40-Somethings - HELP for the PRE "Minnie Paws" & the FULL "Minnie Paws"

Beach Patrol
04-25-2008, 12:29 PM
Minnie Paws! :lol: That's "menopause" to most of us. Or... peri-menopause... which I still wonder why they don't just say PRE-menopause, but that's a whole nuther thread. ;)

I was going to post this is the other perimenopausal thread further down, but I was afraid so many of you wouldn't see it. AND IT'S TOO IMPORTANT TO NOT BE SEEN! And I offer a pre-apology for the length!!!

I have been a 3FC member for a couple years now. I will celebrate my 45th this summer. I started my "PRE-MINNIE-PAWS" a couple of years ago. Crazy periods. Insomnia. Mood swings. MAJOR depression. Weight gain. Bleh.

My doctor (ob/gyn) put me on a birth control pill called YAZ. I took it straight for 3 months, then had a period - a very LIGHT period - for one or two days! - then back on the pill for 3 months. I had NO pms! NO cramps! NO headaches, backaches!! All my crazy problems just disappeared! YAY FOR YAZ!!!

Please keep in mind that I have never smoked. Been mostly healthy my whole life. Yo-yo dieter (bleh!). But generally in good health.

After one year on that pill, & praising it left & right & upside down..... last year, I developed blood clots in my lungs. I WAS LUCKY TO BE ALIVE. Doc said that 75% of people who develop PE (pulmonary embolism) find out about it when they're getting an autopsy! :fr: So yeah, I'm very lucky to be alive. I was on blood thinners (coumadin aka warfarin) for a little over 6 months. I was on a heprin (sp?) drip while in the hospital, in ICU. I had to give myself shots in the stomach. It was no picnic, that's for sure! :(

But OMG... That medicine made me SOOOOOO tired. I didn't have enough energy to paint my toenails! No kidding! - I was barely able to just get up & go to work each day! I went to bed around 7:30 or 8:00 every night! -and due to that fact, didn't exercise... just didn't have the energy AT ALL! - and gained even MORE weight. Disgusting, I tell ya! But hey! at least I'M ALIVE!

I am off the coumadin now, & once again "in good health."

It has been determined that it was the pill that brought on the PE. Doc said no more birth control for me - EVER. In fact, NO MORE ESTROGEN product for me - EVER. Ok... whatever... So.... NOW WHAT??? Because alllll my PREMINNIEPAWS symptoms are back... WITH A VENGEANCE!!! :tantrum: :headache: :hot: :hyper: :censored: :cry: :bomb:

Well THANK GOD... a friend told me about a website that is operated BY WOMEN DOCTORS. It is FOR WOMEN who are either in menopause or perimenopause. It's called womentowomen.com and they specialize in ALL menopausal symptoms, and they treat it NATURALLY.

I have been on the supplements for a couple weeks now, & the difference is AMAZING! Night sweats? GONE. Mood swings? HARDLY! Insomnia? WAY LESS! Crazy cravings? NOPE! And while I haven't noticed a change with my weight just yet, many women report it helped them to start losing weight after YEARS of battling the bulge!

Now granted... It's not cheap, but OMG it's worth it! - I urge you all to AT LEAST go to the site & check it out. I'm a fairly skeptical person when it comes to these things, & I have to say that I am SO GLAD my friend told me about that site!

Good luck to you all - and remember... WE ARE WOMEN, HEAR US ROAR!!! :D

04-25-2008, 01:06 PM
I've been in full blown menopause since I opted to have a total hysterectomy in 2005. I was 41 at the time and I had no idea what was coming my way! I discovered finally discovered bio-identical hormones which have helped me to obtain an almost normal life. Nothing works as good as what our bodies created when we were younger, but, IMO, its the best option out there now.

Beach Patrol
04-25-2008, 02:15 PM
...finally discovered bio-identical hormones which have helped me to obtain an almost normal life. Nothing works as good as what our bodies created when we were younger, but, IMO, its the best option out there now.

Well, this is a totally NATURAL approach. It's also for women who want to get OFF bio-hormones. Each woman has different problems, & all kinds of ranges of severity of those problems.

I just thought it would be a very helpful thing to mention here. ;)

04-25-2008, 03:35 PM
I'm 44, but I haven't made it even to peri-men yet, but I really appreciate your post. I have always hated having to take any kind of medication or unnatural chemical. I never feel good about it, so a natural approach would be awesome.

BTW - I'm so glad you're doing so much better. I read your posts back when you were sick and I felt so bad for you!

Feeling Crazy
07-02-2008, 09:39 PM
Now that you've been on the womentowomen.com program for two months, what do you think? I'm considering it. The website looks like great info but I'm always skeptical. Anything you can tell me would be helpful.


07-02-2008, 10:23 PM
I have considered it too... I am soooo glad to hear it's helping you. It's a wonderfully informative site. I have been on their email list for months but haven't taken any products.