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03-07-2002, 07:11 AM
Originally posted by katrinabgood Thanks, Katrina! :cool:

I missed my weigh in today...not too upset about that, because I seem to have fallen into the same slump a lot of us around here have found...having said that, I can't believe that I just blithely threw away almost a whole week of good, on program work for a day or two of haphazard eating!:shrug:

We need a collective kick in the pants to re-energize us and get us back into high gear...Here's what I was thinkin'...

When I belonged to ediets, there was a message board called the "21 day challenge" the idea being that it tales 21 days to form a new habit. You commit to eating within your program, drinking the water and exercising for 21 days. If you slip, you begin again on Day 1. It really was very motivational and really a lot of fun...anyone interested in a challenge? Let me see if I can dig up the rules...

wow! I can't believe I did it without losing my post...must be an omen!

Rules for the 21-Day Challenge

Block 1
1. You must drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water per day.
2. You must eat from your meal plan or stay in your calorie range for every day!
3. If you go over your calorie allotment, (OR cheat!) you must start over.
4. No exercise is required until your second 21-Day Challenge (block#2), but by all means, if you're already exercising please continue!
5. Your 21 days must be CONSECUTIVE days! That is the whole point in forming new habits.
6. Nothing is wrong with having a yummy snack!! Just make sure you plan for it!! It has to be part of your calorie limit for the day!
7. This works on the "honor" system...no one will monitor you...if you "mess-up", you are only cheating yourself by not beginning again! The importance behind this challenge is to have 21 consecutive days of self control!!
8. What do the numbers mean that you see by peoples' names?? They stand for DAY/POUNDS LOST/BLOCK. 1/0/1 is Day 1, 0 pounds lost, Block 1.
9. Once you have finished block #1 (the first 21 days) you will progress to block #2...

Block 2
Same as block 1 + 20 minutes of exercise 5x/week

Block 3
Same as Block 1
+ increase to 30 minutes of exercise 5x/week
+ toning exercise for at least 15 minutes 3x/week
+ must post inches lost

Block 4
ON YOUR OWN... no rules except for the ones you set for yourself... it's time to turn this plan into your plan... you should state your rules and follow them for 21 days... repeat this as many times as necessary until you are at your goal.
Good luck to you as you complete your journey! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! It all starts with a single step... and following with a new one each day!!

What do you think? I'm just trying to shake things up a bit around here...

I'm up for the challenge, ARE YOU?

03-07-2002, 07:23 AM

I actually got in Day 1 yesterday, but it wouldn't be fair to count it and then see if anyone else wanted to jump in when I already had one day under my big belt :rolleyes:

The behavior that I want to change is the exact behavior that put these extra pounds on me: eating for reasons other than hunger. If I can beat that, I will have my weight problem fixed, and this challenge is just the ticket, I think. The meal plan that I have to follow is simple, eat only when hungry and don't eat more than I need. I try to eat healthy, in any case. I also have to eat at the table when I'm alone, because elsewise (for example eating on the couch watching tv) it can get UGLY. :devil:

I do exercise almost every day, so I'll continue to do that! I'll report every day, which maybe should be another one of the rules.

One thing that is crucial for me, and I expect a lot of us, is trying to ensure that my needs are met. If I eat for reasons other than hunger, then whatever my actual need was for is still unsatisfied (and I get fatter!). If I try to make sure that my real needs (e.g. for: fun, rest, self-expression, spirituality, etc, etc, etc) are taken care of, I'm less likely to dive face first into a bag of cookies :p

Ok, then - here goes Day 1. Let's make it a great one!

day/pounds lost (so far in challenge)/block

03-07-2002, 02:08 PM
Just wanted to pop in and refresh my motivation. I just finished lunch, and still have a desire to munch... But --- I'm not going to. I've planned my meals today, and already had my water and exercise. I'm kind of tired, so I think I will treat myself to a little lounging on the couch with a coffee and magazine.


03-07-2002, 03:50 PM
Hi Babette!

Good idea for a seperate thread, but feel free to join us anytime on the other thread!

Okay, here goes...Day One is in full swing...I shopped yesterday, stocked up on my veggies, fruit, brown rice, yogurt (plain, fat free, I add the fruit), whole wheat breads, etc...I'm armed and ready! :)

I'm basically following Weight Watchers still, with an emphasis on low sugar, meaning trying to omit white flour, pasta, white rice, sweets...well, maybe not OMIT, (cuz I know me...once I say I CAN'T have something, it's all I crave!) but drastically reducing their quantities. :p

I weighed in at work last night, I know their scale is about 4# higher than my WW scale, but I will post my weight now and make the adjustment after weigh in next Tuesday. I'm posting my weight in the "lbs lost" section for now, I think seeing the number everyday will be helpful for me...;)

Oh yeah, one more thing...Babette, if you had Day 1 yesterday, by all means, start with that! We may not all be on the same day at any given time, so don't give up a hard earned day if you don't have to! :lol:

So here's to new beginnings and the forming of new, PERMANENT habits! ~*clink!*~ (that was one of my alloted glasses of water, of course!)

Good luck!

03-07-2002, 05:30 PM

Well, even though I've already had 3 good days in a row, I'm going to start the challenge tomorrow. Friday is my weigh in day and think that's a good place to start keeping count. I don't want to weigh every day, so I'll update my pounds lost each Friday (unless I give in and step on the scale sooner). So here goes....good luck to all of us!!


