The Biggest Loser - Winning by Losing - Bob's Babes - An "Are You Ready!" Discussion and Journal Thread

04-23-2008, 01:51 PM
Hey Everyone!

So I'm just as pumped as anyone that Bob has a new book out and I'm ready to discuss! This thread is meant to be similar to the Jillian's Girls thread, where we can discuss and have all the women (and men) following Bob's plan come together and gain support from each other. ;) :grouphug:

04-23-2008, 01:58 PM
I guess I'll start cause I indeed made the thread...

I'm Michelle, 23 and live in Newport News, Virginia. I've got about 61 lbs to lose til I reach a weight that I can be happy with and while I've tried many diets, I'm hoping that my love for Bob and his inspirational attitude will help this be the last "diet" I try.

I did have a chance to make it through the Intro and Chapter 1 yesterday while I was home. I like the way he wants people to work on their attitudes before they even embark on the diet and exercise portion of his book.

I still need to figure out if I'm really ready.... Its something I plan on working on today. ;)

I also plan on adding a page to my blog to help journal like he suggests to do. Do any of you plan to do the same? Of course I'll be coming here to talk about progress, but I'm afraid I'll get into 10 pages of detail. Just was curious if anyone would have an outside link so I can read how you'll be following Bob's plan. :D

04-23-2008, 03:42 PM
chellez- I just bought the book online today. I will be here to discuss with you when I get it...hopefully soon!

Terri in MO
04-23-2008, 05:29 PM

I'm new to the challenges. Does it matter which team we're going to be on? Can we join in here regardless of the team?

Attitude has been a big issue for me. I'm 47 and have felt like this was impossible for several years now. It wasn't before but all of a sudden I hit 45 and everything I did, quit working. So I know that in my mind I didn't work as hard because I already "knew" it wasn't going to work. Talk about self-defeating prophecy!

However, I am coming at this this time with a different outlook. Someone on the last season said something about having the heart to make it happen. That really spoke to me. This time I do have the heart.

Looking forward to more discussions!

04-23-2008, 05:42 PM
This thread is a totally separate thing from the Biggest Loser Challenges.

It's main focus is to gather the people that are interested or are following Bob's plan.

I hope to benefit from Bob's approach to attitude as well. This book could not have been more than a blessing to show up on my doorstep at the perfect timing.

My husband of a whole 8 months had sat me down the night prior to me reading chapter one and proceeded to tell me what a negative person I have become in the past 6 months. I don't resent him for it, because he was and is right. In reality I have become a shell of my former self. And while some of it is because of my weight, I think that Bob is right in saying that there's a negative tape recorder replaying the negativity over and over.

So I think my first goal in all of this is to turn that thing off! :)

04-23-2008, 10:14 PM

Thanks for starting the thread, Michelle! I start working through these things and when it gets a little too real, I start putting it off until I can do it "right" and so it never happens.

I'm 42, soon to be 43, and live in St Louis -- used to live a little nearer to you though most of my childhood (Virginia Beach -- I'm a Navy brat). I'm back up to 319 lbs and want to lose to ~140 lbs so that would be 179 lbs to lose. sigh.

I've read through the first four chapters (the Inner Compass part) and like a lot of the ideas. Have to say I'm a little stuck on the trusting myself and trusing in God/Universe/Higher Something to see me through this change. I've done Optifast three times and gained it all back. A year or so ago, I did really well, exercised religiously and lost ~100 lbs then hit several large emotional bumps in the road and lost my "grip". Gained back up to 340. Still having trouble getting my mentality together for this ride -- that's why I'm really looking forward to the summer BLC and this particular thread.

But he must know something -- his folks don't win often but they seem to have an inner something that keeps them in their new lifestyle. I love Jillian's no-nonsense, practical, this can be done and you can do it attitude -- but that's hard to maintain at this point. I want to make the inner changes that will help me "catch fire" and live my life enthusiastically.



