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Sweet Adeline
03-07-2002, 04:47 PM
I have been a WW for 4 weeks and have only lost 4 1/2 pounds. I have to admit that I have been too busy to eat all that WW suggests. For instance, I rarely get the 2 milks and 5 vegetables per day. Any ideas? It seems as though I can get one or two fruits for breakfast or lunch, but 3 more at night is hard. Salad, one; veggie, another; but the last is hard. And the water is another problem.....rest room not always available. I need some buddies to get me through this. I thought I would lose a little faster than this. Others seem to get it off more easily. I would like to lose 85-90 #. Thanks!

storms mom
03-08-2002, 10:45 AM
good morning and welcome:wave: You are doing well on the ww plan. You are going in the right direction!!!! I too am a slow looser but a looser none the less!!! Have you tried making a smoothie to get in the milk and fruit

1 cup milk
2 tbs fat free sugar free pudding
1 tbs fat free cool whip
(here is where you can add your favorite fruit to get it in)
add ice cubes (about 8)

and whip it up

this is only 2 points without the fruit. add whatever fruit you like and count the points accordingly

you can also make it with fruit juice substituted for the milk and get even more fruits in. Depends if you want the milk or the fruits