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04-16-2008, 01:05 PM
Since last friday I have gained 3 pounds :( I have not been able to go to the gym all last week and this because my hubby has the car and has been working super late.. I did do taebo 3 times though..

My diet.. I DId have one bad meal... Yes a chicken (grilled though) sandwich on sourdough bread( yah I know).. and the worst.. FRIES... but that was only one meal...

I am SOOOOO Mad.. I cant be ovulating.. becuase I am on BC right? I normally have my periods around the 1st of the month but I skip them sometimes with BC (doc said was fine)So I end up having a period every couple of months...

And no Iam not pregnant.. checked that too...


04-16-2008, 01:20 PM
Hi, Jonsgurl! I know the scale can be really frustrating. :p First of all, remember what's in Mandalinn82's sig: "Remember - we use the number on the scale to measure our progress not because it is the most accurate, but because it is the most convenient. "

So true! Some other things to think about:

Why did you give in to the fries (the sourdough shouldn't be a problem because of the acid in the bread)? Did some sugar sneak in to your diet?
Are you eating slightly more because you're craving after the fries? If so, think about doing P1 for a couple days until they go away.
It's great that you're doing Taebo! :D How can you increase your exercise without a car? Do you have a friend who can drive you/a bus you can take/a bike you can ride there? Can you borrow some exercise tapes from Netflix or the library or use some of the free workouts on digital cable FitTV on demand?
Is it possible that the salt in the fries (and/or in other things you've eaten) has caused you to bloat a little? Are you drinking enough water? Is your urine pale yellow to clear in color? (if it's not, you aren't drinking enough)
I don't know about you, but even with BC that keeps me from having any actual periods, I still get the side effects like pimples and bloating. :shrug: I gain weight every month during my period with or without BC.
How's your calorie intake? Even though you may be on plan, you may be eating a lot of something with a lot of calories (nuts are often the culprit) and thus sabotaging your loss without knowing it. You might try putting your eating in for a couple days just to see what's going on. I hate counting calories, myself, but it's worth it, to me, to do it every now and then, just to see.

I hope you feel better about this soon! :hug: I was just reading The Beck Diet Solution and one of the things they said was a problem for people who continually diet was thinking, "This doesn't work! I can't do this!" when they see a small gain on the scale. They say thin people think, "No big deal--I just have to stick to my plan and this will be resolved" and don't worry about it. Just a thought...

04-16-2008, 02:44 PM
I have been good since I started the plan no cheating or anything.. I just gave in alittle because I missed them??... Any way my stomach wasnt too happy with me afterward.. though I find being alittle bad every once in awhile helps me so I dont end up binging. When I dieted before (lost about 50 pounds) I gave myself a free day about once a month and it worked for me.. so I thought Ill be okay eating these...WOnt do that again..

It didnt make me eat bad after either.

My calories Are very strict.. I eat about 1000-1200 calories a day.. SOunds low but I had my basic metabolic rate tested and it is really low.. 1500 calories a day..
Well I ended up eating more on the bad day obviously..

I have been eating more fruit that I usually do... Grapefruit and tangerines

I could be the water too.. As when I go to the gym I drink so much more compaired to when I do not.. not drinking enough would cause me to bloat??
Well I am going to fill up my gym bottle and drink more.

I really should throw away my scale.. I weigh myself more than I should (every couple of days) I dont expect weight loss in that period just to make sure I am not gaining. I kinda get obsessed with it.

Wow long post... Thanks for the input. The gain won't make me give up.. just work harder to get back to where I was. I want to reach my april goal after all!

04-16-2008, 03:13 PM
Beachgal- That was such an excellent post! That quote is awesome.

