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Eeyore's Sun
03-08-2002, 07:47 AM
Welcome Everyone to a wonderful thread with outstanding caring people that lend support, encouragement, love, laughter and lots of prayers. So if you are looking for a Christian group to join and lose weight with, you have definitely come to the right place.

Come on let's do it together!!!!! And give God the glory!!!

Eeyore's Sun
03-08-2002, 08:02 AM
Good Friday Morning to All!!!!!

Wow, I'm feeling good this morning! I have a busy day, probably around 12 hours but then I'm off the weekend! Praise the Lord!!!

Thanks so much for the prayers Zoe~and Gary~and everyone else. It feels so good to have special friends like you guys. Did you like the prayer that I posted. I thought it so "funny" to find it during all that we are going through. God does work in mysterious ways.

Zoe~ Good to be Totally OP!!!!! I can hear the proudness in your "voice". We are proud of you too, Patti. You made some really GOOD choices and God is proud of you too. Yes, I TGIF!!!!! Hope your weekend is a good one. :smug:

Gary~ Have fun today and tomorrow watching those tennis and track meets. I know someday you will wish you were doing it again. Yep, new gym equipment IN THE HOME no excuse then, will have to get serious. Unless you use it as a clothes rack or quilt holder. That's what I did for a few years. Just kidding with you. Today is your day and you will be so proud to be able to walk in there and do your workout. I know you will do well. Have a good weekend watching the kiddos.;)

Hope Everyone has a GREAT weekend!!!!! I know I plan to.

03-08-2002, 11:22 AM
Its friday, and I am ready for the weekend. The weather is all icky over here. It is making me all slow and tired. Where is the sun on the weekend, when I can enjoy it!????? I guess I will have to start praying for a sunny Saturday! I think it is suppose to rain.

Anyway, another busy week end ahead, will it ever stop! My child is not even in any sports or activities and we are still always running, running ,running! I can not imagine what it is going to be like when he does get involved in sports and such!

I hope that everyone has a great weekend. My Sparks, from Awanas-a childrens group that meets every sunday- they have a sporting event to go to tomorrow. I pray that no one gets hurt and we have a lot of fun. They are going to be competing against quite a few other kids, these are kids from k-2nd grade! It is always a lot of fun to watch.

Gary-good luck with the new equipment. I know that it is not easy for me to get motivated to excersice, so, I hope that you do better than I would with the gymn at the house! I might use it as a clothes dryer too!

Zoe- PROUD OF YOU! I wish I could get back OP and stay there! You inspire me! Thanks.

Anyone else that I have forgotten, have agreat day! And a blessed weekend.

mini goal-190 by aug 13 2002

03-08-2002, 11:48 AM
Aren't Friday's wonderful? My mom used to say, "your wishing your life away wishing for weekends".

Had my yearly physical yesterday, oh joy, regained 15 lbs. of that 22 I'd lost last October. Ok girls, and Gary, I'm getting down right serious now. I could just sit and cry while eating something yummy today! I won't, out comes the fruit and veggies.

The weather here today is lovely, sun be shining and the temperature is heading upwards. Is spring really coming? Next week sees the kids off on March break from school. Our Ds would prefer to have snow for out door activities but alas not going to happen. We'll have to get out the bikes and tolerate the mud.
And boy is there lots of mud, just take a look at our quarter horse standing in the paddock, roles in the stuff silly animal she is. Ds is off to attempt his "beginners license" next week, I am barely sane now! I prefer his riding the horse!

Well off I go to get domestic, make Martha Stewart happy, sure hope all of you enjoy your weekend! God Bless each of you and your families.

Sister Joanne,
190 again/150 Aim

03-08-2002, 01:21 PM
Thank-you all for the warm welcome. I work during the week except Fridays and Mondays so I;m not able to get my turn on the computer till evenings. I let the teens get their time on after school. I have checked in on the board to get everyones names and write them down, just to get to know everyone. :dizzy: I have not been on any kind of diet this past week, so I've just been watching what I put in my mouth,which is kinda hard once it gets to my lips. :p We have had really cold temperatures and even some snow here in my town near Vancouver.I dont mind either one. I'm origanlly from Ontario so I got used to the snow there. I hope to be able to post some results here in the near future,but for now I am just going to think thin and come here to post and browse.And hopefully get some advice. Thank-youBeth-Anne for the scripture verses,sometimes we need to be reminded of our Gods love and direction for us.My prayers go out to you all . Well its my laundry day so I should shake my tail feathers and get it started. Again thank-you EVERYONE for the welcome. :wave: My:angel:s

