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05-09-2008, 01:47 AM
Has anyone heard of her? She's coming to speak at our gym so I googled her. Krista Smash talks about her (photos included) on stumptuous.com.

05-09-2008, 01:13 PM
I've heard the name - maybe on Muscle with Attitude? Probably be interesting.

05-09-2008, 03:36 PM
Hmmm She sounds familiar but I don't really have time right now to google her myself. How great through that your gym is having a guest speaker. I could be fun just to listen and see if she has anything new to share or to reinforce what you may have also experienced.

Speaking of your gym Susan, how are your personal training sessions going? Are you enjoying the workouts you are doing?

05-09-2008, 05:20 PM
She's part of John Berardi's Precision Nutrtion "team":

Here's her introductory post from her blog on the PN Boards:

This desire is why I was happy jump onboard the PN Team Blogs. My objectives in being a part of the Precision Nutrition team are:

1) To inspire people to strive to be their own personal best
2) To present a female perspective (I won’t say I represent the female population in strength/fitness/nutrition, but I am female and I am presenting a perspective)
3) To facilitate learning by generating thought, discussion and critical reflection

My Background - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

My pathway to where I am today, looks quite different that the Backgrounds and History of many of my peers. I am often jealous of lengthy education entries and glowing accomplishments; however I strongly believe that my success has come from not going the traditional route and overcoming obstacles.

As a 17 year old mother, I quickly realized I had to do something with my life to provide for my daughter. She did not choose to be born into a less fortunate situation, so I promised myself I would not be the teenage mother norm and I would finish high school, continue onto post secondary education and become a professional in a rewarding field. I decided to purse a career in law enforcement.

At 20, I started Police College and began work as a Provincial Constable at 21. I heard from many people that I was “too young”, “too blonde”, “too little” and I thank them for their advice because it fuelled me to prove them wrong.

I spent more than a decade with the Ontario Provincial Police in various divisions from general law enforcement, Criminal Investigations / Crime Stoppers, Community Policing, Community Services and Media Relations. It was through being a “little, young, blonde” police officer that I got into strength training and everything that goes along with it. I knew that I needed to be as strong as I could for my size in order to feel confident going to work every day and handle whatever may arise as best I could. In the mid 90’s I got into Obstacle Course Fitness and Bench Press competitions and started a part time fitness business called Motivation for Life.

After my first bench press contest through the Canadian Law Enforcement Games, I was hooked on competitive lifting (I only benched 115 at 125 lbs, but it was a start). I then started training for 3-lift Powerlifting events and have remained in the sport ever since.
After the birth of my son in 2003 and after 12 accomplished years with the OPP, I felt compelled to end my policing tenure and explore other career interests. In 2005 I left the OPP and began teaching part time at Niagara College in the Community Safety and Fitness Division while growing my personal training business, Defining Edge Fitness Inc.

I was eventually hired with Niagara College as a full time professor but strength training as a full time career kept calling my name. I stayed with Niagara College for only 20 years. Since working in the Strength Training / Fitness industry full time, I have haven serving clients through my private training studio in the Southern Ontario area and have done various contract and consulting work, most notably and recently at the new Poliquin Performance Centre in Toronto.

Through all of this I have worked on my University degree part-time in Adult Education. One thing I always regretted was going to College after high school rather than University but being a single mother was the biggest part of that decision. But had I gone a different route, I don’t know if I would be the same person I am today. I may never have entered policing and my 12 years as a police officer developed my strong character, reinforced my competitive and “never give up” drive and provided me uncountable transferable skills and with experiences everyday on the job that many would not experience in a lifetime. Many of those experiences I would never want to have again, but they change you as a person in positive ways and make you see life in a completely different way – I value life.


One of my mentors has taught me that what we have accomplished to date is really just a reminder of what we have yet to accomplish. It serves a fuel to do more, so I will share:

Respect for Law – Police Officer of the Year
Crime Stoppers Coordinator of the Year
Ontario Crime Control Commission Award of Excellence
Ontario Women in Law Enforcement – Community Service Award
CPU National Powerlifting Champion (56 kg division)
OPA Record Holder (56 kg division)
First Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships medalist

Experiences Mold Us, Not Certifications

I have to be honest, I don’t care much about certifications as we all know in this industry there is no direct correlation between your certifications and our ability to do what we do well, but here’s some stuff that has molded my style of training, my methodologies and training philosophy:

Sport Performance Institute, Personal Training certification
Poliquin International Certification Program – Level 1 & 2, Biosignature
PNN Member and huge fan of John Berardi (as a person and his teachings)
Coached by Bill Jamison for many years (CPU/OPA Founder & IPF Technical Advisory)
Strongly influenced by strength coaches, Gino Arcaro and Scot Prohaska and fitness competitor Wendy Vint
Member of the Ontario Powerlifting Associate board of directors since 2000
Coach, Defining Edge Strength & Power

Yours in Strength,
Krista Schaus
Defining Edge Fitness Inc.
"Aspire. Act. Achieve!"