Jonsgurl- Hang in there! There is just something about seeing that number go up when you are working you butt off to get it down that is so disheartening. But, like Beachgal talked about, there are so many other things that go into that number!! I think it is a great idea to just hop back to P1 for a couple days. Good luck, girl!

happiness seeker
04-16-2008, 08:57 PM

The water really is important, it helps keep everything moving and flushes the system. I have learned that I do not loose weight unless I am drinking. I have found through several starts of SB the only way I lose is to drink. Throw in some lemon or decaf herbal tea- I drink a TON of tea. It is amazing how little changes can throw us off. On the bright side you are aware of it and making the needed changes. You will overcome! Keep up with the hard work and it will pay off!

04-17-2008, 11:07 AM
Jonsgurl, I go to a nutrition clinic and had my metabolic rate tested there. Where did you get yours tested? Mine was low, like yours (around 1300), but they didn't tell me to eat less. Instead, we worked on raising that number. I eat a ton of protein (literally!), do cardio 4 times a week (I'm supposed to do it five times!) for at least a half hour, and work extra hard for the middle 11 minutes of my workout. I also keep a food journal. I definitely eat at least 2000 calories every day and I've lost about 17 pounds since I started with the clinic. Before that, I ate very, very clean and exercised, but I wasn't losing an ounce--for almost a year. :(

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that just because you have a low rate, that's no reason to eat such a tiny amount of calories. Everything I've read and heard says that if you eat less than 1200 calories, you're going to convince your body that you're starving. If that's the case, when you ate a ton more calories with the fries and sandwich, your body probably grabbed on to them and held on for dear life. I'm not a doctor or nutritionist, so I could definitely be wrong about that. Nonetheless, I think between the issues with the low rate, the recent gain, and your feelings about weighing yourself that it would be really helpful for you to see a nutritionist. Really. :hug:

In other topics, yes, drinking is VERY important. Uh, drinking water, that is! :lol: The amount you need varies per person, but looking at the color of your urine is a good gauge. The more diluted it is (i.e. the lighter in color), the more water you're getting. Clear to light yellow urine tells you that you're getting the right amount of hydration. :)

04-17-2008, 05:07 PM
I do think that one thing that is important in going the distance, and isn't that we all want to do here, is you have to turn off the obsessing that is going on between your ears! Now!

If you don't, you won't hear a thing that was said here.

For example, right now, my stress level has gone off the charts. My mom was going to be transfered to a nursing home is now back to square one and in ICU because of a blood infection! We were given a 30 day notice to vacate our apartment so they can renovate it and then when we were given the keys the manager said be out by April 20th!. I have advanced arthritis, I work full time and yet I am supposed to find time to pull everything out of my apartment and physically move it (TG it is only a block away). I am exhausted, in constant pain, can barely walk----guess what, I am not exercising and to h*** with dieting. I am in survival mode, girl!!! I just have to get my stuff over there before the demolition ball comes through the front door. Count calories? Walk the treadmill? The only counting I am doing is the hours when I need to be outta here and the only walking I am doing is the shuffling back and forth with boxes in my arms.

C'mon, cut yourself some slack.

My point, and I always take a long time getting there, is sh*** happens. So you ate fries. I hope you at least enjoyed them, otherwise, what was the point? And, you couldn't exercise like you wanted. Get back on track when you can. Consider this a speed bump on the "Road to Thinness and Good Health".

Next time you will be telling us you lost the 3 lbs without even blinking an eye.;)

04-17-2008, 06:09 PM
I can relate a bit to this post! I weighed in today for the first time in 2 weeks and had a gain of 2 lbs!!! I'm not sure what's going on for sure. I did eat a non SB meal yesterday as I was helping some friends pack up for a move they're in the midst of. Another friend provided lunch and rather than run home or go out and get a take-out salad I just ate. Not sure if that's why or if I need to concentrate more on each day's in-take. I'm in Phase 2 so probably could do some tweaking. My life these past couple of weeks has been crazy busy. I've exercised so it's not that I've completely fell off the wagon of my program. I've drunk my water too. OH...and the other thing is my "coach" felt I might be retaining some fluid and I am a bit bloated for some reason. Well tomorrow is a new day and I'll just have to do what I need to do. Hope we both can find out what these issues are as we work too hard to gain (no pun intended) our successes!!!!