrow night though. The new bowling shoes I ordered are getting sent back...they're too narrow...so I guess I'm wearing rental shoes again tonight.

Have a great day all!!

03-12-2002, 11:20 AM
About fly lady emails, if you go to the site, there is a way to have all of the emails sent to you in one long email. I used to get them, but I would have never survived getting them individually.

Will post more later, but had to let you all know that.

Well, that is the way things used to be when she had an egroup email list you could join. I just checked, and it has all changed. She didn't have her own web site back when I was getting her emails. I am going to have to check out her new site. If you are interested, check her site out here: FlyLady (http://www.flylady.net/)

03-12-2002, 11:20 AM

Boy, am I having a rough time getting anywhere!:( I gained over the holidays & have had a tough time sticking with it since. I lost 4.75 on our first challenge, but do not think I've lost any on this one so far. I'm not back to my pre-holiday (or as I call it to myself - my prefudge) weight yet. I am not thinking of giving up, just wish I could get all of the motivation back. And keep it! I have it for short spurts. Sigh . . .

BPB - sounds like a good weekend. I'm sure your mom loved it.:)

Lyssa - doesn't sound like you did too bad on the pizza. ~ Yeah for the thinner face comment! Doesn't that make you feel good? ~ That munchie snack sounded good. I really try not to have anything like that in the house, because I have trouble stopping. So popcorn is usually my salty snack. Willpower has not been strong here - so I can't rely on it.

Elisa - I've been deleting all of the flylady stuff I am not ready for and just doing my baby steps.

Liz - hope the job thing works out the way you want it! Too bad about the man interviewer - sounds like the woman is a much more supportive person. ~ I have noticed the pms effect in my journal also.

Jul - have a good trip! We are always combining business trips with pleasure trips.:)

Lauren - I'm just doing the basics on the flybaby routine also. My morning routine is not so bad, I really need to develop a better evening one. And I want to get myself organized and stay that way!

Speaking of which, my office - which I'm in the middle of organizing (and a lot of purging!) is calling me - so I gotta run!


03-12-2002, 07:07 PM
Hello all!!!!
Rough week since AF came to visit on Sunday!!!(Not complaining!!!:D Very excited that she is visiting again at 28 days!!!!!)Just feel blah and headachey!!!

Rabbit-We are taking that cruise out of New Orleans to Cozumel and Playa de carmen...It is a quickie but cheap way to have alone time with DH!!!!

Everyone else hello!!!Take care!!

03-13-2002, 09:55 AM
Hi All,

I have a headache today. Going to take drugs in a few minutes, hoping it'll stay away for the day. Glad AF is gone though...was a fairly normal cycle.

I forgot to WI on Sunday, but I did this AM and I am still maintaining. Hopefully this will kick my butt into gear to get OP.

RR- Glad AF is back to normal for you!! When are you going on the cruise??

Rabbit- Hope you got the office cleaned!! I've designated my coffee table and my kitchen table "hot spots". I've only committed myself to keeping my sinks (kitchen & bath) shining and my bed made every AM. DH actually helped me make the bed this AM!! :D Hang in there, you'll get back in control of the weight.

Jul- I guess you're gone, but hope you have a nice mini-trip! :D

Liz- I can relate to the auditors, I feel for you!! :rolleyes: Good luck with the job...if you still want it!! Hopefully that lady will have a good influence!

Elisa- Hang in there...you can do it!! :D

Gotta run...have a great day all!!

03-13-2002, 11:10 AM
Well, I broke 180 2 weeks ago, but now, I am bouncing around between 175 and 180. I am still behaving myself with food, but not exercising. I am so down right now. No reason, other than the fact that my parents were all here in my house at the same time. That is always stressful.

Dks have colds. Isn't that thrilling, and we are supposed to go camping with sil and her kids on Friday. We have been well for years, but all of a sudden we have plans (party last weekend, and camping this weekend) and all of the kids are sick.:( Oh well, I guess we will survive somehow.

