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Happy Penguin
05-10-2008, 01:01 AM
Hey girls so im super stressed out because im trying to make it a good mommys day for my family its our first year with out my godmother (my moms oldest sis) she died 7months ago from breast cancer. its hard enough because sunday we have a walkathon that we joined i started our team last year in her name. well anyhow my other aunt the middle sister started her diet yesterday and im excited cause now i have a family memeber to go through the struggles with me!
well shes not a mommy she cant concieve but her nieces and nephews are her life and she does alot for me. i want to make her a cd of recipes low calorie and or veyr lil carbs anyone got any good recipes they want to spare i would greatly appreciate it
sorry about missspellings im typing fast because i have alot to do lol
thanks and love ya girls