03-07-2002, 11:02 PM
Hi fellow blockees,

I'm two-thirds through day 2 of block #1. I didn't weigh myself yesterday though, but not eating chocolate is enough for me. I followed my Rs foodmover and exercised/lifted weights today.

I have to share this with you. I'm really hungry. I want to chuck it all this moment and have a fattening dinner. I haven't gone without any meal or snack, but the idea of being on plan is making me hungry. Help!!!!



03-08-2002, 08:24 AM
Come on, Malia...think of the feelings of self pride and accomplishment you will have if you look that "HUNGER" in the eye (or wherever you look hunger into!) and say "you will not win!" Are you REALLY hungry--stomach growling, light headed? Are you bored? Think about what you are really feeling, then come here and post it!!
Hang in there!

I'm going to be gone til tomorrow...dh & I will be spending the night at a B&B in New Hope, PA ;) Should be fun! I have every intention of sticking to this challenge...got through Day 1 by the skin of my teeth, but I did it!

I think we should be known as "blockheads"...

good luck...:cool:

03-08-2002, 09:36 AM
Hi Fellow Blockheads (hmmm... not sure i like that :p )
Newsflash: down 1 pound! Yay!

Got through day 2 well. I had a couple of weak moments, but came back on here and got remotivated. Today I have to do some things that I don't want to do. I'm helping my son get legal arrangements worked out in a child support situation and things are disturbing. But I am not going to shove my feelings down my throat with food. It only makes me feel worse anyway. I'm just going to hang in and feel what I feel whether I like it or not.

Malia, IMHO, I think you should try to avoid getting too hungry because it makes it much harder to stay OP. Try to eat when you're hungry -- you can do it with lower point/calorie foods.

Katrina, Hope you had lots of fun at the B& B. ;) I'm jealous!

Jen, why don't you count your 3 days -- Katrina talked me into counting my 1 day extra, and I feel like the more days down the stronger i feel.

I guess I'll post my weight too, because otherwise I might not remember exactly what it was and get confused about whether I've lost or not.

Let's make this a great day, All!

xo babette :wave:
2/214 (-1)/1

03-08-2002, 01:52 PM
Well, as tempting as it is to post those other three days, I am going to start with today anyway. That way my days coincide with my plan and my weigh in on Friday. Besides, I had a huge loss this week as I always do my first week (7 pounds) and I know that's just all the water weight. Now the work begins!! Losing the fat. The water weight is a gimme, but I really want to keep track of how much I lose from here on out.

So far so good today! Already exercised 30 minutes. Hope everyone is having a good day. I'll try to come in and post more later.


03-09-2002, 03:59 PM
Hi All!

Hope your weekend's going well. I got through a tremendously stressful day yesterday without backsliding. I did have a couple of incidents where I forgot momentarily and ate a crumb of something or other before I remembered, but I'm not penalizing myself for that, because it does take a little while before I remember all the time.

Yesterday I walked four miles, and today I did chi gung when i got up, and then went to the gym, did 30 minutes on the exercise bike and 30 minutes circuit training and then a 15-minute walk home. I felt great! It's so long since I did any exercise heavier than walking that I'd forgotten all about endorphins, the exerciser's best friend. I came out feeling chipper and cheerful, which was a real change :rolleyes: Now I'm a bit tired, but since I was tired when I woke up, I'm not going to blame the gym for that! I'll likely do an evening set of chi gung to help me wind down before bed.

Jehari, WAY TO GO! 7 pounds!!! :eek: That is so fabulous! I never lose any amounts like that even in two weeks. What a great kick-off for the challenge, even if you don't count it in!

Have a lovely evening, Everyone!

babette :wave:
4/214 (-1)/1

03-09-2002, 04:29 PM
Hi there, blockheads!

I'm home, we had a great time and I'm happy to say I'm on Day 3! Made it through Day 2 without a hitch...ate out twice and I was SO good! Lots of salad, I had shrimp for lunch and dinner, drank my water and got LOTS of exercise; we walked and walked and walked! If shopping burns calories, then I'm really set! Before we even left, I took my AM walk with my weights, just to be sure I got my exercise in!

Today we had a light breakfast at the inn, fruit and scones, I haven't eaten since. We're going to take the kids out to dinner, so I'm saving up for something good! For my exercise today, I had to twist hubby's arm to walk with me, but we managed a good 30 minute walk along the canal...I told him, "We'll just walk for 15 minutes and turn back." Grudgingly, he did, and it was lovely...it's about 70 degrees here today, Spring is definitely in the air!

Sounds like you guys are doing great too! Seven lbs, Jen! Wow! That is truly motivating, water or no water! Keep it up!

Babette, what is chi gung? Like Tae Bo? Tai chi? Karate? I'm guessing here...is it easy? fun? I'm always looking for something new! Got to LOVE those endorphins!

OK, I'd better go unpack, and get ready for dinner...I'm HUNGRY! Have a great weekend! Keep up the good work!

See ya!

03-09-2002, 09:06 PM
Katrina, chi gung is kind of like tai chi, but simpler and is separate exercises rather than a sequence of movements. It translates to something like "energy work." It's not really aerobic or anything but makes you more limber and supposedly unblocks the body's energies. Based on the idea that humans have energy gates throughout the body that become blocked, to the detriment of physical, mental, and spiritual health. It's easy to do, and I do feel better when I do it regularly. The exercises I do are from a couple of tapes from the "Living Arts" exercise tapes, A.M. Chi & P.M. Chi.