FlyLady info. if the individual emails are too overwhelming, you can still get it in one daily digest. I did resign up for her emails, and that is the option I chose.

LBH - I hope your headache got better.

RR - I hope you are feeling better too. Maybe the two (you and dh) will go on that cruise and come back three. :smug: And the you can get your car just for grins.

Rabbit - Pre-fudge weight, huh. I understand that. I can eat my own weight in fudge. I hope we all learn self control so we can be thin, and eat our fudge too!!!

Elisa - I'm with LBH hang in there, and you will get there, and beyond (what would I do without Buzz Lightyear).

Hi to everyone else. Hope you all are loosing weight, and feeling great.

03-13-2002, 12:23 PM

I had a great day yesterday - I was op with one point left. And I counted everything. A definite victory. Now to build on that!:D

My office is lots better today, but still more to do. I've been needing to go through lots of papers for a long time. My desk is definitely a "hot spot".

RR - I'm sure you and dh will really enjoy your cruise! I think the shorter ones would be a great idea.

Lauren - I've not dealt with any hot spots yet or done any 27 fling boogies. Like you I'm doing the shiny sink and that was really the only change first thing in the am. I always make the bed & get dressed to the shoes. I'm working on the pm routine. I work out first thing in the morning, so I've been laying out my clothes. I already do the pick up - just trying to accomplish it earlier.

Lyssa - sorry about the parent stress! ~ The one daily email is a good idea. I need to change that. ~ Oh, yes, self control is what I need! I don't think I've been "talking" to myself enough or stopping to think about what I'm doing.

gotta run - Rabbit

03-13-2002, 02:49 PM
Rabbit, very few of us do stop an think. I don't know any one who doesn't have at least one area of their life where they need to stop and think before they do. Why does all the really fun stuff have to be bad for you?

03-13-2002, 03:05 PM
I don't know if it's AF or too much exercise this morning but I have one heck of a nasty headache. Come'on Ibprofen -- do your job!!!

Rabbit, when I started this exercise in the a.m. my resolution wasn't to get to the gym every morning but instead to pack my gym bag and lunch and have it all ready the night before. For some reason that's the hard part for me. Once I have taken the trouble to get all ready the night before I find it harder to make excuses in the morning. So far its worked for me.

Lys, sometimes my weight hits a plateau for a couple of weeks then it kicks itself back into gear. Maybe try a small change (either with your food or exercise) and it'll jumpstart you back into losing. Sorry about everyone being sick. Hopefully by Friday they'll all be back to normal.

RR, I can relate to you with the headache. Uggh. It's funny that although we live in all different areas of the US we seem to have AF visit us around the same time. I guess it's that moon thing. I remember last month at this time a lot of us were out of whack and going off plan. This month doesn't seem to have been as bad. I recently started taking Women's Multivitamins w/extra Calcium (dr's recommendation). It's seems to have helped with a lot of my PMS especially the irritability and bloating.

When's Bailey come back??? :) I miss her humor!!

Hi to everyone else!!! Stay away from the Easter Candy!!!

03-13-2002, 04:02 PM
Hi all - just a quick stop by. Need to catch up as my PC was out of action for a day and a half. Amazing how nothing was wrong with hubby's though :?:

I looked at the FlyLady - but it made me tired :lol: Maybe read it next week

Gotta catch up - c u later

03-13-2002, 06:03 PM
Well, I made it back. Really did not do a good job on the eating while I was gone, but got in a little exercise.

The trip to SLC was great (but busy) and the DC trip went well. My talk was boring, but I delivered it about as well as possible, so that's something.

I have 4 days in town. Will try to stay under 20 points and then do as well as I can in europe. They literally tie you down and force feed you at some of these meetings!

I signed up as a flybaby, so will be working on my sink when I get home. Hope this helps me!