03-08-2002, 02:49 PM
Happy Friday everyone:wave:

Hope that everyone had a good week. Mine was so busy that I can't believe that it is Friday already.
You guys will never believe what I am doing tonight. Spending the night at the mall with a bunch of Girls Scouts. Woo Hoo.
It is called "Mall Madness." There will be around 600+ scouts and Moms. I'm thankful that my troop is older and they can for the most part watch theirselves. I'm taking a book and my cd player.
And wearing my walking shoes. Hoping to get in a few laps:D
The girls loved it last year. shhh...we moms had a good time too.
I'm taking my a couple of water bottles and some op snacks.
Say a prayer for me please;)

Have a "Joy"ful weekend:angel:


03-08-2002, 09:45 PM
Hello everyone :wave:

Whew! I made it to Friday. :) I didn't do the treadmill tonight, I'm going to do my kickboxing tape tomorrow morning (when I get home from my dr appt)

Monica ~ your mall night sounds like fun. (especially since the girls are older). You sound like you're ready to take on the night. Have a great time!

chick4christ ~ Can I send my laundry up to you too?? :lol: I started mine tonight and will finish up tomorrow.

Joanne ~ Don't worry....your attitude sounds right-on. You will surely make it and got rid of those 15 pound PLUS! Just deciding to get on track immediately instead of waiting for another Monday as I do, is a good thing.

Pravda ~ Aren't ya just get tired of the clouds lately? I think it's supposed to be "mostly sunny" but a little cold, high of 63. So we'll be able to see that sun tomorrow. :)

Sherry ~ How did you fare through your 12 hours of busy, busy, busy?? Hope your weekend is a good one.

Gary ~ Hope those events were great! How's the home gym coming together??

I'm really trying to stay away from the scale. Those of you who know me know that I am obsessed with it. :( I could get on it 5 times in one morning, all BEFORE getting dressed. But this time, I haven't been on it since Monday morning and I am going to try to go as long as possible. I'm wanting it to be a month but I am hoping for at least 2 weeks.

Well y'all.....gonna run now. Have a blessed weekend.

Zoe ~ Soaking up the "SON" in TExas

03-09-2002, 01:58 PM
Happy Saturday Ladies--
Had a great time with my daughter- Up and gone at 5am-the 200 mile trip in 1 and a half hrs.- lunch and then the tennis match--dinner with her then back home at 10:30 last night with another 200 miles behind me-THAT 1 and a half hrs is actually 3 and a half!!! My daughter played very well for her even though she didn't win--lost a pro set 6-8 in doubles although she was down 6-0 at one point--then lost her singles 8-2 but actually was in every game--5 went to duece that she lost. I am so proud of her!!!! In a few hours my son and I will be heading up another 100 miles north for his high jump this afternoon--I have been doing this for so long I don't know what I will do when it is over! I will miss my step-daughters softball game today though--same time as track meet.
The gym equipment came [although the WRONG elliptical trainer] yesterday. Tried it out this morning--all went well so far-- COULD FEEL THOSE POUNDS JUST SLIDING OFF MY STOMACH!!!!!
Now that the equipment is in the room I have to put the garage back together around it---that will be enough exercise!!!
MONICA--I was a single father for 6 years while my daughter was going through girl scouts--the only dad at most of the functions--I sure enjoyed it!!! IT sounds like ALOT of fun at the mall. But I understand the relief when they can WATCH? themselves.


03-09-2002, 05:56 PM
:yawn: I survived the MALL....I think!

Everyone had a good time. Even though we didn't get any sleep. I talked another mom into walking with me. We did about 8 laps inside of the mall. I was able to stay OP...took some fruit for a snack. My troop had a great time. This will prolly be their last year. They will all be in High School next year. They have been together since 1st grade. Boy how the time does fly. My daughter got a few hours of sleep when we got home, then she was off to a weekend activity at our church. Son had baseball practice at 3:30. Sometime it breaks my heart that their dad is not here to see them growing up.....and they grow up so very fast. Well the laundry is calling my name! Hope everyone has a great Saturday;)


