Support Groups - Sizzling along to the Solstice: Where do you want to be by then?

04-16-2008, 03:25 PM
Summer's coming -- about 9.5 weeks left till the solstice. That's long enough to really get somewhere. Where do you want to be on June 20/21st? How are you going to get there?

Sign up -- we'll get there together!

04-16-2008, 04:09 PM
Where do I want to be, and how do I plan to get there? Good questions!

In 10 weeks, I should be down 10 lbs. Ok, that is the where part answered. Easy enough. Now for the how...
I have evidently moved through the easiest pounds already--the ones where I didn't have to change a whole lot, just be mindful. It seems to be time to crack down a little bit more if I expect steady changes in weight. A lot of this plan will look familiar, but I'm going to add in a few more small things.

My Summer Solstice Plan:

Eat regularly and mindfully throughout the day.
Do not go hungry!
Fiber is my friend.
Vitamins are a must.
Movement is mandatory.
Light weights or other upper body 10 minutes a day.
5k steps a day to start, building up 500 more each week (this is entirely dependent on my feet).
Keep positive talk going. Squelch the negative quickly.
Engage my family in my success.

I'm sure I'll be adding to this list as time goes by, but that does seem to be enough to work on for now. :) I already started the "Engage my family" part this morning by asking my sweetie to please go on walks with me in the evenings. He agreed, and I'm looking forward to it.
I'm going to hurry and add a Summer Solstice ticker and then get ready to get back to work. I love being able to sneak on every once in a while during the day. Back-to-back lunch and conference periods work for me!


04-17-2008, 12:07 PM
My totally doable goal is in my ticker. Here's how I'm going to achieve it:

Next to no sugar or gluten
Lots of veggies and fruit
Work on seeing that my real needs are met
Food only at the table when I'm alone
Journal! I resist that one like the dickens but I must be accountable.
10-14k steps a day
Circuits 3x a week
Some mind-body exercise every days
Some FUN every day
At least 3L water a day

Andrea, those are some good-looking goals! And isn't it motivating to see such a fresh ticker number at the end. I'm so excited :cb: :cb:

I'm thinking of each day as a dot -- and the final picture has me at my solstice goal. :)

K, Chicklies, who's up for the challenge? ;)

04-17-2008, 01:45 PM
I am off today! Ok, so I took the day off because I have a mammogram appointment this afternoon, but it is still a day off! I'm also doing something good for myself this afternoon, even though I'm not excited about it. Mammograms didn't used to bother me, but because there is a history of breast cancer in my family, they have become more and more angsty with me when I come in. A few years ago there were some tiny dots, smaller than grains of sand, showing, and they totally freaked out. I ended up having two biopsies, and thankfully, they found nothing to worry about. Still, it ended up costing me a small fortune I didn't have as well as a lot of stress I didn't need. I will go through it all again if necessary, but I know more about my own health needs now to be able to stand up for myself and demand a little more time be taken before going under a knife. I wish I didn't have to learn the hard way.
Anyway, I've been having a blissfully lazy morning, but it is time to get moving or I won't accomplish my goals for the day. There are at least 4,000 steps still calling my name, not to mention some weights that I am not allowing to gather any more dust.

Arabella, nice goals! I especially liked the "Work on seeing that my real needs are met." And you are absolutely right about the fresh ticker number. Breaking things up into smaller chunks works nicely for me usually, but I hadn't realized how soon I could be into a whole new weight range. Everything was feeling like a long-distance goal, and I was starting to lose daily focus. This feels hot, new, and totally doable.

I can hardly wait to see everyone else's new/revised plans!


04-17-2008, 07:22 PM
Oh, hello! Once again, a quicky post. I'm off for cut and color--much needed! Just wanted to report that I haven't been MIA due to falling off the ol' wagon...mais non! Quite the contrary...I've been eating very well, getting the bod out every day at lunch for a 30 minute walk in this glorious spring weather. Heaven! Fingers are crossed to get back in here tonight, with my goals firmly in hand. If not tonight, definitely tomorrow! Am loving the positive energy flowing from the Palace!

And......I'm outta here! :dance:

04-17-2008, 09:10 PM
Hello all....

well, let me see....

I say

YES.... I can do this....

And can we do it, yes, we can ! 10 lbs in 9 weeks....

Here we go...

eat less, move more....


This is perfect timing after I spent 2 hrs in a dressing room realizing, "Its not that you need a bra, underpants, etc"....

Hope everyone is doing well. I even got motivated to run the vacuum.
I should do that more often, its such instant gratifciation and it's steps too!

Yes, I like that idea.... Spring clean and get the steps in!

Such brillant royals we have here!

Has anyone seen the show " I Can Make You Thin" thru your tv ??? Its nearly finished here, I hope they rerun it!

Here's Friday's Thought:

Thought of the day:

"True friends are like stars;
you can only recognize them when it's dark around you."
Bob Marley

Question of the day:

"Have you ever been to a planetarium?"


Maybe I can get some more vacuuming in.....;)

04-18-2008, 11:25 AM
Quickie report here too, on the grounds that a quickie is better than nuthin' ;)

:tired: Nobody slept much here last night. We had DGS and he took forever to go to sleep and then woke about 4 and was chatting away to himself for about an hour and a half. So I was awake. DH woke up around 3 and had been pretty bouncy and noisy before then.

Hasn't been a great week for sleep anyway -- just seems to be harder to go to sleep early enough for the 5 a.m. wakeup.

Yesterday I caught myself having a bite of this and that :nono: Must nip that in the bud. Today, despite fatigue, I'm pretty determined to stay OP. I'm looking forward to having the journaling and eating only at the table be matter-of-course for me. It always takes the impulse/compulsive aspect away. And that feels like freedom and makes me realize how much of my time, mental space and energy was centered around food. Once I get going, suddenly it's like life just opens up.

:dz: As I say, I'm looking forward to that. In any case, I'm doing what I need to do to get to that state of grace.

That's me, me, me for now... Hope all have a splendid Friday!

04-18-2008, 03:19 PM
Hey everyone :)

So, I didn't get that job. I'm disappointed, but I'm also a little relieved. There are going to be other jobs out there that are a better match for me, I know it. And yes, I'm going to keep telling myself that.

Today is being a busy day! I'm hopping all over the school, and the class I'm subbing is in a computer lab, which means I'm running back and forth to help students. My steps are looking good! We are also headed to Six Flags tonight for the grand opening of a new ride. It is going to be fun to see how many steps I end up with at the end of the day. :)
Oh, speaking of steps! Last night I was running just a bit shy, so I asked my sweetie if he wanted to go for a short walk with me. He agreed! We had a nice little stroll around the neighborhood, holding hands and talking. It was so nice to not feel like I was doing it on my own. Sometimes I forget to allow my family to be cheerleaders for me; it probably has something to do with my fear of letting them down. I need to get over that, huh.

Hey, I keep forgetting to ask... anyone have a good idea or plan to help remember to take vitamins? What I'm already doing sure isn't working well.

Arabella, wow, I hope you manage to catch a nap today! We have rules in our house about eating all meals at the table, even snacks, and it has changed our eating habits so much. We hardly go through any snack foods at all because there isn't a ton of mindless eating going on. Plus, it just doesn't stink to have that time together. I wish we had been doing this all along. New husband + new house = new rules!

Kaylets, liking the image of spring cleaning yourself to weight loss. :) I haven't seen the tv show, but I remember seeing an ad for it. Have you seen the series? It really did sound interesting.

Kat, sounds like you are in a seriously good place! Keep it going, girl! And you are right--there is a whole lot of positive energy flowing through the palace right now. :)

Ok, I have to run before the next bell rings. Have a great day!


04-18-2008, 10:46 PM
Whoopsies! Almost missed the breadcrumbs. Lots of energy and excitement. Must get on that wagon - actually have been on it in many ways, just not organized about it.

Spent several days in P-ville celebrating birthday of now Princess Twelve. Will be going back again in a couple of days to hold the world together while DD has medical procedure and recoups a bit. Been swirling here getting stuff done so MY world holds together while I'm gone.

Also accepted offer of DS/DDIL to accompany them to a convention in Quebec City in July. Motivation, motivation. the thought of "clothes", energy level, etc. is daunting but I think it's time I step back out of my box. That first step is working out well so mayhap this one will too.

Re sleep - it is full moonish too, Arabella. We seem to have that trend towards less sleep then, non?

Apologies to all. Maybe tomorrow. Time to think "bed" and make it work.

thanks for new thread, Arabella.

:belly: :broc: :broc: :belly:

Please forgive the meme. So much to catch up on, so much to decide. But life has seemed better - maybe it's just the be-a-utiful weather. Outside shaping up a bit.

04-19-2008, 11:29 AM
The coffee's made, and so is my bed, the bathroom is clean, there is a load of wash going, I'm actually dressed and ready to take on the day. BUT FIRST...

Time to declare some new goals.

At first I thought, "Hmm, 10 lbs in 9 weeks? That's EASY!" But, no, it's not. :no: Not at this age, anyway! Didn't it used to be so much easier to drop a quick ten, back in the day? :yes: Ah, youth!

I digress. New goals. FOCUS, kat! :mag:


I recently came to the conclusion that, in order to succeed, I have to make this very easy on myself. I have to do stuff that I can live with, so that means no lofty pronouncements of "I WILL LOSE 50 LBS BY SUMMER." It means embracing the baby steps and taking them slowly, and knowing that if I just keep doing the small stuff, it will all add up to big stuff and success! :encore:

I have been doing well lately. For the most part. For me, doing well usually means two to three days of awesome on target behavior and then a collapse on the fourth day because, "I've been good." Which then leads to another day of iffy eating, and then would just snowball into a week, two, etc... (I didn't get this fat for nuthin'!) LATELY, however, I still get those days, but I've been able to curb myself to having a meal or two where I'm not counting, refuse to feel guilty, and then get right back to business. Which has actually been working for me, somewhat. When I start to get that old down and out, why bother feeling, I do remind myself that I have lost 20 lbs! Something that I haven't done in a long, long time.

ANYWAY...Here are my goals:

1. Eat well. Back to WW Sunday mornings. I'm going to go with Core this time around. I never had much success with it before, but it seems to work well with my new approach to eating. I attended a great lecture the other day, on my lunch hour, given by a neurologist who also specializes in accupuncture and nutrition. "How to Eat Wisely in a Toxic World." Lots of good stuff there, but it basically boiled down to this: the higher quality of fuel you use in your engine, the more efficiently it runs, the longer it lasts and still looks good! So, I've been really trying to steer clear of anything with preservatives, chemicals, additives of any kind. Just whole foods, with lots of fruits and veggies. More fish than meat and no red at all. Organic when I can get it reasonably.

2. Daily Exercise I was looking at my gym schedule before, trying to figure out what classes to go to when...but, in the interest of simplification, I'm going to just declare that something must be done every day. Oh! And! As God is my witness, <striking my scarlett o'hara pose> I'm getting that pedometer that I've been meaning to get, TODAY! Shooting for those 10,000 steps daily will keep me moving! Plus I have a TON of yard work to get busy with, not to mention the veggie garden I've decided to build this year.

3. Water, water, water.
4. Vitamins. I can't help you with that one, Andria. I have them sitting right on my kitchen table and still forget to take them every day! Think I'm going to leave myself a note on the fridge to remind me...
5. Spiritual sustenance... meditation, gratitude, embracing joy in the little things, laughter, fun.
6. Daily posting here. Even a few lines. A visit to the Palace definitely keeps me grounded and always makes me smile!

That's it! I'm going to start a new challenge ticker tomorrow, after official weigh in. My weight hasn't changed in a few weeks, which I was getting a little concerned about, but realized that it's because it's my actual weight, not some fluctuation of water or how much food I did or did not have recently!

This is turning into a marathon post, but I did want to get a few more words in:

Arabella...thanks, as always, for starting the new thread! I hope that you're able to catch up on your rest this weekend! I found myself nodding vigorously at your words, ...makes me realize how much of my time, mental space and energy was centered around food. Once I get going, suddenly it's like life just opens up. :yes: :yes: :yes: sorry about the job, but that just means there is something better out there waiting for you! How sweet that T is stepping out there with you. Multi tasking: exercise=quality time! Score!!

Anagram...Sounds like you are keeping very busy what with princesses and swirling about! Good for you for venturing out of the box!

Kaylets... Oh, the dreaded dressing room reality check! <shudder> :yikes:
I have been to the Hayden Planetarium at the Museum of Natural History in NYC. Awesome. Thank you for reminding me that I'd really love to go again! PS--love the quote!

wsw, ceara... :wave: I don't remember what you've been up to since the last thread, but I hope you're doing well and can't wait to see you both soon at our new digs!

Okay. See what happens when I don't post for a while? I just go on and on and on.....

Time to go seize the day. Let's make it a good one, shall we?

04-19-2008, 12:54 PM
AAAAANNNND... (drumroll, please!) I went for my first woods woggle of the year :cp: :cp: I am so grateful to be able to do that. DH (muscular, non-overweight DH) has been having knee trouble and is off running on doctor's orders. He has run a lot in the past, twelve marathons and lots of weeks running 25-50 miles. And, fast as he went, I guess it's caught up with him. Although he hopes to be able to get back to it before long.

So sweet to see so many of us in the Palace :)

I've got a big pot of veggie chili almost ready and 3 loaves of bread ready for the oven, a load of laundry in the washer. :chin: I think that's about as productive as I need to be today. What to do for fun? Wonder if I can talk DH into taking me out for dinner...

WI on Friday had me down .6 from last time. This week, however, the plan's in effect. I CAN and WILL reach my goal :yes:

I actually slept in until 7:30 this morning, after going to bed at 10. :yawn: Needed to catch up I guess. We watched "Juno" last night and really liked it.

Kaylets, oh how I empathize with your dressing room woes. Plus I've never been in a dressing room yet that was flattering -- all that light + being close up and personal with my body :(

How many times have I had to face stupid reality as a result of clothes shopping? A lot. Well, you know, if I hadn't been able to fool myself I never would have been able to gain so much weight. :dz:

But... it's spring! Lots of good energy for achieving our goals!

Andria, sorry about the job but ... yup, something better's in the works. Your walk with DH sounds lovely. I think a gentle after-dinner stroll is good for a lot of things and definitely one where you're holding hands and talking.

I didn't realize DH and house were new. How new are they? Congrats, anyway!

Anagram, Quebec City is supposed to be gorgeous, very Old World. I've never been but still hope to go some time.

Yes, the full moon's coming up and some times it does seem to affect me days in advance. I must check and see when it is, exactly, so I can try to take it in.

Kat, so wise to do what you know will work for you! I think some times we need more time to adjust to losing weight than we get if it's coming off more quickly. I know I want the "insulation" on some level.

The Ultraprevention/Ultrametabolism guys talk a lot about artificial ingredients and why they make us fat (mostly, I think, because our bodies don't understand them). I'm happy with the Core program. And it's so empowering to have something treat-y and realize I have the points for it.

On the other hand, I think there's a lot of merit in having a "no-count" meal from time to time. I might start planning for one a week or something like that. :chin: I know I still have to stay away from gluten and sugar if at all possible because some tends to lead to more for me. But I can be very resourceful :smug:

I saw a recipe for "black bean brownies" that's supposed to be very good. I'm thinking of trying that out...

WSW, Ceara :wave:

Hope all :queen:lies have a fabulous weekend!

04-19-2008, 03:00 PM
I just wanted to share that I signed up for "The Biggest Loser" Challenge. Go here if you're interested. Even though we can't sign up as a team, :( (Apparently they just place you where they can to keep the teams even) I thought it might be fun to add a competetive edge to this weight loss bizness!

04-20-2008, 12:05 PM
Dang it all! I knew I should have checked back in last night. I missed the sign-up deadline. :(

I at least had a killer reason for not making it on yesterday--13,890 steps should say it all! :carrot: Sometimes it is just insanely fun to blow out the top of your goal like it never even happened. :D I have to admit that I cannot maintain those kind of numbers every day, but I'm up and walking this morning and not in ugly amounts of pain.

Today is going to be a lot easier, per request of the entire family. I have some gardening to do, and the lovely clouds blocking the sun should make that nice and pleasant. The only other plan I have is to finish painting a cool old iron planter we picked up at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago. We got one coat of a really pretty hammered copper paint on it already, but there is a lot of detail on the planter; it definitely needs a second (or third) coat before it is finished.

Ugh. I have evidently spent too long typing this post. The youngest of the princesses is standing over my shoulder with a plaintive look on her face. I think that look translates easily out to, "Mother, might I have a bit of breakfast?"
Better get to it. :) Hope to be back later!


04-20-2008, 12:48 PM
:grouphug::wave:: i had a nice couple of days of getting together with friends. thursday, two of my friends came over and brought their adorable black lab puppy to visit. last night, another couple of friends took me out to dinner at an "in" new restaurant, which was excellent, and we had such a pleasant evening, and laughed a lot. it was easy to eat daintily and healthfully there, which was also a plus for me. i have been doing pretty well op, and finally knocked off another pesky pound too. :dancer:

ok,now for my goals for this challenge:

where i want to be:
-some weight loss each month (i wish i could even begin to guess, but my losses are so inconsistent and erratic no matter how consistent i may be op. however, i would be thrilled with -6 lbs total by challenge end. well, anyway i am sending this hope out in to the universe, and will do my part to make this come about.)

how i plan to get there:
-consistently use my food journal
-continue with daily exercise plan
-continue with daily basic food plan of dainty, healthful eating
-use my meditation cd's regularly
-remember to just have some fun
-and to take a page from anagram's playbook, step out of my comfort zone much more regularly and try some new things

well, i will be back and respond more personally. i at least wanted to get my goals down "on paper" so i can be officially accountable to help me continue to move forward. thanks, arabella, for starting this challenge. greetings to all our lovely royals. take care.

04-20-2008, 07:46 PM
I did manage to get DH to take me out to dinner last night, to the Indian buffet. Where I behaved myself admirably, took one plate, didn't pile it up (although "dainty" doesn't quite describe it). Had one beer, walked there and back.

DH and I did our usual long Sunday walk today and spent some time outside cleaning up the yard and putting up the clothesline that a tree took out in the fall. I'll be thrilled to be able to hang my clothes out again. I've been draping my sheets over the deck rail.

I cleaned off a counter that never quite gets completely cleaned off and was puttering around the kitchen when I got some ideas for a personal essay I've been thinking about writing and spent a few hours actually WRITING :faint:

I realized that the essay I'd been thinking about was actually two: one targeting the NY Times "Modern Love" column and another one... not sure what it's for but it wants to be written so I'm writing it.

Feels nice to have gotten some stuff done this weekend. Still a little short on pure FUN. I'm going to have to work on that. But feeling mostly positive about the weekend, anyway.

Andria, that's a lot of steps! I'm so glad your feet weren't killing you today. I did manage to get in and sign up for the challenge but then I was wondering how much I was going to be able to get into it knowing that there's no way in the world I've got any shot at winning. Maybe I'm too competitive... I saw the last winner took off over 40 pounds in 12 weeks, which is... not remotely possible for me, not even in my dreams. Maybe when I was in my 30s. Anyway, we'll see. It might be motivating.

WSW, sounds like you're having some fun! :) Put that on your list so you can cross it off!

I think I need to go out for a little post-dinner stroll and then tuck myself into bed with my book. Supposed to be a full moon coming up but it's a bit overcast.

Sweet dreams, sweet :queen:lies! Fresh start Monday coming up.

04-20-2008, 09:45 PM
Happy Sunday, dear :queen:s!

Sounds like fun is being had with all those reporting in thus far! :cp: I had a fair amount of fun today, though we ended up NOT doing what I wanted to do, which was to go out/buy/plant some pansies. I just need a bit of color to tide me over til it's a wee bit warmer...

Instead, my sis and I headed down to Mom's, met our sister-in-law there, and the four of us went out for lunch. I had a fabulous Greek salad with grilled shrimp, and though my portion wasn't anywhere near dainty, it was very healthy and very good! We had a lot of laughs, so that counts as fun!

WI this a.m. yielded a nice 2lb loss, bringing me to a grand total of 22# off! I am beyond pumped and so motivated to bust through the "70s" and down into the "60s"! BUT... I'm not looking that far ahead, gotta just keep doing the right things and all good things will come to pass.

I need to do a little ironing now. I'm hoping to get 5 outfits ready to go for the week, freeing up some time before work to possibly get a walk in...or...with some serious planning and early bedtime, a trip or two to the gym. Call me crazy, but it's worth a shot.

Hoping all are having and/or have had a great weekend! See you tomorrow!

04-20-2008, 11:10 PM
Pouing outside tonight. Lightning and all that. Means I won't have to water my grass seed which is good because I won't get to do it for a good while.

I too am sorry the job didn't pan out, andria, but we :queen:s always know that there is something better coming. Add me to the dressing room list - was almost enough to discourage me from the Q offer. I've been there twice before (ages ago) and found it most delightful so that and just the plain kindness of the offer make it most appealing.

I wish I had your dainty portions down too, wsw. Sounds like you had fun.
And, kat, sounds like you're plans are coming together. When is Ireland on the agenda?

And a Woods Woggle? Hurrah, it must be spring. I have the Patio of Peace and Contentment up and almost running. Sat out there yesterday for a bit and fell very soundly asleep. Catching up on sleep here too, Arabella. Didn't get out of bed until 8:30 this a.m. - unheard of!

Got a nice walk in in the park yesterday plus some yard work. My walk today was in the mall (rain) - didn't buy anything but would have liked to find something to buy. Azaleas starting to bloom, violets in the grass, dogwood ready to burst out too. So the second wave coming in as daffs, early tulips fading already. We've had exceptionally warm temps so some things might be a bit earlier than usual. amazing though - how spring brings people back to life as well as plants. Everything getting SO green.

Will be leaving in the morning - don't know for how long but it means more face time with the princesses so 'tis good.

I think I'll just toddle on to bed and let the packing till morning - I had all good intentions of tackling closets today -sigh...................another time will have to do. No ambition left.

:broc: :belly: :broc:

04-21-2008, 11:30 PM
:yawn: Sooooo tired...but I wanted to get in here to get my daily post in! So far so good this week. <all two days of it> I've walked both days, food has been stellar. I guess my fun for the day was the 2nd walk I took, around my favorite park, after work. Surrounded by cherry trees in full bloom, tulips and daffodils bobbing in the breeze, kids flying kites, birds chirping merrily...what glorious day!

It was just my daughter and I this evening for dinner, so we ordered some Japanese take out. :T We dined on seaweed salad and a couple of California rolls as we watched No Country For Old Men. I've had it sitting there so long now, Netflix will be wondering if they're ever gonna get it back! Well, now they will. Good movie, very intense. If you like Fargo, you'll like this too.

Anagram, have a wonderful time in P'ville!
Arabella, Indian buffet? Oh yum, maybe that will be next on 'girl's night!' Although we don't have a buffet...I will settle for take out!
wsw, Sounds like you've been rewarded for your dainty eating with a loss! :cp: Perseverance pays!
Andria, Nice numbers there, girlfriend! I'm very impressed, and that many steps with negligible pain? Good going!
Kaylets, I never heard of "I Can Make You Thin," but it sounds like something I'd watch! Is it on Bravo or one of those channels?
ceara, Doggies keeping you busy? Come out, come out!

