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05-12-2008, 04:42 AM
G'day all,

Seeing we are on page 3, I thought it was time to start a new thread.
Of course I remember little of what was said on the previous post, other then that Ann bought 2 bathing suits at 60% off. Any bargain is always noticed by me;)

Hope you all had a great Mother's day. I did very little, spoke to the kids via Skype and video cam.

Life in Malaysia is hot and humid. I won't be sorry to return home again.
How all the Muslim women manage with their headscarfs etc. is beyond me. Only because I stick out like a sore thumb and get hassled a lot to buy 'bargains' did it fleetingly pass through my mind that if I dressed up in a Muslim outfit, I would not be hassled so much. I think I would rather be hassled, I cannot bear the thought of so much clothing in this heat!
I have bought some things for the grand girls and Alan could not help himself and bought a fake Rolex :dizzy:, it will probably last a month or so.

I badly stubbed my toe this morning so I will just be sitting with my feet up for the next day or 2.

Difficult to tell how many calories/points the food is, I am not overly keen on Malaysian food so hopefully I will not have put on weight whilst here.


beach bum
05-12-2008, 09:55 AM
Good Morning Ladies :)

Hope you all had a Happy Mothers Day,I did,even though it was quite. My DH & I had a ready cooked chicken for dinner with some veggies while watching 'The Players" Golf tournament.

I did allow for some dessert per it ran in the lines of WW. Strawberries with cool whip on 4 graham crackers.

MARIA-Thanks for starting us up on a new thread. Maybe this will be a fresh start for me also.Couldn't exercise because of my tooth extraction and I know that exercising is the key to success.How long do you have to stay in Malaysia ??? Gee !! thats so far away from the states.Don't like the HHH days of summer. That the reason we didn't retire to the southern states.

Have go get dresses on start my morning chores

Hugs :) BB

05-12-2008, 09:29 PM
G'day all,

BB I am here till next Mondaynight when I leave again for Australia and arrive at 6am on Tuesday morning. DH will stay on for another 5 weeks.

Not much has changed since I posted yesterday, my toe is still quite sore so won't be going anywhere today.

Alan is so organised that he cooked dinner again last night and we just sat overlooking the lights of Kuala Lumpier and discussed our forth coming trip to the Outback in early July.

The one very interesting bit of TV is Al Jazeera TV. We just never hear any of the news that is broadcast on this station, it is of course all the news from the Muslim countries, it does give you a different perspective on the sanatised news we receive in Australia.

That is all for now....


05-13-2008, 02:03 PM
Hi all:

Maria: On the Al Jazeera news - do they spout hatred of the west? I've often wondered about that? I know that some rather scary stuff goes out over the airways from the Mid-east. So sorry about your toe. Can you soak it in Epsom saltz. That is supposed to take away the pain. I know that if often recommended for sprains too. It sounds like you are esperiencing steamy weather. I don't think we haave really steamy weather here in Fl. in the summer. It is humid at times, but not like true tropical countries. I can understand why you wouldn't want to wear the Burkha, even if it did meant you would get hassles.

We had a quiet Mothers Day. We chose not to go out to eat. Too many people and kids who can't sit still. So we are saving it for another time.

Yesterday we went and had our car serviced in Lakeland, about 25 miles away.That is the only drawback in owning a Kia. The dearlership is so far away. When we aere finished, we went to Sam's club for some supplies. We won't need Kleenex, toilet paper, or laundry products for a long time. We don't have space to store too much, but paper products are a big savings.

I have been going to the pool every afternoon about 3:30p.m. and I exercise for about an hour. I read that treading water is one of the best water exercises, so I do that for about half an hour, and then I walk in the pool for the rest of the time. It seems to hurt my back to do any strenuous swimming anymore, and this seems to be a good substitute.

Finally got my bicycle tires pumped up and so now I can add that exercise once again. I am determined to lose those accumulated pounds, and so far so good. Got on the scale Sunday, and I have dropped another lb. That cheers me up.