03-09-2002, 06:17 PM
Hi Monica! Ya I did the scouting thing when my kids were younger. It started when my son was in Beavers. I hung around the meetings to "watch" so they said I might as well be a leader. So I went for my weekends away for "training" little did they know that I was having fun with the other leaders.It was like camp for adults. What a blast! My daughter did sparks but did not want to go to brownies because they didnt do camps, so we waited a year till one of the local scout groups went co-ed. Her first year in cubs there were aprox.6 girls,by the second year 1/2 of my pack were girls. Guess who led most of the singing at campfire? Both my kids are out of scouts now,much to our dissapointment. We loved going on the campouts and parades and so on.... I sometimes wondered who got more enjoyment out of it, the kids or the adults?I really miss it. My cub name was Rainbow and my husbands was Malak. I hope that when I have grandchildren we can get back into it.:^:

Eeyore's Sun
03-09-2002, 09:04 PM
Good Afternoon Everyone!!!!!:wave:

How is everyone this gorgeous Saturday morning? Well, I made it through yesterday. Whew! I have come to hate Fridays. I always have lots of visits and then have to be at a meeting at 1pm nearly an hour away. The meeting normally lasts a couple of hours. I did well yesterday, I only had to send one lady to the hospital. And the situation with that one........none of her family would take her (she has 3 grown kids living nearby), if I called an ambulance they would take her to a hospital that doesn't take her insurance and yet........so I called her pastor cause I know there are men in that church that do that sort of thing. Well, you guessed it, no one was available except a 85 yr old man and he came to take her. I felt so bad but I couldn't take her, against company policy plus I didn't have the time at that time. But in her condition I didn't think waiting was an option. Ugh!!! What has become of this nation that we don't even take care of our own parents!!!! Sorry folks that's one of my soapboxes!!! But I'm glad I sent her cause she was admitted with penumonia.

I have been cleaning rooms and closets today. Something I have needed to do for a little while but with my DH's sister and husband coming when my DH has his heart procedure.....thought I better get going on it. She is a clean freak. And if it isn't to suit her she will say so. I really enjoy spending time with them but don't look forward to the "extra" pressure. :shrug: And she said they are coming here to support us . . . . . . . . . that is nice if she wouldn't be so judgemental. Ya know?

Pravda~ I'll trade you the weather. We have sunny and very windy (gusts to 40mph) and we need rain desperately. We are in stage 3 of the drought plan here. Our lakes are nearing dry even our water sources. Sparks . . . .:) You are a very patience person to do the Sparks. My Dh and I used to be commanders for our program (about 6 yrs) until they made our program the Wiseguys program. We're taking a break right now from it all.

Joanne~ Our kids are officially on spring break here. How was Martha Stewart the other day?

Chick4Christ~ I understand about the "teen time" on the computer and our computer line is also my DD's phone line. So......I have to really work at getting on line after she comes home.

Monica~ I'm glad the mall madness went well. Almost wondered if there would be room to walk in the mall with 600 scouts and moms. :joker: Good for you taking your snacks and staying OP.

Patti~ Yeah, reckon Chick4Christ would do ALL our laundry? ;) Are you blowing away up there? I have been cold all day here with the wind like it is.

Gary~ Glad you got your equipment, sorry they sent the wrong trainer. Glad you had a good workout. Keep up the good work. Hope the track meet went well.:strong:

Well, I better go.:moo: I think I might just s-l-i-p into the garden tub for a l-o-n-g relaxing soak, since I never do so, cause I never have time.:sheep:

03-10-2002, 10:38 AM
Good morning!!
Welcome Gary and Chick !
I have been so busy. It is softball season here:( and life as I once knew it is gone..........at least until the end of June. So, unfortunately my posting will be erratic and probably short for a while until I get the new routine down.
Patti, Sherry, Joanne,Pravda, Monica I wish I had time for personal addresses now, but I need to get in the shower for church.
Have a blessed Lord's day!

03-10-2002, 02:57 PM

Oh boy the sun is shining today. Just back from church. Our youth group had "DiscipleNow" weekend. There was a total of about 30 youth...they had an awesome time. I did slip in on their meeting Saturday night. The Holy Spirit was there.... The music was super! I was so very humbled at how open and honest the kids were. That is something that I am working on myself....I am trying to be very open and honest with God....sometimes not an easy thing to do.
I have shared with most of you that my husband was killed by a drunk driver in 1998....... I think I'm at the "what now Lord" point in my life.... Please pray that I will be still and wait on God to guide my path. I once read that if we believe that God directs our paths. Nothing is an accident in our lives.

Have a "Joy"filled day!


