Support Groups - We're BACK, now let's get on TRACK!

04-21-2008, 09:06 PM
Hello everyone! :wave:NicoleNYC and I met in the "Introductions" section of the site this weekend and found that we had both previously been active members of 3FC but little by little slacked off until we no longer were involved at all.

My past success of losing 50+ lbs was hugely due to the accountability, inspiration and motivation I found when I was regularly posting here. I have since gained back most of that weight back and I'm sooo disgusted about that.:(

We decided that there are probably others out there just like us...those who have joined in the past and got out of the habit of coming here, but are now ready again to get BACK on TRACK with the help and support of others. Sooo...we decided to start our own thread.:D

Anyone is welcome to join us. Just jump in, introduce yourselves and let's do this! :carrot: Cant wait to meet everyone!


04-21-2008, 09:53 PM
I would love to join you! I read your posts on the other thread and I relate so much to the things you said. I joined back in 2005 after quitting smoking and packing on weight. I was really doing great, but then I added getting a master's degree to my already busy life, and lost the time and energy to exercise and watch my eating. Now, I'm ready to get back on track.

I did good today...ate well and did a little workout after work. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all!

04-22-2008, 12:04 AM
Hi guys! Thansk for getting us started, Miki! This is so great!

My past success of losing 50+ lbs was hugely due to the accountability, inspiration and motivation I found when I was regularly posting here.

That is so true. I feel like now that you guys know my plans, I have to make it happen or it's just all talk.

I joined back in 2005 after quitting smoking and packing on weight.

Congratulations! I quit too and I'm so glad I did (not that I don't miss it SOMETIMES) but I bet I ate nine thousand bajillion french fries in the process!

Take care girls, and hang in with us!

04-22-2008, 09:16 PM
Hi again :)

Dinahgirl, I was so excited to come in and see that we already had someone else join us! Welcome!! What is your masters degree in? I work fulltime at a bank. I've been there most of the last 23 yrs. I left for one full year, went back 2 yrs just to help out a few days here and there and eventually ended up fulltime again.

Nicole, I need to take my measurements soon too. Sometimes even when the scale doesnt seem to move, there is a difference in measurements so it helps to not get discouraged about the scale. I weighed Monday and was 231. I am going to weigh every Monday I think.

Congrats to you both for quitting smoking. That's great.

A little about me....I am 45 yrs old, have two boys, 16 and 18, and will have been married 24 yrs in June. In 2005 I joined here and went from 242 to 185. I started again in 2006 which is when I did that tracker I think.

I have had a really hard time with my weight for the past year. Last June I had gotten down to 189 lbs but in 4 months gained 40!! I've been to two different doctors and they havent been able to find any reason. They've checked hormones, thyroid, etc etc but everything seems to check out. I'm really discouraged but am just going to try harder and see what happens. They even gave me prescription diet pills, which other people I've known used to drop tons of weight, and mine still barely budged. Plus even if it went down it always went right back up. I literally went up 11 lbs from Thursday to Monday once! I was prescribed a fluid pill which helped a little but only for a day or two. After that, I couldnt even tell I was taking it. I finally got to the point I could not afford to keep paying 85.00 or more for a visit just to hear, "everything seems to check out ok".

Soooo...I'm just going to cut back even more and exercise harder and see what happens. I have found out one thing....drinking water is the only thing I can drink if I dont want to gain more. Diet Coke, tea, anything else, I drink it and am literally up 5 lbs the next day. It's crazy but it's the truth. (and frustrating too because I dont even LIKE water!)

Anyway, didnt mean to write a book. Just so excited to be here! I better get off here now, though, and get some stuff done around this house.

Take care!

04-22-2008, 10:13 PM
Hello Ladies, thanks MikiG for posting about this thread. I am definately in and I am looking forward to getting to know all of you, being accountable to somebody other than the scale and having a place to just talk about our goals, struggles and the ups and downs of wieght loss.

I am back again.I resigned up in 2/07....but well never quite made it beyond that. I think that is probably a motto for many of us. Tommorow always seems like a better day. I am really tired of tommorows. So here I am. I want to lose wieght and feel well.I am 44 years old and have been over wieght off and on for years, I am a mom with two boys, working girl (not that kind ), married to DH for 19 years. Long term I want to lose 70 lbs . I have tried low carbing and it did work before so I am leaning that way, I also bought volumetrics and have been reading that.