Jul: Congrats on the loss! Have a great trip

RR: Glad to hear the house sold. The cruise sounds great!

Lauren: So are you no longer LBH? Wow. Good luck with the baby steps

Nanci: Funny dream - I have been having some odd ones myself.

Rabbit: Good luck with the points and eating. You will get back on track. Can't even imagine how many points I was over last week. Next week will be just as bad. But then, I will MOVE ON! Good luck with the office.

Lyssa: Glad to hear you avoided the cake! How exciting your hubby notices a difference in your face.

BFB: Glad to hear you had some quality time with the family. I hear you on the flylady stuff - considering working late so I won't have to clean the sink!:lol:

Elisa: Hang in there - YOU CAN DO IT - it just sometimes takes sooo long.

Lizzard: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Yup - I'm back. Missed you guys and will miss ya again next week. Hope all is well on the job front.

Backfor 2002
03-13-2002, 08:22 PM
Hi all,

I have been super busy all week. It looks like all of you have been as well.

I will be MIA through the weekend. I am heading to the airport in about 15 minutes. Just wanted to say hi to eveyone. Have a great weekend.

What is flybaby?

Talk to ya all later.


03-13-2002, 11:48 PM
To find out about flybabies go to: FlyLady (http://www.flylady.net)

03-14-2002, 10:43 AM
Good Morning Everyone!! Boy, did I have to force myself out of bed this morning. I did not want to go to the gym. But like a good girl I did and now I feel better. DH is taking off today for a fishing/camping getaway with a couple of his buddies. I'll have the whole weekend alone. :cool: I'm really looking forward to it. First stop Friday will be the liquor store to get a bottle of rum and some pina colada mix. :p The weather is supposed to be awesome and I plan to lay by our pool sipping frozen drinks and working on my tan. In the evenings I'll be curled up on the couch watching chick flicks. I'm turning the phone off and sleeping in late and going to bed early!! Is it Friday yet??

Lys, that flylady website is a happening kind of place. I bookmarked it so I can spend some time checking that out.

BFB, hey there. Now how come I went back and read some of the old postings from last year and you had all kinds of long posts in there? Don't you love us anymore?? :lol: I know, you're busy, busy, busy. I'm glad you still check in.

Bailey, HI!!!! Welcome back. It's hard to stay on plan when you're away but at least you got some exercise. When you're in Europe drink some wine for me!! I haven't tried any of their wines. I usually stay with the CA growers. Let me know how it is. When you get all done with your travels just pick up the plan again. We'll still be here.

03-14-2002, 11:33 AM
Liz - wow! sounds like a great weekend!! Wish I could drop by & hang out by the pool with you.:)

more later!


03-14-2002, 11:49 AM
Hey Rabbit- I was just thinking the same thing...would love to be hanging out by the pool working on my tan!!

03-14-2002, 01:13 PM
Thank you, but I am still too uncomfortable to be in a swimsuit in front of anyone.

Well, to add to our obstacles against going camping this weekend, now our van is in need of repair. Dh is getting it tuned up to see if that helps, but the tune'up place is saying that they think it is the catalytic converter (no, spelling is not my strong point). Aren't we thrilled.:rolleyes:

Well, I signed up for FlyLady, but I have not gotten any emails. Maybe she doesn't love me any more. Oh well, I think I will try to sign up again.

Liz - Good for you for getting up when you don't feel like it. I am seriously reconsidering the time I get up so I can exercise before the kiddo's get up. Sounds like a great weekend is planned, too bad you can't take those of us who are willing to be seen in a swim suit with you. I guess they will be with you in spirit anyway.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

03-14-2002, 01:32 PM
Lys, she said something about the yahoo site being down and that all the messages will be on the web page, so try there! I just changed mine to get the daily digest, since I'm at work all day anyway, so I haven't gotten any yet today.