Doin It Right
03-10-2002, 03:23 PM
Hi Everyone,

I join those of you who are now busy with softball. We are now in that season also. I also relate to the girl scout Moms and Dad. I was a co leader for 8 years. My daughter now is working independantly so not as busy with GS. I do miss the girls, campouts, hiking etc. I hope as I lose more weight I can enjoy hiking with my daughter and maybe even my husband will join us.

The PMS monster is finally gone( that's what my daughter has named it- I have to admit it's an appropriate name.) The doctor is trying me on some hormone therapy and hope this next month will be alot better. I gained 15 pounds between Monday morning and Friday morning, The doctor say it is water weight and gave me a fluid pill. We'll see this week where the weight goes. I did lose 8 lbs but still up 7 lbs. Ugh! I am back in my right mind to eat right so hopefully I am back on track. I also plan to continue walking each day-goal 5 days a week.

Love the encouragement here.
Love in Christ,De

03-10-2002, 08:15 PM
Good afternoon [here anyway] ladies.
I have had a good day so far-- went to early service at church, went to the fruit and veggie market, the grocery store, home depot-- then the wife and I prepared the vegetable and flower beds for this years spring--mowed the yard and weeded. She is out running now while I BURN the calories off typing on this keyboard--WHEW!!! I'm sweatin'
Glad to here so many have softball ties-- my step-daughter is pretty good--last year her team went to their nationals in Wash. state and won. It was at the same time our local Little League team went all the way to the World Series consolation 3rd place game---TONS of publicity and perks for them that has lasted all year--The girls got very little notice and of course had their feelings hurt--No matter how many times they were told that Little League has MILLIONS of fans compared to a few hundred in their league they couldn't quite grasp the difference.
All I have to do is go watch, with my kids mostly grown my coaching days are over--I leave all the work up to my wife and my ex-husband in law as I call him.
My son did pretty good for him in the high jump yesterday -8th out of 17. Just something about jumping over a bar over 6 feet backwards that bugs a dad!
Well off to the x-trainer then SoupPlantation for dinner.God bless you all-Gary

03-10-2002, 11:55 PM
Ok you guys "stop it"!!!!
High winds, 20 degrees, blowing drifting SNOW, power out, phone lines down in areas, this is Canada!
No more talk of gardening, planting, SOFTBALL !!!!
We're "envious" up here ok !!!!

Happy Lord's Day everyone.
God Bless each of you!

In Christ, In Canada,
Sister Joanne

03-11-2002, 08:27 AM
Blessing this morning!
God does answer prayers. I can remember last year this time I thought this thread was going to die and now look at it! Sorry I have not been here my DD had a basketball tourment in WI. We had a blast but I am glad it is over. Basketball is over!!!!! Now starts dance for the two younger ones..... I wont address everyone because I am behind but I do want to say a big welcome to all the new people. This post has been such a blessing to me. Please keep my FIL in your prayers everyday seems like a new problem. They had to remove a toe sat due to staff infection and he has other places where bone is starting to show through. It is so stressful to watch. (and I am a stress eater)
God bless you today,

03-11-2002, 12:47 PM
Good Morning! Wow! This place is really jumping!! It's so great to see so many people here.

I've been gone for the past 4 days and I've missed all of you. I could hardly wait until I got on here to catch up with all of you.

I had a great time in the city at the conference. They treated us royally. The food was awesome and I'm a little afraid to know what I weigh right now. :o (It's a good thing my scale doesn't work.) I did get a bit of walking in. A store we wanted to visit was within walking distance and it was a brisk walk. It was windy and snowing that day. We went to a dinner theatre the one evening. Very entertaining.

Then on Saturday we went to bury a favorite uncle. It was really sad but you know, when the person knows the Lord it isn't a hopeless feeling but one of celebration for them. We are going to miss him terribly. He was a major part of our lives - especially our sons' lives.

We got home late last night and I'm glad I have today to recuperate before going back to work tomorrow. Thanks to those who made me feel less guilty about going to the conference. It was what we needed!

It sounds like you are all doing great and I have made a resolution to start again today. I might even get out to walk and if not do some indoor walking. I bought a dress for my ds' grad and a couple of weddings we have to go to and I want it to look great on me so no more of this nonsense.

Have a super day!!

