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03-06-2002, 04:48 PM
Dear Friends:

Has anyone heard of the "Size 8 Club?" I ran across this article one day:

"In June, 1999, the London Daily Mail runs an article entitled "It's time we taxed the fat of the land". Its author, Helena Fishlock-Lomax, founder of the Size 8 Club, suggests "we should tax those who are overweight through their own fault", and goes on: "Because of the greed and lack of control of unnecessarily overweight people, normal slim women are being bad-mouthed."

Has anyone else heard about this? I looked up the club, and it does exist. But is this woman really saying this? Really starting support group for women who are the size some of us would sell our souls to be? And then being mean to those of us who aren't so fortunate? It's the most awful thing I've heard of in a long time.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can swallow down the anger I'm feeling, (or maybe you could tell me it's all a bad joke) I'd love the advice.


03-07-2002, 07:45 PM
Therese,,, I have not heard of this club... but it does not surprise me.
The club does not bother me as much as your need for help with the anger.

I don't give a darn about shallow people sitting in judgement of me or others. BUT I do care about YOU.

Ways to deal with ANGER.

1 Consider the source.
2 Live and let live .... I want the right to be me.. fat or thin. Then I must give that same right to others. They have the right to be STUPID.... thin or thinner. :lol:
3. There is an old saying... Everyone has the right to be wrong. ;)
4. Let go and let God
5. Do just as you did... write about your anger... THEN share it with another human being .... THEN go bury it in the back yard or burn it in the fireplace... From then on everytime you start to dwell on it STOP and say to yourself that you have buried it and it is now God's problem to hande.. not yours.

Forgiveness is not to help THEM... it is to heal YOU.
Just as the Lords prayer say... "Forgive me my trespasses AS I forgive those who tresspass against me."
If I don't forgive.. then I am telling God not to forgive me.
That was an eye opener for me. :eek:
I am not a bad person... but I am not a saint either.
I need forgiveness for hating those judgemental people. (Catch 22) LOL

Hope this helps. There is sooo much more I want to write on anger and forgiveness. I know all too well about this subject. I used to be the President of "Hold a Grudge Club". :lol:

Let them go... it is not worth the peace of mind it is costing YOU. ;)

03-08-2002, 01:30 AM
Look at it this way:


03-08-2002, 06:19 AM
Well said, 2 cute.