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05-03-2008, 08:14 PM
Warning - I am PMS'ing however I still feel my rant is legit! ;)

So, I have changed my eating style and eat nothing like I did before. I have only cheated ONE time since I changed my lifestyle, since January. That is 5 months. My fav. thing in the world is cake...esp. cupcakes. I have been wanting one for so long and have read other people say to just plan to have one and move on. So today was my day...planned for a week and a half...to get my cupcake! I ended up going to a bakery not too far from house. I brought it home and tried it. It was the nastiest thing I have ever tasted!!! The frosting tasted like lard and the cake was SO dry. :barf: I seriously took one bite, scrapped the frosting off and flung it back in the box...I was so pissed off. Then I threw it away. Not worth my calories or a cheat! I have never been to this particular bakery before...BIG mistake. Now I know its nasty. But now I am so irritated. I was looking forward to a yummy cupcake as my cheat and it was so gross I trashed it. :(

Anyone else have days like this? Cheats like this?? It just makes me want a GOOD cupcake now...even worse than before. :?:

05-03-2008, 09:00 PM
I've heard people say that their favorite (forbidden) foods, used as a reward - tasted horrible. However -- that hasn't happened to me with pizza! OMG - every piece (if it comes from the right place) tastes just as decadent as before. However, it's very possible that you got an OLD cupcake, or one that just wasn't good. I doubt that it's your palate.....and it sounds like you've done SO well managing your eating plan, and saving up for a reward - I say go ahead and find a good one and try again. At least you didn't waste the calories or the experience on a nasty cupcake, and you will probably continue to crave it until you get it satisfied!! I'm sure others will disagree but....in my mind, you earned it!

05-03-2008, 09:08 PM
my favorite cheat is donuts. i had one last night. it wasn't as good as i had anticipated, but i ate it anyway. ugh. big mistake.

at least you threw it away and didn't waste the calories!

Apple Cheeks
05-03-2008, 09:11 PM
It's happened to me a few times. I think that anticipating the taste is better than the actual treat many times!

05-03-2008, 09:28 PM
Oh man,. that just sucks. But I have to say BRAVO for not eating it anyway. Find a better place for your cheat cupcake!!

Sometimes I wish I could have a cheat day. But to me it would be a "go back in time and pretend you are still morbidly obese" day. I would spend all day eating crap to the tune of 5000 calories and then feel horrible. I have a hard time with moderation...

05-03-2008, 10:39 PM
It really depends for me. There are those times when I plan something, and it tastes amazing. That is always from places that I know already. I wouldn't plan a treat at a new place, most likely. Too much risk for disappointment.

If you didn't eat that cupcake, and you still have that craving for it tomorrow, then go to a place that you know they are good.

traci in training
05-04-2008, 12:01 PM
I think sometimes we build up those treats so much in our mind the food has a hard time living up to our expectations.

Of course, it could have just been a nasty cupcake. Lucky for me, my favorite treat is a Hostess HOHO. I only have one maybe once a month, but those little puppies are truly dependable. :-) I highly recommend them if you like cream filling, excess sugar and artificial chocolate in one bite. Can't talk about them anymore or I'll have to have one. :-)

05-04-2008, 01:08 PM
Its funny I wasn't even thinking about my favorite foods but now.....

05-04-2008, 03:17 PM
Thanks everyone! I was having a bad day yesterday. I will never get a cheat from a new place again. I was planning on going to a bakery I know...but I changed my mind last minute because of how far the other bakery was and I didn't want to keep my dog out too long after his surgery. I never thought I could get a BAD cupcake. I probably would have finished it a few months ago...hehe. At least I know now that some things just aren't worth eating!!

05-04-2008, 03:42 PM
I never thought I could get a BAD cupcake.

I know, right? Funny how our tastes get more discriminating as we pay attention to what we eat. :)

My sister's baby shower was a couple weekends ago, and I planned for the cake and really looked forward to it. Then it was served and it was dry and terrible. So disappointing! I didn't finish it either. Of course, a few days later I went to a funeral and there was homemade cake at the reception afterwards, which was *not* terrible. I didn't have any trouble finishing that piece, I'm sorry to say.