03-11-2002, 10:56 PM
Hi Everyone--
Wilma I am so glad things worked out the best they could for you. It couldn't have been easy trying to enjoy yourself under the circumstances. Sami, I will pray for your FIL-- how sad-- I am new at thios site and don't know details, but it can't be pleasant for you--I am sorry.
Well Ladies I have to go shopping for our big [potato dinner at church on Wed. so I will catch you later--
Keep up the good work towards a better HEALTH

03-12-2002, 08:21 AM
Blessing this morning,
Well I blew it yesterday big time. I LOVE the peanutbutter eggs and I ate SOME. Today it is back on track>>>>> I have not gotten on the scale since I got back in town. Please pray for me today I go for the nerve tests and muscle test on my leg.

EZmoney-Thanks for your prayers for my FIL He had a stroke in june and he will do well and then he goes down hill to the brink of death and then he does well for awhile. The sad thing is his job termed him and he lost his income and health insurance and life insurance. It is so hard to watch someone you love go through so much.

Wilma-So sad to hear of the loss of your Uncle. So glad you had a great time at the conference. I think both of us need to get back on track for all the weddings......

Sister Joanne-I hear you we have gone from cold to warm my poor plants don't know what to do.

Blessing to all today

03-12-2002, 08:27 AM
Good morning!!!!!
Monica~ I will remember you in prayer this morning, and that you will feel the Lord's presence as you make decisions.
Wilma~ glad that you are back and that the conference went well.
Sad too about your uncle. How fortunate though, that your family was blessed with such a wonderful person and good memories of him.
Sami- will keep you (and that stress eating) and your FIL in prayer.
Joanne~ I would love to have some more winter here in NY! (I have had it with softball already...........so much of our lives revolve around it and it becomes a borderline obsession). But, spring is coming for all of us- the Canadian cold can't last forever.
Dee~ I hope that the medication the Dr put you on works. I can't imagine having that much of a weight swing in one week.
Gary~I could use you here to do some of my shopping. Hope that the potato dinner goes well.

It is off to work for me today.....One of my last days there (I gave them notice last week). I leave with some apprehension, about the change and our finances (I will be taking a cut in pay to stay much closer to home). And just how this will all work out. I do like what I do, but oh the politics and the stress...........:(

Well, gotta go! I did not mean to end on a down note. Have a blessed day.

03-12-2002, 11:45 AM
Good Morning! It's blowing and snowing here today. I sure hope it gets it out of its system soon and then we can look forward to spring. At least its warmed up some.

I got out for a 2 mile walk yesterday and had a huge salad for lunch. Felt great to be on track again.

Last night after a meeting at church I stepped on a patch of ice that had a thin layer of fresh snow on it and wiped out. I'm a little stiff today but not nearly as bad as I thought I would be. Thankfully nothing broke!

Ginny: I hope your last few days at work go well for you. I know this will be a change for the better for you. You'll save money on transportation costs being closer to home!

Sami: Let's both get back on track! I know it'll be hard with all those Easter treats around.

Gary: Thanks for the kind words! I hope your dinner goes well. Are you doing the cooking?

Sami: I'll pray for your FIL. It must be very painful for you to watch him suffer. Turn your attention to God instead of food. You'll get a whole lot more comfort!

Gutchie: Did you send your storm here? I hope your weather is smartening up for you. Be patient. Spring will come!!

Dee: Keep on going. The weight will come off even with the fluctuations you're experiencing. Do you measure yourself? Sometimes that's an even better way to see how you're doing. I measure myself once a month to see how I'm doing and if it increases I know that I have some work to do.

Monica: I'm praying for you as you seek God's guidance for your life. He cares deeply for you!

Hello to all the rest! I better go get some work done around here.

Have a super day!

03-12-2002, 12:23 PM
Sorry I've been completely gone guys.. its rather been the week/weekend from ****.

First I had my sleep study done on Thursday (to rule out narcolepsy) I'm not feeling great about it, because every time I fell asleep, I was dreaming, which means I was in R.E.M. sleep, which is not a good sign. Of course, I won't know anything until I go to the doctor, so I shouldn't panic, but its hard not to. When I got home, I made the ww recipie for parmasean pull-bread, and proceded to eat half the pan. I don't know why, probably stupid carb addictions coming through again. Then Friday I had horrible asthma attacks all morning, so I ended up going home. Saturday was with the DH all day, then out with the "girls" at night (DH went to a Chinese buffet with the guys, must of eaten 50 points worth of food... man was I jealous!!!)
Sunday was at mom and dad's, with my brothers (one real, one might as well be my brother), and made a huge vat of vegetarian lo mein, then went to Youth Group, won the competition and a 14 oz bag of M&Ms. Monday morning woke up with stomach flu, spent the day at home, and once I was feeling better, finished off the ENTIRE bag of M&Ms. I couldn't help it, and I'm allowed to screw up every once in a while... I had also drank 96 oz of water, a new record, and did about 2 hours of really heavy work around the house. (I was feeling MUCH better by about 3 pm.)