Generally I will be doing my own version of low carbing, tweaking it as I go to make it work for me..if this is and it should be a life style choice I have to make this livable and not simply a "diet" I go on and fall off of ya know. I have been reading volumatrics which is basically making smart calorie choices-so I can eat more and feel full and not like i am depriving myself. So I plan on combining the two plans....we'll see next week if the scale budges!

Yesterday and today I have had a bit if a headache but I know it is because of the lower carbs and my body wants the sugar....there is a huge box of see's candy for sale at work and it was all I could do to keep from pouncing on it. I Really wanted too:) Anyhow... I'm Cindy and looking forward to having a group to support me and to offer support as well . Hi Everyone

04-22-2008, 11:14 PM
Hi Girls! Just wanted to say, if I don't get to update tonight, that I'm still here! I have a two year old with sleep issues so that's where pretty much my WHOLE evening goes right now. I'm so glad we're all here!!!

04-23-2008, 12:17 PM
Good morning! I guess I should say a little about myself. First, I don't live in NYC anymore and haven't for a while. We've moved South, near where I grew up, and we just bought a house. I'm not so sure I LOVE where we are, but...we'll see, I guess.

I have one daughter and one little dog and this May my husband and I will have been married for 10 years. I started out big and just got bigger and he's gained right along with me. Like so many big people, I learned my poor habits from my mom who learned them from her mom. Like so many moms, I know I need to model better habits for my own kid.

Right now my plan is pretty simple - I'm counting calories and next week, I'll start to get more serious on the treadmill/swimming. I walk and/or swim pretty much everyday, but this week I'm giving myself a bit of a break because I am TIRED (lack of sleep). I've read that 1500 calories is the "magic number" for women and I know it's true for me. For whatever reason, it seems to be just enough to keep me from stalling and not so many that the weight loss is slow and discouraging. I try not to eat anything too carby (pasta is not my friend anyway, I just can't stop), too salty, or too fatty but if I want a latte I have one. Right now I have a pile of chocolate bars my MIL sent from Germany - they are in my husband's office and when I REALLY want one, I'll just work it in with my daily calorie allowance.

I feel like it's just time and I've had enough and I've wasted way too much of my time and emotional energy on being fat. I'm over it.

Take care,

04-23-2008, 07:09 PM
Nicole I don't think your goals are shallow at all. I want to shop in normal sizes too and like the way I look! :)

Well ladies today is is actually day 3 of doing something and not I'll do it "tommorrow". So far so good. I have to admit I am craving chocolate and lots of I will need to figure out how to make that happen w/o losing it. I can easily eat a few bars so I have to be careful-not sure I want to entertain that idea at all. I am thinking sugar free chocolate pudding maybe.

Have a good one-

04-23-2008, 09:05 PM
Hi everyone! Hope you all had a good day.

Glad you decided to join us Cindy! :hug:I think we're going to have a great group here. Way to go resisting the chocolate bars. Sugar Free Choc Pudding is a good choice for a snack. When I was doing good, I had that alot and sometimes added that whipped cream that comes in the can. It didnt have many calories at all...not sure about the carb part tho.

Nicole, we're neighbors! I live in Arkansas. As far as goals, mine are basically the same as yours so we can all be shallow together. :D

I think my plan will be to just cut calories. I cant commit to anything that is giong to limit WHAt I eat. I know some people have to completely cut out certain things or they cant stop, but I'm more the other way. As soon as I say I'm not going to have a certain thing, I want it BAD and I'll eventually break down and eat the whole thing. When I"ve lost before, I ate basically what I wanted, but I had to count the calories of each bite and decide whether or not it was worth it. Once the calories are gone, no more food for the day. I've got to get motivated to exercise SOON far I havent been great in that area.

Dinah, hope we hear from you again soon too.

I have a bank seminar in Little Rock tomorrow ( about 3 hrs away) so I'm not sure I"ll have a chance to post. If not, I'll be back Friday for sure.