03-14-2002, 04:11 PM
Originally posted by lizzard_h
BFB, hey there. Now how come I went back and read some of the old postings from last year and you had all kinds of long posts in there? Don't you love us anymore?? :lol: I know, you're busy, busy, busy. I'm glad you still check in. I still love you all to pieces. Lost my focus a bit and my lack of weight loss was dragging me down, but I aim to get back there. I am still checking in - just don't want you all to think I have given up.

I did go on though :lol: maybe I thought I was writing a book :D

03-14-2002, 06:05 PM
BFB---It was almost gonna be a best seller!!!!!;)

Lauren--The cruise leaves on our anniversary May 11....It is gonna be soo cool!!!!WE are not bringing any dress up clothes and since neither one of us do the food thing, we are just gonna eat at the little outdoor place and get salads and such...

Lys--I am gonna check out the flylady thing also..I started reading it but will have to go back later!!!!!!!

Well, off to get supper going..Did the healthclub thing today soo running late!!!

SD#2's birthday is tomorrow...We are just gonna have a quiet time with family and then have her big party in April when she is off restrictions!!!!
Have a great evening.

03-14-2002, 09:03 PM
Howdy partners

Supposed to do measurements tomarrow, but weighing in on SAT so figure I will do both then. MUST GO TO GYM TOMARROW!!!

Rabbit: You either once again did my life a huge favor OR led me down the path to one more faliure. Not sure which yet. I have shined both my sinks and decluttered my bathroom. Today I spent almost the WHOLE work day creating my first draft of my control journal. (This was actually OK, as I don't have much to do between trips). I am now off to complete my evening routine. If time permits, I plan to spend a little time working in Zone 3. I hope I don't try to do too much and just give up - but I am really excited about it! (BF saw some of the stuff I was reading last night and straightened a bunch of the kitchen and CLEANED THE STOVE!! What a guy!

Nanci: Have a great trip!

Liz: Great job going to the gym when you didn't want to. I, too, would love to join ya by the pool - I have been working on the "fake tan" at the health club in hopes I will have enough of a base to get some real color in FL. Thanks for the words of encouragement - will definately tip a glass in your name!

Lys: Sorry to hear about the car! Hope things work out for the weekend. I didn't get any emails the day I signed up for fly lady, but today they are flying in... Good luck with the getting up early - I am working on this too. I had to make 2 separate "flight plans" for the am - one for when I make it to the gym and the other for, well, EVERYDAY!:o

BFB: I would definately buy the book! Keep plugging away - it will all come together in time.

RR: Give my bday wishes to SD#2! The cruise sounds great. I would love to have an actual vacation (rather than a work trip, a see the family vacation, a "OH $#!& I never finished packing before I moved accross country vacation"...:lol: Maybe someday!

Tech: Congrats on the loss! Remember, it all adds up over the long run.

03-14-2002, 09:06 PM
Hi All,

Well, we finally have something to do for our anniversary this weekend!! We're staying at a place called the Olde Mill Inn...which is actually right down the road from work and a lot of our visitors stay there when in town!! :lol: But it's really nice. They have a winter romance package where you get chocolates and champagne on arrival Saturday and brunch Sunday, along with your accomodations, for $165./couple. That's a really good deal, because I know the corporate rate is 185./night. I wanted the deluxe suite but it's $450!! :eek: I said, um, no thanks, I'll take a regular room with a king bed!! So we don't get the marble bathroom with jacuzzi tub, and fireplace, but at least it's a nice place. And they're having a special St. Patrick's Day brunch Sunday also, so it'll be nice.

DH sent me a link for Yahoo vacations this AM. We can go on the same cruise we went on 2 yrs. ago - Royal Caribbean western caribbean cruise for $649./ea., but the date is September and that's usually the rainy/hurricane season in the tropics!! I told him for $10 more per person, we could wait and go in December. I don't know if we can save that much money by then though. As much as I'd love to go...even more than him...I'd rather get back on our feet a little more.