Tonight is the elimination of one of the last dancers. I forgot to vote today, so I can't complain if I don't like the results. My favorite is Christy Ammaguchi, and i can't imagine that she would be voted off. She is too good. I will say that I think the judges are very stingy with their 10's. Either that, or these dancers are not of the caliber of previous years.

Where is everyone? Things seem very quiet here. We'll just keep things perking. Have a great rest of the day.


05-13-2008, 04:00 PM
Ann, I really don't think this season of DWTS is as good as previous years. Christi undoubtedly will win it, but my favorite is Jason. I just love looking at him. It just seems the little chubby girl just gets on my nerves with her breathless "amazed!" and "a blast!" Oh well, I am cranky today. My wrist hurt and my head hurts. The dreaded neuralgia where the skin pains. Yuck! This getting old stuff is no fun at times!

Maria, does the TV station broadcast in English? It would be interesting to hear news from their perspective. I hope you are soaking up the atmosphere and buying lots of bargains. The videos sounded wonderful and a good price. Maria, do you never get just a little scared about your exotic surroundings or are you just fearless. You are my hero!

It is kind of warm here. About 77 degrees, but the wind! We had tornadoes on Saturday that killed people in Northeast Oklahoma. The wind has just been atrocious, so bad that you feel whipped by the time you step inside.

Anybody watching American Idol? Since we got the DVR we tape a lot of shows so I can see things that I used to miss. My son Kyle told us it would change our TV habits and he is right. I don't have time to read much anymore. Anyway, I really like the two Davids a lot. Either one can win.

My son the attorney told us recently that his firm is breaking up. Why do I worry about grown children? He is going to land on his own feet and even be better when he doesn't have to share with the other partners, but anyway, I worry. Guess that is a Mom's second job. And I know life is just full of these little detours and glitches. Some are bad and some just end up much better.

We had Mother's Day at my niece's house. She has a monster house and 30 of us didn't make much of a dent in it. She is a good girl, but some people just aren't as homey when they entertain, are they? There was no food at all after the meal and no drinks. We stayed and visited for hours and could not wait to hit the local MacDonald's for a drink and ice cream cone. Different strokes for different folks.

Well Suze, sounds like your garden is getting there. Did I miss something? Is your DH a preacher?

I am tired of typing. Maybe I have carpal tunnel. Anyway, this wrist is not cooperating.

05-13-2008, 05:39 PM
Maria What is the time difference between Malaysia and Australia? I too am curious about what Al Jazeera reports. I would not rest easy staying in a Muslim country. What is the food like?

Kristi Yamaguchi is my favorite too on DWTS. I don't care for that Jason, Marissa gives me a headache, and I am becoming a bit used to Christian's scary smile when his eyes kind of bug out. Even Carrie-Ann is getting on my nerves. Glenda do you think I might be a tad cranky too? I have a brace for my right wrist as I have carpel tunnel and arthritis in the thumb joint. I have to say it is no miracle cure. I was hoping that it would make my wrist better, but so far ... nothing.

I had a lovely Mother's Day too. My DD and family came over for the day. No one had to cook as we ordered out.

Ann I can't believe you can tread water for 1/2 hr. I would drown for sure. That would be quite a work out.

I think I need a cup of tea... talk to you later..