I finally bought a pedometer the other day, but I cheaped out and got the less expensive one, thinking I don't need all the bells and whistles, but I really don't think this one works right. It kept resetting, or it just doesn't count right. I think I'll be getting the pricier one now, like I should have the first time!!! :doh:

Okay, I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams, :queen:s!

04-22-2008, 06:53 PM
Me again!

Another fine day hereabouts. Got my walk in at lunch time, but I'm heading outside in a minute for a little more exercise and some fun--yardwork! :yes: I do think that's fun!

I'm keeping my food in check on a regular basis lately. Maybe I've acquired some new habits? :?: Go figure. Dainty portions seem to be doing the trick for me these days. Small meals all day long--I've had five already today! A serious change for the girl who couldn't imagine not piling her plate a mile high! :ink: Even when I was eating "well," volume played a big part in keeping me satisfied. I think the difference now is that I know I can eat again in two or three hours if need be, so just an orange or just 2T of hummus w/celery and carrot sticks really does suffice!

Wow, it feels good to be in control...

Okay, I'm burnin' daylight here...Here's hoping that all royal persons are having a great day!


04-23-2008, 07:11 AM
Well, my total focus and clarity seems to have slipped a bit and I realize this is how I maintain. Which is not my goal, nope. :no: I made those black bean brownies and then ate A LOT of them on Monday. Yesterday afternoon was stressful and then I sat down and ate three more of them. :chin: Got to nip this in the bud. Or the solstice will find me where I am, more or less.

Exercise is good. I've been getting in my 10k steps at least, ran again yesterday and getting in a set of tai chi each day. Y'know, I really think the fun and meditation aspects are what i most need to work on. And building a habit of taking a moment when I'm pressed and stressed and getting myself calm and centered again.

There. That's where I am.

Kat, we liked "No Country for Old Men" too -- quite the bad guy, wasn't he. Very interesting movie.

Sounds like you're doing fabulously! :cb: :cb:

Anagram, the Patio of P&C sounds so lovely, as does your yard. We're still on crocuses and snowdrops here, but bit by bit...

How goeth it with all other :queen:ies? I'm hereby making a commitment to get in here every day and report, even if just one sentence. Anyone else game?

Let's make this a good one!

04-23-2008, 01:27 PM
Wow, the negative talk has been spinning so hard and fast in my head. I'm really struggling to keep positive. It probably has a lot to do with having some trouble breathing. I'm still trying to do all I can, but my lungs are being hateful (mild bronchial spasms) if I even go up one flight of stairs. And even though I've been working really hard every day, my weight is fluctuating all over the map. I have this hard work = immediate reward thing stuck in my head.
I have to get off the puter and get to my next round of classes, but I really needed to drop in and share. If nothing else, it helps to unload a bit. Plus, writing it out reminds me of what I'm supposed to do when I start to feel this way. Mantra, mantra, mantra!
So, back to it for me. Thanks for having the bigtime positive vibe going on in the castle. It is really keeping me from straying off track right now!


04-23-2008, 08:49 PM
hello royals! have been experiencing some pesky "ms technical difficulties," but wanted to check in briefly, and say hi. have remained op, and am exercising as much as am able. well, will be back when i am able to write better. in meantime, i'm thinking of you all, and it is bringing a big smile to my face. take care.

04-24-2008, 01:25 PM
Checking in!
I'm on limited time again (conference period), but I wanted to relax while I can and spend a few moments in the castle. :)
I've been noticing this interesting cycle for myself of late. I set a new goal when I'm on top of the world and feeling great, and the first time I run into an obstacle, I find myself diving straight into the depths of despair. I spend some time there wallowing in pity for how hard I work and how little I receive in relation to the work I do, and then I actually take a look at what I'm doing. What I usually come to realize is that I think I'm working hard, but I'm only working SOME things really hard. I might do a ton of steps one day, but that day I probably also stepped out of bounds several times with food. I might do super with food another day, but I don't always get in the steps I promised myself. It goes back and forth. There isn't the consistency necessary to really meet my goal. I'm out of balance. Balance, balance, balance...
There have been a ton of interruptions here, and I'm out of time. Sorry. I am reading and thinking about all of you. Hopefully there will be time to respond soon.


04-24-2008, 11:57 PM
Just keep plodding along, Andria...the days when the food is great and the steps only so-so, and vice versa, balance each other out! Rejoice for the days that you get it all right, but just keep going. You're losing weight. Maybe not as quickly as you'd like, <and who ever does lose as quickly as we'd like?> but you are doing it! Just keep on keepin' on!

This will be quick... We had a department meeting tonight after work that was 3 hours long! :eek: :yawn: :faint: Interesting stuff shared, and they fed us, but come on! :rolleyes: As soon as I got home I fixed my salad for lunch tomorrow. (gotta stop paying $3.50 for cafeteria salad each day when mine are cheaper and much better!) I always bring something with me to nibble on though. My co-workers must think I do nothing but eat all day! :yes: All good stuff though. Fruit, veggies, walnuts, Fiber One cereal... I get my walk in every day at lunchtime. I need to do more, I know, but I feel good that I'm getting that done at least.

Um, Arabella? Is there a recipe that you'd be willing to share for said black bean brownies? :?: I'm intrigued...

It's almost 11, I still need to iron, so time for me to say "ta ta..."

Hang in there, the weekend's almost here!

04-25-2008, 11:34 AM
Thank you, Kat! How did you know I was toying with the idea of just giving it all up? I think that must be part of the vicious cycle I put myself in; instead of letting the frustrations out, I allow them to build until I just throw in the towel. And I've been pretty much to the point where I'm beating myself up over nothing at all.
Right now I'm revamping my entire lifestyle over to something healthier, more active, and entirely sustainable. There will be weeks I don't lose weight, no matter how hard I try. There will be weeks when the scale tips up instead of down. I need to remember our Valentine's lessons and remember to be kind to myself and to give my body and my mind time to adjust. But I am unhappy, no denying it. I am having massive issues with my body. I'm losing weight, but it isn't enough to fit into new clothes, and my old ones aren't fitting right. I've been trying to make myself go out and shop because I'm bound to find a couple of things that look decent, but every time I think about the whole process I get depressed instead. Ugh!
So... schools are closed down today for a huge Fiesta parade. I'd love to go, but I hear it is too insane for words down there. My plan instead is to get my happy backside out of the house within the next 15 minutes and get driving toward the nearest big chick clothing store. I have two hours until my sweetie is off work and heading home, and two hours will hopefully be long enough to find a couple of professional-looking items that aren't winter weight and that I actually feel good about wearing. Call it my reward for losing 15 pounds. Call it practice at loving and caring for myself. Call it necessary! Yeah, this is taking some serious build up. I'd rather sit here and cry than go face rack upon rack of clothes that won't fit me.

wsw, sorry to hear you are having troubles. I hope you know what an inspiration you are! No matter what, you just keep working it, and my excuses seem so insignificant in comparison.

Arabella, I'm with Kat--please share the brownie recipe! They sound intriguing, to be sure. And in case you didn't notice, I took up your challenge with a vengeance. I am more likely to stay off the boards when I'm struggling, which makes no sense whatsoever. When I am struggling is when I NEED to be here!

Anagram, The garden sounds wonderful and so does face time with the princesses. :) I could be all about a Patio of P&C. Actually, sounds like my sweetie has something like that in mind for the back yard. I think we need to get the front yard looking like something first, though. We did plant a rose bush, does that count?

I'm one minute over already. *groan* I need an eject button from the computer chair. Time to change my attitude and start expecting to find something lovely for myself. Smart, beautiful women deserve good things in life... *mantra*mantra*mantra*


04-25-2008, 02:44 PM
That was a bit of a rhetorical -- I know what the issue is: I have an impulsive/compulsive disorder. Yup. Must remember that and work the coping mechanisms.

I've been battling it all week. I think it was those brownies -- I'm blaming the honey, which seemed to make me crave-y. I think they could be a really good thing to have on hand... but NOT if one eats the panful singlehandedly (almost) in 4 days, which is pretty much what I did.

Also had a couple of days that I didn't get in all my steps.

Aaaaaannnnyway, I'm back on top today and planning to stay there by employing all my strategies. And reminding myself that it'll be easier after a few days on plan.

Here's that recipe. ( do think that agave syrup would make them lower GI and not be so crave-inducing while still being really delicious. I substituted virgin coconut oil (which is supposed to be very helpful for weight loss and lots of other things) for the butter and added a little salt. They'd make a great torte for a special dessert with a little whipped cream and some fruit.

Andria, :yes: Giving up isn't really a viable option, is it. And, really, every little bit makes SO much difference. Onward, :queen:ies!

Kat, a 3-hour meeting AFTER work? Brutal! How are you liking your new job and schedule in general?

WSW, hope you're back up to speed soon! :hug: Your smile made me smile! :)

Anagram, are you home again?

Kaylets, Ceara?

Have a fabulous weekend, Lovelies!

04-25-2008, 03:15 PM
Just stopping in for a quick hi until I have time to read all more slowly and catch up.

DDs procedure seems to have worked well enough and I'm playing catchup here like mad. Loved the walkie description from kat. Dogwoods in bloom here as well along w/pink tulips under the pink one and azaleas are starting. Must go do at least a tiny bit of yard/fun.

To be nice today/tomorrow yet and then back to rainy/cold so I must get at least a little outside in today/tomorrow. I'm not REALLY that far behind but it's amazing what four days away will do.

But I am in the BESTEST mood so it's all worth it, isn't it?

:broc: :belly: :broc:

04-26-2008, 02:10 PM
And all is well. I'm back on track, doing what I need to do. :yes: I had a very nice woggle in the woods today, 15 minutes walking, 45 minutes woggling. :cp: :cp: I SHALL triumph!

We're going to SIL & BIL's for dinner tonight. They're usually pretty good in terms of healthfulness. And I don't have that "want to indulge" feeling, which is helpful. Sometimes I feel like I'm defeated before I start when I've got a social event that involves food. When I'm OP, I don't see it as a problem but otherwise it feels like a minefield. I'm keeping my wits about me tonight, I am.

Ah, Anagram! :belly: The bestest mood is worth everything! I'm feeling pretty darn good myself today. :cloud9:

Hope all :queen:lies are having a wonderful day. Let's behave like the royalty we are, shall we? ;)

04-26-2008, 07:50 PM
What a day I've, cleaning and more cleaning. A good dent was made, but there's much to be done yet. I just came in from food shopping, am currently procrastinating on dinner prep... :o

In a fit of nostalgia for my night friends and the lust for overtime, I signed on to work tonight. Am I dreading it now! I just want to get on the couch and veg for the rest of the night, but now I need to nap. Oh well, it will just re-affirm that I made the right move, going to the daylight! It will be good to see some old friends though.

If I haven't said it lately, my new job is wonderful and I'm learning something new everyday. Good to get the brain waves moving in a new direction and put them to work! Plus the hours are great and this weather has been so cooperative. I'm realizing how lucky I was to be able to start in the Springtime and not in the gloom of winter... bundling up to shovel a path to the car and scrape windshields before work would definitely have harshed my buzz!

Tomorrow morning WW, bright and early. At least I'll be up! I am expecting good things, but will reserve excitement til the official number is in...

I hate to make this so short, but I do need to eat something and hit the sack.

Greetings to all queenly folk, here's hoping your weekend is everything you want/need it to be!


04-27-2008, 11:09 AM
We had fun last night although it was one of those evenings where dinner's so late that "cocktail hour" stretches to three and we drink more wine than we wish we had. Other than too much wine, though, stellar behavior and that's two solid good days under my belt. Today will be another.

We slept in until 7, having been out until the unheard-of hour of midnight. So we decided to have brekkies before walk. We're going to go round the harbour and go move some stuff in DH's office. Looks beautifully sunny out there and not too cold (if not exactly warm).

Kat, I'm envious of your cleaning if not the working. It would take me a solid week of cleaning, cleaning, cleaning to get this place really clean. Generally, I keep it at a level I can just about stand. The plan: Pick away at it until, bit by bit, it gets done.

Time for walkies, I think. Have a splendid Sunday, :queen:ies!

04-27-2008, 11:26 PM
This turned out to be a pretty decent weekend. :) The shopping on Friday wasn't nearly as painful as I had thought. I actually found four tops, and three can be worn for work. One I just bought because I totally deserved a new, fun something for myself. :D
Yesterday my sweetie and I spent some time at a local garden center, and we picked up some really pretty shade plants. Our yard is coming together slowly but surely, and the yard work makes for some different, fun exercise. Even though we were out and about quite a bit during the day, I was still short of steps by the evening. I started walking around our cul-de-sac while my sweetie set up the sprinkler on the lawn, and then he joined me for a nice walk. It didn't even talk all that much convincing. I think we're starting to make a habit out of this!
Today was pretty relaxing. My husband is a serial shopper, so I had plenty of steps by the time we got through Target, Costco, Target again and Lowe's. We also headed out as a family to see The Forbidden Kingdom. Jet Li and Jackie Chan... what more can I say?! We had a lot of fun, even though I definitely ate too much popcorn. Afterwards we tried out a new Thai restaurant. I was so proud of the princesses for giving everything we ordered a shot. :)
So, food wasn't 100% perfect, but my attitude is a whole lot better. Some sunshine, some gardening and a bit of retail therapy seem to have done the trick. Thank goodness!

Arabella, grats on two really great days. :) What exactly is a woods woggle? Sounds like fun, no matter what.

Kat, mind sharing some of your cleaning energy? And I'm glad you got to spend some time with your night friends, but I'm thinking maybe a lunch or something on their day off next time you are feeling all nostalgic... Can hardly wait to hear how your WI went. You are doing so well!

Anagram, sounds like you are in a really good place! How could it be helped with dogwoods and tulips?

I'd better scatterzoom outta here for the night. My sweetie wants me to help him place some solar outdoor lights before we go to bed. Take care!


04-28-2008, 10:54 AM
All going according to plan here. :cb: :cb:

Three days journalling every bite I put in my mouth. Although I should actually be measuring :chin: Back to getting in my steps every day and this morning I actually did my :yoga: Which I hadn't managed since I got that cold and then whatever that weird thing was afterwards. I really need my yoga -- I'm a little arthritic and get much worse when I don't do it.

Quiet day in the office today. My director is out. So I'll be able to get stuff done and refresh myself with time away from the computer as well. I've got my sheets out on the line for a bedtime treat.

Feeling a little low energy today so I'll make sure to fit some rest into the day.

Andria, your weekend sounds like it was nice -- and active, too. I've got a flower bed that used to get sun but doesn't any more since trees have gotten taller. I should get out and get some shady plants for it.

K, :queen:lies -- let's make this one count!

04-28-2008, 06:32 PM
...and a rainy one at that! No lunchtime walk today, but I plan on hitting the gym this evening. The Biggest Loser challenge has started, so I'm on hyper overdrive to kick this process up a notch!

WW WI yielded a one lb loss, but my scale says two, and that's what I'm going by on my ticker. Either way it's a fluffy or two off, and I'm happy about that!

Sounds like you're back on track, Arabella! :cp: I'm finding that, anymore, the recovery time after a tumble off the wagon is so much quicker than before and that sticking close to the palace has been HUGELY helpful in that regard. I'm ever so thankful to my fellow :queen:s for the support and acceptance that is always available here! :hug:

Andria... Yard work is my favorite kind of exercise! Now the hard part is to find the time to do it! Sounds like a wonderful habit you and your honey are 'cultivating!' PS... mmm, Thai food! :T

Anagram... how's that mood holding up? :) I hope the rain isn't putting a damper on it! You're in the same weather pattern as I am, so I know you're flowers are getting watered too! :rain:

wsw... I'm hoping that your technical difficulties have passed. Keep smiling, we'll be waiting for your return! :flow2:

Now, where did our other queens go? There's always a candle in the window for you girls... Come back soon, we miss you!

I've just been informed that neither child will be home for dinner...

WHOO HOO! No cooking for me! Hubby can choose from the "left over buffet" currently residing in the frig. I'm going to fix a delightful salad for myself, if I can find the recipe again. Something like, spinach, pears, walnuts, avacado, roquefort cheese... oh, my belly's growling!

Gotta get moving here... Sending good wishes and positive vibes to all!

04-28-2008, 08:31 PM
I know the day isn't over yet, but I think I can safely say it has been a successful one! I'm at 7600 steps so far for the day (daily goal this week is 6k), and food has been good. My sub job today was to monitor a hallway while students were testing. It was so boring that I made a point of getting up every 30 minutes and walking back and forth for a few minutes. It not only helped keep me awake, but it felt good to be doing something positive for myself. :)

Kat, Grats on losing another pound! You are really on a roll, girl! :carrot: And you know, my family wants steak tonight, but I'm really craving a salad. I think I'll steal a play from your book and make my own big, happy salad instead. It is just too warm for me to want anything that heavy. Also, you made a really good point in your reply to Arabella. It is so much easier and faster to get back on the wagon if I don't wander too far from the castle.

THANK YOU to all the :queen:s for that!

Arabella, 3 days journaling is quite an accomplishment! Have some good refresh time, especially the yoga. The sheets sound like a wonderful treat! Our HOA won't allow us to hang anything out. :( Reminds me, though. I do have a nice ylang-ylang myrrh linen spray from Bath and Body Works.

To all the other :queen:ly types out there, hope you are well and your crowns are riding high and proud on your brow!


04-29-2008, 03:23 PM
I had a run-in with home-made brown rice crackers yesterday. They were healthy but I ate about 4 times as many as I should have. Control issues, you say? :chin: Plus salty so my weight was up this morning, not what we're looking for in a direction, nuh-uh :no:

However, on we go. Had a nice run this morning and then walking associated with sound :yoga: has my steps all but at the 10k mark. Did a little yoga. I'm drinking gallons of water (what else is new) hoping to have the crackers out of my system by Friday WI.

Andria, those steps all add up! I had a whole mile in beyond what I thought I would have when I got home from sound yoga. Parked farther away, walked back after to get books from the car, took them to the library, returned to the car. Yup, they add up.

Kat, WHOO-HOO for the pound or two downage! :cp: :cp: (Note to self: See, that's the direction we want to go in.)

Just had a big Greek salad with m'judrah (lentils with browned onions). Good, satisfying. Now I just have to figure out what to serve for dinner. :chin:

K, Lovelies, enjoy the rest of your day!

04-30-2008, 09:05 AM
Me again. 'Tis grey and drizzly and they're calling for 3 days of rain. I've got the fire going and snuggling up to the laptop for a productive day. As soon as I log out of here. Good day yesterday and planning on the same today. I'm getting my hair cut this afternoon, new hairdresser (remember the last fiasco?) He's supposed to be especially good with curly hair. I don't want to go much shorter, just get some more style cut into it.

Went to the gym this am, did the circuits, came home and did a set of tai chi. I plan to walk to the hairdressers so that should give me my 10k.

Well, that's about all the thrilling news from my corner of the Palace.

Let's make this a good one!

04-30-2008, 10:10 PM
Hello all!

Well, all I can tell you is this...... Last week, I awoke at dawn to the absolute worst stomach flu/virus I think I might have ever had in my whole life.
No warning, no time to run, just ..... you get the picture. All day long. Till about 9 pm. The next day, just laying there, drained, aching, .....

I went back to work the 3rd day but still have to be super careful about having food on my stomach b/4 coffee, etc, etc. Even this afternoon I was sipping gingerale.

We leave Sat for our Grand Canyon trip. I have been piecing together enough casual slacks/shorts to get me thru. I am too short legged to wear capris so I have been struggling to find something lightweight that will stand up to the dirt, etc in the Canyon.

So I have been seeing lots of dressing rooms after work each evening and let me tell you....well, you know already.....


Hope everyone is doing well.

I have to hang up some clothes just washed so I can pack them so I must be off.

I will do my darndest to stop by before I leave town.

Thought of the day:

"I still believe that love is all you need. I don't know a messge better than that."
Paul Mcartney

Question of the day:

"What is your favorite Beatles song?"



05-01-2008, 01:09 PM
Still hampered by almost 2 extra pounds but hoping to get back to ticker by WI tomorrow. Yup, this is how I maintain. :dz:

I do feel like I'm making some progress though. Hanging with my uncomfortable feelings, reminding myself that it's okay to feel a bit sad or whatever. Not only okay, in fact, but necessary to feel the feelings, whatever they are, instead of suppressing them, pushing them way, way, down with food before I even notice they're there.

Issues are just trouble in my son's and his gf's relationship at the same time as DGS' mom is breaking up with her live-in bf (hard on my little darling!). I'm not letting myself consider the possibility of DS and DGS' mom getting back together. Not seriously, anyway. :rolleyes:

Kaylets, take good care of yourself -- you want to be 100% by Saturday. Funny how these things go around. Sounds like the same thing that's making the rounds here. :crossed:

I started thinking about Beatle songs... I always said that I wasn't a huge Beatle fan (more of a Stones kind of a girl) and I think it's still true. I like some songs but typically wouldn't usually play the Beatles myself. That said, I really love: Across the Universe and Blackbird.

Have a FABULOUS time on your trip!

OH, my hair turned out really nicely yesterday. He set my curl free! And that, combined with the color I put on that comes close to my natural color, makes me look like me again. Although my face looks a little more mature than I recall when my hair was similar (if not so updated).

Anyhoo... yoo-hoo? Any :queen:ly folk about? Let's make this happen, shall we? (Okey-doke, I've convinced myself to go for a walk before I have to go pick up DGS.)

05-01-2008, 11:23 PM
Yikes! Where has another week gone? Glad to see some faithful :queen:s about and working towards goals. I've been most naughty - busy week after four days away and am heading out again tomorrow for another 3 in Pville.

Enjoy, enjoy, Kaylets. Hope you're feeling better.

You too, Arabella. I know the feeling of battling other's situations as well as my own. DD been still probleming and I'm not at all happy about some situations with DSIL (who's really a sweetheart overall). Both having med problems as well as some med things with princesses and.....................
Esp. feeling them yesterday so went out and planted 32 marigolds (still too early in this neck of the woods so I'm gambling) and a new butterfly bush. Then headed off to get haircut which I SHOULD have waited until today to do so it would look better over weekend. But I just NEEDED to do it yesterday.

Loads of things needed to be accomplished. I did get in a nice walk and a little yard work today. But have been terrible on food. Have agreed to settle on lawsuit which will bring me more peace at some point soon, I hope.
that's one of the steps I've taken to try to get me back under control. I know I can't get to where I need to be until that's taken care of. Knew it was taking a toll -expected it would = but finally realized a few weeks ago it was a factor in my overeating. That and DD and various situations there.

I'm happy the way yard is beginning to shape up. Was looking just terrible. I may have lost my painter but at this point,, don't care. Too much else to deal with.

Had car in for work today and while waiting, I cruised around the lot. Am considering another as this one is just about where it's going to start costing me. Today was a good example. And I just don't want to keep putting money in. Want to buy another - no hurry but it's one more thing on the long list. I'll probably just get another Camry as I've liked this one and I'm much too lazy to start looking at all sorts of others. Of course, I don't part with bucks that easily and I'll probably put the purchase off until I do get time to do the research, etc.

Must start focusing, too, on July trip. DS made flight reservations but I must do room, etc. I'm beginning to look forward to it. Also planning a 2 night trip to WV casino w/friend - and,of course, it's right before the other trip (when her vactaion time is). But, folks, it's moving out a bit and another step on the road to ..................wherever.

I'll see y'all in a couple of days.

