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04-22-2008, 04:38 PM
Well I want first start off by saying HELLO to everyone. I am in need of a partner that is willing to not be nice when needed......I need to loose 110 pounds and that is just the end to it. I have been to the doctor and tried the prescriptions thinking it was the easy way out wrong!! I have been on the yoyo diets and have binged on some days and said ok i want eat tomorrow and go for a 2 hour walk instead of one and never done it. I need someone who is willing to be a support. There are many reasons medically and emotionally that I need to loose the weight. So any one in for weigh in once a week and to be a rock when i feel like falling please help!

04-22-2008, 05:34 PM
Spunky Momma, LOVE the name :)

:welcome3: :)

I think you will find that ALL of us here are very happy to be your partner! That's what our group is all about ;)

If you look through our thread titles, we have a weekly weigh in thread, it is almost always dated for the current week. We all post our weigh-ins in this thread. We also have several challenges going on at any given time..which you can jump in and join, and tons of discussion topics.

You'll also always find someone who is willing to kick your butt, and offer some tough love. We ALL need that from time to time.

The wonderful thing about this board, is that we all know what this battle feels like. Almost every single one of us has tried and failed in the past.
It really is like having a great big family full of people who TRULY understand what you are going through.

All you have to do, day or night, is post what you're feeling, and you will get love, support, and anything else you might need. There's no such thing as a stupid question, and you will always find someone who can identify, no matter what it is you are experiencing.

So, sit back, relax, make yourself at home...and POST AWAY!

We're all here for you ;)

Once again, welcome!

04-22-2008, 05:38 PM
Hi Spunkymomma! You will find that there are lots of partners here on the 100 lb. forum, and with so many of us, there is usually somebody right there when you need it! Why don't you start by posting your daily plan in the accountability thread? You will probably find chicks you have lots in common with, as well as those following a plan similar to your own to give and receive support. We all pat each other on the back when we are down, celebrate together, motivate, and will even give a kick in the rear when necessary. Glad to have you here, I think you will love it, and best of luck to you as you begin your journey. Sounds like your head is in the right place - done with yoyo-ing and medicating, ready to make permanent changes in your journey to health. I am excited for you!

04-22-2008, 06:57 PM
Welcome!!! These ladies are right, we are all each others partners. There seems to never be a lacking when it comes to support here on the board. There are other great areas here on the 3FC forums, but the 100 lb club was where I found my home. No one is afraid to offer some tough love or some gentle support when it is needed. I visit other areas too, they are all great! There are litterally hundreds of people here who have been there and help to get us all through.

I noticed our weights are pretty close as is our height... we can do this together... what is your "plan of attack"? Tell us some more about yourself.