04-24-2008, 09:28 AM
I probably could have read further. I had a little time yesterday to sit down and read, but I'm having issues with that because I'm attempting to read my other books at the same time.

I don't think I'll be moving on to chapter 2 until I can really sit down and look over his questions he posed at the end of chapter one and really give a nice detailed reason for each one to myself ;)

04-24-2008, 11:27 AM
i read his book a few weeks ago! I love it and i LOVE BOB!

04-24-2008, 12:08 PM
I don't have the book, but I'm following this discussion to see if it's something I want to invest in.

Chellez - I've been taking "A New Earth" . . . the classes on that go along with the book and it talks a LOT about turning off that inner voice. According to Eckhart Tolle, that voice is just the sum of your negative experiences. It isn't YOU talking. Reading his perspective has allowed me to ignore that voice.

Sounds like I need to buy and read Bob's book, too!! :)

04-24-2008, 03:06 PM

I'm going to go back and work through it slowly as the summer challenge starts -- I read ahead just to get the gist of his approach. I'm curious how he starts the inner changes and keeps them going.

One of the ideas I really liked was sitting down at least once a week and recapping what you have accomplished up to that point. I can be overwhelmed with how far I have to go (179 lbs is a whole 'nother overweight person) or I can think that there was a time when ten minutes on the treadmill would have left me puffing and aching in my back and knees and feet -- now I can walk for 45 minutes at 3 mph (still with the aching knees and feet but that gets better as the weight comes off). Making time to focus on that may make the difference. I know I derailed last time because I had worked hard for months and thought I was ready to go back to aikido and just wasn't. It was completely demoralizing and I still haven't quite gotten back the fighting spirit.


04-25-2008, 02:01 PM
Bob is here--the book that is--but I can't get to it. I walked over to the condo office and no one was there! They're closed on weekends. I will try again on Monday and hope that I can pick it up.

04-25-2008, 05:45 PM
Hi Ladies....I think I have a good handle on what and why I am doing this now, but I really want to read Bob's book (equal time as I have read both of Jillian's).....I'm absolutely sure that there will be something in there that I had not thought about.
I am going to start a blog...I'll let you know where you can find it once it is set up.

04-26-2008, 12:08 PM
Hello ladies (and if there are any men, hi guys!), I just bought the book and am excited to read it. I've read through the intro and chapter 1. Does he get into more detail on the inner compass stuff in the next chapters? I hope so. I love the exercise section...there are so many pictures and instructions on different exercises, the ones I saw all seem to be stuff you can do at home with minimal equipment.

I am 39 y/o, married with no kids and I can't wait to lose weight!

04-26-2008, 10:31 PM
I'll join in. We discussed a book like this I think in Maintainers and it was cool to do a chapter a week. Since this book is pretty short and straightforward, maybe we could have a thread for chapters 1-4 and then 5-8 where people could post whenever they got to that section, and people who get the book late can still join in when they've read it. Then we could use this thread for ongoing. Just a thought - not tryin' to run the show! ;)

So, I had a few points I liked from chapter 1 in case it makes anyone decide to get the book...............

1. One of the keys to this plan is making sure to eat every 4 hours. This not only offsets hunger, but keeps you away from triggers that cause overeating or unnecessary snacking (this spoke to my starving binge episodes). I liked seeing this bc it was just straightforward. Not about glucose or blood sugar scientific references, but just here: remember to eat before you get too hungry which is about every 4 hrs so you don't end up overeating. Plain & simple.

2. Many diet gurus are "head thinkers." Not me, "I'm a heart thinker." I know you've been down this road before and know good foods from bad, the way to lose weight, and why exercise is good for you. It's not enough. You have to make the connection between your heart and your head. This said to me: I'm not going to tell you what to do as much as get you to want to take care of yourself.

3. Make big changes gradually. I don't need to cut out everything and live a life of punishment. Cut back, eat fewer treats, drink fewer sodas. Soon, it will be easier to cut back even more myself from there bc the exercise will make me want to bc I feel so good.