I started Tai Chi classes last winter and kept going for quite a while but have missed a few months since I moved a while back. But I'm going to start up again soon. It feels fabulous after you can get through a set. Most times after a class, I felt like I'd just had a full-body massage, and like i couldn't have gotten stressed out about anything if I tried. Oh yeah, I got to get back to it!

You reminded me that I intended to do my evening set, so I guess I will go do that!

G' Night! :yawn:

4/214 (-1)/1 Hey! I had another good day!

03-10-2002, 01:23 AM
Hi Blockettes,

Jen, congratulations on your 7lb loss. You go girl. For the rest of you, congratulations on your success.

I've completed day 1 today. I went to the back of the line yesterday. :^: I had a powerful hunger Thursday nite. We ate out at Ruby's (it's sort of a retro 40's diner). My mom had a st patrick's mint shake, clam chowder (cut with a knife), and a gravy smothered turkey stuffing dinner. I ordered vegetable soup (clear broth), half turkey sandwich, and a glass of water. I felt satisfied..... Friday morning, I woke up to a one pound loss 244lbs. I broke the barrier....Friday night I blew it at the bazaar. I had two Portuguese malasadas or fried doughnuts. Bummers.

However, a new day is a new start. I did well today. For dinner, I ate poached salmon w/little butter and capers. Steamed veggies with balsamic vinegar. It was deleecious. :) I worked all day on my hedge. Picking grass out and putting up a windbreak. My arms feel like spaghetti. If I can conquer one week of my plan, I feel my weight will drop off.

Babette, I love those endorphins. I get "high" from my circuit weight workout. Your chi gung sounds peaceful and energizing too.

Day one, twenty to go,


03-10-2002, 01:19 PM
Hope everyone is having a nice & relaxing kind of day. DH & I went for a 5-mile walk this a.m. It's just started to rain now, so I'm glad it held off until we got back. Also did my a.m. Chi -- I've been a bit depressed, and I have to keep reminding myself that i have to work at feeling good sometimes, but it's worth it!

Day 5! I'm so happy to be doing this. It just feels so empowering and freeing not to be out of control. These seem to be behaviors that I can manage: making sure I only eat at the table when I'm by myself is the easiest to get a grip on -- eating only when I'm hungry and not eating more than I need is a little bit more difficult, but I am managing. And what a payoff! Just to be able to live without spending most of my energy thinking about either food or my weight is a godsend!

Malia, you're right about the circuit training. I've just started it and it makes me feel fabulous! I'd almost forgotten how good heavy exercise can make me feel, but I'm definitely going to keep it up.

Have a great day, All, and let's get ready to really KICK IT this week!

5/214 (-1)/ 1 :wave:

03-10-2002, 11:43 PM
Well, I had all those good days in a row, only to blow it tonight. Had a binge. DANG IT!! Well I'll be back fresh tomorrow.

03-11-2002, 04:56 AM
Hi everyone,

Jen, start fresh tomorrow. It's day 2 for me. I did okay. The weekend is tough for me. sort of chaotic. I like weekdays the best. No unsceduled eating at work if I can help it. I say no. Tomorrow, it's back to exercising again. It'll be my 4th week of 5x a week exercise. I should be sleeping, but went to a free concert-youth symphony, tonight. I'm running a little late.

"Life is lived in the present. Yesterday has gone, tomorrow is yet to be. Today is the miracle."



03-11-2002, 09:18 AM
Good Morning, Blockettes! :wave:

Day 5 was good. Every day that I get through makes me stronger. My jeans feel a bit looser already, even though I'm only down one pound. I think that it may be from the extra exercise.

I'm trying to have/see some special triumph every day. E.g. -- getting through an unusually stressful day on Friday was one. Or coming up to post rather than having a snack when I wasn't hungry. This morning I decided to extend my walk. DH & I usually walk 3 miles in the mornings we don't go to the gym. This morning as we were just about to head home, I said "if it was nicer out (it was COLD and WINDY!) I would extend my walk." DH helpfully said it wasn't THAT bad out. And so I decided to do it, and got an extra 20 minutes. Thinking about these things as triumphs makes me feel good -- like "hey! i'm really doing this!" And the more I have, the faster it will work!

Pretty excited to be on day 6!

Let's make this a great one, Blockies! Love to all.

6/214 (-1)/1

03-11-2002, 11:56 AM
Wow, do you know how long it's been since I stuck to anything for FIVE DAYS IN A ROW? (answer: TOO LONG! )

Each day just keeps on getting better! I look for little ways to get my exercise in...and I love to wheel and deal with my points to get more "bang for the buck" as they say! (for instance, by adding mushrooms and tomatoes to my egg white omelet, I get a much bigger omelet without spending any more points, or I'll slice an apple onto my peanut butter sandwich instead of the sugary jam...more nutritious and definitely more filling!)

I jumped on the scale at work this morning, and UNOFFICIALLY, I have lost two pounds (with my TOM, probably more!) I did edit my profile to indicate that under my name...tomorrow is weigh-in @ WW, I will then use THAT number from here on in. I have a feeling that the scale @ WW reads lower than the scale at work, but it is the same as at the gym, so OF COURSE I'll go by that one! It's just that I did not weigh in last week and I wanted to post something!

Time for me to go...I'm falling asleep here...:yawn: forgive any typos, too tired to go back and edit!

Hang in there BLOCKETTES! (nicer than BLOCKHEADS!)

03-11-2002, 11:57 AM
Well, here I am for some MOTIVATION!!

Great job Babbette!! And I'm with you Malia. Weekdays are SO much easier. Everything is on a schedule. Weekends are chaos!

