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03-05-2002, 11:31 AM
Not sure about the calories because it depends on how you make it. I made this last night and it was GREAT. It's really all you need for a meal, but you could add some other veggie I'm sure.


Chicken Breast (frozen or not)
1 box of Lipton Garlic and Herb. It comes with about three little baggies in it, but you'll only need one to make enough for about 8 chicken breasts.
Mayo - either light or not, depending on you
Spinach (frozen or whatever is your preference)
Shreaded Cheese

Combine one baggie of garlic and herb. Mix with a few tablespoons of mayo (the amount depends on how much you're making or how much spinach you'll add). I usually use one big tablespoon for about 4 chicken breasts. mix that with a spoon until it looks a light brown color. Add the spinach (a few tablespoons - I don't like spinach much so this is a way to hide it from myself ;) . Add shreaded cheese. just enough to make everything stick together on top of the chicken. Put on top of the chicken in a pan (13x9 will work). Leave in oven (at 375 maybe) for about 45 minutes depending on if the chicken is frozen or not....and sure enough, there's a meal. :)

I know the recipe seems confusing, but some of it is on the side of the Lipton box. I just try to hide veggies whereever i can :) and the recipe and time cooking depends on a lot. Hope it works for you guys...