4. Using past emotional pain as a motivation to push myself harder (restrictive eating or overexercising). I was punishing myself and staying stuck in the pain. Nuff said. It's not about exorcising (or exercising!) the demons..........

5. Whether you've been thru a health scare, experienced an emotional turning point, or realized that your old habits are not working for you anymore........this spoke to me

6. When you reinforce your commitment to taking care of yourself (daily, thru eating right and exercise), you are sending the message to your heart and mind that you are indeed your OWN BEST FRIEND. (and should take care of that best friend accordingly)

I'm reading Chapter 2 now.

04-27-2008, 12:15 PM
I don't know about you, but when I read the part about eating every 4 hours, I decided I wasn't following that one...I eat about every 3 hours or else I am starving. Well, I should say, I have breakfast, lunch and dinner with one snack in between lunch and dinner. So I guess it ends up to be eating about the same number of times.

04-27-2008, 01:10 PM
:lol: Through all the madness I have to take care of today I'm going to try and read some more and discuss before the end of the day :)

04-27-2008, 01:37 PM
Troo, I think every 3 is the same philosophy, as long as you don't go for more than 4.

04-27-2008, 09:36 PM
Ah...yeah, I don't know if I could go 4, I think I would make bad decisions if I waited that long. I haven't ate since 10:30am, but that was because I ate fast food (that fits into my calorie budget as long as I just eat dinner!) and am riding it out until dinner. Usually, though, as I said, I eat an afternoon snackie.

04-29-2008, 05:20 PM
Dumb question, but is the book called "are you ready?"


04-29-2008, 08:36 PM
There is no such thing as a dumb question (or so the teachers have always told me BEFORE they hear mine haha) seriously, it's not a dumb question. It is called "Are You Ready!" with an exclamation point, not a question mark.

04-30-2008, 08:35 AM
Thanks, I'll have a look for it here!

04-30-2008, 08:43 AM
OK so it's by Bob Harper?

I can get the hardback book OR the audio CD's for the same price. So I think I'm going to order it :D

04-30-2008, 08:43 AM
Hey, I got through on a quick read (so I have an overview of where he is going) the Part 1 and part of Part 2.

When I get home and get my DS through soccer practice, I am going to post the questions and exercises from the first chapter with my answers. I am going to walk through this "Inner Compass", because I feel I am on the edge again of getting to the same point I did last time and not pushing through. I WANT TO PUSH THROUGH.

See you tonight ladies!

04-30-2008, 10:11 AM
OK, when someone gets to the Food list, can you tell me if it is my imagination or are "Grapes" missing from the fruit list.

Why do you think this is so???

04-30-2008, 12:59 PM
OK so it's by Bob Harper?

I can get the hardback book OR the audio CD's for the same price.

yes, Bob Harper. I would highly recommend getting the book because there is a huge section of exercises with pictures that are valuable.

04-30-2008, 01:00 PM
OK, when someone gets to the Food list, can you tell me if it is my imagination or are "Grapes" missing from the fruit list.

Why do you think this is so???

I seem to recall their absense. Maybe because of their high sugar content? I know they are pretty high in calories.

04-30-2008, 02:34 PM
yes, Bob Harper. I would highly recommend getting the book because there is a huge section of exercises with pictures that are valuable.

Thanks very much! I ordered the book. It will take about a week to get here though (I have to order it, because English books are hard to get around here!).

Looking forward to it!!

04-30-2008, 02:56 PM
So, I'd like everyone's input before I put down hard earned mullah on yet another diet book.

On a scale from 1-10.....1 being "just another diet book, but I like it because it's written by Hunky Bob";) 10 "OMG, this book is full of awesome information that will definitely help me reach my goals this time"....where do you rank this one?

Mother's Day is coming up and I don't know if I want Cesar Milan's books or Bob's book.