05-13-2008, 06:16 PM
Finally made my way here on the puter my son donated to me. I have to catch up.
Spent the weekend in the Carolina's. The Biltmore is amazing. We spend 6 hours there. I want to go back sometime. The wedding was on the campus of the U of SC. It was in a chapel on the horseshoe. It was a true southern wedding. It was nice to see family we don't see very often. Even the India branch was there. Then on mothers day we spent 9[miserable]hours driving home in the rain. There were a lot of tornadoes around.
Glenda I thought of you and wondered how you were when we heard about the tornadoes in Oklahoma. You sure get more than your share of them.
Maria if it wasn't so hot I would be tempted to dress in a burka and see what it is like. It is a wonder that they don't melt but I guess they are used to it. Loved the video with the golf bag. The girls will be thrilled. I had a fake Rolex once and it lasted for a couple of years.
Trudy and Ann I am ready for Dancing to be over with. I agree with you all an Glenda-I don't think it is as good this year. It will be interesting to see who wins. If I was Marissa and was pregnant I don't think I would be doing some of that stuff. And on Idol I think it is between the 2 Davids. Saw in the paper this morning that David A[the young one] dad is now banned from backstage. He must be a little controlling and causing some problems. He must have added some lyrics from another song last week and I guess they had to pay the royalties-he is costing them too much money.
Only 11 more days till school is out thank goodness. I am so ready for summer. It is sort of like a zoo now.
I have to catch up here. Dh is good at doing things when I am away but it is dusty.

05-13-2008, 09:32 PM
G'day all,

Nice to read all the posts this morning, makes me feel at home;)

In relation to Al Jazeera TV, I think you would ALL find it interesting to watch. I think CNN is probably more biased (towards the West) then Al Jazeera is to their cause. I watched an interesting debate of young people from Palestine and Israel, it got very heated and the outcome to me was, peace in the middle east will be a very long way off.
I also saw some women interviewed regarding life in Saudi Arabia. I was unaware that women have NO (and I mean NO) rights whatsoever. As soon as they are born a guardian is appointed, father, brother, grandfather and eventually husband. They cannot do ANYTHING without the permission of the guardian. They made the argument that it was so tough on the male guardian to look after everything, like driving women everywhere (women cannot drive) taking them to the doctor, arranging schooling for children etc. etc. Women cannot petition the government, only men can. It is in their constitution that only the king can change these sort of rules and of course as a woman they cannot petition him either!
One of the women interviewed was on a visit to the US and the other was in the UK. Obviously women living in Saudi were not allowed to participate.

The main items of news at moment are the cyclone in Burma (not far from here) and now the earthquake in China. I have also heard of some of the storms that have hit areas of the United States.

In answer to your question Glenda I don't really feel nervous going out and about on my own. I get some strange looks being by myself but that is about all.

...and in answer to you Trudy there is only about a 2 and half hour time difference between Adelaide and Kuala Lumpier, there is a greater time difference from the East coast of Australia to the West. Probably because Malaysia is directly north of Australia.
The food is just asian food. Yesterday i bought a tin of Campbell's soup, I thought that would be the same the world over but no, it was a very different cream of chicken-mushroom soup! Nevertheless it was quite nice.
Seafood is plenty full here and last night we had some seafood dish that was quite nice other then the baby octopus which was a bit rubbery.
It is very difficult to get diet Coke, everything is full strength so water it is for me.
In the supermarkets, I find it unusual to see seafood, chicken and meat displayed like the fruit and veg is in Australia and in America. Obviously the meats are on ice but other then that you just help yourself like you would some potatoes at home!

Public toilets are another little adventure, it is either a hole in the floor to be squatted over or a normal toilet but NO PAPER. The hole in the floor variety has a bucket of water in the corner, to be used instead of paper and the 'normal' toilet has a small hose next to the toilet for the same purpose! Every toilet you go into has always a very wet floor. Don't know how women manage with their long burkhas.
In upmarket establishments the bathrooms are like ours. I carry some tissues with me though I try and avoid having to use the toilets.

I am off to a bird sancutuary today http://travel.tourism.gov.my/consumer/destinations/item.asp?item=kualagula
and at the weekend Alan and I will be going to the Cameron Highlands http://www.cameronhighlands.com/.
Alan will work from the apartment on Monday, I will be leaving around dinner time to catch the 9pm flight back to Australia.

I must be off and get ready for my outing today.


beach bum
05-14-2008, 03:35 PM
I have a question about posting WW recipes on a thread are we allowed too?? without getting in trouble with WW.

