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05-06-2008, 03:21 PM
I'm not sure how many of you on Atkins use the Atkins website. I feel its important to mention this, especially for any newbies...the website is quite confusing & misleading.

Since the death of Dr. Atkins in 2003..."Atkins Nutritionals" has pushed & pushed Atkins bars & shakes. Despite the label stating "appropriate for Induction"...these items contain ingredients that are not on the acceptable foods list - such as soy, milk & peanuts.More importantly, the front label states 0 grams of sugar alcohols. The ingredients list Glycerine....which IS a SUGAR ALCOHOL. This is the reason the label on one of those bars says "2 net carbs"...Atkins Nutritionals is deducting the Glycerine.

To add insult to injuiry, the website advocates eating items such as bran crisp bread, wasa, bran flakes, Carb Countdown milk, soy nut butter, pancakes, low carb tortilla's & chocolate sugar-free, low carb pudding. Yet if you review the rules of Induction, rule #3 clearly states"Eat absolutely NO BREAD" & rule #4 says ..."Eat nothing that isn't on the acceptable foods list. And that means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Your "just this one taste won't hurt" rationalization is the kiss of failure during this phase of Atkins. Talk about confusing!!! Its very misleading for newbies but...bottom line, if the ingredients are not listed on the acceptable foods list...DO NOT EAT IT! Those bars were formulated by the late Dr. Atkins for emergencies only and I am sure if he were aware of what Atkins Nutritionals were doing in his name...he'd be turning over in his grave!

Back in early March, I was contacted by Atkins Nutritionals, it seems they want Atkins "success stories" with photo's etc. to be used to promote the Atkins Nutritional Approach and Atkins products, in upcoming marketing programs, their website, public relation materials and possibly a new Atkins book to be published in 2009. The emphasis being on "We want to know if you used Atkins products, which ones, and your opinions about our products." I haven't replied and I'm not sure that I will since I don't go along with their "So help us spread the word about Atkins Nutritional Approach and Atkins Bars and Shakes!

For anyone new interested in doing yourself a favor, get a copy of Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution (2002 or prior) and stay far, far away from the Atkins website!!

05-12-2008, 03:10 AM
Wouldn't it be a good idea to reply and state quite clearly that you do NOT support their mercenary use of Dr Atkins' nutritional approach? That you understand that THEIR goal is first and foremost to make money, rather than to help people lose weight? That, indeed, it is in their financial interest for people NOT to succeed in the longterm, because then they may be return customers? And that thus developing genuine patterns of healthy eating is not their goal - because they'd rather get people trying to use shortcuts and eating sugary snackbars and NOT succeeding in the long term?

But it's your call - I don't know what I'd do myself in your place.

05-12-2008, 10:42 AM
:bravo: Fay...I couldn't agree more! In fact, DBF & I will be working on a response to Atkins Nutritionals and I will post their reply here should I receive one.

Naturally, when I was first contacted, I was all excited (all of you here on 3FC know my feelings about the Atkins lifestyle) I forwarded the email to DBF, he read it & quickly pointed out to me that the emphasis was primarily on the use of Atkins bars & shakes. When I took the time to sit & actually read it...he was right! I've decided (with his help) to address Atkins Nutritionals and I'm sure you won't be reading my "success story" in any of their promotions any time soon;)

I'll let you know what happens!

05-15-2008, 11:25 AM
i use alot of soya stuff on induction. i eat soya and linseed bran. served with unsweetend soya milk for breakfast. i don't buy anything from the atkins site, nor do i buy anything that is atkins acceptable i tend to buy raw things and make my own meals up.

tell them you loved the book it was great and you stuck to the rules as the book said and you lost loads but you think the website is promoting bad foods for teh sake of profit.and they can go shove it

05-15-2008, 01:17 PM
Before I even read Faye's post, I was thinking that you should definitely respond with your success and the road that lead you there. I think they could use a little cold water in their faces.

I started Atkins the first time before I knew about the website. I got all my information from the book. When I did find the website, they didn't push those bars and shakes like they do know. I did notice the change after Dr. Atkins died. And that is a really sad state of affairs. Next thing you know Dr. Ornish will be the President and CEO of Atkins.

I definitely agree that those shakes, bars and most low-carb frankenfood has no place in an Atkins weight loss plan. I have found on several ocassions, including my most recent incident, that those items trigger cravings that lead to slip-ups or complete abandonment of the program.

Write your letter, Gyrl, and make sure that they know that we know what they are doing.

05-18-2008, 10:38 PM
Very interesting info Jersey Gyrl!
Unfortunately a little late for me as I bought a box (15 bars) of the Granola Chocolate Chip yesterday (they were on sale!).
I guess I'll put them a way for awhile until AFTER induction (and save some $$$ in the process!).