04-30-2008, 06:57 PM
Well I am still reading it, so I can't give you an answer however I really like the exercise illustrations and instructions, it's quite substantial and it is all stuff you can do at home. You should go to a bookstore and have a gander and then get a steal on Amazon.

04-30-2008, 07:24 PM
Rhonda, have you tried the library there?

04-30-2008, 08:27 PM
Rhonda--I think the library is an excellent idea. That way you can determine if it is worth the money, but I only paid $15.61 for it onAmazon. I did add something to my order so I wouldn't have to pay shipping.

Finally I was able to get to the condo office and pick up the book today. Their hours are ridiculous like no one has to work. They only have two late days a week and not open on the weekends. Anyways...I hope to start the book this weekend because I still need to finish reading my IE book.

05-02-2008, 10:28 AM
Part One - Inner Compass
Chapter 1 - Are you Really Ready?

Q1. Is there any event that has happened in your life that makes you think you are ready to take charge and change your life?
A1. I realized that I was having problems fitting into 24Ws. Now, it is almost impossible to find clothes over that size for women, esp when you need business clothes ... the only places locally that carry a 26-32W (4X-5X) are Wal-mart and Fashion Bug (UGH!), so I decided to see about this "diet" that my parents had done and had SO much success with. My DS had heard me schedule the appointment to go in and asked my why I wanted to go on a diet, and he said the words that broke my heart ... "Mommy, I think you are beautiful just like you are." I decided to make sure he always felt that way and was never embarrassed of me, and I decided that I was going to stop watching him grow up and participate in his growing up. I was going to get healthy.

Q2. What are your fears, if any, about making such a big commitment to change?
A2. I have been hear before, I have lost a ton of weight, but never reached my goals. I always got close, and quit, got complacent, I guess. Decided to take a break and then gained it all back and more. I want to get there and stay there. I don’t want to quit on me again.

Q3. Are you ready to stop blaming others for your problems?
A3. I don’t really think I blamed anyone else. I think I may have had enablers, but they didn’t do this to me, I did.

Q4. Are you ready to take responsibility for your life?
A4. Honestly … I hope so. I realize that the decisions I make are just that … my decisions, so I hope I am taking responsibility for me, because no one else is going to.

Q5. Can you tell yourself what your goals are?
A5. I have lots of them: to never again wear clothes that have an “X” or a “W” after the number; to be able to play with my son for 30 minutes without needing oxygen; to be able to hike with my son and not be at the back of the pack; to be a “healthy” weight for my bone structure and body type; to see my son graduate, get married, and have children of his own; to look in a mirror and be happy with most of me, because I know I will never be perfect, but isn’t that boring sounding anyway; to have my husband look at me and say I think you are even more beautiful that when I first fell in love with you. I think these are the big ones.

Q6. Can you name three things that help you relax?
A6. 1. Strangely, exercise; 2. Reading; 3. listening to my iPod

Q7. Do you trust the process?
A7. Not yet, but I am not trusting of anything right off the bat. I am though willing to try and with results, trust will be gained.

Q8. Do you trust yourself?
A8. Well, that depends on in regards to what. Do I trust myself to finish what I started … No, not yet, but I have more faith this time around and I think I have more help, I am at a point right now where I have been before and I quit then. I need to get past this hump, and realize that it really is a light at the end of that tunnel, and not the “Kelly Train” for the past.

Q9. Can you suspend disbelief and trust in a Higher Power, God, yourself, or the Universe to help your through this period of change?
A9. Well, I already answered about my self in Q8, so we will go on to “God” do I trust in him … Yes … do I think he will make me thin and healthy … NO. You see God gives up free will, he will give us strength if we ask for and need it, but ultimately, this is me.

Q10. Do you want to treat your body with respect, learn to cherish it, and make it a vessel it was meant to be?
A10. Respect and cherish … YES … still not so sure about the vessel thing yet, will have to ponder that one more.