MARIA-I guess you must be back in Australia,haven been on the thread for a while due to dental work on my wisdom tooth.Hope you toe is getting better

ANN-Luckily I live in Toyota town,where we can have our car serviced with traveling that far. W love bulk shopping,but instead of Sam's we go to BJ's. A woman at WW meeting told us that they have yo plait yogurts on sale,but I don't have a second refrigerator to keep the yogurts in,but we buy a lot of paper products also. Last month I found WW muffins a 3 pack for $8.99 at the supermarket they're 3.99 so I saved on that.

GLENDA-Gee!! Never lived in a tornado belt,but I heard about them.We're lucky to live in the North east. You're correct a mom never stops worrying about their children. Sorry about your son,but the old say is when one door closes another one opens. Hope that in your sons case.

Have a great afternoon

Hugs :) BB

beach bum
05-15-2008, 05:01 PM
Just stop by to let you know that I Went to WW this morning and I lost .8 almost a lb. but I'll take it.

Otherwise nothing new,Going to my senior singer rehearsal tomorrow,but I'm not going to sing,the bone in the back of my mouth is still not healing,don't want to aggravate it by singing.

Hugs :) BB

05-16-2008, 07:43 AM
Morning Ladies
We have been verybusy trying to get as much planted in the garden before we go to Michigan next week the only thing we do not have planted are the tomatoes and peppers

Glenda No you did not miss anthing I think that was the first time I mentioned he is a preacher actually a retired preacher All he does now is fill ins and sometimes services at nursing homes

Thats all for now Suz :carrot:

05-16-2008, 06:13 PM
Maria - just a quick note. I just read your post. "octopus is a bit rubbery"????? Maria, you are the bravest person I know. I can't even imagine eating meat, let alone, OCTOPUS!

Everyone, have a great weekend. It sounds like we are having company. Just heard from our 18-year-old grandson that he is coming over. Wish I had known and I might have made a bed or something.

05-16-2008, 09:33 PM
Hi All:
First of all- Trudy- For me treading water is easy, since I am very bouyant. My kids used to call me the 'human cork' since I can float very easiy. So I can tread water, and move all the muscles and feel like I have a really good workout. Now that I have my bike back in comission, when I can, I try to ride about 5 miles. I need all the exercise I can get, since I guess that, along with watching my diet, is the only way i can lose.

From my time in the pool, even tho' it is late afternoon, I now have a very healthy tan. Even the late afternoon sun here is powerful, and I don't really lay out in the sun, I get it all from being in the water for an hour.

Suz: I didn't realize that your DH is a preacher either. I know there is plenty of opportunity to fill in and act as interim pastor, when a church is searching. You garden is sounding very good. I remember that when we were in Clayton, we did try to have everything in by Memorial Day, if at all possible. How long will you be in Michigan?

BB:.8 is good. anything that is going down is good. I remember hearing a leader say once, it is like losing half a pound of butter. Did your leader say why you should use your flex points rather than your exercise points? I've wondered about that.

I have never thought there was any problem about posting a recipe that we found good, as long as we give credit where credit is due.

Maria: I would certainly steer clear of any public toilets. I just can't imagine squatting over a hole in the floor. :eek:
I'm sure the girls will be thrilled with their golfclubs and being able to play with the 'big guys' They are really cute and functional clubs. I think Alan enjoyed demonstrating them.
I imagine you enjoyed the bird sanctuary. I love to watch birds. Even the biggest ones have a certain 'something' that make them fun to look at.

Glenda: It was inevitable that Marissa would get voted off. She did prove tho' that 'big gals' can dance too. I don't think the constumers always dressed her in the most becoming costumes, tho'. Christy is my favorite, i do like Jason as he has a pleasing personality, and a lot of grace for a big guy. I hope that people don't vote sympathy votes for Christian. I don't think he is as good as Jason, and definately not as good a Christy. But so much depends on the fans.