I'm also on prednisone because of my asthma attacks, which is killing me. I haven't gained weight, but I'm retaining water like crazy!!! I drank about 64 oz of water between 6 and 9 pm, and if I've "expelled" 20 oz I'd be amazed. Maybe it was just all the choclate.

Anyways, I'm back on the bandwagon, writing down my points.. here's to a new week!!!

03-12-2002, 01:45 PM
Hello fellow "losers for the Lord"!!!

Hope your Tuesday is going well. I was pleased w/my weigh-in yesterday, because I knew the few days prior to that I was really struggling w/the munchin. I know part of it is just the nursing Joshua thing, but part is also the poor food choices I had been making....

Anyway.... both dh and I are down 2 more lbs!!! Yeah!!! We've each lost 13 lbs since we started WW four weeks ago. I'm now below my prepregnancy weight.... and so I'm feeling extra good about any loss now!!! We are both at these little "markers"... he's at 220, and I at 160.... so next Monday, when we're BELOW those weights for the first time in who knows how long.... yippee!!!

Ginny - I notice a while back you mentioned softball season again... is this your subtle way of telling me you won't be driving south anytime soon??? :p :lol:

Just to share... Joshua will be 6 weeks old on Friday, and is already over 10.5 lbs!! He's gaining what I'm losing! lol
Hope that doesn't continue... I'm not ready to have a 70lb 1 year old son!! :lol:

Have a great day all, I'll be checking in later!

173/160/156 (1st mini)/105ish (final)

03-12-2002, 02:43 PM
Good afternoon!
Wilma- thanks so much for your encouraging words. It really means a lot to me! You are so kind.
BethAnne- the good thing is that you are taking the right steps to regaining your health! When do you get the test results back?
Asthma is a toughie- but losing weight will help with that too. Hang in there!
Patricia- Congrats on the weight loss!! You are doing so well staying OP, and with a nursing baby too! Sounds like I had better get back on OP to or you will be weighing less than me soon! And as for softball season.........who knows. I might have some more time on my hands shortly with my career change.
Gotta go!
Have a great afternoon.

03-12-2002, 08:10 PM
Well, hello everyone!

My we are a busy place, are we not? Glad to see all the new people, welcome!

Today started out great, I was able to get my devotions in, had breakfast, got ds ready for school, and took the dogs for a quick walk outside! I feel productive. I am back on plan, eating healthy, no illegal carbs(I am doing Sugar Busters).

I am feeling a lot better about turning 30. I was all down and sad and feeling sorry for myself. I got over it. Now I am looking forward to Friday, my birthday, and Saturday, my "party" . It is going to be more like a get together with friends and family. I am excitred though. I love getting gifts, who doesnt?
Last night my brother and his financee met me,dh and ds for dinner. We had a great tiime, I miss spending time with my family.

Beth Anne- sorry you had such a rough few days. sounds like you are feeling better and back on track. Praying for you!

Sami- I will be praying for your FIL, and for your family. I know that the situation can be hard.

Gary- hope the potato bar went ok!

Well, I guess I better go!

03-12-2002, 10:30 PM
Pravda-So glad that you got off to such a great start today! It feels so good when you can get devotions in, some prayer time......study and reflection etc. Good job with the eating too.
It is hard to go easy on the carbs in our carbo loaded society.
As far as passing 30. I have been there already...........and a bit!:) Age is 90% in your head. Let the Lord's light shine, that defies all age!
Gotta go. I had a busy day, which I survived fairly well. But I am tired now and had better rest up.
Have a great nite.