BPB- Maybe if you come back and post some books, it'll get you back on the wagon?! :^: I miss you!!

Lys- Sorry about the van, hope everything turns out alright. I got my summary email tonight, did you get anything yet?

Bailey- Oh, I'll always be LBH here and to Mom...she writes "LBH" on little notes to herself having to do with me...:lol: She was just writing my address down yesterday and she wrote "LBHD"!! :lol: At least now it's official with SS, so my 401K doesn't get screwed up!! I can't believe it'll be a year on Sunday!! :eek:

Gotta run and shine my sink...have a great evening all!

03-14-2002, 10:08 PM
Just a quick question for all you "flybabies". I joined Flylady quite a while ago (it could be a year by now but I'm not sure). I subscribed so that I get general reminders like morning afternoon and evening reminders as opposed to all the little reminders. And then I get all the missions and testimonials separately. Is this what you mean or do you actually get everything in one email?? If so how did you do that - do you think I have to unsubscribe and then subscribe again. Anybody know? I'm not too good at that stuff. And I get the emails to my hotmail account which I can't check from work so I would love to only have one email per day that I could forward to work if I wanted to. Anyone?????????? Help???? Otherwise I love the system - it can be overwhelming if you let it but I just pick and chose what I do and still like it for motivation etc.


03-15-2002, 02:23 AM
Attention flybabies

Well, It is 1:15 and I am still up:( BUT:

-Everything in my house is put away (ok, there is one little "homeless item" pile and BF's desk (= HOT SPOT for him)

-Last load of laundry is drying

-sinks are shining

-dishwasher has been run (only 4 more dishes sitting on counter, all rinsed)

-made a partial plan for tomarrow

-planned meals for tomarrow and packed breakfast and lunch

-got out workout clothes for am workout and packed up work clothes

-haven't gone through it all, but put all my "to be done stuff" in bags by the door

-brushed teeth, washed face, put on jammies

-entire Bathroom is shining and organized and decluttered!

Going to finish laundry and unload dishwasher tonite. Will not get through Laundry area before I leave on saturday (probably won't start), but zone 3 will be back next month - right?

Hope the baby steps are going well for everyone. I feel like I have been taking GIANT steps the past few days. Probably not a good idea, but I wanted to give myself a good start before I leave for the week

03-15-2002, 10:04 AM
Hi All,

Happy Friday!! :D I find myself being more and more thrilled when Friday arrives these days!! Let's see, this time last year I was...hmm...probably going nuts, trying to finish seating arrangements!! I remember I was up until 1:00 in the morning the day of my wedding doing the cards for seating!!

Well, I shined me sink last night, then I filled all my water bottles for today, did a load of laundry, put a load away, vacuumed my bedroom floor once the clothes were off it, and through out a big bag of garbage from the bedroom!! It was nice to be able to just walk into bed, instead of stepping over magazines and clothes!! :o

Bailey- Sounds like you got a ton done!! I was thinking to myself, it's probably not a good idea that you joined right before you're going away, but you did it!! Maybe you should change your reminders to once a day while you're gone, so you're not inundated with emails when you get back?!

Elisa- Try going to the Yahoo Groups site and looking there. I think that's where I found the options for email. I believe the options were to get the all separate, once daily digest, only on special occassions, or not at all. I've been getting the daily digest the past couple days. I wish I could be home all day and get them separate.

Have a great day all!

03-15-2002, 11:56 AM
Well, I have a lot to say, but not much time to say it in. DD#1 is sitting here with her curriculum disc needing assistance with her math, but I am making her wait.:s: (Really long story, she is supposed to be on "spring break" but we found out that she has been taking our trust for granted, and not doing all of her math work - her grades are good (the curriculum grades most everything for me) but she is way behind, and now we are making her catch up before we go camping!!!)

Our van is supposed to be ready by 6:oo tonight, so we will be setting up camp in the dark.:^: I guess better late than never. kids colds are better, but not gone.