Well there is Chapter 1 for me. I did it, I started the process, and I will finish it. "I am worth it and I want it all!" :cheer3:

05-02-2008, 12:49 PM
Wow, Kelly. Thanks for sharing. You've helped me to make a decision. Looks like I'll be asking for Bob's book for Mother's Day.

05-02-2008, 02:46 PM
Thanks for sharing! I should have my book in the next few days. I can't wait! I can see answering all these questions is going to be tough, but good for me.

05-03-2008, 01:20 PM
So, I bought the book last night at Target...30% off...$16.00. :yay:

05-03-2008, 01:52 PM
Rhonda--I knew you would find it at a good price and you didn't have to wait until Mother's Day.

05-05-2008, 10:04 AM
I will be posting my Chapter 2 stuff on Wednesday morning.

05-07-2008, 10:46 AM
Part One Chapter Two – Accept Where You Are and Forgive

Me Time – Exercise

Q1. Write down a list of 5 things to do that will give you pleasure, make you feel healthy, or give you comfort.
A1. (1) Read a good book or listen to a good book on audio; (2) Play WII with my son; (3) Get in a “run” on the elliptical; (4) Shop for new clothes that fit and are not in the “Women” section of the store; (5) Be outside with my family

Q2. How long does each of these activities take?
A2. (1) Could be anywhere from 2-6 hours depending on the book, but I usually read, while my DH watches TV, or before bed to calm me down to sleep, while on the recumbent bike or doing the hula hoop, makes the time go by faster, when I am doing exercise that I tend to watch the clock and much more fun that TV, unless Buffy or Angel re-runs are on:); (2) 30 minutes usually makes both of us happy and gives us time doing something that he usually does with my DH that I didn’t do. I don’t really like the PS3 and Xbox 360 type of games, they aren’t for me (except for Tekken). It like the action and the competition of the WII. We (no pun intended) have fun and laugh and play together. (3) 50 minutes right now, which includes my get changed time and get down stairs, as I only get in 45 minutes right now, but I get in my 5K and feel so much better and active afterwards. (4) The way I shop, hours :D, but usually, I get a thrill out of seeing that smaller sizes are fitting me or almost fitting me. (5) Could be as little as 15 minutes to sit quietly on the porch in the evenings and watch the sun go down, to an hour playing with, practicing with, and/or watching Alec play soccer or doing Cub Scout activities. I just enjoy being outside and being active.

Q3. Now look at your schedule. Where can you best fit in any one of these activities during your week? Try to fit in at least 2 activities on at least 2 or 3 days each week.
A3. I usually read everyday, either actual reading, usually before bed or while riding the recumbent bike if that is my exercise for the day, but I also listen to books on CD in my car while I commute. I find it is more relaxing than the radio. We just got the WII, so not sure about that one. Right now, my son is still restricted from video games during the week and only has them on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I will get some time in Friday nights at minimum. As for running on the elliptical, I get 3-4 runs a week, and will continue this program to work up my running time. I usually get to do real clothes shopping only about every other week or when someone is having a really good sale, but I get to Costco at least once a week and since I can now fit into the clothes they sell, I go through their women’s clothes, and have bought a couple tops and 1 pair of Capri jeans too. The last one on my list is usually not quiet time on the porch, we don’t get to do that enough, I need to make time for that as I love to sit out there with my DS in my lap snuggling and just breath (he loves it too). This is the one I will have to work to schedule in to do more. I plan on doing this tonight before bed with my DS (DH is working a 24 hour shift). I will also plan on every Friday night getting quiet time on the porch in.

Q4. Commit to this newly scheduled activity for 2 weeks and see how it feels.
A4. I will let you know in 2 weeks if I kept the activities up :)

05-07-2008, 07:57 PM
The part of chapter 2 that really spoke to me is on page 30 in the Body Obsession box.

