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03-05-2002, 11:25 AM
Hope every one finds this ok....


03-05-2002, 11:54 AM
I was a little worried I wouldn't find it! No problem, it was easy! Well' I'm going get busy, finally. Been chatting on Yahoo, with a friend from La. that is so fun. Did you know that you can talk through your mic. instead of typing? You can also setup a web cam! I'm going now, I'll talk to y'all later!

Fyi Lucky, I have the same prob. ate 2 little pickles yesterday, now I'm all bloated! So much for my 8 lbs.

Water,water,water, that'll flush it out!


03-05-2002, 10:14 PM
Happy Tuesday everyone!! :D

Well, I think I'm on my way....I did the treadmill last night for the first time in AGES.....(I think a year or more....:eek:...) ~ only 20 minute and slow (.88 mile) but hey, it's a start, right? Tonight I went slightly faster, only 21 minutes but made a mile....woo hoo! So I think I will just increase some each time.

Day 2 "on my diet" and I was ok. Yesterday was perfect but today, just ok....I went out to lunch today which I said I wasn't going to do but circumstances forced the issue and I was out. I had pasta, asked for a "to go" box right away and put half away for tomorrows lunch. I feel so proud of myself cuz I could have eaten it all EZ!! I did have bread though so that wasn't great. But I feel good and I think I'm going to make it this time. :)

Asta ~ So glad that you're having a better day and feeling a little better. Skiing in Colorado?? Hope you feel 100% by then. Wow, that's alot of weight to lose from skiing....I think I'll have to take that up.

Mel ~ I hate Monday too. I love when 5pm on a Monday rolls around. So you chat on Yahoo? Do you ever chat here on 3FC?

feffyy ~ Your scale sounds like a good one. I have a digital scale that goes to half pounds. I am going to try...."try".....TRY to not get on the scale for a few weeks. (this coming from someone who is obsessed with it)....then, when I do get on it, it will be a big difference.....well, I did say try. :lol:

LuckyMom ~ I know for a fact that WV is cold. Let me tell you, 18 degrees this weekend was just a little too cool for me. I moved here from FL so cold isn't in my blood. Keep warm.

Well, time to watch NYPD Blue....have a wonderful evening.

Zoe ~ Soaking up the "SON" in Texas

03-06-2002, 10:14 AM
Hi, Good morning ladies

Although I don't know whats so good about it, I'm having some kidney pain and hoping it's not more kidney stones! I haven't been drinking enough water to keep them flushed out, but I'm trying to now!

We went to the gym last night, and I walked a mile and a half. Then we went out to eat, and I stayed on track with my eating and so did everybody else! It made me feel good when everyone order chicken too!

Zoe, I do chat here, when I can catch someone there. I chat on yahoo with friends from back home!

Lucky, sounds like you enjoyed Aerobics last week, wish I was brave enough to do them at our gym but I'm not YET!

Asta, I'm a little jealous, we never go on vacations, my husband won't take off work for it. He's a workaholic, and I can't compete with that!

How is the scale treating you today Feffyy, mine gave me a pound of fluid, probably because I haven't been drinking enough! But don't worry, we'll keep fighting the scale and we're gonna win!

I think the water is starting to flush out my kidneys but I really feel bloated already! Just downed 20oz. bottle of water, and about to start another one! Y'all have a good day!


03-06-2002, 10:29 AM
Good Morning ya'll!

mel I hope your kidney pain goes away, sounds painful
I am really lucky that we can and do travel. I do really appreciate it.

zoe Good job getting on the treadmill

feffyy I totally obsess with the scale, I just decided that that wasn't on my top ten list of problems and I will work on it later.

I'm still congested and I haven't exercised since Thursday :mad: ... I will try to play a little tennis today and see how it goes.

Have a good day everyone, I really enjoy this group and I find that reading your posts help to keep me on track.



03-06-2002, 10:55 AM
Morning all!

I feel like doing cart wheels! My scale FINALLY went down! 3 pounds:D I feel so motivated again! My hard work is really starting to pay off. Little by little, step by step we can all do this!:) We just need to hang in there and know that there will be hard times along with the good.

I have an outfit hanging in my closet that is my first "goal outfit"
Size 37 inch waist levi's a black V-neck tea-shirt and a black belt. Right now I can't even get the jeans half way up my legs, so it will be a great day when I can wear them for the first time!

Mel, I use to chat all of the time. It is so addictive. I had a chat room I would go to every morning. There was about 10 of us that got really close. One day they closed down the room and I felt so lost!:( I haven't been able to find another chat room I like. Every time I try and chat now I run into a bunch of 15 year old perverts. I hope your kidney pain is going away. Drink lots and lots of water! And go to the Doctor if they start to hurt to bad ok. Worried about you.

Zoe, You are doing so awesome!! Don't worry about how long you are able to do the treadmill for right now. The main thing is that you are doing it! I am very proud of you! Also great job on doing the take home box!:)

Asta, I am glad you are starting to feel a little better:) Don't beat your self up over not exercising when you are sick. Your body is working hard enough as it is trying to fight off what ever it is that you have. Hope you go easy on the tennis today.

Well I better get some house work done! Talk to you all tomorrow. Have a WONDERFUL AND HEALTHY DAY EVERYONE!


265/236/138( 98 pounds to goal:^: )

03-06-2002, 09:49 PM
Good Evening Y'all :wave:

Tomorrow is Thursday and then, it's almost Friday. Yeah! It's been one of those weeks and I am so looking forward to the weekend. Nothing planned but just want to be able to stay home. My job is VERY stressful since I deal with the government.....Medicare!! :eek:

Just wanted to stop in for a minute, on my way to my treadmill. Have a wonderful evening and I'll talk to you all tomorrow,

Zoe ~ Soaking up the "SON" in Texas

03-07-2002, 12:30 AM
Hi, I just wanted y'all to know that I'm fine. I drank water all day, until I finally started feeling a little better. Now I just feel a little pressure on the right side, but nothing major! Thanks for being concerned, I'm alright! But since I hurt most of the day, I didn't walk, or do much of anything else for that matter. I'll make up for it! Good night ladies!


03-07-2002, 10:20 AM
Hi, :p

I'm feeling much better this morning, now I have to get in some extra walking to make up for yesterday. Still seem to be retaining fluid, but it maybe from my kidney problem?

Zoe, how is your walking going? It's great that you're doing it, getting started is the hardest, and everyday you walk it gets easier! Bravo!!!

Feffyy, congrats on the 3 lbs. that's wonderful. Keep up the good work!

Asta, are you ready for your ski trip? How did tennis go yesterday, make sure you don't over do it. Don't want a relapse! Be healthy!

Lucky, how are things going? Are you going to aerobics just on Friday, have you ever done water aerobics?
I'm leaning more toward trying that, heard it's easier to move but you still get a good workout. My problem is my feet hurt so bad when I'm on them alot, I know it's my weight causing it, but it's hard to do anything with pain in your feet. My new shoes are helping, but I know it wont go away until I lose this weight! Also, I figure water exercise would be easier on my feet anyway.