:broc: :belly: :broc:

05-01-2008, 11:23 PM
Sorry I haven't been around for a couple of days. The problems I've been having breathing jumped up dramatically, and all my energy has been going toward handling that issue. I haven't had trouble like this in over twelve years, and it is really frustrating! I guess something I'm taking, or all the stress over not breathing, has been working hard against weight loss as well. I've been watching the scale climb steadily every day, and nothing I'm doing seems to stop it right now. That said, my food has been extremely good, and I've kept up my steps as well. Might as well get the good habits down solid, right? I really am trying to stay positive, I promise.

Arabella, grats on good hair, and even more so to a great attitude. I know it's hard, but you know you are doing the right thing for yourself by dealing with the emotions instead of letting them eat at you. *HUGS*

Kaylets, I am so sorry to hear you were sick! Take good care of yourself and rest as much as possible so you can really enjoy your trip. We expect all sorts of fun stories when you return. :) Beatles music... there were so many songs I grew up with but had no idea they were sung by the Beatles.

I'm kind of caught up, and it is time to go take another breathing treatment. All the fun for me!

Take care, my royal friends. :)


05-02-2008, 10:49 AM
Well, all that talk about feeling emotions and I let stress get me :rolleyes: DGS' babysitter was 2 hours late picking him up and I was trying to work. He's very interactive, so ... stress. As soon as they left I ate the rest of his piece of toast and jam and made myself a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich. Organic whole wheat flour and very grainy but wheat and cheese nevertheless. Not Core, not remotely. Anyway, that was breakfast and I intend to behave properly for the rest of the day. :yes:

Andria, I want to recommend ginger tea -- I found when I had bronchitis that it really seemed to open things up. Hot stuff helped too, as hot as you can handle.

Oh, that's the worst feeling in the world, not being able to take a good breath! :hug:

Anagram, thanks for popping in! Things will ease up and fall into place soon, I think. Camrys are nice cars. We're pretty happy with our four-year-old Corolla, too.

:wave: :queen:lies! Let's make this a good one!

05-02-2008, 01:07 PM
***My apologies if this posts twice! It logged me out while writing, and when I logged back in again, I got a weird message. Reposting since I don't see it up.

Still not breathing properly, but I was so happy to see that the scale didn't move up again today! 7 pounds up isn't the kind of stress I need added to my life, ya know.
The day is looking good so far. I often fall short on steps when I work at this particular school, so I'm going to take a stroll around the building during conference period. I've been packing salads and healthy snacks all week, and I've even been upping my water intake nicely. It feels good to be focusing on that and know the other will come back together when it is time.

Arabella, Thank you for the ginger tea suggestion. I'll pick some up on my way home today. I had actually forgotten how much hot drinks can help. I desperately want this under control as soon as possible. DH is talking steroids if this doesn't shape up fast, and he is the type who doesn't throw meds at things to make them go away. Oh, and I forgot to ask if you wouldn't mind sharing the brown rice cracker recipe. Sounds intriguing, even if a bit dangerous. :)

Anagram, we seriously posted right on top of each other last night. :) I like your gardening therapy solution. I'll admit to having planted things too early or too late before just because it felt so good to do it. Do you think it has something to do with literally "grounding" ourselves? We've also been out looking at cars. In fact, I just did a test drive on a Prius Wednesday. It was so cute! The hybrid Camry is awfully nice as well. The Camry's new styling is just dead sexy. If we didn't need something hardcore gas conscious, we'd be looking at the Camry for sure.

I've got to get out of here or I won't have any time left for a walk.
Keep taking care of yourselves!


05-03-2008, 09:49 AM
once again, i am woefully behind on all your doings, but even when i am unable to post here due to my ms "technical difficulties," please know i think of you often. i am feeling a bit better, and wanted to say hello to my royal friends. i have missed the palace and all who dwell within. food has been a bit shakier than i would like, but have maintained, at least. now that i am feeling stronger, hope to kick old tried and true food plan back in to hight gear. well, i will be back when hands working a bit better. take care, and all the best to each and every one of you.

05-03-2008, 10:54 AM
Wow, this week went FAST! I can't believe I haven't been here since Monday! I stayed over at work a few days, just to get caught up. I know I'm still new, but I really want to finish a pile of charts in one day's time! No one there expects it from me, but I expect it of myself! And? Overtime! Whee!

Plus, the weather has been kind of punky lately, so I haven't been doing much outside, but today is my day to hit the dirt. Rain or shine. <all signs pointing toward rain, at this point!> :rain:

I asked dh if he had made any Mother's Day present-y type plans (to which I would reply that I didn't want flowers, I really want a shrub (shrubbery?) , though maybe it's actually a small tree. I want to say Japanese maple, but I'm not sure if that's what it's actually called. It's sort of a dark maroon color, feathery looking leaves, with a kind of squat and spreading shape. When I looked up "Japanese Maple," I saw pictures of large trees, though they were the same color, leaves not as feathery... :?: ) ANYWAY, his answer to me was that since he was working next weekend, he had planned on taking me to my favorite nursery today or tomorrow. :cp: Aw, does he know me or what? He's a keeper!

We went to see "Ironman" last night. I had no expectations whatsoever, except that I love Robert Downey Jr, and WOW! What an entertaining, really good movie! Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Food was pretty iffy this week... not horrible, more like pre-menstrual ravenous hunger for something anything... I tried to stick with decent choices, just ate too much! Yesterday's scale showed me up a pound, not bad, considering. Just gotta get back to business, that's all.

DD is hanging around, looking at computer longingly, which means it's time for me to relinquish the seat. I'll be back tomorrow after WI, to report whatever happens... :crossed:


PS, Kaylets... I am a total Beatles fan... love every single Beatle song ever made, never get tired of hearing their music. I especially love If I Fell and Norwegian Wood... so many more, but those two sprung to mind immediately.

05-04-2008, 08:46 AM
So yesterday turned out to be one of those wash type of days, and I'm not talking laundry!
My sweetie wasn't happy with how my lungs sounded, even after a breathing treatment, so he sent me off to Express Med with a cute little typed up sheet of my symptoms and current medications all in doctor speak. I got to Express Med just before 8:30, and I left almost exactly 6 hours later. I have been officially poked, prodded, x-rayed, and given a shot in each side of my hind quarters. Went from there to the store so I had a chance of picking up my new prescriptions the same day, came home to eat dinner, watched about half of a movie with the family, and it was already time to go to bed! On the positive side of things, I can breathe pretty cleanly this morning. I know there is a chance of some weight gain from the steroids, but by yesterday I was more than willing to accept that as a chance. I'll just have to keep everything I can working the right direction, and after this month of meds is up, I'll be the better for it all the way around. Good habits are still good habits, and to me, reaching a balance means being happy with where I am, not where I might be or could have been. Please feel free to point me back toward that last statement if necessary.

Kat, Sounds like you are loving throwing yourself full-tilt into this job! :) Congrats on the early Mother's Day nursery trip. Sounds like a fair trade. You gave him babies once upon a time, and now he gives you baby plants. The plants are definitely easier to care for! :lol: Oh, and thanks for the Ironman review. Maybe I can talk my sweetie into taking me tomorrow.

wsw, So glad to hear you are doing a bit better. :hug: I was starting to get worried. Not sure if this is a helpful suggestion or not, but there are some voice recognition/typing programs out there now that are supposed to work very well. DH has tried out a couple, and he was really surprised at how well they picked up his voice. His normally doesn't register well on electronics, and the newest programs were almost 100% for him. Hope that doesn't sound pushy or anything; I just want you to be able to stay in contact with us when things are rough.

Time for me to go do another breathing treatments. I know this sounds whiny since they help me out so much, but I really, truly dislike having to do this sort of thing. Still, if I want to get out walking again anytime soon, I'd better, huh. Blah. Logic wins again.


05-04-2008, 12:35 PM
OOF! Two lbs up! It killed me to change my ticker, but in the interest of complete honesty and full disclosure, change it I did! Will be changing again next week, (down!) for sure!

I will place the blame, squarely, on PMS for the increase, thank you. Not excusing myself at all, :no: there are alternatives to eating too much and exercising too little! Just need to reverse that equation and all will be fine.

Andria, I'm glad you've gotten yourself looked at and taken care of. Gotta get yourself right before you can really move forward! :hug:

wsw... Feel better and come back when you're up to it! We've missed you too! Your royal suite is always there, waiting for you! :queen:
PS...Congrats on maintaining, despite difficulties! :cp:

Anagram...I always loved my MIL's Camry, swore my next car will be one! Am getting closer to that point, seeing as my ride is now 12 years old! (still going strong, though!)

Arabella... I know only too well the feelings of frustration that can turn into cleaning off other people's plates! :o I'm glad you found your way back on track!

Kaylets, I'm hoping there was a full recovery and you're enjoying your trip!

Okay, I gotta get the bod outside and plant my tree...a Japanese Lace Leaf. Very pretty. Also bought some Mountain Pinks (I've always wanted these!) and some pansies, just because...

Well...they're not getting planted with me sitting here, clacking away at the keys! Have a great Sunday, all!

05-06-2008, 04:07 PM
Well, after I got my **** together on Friday I let it go again big time and it got uggg-leee. Are you familiar with the concept of "binging?" Long time since I'd done anything like that and it was not fun nor pretty. But there you have it. Anyway, I recovered and have been doing well ever since. Even to the point of limiting my portion size which was something I'd been struggling with (only not hard enough.)

Kat, I bet those pounds are temporary (prolly gone already!) I swear, despite having TOM no longer, I still have all the usual symptoms sometimes. And that's besides the hot flashes! :rolleyes:

I love the sound of your mother's day planties! BTW, there's a tree I've been trying to identify with feathery chartreuse leaves -- any idea?

Andria, glad to hear you're breathing easier. You're right -- you've got to do what you've got to do. Breathing absolutely comes first :yes: And you'll probably find as the weight comes off that it gets better. I've heard of a number of people whose bronchitis went away when they lost weight. Same as my knees and feet, energy level and general state of being would be better with the weight off. On we go!

WSW :hug: Take good care of yourself, Sweetie!

K, I'd better get back to work. Heigh-ho...

05-07-2008, 01:39 PM
Quick check in again! Don't know what's up with me lately- always rushing. Long weekend with DD again. Med problems (his&Hers) causing much stress there which added onto my stress. NOT going this weekend as previously planned (DS coming up and taking me out instead) so that should be restful before I head down again the following weekend.

Going off to dr. soon and know I'll be up. Stress eating, binging all! Again, mostly at night when tired.

Weather's been great though and I've walked a time or two and worked in yard which is looking pretty nice at the moment. Put in marigolds (all yellow), impatiens, something else which escapes me at the moment. Hosed off patio of P/C and plan to spend some time there today after doctor and shopping.

Feeling pretty decent since the weather's good and I have a doctor appointment. Never fails - appointments are never when you need them.

Anyway, love to all lovelies and I'll be back sooner. Catchup after long weekends away becomes tedious sometimes.

:broc: :belly: :broc:

05-07-2008, 01:40 PM
I'm not sure I'm quite at "dainty" with my portions yet, but I'm getting there.

Kat, I was inspired by your two tablespoons of hummus. Hummus is my failback, my standby, my saviour. And yet, if I eat a cup of it (it's been known to happen) with crackers I know my weight's going to be up the next day. So I actually tried your 2T. Maybe not scant T but not as much as I could possibly get into the dish in 2T. Baby carrots, hot peppers... And it made a good, satisfying snack.

My afternoons are still very trying I'm trying right back.

Hope all :queen:ly folk are doing well...

05-07-2008, 01:41 PM
:wave: Anagram! :belly: We simulposted. :)

05-07-2008, 07:14 PM
OH, what a glorious day! If every day could be like this, I'd be in heaven! Warm, breezy...just delightful! My honey bought me "part 2" of my Mother's Day gift... a new (long handled) spade! (as requested!) Nothin's gonna stop me now! :sunny:

Arabella... I am painfully familiar with the dreaded binge! Amazing how easily and quickly the downhill slide takes hold and how much harder it is to shake yourself free of it's clutches! :grr: I'm glad to hear that you have though! BTW, that tree description sounds like a Laceleaf... mine is more of a maroon in color though. Very pretty. Here's a picture... (hopefully the link will work)

Anagram, I was at a friend's house the other day, she had just bought it from her parents, her father is an avid gardener. When we went into the back yard, I exclaimed, "Oh! You have a Patio of Peace and Tranquility!" She looked at me like... "?" She wasn't as impressed as I was. ;) It made me think of you, though! :)

Andria...I'll be happy to point you and anyone else, (myself included!) anytime, to these extremely wise words:
...reaching a balance means being happy with where I am, not where I might be or could have been. How true, how true. I hope that you are feeling better and breathing easier and finding your balance. :hug:

wsw... I hope this finds you feeling better, too. Congrats on maintaining, despite not feeling so great! Come back soon, we miss you too!

Kaylets... Hoping your trip is going well...

Ceara...hey, girl! Miss you too!

Okay...all is well here on the diet front...I did indeed lose those two lbs, can't officially change the ticker til Sunday, though. Hopefully by then there will be two more gone! :crossed:

I'm heading back outside, kids. Enjoy what's left of your Wednesday!


05-08-2008, 08:30 AM
Ack! It has been days since I've made my presence known in the palace! Sorry about that. DH is on wards for the next two months, and that means 4:30 wake ups again. I'm so exhausted. The good news is that starting July 1, he will be out of his intern year, and there will be no more super early mornings! He will also get two days off a week. This is a good thing. :)
The main reason I haven't been around is that I still feel lousy, and I'm more inclined to whine about it than not. I guess I still believe in "magic pills" to get the job done and immediately. Everything I've been doing (shots, pills, breathing treatments, two inhalers) is helping, but my ticklish lungs are going to take time to heal back up. I know this. I'm just not that patient kind of girl. Not unlike healing my body from all this weight I've gained over the years, I want my lungs healed right now! On the up side of things though, I get to knock out one of the steroids today. It has been hard work controlling my appetite the last few days with this pill, and I'm grateful to be able to put it aside. Still, my breathing improved a lot while taking it. I can at least get to the top of our stairs without stopping three or four times.
I've got to run get ready for work; no time for replies right now. Please know that my thoughts are with all of you, struggling or not. *HUGS*


05-08-2008, 10:19 AM
kat - that was always my fave M/D gift. A trip for the annuals and whatever new piece of equipment I thought I might need. Took me a while to come up with that plan but DH greeted it with great enthusiasm (a load off his shoulders) and soon somehow thought it had been his own idea (that happened a lot, I remember).

Andria, so glad your regimen is at least helping. Not being able to breathe easily is a big bummer. I too dread my occasional rounds of prednisone as I fear the wt consequences. However, I did ok the last two times - then I went to Binge City for a while the beginning of the year and just have not been able to get it together for more than a short period of time.

wsw, my friend of the dainty portions, we think of you also - posting or not. Sometimes maybe more when not posting because then I know things are going touch for you. Hugs.

Dr. visit ok yesterday but wt was up, not unexpectedly. Back to territory I haven't seen in 5 years or so - or almost there. I recall all this nonsense starting in January after I had held even over the holidays and all that. Then I eventually started taking stock, joining the singles/widowed/divorced group for dinners, etc, moving toward settlement on lawsuit, generally reworking parts of my life.

Now it's time to get the wt gain behind me before it accelerates or worse. My new insurance plan will cover some Wt. Watchers and gym stuff so I must get to work on some decisions there. Amazing how motivating it is to have stuff more or less "free". (Since I pay mightily for the insurance, it should be viewed more as "getting my money's worth" - I'm usually good at that.)

Have managed some walkies - never quite able to get it back after the foot surgery last year. Still postponing water workouts until shoulder feels totally ready - I thought it was until I did some light raking. Ha! But soon.

Rainy here this a.m. = not much yet. Ready for that too. Love the Patio of P/T story ;) Only a :queen: would understand! I blew and hosed it yesterday a.m. and the pin oak took that as a signal to start dropping pollen. I was amazed four hours later to see how unhabitable it had become. Won't do it today, for sure, or tomorrow but maybe Saturday. Putting the potted flowers around made it look better, pollen or no.

When I sell my house, it must be for sale at this time of year. With the pink dogwood, candytuft, pink tulips, pink/red azaleas, etc. all blooming out front, it does paint a pretty picture. I've put in yellow marigolds this year to take over when the pink/white fades. They'll go well with the day lilies and should work with the burgandy mums if they last until fall. Also have a few coleus and impatiens scattered out front. The P/P/T is mostly impatiens as there is just so much shade. Am anxious to see how/if my butterfly performs.

Missing Ceara ;(

Off to the shower - a luncheon today. Improving my social life (such as it is) works counter to jumping on the wagon but then (insert kat's wise words about balance here).

Posting makes me feel more in balance!

What a joy SPRING is!

:broc: :belly: :broc:

05-08-2008, 01:49 PM
I would love to drop 10 pounds til then.... I will put my mind to it and know deep down that I can make it happen.

05-08-2008, 09:37 PM
Hi, there, WhoI...

Welcome - yes, you can/will.

05-09-2008, 09:25 AM
Rainy this morning - not as much as predicted thankfully. Steady, soaking.

Feeling quite lazy too. Only two things on agenda - all else "discretionary" - just the kind of day I've been needing.

So :queen:ly greetings to all Palace Persons. Am trying to catch the wagon as it rolls by.

05-10-2008, 09:36 AM
I can actually see a wee ray of sun trying to shine through the clouds! Well, everything has been thoroughly watered, at any rate!

Food has been stellar all week, and this morning I find myself up .5! I realize that I really need to boost the exercise up a few notches and add some strength training. Tweaking, always tweaking...

I'm drawing a total blank here. I guess I haven't much to say this morning. I think I thought I did... :?:

Maybe after a cup of coffee...:coffee2:

Oh yeah! HI! :wave: Welcome to our visitor, whoIwannabe! Come on back anytime, tell us about yourself!

All right, coffee's done, I shall return...

05-10-2008, 12:16 PM
In the great void of time since my last post, I managed to get me buns out into the woods and actually woggled! :yes: I hit my favorite <deserted, didn't want to run into any actual runners> trail, at my favorite park, and figured a good, hilly walk would be a nice way to start the day. As I approached a bit of a flat area before me, I thought, "I wonder if I could woggle that distance without damaging anything?" :chin: And so I gave it a shot. Only for a minute. I actually counted, "one one thousand, two one thousand...on up to sixty" and then I stopped. Walked a bit til I caught my breath and then I woggled again for another minute. Managed to get 6 one minute woggles into my 30 minute hike! :cp:

Note to lurkers: jog + wobble = woggle
courtesy of Arabella!:cheer2::cheer3::cheer::cheer2::cheer3:

Time for brunch now, seeing as that yogurt I had this morning has been long since digested! I think it will be some kind of omelette with some kind of vegs. Must be absolutely VIGILANT today, for tomorrow...WEIGH IN. (drums of doom sound in background) I don't know why I'm letting the numbers on the scale still influence me, since I know what I'm doing is working in the long run, but they do. I want to see the numbers move down into the 260's! I want to hear the weigher say, "Great loss!" I want another star for my tracker! I want, I want...:blah:
Shut up, kat.

Anyway, gotta go, I've blathered on long enough. Have a fine Saturday, fellow :queen:s!

05-11-2008, 05:48 AM
Good morning, Lovelies and happy Mother's Day to all :queen: Mothers. Cold and wet in this part of the realm -- actual potential for some wet flurries. But... it's May. Can't last.

After a :devil: day on Friday I had a great one yesterday. It occurs to me that maybe a 21-day challenge would be just the thing. Yesterday I added another leg to the woods woggle and did my full set of yoga. It felt very good and I kept that feeling of well-being into the evening. :)

:chin: I think the term "woggle" actually originated with :queen: Ceara... Now, where has she woggled off to?

Today about 20-25 of the family are taking mom to a lobster supper. It's a fabulous place to go -- a tremendous salad bar, mussels and lobster. I can easily forgo the rolls and desserts and still have a feast. Only iffies are a bit of melted butter and some wine.

So. I'm declaring this Day 1. I will:

Get in 10k steps.
Do some yoga or tai chi.
Drink gallons of water.
Pamper myself in some way.
Eat no wheat or sugar (k, 'cept for what's in a couple glasses of wine) or processed cr*p.
Have some fun. :cb: :cb:
And come back to report in tomorrow. :yes:

Oh, I hear a plaintive cry for tea -- I'll be back!

whoIwannabe, welcome to the palace!

05-11-2008, 11:15 AM
Walked a good 5m, despite realizing a couple of miles from home that I'D FORGOTTEN TO PUT MY PEDOMETER IN MY POCKET! First time that's happened and there doesn't seem to be any way to manually adjust it but... I know! Too bad, but I should be able to make up for it by getting in a few days with extra steps.

Kat, I hope you got your loss for WI today. You know it's coming, though, in any case. When we work it, it works. And it sounds like you're workin' it, GF! Yay for you, woggling! I do find the path through the woods much more forgiving to my feet.

I think the tree I'm looking for might be one of those but it's hard to tell. The leaves seem to be structured a bit like those of a rowan (we call them dogwood here) and it's that freshest yellowy-spring green.

Anagram, I'm having a bit of trouble getting going, too. Ah, but what can we do but start each day anew?

I'm loving the vision of all your pinks in bloom! Spring really is a joy. And I was thinking yesterday, well, you know, a goodly portion of the population gains weight in the winter. Now we've got THAT past, we'll be able to start moving again.

My afternoons are your evenings -- we go to bed early enough that I don't get "prowly." Plus DH is around and, much as I hate to admit it, my problems are when no body sees. :o

Andria, hope your bronchitis is getting better -- we really don't need anything to make life harder than it is, do we :dz: The essential thing now is to take tremendous and gentle care of yourself and nurture you back to health. :hug:

:wave: WSW, Ceara!

K, let's be :queen:ly today shall we?

05-11-2008, 02:47 PM
:cheer2: :judge: :goodvibes: :queen: :wizard: :drill: :preg: :cloud9: :hug: :cheer3:


:queen: :belly: :queen:

Okay, I'm on board for starting a 21 day challenge... tomorrow! :yay:

Going to plant my tree now...Have a great day, faire :queen:s!

Remeber to be kind to yourselves today! Do something fun. Smile. Laugh. Remember how much you are loved!

05-12-2008, 08:58 AM
All went according to plan yesterday and I will formulate a plan to make today work for me too.

I think I'll add a daily task to my checklist. Something decluttered or some delayed paperwork taken care of. Even a 10-minute task a day will help me start to get on top of things :yes:

So. Been to the gym, done the circuits, done some yoga. I'm intending to finish the rest of my yoga in brief stretches through the day. I'm a wee bit tired today so I'll pamper myself by taking some total rest breaks -- lounging and reading for 15 mins... whatever it takes! Just no feeding for fatigue.

Huzzah, Kat! So happy to have you on the 21-day challenge. :cb: :cb:

:wave: To all :queen:ly folk. Let's make this one count!

05-12-2008, 12:45 PM
So - mark me down for a 21 day challenge too. I REALLY need to do this.

Water - get back on track
Calories - ditto
Exercise - do at least SOME - last weeks have been bad
Meditation - I usually get in some of this but more's always good
Fun - I try hard on this and manage some

The clutter challenge is another good one. I go in spurts and it's been a while.

Overall, I'm looking :crossed: at hopefully a less busy (and hopefully less stressful) three weeks than the last three were. And I'm seriously considering initiating the "eat at table only" rule. No saying I can't eat in a civilized manner just because I eat alone most of the time.