"Psychiatrists call this disorder body dysmorphic disorder, and it is often associated with people suffering from eating disorders such as binge eating, bulimia, and anorexia. Ironically, body dysmorphia is similar to the detachment that many overweight people have -- just in an inverse way. Their attachment ot their bodies is so distorted that they can no longer see the person standing in the mirror's reflection. LIke wearing glasses, they have become unable to see straight. I mention this situation here because I think it is relevant to how important it is to maintain a healthy connection to your body and what truly being honest really means."

This really spoke to me bc I'm one of those people always surprised by photos I'm in. And it's not like I don't have a ton of mirrors at home. I don't "see" me in the mirrors, I "see" what I think I look like or somethign. I know, I should just post pix of myself around the house. But I was taking a photo of something on our driveway last week, and the sun was behind me casting my shadow on the driveway. I was literally SHOCKED to see the BLOB on the driveway with a little head. But it was realistic. I think so many of us are probably totally disconnected from our reality.

05-08-2008, 01:06 PM
Isn't it suprising that unlike the extreme eating disorders, people don't see the mental aspects of trying to battle weight, not even many of those that are supposed weight loss experts.

I love this book, because it isn't so much about the physical aspect of losing the weight, which gets covered in the back, but about the mental side.

I think Jillian said it in the last season when she had her mother on, that if you don't figure out and deal with the reason why you got here, you will never keep it off.

That has been me, I lose weight and then go right back to where I was plus 10-20 lbs. I never reach my goal, just get close. I plan on changing that this time around.

05-09-2008, 12:22 PM
Me too Kelly, me too. Totally agree with what Jillian said - like if we don't realize we're using food as a reward and entertainment, and replace it with a new thing to give us joy (like exercise endorphins or shopping in our closets), we will be drawn right back to it again, when the "fun" of losing weight passes by.

I like the book too! I will take issue with 2 things tho, in the beginning he is talking about a client who "if she didn't wear her mask at night, would die!" OK, that's a little overkill. My husband and dd had apnea, you don't DIE from not wearing your mask one nite. So I lost a little respect on that drama.

Then, later on, maybe chapter 7/8, he says, "and watch that fat turn to muscle." Uh uh, doesn't happen. Fat doesn't turn to muscle. I know what he means - that you will eventually have more muscle and less fat, but fat cannot turn to muscle just like muscle cannot turn to fat. It's two different things. I just wish as a trainer he would be more precise and not multiply those bad inaccurate sayings, kwim?

05-12-2008, 08:33 AM
I agree with you Sportmom. I have actually found several typos and such in the book, so whoever was his editor, needs to be shot.

05-14-2008, 12:06 PM
I will be doing my next chapter on Friday.

Is anyone else out there doing this too?

05-14-2008, 10:21 PM
LOL Kelly, I think we're it!

05-15-2008, 11:23 AM
I've just started it. I'm at the point where I need to look in the mirror and accept myself....I'm finding it difficult to work up the nerve!

05-16-2008, 10:28 AM
I'm doing it. I just finished with the Inner compass stuff and starting to read the food plan part.

05-18-2008, 07:03 AM
I've just started it. I'm at the point where I need to look in the mirror and accept myself....I'm finding it difficult to work up the nerve!

me too!! I just got my book last week and started reading, answered the questions at the end of chapter 1 and now I need to look at myself in the mirror and accept... :o working up the courage here as well...

05-20-2008, 01:33 PM
Part 1 Chapter 3 Love Yourself

Q1. Name one thing about yourself you love.
A1. I love the color of my hair. I have strawberry blond hair that is more red in the winter and more blond streaked in the Summer. People think I have it highlighted in the summer, I just tell them the sun does it for me:)


Setting Realistic Goals:
Q1. How much weight do you want to lose?
A1. From the time I started this to goal is 133-153 lbs

Q2. How Much weight, according to the Body Mass Index (BMI), do you need to lose for your health?
A2. 153 lbs

Q3. How much weight are you prepared to lose each week?
A2. I would like to lose at least 1% each week, which means anywhere from 1.5 to 3 lbs each week depending on what I weight

Q4. Are you ready to take an honest look at what you have been eating?
A4. Yes, I do believe I finally am.