Elisa - Go to Yahoo (I went through the join FlyLady web page on FlyLady's web site)sign in if necessary, go to my groups, click on the FlyLady group, and in the Purple bar where it gives an explaination of what the group is about, there is a Edit my membership link. When you go there, toward the bottom there are some choices including Daily Digest. Choose Daily Digest, and that should get you what you are looking for.

LBH - I just got all of my confirmation notices from Yahoo, and my welcome email from FlyLady this morning, so hopefully I will get a digest at somepoint this weekend.

Baily - Here's the deal, just don't let yourself get burned out. Last time I joined FlyLady (over a year ago, when she was with egroups instead of yahoo) I did the same thing, but I found keeping up with all of it was too much, and I gave up. Of course I have 6 other distractions; 4kids, 1dog, 1 DH. Babysteps don't burn you out, that is why she suggests it.

BPB - Please try to post more, all of us new members could probably learn alot from you, and we would all like to know you better.

Well, I have to go and pack, I didn't do any of it yesterday, because I felt discouraged about our van. And besides, I am not yet dressed to my shoes.:o

03-15-2002, 12:07 PM
I'm home........without the boys! My parents said they would like to keep them another few days and so I came home alone. I'll go meet them Sunday at Lake of the Ozarks. Meanwhile, I'll take today and tomorrow to paint the living room, do some cleaning and organizing, and hit the consignment shops/thrift shops alone!

Another good 'cleaning' website that I like to go to is http://www.organizedhome.com . When I need inspiration to declutter a room or plan a cleaning attack I go there and read the discussion boards. I also made a home notebook based on a lot of the ideas there. The sections in my home notebook include a calander where I keep our show schedule, shipping schedule, my hours worked. Then I have a section for health/diet with my measurement/weight chart, exercise log, food journal. Then I have a home cleaning section where each room has a page with everything listed that needs to be done for cleaning/deep cleaning/one time projects, etc.. I have a section for each boy, then a section for the dog - vet records, kennel numbers, etc.., a trip planning section. Also have a Yellow Pages section with my vendor phone numbers, friends, family, numbers needed on regular basis. I really find that I refer to this book alot. I also put my projects/to-do for the year list in one section.

O.K. its raining buckets, so I'm going to go finish the laundry and start taking things off the walls to paint. - jul

03-15-2002, 12:09 PM
LBH and Lyssa - you are both so right! I am going to unsubscribe right now and rejoin when I get back to town. I feel like I got a good start and will be able to pick it back up at a reasonable pace later.

I have done all kinds of lists of things to do before, but you know what I like about this? The dry erase idea. Last night, I did my whole evening routine. This morning, I wiped the slate clean and am ready to go again tonight. Nice feeling. This morning, I did almost NONE of my morning routine (ok, I did dress, do hair and go to work with my stuff), and...I just WIPED THE SLATE clean! No guilt and move on:D. When you schedule to get everything done so often, missing it now and again is not such a big deal. Hopefully this will really help me get my house in order (and my life).

Biggest problem? All I want to do is work on my control journal! OCD sucks.

Sorry to babble so about flylady.

LBH: Happy annaversary! Enjoy.
Lyssa: Enjoy the camping trip (and put those shoes on! is your sink shining? My shoes are on but my sinks have not been shined in 12 hrs :o :lol:


03-15-2002, 12:19 PM
LOLOL, we could all become really obsessed with this FlyLady thing and end up Organized, Clean and Skinny!! :D :lol: Not such a bad thing!! :D

03-15-2002, 03:06 PM
Yep, you guys are getting flylady obsessed!! :lol: You'll have to start a new posting area for your flylady status reports. I still haven't had a chance to spend anytime on her website. I'm already an organization freak and have most things in it's place. Since we had family stay with us last weekend the house if all picked up for now.