05-19-2008, 11:39 AM
Gotta go with NAY since the good Dr.'s death - especially for anyone new to this wol.:(

Any LC bar is better than a corn puff/fast food binge . . . but all of them are pretty scary Franken-chemical-Foods.:mad::(

That said, putting them away shouldn't be a problem asha - isn't the shelf life like into the next MILLENIUM?:D (I've got a box stashed in my bunker as well!:p:cool:)

05-19-2008, 12:24 PM
Are you sure you are not being to unflexible. Things change over time. Frankly I find the Atkins bars to be a lifesaver. I am in Sales and I travel and sometimes there aren't optimal food choices- so I will eat a little of what is availabe that fits the low carb approach and then eat part of a bar to bump up my protein levels. If I there is no other choice but to have a late lunch i will eat 1/3 of a protein bar at noon to carry me through until 2 pm when I can eat a proper lunch. I prefer the bars that are not like chocolate bars but more like granola only because the others are hard to swallow. I don't find they are too sweet and they certainly don't remind me of a chocolate bar. I have stayed at 20 g of carbs per day (approx). I have been losing weight at a nice clip (36 pounds in about 8 weeks) and I am thankful there are reasonable "to go" choices.

05-19-2008, 12:48 PM
When Dr. Atkins created Atkins bars...they were created for the soul purpose of being used for emergencies when nothing else low carb was available. They were NOT however created for everday consumption as part of Induction as Atkins Nutritionals is promoting on their website.

As far as being "too unflexible"...I have ever eaten an Atkins has been in an emergency situation (when I've taken the bus from NJ to Pittsburgh and there was no other food available).

My beef with Atkins Nutritionals is that they are not adhereing to the rules Dr. Atkins established. The website is an utter disgrace to the good Dr's name...advising people on Induction to eat things like low carb tortilla's, wasa, carb countdown milk etc. Just goes to show you, its all about $$$.

05-19-2008, 03:17 PM
I've always found that raw unsalted almonds or macadamia nuts are the best items to have around for those times when lunch is delayed. Portion control can be an issue, but if you only keep a certain amount around then you should be okay. According to Dr. Atkins, almonds are almost the perfect food with an almost perfect balance of protein, fat, and carb. If you can find them, raw unsalted in-the-shell sunflower seeds are good, too. No salt keeps the bloating down. And in the shell is good for portion control. You can crack seeds all day and probably not get more than a few ounces. Although this choice might not be best for during meetings.

I had to travel recently that included an hour layover and living out of a hotel for three days. Since I knew a few days in advance, I bought raw almonds and sunflower seeds. I also had a few Atkins bars but they jump started my cravings and I had to limit them to only when I was in the airport.

05-19-2008, 07:53 PM
Lifechange and Sylvia78 bring up some interesting points for me:
RE: time and travel (which often go hand in hand)
~I often do not have the luxury in my job to sit down and enjoy a meal but need something to hold me over until I can
~I find also I need something sweet just to change the taste in my mouth
and finally
~I LOVE chocolate:love:
and see it as a necessity to my mental health and well being :lol:
(a bite of a bar is all I really need-as compared to pre Atkins days)
But the true winner for cutting cravings is...those wonderful almonds (after induction of course :eating2: )!

05-20-2008, 07:29 AM
Unfortunately, nuts & I have a portion control problem...I wish I could say I have control where they're concerned but, I can't say that:eek:

Asha, as far as chocolate goes...I used to be a major chocoholic...but, I've managed to get that under control. Lindt 85% cocoa chocolate has been my saving grace as an occasional treat.

05-21-2008, 10:06 AM
Oh yes control, I know exactly what you mean JG.
Lindt is one of my favourites and what I take, the higher the cocoa the less carbs. It will be on my list for after induction. Thanks for the tip.
Here is to self discipline and no more mindless munching!:carrot:

06-28-2008, 10:49 AM
I even object to their home-page display.........all chocolate and desserts and sweets showing there. It's so totally unrealistic and I find it annoying. It's sad that Dr. Atkin's wife is involved in this new movement.......

On the discussion boards they tell the truth and they really point out that the bars and shakes are NOT for induction and for emergencies only so at least if you become part of that communitee they lay it on the line and keep sending everyone to READ THE BOOK!

06-28-2008, 01:31 PM
On the discussion boards they tell the truth and they really point out that the bars and shakes are NOT for induction and for emergencies only so at least if you become part of that communitee they lay it on the line and keep sending everyone to READ THE BOOK!

I find this to be quite interesting because several months ago, I was contacted by Atkins Nutritionals to tell my weight loss story with the emphasis being on my experience with their products:shrug: Ummm...needless to say, I never responded.

06-29-2008, 12:01 AM
Jerseygyrl it's not the people who own the site who straighten you out it's the members on the community board who also object to what's happening and they really tell all newbies the right way to do this and that the "products" are not induction friendly or ever meant to be eaten regularily. They constantly tell new members to "get the book" and to get the list of induction friendly foods and to eat NOTHING but what's on the list.

It's the people like you who know what they're talking about and who rather object to the money making schemes of Dr. Atkin's wife and others who tell the truth over there.