Bye for now,

04-23-2008, 10:32 PM
Hi everyone, so great to have this group! Tonight after work, I met a friend out at a lake and we walked for about a half-hour and then went to a little restaurant nearby and had salads. Then we just sat and talked. The air was fresh and clear, and it felt great to just relax for a while.

A little more about me...I'm 58, have two grown sons, work full-time, and as I mentioned before, working on my masters. Miki, it will be in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)...I should get it in summer 09.

My plan is to basically eat right. I know how to do that, I just have to stay on track. I've had a couple of not-good meals this week (today cafeteria spaghetti...ugh, but there was a small salad).

I think everybody here sounds so enthusiastic and supportive. We're going to have good days and not-so-good days, but we can still love ourselves and get right back on track!


04-24-2008, 10:27 AM
Nicole, we're neighbors! I live in Arkansas. As far as goals, mine are basically the same as yours so we can all be shallow together.

I think my plan will be to just cut calories. I cant commit to anything that is giong to limit WHAt I eat.

Neighbors, and on the same kind of track, apparently. I try to limit the really high carb stuff and the really fatty stuff, but portion control is also my friend. I had spaghetti on Sunday but I didn't go crazy - I did think about it, tho. I don't find that I'm really home enough to totally control and eliminate whole food groups. I don't want to be that person that everyone hates to eat with because of her dietary restrictions, tho I know things like that work well for other people.

My plan is to basically eat right. I know how to do that, I just have to stay on track.

Do you keep a journal? It's something I'm always torn about. I know that something like 90% of successful dieters keep journals, but sometimes I feel like it makes me focus TOO much on food. Right now I'mkeeping one but I'm trying not to get too hung up.

I have to admit I am craving chocolate and lots of I will need to figure out how to make that happen w/o losing it.

Adiago teas (online) has a really gret chocolate flavored tea. Yes, tea. I thought it would be awful but it came in a variety pack so I gave it a try. REALLY good full chocolate smell and taste, but light enough so that you don't end up thinking some real chocolate would be pretty darn good too. They have sample tins (makes about ten BIG cups) for around $4.

04-24-2008, 10:35 AM
I forgot to add that I think Fridays will be my "official" weigh in day. I weigh myself every day and use a program called Weight Commander. I find if I don't weight every day then I sort of start to drift off program or plan and it's easy to kid myself that I'm doing better than I really am. So tomorrow I'll know the results of this week. I need to change my ticker. It's old.

04-24-2008, 07:59 PM
I am so MAD!!! Okay it has been a while since I low carbed. Well today I went into subway and did not see their lo carb wraps on the menu, so I asked if they still had them-Guy behind the counter says yes, so I order a wrap bring it home and eat it. I go online to subway to check how many carbs and it is over 50 for a wrap!!! WHAT?! I google around and find out that subway discontinued their low carb wraps and now have flour wraps. Well to late for me I ate it-what an idiot at the counter, I am so mad, had he had said they were no longer low crab I wouldn't have ordered one. UGH!!

04-24-2008, 10:12 PM
Adiago teas (online) has a really gret chocolate flavored tea. Yes, tea. I thought it would be awful but it came in a variety pack so I gave it a try. REALLY good full chocolate smell and taste, but light enough so that you don't end up thinking some real chocolate would be pretty darn good too. They have sample tins (makes about ten BIG cups) for around $4.

Chocolate tea? I have never heard of that. Interesting. I am willing to try anything once(well most anything) so I will need to investigate that! Thanks;)

04-25-2008, 10:34 AM
The chocolate tea really is good. Hope you like it.

over 50 for a wrap!!!

That is NUTS. WOW. I would be mad too. Every now and then I get a suspiciously good coffee and there whole milk in here? But a shot of whole milk is not even close to the same kind of screw up as selling you a FLOUR wrap. Yikes.

Everyone have a great day. Any good weekend plans?

04-25-2008, 09:25 PM
Nicole congratulations on your 7 lb loss!!

I'll wiegh in tommorrow after 5 days. I am staying away from the scale otherwise. Well no subway wraps for me today. It has been a good day, I have a bit of a headache and thinking it is the lower sugar in my diet. I am sure after a week or so my body will adjust. I have been really craving chocolate.I have a major sweet tooth which is my problem. Cutting out candy bars will save me easily 400 calories or so a day. I usuallly have one or more(yes, I know).