It is so beautiful outside right now it's killing me to be at work!! Mid 80's and lots of sunshine. It's even worse knowing DH is out on his boat enjoying the day. I'm so ready for Saturday!! Everyone's invited -- come'on over!!! :D

Jul, wow!! Sounds like you're gonna busy. It seems like I've been busy doing house projects for the past several months. I figured if DH can take a weekend off so can I. I wish you luck at getting all your walls painted. We'll be doing that soon too among a million more projects on our list.

Lys, have a great time on your camping trip. I love camping but my last experience was so bad I haven't been back -- drunk people yelling and playing their stereos till 4 am 3 nights in a row. DH is camping in the rough this weekend -- no bathrooms or running water. I wasn't interested in going. Gotta have a bathroom.:lol:

Lauren, happy anniversary!! Your romantic getaway sounds heavenly. I love those kind of weekends. Yep, you gotta be careful w/tropical travels in hurricane season. Sept and Oct are the worst. DH and I took a one yr ann. cruise the first weekend this past Nov and we missed a hurricane by 1 day. The people boarding the boat later that day were not going to get to go to their destination.

BPB, okay...I'll be waiting for your sequel.

Bailey, you are one busy person!!! How'd ya do it all? And how do you work out in the morning if you're up on the computer at 1:15??? I was sound asleep by 9 pm last night and again I didn't want to go to the gym. One of the guys there tells me I'm his inspiration -- he knows he can count on me to be there everyday. So Thurs morning he said I will see tomorrow right. Well, this morning when that alarm went off I started thinking of excuses then I thought "nope, I told him I'd be there" so I got my fat behind out of bed. It's funny how we all inspire each other.

I want to thank everyone on this board. This has got to be the longest I have ever been focused on eating right and I'm down another pound this week. I know you guys have a lot to do with it. You're a great support team!!! :)

03-15-2002, 03:51 PM
Don't like the sound of this FlyLady malarky. You all seem so energetic, tidy, clean and houseproud. Making me feel like I lie on the sofa all day in my baby doll nightie, fluffy pink slippers and eat paprika pringles all day :lol: or and drink tea:D

I may have to set up SlovenlyLady - I will teach how to use the dishwasher as an additional storage cupboard, how to ignore the dust in the house (if necessary buy a dust mask), I will direct you to yellow pages to find a cleaner and how if in doubt, chuck it behind the bed/under the sofa/in the cupboard.

Is that inspirational enough for ya :s:

03-15-2002, 05:41 PM
BFB--I am with U!!!Sign me up for SlovenlyLady!!!!UR too funny!!!

Lauren--HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!Have fun this weekend!!!!!

Off to prepare for supper out tonight!!!

03-15-2002, 06:57 PM
Happy Anniversary Lauren :D Have fun :s:

03-15-2002, 11:44 PM
Lauren/Lyssa - thanks for the flylady tips, I just changed my membership to daily digest and I think I'll like that much better!

Jul - I'm checking out that website you mentioned - it looks great. I love that stuff. Thanks.



03-16-2002, 11:05 AM
Good Morning!!!
I havent weighed in a while but my pants were looser last night!!!I do better not weighing cuz it throws my moods soo bad that it isnt worth it!!!!! :ink: Been doing pretty good at the club:strong: but have to stay focused!!!
Since DH does the cleaning and such, I guess I will hook him up to the flylady!!!I guess the honeymoon is over cuz he fussed at me last night for leaving a pen in my pocket that went into the laundry!!I must do better or my "maid" will leave!!!!:lol:

THe St Patricks Parade is today, and it looks like rain!!I hate that cuz I wanted to get everyone out of the house and go..It was 81 degrees yesterday and already 72 at 9am...We have the weirdest weather!!Well, must go get some grits cooking for the little one!!!!

03-16-2002, 11:36 AM
I did this nice long post yesterday and then my internet connection went down and it did not get posted. It was down for hours. So far I'm not liking this cable dsl.:(

If the things I post don't make sense - sorry! I'm going off of yesterdays' notes!