05-09-2008, 05:21 PM
Okay. Now I remember reading about her. I would definitely go to see her if she were in my gym. I also found this post that she wrote about her background.


05-09-2008, 07:02 PM
Honest Lydia? I haven't lifted at the gym in over two weeks. Vacation and drivel.

The gym owner asked yesterday if either of us are ready for a switch. We're going together just as soon as he arrives home from work. We'll talk on the way there and talk to someone tonight.

05-09-2008, 08:02 PM
Wow, I'd go too. Let's see, it's 3 pm here. How long would it take me to get to Ontario? :rofl: I could be there like tomorrow afternoon or Sunday.......

05-09-2008, 08:28 PM
Time flies doesn't it. :hug: Two weeks away can provide you with a nice rest so you can return refreshed in strength and in enthusiasm. It's wonderful that you are receiving some assistance/attention from the gym owner. I hope that your meeting with this person goes great.

Okay. So the link I provided you was the same forum post that Depalma sent you. We must have posted at almost the same time. :) So if you do go to hear her let us know all about it. :D

05-10-2008, 06:28 AM
OH you have lots of time. She coming on the 21st at 7 pm.

As for that other ... I had a nice chat with Tracey last night and some instruction in extensions and lat pull-downs (two grips). She thinks I look like I know what I'm doing so as long as I get instruction and am safe .... We're good. Both she and the gym owner are very approachable.

05-22-2008, 07:13 AM
Krista Schaus was amazing. Very nice, ordinary. She rambled a bit and made a few corny jokes. But what a lot of very good information.

We sat with a group of friends and neighbours and their response was interesting too. ;)

As I recall ... I'm sure my notes are somewhere ...

-short, specific lifting sessions and interval training
she spoke of a woman who came to her for help. She was walking 3 HOURS a day to stay in the pretty good shape she'd gotten WHEW!

-eating clean, lean proteins, grains, veggies and fruit for carbs, q2-3 hr feedings, she has strong feelings about eating locally

-you needed a stenographer to keep up when she started talking about supplements. I think I got the few things DH and I would like to try

I was still waiting for the 'sell'. You know .... it was $5 to get in and that was for the food bank. Nothing. No bioassessment or books or supplements ... Call me a pessimist is you will.

It was great. Certainly worth the time and few bucks.
I've never belonged to a gym before, maybe Gym Owner finds these people fairly often. That'd be great!

I live in smmallll town Canada. Old-timer hockey players are considered pretty fit. It was invaluable, to me, to meet someone who is really awesomely built!
She's preachin' it. She's livin' it. She's amazingly healthy and gorgeous!

05-22-2008, 08:34 AM
Hey! I know lots of old time hockey players, dh among them, and some of them are pretty fit!

Glad you had a good, informative experience. Sure sounds a lot like what we all know will work ;)


05-22-2008, 03:13 PM
SusanB: I'm so glad you went to listen to her speak. Thanks for the break down. It sounds like it was inspirational. It is very unusual to see someone walk the talk. I also love that she repeating a lot of the same information that we all have found as well.

So, :chin: I really am interested. What were some of the comments made by those seated around you. Was the first time they had seen a woman with that level of fitness? Where they overwhelmed with the concept of clean eating and interval training. Did they also feel inspired by her to make changes in their lives (assuming that they hadn't previously) or did they just place her in a category where her level of fitness/nutrition were unrealistic to them. Basically, did people walk away feeling encouraged and energized to follow her path or just discouraged and disillusioned? I'd love to be a bug on the wall in these things. :listen:

05-22-2008, 05:00 PM
I had to stop myself from digging DH with my elbow a few times "I told you that"

Krista made it clear that the principles she touts can be used to some extent by everyone, that you don't have to wanna look like her. She used the example of being fit enough to not need a lift chair at 80.

I heard gasps when she said that she worked out twice a day.
I saw an overweight gal sag when Krista said she'd never weighed over 135 lbs.
There were gasps when she talked about aerobic classes being fun but not as good as interval training.
I'm not sure how I got the impression that folks never associate improved range of motion and aging well.
A couple of gals shot a glance at each other when Krista dis'd artificially sweetened low cal yogurt.
Nobody likes to hear that coffee can go. Same for diet coke.
She took a sturdy stab at 100 cal packs that I enjoyed very much.
During the Q&A there were way more questions about nutrition and supplements than exercise.

Oh I forgot the aftermath. Most I spoke to thought they had a lot to think about ... some things to try. Encouraged I think and energised? yes I think so. Very chatty on the way out ya know? Good chat not grumbling.