This weekend there are no major plans, my oldest has a ballgame out of town so we will need to travel for that-other than that I am hoping it is a restful at home kinda weekend. The weekdays are always so full.

04-25-2008, 09:32 PM
No exercise for me now for two days, but I will make it up this weekend. I have eaten pretty well this week, so I will pat myself on the back for that.

I'm going to be working in my garden this weekend...rebuilding my butterfly garden from last year. I also have a few chores and such, but not too much. Should be a nice weekend.

We're having salmon, broccoli and and those tiny little dutch potatoes for supper. Only the potatoes will be not-so-good for me, but I will eat a few anyway.

04-25-2008, 11:12 PM
Hi all :) I missed being able to post yesterday.

Nicole, 7 lbs is great!:cp:You're well on your way. I think I"m actually UP 2 lbs now.:?:I had two diet cokes at that seminar yesterday which I know makes me retain fluid every time, but good I have to ONLY drink water?? Evidently so.:mad: Plus they fed us lasagna and bread sticks for lunch. I am trying to keep track of my calories so I guess I do kinda have a journal (of foods), but so far I dont do regular diary type journaling like some do keeping track of how they feel when they eat or after they eat, etc. I do stress over it sometimes tho because if I have an extra busy day I may not have a chance to log everything so then I feel like I've messed up.

Cindy, I would have been mad about the wrap too. Once I really get in the right mind set to eat right, it drives me crazy to eat something then find out the nutritional value wasnt what I thought. If I'm really on track and budget myself and get messed up when it's not even my fault, I get furious. (of course I havent quite made it to that mind set yet unfortunately:dizzy:) Good luck at the old is your son?

Dinah, your outing with your friend the other night sounded so relaxing! I was envious! I think it's cool that you are going to be teaching English to those of other languages. Makes much more sense to me that everyone who comes to live here learn English rather than those of us who have always lived here learn the other languages. It's frustrating working at the bank when someone comes in who does not know a word of English and hands you a check and you dont know if they want to cash it, deposit it, deposit some and get some back, etc. Once a lady came in to purchase a CD and brought her 6 yr old daughter in for translation. The little girl knew English, but she didnt understand interest rates or banking terms and didnt know how to explain what I was saying to her mom. I felt bad that I couldnt communicate with them.

I got some great news today. My son, Josh, graduates this year. He made a 23 on the ACT testthree times. The 23 got him a scholarship to the college 30 miles away in the amount of $750/semester. We were glad for that because every bit helps, but he took the test again two weeks ago and got his results in today. He made a composite of 26!!:carrot:(and a 32 in English!)At this college, anyone who makes over a 24 gets full tuition paid!!! That is going to help soooo much!!! Of course, it doesnt cover books, dorm or food but it's still great. And still much less now that we'll have to come up with. I'm thrilled to death.

Well, I think I'm going to hit the couch for some TV for awhile. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


04-25-2008, 11:24 PM
Miki, that is awesome news! I know how proud you are and how happy to not have to worry about tuition!:bravo:

Nicole, that is great! That will really help you stay motivated.:carrot:

04-26-2008, 12:11 AM
Miki, as someone who is up to my knees (well, I guess it's good that it's down from my neck) in student loans, I congratulate your son (and you, if you're helpingfoot the bill). It's EXPENSIVE.

I am a Diet Coke HOUND, btw. I just love the stuff. I TRY to limit it to one in the morning and one at night, but there are days I drink two liters. When I'm not drinking Diet Coke, I try to drink water with lemon (half a lemon to a glass of water, sometimes with a Splenda - fake lemonaid) or this really great de caf mandarin orange green tea (Celestial Seasonings). I don't hate water on it's own but I need it to be SUPER cold.

Dinah, I'm really impressed that you're teaching English. I am really really bad with languages. When I lived in NY, I had a lot of friends with parents and grandparents who hadn't mastered English and I know it could be very limiting and frustrating for them.

shesaflybaby - are you doing the Flylady thing?

I don't really have plans for the weekend. My brother and his wife will be in from out of town and we'll probably spend some time with them. I planned to swim and get some sun, but our weather is looking kind of iffy. Maybe the house fairy will come clean my house - and I can watch.

04-27-2008, 03:41 AM
shesaflybaby - are you doing the Flylady thing?.

Yup I've been a flybaby for about 5 years now, somedays its more like fluttering;) but I think the flylady way is fantastic.

Miki-My oldest son is 14, they lost their ball game today it was like 90 degrees and miserable. Congrats for your son & his scholarship-very awesome.

I wieghed myself this morning and I lost 6 pounds:carrot:
I also bought a pack of sugar free chocolate pudding cups for that chocolate craving I was having, BIG mistake. I ate 5 of the 6 cups and now my stomache is doing flipflops. I think its safe to say I will keep those off my grocery list.

04-27-2008, 11:32 AM
I wieghed myself this morning and I lost 6 pounds

YAY! Congratulations!

I also bought a pack of sugar free chocolate pudding cups for that chocolate craving I was having, BIG mistake. I ate 5 of the 6 cups and now my stomache is doing flipflops. I think its safe to say I will keep those off my grocery list.

Eek. That never feels good. There are some things that I just can't have in the house - pudding and cereal bars are top of the list. I don't know why I have the cereal bar obsession.

Do you like dark chocolate? Sometimes I get a bar of Green & Black or something similar because it's very good and very CHOCOLATE but there is no way you could eat more than a serving and really, 4 - 6 squares usually do the trick. It's just so dark and so chocolate that more than a little is way too much. A bar will last me forever even though I LOOOOVE it.

04-27-2008, 12:09 PM
Sometimes I think there is no stronger addiction than chocolate. I quit smoking 3 1/2 years ago after smoking two packs a day for 40 years. Somehow I need to figure out how to do that with chocolate and sugar.


04-27-2008, 05:30 PM
I hope it isn't too late for me to jump in a join you all! I've only had an opportunity to read through the first few posts but I know from the title of the thread that this is one of the place I NEED to be!

My highest weight was 214 (I'm only 5ft2in!:o) and as of about two years ago I had lost 80 pounds and maintaining my goal weight of 135. My credit much of my success to 3fc. I counted calories and exercised...nothing fancy. However, in August of 2006, my youngest children started school. At that point I started a part-time job and went from working out 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night and chasing the kids (literally most days) to sitting in a chair for 6 hours straight. My eating habits didn't change much at first but gradually, work lunches, etc. got the best of me. And so, here I am, having packed on 40 pounds in two years. :mad: But, there is nobody to blame but myself and so I'm the only one resposible for fixing the problem (and I wholeheartedly consider getting back to 135 a RESPONSIBLITY - it is NOT an OPTION!). On a positive note, I've been at it for almost a month now and I've lost 11 pounds so far. I'm feeling very much in control and the rest of my life is following suit. Funny how the better I manage my eating habits the more I get done in every other area of my life. I suppose I free up a lot of spare time not thinking constantly about what I'll eat next and then taking extra time out of my day to actually scarf it all down! ;)

I am 39 years old, have been married almost 14 years and we have three awesome children (9 year old boy and 7 year old boy/girl twins). I was born in Arkansas but have lived almost all of my life in Mississippi. And I'm tired of being one of the reasons my state keeps ending up on the "fattest" list. I can and should be better than a statistic! I'm am looking forward to getting to know each of you and hope to provide as much support as I get! :hug:

Now, I'm off to catch up with everyone! Hope you all have had a successful day!:D

04-29-2008, 08:29 PM
Hi everybody! Sorry I havent made it in to post in so long! It has been crazy around here. (oh and by the way, I did not lose anything as of Monday except for the 2 lbs I gained from drinking those stupid diet cokes Thursday)

Lucky, Welcome!:D What you said in your post hit home with said you're feeling in control now and everything else is following suit. That's my problem...I am feeling out of control in every area right now and my eating is going right along with that. Just since Friday I've had all this:

My father-in-law had to have a pacemaker and defibrillator (sp?) 4 weeks ago and the doc thought he would be back to normal in no time able to do things just as before. Well, he got a bad report at his checkup, nothing has improved, and it's looking like a possibility that he wont be able to go back to his normal active life. He has a garden every year so it's now looking like my husband and I are going to have to figure out how to do that after work and on weekends and keep up our own things too.

My 16 yr old son had a bump on his face Sunday which I thought was a pimple trying to break thru. He woke me up at 2:30 am Monday morning with his eye almost swollen shut. Went to the doctor and found out it's a staph infection and he's on major antibiotics. If he isnt WAY better Thursday, he'll have to be admitted for an IV.

My friend (former college roommate) called me last night. Her dad had fallen down in his driveway and hit his head. It cracked his skull and they didnt expect him to make it through the night but he did. They have now said even if he does not die, he will never wake up or know anything. I'm never good at knowing what to say in a situation like that.

My 18 yr old son who is graduating in a few weeks is about ready to mail out his grad. invitations. Well, guess what....the school district allowed the construction company to go ahead and start on the high school football field and track renovation and that's where graduation was supposed to be! Now it will probably have to be indoors somewhere with a limit to how many guests a graduate may have. I have 3 sisters and my parents are divorced and remarried which means extra grandparents plus my husband's aunts had planned to attend. Now I either have to waste the invitations or feel like I need to put a note inside explaining "we wanted you to know about the grad ceremony but you cant really come". Plus the announcements have the wrong place on them because they were ordered long before these plans came about. I'm really aggravated about it. Those things arent cheap!

I supervise the tellers at work. It's a small bank so we only have 4 inside tellers at the main branch. Two of them are sick and have doc appts tomorrow leaving only two, one of which just started two weeks ago and has not caught on very quickly at all. I have no idea how she'll do on her own tomorrow.

Today, somehow the entire town was having an internet problem. We could not transmit debit card transactions, return our NSFs, etc because everything now is pretty much all electronic. Tomorrow, which is Month End, is going to be soooo fun trying to do all of today's work on top of tomorrow's. (besides trying to help out the new teller)

Whew! Made me tired just to type all that and that is just a few of the things going on here right now. If a few days pass and I dont show up, I promise I havent dropped out's just been hard to find time to get here lately.

Congrats to all of you who are doing such a great job already. I'm not giving up!! I've just got to get myself back in the right mindset and get to it. Thanks to all of you who have joined me really do inspire me to get BACK on track and I'll get there...I just know it.

04-30-2008, 08:10 PM
Where is everybody? Looks like I'm not the only one who has a hard time getting in here everyday. I feel better today. I actually drank water all day and did not overeat plus the day I dreaded so much ended up not being quite so bad after all. I got caught up at work really quick but it kinda worries me because I feel like it was too easy so I probably missed something really important! Hopefully that isnt the case. I hope the rest of you had a good day. One day closer to the weekend so HOORAY for that.

Well, better get busy around here. My mother-in-law mentioned yesterday that they need to get by here to visit soon.....soooo I gotta clean a little just in case!

Bye for now,

04-30-2008, 09:06 PM
Wow, Miki, what a week you've had! I hope the clouds clear very soon for you.

I can't get in every day either. I work all day, and then you know how the evenings are: grocery shopping, etc. And week after next, I start back to school, so that's two nights out during the week.

I've been trying to be really careful about my eating and trying to walk more. I've lost 2 pounds in the past week.

Talk to you soon!

04-30-2008, 11:49 PM
Hi Everyone I haven't been able to post everyday this week.

Hi Lucky!

Miki-(((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))honestly I hope things get better.

Lets see.....I have been doing pretty good except today I back slided and ate a big cookie...from there I ate DS's 4 mcnuggets and then I had 4 slices of pizza for dinner...not at all a healthy day..thise few items were just packed with calories and I feel UGH.

I do not plan on getting on the scale till Saturday again and I am hopeful I will be okay..just gotta hop right back on. I haven't been drinking enough water -so I am really trying to work on that. Chocolate I have decided is a huge NO NO fro me...I just can't control myself. I have decided to have a cup of SF cocoa(50 cal) each night as a little reward and relax before bed, but no SF pudding from now on.

I hope everyone is doing well. I really need to get moving and add exercise in to my day.

05-05-2008, 10:11 AM
Hi guys! I've been having trouble getting to the forums lately. I don't know why, and it's been like this for years and multiple computers, sometimes 3fc either won't load or freezes up on me. I am starting to take it personally ;)

I'm still buzzing along, no loss last week but to be expected after big WOOSH of first week. I'm sure I'll see a little change on the scale this Friday.

Shesaflybaby (may I just call you fly?), there are some things I find it hard to regulate - pizza, pasta, fries, I can not have just a little. I am better off just staying out of them. Pizza is one of those things...I know my actual stomach is only so big. How can it hold so much pizza???

Dinah, congrats on your two pounds :carrot: YAY!

Miki, you need a vacation!

Lucky, 11 pounds is awesome! Welcome! You'll have to tell us more about how you lost those 80 pounds.

In fact, I'd like to hear everyone's bet diet tips!

Right now, mine is gum.

05-05-2008, 08:52 PM
Hi all :) Good to hear from everyone again. Today was an extra exhausting day at work, but on a positive note....Monday is my weigh-in day and I lost 2 lbs this week. Not alot but as long as the numbers go DOWN, I'll take it.

Nicole, 3FC freezes up on me too when I first try to get in here. It eventually will go ahead and load but takes several minutes sometimes. We are too much alike....I have the problem with pizza and pasta also...pasta the worst I think...I cannot stop eating lasagna, spaghetti, alfredo, etc then a little while after I"ve eaten too much I feel like I'll explode as it seems to grow and grow. I always end up miserable. And the gum thing is one of my main helps also. Especially if I chew some strong pepperminty type after I eat. It gives me such a clean fresh taste in my mouth that I cant stand to put any food in there afterwards. Plus for some reason strong gum makes me really thirsty for water.

Cindy, thanks for the hug..I needed it!:hug: Today was even worse but I'm honestly too tired to type it all out. Of course with a day this bad, you have to think it can only get better tomorrow.

Dinah, how's it going with the walking? I bad want to get back into walking but I'm too tired lately in the evenings and dont have anyone to go with me in mornings. Back in 2005 when I lost the 55 lbs, my sister and I walked every morning at 5:30. I loved getting it out of the way before I started my day. But she's been having trouble with her feet and cant walk like that right now.

Lucky, hope you make it back in to post soon. I know how it is to be busy tho! Hard for all of us to get in here often.

Well, I am ready to get supper done and the kitchen cleaned in time to relax a little before bedtime. Take care everyone!


05-11-2008, 09:17 PM
Happy Mothers Day! Wow, I havent been here in a week but neither has anyone else, it seems. Hope you're all doing well. Pretty nice day here today. Sunny out and high 60s temp. My dad and stepmother and my in-laws all stopped by to visit. My mom is visiting my sister in Utah though so didnt see her but called. I just hate the weekend flew by so fast. I hate Sunday nites because I know it's almost Monday. YUCK. Well, hope to hear from you all soon.


05-13-2008, 05:29 PM
I hope you all don't mind me jumping back in! My computer crashed and so I haven't been able to post. I've been doing really well, though. Staying right on track and even exercising like I need to. I haven't weighed lately. I've decided not to get on the scale until I can really tell a difference in my clothes. I'm getting there! The pants I put on this morning were at least a little looser than the last time I wore them.

I hope everyone has had a great couple of weeks and have enjoyed watching the scale move down, down, down. I'm going to take a minute and catch up on all the posts I've missed!

05-17-2008, 11:00 PM
Hi Lucky! Glad you were able to get back! It was getting lonesome in here. Very hectic lately but hopefully after this week, I can back into a regular routine. I had to go my niece's high school graduation last night (3 hrs away) and got home around 1 a.m. Thursday night my son graduates. :( Getting a little sad about that. And to top it all off....we're having an audit at work beginning Monday. My eating hasnt been too bad although I'm stressing these days! I just cant seem to find time (or energy) to exercise. So far my pants arent feeling much looser so Lucky, I'm envious. Good for you!

I hope everyone else is having success. And even if you're like me and it seems to come slowly, come on in and post anyway! That's why we're here...for the UPS and the DOWNS. (preferably more downs. ha)

Have a great weekend!