Questions to Ask Yourself:
Q1. Are you ready to listen to yourself and let go of needing the approval of others to feel good about yourself?
A1. This is a bit of a tough one. On the whole, I could care less about most people in the world, the problem is the few people in this world whose opinion does matter to me. My parents love me regardless, they are very happy and proud that I am working toward a healthier life. My husband is the wild card right now. You see he doesn’t say anything about the 97 lbs I have already lost, and I know on some level this does bother me. I don’t need his approval so much as I have a desire to know he cares that I am doing this. It isn’t that he sabotages me it is just more that he does support me either way. He is the hump I am going to have to get myself over.

Q2. Are you ready to take risks even with the knowledge that you may not succeed at first?
A2. As long as I succeed in the end.

Q3. Do you believe in the possibility of success?
A3. If I didn’t, I would bother to be doing this.

Q4. Are you ready to take all the “I shoulds” out of your internal dialogue with yourself?
A4. I figure as long I follow them with an “I will” I can probably reduce them and eventually get rid of them. It is going to take me time.

Q5. Are you ready to stop putting yourself down?
A5. I think I am, but I know I will have days where I might backslide. I am becoming happier in my skin and I hope that will help me happier with what I have an am.

Q6. Are your ready to accept the compliments of others?
A6. Yes … I am.

05-20-2008, 11:33 PM
Kelly - I would like to thank you for posting all these questions from the book. I have been to cheap to buy it and my library doesn't have it yet I don't think. I've been cutting and pasting so that I can answer them myself on my blog.

05-21-2008, 12:34 PM
Well, I bought the book, but never started it. I've been hesitant about opening up the whole emotional can-of-worms again. But, I'm starting to realize that I've stalled on my weight loss journey and I probably won't get much farther down the road if I don't deal with this garbage. So, I'm starting the book tonight.

05-21-2008, 07:41 PM
Hello everyone!

I've been searching and searching for a thread related to ARE YOU READY.
He did a book signing at a store near Chicago and I have the signed copy and sometimes I just touch the signature to think "Bob was here, I can do this" LOL!

Anyway, I'm slowly getting through part one and had a huge epiphany about how negative I have been about myself and it's come to a stop. I always thought I was a positive person and didn't have those "inner issues". But in answering the questions honestly, I had a huge realization. I noticed how every time I get a compliment I say something negative back. How when I make a small accomplishment like a couple weeks ago, I started running on the treadmill, I can run 5 minutes at a time now - that is a BIG accomplishment but I was beating myself up about how dumb that was.

No more - I am doing the best I can to accept compliments and feel good about myself. Until I get over that, I'll never stick to a healthier way of living. Eating crap is just me being negative to myself!

Since I've been doing this study of myself, I want to exercise, I want to eat healthier foods - I hold my head up high in the gym and work hard, even though I may not be able to do what others are doing - for now, that is. I will get there.

I eat often throughout the day, yogurts with flax cereal, a sandwich, etc...and it is true - it works. I sometimes feel like I'm constantly eating and I'm sure the folks at work are thinking "yeah she's really watching what she eats, she eats like a pig!" That's what is so great about Bob's plan - never go hungry. Eat several times a day. Protein and carbs during the day, protein in the evening. Never go to bed hungry - that is the best advice. I love that Bob said never go to bed hungry, if you want something, have protein. Otherwise, I'll wake up starving and overeat then.

So glad to have found you guys. Sorry for the ramble!

06-22-2008, 08:53 PM
Is it too late to start in here? I am a huge fan of TBL. As of recently too. I am so glad to see there is a thread in here for it. I had heard about the new book from Bob. I have purchased the cookbook, the about the show book and the workouts. What may I ask is the new book by Bob called? I would love to get my hands on that and get a fresh start and some help. Thank you for you help in advance.

aka Beth