Liz - how long have you been exercising? You sure do a lot! ~ Your weather sounds marvelous right now.:cool:

Bailey - well I hope that I'm a help rather than a hinderance!:lol: I have never heard of the control journal. You have really been taking giant steps!

Lyssa - enjoy the camping trip with your family. Hope the van is okay.

BPB - :lol: You are just too funny!

RR - :hb: to sd#2! ~ Yeah on the loose pants!

Lauren - Happy Anniversary!!

Jul - oh, your boys will probably have such a good time with the grandparents (and vice versa). Nice for everyone that they are doing that.:D ~ I liked your home notebook idea.

OK, have a great weekend all. Stay away from that green beer!


03-16-2002, 01:54 PM
Well, it is 1:00. I have not done my morning routine, haven't packed, both dog bowls are empty and, as noted in the measurements thread, am nakers in the lr with a tape measure.

But, I picked up my laundry, almost everything is put away and I have paid all the bills. So, I just need to do a few touch ups on the house and pack and I wll be all set. Have a great week - I will check in if I can.

BTW - This morning I new something seemed different, but I couldn't place it. Finally realized: my thighs are small enough that my hips seem to be in a different position! Weird, but true.

03-16-2002, 05:25 PM
My living room is painted. Its Laura Ashley Taupe#3. I like it, very warm. Everything rec'd its spring cleaning in the living room so other than getting the carpet steam cleaned its done (I'd rather put down a wood floor in there but that is number 7 on my big 'to-do' list - the new gutters, roof over back deck, painting the exterior, and a few other things must come first).

I'm feeling a bit nervous. I thought we'd be 'ahead' of things this year...and we're already behind on orders and don't have much stock built up for shows. We'll be gone for 3 weeks in april so we lose all that production time. Thankfully I remembered to not commit to any orders for an April delivery date. But I'm getting calls from places hoping to get their items sooner plus new orders. Buyers seemed a bit timid in February, worried about the economy and now realize they need more stock, people are still buying. So, I guess its a good problem to have. But, I just hate telling people that I can't get to their order until June/July already!
I can tell when I'm nervous about something - I always make brownies. Made brownies today!

Lauren: Happy anniversary. Actually I was thinking it had already been longer than a year for you. I'm glad you'll be able to get away. We honeymooned at Hilton Head Island and went back every anniversary until I started going to Philadelphia for the buyers market. Its always during our anniversary!

O.K., I'm going to finish some paperwork then maybe take the "Ginger Lou" dog for a walk.

bye, jul

03-16-2002, 06:38 PM
Well - exciting news bulletin - my size 10's are starting to look like I did a "job" in my pants. I do not have any 8's. I tried on my 6's just to see how far away they are and THEY FIT! Tight, but wearable in public. Woohoo.

Have a good week y'all.

03-16-2002, 10:10 PM
So far so good on points today!

And my sink is shiny.

Today I painted napkins for Easter dinner. They are so cute. I've got to pick up some more to do this week.:D

Bailey - have fun on your trip. ~ WOOHOO ON THE SIZE 6!!! :spin: :eek: :) That's incredible!

Jul - wow you got your living room painted fast! I need you! I'm a nervous painter - haven't done much before. ~ Were they regular brownies or no pudge brownies?? How can you stay out of them??

later - Rabbit

03-20-2002, 02:59 PM
I swear I am losing my marbles. Couldn't sleep at 4.32am this morning, so was up posting. Can I find the post :lol: Can you :lol: If you do find it, let me know where I put it.

Maybe I was "sleepposting"

03-20-2002, 04:06 PM
BPB Here it is...I did a search of your username and this was from last night!! Hehehe...

By The Way, you're posting on the wrong thread, this is last weeks!! Wake Up Honey!! :lol:


03-20-2002, 04:42 PM
:lol: :lol: :lol: