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04-16-2008, 10:36 AM
Good morning flowers! It is beautiful out today, much warmer than the last few days. I have the upstairs to clean today so will be getting to it in just a few. I actually got enough sleep between bed, then recliner, then back in bed so I feel rested for once and not all dragged out.

I found a cute pattern for both the boys sweaters for Christmas to match. It is striped with a front placket and buttons and a little collar. I am buying a bright white as the main color, then an admiral blue and ruby for the stripes. Thomas is such a blue fanatic that it was the only combination the yarn had that would have looked cute since I needed 3 colors. I wanted to do blue and gray, but the gray was too dark. I needed a light gray with the dark blue so I am going patriotic I guess! lol

Maggie: Sounds like it would drive me nuts. I seem to have allergic reactions to stuff pretty easily and when I have breakouts I want to claw my skin off. It never lasts long and actually works well with a medicated lotion, but I can understand how you feel.

Jean: Hope Bob's ultrasound went well and nothing is wrong with him. Good thing is that if he has to have gall bladder surgery, they do it laparoscopicly nowadays and it is nothing. You are up and around in a couple days. I just have three little scars, two of which barely show anymore where they did the surgery. Hopefully, it is nothing more serious than some type of heavy gas buildup or something that will correct itself. Keep us informed on how he is doing. Kelly has a type of eczema/skin disease that is pretty rare and she actually has to go in twice a week and have laser treatments to keep it under control. Hers forms on her fingers and feet and can become so bad she can't work because her fingers bleed and she can't walk. These laser treatments seem to keep it under control. I think hers started with stress and because she continues to be under a lot of pressure and stress won't go away. She has a strict diet she has to maintain too.

Susan: Hope Stan is coming around a little at a time. I know he has to be so miserable. I hope he can now keep down food so he can go home to his own bed and comfort. Hospital stays are the pits, especially when you are alone. Are they putting him on anything to try and keep the colon from flaring or is there nothing then can do for him about it?

I didn't know if I could post a pic of the yarn, but here it is. I think it will make a lovely dark purple sweater. Oh and here is the beginning front of the sweater I am making for myself. The plum colored sweater is going to be the same pattern. This has actually been fun to do. I am really getting the hang of lace patterns and such. I have ordered and should receive today, my first sock yarns and needles to try my hands at an easy sock for Thomas. We shall see how it comes out. Since Susan is an old hat at socks, I may have to delve into her sock wisdom.

I here the upstairs calling and complaining, "Come clean me I'm dirty," so I better get to it.


04-16-2008, 02:30 PM
Good afternoon, ladies!

I'm waiting for the Medical Transport to bring Stan home today! I've taken the rest of the week off work to get him back in his routine and get all the services notified - visiting nurse, personal care aide, dialysis, transportation for dialysis. He was able to eat yesterday without problems, not that he ate much but maybe my cooking will go down easier than hospital food. His short term memory is short but the doctor said he's had to have so much anethestic in the last few months that it's not unusual and will improve.

Faye, they do have him on medication for the colitis and antibiotics. I love the sweater pattern and colors! You'll be a pro at socks in no time.

Jean, hope the ultrasound went well for Bob.

Maggie, I'm glad that's one problem I don't have. Stan gets very itchy sometimes and the doctor told him to use Cetaphil body wash and lotion. It helps a lot.

Well, need to get back to my chores. They should be here any minute - they were supposed to pick him up at noon and its already 1:15.

04-16-2008, 08:43 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's another sunny day although the wind is still blowing. I guess that must be why we are in the windmill business around here. :rolleyes: Bob had his ultrasound this morning and for once got in on time and it took about 40 minutes when they said it would be 45 minutes to an hour. The doctor called a little while ago and said that they couldn't be sure since the pictures showed "something" going on with the gall bladder. The doctor wants an abdominal CT done on the gall bladder and liver because there is a spot there. He did say that lots of people have spots so not to worry at this point; Bob had hepatitis when he was a kid, but the doctor said that wouldn't make any difference. Well, Bob is having his mother's furniture and stuff moved to her apt. next Tuesday and a meeting on Monday so asked to have the CT scheduled after that. Men! :( After he got off the phone I said his mother's stuff could wait and the meeting could get along without him for once. I have no sympathy that he is to stay on fat free food! :no:

"Gma" -- I love the new yarn color and the pattern in the other! Who is the ivory one for? You are a busy gal! :D

Susan -- I'm so glad that Stan is coming home! I'm sure that he will feel better just because he is home. :yes:

Maggie -- I would like to try some of the cooking items on that website. :T The winery we went to is in Maui and I thought that is where the creams, lotions, etc., were made. I was surprised when I visited the website and saw the other items they have.

I'm off to dream up FF soup for Bob and a WW frozen dinner for me. Yum! Have a terrific Thursday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-17-2008, 08:43 AM
Good morning to you ladies. It looks like another lovely day though the birds have again dive bombed my deck so I am going to have to get out there and spray it off again, probably tomorrow. I am down to my last cleaning then a touch up on anything tomorrow and I am done and ready for my husband and sil to make a mess! I know the beds won't get made the whole time I am in the hospital. They were spoiled as children and though had one chore to do, washing dinner dishes, mom did the rest so they are both slobs! :lol: Considering how anal I am about cleaning, you would think living with a slob I would have had a nervous breakdown by now. I have to admit though, that Jack has kept to our bargain pretty much, which was to keep all the house cleaned and straightened and he could do what he wanted in his office. Of course, it looks like a tornado hit it! My sil told my husband she thought she should stay in a hotel because she was afraid I would overdo if she came to stay! lolololololol Boy, does everybody have my number or what??? I told her absolutely not, we had a guest room and she was staying with us.

Susan: Oh, I am so glad Stan gets to come home today. I hope he continues to improve and get stronger day by day. It is no fun dealing with all he has to deal with and then intestinal issues besides. I have about 3 inches of the cuff/ankle knit on the sock, but those teeny needles and thin yarn are hard for me to get used to. The socks are going to be cute. They are like a medium blue with confetti colors splashed here and there. I am using "silver's sock tutorial" to do the socks and I think I will be ok with it. She is very thorough and doesn't expect you to understand anything so she explains everything in detail and has lots of pictures. I just printed out the whole thing, which is about 40 pages, and am following along, though I am at the easiest part right now. I am slow, but have a good handle on the dpn's.

Jean: Bob sounds like me. I would schedule 500 things around the outpatient appt. Hope they can find out what is causing his discomfort and fix it. If it is his gall bladder, I would imagine his pain or discomfort will clear up eating ff as fat can cause a lot of gall bladder issues. Oh, the yarn is actually a light country peach and the sweater is for ME! I am making something for me for a change. I found this tunic pattern and it had larger sizes so I decided to try my hand at it and it is coming along just fine. Those diamond patterns run down the side of the sleeve too and the sleeves are 3/4 length, which I like as I always am pushing up my sleeves. I don't like long sleeves.

I ended up sleeping in the recliner with the dog last night. He wanted to go out around 11 so I came down and let him out then decided just to sleep in the recliner. I probably sleep better in it than the bed right now. Jack is all worried about me, but I told him that when I can get proper sleep I am fine. Bending over a lot is uncomfortable and causes some cramping of the muscles above where the stoma is, but other than that or doing things like pushing something heavy like the vacuum where you are using those same muscles, I am pretty much fine. I really don't have pain in my intestinal area. Seems like bending over causes those muscles to tighten up.

Well, onward and upward. I want to get a couple jobs done before I have to rest a bit. Have a great Thursday and hope it is lovely where you are today!


04-17-2008, 08:15 PM
It is another lovely day and 79 degrees as I type. I went to WW this morning and showed a tad of a gain and was surprised it wasn't more after our trip down south and some of the "stuff" I consumed. So I am a happy camper.

JEAN Bob sounds a bit like a procrastinator about tests at the docs.:D Hopefully it isn't anything as a big surprise. Fat free food does sooth that ole gall bladder.

FAYE You do such a nice job knitting and thanks for sharing those photos. Sox, what a challenge. I never did make any sox but did do some sweaters. I liked doing those Nordic patterns. One of these first days I am going to get out my glass supplies and build some things.:D

SUE OH to have your husband home. Getting out of the hospital is such a good thing. With all the nice home care folks he will get better faster at home I do believe. You take care of you now and don't over do and get yourself in a bind.

Will is going to grill some burgers for dinner and I have the points to eat and be happy. ;)

Everyone have a lovely evening and I'll type at you later.

04-17-2008, 11:25 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's been raining all day in my corner of the world. It's damp and chilly tonight; my furnace is running and I'm trying to decide what to wear to school tomorrow if it is still raining and cold. You'd have thought a blizzard was on the way by the behavior at school today. :dizzy: Tomorrow is a half day and I am more than ready! :cheer:

"Gma" -- Enjoy your nice weather because rain is on the way! If I don't do anything else all day long our bed is made! Since I went back to work we have a deal that the last one out makes the bed and we change the sheets together. :D Bob's CT appt. is set for Wednesday. I doubt that I will go along this time as it is in the middle of the morning when I am in study hall by myself. He's feeling pretty good today; we went out for supper and he ate a taco salad so we'll see how that sets. So far he's not complaining. I did a web search and one of the things to stay away from is carbonated drinks. He had a root beer. I'm done offering advice. ;)

Maggie -- I'm proud of you for facing the iron monster today! You will have the small gain gone is no time. :yes: Send some of your nice weather my way please!

I have some "stuff" to put away and best get at it. I was looking for a picture of Kolby to put in the newspaper for his birthday. Beth gave me some pictures a while ago and I can't find them! I finally made a copy from the calendar picture; I hope it prints ok for the paper.

Have a fantastic Friday and remember to smile! :D

Jean -- :D in Iowa!

04-18-2008, 10:14 AM
Good morning gals. Well, for some of us it is end of work week and some of us, just end of the week. We leave early tomorrow morning to go get sil and I am almost ready for her. I typed out the recipes for the stuff Jack is going to cook, then last night, crockpotted a whole chicken and deboned it and put it back in the stock and into the fridge to make them chicken and noodles, cut up some slicing tomatos and cleaned and separated lettuce leaves and stored them in fridge for sandwiches, made 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies, a cherry pie and made my hulless carmel corn (fattening, but if you want the recipe, this is great for folks who can't eat regular popcorn) and put it in a container. This afternoon Jack and I are going to the commissary and get groceries then they are all set for meals and snacks. I bought a couple half gallons of ice cream for them yesterday as the weather is now warm and carting ice cream from the commissary may mean soup by the time you get home. I also paid all the bills and put in anything that will come up for payment like the copay for the hospital. I also sat and wrote phone call instructions and email instructions for letting people know when I am out of surgery and instructions on how to pay 2 bills due the end of the month if I am not back home by then. I believe I covered all the bases and if not, they will have to improvise I guess! lol

Jean: I am using your email to let the ladies here know if you would pass it on to them. Jack will probably email you sometime Monday evening after getting home from the hospital. Yes, carbonated drinks are killers on any gastro-intestinal organs, ie stomach, gall bladder, intestines. Though I have them, I really shouldn't as it makes for gassiness and that can be painful with my colon the way it is now. Hope he comes through in flying colors. I have no nervousness about the surgery at all, my only anxiety is doing the cleansing on Sunday. I have to sit around with the trash bag again and though I am not embarrassed I don't want to make my sil uncomfortable. Yet again, she has been a cardiac nurse for 35 years so I guess she has dealt with worse.

Maggie: Since I started knitting around a year ago, I pretty much knit everyday. I just love doing it and it is so relaxing for me. It has taught me much patience though, having to rip back or fix something and that is good too! ;) I haven't ventured into intarsia style or aran type of knitting and haven't even done cable yet, which I am sure would be a cinch since I can now do lace patterns. My plum yarn for my sister's sweater comes today so I will have lots of projects I can do in the hospital when I am alone. I doubt I get a whole lot of sleep. You know how they are about waking you up 50 times a night to take your temp and bp. Don't you wonder if your bp would look a whole lot better if they just let you sleep 8 hours! :lol:

I guess I better git as Fortune has an appt for a bath at PetSmart in just a little while and I have to take a shower and such first.

Have a good one and I imagine I will either not get back in here until I come back home from surgery or only get in here on Sunday. If I don't talk to you ladies for a couple weeks, take care of yourselves and your hubbies!!!!


04-18-2008, 11:03 AM
Good morning, ladies - warm and sunny heading for 80 degrees today! Got to love it.

Stan is weaker then I thought. It's good we have the transfer board although he slide right off yesterday and I had to call the EMTs to come pick him back up. He ate a little yesterday and woke me up at 12:30 to tell me he wanted the leftover rice with milk and sugar. He ate that then he told me he couldn't sleep and wanted a sleeping pill. I guess he's not used to them any more because I've had the devil's own time getting him up and washed and dressed to go to dialysis. They are picking him up in 10 minutes. I finally got him dressed and he went right back to sleep. I did get a cup of coffee in him and all his medications with some apple juice so that is good. They gave me Medical Transport by stretcher for 3 times and then we'll see how he's doing. He got up and into his recliner about 4 yesterday and didn't go back to bed until 10 so that was a lot better. He got his days and nights mixed up in the hospital so I'll just have to get him up earlier and earlier each day to get it straightened out.

Faye, you know I'm praying for your successful surgery and speedy recovery. Don't worry so much about Jack and your sil - they are grown up so they'll figure out ways to get things done.

Jean, hope you enjoy your half-day off.

Maggie, you'll have that tad gain off shortly. Good for you for going anyway.

MT came and got him so now I have to hustle and get a shower and dressed for an 11 am doctor's appointment.

Have a good day!

04-18-2008, 06:19 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I thought I would be home early since we got out of school at 11:30. I waited around to talk to the principal about a student who is failing every class, won't do anything in study hall, and wants to be on the computer all the time. He visits sites that are blocked and today printed off some goofy thing from a Homietown site. He's a jerk and does as he pleases. :crazy: I've written him up and it doesn't do any good. The disciplinarian (?) has been gone all week so I thought maybe I could get some action by visiting with the principal. She won't be in the building again until next Wednesday so we'll see what happens then. She wanted copies of all my notes and said she would talk to the asst. principal. It's a cold windy day here; we had pouring rain this morning but it has finally quit.

"Gma" -- I'm sure Jack and your SIL will get along just fine. It's so nice of you to have so many things ready for them! :D I appreciate Jack letting us know that the surgery is over and you are on the mend. I hope you won't be MIA for 2 weeks! Good luck and know that we are thinking of you! :hug:

Susan -- I would love some 80 degree days! Even 60 would be nice! :lol: I hope that Stan can get his days and nights straightened out. This all has to be so hard for you both. :hug:

Tomorrow we go to Sioux City for Kolby's 3rd birthday. That doesn't seem possible. Enjoy the weekend! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-18-2008, 07:57 PM
It is 81 degrees here as I type at 3:34 pm. I have a fan blowing on me and it sure feels good. Our air conditioner went south and we need to get a new one installed and have been putting it on the back burner for other purchases. I think we will bit the bullet and get one installed in June. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the high 60's so. The remodeling inside this MH is looking good. I have been watching the birds come and drink from our little fountain we put outside the dining room window for them. All kinds of beautiful little critters come for a drink. And the hum birds are buzzing our flowers. Those little things never stop. Today seems like an ice cream day and then I said NO I don't have the points and that is that so I am enjoying my huge glass of ice water. :broc:For dinner I am making baked potatoes with veggies. :D

JEAN Have fun at that birthday party. Kids do grow so fast don't they. Reminds me of the song "Turn Around"... Why in the world is that kid even coming to school if he is such a waste of time . .

FAYE I sure will be praying for you. You are such a good sport to get all that done for your sil's visit. I would love to come visit you for you are one great organizer. Hope you are better than you expect and will be back sooner than you think.:crossed: However, :nono:do take as long "off" as you need.:getwell:

OH SUSAN I do think of you often. I hope you do get Stan back into the daylight mode soon. Your health and well being depends on it. You too need your rest. I admire you for all that strength you are exibiting ~ and of course your tremendous weight loss.:carrot:

I just came in to "edit" this because some how the program put an * after each sentence. Anyone know what causes that? Now I wonder if I save these changes if they will appear again.... I'll see in a second.

04-19-2008, 01:32 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's cool and cloudy in my neighborhood this morning. I think spring has taken a detour. :( The birthday party has been postponed until tomorrow because Kolby is running a temp. Beth's hoping it is teeth related but hated to take a chance on exposing the other kids. I've gotten quite a bit done this morning thinking we would be leaving for the rest of the day. Guess I will do some more basement digging. There are four paper size boxes ready for the kids and a bigger one for the Good Will. I am making progress! :cheer:

Maggie -- We haven't seen any hummingbirds yet -- it's probably still too cold for them. I think it is the second week in May that they start passing through. I will have to get out last year's calendar and check because I write stuff like that down. Our hummingbirds are color blind . . . they drink the orange oriole food. :lol: The squirrels come up on the deck and drink out of the cats' water bowl. Every once in awhile one will put his paws on the door and peek in. They are such fun to watch. I wish I knew of some way to keep the black birds and starlings away though. They clean out the bird feeder in no time at all. What kind of remodeling are you doing on your motor home? Did you get a different one?

"Gma", Susan, and Gloria -- :wave: "hi" to you!

It's time to switch laundry loads so I'm off. Have a super Saturday and Sunday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

04-19-2008, 04:23 PM
The weather this day is cooler which I love:sunny:. I always do better when it isn't HOT.:flame: I don't plan on doing much this day but will get the necessaries done.

JEAN It is the same motorhome but we decided while here we would do some more "stuff". We put down that perko flooring ~ the kind that doesn't scratch or turn dull. Got an oak color ~ yanked up all that old carpet and found a tun of sand under it. We have been chasing down water leaks. Got wainscotting put up which looks great. Painted the walls in the main area white up about 3 feet and then put lattice on top of that. Looks like a little cottage. Meanwhile our fridge went out and so did the air conditioner. Those are spendy items for a MH and we couldn't immediately replace them. We have a small electric fridge which is good while we are just parked here but when we travel we need a two way one. Plus when the weather isn't real hot fans work. We have upped the date to get that air conditioner ~ probably next month will be good for that. In the bedroom area we are just putting up a ceiling fan when we take out that air unit. The one back there was only set up to work when the generator is running and we don't run that noisy gas eating hog. When it still worked though, Will wired it up so it would work off the electricity but it too was so old it gave up the ghost after a short while of use. Pretty soon we will have everythng of any substance replaced, hopefully:yay:.

Too Hip ~ GOTTA GO. Ole Ragg Mopp needs letting out. Type at you soon and be sure and have a lovely weekend ya'all.

04-19-2008, 07:26 PM
Good evening, ladies. Beautiful 80 degree day here. I hung sheets outside to dry and Stan's quilt he takes to dialysis.

I'm worn out today. I gave Stan a sleeping pill Thursday night and he didn't wake up until 11 pm last night! Scared me to death. He seldom takes them and he'll get no more. He doesn't remember going to dialysis or the visiting nurse being here. Then when I was ready to sleep, he wakes up and wants to eat. And I had to change him, the bed, a mess. Got that all done and had to do it again. I hope the diahrea medications kick in soon. He can't help it with this colitis. Then he wanted his protein shake so I made that. Turned the light out, got to bed. 2 am he is wide awake and wants to get up in his wheelchair. I tell him no, go to sleep. He trys again at 4. That time I got up and got him up into his wheelchair and then put him at the breakfast room table. I slept until 6 when he said he needed changed. Gave up after that. Cleaned him up and back into bed and did laundry and cleaned house. He is a lot weaker this time. The visiting nurse is going to see about getting me a lift and some other equipment to make his care easier. She's also going to see about physical theraphy to get his strength back.

I went to the pulmonist for myself yesterday. My lung function has gone from 51% in September to 36% yesterday. We're hoping its my allergies and it will improve again once the season is over. Got some new meds, too. Asthma is no fun.

Hope you all have a nice Sunday.

04-19-2008, 07:44 PM
SUSAN Hopefully they can give you the necessary equipment when you need to attend to Stan. :hug: Girlfriend you certainly have a lot on your "plate" now. Things will certainly improve when they can get his colon under control. I feel so sorry for the both of you. That is good news that your lungs are clearing up some. Hope your new meds do help you. :hug: Wish I lived closer so I could give you a real hug and lend a helping hand.

04-21-2008, 01:19 PM
Good morning, ladies! Rainy and a cool 60 degrees at noon. I love the rain because is settles the pollen.

Stan is doing much better. His appetite is improving and the diahrea is responding to the medication. He's a bit stronger as well. As always, in a hurry to try to do too much. I think once he gets some physical theraphy again he will be in pretty good shape (for him).

I am feeling more positive - came to work after MT picked him up for dialysis so I feel I can get our routine back. He's always tired out and sleeps after dialysis so I am going to try to go to Curves for the first time in 3 weeks. It's only 2 minutes (walking) from our house so I can do it and be back in 45 minutes. I think then I'll feel even better.

I hope Faye's surgery is over by now and she is beginning her road to recovery. I've had 4 intestinal blockages that required surgery so I know it's no picnic. Maybe Jean will have heard by tonigh.

Maggie, I felt that hug! Thanks.

04-22-2008, 02:41 AM
It has been a lovely spring day this day. Last year we jumped from winter right into hot summer weather. I much prefer this.

SUSAN What wonderful news about Stan. I am sure that he is progressing to the better puts a smile on your face. Looks like we are the only ones here this day ~ Jean is having computer woes and Faye is recouping. Have a nice easy sleep this night and I'll type at ya tomorrow.

04-22-2008, 11:44 AM
Good morning! Another rainy cool day in SE VA. I hope to see sunshine later this week. We live in a low-lying area on tidal wetlands. Our little brook is now a lake and one if the major intersections is flooded...A huge problem when you live on a Peninsula with only 3 roads that run the full length to the other side.

I always like it to have a break between the heating and cooling season. Save a few $$$ so I can buy gas. LOL

Going to try to do a little quilting tonight. Seems like I'm taking forever to get this project done.

04-22-2008, 04:05 PM
It is another beautiful spring day. The hum birds are flitting around the flowers we planted and the gofer is busy pushing up piles of dirt.:p I made a great fruit smoothine for breakfast and put some "Slim Fast" powder in it so used it as a meal replacement. I like to do that sometimes but wouldn't want that for breakfast all the time. I wanted to have a lite breakfast and simple lunch for we are going to town in the late afternoon and probably grab something at "Subway". They have a great toasted roast beef sandwich for only 5 points.

SUSAN I remember some beautiful quilts when we lived in TN. We were in that little area close to Virginia. It seems more quilters are back there then out here but is popular all over. Every where we have lived we have known people that have quilted. My doctors office has a huge beautiful one hanging on a wooden thingie on a wall. They have decorated the waiting rooms in quilts. Real nice. Quilting is a great form of art. Have fun as you finish the one you are now working on.

Hello Jean, Gloria and Faye Type at ya'all later.

04-23-2008, 01:54 PM
What a nice day this is ~ it all started out with a nice shower :rain: It washed the dust and pollen out of the air and made everything look so vibrant. And it filled up the water container we have out for the birds. :):df: (that isn't a bird but pretend)

Hello out there to all ya'all. Have a wonderful day which is the edge of the weekend. Hope you are making good safe plans and enjoying life. Life is good.

JEAN get that computer fixed.
FAYE you get well.
SUSAN be good to yourself.
GLORIA what are you up to?

Type at you later.:wave: So long for a while. I'ts so good to be back on line once again.:comp:.

04-23-2008, 03:24 PM
Good Afternoon from VA! Nice sunny 70 degree day today.

The people in the office took me out to lunch today. I guess this is Administrative Professionals Day. I don't have time to keep track of stuff like that. We go out once a month anyway so it made a good excuse.

I managed to get to Curves last night and it felt so good to exercise again and see my friends at the Club. Hopefully I can get back into the groove again.

Maggie, quilting has come a long way from bedcovers. I do make them but I love to do art quilts, too. I belong to the VA Consortium of Quilters and the local quilt quild (400 members) and my bee (5 of us). My doctor's office also has quilts on the wall.

Hope Faye is mending quickly and Jean gets her computer fixed soon! Gloria, are you around today?

04-23-2008, 07:29 PM
To answer your question Susan....I am here.
I hope that Faye is feeling better each day. It may take a while but you will be back to knitting, cleaning and enjoying your
grand children.

Jean: Sorry to hear you are having computer problems. Please get it fixed soon.

Maggie: Weldome back!!! You were missed. It looks like you are enjoying your life and that is what it is all about.

Susan: It looks like Stan is making strides in the right steps, maybe but success is just one step at a time.
It was nice that you could go out with your coworkers...with all the extra on your plate any change like that is so welcome.

We have been busy what with Dr.'s appointments for both of us...but except that I am now on Blood Pressure meds all seem
to be going well. Our grandkids keep us busy. They are older now and it is the "Can you pick so and so up from school, middle or high, as they have after school activities and will miss the bus. Of course we are always available. Next month we have Confirmation and First Communion....a small conflict of time. We still have to work on that.
Weather has been nice this week, in fact, it was 80 deg. today and it was lovely to sit out on the deck and get some reading
done in the sun.

My friend, 86, on Cape Cod, has had another set back as they found fluid around her heart and she had to into the hospital. She is on meds for that and is now up and walking around and has been transferred to a lovely nursing home till she is well enough to go home. She has been so strong with everything that she has been through, 2 strokes, a couple of falls, cancer. When you ask her how she is feeling she always answers "With both hands." That attitude will get you through most anything.

This week being school vacation week my oldest daughter and son have headed to Raleigh to spend some time with her
brother and his family and my youngest and her husband and 3 kids have Amtracked to Washington for 5 days. I don't think we went anywhere when our kids were small. Just couldn't afford vacation with 4 kids during those days.

Take care all.