I've already had 30 oz of water this morning, and getting ready to do my exercise. I have a busy day planned to keep me out of trouble. Here goes day 1 again!!


03-12-2002, 08:05 AM
Wow! I can hardly believe that I've made it almost through a week. I am going to do this! Of course one of the ways that I'm managing is by not being too strict. I might have had more trouble if I was counting points or calories. One time I was trying to get on a roll for another challenge, I think I had about 5 Day 1s in a row. :rolleyes:

Triumph for today: After exercise bike and circuit training at the gym, I walked home instead of driving w. DH. (15 minutes). (they need a "pat on the back" smiley here, or maybe a "tooting own horn" one. :cool:

Let's make this a great day, Blockettes!

babette :wave:
7/214 (-1)/ 1

03-12-2002, 12:41 PM
Day 6 for me and still going strong...

I'm just in from weigh-in.....GROAN!.....I stayed the same!:( That's OK, it's that TOM and I know I"ve done well, so I'll just keep on keepin' on!

Lots to do today, teacher's conferences this afternoon, scouts tonight, laundry, laundry and more laundry in between and I have to work tonight! I have the self cleaner set on my oven, (never used it before, this is a new oven, my last one didn't have that feature...) GEEZ, I'm being overcome with fumes!! Well, that'll keep me out of the kitchen anyway!

Going to replenish my water, unload my groceries and THINK THIN!!

be good all...

03-12-2002, 01:05 PM
Starting : TODAY!
I need motivation. I can see that after a few weeks on WW, I am starting to sabotage myselg, AGAIN!!!
I repeat : I need motivation.

03-12-2002, 01:15 PM
Katrina, I like whast you just said : THINK THIN!!!

03-12-2002, 01:27 PM
Babette and Katrina: WOW!! You are both doing so great!! Keep it up. Don't worry Katrina, TOM always messes things up. You'll no doubt have a great loss next week.

Chickadee: THINK THIN is something I basically chant in my head all day. I'm not sure how to motivate you. Different things motivate me at different times. But one of my biggest sources of motivation is coming here and posting and reading the other posts. You can do it girl!!

So far so good on day 2 for me. I begrudgingly did my exercise and have already had most of my water. I really want to get under 190 at my weigh in friday. I'm gonna do it by golly!!

Anyhoo, I'll talk at ya later,

03-12-2002, 01:35 PM
what does 2/0/1 , under your name, mean?

03-12-2002, 04:04 PM
Chickadee: Go to page 1 and read the first post on this thread. Everything is explained there. It's easier than me typing it here again.
Talk at ya later,

03-12-2002, 11:24 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to post yesterday. I was pretty exhausted and slept early.

Kat, Babette, & Jen, way to go. I'm back to square one today. I'm still 244 though and from my last measurement on 2/23/02. I lost an inch each on my waist, stomach, and hips. Yippee. Although, I can't seem to reach day 3. These last 7 days, I was OP for 5 out of the 7 days. That's a record for me. I don't blame you if you kick me out of the challenge. I'm falling behind. :lol:

Blockhead Malia

03-13-2002, 09:07 AM
Good Morning Blockettes! :D Yuppir, I have completed one-third of the first block. Day 7 went very well. I had a few weak moments alone in the kitchen when I was cooking/cleaning up but I toughed it out and made it through. The longer I make it, the less I will have these impulses. I would like to be able to say that I've lost more than a pound, but I think having started back to the gym is responsible. Even DH says he can see a difference, so that is meaningful! :rolleyes: I probably should take my measurements, but I'm not sure I want to see them yet :eek:

I decided to only do the 3-mile walk today. I've gotten extra exercise 4 days in a row and was very tired yesterday and this morning :yawn: I almost decided to walk later on so I could slump and drink tea and read the papers, but went out early with DH anyway. I may count this as a triumph, but I've challenged myself to do a bit of yoga here and there through the day until I've got in my whole set. I should do that every day, actually, since I've got my butt plunked at the desk all day otherwise.

Malia, WTG getting back at it. Sometimes it takes a while to get a run of days going. It gets easier as it goes along, but as long as you keep trying you'll get there! Having been OP for 5/7 is an accomplishment :D Saw your pic in another thread. Wow, are you cute!

Kat, my comiserations on your maintain! :( Sure know what that's like. I bet it means you have a great weigh-in next week though. You're doing fabulously!

Jen, congrats on doing the exercise and drinking your water. That's the way to do it! On my days where I don't feel like it I just tell myself I don't have to like it, I just have to do it!

Chick, try signing up for the challenge -- I think it's pretty motivating!

Let's get out there and make this a fabulous day, Blockettes!

8/214 (-1)/1

03-13-2002, 11:20 AM
Okay, this is my THIRD AND LAST TIME to write this post!! I keep managing to obliterate my words of wisdom! :lol: Must be a subconscious attempt to avoid confessing my sins...After six great days, I crashed and burned. :( It's true, never go food shopping when you are hungry, ESPECIALLY after fasting for Weight Watchers! I hadn't eaten since about 8:00 Monday night...I was ravenous! The cookies were calling my name...and I purposely bought yucky looking ones for the kids, so that I wouldn't be tempted! :rolleyes: It was a cookies and milk total meltdown! :T Then I ate a huge portion of Pork Lomein. :?: Then realizing what I had done, started flushing myself out with water!! At least 2 quarts last night!

So...back to Day 1 for me too...no problem...I'm proud of myself for getting 6 days on the money! Next time will be longer, I'll keep starting over til I get this habit down!!

I wanted to address each of you individually, but that's how I keep losing my posts! so here's the quick version...

Babette...hero of the challenge! Show us the way, girl!
Jen, I'm a begrudger too, when it comes to exercise, but I feel great once I'm into it! Keep huffin' and puffin'!
Malia, the great thing about this challenge is you can't be thrown off by anyone but yourself,,,the only person you compete against! So keep coming back!
Welcome, Chickadee...join the fun!

I'm done...this has taken WAY too long...gotta get some sleep :yawn:

Have a great day...whichever one it is!


03-13-2002, 12:28 PM
Hi yall!
Day 1 : I did my aerobics and stayed on program.
In fact, I used only 21 out of my 25 points.
Did not weigh myself today, I would rather not step on the scale between WW meetings.
So, I guess the weight update will show on day 7!

1/157(?)/1 :)

03-13-2002, 02:30 PM
Chickadee: I think most of us are just weighing once a week. You are wise not to step on the scale inbetween. I mad that mistake today and it put me in a BAD MOOD!! I've been soooo good.

Oh well. I'm keepin' on it. Here it goes for day 3!

03-13-2002, 04:35 PM
using the scale too often puts me in a bad mood also!
See ya later, and good courage to you all!

03-14-2002, 12:20 AM
Well, here I am at the end of day three just getting ready to go to bed so I won't be tempted to munch. I made it through another day.
I KNOW that with the amount of calories I eat, the water I drink, and the exercise I do, it is physically impossible for me to NOT be losing something somewhere, be it pounds or inches. I can only assume it was some sort of fluke with the scale this morning and keep going. If I give up now I know for sure I will gain, so I have to stick with it. I WILL NOT get on my scale again until Friday. Hopefully it will have something nice to say ;) .
Anhoo, I'm off to bed. Talk at you all later,

03-14-2002, 05:05 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm not sure how I did today. I'm distracted. I was on plan, but slacked off on the water. I'm thirsty right now. I feel bummed from work. A new job was posted today. I'm applying for it. I have mixed feelings. Every time I'm on a weight loss plan, something happens in my life that causes great stress. In 2000, my dad was diagnosed with cancer. I lasted for two months. In 2001, I started and my dad passed away. Now this. I thought the conditions were perfect for my total concentration on this goal. I am thankful I have my exercise to keep my emotions in control. Still, it will create chaos. Sorry to be a whiner, but it bugs me. As much as I want to be in control, life throws a fast one at you. Hope I past the test this time around, I don't have a good record.

Here's to challenge,

03-14-2002, 09:57 AM
Hey Blockettes!

Still making it, although still at the same weight. Sooner or later (sooner I hope!) the number will start to go down. A few of us are having problems making the numbers change, but as long as we persevere, they WILL!

Jen, you're so right about giving in now. If we're doing great and the weight isn't coming off yet, it would surely pile on if we stopped trying!

Malia, it sounds like you find the idea of the new position very stressful. You aren't sure if you want it? Why don't you go over your feelings about it and write them out? This doesn't sound like something that should threaten your ability to look after yourself, but it seems like it affects you in some way that you're having trouble coping with. Remember to take care of yourself -- make it a priority!

That said, let's make this a fabulous day, Blockettes

9/214 (-1)/1 !

03-14-2002, 09:57 AM
Hi yall!
I did good yesyerday. Drank my water, ate within my points. Did not exercise, though. I came from work exhausted.
Had a little fight with my hubby, but did not resort to binge eating. Which means SUCCESS to me!
Have a great day!


03-14-2002, 11:19 AM
Day 1 AGAIN! Third times a charm! :D

see you later...

03-14-2002, 11:59 AM
Mornin' ladies!

Well I'm on day 4 today. It's going to be a tough one!! My son had a nightmare last night, and my daughter is a light sleeper and heard him get up, so at 4a.m. I had the two of them in my bed. That would be OK if they had gone back to sleep but they kept bouncing around so I kicked 'em out. But still I could not sleep. They were hungry, they were thirsty, and by the time I got them set up in front of the T.V., I was pretty much awake and VERY hungry. I've already had 500 calories for today so I'm REALLY going to have to pace myself to get through the rest of the day.
I'm going to have to plan for my daughters b-day party next week. It's going to be at Chuck-E-Cheese. Their pizza sucks so I won't have a problem passing that up, but I make a pretty darn fine cake which will be hard to pass up. I will have to approximate the calories and plan for them. I will feel deprived if I don't get even a tiny piece (especially after slaving away on it all day!). I am, however, making a much smaller cake than usual so there won't be any leftovers to tempt me.

Malia: Don't we all know it! Life just doesn't seem to cooperate with our plans. These things happen and always will happen, so I guess we need to learn to work around them. I haven't learned that yet, which is why I gained back 13 pounds over the last couple of months while going through the bankruptcy and my husband leaving for boot camp. I wish I could be of more help. :^:

Babette: WOW!!! DAY 9!! That's fantastic!! You go girl!!

Chickadee: Congrats on passing up the binge! It's all the small successes that add up to big success later!! Keep it up!!

Katrina: Good luck on day 1 today!!

Talk at you all later,

03-15-2002, 04:08 AM
Let me start off with a quote:

"One who fears limits his activities. Failure is only the opportunity to more intelligently begin again." ----Henry Ford

Day 2 of stress. I may not even get the job. It depends on the decision of a senior field rep. I've been the substitute for the job for 9 years. I know I can do it or how to get training for it. It's change, I guess. I wanted everything to stay the same while I lost weight. Like the quote said learn from your fears and failures and start again.

To be honest with you, I've backslided the past two days. I've been slacking on my water, veggies, and ate junk food. I kept up my exercising though. It's disappointing how I let changing my life affect me. WAIT A MINUTE....it just dawned, this may be a case of PMS. If I'm not aware of the sneak, it'll sabotage my life. Hey I feel little better. This happens to me every month. Some stronger than others.

Jen, thank you for sharing. I've been a scaredy cat my whole life. I should move on and begin anew. You inspire me.

Kat, three's a charm...we should create a sub 21-day block club.
the one day block challenge. Everyday is the first day. Hee hee.

Here's tomorrow,

03-15-2002, 08:38 AM
Working at home today! I just love working at home. No long commute. Quiet. The cat nudging my leg.
I did good yesterday. Ate my veggies, drank my water. Had my snacks : not too many
I think I will go and weigh myself.
I know ... I know ... I am not supposed to!
Well, I will go for a shower and see.
Do you guys have that strange habit of mine? I weigh myself BEFORE the shower, because the water might add some extra weight?
Crazy, han???
See ya!

03-15-2002, 09:38 AM
Good Morning Blockettes!

Here I am on Day 10, still only down a single stupid pound. But I shall persevere. I KNOW that if I keep it up it will work. So I will keep it up. I've been pretty careful not to eat too much, but maybe I can be a bit more careful yet.

Felt kind of depressed yesterday, for no real reason that I could think of. I did what I could to make myself feel better. Didn't go off p. which is a triumph, for sure. I had my 6-month-old grandson overnight last night. This morning, I intend to take him for a nice long walk around the harbour. We just moved back into the neighborhood where I lived most of my adult life, near a park and the city harbour. I'm looking forward to spending time with little Noah at the park where I took his Dad and my nephew all the time when they were small (REALLY doesn't seem like that long ago)

Jen, don't I recall that you lost 7 pounds at your last weigh-in? That just occurred to me. Maybe that's why you didn't lose any this week. WOW! If I lost 7 pounds in THREE weeks I'd be happy! But I bet you have a good loss again next week. And I'm not even jealous - much :s:

Malia, I'm glad you figured out that your uneasiness could be PMS. I still remember working out that I always felt depressed and anxious before my periods when I was about 19 (I'm 46 now :eek: ). I would be really upset, feel almost like life wasn't worth living. Ugh. And in those days, believe it or not, no one knew about PMS! I felt a lot better when I knew that it was something that happened to other people too, and that it would END! Now, I'm at the other end of it. I just finished menopause but still have hot flashes and mood swings -- I kind of miss PMS, because at least then you know that you'll feel better soon. Ah, well, that's life, huh.

Chick, WTG on getting through the dust-up with your DH without resorting to a binge. Anxiety is one of my worst triggers, too. If I'm seriously upset I don't want to eat, but anything vaguely uncomfortable and I want to dive into a bag of doughnuts

Kat, hope you're doing well. We can do this!

Let's make it a good, one Blockettes!

10/214 (-1)/1

03-15-2002, 11:53 AM
for you it is doughnuts, for me, anything sweet!
That is the hardest part, of my weight loss journey. Learning to express my emotions, not eat them!
I used to be an alcoholic and a drug addict : I stopped taking drugs and boozing, 19 years ago.

Then I became a smoker (and believe me, I smoked, like an industrial chimney! 3 packs a day) ... I stopped this also. 3 years ago.

But, I can't stop eating! I gotta learn to eat sensibly.

God! I am anything but sensible! I am an extrovert, and everything I do, I PLUNGE in it!

See ya xxx


03-15-2002, 02:39 PM
OK. Here I am on day 5... sort of. I'm not sure if I can count yesterday or not. I was just slightly over my desired calorie range, but let me run this by you. I had been up since 4am. I used all my calories by 5pm. I went shopping at 8pm and was positively STARVING!! I was going through the store salivating. I picked up Oreos, then put them down. I picked up donuts, then put them down. I picked up cake, then put it down. I picked up ice cream, then put it down. EVERYTHING looked sooo good. I bought a box of puffed Kashi and some Splenda and fled from the store. I came home and ate a bowl of that and it was SO GOOD. I was still kinda hungry after that, but not in a way that was driving me mad. Overall, I'd say that yesterday was a success. I'll take votes and if you all think I should start back on day 1 I will. I don't think so just cuz calories vary day to day and there have been days when I used less than my range, so I figure it evens out. Or am I just making excuses?

Anyhoo, I did wiegh in today and am down 2 pounds for the week putting me at 189. I was happy with that cuz I just wanted to get below 190.

Malia: I think the one day block club would be a lot easier to manage!! :lol: Hey, even if every day is day one, at least that means you're not giving up. Endless day one's are better than never trying again. You deserve a pat on the back for keeping up the exercise!! And that PMS does have a way of sneaking up on you. I know I spend a few days every month going "What the heck is my problem?" before it dawns on me that it's that time again. Anyhoo, I think you're doing great. Keep with it!! :D

Chickadee: You better believe I weigh before I shower. I have super thick hair that goes down to my tail bone. If I weighed with all that hair wet, I'd weigh 7 extra pounds!! I often thought a fast way for me to lose a few pounds would be to just cut my hair! :lol: Congrats on quitting smoking. I still have yet to manage that! I know it seems ironic if not stupid to be eating right and exercising to be healthy and still be a smoker, but I just can't seem to let it go yet. It's something I'm going to tackle when I get a little better handle on my eating. If I quit now I KNOW everyday would be one long buffet for me. I can't IMAGINE smoking 3 packs in a day. *cough* I've had a bad day if I smoke over 1. 1 pack is about average for me.

Babette: OK...you got me. I did say I lost seven pounds last week. It was actually 6.5 but I rounded up. I lost 2.5 this week and will round down to make it even. :^: I'm just SO impatient. I know that 2 pounds is good. I'm having a hard time with the numbers though. I gained back that 13 pounds over the last few months so I'm basically re-losing the same weight I lost before. I'm eager to get back to where I left off and go down from there. Then I'll feel like I'm making real progress, see numbers on that scale that I haven't seen in over 10 years. It just doesn't seem as rewarding to lose weight that you've already lost once. It seems more like punishment for gaining it back in the first place. But I am getting close. I have 4 more pounds to lose to get back to where I left off at 185. My lowest was actually 182, but that was only cuz I got sick and didn't eat or drink anything for a couple of days so I don't count that. 185 was my lowest HEALTHY weight. FYI: My starting weight in February of last year was 242. I had been higher than that, but not sure how much cuz after 250 I wouldn't get on a scale anymore. My goodness, look at me. I'm writing a book here!!

Anyhoo, give me your votes. Am I on day 5 or day 1???
Talk at ya later,

03-15-2002, 09:34 PM
I was going to point out that you would need more calories on a day like that, anyway.

03-16-2002, 02:09 AM
Thanks for your vote babette. Day 5 is a record for me I think. Too bad tomorrow will be day one again. I knowingly blew it tonight with a bunch of cookies. At least they are gone now. Starting new tomorrow.

03-16-2002, 03:05 AM
Good evening,

Jen, I'm in. Day 1 of block#1. Tomorrow. Right. I went to a sushi bar tonight. Mega salt. I'm tanking water right now. Let's start together.

Today, really revealed itself on the job front. The girl senior to me is downright interested in the job. She has every qualification. It looks like I have my year back. I'll be back on program tomorrow. I didn't mind the regression. My hips still look much trimmer than before. I lost some of that love handles too. I've said it before. There are no regrets when you try to lose weight. You can look back and know you tried your best. I feel a sense of accomplishment. I hopped on the scale this mornng and it read 243. IN THE WINDOW, I SAW 215LBS TO THE LEFT. I HAVEN'T SEEN THAT NUMBER IN MY SCALE WINDOW FOR AGES.

Babette, congratulations. You're in the right groove. I'll get back to it tomorrow. I haven't had veggies for days. I feel the difference big time.

Chantal, I weigh myself before eating first thing in the morning. I wouldn't weigh myself after I bathe either. Those extra water droplets.

Jen, you have lovely hair. Don't cut it. My hair was down almost to my waist a year ago. I cut it to below my shoulders. Now I have a bob around my jaw. I loved long hair, but never wore it down. My hair is naturally wavy and it looks best this short. I'm also coloring my hair so that's best length for me all around.

Here's to Saturday,

03-16-2002, 08:49 AM
Have a great Saturday, yall!

Wow! I blew it off major yesterday! :(
Once I started eating Skinny Cows, I had to empty the whole package! :?:

My project manager at work, Carmen, is coming to visit today. With her hubby and her 2 kids. She keeps telling her husband how cute I am. I know that is what made me sabotage myself yesterday. I am so afraid he is going to be disappointed. :o

He is expecting to see this cute little French woman, because Carmen loves me to death, and sees me like that.
I wish I saw myself the way she sees me!

Ah well. I am learning stuff about myself.
Excessive has always been synonym with Chantal.
And ... escape ... through everything that I can grasp at.

I have to learn to be more balanced.

BALANCE is the key word. :smug:


03-16-2002, 11:46 AM
Yup, made it through another day. Yesterday my triumphs were: going for a walk in the evening because I couldn't go in the day, rather that sitting with DH and having a couple of glasses of wine. (that's 2 triumphs, because I skipped the wine and got the exercise). Also refused the oven fries at dinner.

Today I did an extra 15 minutes on the exercise bike -- 45 minutes all together, plus a half-hour circuit training. And then a 15 minute walk home. Sooner or later i should drop some weight.

I'm counting on the reason for my not losing being that I've just started weight training. Hope I'm not kidding myself!

Have a fabulous weekend, Blockettes!

11/214 (-1)/1

03-16-2002, 02:37 PM
Well, as most of you may have read on the other thread, I hurt my back yesterday and this chair is killing my back so I'm going to be short.

So far so good on the food today. Obviously exercise is out. I tried to work out yesterday, hoping it would help my back and it did NOT!! Crossing my fingers that it goes away soon.

Malia: I too have wavy hair AND color it and I never wear it down either. It's truly getting to be a pain! Part of me want to go have it whacked, and the other part of me is too chicken to do it.

Babette: Wow!! Are you ever doing great!

Chantal: I gotta ask...WHAT ARE SKINNY COWS!!! :?:

Anyhoo, that's it for now. Would love to post more but I've got to get up and walk around a bit.

03-16-2002, 10:27 PM
Skinny Cows are very low fat ice cream bars. Round, very tasty!
Only 2 points the Weight Watchers way!
Go visit www.skinnycow.com :o)

03-17-2002, 03:10 AM
Hi everyone,

I maxed out on all of my fat and bread portions for breakfast. I spent the day eating the rest. I did okay, considering. I worked on my woodworking project, a little two shelf deal for my dvd, vcr, and digital cable box. It's shaping up. I put everything away. I need to nail it together and paint it. Cross my fingers, it fits. The cuts were uneven. My mom gave me a ghastly dress for Christmas and I returned it. With the money I bought a portable powertool set (saw, drill/driver, jig saw). It's a neat gadget. Though frustrating, I kept running out of battery power.

I went to BigK and bought more strawberries. Spring and summer brings the best in fruits.

Jen, I hope your back feels better soon. I have lower back pain too. My last bout was about two years ago. I'm doing my situps carefully and spinal exercises. I noticed a remarkable improvement in my lower back. It hurt at first, but is getting stronger every day.

Have a wonderful Sunday. Keep up the good work blockettes.


03-17-2002, 11:44 AM
Hey blockies...

Day one again for me, gonna keep going til I get this right!! Was this my idea or what?? Yesterday wasn't really that bad, the more I think about it, just not what I had planned for...plus some cookies...hmmm...no I'll take today as day 1!

Have two parties to go to today...a christening and a St Pat's Day gathering...I will do good!! Corned beef and cabbage is not all that appealing to me, so I will be safe from that...now, the beer is another story! :lol:

I had to laugh at the weigh in rituals...(no wet hair, etc!) First I have to pee, then the rings and watch come off, pockets are emptied, and off course my 'lightest' clothes are already on!

babette, you are doing great, you will see the loss, eventually. The muscle training definitely adds weight at first, but keep it up...do you FEEL the difference? You should. You are the challenge hero!

Jen, feel better soon...:cry: You'll need that back in good shape for when hubby gets home! ;)

Malia, MMMMM...sushi :T!
Isn't it funny noticing the OTHER number on the scale...I know exactly what you mean!

Chickadee, I LOVE Skinny Cows...it is easy to overindulge, because they are so low in pts...add them up, was it really that bad? Don't worry, just get back on track!

OK, gotta go, lots to do today...

Happy St Patrick's Day!

03-17-2002, 12:01 PM
Hey Blockettes!
Day 1 all over ... was good. I am learning to deal with my emotions without eating them :o
My friend/team manager came to visit yesterday. I knew that we get along very well at work, but was anxious to see if "outside" would be as nice.
Her and her husband are so nice. And her son Joshua, so sweet.
We all totally clicked!
Even our cat Wilson loved them!!!!
I was so anxious, and everything went to swell!
Day 2/157(?)/1

03-17-2002, 03:31 PM
I weighed in down another 2 pounds today! I was very happy, because I really want this to work and if I can do it naturally I'll break the old diet/binge cycle and never have to worry about this crap again. Yay! I'm trying to eat normally and healthily without counting points or calories, just make sure that I don't eat unless I'm hungry and never eat anywhere but at the table if I'm alone (that's just because I find it a lot harder to control myself in other situations). So gratifying to have the weight come down.

It think the reason that I've been able to continue without a break is that I'm not trying to limit points. It just makes it easier for me.

Triumph today: Made a batch of peanut butter fudge for MIL and didn't so much as lick the spoon. I got DH to taste! We went for a five-mile walk, and i did my morning chi, will likely to the evening set too.

Katrina, thanks for the kind words. You're right, I did think I could see and feel an improvement. If I hadn't been weighing myself I would have been satisfied with my progress. Ah, did you say "beer"? ...mmmmm, beer....

Jen, hope your back's feeling better!

Chick, WTG dealing with your emotions, not burying them. It's the only way!

OK. Tomorrow I am definitely going to start a new thread, unless someone else does it in the meantime. Let's get ourselves geared up to kick butt this week, Blockettes!

babette :wave:

12/212 (-3)/1

03-17-2002, 06:15 PM
Babette, congratulations on losing these 2 pounds!

03-17-2002, 11:11 PM
Hi everyone,

Congrats to everyone who are OP or is it OB (on block). I'm doing okay. Not exactly on plan to the letter. I'm like approaching the block. I'm making good choices. My mom made a pickled Portuguese pork/potatoes dish for dinner in honor of St Pat's day (who knows?). She fried the potatoes and pork for breakfast w/ pancakes and eggs. I ate hot oatmeal cereal instead. I'll eat it for dinner. In the past it was a favorite of mine--breakfast over dinner. Tomorrow, I'll be back on my exercise regime and work. It'll be easier to go back on plan then.


03-18-2002, 08:49 AM
Back to work! I don't know about you, but I find it easier to stay on program on work days. Much less time on my hands!
I intend to be a good girl today ;)
Tomorrow is mt weigh-in day, wish me courage and luck. Although ... luck has nothing to do with this :p

Day 3/157(?)/1

03-18-2002, 12:11 PM
Good Morning,

I had to measure/weigh in for another thread. Here's my numbers:

date............1/13/02........... 2/23/02..........3/18/02
weight............249..................245........ .........243
up chest.........43....................42.5.......... ......41.5
chest..............49....................48.5..... ............48
midriff.............46....................44.5.... .............43
waist..............43.5.................43.5...... ...........42
stomach.........52.5..................52.......... .........50.5
hips................48.5..................49...... .............47.5
l/r thigh........26.5/27.............26/26..............26/26.5
l/r calf...........17.5/18..........17.5/17.5...........17.5/18
l/r arms......15.75/15.25.....15.25/15.25.......15.25/15

Although the weight is not dropping off, I am losing inches in my middle area. Hopefully, one day the scale will reflect it too.

Have a great day,