So, SERIOUSLY, come June 2 I hope to be less stressed, a tiny bit more toned and feeling just a wee more healthy than I am today.

DS just left for two business appts he wisely scheduled in PA for the day after Mother's Day so combined two birds, etc. Enjoyed his company as always, got a few chores accomplished (by him) and had a relaxed dinner out w/him yesterday. He's a very health conscious eater so I have no piles of leftover goodies to deal with, in fact, he may have been a leetle disappointed in lack thereof because when he goes a little wild, it's usually here.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a pleasant day (and a good treeplanting, kat). I think I'll quit this and go watch the noon news and just take a little sit-down just to get in the extra restup. Warding off fatigue is a necessity for me too if I want to stay on track. Almost feel ready for a nap already. Good day for it as it's still quite rainy and cold. Looking forward to the sun tomorrow And at least I don't have to water any flowers or grass ;)

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's Challenging I go. Been a good while since I even tried one SERIOUSLY.

:broc: :belly: :broc:

05-13-2008, 06:41 AM
... is that you get a fresh start whenever you need one. So, here I go, Day 1 again. Yesterday I decided it would be nice to have lunch while I watched part of a movie on TV. Feeling pretty much on track, pretty strong. :dz: Had a little scoop of hummus with carrot sticks and salad. A grapefruit. Perfection!

And then I went back for another scoop and carrots.

And then I popped two bags of "smart" popcorn, one after another, and threw a big handful of nuts into each of them.

And then, I'm really embarrassed to say, I ate the chocolate shell off a Kinder surprise that's been sitting in the cupboard for months.

So, the "no-sofa" rule gets added into my list, absolutely.

I think it was the fatigue that got me ... I've just got to learn to REST when I'm tired. There's no reason I can't, usually. Ok, I'm adding that to the list, too.

Still and all, though, the no-sofa rule saves me from disaster even when I'm tired because I just don't eat as much when that's all I'm doing. It also takes the impulse component out of this impulsive/compulsive disorder.

On the bright side, I did get in my steps and drank gallons of water. (All that salt!)

Has anyone tried EFT (that tapping thing)? I'm going to give it a shot.

K, time for me to get out for a woods-woggle. And I've got sound :yoga: at lunchtime today. This will be a good day! :yes:

Anagram, I like your list. And it sounds like you had a good (and productive ;) ) visit with DS.

Alright, :queen:lies, let's make this a good one!

05-13-2008, 08:52 AM
I shouldn't be posting because I am woefully short on time this morning, but I had to share some good news. My ticker finally gets to move again! My breathing isn't 100% yet, but it does feel much closer to controlled, and I think getting off most of those meds allowed weight to shift dramatically. I was prepared (albeit a bit depressed) to face those pounds down and lose sight of them again, but guess they decided to wander off on their own. Maybe the kinder attitude toward myself frightened them away. :)
I have to run. I don't want to, though. Would be so much nicer to hang out in the castle with my friends and catch up.


05-13-2008, 09:11 AM
Nice visual, Andria. Stand strong, don't be upset or worried, and those pounds will be scared away. I've not been standing strong lately - in more ways than diet! So glad the breathing is getting better.

However, I'm saying this is Day 2 as yesterday was better than I've been in a loooong while. Not perfect but acceptable. Even ate my dinner at the table last night instead of on a tray. I've decided breakfast and maybe even lunch are ok on tray as I don't overeat then (usually). It's the evening thing and that was my worst time again but I was a little stronger and so was not as destructive. And realized when I started measuring again that I'd been getting in a lot more water than I had realized.

Sun is shining again today - and what a relief just to see its glow after the dankness of yesterday. Not feeling full of vim and vigor yet but that will come.

Arabella, dear, even your "worst" days are probably better than my "best" so just keep on trucking.

So, off to the shower, and then - my first (or second) order of the day will be to Seek Out Some Joy. Joy in the Moment, Joy of Spring, Joy, Joy where e'er I can find it. I know the world is full of Joy when I just keep my eyes and heart open and appreciate it. And I find that a good diet aid.

:broc: :belly: :broc:

05-13-2008, 08:07 PM
:hug:Hello all!!

I am back from our trip! It was an experience I will never forget! Amazing....
I thought I knew what to expect but I was so wrong.... The entire Canyon area is so vast, so awe inspiring, so beyond words.... I had no idea.

Vegas was very much as I expected..... in fact, in some ways, after our 2 days in the Canyons, Vegas was the perfect counterpoint for reality check.

I am still dealing with jet lag.... out west we woke up wide awake at 3 am.... now back home, we are having trouble wrenching ourselves out of bed when the alarm goes off....

So, I am doing the nightly ritual now so I am ready for the morning....

I did catch a wonderful line in Anagram's post.... Finding Joy.....
Yes. Yes. Yes. What a wonderful goal. And for me, its not in a cookie or a gooey desset ( Vegas) but in a real emotion.....a puppy hug, beautiful piece of music, making someone smile, etc.....Yes.

Wed Good Morning Thought:

Thought of the day:
"The first step in getting what you want out of life.
Decide what you want."
Ben Stein

Question of the day:

"What is the last thing you purchased that was worth every penny?"


Thanks for being here! Hope you are all doing well!

05-14-2008, 08:28 AM
215.2: I weigh myself every morning and I think it'll help motivation to report on it. So. There you have it. Looking to be at least back to ticker by Friday. I haven't got the salt out of my system yet.

I did bag, yesterday, didn't quite manage pure fun so will have to make sure to do that today. :yes: I did successfully fend off the desire to keep eating after lunch -- actually tried the EFT tapping thing. And I'm not sure whether it really did it or whether it was just the distraction that got me through but... whatever. If I can take a placebo that will keep me from overeating -- give me a prescription!

I also managed to meditate, which was the first time in ages. Will do again today, I will.

I've got my writer's group this evening so that will be fun -- but I'm going to have to have my mind made up that I won't eat any of the nibblies.

Kaylets, welcome back! Thanks for the report on your trip. The Grand Canyon sounds like visiting it would be a life-changing experience. It's definitely on my list. We're going to be in Colorado in July. Now I'm wishing I'd pushed to get there. Ah well. Another time we will.

QoD: I bought a pair of red Keen sandals a couple of weeks ago. They're very sporty but cool too. And they're good for walking -- I can actually do my 10k steps in them and not suffer for it. :cb: :cb:

I really like today's thought, too.

Anagram, you're so sweet! :hug: But, no, I'd have to say I'm fairly certain my bad days could go toe-to-toe with yours. Remember that (really big) pan of black bean brownies that I pretty much ate single-handedly? And I could tell you stories about family-size bags of potato chips, etc.

Seek Out Some Joy. Joy in the Moment, Joy of Spring, Joy, Joy where e'er I can find it. I know the world is full of Joy when I just keep my eyes and heart open and appreciate it.

Oh, that's so lovely and so true! A friend of mine who's battling a particularly aggressive type of breast cancer said recently that she believes the divine is right there, all the time, trying to reach us and all we have to do is be open.


Andria, congrats on your loss! That's fantastic that you managed to get through the worst of this bronchitis and come out with a pound down! Whooo-hoooooo YOU!!! :cheer:

K, :queen:ly folk. I've got to jump in the shower and hie self to salt mines. Love, love, love!

05-14-2008, 01:53 PM
Welcome back, Kaylets! So glad your trip was spectacular - gives you another place to "visit" when meditating.

I'd be too ashamed to tell you some of the naughty things I did the last few months, Arabella! And I'm paying the price. I think for purposes of this challenge I too will report my weigh ins and do them daily. I'm calling this day 3 and I was 206 this morning (just before Christmas I was about 200). However two days ago I was at 210 with all the weekend saltiness - lots of salt used where DS and I went for Mothers Day dinner.

I did get in a very nice walk last (very lovely) evening. I was feeling too tired to go but made me a strong cup of tea and pulled it together and went out and DID it. Also had a very delightful night's sleep and have puttered around so far today doing lots of little odds and ends. My fave kind of day so far.

Yesterday I signed a release which basically will settle the lawsuit re DHs premature demise. While I felt I needed to do it and am satisfied that (at least for a little while) someone will benefit from the action, I am very glad to start putting it all away and will look forward to clearing boxes of records from my dining room. I attribute some of my weight gain, at least, to stresses involved.

Well, off to check the dryer and then decide what I want to do with the afternoon while it's still lovely (rain coming in later).

Good Day in The Palace to all :queen:s.

:broc: :belly: :broc:

05-15-2008, 06:10 AM

I did it again yesterday :carrot: :broc: :carrot:

I fended off the desire to keep eating in the afternoon. And this is how we break nasty habits. :yes: Headed out for a walk in the sunshine after a very stressful day of work. Indulged myself by wrapping up in an afghan with a cup of chai and an episode of Frazier.

Writer's group was lovely, too. Nice interaction, lots of laughs. We did an exercise where we each took a sheet of paper and wrote a sentence, passed it to the next person who added a sentence and kept going until everyone had put a sentence on each sheet. People were laughing so hard at the results that they were crying. The woman before me literally couldn't read her sheet without collapsing in giggles and had to get me to read it for her.

The next exercise was to list a bunch of turning points in our lives and write about how things might have been if we'd gone the other way. Well. After I got listing, it struck me that much of my life has been determined by a series of poor choices -- and I guess the way I've dealt with the results. All in all, where I am is okay and there's no profit in wishing I'd been wiser. But it was eye-opening, to say the least. I think a lot of the time, I didn't feel like I had choices and fell into the line of least resistance. Other times, I went along with what someone else wanted. So I think the lesson learned is that I have to make sure that I'm making decisions consciously and being true to myself. Heavy stuff. And undoubtedly related to weight issues.

Hmmm... anyway, I woke up feeling positive this morning. On we go!

Anagram :hug: I'm so glad you're getting some closure on your darling's death . It would have been hard enough if human error hadn't been involved. And you were valiant to deal with all of the legal issues. Thank goodness that's over with! :cheers:

There's nothing much nicer than one of those puttery kind of days. That's when I do my best thinking, too.

K, I've got to suit up and get out there and exercise. Will I go for a little run or go to the gym? News at 11.

Let's make this a good one, :queen:lies!

05-15-2008, 02:56 PM
Well, I got in a good walk today but I'm not thrilled with how it happened. I woke up feeling good and looking forward to a nice little day. Decided to go shopping (good coupon, you know) - didn't need anything special - it was just an outing.

Long story - short. I locked my keys in the car and as I waited for AAA to come with help, I decided to make lemonade and get in my walk for the day. So I walked fairly much in circles so I didn't get too far from the car while I killed at least 40 minutes waiting. That ended the shopping desire ;)

So I'm home now and saying I'm none the worse for wear and I got in some exercise anyway. Sigh.......I was 206.4 this morning. But I did have a nice walkie last night. So this morning's made three days in a row. Food ok, could of course be better.

Sounds like some intriguing exercises, Arabella. The giggles sound good but re the other, not sure i'd want to know - in some cases. I'm sure I've made a lot of bad choices. Fortunately not in DH's case - mostly in career (or lack of) choices. I'm with you on the "go along" part though mostly not in anything of real consequence.

I hear the patio of P/C calling me for at least a short loll. Trying to get my head back where it was before my "big adventure". And it IS a lovely day out there. My next "chore" will be to tackle the basement/laundry room which is sorely in need of some attention. So - patio/basement? Easy choice.

05-16-2008, 08:48 AM
Good morning :)

Thank you all for leaving so many things to think about over the last few days. I don't always have time to write during the week, but I have been sneaking in to read. As I've been reading and thinking the last few days, one constant theme kept running through my head; I realized that I've been slipping away from treating myself well.
It isn't terribly unusual for me to catch myself wandering around Depression Flats after an illness, but I usually don't see it for a lot longer. When I feel depressed I don't take care of myself like I should, and it is so easy to regain weight that I've worked hard to lose. That is part of the reason keeping up some sort of accountability is important for me. For instance, I was just realizing yesterday that I am having trouble getting even up to 6k steps a day. I was giving myself the sickie excuse, but I had to acknowledge that even when I could barely breathe, I was still getting in 6-8k. As I acknowledged the steps (or lack of), it was easier to accept the points where food was slipping as well. I've been paying attention to my good attempts, but there are more than enough little slips during the course of a day to add up to one major OOPS :o by the end.
Basically, I've been trying to fill that sad little void with the one thing it truly does not need: food. What I do need is get myself moving again. There are plenty of good things going on in my life, and I think it is probably time to reflect on those as well. I also need to be more kind to myself and respect the things I cannot change at this time. A babe does not begin by running, and I evidently need to spend more time learning to crawl.
So, my part in the 21 Day Challenge is to find one thing within myself to be grateful for each day. I plan to acknowledge that one thing, and then I plan to celebrate it.
Ok, so enough rambling on about me!

anagram, I hadn't realized there were difficult circumstances surrounding the loss of your DH. I am so impressed with the fortitude and stamina you must have to face down the whole situation and come to a decision as to how you want it handled.
Had a bit of a giggle about your lockout experience if only because I did something so incredibly similar the same evening. I wasn't locked out of the car, but I was trapped in my DDs high school parking lot after an incredibly LONG spring dance show. For some reason, their instructor wouldn't let the girls go right after; they had to wait to be excused, and all the parents were kept waiting an additional 40 minutes. I was soooo tired, but I looked at my pedometer and decided to not sit in the car and just wait. I ended up walking in circles around the car until she called and said they were finally released. Lemonade, to be sure. :)

Arabella, your Writer's Group sounds like so much fun! Still, I don't envy you the second exercise. Maybe I need to do something like that and then let it all go. Can't change the past, but I can use that knowledge to instruct my future, right?

Kaylets, I am so glad your vacation turned out to be spectacular! As far as the QoD, it would have to be a top I purchased a couple of weeks ago. I was worried about buying it because it wasn't professional wear, and I am really in need of adding to my work wardrobe. Spending money on something for outside of school use seemed frivolous. Still, every time I put that top on, I just feel pretty. Makes it worth every cent. :)

Ok, time to run get ready for the day. Starting next week I'll be in the same classroom until the end of the year. No more random schools and random classes! Hurray! :carrot:


05-16-2008, 09:48 AM

And if not quite back to ticker, I'm within hailing distance. The lowest I've gotten was 1 pound lower than this, and that's lower than I've been in some years. Today's official WI. I do believe I'm on my way again and I credit the 21-day challenge. Plus I am finding the daily weight report is really helping when I'm in that decision mode: Will I or won't I?

So. I'm back from WI, have most of my steps in, have been to the gym and done a little yoga. I'm having lunch with sis, niece and mom today. I would walk over but I've got to pick up my mom.

I think I'm going to go out there one of these days and take her a bus schedule and help her figure out how to use it. There's a bus stop one house away from her place and one across the street from the restaurant. She says she hates to have to depend on people for rides every where. To be honest, I think she only hates it when it's difficult to get someone to take her where she wants to go. Well, who wouldn't prefer to be chauffeured if poss? :dz: I love my mummy but I do wish she'd be a wee bit more independent.

Anagram, I had that kind of an afternoon yesterday too. I drove out to pick DGS up when he got off the school bus but lo and behold, the school bus did not dispense him but tootled merrily up the road. I gave chase, tearing up the road after it to try and catch it at the next stop and talk to the driver. I was unbuckling my seat belt as I raced along and flung myself out the door as he paused to let off a couple of kids. I ran up to the doors, "Noah MacDonald" I panted. Wasn't he on the bus? No, the driver said he hadn't been.

So I turned and drove back to his school, where I found he'd gone on the bus with his cousin. Raced back to town to have the car home for DH who had an appointment.

It turned out that Noah's mom didn't get the message that I was keeping Noah last night.

All that frantic action and uncertainty is just the kind of thing that might have had me face down in the feed bag but, nope. Instead, since I had extra time (no DGS) I did the vacuuming and swiped at the bathrooms. Headed out and got the last of my walk quotient in. And then after dinner I did the grocery shopping. So that's stuff I would have had on my plate for today all done :smug:

But I suppose I still have to work. :rolleyes: Off I go, then. Let's make it a good one :queen:lies!

05-16-2008, 09:57 AM
Hey Andria! :wave: I had my post window open for such a long time you'd been in and written in the interim.

I like your goal for the challenge.

In terms of that second exercise, it was kind of painful. But as you say, instructive. The main lesson I need to take with it is that I've got to be true to myself and not let passivity or the forcefulness of others steamroll me into making decisions that aren't right for me.

Congrats on your gig to the end of the school year!

05-16-2008, 05:27 PM
hi all! i was going to wait to post until my writing was better, but i need to just jump in "as is," as it were. :) i've missed you, lovely royals. ms technical difficulties have been giving me quite a challenge lately, but i am feeling better now. andria-glad your breathing has improved. talk about a challenge! what you said was very enlightening and inspiring. arabella-great job on not falling in to the feedbag after the merry chase for dgs, etc. anagram-glad to hear legal battle is finally behind you now. it must have been so draining emotionally to have had to deal with it for so long. you are indeed a strong and noble spirit. hello to kaylets-glad your trip was so nice. scenery must have been gorgeous. and hello to kat, and all our royal dwellers. i will be back when have a little more energy. hugs to all.

05-17-2008, 08:27 AM
And Day 5 it is. Oh, huzzah for the 21-Day challenge. I did find that the thought of reporting on WI helped to keep me away from eating more than I needed yesterday. Ordinarily I think "Well, it's Friday. A whole week before I weigh in officially again. 214.4 again this morning, not unexpected because we eat late on Friday. I'm aiming to have two pounds gone by next Friday :yes:

Behavior was stellar yesterday, except I missed meditation and fun. That's no good! :nono: I was very tired -- two mornings in a row I woke up between 2 and 3 a.m. and didn't get much sleep afterwards.

This morning I'm feeling slightly flattish but will no doubt feel better after my :running: and :yoga: Which I shall soon embark upon.

Andria, I think Depression Flats is no sort of a locale to be hanging around! I think, to be honest, that overeating keeps me there a bit. Not desperately down but just not fully awake and alive. It's that old "eating your feelings" thing. I find when I'm not doing that I'm more aware of negative feelings -- good ones too, though. :chin: I've added a "How am I feeling?" component to my food/exercise journal. Of course that changes throughout the day but I find it really helpful just to see how I feel -- I guess because it's attending to myself. Hmmm...

WSW :hug: So glad to see you in the Palace. Sorry to hear about the recent difficulties. I've been reading about EFT lately and a number of people claim that it does wonders for a lot of things, including MS. Here's a link, in case you're interested. ( I'm not sure whether EFT is really valid or not but a lot of fairly influential people recommend it. Anyway, I hope you don't mind me sharing stuff like this when I find it. I do a fair amount of health research and when I read something about MS I always think of you.

Anagram, our basement/laundry room is badly in need of attention too. Both cleaning up and carpentry. We have a large "finished" area down there that we want to convert to a spare room but it needs a lot of work. I need to be able to focus on small tasks instead of looking at the whole thing and getting discouraged.

So, with that I'm off and :running: Have a lovely Saturday, :queen:lies!

05-17-2008, 08:47 AM
wsw, ALL your writing is lovely and we are always joyful when we hear from you, our lovely inspiring friend.

Not so strong/brave re legal situation. A :queen:'s gotta do what a :queen:'s gotta do. I'd rather not but it was the right thing. Much, much help/support from DD (an atty though currently nonpracticing) - moral support from DS and all my sibs as well. Plus I had discussed it with DH before he died (not knowing at that time that he was not going to make it) and he gave me the "do what you have to do". Still I'll be more peaceful when all done with - have been all this week just with progress so far.

Had a lot of giggles over the similarity of our "Lemonade Thursday". And I know Depression Flats more than I'd like to admit too. In fact, I know that's my evening problem. I'm too fatigued to be strong by then and lonely thoughts creep in. Not every evening and the "lonely" thoughts are often "lovely" thoughts too so it's sort of melancholy.

And last night became one of those - had very little sleep, Arabella. And don't we all do better on a full night's sleep? (Amazing how often we hit those sleepless times together, Arabella.)

And, of course, that's all the worse because I'm headed to P'ville today and like to be very alert on those highways. Fortunately, I had all in ready shape last night so will be off during my "good" hours this a.m. before fatigue sets in. But I'll be in bed early tonight. (Always am after a two hour drive down and then Princess time.)

A dance recital tomorrow (jazz, I think - P12, at any rate) and I'll be "sitting" (a euphamism for child care if I ever heard one) with P7 this afternoon as DD is taking one of her early tentative steps to do something for her own pleasure (training to volunteer so sort of self/others). So at least my JOY is set for the next two days. Kiddie hugs are great currency.

Lots of rain yesterday, sun shining now but rain expected so I'm hoping to get there before it starts again - maybe it won't rain in MD.

05-17-2008, 12:56 PM
hello faire queens!

anagram-have fun in princessville!

arabella-i do like the links you post. in fact, since you have mentioned tapping, i have been curious about it. the website looks interesting-thanks.

having progressive ms can be very aggravating, and so i haven't ever had a remitting phase, but i try to do all i can to help delay progression as much as possible, of course. reading about eft also reminded me that i really need to push myself in to high gear with this weight loss attempt, since less of me could only help ms and anything else that ails me. i also need to do more of my ms yoga dvd's which are helpful. mind, body, spirit-----are indeed all connected, and sometimes i do better on some levels than others. now is my time for forging ahead with some weight loss! hear that, universe!!!! :) my body has been so reluctant to let go of weight for so long now, but i know that now is my time! well, i will continue with dainty portions, my exercise routine, and journaling my food (which i always rail against, but is always helpful for me.) so-----here i go in to the land of some serious weight loss! hope everyone has a good weekend. take care.

05-17-2008, 01:18 PM
SOOOO much good stuff here to respond to, ponder, sympathize with, share...and so very little time in which to do so! I was all set to catch up and give an accounting of what I've been up to...then I spent the last hour or so reading about EFT! Interesting stuff there, Arabella! I LOVE when you share info such as this! Keep it coming, I say!

I've got to be true to myself and not let passivity or the forcefulness of others steamroll me into making decisions that aren't right for me. :yes:
Something I need to work on every single day. Please tell me what works for you! Actually, I have gotten somewhat better at speaking up more for myself, but am not yet good at the "follow-up." Why can't people just take "No" for an answer and move on?

Seek Out Some Joy. Joy in the Moment, Joy of Spring, Joy, Joy where e'er I can find it. I know the world is full of Joy when I just keep my eyes and heart open and appreciate it. I love this and do try to embrace it daily. When you think this way though, I find that it's so much easier to spot those who do NOT, (many) and I feel a little sad for them. :(

It isn't terribly unusual for me to catch myself wandering around Depression Flats... then you must have seen me there! I think the next time I find myself heading down that road, I'm going to do as anagram suggests. See above.

"What is the last thing you purchased that was worth every penny?" My iPod. I love it! So glad you enjoyed your trip, Kaylets... I love the idea of the contrasts of the GC and Vegas!

i was going to wait to post until my writing was better, but i need to just jump in "as is," as it were. I'm so glad that you did, wsw! It's always good to hear from you. I hope that the difficulties ease up soon. :hug:

A feeble attempt at catching up, sure, but please know that I try to read even when I can't post, and I take everything to heart and think of you girls often. You give me strength and inspiration.

So after about 3 Day Ones, I'm officially declaring today the REAL day one and need to get busy making it an awesome one!
Here is my check list:
Food: per plan
Exercise: at least 30 minutes daily
Water: at least 64 oz consumed
Joy: Seek that which makes you smile...
All factors on check list must be met in order to proceed to next day. Easy, right? June 6, LOOK OUT!

It's a beautiful day, I have nowhere to be, no one needs me for anything, so I plan on being covered with dirt before the day is over. (seeking Joy!)

Have a wonderful weekend, :queen:s!

05-17-2008, 04:19 PM
hi kat!!! reading your post made me smile. i was shaking my head yes, relating to all the quotes you commented on. :) i hope you are having fun in your garden, covered with dirt.

a friend called and she and her husband are going to come over and visit me this evening, which i know will be a joy. well, take care, all.

05-18-2008, 10:25 AM

Okey-doke. That's back in the right direction. Mayhap I'll actually get closer to -- even under? -- ticker tomorrow? :crossed:

My low-energy day yesterday seems to have led to a day in which -- huzzah!!! -- I actually feel like doing things. And I did manage to get in all my steps and stick to plan yesterday, so... I'm counting a triumph! :) Today, heading out for a walk with DH soon and then looking at a puttery kind of a day.

Kat, I remember at one point coming in here posting Day 1 every day for a week one time before I made it to Day 2. :lol:

Re: The anti-doormat campaign -- One thing I'm working on is delaying responses to requests. Last week my sister asked if I could go to lunch with her and my mom on Friday, which translates to "Can you pick Mom up and bring her to the restaurant and drive her home?" and also requires driving her to the restaurant before parking the car (sometimes quite a chore and nowhere close) and then going to get the car so I can pick her up at the door. All in all, adds probably an hour to the whole exercise and I'd prefer just to walk over to the restaurant myself if I could rather than drive in the first place.

Aaaaannnyway. I said "I can't see why not" and then for the next several days fumed intermittently because I really didn't have the time for it. So. I haven't gotten better at that YET but I am at least formulating the plan to respond with: "Can I get back to you?" Even if I just have a few minutes without someone hanging on waiting for a response, I'll be better equipped to decide. And if I decide on "No -- sorry" I'll be more ready to hold to it.

I feel like I sound petty about chauffeuring my mom. Part of that issue is just that she's allowed herself to get so overweight and unfit that she is incapable of walking even the length of a block without her walker (which of course she doesn't want to take with her).

And a big part of why that bothers me is that I fear it for myself. I mean, I do keep exercising but I'm definitely not in the shape I was in 15 years ago.

I think her generation was so used to getting exercise through work (she was a nurse) that if they didn't do other things retirement could lead straight downhill.

For Mom, she retired when my Dad died at 60. And I saw a picture of her at my age, looking young, sitting on the floor playing with the kids. She was reasonably fit back then. But when she retired and Dad died, I think depression and the fact that she didn't HAVE to keep going led to a bad habit of not moving more than necessary. She didn't really do housework, never walked anywhere, etc. Combine bad eating habits with sitting on the couch... Now, 24 years later, she's almost totally incapacitated, probably 100 pounds overweight (at under 5 feet). And she fully believes the reason she's incapacitated is because she's arthritic.

Oh, gee. What a gut-spilling that was. I guess I needed that. I do find it frustrating but I'm sure it's not uncommon with seniors. And I should just accept it.

WSW, you sound like you're on the upswing, Honey! I'm glad you don't mind me sending links. :) Have fun with your friends (or was that last night?)

K, :queen:lies. DH is ready to go. Let's make this a good one!

05-18-2008, 12:35 PM
Kat, I remember at one point coming in here posting Day 1 every day for a week one time before I made it to Day 2.

<ahem> Day 1 is off to a rousing start! I've done my exercise already, eaten a wonderfully filling 5 point breakfast, and the sun is still shining, (not supposed to stay that way) so I'm back out to the yard for more dirty work. (and exercise!) My boys have gone off on their golf weekend, daughter is working all day, so it's just me and the dog. She makes no demands of me except for an occasional treat, so I've got the day to myself to do with as I see fit! :cp:

Arabella, this is the very place to come and spill your guts. I'd feel the exact same way as you do. I have a real hard time dealing with those who can but won't until they really can't, either physically or mentally... My in laws are a perfect example. They have the time and the means, but they just will not fly out here to see their son or only grandkids. All kinds of excuses along the lines of "when you get to be our age..." though neither one has any sort of debilitating disease that would prevent them from travelling. Then comes the guilt trip... why don't we go see them? Coordinating four different schedules, not to mention the cost of airfare for four of us, only to spend the week watching them go to various doctor's appointments...and maybe catch a dinner or two at Denny's. :p

(have I shared this before? :yes: Am I bitter? :no: ) I'm really not! I'd rather go somewhere fun anyday, but I do feel as though they're not getting any younger and I don't want the next flight out there to be for someone's funeral. My son has off from school the first week of November, so we are considering going out then.

There! My guts are spilled too! Moving on...

Weight stayed the same this week, I'll take that as a victory, given the sketchy pattern of eating I've followed. I think my weight has settled into a new number and it's time to shake that up. Renewing and ramping up efforts this week! Oh yeah. :strong:

My bike has been in the shop, hopefully it will be ready tomorrow. (was supposed to be ready last Tuesday--hmmph) This weather is perfect for riding... not too hot yet. My bike is an old lady's 3 speed Schwinn, picked up at a garage sale years ago. The gears needed a tweak and maybe some oil. The guy at the bike shop was trying to talk DH into a new bike for me... prices starting in to mid $200 range. :rolleyes: Um, no thanks! She's not entering any road rallys, this will be fine! :bike2:

All right, I see some clouds rolling in, so I need to get busy. Have a joyous Sunday, faire :queen:s!

05-18-2008, 02:17 PM
hi faire queens!

"What is the last thing you purchased that was worth every penny?" i found a great big magnifying glass which is very lightweight, and it is making reading more fun again. --not that i ever stopped reading, but this one is by far my favorite magnifying glass. i found it at a bookstore when i was browsing leisurely, and it just called my name. it is often the little things in life which make one smile. kaylets, i love your qod's and quotes. hope you are doing well.

arabella-glad you spilled your guts. this is definitely the place to do this-among friends who care so much about you----and we do!!!!

kat-have fun again in your garden today.

and to all our royal court, greetings.

i had a lovely visit with my friends last night. they both are hilarious, and we laughed a lot, which felt very good.

i am still the same weight, but sticking to my high gear plan, so know it will pay off. good afternoon, all.

05-19-2008, 08:18 AM

Hokay! .3 will get me under ticker. And it's .6 down from official WI Friday... I must push, push, push! :strong:

Got 12500 steps yesterday, which is what I'm aiming for now on days when I feel up to it. I think I want to max out at 14000 eventually.

Dare I say I'm starting to feel more like myself? I do think that I'm held down by some sort of low-grade depression a lot of the time. Tied in with fatigue. I've started to remember my dreams again (which always seems positive, mental-health-wise), feel more like doing stuff instead of feeling like I've got to push myself to do things.

DH is off today for :queen: Victoria Day (where is fellow Canadian Ceara? :( )

I'm have to work but I'm spoiling myself with a :coffee: before I head over to :running: through the woods. It's a little :rain: out there but not too bad.

Anagram, I know! Who chose the term "baby-sitting?" Not a grandparent, I'd wager. DGS is hugely energetic and interactive. I've brought his similarly active cousin over with him a few times on the theory that two are easier than one but so far... not so much. I don't think DS was quite so much work when he was young. Of course, I was much younger then myself... :dz:

WSW, huzzah for hilarious friends and lots of laughs!

Kat, I must get my :bike: on the road too. It's ready to go... It's a hard business, isn't it, compromising without feeling like we've compromised too much.

Well, DH says he wants to go for a walk so I guess I'll join him and save my :running: for tomorrow. Probably not a good idea to run two days in a row, anyway, in terms of not getting too tired. Have a fabulous day, :queen:lies!

05-19-2008, 08:39 AM
Yesterday morning was looking to be another gloomy day in my head, but I read here for a few minutes and decided to get my backside up and moving. Each morning is another chance to start fresh, and if you all aren't afraid to do it, I'd better not be either. I put on my walking shoes, got out the iPod, and I went walking until the little Nike + thing told me I'd made at least a mile. I was in such a good mood by then that I decided to go just a bit farther. :) Definitely a better start to my day than sitting around berating myself for not being on top of my game! I think that nice walk also helped me to make some healthier food decisions yesterday. The family wanted tater tots to go with their sandwiches at lunch; I made a yummy salad for myself instead. My husby wanted to grill sausages for dinner that night (yes, we were having a very casual food day yesterday!). I read the package, decided I could have one, and excused myself from the table when he offered me seconds. I was so proud of myself! Yesterday was a good day 1! :carrot:

Day 2 plan: I'm nervous today. I'm covering the rest of the school year for a teacher who was supposed to be having her baby this morning. We had talked it all out, and she was supposed to email me all the lesson plans this weekend so I would have all the information I needed to start up today. Well, you all know how well those sort of plans work out. She had the baby on Friday, and I'm hitting the classroom cold this morning. All I know is what books they are reading. My plan is to go straight from here to packing my lunch and snacks for the day. I'll hit the classroom half an hour earlier than normal, and that should be enough time to figure it all out before students start arriving. And if it isn't, the day will happen anyway. I can't exactly stop or slow that part down. I will remember to breathe, I will remember to not stress about things beyond my control, and I will remember to get up and move when things feel overwhelming. There. That should cover it. :)

*HUGS* to you faire :queen:s. I wish I still had time for replies this morning!


05-19-2008, 02:34 PM
hi all!

arabella- congrats on the .6 down from your official WI Friday,and on day 7!

andria-hope all goes/went well at work today.

gorgeous here today, and have to get out for some errands soon, so will have chance to enjoy it.

trying to eat more gentle, bland foods, since my stomach has been acting up a bit the past couple of weeks. actually, it makes it a lot easier to eat dainty portions, i must say. well, need to get out among 'em and accomplish those errands, so must away. take care, faire royals, one and all.

05-19-2008, 07:01 PM

...and going strong! Woot! One more meal to get through, and I'm feeling good about the choices I will make. I spent the better portion of the rainy, rainy day yesterday cooking, baking, and preparing some goodies to make things a bit easier on myself. I baked some chicken breasts, cooked up some brown rice, made a pot of chicken/rice soup, baked a dozen whole wheat/applesauce muffins, a crustless pumpkin pie, ( :T ) chickpea salad, and...I think that was it. Got breakfast now for each day this week, a few lunches, and the beginnings of a dinner or two. Feeling very virtuous and accomplished!

AND! My weight was down another lb this AM... I think I will change my ticker. Going to assume the pound difference was due to residual post menstrual bloat. :ink: The psychological boost that seeing that number gives me is worth it being off my weigh in schedule. Ahh, who really cares, except me? :?:

Andria... Oh girl, you are doing so well! I love this: And if it isn't, the day will happen anyway. I can't exactly stop or slow that part down. I will remember to breathe, I will remember to not stress about things beyond my control, and I will remember to get up and move when things feel overwhelming. There. That should cover it. Perfect!

Arabella... Happy :queen: Victoria Day! I hope that your walk with dh was a good one. I wish I could get mine out with me more often... though he should be getting quite a bit of walking in with all the golfing he's been up to.

wsw... Anytime spent laughing with friends is time well spent! I'm glad you had fun!

Anagram... How was the recital? We spent many's the year going to dance recitals. After a while, I found them torturous (except when my daughter was on!) but now I'm a little nostalgic for those days. Same goes for the Little League games... Time marches on.

Okay. I need to track today's points. I'm using the etools at WW site. So far, anyway. I usually start the week like gangbusters and fizzle halfway through. I should make a point of incorporating that into 21 day requirements. :chin: I exercised this morning before work, which was good, because it was a bit too chilly/windy for lunchtime walkies. Will do something else tonight, not sure what at this point.

So, I guess that's it. Here's hoping that you all have a good night, my lovelies!


05-19-2008, 07:52 PM
kat-congrats on the lb. down! woo-hoo! impressed with all your cooking too.

05-20-2008, 11:19 AM

So, there's a pound down from WI with 3 days left to see about knocking off another one. Waddya know -- this thing works. :chin:

I'm feeling tired and slightly down this morning. Not sure why... In any case, I'm off to sound yoga at lunch and then picking up DGS this afternoon, both of which may lend me some of that joy that I seek. But... I think I may be feeling a little overbooked. :yes:

I made a big pot of veggie chili this morning (Man, hard to keep up with that Kat!) and have my sheets out on the line, which will be my bedtime treat tonight.

Got :running: and :yoga: in and the walk to and fro sound yoga will give me my complement of steps. Onward! Maybe my mood is connected to weight loss. You just never know! Anyway, I am not going to use food to try to make it go away.

Kat, it started pelting down rain and blowing gusts in our faces about half-way 'round the harbour yesterday. We got drenched! But it was kind of fun and exhilarating and v. nice to come home and get into a hot shower.

Ahh, who really cares, except me?

Ummmm... we do?

Andria, I was loving your 'tude yesterday. Those "gloomy days in our heads" -- boy, do I hear ya! And the getting up and moving is absolutely the cure. Gloom, stress, sadness, anger -- I find moving helps so much with all of it and I can often work things out while I'm doing whatever it is. Sometimes I actually even accomplish something! :) Hope your day was great! Are you already looking forward to the long weekend?

WSW, bland foods ... hmmm, now that's something I've never thought of but I bet it would help. My mom one time had to restrict her salt intake and lost about 30 pounds in short order. Bet I would too... until I was fighting cows for salt licks.

K, :queen:ies, let's make this a good one. We shall triumph!

05-20-2008, 03:40 PM
arabella-congrats on even lower weight!! huzzah!
all your exercise inspires me. need to get out my yoga dvd and do a little this afternoon-definitely.

i sure understand about "gloomy days in our heads," andria, too. i get stuck inside physically so much of the time because of ms that i have to really reach in to my bag of tricks to try not to end up too much in my head, and therefore end up too isolated. i have to come up with a lot of alternate planning. if my legs aren't working and i can't get outside, then i read and do meditation, etc. if my vision isn't so hot then too, i try to listen to books on tape, listen to music, etc. anyway, bottom line for me is often trial and error with my different tools in my toolkit. i know this sounds dorky, but i sometimes keep a list of these different things so that if i can't think of alternatives to soothe and calm myself, then i have it there in writing, so i can go down my albeit, very large print list, until something clicks with me. ok, so since i am able to get out among 'em today (and very grateful that i can), i will get to it. i am just so glad all of you are here. you all give me so much great inspiration and warmth. how lucky i am to be in such magnificent company.

by the way, i am proud of myself because i am hugely computer-challenged, and i learned a couple of things i didn't know how to do before. woo-hoo! needless to say, these are things every 3 year old knows about a computer, but for me, it was big. ( learned how to change the font, slow down the progression of the responses, etc. on an ms chat this morning.)

well, take care, all.

05-21-2008, 05:53 AM
And for no good reason, 214 again. Nevertheless, I know I was on track yesterday, so it will not last. I may have to really push the water *glug* and limit carbs a bit more in these last couple of days pre-official WI.

I've got DGS and had his cousin over to play with him yesterday. I need to handle that better -- they're like a two-kid mob. My nerves! :stress: As soon as they arrived they headed into my flower beds and started picking blossoms and bringing them to me, one flower at a time, as a sort of competitive sport. Slamming in and out of the house. I've got to get smarter about this, somehow... I end up feeling like I've been through the mill. :s: Maybe I'll suggest that they play at her place for a while...

Not a great night's sleep last night and then woke up around 4 but I seem to feel pretty much normal. Hope it lasts!

I got my 12500 steps two out of the last three days. :cp: :cp:

WSW, your list doesn't sound dorky at all! Or if it does, I'm your dorky company, anyway. :lol: Many times in my life I've started big checklists of a bunch of behaviors that I want to do to start feeling like my life is on track. And it works. Hmmm... thanks for the reminder!

K, Dollings, let's get out there and make this a good one!

05-21-2008, 08:39 AM
Fly by posting! Had to drop in and change my ticker for the week. :)
Everything is going well at school, but I'm already feeling overwhelmed with grading work. The first day I was hit with 180 big old study guides to grade and no key to work off of. There will be another 180 arriving Friday as well as a bunch of tests, so I'm hustling to get it all done. My students miss their teacher, and they are taking it out on me a bit, but overall, I'm winning them over bit by bit.
Nice thing about being busy is that there isn't even a chance to eat anything I shouldn't. :lol:


05-21-2008, 05:02 PM
dealing with some big issues which are causing me a lot of stress now, and have been trying to write about what is going on in order to help me clarify. also am having to explain more to my close friends about more recent ms progression, and not really looking forward to doing that---not because my friends aren't caring, but i guess because it makes it more real for me, and i have to start thinking/looking into some assistance, etc. anyway, there is just a bunch of yucky stuff which i would rather not have to deal with, but no choice, so in to the muck, i must wade. bleh!!! as anagram puts it so well, a queen's gotta do what a queen's gotta do!! this queen, however, would prefer to hide under the bed, but since i don't fit underneath, i guess i will just go ahead and meet a few issues head on instead. i think i should at least get to lose some weight as some consolation, but plateau is still in progress. soon, though, ----soon my hard work will pay off in that area. well, on to checking in to some of that difficult territory now. take care, royals.

05-21-2008, 08:17 PM
It's Day One! I actually almost got to Day Three, but a late night tussle with some Oreos sent me marching back to the beginning. :( I fell asleep on the couch last night, and woke around 12:30. On my way to bed I thought, "Oh, $#!+, let me just do those dishes in the sink..." Silly, silly me... thinking I could resist those brown beauties sitting in the CLEAR, so I can see what's in there, cookie jar. :no: They taunted me and tantalized me, and in my weakened, tired state of mind, I gave in. "Just a serving, and I'll count the points," thought I. :no: The angel on my shoulder, the voice of reason, must have been fast asleep. She was not concerned about dishes. Her arch nemesis, :devil: was WIDE awake, however, and he was hungry! One serving would not appease his insatiable Oreo lust. So I had 8. (edited to add, 8 cookies, not servings! That would be 24--not that that has never happened!) ;) With a glass of milk. (1%, of course!)

I would hang my head in shame, BUT! As soon as I was done, and before the massive guilt could consume me and render me totally out of control, I came right in here, recorded every morsel in my handy dandy tracker, and realized that I actually have the "Weekly Points" to cover my indiscretion!

So :yay: I may be back on Day One, but I didn't lose complete control! I lost the battle, but I didn't lose the war! :encore:

That, I believe, is what's making a difference this time around. Seeing the BIG PICTURE. :mag:


05-22-2008, 07:18 AM
Not to completely dominate the thread with all the ME ME ME talk, but apparently my many forays into Day 1-ville have given me an un-official weight this morning of 268! I haven't seen the '60s' in many's the year! I've lost almost all of my "night shift gain!" :cp:

Enough about me, Leslie Sansone is in my living room, calling me to come join her! I'll write a better post after work...

Have a great day, all!


05-22-2008, 09:45 AM
I'm here!

Just trying to catch up...only on page three guys are busy!.

I have been gone nearly every week-end except the few I've had to work. Am off again tomorrow very early to K'zoo for a show and then over to Bloomington for the next 2 days. Good thing I like to drive!

Food is good, exercise is terrible but I am lower than I was when I started this journey, and higher than last June. However....I know how that feels and I want it again. Can you be addicted to a weight?

Andria I feel for you on that cycle feel like you've lost a gazillion pounds and the scale sez .5!!!!! However, it is a balancing act as Kat sez, and we can only do the best we can. Some days our best is just better than others!

I'll be back...dogs to dry, they've been bathed this am, packing to do, clothes and car, grooming to do. I am tired just thinking on it!


05-22-2008, 02:04 PM

Okay. So this means I've wrangled myself back to last Friday's WI weight? NOT how i envisioned this, nuh-uh. But I've been on track every day, it will come off (and I believe I've seen this scenario before?). Who knows, maybe I'll get one of those overnight swooshes tonight? :crossed: In any case, onward!

We've got our first sunny day in ages. Not really warm but not cold exactly. I had a good :running: this morning and did my full set of :yoga: Still feeling a bit dreary though. I'll see what I can do to perk me up. (And I really will, not just saying it. This time.)

WSW, you continue to amaze and inspire -- you're my hero! :encore: When I think of my pitiful efforts to keep my spirits afloat, combined with my truly petty problems... wow. Now if I could take that inspiration and put in the work, well...

I'm so sorry to hear that the MS has progressed and you've got some hard decisions to make but I admire you so much for coming in and telling us about it. I swear, it takes next to nothing to make me want to crawl under the bed -- it's only my dread fear of dust bunnies (well, they are large enough to have their own zip codes) that keeps me out.

You're so right - the plateau will end and all those sticky fluffies will be gone in a swoosh!

Andria :balloons: WTG!!! Look at you, 17 pounds off already this year!

Kat, ummm... if you had the points available, doesn't that count as a successful day? An 8-cookie tumble and then right back on track? HIGH FIVE, GF!!!!

Congrats on being in virgin territory -- hope to join you there tomorrow! I'm hoping not to put down roots this time. :dz: Let's keep rollin'...

Ceara! I'm so happy to see you back in the Palace. Was about to send out search party (remembering that you turned down the offer of a St. Bernard last time, even with brandy). How does your garden grow?

Well. My site director just emailed me and suggested I take tomorrow and Monday off. It hasn't quite sunk in yet but I know I could use the break and will start getting myself into the proper mode to take advantage of it! :yes:

Let's make this one count!

05-22-2008, 02:31 PM
Well, after Day 1, Day 1, Day 1, etc. I was 205 this a.m. which is probably better than I deserve. Nice walk in already today though.

Lots of congrats to lots of :queen:s re losses and goals. Truly inspiring. As is your determination to face nasty issues, wsw.

"I do think that I'm held down by some sort of low-grade depression a lot of the time. Tied in with fatigue." Ah, Arabella, my soul sister. I think I've been so busy denying I'm depressed that it's only recently I've been considering I might have the "lgd" of which you speak. Only I don't know which came first - the d or the f. I too find movement and action my only real recourse to pulling my way out. Same with anger or any other kind of upset. I allow me to "feel" it for a little bit and then say "ok, kiddo, let's get going". Hard though sometimes when so tired out.

Howdy, ceara, totally missed your royal self. Andria - not even a key? Yikes.

Ever wonder, Arabella, how you managed to raise a kid before? I do. I'm so worn out sometimes with my DGDs I can't recall how I managed to raise two myself. I guess it's spelled Y O U T H.

I too was relieved when Little League, Brownies, dance reitals and band concerts were over but it's a bit different now. These are my GRANDKIDS! and, of course, they're perfect (I wish - see above).

Your cooking spree made me hungry, kat. Good job though on making your life easier. And on having enough points for a good SAVE.

And congrats and ENJOY to :queen: Arabella on her unexpected days off. What a treat!

With that, I'm heading to some easy paperwork. Then, I think, just a puttering day. Have the dining room table half cleared off. Some really old stuff there.

:broc: :belly: :broc:

06-07-2008, 08:51 AM
I am so confused. Did I miss something, or are there just a ton of our posts missing?
I'll come back later to see if things are straightened out.


06-07-2008, 08:53 AM
Ok, there is a post about a major crash and a lot of posts were lost. My head hurts much less now. Still, I had convinced myself that the missing posts were all a figment of my tired imagination and that I had to go back to bed, and that still sounds like a freakishly awesome idea. I'll be back later. :)


06-07-2008, 10:28 AM
Yep, I had tried several times recently to get on site - got a couple of "cannot displays" and then a "site closed for maintenance" so figured something was up. Glad to know where they went. Too bad they were the recent ones, not our five year old posts ;)

Really good day yesterday including a walk at the cemetery and other exercising. almost back to my lowest [I]recent weight. Getting swelling down in legs too. Onward.....

Watered blossoms in early morning cool = sorting through shoes - so many I can no longer wear and I figure I've given it 15 months since foot surgery so foot's about as good as it's going to get. And the floor of the closet will be one more place I can keep looking at;)

Nothing much on the agenda besides the "daily" and then a grad party this evening. Hope it's inside with all the nasty weather we're expecting. Nothing on for tomorrow either besides church. Hope to work on trip plans/clothing/etc and also figure out models of TV converters for the digital waves. My gov. coupons expire in less than two weeks. Most of my tvs are on cable but two in bedrooms aren't so I'm going to try this route.

Made big salad again yesterday - will enjoy all weekend. Life's so much easier that way. Esp in heat.

So - off to the closet and finishing up one part of the job anyway. Still hate to part with even the old ones and we won't even discuss the almost unworn shoes. But SUCK IT UP, :queen:y, or you'll lose your crown. Get it suspended anyway. So off I go.................

:flow2: :flow2: :flow2: :belly: :flow2: :flow2: :flow2:

06-07-2008, 01:25 PM
And here I thought it was me! Busy, busy week. I've stayed mostly true to plan, but couldn't actually say 100%... but I'm not going to dwell upon it as "failure," that makes it too easy for me to just chuck the whole thing all together and give up. Nay, I will view the few indiscretions as "bumps in the road" and focus on moving forward.

Hopefully, I'll get back in later, but I'd really like to get my hiney outside, to play in the dirt, now... seeing as I've frittered most of the morning away, drinking coffee and surfing the 'net!

Have a great Saturday, faire :queen:s!

06-07-2008, 02:53 PM
quickie check-in to say hi. going out for dinner for friend's husband's birthday. i looked up the website for restaurant, so should be prepared with what i will order and can stay op without much trouble. this heat is just wearing me out, so am needing to rest until evening plans. take care, all. thinking ofyou.

06-07-2008, 04:04 PM
214.4 this morning, for no good reason. I'm resetting my ticker to my official weight, though, 214 and 213 bedarned.

And my laptop's got gremlins -- cursor keeps moving around in the text. I'll be typing merrily along and suddenly the cursor will move somewhere else and put the letters there. If anyone's thinking of getting a computer with Vista, don't do it!

We're going to dinner at our best friend couple's tonight. They've just returned from a 5-week trip to Italy and England. Ahhh to be retired -- with plenty of cash :lol:

Did my woods woggle this morning and some yoga, did the shopping and now... where did the day go? I'm going to have to get a move on if I'm going to accomplish anything much. Then again I may just make my peace with lolling. ;)

Anagram, we're twinning on the shoes, too. I've got lots of hardly worn, never will be worn pairs. I'm going to donate them. And buy some new ones :s: Which I actually need. I saw some Dansko sandals on ebay that looked like they'd be just the thing...

Andria, hope the nap helps!

WSW, you're so on the ball! I like to do that too. And it makes so much difference when I've got a game plan. Have fun!

Kat, hope you got your playing in the dirt time. Bet your yard's gorgeous! I tend to get overwhelmed at how much weeding mine needs and never get started. Still, I did make a vow to clear and mulch a few feet at a time and if I can make myself do that, there might be hope.

K, :queen:lies, have a glorious weekend!

06-08-2008, 10:43 AM

Not too bad yesterday, except for some party indiscretions. Took life VERY easy, still got some things done, party was fun so that goal met. Sometimes the hardest one.

Time to start my yardwork circuit over again. Not showing enough color yet for as early as I put things in and weeds starting up here and there. Must cut them down before they get too "showy". Watered annuals this a.m. and yesterday so they make it through this parching time. Been "watering" me well as well.

A day of no plans again except for church. Salad waiting in fridge. More clothing planning likely. Don't think I'll feel like any of the things I "should' do. Maybe that's a PLAN - do only what I want again today as long as I keep some activity, some exercising, decent food choices. The calming effect of two "no plan" weekends in a row is amazing, relaxing, good for my body.

Had my patio of P/T time already as well. This could shape up to be a good day.

What are we going to "twin" next, Arabella? Too hot here for much.

Just had a scare - thought I was about to lose post. So off I close.

:coolsnow::coolsnow::coolsnow: :belly: :coolsnow::coolsnow::coolsnow:

06-08-2008, 11:29 AM
The nap yesterday did do wonders :) Not being able to post here when I returned did not. Ah well. Right now I'm trying to get my backside out the door for a walk. I keep finding little things to do instead, but my shoes are on my feet, and I'm here telling you all that I'm going to do it, soooooo... yeah. I'd better get out the door! I'll return with tales of glory. :)


06-08-2008, 11:57 AM
Thank you for the snowmen, anagram, though they'd barely last a minute 'round here as you well know! Good grief, it's hot!

I never did get out to garden yesterday, kept finding reasons to stay inside! :p Plus, I spent a good portion of the day chauffering people around ... son had daughter's car at school to take SAT... daughter needed a ride to work... (she doesn't drive a stick, so can't take mine) as we were leaving, frantic call came from son asking if I could go through his email and find the 'thing' from SAT board. :?: What thing? The THING that shows I registered! :rolleyes: Frantic scrambling ensued, found the 'thing' and got it to school, with minutes to spare. Took daughter to work. Son come home a few hours later, heads out again to help fellow scout with eagle project. Calls me because he's not sure how to get there. (After driving around, wasting the precious $4.00/gal fluid!) I try to explain, but he still can't find it, so he comes home, and I drive him over, only to find that they were pretty much done by then! :mad: Daughter takes car to her other job, so son now needs a ride to catch up with friends who are camping out for the weekend. Mother's cab service springs into action once again and I bring him to the campsite, where he was asked if he could just go pick up some ice. DO WE NOT HAVE CELL PHONES WITH WHICH TO CALL AHEAD AND ASK??? So, off we went again. And came back. Now, before we left, I had asked dh to hook up bike rack to car, so I could take myself for a loverly ride, in another part of the park, of course, after ridding myself of the boy. He very obligingly did so, but after driving here, there and back again, I was too aggravated, and it was too hot, and I wasn't even sure if I'd be able to get the bike back on once I took it off. So I came home. And proceeded to nibble... and nibble some more... and then a little more...never really having a "real" meal, so I just continued to pick and nibble...

...which is probably the reason why I was UP 3 POUNDS this morning! :devil::^::devil:

I entertained the thought of not going to WW, knowing that it wasn't going to be pretty, but realized that is exactly the reason why I need to go! So I did, and I'm glad, and I went to the farmer's market after and loaded up on all kinds of good things. I finally bought some quinoa, which I've been dying to try, I have a salad recipe to use it in that I will share, if the results are yummy! Anyone else use this? Any hints?

wsw... great idea, and good for you, planning ahead!anagram... 'do only what you want' sounds like a GREAT plan!arabella...dinner with your travelling friends sounds like fun, though I'd be mighty jealous!
andria... mmm, a nap! One of my favorite way to deal with things I'd rather not deal with at the moment!

Come to think of it, I did just that last night! After my nibble fest, I felt so rotten and guilty and consumed with shame and self hate, I just laid down on my bed to wallow in self pity. Dozed off for maybe an hour, and when I woke up, I was all clear headed and thought, "Right. Back to work." And proceeded to finish vacuuming (abandoned hours earlier), washed, dried & folded three loads of laundry, and mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors. Showered and went to bed feeling MUCH better than before I took that nap! Upon further thought, I realized that I could also be PMSing... which, by the way, seems to get worse each time it comes... which is semi-sporadically at this point. Hey, why NOT blame the hormones?

Okay, I need to go chop some veggies, slice some fruit, and make a few things to prepare for the week ahead.

Two weeks to solstice! Here's hoping that the summer palace is being swept out as we speak, linens are being aired, petals strewn, lemonade squeezed, and the chamber maids are preparing the ostrich feather fans, with which they shall cool our fevered brows...

Happy Sunday, :queen:s!

06-08-2008, 11:57 AM
Simul-posting with Andria! Hope that walk was a good one!

06-09-2008, 08:32 PM
Well, Royal Ones - I did it. I went to Momentum Female Fitness Center today and signed up. I go tomorrow for my orientation with my Coach. This bonanza is now included in my health insurance (I must pay for the coach). As long as I show up once a month they will be paid. I think I can manage that and more. It's only about a mile from the house, has been voted "Best" in the area several years in a row, etc. I'm going to give it my darnedest. It was that or Curves or the Y and this was closest (and is all female).

So it is truly a "Fresh Start". Food is on and off good. Not as good as sometimes but certainly not as bad as sometimes :devil: I was down "almost" to my recent low and then yesterday was back up to "almost" my recent high again. Four pounds overnight and it takes days to get rid of them.

However, if I don't keep trying, I KNOW what will happen.

Stinky hot here again and I had to push me to go up to the Center. I'm already feeling better for just going..

Fresh Start Monday.................................

:broc: :carrot: :belly: :carrot: :broc:

06-09-2008, 09:06 PM
:cp: :cp: :cp: Good for you, anagram! You've almost inspired me to get my sorry keister back to the gym. But it's too hot. The end.

06-10-2008, 12:14 PM
Boy, i agree it's too hot. I think they're going to start me out slow today. I HOPE.

So I'm wearing my new PURPLE motivational T-shirt and wondering what I've got me in for. Something good, I'm sure.

Not easy to do anything else but paperwork and little diddly things in this heat. Hopefully it will get better. I'm going to go do some "resting" before lunch.


:flow1: :flow1: :flow1: :belly: :flow1: :flow1: :flow1:

06-10-2008, 02:27 PM
216.2. Believe it or not, that seems to be what we're twinning on, Anagram. :rolleyes: Of all things. Unearned weight gain. :p I've been doing mostly pretty well but had a few indiscretions Saturday and Sunday evenings. However, I've had unexplained gains both Friday and this morning. :shrug: I'm just hanging tough though and will continue and it will dissolve. Had a nice woods woggle this a.m. and some yoga. Couldn't get to sound yoga because I've got to wait for the locksmith who couldn't tell me when he might be able to get here. Doorknob assembly on the front door disintegrated when DH came back from his run. He opened the door and the knob came off in his hand. Always makes one feel a little non-plussed.

Wish we could split the difference in our temps, Wimmins! About 60 here -- how would it be if we averaged 'em out? Good, I think. If only! Some years we'd be thinking about the first trip to the beach but there must still be ice in the water out there now.

Anagram, congrats on signing up! Nice how soon such like makes one feel better. :) Speaking of which, I WILL complete one household task today and I WILL do something just for fun. Uh-huh :yes:

Kat, I have quinoa porridge for breakfast every morning and had quinoa salad at that dinner Saturday night. Well, it's supposedly very good for us but I have to say if I could eat wheat and oats and etc, I'd probably rarely eat quinoa when left to my own devices. I find it bland and lacking in "bite." I may have to look it up to remind me of why it's so healthful. :dz:

K, I've got DGS coming later so I'd better work while I can. Let's persevere and prosper, :queen:lies.

06-11-2008, 10:21 AM
214.4. I do not accept these poundupages. Nuh-uh. And thus they are temporary. As, of course, are all other :dance: between me and ultimate goal.

I'm actually feeling some kind of a shift. I can see differences in my body, as can DH. On Sunday, I admitted to him that I'm still 46 pounds from goal (my actual weight and goal have always been classified info). Later on that day, he said I was looking slim and that he just didn't see where I was going to find 46 pounds to lose. So that was nice :)

Also, clothes that didn't quite fit properly just a few months ago now either fit or are getting slightly large. So, I feel I'm making progress. And the :devil: scale will yield to unyielding pressure.

I'm reading "Confessions of a Carb Queen" -- very engrossing. Horrific, a lot of identifying. Like her, I think a lot of my issues go way, way back. But I'm growing up now.

Tonight's my writer's group and I will let nothing stand in my way. It always makes me feel nurtured. And I will actually be able to report on writing and submitting a piece for publication :faint:

Well, I've got a shipload of work to do so ... heigh-ho.

Let's make this a good one, Goilies!

06-11-2008, 11:11 AM

Had a great week-end....I now have a specialty winner, and she did well at the all-breed puppy took another major, so she is nearly a champion.

Am off next week-end to Pennsylvannia. Am helping friend with Lab and Golden Specialties, down to the all-breed on the Sat and Sun... Another busy week-end. I'm not going anywhere this week-end thank the heavens!

Weight is constant....I would like to break into the lower decade...but also am experiencing the ups and downs....just a couple pounds but still....of course I am not drinking enough water, or doing my walking....although I do do the gardening and a fair amount of moving on week-ends. That may be why I'm hanging in there.... Time for some changes.

It has been stinking hot here, with some major storms....yuck.

Congrats Andria on the downage...and wsw, you are doing great! Anagram...good for you! I wish I had some sort of gym that close! I just refuse to drive to would be a 30 min round trip for me. Arabella...glad you kept the St. Bernard at home. It is too hot for them and they drool a lot! Kat congrats on the pre-night milestone. You are awesome!

'k....gotta go do something outside. The Elephant ears have finally popped and need to be re-potted along with a tomato and some peppers...


06-11-2008, 12:17 PM
Good morning :)

The princesses are off at camp until Saturday, so I've been busy keeping busy so as to not notice their absence. This house is awfully quiet without them. Fortunately, there are tons of things to do here, and I've also *drumroll* returned to the gym! I have some making up to do for weeks lost on my personal challenge, and being back at Curves should go a long way toward that.
By the way, I also did get out of the house the other morning, and I walked 1.4 miles. :D I wanted to stay out longer, but the sun had come out full force about a third of the way through, and I could tell it was time to get inside. I was hot! We always joked about the dry heat back where I used to live, but there really is a difference. 95 and up here is absolutely miserable with the humidity, but I could hang out in 110 or so if I had to back home. For now, I keep thinking about how much cooler I will feel as I continue to drop weight, and I'm using that as extra motivation.
Since I'm bored and have too much time on my hands for my own good, I've been experimenting in the kitchen. Last night was a creamy asparagus and chicken soup that turned out quite well. I used skim evaporated milk instead of half and half or heavy cream, and I was actually pretty happy with the results. Unfortunately, my husby wasn't impressed at all, and we ended up having something entirely different for dinner. Ah well. Soup is always better the second day, and I know what I'm having for lunch!

Ceara, grats on the dog wins! I haven't been moving forward on weight loss either, and it seems to fall to the simple sort of things you mentioned; I haven't been drinking enough water, and I haven't been getting in much walking. Enjoy your weekend--sounds like you'll need to be saving up your energy for the next one!

Arabella, Wahoo! for you on the clothes fitting, or even better, NOT fitting! I see shopping in someone's near future... Have fun at your writer's group tonight. You know, I ought to indulge in some writing today since I have this nice, quiet house all to myself.

Anagram, your gym sounds terrific! The district I want to get hired by also has a great deal with one of the local gyms--everything is free as long as you pick up the district's health insurance. I love Curves, but this gym is even closer, has a pool, and I could ride a bike there as I get more fit.

Kat, Thank you so much for being self-aware. I woke up super grumpy yesterday, was in tears before 5 a.m., and I didn't even consider PMS until I read your post. Once I realized that was all that was wrong with me, I got up and got moving. Always helps, doesn't it. :)

I'd better get downstairs and start cleaning, etc. I was outside working on the yard earlier, but one of the neighbors came up and started making comments like, "Wow, you're actually watering the lawn! You plan on mowing next?" Hrmph. Kind of takes the wind out of your sails. My plan is to head out again when he isn't around. Wish me luck!


06-12-2008, 12:32 AM
Sorry for the quickie, but I should be in bed. I committed to going in at 6am tomorrow, so I can leave early to get son to orthodontist. :p The unbearable heat broke today, and it was loverly, in the high, DRY 80s. Ah, that humidity is a killer...just saps the energy from you! Last night around dusk, I felt the need to get outside... it was still deathly hot, but I wanted to do a little deadheading. I was pouring sweat within minutes. Once I'm all sweaty and gross though, what the heck, so I planted the perennials I had divided a week ago that were miraculously still alive. Gave 'em plenty of water, so we'll see what happens. When it was too dark to see anymore, I was done. Felt very accomplished!

PMS predictions were on the money! I'm staying away from the scale til at least Sunday.

Oh, I wanted to write more, but my head is starting to droop, and the excessive amount of typos tells me I'm done.

Keep cool... I'll see y'all tomorrow!

06-12-2008, 09:08 AM
What a HILARIOUS neighbor, Andria! At least HE thinks he is. Yes, it could take you sailwind away but don't let it (happened to me once at a meeting I attended - never went back - I know the kind (and she really usually was) lady who made the HILARIOUS remarks really thought she was witty and never realized she cost the group my dedication ;)

Yes, I'd like to send you some heat even though it's broken some here too. Looking forward to next week when it should be even more seasonal. Jumpted to heat too fast.

Only good part about going in at 6:00, kat, is that the world is so nice then with sunrise and all. Plus will get you home earlier for a good (and deserved) loll.

Arabella, I really think we are twins separated at birth (and by more than a few years). I was down a nice bit last week - up again this week, down again, up again etc. Annoying.

One thing I noted (and am taking on as a motto of sorts) - new gym says they have no scale in their locker room as that is not a true measure of achievement. That it's more HOW you feel, how clothes fit, etc. Sometime I'll feel great and like I'll get a lower number, weigh in and have to fight depression. I'm trying to FEEL that way everyday and ignore scale, yet I do have to step on (and on, and on).

this business of being up and motivated and inspired is a full time job.

ceara, where in PA? Just being nosy but that way I know which direction to send vibes. Quite a long trip, no? And, congrats, on the puppy prizes! I don't know if I've ever mentioned how impressed I am with all you do for that "hobby". You do get in the FUN part.

And you seem set to get in your FUN today, WN with DGS coming. Don't know what mine will be but I WILL, I WILL get some.

Going back to gym today. Don't want to mislead anyone into thinking I'm doing much exercising. I'm not yet - being slowly introduced which suits me fine. It IS a nice place - no pool but a hot tub, sauna, and CLEAN. Actually when I get in my walking, pool and tai chi, I felt exercised enough. It's getting it in. Still hope to integrate all occasionally. (See GOOD INTENTIONS.)

So have errands to run before it gets past the "nice" stage outside. IT IS GOING TO BE A GOOD DAY, IT IS.

Enjoy DGS, WN. Sorry your soup was not appreciated, Andria - sounds great to me.

06-12-2008, 10:00 AM
213.2. There now, getting back towards formerly held territory.

Remember the story I submitted for publication? :hyper: I sent it to the Globe and Mail (our National newspaper in Canada) on Monday night and got a response yesterday afternoon that they're going to publish it! :cb: :cb:

It's the story of my DGS' quest for a baby sister. I'll post a link when they publish. The editor said it usually takes weeks before they even read a submission but that my title (The Baby Kit) compelled her to read it.

It's only $100 but great exposure. And very encouraging to me in terms of trying to go freelance and write for various publications.

Andria, sending good vibes for you to get a job in the district you want :goodvibes: I would love to go to a gym with a pool but I can't convince DH to switch because the one with a pool -- and a sauna! -- is five minutes farther. I even tried to insist last year that it was my turn to choose. :rolleyes: What a stubborn man!

Ceara, so nice to see you in the palace. :) Congrats on all doggy stuff! :encore: Gosh, you've been travelling a lot lately. Hope you're enjoying it.

Anagram, walking, pool and tai chi sounds pretty much perfect! You're right -- staying up and motivated is a full-time job but it really does pay well. I'm a little tired today from two nights without enough sleep but am no frickin' way letting that derail me. I'm going to treat myself to some nice breaks -- read a novel on the deck for a few minutes. Yes, at long last my P of P & C is warm enough to visit. Huzzah!

Kat, how I wish I had some of your gardening mojo! I really love the results but I have to admit that I'm... lazy. Plus tend to get overwhelmed by the potential volume of work. Oh, do I see an attitude that needs some adjustment? :o K. I WILL clear and mulch 3 sq. ft. today. :yes: Thanks for being so inspiring!

WSW, how goes it, Sweetheart? :hug:

Kaylets? K -- let's!

:queen:ly folkettes, let us be royal today.

06-12-2008, 04:12 PM
OMG, just have to share: I'm reading "Confessions of a Carb Queen" -- her family visits her for a week after she's been at the diet center for a couple of years and has lost over 200 pounds. She gets totally derailed and gains FORTY pounds in a week, going from 250 to 290. After a week back OP she'd lost all but 15 pounds again but... sheesh!

Freaked me right out! I think the next time I feel like letting control go I might rethink it...

06-12-2008, 04:15 PM
My focus today is treating myself like a :queen:. This does not mean I'm spending the day at a spa, but it does mean that I'm taking things at the pace I want and I'm doing things that make me happy instead of letting the rest of the world dictate that to me. Feels pretty good so far!
We are still on 4:30 mornings here, but I wanted to do something special for DH's breaky instead of sending him off with a SlimFast (he isn't much of a breakfast guy, so this is how he usually starts his day). A new acquaintance hooked me up with a sourdough start, and I had prepped it yesterday for making sourdough waffles this morning. They turned out so well! They were perfectly crisp on the outside and fluffy in the middle. My not-into-breakfast husby actually ate three before leaving the house. That went a long way toward his not liking the soup the other night. :lol: Waffles aren't the lightest of all foods, but he did top his with a 5 calorie syrup, so it balanced nicely. I had one with the light syrup, but then I got thinking about it, and I decided that what I really wanted was a full, rich flavor on mine. I grabbed out a nice honey and used that instead.
Normally I wouldn't talk about a not really diety food on here so much, but it got me thinking about how my attitude has begun to change toward food and life in general. I started out the day knowing this is what I wanted to make/eat, and because of that, I would have to make sure to hit the gym. I also made a conscious decision about the topping for my waffles. I wanted something that didn't taste diet; these waffles really did deserve something better. Heck, I deserved something better. And no matter how I try to avoid that, sometimes for me, treating myself well involves food. I shouldn't have to turn my back on something I don't really believe is wrong. I love food. I especially love GOOD food. Food isn't a punishment, and it shouldn't be a reward, but it can be more than just the fuel for my body as long as I keep balance and perspective.
I really like that I was able to have something I love for breaky this morning, and I didn't even begin to feel the need to beat myself up over it. I did go to the gym, and I made sure to really give that workout my all. I came home and had a nice serving of soup for lunch (the asparagus soup is now gone *pout*). I'm planning to have an apple and a salad later this afternoon so I'm not feeling too famished by dinner. Dinner is going to be chicken with mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and a light lemon cream sauce. I'll probably ditch half the pasta that comes with it and have more salad. The day will be filled with good food, food that I deserve to be eating, and I'll be satisfied on more than just a surface level. This really is my idea of treating myself like a queen. :)

Arabella, WOW! I am so happy for you! I can hardly wait for the link. And you are absolutely right about the exposure. One article like that can make it much easier to get into regional magazines as well as other papers. You probably already know this, but make sure of what date the piece is yours again. I was surprised how many writers I knew recycled their well-received pieces from small magazines, selling them to larger magazines for lots more money.