I guess I'm gonna go get my day started with a walk! Y'all have a good day!


03-07-2002, 12:42 PM
Morning ladies,

Not much to say today, having sort of a BLAH morning. I don't know why? I just feel a little depressed today.:( I feel allot of a anxiety and having a hard time concentrating. I think part of it is self pity about being overweight, and the other half is self pity about not getting a house yet. I am sure tomorrow will be a better day.

Mel, I am glad you are feeling better today. And Zoe, great job on doing your treadmill.

Talk to you all tomorrow.


265/236/138( 98 pounds to goal:^:)

03-07-2002, 10:58 PM
Hello again :wave:

Wow, do I feel GREAT tonight!! I was so on track today, staying within my points (I am doing Weight Watcher's) and did my treadmill. Today, I had my lunch time all planned out and then I was asked to "go out". I paniced at first but then, thought some more about it.....she wanted to go to Teresa's, a home-style cooking place in Fort Worth and I NEVER do good there....always have their patty melt and fried :eek: ~ but today, I was EXCELLENT and so proud of myself. Had a turkey club (can you believe that they only put 2 deli-thin slices on it???? HA!), took the middle piece of bread out and had it dry (I put some jalapenos on it...yum). Oh, and no fries. The waitress said "it's the same price"....I said okay, I didn't care since it's not the money, it's the food. Ok, so I am bragging but I feel so great....

Did my treadmill tonight. Still only at 1 mile in 21 minutes but I am sure that I'll speed it up some each time.

feffy ~ cheer up girl.....this weight thing can really get us down. Just think, if you keep on plugging, by the end of the summer, how much do you think you can lose? I'd say at least 30 pounds. That would put you WAY DOWN.....cheer up, we want you to succeed. :D Where are you looking for a house?

Mel ~ glad you're feeling better. Did you take that walk??

Hi to all those who are MIA. Have a great evening....Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! YIPPEE!!

Zoe ~ Soaking up the "SON" in Texas

03-08-2002, 01:28 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm doing fine, even though I went a little over board on my calories today. I still made some ok choices, not just a bunch of junk, so I'm still on track. Just a little tired, I think from the kidney probs. yesterday, I guess it's taking a toll on me. I did get up today and start on plenty of water again, and it's really helping.
I did get on the treadmill, but didn't make the whole mile tonight. I'm gonna have to really concentrate on getting more walking in, some how. :) I went out side this evening and played with our puppies for a long time(they're 11 weeks old :D ), and that made me feel better. The fresh air was nice, and the temp. was perfect!
I finally got rid of the fluid, I've been retaining water all week, and maybe that'll help give me some more energy!

Zoe, great job at lunch, sounds like you're doing wonderful! Listening to you has already made me feel a little better. Just a little down because of all the problems I keep encountering, I want to lose this weight and I'm tired of failing at it!

Feffyy, keep going girl! Look at what you've lost already, you are doing it, and with y'alls help, I will to!

Take care, Mel

03-08-2002, 10:00 AM
Have a good healthy week everyone!

I probably will not have internet access while we are skiing, but I'll be back to the computer next weekend.


03-08-2002, 10:14 AM
Hello again,

I already walked this morning, and I'm bound and determined that I'm really gonna increase my exercise today. And I wish I had the will power to stay off the scales, yes I am discouraged, my scales show a gain today. I hope it's just the fluid, I know I had too much sodium again yesterday. What can I say, I love the stuff more than sweets! Probably cause of that Cajun blood running through my veins. So, today I vow to walk more and drink even more water! :^: The water is the one that gets me, I can't stand the taste!

Asta have a great weekend Skiing!

Feffyy, you're doing great.

Zoe, TGIF and you've done great! I like the to go box Idea!

Lucky, wish I was going to aerobics with you, but I did buy some Tae-Bo videos! I'll just have to see if I can do it?

Y'all have a good weekend!


03-08-2002, 09:28 PM
Hello there ~ Whew! I made it to Friday. :) I didn't do the treadmill tonight, I'm going to do my kickboxing tape tomorrow morning (when I get home from my dr appt)

Mel ~ Let's talk "scale obsession"......I decided on this try, I wasn't going to weigh in, other than day 1 (which was Monday), for at least 2 weeks. I wish I could go a month but that's asking alot. I haven't gotten on it yet and it's been 5 days. That, for me, is a miracle. Obsessed? How about getting on it 5 times before dressing in the morning, like it was going to change. Am I expecting it to go down 10 pounds in the few minutes it took for me to hop on and then hop on again?? Anyway, I understand scale obsession and I am trying to conquer that this time. I think that if we stay away from it, when we DO get on, it will show a difference that will make us smile....(did I ramble?? sorry)

feffyy ~ how you feelin' today? Better?

asta, lucky, hope you're having a great evening. Here's to an OP and productive weekend. :)

Zoe ~ Soaking up the "SON" in TExas

03-08-2002, 09:57 PM
Sorry about being such a bummer the other day everyone. But that is what we are here for right? Support threw the bad, the good and the ugly!

I am having a pretty good day today though. I haven't done so great on my eating, but that's ok! Not all days are going to be good days.:) I haven't done horrible either. But still no angle.

I think I am pms-ing! I can't get enough chocolate and wow MOODY! But threw it all I did loose another pound! YEA! So that is always good news:).

Going to drink allot of water tonight and try and go to bed early.

Zoe, I AM SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!! GREAT JOB ON STAYING AWAY FROM THE YUCKY PATTY MELT!:D And you are doing great on the treadmill! Remember little, by little step by step we will reach our goal. We are looking in the Bedford area for a house because we really like the schools here, but we are having some credit issues right now that are a BLAST to deal with, so we may have to wait a few more months before we are able to buy. BUMMER.

Mel, I think you caught my mood swing!:) When you said "I want to lose this weight and I'm tired of failing at it!" Wow that hit home! ME TOO!!!!!:lol: That is exactly how I feel. You are really doing great with your walking keep it up!! Also have you tried Evian water? mmmmmmm It's really good!


I think we are all addicted to the scale!:mad: We should make a pact that none of of get on the scale except for every Monday morning! What do you think? I'm game!

Well need to get going have a great weekend everyone! Talk to you all soon!


265/235/138( 97 pounds to goal:^: )

03-09-2002, 02:37 AM
Hi there,

I'm back and I've decided to trade in my bad attitude for a new attitude! I had to take the night off and eat a little seafood with my family, but now I feel like I can start fresh tomorrow and be strong willed!!!! I guess if you can't enjoy yourself once in a while, then whats the point, Right? :smug:

Feffyy, reading your post tonight really perked me up! I think y'alls Idea about staying off the scales for a week or two is a good one, But, can I do it? Let's give it a go!

Thank y'all for being so great, I enjoy sharing in this!

Good night, Mel

03-09-2002, 08:38 AM
Good Morning.....got to go to a dr appt at 8am but then, the rest of the weekend is mine! (minus laundry time) Just wanted to say hello before I start the day.

Mel ~ The scale obsession thing kills me......since I am trying to stay off of it for at least 2 weeks (I'm hoping for a month) lets do it. I was SO tempted to hop on this morning but I didn't. :)

Have a great morning y'all.....I'll check back later.

Zoe <><

03-09-2002, 12:17 PM

Well, I was sooo..... tempted to get on the scales this morning but I resisted, and I'm glad. Maybe if I put my efferts into staying away from the scales, I can concentrate on healthy eating and exercise. Right now the family is getting dress to go to the gym, and I'm feeling pretty good, which is a plus when going to workout. It's like I have more energy and get more done on days like this, wish I could feel like this everyday. :strong:

Well you ladies have a good day, I'll talk to y'all soon! :D


03-09-2002, 02:34 PM
Good morning all!

How is everyone's weekend going?

The kids are out of school till the 18th and they have already started in on wanting every one and anyone to spend the night.

We are also contemplating about moving to Colorado closer to family. Not really sure what to do yet? I love it here how there is so much to do, but on the other hand I really miss my family. Do you all live close to family where you are at?

Ok, Ok, Ok...... I have to confess the first thing I did this morning is jump on the scale... But it was just to see if I did any damage yesterday with all of the chocolate. But I vow that I will not get back on the scale till Monday morning! And I will stay off of it again till the next Monday! Monday is the day for me from now on!

Mel, Thank you for being so great too!:D I also really enjoy this group! It's nice being able to come here and know there is always someone here to listen to me. Have a good time working out!:)

Zoe, We can do it! I think the "scale obsession" has to go for us all! It really is crazy, It's not healthy to have a good day or a bad day depending on what the scale says. Sometimes we can gain 2-3 pounds of water weight from eating to much salt. But we take it as a failure and end up having a crapy day because of it. Lets stick together on this!:) You can do it girl!

Talk to you all soon


265/235/138( 97 pounds to goal:^: )

03-10-2002, 11:19 AM
Good Sunday Morning!

What a beautiful day! Yes, it's a big cool here in east FW but I feel great! At the same time, I feel a little ashame of 2 things. First, I didn't go to church. I am watching it on TV but it's just not the same. Second, I got on the scale. :( I'm so sorry ya'll. I know that I promised and *I* was the one who wanted to wait 2 or more weeks. But I just couldn't stand not knowing how I am doing. The good thing is, for me anyway, that I did wait 6 days before hopping on. Like I told y'all, I usually get on it EVERYDAY, 4 and 5 times in a morning so this sort of is an accomplishment. But I'm ashamed all the same. I won't post my weight now although it did go down, until at least Monday when my 'usual' weigh in would be. I'm going to really try to keep it to a minimum, I really am.

feffyy ~ Moving to Colorado???? Wow, don't leave, don't leave...:) Hey, if your family is there and you are all close, I know it's difficult to be away. I am not from here either and it does get hard, especially at the holidays. We (my husband, me and my son) are the only family members here in TX ~ everyone is elsewhere. My daughter is in FL as is my mom, brother, dad and step mother. We're originally from NJ so there are a bunch of siblings up there. But I miss FL and since we just got back a few weeks ago from a visit, I've been grumpy, wanting to live there again. Greg says we will when retirement comes around but hey, that's a long time from now. :( Good luck in making your decision and in what you do. Would it be in the NEAR future or is it just a thought right now?

Mel ~ Good girl for staying off the scale. You are the strong one here. Even though I failed in this attempt this week, I really do know that it IS best, especially for wanting to see a difference in the numbers.

asta is probably skiing her little legs off now....:D

Have a great Sunday everyone!!

Zoe ~ Soaking up the "SON" in Texas

03-10-2002, 02:39 PM
Good morning !

I walked a mile and a half yesterday at the gym, and played basket ball with my son for a little bit. But I won't be able to go today, my husband made plans to go visit someone that he works with, but maybe I can walk on mine when we get back.

I didn't get on the scales today, but not because I didn't want to but because I'm affraid of what I'll see. I cooked for company last night, and ate bread and pasta so I can just imagine how bad it's gonna be when I do weigh! I think I may skip weigh in Monday, and wait a week!

Zoe, I think you are strong, if you waited 6 days. It's hard to resist when you're so anxious to know.

Feffyy, I think that you should do what ever makes you happy. If moving back to Colorado will, then go for it! I don't have any family here and it's hard to be alone so much, my husband is always at work amd my son at school. To be honest, we've been talking about going back to Louisiana.

I guess I'm going get ready to go, I'll be back later!


Have a good day!

03-11-2002, 07:39 PM
Hi all,

Not really sure how I am feeling today. I always watch out what I cook for the family because I know there are some things I just can't stay away from. So what do I do? I go to the grocery store and get the stuff to make meat loaf and mashed potatoes and homemade bread.:?: As as I knew I was not able to stay away from it. Then I figured what the heck, I already ruined today so might as well have some Easter candy. I feel really bad.:( I don't know why we do things like this to ourselves? I know I am not alone here either every one of us in here has had bad days. I feel better talking about it though. But tomorrow I am starting over fresh! And going to just get right back on track:)

Mel, I think I will do what you said about waiting a week to get on the scale. I know I have probably gained back the 4 pounds I worked so hard to get off and I just can't face it. I am going to wait a week too! I am proud of you for walking a mile and a half at the gym! Way to go!:D Don't feel to bad about the pasta, at least it wasn't as bad as what I ate.

Zoe, If we do move to Colorado it won't be until 6 months. And for that matter we may not even go at all. We are in the process of trying to make a decision. Not sure what to do right now.:)
I also wanted to commend you for for staying away from the scale for 6 days! wow! I think you are doing great!

Sounds like the two of you are in the same boat as me with being so far away from your families. Mel, what part of Louisiana? Zoe, that's great you just got to visit you family, but sounds like you really miss them allot.

Well I will talk to you all tomorrow! Have a great Monday all!


265/235/138( 97 pounds to goal:^: )

03-11-2002, 08:51 PM
Hi ,

well as bad as I did this weekend, I got right back on track today, and really felt better than I have been feeling.

Feffyy, please don't praise me for being good cause I wasn't, my husband wanted cake and Ice cream for our guest so I had some too! :devil: But I didn't do as bad after I had it, I didn't eat but a bite when we went to visit Sunday afternoon.
I'm from a small town just east of Baton Rouge,La. so it's a pretty good drive for us to go visit, but I'm planning to go in a couple of weeks but before the new puppies come.

I've been trying to get my house picked up, but with this nasty weather it's hard to clean anything. I am so ready for summer to get here!!! Well ladies, I hope you had a good day. I'm gonna go for now. Be back soon!


03-12-2002, 10:20 AM

Well, I just can't seem to stay faithful at night when my husband and son are home. I couldn't stay off the scales either, but I'm at the same weight, so I guess if I'd behave then I would have lost some! :?: Plus I didn't walk again yesterday, which makes 2 days in a row. My husband is home sick today, so I need to try and be strong willed. If you girls have any suggestions that might help me resist temptation, I'd love to hear them!:^:

Asta, how was the ski trip? I hope you had lots of fun! It looks like it's finally going to warm up here! YIPPY!!!!!

How's everyone doing? I started a new diet plan yesterday, it's called "A Perfect You" and you get a 2 week kit that comes with a protien drink for breakfast, a mid-morning snack. Then you eat a small healty lunch, drink the energy drink that comes with it in mid-afternoon, and then a sensable dinner. It's pretty easy, if I could stop with the snacking around my family, because that's all they do! Oh, and the kit even comes with vitamin packs and it also has an appitite supressant but it's all herbal! No drugs, only problem is I can get all the vitamins down, but I'm gonna do the plan with out them. I'll just take a multivitamin on my own. Wish me luck!

Talk to y'all soon! Mel

03-13-2002, 09:34 PM
Happy Wednesday all!

I am doing my best to try and stay motivated. Been really hard for some reason lately. But I am going to hang in there and try and be a good girl!:angel:

Mel, I still wish to praise you, even if you haven't been perfect. Because just trying at all is worth a pat on the back I think.:) Keep us posted on how the new diet is working out ok! good luck!

Zoe, How is it going? Did you make it to Church? You said it was bothering you that you didn't go the other day. I feel that way sometimes too, but I have found some great people on TV to watch. Have you ever watched Joyce Meyer? She is awesome!

Well I will talk to you all tomorrow! Have a great day all:smug:

265/235/138( 97 pounds to goal )

03-13-2002, 09:48 PM
Good Evening ~

Well my friends, I'm not doing too good in the dieting department. I've felt so "trapped" keeping a journal of my eating and feeling like I can't have this or can't have that or I've had too many of those or I can't have any more of that or I can't even have that.......so I decided that I would stop the TRYING and just eat better. I'm going to try not to over eat and not eat a bunch of junk. If I can do this, I'm bound to lose weight.....right?? :?:

feffyy ~ I love Joyce Meyer!! I watch Charles Stanley and Jack Hayford too. I get so much from Jack Hayford. Do you know him? Joyce Meyer has been a great inspiration to me too ove the years. Do you have a church here? I've been going to Pantego Bible Church on I-30 and Eastchase.

Mel ~ Where did you get "The Perfect You" plan? It sounds like something that could really work. I'm just so undecided about what to do right now. I keep changing and keep going off the plan I choose that it's making it worse. :( Good luck with it.

Well, on a positive note, I did lose 3.5 lbs. I must confess that it WAS 5.5 last Sunday but I'm going to hold on to this 3.5 and try to continue with it. So my 196 is now 192.5. Woo Hoo...can't wait to be in the 180's.

Have a great evening y'all. Talk to you all tomorrow.

Zoe ~ Soaking up the "SON" in Texas

03-14-2002, 09:59 AM
Morning strangers!

I was beginning to think I ran y'all off :lol: I'm doing pretty good on my new plan, not alot different though. I'm just having a protein drink once a day now instead of searching for a healthy choice on my own.

Zoe, I got the plan from a distributor for Advocare, you can go to www.advocare.com to find a distributor near you, or call 1-800-542-4800. It's easy to use because everything you need for the plan is given to you, and you just have to eat 2 healty meals to go with it!

Feffyy, Thanks for the praise, it's nice to feel like I am doing it. I guess that was the hardest part, getting started. But now I'm doing better and being stronger about my choices and it feels good!

I've been thinking about my main goal, and I think I'm going to change it, but not until I'm at least half way there. In school I was between 135 - 145 and it was perfect for me, and even though that was a long time ago I think I'm gonna go for 155. Like I said, I'm not changing it yet, but I know what it is and I don't want to get overwhelmed right now while I'm still in the begining. Oh, I also ordered some books from Amazon.com, they came yesterday! One was a set of audio tapes to listen to, and I ordered a WW book just to see what it was about, I also order a pretty food & exercise journal that has some motivating passages or something in it! But I will admit that I haven't been wrtiting my food and exercise down for the last few days, but it does help when you keep up with it.

Guess I'll be going for now, be back soon! Mel

03-14-2002, 09:37 PM
Hello girls,

How are your days going? It seems like we are all stuck in the same rut. I really think this is just part of dieting. No one has good days ALL of the time. Maybe we should try something new?
I was thinking the other day about WHY I want to be thin again. There are just so many reasons... There are so many things I miss about the old me. I was thinking maybe we could all share our own personal reasons... Share if you want, if not that's ok too.:) I will start.

1. Getting dressed with out trying on 20 different outfits and then still not being happy with the way I look.

2. Wearing Jeans again!

3. Wearing a belt!

4. Tucking in my shirt.

5. Not shopping in the PLUS size department.

6. Liking what I see in the mirror.

7. Not looking like a scum ball in sweat pants and a tee-shirt.

8. Being able to shave my bikini line with out a mirror.

9. Dressing for the weather not my size. (a big tee-shirt and long shorts are not the most comfortable thing to wear in July in Texas!)

10. Feeling sexy.

11. Being comfortable!!!! (in a car, in a group, in a roller-coaster, in bed, etc. and ESPECIALLY during sex.)

12. Getting jealous looks from other women:devil:

13. Getting complements again!

14. Not being ignored (people use to open doors for me and help me find something in a store, now I feel invisible.)

15. Looking forward to seeing old friends and family with out cringing about having to face them because of my weight. I want to hear again "Feffyy you look great!"

16. Getting looks from men:devil: ( I know I am married but it's still nice to get noticed once in a while)

17. Feeling good about my self again.

18. Not panicking or making an excuse every time a situation comes up where I have to wear a baiting suit!

19. Not feeling like everyone in the room is staring at how overweight I am. Self confidence!

20. Being able to run and have enough energy for my kids!

Well I can think of about 100 more reasons if I keep going, but don't worry I won't do that to you!:lol: I think it helps writing these down and seeing them in print. A really great motivator!
Can't wait to hear you all's!

Zoe, that is AWESOME about the 3.5 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!:D I would kill to weigh that right now! I am soooo proud of you! I have never seen Jack Hayford but I will have to watch for him. Hang in there you are doing great, and I believe in you!

Mel, How tall are you? Just curious because of what you said about your goal weights:) It sounds like you are doing great on your new diet plan! Keep it up!

Sorry for always typing so much, I try to keep them short, really I do.:^: But what can I say I have the gift of gab.

Have a great night all! Talk to you soon


265/235/138( 97 pounds to goal )

03-14-2002, 10:33 PM
Good evening!

Well, what a day! I usually stay home and keep to myself but I decided to get out and tend to some paperwork that need to be taken care of. First thing this morning my sons hamster died, and he went off to school totally upset and in tears. Then off to town I go, had my copies made and headed back for home, I didn't even get half way there before my tire blewout! Luckily a very nice man stopped and changed it for me, then my husband finally showed up when the man was about to leave. Then I had to go back to town to get new tires, by the time I got home I felt drained!

So Feffyy, my #1 is being able to spend the day out without feeling totally beat! :(

2. Feeling good about myself!

3. Looking and feeling sexy again.

4. Not worrying about dying young from a heart attack, and leaving my family.

5. Wearing cute little skinny clothes!

I'm sure I could go on all night too but I think I'll save some for tomorrow, maybe we could share a few reasons everyday to keep them fresh! What do y'all think about that?

By the way Feffyy I'm 5' 3" and in school before my son and everything I was between 135-145 and looked good. I don't have a tiny little build, oh how I would love too, but anyway I was happy at that weight. So I'm gonna shoot for 155 and see how that feels now! I know I may be dreaming, because that was almost 12 years ago but we'll see. I'd love to get there and keep going but I'll just take one step at a time and worry with that when I get there.

Hi Zoe, let me know if I can help you find out more about "The Perfect You". And congrats. on the 3.5lbs. that's great!

Guess I'm going for now, be back soon!


03-15-2002, 10:57 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

We had a great time skiing, beautiful weather etc. Now it is time to get back into the home routine. I spent yesterday playing a tennis match (played terrible and lost) and running errands. I'm afraid that today will be about the same.

I am really on a major plateau and it is frustrating to me and I tend to think about food and want to eat when I am frustrated.

Have a good weekend!


03-15-2002, 03:04 PM
Hi girls!

Well yesterday I did good on my eating until later in the evening. I don't know why but I had a donut. Think maybe because of being on my period.

I feel pretty good today. Feel like making a fresh start! I am trying to think of what to do about starting an exercise program. We have a work out room here at our apartments, I was thinking about starting slow like maybe 10 min on the bike, and 10 min on the treadmill.

I broke down and got on the scale, and yep. I gained back the 4 pounds:( I thought I did. I was pretty bad the last few days. But that's ok. Just going to get back on the wagon and keep going!

Asta, So glad to see you again! That's great you had such a fun time skiing! Don't worry about the plateau It will pass:)

Mel, sorry to hear about the horrible day you had. I think watching your child hurting about anything is soooo hard. Poor baby:( Just give him lots of love. That sucks about the tire too. Ah well at least it's over now right. I don't think you are just dreaming about your goal weight. I know you will get there! You are very determined and that is what it takes!

Have a great weekend everyone!


265/239/138 (101 pounds to goal)

03-15-2002, 03:42 PM
Hello, I am sitting here trying to figure out what I'm going to do today, and the day is already half gone. I haven't walked at all this week, last time was Saturday , I think? So I need to get to the gym and do some moving around!

Our crisis is over now, my sweet husband fixed everything with a new hamster! My son and I are all alone for a few days, my husband left last night to go visit has dad, he's not doing very well and every moment counts. So we're just gonna hang out for the weekend , maybe see a movie or something!

I'm so..... happy to report that I lost 2 more pounds, I was going to wait to weight in on Monday but I felt so good this morning that I just had to do it! Now hopefully I can make it through the weekend without finding it again! :D

And last but not least more reasons I want to lose weight:

6. To find myself again (I've been lost, or hiding in this body for so long).

7. Getting compliments from my husband and others (I can't remember the last time I received one?).

8. So that I don't have to feel threated by other women, I'll know I can hold my own!

9. So that for once maybe my husband will be the one to get jealous ! :)

10. So that I will feel comfortable going out into the world and not worrying about what people think of me!

I know some of those were a little bit of the same, but y'all probably know what I mean. I just want to be free again!

Asta, don't get discouraged you'll get past this rough spot and start dropping pounds again. Try to think of some good things to keep you from eating through your frustration. Don't worry, I do the same thing, it's just something we have to work through!

Feffyy, don't worry about you gain, it's most likely just water weight because of your period, it'll come right back off. You're doing great, so keep going!

Hi Zoe, how are things? Just hang in there and if you can't deal with the journal then just think of it as temporary. After a few weeks you should have an idea of where your calories are coming from and you'll kind of keep a tally in your head and wont have to write everything down.

Y'all have a good weekend and hang in there! Mel


03-16-2002, 09:23 AM
Hello ladies :wave:

Sorry I've been away...just so busy at work and now, it's Saturday!!! YEAH!! I LOVE Saturdays....no work to get up to, no work the next day so I can just have a peaceful mind. I have an appt at 8am for a manicure and while I do that, my car will get inspected.

I found out yesterday that we have a black tie affair to attend next Sunday, the 24th. Now, there I was, in my car yesterday, driving and talking out loud...."I'm being punished. Ok, maybe just being taught a lesson. If I had been sticking to my eating plan and not going on these 'binges', I wouldn't be feeling like I was going to have to sausage into some long gown and look like a ball. " <sigh>.....so I'll be shopping for a dress this weekend and all of next week, getting depressed.....hey, ok Lord, I know, I know ~ You are trying to show me that I really do need to get rid of this 40 or so pounds....ok, I really do want to and I really do understand. I'll suffer through this event and then, I'll be looking great by the tme the company Christmas party comes around in the beginning of December..........

anyway, I am feeling really down about having to go the the mall and try on a million BIG evening gowns and spend a bunch of money, not only to buy something that I don't ever want to fit into again but also to look like a big bouncing ball.......

Mel ~ thanks for the info on The Perfect You. I will be checking it out. It sounds like a very interesting plan. How is it going for you?

feffyy ~ Ok, my turn to cheer you up.....don't let that +4 get to you.....just get up and start again. Look for Jack Hayford in the TV guide from Sunday's paper. He is on some time in the early evenings on Sunday. Where did you say you go to church?

asta ~ glad you had a great time and didn't break anything. :D

I've decided for myself to do away with the food journal. I love the weight watcher's point system and want to continue with that in mind but I felt so trapped having to write it all down, not miss a thing and had that journal follow me wherever I went. So I am feeling free of that already and will try to rely more on my hunger than my 'want' of the food.

Well, I have a nail appt at 8am and need to drop my car off for inspection. Have a wonderful Saturday.......today is a new day and we will conquer it.

03-16-2002, 10:20 AM
Morning, I need to get this out of my system, I had a pack of choc. cover raisins at the movie last night, and a pickle, so I'm paying for it this morning. I can feel the sodium just soaking up every drop of water I drink, and storing it ugh... And, we're going to another movie tonight, but I wont be doing that again! By the way, "Showtime" was hilarious and my son and I will see "Ice Age" tonight, it was sold out last night so I promised my son we'd try to see it so I ended up buying the tickets last night!

Zoe, I'm doing fine on the diet plan, only I told you I couldn't take the vitamins, well it's because there's so many to take, 4 packs per day and they're huge! It's nice cause you can change up the plan to have your protein drink at lunch, or even at night if you want to. Kind of expensive but worth it if it works right, the 2 week kit was $100.00, but thats vitamins, snack bars, energy drinks and protein drinks, plus a tape measure and the little menu plan that you'll mark off, and an audio tape too! Good luck if you decide to try it, and let me know how it goes. Don't worry about your party dress, just take one day at a time, and do what you can to make wearing that dress better! You can do it and we'll be here for you too! ;)

Everyone have a good day, I'm going to the gym this morning to get rid of that pickle and the candy:^: I'll be back !


03-17-2002, 09:15 PM
Here are my top 10 reasons to lose weight:

1. To be in a size 11/12 or to buy a size that is 'on the rack'.

2. To not have to struggle with buying a new outfit, trying on 15 items just to find one.

3. To buy something NICE for the company Christmas party this year.

4. To be able to wear shorts without dimpled knees.

5. To not see 'fat' when I look in the mirror.

6. To be able to bend over and tie my sneakers without it hurting.

7. To have my chest stick out more than any other part of me.

8. To be excited about events instead of thinking of how much time I have to diet.

9. To be able to wear a bikini (even though I wouldn't)


03-18-2002, 09:37 AM
Hello Hello!

I'm still half asleep this morning, but I'm here! Being able to come and share my experiences with y'all is such a big deal for me cause I don't have anyone who would go through this with me. I mean I have my family but they don't understand what I'm going through the way y'all understand! That's probably been the biggest bonus for me, because I don't feel alone now!

Anyway! I did ok with my eating, although I did splurge a little but I made up for it so it's all good!I have to get back to my exercising this week, last week I kind of let it go and I actually missed it. I really do feel better every time I go work out or even walk on my treadmill!

Today is the day for me to do something for me, so I'm going to get a perm this morning! Worried about getting home in the rain without getting my hair wet? Guess it'll be ok!

I'll be back later, and thanks for listening! Mel

03-19-2002, 11:25 AM
I'm just popping in for a minute! Got my hands full, getting ready for puppies due next week! And looks like I'll be making a quick trip to my Moms in Baton Rouge!

I treated myself to a perm yesterday, and what (beautiful weather) to be getting a perm in! Had to leave the beauty shop with a trash bag on my head, it was really pouring! I just wanted to let y'all know that I lost 2 more lbs. and I'm so excited!!!!! :D
I think the trip to the gym gave me a little boost, so I've got to make sure I keep going.

How are all of y'all doing? Must be busy with the families! I like to just check in everyday when I can, after next weeks puppies, I may be out for a while?

Y'all be strong, and think THIN!



03-19-2002, 08:55 PM
Hello again :wave:

Just checking in for a moment. Tomorrow is Wednesday...yeah, mid-week, halfway to the weekend. :)

Tomorrow I am getting serious. I am starting a Spring Challange in another group I post in and we are all going to 'challange' ourselves that we can lose 1-% of our current weight by the end of spring. I am so going to do ths. :)

Hi Mel, where is everyone??????

Have a great night.

Zoe <><

03-20-2002, 08:01 PM
Good Wednesday afternoon everyone!

Sorry I haven't been posting girls, but the last week my husband and I have been keeping the same schedule. I never post on here when he is around, I think this is for me and me only. None of his business. I tried it once and he hangs over my shoulder. But I have been here every day reading your post though.:D

Boy I have really had a hard time being good! I don't know what it is? It's like this little voice inside of me saying eat! eat! eat! Wish it would just shut up! I have been fighting it though! The only time I was even a little bad was two days ago I had some Jelly Beans. And that isn't toooo bad. At least it's not chocolate or pizza right:)

I am happy to report that I have lost 4 pounds!:D YEA! And by the end of March my goal is to see 230 on the scale!

Mel, Congrats on loosing 2 more pounds!!!!! :D That is to funny that you had to leave the salon with a bag over your head! Also I am glad that your hubby got your little one a new hamster! What did you name it? Don't worry about eating the chocolate covered raisins and the pickle, that is still much better then a bag of movie theatre popcorn!:D

Asta, How are you doing with your plateau?

Zoe, I am sorry you have to go and get a dress right now. I know exactly how that feels! Wish we lived next door I would just let you borrow some of mine. I use to have to go black tie events all the time with my husbands old job. And had to do the shopping thing just like you. Try getting something that you could wear also when you lose the weight. Try getting a Black blazer and a long black straight cut one tone dress. Have fun at the nail appointment and relax!:)

I went the other day and got my nails done, a pedicure, and had my hair done. Then I went to "ULTA" and got $70.00 worth of hair products and makeup!:devil: It felt good to do something for me. I always say that I am going to start doing things like that when I loose weight. (when I deserve it) But I figured that I don't have to be skinny to be nice to me! I am worth just as much overweight as I am thin. The only difference is that I will feel better when I loose this weight.

We are all valuable people thick or thin!

Have a great day all! Talk to you soon!


265/234 /138 (96 pounds to goal)

03-21-2002, 12:31 AM
Hi everyone,

I had a great day today, I did good with my eating and even went to the gym for over an hour! :D I've kind of had the munchies this week but I got through today with out eating anything bad!
Now I need to get up and get busy, because at this time tomorrow night I'll be on my way to Baton Rouge to see my mom. I don't know if I'll get a chance to post while I'm there, but I'll check in tomorrow. It's going to be rough there, my mom thinks she has to feed me and she's very hard headed when it comes to me not eating. Like it would hurt me to do without! That's part of the problem, when I was growing up, she always forced food down my throat even if I didn't want it. Now I find myself doing it , still out of habit! I'm getting better at listening to myself, and stoping when I'm full. Please help me be strong!

Feffyy, I know how you feel, when my family is home I have no time to myself. Alway hanging out trying to see what I'm doing, instead of doing anything productive! I proud of you for doing something for yourself, you do deserve it! And congrats. on loseing 4lbs., keep up the great work! Oh yes, the Hamster's name is Fuzzy :) !

Hi Zoe, how are you? Good luck with your Spring challenge, you'll do great!

I guess I'm gonna go now, but I'll check in tomorrow before I leave! Good Night


03-21-2002, 09:48 AM
hello all!

Sorry that I have been missing, I've been really busy and I think that I'm having a relapse of whatever I had 2 weeks ago. Plateau is still here.


03-21-2002, 03:02 PM
Hi ladies,

I'm just stopping in for a few minutes while I finish packing. I feel pretty good today, but I am a little sore from my workout last night! Which I don't mind, because I know it's a good sore! Instead of just doing cardio, I did a little weight toning so I wont be so flabby! And I can keep up my exercise while I'm gone, because my mom has a treadmill! Yea!!! :lol: I hope y'all have a beautiful weekend, and I'll stop in if I can!


03-21-2002, 10:22 PM
Hello ladies :wave:

I just got home a short time ago....had my hair colored, then home to make a fast din-din. Greg and I had pancakes for dinner.....I love breakfast for dinner. :) So I get home later than usual when I have my hair done.....got all that natural blonde taken out. :lol::lol:

Mel ~ have a wonderful time in LA. Don't let anyone give you any food you don't want. :) Just have fun

asta ~ sorry you're feeling a relapse coming on. Hope you're okay

feffyy ~ doesn't it feel great to do something for yourself, buy some beauty items??? I love doing that. I did find a nice dress that's one piece but looks like it's 2....hides alot. Ha!

Hope you're all having a great night....gotta run now. Have a great Friday.


03-22-2002, 04:35 AM
Hello girls!

Well, I had a long day. Had an early appointment. Then came home to do some deep cleaning. I am still not done, I will finish tomorrow.

I have gotten in the bad habit lately of not eating all day, then by the time I put the kids to bed I am starving! I am still eating healthy, but I know it is slowing down my metabolism. Shame on me! I am going to start doing better tomorrow!:D

Asta, You seem so down! I hope everything is ok with you. Don't forget we are all here for you!:) Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Mel, WOW an hour at the gym! Great job! Be strong at your mom's house ok! I know you can do it! Try and explain to her you have been trying to eat healthy and that you need her help. Maybe you two can make some great baked chicken together! Have fun!

Zoe, MMMMMMMMMM I love breakfast for dinner too! Do you ever eat creeps? YUMMY! And low fat to boot. The dress sounds awesome! Take some time for you before the party and go get your hair done! It will make you feel more self confident when you are there :)

Have a great weekend everyone! Be strong girls! Just think by this time next month we are all going to be thinner then we are right now!

Thanks again everyone for always being there for me:smug: Talk to you soon.


03-22-2002, 04:41 AM
Oh I almost forgot....

Zoe, you are a beautiful person! Don't put little piggies by your name.

Here this is better........:angel: Zoe:angel:

Bye for now......

:moo: feffyy:moo:

hehehehehe just kidding!


03-22-2002, 09:30 AM
Hey ladies!

Things are looking better today. I went to the DR yesterday afternoon and got some stronger antibiotics. Slept better last night... I think that I have been overwhelmed lately. A lot of stuff stacked up that I needed to get done, then I couldn't sleep because of coughing, then my microsoft money mysteriously quit working... I haven't felt like exercising as much as usually and I think that makes me grumpy. That is good because it does show that I have developed an exercise habit.

Have a good weekend all!


03-22-2002, 06:47 PM
I just wanted to let y'all know I'm here, my mom had to run down the road for a minute and I decided I'd check in with y'all! I'm having a good time, but I'm still tired from the drive in last night. I didn't have time to fix anything to eat, so we ended up having fast food and I am really feel bad about that. The thing is that it didn't even taste good to me, so I don't have to worry about wanting anymore! My stomach has been upset all day from that mess!
I'm gonna go since my mom is back, but I'll try to check in later.

Asta, I hope you're feeling better, you take care and get well!

Feffyy, You don't know my mom, she's very old school! Always cooking big meals to feed everyone, tonight is Crawfish Stew! I do miss all of the cajun cooking, but I'll take it easy.

Zoe, I'm glad you found a dress, it sounds really nice. And I'm happy that you're doing things that are just for you (don't you just love to go to the salon)! :D

Have a good weekend, and I'll talk to y'all soon!


03-24-2002, 10:51 AM
Hey everyone :wave:

I am so busy today, getting ready for tonight. Of course, the procrastinator in me didn't get my nails and pedicure done yesterday so I'm going to be doing that today. Why do I put things off like this. :?:

Just wanted to say hi ~ I'll be back tomorrow since it will be too late tonight when we get in. Have a great Sunday!

Zoe <><

03-25-2002, 02:18 PM
Hi everyone!

I made it back, where are y'all? Zoe, how did everything go, did you enjoy yourself? I hope so!

I had a great time at my moms, but I'm glad to be home. It's so tiring just being away from home and it's so nice when you get home! I did pretty good with my eating, didn't do perfect but then who is perfect? I'm happy anyway!
Now I'm just sitting around waiting for the puppies to arrive, any day now!

How is everyone? I sure missed checking in , but y'all weren't here anyway! talk to y'all soon, Mel

03-26-2002, 08:49 PM
Happy Tuesday everyone :wave:

How is everyone doing today? We made it through Monday and now through Tuesday....tomorrow is mid-week and then, before you know it, the weekend is here. Wishing my life away, waiting for the weekends. :lol:

The black tie event was great. It was held at the Worthington, downtown FW. It was made to be like the Academy Awards....so corny but cute. Valet parking and a red carpet to walk up...lots of screaming 'fans', asking for our autographs......it was fun. The tuxedo has been returned and all is back to normal here. :)

feffyy ~ but I love those little :ink::ink:'s. Ha! I collect :ink:'s and love that they put them on here. :)

mel ~ Glad that you're back and hope you're feeling ok and your stomache is better. Was it the food or just the thought of what you ate??

asta ~ Where you at????

have a great evening and I'll talk to y'all tomorrow or the next day.

Zoe <><

03-27-2002, 12:00 AM

I'm not doing so great with my eating this week, I think it's just time for a little break from the diet? And probably Easter, love all the candy and stuff! :ink: but I'm trying to control myself! I really don't know whats wrong, I was doing so good? Just kind of feel down this week. I'm stuck at home for one reason, and there's candy in the house! :ink: The puppies will probably come tomorrow, and then I'll be busy (too busy to eat, maybe!).

Zoe, the fast food always tears up my stomache, for days! That's why it's pretty easy to stay away from it! We've been eating chicken, so when I have beef I get sick. Your black tie affair sounds like lots of fun!

Asta, Hope you're feeling better!

Feffyy, how is everything going?

Talk to y'all soon! Mel

03-27-2002, 09:57 AM
Good morning Ladies!

Sorry that I have been AWOL. I am definitely feeling back to normal. My 4 year old was home yesterday with a fever and didn't move all day, but she seems a lot better today. My period started this morning and I feel bloated and fat, but I am going to get moving and try to forget about it. The weather looks beautiful and I'm going to try to get out in it.

Have a nice Wednesday!


03-27-2002, 06:49 PM
Hi, I only have a minute to let you know I won't be in as often for a few weeks. Our puppies are here, so far 5 males and 5 females, and I think she's finished ( I hope )! Anyway, I didn't get any sleep last night because I helped deliver them too! so it's about time for a quick nap!

Be back soon! Mel

03-29-2002, 03:41 AM
Hey girls,

Wow I feel like a stranger not being here much in the last week. Things have just been so busy. We are trying to sell a car, plus talking about moving to Colorado still, and my husband has been looking for a new job too.

I have been doing just terrible on my diet. I don't know what happened? I was doing great and for some reason I have gotten really off track. I am going to weigh in tomorrow. I know I have gained at least 5 pounds.:(

I feel like a broken record saying this but I am going to start over! I know I can do it I just need to find what ever is inside of me stopping me.

Asta, I am so glad you are feeling better! I'm sorry that your little one caught it though. Is your 4 year old feeling better yet?

Mel, That is so awesome that you had so much fun at your moms! I know how you feel when you say that eating fast food makes you feel sick. It does me too. I'm so happy that the puppies were born! Can you post some pictures on here for us? I would love to see them:)

Zoe, How cute that you collect pigs! I have another friend that does also. Her whole kitchen is pigs. Do you have the cookie jar that oinks at you? hehehe I am glad that the party turned out to be so much fun. See you were worried for nothing.

I just wanted to say thinks for hanging in there everyone! Lets stick together and not give up on anyone! We are all going to make it! I know it!:D


03-29-2002, 07:38 AM

Feffyy, It's nice to have you back again :) I know what you mean about getting off track. Since my weekend at my moms, I haven't been able to get back on track. But I'm not giving up, because I know I can do it! I also know that I'v probably gained a few pounds back too! I tell you what, If you'll help me be strong, I promise I'll help you too. That goes for everybody!

I'll be busy with the puppies for a few weeks, but I'll still be here when I can.

Zoe, where are you now?

Asta, how is everything going, getting back to normal I hope. I know it's hard to get back into exercising when you've stopped, even for a little while. Especially after being sick, it just seems like you're weaker than usual. I know I haven't done anything in a week, and I feel guilty, but I just don't have the energy? ! ? :?:

Hope y'all have a good weekend, and Happy Easter!

Be back soon, Mel

03-29-2002, 01:23 PM
OHHHHHHHHH they are soooooo cute Mel!!!!!!

I want to hold one!!!!:)

I love puppies! I have a little pom and I would like to bread her. I know she would be a good little mommy. Thanks for posting a picture for us.

Man I have no energy today. All I have done the last few days is eat. It's so weird how we so easley do what is so bad for us, but it's so hard to do what is good for us. I have made a choice. I AM going to start walking either on the treadmill or in the park. I am going to walk at first 3 days a week. I know I can do it. I am soooo out of shape! I stay at home all day and all I do is clean the house. I really feel like a hermit. I am going to start this week and change all of that. I think small steps at a time. I think if I am serious about seeing some results I need to get serious about making some real changes. Not JUST change my eating. Ok, so for my first BIG change. I vow that I will exercise 3 times a week for 1/2 hour each time. I need some help here girls, I need someone out there to stay on me about this ok!:)

Mel, I will do my best to keep you strong! And everyone else! Lets stick together girls! Get tough and really go for it this month.

Happy Easter everyone! Have a great weekend!


03-29-2002, 03:22 PM
Hello :)

Those puppies sure are cute!

My 4 year old is 100% now, so we are all back on track.

Happy Easter everyone!

04-01-2002, 09:57 AM
:devil: Happy April Fools Day! :s:

I hope that everyone had a nice Easter!

It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day in North Texas, let's all get out there and enjoy it!


04-01-2002, 09:34 PM
Hey, where is everyone?????? What's going on y'all...?? How was your Easter Sunday? Ours was good ~ quiet but good.

Mel ~ those babies are just too cute!!! How can you let then go? I don't think I could do it but then, to have 8 extra dogs could tend to be a problem, huh? :lol:

feffyy ~ did you get your energy back? Yes, I collect pigs and I too have them in my kitchen but also, throughout the house. They're 'tasteful' though, not over powering. I just love them! although I don't like the shiny ceramic type so I don't tell people so they don't buy any.....is that mean??? :joker:

asta ~ so glad that your little one is back to 100%.

Well, have a wonderful Monday night....this was a very lonnnnngggg day!! I feel frazzled :dizzy: Talk to y'all soon.

Zoe <><

04-01-2002, 11:49 PM

I think coming here is what has been motivating me because I sure can't seem to control myself while I'm away. I'm so frustrated, because I'm so tired I guess? I rest when I can and I get a quick meal, and watch over the puppies, and the puppies mom is sick! I'm so upset because she's like my baby girl, since I can't have anymore, and now she might have to have surgery! We've got her on antibiotics but that may not be enough? Oh, I forgot to tell y'all she ended up having 11, 6 boys and 5 girls.

I'm glad to see everyone making their way back in here, I know I'm going to try to start posting everyday again, I really think it was helping!

Well I'm gonna go again, but I'll be back! :D


04-02-2002, 10:31 AM
Good morning everyone!

Zoe, I hope that your Tuesday is less frazzling than Monday.

We have a busy week this week. My son is starting ice hockey goalie lessons. I am on the school board for our church preschool and we start interviewing candidates for director this week.

I have decided to really turn it up a notch or two as far as diet and exercise go. I have been stuck on a plateau long enough. Yesterday was great, I ate right and got a lot of exercise. I biked for fun with the kids and went to the gym and worked out while they were at school.

Have a good one ya'll!


04-02-2002, 10:33 AM
Mel, sorry about your puppies mom, what does she have?

04-02-2002, 09:03 PM
Hi y'all!

I finally got a little rest today, I think the new meds. may be helping my girl ( momma dog ) so she and the puppies seemed to be resting a little better.

Asta, she has whats called Pyometria which is a very serious infection in the uterus. If we can't get it clear up, she'll have to be spayed. I'm pretty upset by this because anyone that knows me , knows that I take very good care of all of my dogs, but this one is very special because she's been with me inside for almost 4 years. And she's my best brood female, and produces very fine litters.

So I've really been stressing over this, because I try to do everything right, but something always seems to go wrong! Kind of like dieting! :) I did a little better today with my eating, but it's hard because I don't have much to choose from since my husband hasn't been shopping. Yes, he does the shopping when I have puppies inside! :D

Well it's time to go check on the babies, I'll post another pic. of them when I make a new one!

Have a good evening! Mel

04-05-2002, 03:50 AM
Hey girls,

Wow been really busy here lately. I think I have also been avoiding coming here because I have been bad. I have been doing terrible with my eating. I figured well it's the end of the month so I may as well wait until the first to make the change. Then when the first came it didn't happen, then the second came and my husband wanted to go out to dinner. etc. etc. etc. Well now it's the 5th and I have got to face the music! I really don't know what has been wrong with me?

I know one thing that I am really, really upset about is that I started this diet 6 months ago. And when I started it I called my family who I haven't seen in two years and told them I am coming to visit in July. I was so excited because that gave me plenty of time to take this weight off before I went back to go and see them. Well the first month I did great! I took of 20 pounds then I don't know what happened the last two months? Now I only have three months till I have to face them. :( Now even if I do great on my diet I will still be heavy when I see them. Even if I have a great three months.:( Sorry just need to let off some steam. I am really stressed over this. That is what we are here for right...

Well what I have decided to do is try and accept my self, and just do the best I can. I think if I do great the next three months I will still be heavy but at least I won't be obese when I see them. This is better then nothing.

Asta, I am soooo glad your little one is feeling %100 again! It sounds like you are back on track with your diet and exercise! Great job!

Zoe, My Easter was great, went to the park with the family, and just relaxed all day:) Sounds like you had a great one too! I don't think that is mean at all not to tell people so they don't buy you the shiny ceramic!

Mel, I hope your dog is doing better!:?: I will say a prayer for her. I LOVE animals! My heart would be breaking. Sounds like we are going threw the same eating thing right now. We will get threw this! We Will!

Lets hang in there all!! We CAN do this! Lets not give up on each other ok!:D

04-05-2002, 03:52 AM
Wow page 5 already! Going to start the new one! It will again be exactley the same but have a #3 next to it ok!

See you all there.