03-12-2002, 10:43 PM
Hello everyone,skipped out on cheerleading tonight,so I have time to post. Sami- My prayers are with you and your FIL.Peanutbutter eggs? Ooookay, are they good?Please send recipe.I like PB & eggs but have never tried them together. Wilma- Sorry to hear about you uncle.Just think of the fun times you have had with him in your life. I too lost an uncle on Dec27th. Ginny- Good luck with your new job.Its nice to be able to work closer to home. Patricia- Congrats on your new baby and your weight loss. Pravda-Notice your colour is in chocolate. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :hb: To eveyone else,Sherry,Zoe,Monica,Beth-Anne,Tracy,(ya,where is Tracy)Joanne,Gary,&De, have a greaaaat week. :^: I think I'm getting the hang of this.God Bless you all. My:angel: s

03-12-2002, 11:54 PM
Hello Everyone---
Just taking a few minutes to check in-- Had a pretty good day at work, came home and did 30 min. on the x-trainer and made dinner for my son and I--and ex-wife stopped by so I fed her too! Made tostadas, pinto beans pureed instead of refried- no -- o.k. very little cheese and lettuce, onion, tomatoe and whole wheat shells-- pretty good. The wife is at an orientation with her daughter and ex for high school in the fall-- class planning, sport interests etc.
Ginny, I know age is all? in our heads, and I feel mentally young but boy my butt sure aches my age [48] at times!!! Staying closer to home as you know will help in the finance dept. for you. Politics and stress- pretty sure God wants us to stay away from harmfull things! Sami I hope your tests went well!
Wilma, I am not doing the cooking--- I get to set up for 100 and clean up afterwards--we probably will have around 60 but we set xtra. Don't worry Beth Anne, M&M's are way cool.
Patricia you and DH keep up the good work and kiss that baby for me. Pravda--HAPPY BIRTHDAY--believe it or not you are still very YOUNG--right ladies?!!
See you all later--IN HIS LOVE--Gary

03-13-2002, 12:50 PM
So, its Wednesday. I am ready to get out of work today. I wish I could be at home, cleaning and taking care of things there!

I still have not weighed myself. I choose not too. I am scared too, truth be told! Anyway, I tried on a dress on Saturday and it was a size SMALLER! So I must be doing something right( if I already told you guys that, sorry, I am just so excited about it!!!!)

Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes.

Where is everybody today?
Have a great Wednesday!


03-13-2002, 03:52 PM
Pravda: way to go!!! The dress size counts way more than the scale does anyway. Keep up the good work.

Gary: I hope your supper is going well! I find it a lot of work but I enjoy the interaction with others makes it fun too!

Chick: How are you doing with your WOE?

Hi to everyone else.

I have 2 hours more of work and then it looks like it'll be nice enough out to go for a couple of miles. Then, it's an appointment with the accountant tonight. I hope it doesn't hurt too much.:(

Have a great day!

03-13-2002, 10:01 PM
Good Evening ~

Well my friends, I'm not doing too good in the ole dieting department. I've felt so "trapped" keeping a journal of my eating and feeling like I can't have this or can't have that or I've had too many of those or I can't have any more of that or I can't even have that.......so I decided that I would stop the TRYING and just eat better. I'm going to try not to over eat and not eat a bunch of junk. If I can do this, I'm bound to lose weight.....right?? :?: I just want to be thinner and be young enough to enjoy the look. :lol: It's getting close though....ha!!

Pravda ~ Happy Birthday on Friday!!!

Gary ~ glad to hear that your using that equipment. I have been using my treadmill about 4 times a week now and even though my eating isn't doing too well right now, I'm really glad that I'm continuing with the exercise. The kickboxing tape was used once but the problem is that I can't do it during the week until I know it better because it takes too long and I'm too tired after work. :( Keep up the good work!!

Hi everyone else. Gotta run, the Amazing Race is on now.

03-13-2002, 10:50 PM
Sorry Wilma but I dont know what WOE is. I feel dumb.,but I'm new at this.I'm sure I will be embarressed when you do tell me what it means. :dz: :cry:

03-13-2002, 11:30 PM
Good evening!
Pravda! WTG on going down a dress size! You must be losing....lose the scale for a while and just keep up what you are doing. Good job there!
Zoe- go easy on yourself. All the pieces of this will fall into place sooner or later. Keep up with the excercise (that is so important to maintain a good state of mind!). The rest of it will all click into place. Maybe it is a good idea to take a mental rest until whatever hurdle you are facing at the moment is gone or seems less insurmountable. We love you no matter what (and so does HE!).
Wilma- I hope that you got your walk in! The weather must be a bit more cooperative these days for walking. Great! And I hope that the visit with the accountant was not too painful.
Gotta go get some rest. I have been so tired today- and really have had to pump myself up with tea to keep going. Now that it has worn off I had better get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Have a great nite.