Anagram, I think you do know my neighbor. He really is the sweetest thing, but his sense of humor is getting in the way of our relationship. He just doesn't seem to get that DH works about 80 hours a week, and we are keeping yard maintenance as low as possible because I am not fit enough to do it all by myself.
And are you a scale addict as well? I used to get on five or more times a morning, like I was expecting some huge Whoosh Faerie to come swooping down and shift the numbers from fifteen minutes before. I was definitely weighing myself for the wrong reasons back then; that number really doesn't have anything to do with my self-worth. Please feel free to remind me of those words when and if necessary.

Kat, even though it was hot and sweaty, the gardening just sounds wonderful! Glad you are getting a break from the heat now. Our weather just keeps teasing. We start out every morning with thick, black clouds, but they break by 9 and the heat comes on. Ah well. That is why I have air conditioning, right?

I'd better get outta here and get some errands finished up before the rest of the day escapes me. Have great ones!


06-12-2008, 04:22 PM
Arabella, How can any human actually eat enough food to be up 40 pounds in one single week! YIKES! I would love to believe most of that was water weight, but she was still up 15 after a week OP? OMG is right! Definitely for thought there the next time I'm feeling a major binge coming on.

06-13-2008, 09:11 AM
so much to respond to. will have to do that later, though, when feeling a little better. for now, just wanted to say hello, dear royals. have missed you. our brutal heat wave got to me a bit more than i would have liked. it has broken though--"cooled down" to 91. stress too putting me on overload, and hadn't been sleeping well the past few days, so also pretty tired. just one regal mess, but hanging in there by a dainty fingernail. :) take care, all.

06-14-2008, 01:10 PM
213.8. Nevertheless, clothes are looser and DS said "You've lost weight!" when he was here yesterday. So the scale will have to bow to popular opinion before long. Five weeks to my 53rd birthday, at which time I'll be in Colorado with DH's extended clan. I am going to start pushing, adding some new stuff into the mix. I CAN do this, I WILL do this. :strong:

Back from a good woggle through the woods, done some :yoga:

Reading lately about how much just being more active in the run of a day contributes to losing or maintaining weight. There was a study that found a difference of about 350 calories a day just from puttering, etc. That's a pound in 10 days. Hmmm... I'm going to make a point of getting up from the computer and running around more often. Or, you know, I could always do something constructive. :rolleyes:

"Confessions of a Carb Queen" was really shocking and thought-provoking. She was on a no-sodium diet, mostly (it sounds like) pasta, fruit and vegetables. Fish once a week. (I would feel like crap on that -- I need my protein!) The food she ate when she was bingeing was the kind that packs on the weight quickly: burgers and fries, pizza, etc.

What I found most striking was the strength of her denial. She thought of herself as "just a little chubby" even when she got up to 468 pounds. She said she certainly never thought of herself as obese. I mean, on another level, she knew she was wearing a size 32 or whatever. She knew that she could barely walk to her car, had broken her box spring, couldn't sit on chairs or fit in booths at restaurants, etc. But she managed to not really acknowledge what that meant.

Oh, she's got a blog! Here she is. (

I think most of us who have been seriously overweight could relate. I've been so shocked when I see a photo of myself sometimes. I keep looking at it trying to figure out what weird thing happened with the camera angle or whatever to make me look so big. :dz:

The worst thing I've ever done to sabotage myself was to stop weighing myself for extended periods of time. And I've done that a number of times. Never again -- it always ends the same way: with me finally braving the scale and weighing A LOT more than I did the last time I weighed in. I'm sure that's how I ended up over 200. I'm sure that's how I ended up over 250 at one point.

I've actually got some work that has to get done. Intended to do personals but ... I'm all about ME. Hope all goes well with all :queen:lies.

Let's make this a good one!

06-15-2008, 09:35 AM
This is a little more work to find the palace, but I'm sure I'll adapt to the new path soon. We should probably keep it strewn with rose petals or something appropriate so the other :queen:s find us.

My princesses are back! They both had a lovely time, but the youngest came back with a severe sunburn on her shoulders, and she also had a nasty mishap with ants. The sunburn is horrible. I've never seen blisters this large; DH actually drained one off with a syringe. And the poor baby has one arm covered nearly to the elbow with ant bites. Turns out one of her fellow campers hid an open bag of Doritos under the bed, and when my girly reached down beneath to grab a pencil that had dropped, she stirred up the critters. They were not happy, and they proved it by biting her repeatedly. We set her up with a special cream and Benadryl and let her sleep off most of the day. Poor baby.

My current sourdough obsession led into homemade pizzas last night. They turned out really well. The best thing about making your own is that you can sneak in all sorts of extra veggies, plus, you can use ingredients like turkey pepperoni--70% less fat, and they taste really decent. The other nice thing is that none of us could make it through more than two slices. Yet another example of filling up with quality food that you feel good about eating. I wouldn't begin to profess our pizzas were health food, but they worked well into the day, and no one was sneaking back into the kitchen later on because they were still hungry. It all falls back to balance, don't you think?

Arabella, sounds like you have the perfect attitude to shift through this, plus you know you have the tape measure backing you up, no matter what the scale says. :)
I've been thinking a lot about how inactive I actually am when I'm not out working. My steps have been abysmally low; most days I'm lucky to hit anything over 5,000. I had to face it the last couple of days and realize that I'm seriously not leading an active lifestyle, and the numbers (scale, pedometer, etc.) are showing it. Yesterday I made a point of doing extra things, and I boosted my steps by a couple thousand. I hadn't thought of how those little things could add up to so much, though. You are right--the cumulative effect of 350 calories a day is the right number to lose a pound in ten days. Thank you for bringing that up!

wsw, I am so sorry to hear the heat and stress have been keeping you down. Also, no need to ruin a perfect, royal manicure. We'll keep holding on to you no matter what, even if all we can catch is the hem of your gown. :hug:

Off to make breaky for the girls and get out to my Sunday morning walk. The weather looks perfect for it!


06-16-2008, 12:54 AM
Not to sound silly, but I wanted to pull this up so other royals could find us more easily.


06-16-2008, 09:12 AM
214. Too much salt on Saturday but was perfect yesterday. It will go. :yes:

Andria, the rose petals sound just lovely. I'm enjoying that path to the Palace and have sworn off breadcrumbs forever (too high-GI, anyway). I hope other :queen:lies haven't gotten lost along the way. Mayhap I'll PM same if no one shows up soon.

Well -- stop me if you've heard this before (but not really) -- today is reenergize the plan day. I'm putting a big push on to feel and look as fabulous as possible for the trip to Colorado in a month's time. Adding things in like doing something (stairs or :trampo: for example) full-out once a day. Briefly. And getting up and bustling around at least once an hour. Chore a day, clear 3 square feet of flower bed a day. Along with primping, having fun, etc. Oh yeah... usual diet and 10k, mind-body, etc. Yup, lots of etc. but I'll feel incredible if I do this and will look pretty good too, I think ;)

I feel suddenly more energetic and able today so now's the time. Planning on staying energized, too :yes: I felt able to hit the stairs on the way home from the gym this morning for the first time in months. And managed 10 flights, one shy of the record :cp:

Andria, I've been thinking about pizza for weeks! And DH mentioned it on the weekend so we may actually do it before long. I've seen a recipe for gluten-free dough that gets good reviews. And you can make it pretty healthy o/w, too. Although for me, I've got to say cheese (and not fat-free!) and lots of it is non-negotiable. :rolleyes: Guess that's why we mostly don't eat it!

It's amazing how much those extra steps add up, isn't it. I had 2k left to get on Saturday and went to library, a couple of stores. Parked some distance away from everything and the 2k steps were done!

K, I'd best get some work done here. Let's make this a goodly one, :queen:lies!

06-16-2008, 09:26 AM
Well, another fresh week and Fresh start with the Equinox only a few days away. I'll have to record another big disappointment in my results but won't give up the determination.

wsw, a good night's sleep will go a long way. The heat/humidity can certainly get to you - I'm looking forward to our cooler weather this week as a time to be more active and "catch up" (my buzz word always).

Arabella - published, huzzah!!! No, it's not the money but that's nice too. I know you've been published before but another is always great and a step in your direction. qsilver - you're right - the theme seems even right for a darling movie.

And the Carb Queen numbers make even me seem like a piker. But the denial I recognize. I too was 251 at one point and didn't "feel" it. Didn't feel ugly or unworthy or any of those things. Yet now when I look at those pics, I see a person I didn't see then. Same with current weight - when I first reached it seven years ago, I felt SLIM and pics looked better. Now, I look at those "slimmer' pics though and see a still-very-chubby person. Maybe my eyesight is getting better.............

Oh, those waffles and pizzas sound good. I can almost smell them. I think you're on track about quality food. Mine has been much less so than it had been. I've been eating for calories and then I binge. Last night I went to a dinner honoring a friend and the food was great, good calorically (though not diet) and I felt more satisfied than in a long time. It wasn't overly salted either as so much "out" food is.

I'm learning on the 'little" movements too. Sometimes it's just a set of leg lifts at the sofa as I pass behind it or want to catch something momentarily on TV. Sometimes it's just an extra butt wiggle or two to get the circulation moving. Not enough certainly but better than totally couch potato-ing. A weed or two here or there helps too. I have been doing a tiny bit of yard work here and there and it IS adding up. Had to fire my kid - a really nice boy but leaving too much of the job behind. So have a more "pro" fellow who does it for a living and the first time has left the yard looking much better. Strangely, only a few more shekels.

Busy week coming up with household maintenance stuff - also "catchup" but I'll feel so good when some/all of it's done.

Oh, the dinner last night actually was honoring a 40+ year professional and personal friend of DH. Very touching -but for me the most touching was that he mentioned DH by name as a professional touchpoint in his career. He was able (timewise) to mention only a few so I was thrilled DH was one. One of those things it was tough to go to alone but I'm so glad I did. Sometimes this being tough and doing the :queen:ly thing has its non-weight rewards.

Anyway - off to Monday. Cloudy and "maybe" will get some rain. that's what they've been saying for days-- "maybe" -- and I'm getting tired of watering so hope today's the day...At least there's supposed to be a cooler front coming in.

:broc: :broc: :broc:

06-16-2008, 09:33 AM
Almost simulposting, Arabella! Your reenergizing para says what's in my mind. Except it's for my trip to Quebec - now only 3 weeks away. Been trying to build a bit of stamina too for the whole thing. I'm not doing well weight wise but do feel I have a teeny bit more stamina - when it's not too hot to move.

You'll be gorgeous for CO!

:cheer3: :cheer2: :cheer3: :cheer2: :cheer3:

06-16-2008, 12:49 PM
I so want to stumble off the path this morning. I just knew that if I came here first that there would be something posted that would make me want to stay true. I'm frustrated because my weight is up a couple instead of down, and I've been working so hard. And as I'm typing that, I realize yet again that I'm looking for the scale to give me the wrong information. :o My bad.
I am feeling stronger, even after only four trips to the gym. My Sunday morning walk was also my fastest and farthest distance since moving here. I'm making good food at home so we aren't eating out, we are saving calories, and we are saving money. These are all the right choices. If my weight doesn't reflect these changes as immediately as I had hoped, I just need to remind myself that I am doing the right things. I also need to reevaluate and make sure there aren't other things I've let slip by the roadside. I know for a fact that I haven't been eating enough veggie matter the last couple of days. That is an easy change. I'm going to go back to the first of this thread and see what I posted as my goals for summer solstice; maybe there will be other things I need reminding of, and maybe there will be other little successes I can see.
For now, I feel a little more straight in the head, and I know I'd better get to the gym or is isn't going to happen today. Too bad I don't have a royal carriage to take me off in proper style. Guess that would look a bit silly in sweat pants anyway, huh. Of course, it would also give me time to practice my regal wave. Haven't had much chance to work on it of late. :)


06-16-2008, 09:36 PM
hi lovely queens! my stomach is definitely not a happy camper the past couple of days. eating gently and daintily. now, when my appetite returns, not too sure how that will go, but for now, at least, easy to stay op. still not sleeping well, trying to keep remembering to take some deep breaths when dealing with current stressors.

arabella-so neat about your article being published! :) also, as anagram said, you wll of course look fabulous for your trip to colorado next month. your re-energizing plan makes me fee more re-energized too. when i'm feeling better and can add more foods back to my menu, think i wil go grocery shopping for some pretty veggies and fruits, and put my food plan in to a little higher gear aimed at knocking of these pesky pounds that seem to want to hang on.

andria-when you mentioned coming here to get royal tiara on straight, it certainly resonated with me. it hleps me so much to be able to check in here and absorb some of the wisdom and warmth within our lovely palace walls.

anagram-glad that the event went well, and was not too difficult emotionally, at least, and that the honoree mentioned your dh. you did indeed display queenly strength and nobility, which always inspires me.

hello to ceara, kat, and kaylets, and all who dwelleth in our beloved kingdom. getting a bit tired, so may toddle off to beddie-bye now. take care, all.

06-17-2008, 05:09 PM
hi all. i swear, i feel like i keep losing the whereabouts of our thread. pitiful, huh? well, anyway, hope you lovely ladies are having a good afternoon. still hanging on by one royal dainty fingernail. had to do a lot of paperwork today, which i always hate doing, but feel rather virtuous now that it is almost completed. have plans for tomorrow dinner and thursday lunch, so hoping my tummy will be ready to venture out by then. greetings to all venerable royalty. :)

06-18-2008, 07:09 AM
wsw, It isn't just you. I still feel awkward on this new path. Remember to look for the rose petals. :)

I have another job fair today. So far I haven't done so well at these things, and I'm not feeling too hopeful for today. Blah. We do what we have to, right? I had no idea that finding a teaching job would take so long. There are supposed to be teacher shortages here, but I keep seeing the same faces at all these fairs. Kind of sad when you begin to recognize people at them.
Ah well. Time to get ready.


06-18-2008, 11:23 AM
good to know i am not alone, andria! will definitely keep a look out for the rose petals. hope your job fair goes well today.

scale certainly is not cooperating, but continuing to remain steady on course, so hope springs eternal.

definitely got in some efficient organizing and completing of paperwork this week, so feel good about that. also continuing to check out situations for more physical assistance for present living situation, possible different and more user-friendly living situation, etc. so far, no big answers, but am on right path, and just knowing i am doing what i can to help myself in this otherwise rather yucky situation feels good. well, i have done my morning "homework" towards that end today. now, off to do some errands, clean up royal dwelling, and then have an early dinner with a very good friend, who will be moving away soon. (i will really miss her, but she and her husband are excited about their upcoming changes, and so i am happy for her.) well, royals, hope today is a good one for all who dwell here. take care, all.

06-19-2008, 08:30 AM
What a great feeling to get that paper work done (at least for now). I'm STILL admiring my bare dining room table though there are a few files tucked here and there to be worked on.

Full schedule here today. Sigh. But things getting done. It seems like all the things I've been working on are converging within a week or two. Not complaining but hustling, for sure. Have been "patting" (as vs. "hitting") the Fitness Center. Believe it or not, feeling a little good coming of it.

Difficulty sleeping in last three mornings - up way too early - and, once again, it's full moon. I'm beginning to believe there really is a connection.

Must be off - my itinerary for the day is written on a little note to take with me so I don't miss any important stops. It will slow down this afternoon once the carpet cleaner gets here. I'll have a good reason to spend a lot of time w/computer ;)

Hope the job fair was THE ONE, andria.

Off I hustle.....................


06-19-2008, 10:02 AM

Cold and dark in this corner of the palace -- 13 degrees (about 55 F). Which is, sadly, pretty much the way spring has been here. I don't remember when we've had so little sun for such a long time.

I've been doing well with my new campaign but had a good helping of hummus yesterday afternoon which always sends the scale upwards. I'm going to cook a hard-boiled egg to eat this afternoon if I need something. Filling, low-cal, high-protein.

Did my woggle, some :yoga:

WSW, deep breathing is my favorite new thing! I'd completely forgotten how calming it is just to take in a few deep, slow breaths. I noticed when I quit smoking years ago how it helped. And still does! I'm just reminding myself to stop and breathe a few times through the day and any time I feel stressed.

I know what you mean about dealing with things. Feels so much better than the ostrich position, no matter what has to be dealt with. And life is so full of surprises, whatever change has to be made could have great upsides.

Anagram, there we are again: I've been doing "paperwork" (on the computer), getting caught up with my taxes. Which always makes me want to shoot myself. Always seems like I owe more than I thought. Doesn't please DH, either. I'll have to start making larger installments.

Ah, I see. Full moon -- I've been getting the other end of it this time, though, trouble getting to sleep.

Hmmmm... that's three of us with paperwork and trouble sleeping.

Andria, hope the job fair was better than anticipated!

K, I'd better get back to work. Have a good one, :queen:lies!

:queen: :belly: :queen:

06-19-2008, 10:18 AM
anagram- i bet you are feeling great about having that paper work done. if i were you, i too would be admiring my bare table where once that pesky paperwork had lain. kudos! hope your busy day goes well. you know i sympathize about sleeping problems. i'm beginning to think my body doesn't even remember how to get a good night's sleep anymore. hope you are able to sleep well tonight.

had dinner with a good friend last night. she and her husband are moving out of town this weekend, and it was very hard saying goodbye to her. i will miss her a lot. i know we will keep in touch, but i sure will miss that in-person contact. big sigh! she and her husband are happy about the move and the positives that it will bring, so i am also happy for them.

today, i am having lunch with my best friend. after this, he will be traveling a lot for business so i won't get to see him as often as i used to. i will miss that too, but again, this is something he is very happy about, and i am pleased for him. doesn't mean i won't miss him a lot though! ah well! i will enjoy the chance to visit with him today, and laugh a lot, as we always do, and not waste time thinking about the future, while missing the present.

i hope i am not speaking too soon, but (fingers crossed!) i think my stomach is getting better. i still ate pretty gently yesterday, but added a few more things back in to my food plan and did ok, so hoping for more of same today. so---regarding jaunt to summer solstice, i have not lost any weight, and am mighty disappointed about that, but will not use that as excuse to quit. i will keep moving forward with re-energized (to take a page from our arabella) food and exercise plan, and will reap the rewards of steadfastness at some point! i know i will! arabella, guess great minds think alike. we were simulposting. i needed to be reminded this morning of the benefits of those deep breaths, and sure enough, as always, they proved to be a big help. :) hope everyone has good day . take care,all.

06-19-2008, 01:45 PM
Hey there! I've been woefully absent from posting for a while... We have been busy busy busy trying to get things together for son's party this Sunday. Plus last weekend was full, with two parties to go to, plus I worked an extra shift last Friday... I stayed til 11:30 and kicked myself the whole time for doing so! My house is in a state of near chaos, hanging on by a thread. I feel like I'm treading water all the time, just trying to keep afloat. Exercise? Pffft. :p My exercise lately consists of taking the stairs at work up to the second floor each morning to drop some papers off and back down again. I do try to get my lunchtime walk in (20-30 min) when it's not excruciatingly hot. The other day my rearend was just numb from sitting at the computer, so I took myself up the stairs to the 4th floor and back down again. I think I'm gonna try to do that a few times a day, just to boost the circulation/metabolism.

Now that I don't need to drive son to school in the morning, I'm going to try to either get in to work early ~or~ get a walk in before work. I'm thinking I could walk and still get in by 7... :chin: Must ponder...

Miraculously, my weight is holding steady at 269... No, it's not the 10# down I wanted by solstice, but I'm just happy it's not UP!

Arabella! Congrats on your story being published! :write:
Anagram...I'm glad the Fitness Center is doing you well... :yay:
Andria...Your self awareness is always inspiring to me! :yes:
WSW...I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling better... :dancer:
ceara...So good to see you're still hangin' in with us! :cp:

These are paltry replies, I know, but I wasn't leaving the computer til I got something/anything posted! I just cleaned out 7 pages of email that I've neglected (most of it crap!) After Sunday, I should be back to regular posting.

Once again, gotta run, but I'm wishing all :queen:s sunshine and warm, but not too warm, days, cool nights, lots of flowers and pleasant thoughts until we meet again!

06-19-2008, 05:29 PM
hi kat! good to see you. you sure have been busy. hope son's party on sunday goes well.

06-20-2008, 10:54 AM
212.6. Oh I am getting tired of this! My scale this a.m. had my body fat at a new low. 36%, which is not exactly athlete-level but only 2% out of the normal range for my age group. I am plenty fat, however :o

Am still walking the OP path. Not going to let fatigue derail me, nuh-uh.

:tired: Not a lot of sleep last night. Just as I was heading off to bed I got an email from the editor at the Globe and Mail telling me that my essay was going to be in on Monday and there was some back and forth emailing about the edits. And then I just flat out could not get to sleep, despite trying everything I could think of. Tonight I'll sleep, though, I bet. TGIF!

Kat, holy smokes! :eek: What are you doing for DS' party?

WSW, glad tummy trouble is getting better!

K, :queen:lies, let's get out there and win this one!

06-20-2008, 11:43 AM
Well, no wonder you couldn't sleep last night, Arabella! Yes, you will tonight. I did somewhat better last night. At least I feel a little better today. SO fatigued yesterday afternoon.

And a double would do me in totally, kat. Yes, party details, pls.

wsw, I do wish I had your dainty portions and dainty fingertips to hold on to.

I'm not following the "lost" comments. I just click on the message when I'm notified there's a new post and come right here. Sometimes I don't always get a message - there for a while, it was a couple of weeks (which probably contributed to my absences a bit) but I usually keep an old notification or two around because it makes it simpler. Will have to check out new arrangement.

Well, 206.2 this a.m. but that was a gift. It's the usual ups and downs. The least I've been on this part of the journey was 205.2 and that was only for a brief moment. The highest was 209.6 or something like that. Will go back and check what I was at the beginning of the thread.

My neatness won't last - painters coming this weekend and stuff still out from rug cleaners yesterday (different spaces). Lunching with friend today to plan our "weekend vacation" coming up next week.

Getting warmer but still decent. Will leave all yard work for weekend when painters are here. Same for always accumulating paperwork and other "dumb" stuff. Goils just gotta have fun!

HAPPY SOLSTICE, :queen:ies!!!!!

:flow1: :flow1: :flow1: :flow2: :flow2: :flow2: :flow1: :flow1: :flow1:

06-20-2008, 11:58 AM
So I checked back and it wasn't until after Mother's Day that I posted my weight. It was 206 that day - had been 210 two days before. So I'm about still in the same rut except for that one 205 morning. Last fall, my range was 201-206 so it's definitely up.

Sigh - can't totally get rid of stress, it seems, no matter how I try.

But TRY I MUST - so 'twill improve, 'twill.

:bunny: :bunny: :bunny:

06-20-2008, 02:55 PM
You and me both, Anagram. I'm "officially" down 2 pounds for this challenge and THAT's only because I refuse to accept the 1.6 that I'm up from ticker. It just is not right. :nono:

And yet -- we WILL get there. I just keep reminding myself that if I wasn't trying so hard I would definitely have regained lots of weight.

06-21-2008, 11:26 AM
Well, a loverly Saturday morning here - first one of Summer. :cp::cp:

Two fellows are here industriously trying to pull wallpaper off walls. It's been up since about 1974 but still clinging tenaciously. So my weekend will be a leetle different. Doing odds and ends of 'organizing' and going for a little yardwork and some PoP/C time.

So best get to the little yardwork while it's still cool enough - may already be too late.

But must do a "little" so I can say I did and that should earn me some reading time on the patio - even if I'm doing catchup reading rather than the leisurely summer kind. That will come - I have declared that after this work and one more job are done and after the next month of trips and visitors, I, personally, :queen: anagram, am taking the remainder of the summer OFF. Devoting it to lazy, languid days, friends, health, mental health, etc. etc.

Do I hear God laughing? Best laid plans and all that...

:swim: :swim: :swim: :swim:

06-21-2008, 01:33 PM
I might lose my head sometimes, but at least I never lose my tiara! :dizzy:

Seriously, I have no clue what's been up with me lately. One day I am fine, on top of the world, ready to face all challenges, and the next... well, that's a whole different story. Getting up and out to the gym seems to be helping a lot. Those days, like today, are the ones where I keep moving, and my mood is definitely a lot lighter. I've been thinking about bumping myself up to 5 days a week at Curves instead of 3, but I don't think I'm ready for that yet. You would think I'd get out for a walk on the between days, but I keep finding reasons to crawl back into bed after seeing my husby off to work. Mostly, I think I'm afraid that my feet will start hurting and I'll be back at ground zero again. It isn't an unreasonable fear; I've hurt myself plenty of times by pushing beyond my physical capabilities. Still, I can't find out what I can do if I don't at least try.

The phone started ringing, and I'm all out of time for now. I'll try to get back in later. :)


06-21-2008, 01:43 PM
That sounds like a perfectly wonderful plan, Miss Anagram! I keep saying to myself, "After this party is over..." then, "after we get the boy off to camp..." (next Saturday! Gone til August!) I am going to do the following things: Go to the beach. Plant some veggies. Clean out the clutter. READ. Go to the gym. Ride my bike. Do yoga. Take an art class.

There's more, but that's just off the top of my head stuff... Funny thing is, there's really no reason (for the most part) that I haven't been able to do any of that up til now. It's all a matter of prioritizing and I seem to have relegated these things to the bottom of the list. Time to put *me* closer to the top!

I have to run, thought I had more time, but I'll try to get back later...if not, I'll DEFINITELY be back Monday! :wave:

06-21-2008, 06:53 PM
happy 1st day of summer, dear royals! well, i am official at zero lost for this challenge, but have stayed the same, and could indeed be worse. when i looked back at my goals, i was hoping for -6 lbs. i sure was fantasizing there. ah well. all my hard work really will pay off eventually. anyhoo-i treated myself to a couple rental movies today and plan to relax and watch them tonight and tomorrow. i got pretty worn out this past week with several appointments, lots of work on making home situation more user-friendly, etc. so need to take it easy tomorrow, and plan to do just that. saw a good reading list on one of the morning shows this morning, and plan to check out some of the books. ok, speaking of needing some rest, i am getting a little bleary-eyed, so should probably get offline and rest my little peepers. have a good rest of your weekend. take care, all.

06-22-2008, 09:13 AM
I'm heading out to WW before getting over to set up for the party, but had to stop here to report final results for Solstice Sizzle... today's weight 264, for a grand total of 14 lbs off since April.... :yay:

06-22-2008, 10:51 AM
congrats, kat, on all those pounds down! woo-hoo!!!

06-22-2008, 12:22 PM
212. From my perspective, it could have been a less successful challenge. Sigh. It becomes apparent that, despite keeping up a fair amount of effort, I haven't been trying hard enough to lose any significant weight. So... new focus on emulating :queen: WSW's dainty portions. I managed last night at dinner. That's the last piece of the puzzle, I think. Eating less -- :faint: who'da thunk it?

Friday afternoon I succumbed to crackers and felt crappy for it yesterday, tired and depressed. Ugh. That's why I don't eat wheat, for sure.

BUT. Onward! The sun's arrived here with summer and I think it'll go a long way towards the reenergization campaign. I swear, I'm going to go out and bask this afternoon. Too self-conscious to do yard work half-nekkid :o

Got my 10k almost in already and done a set of tai chi. Thinking to do some gardening this aft. I have actually been making progress with my 3 sq. ft a day plan. Usually ends up being more and it looks so tidy when it's all mulched. Where's that "patting self on back" smiley?

Kat, you are the Solstice :queen: Huzzah, huzzah for your fabulous results :balloons: Here's to more Kat time when your boyo is away :cheers:

WSW, hope you're having a blissfully relaxing day! :cloud9:

Andria, I hear you on that mood thing. Holy crap, do I ever. It's so much work keeping mood and motivation up. I keep reminding myself that once I get going it always seems kind of easy. Just gotta push to get going...

Anagram, may the force be with you for taking your summer off! :crossed: Surely we must get God onside for such a worthy cause! :yes:

What would everyone think about a 21-day challenge? Or what other ideas do people have about where to go from here?

Have a joyous day, :queen:lies!

06-23-2008, 10:32 AM
211.4. Ok... now to get under ticker :yes:

My essay's in the Globe and Mail today. ( There's a very cute cartoon with it, too, in the paper version. I think the link is only good for a day (tomorrow there'll be a new essay by someone else :cry: ) but if anyone misses it and wants to see the essay, I'll attach.

I had a successful weekend and am a little surprised to STILL be fighting to get under ticker. Spent about three hours gardening yesterday. Could be under tomorrow, though. Yes, hope springs eternal. I've been cutting back on portions :faint:

I'm thinking I might join the 21-day challenge thread and start a new Summer Palace thread for the queenly folk.

Let's get out there and make this a good one!

06-23-2008, 11:46 AM
arabella-i loved reading your article! it made me smile. i am definitely up for a new thread/challenge. i am feeling some of that re-energizing "ness" you have been talking about.

morning off to a good start with dainty, healthy breakfast, and have 2 more dainty meals planned for remainder of day. already have done a good chunk of my exercise, with still more to come. hope everyone has a pleasant day in the palace.

06-23-2008, 05:54 PM
Kat, how Royally proud you made me! What a loss! Savor that extra time and do try to put "you" things higher. ( I know, I know, I didn't but you're supposed to learn from your elders.)

I'm in the "I could have done worse" mode too AND the good days, bad days mode. Did get to Fitness Center today, that's a point. Going tomorrow too.

Ok, so much for plans ;) When painters came today, they said there's too much work yet to be done to keep coming after their day jobs. They need a weekend. Well, guess what, folks? The next weekend I'd be able to do this is the last weekend in July. But I want a GOOD job and they want to do one. So they're painting my closets so I can put stuff back in them and the rest of the next five weeks, the walls will be a nice shade of old white and drywall gunk. What was that I said about my post vacation plans?

But a Royal deals with stresses and, truth be told, there was so much going on in my life right now that it will be a relief in a way to have some extra time to get things together.

Now I'm off to read Royal Arabella's piece.

06-23-2008, 06:02 PM
Oh, just loved the article, Arabella. What a delightful, resourceful little DGS you have. How that little brain clicks! Just delightful!!

06-23-2008, 06:49 PM
Hello all!

Do you remember me?? Do I remember me?

I hope everyone is well! I am excited to read your article Wood Nymph!

I need to quickly water the garden but I will be back!
Now that I've gotten past this first post back, I know I am in the right place!~

There's no place like home!:hug:

06-24-2008, 06:42 AM
Well, watering the garden turned out to be unnecessary as thunderstorms rolled through unexpectedly. For a couple hours which meant I never got back to turn the computer back on.

I am ready for the great adventure this morning!
I really am motivated to feel better and get beyond the SUGAR cravings.

Even watering the garden last night gave me some extra energy I really havent been feeling much lately.

Here's today's thought:


Thought of the day:

"I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see."

- John Burroughs, essayist and naturalist

Question of the day:

"Who is your favorite comedian?"


Here's to a productive day!


06-24-2008, 11:11 AM
Hi there, Kaylets. Good to see you. Missed your inspiration. And what a lovely thought.

Favorite comedian; mmm, requires thought. Used to like Alan King a lot. Love Steve Carell but I guess he's a funny guy not really a comedian.

What a mess I'm in here. Yikes - even getting two closets back together is going to take all day and that's not even doing them the way I'd like to be. It's just "dust and shove", sort of. Started out taking all the shelves out and doing the "other sides" which hand't been done. It was do that or take all the stuff out later (like in a couple of years ;) . So that paint is drying, I have the few odd pieces of furniture bravely back in place and trying to make the place look "normal". So now I'm taking a break on the PoP&C and giving it a REAL challenge. Lots of deep cleaning going to be needed but not going to worry about that until the job is totally done, W A Y down the road.

And I have an appt. w/trainer at three. I'll tell ya - it's enuf to test a :queen:s composure. But nothijng really to be gained by fussing about it so I will slog on and might not get it all done today. Breaking the day up with other (also necessary) chores might help a bit.

Had the rain as well, Kaylets, but not much. More wind than rain, I expect, because a two chairs and a potted plant were blown over. So the patio, blown off yesterday, will need it again once the remaining soil dries enough to be blown.

Good news is that it is still only about 10:00 so I have time for a lot yet today even with very frequent rests and breaks.


06-24-2008, 11:35 AM
I just had one of those *forehead to palm* DOH! moments as I tried to figure out why I haven't wanted to post here lately. It has nothing to do with all you lovely royals, but it has a lot to do with my lack of feeling like I'm accomplishing anything worth reporting. I need to shift my ticker back up, and it is just about killing me thinking about it.

I've been kicking myself for not making this work, and I've been struggling with the "why" of my plan not working for me, but I've just come to the realization of what is going on. Since school let out I have been working out, and I have been walking. In fact, I've been doing more of both than I have in a very long time. This is a good thing, and I should expect to see the work reflected in scale numbers. The reason those numbers aren't showing is that I haven't been food planning like I did before. I decided at the first of the year that I wasn't going to journal my food because it often turns into an obsession with me instead of being a healthy tool. What I didn't realize until just now is that even though I wasn't writing down everything I was eating, I was still making a solid food plan and keeping to it every day of the week. I had my breaky foods all worked out and the same for my lunch. The only variable was dinner, and that was moderately easy to control with a larger portion of vegetables and a smaller portion of whatever carb we were offering that evening. My food planning was, in essence, working in the same manner as journaling does for so many others, and I don't have that right now. That should be easy enough to fix. I have no idea why it didn't occur to me earlier, though. Again with the DOH!

Arabella, I didn't get to read your article! Please send an attachment; I really don't want to miss it. Also, a 21 day challenge sounds about the right length to me. No chance to dilly-dally along the way. :)

Kaylets, it is so good to see you! I've been wondering if everything was well with you and hoping you would return to us soon. :hug: Comedians, huh... George Carlin was always a favorite of mine. I loved his irreverent style. And I hate that we now get to speak of him in the past tense.

Anagram, sounds like you have a good, solid attitude all the way around. I love your promise to take the summer off--it reminded me of what I'm supposed to be doing. :)

wsw, you've been working awfully hard lately, from the sounds of things. Congratulations on maintaining your dainty portions, as well as all the work you've been doing on your home front.

Kat, WOW! You seriously nailed the solstice challenge! I am so impressed! :congrat: Seems like you've been busy doing for others, but you've also, obviously, been keeping time for you in there as well. Keep up the good work!

I've got to get moving before my morning 100% escapes me. First on my list is the gym, second is some hardcore deep cleaning because it turns out we might have a house guest this weekend. Yikes!


06-24-2008, 02:39 PM
211.4. Under ticker tomorrow?

And it is summer here, finally. Gosh, May and the first few weeks of June were bleak. Weather's mixed today but I got in enough sun on the weekend that i can bear it with equanimity.

I've got last sound yoga of the season in a half-hour and my gala end-of-season dinner out with my writing group this evening. So... lots of fun, which I can use.

The response on my essay has been very nice. (Thanks to Anagram & WSW -- so glad you liked it!) I noticed today that someone's posted it to their blog so it will live on, online, instead of only being available for one day, like a day lily blossom.

Here's the link (

Anagram, that's too funny, the way your skepticism about your plans was so immediately translated into reality. Some kind of reverse tempting the fates? Boy, it's hard to get around those Fates, isn't it!

Kaylets, so happy to see you back in the Palace! :hug: I think Steve Martin is probably my favorite comic. Re: thought -- I love the days when I feel like that.

Andria, let's get ready for a new challenge -- we can do this! :dance:

WSW, your dainty portions may be just the inspiration that lets me get moving again. Wow, that's something I struggle with. Although apparently not hard enough :dz:

K, :queen:lies -- if anyone's inspired to start a new thread, feel free. O/w, I'll start one tomorrow.

06-25-2008, 06:46 AM
Hello all!

Thanks for the kind words... and Silver, you put into words much of what I have been feeling too.....not having anything to report is very much how I've been feeling....

But.... we really do have something....

We're still in it to WIN it....

We WANT to be a LOSER.....


I had a fairly good food day yesterday.....

Hoping that today will be easier.....


I'm off to avoid traffic.

06-25-2008, 10:23 AM
Anagram, just read the article. It was lovely! Your grandson cracked me up as well. :)

06-25-2008, 02:38 PM
hi kaylets---so good to see you back in the palace! :)

06-25-2008, 09:11 PM
arabella-you will be under ticker tomorrow, you will be under ticker tomorrow---------

anagram-what a big job getting closets cleaned out before painting and then putting everything back again. work on a house sure does take a lot of planning, energy, patience, and all that a queen can muster. hope the closets meet with royal liking when job is completed.

andria-when you talked of food planning, it was such a helpful reminder for me, which i used when going out to dinner a while ago. i went with a friend to a restaurant i know well, and i had planned exactly what i was going to have without looking at the menu so as not to tempt myself, and it worked. yeah! i have been using a food journal, which i never like doing, but always do better when i use it, so this past week, i have been jotting down all my cals, and happy to see i have been sticking to my plan especially well the past few days. here's to dainty portions!

earlier in the day, a new volunteer was scheduled to come over, but as it turned out, she never came. (not her fault though--the scheduler at the organization had messed up.) anyway, i had been very productive before she was scheduled to arrive and kept the momentum going through the remainder of the day, without letting myself get rattled. the scheduler kept apologizing to me, and said i was being so pleasant about it, which makes me think some of their clients aren't the most agreeable or flexible. it dawned on me, though, that one of my aces in the hole is that i am very flexible, and pretty resourceful, and i have to say, i like those qualities in me, and they sure come in handy in this very unpredictable life.

ok, now if i could ever lose some weight-----! ah well, will keep plodding on, ever hopeful.

hi kat. how are you? hi ceara!

take care, all, and have a good evening.

06-26-2008, 11:22 AM
Confession moment. I would start a new thread, except I have no idea what to call it.
I'm heading downstairs to make breaky, then it is off to the gym with me. I'm doing a really decent job getting back into shape there. My last workout showed me as having burned 626 calories. In January, the last time I was working out (ouch, hard to admit!), I was only burning 390-425 a workout. Progress, definitely. :)


06-26-2008, 06:52 PM
Add me to the list of those slow to post when I'm not doing well. And calorie wise, I'm not. Certainly have been moving though in one way or another.

wsw, I'm still opening the closet doors and admiring the neatness of it all - almost every time I pass either one ;)

Anyway, tomorrow morning I leave w/a friend for a weekend in Charles Town WV with horseracing and casinos. I'm sure we'll have a ball. Will be back Sunday.

And in the way of the Fates - DSs 25th high school reunion is this weekend so he'll be here while I'm there. However, he's treating himself to another pleasure tomorrow so will be coming in fairly late tonight so I'll get to give him a leetle hug anyway. I'll be spending LOTS of time with him on the next trip.

I'm almost ready to go which is amazing in itself. I don't know how that happened while I was whirling around doing all sorts of things. Even cleaned out the car!

Heat wave returning here. Last few days were SO nice - maybe that's how I managed to get so much accomplished.

Anyway, when I come back wholly broke, I hope I can find breadcrumbs.

:belly: :belly: :belly: :belly:

06-26-2008, 11:02 PM
anagram-glad you are enjoying those closets! have fun on your trip.

made it through another day op. i almost blew it tonight, but stuck with planned dinner, and finished up my exercise, albeit rather grundgingly. went through some stuff i needed to de-clutter, and got a good-sized pile of things to give away. glad that chore is done. well, hope everyone is having a good evening. take care, all.

06-27-2008, 09:23 AM
Today is going to be a lighter exercise day, so I decided to work harder on the food front. My goal today is to journal everything I eat so I'm not doing mindless eating. I was having a blast baking yesterday, but I realized at the end of the evening that I felt stuffed because I had stuffed. Somehow I managed to eat three pieces of sourdough cornbread and a slice of the sourdough banana bread I had made. Yes, that was on top of having dinner. The sad thing is that I didn't realize it had happened until I was putting away the cornbread. I couldn't account for all the missing pieces at first, then I realized, to my chagrin, that those pieces were in my belly. *sigh* I had done so well all the rest of the day. I had a solid workout, and we got a lot done around the house that afternoon. It was sad and frustrating to feel like I had lost the entire day by not paying attention. Ah well. Today is fresh and new. And I will be taking notes.

For dinner tonight we are having a healthified hamburger and hot dogs meal. I found a recipe for sourdough hamburger and hot dog buns, and I just had to find an excuse to bake them (yes, I am on more than just a mild sourdough kick). The buns should be a perfect compliment to the chipotle black bean burgers I bought at Costco. I also picked up some 97% fat free beef franks from Hebrew National. 14 grams of fat reduced down to 1.5 grams per serving. Wow! The calories also dropped accordingly, something like 140 down to 45. Hopefully they don't taste like sawdust. :lol: I'll let you know. A salad and some baked beans on the side should round out the meal nicely, as well as sneaking in ever more fiber. Should be good, and I doubt I'll be hearing complaints from the peanut gallery. :)

wsw, sounds like you had a great evening! I need to follow your lead on keeping to plan through dinner. Congratulations on the decluttering as well. Isn't it amazing the amount of stuff we can surround ourselves with? We've only been in this house a year, and I'm already decluttering corners.

anagram, you are probably already off to the races, but I wanted to wish you a great time! And we will not be leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for you to follow back to us--it will be rose petals, as befitting a :queen:. Besides, rose petals have far fewer calories, and I doubt you have to worry about their carbs. :)

It is surprisingly quiet in the palace the last couple of days. Hope everyone is well and just too plain old busy enjoying summer to make it here.

I'm off to start the day. Not sure why I'm looking at it with such trepidation, except I know there is plenty to tempt me down in the kitchen, and I'm not feeling so strong. Maybe I'll put on my walking shoes instead and get out for a few quick steps before the day warms. That actually does sound like a good idea... Ok, I'm off!


06-27-2008, 10:30 AM
good morning, royals!

andria-that menu does sound like it will be yummy, and all that baking is impressive. hope you enjoyed your walk this morning.

i am starting off my morning with some exercise too before it gets too hot. i already got some paperwork done, and a little straightening and laundry done. i woke up much too early again this morning, but am hoping to sleep like a baby tonight. well, off to more chores and errands after morning exercise. hope the day is a good one for all who dwell in the palace.

06-28-2008, 08:47 AM
Good morning :)

I was just checking emails, and I received an update from a new site I found the other day, They have an area where they have taken old recipes and "healthified" them up, and the list is full of fun 4th of July foods. It was fun to look at, plus it refreshed my mind on other ways to lighten up my own cooking while adding in some extra nutrition.
Also, on that note, an old favorite site of mine, DietPower, has a special offer for anyone with heart disease. They are offering their program for $1 in memory of Tim Russert, the recently deceased host of "Meet the Press". If you know anyone who has heart disease and needs to lose weight or keep track of nutrition and exercise, you might want to point them this way. I'm nervous about raving over their program because I know we aren't supposed to promote stuff here, but at $1, it isn't like they are making money on it.

The gym doesn't open until 8 this morning, so I'm trying to decide what to do with myself until then. Part of me is wondering how a full walk would go over on workout day. Maybe a short one instead? Or, I could cuddle up with a book for a little while and treat myself to a snuggle-in morning under the covers. Ugh. Why do the blankets have such a siren call this time of day? Oh yeah, that's because most reasonable people don't wake up at 4:30! Two days left of super early mornings. I can hardly wait.

wsw, the sourdough buns really worked out well for the bean burgers--a nice compliment of flavors. They were ok with the hot dogs, but then, the hot dogs were just ok. By the way, I took a cue from you and anagram and started to attack some stacked up paperwork areas. The straightened area did amazing things to lighten my mood! Thanks for the reminder. :)

Time to get out of here and decide what to do with myself until 8 arrives. Take care, and have great weekends!


06-29-2008, 11:45 AM
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein

My problem right now appears to be the exact opposite of this quote. I changed up what was working, and I'm angry with myself because I'm not getting the same results I was before. I want results without putting in full, truthful effort. Maybe the problem is that I don't actually want to face the truth.
The truth is that I was so heavy that my body was in constant pain. The truth is that I am slipping back slowly to that weight, and my body is returning to a state of pain. And the truth beyond this point is that this small level of pain is nothing to what is waiting for me if I do not change my behavior right now.

The scale this morning shows that I'm up another 3.5 pounds. I'm scared.

A queen doesn't run from her fears, though. She faces them bravely, head on, and she does what is necessary. The right thing isn't always the easy thing, but this morning it feels as if I'll be doing what is necessary to save my life. Heh, maybe that could be kind of a theme for our next challenge--A Royal Run for the Roses. It doesn't quite have Arabella's flair. Sure could use some of that about now... *hint*hint*hint* In fact, it would be lovely to hear from some of the other missing royals. The palace lights dim without your presence.


06-29-2008, 01:30 PM
212. Still trying to get under ticker but doing well otherwise. We were out and had a late dinner last night so I was actually pretty happy to see I wasn't up any amount. Plus I :o ate a few whole grain chips and 2 oatmeal-raisin cookies. Calorie-wise, okay because most of the day was very light but I just can't seem to get away with much.

Andria, roses it is then. If nobody else starts the thread by tomorrow, I'll start one with your title. I like it!

Honey, you can nip this trend in the bud and reverse it and I know you will! Now I'm going to give my $0.02 worth and I apologize in advance for sticking my nose in: It seems to me that the problem's come up since you got the sourdough starter and went on the baking kick. I can't eat any amount of baked goods, even whole grain, without packing the weight on. I can eat a little, occasionally, and get away with it but it so often tends to be a slippery slope for me.

I may be an extreme case but if I'm eating any amount of baked goods, I'm tired, hungrier, prone to cravings, achy, fuzzy-headed and depressed. And that's in addition to the weight gain. Of course, I LOVE them! The more I eat the more I want. :dz:

Anyway, maybe I'm wrong and maybe I'm overstepping my boundaries here but that's just the way things are looking from here. Sorry again for being a big butt-insky.

Anagram, I'm enjoying the image of you off gallivanting with your friend for the weekend! :belly: I look forward to hearing all about it.

WSW, being flexible and resourceful are definitely two of the major keys to happiness! Just thinking of how often feeling like I can't accept a situation (even if there's no choice) has made me miserable... As always, you're an inspiration. :encore:

Kaylets, how goes it?

Kat, got your boy off to camp?

Let's make this a good one!

06-30-2008, 07:50 AM
Good morning, :queen:lies! Follow this path of rose petals to the Summer Palace. (