I hope eveyone with the sore toes, and wrists, and aby other sore places are doing better, and that everyone has a good weekend.


05-17-2008, 07:28 AM
Morning Ladies
Ann My DH does not do fill in services while they are searching for a new pastor just a few sundays here and there He took a break from doing the retirement homes and is thinking of going back again I quite enjoyed helping him out at the retirement and the service was usually about 30 mins

Glenda I have also eaten octupuss and have also tried alligator, but if you are not a meat eater I understand how you feel!

It is supposed to be a rainy day so I will do inside work today
Take care Suz :carrot:

beach bum
05-17-2008, 11:31 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Had a busy day so I didn't have a chance to come on the board.Still have lots of things to do,but lacking the energy with this rain & storm around us. Want to be lazy eat & watch TV. But of course thats a NO NO :nono:

ANN-We had a substitute leader and see did say that .8 is like almost a pound. DH wanted to dispute that as he thinks digital scales are are reading correctly like a doctors scale. I really don't know why she said to use the wky points instead of the activity.Maybe cause I only exercise 30 mins per day,which equals only 2 pts.

SUZ-I'm a meat eater but I never eat alligator or octopus either. I didn't like the rabbit that my dh brought home one day. Beef, chicken pork [farm animals]but anything out of ordinary no way.

Have a great weekend

Hugs :) BB

05-18-2008, 06:00 AM
G'day all,

My time in Malaysia is almost over and I cannot say I am sorry to go home.
We have just come back from a weekend in the Cameron Highlands, we are not quite sure why people go up there other then it is somewhat cooler.
The tea plantations were interesting never having seen them before. The trip there was also very interesting to say the least, it was a very windy road and the double lines on the road indicating it was unsafe to pass doesn't deter the locals :eek: I cannot believe the number of VERY close shaves we had.
The hotel we stayed at was fine, we were the only Europeans as far as we could tell.
We had a buffet dinner and there was little we recognized, nothing really that took my fancy other then some of the deserts that were OK.
The bottle of South Australian wine was VERY expensive but very nice. No-one has wine with their dinner, Muslims do not drink alcohol but none of the non-Muslims had a drink either.:dizzy:
Breakfast this morning was not much better, I just had toast and jam despite paying for a full buffet breakfast. Alan tried a couple of things but wasn't all that keen on his choices so he also had toast and jam.
After breakfast I had quite an upset stomach so from there on I only had something that had a screw on lid or I felt sure was very safe, like potato crisps and bottled water.

We managed to get safely back to our apartment, tomorrow night back home again, I arrive in Adelaide Tuesday at 6am and leave here Monday at 9pm. Alan will work from home and take me to the airport.

Lots to do when I come home amongst many things also sorting my photos of Malaysia. I will put them on a little website for you all to get a taste of Malaysia;):D


05-19-2008, 02:50 PM
:cheers: Today it is raining. We need it so badly.

Maria: I know what you mean about octopus. I got some squid in a seafood crepe when we were in Tortola a while back and it was awful. i picked it all out. Rubbery and fishy is all I can say:censored: is my true opinion. I am truly not very courageous at trying new foods. We did have the opportunity to eat Ostrich when in South Africa, and I thought that was good, but DH couldn't get it past his brain. I know I could never eat any of the stuff that was shown as Chinese fast food. :yikes:

It was good that you could spend some time with Alan, but otherwise,it doesn't sound like your Malaysian experience was one of your best.

I bought some more plants for my little front garden to replace the ones tht the rabbits ate, but now I can't put them in because of the rain. But I am not complaining.

One more follor-up Dr. appointment for DH and I'm sure he will be discharged from any more. He is doing well now, back to his 'ornery' self.

We got good news from our church construction. It looks like we will be able to hold services there by August 10th. Once the major work was complete, the other work has moved along rather quickly. So it will be a year Sept. 9 that the fire took place, and getting back in August is very good.

Peggy: Your trip sounded like fun. All except the rainy drive home. I enjoy visitying places like the Biltmore. We never did get there in our travels. And you are on the countdown for school to be over. I know my DD is happily anticipating the end also.

Now I am going to go sit on the porch, watch the rain and read my book.


beach bum
05-20-2008, 10:15 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Lots of things to do this morning before my canasta guest arrive. Have to go and vote,for 3 overrides on the High School,Fire Dept.and Water Dept. and 2 selectmen for our town.

After that I have to get ready before my canasta guest arrive. Going to serve low calories snacks.The ones that come in the 100 cal pack [Ritz mini cheese crackers & mini Oreo s]Oat bran pretzels and of course cashews.
For drinks I have Dry diet orange soda that always refreshing.

Have a great day, see you gals later

Hugs :) BB

05-20-2008, 03:36 PM
BB, it does sound as if you have this diet thing going strong. Good for you! My mother and dad used to play Canasta all the time. I loved it too. I married into a family that just never plays cards so I fell out of the habit too.

Ann, you know a year for your church to recover isn't bad at all. We have so much construction going on all the time, the trick around here is to find somebody who can fit you in. OSU is building about 10 major projects. Just found out that tomorrow our donor, T. Boone Pickens, the billionaire oilman, will make a megabucks donation to the academics. He already gave $165 million to the Athletic Dept. Now he will "own" the whole university.

Looking forward to tonight' American Idol and DWTS. I just have not been as engaged as normal in the DWTS because I feel that Kristy has always been a shoo-in because that is what she does for a living, graceful moves. Ah well, they are all three really good.

My bestest friend for 58 years has been part of the family that has been nursing her SIL who had cervical cancer. It has been such a horrible illness, but she died yesterday morning. It was such a relief for her and everyone. I will be going to my hometown Thursday for that funeral. She just had the nicest family and was truly blessed.

Well, Ann, glad your DH is back to normal. I just fuss at Leon, but when he isn't cantankerous about something, I just worry. I am sure you feel the same way.

Karen, Gloria, Slavika, Trudy, Peggy, where are you all? Maria should be home sometime today.

Enjoy the beautiful weather.

05-21-2008, 07:15 AM
Morning Ladies
We leave tomorrow to go to northern Michigan for that family memorial service We are going half way tomorrow and staying in Birch Run there is an outlet mall there so shopping here I come Then we leave Friday morning for Newbury Mich and return home on sunday that will be a 10 to 12 hr drive

I will be back onlime next week Suz :carrot:

beach bum
05-21-2008, 11:14 AM
Good Morning Ladies

Had a wonderful day spending time with my friends at our canasta game.They didn't eat much so I glad that I bought stuff that I can fit into my WOE.

MY DH is not feeling well at all,with all that coughing,we decided to cancel our trip to NY. It would be too much for him so we're hoping that the kids will be able to come up and see us anytime this summer.As for our Hawaii trip I'm afraid that its going to be up in the air also.

Thanks ladies we really have a wonderful time.The only thing the afternoon went by so fast that it was hard to believe that it was supper time.

SURVIVOR-Canasta is my favorite game I loved to play all the rummy games and a little polka also. My DH doesn't like to play any card or board games,but both my parents like Pinochle,so I guess it runs in the family. Oh yes I watched what I snacked on at yesterday's game,as tomorrow is my W-I.

SUZ-Have a safe trip to Michigan,gee that a long drive. See you on next Monday

Have a great day

Hugs :) BB

06-08-2008, 08:59 AM

We have been very busy since we got back from Michigan ,what a long trip back!! The garden is all in except for more plantings of lettuce which I am going to do today this afternoon we go and pick up our grapr vines we are getting a variety called vidal which is a white grape usually used for wine but I am thinking eating and grape jelly i should go have some breakfast and get outside to do my planting before it gets to hot and humid its been in the upper 90's with the humidity since Friday

Take care Suz :carrot: